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AS – Atmospheric Sciences

AS1.1 – Numerical weather prediction, data assimilation and ensemble forecasting

EGU2018-2341 | Posters | AS1.1

Evaluation and Application of the ECMWF Ensemble Prediction System on Heat Wave Process in July 2017
Wei Tao

EGU2018-10325 | Orals | AS1.1

Development and Implementation Strategies for NOAA's Unified Forecast System for operational NWP at NCEP
Vijay Tallapragada

EGU2018-5795 | Posters | AS1.1

Evaluations of Real-time Forecasts of Summer Western Pacific Subtropical High in CMA Numerical Weather Prediction Center
Li Gao, Jiawen Zheng, and Pengfei Ren

EGU2018-13813 | Orals | AS1.1

ICON-EPS: The operational global ensemble forecasting system of DWD
Jens Winkler, Michael Denhard, Helmut Frank, Andreas Rhodin, Harald Anlauf, Ana Fernandez del Rio, Alexander Cress, and Roland Potthast

EGU2018-2602 | Orals | AS1.1

A stochastic parameterization of unresolved processes in the Next Generation Global Prediction System
Lisa Bengtsson, Jian-Wen Bao, Philip Pegion, Sara Michaelson, Cecile Penland, and Jeffrey Withaker

EGU2018-6911 | Posters | AS1.1

Mean monthly temperature persistence
Lisa Degenhardt and Haraldur Ólafsson

EGU2018-4770 | Orals | AS1.1

How fast shall we go? Lessons learned from 30-second-update convection-resolving data assimilation experiments
Takemasa Miyoshi, Juan Ruiz, Guo-Yuan Lien, Toshiki Teramura, Yasumitsu Maejima, Keiichi Kondo, and Hideyuki Sakamoto

EGU2018-5167 | Posters | AS1.1

Atmospheric blocking and upper-level Rossby wave forecast skill dependence on model configuration
Oscar Martinez-Alvarado, Jacob Maddison, Suzanne Gray, and Keith Williams

EGU2018-11185 | Orals | AS1.1

Development and Test of the Scale- and Aerosol-Aware Grell-Freitas Convection Parameterization within the Next Generation Global Prediction System (NGGPS)
Georg Grell, Haiqin Li, and Saulo Freitas

EGU2018-8547 | Posters | AS1.1

Impact of Moroccan ground-based GPS ZTD data assimilation on precipitation events forecast
Fatima Zahra Hdidou and Soumia Mordane

EGU2018-5620 | Orals | AS1.1

A Least Norm Finite Volume Scheme for a Future Numerical Prediction Model
Yuanfu Xie

EGU2018-8723 | Posters | AS1.1

1DVAR+3DVAR approach to assimilate radar quantitative precipitation estimate in high-resolution limited-area AROME model
Zahra Sahlaoui, Soumia Mordane, and Eric Wattrelot

EGU2018-14693 | Orals | AS1.1

Recent developments and plans for NWP at the Met Office
Clive Wilson

EGU2018-1382 | Posters | AS1.1

Uncertainties in the initial temperature perturbations over the southern peninsular India using WRF model
Ragi Rajagopalan, Maithili Sharan, and Ziad Haddad

EGU2018-959 | Posters | AS1.1

Evaluation of microwave radiances of GPM/GMI for the all-sky assimilation in WRF-RTTOV framework
Rohit Mangla and Indu Jayaluxmi

EGU2018-2656 | Orals | AS1.1

Medium-range forecasts with a non-hydrostatic global atmospheric model on a cubed sphere grid
Song-You Hong, Young-Cheol Kwon, Tae-Hun Kim, Jung-Eun Esther Kim, Suk-Jin Choi, In-Hyuk Kwon, Jung-Han Kim, Eun-Hee Lee, Rae-Seol Park, and Dong-Il Kim

EGU2018-8513 | Posters | AS1.1

Assimilating Radar Observations to Study Heavy Rainfalls over the Arabian Red Sea Coast using the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model
Mokhammad Suleiman Mostamandi, Georgiy Stenchikov, Paul Kucera, and Anatolii Anisimov

EGU2018-19506 | Orals | AS1.1

Short-range cloud/precipitation forecasts from the US NOAA 3-km HRRR model
Stan Benjamin, Joseph Olson, Ming Hu, Curtis Alexander, Georg Grell, and Tanya Smirnova

EGU2018-120 | Posters | AS1.1

Data Assimilation in a Multi-Scale Model
Guannan Hu and Christian Franzke

EGU2018-10675 | Orals | AS1.1

Ensemble Forecasting: An Enhancer of Information, or an Expensive Filter?
Jin Zhang, Zoltan Toth, Jie Feng, and Malaquias Pena

EGU2018-7825 | Orals | AS1.1

Wind retrieval from 4D-Var assimilation of tracers in moist atmosphere
Žiga Zaplotnik and Nedjeljka Žagar

EGU2018-6976 | Posters | AS1.1

Cases of wind forecast errors in non-stationary flows
Florian Ruff and Haraldur Ólafsson

EGU2018-19627 | Posters | AS1.1

Recent Advances in the Development of a Historical (1981 – 2016) Climate Dataset for Ireland
Jason Flanagan and Paul Nolan

EGU2018-6867 | Orals | AS1.1

Sub-seasonal temperature forecasting in Europe and Iceland
Lisa Degenhardt and Haraldur Ólafsson

EGU2018-19523 | Orals | AS1.1

ECMWF 2016-2025 strategy: moving towards seamless ensembles
Peter Bauer, Andrew Brown, Roberto Buizza, and Florence Rabier

EGU2018-18743 | Posters | AS1.1

On-demand sub-km Harmonie model for storm forecast in Greenland
Xiaohua Yang

EGU2018-3165 | Orals | AS1.1

NOAA's Next Generation Global Prediction System
Ivanka Stajner, Frederick Toepfer, Vijay Tallapragada, Steve Warren, and Hendrik Tolman

EGU2018-11688 | Posters | AS1.1

Topographic-dependent horizontal localization scales scheme in GRAPES-MESO En-3DVAR hybrid assimilation system
Yu Xia, Jing Chen, and Xiefei Zhi

EGU2018-7482 | Orals | AS1.1

Large effects of the model timestep on simulated explicit convection – the impact, cause and solution
Andrew Barrett, Constanze Wellmann, Axel Seifert, Bernhard Vogel, Michael Kunz, and Corinna Hoose

EGU2018-12545 | Posters | AS1.1

The impact of convection in the West African monsoon region on weather forecasts in the North Atlantic-European sector
Gregor Pante and Peter Knippertz

EGU2018-15199 | Orals | AS1.1

Using a global network of temperature lidars to identify temperature biases in the upper stratosphere in ERA-5 reanalysis and in the ECMWF’s seasonal forecast model.
Graeme Marlton, Andrew Charlton-Perez, Giles Harrison, and Inna Polichtchouk

EGU2018-12849 | Posters | AS1.1

Applications of LAPS/STMAS as a high-resolution real-time 3D analysis tool
Jordi Moré, Jordi Mercader, Abdelmalik Sairouni, and Manel Bravo

EGU2018-19630 | Orals | AS1.1

A Global Ocean Observing System for Measuring Sea Level Atmospheric Pressure: Effects and Impacts on Numerical Weather Prediction
Luca Centurioni, Carla Cardinali, and András Horányi

EGU2018-13287 | Posters | AS1.1

On the use of Surface Pressure Observations from Smartphones in Data Assimilation using the Harmonie NWP system
Kasper S. Hintz, Henrik Vedel, and Eigil Kaas

EGU2018-11304 | Posters | AS1.1

Large-eddy Simulation Analysis of Shallow Cumulus Convection at Gray-Zone Resolutions
Xu Zhang, Jian-Wen Bao, and Baode Chen

EGU2018-8201 | Orals | AS1.1

Circulation response to resolved versus parametrized orographic drag over complex mountain regions
Annelize Van Niekerk and Irina Sandu

EGU2018-11407 | Posters | AS1.1

Dependency of Numerical Weather Prediction on the Vertical Resolution in Global Atmospheric Model
Eunjeong Lee, Eun-Hee Lee, and In-Jin Choi

