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ERE – Energy, Resources and the Environment

ERE1.1 – Energy, Resources & the Environment

EGU2018-9056 | Posters | ERE1.1

Monitoring fugitive CH4 and CO2 emissions from closed landfills: the case of Arico’s landfill, Tenerife, Canary Islands
Laura Acosta, Cally Gooderham, Wessel Withoos, Cecilia Amonte, María Asensio-Ramos, Gladys V. Melián, Pedro A. Hernández, and Nemesio M. Pérez

EGU2018-1353 | Orals | ERE1.1

Bioenergy hotspots in Switzerland: spatially-explicit analysis of bioenergy potentials and socio-economic characteristics
Evelina Trutnevyte, Lukas Mohr, Oliver Thees, and Vanessa Burg

EGU2018-12145 | Posters | ERE1.1

Estimation of emissions of air pollutants from coal-fired power plants in North Korea
Min Ju Yeo and Yong Pyo Kim

EGU2018-15047 | Orals | ERE1.1

Quantifying the potential of Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) for energy savings in the built environment
Marc Jaxa-Rozen, Martin Bloemendal, and Jan Kwakkel

EGU2018-19336 | Orals | ERE1.1

The water demand from China’s coal-fired power plants under shared social-economic pathways (SSPs): a unit-level study
Haoran Li, Wenjia Cai, Jingxuan Hui, Can Wang, and Chaoji Cao

EGU2018-15334 | Posters | ERE1.1

Assessing the estimated methane emission into the atmosphere by landfills in Spain
María Asensio-Ramos, Laura Acosta, Antonio Randazzo, Cecilia Amonte, Fátima Rodríguez, José Barrancos, Gladys V. Melián, Eleazar Padrón, David Calvo, Erica Pérez, Franco Tassi, Brunella Raco, Dina López, Pedro A. Hernández, and Nemesio M. Pérez

EGU2018-10990 | Orals | ERE1.1

A New Development for the Seediq Bale Geothermal and Cultural Village in Taiwan
Chao-Shing Lee, Cher Pan, Shou-Cheng Wang, Peter Tseng, and Chung-Cheng Chang

EGU2018-11383 | Posters | ERE1.1

Industrial emission competition network of China and its implication on industry planning
Qier An, Debin Qu, Ming Zhu, and Hujun Zhang

EGU2018-19026 | Posters | ERE1.1

Agriculture by-products recycling to reduce greenhouse gas emission
Edit Gorliczay, Csilla Kövér, Petra Pápai, Nikolett Szőllősi, and János Tamás

EGU2018-11941 | Orals | ERE1.1

Identifying Suitable Bioeconomic Cluster Sites by Integrating GIS-MCDA and Operational Research Methods
Vibeke Nørstebø, Svein Olav Krøgli, Misganu Debella-Gilo, Gerardo A. Perez-Valdes, Kristin T. Uggen, and Wenche E. Dramstad

EGU2018-3877 | Orals | ERE1.1 | Highlight

Sustainable development of renewable energies – an approach to a spatially compatible site planning in Germany´s rural areas
Joachim Rathmann and Stephan Bosch

EGU2018-8574 | Posters | ERE1.1

Numerical study of the Martelange mine to be used as lower reservoir for constructing an Underground Pumped Storage Hydropower plant
Estanislao Pujades, Philippe Orban, Pierre Archambeau, Sebastien Erpicum, and Alain Dassargues

EGU2018-11639 | Posters | ERE1.1

K-BREF(Korean BAT reference document) development : BAT and BAT-AELs for large combustion plants and waste incinerators in Korea
Jaehong Park, Daegyun Lee, Jaewoong Lee, Kyounghee Kang, Younglan Kim, Sangah Park, and Sujeong Shin

EGU2018-1848 | Posters | ERE1.1

Microbial community in a high-elevation wastewater treatment plant
Chen Chen, Shan Huang, and Xiaochun Peng

EGU2018-3977 | Posters | ERE1.1

Feasibility study of a desalination plant powered by combined renewable energy system to mitigate impact on river networks in a tropical island : study case of Jamaica.
Zachary Williams, Jean-François Marc Dorville, and Michael Taylor

EGU2018-5585 | Posters | ERE1.1

Determination of the solid urban waste generation in megacities using artificial neural networks
Johanna Karina Solano Meza, David Orjuela Yepes, María Elena Rodrigo-Clavero, and Javier Rodrigo Ilarri

EGU2018-2180 | Posters | ERE1.1

Pre-stack seismic reconstruction preserving amplitudes for amplitud versus offset analysis using Discreate Fourier Trasnform in five dimensions: A case of study
Roberto Rodriguez Sandoval

EGU2018-12615 | Posters | ERE1.1

Geophysical investigation of heavy metals spatial distribution in mine tailings ponds, Cartagena-La Union district in Sierra Minera, SE Spain
Grégory Dufréchou, Minh-Cuong Ha, José Darrozes, Nolan Varais, Romain Pibouleau, Muriel Llubes, Martin Soriano, Guillaume Ramillien, and Frédéric Frappart

EGU2018-3189 | Posters | ERE1.1

Impacts of Built-Up Area Expansion in 2D and 3D on Regional Surface Temperature
Hongyan Cai and Xinliang Xu

EGU2018-383 | Posters | ERE1.1

Environmental Impact Assessment: Case Studies in West Bengal, India
Shamsuzzaman Ahmed and Indranil Saha

EGU2018-17846 | Posters | ERE1.1

On the Essential Renewable Energies Variables
Thierry Ranchin, Melodie Trolliet, Lionel Menard, and Lucien Wald

EGU2018-16521 | Posters | ERE1.1

From Person to Planet: Powers of 10 scaling of climate action strategies from individual to global levels
Avit K. Bhowmik and Mark S. McCaffrey

EGU2018-2552 | Posters | ERE1.1

Natural wind variability triggers German redispatch volume and costs
Jan Wohland

EGU2018-2907 | Posters | ERE1.1

Spatial heterogeneity and scale-dependent relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem services
Shuangcheng Li and Aili Xie

EGU2018-3512 | Posters | ERE1.1

An assessment of the impact of human-induced changes on ecosystem services in the Sundarban Biosphere Reserve region, India
Srikanta Sannigrahi, Somnath Sen, and Saikat Kumar Paul

EGU2018-5806 | Posters | ERE1.1

The optimal allocation of Land Use Changes in Jing-Jin-Ji Urban Agglomeration Based on the Coupling Coordination Degree of Ecosystem and Economics
Bingying Ma and Shuangcheng Li

EGU2018-5908 | Posters | ERE1.1

Is China undergoing a sustainable socioeconomic development—by studying eight Chinese economic zones with environmental Kuznets curve. An example for BRICS countries.
Chenxi Lu and Sergey Venevsky

EGU2018-10421 | Posters | ERE1.1

Water-Energy-Food-Carbon Nexus: An Optimization Approach
Zeinab Chamas, Majdi Abou Najm, Mahmoud Al Hindi, Ali Yassine, and Farook Hamzeh

EGU2018-12067 | Posters | ERE1.1

Exploring Scenarios for Sustainable Bioeconomic Resource Use and Industrial Cluster Locations
Svein Olav Krøgli, Vibeke Nørstebø, Misganu Debella-Gilo, Gerardo A. Perez-Valdes, and Wenche E. Dramstad

EGU2018-17041 | Posters | ERE1.1

An Empirical Study of Sustainable Development and Disclosure in Construction Industry
S. Ping Ho, Chungyang You, and Yaowen Hsu

EGU2018-16152 | Posters | ERE1.1

Distribution of minor metallic elements within waste incineration bottom ashes defined by WDX/EDX spectrometry
Piotr Kowalski, Monika Kasina, and Marek Michalik

EGU2018-13653 | Posters | ERE1.1

The Newly Founded LIAG-XJU Joint Centre for Underground Coal Fire Research
Manfred W. Wuttke and Zeng Qiang

EGU2018-77 | Posters | ERE1.1

Morphology, Rheology and Thermal Stability of Drilling Fluid Formulated from Locally Beneficiated Clays of Pindiga Formation, Northeastern Nigeria
Suleiman Arabi Abdullahi

EGU2018-18297 | Posters | ERE1.1

Mapping global extraction of abiotic and biotic raw materials
Victor Maus, Stefan Giljum, Martin Bruckner, Stephan Lutter, Mirko Lieber, Sebastian Luckeneder, and Hanspeter Wieland

ERE1.2 – Energy and environmental system interactions – Policy and modelling

EGU2018-1047 | Posters | ERE1.2

China’s biofuel policy in agriculture sector: The impacts on land use change and land management
Kaili Wei and Uwe A. Schneider

EGU2018-1020 | Orals | ERE1.2

Navigating the Global Resource Nexus: Methods, Priorities, and Policies
Oliver Taherzadeh

