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SSS – Soil System Sciences

SSS1.2 – Soil Science Education (co-organized)

EGU2017-4122 | Posters | SSS1.2

The academic majors of students taking American soil science classes: 2004-2005 to 2013-2014 academic years
Eric C. Brevik, Karen L. Vaughan, Sanjai J. Parikh, Holly Dolliver, David Lindbo, Joshua J. Steffan, David Weindorf, Paul McDaniel, Monday Mbila, and Susan Edinger-Marshall

EGU2017-3090 | Orals | SSS1.2

Framing a future for soil science education.
Damien Field

EGU2017-4125 | Posters | SSS1.2

Enrollment trends in American soil science classes: 2004-2005 to 2013-2014 academic years
Eric C. Brevik, Karen L. Vaughan, Sanjai J. Parikh, Holly Dolliver, David Lindbo, Joshua J. Steffan, David Weindorf, Paul McDaniel, Monday Mbila, and Susan Edinger-Marshall

EGU2017-10466 | Orals | SSS1.2

Dialogic and integrated approach to promote soils at different school levels: a Brazilian experience
Cristine Carole Muggler

EGU2017-13369 | Orals | SSS1.2

Soil awareness raising – activities in schools and for the general public in Austria
Sigbert Huber, Barbara Birli, Sigrid Schwarz, Monika Tulipan, Helene Berthold, Michael Englisch, and Cecilie Foldal

EGU2017-7024 | Posters | SSS1.2

Trends in gender diversity American soil science classes: 2004-2005 to 2013-2014 academic years
David L. Lindbo, Eric C. Brevik, Karen L. Vaughan, Sanjai J Parikh, Holly Dilliver, Joshua J Steffan, David Weindorf, Paul McDaniel, Monday Mbila, Susan Edinger-Marshall, and Pamela Thomas

EGU2017-15932 | Orals | SSS1.2

Education on sustainable soil management for the masses? The Soil4Life MOOC
Jerry Maroulis, Moore Demie, Michel Riksen, and Coen Ritsema

EGU2017-1970 | Posters | SSS1.2

The Impact of Adding Online Homework Assignments to an Introduction to Physical Geology Class
Eric C. Brevik

EGU2017-18756 | Posters | SSS1.2

Seeing the soil through the net: an eye-opener on the soil map of the Flemish region (Belgium)
Stefaan Dondeyne, Laura Vanierschot, Roger Langohr, Eric Van Ranst, Jozef Deckers, and Katrien Oorts

EGU2017-16795 | Orals | SSS1.2

Finnish Society of Soil Sciences
Katri Rankinen, Pekka Hänninen, Helena Soinne, Jaana Leppälammi-Kujansuu, Tapio Salo, and Taina Pennanen

EGU2017-10201 | Posters | SSS1.2

Digital Soil Mapping – A platform for enhancing soil learning
Phillip Owens, Zamir Libohova, Curtis Monger, David Lindbo, and Axel Schmidt

EGU2017-2208 | Posters | SSS1.2

How to engage undergraduate students in Soil Science: some strategies to enhance their motivation
Raúl Zornoza, Beatriz Lozano-García, Jose A. Acosta, Silvia Martínez-Martínez, Luis Parras-Alcántara, and Angel Faz

EGU2017-3051 | Posters | SSS1.2

Experiential learning in soil science: Use of an augmented reality sandbox
Karen Vaughan, Robert Vaughan, Janel Seeley, and Eric Brevik

EGU2017-10320 | Posters | SSS1.2

Trends in Soil Science education: moving from teacher’s questioning to student’s questioning
Núria Roca

EGU2017-9802 | Posters | SSS1.2

Education in Soil Science: the Italian approach
Anna Benedetti, Loredana Canfora, Carmelo Dazzi, and Giuseppe Lo Papa

EGU2017-7167 | Posters | SSS1.2

Helping People Understand Soils – Perspectives from the US National Cooperative Soil Survey
Paul Reich, Tammy Cheever, Linda Greene, Susan Southard, Maxine Levin, David L. Lindbo, and Curtis Monger

EGU2017-9999 | Posters | SSS1.2 | Highlight

Soil color – a window for public and educators to understands soils
Zamir Libohova, Dylan Beaudette, Skye Wills, Curtis Monger, and David Lindbo

EGU2017-12442 | Posters | SSS1.2

The Nördlingen-Ries Geopark and nearby museums as a natural teaching laboratory for Geoscience students
Michael Kaminski, SanLinn Kaka, and Matthew Kaminski

EGU2017-12253 | Posters | SSS1.2

The Spanish Society of Soil Science: Main projects and activities developed during the last years
Jaume Porta, Jorge Mataix-Solera, Irene Ortiz-Bernad, Carmen D. Arbelo, Montserrat Díaz-Raviña, David Badía, Josep M. Alcañiz, Fernando Santos, M. Carmen Hermosin, and M. Teresa Barral

SSS1.4 – Soil, Art, Culture, and History

EGU2017-46 | Orals | SSS1.4 | Highlight

Between Earth and Sky - Climate Change on the Last Frontier
David Weindorf and Paul Hunton

EGU2017-68 | Posters | SSS1.4

A general overview of the history of soil science
Eric C. Brevik and Artemi Cerdà

EGU2017-1263 | Orals | SSS1.4

Soil Storytelling: Developing a Seminar to Fuse Scientific Foundations with Artistic Expression
Jessica Chiartas

EGU2017-69 | Posters | SSS1.4

Selected Aspects of Soil Science History in the USA – Prehistory to the 1970s
Eric C. Brevik, Thomas E. Fenton, and Jeffrey A. Homburg

EGU2017-129 | Posters | SSS1.4

Selected Aspects of Soil Science History in the USA – 1980s to the 2010s
Eric C. Brevik, Jeffrey A. Homburg, Bradley A. Miller, Thomas E. Fenton, James A. Doolittle, and Samuel J. Indorante

EGU2017-3717 | Orals | SSS1.4

Evolution of a soil scientist into an artist: Impacts on my teaching and life
Ken Van Rees

EGU2017-134 | Posters | SSS1.4

Soil mapping and process modeling for sustainable land use management: a brief historical review
Eric C. Brevik, Paulo Pereira, Miriam Muñoz-Rojas, Bradley A. Miller, Artemi Cerdà, Luis Parras-Alcántara, and Beatriz Lozano-García

EGU2017-3973 | Orals | SSS1.4

Cultural Patterns of Soil Understanding
Nikola Patzel and Christian Feller

EGU2017-163 | Orals | SSS1.4

Soils in art as a teaching tool in soil science
Rosa M Poch

EGU2017-18519 | Posters | SSS1.4

A History of Soil Science Education in the United States
Eric C. Brevik

EGU2017-145 | Posters | SSS1.4

Using an Art Project to Stimulate Youth Interest in Soil
Eric C. Brevik, Corinne E. Brevik, and Joshua J. Steffan

EGU2017-918 | Orals | SSS1.4

Understanding Americans: a focus on the transition from traditional to digital soil mapping
Bradley Miller, Eric Brevik, Thomas Fenton, and Jeffrey Homburg

EGU2017-10362 | Posters | SSS1.4

A dialog with a puzzled profile: Poetry of an old pedological discussion
Danny Itkin

EGU2017-4396 | Orals | SSS1.4

Soil humus and carbon popularity from 1804 (N. de Saussure) to 2015 (COP 21)
Christian Feller and Eric Brevik

EGU2017-9499 | Posters | SSS1.4

Cultural Patterns of Soil Understanding in Organic Agriculture
Nikola Patzel

EGU2017-203 | Posters | SSS1.4

Soil and art: the Spanish Society of Soil Science calendar for 2016
Jorge Mataix-Solera, Rosa M. Poch, Francisco Díaz-Fierros, Roxelio Pérez-Moreira, Sabina Asins, Jaume Porta, Amparo Cortés, David Badía, and Fernando Del Moral