EGU2018-18503 | Posters | AS1.1

Evaluation of WRF and BRAMS for one way downscaling of surface air temperature in Portugal
Isilda Menezes, Mário Pereira, Luís Carvalheiro, Saulo Freitas, Valter Oliveira, Demerval Moreira, Lourdes Bugalho, and Mário Santos

EGU2018-6130 | Posters | AS1.1

A comprehensive sensitivity analysis of the WRF model parameterizations over Europe
Ioannis Stergiou, Efthimios Tagaris, and Rafaella - Eleni Sotiropoulou

EGU2018-9014 | Posters | AS1.1

The comparison of WRF simulations using different approaches in two high-latitude fjords, Hornsund and Porsanger
Paulina Aniśkiewicz and Małgorzata Stramska

EGU2018-10459 | Posters | AS1.1

Enhancing responsiveness of the MYJ turbulence closure scheme to strong instability
Zavisa Janjic

EGU2018-17756 | Posters | AS1.1

Cut-cell Eta: Design and skill in jet stream position accuracy compared to its driver ECMWF ensemble, and illustrations
Katarina Veljovic and Fedor Mesinger

EGU2018-11505 | Posters | AS1.1

Verification of real-time forecasts by the Korean Integrated Model (KIM)
Eun-Hee Lee, Eunjeong Lee, Hyeonjin Shin, In-Jin Choi, Juwon Lee, Ki-Byung Kim, Kyoungmi Cho, Kyung-Hee Seol, Sang-Hoon Yeon, and Young C. Kwon

EGU2018-11661 | Posters | AS1.1

Development of a Scale-Adaptive Parameterization of Deep Moist Convection in the WRF Model: A Real Case Evaluation
Wei Huang, Jian-Wen Bao, and Baode Chen

EGU2018-10424 | Posters | AS1.1

The impact of different parameterizations of the compensatory feedback between microphysical processes on squall line development
Jian-Wen Bao, Sara A. Michelson, and Evelyn D. Grell

EGU2018-2283 | Posters | AS1.1

Study of the outlier detection algorithms for automatic weather station time-series
Dmitry Efremenko, Anatoly Kuznetsov, Olga Serouhova, and Aleksandr Solonin

EGU2018-3471 | Posters | AS1.1

Investigating the added value of the BARRA regional atmospheric reanalysis in Australia
Chun-Hsu Su, Nathan Eizenberg, Greg Kociuba, Dörte Jakob, Peter Steinle, Paul Fox-Hughes, and Christopher White

EGU2018-4135 | Posters | AS1.1

Case study of observations and sensitive region of heavy rainfall in Beijing area Based on Ensemble Transform Sensitivity
Yuhuan Li and Yu Zhang

EGU2018-4150 | Posters | AS1.1

Study on initial perturbation construction method for regional ensemble forecast based on dynamical downscaling
Hanbin Zhang

EGU2018-4263 | Posters | AS1.1

Probabilistic Forecasts of 1-15-day 500 hPa Geopotential Height over Northern Hemisphere based on Bayesian Model Averaging
Luying Ji, Xiefei Zhi, and Shoupeng Zhu

EGU2018-4300 | Posters | AS1.1

Predictability of Tropical Cyclone Intensities over the Western North Pacific using the IBTrACS dataset
Quanjia Zhong, Jianping Li, Lifeng Zhang, Ruiqiang Ding, and Baosheng Li

EGU2018-5505 | Posters | AS1.1

Numerical Weather Prediction for Arctic Region
Gdaliy Rivin, Mikhail Nikitin, Mikhail Chumakov, Denis Blinov, and Inna Rozinkina

EGU2018-5873 | Posters | AS1.1

A new approach to estimate model generated hydrometeors over East Asia
Anwesa Bhattacharya and Rae Seol Park

EGU2018-6316 | Posters | AS1.1

Addressing near-surface biases in global NWP
Thomas Haiden, Irina Sandu, and Gianpaolo Balsamo

EGU2018-6943 | Posters | AS1.1

The largest wind forecast errors in complex terrain
Florian Ruff and Haraldur Ólafsson

EGU2018-7505 | Posters | AS1.1

Performance evaluation of WRF for extreme precipitation events by integrating WUDAPT
Pratiman Patel, Subhankar Karmakar, Subimal Ghosh, and Dev Niyogi

EGU2018-15638 | Posters | AS1.1

First example of Sentinel-1 InSAR PWV maps assimilation into a high resolution NWP to improve the forecast of convective system in atmosphere
Giovanni Nico, Pedro Mateus, Joao Catalao, and Pedro Miranda

EGU2018-18490 | Posters | AS1.1

Validation of WRF and BRAMS for one way downscaling of precipitation in Portugal
Isilda Menezes, Mário Pereira, Luís Carvalheiro, Saulo Freitas, Valter Oliveira, Demerval Moreira, Lourdes Bugalho, and Mário Santos

AS1.2 – Forecasting the weather

EGU2018-7962 | Orals | AS1.2 | Highlight

Seamless probabilistic analysis and forecasting: from minutes to days ahead
Alexander Kann, Yong Wang, Aitor Atencia, Nauman Awan, Markus Dabernig, Josef Kemetmüller, Florian Meier, Irene Schicker, Lukas Tüchler, Clemens Wastl, and Christoph Wittmann

EGU2018-19009 | Posters | AS1.2

Comparison between different methods to forecast snow events in a warm front in Catalonia
Manuel Alvarez, Xavier Soler, Francesc Figuerola, Montse Aran, Sergio Gallego, and Via Jordi

EGU2018-6361 | Orals | AS1.2

Nowcasting orographic precipitation growth and decay using machine learning algorithms on a 10-year radar archive in the Swiss Alps
Loris Foresti, Ioannis V. Sideris, Luca Panziera, Lea Beusch, Daniele Nerini, and Urs Germann

EGU2018-248 | Posters | AS1.2

The diagnostic study of water vapor transport during A strong extreme precipitation event at Yili river valley
jing Liu, yushu Zhou, and lianmei Yang

EGU2018-315 | Posters | AS1.2

Some advances of water vapor research in Xinjiang
lianmei Yang and jing Liu

EGU2018-8856 | Orals | AS1.2

Ensemble nowcasting from INCA and AROME-EPS
Aitor Atencia, Alexander Kann, Yong Wang, and Clemens Wastl

EGU2018-10716 | Orals | AS1.2

Weather Perceptualized
Steve Albers, Zoltan Toth, and Daniel Nietfeld

EGU2018-2417 | Posters | AS1.2

Study of classified severe convective weather probability forecasts based on the ECMWF ensemble prediction system
Xiaojun Guan, Ning Pan, Qing Lin, and Lingguang Huang

EGU2018-2673 | Posters | AS1.2

Local service usin critical value for each risk level of heavy rainfall and heat wave in Busan, Ulsan, Gyeongnam of Korea
Kim tae hee, Jo mi young, and Kim jun hyeong

EGU2018-8160 | Orals | AS1.2

Development of a limited area NWP model based nowcasting version for Austria
Florian Meier, Yong Wang, Christoph Wittmann, Xingsheng Xu, Mirela Pietrisi, and Lukas Tüchler

EGU2018-16337 | Orals | AS1.2

Configuration of sub-km Harmonie-nowcasting ensemble
Xiaohua Yang

EGU2018-2674 | Posters | AS1.2

The characteristics of recent focused heavy rainfall and heat wave in Busan, Ulsan, Gyeongnam of Korea
Jo mi yeong, Kim tae hee, and Kim jun hyung

EGU2018-3181 | Posters | AS1.2

Impact of automatic weather station observations on short-term forecasts over the Taiwan strait in the WRF-3DVAR model
Deqiang Liu, Ning Pan, Jianping Li, and Ruiqiang Ding

EGU2018-8646 | Orals | AS1.2

Improving forecasts through rapid updating of temperature trajectories and statistical post-processing
Nina Schuhen, Thordis L. Thorarinsdottir, and Alex Lenkoski

EGU2018-16112 | Orals | AS1.2

Using Model Output Statistics for Aerodrome Weather Forecasts
Sebastian Trepte, Michael Eckert, and Günter Mahringer

EGU2018-4087 | Posters | AS1.2

Topographic impacts on the extreme precipitation event over North China during July 18-21, 2016
Nan Zhang, Yingxin Zhang, Yun Sun, Ye Zhang, Xiaoqing Jin, Yuhhui Duan, and Zongtao Li