EGU2018-15294 | Orals | ERE1.2

The development of the water-energy nexus component of the hydrological distributed LISFLOOD model. Application to the Iberian Peninsula.
Marko Adamovic, Berny Bisselink, and Ad De Roo

EGU2018-8615 | Posters | ERE1.2

The Role of Bioenergy and Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) in the Case of Delayed Climate Policy – Insights from Cost-Risk Analysis
Jana Mintenig, Mohammad M. Khabbazan, and Hermann Held

EGU2018-10371 | Orals | ERE1.2

Incorporating Nitrogen in the water-energy-food nexus: an optimization approach
Reem Khattar, Majdi Abou Najm, Mahmoud Al Hindi, Ali Yassine, and Farook Hamzeh

EGU2018-7386 | Posters | ERE1.2

Energy planning in fragile environment. Incorporating conflict related stresses in geospatial least-cost electrification modelling.
Alexandros Korkovelos and Mark Howells

EGU2018-18812 | Orals | ERE1.2

Strategies for reducing conflict in water-energy systems – Filling new large reservoirs on the Nile
Robel Geressu and Julien Harou

EGU2018-17785 | Posters | ERE1.2

Sustainable development pathways for the energy system of Paraguay
Ioannis Pappis, Eunice Pereira Ramos, Carlos Centurion, Thomas Alfstad, Mark Howells, Silvia Ulloa, and Eduardo Ortigoza

EGU2018-3418 | Orals | ERE1.2

Validation of uncertainty-oriented environmental models: A review of the existing approaches
Sibel Eker, Elena Rovenskaya, Michael Obersteiner, and Simon Langan

EGU2018-18719 | Posters | ERE1.2

Investigation of the major uncertainty sources of an integrated plant-wide wastewater treatment model
Andreas Ataliotis, Elena Koumaki, Panayiotis Dimitriadis, Andreas Efstratiadis, and Constantinos Noutsopoulos

EGU2018-19216 | Posters | ERE1.2

Renewable Energy Transition Scenario Analysis for Turkey
Daniel Julius Massaga and Gokhan Kirkil

EGU2018-14973 | Orals | ERE1.2

Future health co-benefits in the Shared Socio-economic Pathways: A case study of China’s power sector
Jingxuan Hui, Wenjia Cai, Can Wang, Gang He, and Haoran Li

EGU2018-18061 | Posters | ERE1.2

Increased farm resilience due to on-farm renewables feeds back to environment?
Lindsay Todman

EGU2018-17925 | Orals | ERE1.2

Impact of climate feedback on the energy/economic system: impacts of permafrost thawing under low emissions scenarios.
Olivier Dessens

EGU2018-5226 | Posters | ERE1.2

Analytical methodology for the analysis of alternatives in Strategic Environmental Assessments and their uncertainties in the decision-making process
Lidibert Gonzalez-Gonzalez and Javier Rodrigo-Ilarri

EGU2018-10889 | Orals | ERE1.2

How dynamic adaptive policies shape climate change mitigation trade-offs under uncertainty
Giacomo Marangoni, Jonathan R. Lamontagne, Julianne D. Quinn, Patrick M. Reed, and Klaus Keller

EGU2018-17535 | Orals | ERE1.2

Integrated impact assessment of decarbonisation pathways for the EU: insights from the REEEM Project
Francesco Gardumi, Georgios Avgerinopoulos, and Mark Howells

EGU2018-14616 | Posters | ERE1.2

Regional Weights and Cost-Risk Trade-off of Solar Radiation Management and Mitigation
Elnaz Roshan and Mohammad M. Khabbazan

EGU2018-18505 | Posters | ERE1.2

Evolution of sea ports of Russian Far East as growth poles in relation to changes in energy structure in Pacific Asia
Sergey Venevsky and Elena Zaostrovskih

EGU2018-10346 | Orals | ERE1.2

Using scenario discovery to reveal consequential regional and global multi-sector change scenarios
Jonathan Lamontagne and Patrick Reed

EGU2018-11305 | Posters | ERE1.2

Petroleum utilization in Chinese economy based on embodied analysis
Qier An, Ming Zhu, Debin Qu, and Hujun Zhang

EGU2018-7711 | Orals | ERE1.2

The Role of Solar Geoengineering in a Comparative Integrated Assessment of Temperature Targets: How Much Does 0.5°C Make Difference?
Elnaz Roshan and Mohammad M. Khabbazan

EGU2018-9198 | Posters | ERE1.2

Potential mitigation of Indian Construction Industry through shift in energy efficient technology
Priyanka Jajal, Trupti Mishra, and Chandra Venkataraman

EGU2018-2783 | Orals | ERE1.2

Urban Metabolism of Three Cities in Jing-Jin-Ji Urban Agglomeration, China: Using the MuSIASEM Approach
Xiaoyue Wang, Shuyao Wu, and Shuangcheng Li

EGU2018-3233 | Posters | ERE1.2

Korea’s transition to the IPCC : Introduction of BAT-based Integrated ACT.
Daegyun Lee, Jaewoong Lee, Kyounghee Kang, Younglan Kim, Jaehong Park, Sangah Park, and Sujeong Shin

ERE1.4 – Responsible mineral and energy resource development

EGU2018-1854 | Posters | ERE1.4

Can boosting boost minimal invasive exploration targeting?
Irving Cabrera, Melanie Brandmeier, Vesa Nykänen, and Maarit Middleton

EGU2018-2961 | Posters | ERE1.4

Mine Geological Environment Evaluation Based on Machine Learning in Fujian Province,China
Qian Zhan and Shufang Tian

EGU2018-3778 | Posters | ERE1.4

Alteration Anomaly Information Extraction from Remote Sensing and Mineral Potential Prediction in Inner Mongolia, China
Lixia Chu and Franz Neubauer

EGU2018-4210 | Posters | ERE1.4

Economic feasibility of electricity, ammonia and methanol production by onshore and offshore Underground Coal Gasification
Natalie Nakaten and Thomas Kempka

EGU2018-4406 | Posters | ERE1.4

Excess renewable energy flexibilisation by integration of geological storage
Natalie Nakaten, Elena Chabab, Thomas Kempka, and Michael Kühn

EGU2018-5402 | Posters | ERE1.4

Indium in metalliferous mine wastes of the Iberian Pyrite Belt
Maria Wierzbicka-Wieczorek and Bernd G. Lottermoser

EGU2018-5708 | Posters | ERE1.4

The composition of rare earth element in deep-seabed mineral deposits
Sang-Joon Pak, Jai-Woon Moon, Sun-Ki Choi, and Inah Seo

EGU2018-14649 | Posters | ERE1.4

inSPECtor - integrated spectroscopy sensor system for laser-induced fluorescence and hyperspectral imaging
Margret Fuchs, Sandra Lorenz, Jan Beyer, Peter Seidel, Suchinder K. Sharma, Richard Gloaguen, and Johannes Heitmann

EGU2018-15491 | Posters | ERE1.4

The next step towards the mineral exploration in Europe – project INFACT - Innovative, non-invasive and fully acceptable exploration technologies
Marko Komac, Sam Roffey, Helene Koepf, Vitor Correia, Ana Braña Bergshjorth, Ludger Benighaus, Isabel Fernandez, Isla Fernandez, Richard Gloaguen, Moritz Kirsch, Stephane Ruiz Coupeau, and Jon Russill

EGU2018-15651 | Posters | ERE1.4

Integration of SAR and passive seismic data for monitoring mining activities (Minas Riotinto, SW Iberia)
Ignacio Marzán, Joaquín Escayo, David Martí, Fernando Tornos, Mario Ruiz, Juvenal Andres, Martin Schimmel, Francisco Luzón, Ramon Carbonell, and Jose Fernandez

EGU2018-16077 | Posters | ERE1.4

The Gonçalo deposit: a good example of a future sustainable lithium mine
Violeta Ramos, Rui Sousa, Alexandra Guedes, Fernando Noronha, Ana Botelho de Sousa, Mário Machado Leite, Reimar Seltmann, and Alla Dolgopolova

EGU2018-19022 | Posters | ERE1.4

Surface subsidence prediction for sustainable resource management: robust tools under uncertainty
Manousos Valyrakis, Michael Karmis, and Zach Agioutantis

EGU2018-19635 | Posters | ERE1.4

High-resolution seismic imaging and modelling of the Cu-Au New Afton porphyry deposit, SW British Columbia, Canada
Ernst Schetselaar, Gilles Bellefleur, and Devin Wade

EGU2018-19801 | Posters | ERE1.4

The oil and gas resources of the Arctic shelf as the basis for the social and economic development of the Russian Arctic
Oleg Suprunenko and Maria Minina

ERE2.1 – Environmental impacts of hydraulic fracturing: Measurements, monitoring, mitigation and management

EGU2018-12939 | Orals | ERE2.1

Assessing potential shale gas impacts on groundwater resources: recommendations for groundwater monitoring and definition of baseline conditions
Nelly Montcoudiol, David Banks, Andrew Gunning, Catherine Isherwood, Thomas Kelly, and Neil Burnside