EGU2017-1121 | Posters | SSS1.4

Aesthetic Cartography
Alexandra Toland

EGU2017-18996 | Posters | SSS1.4

Devil in the Sand – The Case of the Teufelsberg Berlin and its cultural evidence
Gerd Wessolek and Alexandra Toland

EGU2017-1247 | Posters | SSS1.4

Tradeoffs of 20 Years of Management on the Sequestration, Stratification, and Stabilization of Soil Organic Matter
Jessica Chiartas

EGU2017-14430 | Posters | SSS1.4

Soil and culture viewed through the prism of viticultural terroir
Emmanuelle Vaudour

EGU2017-18963 | Posters | SSS1.4

Soil in Persian Poetry and culture
Seyed Kazem AlaviPanah, Aida Taghavibayat, Maedeh Behifar, and Sadroddin Alavipanah

EGU2017-16456 | Posters | SSS1.4

Perrault's experiments, a matter of soil hydrology and epistemology
Stefano Barontini, Andrea Berta, and Matteo Settura

SSS1.5 – Environment science, public perception, stakeholders and policy makers

EGU2017-492 | Posters | SSS1.5

Institutionalizing environmental protection through self-regulation: the case of environmental standards adoption in Lithuania.
Mantas Bileisis and Ieva Misiune

EGU2017-215 | Orals | SSS1.5

How can the struggling research community adapt to the information age?
Johan Bouma

EGU2017-540 | Posters | SSS1.5

Citizen empowerment in the domestic waste policy development in Lithuania
Andrius Stasiukynas, Arvydas Survila, and Vainius Smalskys

EGU2017-9059 | Orals | SSS1.5

The contribution of the European Society for Soil Conservation (ESSC) to scientific knowledge, education and sustainability
Carmelo Dazzi, Michael A. Fullen, Edoardo A.C. Costantini, Sid Theocharopoulos, Jane Rickson, Raimonds Kasparinskis, Giuseppe Lo Papa, Guenola Peres, Thomas Sholten, Adam Kertész, Ivan Vasenev, Mihail Dumitru, Wim Cornelis, and José L. Rubio

EGU2017-4121 | Posters | SSS1.5

Perception as a key component in the development of fire affected land in Eastern Spain. El Massís del Caroig study case
Artemi Cerdà, Paulo Pereira, Manuel Estaban Lucas Borja, Saskia Keesstra, Xavier Úbeda, Juan Francisco Martínez Murillo, Miriam Muñoz Rojas, Marc Oliva, and Agata Novara

EGU2017-13897 | Orals | SSS1.5

The contribution of Japanese Soil Science Societies to scientific knowledge, education and sustainability: Good practices in the International Year of Soils 2015 towards the International Decade of Soils.
Takashi Kosaki, Toru Matoh, Kazuyuki Inubushi, and Katsutoshi Sakurai

EGU2017-1731 | Orals | SSS1.5

The UK Soil Observatory (UKSO) and mySoil app: crowdsourcing and disseminating soil information.
David Robinson, Patrick Bell, Bridget Emmett, Panos Panagos, Russell Lawley, and Wayne Shelley

EGU2017-19105 | Posters | SSS1.5

Postglacial evolution and recent siltation of the protected lake “Taferlklaussee” (Austria)
Heidi Bernsteiner, Joachim Götz, Bernhard Salcher, and Andreas Lang

EGU2017-3050 | Orals | SSS1.5

Education and Policy in Soil Science: The U.S. Experience
Andrew Sharpley, Harold van Es, Richard Dick, Ellen Bergfeld, Karl Anderson, Susan Chapman, and Susan Fisk

EGU2017-4250 | Posters | SSS1.5

Modelling of trail degradation based on detailed multi-temporal digital elevation models
Aleksandra Tomczyk and Marek Ewertowski

EGU2017-4240 | Posters | SSS1.5

Monitoring of recreational trail erosion using terrestrial structure-from-motion approach
Marek Ewertowski and Aleksandra Tomczyk

EGU2017-14719 | Orals | SSS1.5

KLIMOPASS: Water-use conflicts during periods of low flow – a stakeholder analysis of the rivers Murg and Kocher in Baden-Wuerttemberg and sustainable recommendations for action
Florian Zeitler, Markus Dotterweich, and Benno Rothstein

EGU2017-81 | Posters | SSS1.5

Estimating soil erosion on hiking trails in the Sierra Mariola Natural Park in southern Spain
Maria Magdalena Warter, Mattias Peeters, Emiel Kuppen, Kas Blok, and Lina Dilly

EGU2017-13302 | Orals | SSS1.5

Stakeholder risk perception associated with natural hazards in Iași County (Romania)
Mihai Ciprian Margarint, Mihai Niculita, Giulia Roder, and Paolo Tarolli

EGU2017-6106 | Posters | SSS1.5

Recreational Impacts on the Microclimate of the Gorilla Limestone Cave in Shoushan National Nature Park of Taiwan
Chun Chen and Lih-Der Ho

EGU2017-1198 | Posters | SSS1.5

Stakeholder perceptions of soil managements in the Canyoles watershed. A Bayesian Belief Network approach
Maria Burguet Marimón, Claire Quinn, Lindsay Stringer, and Artemi Cerdà

EGU2017-17991 | Posters | SSS1.5

The positive impact of European subsidies on soil erosion rates in orange plantations
Saskia Keesstra, Antonio Jordán, Agata Novara, Tani Taguas, Paulo Pereira, Eric C Brevik, and Artemi Cerdà

EGU2017-17829 | Posters | SSS1.5

Is the nature of the uplift initiated by the melting of an ice-sheet or the erosion of a rock overthrust really isostatic?
Miles Osmaston

EGU2017-13549 | Posters | SSS1.5

Estimating eroded soil and predicting further erosion in Daisetsuzan National Park in Hokkaido, Japan
Yusuke Kobayashi and Teiji Watanabe

EGU2017-1170 | Posters | SSS1.5

Application of a participative process for DSS development in soil remediation
Francisco José Blanco-Velázquez, Sara Muñoz-Vallés, and María Anaya-Romero

EGU2017-5263 | Posters | SSS1.5

Crowdsourcing Austrian data on decomposition with the help of citizen scientists
Taru Sandén, Helene Berthold, Michael Schwarz, Andreas Baumgarten, and Heide Spiegel

EGU2017-9159 | Posters | SSS1.5

The Practicalities of Crowdsourcing: Lessons from the Tea Bag Index - UK
Sarah Duddigan, Paul Alexander, Liz Shaw, and Chris Collins

EGU2017-13265 | Posters | SSS1.5

Working with soils: soil science continuing professional development
Jacqueline Hannam and Dick Thompson

EGU2017-17012 | Posters | SSS1.5

Simultaneous use of several monitoring techniques to measure visitor load, spatio-temporal distribution and social characteristics of tourists – a case study of a cable car area in the Carpathian Mountains, Tatra National Park
Karolina Taczanowska, Antoni Zięba, Christiane Brandenburg, Andreas Muhar, Hemma Preisel, Joanna Hibner, Barbara Latosinska, Rafael Benítez, Vicente Bolόs, José L. Toca-Herrera, and Szymon Ziobrowski

EGU2017-18456 | Posters | SSS1.5

Navigating the science-policy-practice interface in rural SW China
Larissa Naylor, Ying Zheng, David Oliver, Sarah Buckerfield, Tao Peng, Shijie Wang, and Susan Waldron

SSS1.6 – European Environmental Policies and Sustainability (co-organized)

