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EOS – Educational and Outreach Symposia

EOS3 – Science in tomorrow's classroom (poster only session)

EGU2018-19550 | Posters | EOS3

Geoscience Information for Teachers (GIFT) Workshops of the European Geoscience Union General Assembly
Eve Arnold, Friedrich Barnikel, Jean Luc Berenguer, Francesca Cifelli, Francesca Funiciello, Christopher King, Konstantinos Kourtidis, Carlo Laj, Stephen Macko, Annegret Schwarz, Phil Smith, and Herbert Summesberger

EGU2018-3989 | Posters | EOS3

A game for teaching plate tectonics
Gabriella Salerno

EGU2018-9548 | Posters | EOS3

Teaching geosciences throughout "Complex Task"
Lucas Bollori, Faustine Gendron, and Félix Villeneuve

EGU2018-5417 | Posters | EOS3

Measure the Circumference of the Earth
Candan Kafalı

EGU2018-16753 | Posters | EOS3

São Vicentes´Caves – understanding the formation of Madeira island
Isabel Chaves

EGU2018-3852 | Posters | EOS3

Vesuvius: an App to explore the geological and naturalistic features of the Mount Vesuvius
Anna La Montagna

EGU2018-3855 | Posters | EOS3

Teaching volcanoes in primary school
Ilie Minescu and Octavian Horia Minda

EGU2018-3912 | Posters | EOS3

WORKING AND LEARNING WITH VIRTUAL WORLDS Eliciting further abilities with hands- on technology.
Annalaura Achenza

EGU2018-3160 | Posters | EOS3

a fragile beauty(Discovering our island geology)
Saveria Volta

EGU2018-9096 | Posters | EOS3

Experiments modeling meteorite crater impact and exploitation of registered seismological data at school
Diane Carrer, Jérémy Camponovo, Jean-Luc Berenguer, Fatima Moujdi-Menauge, and Julien Balestra

EGU2018-7858 | Posters | EOS3

Using paired teaching for earthquake education in schools
Solmaz Mohadjer, Sebastian Mutz, Ruth Amey, Reinhard Drews, Matthew Kemp, Peter Kloos, Lewis Mitchell, Matthias Nettesheim, Sophie Gill, Jessica Starke, and Todd A. Ehlers

EGU2018-9232 | Posters | EOS3

Edumed-obs: Educational Observatory for mediterranean environment to understand risks and natural hazards all over the mediterranean sea shore.
Jean-Luc Berenguer, Jérémy Camponovo, Fatima Moujdi-Menauge, Julien Balestra, Fabrice Jouffray, and Diane Carrer

EGU2018-11103 | Posters | EOS3

Earthquake Triangulation Around Your School
Stacy Terlep

EGU2018-2717 | Posters | EOS3

Fieldwork as a tool to extend learning beyond the classroom
Gordon Neighbour

EGU2018-4019 | Posters | EOS3

The Museum and Laboratory of Geology as a space that promotes local and regional geological heritage
José Carlos Silva

EGU2018-4034 | Posters | EOS3

Earth’s History: Geologic Time Line – A Triple-layer Inquiry Activity
Lisa Rigogliosi

EGU2018-4238 | Posters | EOS3

Lets go - learning outdoors !!!
Zeljka Jeramaz

EGU2018-3987 | Posters | EOS3

Experimental classes and outdoor activities: a successful way of learning
Paula Cristina Rosa

EGU2018-6068 | Posters | EOS3

Learning about rocks by experimenting and using ICT
Renata Flander

EGU2018-2687 | Posters | EOS3

Ensuring Science in Tomorrow’s Classroom is engaging and interactive: Geology Through Chocolate
Kate Stockings

EGU2018-19498 | Posters | EOS3

Lherzolite partial melting modeling for High School and University Students
Serge Nenert

EGU2018-10462 | Posters | EOS3

Stepping stone
Bojana Mitriceski Andelkovic and Sladjana Jovic

EGU2018-10622 | Posters | EOS3

Field trips - a teaching / learning strategy
Nuno Ramos

EGU2018-9455 | Posters | EOS3

Tovel Lake’s Mystery
Maurizio Marinelli

EGU2018-19860 | Posters | EOS3

An educational pond for a primary school
Eric Bataillou and Caroline Haegelin

EGU2018-19503 | Posters | EOS3

Youth mission to Mars
Fabien Mano

EGU2018-16717 | Posters | EOS3

Astrobiology workshop
Milica Krneta

EGU2018-15851 | Posters | EOS3

Searching Through Earth's Minds
Diana Bejan

EGU2018-12192 | Posters | EOS3

Let's find Rosetta
Doina Otilia Filep

EGU2018-9892 | Posters | EOS3

Journey to The Moon
Bengü Bozlar

EGU2018-8985 | Posters | EOS3

INSIGHT Mars school activities from primary school to University
Jeremy Camponovo, Jean-Luc Berenguer, Fatima Moujdi-Menauge, Diane Carrer, and Julien Balestra

EGU2018-4743 | Posters | EOS3

School Astronomy Club “AstroESAQ” – Some activities
José Rebuge

EGU2018-3826 | Posters | EOS3

Students' planetarium
Mirosław Brozis

EGU2018-9598 | Posters | EOS3

Earth Science Day at my school
Jolanta Sulma

EGU2018-3699 | Posters | EOS3

The warning of sediments for the conservation of the environment
Francesco Gigante

EGU2018-3696 | Posters | EOS3

What’s your soil?
Pauline Beis and Valetin Girard

EGU2018-3898 | Posters | EOS3

Processes and factors responsible for terrestrial relief through photographs
Pere Crespí Salom and Pere Morell Palou

EGU2018-19501 | Posters | EOS3

Classroom Connections to NASA’s Operation IceBridge: Leveraging Teacher-Researcher Collaborations Through the PolarTREC Program
Kelly McCarthy

EGU2018-19516 | Posters | EOS3

Climate Change
Alison Moran

EGU2018-7521 | Posters | EOS3

Hands-on Atmospheric Education: Learning Transferable Skills at a Research Oriented Intensive Course
Taina M. Ruuskanen, Hanna Vehkamäki, Laura Riuttanen, Antti Lauri, and Markku Kulmala

EGU2018-3986 | Posters | EOS3

Looking for Snow Man on Star Mountain
Elsa Salzedas

EGU2018-4336 | Posters | EOS3

Palynology and climate changes: from Tardiglacial to today
Barbara Callerani

EGU2018-5051 | Posters | EOS3

Getting Students Interested in Geography
Laura Hallanoro

EGU2018-4658 | Posters | EOS3

We think globally, we act locally!
Monica Fluțăr

EGU2018-4303 | Posters | EOS3

Global Goals for sustainable development in the classroom
Gjorgjina Dimova

EGU2018-4008 | Posters | EOS3

Scientix resource & Adventure book for an environmental education Earth science tool Little Prince
Costantina Cossu, Teresita Gravina, Stefano Macchia, and Parco naturale Porto conte