EGU2018-4619 | Posters | ERE2.1

A Stakeholder Engagement Tool Including Geological Interpretation, Numerical Modelling and Risk Assessment and to Reduce the Environmental Footprint of Shale Gas Development (FracRisk)
Christopher McDermott and the FracRisk Project Team

EGU2018-16706 | Orals | ERE2.1

Experimental investigation into the geochemistry of produced fluids from hydraulic fracturing in the UK and USA.
Megan O'Donnell, Katriona Edlmann, Stuart Gilfillan, and Christopher McDermott

EGU2018-437 | Posters | ERE2.1

The optimisation of technically recoverable reserves from shale gas production: optimum lateral length and well pad size as constrained by surface and subsurface carrying capacity
Sarah Clancy, Fred Worrall, Richard Davies, and Jon Gluyas

EGU2018-5634 | Orals | ERE2.1

A comprehensive approach for assessing potential fugitive gas migration associated with petroleum development from low permeability reservoirs: case studies from Western Canada
Bernhard Mayer, Pauline Humez, Florian Osselin, Terri Cheung, Veith Becker, Beth Parker, John Cherry, Michael Nightingale, Christopher Clarkson, Wolfram Kloppmann, Eric Gaucher, Kirk Osadetz, and Don Lawton

EGU2018-4446 | Posters | ERE2.1

Establishing effective sentinels - Setting the baseline for shale gas
Fred Worrall and Richard Davies

EGU2018-18972 | Posters | ERE2.1

Shale gas environmental impacts: Lessons learned from U.S. practices and recommendations for measuring, monitoring, mitigating and managing impacts in Europe
Jan ter Heege, Andrea Vieth-Hillebrand, and M4ShaleGas Team

EGU2018-5789 | Orals | ERE2.1

Impacts of Fugitive Gas on Shallow Groundwater Quality: Insights from a Controlled Release Field Experiment
Olenka Noelani Forde, Aaron Graham Cahill, Klaus Ulrich Mayer, Beth L Parker, and John A Cherry

EGU2018-4625 | Posters | ERE2.1

Geochemical composition of flowback and produced water
Andrea Vieth-Hillebrand, Franziska Wilke, Mareike Noah, Yaling Zhu, Olga Lipinska, and Monika Konieczynska

EGU2018-4331 | Orals | ERE2.1

Recommendations on environmental monitoring of unconventional hydrocarbons operationsIONS
Olga Lipińska and Monika Konieczyńska

EGU2018-3051 | Posters | ERE2.1

Characterising chemical signatures of water associated with unconventional operations in the U.K.
Camille Peers de Nieuwburgh, Dominik Weiss, and Mark Sephton

EGU2018-11436 | Orals | ERE2.1

Measurements of Combustion Emissions of Lab-Scale Flares with Injected Aqueous Sodium Chloride Aerosols
Melina Jefferson and Matthew Johnson

EGU2018-676 | Posters | ERE2.1

Assessing the risks to groundwater contamination from hydraulic fracturing in the UK: A probabilistic modelling approach
Olivia Milton-Thompson, Akbar Javadi, and Zoran Kapelan

EGU2018-13269 | Orals | ERE2.1

Methane emissions from the Groningen natural gas field in the Netherlands
Tara Yacovitch, Bruno Neininger, Scott Herndon, Hugo Denier van der Gon, Sander Jonkers, Jan Hulskotte, Joseph Roscioli, and Daniel Zavala-Araiza

EGU2018-8785 | Orals | ERE2.1

Investigating GHG and air pollutant emissions from a potential shale gas industry in Germany and England
Lorenzo Cremonese, Lindsey B. Weger, Hugo Denier Van der Gon, and Tim Butler

EGU2018-8205 | Posters | ERE2.1

Hybrid physical and stochastic modelling to assess the water pollution risk associated to unconventional hydrocarbon exploitation
Alexander Garcia-Aristizabal and Paolo Capuano

EGU2018-466 | Posters | ERE2.1

Basin compartmentalisation: interpretation and importance in the long-term migration of hydraulic fracturing fluids
Miles Wilson, Fred Worrall, Richard Davies, and Alwyn Hart

EGU2018-13950 | Orals | ERE2.1

Observation and simulation of ethane at 23 FTIR sites
Emmanuel Mahieu, Bruno Franco, Andrea Pozzer, Domenico Taraborrelli, Whitney Bader, Maxime Prignon, and Christian Servais and the ethane_team

EGU2018-253 | Posters | ERE2.1

The long-term response of geological setting to hydraulic fracturing in the presence of a leaky well
Reza Taherdangkoo, Alexandru Tatomir, Tega Anighoro, and Martin Sauter

EGU2018-15383 | Orals | ERE2.1

Seismic response and fracture growth due to fluid injection
Beata Orlecka-Sikora and Stanisław Lasocki

EGU2018-15492 | Orals | ERE2.1

Incompatibility of anthropogenic seismicity with probabilistic models typically used in seismic hazard analysis: the case of Oklahoma earthquakes
Stanislaw Lasocki and Pawel Urban

EGU2018-16106 | Posters | ERE2.1

A FEM approach to investigate hydraulic fracturing fluid transport within faulted geological reservoirs
Robert Taylor Jr, Alexandru Tatomir, and Martin Sauter

EGU2018-6435 | Orals | ERE2.1

Reducing the Risk of Felt Seismicity During Hydraulic Fracturing: How close is too close? An Analysis of the Effect of Operational Parameters on the Stress Change to Pre-existing Faults.
Sam Toon, Rachel Westwood, Peter Styles, and Nigel Cassidy

EGU2018-11541 | Posters | ERE2.1

Investigation of potential impact of hydraulic fracturing fluid and methane leakage at regional-scale
Alexandru Bogdan A.C. Tatomir, Christopher McDermott, and Martin Sauter

EGU2018-8599 | Posters | ERE2.1

Soil gas flux measurements as part of environmental baseline assessment
Frédéric Gal, Eric Proust, Pauline Humez, Bernhard Mayer, Eric Gaucher, and Wolfram Kloppmann

EGU2018-19042 | Posters | ERE2.1

Suggested Best Practice for seismic monitoring and characterization of non-conventional reservoirs
Marco Bohnhoff, Peter Malin, Jan ter Heege, Jean-Pierre Deflandre, Charles Sicking, and Bita Najdahmadi

EGU2018-7619 | Posters | ERE2.1

Analysis of impact of the shale gas exploration and exploitation activities on the quality of ambient air – case study of Wysin, Poland
Janusz Jarosławski and Izabela Pawlak

EGU2018-3984 | Posters | ERE2.1

Influence of climate change and hydroclimate variability on the impact of coal resource development on runoff
David Post, Francis Chiew, Guobin Fu, Yongqiang Zhang, Biao Wang, and Neil Viney

ERE2.2 – Petroleum exploration and production and their impact on the environment

EGU2018-545 | Posters | ERE2.2 | Highlight

Forecasting Oil Spills in Extreme Oceanographic Environments
Ryan Gilchrist, Robert Hall, John Bacon, Jon Rees, and Karen Heywood

EGU2018-1196 | Posters | ERE2.2

How much polyacrylamide can be lost by adsorption during slick-water fracking operations?
Christopher Ward, Fred Worrall, Andy Aplin, Ian Davey, and Sally Gallagher

EGU2018-1582 | Posters | ERE2.2

Ecological and geomorphological assessment of the Kara and Laptev Sea shores' sensitivity to oil spills
Alexander Ermolov

EGU2018-1679 | Posters | ERE2.2

New monitoring geophysical systems by oil deposits extraction.
Olga Hachay, Andrey Khachay, and Oleg Khachay

EGU2018-3803 | Posters | ERE2.2

Petrophysical approach of shaly sand oil reservoir for estimating water saturation
Taeyoun Kim, Seonghyung Jang, and Seho Hwang

EGU2018-6348 | Posters | ERE2.2

How to Optimize the Inclination-Hold Angle: Based on Formation Fracturing Pressure in Extended Reach Wells?
Qimin Liang, Yi Zhang, and Xinyun Liu

EGU2018-7314 | Posters | ERE2.2

Monitoring Fugitive Methane from Large Scale Shale Gas and Natural Gas Operations in Europe
Hugo Denier van der Gon, Antoon Visschedijk, Arjo Segers, and Richard Kranenburg

EGU2018-11091 | Posters | ERE2.2

A Black Carbon Emissions Inventory from Gas Flaring in Alberta, Canada's Upstream Oil and Gas Sector
David Tyner, Bradley Conrad, and Matthew Johnson

EGU2018-11104 | Posters | ERE2.2

Stabilization of Foams and Emulsions by Silica Nanoparticles in the Presence of Surfactants and Crude Oils for Enhanced Oil Recovery
Haley Willis, David Ladner, Hugh Daigle, and Christophe Darnault

