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ESSI – Earth & Space Science Informatics

ESSI1.1 – Informatics in Oceanography and Ocean Science

EGU2018-16795 | Orals | ESSI1.1

Monitoring of Coastal Areas with the Coastal Thematic Exploitation Platform
Sebastien Clerc, Nicolas Gilles, Giulio Ceriola, Stefano Vignudelli, Celine Danilo, Eimear Tuhoy, and Antoine Mangin

EGU2018-3823 | Posters | ESSI1.1

Spatial Interpolation Methods in bathymetry mapping to aid seabed classification decision making for Marine Park Management at Kuruman Island, Labuan, Malaysia
Azizi Ali, Khaira Ismail, M.Fadzil Akhir, and Aidy M.Muslim

EGU2018-8022 | Orals | ESSI1.1

Puertos del Estado Data Center
Fernando Manzano Muñoz, Susana Pérez Rubio, Marta de Alfonso Alonso-Muñoyerro, and Enrique Álvarez Fanjul

EGU2018-5398 | Posters | ESSI1.1

Software citation in ocean sciences: towards the reproducibility of results
Charles Troupin, Alexander Barth, Sylvain Watelet, and Jean-Marie Beckers

EGU2018-15081 | Orals | ESSI1.1

A model for multi-dimensional and formatted sensor data in OGC Observations and Measurements
Louise Darroch, Alexandra Kokkinaki, Justin Buck, Cieran Brazier, Thomas Gardner, and Gwenaelle Moncoiffe

EGU2018-9416 | Posters | ESSI1.1

EMODnet Black Sea Checkpoint Products
Atanas Palazov, Violeta Slabakova, Frederique Blanc, and Vladyslav Lyubartsev and the Black Sea Checkpoint team

EGU2018-11086 | Posters | ESSI1.1

Completion of the 2nd Phase Development of the KOOS Data Management System
Sung-Dae Kim, Hyuk-Min Park, Young-Ho Kim, and Kwang-Soon Park

EGU2018-12540 | Orals | ESSI1.1

Sensor Web Developments in the ODIP II Project
Simon Jirka, Christian Autermann, Alexandra Kokkinaki, Matthes Rieke, and Dick Schaap

EGU2018-15856 | Posters | ESSI1.1

pydiva2d: a python interface to the DIVA interpolation software
Charles Troupin, Alexander Barth, Sylvain Watelet, and Jean-Marie Beckers

EGU2018-19584 | Orals | ESSI1.1

Progress of SeaDataCloud with upgrading the Discovery and Access service and applying Linked Data
Peter Thijsse, Dick Schaap, and Michele Fichaut

EGU2018-5535 | Orals | ESSI1.1

Open Access to the GTS: A JCOMM Observations Coordination Group Pilot Project
Kevin OBrien and the Open Access to GTS partners

EGU2018-15936 | Posters | ESSI1.1

The Interreg Med Biodiversity Protection Knowledge Platform
Emanuele Mancosu, Sonsoles San Roman, Antonio Sanchez, and Dania Abdul Malak

EGU2018-17818 | Posters | ESSI1.1

From SeaDataNet to SeaDataCloud: historical data collections and new data products
Simona Simoncelli, Christine Coatanoan, Volodymyr Myroshnychenko, Nadia Pinardi, Örjan Bäck, Helge Sagen, Serge Scory, Alexander Barth, Dick Schaap, Reiner Schlitzer, and Michele Fichaut

EGU2018-19520 | Orals | ESSI1.1

EMODNET Atlantic Checkpoint - Using ISO quality elements standards to assess existing monitoring systems in the North Atlantic Ocean
Erwann Quimbert, Jacques Populus, Frédérique Blanc, Eric Moussat, and Mickael Vasquez

EGU2018-16433 | Posters | ESSI1.1

Ocean Data Interoperability Platform: integrating regional marine data systems to support global ocean research
Helen Glaves

EGU2018-7770 | Orals | ESSI1.1

EMODnet Physics: tackling new challenges
Patrick Gorringe and Antonio Novellino

EGU2018-14307 | Orals | ESSI1.1

Animal-borne instruments in EuroGOOS – EMODnet Physics
Lars Boehme, Patrick Gorringe, Antonio Novellino, and Fabien Roquet

EGU2018-6821 | Posters | ESSI1.1

Best practices in QA/QC
Catia Chiappini and Giuseppe M.R. Manzella

EGU2018-13103 | Orals | ESSI1.1

Effortless Integration of Underwater Noise Measurements into EMODnet data portal through Sensor Web Standards
Enoc Martinez, Albert Garcia Benadi, Daniel Mihai Toma, Antonio Novellino, Patrick Gorringe, and Joaquin del Rio