EGU2018-10283 | Posters | EOS3

The natural factors, and the anthropic impact; can we conserve the natural environment?
Gaetano Caputo

EGU2018-10783 | Posters | EOS3

Natural and cultural landscape in Palmaria island (Portovenere - SP)
Elena Rizzi

EGU2018-15312 | Posters | EOS3

Preventing and minimizing forest fire's impact
Berta Rodrigues, Décio Pica, Maria João Chagas, and Vitor Gonçalves

EGU2018-18509 | Posters | EOS3

Constructed Wetland for Wastewater Treatment
Iskander Nabiullin

EGU2018-18836 | Posters | EOS3

Classroom Experiences of Using an Augmented Reality Sandbox to Simulate the 2013 Colorado Floods and Mitigation Options
David Thesenga

EGU2018-19499 | Posters | EOS3

Using mobile phones and electric learning environment in field studies (for example exploring landforms created by continental glaciation)
Mari Lehesvirta and Sirpa Tarvainen

EGU2018-15204 | Posters | EOS3

Geo-Python: An open online introduction to programming in Python for geoscientists
David Whipp, Henrikki Tenkanen, and Vuokko Heikinheimo

EGU2018-9513 | Posters | EOS3

Project “Step into the Physics”
Jelena Radovanović

EGU2018-3810 | Posters | EOS3

Inspiring pupils in STEM through Inquiry Learning Spaces (ILSs): The “Scientists in Arctic Pole” ILS example
Marialena Christodoulidou

EGU2018-9591 | Posters | EOS3

A Simulation Game about Electricity Supply
Wolfgang Krenn

EGU2018-3866 | Posters | EOS3

An inquiry-based science project
Matthias Schultz

EGU2018-19536 | Posters | EOS3

Korea outreach program for underwater glider
Yumi Song and JongJin Park

EGU2018-8431 | Posters | EOS3

Psycho-semiotic analysis of the reflection of high school students' moods onto the school walls
Verim Gümüşsoy and Özge Doğdu

EGU2018-18596 | Posters | EOS3

Advantages Of Using An Adaptive e-Learning System
Sofija Tosheva

EGU2018-19514 | Posters | EOS3

Developing problem-oriented worksheets for expanding the possibilities of teaching Hungary’s geography
Viktor Pál, Andrea Farsang, Péter Szilassi, Zsuzsanna Császár, Károly Teperics, and Anett Kádár

EGU2018-10250 | Posters | EOS3

Adventures in the Land of Geography
Kyriaki Intzeidou

EGU2018-9164 | Posters | EOS3

The influence of science olympiad in school science teaching and learning: the case of Italian Earth Science Olympiad
Teresita Gravina, Vincenzo Boccardi, Costantina Cossu, Emanuele Piccioni, and Roberto Greco

EGU2018-3710 | Posters | EOS3

Projects in Middle and High Education to participate in the Young Geoscientists Congress
Gina Pereira Correia and Estefânia Pires

EGU2018-3339 | Posters | EOS3

Strengths, weaknesses and lessons learned from the blended learning methodology application at two interdisciplinary doctoral summer schools
Mojca Sraj, Klaudija Sapac, Andreja Zgajnar Gotvajn, Franc Lobnik, Mitja Brilly, Johannes Hübl, Roberto Ranzi, Matjaz Lobnik, and Ziga Subic

EGU2018-10886 | Posters | EOS3

Real Data, Real People, Real Reading
Paul Levin

EGU2018-16315 | Posters | EOS3

Communication to the non-scientific public using the Wikipedia Free Encyclopedia
Julien Leuthold, Pia Sherrer, and Adrian Gilli

EGU2018-10752 | Posters | EOS3

Using Argument-Driven Inquiry as a Transformative Approach to Teaching Science
David Steele

EGU2018-9326 | Posters | EOS3

Science in Tomorrow's School – Learning Beyond the Classroom
Pilvi Tauer and Piret Karu

EGU2018-4884 | Posters | EOS3

Useful resource to organize Earth Science Laboratories and lessons thanks to Scientix and NextLab project
Costantina Cossu, Stefano Macchia, and Teresita Gravina

EGU2018-3988 | Posters | EOS3

Feeding my dream - a cross-curricular CLIL project
Jonathan James

EGU2018-3725 | Posters | EOS3

The World in our Classroom
Almida Cercizaj

EGU2018-3886 | Posters | EOS3

Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) during classes in Young Explorer's Club
Małgorzata Szymura and Barbara Szymańska-Markowska

EOS4 – Geoethics: ethical, social and cultural implications of geoscience knowledge, education, communication, research and practice (co-sponsored by the International Association for Promoting Geoethics and the Geological Society of London)

EGU2018-45 | Posters | EOS4

Acid Mine Drainage Problem in Democratic Republic of Congo
Patrick Maheshe and Kitae Beak

EGU2018-1179 | Posters | EOS4

Exogeoconservation: Protecting Geological Heritage on Celestial Bodies
Jack Matthews and Sean McMahon

EGU2018-12376 | Orals | EOS4

From efficient cause to final cause: the role of geoethics in the frame of geosciences
Stefano Tinti

EGU2018-2691 | Orals | EOS4

Geoethics – reflections in a historical context
Bjørn Kalsnes

EGU2018-1351 | Posters | EOS4

Geoethics Proper and geo-Humanities – a Research Agenda
Martin Bohle, Eduardo Marone, Silvia Peppoloni, Giuseppe Di Capua, and Nic Bilham

EGU2018-2306 | Posters | EOS4

Activities on exploiting and utilizing oilfield geothermal energy and its prospects in eastern China
Shejiao Wang, Jiahong Yan, Junwen Hu, Feng Li, and Yanhua Yao

EGU2018-5677 | Orals | EOS4

On Appropriate Engagement between the Geoscience Community and Corporate Actors
Gretchen Goldman and Genna Reed

EGU2018-2866 | Posters | EOS4

Learning geoethics: A ready-to-play poster
Pariphat Promduangsri and David Crookall

EGU2018-11578 | Orals | EOS4

Suggestions for infusing ethics throughout a geoscience department
Vincent Cronin

EGU2018-9708 | Orals | EOS4

The Updated AGU Ethics Policy: A Strategic Milestone to Impact Sexual Harassment in Science and other Work Climate issues
Michael McPhaden, Eric Davidson, Christine McEntee, and Billy Williams

EGU2018-2867 | Posters | EOS4

Geo-edu-ethics: Learning ethics for the earth
David Crookall and Pariphat Promduangsri

EGU2018-17927 | Orals | EOS4 | Highlight

Social bias in mortality of poor compared to affluent people in earthquakes
Max Wyss, Philippe Rosset, and Stavros Tolis

EGU2018-3056 | Posters | EOS4

Forensic geology applications for the solution of environmental crimes
Roberta Somma, Orazio Barbagallo, Rosanna Casabona, and Tiziano Granata

