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CL – Climate: Past, Present, Future

CL0.00 – Open Session on Climate: Past, Present and Future

EGU2018-3618 | Orals | CL0.00

Upcoming next Deep minimum Global Earth Temperature
Harald Yndestad

EGU2018-8523 | Posters | CL0.00 | Highlight

The climate of a retrograde rotating Earth
Florian Ziemen, Marie Kapsch, Uwe Mikolajewicz, Guido Cioni, Martin Claussen, Klaus Fraedrich, Marvin Heidkamp, Cathy Hohenegger, Diego Jimenez de la Cuesta, Alexander Lemburg, Thorsten Mauritsen, Katharina Meraner, Niklas Röber, Hauke Schmidt, Katharina Six, Irene Stemmler, Talia Tamarin-Brodsky, Alexander Winkler, Xiuhua Zhu, and Bjorn Stevens

EGU2018-18101 | Posters | CL0.00

Southeastern Atlantic Thermocline Cooling Since the Last Glacial
Norbert Frank, Carla Roesch, Anne-Marie Wefing, Freya Hemsing, Claudia Wienberg, Marleen Lausecker, Lucile Bonneau, Steffen Therre, Julius Förstel, Andrea Schröder-Ritzrau, Jennifer Arps, Dierk Hebbeln, Christian Dullo, and André Freiwald

EGU2018-1441 | Orals | CL0.00

Paleoceanography of the Japan Sea during the late Miocene inferred from radiolarian data (IODP Exp. 346 Site U1425 & U1430)
Kenji M. Matsuzaki, Takuya Itaki, Ryuji Tada, Shin-ichi Kamikuri, and Shunsuke Kurokawa

EGU2018-11050 | Orals | CL0.00

A 14 ka record of lithogenic grain size, upwelling and biological production in the NE tropical Pacific, terrestrial and oceanic processes linked to teleconnections at millennial-scale
Elsa Arellano-Torres, Catalina Alvarez-Covelli, and Socorro Lozano-Garcia

EGU2018-9787 | Posters | CL0.00

Early Holocene establishment of the Barents Sea Arctic front
Bjørg Risebrobakken and Sarah M. Berben

EGU2018-17376 | Posters | CL0.00

A first chronology for the East Greenland Ice core Project (EastGRIP)
Seyedhamidreza Mojtabavi, Frank Wilhelms, Sune Olander Rasmussen, Nanna B. Karlsson, and Sepp Kipfstuhl

EGU2018-14031 | Orals | CL0.00

On the similarity and apparent cycles of isotopic variations in East Antarctic snow and ice cores
Thomas Münch, Thomas Laepple, Mathieu Casado, Maria Hoerhold, Amaelle Landais, and Sepp Kipfstuhl

EGU2018-6563 | Orals | CL0.00

Aerosol emissions impact on the 1.5C pathways
Anca Hienola, Antti-Ilari Partanen, Joni-Pekka Pietikäinen, Declan O’Donnell, Hannele Korhonen, Damon Matthews, and Ari Laaksonen

EGU2018-1866 | Posters | CL0.00

Interactive ocean bathymetry and coastlines for simulating the last deglaciation with the Max Planck Institute Earth System Model (MPI-ESM)
Virna Meccia and Uwe Mikolajewicz

EGU2018-8302 | Orals | CL0.00

A hybrid GCM - historical scaling method for improved climate projections to 2100
Shaun Lovejoy and Raphael Hébert

EGU2018-15207 | Posters | CL0.00

Multi-proxy climate and environment reconstruction of the Holocene based on Lake Medina, southern Spain
Tabea Schröder, Jasmijn van `t Hoff, José Antonio López-Sáez, Martin Melles, Finn Viehberg, and Klaus Reicherter

EGU2018-11217 | Posters | CL0.00

Sea-surface hydro-climatic trend of Kuroshio during the past 6,000 years near Taiwan
Kuo-Yen Wei

EGU2018-2949 | Posters | CL0.00

Short-term Holocene climate oscillations recorded in Lake Gościąż sediments, Central Poland
Alicja Bonk, Michał Słowiński, Rik Tjallingii, Agnieszka M. Noryśkiewicz, Katarzyna Luberda-Durnaś, Markus Schwab, Mateusz Kramkowski, Achim Brauer, and Mirosław Błaszkiewicz

EGU2018-12541 | Posters | CL0.00

Sub-Milankovich millennial cycles in proxy (UK37) sea surface temperatures for the Okinawa trough, W Mediterranean Sea, NW Atlantic Ocean and Southern Ocean
Michael Asten

EGU2018-1815 | Posters | CL0.00

Oceanic-forced Holocene multicentennial-scale precipitation variability in Eastern Brazil
André Bahr, Philipp Geppert, and Stefanie Kaboth

EGU2018-4924 | Posters | CL0.00

Spectral analysis of 2000 year global proxy temperature data
Carl Otto Weiss and Horst-Joachim Luedecke

EGU2018-15181 | Posters | CL0.00

Climate warming effects on maize yield changes in a major region of Romania
Remus Prăvălie and Georgeta Bandoc

EGU2018-10179 | Posters | CL0.00

ENSO and the interpretation of the post 2000 temperature standstill
Nicola Scafetta, Alberto Mirandola, and Antonio Bianchini

EGU2018-14852 | Posters | CL0.00

Climate warming effects on plant phenology changes in a major region of Romania
Georgeta Bandoc and Remus Prăvălie

EGU2018-11216 | Posters | CL0.00

Raising the profile of today’s atmospheric greenhouse gas pollution and committed future global climate disruption emergency
Peter Carter

EGU2018-8400 | Posters | CL0.00

How uncertainty in aerosol forcing and transient climate response affects uncertainty of the 1.5-degree carbon budget?
Antti-Ilari Partanen, Nadine Mengis, Jonathan Jalbert, and H Damon Matthews

EGU2018-11274 | Posters | CL0.00

Quantification of Global Warming: A Critical Evaluation of CMIP5 GCMs and Future Projections using and Empirical Model of Global Climate
Ross J. Salawitch, Austin Hope, Laura McBride, Timothy Canty, Walter Tribett, and Brian Bennett

EGU2018-2826 | Posters | CL0.00

Is there a more ideal idealized climate model experiment for evaluating carbon cycle feedbacks to climate change?
Andrew MacDougall

EGU2018-10389 | Posters | CL0.00

Climate feedbacks caused by cryosphere tipping elements
Nico Wunderling, Matteo Willeit, Jonathan Donges, and Ricarda Winkelmann

CL1.01 – Historical Climatology

EGU2018-9566 | Orals | CL1.01

Atmospheric circulation during the Late Maunder Minimum based on ships’ logbooks
Javier Mellado-Cano, David Barriopedro, Ricardo García-Herrera, Ricardo M. Trigo, and Mari Carmen Álvarez-Castro

EGU2018-1050 | Posters | CL1.01

Historical climatology in Eastern Europe during the Little Ice Age
Carmen-Andreea Badaluta, Monica Ionita, Aurel Persoiu, and Gheorghe Badaluta

EGU2018-9889 | Orals | CL1.01

Reconstruction and impact evaluation of droughts in Southwest Germany
Mathilde Erfurt and Rüdiger Glaser

EGU2018-4663 | Posters | CL1.01

Climate variability and changes in the agrarian cycle in the Czech Lands from the 16th century
Rudolf Brázdil, Martin Možný, Ladislava Řezníčková, Tomáš Klír, Miroslav Trnka, Oldřich Kotyza, and Petr Dobrovolný

EGU2018-6375 | Posters | CL1.01

Chronology of strong winds in the Czech Lands from AD 1501
Lukáš Dolák, Rudolf Brázdil, Petr Dobrovolný, Ladislava Řezníčková, Oldřich Kotyza, and Kateřina Chromá

EGU2018-8614 | Orals | CL1.01

Droughts in the Czech Lands: historical variability and its drivers
Jiri Miksovsky, Miroslav Trnka, and Rudolf Brázdil

EGU2018-10444 | Orals | CL1.01

Megadroughts in Iberia. A case study of the event 1812-1824. Atmospheric processes and socio-environmental impacts
Mariano Barriendos, Armando Alberola, José María Cuadrat, Salvador Gil, Mar Grau-Satorras, Jordi Mazón, Alfredo Pérez Morales, Kevin Pometti, Marc Prohom, David Pino, Miguel Angel Saz, and Ernesto Tejedor

EGU2018-4689 | Posters | CL1.01

Extreme droughts and their human responses in the Czech Lands in the pre-instrumental period
Ladislava Řezníčková, Rudolf Brázdil, Oldřich Kotyza, Lukáš Dolák, Petr Dobrovolný, and Miroslav Trnka

EGU2018-8738 | Posters | CL1.01

Droughts in (late) medieval Hungary in an East-Central European context
Andrea Kiss