EGU2018-14650 | Posters | ESSI1.1

Semantic-Web and Oceanography: ISPRA Marine Observation through Linked Open Data
Marco Picone, Elio Giulianelli, Gabriele Nardone, and Carlo Cipolloni

EGU2018-13317 | Posters | ESSI1.1

The European common data and metadata model for real-time High Frequency Radar surface current data
Lorenzo Corgnati, Carlo Mantovani, Anna Rubio, Emma Reyes, Celine Quentin, Simone Cosoli, Antonio Novellino, Julien Mader, and Annalisa Griffa

EGU2018-19688 | Orals | ESSI1.1

An European initiative to provide operational river observations and forecasts
Francisco Campuzano, Ana Oliveira, Jorge Palma, Patrick Gorringe, Antonio Novellino, and Ramiro Neves

EGU2018-15262 | Posters | ESSI1.1 | Highlight

SOOSmap brings circumpolar Southern Ocean data to a computer near you
Pip Bricher, Antonio Novellino, Patrick Gorringe, Marco Alba, Jie Zhang, and Roger Proctor

EGU2018-16380 | Orals | ESSI1.1

Multi-Platform Data Distribution Challenges from Observing Systems to Data Distribution
Miguel V. Charcos-Lloréns, Miquel À. Rújula, Emma Heslop, Antonio Novellino, Patrick Gorringe, Juan G. Fernández, Biel Frontera, Cristian Muñoz, Xisco Notario, Emma Reyes, Paz Rotllan, Inma Ruiz, and Joaquín Tintoré

EGU2018-11016 | Posters | ESSI1.1

Automated Data Ingestion for the Australian Ocean Data Network
Marton Hidas, Roger Proctor, Sebastien Mancini, Peter Blain, Leigh Gordon, Angus Scheibner, and Laurent Besnard

ESSI2.1 – Metadata, Data Models, Semantics, and Collaboration

EGU2018-5313 | Orals | ESSI2.1

Data Integrity test to measure Data “FAIRness”
Fernando Aguilar Gómez and Jesús Marco de Lucas

EGU2018-5020 | Posters | ESSI2.1

SPOI as the Exchange Format of Point-located Geo-Data
Otakar Cerba

EGU2018-6207 | Posters | ESSI2.1

MASER: Measuring, Analysing, Simulating low frequency Radio Emissions
Baptiste Cecconi, Pierre Le Sidaner, Renaud Savalle, Xavier Bonnin, Corentin Louis, Andrée Coffre, Laurent Lamy, Laurent Denis, Jean-Mathias Grießmeier, Jeremy Faden, Chris Piker, Nicolas André, Vincent Génot, Stéphane Erard, Todd A King, Joseph N Mafi, Mark Sharlow, Jim Sky, and Markus Demleitner

EGU2018-8054 | Orals | ESSI2.1 | Highlight

Exposing the SeaDataNet metadata catalogues as Linked Data: from metadata to data on the web
Rob Thomas and Adam Leadbetter

EGU2018-8108 | Posters | ESSI2.1

The challenge of providing metadata for a 200 year long global mean sea level dataset
Andrew Matthews, Elizabeth Bradshaw, Kathy Gordon, and Lesley Rickards

EGU2018-11152 | Orals | ESSI2.1 | Highlight

NASA’s Collaborative Metadata Curation Activity to Improve Earth Science Data Discovery
Kaylin Bugbee, Valerie Dixon, Rahul Ramachandran, Dana Shum, Jeanne le Roux, Adam Sisco, Patrick Staton, and Betzy Hernandez

EGU2018-10065 | Posters | ESSI2.1

An Emerging Standard for Accessing Time Series Data: The Heliophysics Application Programmers Interface (HAPI)
Jon Vandegriff, Baptiste Cecconi, Arnaud Masson, Todd King, Robert Weigel, Jeremy Faden, Aaron Roberts, Bernard Harris, Nand Lal, Robert Candey, Scott Boardsen, Thomas Baltzer, and Doug Lindholm

EGU2018-17645 | Orals | ESSI2.1

Tuning semantic technologies to enhance discovery of ocean best practices
Pier Luigi Buttigieg, Alexander Garcia Castro, and Jay Pearlman

EGU2018-10587 | Posters | ESSI2.1

The New LASP Interactive Solar IRradiance Datacenter (LISIRD)
Thomas Baltzer, Anne Wilson, Douglas Lindholm, Martin Snow, Stéphane Béland, Don Woodraska, and Chris Pankratz