EGU2018-4484 | Posters | EOS4

The White Paper on Responsible Mining
Giuseppe Di Capua, Nikolaos Arvanitidis, Jan Boon, and Pekka A. Nurmi

EGU2018-4025 | Orals | EOS4 | Highlight

UNCLOS framework of Ocean Governance: Ethical Dimensions.
Eduardo Marone and Luis Marone

EGU2018-4513 | Posters | EOS4

IAPG - International Association for Promoting Geoethics: let’s take stock of the situation
Silvia Peppoloni, Giuseppe Di Capua, Peter Bobrowsky, Susan Kieffer, and Stefano Tinti

EGU2018-8429 | Posters | EOS4

The significance of geoethical practices in Malawi: a case study of Globe Company and Kanyika area
Yankho Naomi Kalebe and Giuseppe Di Capua

EGU2018-4742 | Orals | EOS4

How to practice critically engaged science – a case of applying ethical principles in Senegal
Cornelia E. Nauen and Aliou Sall

EGU2018-9151 | Posters | EOS4

Building a Constructive and Inclusive Culture in Geoscience Departments and Academic Leaders
Pranoti Asher and Christopher Keane

EGU2018-16981 | Orals | EOS4

Risk communication about tsunamis in the Mediterranean Sea: challenges and pitfalls.
Andrea Cerase

EGU2018-9570 | Posters | EOS4

Monitoring System of tourist traffic (MSTT) in Stołowe Mts. National Park and its application for tourism management
Mateusz Rogowski

EGU2018-17962 | Orals | EOS4

Reconciling environmental, social and ethical drivers and implications of mining – can we have it all, or do we have to choose?
Nic Bilham

EGU2018-12632 | Posters | EOS4

Ocean governance and Ethics
Michele Barbier

EGU2018-84 | Orals | EOS4

Social sciences in the extractive industries – an example
Jan Boon

EGU2018-16080 | Posters | EOS4

Teacher experiences, views and proposals: first results from a questionnaire developed in the frame of ENVRIPLUS project
Giuliana D'Addezio

EGU2018-37 | Orals | EOS4

Geoethical Thinking and Wicked Socio-Environmental Systems
Martin Bohle

EGU2018-16279 | Posters | EOS4

Pragmatic aspects of public speaking and their role in divulging geosciences
Massimo Arattano and Albertina Gatti

EGU2018-18307 | Posters | EOS4

The role of writing skills in geoscience
Massimo Arattano and Albertina Gatti

EGU2018-18703 | Posters | EOS4

Mitigation of social, ethical and environmental conflicts regarding open-pit lignite power generation projects
Michał Dudek

EOS6 – Communication and Education in Geoscience: Practice, Research and Reflection

EGU2018-7101 | Orals | EOS6

Keep calm and manage your data - research data management education for scientists in Switzerland
Ana Sesartic, Caterina Barillari, Aude Dieudé, Jan Krause, and Henry Lütcke

EGU2018-82 | Posters | EOS6

OH-Kids: A model to ensure a next generation of geoscientists, engineers and technologist
Roberta Karinne Mocva-Kurek, Adrián Pedrozo-Acuña, Alejandra Amaro-Loza, Roxana Ivonne Fonseca-Rodríguez, Jorge Blanco-Figueroa, Juan Alejandro Sánchez-Peralta, and Jorge Alberto Magos-Hernández

EGU2018-5 | Orals | EOS6

Finding exciting stories among 17,000 scientific abstracts
Bárbara Ferreira

EGU2018-133 | Posters | EOS6

The value of teacher field trips and professional development workshops at VIII GeoSciEd, Campinas, Brazil
Michael Passow, Celso Dal Ré Carneiro, and Chris King

EGU2018-916 | Posters | EOS6

E2C (Earth2Class) em Diamantina: Expanding a Model for Student Learning and Teacher Development
Douglas Sathler, Michael Passow, Cláudio Marinho, and Danielle Piuzana

EGU2018-11486 | Orals | EOS6

Research-based Curricula and Educating the New Data Scientist
Peter Fox and Mark Parsons

EGU2018-1525 | Posters | EOS6

A free-to-download geoscience textbook for 16 year olds in your country/region?
Chris King

EGU2018-18350 | Orals | EOS6

Evaluating online storylines to increase the accessibility, transparency and potential use of RiverCare knowledge
Juliette Cortes Arevalo, Anneke Sools, Laura N.H. Verbrugge, Marcela Brugnach, Pepijn van Denderen, Jasper H.J. Candel, Julia E.W.C. van Gemert-Pijnen, and Suzanne J.M.H. Hulscher

EGU2018-18512 | Orals | EOS6

Dirty Words: How Communication is Helping Soil Science
Jeremy LeLean

EGU2018-1526 | Posters | EOS6

Earthlearningidea – a global online geoscience teaching resource
Chris King, Peter Kennett, and Elizabeth Devon

EGU2018-4971 | Posters | EOS6

Pilot project for radon measurement in Romanian schools. An innovative and proactive educational initiative based on collaboration between schools and Babeș-Bolyai University
Nicoleta Bican-Brișan, Alexandra Dinu-Cucoș, Kinga Szacsvai, Tiberius Dicu, Denissa Bety Burghele, and Valentin Maxim-Oros

EGU2018-10636 | Orals | EOS6

Focusing on interactions between individuals and their learning environment : a new step forward for Geoscience education
Alexandra Renouard and Yves Mazabraud

EGU2018-2300 | Orals | EOS6

From Cosmos to Earth to Life to Culture. A Resilient Strategy for Natural, Physical, and Mathematical Science Outreach activities: the proposal of a “Widespread Museum” for the City of Rome
Sveva Corrado, Beatrice Adanti, Andrea Bollati, Francesco Grossi, and Settimio Mobilio

EGU2018-5597 | Posters | EOS6

Enhance Your Science With Social Media: No ... Really
Hanna Goss and Allison Aiken

EGU2018-9424 | Posters | EOS6

The Role of Scientists as Communicators: Exploring the evolution of contributions and participation in a jointly-run AGU and EGU science communication session
Heidi Roop, Sam Illingworth, and Rhian Salmon

EGU2018-19680 | Orals | EOS6

Promoting Geoscience in field trips!
Beatriz Oliveira, Luís Rodrigues, and Paulo Fernandes

EGU2018-17888 | Posters | EOS6 - popular science blog, quizz and social media about climate change.
Marcin Popkiewicz, Aleksandra E. Kardaś, Anna Sierpińska, and Szymon P. Malinowski

EGU2018-3522 | Orals | EOS6

Reaching out to the hard to reach: using a science centre model to deliver public engagement with research.
Mary Gagen, Chris Allton, and Will Bryan

EGU2018-18694 | Posters | EOS6

On the role of emotional, cognitive and behavioral mechanisms in climate change communication
Mélodie Trolliet, Thibaut Barbier, and Julie Jacquet