EGU2018-7899 | Orals | CL1.01

Long-term analysis of Damaging Hydrogeological Events in Calabria (Southern Italy)
Olga Petrucci, Luigi Aceto, and Angela Aurora Pasqua

EGU2018-6226 | Orals | CL1.01

Building a Historical Landslide Database for the Czech Republic: Principles, Constraints and Practical Implications
Pavel Raška and Michal Bíl

EGU2018-17234 | Posters | CL1.01

Instrumental meteorological record for Styrian village from 1819 to 1821
Bruno P. Besser, Hannah Rüdisser, Elke Grinschgl, Hans U. Eichelberger, and Manfred Stachel

EGU2018-7950 | Posters | CL1.01

Trend analysis of the effects of Damaging Hydrogeological Events on people in Calabria (Southern Italy)
Luigi Aceto, Angela Aurora Pasqua, and Olga Petrucci

EGU2018-12171 | Posters | CL1.01

Detection and analysis of severe dry hydrological phenomena in southern Italy (Calabria region)
Tommaso Caloiero, Roberto Coscarelli, and Ennio Ferrari

EGU2018-15083 | Posters | CL1.01

Contemporaneity of floods and storms. A case study of Metropolitan Area of Reggio Calabria in Southern Italy.
Caterina Canale, Giuseppe Barbaro, Olga Petrucci, Giandomenico Foti, and Pierfabrizio Puntorieri

EGU2018-5752 | Posters | CL1.01

Climatic events in West Europe from written sources during 1000-1300 AD
Yu Ye

EGU2018-4854 | Posters | CL1.01

A 250-year drought catalogue for the island of Ireland (1765–2015)
Simon Noone, Ciaran Broderick, Catriona Duffy, Tom Matthews, Robert Wilby, and Conor Murphy

EGU2018-10887 | Posters | CL1.01

Historical Climatology of the region of Extremadura (Iberian Peninsula): some recent progress
José Vaquero, María Gallego, Manuel Lara, Marcelino Núñez, María Fernández-Fernández, Nieves Bravo, José García, Manuel Antón, and Francisco Acero

EGU2018-12979 | Posters | CL1.01

Extracting information from the Dutch East India Company ‘Dagboeken’ (day books) to reconstruct 17th and 18th C weather and climate for the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa
Stefan Grab and Mark Williams

EGU2018-138 | Posters | CL1.01

A Climate History of the Monsoon in Southern India 1730-2016
Gemma Ives, Julie Jones, Grant Bigg, George Adamson, and David Nash

EGU2018-1246 | Posters | CL1.01

Assessing impacts of decadal climate variability: The Little Ice Age in Central and southern Colonial India
Ranjini Ray, Keyle Horton, Amir Bazaz, and Atreyee Bhattacharya

EGU2018-10920 | Posters | CL1.01

Reproduction of extreme heavy snow and extreme cold summer in 1945 in Japan and their potential influence upon the last stage of the war
Yoshihiro Tachibana, Kensuke Komatsu, and Daiki Yamauchi

EGU2018-13342 | Posters | CL1.01

The spatial and temporal variability of drought and pluvial through the Qing dynasty of China in East China between 1644 and 1911 AD
Wanchen Wu, Kuan-Hui Elaine Lin, and Pao K. Wang

EGU2018-10302 | Posters | CL1.01

Zuñiga's weather diary: dry-spell length from 1775 to 1785 in Mexico
Fernando Domínguez-Castro, Ricardo García Herrera, José M. Vaquero, Sergio Vicente-Serrano, M.Cruz Gallego, César Paradinas Blázquez, Ana Gavilán Febrel, Marina Peña-Gallardo, and Makki khorchani

EGU2018-3640 | Posters | CL1.01

Historical celestial observations for meteorology and astronomy
Dagmar L. Neuhäuser and Ralph Neuhäuser

EGU2018-1013 | Posters | CL1.01

Recent landslide-rainfall thresholds in Serbia
Miloš Marjanović, Mileva Samardžić-Petrović, and Biljana Abolmasov

EGU2018-6302 | Posters | CL1.01

Dated Landslide Events in the Pálava Hills
Michal Bíl, Oldřich Krejčí, Lukáš Dolák, Vladimíra Krejčí, Jan Martínek, and Jiří Svoboda

EGU2018-18520 | Posters | CL1.01

Historically documented activations of significant mud volcanoes near the Northern Apennine margin.
Daniele Bonaposta, Stefano Segadelli, and Maria Teresa De Nardo

CL1.02 – Studying the climate of the last two millennia

EGU2018-10946 | Orals | CL1.02

Preliminary Assessment of the Earth’s Energy Budget within CMIP5 Historical Simulations
Francisco José Cuesta-Valero, Almudena García-García, Hugo Beltrami, and Joel Finnis

EGU2018-385 | Posters | CL1.02

Climate and Cultural Dynamics in the Great Lakes Region of Western Uganda during the Last ca. 1000 Yr. BP
Julius Bunny Lejju

EGU2018-1649 | Orals | CL1.02

Testing the consistency between changes in simulated climate and European glacier length over the past millennium
Hugues Goosse, François Klein, Ben Marzeion, Fabien Maussion, Paolo Pelucchi, and Anouk Vlug

EGU2018-949 | Posters | CL1.02

Assessment of biomass burning molecular tracers in Greenland ice core
Fahmida Parvin, Osamu Seki, Yoshinori Iizuka, Sumito Matoba, and Ken Sawada

EGU2018-10257 | Orals | CL1.02

Reconstructing the AMV to evaluate the role of internal variability in the last millennium large-scale climatic variations
Simon Michel, Didier Swingedouw, Marie Chavent, Pablo Ortega, Juliette Mignot, and Myriam Khodri

EGU2018-2607 | Posters | CL1.02

Drivers of decadal drought in the Western and Eastern Mediterranean in the past millennium as simulated in two CMIP5 models
Miguel Zorita, Eduardo Zorita, Sebastian Wagner, and Birgit Hünicke

EGU2018-3137 | Orals | CL1.02

Coordinated changes in the hydroclimate of the last 1000 years
Pedro Roldán, Jesús Fidel González-Rouco, Jason Smerdon, and Camilo Melo-Aguilar

EGU2018-2636 | Posters | CL1.02

Extreme cold years in Europe generated by internal climate variability in Earth System Model simulations over the past millennium
Eduardo Zorita, Birgit Hünicke, and Sebastian Wagner

EGU2018-18116 | Orals | CL1.02

Sea Ice Versus Storms: What Drives Sea Salt Variability in Arctic Ice Cores?
Rachael Rhodes, Xin Yang, and Eric Wolff

EGU2018-14961 | Posters | CL1.02

The PALEOLINK working project: The missing link in the Past – Downscaling paleoclimatic Earth System Models
Juan José Gómez-Navarro, Patrick Ludwig, and Eduardo Zorita

EGU2018-9994 | Orals | CL1.02

Volcanic forcing and climate variability during the Common Era
Matthew Toohey and Michael Sigl

EGU2018-11386 | Posters | CL1.02

Assimilating Southern Hemisphere proxy records into a climate modelling framework
Steven Phipps and Jason Roberts

EGU2018-3491 | Posters | CL1.02

Seasonal climate conditions during the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age in Canada
Ouellet-Bernier Marie-Michèle, de Vernal Anne, and Chartier Daniel

EGU2018-13881 | Orals | CL1.02

Coherent reconstructions of Common Era global mean temperature using the latest PAGES2k data compilation
Raphael Neukom and the PAGES2k Consortium members (2)

EGU2018-6586 | Posters | CL1.02

Sclerochronologic and oxygen isotope analysis of growth increments in the bivalve Arctica islandica from the Southwest Icelandic Shelf
Carin Andersson, Vilde Melvik, Fabian Bonitz, and Tamara Trofimova

EGU2018-6199 | Orals | CL1.02 | Highlight

Spatio-temporal variability of Arctic summer temperatures over the past two millennia
Dmitry Divine, Johannes Werner, Fredrik Charpentier Ljungqvist, Tine Nilsen, and Pierre Francus

EGU2018-7002 | Orals | CL1.02

The impact of proxy characteristics on a millennium-long ensemble of hydroclimatic records in monsoonal Asia
Lea Schneider, Fredrik C. Ljungqvist, Stefanie Talento, and Jürg Luterbacher

EGU2018-11521 | Posters | CL1.02

A New Approach for Ultra-High-Resolution Ice Core Data Processing
Heather Clifford, Nicole Spaulding, Mark Royer, Sharon Sneed, Elena Korotkikh, Michael Handley, Andrei Kurbatov, Sudarshan Chawathe, Pascal Bohleber, Michael McCormick, Alexander More, Christohper Loveluck, and Paul Mayewski

EGU2018-11553 | Posters | CL1.02

Reconstruction of the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation (IPO) to CE 860 using tree-rings from Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand.
Jonathan Palmer, Edward Cook, and Chris Turney