EGU2018-13223 | Orals | AS1.2

Highly resolved spatial temperature and precipitation calibrations of ensemble forecasts for Austria with standardized anomalies
Irene Schicker, Moritz Lang, Markus Dabernig, Alexander Kann, and Yong Wang

EGU2018-4237 | Posters | AS1.2

On the application of the Analog Ensemble to correct model-based temperature prediction
Cui Hao, Yingxin Zhang, Zaiwen Wang, Zongyu Fu, and Luca Delle Monache

EGU2018-5922 | Posters | AS1.2

Application and Verification of Extreme Weather Forecast Products of ECMWF Ensemble Prediction System in China
Quan Dong

EGU2018-15374 | Orals | AS1.2

Are precipitation amounts and threshold probabilities based on calibrated point forecasts
Reinhold Hess, Björn Kriesche, Peter Schaumann, Bernhard K. Reichert, and Volker Schmidt

EGU2018-2932 | Orals | AS1.2

Comparison of integrated bias correction to ensemble forecast of precipitation in Southeast China
Linna Zhao, Ruiwen Yang, Yuanfa Gong, Xiaomeng Li, and Yue Cao

EGU2018-5957 | Posters | AS1.2

The ensemble atmospheric dispersion modeling of Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear accident
Li Sheng

EGU2018-6825 | Posters | AS1.2

Statistical Rainfall Forecasts in the Tropics Based on Spatio-Temporal Precipitation Properties and Tropical Wave Activity
Peter Vogel, Andreas Schlueter, Peter Knippertz, Andreas H. Fink, Tilmann Gneiting, and Manuel Klar

EGU2018-9189 | Orals | AS1.2

Downscaling precipitation data over the UK
Rachel Prudden

EGU2018-6225 | Posters | AS1.2

A Stochastic Kinetic Energy Backscatter Scheme for Model Uncertainties in the GRAPES Global Ensemble Prediction System
Fei Peng

EGU2018-9610 | Orals | AS1.2 | Highlight

NOAA's Strategic Plans for operational environmental modeling
Hendrik Tolman and Ivanka Stajner

EGU2018-8619 | Orals | AS1.2

Predictability of thunderstorm events with a convection-permitting ensemble
Chiara Marsigli, Andrea Montani, Tiziana Paccagnella, Davide Cesari, and Maria Stefania Tesini

EGU2018-11159 | Posters | AS1.2

Analysis of the Development of Convective Cloud caused by Sea-effect on the Yellow Sea in Winter and the Characteristics of Heavy Snowfall in Jeollabuk-do
Eun-joo Park, Jae-hwan Lim, and Jong-chan Park

EGU2018-9642 | Posters | AS1.2 | Highlight

Development of a new seamless prediction system for very short range convective-scale forecasting at Deutscher Wetterdienst
Ulrich Blahak, Kathrin Wapler, Marcus Paulat, Roland Potthast, Axel Seifert, Liselotte Bach, Elisabeth Bauernschubert, Robert Feger, Kathrin Feige, Michael Hoff, Markus Junk, Alberto deLozar, Lisa Neef, Rafael Posada, Martin Rempel, Markus Schultze, Chrsitian Welzenbacher, and Manuel Werner

EGU2018-1966 | Orals | AS1.2

Physical process based stochastic perturbation of model tendencies
Clemens Wastl, Yong Wang, and Christoph Wittmann

EGU2018-10774 | Posters | AS1.2

a new predictability index of heavy rainfall in China
Jing Chen, Couhua Liu, Fajing Chen, Qing Wei, and Jiapeng Li

EGU2018-3793 | Orals | AS1.2

Ensemble Forecasting and Verification of Extreme Temperature Events in China
Li Gao and Jing Chen

EGU2018-10829 | Posters | AS1.2

The Main Bias and Correction of Chinese Radiosonde Temperature and Humidity Data
Xiaofeng Xu and Zhe Chen

EGU2018-1748 | Orals | AS1.2

Predictability of Wind Gusts during Winter Storms in Central Europe using convection-permitting ensemble forecasts
Florian Pantillon, Sebastian Lerch, Peter Knippertz, and Ulrich Corsmeier

EGU2018-1610 | Orals | AS1.2

The influence of tropical cyclones targeted singular vectors on ensemble forecasts
Zhenhua Huo, Jing Chen, Yongzhu Liu, and Xiaoli Li

EGU2018-12051 | Posters | AS1.2

Elaboration of the Situation centre for monitoring and prediction of atmospheric air quality in Saint Petersburg
Nikolai Voronov and Maxim Ivanov

EGU2018-11261 | Posters | AS1.2

Ensemble forecast verification adversely affected by model bias
Jingzhuo Wang, Jing Chen, Jun Du, Yutao Zhang, Yu Xia, and Guo Deng

EGU2018-7359 | Orals | AS1.2

Extreme precipitation events over Northern Italy and their link with the large-scale dynamics
Federico Grazzini, George Craig, Volkmar Wirth, Gabriele Antolini, and Valentina Pavan

EGU2018-4985 | Orals | AS1.2

Sensitivity of WRF forecasts of nocturnal convective system morphology evolution in weakly-forced environments to microphysical schemes and horizontal resolution.
William Gallus, Jonathan Thielen, and Brian Squitieri

EGU2018-11307 | Posters | AS1.2

Characteristics of Initial perturbation growth rate in the regional ensemble prediction system of GRAPES
Jingzhuo Wang, Jing Chen, Zhaorong Zhuang, Hanbin Zhang, and Jing Wang

EGU2018-11181 | Orals | AS1.2

Spatio-temporal Characteristics of East Asian Subtropical Jet Perturbationsin Summer
Ronghua Jin, Yan Li, Qingrou Long, and Sijia Liu

EGU2018-13180 | Posters | AS1.2

Analysis of 50a’ Geological Disaster and Extreme Rainfall in South West of China
Luqiang Zhao, Xiaodan Yang, Xin Liu, Jingyue Di, Fengwen Xu, Yanhong Han, Jianyang Song, and Wanyu Li

EGU2018-2892 | Orals | AS1.2

New developments in the Australian Bureau of Meteorology's thunderstorm prediction system - Calibrated Thunder
Harald Richter, Greg Collecutt, and Andrew Treloar

EGU2018-15255 | Posters | AS1.2

Two new ECMWF products for precipitation type
Estíbaliz Gascón, Tim Hewson, and Thomas Haiden

EGU2018-14500 | Posters | AS1.2

Development of the Randomforest Model for Tropical Cyclone Formation using the NCEP FNL Operational Global Analysis Data
Hyeong Seok Kim and Hyeong-Seog Kim

EGU2018-5872 | Orals | AS1.2

Precipitation Forecast Experiments Using the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model at Gray-Zone Resolutions
Ji-Young Han and Song-You Hong

EGU2018-2131 | Orals | AS1.2

Assimilation Experiments for the Application of Dual-Radar Retrieval Wind Mosaics in Detailed Heavy Precipitation Forecast Produced by Landfall Typhoon “Meranti” (1614)
Yehong Wang, Yuchun Zhao, Changrong Luo, and Songyu Han

EGU2018-18011 | Posters | AS1.2

A new approach for analysis and nowcasting of precipitation
Benedikt Bica, Alexander Kann, and Yong Wang

EGU2018-19253 | Posters | AS1.2

A numerical study of the Livorno 9-10 September 2017 flash flood
Guido Cioni, Diego Cerrai, Antonio Ricchi, Emmanouil Anagnostou, Efthymios Nikolopoulos, Sandro Carniel, Davide Bonaldo, and Marco Borga

EGU2018-19174 | Posters | AS1.2

A post-processing approach for probability forecasts of multi-category marine fog
Ning Pan

EGU2018-4090 | Posters | AS1.2

The verification of WRF forecast of squall lines in the Jianghuai
Zhou Kun, Tao Wei, and Wu Ruijiao

EGU2018-4883 | Posters | AS1.2

Scale-dependent verification of ensemble precipitation forecasts from the COSMO-E model
Daniele Nerini, Daniel Leuenberger, Urs Germann, and Loris Foresti

EGU2018-5001 | Posters | AS1.2

The impact of adding mixed physics to a mixed initial and lateral boundary condition ensemble used for convection forecasts – results from the 2016 Community Leveraged Unified Ensemble
William Gallus, John Halley-Gotway, and Jamie Wolff