EGU2018-5102 | Orals | EOS6

Awakening the scientific vocation in schoolchildren through project-based learning in a rural environment.
Alba Martinez-Coronado, Sofía Rivera, Jose Esbri, Pablo Higueras, Rocio Naharro, Eva García, Sandra Viso, Eloy Castellanos, Carlos Garbi, JoseAntonio Quirce, Pilar Muñoz, Angeles Redondo, Rafael Gil, Elia Pena, Manuela Pizarro, Emilio Gonzalez, Elisa Mancha, and Aurea Canton

EGU2018-6285 | Posters | EOS6

A Change of Climate – How Poetry Can Help Localise a Global Problem
Sam Illingworth

EGU2018-16357 | Orals | EOS6

Flooding and the City of Culture
Christopher Skinner

EGU2018-19267 | Orals | EOS6

Perception of volcanic hazards and volcanic risk in the Canary Islands population through the educational program: “Canary Islands, a volcanic window in the Atlantic Ocean”
Fiona Burns, Fátima Rodríguez, Rubén García-Hernández, Cecilia Morales, Ernesto García, David Calvo, Mar Alonso, Marta García-Merino, Nemesio M. Pérez, Pedro A. Hernández, Eleazar Padrón, Germán D. Padilla, and José Barrancos

EGU2018-53 | Posters | EOS6

Public perceptions of flooding and pollution in Greater Manchester
Maria Lorono-Leturiondo, Paul O'Hare, Simon Cook, Stephen R. Hoon, and Sam Illingworth

EGU2018-17171 | Posters | EOS6

Perceptions of the subsurface and potential for geological training in west Clare
Anthea Lacchia, Peter Haughton, Patrick Shannon, and Geertje Schuitema

EGU2018-9821 | Posters | EOS6

Communicating Volcanology to the public – the first European Volcanoes’ Night at the University of the Azores (Portugal)
Fátima Viveiros, Rita Carmo, José Pacheco, Joana Medeiros, Vittorio Zanon, Rui Marques, Isabel E. Rego, Rita Silva, Sofia Pereira, Mariana Pacheco, Arturo Montalvo, Joana Pacheco, Teresa Ferreira, Gabriela Queiroz, João L. Gaspar, Adriano Pimentel, and Nemesio Pèrez

EGU2018-13054 | Posters | EOS6

Communication on the atmosphere’s composition – activities of the Global Atmosphere Watch Programme
Claudia Volosciuk, Oksana Tarasova, Alexander Baklanov, and Geir Braathen

EGU2018-13313 | Posters | EOS6

An interactive and integrative course for the collection and management of time-space data
Mirko Mälicke, Michael Stoelzle, and Jens Lange

EGU2018-15391 | Posters | EOS6

Introducing Data Management techniques into the German university curriculum
Mirl Trösch, Emanuel Soeding, Dirk Fleischer, and Axel Dennert

EGU2018-16468 | Posters | EOS6

Access to Emissions Distributions and Related Ancillary Data through the ECCAD database
Sabine Darras, Claire Granier, Catherine Liousse, Damien Boulanger, Pierre Vert, and Le Hung Vu

EGU2018-16906 | Posters | EOS6

Mathematical Geosciences Plays Indispensable Roles in Earth Science by the Digital Age
Qiuming Cheng

EOS8 – Scientists, artists and the Earth: co-operating for a better planet sustainability | PICO

EGU2018-6289 | PICO | EOS8 | Highlight

St. Francis and Giotto: the saint and the artist who started the environmental movement
Ann Pizzorusso

EGU2018-18763 | PICO | EOS8

Ethnomusic and Sonification Techniques for Effective Earth Science Films and Interactive Media
Isaac Kerlow

EGU2018-19755 | PICO | EOS8 | Highlight

An Audio Tour of the Solar System – opening up explorations in imagination and audience agency
Andy Franzkowiak and Hugh Mortimer

EGU2018-17953 | PICO | EOS8

At the Nexus of Passion and Accuracy: A Vision for the Art-Science Synergy
Victor O. Leshyk and Bruce A. Hungate

EGU2018-111 | PICO | EOS8

SSFX (Space Sound Effects) Short Film Festival: Collaborating with independent filmmakers through data to reach new audiences
Martin Archer, Laura Adams, David Berman, Edward Prosser, and Jake Roper

EGU2018-2729 | PICO | EOS8

Coastal geology to children through performative arts
Ana Matias, A. Rita Carrasco, Ana Ramos, and Rita Borges

EGU2018-2822 | PICO | EOS8

Interdisciplinary collaboration among climate and cultural understanding education for promoting the fundamental ESD literacy (A report of the lesson practice in the university on climate and “seasonal feeling” in the northern Europe)
Kuranoshin Kato, Haruko Kato, and Kazuo Otani

EGU2018-14237 | PICO | EOS8

The art of exchanging weather stories
Mathew Stiller-Reeve and Eamon O'Kane

EGU2018-14457 | PICO | EOS8

Polar research aesthetics: an artistic reconstruction of scientific processes, looking for a hole at the pole
Judith Neunhäuserer

EGU2018-2269 | PICO | EOS8

Ancient Light: Altering perceptions of astronomical imaging through explorations in photographic materiality.
Melanie King

EGU2018-15433 | PICO | EOS8

hertz: Experiencing the inaudible sound of our Earth and Cosmos
Graeme Marlton, Juliet Robson, Giles Harrison, and Andrew Charlton-Perez

EGU2018-9045 | PICO | EOS8

Diatomites sound like a B13 chord
Antonio Menghini, Stefano Pontani, Tiziana Lanza, and Vincenzo Sapia

EGU2018-9011 | PICO | EOS8

Intersecting and comparing three different methodologies to involve students in a deeper knowledge of their territory: Colli Albani Volcano area and Geophysical Museum of Rocca di Papa case history
Tiziana Lanza, Giuliana D'Addezio, Maria Di Nezza, Anna De Santis, and Andrea Gasparini

EOS10 – Effective Project and Research Management – What does that mean?

