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BG – Biogeosciences

BG1.1 – Application of stable isotopes in Biogeosciences (co-organized by the European Association of Geochemistry (EAG)

EGU2018-8419 | Orals | BG1.1 | Highlight

CH4 dynamics via plant- and water- pathways in tropical rice paddy fields evaluated by stable carbon isotopes
Shujiro Komiya, Kosuke Noborio, Kentaro Katano, Tomotsugu Yazaki, Fumiyoshi Kondo, Jost Lavric, Tiwa Pakoktom, Meechai Siangliw, and Theerayut Toojinda

EGU2018-570 | Posters | BG1.1

To shake or not to shake: alternative inner soil silicon tube method in CH4 oxidation studies
Lichao Fan, Muhammad Shahbaz, Tida Ge, Yakov Kuzyakov, and Maxim Dorodnikov

EGU2018-19112 | Orals | BG1.1

Isotope fractionation concepts for characterization of reactive transport processes of hexachlorocyclohexanes in food webs
Langping Wu, Yaqing Liu, Rup Lal, and Hans Richnow

EGU2018-14314 | Posters | BG1.1

δ13C of DIC and carbonate samples - Comparison of traditional mass spectrometry methods with Infrared spectrometry method
Danijela Smajgl, Magda Mandic, Dirk Nürnberg, Sebastian Fessler, and Albrecht Leis

EGU2018-6196 | Posters | BG1.1

Evaluating the contribution of high temperature fluids to surface waters using Se/SO4 ratios and the stable isotopes of sulphur and carbon for the Aso caldera, Japan
Gibran Romero Mujalli, Jens Hartmann, Takahiro Hosono, Thorben Amann, Pacale Louvat, and Michael E. Böttcher

EGU2018-19620 | Orals | BG1.1

Nitrate sources in the catchment basin of the Rhône River
Alexander Bratek, Kirstin Daehnke, Tina Sanders, and Jürgen Möbius

EGU2018-7079 | Posters | BG1.1

Assessing kinetic fractionation in brachiopod calcite using clumped isotopes
David Bajnai, Jens Fiebig, Adam Tomašových, Sara Milner Garcia, Claire Rollion-Bard, Jacek Raddatz, Niklas Löffler, Cristina Primo-Ramos, and Uwe Brand

EGU2018-17222 | Orals | BG1.1

Identification of nitrous oxide producing pathways from isotopocule analysis
Guillaume Humbert, Mathieu Sébilo, Véronique Vaury, and Anniet Laverman

EGU2018-17256 | Posters | BG1.1

Ostracod δ18O as a potential proxy for the pH and salinity of aquatic environments
Laurent S. Devriendt, Helen V. McGregor, and Allan R. Chivas

EGU2018-12174 | Orals | BG1.1

Variations in the boron isotopic and elemental composition in modern brachiopods: Assessing the biomineralization processes in the shell microstructure.
Sara Ana Milner Garcia, Claire Rollion-Bard, Jan Fietzke, Pierre Burckel, Adam Tomašových, and Daniela Henkel

EGU2018-1189 | Orals | BG1.1

Precise recalibration of clumped isotope thermometry applied to foraminifera
Marion Peral, Mathieu Daëron, Dominique Blamart, Franck Bassinot, Fabien Dewilde, Nicolas Smialkowski, Gulay Isguder, Jérôme Bonnin, Frans Jorissen, Catherine Kissel, Elisabeth Michel, Natalia Vazquez Riveiros, and Claire Waelbroeck

EGU2018-7119 | Posters | BG1.1

An estimate for the barium isotope composition of Aptian seawater
Michael E. Böttcher, Hans-Juergen Brumsack, Katja von Allmen, Volker Thiel, Matthias Gehre, Elias Samankassou, and Adina Paytan

EGU2018-7179 | Posters | BG1.1

The C, O and S isotope distribution under different bed-forms of permeable sediment: A pumping and streamline segregation model
Bo Liu, Marko Lipka, and Michael E. Böttcher

EGU2018-7020 | Posters | BG1.1

The effect of transport processes in marine surface sediments on multi-isotope (C, S, O) dynamics: A modelling approach
Bo Liu, Marko Lipka, and Michael E. Böttcher

EGU2018-12210 | Posters | BG1.1

The n-alkane distribution and nitrogen isotopic composition of surface sediments from Ahansar Lake, Kashmir valley (India): Assessment of organic matter sources and implications for understanding the past environmental changes
Sunil Kumar, Shah Parth, Yadav Ankit, Birgit Gaye, Muneer A Wani, Arshid Jehangir, Praveen K Mishra, and Ambili Anoop

EGU2018-10097 | Posters | BG1.1

Spatio-temporal variability of stable carbon and nitrogen isotope ratios in suspended particulate matter in a tropical lagoon in India
Mohd Amir, Debajyoti Paul, and Rabindro Nath Samal

EGU2018-581 | Posters | BG1.1

Food web structure and trophodynamics of deep-sea plankton from the Bari canyon and adjacent slope (Southern Adriatic, central Mediterranean)
Ilaria Conese, Emanuela Fanelli, Stefano Miserocchi, and Leonardo Langone

EGU2018-11584 | Posters | BG1.1

Discrimination of Anaerobic Metabolic Pathways Using Carbon Isotopic Patterns of Amino Acids
Pei-Ling Wang, Kuang-Ting Hsiao, Ya-Fang Cheng, and Li-Hung Lin

EGU2018-12635 | Posters | BG1.1

Application of Compound Specific Stable Isotope Analysis in Mapping Hydrocarbons Along the St. Lawrence Waterway
Anic Imfeld, Alexandre Ouellet, and Yves Gelinas

EGU2018-17485 | Posters | BG1.1

Toward a magnesium isotope mass balance in acidified small catchments
Martin Novak, Juraj Farkas, Marketa Stepanova, Jan Curik, Frantisek Veselovsky, Eva Prechova, Ondrej Sebek, Alexandre Andronikov, Jakub Hruska, Pavel Kram, and Daniela Fottova

BG1.2 – Stable isotopes and novel tracers in biogeochemical and atmospheric research (co-organized)

EGU2018-11401 | Orals | BG1.2 | Highlight

Deciphering land-atmosphere interactions of reactive nitrogen using high-frequency isotope analysis
Emily M. Elliott, Lucy A. Rose, and Zhongjie Yu

EGU2018-10638 | Posters | BG1.2

A high-resolution passive sampling technique for nitrate isotopologues using thin-film gels
Sophie A. Comer-Warner, Stefan Krause, Daren C. Gooddy, Sarah A. Bennett, Sarah K. Wexler, and Jan Kaiser

EGU2018-6356 | Posters | BG1.2

Triple oxygen isotope analysis of nitrate using cavity ringdown laser spectroscopy
Fernando Gázquez and Mark Claire

EGU2018-17517 | Orals | BG1.2

Spatial variations in snowpack chemistry and isotopic composition of nitrate along a nitrogen deposition gradient in West Greenland
Christopher J. Curtis, Jan Kaiser, Alina Marca, N. John Anderson, Gavin Simpson, Vivienne Jones, and Erika Whiteford

EGU2018-5852 | Posters | BG1.2

Site-specific analysis of N2O clumped isotopic species by laser spectroscopy
Kristýna Kantnerová, Béla Tuzson, Lukas Emmenegger, Stefano M. Bernasconi, and Joachim Mohn

EGU2018-5192 | Orals | BG1.2

First real-time isotopic characterization of N2O from chemodenitrification
Jing Wei, Erkan Ibraim, Nicolas Brüggemann, Harry Vereecken, and Joachim Mohn

EGU2018-14711 | Posters | BG1.2

Preconcentraton of Atmospheric Methane for High-Frequency Isotopic Measurement
Christopher Rennick, Tim Arnold, Francesco Bausi, Joshua Schofield, Edward Chung, Alistair Manning, Kieran Stanley, and Simon O'Doherty

EGU2018-5182 | Orals | BG1.2

Seasonal patterns of atmospheric N$_{2}$O isotopic composition observed at the alpine station Jungfraujoch, Switzerland
Longfei Yu, Eliza Harris, Sarah Eggleston, Erkan Ibraim, Stephan Henne, Martin Steinbacher, Lukas Emmenegger, Christoph Zellweger, and Joachim Mohn

EGU2018-3516 | Orals | BG1.2

Recent developments in using isotopic measurements for constraining methane sources and sinks
Stefan Schwietzke, Owen Sherwood, Sylvia Englund Michel, Lori Bruhwiler, Ed Dlugokencky, Sourish Basu, Gabrielle Petron, John B. Miller, Bruce Vaughn, and Pieter Tans

EGU2018-11056 | Posters | BG1.2

Inter-laboratory comparison of δ13C and δD measurements of atmospheric CH4 for combined use of datasets from different laboratories
Taku Umezawa and the Laboratories measuring isotopic composition of atmospheric methane

EGU2018-18745 | Orals | BG1.2

13C as tracer for sources and processing of carbonaceous aerosols – a comprehensive study at urban, coastal, and forest sites in Eastern Europe
Masalaite Agne, Holzinger Rupert, Thomas Röckmann, Harro A. J. Meijer, and Ulrike Dusek