EGU2018-15215 | Orals | CL1.02

What can we say about large scale ocean variability from local scale shelf-sea reconstructions
Paul Halloran, Freya Garry, David Reynolds, Ian Hall, James Scourse, Matthew Menary, Nick Dunstone, Richard Wood, Jonathan Tinker, Matthew Palmer, and Sarah Ineson

EGU2018-15289 | Orals | CL1.02

Interannual to centennial climate variability in east China during later little ice age
Kuan-Hui Elaine Lin, Pao K. Wang, and Wanchen Wu

EGU2018-12415 | Posters | CL1.02

Temperature reconstructions for the Faroese region based on the analysis of the d18O signal in Arctica islandica shells
Fabian Bonitz, Carin Andersson, and Tamara Trofimova

EGU2018-10001 | Orals | CL1.02 | Highlight

No evidence for globally synchronous cold and warm periods during the pre-industrial Common Era
Nathan Steiger, Raphael Neukom, Juan José Gómez-Navarro, and Jianghao Wang

EGU2018-12664 | Posters | CL1.02

Temperature and atmospheric circulation characteristics of a millennium-scale earth system model run over Central Europe.
Klaus Haslinger, Christine Kroisleitner, Michael Hofstaetter, Wolfgang Schöner, and Günter Blöschl

EGU2018-12721 | Posters | CL1.02

Climate change detection and attribution using high resolution paleoclimate observations
Jörg Franke, Michael Evans, Gabriele Hegerl, Andrew Schurer, and Stefan Brönnimann

EGU2018-14147 | Posters | CL1.02

The PAGES 2k Network, Phase 3: Themes and Call for Participation
Helen McGregor, Steven Phipps, Lucien von Gunten, Belen Martrat, Hans Linderholm, Nerilie Abram, Oliver Bothe, Raphael Neukom, and Scott St. George

EGU2018-15654 | Posters | CL1.02

Influence of changing predictor networks and proxy covariance on ENSO reconstructions over the last Millennium
Christoph Dätwyler, Raphael Neukom, and Martin Grosjean

EGU2018-15696 | Posters | CL1.02

Stratigraphic dating of a 80 m deep firn core drilled in coastal East Antarctic ice sheet (Eastern Wilkes Land)
Silvia Becagli, Rita Traversi, Mirko Severi, Laura Caiazzo, and Giulia Noferini

EGU2018-16931 | Posters | CL1.02

Changes in the North Atlantic Current over the last two millennia
Paola Moffa-Sanchez, Margit Simon, Ian Hall, and Yair Rosenthal

EGU2018-17260 | Posters | CL1.02

Climate change at the Caucasus highlands over the past 200 years derived from the ice cores’ isotopic composition
Anna Kozachek, Vladimir Mikhalenko, Alexey Ekaykin, and Valerie Masson-Delmotte

EGU2018-19543 | Posters | CL1.02

The period of "migration of peoples" recorded in the Młynek lake sediments, northern Poland
Jerzy Nitychoruk, Fabian Welc, Marta Chodyka, Tomasz Grudniewski, Leszek Marks, Milena Obremska, Anna Rogóż, Abdelfattah Zalat, and Łukasz Zbucki

EGU2018-7635 | Posters | CL1.02

Oceanic drivers of European summer climate variations during the last millennium
Johann Jungclaus, Eduardo Moreno-Chamarro, and Juerg Luterbacher

EGU2018-2890 | Posters | CL1.02

Last Millennium Precipitation Reconstruction over Asia: Pseudoproxy Experiments
Stefanie Talento, Lea Schneider, and Jürg Luterbacher

EGU2018-6914 | Posters | CL1.02

Drivers of multidecadal variability of East Asian surface temperature in CMIP5 simulations of the last millennium
Satyaban Ratna, Timothy Osborn, Manoj Joshi, and Bao Yang

EGU2018-6951 | Posters | CL1.02

Climatic Sensitivity over the Tibetan Plateau based on Tree-ring network, Observation, and Modelling
Xing Chen and Qin Tao

EGU2018-11257 | Posters | CL1.02

Freshwater forcing modified the Labrador Current vigor and northwest Atlantic slope waters during the Little Ice Age and Medieval Climate Anomaly
Harunur Rashid, Yunping Xu, Gang Li, Mingjun Zhu, Jilian Xing, and David Piper

EGU2018-14363 | Posters | CL1.02

Impacts of long-term land use land cover changes on borehole temperature reconstructions
Camilo Melo Aguilar, Fidel González Rouco, Elena Gracía Bustamante, Jorge Navarro Montesinos, and Norman Steinert

CL1.03 – Flood and weather extremes of the past | PICO

EGU2018-3034 | PICO | CL1.03

6-kyr record of flood frequency and intensity in the western Mediterranean Alps - Interplay of solar and temperature forcing
Pierre Sabatier, Bruno Wilhelm, Francesco Gentile Ficetola, Jerome Poulenard, Anne-Lise Develle, Adeline Bichet, Wentao Chen, Cecile Pignol, Jean-Louis Reyss, Ludovic Gielly, Manon Bajard, Yves Perette, Emmanuel Malet, Pierre Taberlet, and Fabien Arnaud

EGU2018-8139 | PICO | CL1.03

Historical floods and climate forcing in the semi-arid catchments of south-eastern Iberian Peninsula
Carlos Sánchez-García, Juan Carlos Peña, Lothar Schulte, and Filipe Carvalho

EGU2018-11111 | PICO | CL1.03

What type of floods are rainfall-runoff models able to simulate based on a long-term atmospheric reanalysis?
Pierre Brigode, Bruno Wilhelm, Joël Gailhard, Thibault Mathevet, and Ludovic Oudin

EGU2018-6936 | PICO | CL1.03

The Vltava River floods in context of solar inertial motion
Libor Elleder

EGU2018-2061 | PICO | CL1.03

Integration of multi-archive datasets and paleoclimate modelling of past flood extremes in the Swiss Alps
Lothar Schulte, Juan Carlos Peña, Oliver Wetter, Bruno Wilhelm, Benjamin Amann, Stefanie B. Wirth, Lukas Glur, and Filipe Carvalho

EGU2018-10386 | PICO | CL1.03

Major flood events reconstruction from a multi-proxy approach. The case study of November 1617 flood event in the Mediterranean Basins of Iberian Peninsula
David Pino, Armando Alberola, Carles Balasch, Mariano Barriendos, Salvador Gil, Mar Grau-Satorras, Jordi Mazón, Alfredo Pérez Morales, and Jordi Tuset

EGU2018-15193 | PICO | CL1.03

Using botanical evidence to reconstructing extreme flood in the Sierra de las Minas, Guatemala
Juan Antonio Ballesteros, Luis Kinday, Carla Restrepo, and Markus Stoffel

EGU2018-6150 | PICO | CL1.03

Droughts during the past 1250 years over the United States in the Community Earth System Model version 1.0.1
Woon Mi Kim, Christoph Raible, and Thomas Stocker

EGU2018-4680 | PICO | CL1.03

River ice regime in the lower part of the Danube river: variability, drivers and trends over the last 180 years
Monica Ionita-Scholz, Carmen-Andreea Badaluta, and Patrick Scholz

EGU2018-13603 | PICO | CL1.03 | Highlight

Extreme extratropical cyclone characteristics during the last millennium and the future
Christoph C. Raible, Martina Messmer, Flavio Lehner, Thomas F. Stocker, and Richard Blender

EGU2018-14038 | PICO | CL1.03

Linking paleofloods to precipitation extremes at Lake Mondsee (NE Alps)
Tina Swierczynski, Michael Hofstätter, Annemarie Lexer, Franz Prettenthaler, Dominik Kortschak, Hansjörg Albrecher, and Judith Köberl

EGU2018-8454 | PICO | CL1.03

Atmospheric conditions and catastrophic flood events of the upper Rhône river (north-western Alps, France) during the last 150 years
Florian Raymond, Bruno Wilhelm, and Sandrine Anquetin

EGU2018-4222 | PICO | CL1.03

Monsoon-related rainfall recorded by mineral-rich flood layers in Vietnamese maar sediment
Jan Schimmelmann, Hướng Nguyễn-Văn, Dương Nguyễn-Thùy, Arndt Schimmelmann, Antti Ojala, Bernd Zolitschka, and Nguyệt Nguyễn-Ánh

EGU2018-18899 | PICO | CL1.03

Frequency of torrential rainstorms during a regional late Holocene drought inferred from a Dead Sea sediment record
Markus Schwab, Marieke Ahlborn, Moshe Armon, Yoav Ben Dor, Ina Neugebauer, Rik Tjallingii, Jawad Hasan Shoqeir, Efrat Morin, Yehouda Enzel, Achim Brauer, and Palex Scientific Team