EGU2017-4509 | Orals | SSS1.6 | Highlight

Protecting global soil resources for future generations
Luca Montanarella

EGU2017-7590 | Posters | SSS1.6

The significance of soils and soil science towards realization of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
Saskia Keesstra, Johan Bouma, Jakob Wallinga, Pablo Tittonell, Pete SMith, Artermi Cerda, Luca Montanarella, John Quinton, Yakov Pachepsky, Wim van der Putten, Richard BArdgett, Simon Moolenaar, Gerben Mol, Boris Janssen, and Louise Fresco

EGU2017-8523 | Posters | SSS1.6

Metrics to quantify resilience as a property of soil functional dynamics
Lindsay Todman, Fiona Fraser, Ronald Corstanje, James Harris, Mark Pawlett, Karl Ritz, and Andrew Whitmore

EGU2017-19315 | Orals | SSS1.6 | Highlight

4 per 1000 Initiative
Paul Luu

EGU2017-9291 | Orals | SSS1.6

Sustainable Soil Management: Its perception and the need for policy intervention
Gottlieb Basch, Amir Kassam, and Emilio González-Sánchez

EGU2017-10696 | Posters | SSS1.6

Global environmental ratings as an instrument of environmental policies: what factors determine the rank of Russia?
Nina Alekseeva, Marina Arshinova, and Elena Milanova

EGU2017-12102 | Posters | SSS1.6

Towards detecting signatures of resilience in soils
Fiona Fraser, Lindsay Todman, Ron Corstanje, Lynda Deeks, Jim Harris, Mark Pawlett, Andy Whitmore, and Karl Ritz

EGU2017-10328 | Orals | SSS1.6

Implementing SDG 15.3 on Land Degradation Neutrality in the EU and EU Member States
Stephanie Wunder, Sue Martina Starke, Ana Frelih-Larsen, and Timo Kaphengst

EGU2017-13480 | Orals | SSS1.6

Linking European Environmental Policies with the new CAP after 2020.
Johan Bouma

EGU2017-15376 | Posters | SSS1.6

INSPIA project: European Index for Sustainable and Productive Agriculture
Paula Triviño-Tarradas, Emilio Jesús González-Sánchez, Manuel Gómez-Ariza, Gerard Rass, Sophie Gardette, Gavin Whitmore, and Jeremy Dyson

EGU2017-8384 | Posters | SSS1.6

Involvement of the European Confederation of the Soil Science Societies in soil protection policy development
Pascal Boivin

EGU2017-15080 | Orals | SSS1.6

Do current European policies support soil multifunctionality?
Katharina Helming, Nadia Glaesner, and Wim de Vries

EGU2017-9870 | Orals | SSS1.6

Managing expectations from our land: 3 is the magic number.
Rachel Creamer, Rogier Schulte, Lilian O'Sullivan, Jan Staes, Dirk Vrebos, and Arwyn Jones

SSS1.7 – “Lighthouse” examples, illustrating soil relevance for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2017-196 | PICOs | SSS1.7

The role of soils in delivering the UN Sustainable Development Goals
Pete Smith

EGU2017-7301 | PICOs | SSS1.7

Soil Security Assessment of Tasmania
Damien Field, Darren Kidd, and Alex McBratney

EGU2017-5365 | PICOs | SSS1.7

How to feed environmental studies with soil information to address SDG ‘Zero hunger’
Chantal Hendriks, Jetse Stoorvogel, and Lieven Claessens

EGU2017-16569 | PICOs | SSS1.7

Soil as a Sustainable Resource for the Bioeconomy – BonaRes
Ute Wollschläger, Wulf Amelung, Nicolas Brüggemann, Joachim Brunotte, Robin Gebbers, Rita Grosch, Uwe Heinrich, Katharina Helming, Ralf Kiese, Peter Leinweber, Barbara Reinhold-Hurek, Edzo Veldkamp, Hans-Jörg Vogel, and Traud Winkelmann

EGU2017-18973 | PICOs | SSS1.7 | Highlight

The relationship between soil management and the Sustainable Development Goals: the case of global banana production
Jetse Stoorvogel, Rafael Segura, and Rockefeller Erima

EGU2017-98 | PICOs | SSS1.7 | Highlight

Using soils to tackle climate change – policy needs to make soil sequestration a reality
Pete Smith, Martial Bernoux, Luca Montanarella, and Saskia Keesstra

EGU2017-1343 | PICOs | SSS1.7

Experiencing Soil Science from your office through virtual experiences
M. Carmen Beato, Ramón González-Merino, M.Carmen Campillo, Elvira Fernández- Ahumada, Leovigilda Ortiz, Encarnación V. Taguas, and José Emilio Guerrero

EGU2017-2215 | PICOs | SSS1.7

The ‘Soil Cover App’ – a new tool for fast determination of dead and living biomass on soil
Thomas Bauer, Peter Strauss, Peter Riegler-Nurscher, Johann Prankl, and Heinrich Prankl

EGU2017-3296 | PICOs | SSS1.7

Soil use in gardens as chance to socially promote the Sustainable Development Goals
Sandra Teuber, Peter Kühn, and Thomas Scholten

EGU2017-4012 | PICOs | SSS1.7

Soil Productive Lifespans: Rethinking Soil Sustainability for the 21st Century
Daniel Evans

EGU2017-4772 | PICOs | SSS1.7

The support of local farming communities and crop production resilience to climate change through the cultivation of giant reed (Arundo donax sp.). An Italian case study.
Antonello Bonfante, Adriana Impagliazzo, Nunzio Fiorentino, Giuliano Langella, Mauro Mori, and Massimo Fagnano

EGU2017-8079 | PICOs | SSS1.7 | Highlight

Soil properties, soil functions and soil security
Laura Poggio and Alessandro Gimona

EGU2017-8570 | PICOs | SSS1.7

A geospatial soil-based DSS to reconcile landscape management and land protection
Piero Manna, Angelo Basile, Antonello Bonfante, Amedeo D'Antonio, Carlo De Michele, Michela Iamarino, Giuliano Langella, Antonio Florindo Mileti, Paolo Pileri, Simona Vingiani, and Fabio Terribile

EGU2017-11687 | PICOs | SSS1.7

Urban gully erosion and the SDGs: a case study from the Koboko rural town of Uganda
Guido Zolezzi and Marco Bezzi

EGU2017-16707 | PICOs | SSS1.7

Analysis, diagnosis and proposal of protection measures to mitigate hydrological alterations in the basin “Rio Calandaima” derived from climate change
Marcela B Guerrero, Gerald Corzo, Emmanouil Varouchakis, and Encarnación V Taguas

SSS2.1 – Land Degradation and Development. A State-of-the-Art

EGU2017-116 | Posters | SSS2.1

Application of optical disdrometer to characterize simulated rainfall and measure drop size distribution
Derege Meshesha, Atsushi Tsunekawa, and Nigussie Ayehu

EGU2017-2668 | Orals | SSS2.1 | Highlight

Soil physical land degradation processes
Rainer Horn

EGU2017-128 | Posters | SSS2.1

The Relationship between TOC and pH with Exchangeable Heavy Metal Levels in Lithuanian Podzols
Yones Khaledian, Paulo Pereira, Eric C. Brevik, Neringa Pundyte, and Dainius Paliulis

EGU2017-28 | Orals | SSS2.1

Watershed health assessment to monitor land degradation
Seyed Hamidreza Sadeghi, Zeinab Hazbavi, and Artemi Cerdà

EGU2017-602 | Posters | SSS2.1

The visibility of using water boxes and mulch in dryland revegetation
Mohammad Noor Alhamad, Mohammad Alrababah, and Hanaa Athamneh

EGU2017-16595 | Orals | SSS2.1

Effects of different land use changes on SOC stocks: From Mediterranean forest to agricultural land and vice versa
Beatriz Lozano-García, Rosa Francaviglia, Gianluca Renzi, Luca Doro, Luis Parras-Alcántara, Luigi Ledda, and M. Concepción Benítez