EGU2018-10698 | Posters | AS1.2

Design and experiment of a 3D model bias damping scheme in GRAPES Ensemble forecast System
Jing Chen, Jingzhuo Wang, Yu Xia, and fajing Chen

EGU2018-6067 | Posters | AS1.2

The survival strategies of the Potamogeton Malaianus in a eutrophicated lake, China
Weilong Liu, Clyde-Smith Dominic, Yang Wang, and Xiaohua Bai

EGU2018-5897 | Posters | AS1.2

Verification of Quantitative Precipitation Guidance Forecast (QPGF) Based on Fine-mesh and Rain gauge Stations in China
Dan Qi, Qing Wei, and Jinyan Zhang

EGU2018-8305 | Posters | AS1.2

A comparison of meteorological data influence on HYSPLIT backward trajectories – a half year study for three stations
Da Li

EGU2018-7347 | Posters | AS1.2

Temporal and Spatial Distributions of Hourly Rain Intensity and Recurrence Periods in Eastern China
Yao Li

EGU2018-11046 | Posters | AS1.2

Analysis and Numerical Modeling of A Heavy Coastal Fog Event over Mid-latitude Ocean in 2016
Wu Bingui and Tian Meng

EGU2018-11237 | Posters | AS1.2

The Impact of Observed Variables as Predictors on Model Output Statistics Forecast
Ruixia Zhao, Feng Xue, Xiaoqing Zeng, and Shengrong Zhao

EGU2018-6181 | Posters | AS1.2

Evaluating the role of the EOF analysis in 4DEnVar methods
Xingxia Kou, Zhekun Huang, Hongnian Liu, Meigen Zhang, Si Shen, and Zhen Peng

EGU2018-2132 | Posters | AS1.2

Uncertainties in the Prediction of Typhoon Neptartak (2016) and Typhoon Talim (2017) as Revealed with ECMWF Ensemble Forecast and Their Association with Initial Fields
Tonghua Su, Fuqing Zhang, Yihong Duan, Changan Zhang, Ming Liu, and Ning Pan

AS1.3 – Aviation Meteorology: Observations, Modeling, and Operations (co-organized)

EGU2018-11429 | Orals | AS1.3

Improvements to ceiling/visibility/turbulence forecasts from the 2018 HRRR/RAP US model and supersite observations for North American aviation applications
Stan Benjamin, Stephen Waygandt, Joseph Olson, Ming Hu, Terra Ladwig, Curtis Alexander, Ismail Gultepe, Wayne Feltz, Martin Agelin-Chaab, John Komar, Gary Elfstrom, Faisal Boudala, and Binbin Zhou

EGU2018-103 | Posters | AS1.3

Mechanism analysis on lower-level wind shear on 20 Jun 2017
Houfu Zhou, Naichao Shan, Qian Zhao, Yaodong Li, and Shaoqing Chen

EGU2018-19358 | Orals | AS1.3

Resolving Gravity Waves with Himawari-8 and GOES-16 Imagery at the New Limit of Resolution and the Application to Aircraft-Scale Turbulence
Wayne Feltz

EGU2018-2491 | Posters | AS1.3

Simulating high-resolution surface winds around the Incheon International Airport of Korea
Young-Gon Lee, Jia Jung, Geun-Hoi Kim, and Baek-Jo Kim

EGU2018-12380 | Orals | AS1.3

NowCastSAT-Aviation: Thunderstorm nowcasting for the en-route flight phase
Stéphane Haussler, Richard Müller, and Matthias Jerg

EGU2018-4495 | Posters | AS1.3

Microphysical characterization of clouds during the research flight dated 23rd of march, 2017
Jose Luis Sanchez, Laura Sanchez-Muñoz, Sergio Fernández-Gonzalez, Andres Merino, Javier Diaz-Fernandez, Eduardo García-Ortega, Maria Luisa Martin, Jose Luis Marcos, and Francisco Valero

EGU2018-8821 | Orals | AS1.3

Cloudkite: an airborne platform for resolving clouds
Gholamhossein Bagheri, Freja Nordsiek, Oliver Schlenczek, and Eberhard Bodenschatz

EGU2018-4529 | Posters | AS1.3

Identification and analysis of mountain waves in the northwest of the Iberian peninsula.
Jose Luis Sanchez, Victor Callado, Javier Diaz-Fernández, Andres Merino, Eduardo Garcia-Ortega, Jose Luis Marcos, Maria Luisa Martin, Sergio Fernández-González, and Francisco Valero

EGU2018-19815 | Orals | AS1.3

Evaluating High-Resolution Model Data for Aviation Impacts due to Cloud and Visibility for the San Francisco International Airport
Austin Cross, Steven Lack, David Bentley, Claire Bartholomew, Piers Buchanan, Ian Boutle, Stephanie Avey, and Sonia Alvidrez

EGU2018-4548 | Posters | AS1.3

Comparative study of aircraft icing conditions using different measurements of meteorological instruments and the mesoscale model WRF
Jose Luis Sanchez, Javier Diaz-Fernandez, Sergio Fernández-Gonzalez, Andres Merino, Eduardo Garcia-Ortega, Laura Sanchez-Muñoz, Jose Luis Marcos, Maria Luisa Martin, and Francisco Valero

EGU2018-8415 | Orals | AS1.3

Development of inflight icing index for aviation
Katie Brown, Cyril Morcrette, and Rebecca Stretton

EGU2018-4554 | Posters | AS1.3

Observation, modelling and forecasting of radiation fogs
Jose Luis Sanchez, Sergio Fernández-González, Jose Sierra, and Andres Merino

EGU2018-4721 | Posters | AS1.3

Towards an improved representation of fog in the Swiss numerical weather prediction models
Stephanie Westerhuis, Werner Eugster, Oliver Fuhrer, and Andreas Bott

EGU2018-6066 | Posters | AS1.3

Assessment of the sensitivity to the thermal roughness length in Noah and Noah-MP Land surface model using WRF in an arid region
Michael Weston, Naira Chaouch, Vineeth Valappil, and Marouane Temimi

EGU2018-6653 | Posters | AS1.3

Detection of atmospheric icing conditions in the vertical profile with a ceilometer - validation of the method
Anne Hirsikko, Karoliina Hämäläinen, Ari Leskinen, Mika Komppula, and Ewan J. O'Connor

EGU2018-11675 | Posters | AS1.3

Monitoring of overshooting tops over East Asia using Himawari-8 satellite data and machine learning approaches
Juhyun Lee, Miae Kim, Jungho Im, and Sanggyun Lee

EGU2018-12227 | Posters | AS1.3

Tree-Based Boosting Models For Low-Visibility Forecasts at Different Lead Times
Sebastian J. Dietz, Philipp Kneringer, Georg J. Mayr, and Achim Zeileis

EGU2018-16989 | Posters | AS1.3

Reverse August precipitation anomalies in eastern China between 1998 and 2016 synchronize with strong El Niño events
Shen Haibo, He Shengping, and Wang Huijun

EGU2018-19180 | Posters | AS1.3

Aviation MET Service for identifying climate-optimal aircraft trajectories
Sigrun Matthes, Volker Grewe, Benjamin Lührs, Linke Florian, Emma Irvine, Keith Shine, and Feijia Yin

AS1.6 – Subseasonal-to-Seasonal (S2S) Prediction: meteorology and impacts

EGU2018-17644 | Posters | AS1.6

Skill and limits of predictability for a sub-seasonal-to-seasonal (S2S) hydrological forecasting system over Europe
Fredrik Wetterhall, Francesca Di Giuseppe, Blazej Krzeminski, and Florian Pappenberger

EGU2018-15516 | Posters | AS1.6

A dynamical climate-driven malaria early warning system evaluated in Uganda, Rwanda and Malawi
Adrian M Tompkins, Felipe J Colón-González, Francesca Di Giuseppe, and Didas Damanya

EGU2018-6806 | Orals | AS1.6

Subseasonal forecasts from a climate services perspective
Francisco J. Doblas-Reyes, Juan Camilo Acosta Navarro, Dragana Bojovic, Isadora Christel Jiménez, Nicola Cortesi, Nube González-Reviriego, Raül Marcos, Andrea Manrique-Suñén, Albert Soret, Marta Terrado, and Verónica Torralba