EGU2018-5762 | Posters | BG1.2

Urban Methane Emissions – Advantages of Measuring Between Sunset and Sunrise for Isotopic Source Identification
Xinyi Lu, Rosanna Vazey, Frances Phillips, Zoe Loh, Rebecca Fisher, and Bryce Kelly

EGU2018-11070 | Orals | BG1.2 | Highlight

Hydrogen isotopes in plant organic compounds reflect the carbohydrate metabolism of plants
Ansgar Kahmen, Bruno Gamarra, and Marc-Andre Cormier

EGU2018-6265 | Posters | BG1.2

Continuous Tracking of Air Parcel Mixing Using Discrete Wavelet Transformation of Urban Ground Level Atmospheric Methane Measurements
Bryce F.J. Kelly and Rebecca E. Fisher

EGU2018-16318 | Posters | BG1.2

Vadose zone air as a biogenic source of methane in Nerja Cave system (South of Spain)
Iñaki Vadillo Pérez, Lucía Ojeda Rodríguez, Giuseppe Etiope, José Benavente Herrera, Cristina Liñan Baena, Yolanda del Rosal Padial, Silvana Teresa Tapia Paniagua, Miguel Angel Moríñigo Gutiérrez, and Francisco Carrasco Cantos

EGU2018-6013 | Orals | BG1.2

A brief review of hydrogen isotope applications in ecology: the promise and pitfalls.
Leonard I. Wassenaar and David Soto

EGU2018-13578 | Posters | BG1.2

H2 clumped isotope measurements at natural isotopic abundances with the MAT-253 ULTRA instrument
Maria Elena Popa, Dipayan Paul, Christof Janssen, and Thomas Röckmann

EGU2018-5511 | Orals | BG1.2

Intramolecular stable isotope variation: Consequences for conventional isotope measurements and elucidation of new ecophysiological signals
Jürgen Schleucher, Thomas Wieloch, Henrik Serk, Peter Immerzeel, Ina Ehlers, Mats Nilsson, and Pieter Zuidema

EGU2018-3060 | Orals | BG1.2

A top-down approach of potentially complicating factors for using carbonyl sulfide (COS) to assess regional-scale GPP in western France
Sauveur Belviso, Benjamin Lebegue, Michel Ramonet, Camille Yver-Kwok, Marc Delmotte, Victor Kazan, Valerie Gros, Ayche Orgun, Olivier Llido, Nicolas Bonnaire, François Truong, and Philippe Ciais

EGU2018-15133 | Posters | BG1.2

High precision isotope analysis of 17O in CO2 on oxygen ion fragments using the MAT 253 Ultra instrument
Thomas Röckmann, Magdalena Hofmann, Dipayan Paul, Getachew Adnew, and Popa Elena

EGU2018-18268 | Posters | BG1.2

Comparison of fragment technique with MAT 253 ULTRA and O2-CO2 exchange method for measuring triple isotope composition of CO2
Getachew Adnew, Amzad Laskar, Magdalena Hofmann, Wouter Peters, and Thomas Röckmann

EGU2018-12465 | Orals | BG1.2

Bringing light into the darkness of soil carbonyl sulfide fluxes
Florian Kitz, Felix M. Spielmann, Albin Hammerle, Katharina Gerdel, Olaf Kolle, Mirco Migliavacca, Gerardo Moreno, Andreas Ibrom, Steffen M. Noe, and Georg Wohlfahrt

EGU2018-13284 | Posters | BG1.2

Probing the operational temperatures of vehicular catalytic converters using clumped isotopes in exhaust CO2
Amzad Laskar and Mao-Chang Liang

EGU2018-13199 | Orals | BG1.2

Disentangling the rates of carbonyl sulphide (COS) production and consumption and their dependency with soil properties across biomes and land use types
Aurore Kaisermann, Jerome Ogee, Joana Sauze, Steve Wohl, Sam Jones, Mary Wehlan, Laura Meredith, Thomas Launois, and Lisa Wingate

EGU2018-11208 | Posters | BG1.2

Laser Spectroscopic Monitoring and Calibration of 13C18O16O and 12C17O16O in Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
David Nelson, Joanne Shorter, Shuhei Ono, Barry McManus, and Mark Zahniser

EGU2018-3972 | Posters | BG1.2

Optical measurements of carbonate "clumped" isotope signatures
Ivan Prokhorov, Tobias Kluge, and Christof Janssen

EGU2018-19829 | Posters | BG1.2

Novel approach to identify root system with stable isotope labeling experiment
Mitja Ferlan

EGU2018-16712 | Posters | BG1.2

Hydrogen and oxygen isotope fractionation in formation of a fumarolic ice tower at Mt. Melbourne volcano, Antarctica
Yeongcheol Han and Soon Do Hur

EGU2018-19159 | Posters | BG1.2

Measuring the Isotopic Composition of Evapotranspiration Using the Eddy Covariance Technique
Jelka Braden-Behrens, Christian Markwitz, and Alexander Knohl

EGU2018-19833 | Posters | BG1.2

Oxygen flux measurements as a new tracer for the carbon and nitrogen cycles in terrestrial ecosystems
Alexander Knohl, Emanuel Blei, Jelka Braden-Behrens, Jonathan Jürgensen, Andrew C. Manning, Penelope A. Pickers, and Yuan Yan

EGU2018-11012 | Posters | BG1.2

Method for flux and isotopic measurements from soil chambers using cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CRDS)
Gregor Lucic, David Kim-Hak, and Renato Winkler

EGU2018-17034 | Posters | BG1.2

An improvement in sensitivity in isotope ratio mass spectrometers
Helen Atkinson

EGU2018-11764 | Posters | BG1.2

Compressing the data lifecycle: Can laboratories be a bridge to open data in the stable isotope research community?
Gabriel Bowen

EGU2018-18594 | Posters | BG1.2

Metrological hierarchy and traceability of stable isotope reference materials.
Sergey Assonov, Manfred Gröning, and Ales Fajgelj

EGU2018-18601 | Posters | BG1.2

Stable isotope reference materials at the IAEA: current situation, developments and plans.
Sergey Assonov, Manfred Gröning, and Ales Fajgelj

EGU2018-8052 | Posters | BG1.2

Monitoring contamination using biogenic materials & LA-ICP-MS – Examples from Black Angel Pb-Zn mine, West Greenland
Sophia V. Hansson, Jens Søndergaard, Norman Halden, and Lis Bach

BG1.3 – Mercury cycling in the environment – sources, processes, impacts, and archives from local to global scales

EGU2018-5148 | Posters | BG1.3

GMOS Project: Long-term Air Mercury Monitoring at Listvyanka Station, Siberia
Nikolay Mashyanov, Vladimir Ryzhov, Sergey Pogarev, Vladimir Obolkin, Tamara Khodzher, Sergey Sholupov, Francesca Sprovieri, and Sergio Cinnirella

EGU2018-4546 | Orals | BG1.3 | Highlight

Mercury in freshwater fish from Fennoscandia (1965-2015) - temporal trends and potential environmental drivers
Hans Fredrik Veiteberg Braaten, Staffan Åkerblom, Heleen A. de Wit, Amanda E. Poste, Martti Rask, Jussi Vuorenmaa, Kimmo K. Kahilainen, and Tommi Malinen

EGU2018-5210 | Posters | BG1.3

Peculiarities of mercury distribution in coals
Nikolay Mashyanov, Sergey Pogarev, Elena Panova, Nikolay Panichev, and Vladimir Ryzhov

EGU2018-12913 | Orals | BG1.3

Factors controlling distribution of methylmercury in temperate reservoirs ecosystem in South Korea
Seam Noh, Young-hee Kim, Hyuk Kim, Seok-min Yu, Kwang-su Park, Kwang-seol Seok, and Seunghee Han

EGU2018-19156 | Orals | BG1.3

Mercury in the Black Sea: new insights from measurements and numerical modeling
Ginevra Rosati, Lars-Eric Heimbürger, Donata Melaku Canu, Christine Lagane, Laure Laffont, Micha J. A. Rijkenberg, Loes J. A. Gerringa, Cosimo Solidoro, Christian N. Gencarelli, Ian M. Hedgecock, Hein J. W. De Baar, and Jeroen E. Sonke

EGU2018-12954 | Posters | BG1.3

Contaminants transfer from land to the deep sea: processes and dynamics from the case study of the Gulf of Cagliari (W Tyrrhenian Sea)
Mario Sprovieri, Stella Tamburrino, Mattia Barsanti, Maria Bonsignore, Fabio Conte, Ivana Delbono, Marianna Del Core, Roberta Delfanti, Serena Gherardi, Salvatore Passaro, Antonio Schirone, and Roberto Sorgente

EGU2018-12277 | Posters | BG1.3

The bioaccumulation patterns of mercury and essential fatty acids in food chain of reservoirs in Guizhou province, China
Jing Min, Haiyu Yan, Pianpian Wu, Kainz Martin, and Kevin Bishop