EGU2018-13085 | Posters | ERE2.2

A lithological segmentation from well logs using the Hölderian regularity analysis combined with the gray system theory. A case study from an Algerian tight reservoir
Said Gaci, Orietta Nicolis, Naima Zaourar, and Olga Hachay

EGU2018-17403 | Posters | ERE2.2

Still a dirty business? Ethical Perspectives from the Oil and Gas Industry
April Lloyd and Kick Sterkman

ERE3.1 – Energy meteorology and spatial modelling of renewable energies

EGU2018-788 | Posters | ERE3.1

Impacts of aerosols on photovoltaic energy production in the Euro-Mediterranean area
Claudia Gutiérrez, Samuel Somot, Pierre Nabat, Marc Mallet, Miguel Ángel Gaertner, and Oscar Perpiñán

EGU2018-5630 | Posters | ERE3.1

Wind patterns through utility scale solar facilities and implications for dust
Vicken Etyemezian, George Nikolich, and John Gillies

EGU2018-15229 | Orals | ERE3.1

Modelling of solar energy potential in urban areas from a local to a global scale
Nahid Mohajeri, Dan Assouline, Agust Gudmundsson, and Jean Louis Scartezzini

EGU2018-1934 | Orals | ERE3.1

Short-term forecast of solar surface radiation using satellite imagery
Isabel Urbich and Richard Müller

EGU2018-19422 | Posters | ERE3.1

Influence of different loading strategies for domestic PV-battery energy systems on the residual loads at regional scale
Andrea Reimuth, Veronika Hofer, Monika Prasch, and Wolfram Mauser

EGU2018-4996 | Orals | ERE3.1

Assessing regional reanalysis data sets for planning small-scale renewable energy systems
Felix Nitsch, Katharina Gruber, Luis Ramirez Camargo, and Wolfgang Dorner

EGU2018-15635 | Posters | ERE3.1

A spatial analysis of shortwave radiation over Ireland
Eadaoin Doddy, Conor Sweeney, and Frank McDermott

EGU2018-19576 | Posters | ERE3.1

Validation of reanalysis and satellite imagery based data with four ground stations in Salta-Northern Argentina for a seven-year period
Nilsa Sarmiento Babieri, Pablo Dellicompagni, Silvina Belmonte, Judith Franco, and Emilce Lopez

EGU2018-11819 | Orals | ERE3.1

Development of Diagnostic Index for Forecast Busts on Surface Solar Radiation using Multi-Center Grand ensembles
Fumichika Uno, Hideaki Ohtake, Mio Matsueda, Takashi Oozeki, and Yoshinori Yamada

EGU2018-12577 | Orals | ERE3.1

Mapping minimum technical requirements for electricity self-sufficiency of single family houses using regional reanalysis data and satellite imagery derived data
Luis Ramirez Camargo, Felix Nitsch, and Wolfgang Dorner

EGU2018-18898 | Posters | ERE3.1

High resolution regional climatological datasets for the assessment of solar and wind energy resources in Europe
Frank Kaspar, Michael Borsche, Uwe Pfeifroth, Paul Becker, Andrea Kaiser-Weiss, and Jörg Trentmann

EGU2018-18712 | Posters | ERE3.1

On the representativeness of the surface solar irradiance of reanalysis products with respect to variability time-scales
Mélodie Trolliet, Philippe Blanc, and Lucien Wald

EGU2018-12007 | Orals | ERE3.1

Statistical postprocessing of turbulence resolving wind power forecasts
Jakob W. Messner, Pierre Pinson, Pierre-Julien Trombe, Remco Verzijlbergh, Pim van Dorp, and Harm Jonker

EGU2018-7394 | Posters | ERE3.1

Developing a GIS-based photovoltaic solar energy potential map at a regional scale. The case of Cádiz (South of Spain).
Pilar Diaz Cuevas, David Galvez Ruiz, and Juan Mariano Camarillo Naranjo

EGU2018-4789 | Orals | ERE3.1 | Highlight

Do current and near-term future wind turbine deployments have a substantial impact on regional climate?
Sc Pryor, Rj Barthelmie, and Tj Shepherd

EGU2018-2058 | Posters | ERE3.1

Quantifying spatially and temporally disaggregated heat energy demands and thermal solar energy potentials via GIS to identify suited areas for district heating and demand for heat storage systems
Malte Schwanebeck

EGU2018-8977 | Orals | ERE3.1

A new look at interannual variability of observed winds from operational meteorology and tower observations
Clive Wilson

EGU2018-17280 | Posters | ERE3.1

Representation of wind-solar correlations in reanalysis datasets.
Seanie Griffin, Conor Sweeney, and Frank McDermott

EGU2018-6434 | Orals | ERE3.1

Identifying, characterising and forecasting large ramps in offshore wind farm power output
Daniel Drew, Janet Barlow, Phil Coker, and Tom Frame

EGU2018-16391 | Posters | ERE3.1

Regional wind-solar complementarity and atmospheric pressure patterns - a case study for Ireland & the UK
Joao Correia, Frank McDermott, and Conor Sweeney

EGU2018-13088 | Orals | ERE3.1

Linking meteorological conditions to extreme power system impacts
Hannah Bloomfield, David Brayshaw, Len Shaffrey, Phil Coker, and Hazel Thornton

EGU2018-15424 | Posters | ERE3.1

Resilience of the combined wind-plus-solar power production in Europe to climate change: a focus on the supply intermittence
Sonia Jerez, Isabelle Tobin, Marco Turco, Jose María López-Romero, Juan Pedro Montávez, Pedro Jiménez-Guerrero, and Robert Vautard

EGU2018-6204 | Orals | ERE3.1

Offshore Extreme Wind Atlas Using Wind-Wave Coupled Modeling
Xiaoli Larsén, Jianting Du, Rodolfo Bolaños, Marc Imberger, and Merete Badger

EGU2018-3445 | Posters | ERE3.1

Spatially distributed modeling of renewable energy production on a regional scale
Veronika Hofer, Monika Prasch, and Wolfram Mauser

EGU2018-4925 | Posters | ERE3.1

Spatio-Temporal Variography of Wind Speed in Complex Region
Fabian Guignard and Mikhail Kanevski

EGU2018-15271 | Orals | ERE3.1

Micrometeorological Impacts of Offshore Wind Farms as seen in Observations and Simulations
Simon K. Siedersleben, Julie K. Lundquist, Andreas Platis, Konrad Baerfuss, Bughsin Djath, Beatriz Canadillas, Astrid Lampert, Johannes Schulz-Stellenfleth, Jens Bange, Tom Neumann, and Stefan Emeis

EGU2018-16883 | Posters | ERE3.1

Extreme net load events in fully renewable power systems: A 30 year case study for Sweden
Stefan Höltinger, Johann Baumgartner, Johannes Schmidt, and Elisabeth Wetterlund

EGU2018-15965 | Posters | ERE3.1

Investigation of the Effects of Climate Change on a European Energy System
Alexander Kies

EGU2018-14305 | Posters | ERE3.1

Evaluation of technical modelling approaches for data pre-processing in machine learning wind power generation models
Johann Baumgartner, Stefan Höltinger, and Johannes Schmidt

EGU2018-18541 | Posters | ERE3.1

Probabilistic forecasts of wind turbine icing in Central Europe
Lukas Strauss, Stefano Serafin, Manfred Dorninger, Saskia Bourgeois, and Thomas Burchhart

EGU2018-5929 | Posters | ERE3.1

Can Limits to Growth in the Renewable Energy Sector be Inferred by Curve Fitting to Historical Data?
Kristoffer Rypdal

EGU2018-509 | Posters | ERE3.1

Assessing the Impact of El Niño and La Niña on Brazilian wind-power generation with reanalysis based simulated time series
Katharina Gruber, Johannes Schmidt, and Johann Baumgartner

EGU2018-5431 | Posters | ERE3.1

The North Sea storm surge of Oct 31-Nov 1, 2006 during Storm Britta
Anthony Kettle

EGU2018-15534 | Posters | ERE3.1

Extreme wind event study in a wind farm area on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec using WRF high-resolution simulations.
Miguel Ángel Prósper Fernández, Ian Sosa Tinoco, Carlos Otero Casal, and Gonzalo Miguez-Macho

EGU2018-6234 | Posters | ERE3.1

Large Scale Offshore Wake Impact on the Danish Power System (OffshoreWake)
Xiaoli Larsén, Patrick Volker, Poul Sørensen, Jesper Nissen, Jianting Du, Gregor Giebel, Charlotte Hasager, Petr Maule, Andrea Hahmann, and Jake Badger

EGU2018-15320 | Posters | ERE3.1

Mean Annual Wake study for a wind farm in the province of Jiangsu (China)
Miguel Ángel Prósper Fernández, Carlos Otero Casal, Liu Zhao, Xu Dong, and Gonzalo Miguez-Macho

EGU2018-7784 | Posters | ERE3.1

Exploring the added value of sub-6-hourly wind data from GCMs for energy applications
Paula Gonzalez and David Brayshaw