EGU2018-3966 | Orals | EOS10

Features of the research programme management in the international organization
Oksana Tarasova and Gregory Carmichael

EGU2018-1576 | Posters | EOS10

CESSMA - Stories from the Road
Wiebke Schubotz

EGU2018-2594 | Posters | EOS10

Programming as a soft skill for project managers: How to have a computer take over some of your work
Nikolay Koldunov and Luisa Cristini

EGU2018-58 | Orals | EOS10

Management of virtual teams in international research projects
Anastasia Walter and Katja Grannis

EGU2018-2597 | Posters | EOS10

Project and Community Management in Polar Sciences: Challenges and Opportunities to Support Frontier Research
Kirstin Werner, Luisa Cristini, Marlen Brückner, David Carlson, Alexey Pavlov, Allen Pope, and Yulia Zaika

EGU2018-8246 | Orals | EOS10

Opportunities and limitations of software project management in geoscience and climate modelling
Nadine Wieters and Bernadette Fritzsch

EGU2018-9617 | Orals | EOS10

Communications as a strategic function for the management and success of a large multidisciplinary project - ENVRIplus case
Magdalena Brus, Ari Asmi, Werner Kutsch, Paolo Laj, and Sanna Sorvari

EGU2018-2609 | Posters | EOS10

The Research Management Office: benefits, challenges and the way forward
Lars Henning, Christian Gerhards, and Luisa Cristini

EGU2018-7406 | Posters | EOS10

Starting an EU project – lessons learnt from the first year of MEMO2
Sylvia Walter

EGU2018-1190 | Orals | EOS10 | Highlight

Integration of Ethics in marine research and management
Michele Barbier, Katsiaryna Pabortsava, Anne-Cathrin Wölfl, and Anja Reitz

EGU2018-18877 | Orals | EOS10

Active engagement in distributed Research Infrastructures
Paola Materia, Maria Incoronata Fredella, and Sofia Alexiou

EGU2018-7439 | Posters | EOS10

EU Project Managers – diplomatic chameleons caught between two stools?
Sylvia Walter

EGU2018-7717 | Posters | EOS10

An integrated evaluation system for international ship-time proposals
Veronica Willmott Puig, Nicole Biebow, Aodhan Fitzgerald, Valerie Mazauric, and Tina Swierczynski

EGU2018-8020 | Posters | EOS10

Educational outreach techniques as a Science Communication strategy for an interdisciplinary research project
Jennifer Fandrich

EGU2018-8053 | Posters | EOS10

Make a difference! - Why effective knowledge management matters in science
Daniela Henkel and Kirsten Isensee

EGU2018-8907 | Posters | EOS10

How an impact plan can build on the success of your project – from proposal to legacy
Sofia Alexiou, Georgia Bayliss-Brown, Cliona Ni Cheallachain, and Ivo Grigorov

EGU2018-12988 | Posters | EOS10

External project communication strategies: ways to ensure sustainable high-level research impact in earth science projects
Anja Reitz, Michele Barbier, Ulrike Bernitt, Kristin Hamann, Stefan Fritz, Basak Kisakürek Ibsen, Christiane Schelten, and Tim Brücher

EGU2018-13296 | Posters | EOS10

From shore to open sea: a vessel size adapted educational concept for ship board training
Eva-Maria Brodte, Karen Helen Wiltshire, Peter Lemke, Pauhla McGrane, Annette Wilson, and Claudia Hanfland

EGU2018-13747 | Posters | EOS10

The European Climate Research Alliance (ECRA): Collaboration from bottom-up
Tina Swierczynski, Peter Braesicke, Martin Drews, Hilppa Gregow, Ralf Ludwig, Jan Even Nilsen, Elisa Palazzi, Gianmaria Sannino, and Lars Henrik Smedsrud

EGU2018-17567 | Posters | EOS10

Key Tips and Advice on Engaging and Collaborating with Potential Stakeholders for Your Projects
Eleanor Ashton and Sofia Alexiou

EGU2018-18019 | Posters | EOS10

Best practices in geosciences: universal or geographically bound?
Chiel Stroeven, Tia den Hartog-Muharamiah, and Jorien van Loon

EGU2018-18274 | Posters | EOS10

Demonstrating measurable impact of research outputs with Readiness Levels
Ivo Grigorov, Sofia Alexiou, and Georgia Bayliss-Brown

EOS11 – Classroom-sized earth science experiments

EGU2018-3762 | Posters | EOS11

Experimental laboratory to generate synthetic seismicity catalogues. Preliminary results
Alejandro Ramírez-Rojas, Lucía Rebeca Moreno-Torres, Luciano Telesca, and Carlos Alejandro Vargas

EGU2018-14595 | Posters | EOS11

Teaching teachers: The permeability-porosity relationship
Jackie E. Kendrick and Anthony Lamur

EGU2018-16920 | Posters | EOS11

Geolokit FOSS: a new Free Open Source, Cross-Platform Software for geological data visualization in Google Earth environment
Antoine Triantafyllou, Arnaud Watlet, Thomas Lecocq, and Christophe Bastin

EGU2018-17178 | Posters | EOS11

The Fair of Science and Volcanoes
Pedro A. Hernández, Nemesio M. Pérez, David Calvo, Luca D’Auria, Rubén García-Hernández, Verónica Vela, José Barrancos, Aaron Pérez, Ana Miranda, Hugo Larnier, Iván Cabrera, Jean Soubestre, Katarzyna Slezak, and Monika Przeor

EGU2018-17456 | Posters | EOS11

Lifting the Classroom into Space – Pupils observe the Earth by analyzing multispectral remote sensing data
Claudia Lindner, Henryk Hodam, Annette Ortwein, Johannes Schultz, Fabian Selg, and Andreas Rienow

EGU2018-19233 | Posters | EOS11

Trashcano: Developing a quantitative teaching tool to understand ballistics accelerated by explosive volcanic explosions
Fabian Wadsworth, Holly Unwin, Jérémie Vasseur, Bettina Scheu, Ben Kennedy, Julia Holzmueller, Taylor Witcher, Francisco Cáceres, Ana Casas, Ulrich Kueppers, Donald Dingwell, Gilles Seropian, Shane Cronin, and Caron Vossen

EGU2018-19268 | Posters | EOS11

How fast do crystals settle in magma chambers? Developing a quantitative understanding of magma chamber processes in the classroom using simple, low-cost experiments
Fabian Wadsworth, Bettina Scheu, Gilles Seropian, Sonke Stern, Lena del Ray, Jérémie Vasseur, and Donald Dingwell

EGU2018-19378 | Posters | EOS11

The University of Potsdam MATLAB/LEGO MINDSTORMS Environmental Remote Sensing Lab
Martin H. Trauth, Bodo Bookhagen, Sebastian Gross, Lisa Krueger, Jonas Raesch, Jens Tronicke, and Simon Schneider

EGU2018-19379 | Posters | EOS11

Teaching Quantitative Thinking in Geoscience with MATLAB
Lisa Kempler and Sebastian Gross

EGU2018-19447 | Posters | EOS11

Magnetic surveying in the classroom using modern mobile devices
Jens Tronicke and Trauth Martin

EGU2018-19684 | Posters | EOS11

Classroom exercise in the acquisition, processing, and analysis of multispectral images
Lisa Krueger and Martin H. Trauth

EOS12 – Promoting and supporting equality of opportunities in geosciences (co-sponsored by JpGU)

EGU2018-8025 | Posters | EOS12 | Highlight

Mapping equality of opportunities at European Research Council (ERC)
Claudia Alves de Jesus Rydin, Luis Farina Busto, Nadia El Mjiyad, Rozenn Le Scao, Lionel Thelen, Jhansi Kota, and David Gallego-Torres

EGU2018-157 | Orals | EOS12

A Retrospective on Fostering Diversity in Geoscience
Marjorie Chan

EGU2018-6446 | Orals | EOS12

Women in geosciences: How senior scientists can help the younger generation?
Anny Cazenave