EGU2018-10310 | PICO | CL1.03

Climatic context and meteorological anomalies during 1783 in Eastern Iberian Peninsula. Atmospheric processes and impacts of a singular "Bad Year"
Armando Alberola, Carles Balasch, Mariano Barriendos, José María Cuadrat, Salvador Gil, Mar Grau-Satorras, Jordi Mazón, Alfredo Pérez Morales, Marc Prohom, David Pino, Miguel Angel Saz, Ernesto Tejedor, and Jordi Tuset

CL1.06 – Tackling past hydrological cycles - from local and regional to global scales (co-organized)

EGU2018-3872 | Orals | CL1.06

Using the palaeorecord to understand the dynamics of the hydrological cycle
Sandy P. Harrison

EGU2018-1235 | Posters | CL1.06

Hydrological consequences of hydroclimate variability and human activity during the last 500 years in Serteya region (Western Russia) – preliminary results
Agnieszka Mroczkowska, Piotr Kittel, Katarzyna Marcisz, Andrey Mazurkevich, Emilie Gauthier, Yuriy Kublitskiy, Mariusz Lamentowicz, Ekaterina Dolbunova, Mateusz Płóciennik, Rik Tjallingii, and Michał Słowiński

EGU2018-1017 | Posters | CL1.06

An impact of past catastrophic deforestations on the hydrology of Sphagnum peatland in Northern Poland
Dominika Łuców, Mariusz Lamentowicz, Piotr Kołaczek, Edyta Łokas, Christine Lane, Rik Tjallingii, and Michał Słowiński

EGU2018-5593 | Orals | CL1.06 | Highlight

Changes in hydrology and carbon cycling following Late Holocene deforestation in a New Zealand lake catchment
Craig Woodward, Quan Hua, Jonathan Tyler, Karina Meredith, Patrick Moss, Patricia Gadd, and Atun Zawadzki

EGU2018-15314 | Orals | CL1.06

The dating game: palaeoflood reconstruction in an Irish catchment
Ciara Fleming, Jonathan Turner, and Mary Bourke

EGU2018-1049 | Posters | CL1.06

Through fire and water – testing the synchronicity hypothesis of droughts and fires in northern Poland using peatland archives
Katarzyna Kajukało, Katarzyna Marcisz, Piotr Kołaczek, Dmitri Mauquoy, Michał Słowiński, and Mariusz Lamentowicz

EGU2018-7284 | Posters | CL1.06

Deciphering the Old World Drought Atlas: multi-scale fluctuations and their possible explanation
Yannis Markonis, Martin Hanel, Petr Máca, Jan Kyselý, and Ed Cook

EGU2018-6223 | Orals | CL1.06

Relative humidity changes during the Late Glacial-Holocene transition in western Europe: quantitative and mechanistic insights from lipid biomarker D/H ratios and climate model experiments
Oliver Rach, Hans Renssen, Ansgar Kahmen, Achim Brauer, and Dirk Sachse

EGU2018-19020 | Orals | CL1.06

Last Glacial Period hydrology of Lake Peten Itza (Guatemala) constrained with triple oxygen and hydrogen isotopes
Thomas Bauska, Fernando Gázquez, Anna-Lena Grauel, Daniel Herwartz, and David Hodell

EGU2018-16336 | Posters | CL1.06

Disentangling drivers of Holocene lake level fluctuations in Northeastern Germany
Martin Theuerkauf, Theresa Blume, Elisabeth Dietze, and Nadine Dräger

EGU2018-15627 | Orals | CL1.06

Drought impacts are climate-driven for green while always strong and fast for blue water
Rene Orth and Georgia Destouni

EGU2018-6574 | Posters | CL1.06

A submerged pine forest from the early Holocene in the Mecklenburg Lake District, northern Germany: indicating dead-ice melting or lake-level dynamics?
Knut Kaiser, Silke Oldorff, Carsten Breitbach, Christoph Kappler, Martin Theuerkauf, Tobias Scharnweber, Manuela Schult, Mathias Küster, Christof Engelhardt, Ingo Heinrich, Michael Hupfer, Grit Schwalbe, Tom Kirschey, and Oliver Bens

EGU2018-9527 | Posters | CL1.06

Tracing Holocene hydrological changes in the Central European lowlands
Elisabeth Dietze, Martin Theuerkauf, Michal Słowiński, and Knut Kaiser

EGU2018-10355 | Posters | CL1.06

Diatom-inferred paleohydrological changes in lake Abiyata (Ethiopia) at the termination of the African humid period (5.5 cal. kyr BP)
Vincent Roubeix and Françoise Chalié

EGU2018-10715 | Posters | CL1.06

Desert lakes in the late Quaternary: Hydroclimate variability in the southern African interior.
Sallie Burrough, Joy Singarayer, Charlie Williams, Martin Hipondoka, David Thomas, and Joshua Allin

EGU2018-14499 | Posters | CL1.06

Modelling river discharge and wetland inundation across Africa in the present and the during mid-Holocene
Charles Williams, Joy Singarayer, Simon Dadson, Sallie Burrough, and Emily Black

EGU2018-9134 | Posters | CL1.06

Orbital-scale Pleistocene hydroclimate in equatorial Indonesia from the sedimentary record of Lake Towuti
Hendrik Vogel, James Russell, Marina A. Morlock, Satria Bijaksana, and Martin Melles and the TDP Science Team

EGU2018-13707 | Posters | CL1.06

Geochemical and sedimentological characterisation of surface sediments from Ashtamudi Estuary, Southern India: Implications for paleo-environmental reconstruction
Shah Parth, Sunil Kumar, Yadav Ankit, Praveen K Mishra, and Ambili Anoop

EGU2018-2449 | Posters | CL1.06

Source apportionment of atmospheric water over East Asia – a source tracer study in CAM5.1
Chen Pan, Bin Zhu, Jingui Gao, and Hanqing Kang

EGU2018-459 | Posters | CL1.06

A linear dynamical systems algorithm for streamflow reconstruction reveals history of regime shifts in northern Thailand
Hung Nguyen and Stefano Galelli

EGU2018-15266 | Posters | CL1.06

Dynamic Hydrological Discharge Modelling for Coupled Climate Model Simulations of the Last Glacial Cycle
Thomas Riddick, Victor Brovkin, Uwe Mikolajewicz, and Stefan Hagemann

EGU2018-5849 | Posters | CL1.06

Effects of glacial topography and sedimentology on palaeohydrology, Kananaskis, Canadian Rockies: A numerical modelling exercise
Peter Klassen, Yvonne Martin, and Edward Johnson

EGU2018-18730 | Posters | CL1.06 | Highlight

Floods of a warmer world: learning from the last interglacial
Paolo Scussolini, Philip Ward, Pepijn Bakker, Jeroen Aerts, Hans Renssen, Ted Veldkamp, and Dim Coumou

CL1.07 – Interdisciplinary tree-ring research

EGU2018-2398 | Posters | CL1.07

Large scale temperature reconstructions from tree-rings
Jan Esper

EGU2018-3043 | Orals | CL1.07

The need for new theory in global dendroclimatology
Scott St. George and Jan Esper

EGU2018-2402 | Posters | CL1.07

Covariance and climate signals in carbon and oxygen isotopes from locally moist and dry pine sites in central and northern Sweden
Jan Esper, Steffen Holzkämper, Ulf Büntgen, Bernd Schöne, Frank Keppler, Claudia Hartl, Scott St. George, Dana Riechelmann, and Kerstin Treydte

EGU2018-3998 | Orals | CL1.07

A new theoretical approach to isolating the climate record from tree rings
Guangqi Li, Sandy P. Harrison, and I. Colin Prentice

EGU2018-13454 | Orals | CL1.07

Climate and drought responses in a continent-wide tree-ring network of European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.)
Christian Zang, Andrew Hacket Pain, Alistair S. Jump, Franco Biondi, Annette Menzel, Allan Buras, and Anja Rammig and the European Beech Tree-Ring Network

EGU2018-2686 | Posters | CL1.07

A 1286-year hydro-climate reconstruction for the Balkan Peninsula
Lara Klippel, Paul J. Krusic, Robert Brandes, Claudia Hartl, Soumaya Belmecheri, Manuel Dienst, and Jan Esper

EGU2018-12769 | Orals | CL1.07 | Highlight

Warfare dendrochronology – Trees as witnesses of the Tirpitz attacks
Claudia Hartl, Oliver Konter, Scott St. George, Andreas Kirchhefer, Denis Scholz, and Jan Esper

EGU2018-8543 | Posters | CL1.07

Producing an enhanced millennium-length temperature reconstruction from tree-ring density for the European Alps
Claudia Hartl, Ulf Büntgen, Dana Riechelmann, and Jan Esper

EGU2018-5247 | Posters | CL1.07

Mid 19th century divergence between tree-ring proxy and instrumental target data at hemispheric scales
Oliver Konter, Manuel Dienst, Christine Kolbe, Juerg Luterbacher, and Jan Esper