EGU2018-9219 | Posters | ERE3.1

Influence of changes in large-scale circulation on surface wind projections for wind power over Europe
Paula Gonzalez, David Brayshaw, and Giuseppe Zappa

EGU2018-16396 | Posters | ERE3.1

A probabilistic wind power forecasting method based on NWP and Kalman filtering
Christos Stathopoulos, George Galanis, Nikolaos Bartsotas, and George Kallos

EGU2018-6942 | Posters | ERE3.1

IEA Wind Task 36 Forecasting for Wind Energy
Gregor Giebel, Will Shaw, Helmut Frank, Pierre Pinson, Bri-Mathias Hodge, George Kariniotakis, Caroline Draxl, Corinna Möhrlen, and Jakob Messner

EGU2018-13679 | Posters | ERE3.1

Development of a high resolution wind forecast system based on the WRF model and a hybrid Bayesian-Kalman Filter postprocess.
Carlos Otero Casal, Platon Patlakas, Miguel Ángel Prósper Fernández, George Galanis, and Gonzalo Miguez-Macho

EGU2018-12993 | Posters | ERE3.1

“Dark magic” wind power nowcasting/forecasting for semi-complex terrain using an artificial neural network and data mining framework
Irene Schicker, Petrina Papazek, and Alexander Kann

EGU2018-13100 | Posters | ERE3.1

Defining a neural network and data mining forecast model for wind speed and wind power nowcasting in Austria
Petrina Papazek, Irene Schicker, and Alexander Kann

EGU2018-13540 | Posters | ERE3.1

Short-term Wind Forecasting at a Wind Farm located on a Mountainous Terrain using WRF-LES
Erkan Yılmaz, Gokhan Kirkil, Sukran Sibel Mentes, and Esra Erten

EGU2018-14486 | Posters | ERE3.1

Probabilistic short term wind power forecasts with using Deep Neural Networks with discrete target classes
Martin Felder, Frank Sehnke, Kay Ohnmeiß, Leon Schröder, Constantin Junk, and Anton Kaifel

EGU2018-967 | Posters | ERE3.1

Offshore wind farms in complex terrain
Tanvi Gupta, Faizan Khan, and Somnath Baidya Roy

EGU2018-19007 | Posters | ERE3.1

Sensitivity Analysis Study for Edirne and Mut Province at Different Elevation Data Resolutions Coupling Meso Scale Model Results with Micro Scale Models
Duygu Akyil, Erkan Yilmaz, Esra Erten, Yasemin Ezber, Gizem Bugday, Yurdanur Ünal, and Sibel Mentes

EGU2018-5883 | Posters | ERE3.1

Estimating Atmospheric Stability Based Solely on Surface-Layer Wind Speed Profile
Sukanta Basu

ERE3.3 – Marine renewable energy; resource characterisation, interactions and impacts (co-organized)

EGU2018-23 | Posters | ERE3.3 | Highlight

A Machine-learning Ensemble Approach to Improve Wave-condition Forecasts
Scott James, Fearghal O'Donncha, and Yushan Zhang

EGU2018-1423 | Posters | ERE3.3

Temporal variability in the electricity generated from a tidal-stream turbine
Matt Lewis, Michael Togneri, Matthew Allmark, Ian Masters, Tim Ebdon, Concha Dominguez, James McNaughton, Tim O'Doherty, Daphne O'Doherty, and Simon Neill

EGU2018-1925 | Posters | ERE3.3

Intra- and inter-annual changes in tides cause significant variation in tidal energy resource
Ivan Haigh, Matthew Lewis, Simon Neill, Peter Robins, Carlos Mejia Olivares, and Luke Blunden

EGU2018-1928 | Posters | ERE3.3

Does tidal stream energy extraction locally ameliorate or exacerbate the effects of climate change?
Michela De Dominicis, Judith Wolf, and Rory O'Hara Murray

EGU2018-2513 | Posters | ERE3.3

Resource Assessment of Polymetallic Nodules Using Acoustic Backscatter Intensity Data from the Korean Exploration Area, Northeastern Equatorial Pacific
Chanmin Yoo, Sang-bum Chi, and Kiseong Hyeong

EGU2018-4950 | Posters | ERE3.3

Tidal stream resource characterisation in progressive and standing wave systems
Peter Robins, Sophie Ward, Matt Lewis, Gregorio Iglesias, and Simon Neill

EGU2018-5072 | Posters | ERE3.3

Experimental study of wake past combinations of wall-mounted cubic elements
Maria Ikhennicheu, Grégory Germain, Benoît Gaurier, and Philippe Druault

EGU2018-6437 | Posters | ERE3.3 | Highlight

Can tidal stream turbines change the tides in the Pentland Firth, Scotland?
Rory O'Hara Murray

EGU2018-10274 | Posters | ERE3.3

Tidal power plant simulations using large eddy simulations (LES) and the actuator line method (ALM)
Sam T Fredriksson, Göran Broström, Björn Bergqvist, Marcus Jansson, Johan Lennblad, and Håkan Nilsson

EGU2018-16557 | Posters | ERE3.3

Tidal range energy: assessment, optimisation and continuous generation options
Athanasios Angeloudis, Stephan C. Kramer, Noah Hawkins, and Matthew D. Piggott

EGU2018-17179 | Posters | ERE3.3

Seasonal Assessment of Wave Energy Potential along the Norwegian coastline
Konstantinos Christakos, George Varlas, and Ioannis Cheliotis

ERE3.4 – Conventional and unconventional geothermal resources: Advances in integrated approaches for exploration and monitoring

EGU2018-3125 | Posters | ERE3.4

Geochemical and isotopic properties of the geothermal field in the east of Mount Sabalan, NW Iran
Rahim Masoumi and Mohammad Babaei

EGU2018-6510 | Orals | ERE3.4

Toward an exploration method for sedimentary basins and basement
Chrystel Dezayes and the IMAGE-SP3 team

EGU2018-7228 | Posters | ERE3.4

Outcrop analogue study to determine reservoir properties of the Los Humeros and Acoculco geothermal fields, Mexico
Leandra Weydt, Kristian Bär, and Ingo Sas

EGU2018-7552 | Orals | ERE3.4

Large scale hydro-thermal circulation in the deep geothermal reservoir of Soultz-sous-Forêts (France)
Bérénice Vallier, Vincent Magnenet, Jean Schmittbuhl, and Christophe Fond

EGU2018-7343 | Posters | ERE3.4

First assessment for geothermal utilization of two regionally extensive Devonian carbonate aquifers in Alberta, Canada
Leandra Weydt, Claus-Dieter Heldmann, Hans G. Machel, and Ingo Sass

EGU2018-16188 | Orals | ERE3.4

Quantitative Geothermal Interpretation of an Electrical Resistivty Model of the Rathlin Basin, Northern Ireland
Robert Delhaye, Volker Rath, Alan Jones, Mark Muller, and Derek Reay

EGU2018-9865 | Posters | ERE3.4

Deep-reaching electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) methods for middle-enthalpy geothermal prospection in the Geneva Basin, Switzerland
Aurore Carrier, Matteo Lupi, Federico Fishanger, and Carole Nawratil de Bono

EGU2018-12920 | Orals | ERE3.4

Exploration, processing and modelling of petrothermal (EGS) potentials of the crystalline basement of Hesse.
Sebastian Weinert, Kristian Bär, and Ingo Sass

EGU2018-14676 | Orals | ERE3.4

Determining deep geothermal potentials based on integrated multi-scale datasets and models: case study of the Federal State of Hesse (Germany)
Kristian Bär, Judith Sippel, Meike Hintze, Nora Koltzer, Sebastian Weinert, Johann-Gerhard Fritsche, Matthias Kracht, Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth, and Ingo Sass

EGU2018-10182 | Posters | ERE3.4

Shedding light on subsurface structures and thermal and hydrodynamic regimes in a basin by critical spatial and temporal integration of multidisciplinary data: an application to the Anglo-Paris Basin
Jacques Dentzer, Sophie Violette, Simon Lopez, and Dominique Bruel

EGU2018-17760 | Orals | ERE3.4

Ambient-noise tomography of the Geneva basin in a geothermal exploration context
Thomas Planès, Anne Obermann, Veronica Antunes, and Matteo Lupi

EGU2018-10290 | Posters | ERE3.4

Carbon stable isotopic composition of soil gas CO2 for surface geothermal exploration in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands
Cecilia Amonte, Eve Skevington, Mathew Linton, Rachelle Sanchez, María Asensio-Ramos, Marta García-Merino, Iván Cabrera, Eleazar Padrón, Gladys V. Melián, Pedro A. Hernández, and Nemesio M. Pérez

EGU2018-12682 | Posters | ERE3.4

Geothermal exploration in the Danish Basin: Thermal rock properties of Mesozoic formations
Roberto Miele, Sven Fuchs, Niels Balling, and Andrea Förster