EGU2018-3592 | Posters | EOS12

Peer mentor networks to build more inclusive scientific communities: Lessons from the Earth Science Women’s Network (ESWN)
Erika Marín-Spiotta, Rebecca Barnes, Aisha Morris, Melissa Burt, Manda Adams, and Meredith Hastings

EGU2018-3896 | Posters | EOS12

Listening, sharing and networking
Lucie Tajcmanova

EGU2018-14318 | Orals | EOS12

Women in Ocean Science – where are we in terms of gender equality?
Kirsten Isensee, Jorge Luis Valdés, and Veronique Garçon

EGU2018-18456 | Posters | EOS12 | Highlight Fighting everyday sexism in academia, one comic strip at a time.
Alice Adenis, Maëlis Arnould, Marie bocher, Nicolas Coltice, Mélanie Gérault, Claire Mallard, and Martina Ulvrova

EGU2018-10212 | Orals | EOS12

The careers of one scientific couple
Nicholas T. Arndt and Catherine Chauvel

EGU2018-18807 | Orals | EOS12

Examples of countermeasures for gender equality issues in the field of geoscience and science and engineering in Japan
Chiaki T. Oguchi and the Committee for Diversity Management and Talent Pool, JpGU

EGU2018-3915 | Posters | EOS12

Why is Eastern Europe still waiting for a reverse brain drain and how can we increase international scientific collaboration?
Alida Timar-Gabor

EGU2018-14780 | Orals | EOS12

How to support women in combining family and an academic career?
Mari Pihlatie

EGU2018-4038 | Posters | EOS12

Observations on female career paths in geophysics and adjacent fields
Karin Sigloch

EGU2018-5132 | Posters | EOS12

Promoting frontier Earth system research and female role models using dedicated geoscience symposiums
Lisa Wingate

EGU2018-6230 | Posters | EOS12

Gender and climate science: personal experiences and survival strategies
Hannele Korhonen

EGU2018-9792 | Posters | EOS12 | Highlight

Equality of opportunities in geosciences: The EGU Awards Committee experience
Özgür Karatekin

EGU2018-10594 | Posters | EOS12 | Highlight

The peer review process is imbalanced
Alberto Montanari

EGU2018-11542 | Posters | EOS12

Shared ideologies: a step towards removing the barriers to career progression for women and minorities in the geosciences
Isabel Montañez

EGU2018-11953 | Posters | EOS12

A career history
Anne Mangeney

EGU2018-14739 | Posters | EOS12

How long ‘til we get there?
Holly J Stein

EGU2018-15816 | Posters | EOS12

“Things take time” – but how long is that, exactly? Language as a structural barrier contributing to the underrepresentation of women, ethnic, and linguistic minorities in Academia.
Nonne Prisle and Karen Lisa Salamon

EGU2018-16572 | Posters | EOS12

Towards equal opportunities in the geosciences - the value of mentoring and role models
Trude Storelvmo

EGU2018-17361 | Posters | EOS12

Sealing the leaky pipeline
Andrea Popp, Stefanie Lutz, Tim van Emmerik, and Sina Khatami

EGU2018-18349 | Posters | EOS12

Developing a career in marine geosciences: our duty as role models
Veerle Huvenne

EOS13 – Climate Change Education

EGU2018-6537 | Orals | EOS13

Increasing Climate Literacy, Engagement and Action on Local to Global Scales
Mark McCaffrey

EGU2018-18823 | Posters | EOS13

How do Hungarian students perceive our climate? A comparative analysis of climate-related misconceptions
Anett Kádár and Andrea Farsang

EGU2018-10017 | Orals | EOS13

Involving formal and informal education contexts in surveying climate change knowledge and perception among the local population
Sergio Nordio, Federica Flapp, Giada Venier, and Simonetta Fumich

EGU2018-2391 | Posters | EOS13

What attitude do Ladakh's teachers have towards climate change? An empirical study
Stefanie Zecha

EGU2018-63 | Orals | EOS13

Innovative two-way communication formats for climate change education
Maria Lorono-Leturiondo, Paul O'Hare, Simon Cook, Stephen R. Hoon, and Sam Illingworth

EGU2018-13883 | Posters | EOS13

The student’s conceptions of Geothermy are context dependant. A comparative study in the Caribbean.
Claire Anjou and Yves Mazabraud

EGU2018-5749 | Posters | EOS13

Using an interdisciplinary MOOC to teach climate science and science communication to a global classroom
John Cook and Baerbel Winkler

EGU2018-3329 | Orals | EOS13

Serious gaming - a tool for mind-set transformations related to climate adaptation?
Lotta Andersson and Tina-Simone Neset

EGU2018-5911 | Orals | EOS13

Turning Misinformation into Educational Opportunities
Nabanita Borah and John Cook

EGU2018-12962 | Posters | EOS13 - climate change online learning material for higher education
Laura Riuttanen and Taina Ruuskanen and the team

EGU2018-12766 | Orals | EOS13

Creation of an International Initiative for Climate Education
David Wilgenbus, Pierre Léna, and Robin Matthews

EGU2018-17089 | Posters | EOS13

Track Your Atmosphere: Enhancing Digital and Environmental Competences by Developing Open Educational Resources for Technical VET.
Conny-Hendrik Kempe-Schälicke, Boris Reusch, Britt Hennig, Laurent Verdier, William Metref, Dominique Joly, Amelio Incollingo, Pasquale Longo, Fadwa Alshawaf, Tzvetan Semeonov, Jens Wickert, Umberto Riccardi, Giuseppe Brandi, Mario Dolce, Diana Duilio, Claudio Martino, and Umberto Tammaro

EGU2018-42 | Posters | EOS13

Climate Change Education in UK Secondary School
Sylvia Knight

EGU2018-11063 | Posters | EOS13 | Highlight

Climate Change Education: the science is simple, the impacts are serious, the problem is solvable
James Rae, Jen Brooke, and Phillip Kent

EGU2018-5058 | Posters | EOS13

CRESCENDOschools: engaging young people with climate science through scientific education, social media and art
Helena Martins, Alberto Munoz, Nada Caud, and Colin Jones

EGU2018-19005 | Posters | EOS13

Savanturiers - Ecole de la recherche
Clotilde Dubois, Barbara Dussous, Antoine Chaumeil, and Edouard Lesfauries

EGU2018-12978 | Posters | EOS13

A 6 Week Climate Change Elective for Secondary Level
Alison Pollock, Robin Matthews, and Sarah Connors

EGU2018-14603 | Posters | EOS13

Educational program on climate change and air quality in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain: a local and global reality
José Barrancos, Verónica Vela, María Asensio-Ramos, Germán D. Padilla, Fátima Rodríguez, Aarón Pérez, David Calvo, Gladys V. Melián, Pedro A. Hernández, and Nemesio M. Pérez