EGU2018-14131 | Orals | CL1.07

Tree-rings as recorders of tropical cyclones in Northeast Asia
Jan Altman, Jiri Dolezal, Jong-Suk Song, Olga N. Ukhvatkina, Alexander M. Omelko, Pavel V. Krestov, Alexander A. Zhmerenetsky, Anna S. Vosmishcheva, Tatyana Y. Petrenko, Toshihiko Hara, Vit Pejcha, Tomas Cerny, Petr Petrik, and Kerstin Treydte

EGU2018-8290 | Posters | CL1.07

Mountain forest growth response to climate change in the Northern Limestone Alps
Claudia Hartl

EGU2018-8958 | Orals | CL1.07

Annually resolved atmospheric radiocarbon concentrations for the last 1000 years reconstructed from tree-ring records
Lukas Wacker, Stephaphanie Arnold, Silvia Bollhalder, Alex Bayliss, Marcus Christl, Hans-Arno Synal, Florian Adolphi, Jürg Beer, Niels Bleicher, Ulf Büntgen, and Raimund Muscheler

EGU2018-14797 | Orals | CL1.07

Stable Isotope Dendrochronology: Development and evaluation of a new dating tool in Science-based Archaeology
Neil Loader, Christopher Bronk Ramsey, Darren Davies, Danny McCarroll, Daniel Miles, and Giles Young

EGU2018-8483 | Posters | CL1.07

Micro-site specific growth deviations and climate sensitivity of a Fennoscandian pine tree-ring network
Claudia Hartl, Elisabeth Düthorn, Ernesto Tejedor Vargas, Andreas Kirchhefer, Mauri Timonen, Steffen Holzkämper, Ulf Büntgen, and Jan Esper

EGU2018-12810 | Posters | CL1.07

Influences of micro-site effects on millennial long tree-ring chronologies from the Simplon Valley (Switzerland)
Dana Riechelmann and Jan Esper

EGU2018-12050 | Orals | CL1.07

Tree-ring isotopes record biome-scale net primary productivity
Mathieu Levesque, Laia Andreu-Hayles, William Kolby Smith, A. Park Williams, Martina L. Hobi, and Neil Pederson

EGU2018-16775 | Posters | CL1.07

A new algorithm to identify and correct insect-induced defoliation signals in Alpine tree-ring chronologies
Lea Schneider, Claudia Hartl, Jan Esper, Dana Riechelmann, Felix Pretis, and Jürg Luterbacher

EGU2018-10037 | Orals | CL1.07

Multidisciplinary tree ring approach to evaluate water use efficiency and growth of Mediterranean species in response to drought.
Giovanna Battipaglia, Enrica Zalloni, Angela Balzano, Paolo Cherubini, and Veronica De Micco

EGU2018-6790 | Posters | CL1.07

Siberian δ13C tree-ring cellulose chronologies as indicator of hydrological changes after stratospheric volcanic eruptions
Olga Churakova (Sidorova), Matthias Saurer, Sebastien Guillet, Christophe Corona, Rolf Siegwolf, Vladimir Myglan, Eugene Vaganov, and Markus Stoffel

EGU2018-14712 | Orals | CL1.07

Adult beech and spruce under experimental drought – linking leaf physiology, phloem transport and tree rings by stable C and O isotopes
Thorsten Grams

EGU2018-9746 | Orals | CL1.07

The relationship between needle sugar δ13C and tree rings of larch in Siberia
Katja Rinne-Garmston, Matthias Saurer, Alexander Kirdyanov, Neil Loader, Marina Bryukhanova, Roland Werner, and Rolf Siegwolf

EGU2018-11774 | Posters | CL1.07

Oxygen isotopes in tree rings as atmospheric moisture proxy
Kerstin Treydte

EGU2018-2575 | Posters | CL1.07

Tree species diversity improves beech growth and alters its physiological response to drought in Belgium
Astrid Vanoppen, Kerstin Treydte, Pascal Boeckx, Vincent Kint, Quentin Ponette, Kris Verheyen, and Bart Muys

EGU2018-18929 | Orals | CL1.07

Quantitative wood anatomy opens a weekly to millennial time window in tree-ring research
Georg von Arx, Marco Carrer, Jesper Björklund, and Patrick Fonti

EGU2018-8218 | Posters | CL1.07

Northern forest tree populations are physiologically maladapted to drought
Miriam Isaac-Renton, David Montwé, Andreas Hamann, Heinrich Spiecker, Paolo Cherubini, and Kerstin Treydte

EGU2018-12641 | Posters | CL1.07

Long-term effects of drought on tree-ring growth and carbon isotope variability of Scots pine in a dry environment
Galina Timofeeva, Kerstin Treydte, Harald Bugmann, Andreas Rigling, Marcus Schaub, Rolf Siegwolf, and Matthias Saurer

EGU2018-10242 | Posters | CL1.07

Effects of sample preparation on stable isotope measurements of tree rings
Joshua Braun-Wimmer, Annika Oertel, Loic Schneider, Hans-Peter Kahle, and Kerstin Treydte

EGU2018-16185 | Posters | CL1.07

Oxygen isotopes in tree rings from Canary Pine as recorders of fog interception on La Palma
Jose Carlos Miranda, Giovanna Battipaglia, Simona Altieri, Kerstin Treydte, and Luis Gil

EGU2018-3348 | Posters | CL1.07

Isotope derived cloud reconstructions; exploring the regional cloud-temperature feedback
Mary Gagen, Eduardo Zorita, Danny McCarroll, Giles Young, and Neil Loader

EGU2018-2557 | Posters | CL1.07

Isotope evidence for temperature-dependent hydraulic constraints to growth of bristlecone pine
Hugo de Boer, Rory Clisby, Ian Robertson, Neil Loader, Mary Gagen, Friederike Wagner-Cremer, and Danny McCarroll

EGU2018-8981 | Posters | CL1.07

Tree-ring δ18O dependence on water source isotopic signature in glacial environments of the European Alps: disentangling precipitation and glacier meltwater signals
Giovanni Leonelli and Valter Maggi

EGU2018-18659 | Posters | CL1.07

Pilot study: stable isotopes in teak from marine-influenced equatorial Indonesia as local rainfall amount and remote ENSO indicators
Michael Evans, Intan Nurhati, Sri Yudawati Cahyarini, and Rosanne D'Arrigo

EGU2018-16258 | Posters | CL1.07

On the importance of atmospheric water vapour on the oxygen isotopic composition of water and assimilates in plants
Marco M. Lehmann, Gregory R. Goldsmith, Rolf T.W. Siegwolf, Arthur Gessler, Ansgar Kahmen, and Matthias Saurer

EGU2018-17509 | Posters | CL1.07

Tree-ring cellulose exhibits several interannual 13C signals on the intramolecular level
Thomas Wieloch, Ina Ehlers, Jun Yu, David Frank, Michael Grabner, Arthur Gessler, and Jürgen Schleucher

EGU2018-19740 | Posters | CL1.07

Using anatomical techniques to describe subfossil wood decay
Frederick Reinig, Holger Gäertner, Fritz Schweingruber, Alan Crivellaro, Daniel Nievergelt, Jan Esper, Michael Friedrich, Gerhard Helle, Bernd Kromer, Sandro Morganti, Maren Pauly, Adam Sookdeo, Kerstin Treydte, Willy Tegel, Lukas Wacker, and Ulf Buentgen

EGU2018-16232 | Posters | CL1.07

Developing a mechanistic model of tree growth
Annemarie H Eckes, Andrew D Friend, Andrew Richardson, Patrick Fonti, Tim T Rademacher, and Rachael H Turton

EGU2018-424 | Posters | CL1.07

A calibration study of the climate signal recorded by the stable oxygen and carbon isotopes in Swiss stone pine (Pinus cembra L.) tree-ring from the Eastern Carpathians, Romania and its relevance for paleoclimatic reconstructions
Viorica Nagavciuc, Zoltán Kern, Aurel Perșoiu, and Ionel Popa

EGU2018-9539 | Posters | CL1.07

Growth climate relations of different conifer species along elevation transects in an inner-alpine dry valley
Nikolaus Obojes, Erich Tasser, Walter Oberhuber, and Ulrike Tappeiner

EGU2018-2713 | Posters | CL1.07

Spatial and temporal variation patterns of tree ring data in the eastern Tibetan Plateau in relation to local and regional precipitation variations
Zhi-Yong Yin, Xuemei Shao, Yong Zhang, and Mingqi Li

EGU2018-5932 | Posters | CL1.07

Temperature variations as record by tree ring samples from the middle section of the Animaqin Mountains, China
Xuemei Shao, Yajun Wang, Yong Zhang, Mingqi Li, and Zhi-Yong Yin

EGU2018-5591 | Posters | CL1.07

Fundamental questions on tree ring-glacier fluctuation study in the High Central Asia
Haifeng Zhu

CL1.08 – Tropical coral archives – Reconstructions of climate and environment beyond the instrumental record at society-relevant timescales