EGU2018-11420 | Orals | ESSI2.1 | Highlight

Identity, boundaries, and categories: Socio-geographical guidance on standards and infrastructure development
Mark Parsons, Matthew Mayernik, and Peter Fox

EGU2018-8074 | Orals | ESSI2.1

Standardizing the Description and Execution of Geoprocessing Workflows
Christoph Stasch, Benjamin Pross, and Simon Jirka

EGU2018-11443 | Posters | ESSI2.1

Modeling the sustainability of the WEF resources with ontology
Hassan Babaie, Nirajan Dhakal, and Armita Davarpanah

EGU2018-11861 | Posters | ESSI2.1

EMODnet High Resolution Seabed Mapping – further developing a high resolution digital bathymetry for European seas
Dick M. A. Schaap, Peter Thijsse, and Thierry Schmitt

EGU2018-14248 | Posters | ESSI2.1

\textbf{From Regional Scientific Seabed Mapping to a Pan-European Digital Terrain Model }
Stefanie Gaide, Paul Wintersteller, Gerhard Bohrmann, Michael Diepenbroeck, and EMODnet Consortium

EGU2018-14379 | Posters | ESSI2.1

Research data management infrastructure and services for long-term, interdisciplinary collaborative research centers with a focus on environmental sciences
Dirk Hoffmeister and Constanze Curdt

EGU2018-15770 | Posters | ESSI2.1

The NERC Vocabulary Server (NVS) as a shared resource
Gwenaelle Moncoiffe and Alexandra Kokkinaki

EGU2018-18182 | Posters | ESSI2.1

Facilitating Advancements in Space Weather Data Availability Through a Space Weather Testbed and Data Portal
Chris Pankratz, Daniel Baker, Thomas Berger, Allison Jaynes, Scot Elkington, Thomas Baltzer, Fernando Sanchez, and James Craft

ESSI2.2 – Data cubes of Big Earth Data - a new paradigm for accessing and processing Earth Science Data

EGU2018-4957 | Posters | ESSI2.2

openEO: an open API for cloud-based big Earth Observation processing platforms
Edzer Pebesma, Wolfgang Wagner, Pierre Soille, Miha Kadunc, Noel Gorelick, Matthias Schramm, Jan Verbesselt, Johannes Reiche, Marius Appel, Jeroen Dries, Alexander Jacob, Markus Neteler, Soeren Gebbert, Christian Briese, and Pieter Kempeneers

EGU2018-9841 | Posters | ESSI2.2

The Earth in a Box: A light-weight data cube approach to empower the study of land-surface processes and interactions
Fabian Gans, Miguel D. Mahecha, Markus Reichstein, Gunnar Brandt, Norman Fomferra, Hans Permana, and Carsten Brockmann

EGU2018-10934 | Posters | ESSI2.2

GSio: A programmatic interface for delivering Big Earth data-as-a-service
Pablo Larraondo, Jian Guo, Joseph Antony, and Ben Evans

EGU2018-15909 | Posters | ESSI2.2

The Assimila data cube vision – geospatial data for environmental applications.
Gerardo López Saldaña, Jonathan Styles, and Taylor Day

EGU2018-17939 | Posters | ESSI2.2

Array Databases: Useful Technology for Earth Datacubes?
Dimitar Misev

EGU2018-18720 | Posters | ESSI2.2

Ophidia: a datacube oriented framework for large-scale OLAP-based scientific data analysis experiments
Giovanni Aloisio and Sandro Fiore

EGU2018-19079 | Posters | ESSI2.2

Atmospheric Sciences data cube
Stefano Natali, Simone Mantovani, Marcus Hirtl, Delia Arnold, Christian Maurer, and Barbara Scherllin-Pirscher

EGU2018-19236 | Posters | ESSI2.2

Practical Implementation of Open Data Cube(ODC) in Uganda
Simon Reid

EGU2018-19309 | Posters | ESSI2.2

Analysis Ready Data to support the EVER-EST Virtual Research
Francesco De Leo, Iolanda Maggio, and Federica Foglini

ESSI2.4 – Virtual Research Environments: creating online collaborative environments to support research in the Earth Sciences and beyond (co-organised with American Geophysical Union)

EGU2018-4993 | Posters | ESSI2.4

Virtual European Solar & Planetary Access (VESPA): a Virtual Observatory in Planetary Science
Stéphane Erard, Baptiste Cecconi, Pierre Le Sidaner, Angelo Pio Rossi, Michail Minin, Maria Teresa Capria, Bernard Schmitt, Vincent Génot, Nicolas André, Ann Carine Vandaele, Manuel Scherf, Ricardo Hueso, Anni Määttänen, Benoît Carry, Nicholas Achilleos, Chiara Marmo, Ondrej Santolik, Kevin Benson, and Pierre Fernique