EGU2018-9651 | Orals | BG1.3

Diatom-ooze – A Large Neglected Global Marine Mercury Sink
Sara Zaferani, Marta Pérez-Rodríguez, and Harald Biester

EGU2018-8630 | Orals | BG1.3 | Highlight

Updated global and oceanic Hg budgets for the United Nations 2018 Global Mercury Assessment
Peter Outridge, Robert Mason, Feiye Wang, Saul Guerrero, and Lars-Eric Heimburger

EGU2018-18936 | Posters | BG1.3

Abiotic Production of Dimethylmercury in Aquatic Systems
Sofi Jonsson, Nashaat M. Mazrui, and Mason P. Robert

EGU2018-3305 | Posters | BG1.3

Are native mosses a reliable biomonitor of mercury dispersion around a passive source?
Iva Miteva, Jose Esbrí, Sofia Rivera, and Pablo Higueras

EGU2018-18212 | Orals | BG1.3

Recommended analytical methods for global Mercury monitoring in the marine environment
Emiliya Vasileva-Veleva

EGU2018-8533 | Orals | BG1.3

Distribution of mercury species and mercury isotope ratios in soils and river suspended matter of a mercury mining area
Carluvy Baptista-Salazar, Holger Hintelmann, and Harald Biester

EGU2018-12570 | Posters | BG1.3

The effects of resuspension on the fate of Hg in contaminated sediments (Nalón estuary, Spain)
Efren Garcia-Ordiales, Nieves Roqueñí, Jose Manuel Rico, Stefano Covelli, Elisa Petranich, Jorge Loredo, and Pelayo Rico

EGU2018-14675 | Orals | BG1.3

A deep look at a highly mobile soil mercury pool, using Hg stable isotope analysis, XANES and EXAFS
Flora M. Brocza, Harald Biester, Bhoopesh Mishra, Jan-Helge Richard, Stephan M. Kraemer, and Jan G. Wiederhold

EGU2018-2983 | Posters | BG1.3

Particulate matter and particulate-bound mercury in a heavily polluted site related with ancient mining and metallurgy
Celia Izquierdo, Jose Esbri, Alba Martinez, Sofia Rivera, and Pablo Higueras

EGU2018-9260 | Orals | BG1.3

Forest clear-cutting effects on mercury bioaccumulation in Swedish lacustrine ecosystems
Pianpian Wu, Kevin Bishop, Claudia von Brömssen, Karin Eklöf, Martyn Futter, Hans Hultberg, Jaclyn Martin, and Staffan Åkerblom

EGU2018-16909 | Posters | BG1.3

Distribution of Hg in floodplain sediments of the Litavka River, the Czech Republic
Tereza Novakova, Kristýna Kotková, Tomáš Navrátil, and Michal Roll

EGU2018-18387 | Posters | BG1.3

Mercury and methylmercury in a mercury-contaminated agricultural floodplain in Valais, Switzerland
Amrika Deonarine, Lorenz Gfeller, Patrick Neuhaus, and Adrien Mestrot

EGU2018-9677 | Orals | BG1.3

Does coniferous forest lead to a larger export of Hg to aquatic systems? A Holocene vegetation study of the northern Black Forest (Germany)
Martin Schütze, Gegeensuvd Tserendorj, and Harald Biester

EGU2018-6210 | Posters | BG1.3

Mercury stable isotope variations in soils and sediments from an industrial contamination site in Switzerland
Jan G. Wiederhold, Andrew R. C. Grigg, Robin S. Gilli, and Ruben Kretzschmar

EGU2018-16400 | Orals | BG1.3

European Larch tree rings as a new archive of Hg pollution
Tomas Navratil, Tereza Novakova, Jan Rohovec, Sarka Matouskova, and Maria Hojdova

EGU2018-4630 | Orals | BG1.3

The impact of the biosphere on the geochemistry of the critical zone
Clemens Reimann and Karl Fabian

EGU2018-9800 | Posters | BG1.3

Atmospheric mercury deposition to a Holocene sediment record of Lake Titicaca investigated by Hg stable isotopes
Martin Jiskra, Stephane Guedron, Julie Tolu, Sherilyn Fritz, Pierre Sabatier, Paul A. Baker, and Jeroen E. Sonke

EGU2018-17018 | Posters | BG1.3

Mercury Mobility and Speciation in Chinese and Swiss Forest Soils
Jen-How Huang, Stefan Osterwalder, Martin Jiskra, Chaoyue Chen, Jörg Rinklebe, Xinbin Feng, and Christine Alewell

EGU2018-17906 | Posters | BG1.3

A mercury input-output budget of a boreal lake: climate signals and in-lake processing.
Heleen A de Wit, Hans Fredrik V. Braaten, Amanda Poste, Espen Lund, Staffan Åkerblom, Martyn Futter, and Nathan Johnson

EGU2018-13743 | Posters | BG1.3

Legacy pollution from historical mining vs modern day input - Pervasive impact of mining and land use over 1000 years in Sweden
Sophia V. Hansson and Richard Bindler

EGU2018-14576 | Posters | BG1.3

Does natural variation in Hg accumulation limit the use of peat and lake sediments as archives of atmospheric mercury deposition? A case study from the Strait of Magellan
Marta Pérez-Rodríguez and Harald Biester

EGU2018-16543 | Posters | BG1.3

Decreasing mercury levels in the Bohemian forest catchments - the Czech Republic, central Europe
Jan Rohovec, Tomas Navratil, Tereza Novakova, Sarka Matouskova, Michal Roll, Jiri Kana, and Jiri Kopacek

EGU2018-17278 | Posters | BG1.3

Mercury Concentrations in Soil Profiles in Two Arctic Sectors
Valery Udachin, Yury Tatsy, and Galina Kashulina

BG1.6 – Interdisciplinary session on the global Phosphorus cycle

EGU2018-1659 | Posters | BG1.6

Phosphorus mobilization in acid forest soils as affected by interactions of water regime and growth of beech
Margret Vogt, Emmanuel Frossard, and Jörg Luster

EGU2018-19012 | Orals | BG1.6

Phosphorus speciation by 31P NMR in seasonally dry tropical forests across a rainfall gradient
Julio Campo, Carlos M. Roca, and Agustin Merino

EGU2018-5526 | Orals | BG1.6

Soil Phosphorus limits- Is it time to be more specific?
Noeleen. T. McDonald, Karen Daly, David. P. Wall, Sara Vero, and Per-Erik Mellander

EGU2018-2776 | Posters | BG1.6

A Review of Phosphorus Routines in Environmental Modeling
Jakob Pferdmenges, Lutz Breuer, Vera Makowski, Dorit Julich, and Philipp Kraft

EGU2018-3990 | Posters | BG1.6

Concentrations of various Phosphorus forms along the river Warnow and its catchment
Franziska Bitschofsky and Monika Nausch

EGU2018-8724 | Orals | BG1.6

A novel isotope pool dilution approach to quantify gross rates of organic phosphorus mineralization, microbial phosphate uptake and abiotic phosphate sorption-desorption processes in soils
Wolfgang Wanek, David Zezula, Daniel Wasner, Judith Prommer, and Maria Mooshammer

EGU2018-7684 | Orals | BG1.6

Release and transport dynamics of colloidal phosphorus in a small agricultural catchment
Gerard Gruau, Sen Gu, Laurent Jeanneau, Marie Denis, Patrice Petitjean, Martine Bouhnik-LeCoz, Chantal Gascuel-Odoux, Rémi Dupas, and Ophélie Fovet

EGU2018-5964 | Posters | BG1.6

Leaching of natural colloids from forest topsoils and their relevance for phosphorus mobility
Anna Missong, Stefan Holzmann, Roland Bol, Volker Nischwitz, Heike Puhlmann, Klaus v. Wilpert, Jan Siemens, and Erwin Klumpp

EGU2018-12055 | Orals | BG1.6 | Highlight

Internal loading from stream bed sediment: insignificant or a missing link?
Emma Lannergård, Oskar Agstam-Norlin, Brian Huser, and Martyn Futter

EGU2018-6239 | Posters | BG1.6

Contribution of saprotrophic and ectomycorrhizal fungi to organic P mobilization in forest soils
Nadine Kubsch, Sven Marhan, Pascal Nassal, Dominik Schneider, Rolf Daniel, Hans-Peter Piepho, Andrea Polle, and Ellen Kandeler

EGU2018-6496 | Posters | BG1.6

The turnover of phosphorus in the soil solution
Julian Helfenstein, Jannes Jegminat, Timothy McLaren, and Emmanuel Frossard

EGU2018-2370 | Orals | BG1.6

Insights into the Biogeochemical Cycling of Phosphorus in Reducing Aquifers of South and South East Asian Floodplain and Delta Regions
Harald Neidhardt, Yvonne Oelmann, Daniel Schoeckle, Elisabeth Eiche, Zsolt Berner, Pham Thi Kim Trang, Vi Mai Lan, Pham Hung Viet, Ashis Biswas, Santanu Majumder, Debashis Chatterjee, and Michael Berg