EGU2017-1194 | Posters | SSS2.1

Rainfall erosivity factor estimation in Republic of Moldova
Tudor Castraveț and Nikolaus Kuhn

EGU2017-1024 | Orals | SSS2.1

Below-ground attributes on reclaimed surface minelands over a 40-year chronosequence
Ryan Limb, Stefanie Bohrer, and Jay Volk

EGU2017-48 | Orals | SSS2.1

Polyacrylamide in reducing land erosion and nutrient leaching
xinqiang liang

EGU2017-1493 | Posters | SSS2.1

Use of local pastoral species to increase fodder production of the saline rangelands in southern Tunisia
Abderrazak Tlili, Mohamed Tarhouni, Artemi Cardà, and Mohamed Neffati

EGU2017-3846 | Posters | SSS2.1

Assessment of Land Degradation and Greening in Ken River Basin of Central India
Ashish Pandey and Santosh S Palmate

EGU2017-1369 | Orals | SSS2.1

Slow reaction of soil structure to conservation agriculture practices in Veneto silty soils (North-Easter Italy)
Ilaria Piccoli, Carlo Camarotto, Barbara Lazzaro, Lorenzo Furlan, and Francesco Morari

EGU2017-4136 | Posters | SSS2.1

A Data mining and Meta-Analysis of Geodiversity and Geological Preservation Studies: Pedodiversity, the Other Side of the Coin
Juanjo Ibáñez, Eric C Brevik, and Artemi Cerdà

EGU2017-5878 | Orals | SSS2.1

Land use changing SOC pool: A field investigation from four catchments on the Loess Plateau in China
Shengli Guo, Rui Wang, and Yaxian Hu

EGU2017-4150 | Posters | SSS2.1

Supervision of Nutrition, From Soil to Kitchen
Mohammad Ali Daei, Manizheh Daei, and Bijan Daei

EGU2017-4303 | Orals | SSS2.1 | Highlight

Soil erosion in mountainous areas: how far can we go?
Markus Egli

EGU2017-15242 | Orals | SSS2.1

Relation of runoff and soil erosion to weather types in the Mediterranean basin
Estela Nadal-Romero and Dhais Peña-Angulo and the Weather types and Soil erosion

EGU2017-11271 | Posters | SSS2.1

Changes in particle size distribution of suspended sediment affected by gravity erosion on the Loess Plateau, China
Wen-Zhao Guo, Xiang-Zhou Xu, Ya-Kun Liu, Hong-Wu Zhang, and Ming-Dong Zhu

EGU2017-5148 | Orals | SSS2.1

Soil redistribution and nutrient delivery in a Mediterranean rain-fed agro-ecosystem with different crops and management: environmental and economic aspects
Manuel López-Vicente and Sara Álvarez

EGU2017-11333 | Posters | SSS2.1

Distribution of the failure scars on the steep loess slope: influences of topography and rainfall
Xiang-Zhou Xu, Yu-Lei Ma, Wen-Jun Wang, and Hong-Wu Zhang

EGU2017-9495 | Orals | SSS2.1

Land destruction and redevelopment – the use of computer based landscape evolution models for post-mining landscape reconstruction
Greg Hancock and Garry Willgoose

EGU2017-12820 | Posters | SSS2.1

Determination of total carbonates in soil archaeometry using a new pressure method with temperature compensation
Pantelis Barouchas, Vasilios Koulos, and Vasilios Melfos

EGU2017-15821 | Posters | SSS2.1

Mapping and Measuring the Microrelief of Slope Deformations Using Modern Contactless Technologies and Practical Application in Territorial Planning
František Chudý, Martina Slámová, Julián Tomaštík, Miroslav Kardoš, Daniel Tunák, and Šimon Saloň

EGU2017-3806 | Orals | SSS2.1

Vegetation Restoration, Soil Erosion and Sediment Yield on the Loess Plateau After “GFG” Project
Juying Jiao

EGU2017-349 | Posters | SSS2.1

Trend analysis of GIMMS and MODIS NDVI time series for establishing a land degradation neutrality national baseline
Helene Gichenje and Sergio Godinho

EGU2017-4021 | Orals | SSS2.1

Soil erosion modeling on different time scales in the upper Huaihe river basin, China
Qiongfang Li, Yunyun Chen, Guobin Lu, and Hongjie Wang

EGU2017-446 | Posters | SSS2.1

Carbon sequestration capacity and secondary succession in a dry environment
Carme Estruch, Yudi M. Lozano, Cristina Armas, and Francisco I. Pugnaire

EGU2017-16112 | Orals | SSS2.1 | Highlight

The importance of Soil Science to understand and remediate Land Degradation and Desertification processes
Johan Bouma, Saskia Keesstra, and Artemi Cerdà

EGU2017-8418 | Orals | SSS2.1

Soil Monitor: an advanced and freely accesible platform to challenge soil sealing in Italy
Giuliano Langella, Angelo Basile, Simone Giannecchini, Francesco Domenico Moccia, Michele Munafò, and Fabio Terribile

EGU2017-615 | Posters | SSS2.1

Effects of slash-and-burn land management on soil spectral properties estimated with VIS-NIR-SWIR spectroscopy
Olga Alexandra Rosero-Vlasova, Lidia Vlassova, Pedro Rosero Tufiño, Fernando Pérez-Cabello, and Raquel Montorio Llovería

EGU2017-18821 | Orals | SSS2.1 | Highlight

What did we do and what can we do with our global soil resources?
Jetse Stoorvogel

EGU2017-13091 | Posters | SSS2.1

Influence of fly-ash produced by lignite power station on humic substances in ectohumus horizons of Podzols
Jerzy Weber, Maria Jerzykiewicz, Elżbieta Jamroz, Andrzej Kocowicz, Magdalena Dębicka, and Irmina Ćwieląg-Piasecka

EGU2017-12845 | Posters | SSS2.1

Why Do Smallholder Farmers Dis-adopt Conservation Agriculture? Insights from Malawi
Edna Chinseu, Andrew Dougill, and Lindsay Stringer

EGU2017-1541 | Orals | SSS2.1 | Highlight

Soil conservation in Burkina Faso: is international cooperation effective?
Irene Angeluccetti, Velio Coviello, Stefania Grimaldi, Paolo Vezza, and Alain Koussubé

EGU2017-5492 | Orals | SSS2.1

Land Degradation Processes in the Humid Ethiopian highlands
Tammo Steenhuis, Tigist Tebebu, Meseret Belachew, Eddy Langendoen, Shree Giri, and Seifu Tilahun

EGU2017-4642 | Posters | SSS2.1

Identification of land degradation evidences in an organic farm using probability maps (Croatia)
Paulo Pereira, Igor Bogunovic, and Ferran Estebaranz

EGU2017-2494 | Posters | SSS2.1

Loss of surface horizon of an irrigated soil detected by radiometric images of normalized difference vegetation index.
Leonardo Fabian Sallesses, Virginia Carolina Aparicio, and Jose Luis Costa

EGU2017-9124 | Orals | SSS2.1

Assessment of restoration measures efficiency for soil contamination in Mediterranean Ecosystem. The case study of Guadiamar Green Corridor in the context of RECARE project
Maria Anaya-Romero, Francisco José Blanco-Velázquez, and Sara Muñoz-Vallés

EGU2017-12884 | Orals | SSS2.1

150 years of land degradation and development: loss of habitats, natural resources due to quarrying and industrialization followed by land reclamation in the heart of Budapest city
Ákos Török

EGU2017-1821 | Posters | SSS2.1

Effects of Soil Surface Roughness on Particle Size Distribution in Sediment Under a Laboratory Simulated Rainfall
Linhua Wang, Longshan Zhao, Chi-hua Huang, and Faqi Wu

EGU2017-12638 | Orals | SSS2.1 | Highlight

Challenges for Sustainable Land Management through Climate-Smart Agriculture
Andrew Dougill and Lindsay Stringer