EGU2018-15319 | Posters | EOS13

ClimaTickTock, a serious game to experience the effects of various mitigation and adaptation strategies to reduce climate change.
Catherine Senior, Valérie Lilette, Nada Caud, and Isabelle Genau

EGU2018-17985 | Posters | EOS13

Climate Explorers: A co-production approach to educating primary school children
Timothy Lane, Kathryn Adamson, and Matthew Carney

EGU2018-1630 | Posters | EOS13

Environmental Graphiti – Art From the Science of Climate Change
Alisa Singer

EGU2018-17051 | Posters | EOS13 | Highlight

Frozen-Ground Cartoons: An international collaboration between artists and permafrost scientists
Matthias B. Siewert, Frédéric Bouchard, Bethany Deshpande, Michael Fritz, Julie Malenfant-Lepage, Alexandre Nieuwendam, Michel Paquette, Ashley Rudy, Julie Sansoulet, Ylva Sjöberg, Audrey Veillette, Stefanie Weege, Jon Harbor, and J. Otto Habeck

EGU2018-1291 | Posters | EOS13

Performing an ozone measurement as it was done in the 19th century
Ignacio A Ramírez-González, Juan A. Añel, and Antonio Cid

EGU2018-8044 | Posters | EOS13

People in the Picture: Applying what we know about human agency, systems, technology and ocean science to achieve Ocean Science Literacy.
Peter Tuddenham

EGU2018-17617 | Posters | EOS13

EMSEA Med: birth and development of an initiative aimed at fostering Mediterranean Sea Literacy
Giulia Realdon, Maria Cheimonopoulou, Panayota Koulouri, Melita Mokos, Athanasios Mogias, Theodora Boubonari, Theodoros Kevrekidis, Monica Previati, Francesca Santoro, and Manel Gazo

EGU2018-18857 | Posters | EOS13

Please to meet you, I’m the Ocean. Building Science and Scientific communication with Blue News and JOurnaL Projects.
Franco Borgogno, Leonardo D'Imporzano, Marina Locritani, Mascha Stroobant, and Silvia Merlino

EGU2018-8068 | Posters | EOS13 | Highlight

Promoting Ocean Literacy by means of a partnership between two stakeholders from science education and maritime economy
Giulia Realdon, Giuliana Candussio, Sandra Fabris, and Martina M.P. Rossi

EGU2018-4568 | Posters | EOS13

The FEE Italy Blue-FLag program, an example of how education creates positive changes
Marco Marcelli, Valentina Cafaro, and Claudio Mazza

EGU2018-15278 | Posters | EOS13

Discover the secrets of the sea with an oceanographer
Yuri Galletti, Chiara Santinelli, Margherita Gonnelli, and Stefano Vestri

EOS16 – Innovation in Geoscience, Hydrology and Engineering Education (co-organized)

EGU2018-10399 | Orals | EOS16

Industrial projects enabling student futures in Environmental Physics
Karen Aplin and Alec Bennett

EGU2018-4108 | Posters | EOS16

How long would we have to wait before (re)filling the Malpasset dam reservoir? An example of a teaching project done using R and airGR modeling packages
Quentin Roux and Pierre Brigode

EGU2018-11029 | Orals | EOS16

InTeGrate project: Interdisciplinary Teaching about the Earth for a Sustainable Future
Cathryn Manduca, David Blockstein, Tim Bralower, Felicia Davis, Diane Doser, Anne Egger, Sean Fox, Lisa Gilbert, David Gosselin, Richard Gragg III, Ellen Iverson, Kim Kastens, David McConnell, Elizabeth Nagy-Shadman, Cailin Huyck Orr, David Steer, and John Taber

EGU2018-4202 | Posters | EOS16

Water in Switzerland – an open online course
Jan Seibert, Ilja van Meerveld, Tracy Ewen, Susanne Schulmeister, Florian Lustenberger, and Franziska Mohr

EGU2018-8310 | Orals | EOS16

Innovative eLearning Practices for Online Geoscience Education
Mary Helen Armour and Jerusha I. Lederman

EGU2018-5074 | Posters | EOS16

Using the R package airGRteaching for teaching hydrology with lumped hydrological models
Olivier Delaigue, Guillaume Thirel, Laurent Coron, and Pierre Brigode

EGU2018-8334 | Orals | EOS16

A Case Study In Innovative Geoscience Education: Using eBooks and Interactive Software to Enhance Student Learning and Prepare Them for an Ever-changing, Technologically-based Society
Jerusha Lederman and Mary-Helen Armour

EGU2018-9505 | Posters | EOS16

The Unit Hydrograph in Brazil at the research, teaching and engineering levels: a call for a unit hydrograph calibration tool
Camyla Innocente and Pedro Luiz Borges Chaffe

EGU2018-19074 | Posters | EOS16

"Floodopoly": an innovative and interactive approach for research led educating and outreach activities in geosciences and ecohydraulic engineering
Manousos Valyrakis

EGU2018-16129 | Orals | EOS16

The Monash Earth Sciences Garden: a field lab at our doorstep
James Driscoll, Julie Boyce, and Vanessa Wong

EGU2018-7427 | Posters | EOS16

Practical application of an open-source, web-GIS platform (RISKGIS) in learning risk management of geohazards
Zar Chi Aye, Roya Olyazadeh, Marc-Henri Derron, Michel Jaboyedoff, and Johann Lüthi

EGU2018-3073 | Orals | EOS16

Teaching modern Bayesian flood frequency analysis using the R software nsRFA library
Eric Gaume

EGU2018-14385 | Posters | EOS16

Collaborative Learning for ICTs in Agro-Forest Engineering Studies: a study case based on workshops carried out by undergraduate students
Encarnación Taguas, Víctor Marín-Moreno, Benjamin Bellegarde, Cristóbal Bergillos, and Rafael Campos

EGU2018-17219 | Posters | EOS16

Soil Contamination and Remediation for Scientists
Eva Vidal-Vázquez, Marcos Lado, and Antonio Paz-González

EGU2018-18488 | Posters | EOS16

MOOC in "Agronomic Design of Localized Irrigation": Analysis of an innovation experience in Engineering Education
Carlos Gilarranz, Leonor Rodriguez-Sinobas, Fernando Sobrino, Sergio Zubelzu, Raúl Sanchez, Luis Juana, and Mª Carmen Moyano

EGU2018-15175 | Posters | EOS16

GOING THROUGH CLASSROOM WALLS: learning based on real projects with the collaboration of senior professionals, role plays and ICT applications for the acquisition of professional skills and improvement of employability
Elvira Fernández-Ahumada, Leovigilda Ortiz-Medina, Pedro Sánchez-Zamora, María Benlloch-González, M. Carmen Beato, Jesús Montejo-Gámez, Rosa Gallardo, Tomás De Haro, Víctor Marín-Moreno, M. Castillo Amaro-Ventura, Encarnación V. Taguas, and José E. Guerrero-Ginel