EGU2018-8285 | Posters | BG1.6

Release of colloid-bound phosphorus in soils: comparing laboratory extraction experiment results with natural soil solution data
Sen Gu, Gérard Gruau, Laurent Jeanneau, Marie Denis, Patrice Petitjean, Rémi Dupas, Chantal Gascuel-Odoux, Ophélie Fovet, and Martine Le Coz-Bouhnik

EGU2018-8761 | Posters | BG1.6

Extractability of different forms of mineral-associated phosphorus
Anika Klotzbücher, Klaus Kaiser, Maximilian Wolff, and Robert Mikutta

EGU2018-12521 | Posters | BG1.6

Weak retention of dissolved organic phosphorus in mineral soils is a major contributor to phosphorus loss from forest ecosystems
Klaus Kaiser, Dominik Brödlin, Robert Mikutta, Pauline Winkler, and Frank Hagedorn

EGU2018-16922 | Posters | BG1.6

The phosphorus content of the parent material shapes nutrition strategies of beech forest ecosystems
Friederike Lang and Jaane Krueger

EGU2018-17791 | Posters | BG1.6

Towards understanding dynamics of dissolved organic phosphorus in freshwater ecosystems
Tobias Goldhammer and Julia Gensel

EGU2018-17824 | Posters | BG1.6

Phosphorus mobilization in acid forest soils as affected by interactions of water regime, fertilization and growth of beech
Lukas Gerhard, Heike Puhlmann, Margret Vogt, and Jörg Luster

EGU2018-18352 | Posters | BG1.6

Phosphorus (P) availability and P transformation rates in Amazonian Dark Earth determined by 33P isotopic dilution
Klaus Jarosch, Hao Chen, Amanda Barbosa Lima, Aleksander Westphal Muniz, Timothy McLaren, Christoph Müller, Emmanuel Frossard, and Astrid Oberson

BG1.7 – Soil stocks and atmospheric fluxes of carbon and nitrogen in high-latitude ecosystems (co-organized)

EGU2018-547 | Posters | BG1.7

Factors of spatial variability of soil properties in the South tundra of West Siberia (Russia)
Dmitry Petrov, Goncharova Olga, and Bobrik Anna

EGU2018-10583 | Orals | BG1.7 | Highlight

Importance of methane production for the greenhouse gas budget of thawing permafrost on climate relevant time scales
Christian Knoblauch, Christian Beer, Susanne Liebner, Alexander Schütt, Mikhail N. Grigoriev, and Eva-Maria Pfeiffer

EGU2018-1206 | Posters | BG1.7

Landscape partitioning and burial processes of soil organic matter in permafrost-affected soils
Juri Palmtag, Gustaf Hugelius, Peter Kuhry, and Matthias Siewert

EGU2018-8722 | Orals | BG1.7

Impacts of Permafrost Dynamics and Nitrogen Deposition on High Affinity Methanotrophy and Net Methane Fluxes in the Pan-Arctic Terrestrial Ecosystems
Youmi Oh, Maggie C.Y. Lau, Tullis C. Onstott, David Medvigy, and Qianlai Zhuang

EGU2018-2053 | Orals | BG1.7

Reactive hydrocarbon emissions from thawing permafrost
Riikka Rinnan, Magnus Kramshøj, Christian Albers, Thomas Holst, and Bo Elberling

EGU2018-2827 | Posters | BG1.7

Estimating the effect of the permafrost carbon feedback on carbon budgets using a perturbed parameter ensemble approach
Andrew MacDougall

EGU2018-9898 | Orals | BG1.7

Significant Permafrost Nitrous Oxide Emissions Observed on a Regional Scale
Jordan Wilkerson

EGU2018-4312 | Posters | BG1.7

Simulated temporal and spatial variations of Tibet Plateau permafrost carbon during 1960-2009
Wenbin Sun and Duoying Ji

EGU2018-11748 | Posters | BG1.7

Growing Season Carbon Balance of a Permafrost Peatland in the Mackenzie River Delta
Wesley Skeeter, Andreas Christen, Greg Henry, and Trevor Lantz

EGU2018-3072 | Orals | BG1.7

Using drones to study Arctic landscape variability of NDVI, land cover and carbon dynamics
Matthias B. Siewert and Johan Olofsson

EGU2018-17892 | Orals | BG1.7

Evaluation of the pan-Arctic ecosystem scale greenhouse gas monitoring network.
Martijn Pallandt, Mathias Göckede, Jitendru Kumar, Martin jung, and Donatella Zona

EGU2018-11773 | Posters | BG1.7

Greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4, and N2O) entrapped in Alaskan and Siberian ice wedges: a direct evidence of the microbial activity within ground ice
Ji-Woong Yang, Jinho Ahn, Kyungmin Kim, Taekyu Lee, Sangyoung Han, Ji-Hoon Kim, Iwahana Go, Youngjoon Jang, Yeongjun Ryu, Yongwon Kim, Fedorov Alexander, and Douglas Thomas

EGU2018-12764 | Posters | BG1.7

Which factors control the interannual variability of nitrous oxide fluxes in subarctic European Russian tundra?
Maija E. Marushchak, Carolina Voigt, Jenie Gil, Richard Lamprecht, Tatiana Trubnikova, Dmitry Kaverin, Pertti J. Martikainen, and Christina Biasi

EGU2018-12908 | Posters | BG1.7

Mapping northern wetland extent and methane emission potential using Arctic DEM and Sentinel-1
Martin Karlson, David Bastviken, and Magnus Gålfalk

EGU2018-14234 | Posters | BG1.7

Path-dependent reduction in emission budgets caused by permafrost CO2 and CH4 release
Thomas Gasser, Mehdi Kechiar, Philippe Ciais, Eleanor Burke, Thomas Kleinen, Dan Zhu, Ye Huang, Altug Ekici, and Michael Obersteiner

EGU2018-17318 | Posters | BG1.7

An interdisciplinary integrated approach for quantifying and understanding Arctic ecosystem response at Disko, Greenland
Jordi Cristóbal, Jakob Abermann, Martin Olsen, Sille M. Myreng, Kerstin Rasmussen, Dorthe Petersen, Bo Elberling, Thomas Friborg, and Charlotte Sigsgaard

EGU2018-19644 | Posters | BG1.7

Plant-available N in soil solution in a Low-arctic tundra heath and a wet fen affected by snow addition (snow fences), shrub removal (clipping) and warming (OTC)
Laura Helene Rasmussen, Anders Michelsen, and Bo Elberling

EGU2018-19852 | Posters | BG1.7

Four field seasons of δ13C methane emission measurements enhancing the automatic chamber monitoring in an Arctic Tundra.
Mikhail Mastepanov and Torben Christensen

BG1.9 – Terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem disturbance – effects on GHG budgets

EGU2018-3860 | Posters | BG1.9

Combining vegetation index derived from PhenoCam with EVI to estimate daily GPP in semi-arid grassland of northeastern China
Hesong Wang, Gensuo Jia, Huichen Zhao, and Anzhi Zhang

EGU2018-12301 | Orals | BG1.9

Can knowledge-based N management produce more staple grain with lower greenhouse gas emission and reactive nitrogen pollution? A meta-analysis
Longlong Xia, Xiaoyuan Yan, and Ralf Kiese

EGU2018-2546 | Orals | BG1.9

Soil-atmosphere N2O and CH4 dynamics after land use change; from Eucalypt forest and pasture to urban lawn
Lona van Delden, David Rowlings, Clemens Scheer, Daniele De Rosa, and Peter Grace

EGU2018-4675 | Posters | BG1.9

Soil N2O and CO2 emission drivers in vineyard (Vitis vinifera) under different soil management systems and amendments
Ágota Horel, Eszter Tóth, Imre Potyó, Györgyi Gelybó, Gyöngyi Barna, and Márton Dencső

EGU2018-1025 | Orals | BG1.9

Pulsed responses of soil-atmosphere CO2, CH4 and N2O fluxes to extreme rewetting events
Sonja Leitner, Eugenio Díaz-Pinés, and Sophie Zechmeister-Boltenstern

EGU2018-7491 | Posters | BG1.9

Influence of weed cover on the greenhouse gas budget of an irrigated olive orchard in SE Spain
Ana Meijide, Lina Kalz, Ana López-Ballesteros, Enrique P. Sánchez-Cañete, Andrew S. Kowalski, and Penélope Serrano-Ortiz

EGU2018-7291 | Posters | BG1.9 | Highlight

An influence of reforestation techniques following windthrow on forest’s carbon balance
Janusz Olejnik, Klaudia Ziemblinska, and Marek Urbaniak

EGU2018-1005 | Orals | BG1.9

Predicting soil organic carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas mitigation potential from Bangladesh rice cropland - a spatial analysis
Khadiza begum, Matthias Kuhnert, Jagadeesh Yeluripati, Pete Smith, William Parton, and Stephen Ogle

EGU2018-12741 | Posters | BG1.9

Effects of liming on greenhouse gas emissions in grasslands with contrasting soil types
Iris Lochon, Juliette M.G. Bloor, and Pascal Carrère

EGU2018-14422 | Orals | BG1.9

N2O budget related to the prevalence of agricultural landscape in Mediterranean reservoirs
Elizabeth León-Palmero, Rafael Morales-Baquero, and Isabel Reche