EGU2018-17121 | Orals | ESSI2.4

Research objects and ROHub - A journey from theory to practical infrastructure
Jose Manuel Gomez Perez and Raul Palma

EGU2018-14927 | Orals | ESSI2.4

Development of a computing infrastructure for collaborative research on seismic noise sources
Alexey Gokhberg, Laura Ermert, Patrick Paitz, Jonas Igel, and Andreas Fichtner

EGU2018-5409 | Posters | ESSI2.4

Notebooks to document workflow, a possible component in Virtual Research Environments
Charles Troupin, Alexander Barth, Sylvain Watelet, and Jean-Marie Beckers

EGU2018-10307 | Posters | ESSI2.4

A Research Data Management Platform to Support the Daily Tasks of Environmental Researchers
Stephan Mäs, Daniel Henzen, Simon Jirka, and Lars Bernard

EGU2018-9834 | Orals | ESSI2.4

HydroShare: A Platform for Collaborative Data and Model Sharing in Hydrology
David G. Tarboton, Ray Idaszak, Jeffery S. Horsburgh, Daniel P. Ames, Jonathan L. Goodall, Alva Couch, Richard Hooper, Shaowen Wang, Martyn Clark, Pabitra Dash, Hong Yi, Christina Bandaragoda, Anthony Castronova, Tian Gan, Zhiyu Li, Mohamed Morsy, Maurier Ramirez, Jeffrey Sadler, Dandong Yin, and Yan Liu

EGU2018-11779 | Posters | ESSI2.4

SeaDataCloud – further developing the pan-European SeaDataNet infrastructure for marine and ocean data management
Michele Fichaut, Peter Thijsse, and Dick M.A. Schaap

EGU2018-5698 | Orals | ESSI2.4

Developing national on-line services to annotate and analyse underwater imagery in a research cloud
Roger Proctor, Tim Langlois, Ariell Friedman, and Brendan Davey

EGU2018-14531 | Posters | ESSI2.4

Boosting cooperation in Earth Science via the EVER-EST Virtual Research Environment
Fulvio Marelli, Federica Foglini, Hazel Napier, and Helen Glaves

EGU2018-15249 | Orals | ESSI2.4

Using R for an Antarctic Virtual Research environment
Hsun-Yi Hsieh, Ben Raymond, Jean_Olivier Irrison, Sophie Mormede, Yi-Ming Gan, and Anton Van de Putte

EGU2018-18497 | Orals | ESSI2.4

ECASLab: a user-friendly, integrated environment for scientific data analytics and visualization in the European Open Science Cloud landscape
Sandro Fiore, Alessandro D'Anca, Donatello Elia, Cosimo Palazzo, Alessandra Nuzzo, Tobias Weigel, Sofiane Bendoukha, and Giovanni Aloisio

EGU2018-15188 | Posters | ESSI2.4

ReGIS - Visualization and Simulation of GIS data made easy
Berend Weel, Carlos Martinez, Joris Borgdorff, Maarten van Meersbergen, and Mike Lees

EGU2018-15370 | Posters | ESSI2.4

Visual Storytelling for Earth Sciences
Maarten van Meersbergen, Lorenzo Amabili, Tom Klaver, and Jiri Kosinka

EGU2018-18845 | Posters | ESSI2.4

Production Copernicus Data Dissemination via a consolidated Datahub
Joseph Antony, Fang Yuan, Matt Nethery, Andrew Howard, Chris Allen, and Neil Flood

EGU2018-2019 | Posters | ESSI2.4

Growth Hacking Strategies for Virtual Research Environments
Michael Kahle and Rüdiger Glaser

ESSI2.6 – Web-based Exchange and Processing of Environmental Data

EGU2018-6195 | Orals | ESSI2.6

OGC standards homogenizing discovery, processing and download of Copernicus environmental data on the DIAS platform
Tony Jolibois, Sylvain Marty, Jean-Michel Zigna, Reda Semlal, Elisabeth Lambert, Kate Dondenaz, and Tarek Habib

EGU2018-7350 | Posters | ESSI2.6

Web-based generation of post-processing components for the CMIP6 data workflow
Fabian Wachsmann, Martin Schupfner, and Stephanie Legutke