EGU2017-1362 | Posters | SSS2.1

Understanding the spontaneous spreading of stone bunds in the Girar Jarso woreda, Ethiopia
Meskerem Teka, Aad Kessler, Peter Oosterveer, and Degefa Degaga

EGU2017-5724 | Orals | SSS2.1

Forest gardening on abandoned terraces links local biomass carbon accumulation to international carbon markets, reverses land degradation, improves food diversity, and increases farmer income
Hans-Peter Schmidt, Bishnu Hari Pandit, and Claudia Kammann

EGU2017-1190 | Posters | SSS2.1

Analysis of Drought in North Darfur Region of Sudan: Application of the DPSIR Framework on Long Term Data
Alnail Mohmmed, Ke Zhange, Reuben Makomere, Dalson Twecan, and Mustafa Mohamme

EGU2017-1905 | Posters | SSS2.1

Application of MODIS data and the Vegetation Condition Index in the assessment of agricultural drought in Santa Catarina
Kleber Trabaquini, Gabriel Hertz Cabral, Angelo Mendes Massignam, and Paulo César Poliseli

EGU2017-17300 | Orals | SSS2.1

Land improvement as part of environmental planning
Vesna Zupanc, Helena Grcman, Marina Pintar, and Gerhard Kammerer

EGU2017-1889 | Posters | SSS2.1

Impact of a low severity fire on soil organic carbon and nitrogen characteristics in Japanese cedar soil Yamagata Prefecture, Japan
Felix Seidel

EGU2017-17565 | Orals | SSS2.1

Relating vegetation condition to grazing management systems in the central Keiskamma catchment, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa
Vincent Kakembo and Naledzani Ndou

EGU2017-1284 | Posters | SSS2.1

Monitoring crop land greening and degradation using remotely sensed MODIS time-series data
Santosh Subhash Palmate and Ashish Pandey

EGU2017-2780 | Orals | SSS2.1

Combating land degradation: the potential of soil reconversion
Silvia Tobias, Franz Conen, Adrian Duss, Leonore Wenzel, Christine Buser, and Christine Alewell

EGU2017-2495 | Posters | SSS2.1

Georeferenced measurement of soil EC as a tool to detect susceptible areas to water erosion.
Leonardo Fabian Sallesses, Virginia Carolina Aparicio, and Jose Luis Costa

EGU2017-2169 | Orals | SSS2.1

Restoration of degraded arid farmland at Project Wadi Attir: Impact of conservation on biological productivity and soil organic matter
Amir Mor-Mussery, David Helman, Michael Ben Eli, and Stefan Leu

EGU2017-2519 | Posters | SSS2.1

Mechanisms control the soil organic carbon loss with grassland degradation in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
Fei Peng, Xue Xian, Quangang You, Cuihua Huang, Siyang Dong, Jie Liao, Hanchen Duan, and Tao Wang

EGU2017-18372 | Orals | SSS2.1

Insights from the past: incorporating long-term landscape evolution in studies of land degradation
Cruz Ferro-Vazquez, Carol Lang, Tabitha Kabora, Senna Thornton-Barnett, Suzi Richer, Gianni Gallello, and Daryl Stump

EGU2017-3186 | Posters | SSS2.1

Hillslope degradation in small Mediterranean catchments along the Apennine chain in Italy
Pierluigi Brandolini, Domenico Capolongo, Chiara Cappadonia, Andrea Cevasco, Christian Conoscenti, Maurizio Del Monte, Giacomo Pepe, Marco Piccarreta, and Francesca Vergari

EGU2017-5558 | Orals | SSS2.1

The success of headwater rehabilitation towards gully erosion control
Amaury Frankl, Jean Poesen, and Jan Nyssen

EGU2017-2604 | Posters | SSS2.1

Modeling regional wind erosion using different model
Zhongling Guo, Chunping Chang, Rende Wang, Jifeng Li, and Qing Li

EGU2017-18107 | Orals | SSS2.1

Messages, limitations and future needs of research into environmental impacts and mitigating and remediation measures of oil palm and forest land-use and land management in SE Asia
Rory Walsh, Kawi Bidin, Siti Nurhidayu, Anand Nainar, Kogilavani Annammala, William Blake, Sam Higton, Katy Wall, and Isabella Darling

EGU2017-2225 | Posters | SSS2.1

Land conservation knowledge in farmers’ language – a case from Tigray, Ethiopia
Jan Nyssen, Romha Assefa, Seifu Gebreslassie, and Amaury Frankl

EGU2017-7362 | Orals | SSS2.1

Land degradation and erosion control within the Moldavian Plateau of eastern Romania: a case study from Racova catchment
Lilian Niacsu, Ion Ionita, Claudia Samoila, and Georgel Grigoraș

EGU2017-2963 | Orals | SSS2.1

Linking soil systems to societal value systems
Katharina Helming, Katrin Daedlow, Anja Techen, and David Brian Kaiser

EGU2017-3266 | Posters | SSS2.1

Eurasian perspectives on the role of kurgans in the conservation and restoration of steppe vegetation
Balázs Deák, Orsolya Valkó, Péter Török, Barbara Sudnik-Wójcikowska, Ivan Moysiyenko, Tatyana Bragina, Iva Apostolova, Iwona Dembicz, Nikolai Bykov, and Béla Tóthmérész

EGU2017-3474 | Posters | SSS2.1

Variations of soil organic C following land use change on deep-loess hillsopes in China
Xiaodong Gao, Xining Zhao, and Tingting Meng

EGU2017-898 | Orals | SSS2.1

Extreme anthropogenic erosion: Topsoil Selling in the Mekong Delta and consequences for soil quality
Susanne Weigand, Zita Sebesvari, Duong Minh Vien, Jens Kruse, Vo Thi Guong, and Wulf Amelung

EGU2017-72 | Orals | SSS2.1

Slutioneering Land Degradation Neutrality with biocjhar
Genxing Pan, Chong Ma, Xiaoyu Liu, Lianqing Li, Haifei Lu, Huimin Zhou, and Morris Omandi

EGU2017-3586 | Posters | SSS2.1

15 years in promoting the use of isotopic and nuclear technique for combating land degradation and soil erosion: the contribution of the Joint FAO/IAEA Division of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture
Lionel Mabit, Arsenio Toloza, and Lee Heng

EGU2017-3601 | Posters | SSS2.1

Fingerprinting selection for agroenvironmental catchment studies: EDXRF analysis for solving complex artificial mixtures
Romina Torres Astorga, Hugo Velasco, Gerd Dercon, and Lionel Mabit

EGU2017-4462 | Orals | SSS2.1 | Highlight

Aeolian Desertification and its Control in Northern of China
Tao Wang

EGU2017-4223 | Posters | SSS2.1

Effects of permafrost degradation on vegetation in the Source Area of the Yellow River NE Qinghai Tibetan Plateau
Jin Xiaoying and Jin Huijun

EGU2017-12027 | Orals | SSS2.1

Advances in wind erosion modelling in Europe
Pasquale Borrelli, Emanuele Lugato, Christine Alewell, Luca Montanarella, and Panos Panagos

EGU2017-6895 | Orals | SSS2.1

Rangeland degradation in savannas of South Africa: spatial patterns of soil and vegetation
Alexandra Sandhage-Hofmann, Jörg Löffler, Chris du Preez, Elmarie Kotzé, Stef Weijers, Dirk Wundram, Maximilan Zacharias, and Wulf Amelung

EGU2017-4965 | Posters | SSS2.1

Test of a new stable isotopic fingerprinting technique (i.e. Compound Specific Stable Isotope) in an Austrian sub-catchment to establish agricultural soil source contribution to deposited sediment
Modou Mbaye, Lionel Mabit, Max Gibbs, Katrin Meusburger, Arsenio Toloza, Christian Resch, Andreas Klik, Andrew Swales, and Christine Alewell