EGU2018-1317 | Orals | AS1.6

Subseasonal prediction of active and break phases of the South American monsoon and the influence of the MJO
Alice Grimm, Leonardo Hakoyama, Luana Scheibe, and Thiago Silva

EGU2018-4375 | Posters | AS1.6

The S2S predictability of European dry summers under prevailing North-Atlantic weather regimes
Francesca Di Giuseppe, Franco Molteni, Emanuel Dutra, and Fredrik Wetterhall

EGU2018-2175 | Orals | AS1.6

A development of weeks 3&4 forecast through the NCEP GEFS
Yuejian Zhu, Xiaqiong Zhou, Wei Li, Bing Fu, Hong Guan, Eric Sinsky, and Dingchen Hou

EGU2018-18205 | Posters | AS1.6

Sub-seasonal predictability of flood pulses in western South-America
Luis Pineda and Fernando Oñate

EGU2018-10103 | Posters | AS1.6

European and North American Heat Wave Predictability
Szandra Peter and Ben Kirtman

EGU2018-5986 | Orals | AS1.6

The influence of QBO on MJO prediction skill in the S2S models
Seok-Woo Son, Yuna Lim, Andrew Marshall, Harry Hendon, and Kyong-Hwan Seo

EGU2018-7869 | Orals | AS1.6

Identifying wave processes associated with predictability across time scales: An empirical normal mode approach
Gilbert Brunet and John Methven

EGU2018-1379 | Posters | AS1.6

Relative contributions of synoptic and intraseasonal variations to strong cold events over eastern China
Lei Song and Renguang Wu

EGU2018-1577 | Orals | AS1.6

An intercomparison of skill and over/underconfidence of the wintertime North Atlantic Oscillation in EUROSIP seasonal forecasts
Laura Baker, Len Shaffrey, Rowan Sutton, Antje Weisheimer, and Adam Scaife

EGU2018-4860 | Posters | AS1.6

Sub-seasonal prediction of aerosols fields and impact on meteorology using the ECMWF’s coupled Ensemble Prediction System
Angela Benedetti and Frederic Vitart

EGU2018-2809 | Posters | AS1.6

Evaluation of Subseasonal Errors and Skill in the FIM-iHYCOM Model
Benjamin Green, Shan Sun, Rainer Bleck, Stanley Benjamin, and Georg Grell

EGU2018-3480 | Orals | AS1.6

Applications of subseasonal-to-seasonal (S2S) predictions
Christopher White, Rob Lamb, Henrik Carlsen, Andrew Robertson, Richard Klein, Jeffrey Lazo, Arun Kumar, Frederic Vitart, Erin Coughlan de Perez, Andrea Ray, Virginia Murray, Richard Graham, Andrew Morse, and Carlo Buontempo

EGU2018-8416 | Posters | AS1.6

Skill improvement of wind speed monthly forecasts
Nicola Cortesi, Nube Gonzalez-Reviriego, Veronica Torralba, Andrea Manrique-Suñen, Raul Marcos, Llorenç Lledo, Albert Soret, and Francisco Javier Doblas-Reyes

EGU2018-8983 | Posters | AS1.6

Rossby and inertio-gravity wave response to tropical heating perturbations resembling MJO
Katarina Kosovelj, Franco Molteni, Fred Kucharski, and Nedjeljka Žagar

EGU2018-17236 | Orals | AS1.6 | Highlight

Operational seasonal impact predictions by the Copernicus Climate Change Service
Carlo Buontempo, Jean-Noël Thepaut, Dick Dee, Freja Vamborg, Cedric Bergeron, and Anca Brookshaw

EGU2018-1027 | Orals | AS1.6

Sub-seasonal prediction of the 2003 European summer heat wave
Ole Wulff and Daniela Domeisen

EGU2018-9775 | Posters | AS1.6

Variability in surface air temperature persistence in the Eastern-Adriatic
Dubravka Rasol, Lisa Degenhardt, and Haraldur Ólafsson

EGU2018-507 | Orals | AS1.6

Global assessment of subseasonal prediction skill of atmospheric rivers
Michael DeFlorio, Duane Waliser, Bin Guan, Alex Goodman, F. Martin Ralph, and Frederic Vitart

EGU2018-17371 | Posters | AS1.6

Seasonality of infection diseases in Germany compared to climate and its possible predictability on seasonal and climatic timescales
Peter Hoffmann, Frank Schwab, Tim Eckmanns, and Petra Gastmeier

EGU2018-573 | Posters | AS1.6

Skill assessment of subseasonal forecasts of temperature and precipitation
Andrea Manrique-Suñén, Nube González-Reviriego, Nicola Cortesi, Raül Marcos, Albert Soret, and Francisco J. Doblas-Reyes

EGU2018-6243 | Orals | AS1.6

Drivers and seasonal predictability of extreme wind speeds over Europe
Michael A. Walz, Markus G. Donat, and Gregor C. Leckebusch

EGU2018-4352 | Orals | AS1.6

Enhanced Predictability of SSW events for select phases of the MJO
Chaim Garfinkel and Chen Schwartz

EGU2018-2130 | Posters | AS1.6

Numerical Simulation of Seasonal Mesoscale Atmospheric Flow-Field Parameters using ARW over Singapore Region: Impact of Land Use Land Cover
Srikanth Madala, Santo V. Salinas, Jukka Miettinen, and Jun Wang

EGU2018-2711 | Posters | AS1.6

The Eurasian pattern-Pacific/North American pattern pathway: how does the East Asian winter monsoon influence the weather over North America on a weekly scale?
Mingyuan Wang and Benkui Tan

EGU2018-3414 | Posters | AS1.6

Systematic Error Analysis and Calibration for the NCEP GEFS Reforecast of SubX Project
Hong Guan, Yuejian Zhu, Eric Sinsky, Wei Li, Xiaqiong Zhou, Dingchen Hou, Christopher Melhauser, and Richard Wobus

EGU2018-5129 | Posters | AS1.6

Formation mechanisms and climate impacts of the western Pacific pattern and the ENSO modulation
Ying Dai and Benkui Tan

EGU2018-10149 | Posters | AS1.6

How do S2S systems beat seasonal forecasts?
Adrian Tompkins

EGU2018-11523 | Posters | AS1.6

Predictability of the Arctic Sea Ice Extent from S2S Multi Model Ensemble
Jinkyung Park, Hyun-Suk Kang, Yu-Kyung Hyun, and Tetsuo Nakazawa

EGU2018-12020 | Posters | AS1.6

The near-real time prediction system of the East Asian summer monsoon using Subseasonal to Seasonal Models
Sang-Min Lee, Yu-Kyung Hyun, and Hyun-Suk Kang

EGU2018-12044 | Posters | AS1.6

Impacts of Two Wave Trains on Intraseasonal Variability Over East Asia in Boreal Winter
Yang Jiao and Renguang Wu

EGU2018-14142 | Posters | AS1.6

Estimates of flow-dependent predictability of wintertime Euro-Atlantic weather regimes in medium-range forecasts
Mio Matsueda and Tim Palmer

EGU2018-3765 | Posters | AS1.6

Excessive Heat Events and Health: Building Resilience based on Global Scale Subseasonal-to-Seasonal Excessive Heat Outlook Systems
Augustin Vintzileos

EGU2018-19481 | Posters | AS1.6

Towards a Fire Early Warning System for Indonesia (ToFEWSI)
Allan Spessa, George Petropoulos, Gareth Clay, Francesca di Giuseppe, Muhammad Imron Ali, Hatma Suryatmojo, Dodik Nurrochmat, Armi Susando, Symon Mezbahuddin, and Craig Tribolet

EGU2018-9638 | Posters | AS1.6

Land-surface initialisation affects Indian monsoon subseasonal predictability
Obbe Tuinenburg

EGU2018-9727 | Posters | AS1.6

Seasonal Prediction of Temperatures in Europe from Arctic Sea Surface Temperatures
Erik W. Kolstad and Marius Årthun

AS1.16 – Precipitation: Measurement, Climatology, Remote Sensing, and Modeling (co-organized)

EGU2018-362 | Posters | AS1.16

A convective rain cell database based upon high-resolution radar images: unravelling convection patterns
Li-Pen Wang, Carlos Muñoz Lopez, Tzu-Ching Horng, Bastian Manz, Susana Ochoa Rodriguez, Patrick Willems, and Christian Onof