EGU2018-12379 | Orals | BG1.9

Forest clear-cut effects on greenhouse gas emissions from boreal inland waters – Insights from experiments and surveys
Marcus Klaus, Erik Geibrink, Anders Jonsson, Ann-Kristin Bergström, David Bastviken, Hjalmar Laudon, William Lidberg, David Seekell, and Jan Karlsson

EGU2018-12789 | Posters | BG1.9

Additional carbon sequestration of eroded agricultural soils is concealed by the return of crop residues
Mathias Hoffmann, Rochelle Joie Saracanlao, Michael Sommer, and Jürgen Augustin

EGU2018-3687 | Posters | BG1.9

Lower methane emissions and higher rice yields with lime application
Kees Jan van Groenigen, Yu Jiang, Shan Huang, Natasja van Gestel, Ping Liao, Yongjun Zeng, Ziming Wu, and Weijian Zhang

EGU2018-1549 | Posters | BG1.9

Management of hydrology and waterfowl grazing impacts wetland methane flux
Scott Winton

EGU2018-4665 | Posters | BG1.9

Spatial and temporal variability of CO2 diffusive fluxes from a typical valley-type reservoir on the Upper Mekong River Basin
Lin Lin

EGU2018-6028 | Posters | BG1.9

Methane production and its sources in a reservoir located in monsoon climate region
Kiyong Kim, Jaesung Eum, Sungmin Jung, Chagwon Jang, and Bomchul Kim

EGU2018-8591 | Posters | BG1.9

Methane emissions from alpine lakes - the ALCH4 project
Katharina Scholz, Franco Miglietta, Ruben Sommaruga, Giustino Tonon, and Georg Wohlfahrt

EGU2018-8734 | Posters | BG1.9

Utilization of an echosounder in observing and quantifying GHG ebullition in reservoirs
Jaroslava Frouzova and Michal Tušer

EGU2018-10576 | Posters | BG1.9

Occurrence and controls on N2O accumulation in the lower Namoi alluvial aquifer, Australia
Stephen J. Harris, Dioni I. Cendón, Stuart I. Hankin, and Bryce F. Kelly

EGU2018-8379 | Posters | BG1.9

Designing an integrative concept for long-term greenhouse gas observations in Africa
Veronika Jorch, Manuel Acosta, Johannes Beck, Antonio Bombelli, Christian Brümmer, Klaus Butterbach-Bahl, Björn Fiedler, Elisa Grieco, Jörg Helmschrot, Wim Hugo, Truls Johannessen, Arne Körtzinger, Werner Kutsch, Ana López-Ballesteros, Lutz Merbold, Abdirahman Omar, Matthew Saunders, Bob Scholes, Mouhamadou Bamba Sylla, and Alex Vermeulen and the SEACRIFOG Team

EGU2018-16699 | Posters | BG1.9

Cooperation between the Swedish national networks of ICOS, ACTRIS and NordSpec
Maj-Lena Linderson, Janne Rinne, Lars Eklundh, Erik Swietlicki, Anders Lindroth, Jutta Holst, Adam Kristensson, Hans-Christen Hansson, and Radovan Krejci

BG1.23 – Remote Sensing for forest applications (co-organized)

EGU2018-19171 | Posters | BG1.23

Classification of vegetation in the Tundra-Taiga transition zone in Far North-East Siberia, Chukotka
Stefan Kruse, Julius Schröder, Iuliia Shevtsova, Ingmar Nitze, and Ulrike Herzschuh

EGU2018-6081 | Orals | BG1.23

New opportunities for high-resolution countrywide tree type mapping
Lars T. Waser, Bronwyn Price, Nataliia Rehush, Marius Rüetschi, and David Small

EGU2018-18967 | Posters | BG1.23

Algorithm on extraction of trees in voxel-space from terrestrial laser scans
Gábor Brolly, Király Géza, and Bazsó Tamás

EGU2018-996 | Orals | BG1.23

Multispectral ALS data for tree species classification
Arvid Axelsson, Eva Lindberg, and Håkan Olsson

EGU2018-12134 | Orals | BG1.23

Canopy height model from very high resolution Pléiades stereo images over mountain regions: influence of topography, acquisition and processing strategy
Livia Piermattei, Mauro Marty, Wilfried Karel, Markus Hollaus, Christian Ginzler, and Norbert Pfeifer

EGU2018-140 | Posters | BG1.23

3D Mapping of Forest Canopy Water Content using Dual-wavelength Terrestrial Laser Scanning
Ahmed Elsherif, Rachel Gaulton, and Jon Mills

EGU2018-10225 | Orals | BG1.23

Modelling temporal change in biomass at the national extent with stereo aerial imagery
Bronwyn Price, Zuyuan Wang, Lars Waser, Christian Ginzler, and Florian Zellweger

EGU2018-1183 | Posters | BG1.23

A multitemporal database of optical and structural data for the calibration of remotely-sensed information in temperate broadleaved forests
Francesco Chianucci, Clara Tattoni, Carlotta Ferrara, Duccio Rocchini, Piermaria Corona, Gianfranco Fabbio, and Andrea Cutini

EGU2018-4223 | Posters | BG1.23

Landsat time series allow for the quantification of forest management and patch size effects on post-disturbance recovery trajectories
Cornelius Senf, Jörg Müller, and Rupert Seidl

EGU2018-10561 | Orals | BG1.23

Hyperspectral remote sensing of fire: state-of-the-art and future perspectives
Sander Veraverbeke, Philip Dennison, Ioannis Gitas, Glynn Hulley, Olga Kalashnikova, Thomas Katagis, Le Kuai, Ran Meng, Dar Roberts, and Natasha Stavros

EGU2018-4648 | Posters | BG1.23

Modeling lacunarity functions for forest applications
Vince Bene and Balázs Székely

EGU2018-2425 | Orals | BG1.23

How to link the Sentinl-2 FAPAR product to FAPAR ground measurements in a mixed coniferous forest considering different scales
Birgitta Putzenlechner, Philip Marzahn, Ralf Ludwig, and Arturo Sanchez-Azofeifa

EGU2018-16440 | Orals | BG1.23

Remote sensing application for deadwood identification and characterisation.
Niccolò Marchi, Peter Weisberg, Jonathan Greenberg, Zhengyang Hou, Raffaella Marzano, Francesco Pirotti, Gonçalo Marques, Marco Piras, and Emanuele Lingua

EGU2018-5910 | Posters | BG1.23

Stratification of forests into diameter classes based on airborne LiDAR derived canopy height model and inventory data: A case study in Smolnícka Osada, Slovakia
Ladislav Kulla, Ivan Sačkov, Maroš Sedliak, Michal Bošeľa, and Tomáš Bucha

EGU2018-8509 | Posters | BG1.23

LiDAR-based prediction of plant and arthropod taxa at the southern slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro
Alice Ziegler, Stephan Wöllauer, Marcel Peters, Insa Otte, Roland Brandl, Andreas Hemp, Andreas Huth, and Thomas Nauss

EGU2018-12099 | Orals | BG1.23

Supporting forest inventories by using UAS borne laser scanner
Martin Wieser, Di Wang, Günther Bronner, Markus Hollaus, and Norbert Pfeifer

EGU2018-8530 | Posters | BG1.23

Point density and spatial resolution limit estimation of Leaf Area Index using discrete return LiDAR
David Milodowski, Thomas Swinfield, David Coomes, and Mathew Williams

EGU2018-2476 | Orals | BG1.23 | Highlight

Lessons learned from the international benchmarking of terrestrial laser scanning for forest inventories
Juha Hyyppä, Xinlian Liang, Harri Kaartinen, and Yunsheng Wang

EGU2018-12749 | Orals | BG1.23

Terrestrial photogrammetry for forest 3D modelling at the plot level
Wilfried Karel, Livia Piermattei, Martin Wieser, Di Wang, Markus Hollaus, Norbert Pfeifer, Peter Surový, Milan Koreň, Julián Tomaštík, and Martin Mokroš

EGU2018-9400 | Posters | BG1.23

Mapping 1990 forestry land use in Ireland
Guy Serbin, Shafique Matin, Stuart Green, and Kevin Black

EGU2018-12494 | Posters | BG1.23

Analyzing difference of vegetation condition of urban forest interiors and forest edges by land use types using Monthly NDVI and NDWI images
Woong Gi Sung, Dong Kun Lee, and Yihua Jin

EGU2018-17748 | Orals | BG1.23

Monitoring forests based on Sentinel-2 satellite images and Digital Surface Models
Géza Király, Iván Barton, Károly Szabó, and Csilla Balla

EGU2018-12674 | Posters | BG1.23

Applications of RGB-D sensors (Google Tango) in forestry
Julián Tomaštík, Martin Mokroš, Šimon Saloň, and Jakub Chvála

EGU2018-201 | Orals | BG1.23

Low-cost Sensors Using Raspberry Pi Technology
Jennifer Kirby, Lee Chapman, and Victoria Chapman

EGU2018-13238 | Posters | BG1.23

Invasive tree species detection based on the fusion of hyperspectral images and LiDAR data
Péter Burai, Zoltán Kovács, László Bekő, Csaba Lénárt, and Tamás Tomor