EGU2017-8802 | Posters | SSS2.1

IDESSA: An Integrative Decision Support System for Sustainable Rangeland Management in Southern African Savannas
Hanna Meyer, Christian Authmann, Niels Dreber, Bastian Hess, Klaus Kellner, Theunis Morgenthal, Thomas Nauss, Bernhard Seeger, Zivanai Tsvuura, and Kerstin Wiegand

EGU2017-9411 | Orals | SSS2.1

Regional scale soil salinity assessment using remote sensing based environmental factors and vegetation indicators
Ligang Ma, Fenglan Ma, Jiadan Li, Qing Gu, Shengtian Yang, and Jianli Ding

EGU2017-5368 | Posters | SSS2.1

Influence of urbanization on the original vegetation cover in urban river basin: case study in Campinas/SP, Brazil
Alessandra Leite Silva and Regina Márcia Longo

EGU2017-17318 | Orals | SSS2.1

Relative importance of natural and anthropogenic factors influencing karst rocky desertification
Erqi Xu and Hongqi Zhang

EGU2017-8344 | Posters | SSS2.1

Assessment of Tibetan grassland degeneration via landscape analysis
Jian Sun, Ge Hou, Baibing Ma, and Wenqian Zang

EGU2017-16372 | Orals | SSS2.1

Degradation of Tibetan grasslands: Consequences for soil organic carbon and nutrients losses
Shibin Liu, Per-Marten Schleuss, and Yakov Kuzyakov

EGU2017-11898 | Orals | SSS2.1

Land degradation and restoration: The North African experiences
azziz Hirche, mostefa Salamani, abdelmadjid Boughani, fahima Belala, bouajila Essafi, el-hadi Gashut, ratiba Hourizi, mohamed Grandi, and tahar Ain hamouda

EGU2017-8635 | Posters | SSS2.1

Artificial neural network model for estimating the soil respiration under different land uses
Mitra Ebrahimi, Mohammad Reza Sarikhani, Ali Akbar Safari Sinegani, Abbas Ahmadi, and Saskia Keesstra

EGU2017-12081 | Posters | SSS2.1

Applying data mining methods to the assessment of soil contamination and carbon sequestration under Mediterranean Climate. The case study of Guadiamar basin (SW Spain).
Sara Muñoz Vallés, Rafael Pino-Mejías, Francisco J. Blanco-Velázquez, and María Anaya-Romero

EGU2017-8580 | Orals | SSS2.1

Baseline Caesium-137 and Plutonium-239+240 inventory assessment for Central Europe
Katrin Meusburger, Pasquale Borelli, Olivier Evrard, Michael Ketterer, Lionel Mabit, Kristof van Oost, Christine Alewell, and Panos Panagos

EGU2017-3279 | Orals | SSS2.1

Large-scale restoration mitigate land degradation and support the establishment of green infrastructure
Béla Tóthmérész, Jonathan Mitchley, Ivana Jongepierová, Annett Baasch, Karel Fajmon, Anita Kirmer, Karel Prach, Klára Řehounková, Sabine Tischew, Grace Twiston-Davies, Thierry Dutoit, Elise Buisson, Renaud Jeunatre, Orsolya Valkó, Balázs Deák, and Péter Török

EGU2017-18150 | Posters | SSS2.1

Comparative effects of oil palm and selective logging on erosion, river channels and water chemistry in Malaysian steeplands
Rory Walsh, Anand Nainar, Siti Nurhidayu, Sam Higton, Kogilavani Annammala, Katy Wall, Kawi Bidin, William Blake, and Isabella Darling

EGU2017-16530 | Posters | SSS2.1

Effect of Soil Washing for Lead and Zinc Removal on Soil Hydraulic Properties
Gerhard Kammerer, Vesna Zupanc, Simon Gluhar, and Domen Lestan

EGU2017-14009 | Orals | SSS2.1

A historical review of the methods of determination of soil properties for soil quality and land degradation assessment
Manuel Pulido, Susanne Schnabel, Joaquín Francisco Lavado Contador, Álvaro Gómez-Gutiérrez, Isabel Miralles, Javier Lozano-Parra, Valdemir Antoneli, Eric C. Brevik, and Artemi Cerdà

EGU2017-14512 | Posters | SSS2.1

Sustainable Land Management in the Lim River Basin
Gordana Grujic, Sava Petkovic, and Uros Tatomir

EGU2017-13022 | Orals | SSS2.1 | Highlight

Pattern Water Use Efficiency perspective on degradation and recovery of shrublands across Mediterranean to Arid transition zones
Maxim Shoshany

EGU2017-12753 | Posters | SSS2.1

Suitability of multipurpose trees, shrubs and grasses to rehabilitate gullies in the sub-humid tropics
Ayalew Talema, Bart Muys, Jean Poesen, Roc Padro, Hirko Dibaba, and Jan Diels

EGU2017-13317 | Orals | SSS2.1

A new method for large-scale assessment of change in ecosystem functioning in relation to land degradation
Stephanie Horion, Eva Ivits, Simone Verzandvoort, and Rasmus Fensholt

EGU2017-12519 | Posters | SSS2.1 | Highlight

Effects of different rates of olive pruning residues on soil moisture and organic carbon in superintensive olive orchards: a study case in Southern Spain
Víctor Marín-Moreno, M Castillo Amaro, Diego Barranco, Artemi Cerdá, J Antonio Cobacho, Alfonso García-Ferrer, Luciano Mateos, F Javier Mesas, Concepción M Díez, Rafael Pérez, José L Quero, M Angela Serio, and Encarnación V Taguas

EGU2017-16038 | Orals | SSS2.1

The charcoal-degradation nexus: contested ‘fuelscapes’ in the sub-Saharan drylands of northern Kenya
Christoph Bergmann, Maike Petersen, Paul Roden, and Marcus Nüsser

EGU2017-61 | Posters | SSS2.1

Farmers’ Perception and Adaptation Behavior Concerning Land Degradation: A Theoretical Framework and a Case Study in Northwest China
Deyi Hou and Kai Liu

EGU2017-17266 | Orals | SSS2.1

Shaping the Future Landscape: Catchment Systems Engineering and the Decision Support Matrix Approach
Caspar Hewett, Paul Quinn, Mark Wilkinson, and John Wainwright

EGU2017-15311 | Posters | SSS2.1

Large Scale Land Acquisition as a driver of slope instability
Davide Danilo Chiarelli, Maria Cristina Rulli, Kyle F. Davis, and Paolo D'Odorico

EGU2017-17578 | Orals | SSS2.1

Effects of declining oak vitality on ecosystem functions: Lessons from a Spanish oak woodland
Aida López-Sánchez, Georg Bareth, Andreas Bolten, and Anja Linstädter

EGU2017-259 | Orals | SSS2.1

Land tenure reform and grassland degradation in Inner Mongolia, China
Min Liu, Liesbeth Dries, Wim Heijman, Jikun Huang, Xueqin Zhu, and Xiangzheng Deng

EGU2017-1473 | Posters | SSS2.1

Restoration of Degraded Salt Affected Lands to Productive Forest Ecosystem
Yash Singh, Gurbachan Singh, Bajrang Singh, and Artemi Cerdà

EGU2017-13413 | Orals | SSS2.1

A Bayesian Belief Network framework to predict SOC stock change: the Veneto region (Italy) case study
Nicola Dal Ferro, Claire Helen Quinn, and Francesco Morari

EGU2017-1418 | Posters | SSS2.1

Seed population dynamics on abandoned slopes in the hill and gully Loess Plateau region of China
Weijie Yu and Juying Jiao

EGU2017-1859 | Posters | SSS2.1

Soil quality succession of mudflat in coastal area of China under different types of man-made land uses
Haiying Lu, Hongbo Shao, Zhaolong Xu, and Cheng Peng