EGU2018-18517 | Posters | EOS16

Individual's Problem Solving: Adaptation vs. Innovation. An study in UPM
Irene Martin-Rubio, Diego Andina, Ana Mendez, Gabriel Gascó, Dulce Gómez, Silvia Medina, Joaquin Fabregat, Jose Manuel Antón, Juan Grau, Ruben Moratiel, Antonio Saa-Requejo, and Ana Maria Tarquis

EGU2018-12658 | Posters | EOS16

The INSPIRE Hackathons: A framework for solving real-life problems innovating with today's knowledge, data and technology
Bente Bye, Karel Charvat, Tomas Mildorf, and Arne Jørgen Berre

EGU2018-19376 | Posters | EOS16

Internships trips as a complement to the teachings in the degree of agro-environmental engineering
Augusto Arce, Maria Teresa Castellanos, Ana Maria Tarquis, and Maria Carmen Cartagena

EGU2018-10458 | Posters | EOS16

Atmospheric electricity education through laboratory demonstrations
Karen Aplin, R Giles Harrison, Jeffrey Lidgard, and Graeme Marlton

EGU2018-14487 | Posters | EOS16

Promoting entrepreneurship culture in Industrial Engineering schools through role-playing activities
Mª Dolores Redel-Macías, Antonio Cubero-Atienza, Rafael David Rodríguez-Cantalejo, Rafael Pérez, Alfonso García-Ferrer, and Carlos Castillo

EGU2018-18569 | Posters | EOS16

Experiential Learning in the UPM Engineering
Ruben Moratiel, Irene Martin-Rubio, Silvia Medina, Joaquin Fabregat, Dulce Gómez, Juan Seijas, Diego Andina, Jose Manuel Antón, Antonio Saa-Requejo, Juan J. Martín-Sotoca, Juan Grau, Ana Maria Tarquis, Ana Méndez, and Gabriel Gascó

EGU2018-5871 | Posters | EOS16

Upper mantle structure of Kumaon-Garhwal Himalaya using body wave finite-frequency tomography
Utpal Saikia, Shu-Huei Hung, Ban-Yuan Kuo, and Shyam S. Rai

EOS17 – Games for Geoscience

EGU2018-19817 | Posters | EOS17 | Highlight

Taking a Breath of the Wild
Rolf Hut, Chris Skinner, and Kelly Stanford

EGU2018-733 | Orals | EOS17

Downpour! – Engaging the public in flood management through interactive street games
Jana Wendler and Emma Shuttleworth

EGU2018-1974 | Orals | EOS17

Wetropolis' flood demonstrator: mathematical design & drowning by numbers
Onno Bokhove, Tom Kent, and Thomas Goodfellow

EGU2018-6545 | Posters | EOS17 | Highlight

Settlers of Catan – Global Warming
Sam Illingworth and Paul Wake

EGU2018-16718 | Posters | EOS17

The SeriousGeoGames Lab
Chloe Morris and Christopher J. Skinner

EGU2018-15793 | Orals | EOS17

Role-play games to advance probabilistic forecasting in hydrology
Maria-Helena Ramos, Schalk Jan van Andel, Florian Pappenberger, Louise Crochemore, Andy Wood, Massimiliano Zappa, Kaethi Liechti, Louise Arnal, Hannah Louise Cloke, Elisabeth Stephens, Fredrik Wetterhall, Micha Werner, and Michael Cranston

EGU2018-15336 | Orals | EOS17

Developing a board game for chinese farmers
Wolfgang Kinzelbach, Yu Li, Anna Martin-Nierdecken, René Bauer, Livio Lunin, Mela Kocher, and Haijing Wang

EGU2018-14453 | Posters | EOS17

Rivers Top Trumps
Florence Halstead, Christopher Hackney, and Daniel Parsons

EGU2018-7658 | Orals | EOS17

Thinking Detectives: Climate Change in the Alps
Kay Douglas and Richard Essery

EGU2018-1493 | Posters | EOS17

A snakes and ladders board game on the water cycle from the perspective of an Alpine area
Massimiliano Zappa

EGU2018-13797 | Posters | EOS17

Can seasonal hydrological forecasts inform local decisions and actions? A decision-making game
Hannah Cloke, Jessica Neumann, Louise Arnal, Rebecca Emerton, Helen Griffith, and Sofia Theofanidi

EGU2018-4991 | Orals | EOS17

Learning from geoscience games through debriefing
David Crookall and Pariphat Promduangsri

EGU2018-10554 | Posters | EOS17

509 084 drops in 114 days ! : a serious game on rainfall
Auguste Gires, Tchiguirinskaia Tchiguirinskaia, and Daniel Schertzer

EGU2018-16151 | Posters | EOS17 | Highlight

Awareness to the mitigation of the hydraulic risk through LEGO models
Matteo Pampaloni, Tiziana Pileggi, and Enrica Caporali

EGU2018-125 | Posters | EOS17

The Research Game
Peter Knight and Anthony Parsons

EGU2018-5017 | Posters | EOS17

Global warming causes and consequences: A poster game+debriefing
Pariphat Promduangsri and David Crookall

EGU2018-1418 | Posters | EOS17

Environmental decision-making: a serious game!
Alice Aubert, René Bauer, and Judit Lienert

EGU2018-3268 | Posters | EOS17

Communication challenges during crises - a serious game
Femke Davids, Gert-Jan Schotmeijer, Herman Haaksma, Joost Beckers, and Annette Kieftenburg

EGU2018-14235 | Posters | EOS17

Understanding Multiple Hazards and Risk from Climate Change on Interdependent Infrastructure: a Serious Game Approach
Sabine Undorf, Joseph Hagg, Marc J. Metzger, and Simon F. B. Tett

EGU2018-18752 | Posters | EOS17

Conveying the Complexity of Volcano Monitoring, Mitigation and Evacuation in the Context of an Interactive Strategy Game for Children
Isaac Kerlow and Susanna Jenkins

EGU2018-12413 | Posters | EOS17

The drift-game
Elke Meyer and Ulrich Callies

EOS18 – ECORD IODP Outreach: Past, Present and Future

EGU2018-2345 | Posters | EOS18

Illustration and quantification of the erosion of the Himalaya mountains using the tectonic setting of Expedition 362 (Sumatra Seismogenic zone)
Agnès Pointu and Hugo Pouderoux

EGU2018-3306 | Posters | EOS18

Promoting ocean geology teaching resources in the French curriculum.
Marion Burgio, Nicolas Grevet, Michelle Darrieu, Agnès Pointu, and Jean Luc Berenguer

EGU2018-17607 | Posters | EOS18

Bringing deep-sea ichnology into the classroom using IODP Expedition 339 core digital images
Hélder Pereira

EGU2018-9986 | Posters | EOS18

The School Of Rock: an amazing way to disseminate scientific data and new discoveries from ocean drillings.
Michelle Darrieu, Agnès Pointu, Marion Burgio, Helder Pereira, Jean-Luc Berenguer, Tony Morris, and Stéphanie Cuven