EGU2018-13826 | Posters | BG1.23

The potential of Landsat time series to characterize historical dynamic and monitor future disturbances in human-modified rainforests of Indonesia
Hadi Hadi, Andrey Krasovskii, Victor Maus, Ping Yowargana, Stephan Pietsch, and Miina Rautiainen

EGU2018-17462 | Posters | BG1.23

Deriving Spatial and Aspatial Data of Individual Trees from UAV Very High Resolution Images Using a Multilevel Slicing and Coding Algorithm
Chien-Yu Lin, Chinsu Lin, and Chein-I Chang

EGU2018-18953 | Posters | BG1.23

Detection of an introduced tree species in protected river islands with UAV remote sensing
Hilaire Martin, Jean-Matthieu Monnet, Richard Chevalier, and Marc Villar

EGU2018-13380 | Posters | BG1.23 | Highlight

4D Forest moisture mapping based on multi-temporal earth observation signatures (4D-FORMAT)
Martin Rutzinger, Magnus Bremer, Andreas Kollert, Markus Hollaus, Norbert Pfeifer, Moritz Bruggisser, Bernhard Bauer-Marschallinger, Karl Hagen, Klemens Schadauer, Karl Gartner, and Christoph Bauerhansl

EGU2018-16421 | Posters | BG1.23

Monitoring post-disturbance forest regeneration dynamics at multiple scales
Emanuele Lingua, Irene Aicardi, Matteo Garbarino, Niccolò Marchi, Enrico Marcolin, Gonçalo Marques, Marco Piras, Francesco Pirotti, and Raffaella Marzano

EGU2018-15075 | Posters | BG1.23

Using Landsat time series for attributing forest disturbance dynamics in Sumava National Park, Czech Republic
Theodora Lendzioch, Jakub Langhammer, and Ivan Barton

EGU2018-11865 | Posters | BG1.23

A particle string model for the optical properties of needle-shaped leaves
Jun Wang and Jingming Chen

EGU2018-665 | Posters | BG1.23

Full satellite remote sensing based approach to assess the plant and tree species diversity using high and very spatial resolution multi-spectral data
Siddhartha Khare, Hooman Latifi, and Sanjay Kumar Ghosh

EGU2018-11716 | Posters | BG1.23

Estimating urban forest growth by comparing canopy height models generated from bi-temporal airborne LiDAR dataset
Heejoon Choi and Youngkeun Song

EGU2018-14510 | Posters | BG1.23

Segmentation of homogeneous forest plots within point clouds for forest plot characterization
Moritz Bruggisser, Markus Hollaus, and Norbert Pfeifer

EGU2018-8940 | Posters | BG1.23

Estimation of total biomass using low-density airborne laser scanning data in Aleppo pine forested areas
Dario Domingo, María Teresa Lamelas, Antonio Luis Montealegre, Alberto García-Martín, and Juan de la Riva

EGU2018-1295 | Posters | BG1.23

Implementing a tree detection technique from Lidar data using wavelet – based algorithms
Alin - Ionuț Pleșoianu, Mihai - Sorin Stupariu, and Ileana Pătru - Stupariu

EGU2018-11766 | Posters | BG1.23

Quantifying vertical distribution of the volume of leaves by using bi-temporal terrestrial LiDAR data taken in the leaf-off season and leaf-on season
Zhen Han, Heejoon Choi, and Youngkeun Song

EGU2018-7278 | Posters | BG1.23

Derivation of tree height and crown radius based on different airborne remote sensing data
Selina Ganz

EGU2018-19774 | Posters | BG1.23

Efficiency of walking patterns for close-range photogrammetry 3D forest stand reconstruction
Karel Kuzelka, Peter Surový, and Martin Slavik

EGU2018-13019 | Posters | BG1.23

Detection of forest disturbance using UAV multispectral imagery
Robert Minařík and Jakub Langhammer

EGU2018-14032 | Posters | BG1.23

Global Greening but local Browning: an overview of Earth Observation trends over the last four decades
Maria J Santos and Stefan C Dekker

BG1.24 – Remote Sensing and its applications in the Biogeosciences with the COST OPTIMISE Action and MDPI Journal Sensors. (co-organized)

EGU2018-15251 | Orals | BG1.24

Monitoring functional and structural responses of alpine grasslands in a manipulation experiment with sun induced fluorescence, spectral vegetation indices and plant traits.
Javier Pacheco-Labrador, David Martini, David Reinthaler, Lisa Geres, Kathiravan Mohamed-Meeran, Michael Bahn, Birgit Stenzel, Bettina Lehr, Irene Sölkner, Tommaso Julitta, Alexander Damm, and Mirco Migliavacca

EGU2018-12868 | Posters | BG1.24

Seasonal variation in plant traits of Douglas fir
Manouk van der Aa, Amie Corbin, and Joris Timmermans

EGU2018-16541 | Posters | BG1.24

Identification of Novel Remote Sensed Based Indicators for Phenology
Maral Maleki, Sebastian Wieneke, José Miguel Barrios, Qiang Liu, Ivan Janssens, and Manuela Balzarolo

EGU2018-3401 | Orals | BG1.24

Diurnal Variation of Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence of Winter Wheat
Xin Zhang, Jianjun Wu, Leizhen Liu, and Wenhui Zhao

EGU2018-13790 | Orals | BG1.24

Examination of Sun-induced Fluorescence (SIF) Signal on Heterogeneous Ecosystem Platforms using ‘HyPlant’
Subhajit Bandopadhyay, Anshu Rastogi, Radosław Juszczak, Patrick Rademske, Anke Schickling, Sergio Cogliati, Tommaso Julitta, Alasdair Mac Arthur, Andreas Hueni, Enrico Tomelleri, Marcin Stróżecki, Maciej Gąbka, Mariusz Sojka, Marian-Daniel Iordache, Ils Reusen, Alex Damm, Dirk Schuettemeyer, and Uwe Rascher

EGU2018-14562 | Orals | BG1.24

Diurnal and seasonal patterns of photosynthesis and its relationship to F687, F760 and a revised PRI
Sebastian Wieneke, Andreas Burkart, Maria Pilar Cendrero-Mateo, Tommaso Julitta, Micol Rossini, Anke Schickling, Marius Schmidt, and Uwe Rascher

EGU2018-1139 | Posters | BG1.24

Arctic tundra greening and browning (2007-2013) based on satellite-observed solar-induced fluorescence and normalized difference vegetation index
Dongjie Fu, Fenzhen Su, and Yijie Sui

EGU2018-10703 | Posters | BG1.24

Remote sensing of vegetation light use efficiency: exploring new formulations robust to variations with canopy depth
William Woodgate, Eva van Gosel, Lola Suarez, Dale Hughes, Alex Norton, Raymond Dempsey, Arancha Cabello-Leblic, and Alex Held

EGU2018-5435 | Orals | BG1.24

Application of Sentinel-2A data for dairy pasture growth modelling and monitoring
Suvarna Punalekar, Anne Verhoef, Tristan Quaife, Louise Bermingham, David Humphries, and Chris Reynolds

EGU2018-4242 | Posters | BG1.24

Annual cropland mapping using reference Landsat time series: a case study in Central Asia
Pengyu Hao and Fabian Löw

EGU2018-19797 | Orals | BG1.24 | Highlight

UAV-based structural and spectral data for the assessment and monitoring of oil palm biomass
Dominic Fawcett, Timothy C. Hill, Lip Koon Kho, Jon Bennie, and Karen Anderson

EGU2018-17132 | Posters | BG1.24

A novel approach to mapping functional diversity from space
Leon T. Hauser, Joris Timmermans, Nadejda A. Soudzilovskaia, and Peter M. Van Bodegom

EGU2018-5694 | Posters | BG1.24

Delineating Rice Cropping Practices Using Remote Sensing Data in Mainland Southeast Asia
Cheng-Ru Chen, Chi-Farn Chen, Nguyen-Thanh Son, and Shih-Hsiang Chen

EGU2018-17924 | Posters | BG1.24

Evaluation and calibration of an agent-based model of European land use change using historical land use and land cover datasets
Bumsuk Seo, Calum Brown, Richard Fuchs, and Mark Rounsevell

EGU2018-17312 | Posters | BG1.24

EUROCOM: The intercomparison of regional CO2 atmospheric inversions over Europe
Matthew Lang, Gregoire Broquet, Marko Scholze, Ute Karstens, Guillaume Monteil, Phillippe Peylin, Rona Thompson, Christoph Gerbig, Frank-Thomas Koch, Ingrid Van der Lann-Luijkx, Wouter Peters, Emily White, Matt Rigby, Anton Meesters, Han Dolman, Alex Vermeulen, Frederic Chevallier, Phillippe Ciais, and Isabelle Pison

EGU2018-803 | Posters | BG1.24 | Highlight

Predictive modelling of tundra changes in mountain treeline ecotone over the last 60 years with remote sensing time series data (case study of Western Brooks Range, USA)
Anna Mikheeva