EGU2018-15144 | Orals | ERE3.4

Comparison of magnetotelluric and soil gas geochemistry data for geothermal exploration at Gran Canaria, Canary Islands
Marta García-Merino, Bethany Douglas, Saira Hamid, Sebastian Mead, Katarzyna Slezak, Hugo Larnier, Juanjo Ledo, Alex Marcuello, Estefania Gorriz, Gladys V. Melián, and Nemesio M. Pérez

EGU2018-13822 | Orals | ERE3.4

Structural and thermo-physical characterizations of a potential geothermal system in Basse-Terre Island (Guadeloupe archipelago, Lesser Antilles).
Yves Géraud, Vivien Navelot, Marc Diraison, Alexiane Favier, Michel Corsini, Jeanne Mercier de Lépinay, and Marc Munschy

EGU2018-13260 | Posters | ERE3.4

Scalings at geothermal facilities- Characterisation, processes and mass balance
Bernhard Köhl and Thomas Baumann

EGU2018-16639 | Orals | ERE3.4

A comparative study of the volcanic-related geothermal potential of Sumatra and Java: first result from a regional tectonic analysis and 3D temperature modelling
Lukman Sutrisno, Damien Bonte, Yunus Daud, Fred Beekman, and Jan Diederik van Wees

EGU2018-13261 | Posters | ERE3.4

The ITHERLAB project: Development of a laboratory device for the measurement of thermal rock properties at variable temperature and pressure
Sven Fuchs, Siegfried Raab, Ronny Giese, Mathias Poser, Thomas Ziegenhagen, and Carsten Henkel

EGU2018-1369 | Orals | ERE3.4

Drilling of nine high temperature wells in the Þeistareykir geothermal field, NE-Iceland, 2016-2017. Overview of the project, geology of the area and interpretation of the lithology and alteration of the sub-surface strata.
Sylvía R. Gudjónsdóttir, Ragnheidur St. Ásgeirsdóttir, Magnús Á. Sigurgeirsson, and Ásgrímur Gudmundsson

EGU2018-13480 | Posters | ERE3.4

Paleo-hydrothermal fluid flow: a clue to understand the properties of the geothermal province of Limagne (French Massif Central).
Kévin Fréville and Stanislas Sizaret

EGU2018-13631 | Posters | ERE3.4

Large Scale Geothermal Exploration in the Bavarian Molasse Basin
Martina Ueckert and Thomas Baumann

EGU2018-11984 | Orals | ERE3.4

Evaluation of the response of the Reykjanes high-temperature geothermal reservoir (Iceland) under production using Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) studies of ground surface deformation
Mylene Receveur, Freysteinn Sigmundsson, Michelle Parks, and Vincent Drouin

EGU2018-13735 | Posters | ERE3.4

Seismic reflection structure of a high-temperature geothermal reservoir from Monte-Carlo inversion
Johanna Lehr, Wolfgang Rabbel, and Martin Thorwart and the DESCRAMBLE working group

EGU2018-16684 | Orals | ERE3.4

Seismic activity in geothermal areas with supercritical conditions at depth
Riccardo Minetto, Matteo Lupi, Domenico Montanari, Thomas Planes, Marco Bonini, and Chiara Del Ventisette

EGU2018-15804 | Posters | ERE3.4

Interaction of geothermal, tectonic, and magmatic processes in the Hengill area
Halldór Geirsson, Thóra Árnadóttir, Kristín S. Vogfjord, Daniel Juncu, Hanna Blanck, Cécile Ducrocq, Bjarni Reyr Kristjánsson, Gunnar Gunnarsson, Freysteinn Sigmundsson, Benedikt G. Ófeigsson, Kristín Jónsdóttir, Björn Lund, Gunnar B. Guðmundsson, and Vincent Drouin

EGU2018-16444 | Posters | ERE3.4

Prediction of matrix reservoir properties in fault zones and weathered layers for deep EGS in basement rocks using outcropping analogs.
Lionel Bertrand and Yves Géraud

EGU2018-16496 | Posters | ERE3.4

Regional exploration of the Nusa Tenggara Islands, Indonesia, to assess their geothermal energy potential
Ahmad Fauzi Purwandono, Damien Bonté, Agung Harijoko, Fred Beekman, and Jan Diederik van Wees

EGU2018-16525 | Posters | ERE3.4

Study of a Bolivian Altiplano geothermal field: geological and conceptual interpretations
marc Diraison, michel Corsini, yves Geraud, and sebastien Haffen

EGU2018-19023 | Posters | ERE3.4 | Highlight

Novel approach to explore shallow geothermal installation possibilities by integrated remote sensing technologies
Erika Buday-Bódi, Péter Riczu, Tamás Buday, Nikolett Éva Kiss, Nariman Zeynalov, and János Tamás

EGU2018-19672 | Posters | ERE3.4

Evaluation the Usage of GIS Based Multi Criteria Decision Making Analysis to Determine Fumerole Locations in Geothermal Fields (Kızıldere Geothermal Field, Denizli – Turkey)
Merve Uygur, Muhittin Karaman, Mustafa Kumral, Sercan Öztürk, and Lokman Gümüş

EGU2018-5218 | Posters | ERE3.4 | Highlight

The Wiesbaden geothermal project as example for an integrated approach to exploration in an urban area
Hagen Deckert, Steffen Abe, Lars Krieger, Wolfgang Bauer, and Ulrich Schneider

EGU2018-6321 | Posters | ERE3.4

Macro to Micro-scale investigation of the Heyuan Fault and Giant Quartz Reef – a Geothermal Prospect
Lisa Tannock, Marco Herwegh, Alfons Berger, and Klaus Regenauer-Lieb

EGU2018-14451 | Posters | ERE3.4

Integrated assessment of the hydrothermal potential of the Pechelbronn Group in the northern Upper Rhine Graben
Meike Hintze, Barbara Plasse, Kristian Bär, and Ingo Sass

EGU2018-14988 | Posters | ERE3.4

Using the Icelandic experience on renewable energy production to identify the potential of geothermal and small scale hydropower production in Serbia
David C. Finger and Dragana Ðordevic

EGU2018-15143 | Posters | ERE3.4

Reservoir imaging using ambient noise correlation from a dense seismic network
Maximilien Lehujeur, Jérôme Vergne, Jean Schmittbuhl, Dimitri Zigone, Adrien LeChenadec, and EstOF Team

EGU2018-15738 | Posters | ERE3.4

Revitalizing early seismic reflection data combined with 3D inversion of gravity data to reduce uncertaintiy for geothermal exploration
Aurore Carrier, Matteo Lupi, and Carole Nawratil de Bono

EGU2018-16691 | Posters | ERE3.4

Estimating the geothermal energy and the hydropower potential of a natural hot spring river in southern Iceland
Lucie Zak and David C. Finger

EGU2018-16715 | Posters | ERE3.4

The effect of fluid compressibility and elastic rock properties on deformation of geothermal reservoirs
Daniel Juncu, Thóra Árnadóttir, and Halldór Geirsson

EGU2018-17600 | Posters | ERE3.4

Modeling of Los Humeros geothermal field: preliminary results
Giordano Montegrossi, Paromita Deb, Christoph Clauser, Heber Diez, and Miguel Angel Ramirez Montes

ERE3.5 – Numerical modeling in geothermics

EGU2018-582 | Orals | ERE3.5

Assessment and mapping of shallow geothermal potential of open and closed loop systems in Aosta Valley (NW Italy)
Simone Della Valentina, Alessandro Casasso, Giuseppe Tolardo, Alessandro Baietto, Pietro Capodaglio, and Rajandrea Sethi

EGU2018-1656 | Posters | ERE3.5

Dynamic simulation of Ground-Coupled Heat Pumps (GCHPs): insights on the economic convenience and on the environmental benefits
Matteo Rivoire, Alessandro Casasso, Bruno Piga, and Rajandrea Sethi

EGU2018-4825 | Orals | ERE3.5

Thermal convection in fractured porous media of water with variable physical properties.
Cécile Mezon, Valeri Mourzenko, Jean-François Thovert, Pierre M Adler, and Eric Pili

EGU2018-6506 | Posters | ERE3.5

Thermal Conductivity Measuring Method for Water Filled Open Boreholes
Murat Aydin and Rolf Bracke

EGU2018-1844 | Orals | ERE3.5

Hydraulic anisotropy in simulated sheared fractures: a statistical analysis with comparison of aperture determination methods
Sophie Marchand, Michael Selzer, Olivier Mersch, Martin Schoenball, Fabian Nitschke, Jean Schmittbuhl, Britta Nestler, and Thomas Kohl

EGU2018-14715 | Posters | ERE3.5

Modeling abiotic H2 generation in the Soultz-sous-Forêts geothermal system, Rhine Graben, France
Jesica Muray, Alain Clément, Bertrand Fritz, Jean Schmittbuhl, Vincent Bordmann, and Jean-Marc Fleury