EGU2018-3055 | Posters | CL1.08

Tracking interannual to multidecadal-scale climate variability in the Atlantic Warm Pool using central Caribbean coral data
Jonas von Reumont, Steffen Hetzinger, Dieter Garbe-Schönberg, Carrie Manfrino, and Wolf-Christian Dullo

EGU2018-11750 | Orals | CL1.08

A closer examination of El Niño events during the ‘quiet period’ 5,000-3,000 years ago
Helen McGregor, Matthew Fischer, Michael Gagan, Henri Wong, and Steven Phipps

EGU2018-2785 | Orals | CL1.08

The West Pacific Gradient as novel index for ENSO system variability over the past Millennium
Jens Zinke, Stuart A. Browning, Andrew Hoell, and Ian D. Goodwin

EGU2018-4531 | Posters | CL1.08

A paired coral Sr/Ca and delta 18O record from La Reunion: Multi-decadal and centennial variations in delta 18O seawater
Miriam Pfeiffer, Dieter Garbe-Schönberg, and Lars Reuning

EGU2018-4902 | Orals | CL1.08

Last interglacial hydroclimate and temperature seasonality reconstructed from tropical Atlantic corals
William Brocas, Thomas Felis, Paul Gierz, Gerrit Lohmann, Martin Werner, J. Christina Obert, Denis Scholz, Martin Kölling, and Sander R. Scheffers

EGU2018-4683 | Posters | CL1.08

Coral-based reconstruction of river runoff dynamics influencing Miri-Sibuti Coral Reef National Park, Borneo, Malaysia
Hedwig Alexandra Krawczyk, Ulrich Struck, Michael O'Leary, and Jens Zinke

EGU2018-6319 | Posters | CL1.08

Tropical Pacific climate during Meltwater Pulse-1A from IODP Expedition 310 corals
Thomas Felis, Pierre Deschamps, Ed Hathorne, and Ryuji Asami

EGU2018-8016 | Orals | CL1.08

Are temperature calibrations for Sr/Ca and δ 18O in corals and δ 18O in ice-core records site and time-scale dependent?
Andrew Dolman, Mathieu Casado, Thomas Felis, and Thomas Laepple

EGU2018-10581 | Posters | CL1.08

Paleoclimate record at 5.5 ka BP from the tropical South Pacific based on Porites microatolls from French Polynesia
Nicholas Farley, Elias Samankassou, Nadine Hallmann, Gilbert Camoin, Anton Eisenhauer, Claude Vella, and Glenn Milne

EGU2018-5736 | Orals | CL1.08

Coral skeletons provide new insights into the role of groundwater nitrogen on tropical reef productivity
Dirk Erler, Benjamin Shepherd, Braddock Linsley, Luke Nothdurft, Janice Lough, Quan Hua, and Neal Cantin

EGU2018-11550 | Posters | CL1.08

East China Sea oceanographic response to East Asian Monsoon: Insights from seasonal Sr/Ca and δ18O coral records from Mid-Late Holocene (Kikai Is, Japan)
Kevin Garas, Tsuyoshi Watanabe, and Atsuko Yamazaki

EGU2018-2356 | Orals | CL1.08

Mild and arid climate in the eastern Sahara-Arabian Desert during the late Little Ice Age inferred from a northern Red Sea coral record
Thomas Felis, Monica Ionita, Norel Rimbu, Gerrit Lohmann, and Martin Kölling

EGU2018-14863 | Orals | CL1.08

Exploring coral data for multi-decadal paleoclimate reanalysis with the Community Earth System Model
Javier García-Pintado, Bijan Fallah, Thomas Felis, Jens Zinke, Miriam Pfeiffer, and André Paul

EGU2018-11961 | Posters | CL1.08

Climate teleconnections from Greenland to the tropics: evidence from corals, ice cores, and model simulations δ18O data
Norel Rimbu, Monica Ionita, Thomas Felis, and Gerrit Lohmann

EGU2018-13244 | Posters | CL1.08

Seasonally resolved Mid-Holocene paleoclimate records derived from fossil giant clam shells (Tridacna squamoza) a calibration study and contribution to a global coral and bivalve database.
Mary Elliot, Denovan Chauveau, Camilo Arias-Ruiz, Sri Yudawati Cahyarini, Elisabeth Michel, Laurence Vidal, Carole La, Christele Guivel, Matthieu Carré, and Gerrit Lohmann

EGU2018-10486 | Orals | CL1.08

Assessment of paleothermometry using coral microatolls: Record from Bora Bora, French Polynesia.
Nicholas Farley, Elias Samankassou, Guillaume Antonioli, Nadine Hallmann, Gilbert Camoin, Anton Eisenhauer, Claude Vella, and Glenn Milne

EGU2018-13697 | Posters | CL1.08

Evaluating combined coral and Tridacna spp. carbonate paleo-SST approaches on recent and last interglacial time scales: A case study from Chumbe Island, Zanzibar
Florian Kirsch, Stefan Krause, Volker Liebetrau, Anton Eisenhauer, Rashid Rashid, and Tyler Goepfert

EGU2018-14567 | Orals | CL1.08

Kuroshio meander recorded in coral oxygen isotopes
Atsuko Yamazaki, Jumpei Isasa, Keiichi Nomura, and Tsuyoshi Watanabe

EGU2018-14178 | Posters | CL1.08

Coral records reveal that abrupt intensification in winter monsoon was the direct trigger of the Akkad empire collapse in 4 ka
Takaaki Watanabe, Tsuyoshi Watanabe, Atsuko Yamazaki, and Miriam Pfeiffer

EGU2018-4514 | Orals | CL1.08

Coral Sr/Ca records from Enggano Island (Indonesia): Proxy records of IOD-induced upwelling and mean SST in the Eastern Indian Ocean
Miriam Pfeiffer, Hideko Takayanagi, Sri Yudawati Cahyarini, Tsuyoshi Watanabe, Dieter Garbe-Schönberg, and Lars Reuning

EGU2018-14290 | Posters | CL1.08

Long-term quantitative assessment of the influence of sediment-related reef disturbance on coral calcification using skeletal geochemical proxies and skeletal growth parameters, in Sumiyo Bay, Amami Oshima.
Saori Ito, Tsuyoshi Watanabe, Megumi Yano, Takaaki Watanabe, and Atsuko Yamazaki

EGU2018-5787 | Orals | CL1.08

Coral records for anthropogenic CO2 uptake in the NW Pacific over the last 100 years
Tsuyoshi Watanabe, Atsuko Yamazaki, Takashi Kawamura, Junpei Isasa, Saori Ito, Shiori Yoneta, Kaoru Sugihara, Keiichi Nomura, Fumihito Iwase, and Hiroya Yamano

EGU2018-7256 | Orals | CL1.08

The Future of Reefs in the Anthropocene. Integrated high-resolution stratigraphy as a monitoring, assisting and predictive tool
Reinhold Leinfelder

EGU2018-14540 | Posters | CL1.08

Two centuries of Indonesian Throughflow-controlled hydrological changes in the southeastern Indian Ocean
Rick Hennekam, Jens Zinke, Erik Van Sebille, Malou Ten Have, Geert-Jan Brummer, and Gert-Jan Reichart

EGU2018-14817 | Posters | CL1.08

Coral sclerochronology and geochemistry in mesophotic corals: environmental or physiological changes?
Atsuko Yamazaki, Shiori Yoneta, Takaaki Watanabe, Frederic Sinniger, Saki Harii, Urumu Tsunogai, and Tsuyoshi Watanabe

EGU2018-14957 | Posters | CL1.08

The geochemical records of Porites corals from Con Dao island, Southern Viet Nam as an indicator of Mekong river discharge and East Asian monsoon
Tung Phan, Atsuko Yamazaki, Chuan-Chou Shen, and Tsuyoshi Watanabe

EGU2018-15679 | Posters | CL1.08

Late Pleistocene MIS 3 high temporal resolution climate reconstruction using giant clam fossils in Kikai Island, Japan
Taro Komagoe, Tsuyoshi Watanabe, Keiichi Sasaki, Kotaro Shirai, and Atsuko Yamazaki

EGU2018-16956 | Posters | CL1.08

Sea surface temperature reconstructions of the past centuries using Porites corals: a comparison between the central and the western Indian Ocean
Maike Leupold, Miriam Pfeiffer, and Dieter Garbe-Schönberg

EGU2018-17692 | Posters | CL1.08

Holocene coral Sr/Ca records from Panjang Island-Banten and Lampung bay-Sunda strait, Indonesia
Sri Yudawati Cahyarini, Miriam Pfeiffer, Lars Reuning, Dieter Garbe-Schönberg, Volker Liebetrau, and Wolf Christian Dullo

EGU2018-19202 | Posters | CL1.08

Global-warming hiatus triggered the inactive Indian Ocean Dipole
Takaaki Watanabe, Tsuyoshi Watanabe, Atsuko Yamazaki, Miriam Pfeiffer, and Michel Claereboudt