EGU2018-5664 | Posters | BG1.24 | Highlight

Characterizing Urbanization Effects on Land Surface Temperature in the Capital City of El Salvador
Nguyen Thanh Son, Chi Farn Chen, Cheng Ru Chen, and Shih Hsiang Chen

EGU2018-7700 | Posters | BG1.24 | Highlight

NOX emissions of European cities derived from modelled and spaceborne tropospheric NO2 columns
Willem W. Verstraeten, Folkert K.F. Boersma, John Douros, Jason E. Williams, Henk Eskes, and Andy Delcloo

EGU2018-2824 | Posters | BG1.24

GEONEX: Land monitoring from a new generation of geostationary satellite sensors
Ramakrishna Nemani and the GEONEX

EGU2018-16936 | Posters | BG1.24

Characterisation of reflectance and chlorophyll fluorescence anisotropy – defining requirements for an experimental setup.
Khelvi Biriukova, Tommaso Julitta, Marco Celesti, Cinzia Panigada, Anton Evdokimov, Mirco Migliavacca, and Micol Rossini

EGU2018-11450 | Posters | BG1.24

Assessing the impact of green vegetation fraction from different vegetation indices on land surface processes in Brazilian Amazonia
Iago Silva, Leonardo Peres, and Ana Nunes

EGU2018-14241 | Posters | BG1.24

Soil surface microbial communities control spectral response of desert regions
Emilio Rodriguez-Caballero, Alexandra Tamm, Jennifer Caesar, Tanja Knerr, Max Paul, Burkhard Büdel, Paula Escribano, Joachim Hill, and Bettina Weber

EGU2018-19804 | Posters | BG1.24

Modelling of ecosystem respiration with proximal sensing data and meteorological measurements
Bruna Oliveira, Oscar Perez Priego, Micol Rossini, Markus Reichstein, Gerardo Moreno, Jinhong Guan, Tarek El-Madany, and Mirco Migliavacca

EGU2018-5657 | Posters | BG1.24

Fusing Landsat and MODIS Data for Enhancing Drought Monitoring in El Salvador
Chi-Farn Chen, Thanh-Son Nguyen, and Cheng-Ru Chen

EGU2018-7943 | Posters | BG1.24

Assessing birch pollen levels in Belgium by integrating spaceborne observations of vegetation activity into an air mass transport model
Willem W. Verstraeten, Sébastien Dujardin, Lucie Hoebeke, Marijke Hendrickx, Mikhail Sofiev, and Andy W. Delcloo

EGU2018-13562 | Posters | BG1.24

Remote sensing for sustainable farming
Fares Al Hasan

EGU2018-15205 | Posters | BG1.24

Sensing nitrogen and phosphorous concentrations in vegetation across different scales
Yasmina Loozen, Karin Rebel, Derek Karssenberg, Martin Wassen, Shuqiong Wang, Jerry van Dijk, Jordi Sardans, Josep Penuelas, and Steven de Jong

EGU2018-2249 | Posters | BG1.24

Prediction of the productivity of cedar plantation in the Southern Japan using a process-based model
Jumpei Toriyama, Shoji Hashimoto, Takanori Shimizu, Shinji Sawano, Yoko Osone, and Aleksi Lehtonen

BG2.2 – Carbon allocation in plants and ecosystems: mechanisms, responses and biogeochemical implications

EGU2018-1424 | Orals | BG2.2

Nutrient effects on plant carbon allocation – the role of mycorrhizal fungi
Sara Vicca, Arne Ven, and Melanie Verlinden

EGU2018-1155 | Posters | BG2.2

Fast responses of root dynamics to increased snow deposition and summer air warming in an arctic wetland
Ludovica D'Imperio, Cecilie Skov Nielsen, Marie Arndal, Bo Elberling, and Inger Kappel Schmidt

EGU2018-15702 | Orals | BG2.2

Higher belowground C allocation under eCO2 did not improve N nutrition in beech trees but decreased soil C
Lucia Muriel Eder, Enrico Weber, Johannes Rousk, Marion Schrumpf, and Sönke Zaehle

EGU2018-5803 | Posters | BG2.2

How to efficiently estimate biomass of woody roots: Identifying and minimising the sources of error
Keryn Paul and the team

EGU2018-3716 | Posters | BG2.2

Metabolic energy density reveals biodiversity-related differences in resilience to disturbances in longleaf pine ecosystems
Susanne Wiesner, Paul C. Stoy, Christina L. Staudhammer, and Gregory Starr

EGU2018-15789 | Orals | BG2.2

Elevated [CO2] affects whole-plant gas exchange and primary metabolism during heatwave combined with drought in Aleppo pine seedlings
Benjamin Birami, Marielle Gattmann, Yakir Preisler, Andreas Gast, Thomas Nägele, Rüdiger Grote, Almut Arneth, and Nadine Ruehr

EGU2018-1529 | Orals | BG2.2

The sweet side of global change - elevated CO2 increases non-structural carbohydrates in trees but not drought and N fertilization
Weibin Li, Henrik Hartmann, Henry Adams, Hongxia Zhang, Chuanyan Zhao, Changjie Jin, Dexin Guan, Anzhi Wang, Fenghui Yuan, and Jiabing Wu

EGU2018-6015 | Posters | BG2.2

Rhizosphere effect in forest ecosystems: controls of plant competition, root traits and mycorrhizal association
Biao Zhu, Liming Yin, Xiao Chen, Zongju Ding, Mao Tang, Feike Dijkstra, Peng Wang, and Weixin Cheng

EGU2018-1835 | Orals | BG2.2

Severe depletion of whole-tree non-structural carbohydrates in broadleaf evergreen resprouters
Merryn Smith, Stefan Arndt, Rebecca Miller, Sabine Kasel, and Lauren Bennett

EGU2018-17370 | Posters | BG2.2

Novel analytical tools to identify key plant root traits to minimize water stress over the whole crop cycle
Mathieu Javaux, Félicien Meunier, and Xavier Draye

EGU2018-14266 | Orals | BG2.2

Trade-off in allocation between growth, storage and defense: what matters most?
Jianbei Huang, Almuth Hammerbacher, Michael Reichelt, Lenka Forkelova, Michael Bahn, Susan Trumbore, and Henrik Hartmann

EGU2018-17641 | Posters | BG2.2

Hyperspectral root imaging: Methods and added-value of spectral phenotyping soil-grown root systems.
Gernot Bodner, Jiangsan Zhao, and Boris Rewald

EGU2018-3856 | Orals | BG2.2

Biomass Partitioning, Root Respiration and Canopy-Root Coupling in Juvenile Tropical Trees
Israel Oren, Neringa Mannerheim, Andreas Fangmeier, Nina Buchmann, and José Grünzweig

EGU2018-8960 | Posters | BG2.2

Developing minirhizotron technology to study short-term root dynamics
Richard Nair, Martin Hertel, Olaf Kolle, Joachim Denzler, Markus Reichstein, Marion Schrumpf, and Mirco Migliavacca

EGU2018-1498 | Orals | BG2.2

Quantifying below-ground forest carbon, including carbon fluxes via litterfall and roots across European forests
Mathias Neumann, Hubert Hasenauer, Adam Moreno, Lars Vesterdal, Anne Thimonier, Sue Benham, Liisa Ukonmaanaho, Lars Lundin, Leena Finer, Yasuhiro Hirano, Douglas Godbold, Ainars Lupikis, Radek Novotny, and Arne Verstraeten

EGU2018-2996 | Posters | BG2.2

Effect of summer drought on the coupling of photosynthesis and soil respired CO2 in the current and future climate
Kathiravan Meeran, Johannes Ingrisch, David Reinthaler, Erich M. Pötsch, and Michael Bahn

EGU2018-9060 | Posters | BG2.2

Soil Respiration using Forced Diffusion: From the Tundra to the Savanna
Nick Nickerson, Magnus Lund, Gillian Simpson, Joe Verfaillie, Siyan Ma, Sarah Morrison, and Gordon McArthur

EGU2018-4510 | Orals | BG2.2

Alterations of C allocation patterns associated with climate-change induced vegetation die-off: effect over soil pools, soil biodiversity and functions and controls of soil respiration
Jorge Curiel Yuste, Daniel García-Angulo, Cosmin Braga, Alicia Forner, Dulce-Yaahid Flores-Rentería, Omar Flores, Ana-Maria Heres, Any-Mary Petritan, Sara Sánchez-Moreno, Fernando Valladares, and Ion-Catalin Petritan

EGU2018-10252 | Posters | BG2.2

High-resolution ecosystem-level CO2 and CH4 fluxes with novel automatic chamber techniques
Klaus Steenberg Larsen, Jesper Riis Christiansen, and Preben Jørgensen

EGU2018-15667 | Orals | BG2.2

Fraxinus ornus trees differ in biomass partitioning and not wood anatomy along an aridity gradient
Giai Petit and Natasa Kiorapostolou

EGU2018-2970 | Orals | BG2.2

Belowground carbon demand causes early culmination of radial stem growth in Norway spruce exposed to drought stress in spring
Walter Oberhuber, Andreas Gruber, Gina Rainer-Lethaus, Andrea Winkler, and Gerhard Wieser