EGU2018-6517 | Orals | ERE3.5 | Highlight

The effects of regional fluid flow on the deep thermal field - a case study from the Federal State of Hesse (Germany)
Nora Koltzer, Judith Sippel, Mauro Cacace, Kristian Bär, Ingo Sass, and Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth

EGU2018-9365 | Posters | ERE3.5

Hydrogeochemical modeling of an acid stimulation in the Soultz-sous-Forêts EGS geothermal system
Viet Ngo, Yann Lucas, Alain Clément, Gerhard Schäfer, and Bertrand Fritz

EGU2018-7624 | Posters | ERE3.5

Thermo-hydro-mechanical modeling of hydro-thermal convection at Rittershoffen geothermal reservoir (France).
Bérénice Vallier, Vincent Magnenet, Jean Schmittbuhl, and Christophe Fond

EGU2018-7362 | Orals | ERE3.5

Surface Deformation Study for a Geothermal Operation Field
Julia Diessl, Wenli Wang, and Mike S. Bruno

EGU2018-8704 | Posters | ERE3.5

Numerical Simulation of Permeability-Changes by Dissolution and Precipitation in Geothermal Reservoirs
Manfred W. Wuttke and Dennis Hiller

EGU2018-12811 | Orals | ERE3.5

3D preliminary geological models of Los Humeros and Acoculco (Mexico) – H2020 GEMex project
Philippe Calcagno, Gwladys Evanno, Eugenio Trumpy, Luis Carlos Gutiérrez-Negrín, José Luis Macías Vásquez, Gerardo Carrasco, and Domenico Liotta and the GEMex T3.1 team

EGU2018-18858 | Posters | ERE3.5

Modelling crack propagation and fluid injection applied to geothermics
Beatriz Martínez Montesinos and Boris Kaus

EGU2018-18895 | Posters | ERE3.5

Estimation of the formation temperature around the deep Icelandic geothermal well RN-15/IDDP-2
Emmanuel Gaucher, Fabian Limberger, Alain Dimier, Thomas Kohl, and Friedemann Wenzel

EGU2018-15752 | Posters | ERE3.5

Adjoint inversion of geothermal potential in Ireland assimilating surface heat flow, seismic velocity, and Curie depth
Ben Mather, Javier Fullea, and Thomas Farrell

EGU2018-9414 | Posters | ERE3.5

Modelling Temperature at Depth Within a Granite Batholith
Thomas Farrell, Mark Muller, and Martin Feely

EGU2018-16270 | Posters | ERE3.5

Preliminary estimation of the thermal structure of the Acoculco-Los Humeros area, Mexico
Damien Bonté, Jon Limberger, Eszter Békési, Fred Beekman, and Jan-Diederik van Wees

ERE3.7 – The role of biomass in a sustainable bio-economy: significant developments and impact on land use, climate and environmental services

EGU2018-1715 | Posters | ERE3.7

Environmental impacts of phosphorus recovery from municipal wastewater
Arabel Amann, Ottavia Zoboli, Jörg Krampe, Helmut Rechberger, Matthias Zessner, and Lukas Egle

EGU2018-1784 | Posters | ERE3.7

Carbon in global waste and wastewater flows - its potential as energy source under alternative future waste management regimes
Adriana Gomez Sanabria and Lena Höglund-Isaksson

EGU2018-3407 | Posters | ERE3.7

Biomass resources distribution and bioenergy technical potential in Kazakhstan: a GIS-based analysis
Asima Koshim, Roza Bexeitova, and Marat Karatayev

EGU2018-7263 | Posters | ERE3.7

Sustainable production of perennial biomass crops as feedstocks for the bioeconomy of Ireland
Michael Jones and Alwynne McGeever

EGU2018-8601 | Posters | ERE3.7

Mapping forest biomass available for wood supply in Europe
Valerio Avitabile and the FNAWS team

EGU2018-9399 | Posters | ERE3.7

Bioeconomy and sustainability: Future storylines for assessing water quality impacts of intensified agriculture and forestry in the Nordic countries
Jelena Rakovic, Dennis Collentine, Katarina Kyllmar, Jan E. Vermaat, and Martyn N. Futter

ERE4.1 – European gas hydrate occurrences as a resource of natural gas: exploration, production and risks

EGU2018-2535 | Posters | ERE4.1 | Highlight

Recent advances in monitoring methods for gas release sites and for application in the context of methane hydrate production
Carsten Frank, Peer Fietzek, and Jacob Sobin

EGU2018-2812 | Posters | ERE4.1

Numerical Analysis of Gas Production from Methane Hydrate by Multistage Depressurization in Large-Scale Reservoir Simulator (LARS)
Yi Wang, Katja U. Heeschen, Erik Spangenberg, Judith Schicks, and Xiao-Sen Li

EGU2018-3209 | Posters | ERE4.1

Microscopic and Macroscopic Observations of CH4 Hydrate Production by N2-CO2 Gas Injection
Minjun Cha

EGU2018-3461 | Posters | ERE4.1

Impact of ice or gas hydrates on the maximum and residual shear strength of sandy sediments using a new External ring Shear TEst Rig, ESTER
Katja Heeschen, Erik Spangenberg, Sebastian Schneider, Judith Schicks, and Ronny Giese

EGU2018-5733 | Posters | ERE4.1

Pore-scale controls on gas hydrate distribution and gas migration due to production and climate change
Hugh Daigle, Michael Nole, and Ryan Leung

EGU2018-7416 | Posters | ERE4.1

Gas hydrate and free gas concentrations from seismic data and theoretical approaches: example of real data
Ivan Vargas-Cordero, Umberta Tinivella, Lucia Villar-Munoz, Michela Giustiniani, Joaquim P. Bento, Dirk Klaeschen, and Jan H. Behrmann

EGU2018-10236 | Posters | ERE4.1

Possible Causes of Double-BSRs on the Hikurangi Margin, New Zealand
Adnan Djeffal, Ingo Pecher, Nathan Bangs, and Gareth Crutchley and the SHIRE Shipboard Scientific Party

EGU2018-12059 | Posters | ERE4.1

Gas hydrate exploitation from subsea reservoirs in the Black Sea
Georg Janicki, Stefan Schlüter, Torsten Hennig, and Görge Deerberg

EGU2018-12847 | Posters | ERE4.1

Knowledge gaps in gas-hydrate assessment: theoretical considerations and practical implications
Amanda Váquez-Izquierdo, Carmen-Julia Gimenez-Moreno, and Ricardo León

ERE4.2 – Unconventional hydrocarbon resources: Advances and new technologies

EGU2018-28 | Orals | ERE4.2

Standard Model of oil generation
Yuri Galant

EGU2018-505 | Posters | ERE4.2

Unconventional Reservoirs: Basic Petrophysical Approach for Shale Gas
Ahmed Rashed

EGU2018-6276 | Orals | ERE4.2

Image-based microstructural analysis: A BIB-SEM study on Upper Visean shales from the Dniepr-Donets Basin (Ukraine)
David Misch, Jop Klaver, Joyce Schmatz, Janos L. Urai, Doris Gross, and Reinhard F. Sachsenhofer

EGU2018-656 | Posters | ERE4.2

Numerical simulation of behavior of impermeable medium with isolated kerogen cells during in-situ heating
Mikhail Alekseev and Evgeny Savenkov

EGU2018-10751 | Orals | ERE4.2

Migration Aspect of Formation of Oil Fields in the Shale Rocks of the Domanic Formation in Volga-Ural Region
Irina Plotnikova, Sergey Ostroukhov, Nikita Pronin, and Fidania Nosova

EGU2018-1169 | Posters | ERE4.2

Assessing kerogen maturity using laser Raman spectroscopy
Delano Henry, Ian Jarvis, Gavin Gillmore, and Michael Stephenson

EGU2018-2310 | Posters | ERE4.2

Simulation of tight carbonate oil accumulation and oil saturation estimation: A case study in Leijia district of the Liaohe western depression, Eastern China
Shaoyong Wang, Jianzhong Li, and Shejiao Wang

EGU2018-17719 | Orals | ERE4.2

Investigation of potential upward fluid migration pathways in two study areas hosting unconventional hydrocarbon reservoirs in Eastern Canada
Christine Rivard, Geneviève Bordeleau, Denis Lavoie, Pierre Ladevèze, François Huchet, René Lefebvre, Stephan Séjourné, Mathieu Duchesne, Nicolas Pinet, Virginia Brake, Heather Crow, and Xavier Malet

EGU2018-2405 | Posters | ERE4.2

Organic-inorganic composition of Indian shale and their effect on micro-pore characteristics and gas storage potential: A comparative analysis of Gondwana and Tertiary shale
Tuli Bakshi, Basanta Prusty, and Khanindra Pathak

EGU2018-16133 | Orals | ERE4.2

Do chemical properties of organic matter affect the porosity during confined pyrolysis of organic rich shales?
Amélie Cavelan, Mohammed Boussafir, Olivier Rozenbaum, Claude Le Milbeau, and Fatima Laggoun Defarge