EGU2017-12794 | Orals | SSS2.1

Science of Integrated Approaches to Natural Resources Management
Anna Tengberg and Sandra Valencia

EGU2017-11049 | Posters | SSS2.1

The Use of Ecological Indicators as a Basis for Operationalizing a PES Scheme on Forest Conservation in Northern Argentina
José Gobbi and Marie Deguillon

EGU2017-10326 | Orals | SSS2.1

Revaluating US Land Ownership and Management in Order to Effectively Combat Soil Degradation
Patrick Drohan

EGU2017-17343 | Orals | SSS2.1

Exploring the role of land degradation on land use change dynamics
Sofia Bajocco, Daniela Smiraglia, Elisabetta Raparelli, and Massimo Scaglione

EGU2017-17667 | Orals | SSS2.1

A critical analysis of the long-term impact (1936-2015) of grazing management on Land Degradation in a marginal, rural community of Southern Italy
Giovanni Quaranta, Rosanna Salvia, Velia De Paola, Rosa Coluzzi, Vito Imbrenda, and Tiziana Simoniello

EGU2017-16350 | Orals | SSS2.1

Projected Impact of Urban Growth on Climate Change
Federico Amato, Beniamino Murgante, and Federico Martellozzo

SSS2.3 – The use of check dams for soil restoration at watershed level: resolving or generating hydrological, soil and environmental problems? (co-organized)

EGU2017-398 | Posters | SSS2.3

Field evaluation of support practice (P-factor) for stone walls to control soil erosion in an arid area (Northern Jordan)
Mamoun Gharaibeh and Ammar Albalasmeh

EGU2017-371 | Orals | SSS2.3

Assessing soil erosion intensity using revised universal soil loss equation (RUSLE) in a typical hilly watershed of the Loess Plateau, China
Wei Qin, Changqing Zuo, Zhijie Shan, and Yang Yu

EGU2017-17261 | Orals | SSS2.3

STEEP STREAMS - Solid Transport Evaluation and Efficiency in Prevention: Sustainable Techniques of Rational Engineering and Advanced MethodS
Aronne Armanini, Antonio H. Cardoso, Giuliano Di Baldassarre, Alberto Bellin, Korbinian Breinl, Ricardo B. Canelas, Michele Larcher, Bruno Majone, Jorges Matos, Sabrina Meninno, Elena Nucci, Riccardo Rigon, Giorgio Rosatti, and Dino Zardi

EGU2017-6274 | Posters | SSS2.3

Determination of the hole drain position in dams and hydraulic structures in order to reduce the seepage in water structures by Geo studio model
Ismaeil Kahkesh, Kazem Esmaeili, and Saeid Salehi

EGU2017-7988 | Posters | SSS2.3

Sustainable management of agriculture activity on areas with soil vulnerability to compaction trough a developed decision support system (DSS)
Johnny Moretto, Luciano Fantinato, and Roberto Rasera

EGU2017-17727 | Orals | SSS2.3 | Highlight

The success of recent land management efforts to tackle gully erosion in Northern France
Amaury Frankl, Jan Nyssen, and Pierre-Gil Salvador

EGU2017-18239 | Orals | SSS2.3 | Highlight

Role of the check dam in land development on the Loess Plateau, China
Xiang-Zhou Xu, Luo-Hao Zhang, Tongxin Zhu, Tian-Min Dang, Hong-Wu Zhang, and Shi-Guo Xu

EGU2017-8908 | Posters | SSS2.3

Mediterranean Agricultural Soil Conservation under global Change: The MASCC project.
Damien Raclot and Rossano Ciampalini and the MASCC Team

EGU2017-2954 | Orals | SSS2.3

Geomorphological and ecological effects of check dams in mountain torrents of Southern Italy
Demetrio Antonio Zema, Giuseppe Bombino, Pietro Denisi, Vincenzo Tamburino, and Santo Marcello Zimbone

EGU2017-9472 | Posters | SSS2.3

Risk watershed analysis: a new approach to manage torrent control structures
Yann Quefféléan, Simon Carladous, Christian Deymier, and Olivier Marco

EGU2017-9590 | Posters | SSS2.3

Accident study of torrential protective structures based on the French RTM database
Ingrid Boncompain, Yann Quefféléan, and Simon Carladous

EGU2017-1527 | Orals | SSS2.3

Assessment of check-dam groundwater recharge with water-balance calculations
Hakan Djuma, Adriana Bruggeman, Corrado Camera, and Marinos Eliades

EGU2017-10849 | Posters | SSS2.3

Sediment dynamics in restored riparian forest with agricultural surroundings
Raquel Stucchi Boschi, Miguel Cooper, Vitor Alencar de Matos, Matheus Ortega Gomes, and Ricardo Ribeiro Rodrigues

EGU2017-2338 | Orals | SSS2.3

Effects of check dams on runoff characteristics along gully reaches, the case of Northern Ethiopia
Etefa Guyassa, Amaury Frankl, Amanuel Zenebe, Jean Poesen, and Jan Nyssen

EGU2017-12155 | Posters | SSS2.3

Assessing forest influences on torrential hazards and risks: IRSTEA mission within the European H2020 project NAIAD
Guillaume Piton, Jean Marc Tacnet, Frédéric Berger, Corinne Curt, Thomas Curt, and Patrick Arnaud

EGU2017-2228 | Orals | SSS2.3

Boulder-Faced Log Dams and other Alternatives for Gabion Check Dams in First-Order Ephemeral Streams with Coarse Bed Load in Ethiopia
Jan Nyssen, Seifu Gebreslassie, Romha Assefa, Jozef Deckers, Etefa Guyassa, Jean Poesen, and Amaury Frankl

EGU2017-15236 | Posters | SSS2.3

Stakeout surveys for check dams in gullied areas by using the FreeXSap photogrammetric method
Carlos Castillo, Víctor Marín-Moreno, and Encarnación V. Taguas

EGU2017-13840 | Orals | SSS2.3

On the efficiency of an open retention check dam against a debris flow
Vincenzo D'Agostino, Gabriele Bertoldi, and Francesco Bettella

EGU2017-16648 | Posters | SSS2.3

Water dynamics and nitrogen balance under different agricultural management practices in the low-lying plain of north-east Italy
Carlo Camarotto, Nicola Dal Ferro, Ilaria Piccoli, Riccardo Polese, Lorenzo Furlan, Francesca Chiarini, Antonio Berti, and Francesco Morari

EGU2017-17297 | Orals | SSS2.3

Resolved simulations of a granular-fluid flow through a check dam with a SPH-DCDEM model
Ricardo Birjukovs Canelas, Jose Domínguez, Alejandro Crespo, Moncho Gómez-Gesteira, and Rui M.L. Ferreira

EGU2017-2401 | Orals | SSS2.3

“State of the Art” of technical protection measures in Austria and the effectiveness documented during bedload and debris flow events
Markus Moser, Susanne Mehlhorn, Florian Rudolf-Miklau, and Jürgen Suda

EGU2017-17557 | Posters | SSS2.3

A generic Froude scale model study of massive bedload deposition in a debris basin
Guillaume Piton and Alain Recking

EGU2017-12813 | Orals | SSS2.3

Slit-check dams for the control of debris flow
Aronne Armanini and Michele Larcher

EGU2017-19100 | Posters | SSS2.3

Runoff and initial erosion assessment in fruit tree crops and improved forage pastures in the slopes of the Irazu Volcano (Costa Rica)
Miguel Marchamalo and Beatriz González-Rodrigo

EGU2017-2059 | Orals | SSS2.3

New element for optimizing the functioning of sediment traps
Sebastian Schwindt, Mário Franca, and Anton Schleiss