EGU2018-19265 | Posters | CL1.08

Medieval Climate Anomaly hydroclimatic variation inferred from Aitutaki corals
Alex Lopatka, Michael Evans, Andrew Lorrey, K. Halimeda Kilbourne, and Helen McGregor

EGU2018-19469 | Posters | CL1.08

Calcification and isotopic record (delta 18O, delta 13C) of corals (Faviidae) from the upwelling-zone of Oman
Philipp Spreter, Markus Reuter, and Thomas Brachert

CL1.10 – Eurasian Aeolian Deposits: Understanding atmospheric variability and interactions (co-organized)

EGU2018-2778 | Posters | CL1.10

Centennial-scale monsoon variability on the western Chinese Loess Plateau since the last deglaciation
Xingxing Liu, Youbin Sun, Peng Cheng, and Zhisheng An

EGU2018-2305 | Orals | CL1.10

Chinese loess linked to Tripolar environmental changes
Zhisheng An, Youbin Sun, and Li Li

EGU2018-4327 | Posters | CL1.10

Late Holocene anti-phase change in the East Asian summer and winter monsoons
Shugang Kang, Xulong Wang, Helen M. Roberts, Geoff A. T. Duller, Peng Cheng, Yanchou Lu, and Zhisheng An

EGU2018-2704 | Orals | CL1.10

Millennial eolian dynamics during the last climate cycle and associated large-scale patterns of atmospheric circulation.
Denis-Didier Rousseau, Adriana Sima, Youbin Sun, and Pierre Antoine

EGU2018-6099 | Orals | CL1.10

Stratigraphic interpretations of loess-paleosol sequences and their relevance for paleoclimatic implications
Christian Zeeden, Ulrich Hambach, Igor Obreht, Qingzhen Hao, Daniel Veres, Frank Lehmkuhl, Milivoj B. Gavrilov, and Slobodan B. Markovic

EGU2018-3020 | Posters | CL1.10

The impact of the Arctic Oscillation on annual to seasonal dust emission in East Asia during 2009~2017
Haijiao Liu, Youbin Sun, and Yan Yan

EGU2018-4255 | Posters | CL1.10

The cause of extremely high magnetic susceptibility of the S5S1 paleosol in the central Chinese Loess Plateau
Hao Lu, Jia Jia, Youjun Wang, and Dunsheng Xia

EGU2018-3110 | Orals | CL1.10

The role of Polar Front dynamics in formation of the Serbian Loess
Slobodan Markovic, Milivoj Gavrilov, Qingzen Hao, Zhengtang Guo, Christian Zeeden, Igor Obreht, and Ulrich Hambach

EGU2018-2494 | Orals | CL1.10

Comparison of the climate effects of surface uplifts from the northern Tibetan Plateau, the Tianshan, and the Mongolian Plateau on the East Asian climate
Ran Zhang and Dabang Jiang

EGU2018-411 | Posters | CL1.10

Paleomagnetic record of loess-paleosol sequences in the arid Central Asia, implication for chronological refinement
Guanhua Li, Dunsheng Xia, Erwin Appel, and Xiaoqiang Yang

EGU2018-1086 | Orals | CL1.10

Regional and geomorphological controls on loess deposition during the late Quaternary at Slivata, North Bulgaria
Kaja Fenn, David Thomas, Julie Durcan, and Daniel Veres

EGU2018-1762 | Posters | CL1.10

Millennial scale climatic oscillation recorded by the Ili aeolian loess during the last glaciation in Central Asia
Yougui Song and Yue Li

EGU2018-3013 | Posters | CL1.10

Aeolian dust cycling from the inland Asia to North Pacific over the past 23 Ma
Youbin Sun, Long Ma, Xingxing Liu, Ting Wang, Yan Yan, Xiaoke Qiang, and Zhisheng An

EGU2018-3188 | Posters | CL1.10

Miocene–Pliocene climate transition in East Asia linked to mountain uplift
Ao Hong

EGU2018-4082 | Posters | CL1.10

Terrestrial mollusk records from Chinese loess sequences and changes in the East Asian monsoonal environment
Naiqin Wu, Fengjiang Li, and Denis-Didier Rousseau

EGU2018-5130 | Posters | CL1.10

Dust input to the surface sediment of Lake Hongjiannao in the south boundary of Mu Su Desert, Northern China
Xuefeng Yu and Xiaoqing Liu

EGU2018-18137 | Posters | CL1.10

Late Cenozoic eolian dust encroaching on fluvial systems on the NE Tibetan Plateau
Yibo Yang, Xiaobai Ruan, Xiaomin Fang, Albert Galy, Fei Zhang, Zhangdong Jin, and Rongsheng Yang

EGU2018-1306 | Posters | CL1.10

Loess-palaeosol sequences in Armenia: a challenging archive for the application of luminescence dating
Tilmann Wolpert, Daniel Wolf, Lilit Sahakyan, Dominik Faust, and Markus Fuchs

EGU2018-4250 | Posters | CL1.10

Paleoprecipitation reconstruction on the Chinese Loess Plateau using 10Be
Weijian Zhou, Feng Xian, Yajuan Du, Xianghui Kong, Zhenkun Wu, and Xingjun Xie

EGU2018-6345 | Posters | CL1.10

High frequency palaeoenvironmental variability in Last Glacial loess from Nussloch (Germany) dated by radiocarbon of earthworm calcite granules
Olivier Moine, Pierre Antoine, Christine Hatté, Amaëlle Landais, Jérôme Mathieu, Charlotte Prud'homme, and Denis-Didier Rousseau

EGU2018-2472 | Posters | CL1.10

A unique Late Saalian (MIS 6) loess accumulation in the Lower Danube at Harletz (Bulgaria)
Pierre Antoine, France Lagroix, Diana Jordanova, Johanna Lomax, Markus Fuchs, Maxime Debret, Denis-Didier Rousseau, Christine Hatté, and Olivier Moine

EGU2018-16067 | Posters | CL1.10

Clay mineral changes in different loess-paleosol sequences using DRS and XRD methods
Jozsef Szeberényi, Balázs Bradák, Diána Csonka, Tamás Weiszburg, Gabriella Barta, Erzsébet Horváth, and Ágnes Novothny

EGU2018-8913 | Posters | CL1.10

Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction in loess based on stable isotope analyses of pedogenic carbonates from Charyn Canyon, Central Asia
Charlotte Prud'homme, Giancarlo Scardia, Aditi Dave, Hubert Vonhof, and Kathryn Fitzsimmons

CL1.11 – Novel and quantitative methods for continental palaeoenvironmental reconstruction.

EGU2018-11615 | Orals | CL1.11

Joint proxy inversion to improve paleoclimate reconstructions
Gabriel Bowen and Brenden Fisher-Femal

EGU2018-1130 | Posters | CL1.11

A Palaeoenvironmental framework for the Epipalaeolithic to Neolithic occupation of Northeast Morocco based on land snail stable isotope analysis
Amy Prendergast, Jörg Linstädter, Monika Gdak, Bernd Schöne, and Rainer Hutterer

EGU2018-15626 | Posters | CL1.11

Differentiating inputs of soil and lacustrine branched GDGTs in Sebago Lake sediments (Maine, Northeast U.S.A.)
Isla Castaneda, Thivanka Ariyarathna, Daniel Miller, Rebecca Smith, Jessica Tierney, Pablo Martinez Sosa, and Jeffrey Salacup

EGU2018-19426 | Orals | CL1.11

Carbon Isotope Evidence for Changes in Cenozoic Mid-Latitude Primary Productivity and Water Use Efficiency
Jeremy Caves Rugenstein, Samuel Kramer, Daniel Ibarra, Alexis Licht, and C. Page Chamberlain

EGU2018-16251 | Orals | CL1.11

Beyond single biomarker-isotope studies in paleolimnology - towards a coupled δ2Hleaf−wax-δ18Ohemicellulose based paleohygrometer approach
Johannes Hepp, Lorenz Wüthrich, Imke Kathrin Schäfer, Mario Tuthorn, Tobias Bromm, Marcel Bliedtner, Bruno Glaser, Dieter Juchelka, Frank Sirocko, Kazimierz Rozanski, Roland Zech, Christoph Mayr, and Michael Zech

EGU2018-3383 | Posters | CL1.11

Prediction of Equilibrium Isotopic Fractionation of the Gypsum/Bassanite/Water System using ab initio Calculations
Tao Liu, Emilio Artacho, Fernando Gázquez, Gregory Walters, and David Hodell

EGU2018-18186 | Posters | CL1.11

Getting Better All the Time: How Well Do Recent Carbonate Clumped Isotope Calibrations Agree With Each Other?
Mathieu Daëron, Dominique Blamart, Marion Peral, Russell Drysdale, Tyler Coplen, Damien Huyghe, and Giovanni Zanchetta