EGU2018-11060 | Orals | ERE4.2

Increasing the Efficiency of Development of Oil Fields in Shale Formations Based on the Use of New Seismic Exploration Methodology
Oleg Kouznetsov, Igor Chirkin, Evgeny Rizanov, and Irina Plotnikova

EGU2018-2668 | Posters | ERE4.2

Mapping of Potentially Prospective Shale Energy Resource Basins in Asia
Byeong-Kook Son

EGU2018-3801 | Posters | ERE4.2

Evaluation of Total Organic Carbon Content, Thermal Maturity, Clay-Mineralogy and Depositional Environment of Cambay Shale Formation, Cambay Basin, India
Sanjukta De and Debashish Sengupta

EGU2018-5687 | Posters | ERE4.2

Discussion of Tight Oil Performance Characteristics and Ultimate Recovery Estimation
Jing Zheng, HaiBin Bi, XiaoWen Duan, MingQing Zhou, and Hao Meng

EGU2018-5721 | Posters | ERE4.2

Discussion on definition standard of tight oil reservoir
Hao Meng, Haibin Bi, Xiaowen Duan, Jing Zheng, Mingqing Zhou, and Kun Liang

EGU2018-5819 | Posters | ERE4.2

Characteristics of lacustrine shale gas reservoir: a case study of Xujiahe Formation in west Sichuan Basin, China
Haibin Bi, Hao Meng, Kun Liang, Xiaowen Duan, Jing Zheng, and Mingqing Zhou

EGU2018-7007 | Posters | ERE4.2

Micromechanical properties of macerals in coals from the Ukrainian Donets Basin: maturity trends and implications for unconventional hydrocarbon production
Sanja Vranjes, Thomas Schöberl, David Misch, Daniel Kiener, and Reinhard F. Sachsenhofer

EGU2018-12259 | Posters | ERE4.2

Characteristics of hydrocarbon accumulation and distribution of tight oil in China: an example of Jurassic tight oil in Sichuan basin
Shizhen Tao, Zhenglian Pang, Tianshu Zhang, and Yinye Wu

EGU2018-12708 | Posters | ERE4.2

Pore structures of the Jurassic Da'anzhai Member reservoir and their hydrocarbon significance in Central Sichuan Basin, China
Zhenglian Pang, Shizhen Tao, Tianshu Zhang, Xiaoping Yang, and Qin Zhang

EGU2018-13298 | Posters | ERE4.2

Comprehensive comparison between kinetic and equilibrium models in simulation of hydrate reaction in porous media
Yihua Teng, Hailong Lu, and Dongxiao Zhang

EGU2018-14195 | Posters | ERE4.2

Numerical Study of Formation Mechanisms of CO2 Hydrate
Tzu-Keng Lin, Cheng-Yueh Wu, Bieng-Zih Hsieh, Yung-Cheng Chiu, Jia-Sheng Yang, and Peng-Yu Chen

EGU2018-16013 | Posters | ERE4.2

Magnetic Petrophysics application for detailed unconventional hydrocarbon reservoirs characterization
Aleksandr Ivakhnenko

EGU2018-16316 | Posters | ERE4.2

Textural and Diagenetic Controls on Pore Systems in the Cretaceous Eagle Ford Formation
Ilaria Gaiani, Andrew C. Aplin, and Ruarri J. Day-Stirrat

EGU2018-17922 | Posters | ERE4.2

Molecular weight fractionation as a geochemical index; a new approach to predict the shale gas decline trend and estimated ultimate recovery (EUR) in unconventional gas reservoirs
Ruth Davey, Craig Smalley, and Mark Sephton

EGU2018-18014 | Posters | ERE4.2

Unconventional Resource Construction and Estonian Oil Shale Technology.
Edward Bolton

EGU2018-19380 | Posters | ERE4.2

Total Organic Carbon Prediction in shale oil reservoirs using neural network with an application to Bakken Oil, USA
Sid-Ali Ouadfeul and Leila Aliouane

EGU2018-19849 | Posters | ERE4.2

Permeability prediction in shale gas reservoirs by well-logs data using Levenberg Marquardt algorithm Neural Network
Leila Aliouane, Sid-Ali Ouadfeul, and Amar Boudella

ERE5.2 – Geological CO2 storage: Field methods and analysis of field data from sites and natural analogues

EGU2018-860 | Posters | ERE5.2

Does CO2 leakage through faults make geological storage unviable? – Lessons from a natural analogue of a failed storage site
Johannes Miocic, Stuart Gilfillan, Andrea Schröder-Ritzau, Neil Burnside, Stuart Haszeldine, and Christopher McDermott

EGU2018-9502 | Posters | ERE5.2

Azimuthal anisotropy at a natural fluid escape structure in the northern North Sea
Gaye Bayrakci, Timothy A. Minshull, Jonathan M. Bull, Timothy J. Henstock, and Mark Chapman and the James Cook 152 Scientific Party

EGU2018-13722 | Posters | ERE5.2

ELEGANCY: Enabling a Low-Carbon Economy via Hydrogen and CCS
Alba Zappone, Claudio Madonna, and Stefan Wiemer and the ELEGANCY team

EGU2018-1409 | Posters | ERE5.2

Geological CO2 storage in saline carbonate formations using core flooding experiment
Shachi Shachi, Brijesh Kumar Yadav, and Aziz Rahman

EGU2018-16603 | Posters | ERE5.2

The new approach to determine the stable isotope composition different carbonate minerals in CO2-bearing sandstones
Dóra Cseresznyés, György Czuppon, Csilla Király, Zsuzsanna Szabó, Csaba Szabó, and György Falus

EGU2018-3310 | Posters | ERE5.2

Monitoring of gas composition and stable carbon isotopes during side track drilling at the Ketzin CO2 storage pilot site, Germany
Martin Zimmer, Alexandra Szizybalski, Axel Liebscher, and Andrea Vieth-Hillebrand

EGU2018-4080 | Posters | ERE5.2

A natural analogue study of soil gas monitoring for CO2 geological storage
Gitak Chae, Jihyun Kim, Soonyoung Yu, and Young-Jae Shinn

EGU2018-19603 | Posters | ERE5.2

Development of an approach for quantification of the CO2 saturation in the Ketzin storage reservoir, based on geoelectrical crosshole data
Joao Reis, Dennis Rippe, and Cornelia Schmidt-Hattenberger

EGU2018-5772 | Posters | ERE5.2

Assessment of CO2 storage capacity for basalt caprock-sandstone reservoir system in the northern East China Sea
Moohee Kang, Jin Ho Kim, Kyong-O Kim, Snons Cheong, and Young Jae Shinn

EGU2018-5955 | Posters | ERE5.2

Enhancement of storage efficiency and pressure management with the brine drain in a fault-segmented small scale reservoir
Taehee Kim and Young Jae Shinn

EGU2018-8389 | Posters | ERE5.2

Quantifying geological CO2 storage security to deliver on climate mitigation
Stephanie Flude, Juan Alcade, Mark Wilkinson, Gareth Johnson, Katriona Edlmann, Clare Bond, Vivian Scott, Stuart Gilfillan, Xènia Ogaya, and R. Stuart Haszeldine

EGU2018-13165 | Posters | ERE5.2

Microfluidic study on migration of fluids and displacement efficiency via cyclic injection
hyejin Ahn, Sookyun Wang, Minhee Lee, Jeong-Gi Um, and Seon-Ok Kim

EGU2018-14213 | Posters | ERE5.2

Simulation Study of Combining Carbon Dioxide Storage and Geothermal Energy in Saline Aquifers
Wei-Chien Ma, Yuan-Heng Li, Chien-Hao Shen, and Bieng-Zih Hsieh

EGU2018-19050 | Posters | ERE5.2

Storage site selection process in the North Sea for the ACT ACORN CCS Project
Juan Alcalde, Clare Elizabeth Bond, Alan James, Hazel Robertson, Tim Dumenil, David Christopher Pilbeam, Niklas Heinemann, R. Stuart Haszeldine, Saeed Ghanbari, Eric J. Mackay, Daniel R. Faulkner, Michael J. Allen, and Richard H. Worden

ERE5.3 – Process quantification and modelling in subsurface utilization (including ERE Division Outstanding ECS Lecture)

EGU2018-1522 | Posters | ERE5.3

DETECT - Determining the risk of CO2 leakage along fractures of the primary caprock using an integrated monitoring and hydro-mechanical-chemical approach
Marcella Dean, Jeroen Snippe, Niko Kampman, Kevin Bisdom, Stephanie Zihms, Andreas Busch, Florian Doster, Sebastian Geiger, Pieter Bertier, Hannes Claes, Alexandra Amann-Hildenbrand, Reinhard Fink, Bernhard M. Krooss, Sheryl Hurst, Andy Lidstone, and Paul van Rossum