EGU2017-4440 | Posters | SSS2.3

New integrated and multiscale decision-aiding framework in a context of imperfect information: application to the assessment of torrent checkdams’ effectiveness.
Jean-Marc Tacnet, Simon Carladous, Jean Dezert, and Mireille Batton-Hubert

EGU2017-14479 | Posters | SSS2.3

Dynamic impact of granular material on a vertical obstacle
Giulia Rossi, Aronne Armanini, and Michele Larcher

EGU2017-3232 | Orals | SSS2.3

Effect of large wood retention at check dams on sediment continuity
Lukas Schmocker, Isabella Schalko, and Volker Weitbrecht

EGU2017-6923 | Posters | SSS2.3

Quantitative relations between soil heavy metal contamination and landscape pattern in Wuxi, China
Ming Zhu, Lijie Pu, and Yan Xu

EGU2017-5891 | Posters | SSS2.3

Planning method and application case of check dams in a small-scale watershed
Jiangang Chen, Xiaoqing Chen, Yong You, and Wanyu Zhao

SSS2.4 – Gully and rill erosion: recent research progress

EGU2017-37 | Posters | SSS2.4

Predicting gully densities at sub-continental scales: a case study for the Horn of Africa
Matthias Vanmaercke, Ignace Pelckmans, and Jean Poesen

EGU2017-94 | Orals | SSS2.4

Piping dynamics in mid-altitude mountains under a temperate climate: the Bieszczady Mts., the Eastern Carpathians
Anita Bernatek-Jakiel, Michał Jakiel, and Kazimierz Krzemień

EGU2017-1057 | Posters | SSS2.4

Spatial assessment of gully density in the zone of intensive agriculture of the European part of Russia
Regina Medvedeva, Valentin Golosov, and Oleg Yermolaev

EGU2017-1458 | Orals | SSS2.4

Modelling soil erosion in a head catchment of Jemma Basin on the Ethiopian highlands
Mariaelena Cama, Calogero Schillaci, Jan Kropáček, Volker Hochschild, and Michael Maerker

EGU2017-1589 | Orals | SSS2.4

The influence of tropical cyclones in gully formation: A case study from Madagascar
Andrea Raveloson, Amanda Szabó, and Balázs Székely

EGU2017-1167 | Posters | SSS2.4

Gully erosion in Moldova: evolution, importance and control
Tamara Leah

EGU2017-5702 | Orals | SSS2.4

An Experimental Simulation Method of Erosion Process on Gully Erosion in Loess Plateau in China
Jianen Gao and Yuanxing Zhang

EGU2017-1266 | Posters | SSS2.4

Influence of Cultivation and Cropping Systems on Production of Soil Sediment on Agricultural Land
Hristina Poposka and Dusko Mukaetov

EGU2017-1300 | Posters | SSS2.4

Gully erosion and sediment delivery ratio from a semi-arid watershed
Jose Ramon Cantalice, Moacyr Cunha Filho, Cicero Santos, Sergio Guerra, Douglas Cavalcante, Michelangelo Silva, Hermon Braga Junior, Genival Barros Junior, and Valdemir Silva Junior

EGU2017-6101 | Orals | SSS2.4

Interrill and rill erosion quantification using ground-based stereophotogrammetry technique – A case study from the bare plot of Mollisol, Northeast China
Hao Li and Xingyi Zhang

EGU2017-17480 | Orals | SSS2.4

Application of historical, topographic maps and remote sensing data for reconstruction of gully network development as source of information for gully erosion modeling
Vladimir Belyaev and Yulia Kuznetsova

EGU2017-3084 | Posters | SSS2.4

Effects of Near Soil Surface Characteristics on the Soil Detachment Process in a Chronological Series of Vegetation Restoration
Bing Wang

EGU2017-3115 | Posters | SSS2.4

Role of landslides in sediment connectivity on the Loess Plateau, China
Xiang-Zhou Xu, Wen-Zhao Guo, and Hong-Wu Zhang

EGU2017-18568 | Orals | SSS2.4

An integrated assessment of soil erosion dynamics with special emphasis on gully erosion: Case studies from South Africa and Iran
Michael Maerker, Christian Sommer, Reza Zakerinejad, and Elena Cama

EGU2017-5340 | Posters | SSS2.4

A new automated method for the determination of cross-section limits in ephemeral gullies
Carlos Castillo, Miguel Ángel Campo-Bescós, Javier Casalí, and Rafael Giménez

EGU2017-5433 | Posters | SSS2.4

Long term characterization of ephemeral gully erosion from orthophotographs
Youssef Chahor, Javier Casalí, Rafael Giménez, and Miguel Ángel Campo-Bescós

EGU2017-5577 | Posters | SSS2.4

Studying of modern growth dynamics of gully using instrumental methods
Artur Gafurov, Aidar Sharifullin, and Ivan Rysin

EGU2017-5990 | Posters | SSS2.4

Relationships between slope erosion processes and aggregate stability of Ultisols from subtropical China during rainstorms
Gang Liu, Hai Xiao, and Puling Liu

EGU2017-6074 | Posters | SSS2.4

Assessment of grass root effects on soil piping in sandy soils using the pinhole test
Anita Bernatek-Jakiel, Wouter Vannoppen, and Jean Poesen

EGU2017-7664 | Posters | SSS2.4

Understanding soil erosion process within herbaceous vegetative hedges using plant functional traits approach in North-West Europe
Léa Kervroëdan, Romain Armand, Mathieu Saunier, and Michel-Pierre Faucon

EGU2017-13950 | Posters | SSS2.4

The application of land morphology and lithology information optimizes remote sensing badland mapping using Landsat 8 and Sentinel 2 imagery in a heterogeneous regional setting, the upper Llobregat basin (Catalan Pyrenees)
Mariano Moreno de las Heras and Francesc Gallart

EGU2017-15476 | Posters | SSS2.4

Identification and characterization of natural pipe systems in forested tropical soils
Renata Cristina Bovi, Cesar Augusto Moreira, Raquel Stucchi Boschi, and Miguel Cooper

EGU2017-15586 | Posters | SSS2.4

Factors controlling volume errors through 2D gully erosion assessment: guidelines for optimal survey design
Carlos Castillo and Rafael Pérez

EGU2017-17555 | Posters | SSS2.4

Gully Morphological Characteristics in the Loess Hilly-gully Region Based on 3D Laser Scanning Technique
Fenli Zheng

SSS2.5 – Connectivity in hydrology and sediment dynamics: concepts, measuring, modelling, indices and societal implications (co-organized)

EGU2017-304 | Posters | SSS2.5

Measuring the connections between hydrology and bedload transport to manage nuisance periphyton: a case study from the Pohangina River, New Zealand
Andrew Neverman, Ian Fuller, Russell Death, Jon Procter, and Ranvir Singh

EGU2017-19620 | Orals | SSS2.5 | Highlight

The critical importance of place-based connectivity relations in managing catchment-scale sediment flux in proactive river management plans
Gary Brierley

EGU2017-477 | Posters | SSS2.5

The Effect of DEM Source and Grid Size on the Index of Connectivity in Savanna Catchments
Ben Jarihani, Roy Sidle, Rebecca Bartley, and Christian Roth

EGU2017-815 | Posters | SSS2.5

Assessing the effects of check dams on sediment dynamics in a debris-flow catchment through SfM technique
Sara Cucchiaro, Alberto Beinat, Aleix Calsamiglia, Marco Cavalli, Federico Cazorzi, Stefano Crema, and Lorenzo Marchi

EGU2017-57 | Orals | SSS2.5

Artificialized land characteristics and sediment connectivity explain muddy flood hazard in Wallonia
Baptiste de Walque, Charles Bielders, Aurore Degré, and Alexandre Maugnard

EGU2017-10279 | Orals | SSS2.5

Inferring sediment connectivity from high-resolution DEMs of Difference
Tobias Heckmann and Damià Vericat