EGU2018-488 | Orals | AS1.16

Rainfall frequency analysis from short data records: state-of-the-art automatic procedures for at-site applications
Francesco Marra, Efthymios I. Nikolopoulos, Emmanouil N. Anagnostou, and Efrat Morin

EGU2018-862 | Posters | AS1.16

Assessing frontal and extreme precipitation over the Euro-Atlantic domain
Riccardo Hénin, Margarida L.R. Liberato, and Alexandre M. Ramos

EGU2018-1388 | Posters | AS1.16

77 GHz radar for meteorological purposes: preliminary results
Silvano Bertoldo, Luca Bongarzone, Claudio Lucianaz, Marco Allegretti, and Giovanni Perona

EGU2018-1396 | Orals | AS1.16

Monsoon low level jet and the variation in thermal structure in wet and dry rainfall episodes over southwest India
Resmi Eruthiparambil Ayyappan, Preethi Bhaskar, Unnikrishnan Ck, Nita Sukumar, Sreekanth Ts, Sumesh Rk, Rajeevan Kolliyil, and Dharmadas Jash

EGU2018-2085 | Posters | AS1.16

Spatial Characteristics of Extreme Rainfall over China with Hourly through 24-Hour Accumulation Periods Based on National-Level Hourly Rain Gauge Data
Yongguang Zheng, Ming Xue, Bo Li, Jiong Chen, and Zuyu Tao

EGU2018-3216 | Orals | AS1.16

Empirical Values and Assumptions in the Microphysics of Numerical Models
Francisco Tapiador, José Luis Sánchez, and Eduardo García-Ortega

EGU2018-2309 | Posters | AS1.16

Different types of El niño events and their influence on summer precipitation in china
Lingli Fan, Jianjun Xu, Fuying Zhang, and Hua Xu

EGU2018-6814 | Orals | AS1.16

A statistical study of rainfall enhancement through an interplay of atmospheric rivers and cut off lows
Hiroki Tsuji and Yukari Takayabu

EGU2018-3007 | Posters | AS1.16

Monitoring spatial and temporal rainfall distribution by TRMM based methodological approaches, and assessing its advantages, disadvantages, limitations and uncertainties, over El-Qaa Plain, Sinai, Egypt.
Mona Morsy, Thomas Scholten, and Peter Dietrich

EGU2018-3059 | Orals | AS1.16

The relationship between „atmospheric rivers" and extreme precipitation events in Croatia
Matea Martinkovic, Natasa Strelec Mahovic, and Petra Mikus Jurkovic

EGU2018-2828 | Orals | AS1.16

Synoptic climatological study on the long-term change in the snowfall around Hokuriku District in Central Japan during the recent 45 years with special attention to the atmospheric conditions on the extreme heavy snowfall days
Kuranoshin Kato, Takuro Yamaguchi, Kazuo Otani, and Kengo Matsumoto

EGU2018-15952 | Posters | AS1.16

Analyzing satellite QPE underestimation over mountainous terrain: A NWP-based microphysical investigation
Nikolaos Bartsotas, Emmanouil Anagnostou, Efthymios Nikolopoulos, and George Kallos

EGU2018-3315 | Posters | AS1.16

Precipitation simulation with radar reflectivity pre-processing in the Harmonie model
Serguei Ivanov, Silas Michaelides, and Igor Ruban

EGU2018-4059 | Posters | AS1.16

Diurnal cycles of rainfall amount, frequency, intensity, duration and seasonality over the United Kingdom
Chan Xiao and Weihua Yuan

EGU2018-1385 | Orals | AS1.16

High resolution KE-maps with X-band mini weather radar
Silvano Bertoldo, Claudio Lucianaz, Marco Allegretti, and Giovanni Perona

EGU2018-4361 | Posters | AS1.16

Thermo-fluid dynamic simulation of the Hotplate precipitation gauge
Arianna Cauteruccio, Matteo Colli, Mattia Stagnaro, Andrea Freda, and Luca Giovanni Lanza

EGU2018-15898 | Orals | AS1.16

Detection of localized rainfall maxima and minima
Masafumi Hirose

EGU2018-872 | Orals | AS1.16

GPM precipitation data as input for a real time extreme rainfall detection system
Paola Mazzoglio, Francesco Laio, Franca Disabato, and Irene Angeluccetti

EGU2018-4557 | Posters | AS1.16

Disaggregation techniques for radar precipitation data and rain gauge precipitation data for the Wernersbach catchment in Germany.
Firas Al Janabi and Christian Bernhofer

EGU2018-4353 | Orals | AS1.16

Investigation of rainfall kinetic energy in Central Europe and New Zealand
Lisbeth Lolk Johannsen, Nives Balenovic, Peter Strauss, Tomas Dostal, Martin Neumann, Jakub Jerábek, David Zumr, Mike Arnaiz, Thomas A. Cochrane, and Andreas Klik

EGU2018-4692 | Posters | AS1.16

An investigation on the scaling properties of the MSG-derived rainfall product
Lorenzo Campo

EGU2018-5632 | Posters | AS1.16

Topographic effects on spatiotemporal variations of short-duration rainfall events in warm season of central North China
Weihua Yuan, Wei Sun, Haoming Chen, and Rucong Yu

EGU2018-10096 | Orals | AS1.16

Real-time country-wide rainfall derived from a large network of commercial microwave links in Germany
Christian Chwala, Gerhard Smiatek, and Harald Kunstmann

EGU2018-5362 | Orals | AS1.16

Evaluation of S-band radar rain rate retrieval algorithms and precipitation variability over a dense rain gauge network
David A. Marks, David B. Wolff, Walter A. Petersen, Pierre -E. Kirstetter, Ali Tokay, Jason L. Pippitt, Jianxin Wang, and Charanjit S. Pabla

EGU2018-5950 | Posters | AS1.16

The daily precipitation and temperature data observation in the ASEAN and northern pacific region to identify of Climate Change using the statistical and Gridding method.
sunaryo Hasan

EGU2018-6307 | Posters | AS1.16

How accurate is the Discrete Dipole Approximation for melting ice particles? A comparison against exact scattering techniques
Davide Ori and Stefan Kneifel

EGU2018-6357 | Posters | AS1.16

Towards variational retrieval of warm rain from passive microwave observations
David Duncan, Chris Kummerow, Brenda Dolan, and Veljko Petkovic

EGU2018-9356 | Orals | AS1.16

Development of the SAPHIR Precipitation Retrieval and Profiling Scheme (PRPS).
Chris Kidd, Remy Roca, and Erich Stocker

EGU2018-8966 | Orals | AS1.16

Constructing 3D ice cloud fields using radar and passive millimeter/submillimeter observations
Manfred Brath, Patrick Eriksson, Tobias Wehr, Verena Grützun, and Stefan A. Buehler

EGU2018-6469 | Posters | AS1.16

Design and Performances of the Passive Microwave Neural Network Precipitation Retrieval (PNPR) Algorithm for the Conical Scanning GMI Radiometer
Paolo Sano', Giulia Panegrossi, Daniele Casella, Anna Cinzia Marra, Jean-François Rysman, and Stefano Dietrich

EGU2018-6834 | Posters | AS1.16

Inter-comparison and Accuracy Assessment of Satellite and Model Precipitation Products
Muhammad Amjad, M. Tugrul Yilmaz, Ismail Yucel, and Koray K. Yilmaz

EGU2018-11901 | Orals | AS1.16

A Space-Based Perspective of Tropical Storms and Other Extremes in 2017 from GPM
George Huffman, Walter Petersen, Gail Skofronick-Jackson, Jackson Tan, Dalia Kirschbaum, David Wolff, and Bradley Zavodsky

EGU2018-4795 | Orals | AS1.16

Enhancing data assimilation of GPM observations
Takemasa Miyoshi, Shunji Kotsuki, Koji Terasaki, Keiichi Kondo, Guo-Yuan Lien, Kenta Kurosawa, Masaki Satoh, Hirofumi Tomita, and Eugenia Kalnay

EGU2018-8151 | Posters | AS1.16

Comprehensive review of rainfall products over Africa
Camille Le Coz, Marie-Claire ten Veldhuis, and Nick van de Giesen

EGU2018-4776 | Orals | AS1.16

Challenges in Comparing Satellite Estimates of Falling Snow from the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Core Observatory and CloudSat
Lisa Milani, Gail Skofronick-Jackson, S. Joseph Munchak, Mark S. Kulie, and Norman B. Wood