EGU2018-4509 | Orals | CL1.11

Reconstruction of winter atmospheric teleconnections in the North Atlantic area during the Holocene using a gridded pollen-based temperature record.
Basil A.S. Davis, Manuel Chevalier, Philipp S. Sommer, Anne de Vernal, and Olivier Cartapanis

EGU2018-8778 | Orals | CL1.11

The underground legacy of permafrost carbon: Speleothems as potential high-resolution archives of the local carbon cycle
Franziska A. Lechleitner, Andrew Mason, Anton Vaks, Sebastian F.M. Breitenbach, Alexander M. Kononov, Alexander V. Osinzev, and Gideon M. Henderson

EGU2018-4637 | Posters | CL1.11

Constructing a Bayesian model for spatio-temporal climate reconstructions of the last deglaciation
Nils Weitzel, Andreas Hense, and Christian Ohlwein

EGU2018-12338 | Posters | CL1.11

Probabilistic spatial reconstruction constrained by physically motivated fields
Florian Kapp, Andreas Hense, Christian Ohlwein, and Nils Weitzel

EGU2018-10139 | Orals | CL1.11

Quantitative paleo-humidity reconstruction during the Iberian Roman period from triple oxygen and hydrogen isotopes in gypsum speleothems
Fernando Gázquez, Thomas Bauska, Jose-Maria Calaforra, Bassam Ghaleb, and David A. Hodell

EGU2018-15956 | Posters | CL1.11

Is this an event? - Detecting abrupt changes in palaeoclimate records
Bedartha Goswami, Sebastian Breitenbach, Franziska Lechleitner, James Baldini, Hai Cheng, and Norbert Marwan

EGU2018-9046 | Posters | CL1.11

Tracing past shifts of the boundary between maritime and continental climate over Central Europe
Sebastian Breitenbach, Birgit Plessen, Sarah Waltgenbach, Rik Tjallingii, Jens Leonhardt, Klaus-Peter Jochum, Hanno Meyer, Norbert Marwan, and Denis Scholz

EGU2018-9793 | Posters | CL1.11

35,000 years of hydrological variability in northern New Zealand from speleothem magnetism
Bethany Fox, Ioan Lascu, Richard Harrison, Sebastian Breitenbach, and Adam Hartland

EGU2018-9211 | Posters | CL1.11

A reactive transport approach to understanding elemental and isotopic signatures of cave waters and speleothems
Jessica Oster, Jennifer Druhan, Max Giannetta, and Corey Lawrence

EGU2018-10138 | Posters | CL1.11

Calibrating multiple isotopic proxies in a modern aragonite speleothem from Northeast India
Elli Ronay, Jessica Oster, Warren Sharp, Naomi Marks, Andrea Erhardt, and Sebastian F.M. Breitenbach

EGU2018-11903 | Posters | CL1.11

Fossilized drip-water from a Sierra Nevada Cave, USA reveals changing conditions over the North Pacific during the last deglaciation
Barbara E. Wortham, Isabel P. Montanez, Peter K. Swart, Sujoy Mukhopadhyay, and Clay R. Tabor

EGU2018-12744 | Posters | CL1.11

Local and distant Pacific climate signals in cave hydrochemistry: Waipuna cave, New Zealand.
Cinthya Nava, Adam Hartland, Bethany Fox, Ola Kwiecien, Fernando Gazquez, and Sebastian Breitenbach

EGU2018-13780 | Posters | CL1.11

Towards a quantitative proxy of cave dripwater hydrology
Adam Hartland, Chaoyong Hu, Gabriel Enge, Rebecca Zitoun, Niklas Lehto, Mahdiyeh Salmanzadeh, Beth Fox, Anthony Dosseto, and Sebastian Breitenbach

CL1.13 – Quaternary climate archives and proxy uncertainty

EGU2018-10987 | Orals | CL1.13 | Highlight

The Last Interglacial climate: Patterns, Thresholds, Feedbacks
Gerrit Lohmann, Xuezhu Wang, Johannes Sutter, Saeid Bagheri, Jan Streffing, Christian Stepanek, Hartmut Hellmer, Thomas Felis, Paul Gierz, Will Brocas, and Rüdiger Stein

EGU2018-2123 | Posters | CL1.13

Geochemistry of sediment in south part of Urmia Lake and responses to climate change during 20,000 years ago
Shohreh Erfan and Khalil Rezaei

EGU2018-2461 | Posters | CL1.13

Alluvial systems in the Venetian Plain (Italy) as archives of late Quaternary climates and environments
Arianna Marcolla, Asioli Alessandra, Miola Antonella, Monegato Giovanni, Mozzi Paolo, and Stefani Cristina

EGU2018-13361 | Orals | CL1.13

A new biomarker-derived paleotemperature record from Western Europe covering the last 160,000 years
Nina Davtian, Guillemette Ménot, Yoann Fagault, and Edouard Bard

EGU2018-16479 | Posters | CL1.13

The carbonate islands from the Chobe Enclave as Quaternary paleo-hydrological archives (NW Botswana)
Nathalie Diaz, Simon J. Armitage, and Frédéric Herman

EGU2018-5418 | Orals | CL1.13

Interglacial variability in Central Asian (Lake Baikal) precipitation
George Swann and Anson Mackay

EGU2018-12555 | Posters | CL1.13

Warm intervals climate in the Levant from U and Sr isotopes in lacustrine salt sequences
Mordechai Stein, Yael Kiro, Boaz Lazar, Steve Goldstein, and Yochanan Kushnir

EGU2018-3464 | Orals | CL1.13

Expression, frequencies and dynamics of sub-orbital scale variability during Marine Isotope Stages 19: insights from the Sulmona Basin (central Italy)
Eleonora Regattieri, Biagio Giaccio, Giovanni Zanchetta, Giorgio Mannella, Sebastien Nomade, Hendrik Vogel, Andrea Tognarelli, Chiara Boschi, Natale Perchiazzi, Paolo Galli, and Edoardo Peronace

EGU2018-17594 | Orals | CL1.13 | Highlight

Holocene temperature evolution in the Northern Hemisphere high latitudes – model-data comparisons
Heikki Seppä, Yurui Zhang, Hans Renssen, and Paul Valdes

EGU2018-4832 | Posters | CL1.13

Holocene paleoclimate reconstructions from Belgian continental archives (HOPES)
Mohammed Allan, Guillaume Lenoir, Sophie Verheyden, Michel Crucifix, and Nathalie Fagel

EGU2018-4842 | Posters | CL1.13

Deciphering climate variability over the last 3 kyr in the geochemical record of Lake Jeinimini, Northern Chilean Patagonia
Nathalie Fagel, Pablo Pedreros, Denisse Alvarez, Patricia Jana Pinninghoff, Alberto Araneda, Alessandra Perfetti-Bolaño, Isabelle Billy, Philippe Martinez, Sabine Schmidt, and Roberto Urrutia

EGU2018-13874 | Orals | CL1.13

Estimating Correlations between Paleoclimate Time Series: Sources of Uncertainty and Potential Pitfalls
Jasper G. Franke and Reik V. Donner

EGU2018-15455 | Posters | CL1.13

Lacustrine record of last millenia environmental changes in south central Chile
Isis-Yelena Montes, Andy Banegas-Medina, Nathalie Fagel, Meriam El Ouahabi, Denisse Alvarez, and Roberto Urrutia

EGU2018-7630 | Orals | CL1.13 | Highlight

A new global ocean gridded climatology of the sea-surface temperature during the Last Glacial Maximum
André Paul, Oliver Esper, Michal Kucera, Stefan Mulitza, and Martin Werner

EGU2018-7550 | Orals | CL1.13

Spatial structure of climate and proxy variability during the Glacial and the Holocene
Maria Reschke, Andrew Dolman, and Thomas Laepple

EGU2018-2192 | Posters | CL1.13

Monitoring of the most industrialized regions in Poland :The climate–radial growth, climate– δ13C and δ18O relationships of Scots pine in the Silesia region
Barbara Sensuła and Sławomir Wilczyński

EGU2018-2354 | Posters | CL1.13

East–west contrast of Northeast Asian summer precipitation during the Holocene
Xiaojian Zhang

EGU2018-14226 | Orals | CL1.13

The effect of species selection on SST reconstructions based on planktonic foraminifera assemblages.
Lukas Jonkers and Michal Kucera

EGU2018-8602 | Posters | CL1.13

Evaluating inner variability and common patterns of tree rings and pollen records in northern Italy: potentials for an integrated multi-proxy climate reconstruction
Valter Maggi, Giovanni Leonelli, Francesca Vallé, Roberta Pini, and Cesare Ravazzi

EGU2018-5425 | Orals | CL1.13

Imprecision of paleotemperature and palaeosalinity reconstructions due to uncertainty in trace-element preservation and distribution in ostracod shells
Lucy Roberts and Jonathan Holmes