EGU2018-13203 | Posters | BG2.2

Partitioning of the forest floor CO2 fluxes reveals the belowground interaction between different plant species
Kira Ryhti, Liisa Kulmala, Jukka Pumpanen, Mari Pihlatie, Jaana Bäck, and Jussi Heinonsalo

EGU2018-709 | Posters | BG2.2

CO2 emissions from coarse woody debris in forest stands of Southern Primorye, Russia
Aleksandr Ivanov, Martin Braun, Dmitry Zamolodchikov, Stanislav Loshakov, and Oleg Pototzky

EGU2018-7407 | Orals | BG2.2

A Mechanistic Understanding of NPP Partitioning between Leaves and Roots across an Amazon Rainfall Gradient: The Role of Traits and Carbon Economics
Sophie Flack-Prain, Mathew Williams, Patrick Meir, and Yadvinder Malhi

EGU2018-11699 | Posters | BG2.2

Species-specific seasonal stable carbon isotope variation in temperate deciduous leaves and implications for carbon allocation phenology and water use efficiency estimates
Youmi Oh, Koong Yi, Michael Benson, Kim Novick, and Lisa Welp

EGU2018-13025 | Posters | BG2.2

Carbon and nitrogen depletion vary with temperature and elevated CO2 in ectomycorrhizal beech seedlings
Ines Štraus, Zachary Kayler, and Hojka Kraigher

EGU2018-13644 | Posters | BG2.2

An integrated observation, experimental and modelling study to investigate source vs. sink limitation of wood growth processes in temperate trees
Rachael H. Turton, Andrew D. Friend, Andrew D. Richardson, Annemarie H. Eckes, Patrick Fonti, and Tim T. Rademacher

EGU2018-13688 | Posters | BG2.2

Seasonal dynamics in rhizosphere effects of three temperate tree species
Zongju Ding, Mao Tang, Hancheng Gui, Xiao Chen, and Biao Zhu

EGU2018-14830 | Posters | BG2.2

Temporal changes of rhizospheric, mycorrhizal and heterotrophic respiration during the growing season in maize stands
Giulia De Luca and János Balogh

EGU2018-16306 | Posters | BG2.2

Shading controls rhizosphere respiration and priming effect
Mao Tang and Biao Zhu

EGU2018-16360 | Posters | BG2.2

Is integrated crop-livestock system an answer to restoring soil quality and health?
Juan Cruz Colazo, Juan Martín De Dios Herrero, María Laura Guzman, Claudio Saenz, Ricardo Sager, and Mohammad Zaman

EGU2018-16760 | Posters | BG2.2

Effects of experimental warming on plant root biomass and vertical distribution: A meta-analysis
Haibo Lu and Wenping Yuan

EGU2018-17091 | Posters | BG2.2

Responses of rhizospheric, mycorrhizal and heterotrophic respiration to drought and to plant CO2 uptake in dry grasslands
János Balogh, Marianna Papp, Szilvia Fóti, Krisztina Pintér, Sándor Fekete, and Zoltán Nagy

EGU2018-17290 | Posters | BG2.2

Scale of soil horizontal heterogeneity and its effects on the spatial patterns of ecosystem processes in grasslands and crops
Szilvia Fóti, János Balogh, Marianna Papp, Péter Koncz, and Zoltán Nagy

EGU2018-15355 | Posters | BG2.2

The role of nuclear techniques in developing mitigation options for agricultural derived greenhouse gases
Mohammad Zaman, Christoph Müller, Alberto Sanz-Cobena, Dong-Gill Kim, Weixin Ding, Azam Borzouei, Khadim Dawar, Segundo Urquiaga, and Lee Kheng Heng

EGU2018-17387 | Posters | BG2.2

The contribution of ectomycorrhizal fungi to litter decomposition may imply synergistic controls of above- and belowground vegetation on soil CO2 emissions
Sara Marañón-Jiménez, Dajana Radujkovic, Matthias Cuntz, Erik Verbruggen, Marion Schrumpf, and Corinna Rebmann

EGU2018-17983 | Posters | BG2.2

Selective microbial nitrogen-mining in subarctic soils depends on the stoichiometry of rhizosphere inputs
Lettice Hicks, Ainara Leizeaga, Kathrin Rousk, Anders Michelsen, and Johannes Rousk

EGU2018-3195 | Posters | BG2.2

Foliar Carbon Isotopic Compostion Showed No Altitudinal Trend in an Arid Region and Atmospheric Pressure Exerted a Negative Effect on Plant d13C
Zixun Chen, Guoan Wang, and Yufu Jia

EGU2018-3191 | Posters | BG2.2

Temperature effect on leaf wax n-alkanes abundance and distribution along the 400 mm isohyet in China
Jia Wang, Ergu Axia, Yunping Xu, and Guoan Wang

EGU2018-3426 | Posters | BG2.2

Soil moisture and temperature effects on Taraxacum mongolicum autumn phenology from 1992 to 2012 in the eastern China’s tempearate zone
Tingting Xue and Xiaoqiu Chen

EGU2018-2734 | Posters | BG2.2

Down-scaling GOME-2 far-red solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence from canopy to photosystem using a machine learning approach
Siheng Wang, Luis Guanter, Lifu Zhang, and Changping Huang

BG2.3 – Plant traits and biogeochemical cycles, including optimality, acclimation and adaptation in land ecosystem models (co-organized)

EGU2018-2087 | Orals | BG2.3

Pampered inside, pestered outside? Ways to bridge the gap between lab and field experiments
Hendrik Poorter

EGU2018-1378 | Posters | BG2.3

Do plants follow a profit maximisation approach during drought?
Manon Sabot, Martin De Kauwe, and Andy Pitman

EGU2018-3277 | Posters | BG2.3

Can leaf angle distribution be considered a species-specific trait?
Jan Pisek and Kairi Raabe

EGU2018-5887 | Orals | BG2.3

Leaf trait covariation and its controls: quantitative data analysis for trait-based modelling
Yanzheng Yang, Han Wang, Sandy P. Harrison, I. Colin Prentice, Ian J. Wright, Changhui Peng, and Guanghui Lin

EGU2018-7659 | Orals | BG2.3

Testing for non-stomatal limitations to optimisation behaviour under drought on contrasting plant functional types
Teresa E. Gimeno, Noelia Saavedra-Berlanga, Jérôme Ogée, Belinda Medlyn, and Lisa Wingate

EGU2018-5580 | Posters | BG2.3

Using a data-conditioned stochastic parameterization to evaluate the role of plant trait plasticity in controlling water and carbon budgets
Shaoqing Liu and G.-H. Crystal Ng

EGU2018-6767 | Posters | BG2.3

Dominant native and non-native species leaf traits in nutrient enriched grasslands worldwide
Arthur Broadbent, Jennifer Firn, James McGree, Carly Stevens, Elizabeth Borer, Yvonne Buckley, W. Stanley Harpole, Kimberly La Pierre, Eric Lind, Andrew MacDougall, Kate Orwin, Nicholas Ostle, and Eric Seabloom

EGU2018-12438 | Orals | BG2.3

Quantifying carbon allocation to fine roots and ecosystem drought resilience: a model-data fusion approach
Thomas Smallman, David Milodowski, Jean-François Exbrayat, and Mathew Williams

EGU2018-8279 | Posters | BG2.3

Optimality theory: a general framework to study body size, metabolism and life-history evolution
Jofre Carnicer

EGU2018-13829 | Orals | BG2.3

Impact of the coordinated allocation of foliar ressources on simulated carbon assimilation with the ORCHIDEE model
Marc Peaucelle, Nicolas Viovy, Perrine Augrit, Daniel S. Goll, Vincent Maire, Lieneke M. Verheijen, Peter M. van Bodegom, Mengtian Huang, Oskar Franklin, Jens Kattge, Jean-François Soussana, Jordi Sardans, Rong Wang, Josep Peñuelas, and Philippe Ciais

EGU2018-11281 | Orals | BG2.3

Improving Process-based Modeling of Terrestrial Ecosystem Productivity Through Mapping Leaf Chlorophyll Content and Maximum Carboxylation Rate
Jing Chen, Holly Croft, and Gang Mo

EGU2018-8780 | Posters | BG2.3

Which traits can prevent thermal damage and stimulate boreal forest productivity under a changing climate?
Guiomar Ruiz-Pérez, Samuli Launiainen, and Giulia Vico

EGU2018-9170 | Posters | BG2.3

Feedbacks between treeline shift and nutrient availability in Northern Russian mountains
Jasmin Fetzer, Pavel Moiseev, and Frank Hagedorn

EGU2018-10298 | Posters | BG2.3

European biomass demand can affect forests nutrient budgets in wood exporting regions
Wagner de Oliveira Garcia, Thorben Amann, and Jens Hartmann

EGU2018-12118 | Posters | BG2.3

Plant functional traits as predictors of ecosystem carbon fluxes across climatic gradients in alpine grasslands.
Inge Althuizen, Francesca Jaroszynska, Ragnhild Gya, Richard Telford, Hanna Lee, and Vigdis Vandvik