EGU2018-8189 | Posters | AS1.16

Using ground-based triple- frequency observations to investigate strengths and limitations of two-moments ice microphysics in the new ICON model
Davide Ori, Stefan Kneifel, José Dias Neto, Vera Schemann, and Axel Seifert

EGU2018-5217 | Orals | AS1.16

Snowfall retrieval algorithm for the GPM Microwave Imager (GMI) exploiting CloudSat/CALIPSO observations
Jean-Francois Rysman, Giulia Panegrossi, Anna Cinzia Marra, Paolo Sano, Stefano Dietrich, Lisa Milani, and Mark Kulie

EGU2018-9851 | Posters | AS1.16

Observed rainfall trends and precipitation uncertainty in the vicinity of the Mediterranean, Middle East and North Africa
George Zittis

EGU2018-9876 | Posters | AS1.16

Forecast analysis of the “Eurydice” storm on November 15, 2017 associated with the deadly flash flood event over western Attica region, Greece
Panagiotis T. Nastos, Markos P. Mylonas, Ioannis T. Matsangouras, and Angelos Paralis

EGU2018-10842 | Posters | AS1.16

Global-scale evaluation of 22 precipitation datasets using gauge observations and hydrological modeling
Hylke E. Beck, Noemi Vergopolan, Ming Pan, Vincenzo Levizzani, Albert I.J.M. van Dijk, Graham P. Weedon, Luca Brocca, Florian Pappenberger, George J. Huffman, and Eric F. Wood

EGU2018-5738 | Orals | AS1.16

GPM Dual-frequency Precipitation Radar Estimation of Precipitation Rate: A Deep Learning Approach
Chandrasekar V. Chandra, Haiming Tan, and Haonan Chen

EGU2018-3089 | Orals | AS1.16

The GPM Radiometer Algorithm: V5 and Beyond
Christian Kummerow, David Rande, and Veljko Petkovic

EGU2018-10947 | Posters | AS1.16

The GPM Precipitation Gridded Text Product SEt
Erich Franz Stocker and Owen A Kelley

EGU2018-11014 | Posters | AS1.16

Low-level rainfall monitoring system using microwave attenuation over an urban area
Min-Seong Kim, Byung Hyuk Kwon, Park-Sa Kim, Sang-Jin Kim, Kyung-Hun Lee, Won-Gi Jo, and Kwang-Ho Kim

EGU2018-15907 | Orals | AS1.16

Comparison of GPM-CO and Ground-Based Radar Retrieval of Mass-Weighted Mean Rain Drop Diameter at Mid-Latitude
Leo Pio D'Adderio, Gianfranco Vulpiani, Federico Porcù, Ali Tokay, and Robert Meneghini

EGU2018-6705 | Orals | AS1.16

Performances of GPM satellite precipitation over the two major Mediterranean islands
Domenico Caracciolo, Antonio Francipane, Francesco Viola, Roberto Deidda, and Leonardo Valerio Noto

EGU2018-11357 | Posters | AS1.16

Evaluation of Coupled CRCM5-FLake in Reproducing Lake-Induced Snowfall in the Great Lakes Basin
Janine A. Baijnath-Rodino, Claude R. Duguay, and Oleksandr Huziy

EGU2018-17673 | Orals | AS1.16

Evaluation of High Resolution IMERG Satellite Precipitation over the Global Oceans using OceanRAIN
Paul Kucera and Christian Klepp

EGU2018-11513 | Posters | AS1.16

Climatic Characterization Of Ecuatorian Littoral Zone
Jorge Rene Hurtado Pindal, Edgar Fabian Espitia Sarmiento, and Fabian Suntaxi Aluisa

EGU2018-19669 | Orals | AS1.16

Recent results of the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission in Japan
Yuki Kaneko, Riko Oki, Kinji Furukawa, Takuji Kubota, Moeka Yamaji, Kosuke Yamamoto, Toshio Iguchi, and Yukari Yakatabu

EGU2018-11788 | Posters | AS1.16

Validation of the first years of GPM operation over Cyprus
Dimitrios Katsanos, Adrianos Retalis, Filippos Tymvios, and Silas Michaelides

EGU2018-11990 | Posters | AS1.16

Innovations in Version 5 IMERG
George Huffman, David Bolvin, Dan Braithwaite, Kuolin Hsu, Robert Joyce, Christopher Kidd, Eric Nelkin, Soroosh Sorooshian, Jackson Tan, and Pingping Xie

EGU2018-12276 | Posters | AS1.16

Precipitation regime variations in the Black Sea coastal area and regional climate change over the last 30 years
Mariia Aleshina, Vladimir Semyonov, and Pavel Toropov

EGU2018-12407 | Posters | AS1.16

Laboratory assessment of two catching type drop-counting rain gauges.
Mattia Stagnaro, Arianna Cauteruccio, Matteo Colli, Luca G. Lanza, and Pak Wai Chan

EGU2018-12462 | Posters | AS1.16

Variability of Precipitation along an east-west Gradient in Corsica: A Case Study from early December 2017
Isabel Knerr, Katja Trachte, and Jörg Bendix

EGU2018-12507 | Posters | AS1.16

Comparison of disdrometer derived and ECMWF wind velocity data at Athalassa, Cyprus
Silas Michaelides, Takis Kasparis, and John Lane

EGU2018-13821 | Posters | AS1.16

Comparison of the rainfall kinetic energy measured by different distrometers
Martin Neumann, David Zumr, Tomáš Laburda, Petr Kavka, Lisbeth L. Johannsen, Nives Balenovic, Zuzana Chládová, Ondřej Fišer, Peter Strauss, Tomáš Dostál, and Andreas Klik

EGU2018-14401 | Posters | AS1.16

Comparison of IMERG GPM precipitation data with RADOLAN weather radar data over Germany
Thomas Ramsauer and Philip Marzahn

EGU2018-14508 | Posters | AS1.16

Comparison of summer precipitation obtained from different instruments at a mountain lysimeter station
Steffen Birk, Veronika Slawitsch, Aleksandar Bijelic, Christina Lubas, and Markus Herndl

EGU2018-14566 | Posters | AS1.16

A study of the scaling properties of rainfall and its application to obtain Intensity-Duration-Frequency relationships in Catalunya
Alba Llabrés-Brustenga, M. Carmen Casa-Castillo, Raúl Rodríguez-Solà, Anna Rius, and Ángel Redaño

EGU2018-14842 | Posters | AS1.16

Ion composition of precipitation samples collected in an high alpine environment (Sonnblick Observatory, 3106 m a.s.l.)
Julia Firmkranz, Marion Greilinger, Gerhard Schauer, and Anne Kasper-Giebl

EGU2018-15633 | Posters | AS1.16

A real-time adjustment of radar rainfall at European scale for flash flood hazard assessment
Shinju Park, Marc Berenguer, and Daniel Sempere-Torres

EGU2018-16139 | Posters | AS1.16

Evaluation of the GPM DPR Single- and Double-Frequency Algorithms Over the Mediterranean Area
Leo Pio D'Adderio, Federico Porcù, Giulia Panegrossi, Paolo Sanò, Anna Cinzia Marra, and Stefano Dietrich

EGU2018-16439 | Posters | AS1.16

Development and Evaluation of the Ground Radar and Infrared Satellite Combined Algorithm for the Italian Peninsula
Leo Pio D'Adderio, Gianfranco Vulpiani, Silvia Puca, Giulia Panegrossi, Paolo Sanò, Anna Cinzia Marra, and Stefano Dietrich

EGU2018-16800 | Posters | AS1.16

Snow density observations during 1991 to 2016 in Estonia
Kairi Vint, Külli Loodla, and Miina Krabbi

EGU2018-19129 | Posters | AS1.16

Rainfall estimation employing commercial microwave links from São Paulo, Brazil
Manuel Felipe Rios Gaona, Aart Overeem, Hidde Leijnse, Tim Raupach, and Remko Uijlenhoet

EGU2018-19153 | Posters | AS1.16

Spatio-temporal interpolation of daily precipitation using parallelized machine learning
Melita Perčec Tadić and Tom Hengl

EGU2018-19482 | Posters | AS1.16

Links between circulation types and high precipitation over Prut River Basin
Andrei Nita, Marius-Victor Birsan, Alexandru Dumitrescu, and Roxana Bojariu

EGU2018-19629 | Posters | AS1.16

Centralized Rainfall Estimation via Opportunistic Use of Satellite Communication Networks
Ahmad Gharanjik, Kumar Vijay Mishra, Bhavani Shankar, and Björn Ottersten

AS1.19 – Infrasound, acoustic-gravity waves, and atmospheric dynamics

EGU2018-8608 | Orals | AS1.19 | Highlight

Empirical Models of Atmospheric Pressure Fluctuations at the Ground Surface from 1-day period to 8 Hz
Julien Marty

EGU2018-3049 | Posters | AS1.19

Observation of infrasound generated by typhoons in the ionosphere
Jaroslav Chum, Jann-Yenq Liu, Katerina Podolska, and Tereza Sindelarova

EGU2018-1100 | Posters | AS1.19

Preliminary catalog of quarry blasts in Hungary recorded by the PSZI infrasound array
Csenge Czanik, Márta Kiszely, Péter Mónus, Bálint Süle, Zoltán Gráczer, and István Bondár

EGU2018-6450 | Orals | AS1.19

Multi-station study of the cross-wind effect on infrasound propagation
Erik M. Blixt, Sven P. Näsholm, Steven J. Gibbons, and Tormod Kvaerna

EGU2018-2760 | Posters | AS1.19

Signatures of storm Ophelia in microbarom measurements in the Czech Republic on 15-18 October 2017
Tereza Sindelarova, Michal Kozubek, Jaroslav Chum, Jiri Base, and Katerina Potuznikova

EGU2018-3631 | Orals | AS1.19

Seismoacoustic Coupled Signals From Earthquakes in Central Italy: Epicentral and Secondary Sources of Infrasound
Shahar Shani-Kadmiel, Jelle Assink, Pieter Smets, and Läslo Evers

EGU2018-1566 | Posters | AS1.19

Infrasound from lightning observed in Romania using seismo-acoustic arrays
Daniela Ghica and Bogdan Grecu

EGU2018-14388 | Orals | AS1.19

Remote monitoring of eruptive events in SE Asia: Detection capability of SE Asia infrasound network in terms of minimum plume height
Dorianne Tailpied, Benoit Taisne, and Anna Perttu

EGU2018-13329 | Posters | AS1.19

Namibia’s infrasound array deployment program for atmospheric research and open data sharing.
Nortin Titus

EGU2018-18259 | Orals | AS1.19

Middle atmosphere variability and model uncertainties as investigated in the framework of the ARISE project
Elisabeth Blanc, Katy Pol, Alexis Le Pichon, Alain Hauchecorne, Philippe Keckhut, Gerd Baumgarten, Jens Hildebrand, Josef Höffner, Gunter Stober, Robert Hibbins, Patrick Espy, Markus Rapp, Bernd Kaifler, Lars Ceranna, Patrick Hupe, Jonas Hagen, Rolf Rüfenacht, Niklaus Kämpfer, and Pieter Smets

EGU2018-7903 | Posters | AS1.19

Seismo-acoustic signals of the Baumgarten (Austria) gas explosion detected by the AlpArray seismic network
Felix M. Schneider, Florian Fuchs, Petr Kolinsky, Enrico Caffagni, Manfred Dorninger, Stefano Serafin, Götz Bokelmann, and AlpArray Working Group

EGU2018-12137 | Orals | AS1.19 | Highlight

Gravity wave observation using high-resolution Rayleigh lidar measurements at different latitudes
Irina Strelnikova, Gerd Baumgarten, Kathrin Baumgarten, Michael Gerding, Alain Hauchecorne, Bernd Kaifler, Franz-Josef Lübken, and Marwa Almowafy

EGU2018-6871 | Posters | AS1.19

A 3D array for analysis of regional infrasound propagation in the atmospheric boundary layer
Madelon Smink, Jelle Assink, Läslo Evers, Fred Bosveld, and Pieter Smets

EGU2018-4930 | Orals | AS1.19

Results from stratospheric and mesospheric wind measurement campaigns from tropical, polar and mid-latitudes by microwave radiometry
Jonas Hagen, Rolf Rüfenacht, Niklaus Kämpfer, Sergey Khaykin, Alain Hauchecorne, and Gerd Baumgarten

EGU2018-11601 | Posters | AS1.19

Use of the dense regional infrasound network in Kazakhstan to improve detection, location and source discrimination
Alexandr Smirnov

EGU2018-15429 | Orals | AS1.19

Gravity wave studies using OH airglow and Rayleigh lidar instruments at Maïdo Observatory
Thurian Le Du, Alain Hauchecorne, Pierre Simoneau, and Philippe Keckhut

EGU2018-3254 | Orals | AS1.19

Numerical simulations of acoustic and infrasound waves in the coupled ground-atmosphere system: sensitivity study to atmospheric conditions, synergy between balloon and ground sensors
Léo Martire, Quentin Brissaud, Raphaël F. Garcia, and Roland Martin

EGU2018-13594 | Posters | AS1.19

Well-founded parameters for CLEAN and MUSIC beamforming
Olivier den Ouden, Jelle Assink, Pieter Smets, and Laslo Evers

EGU2018-9374 | Posters | AS1.19

IS42: the Azorean crossroad for infrasound monitoring in the North Atlantic Region
Nicolau Wallenstein and Paola Campus

EGU2018-5584 | Orals | AS1.19

Resonance excitation of atmospheric waves by vibration of the ground, ocean surface, and ice shelves
Oleg Godin and Nikolay Zabotin

EGU2018-8229 | Posters | AS1.19

Modeling the seismo-acoustic events of DPRK’s underground nuclear tests
Gil Averbuch, Jelle Assink, Pieter Smets, and Läslo Evers

EGU2018-19254 | Orals | AS1.19

Prefecture-level dense infrasound observation network in Kochi for preventing tsunami disasters
Masa-Yuki Yamamoto and Akihiro Yokota

EGU2018-7876 | Orals | AS1.19

Non-orographic gravity waves: representation in climate models and effects on infrasound
David Cugnet, Alvaro de la Camara, Francois Lott, Christophe Millet, and Bruno Ribstein

EGU2018-8158 | Posters | AS1.19

Geospatial analysis of IMS infrasound records related to announced spaceflight activity
Paulina Bittner, Sherif M. Ali, Tatiana Medinskaya, Paul Polich, Jane Gore, and Pierrick Mialle

EGU2018-11934 | Posters | AS1.19

Progresses with the IDC Infrasound system
Pierrick Mialle and Nimar Arora

EGU2018-5644 | Posters | AS1.19

Observations of infrasound signals produced at the sites of underground mine collapses
Il-Young Che, Geunyoung Kim, Youngchai Kim, and Kwangsu Kim

EGU2018-9555 | Posters | AS1.19

Infrasound array study at Popocatépetl
Alejandra Arciniega-Ceballos, Robin Matoza, Richard Sanderson, Gerardo Mendo-Pérez, Alejandro Rosado-Fuentes, and Bernard Chouet

EGU2018-18133 | Posters | AS1.19

Iceland infrasound network performance and optimization for real-time monitoring
Kristín Jónsdóttir, Giulia Barfucci, Emanuele Marchetti, Halldor Bjornsson, Sara Barsotti, and Maurizio Ripepe

EGU2018-9587 | Posters | AS1.19

2011 Grímsvötn (Iceland) and 2016 Etna (Italy) volcanic activity: Long-range infrasound observations at IS42, Azores, North-Atlantic
Sandro Matos, Nicolau Wallenstein, Emanuele Marchetti, and Maurizio Ripepe

EGU2018-17764 | Posters | AS1.19

Characterizing ocean ambient noise using a regional infrasound network
Alexis Le Pichon, Thibault Arnal, Marine DeCarlo, Marten Blixt, Peter Näsholm, Johan Kero, Lars Ceranna, and Fabrice Ardhuin

EGU2018-7821 | Posters | AS1.19

On the localization capability of a regional infrasound network
Lars Ceranna, Christoph Pilger, Patrick Hupe, Ole Ross, and Alexis Le Pichon

EGU2018-4932 | Posters | AS1.19

Detection of infrasound in the Earth’s upper atmosphere by observing nightglow emissions
Julianne Kealy and Frank Mulligan