EGU2018-11631 | Posters | ESSI2.6

OWS Context Composition of from Metadata for Online Geoprocessing and Modelling
Alexander Kmoch

EGU2018-8095 | Orals | ESSI2.6

Who will use your API?
Adam Leadbetter, Rob Thomas, Damian Smyth, Rob Fuller, and Eoin O'Grady

EGU2018-16780 | Posters | ESSI2.6

Why should we expose metadata catalogues via SPARQL endpoints?
Chris Wood, Alexandra Kokkinaki, and Adam Leadbetter

EGU2018-11546 | Orals | ESSI2.6

NOGGIn - NASA Open-access Geo-Gridding Infrastructure for Co-location and Integration of Observations and Models
Michael Rilee, Asen Radov, Kwo-Sen Kuo, Thomas Clune, Robert Wolfe, Navid Golpayegani, and Gregory Ederer

EGU2018-12460 | Orals | ESSI2.6

The NextGEOSS CKAN-based Data Hub: Faster Discovery And Easier Access To Earth Observations Through Smart Use Of Open Web-technology.
Bente Bye, Wolfgang Ksoll, Nuno Catarino, Marie-Francoise Voidrot, Erwin Goor, Julian Meyer-Arnek, Pedro Goncalves, and Nuno Grosso

EGU2018-16891 | Posters | ESSI2.6

EarthServer2 : Marine Science Data Service – Experiences using OGC services to enable and improve data analytics and visualisation
Oliver Clements and Peter Walker

EGU2018-17344 | Posters | ESSI2.6

Climate4impact: Provenance in processing and new ADAGUC-services analytics
Maarten Plieger, Wim Som de Cerff, Alessandro Spinuso, Ernst de Vreede, Niels Drost, and Christian Pagé

EGU2018-13680 | Orals | ESSI2.6

Architectural Patterns for web-based information processing in scientific infrastructures
Rainer Haener, Henning Lorenz, Sylvain Grellet, Sebastien Hameau, Francois Robida, and Joachim Waechter

EGU2018-14177 | Orals | ESSI2.6

Development of an information system for the ad hoc assessment of hydro-meteorological extreme events
Stefan Wiemann

EGU2018-14373 | Posters | ESSI2.6

Development of Climate Data Masking Interface Service based on Spatial Index Using PyWPS
Seongkyu Lee

ESSI2.7 – Future Shock: Evolving Earth Science Data and Information Systems across the entire research lifecycle

EGU2018-7810 | Orals | ESSI2.7

Pie in the sky or models in the cloud? Unlocking cloud architectures for environmental modelling with Model Driven Engineering.
Will Simm, Richard Bassett, Faiza Samreen, Paul Young, and Gordon Blair

EGU2018-3465 | Posters | ESSI2.7

Methodology to Build Scalable Knowledge Graphs for Earth Science
Rahul Ramachandran, Manil Maskey, Patrick Gatlin, Jia Zhang, Xiaoyi Duan, Jeffrey Miller, Kaylin Bugbee, and Sundar Christopher

EGU2018-1915 | Posters | ESSI2.7

PANGAEA Data Recommender: An Out of the Box Approach to Discover Earth and Environmental Datasets.
Anusuriya Devaraju, Uwe Schindler, Michael Diepenbroek, Jens Klump, and Robert Huber

EGU2018-8765 | Orals | ESSI2.7

Continuous deployment of analysis and visualisation tools: a case study on inflicting and mitigating future shock
Peter Killick

EGU2018-11376 | Orals | ESSI2.7

Exploiting Transparent Multimodal Parallelization for High-Performance Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning
Kwo-Sen Kuo, Hongfeng Yu, Michael Rilee, Yu Pan, and Feiyu Zhu

EGU2018-6544 | Posters | ESSI2.7

The BonaRes infrastructure for open soil and agricultural research data as basis for efficient data access and reuse
Nikolai Svoboda, Carsten Hoffmann, Meike Grosse, Jennika Hammar, Philipp Gaertner, Muqit Zoarder, Thomas Kuehnert, Susanne Stein, Wilfried Hierold, and Uwe Heinrich

EGU2018-16422 | Posters | ESSI2.7

Unlocking the Archive: A Biochronology Repository
Elizabeth Tray, Deirdre Brophy, Niall O'Maoileidigh, and Adam Leadbetter

EGU2018-14402 | Orals | ESSI2.7

NCI’s GSKY - a scalable Geospatial data server
Ben Evans, Pablo Larraondo, Joseph Antony, Jon Smillie, Sean Pringle, Rui Yang, Matthew Sanderson, Chris Allen, Jingbo Wang, and Clare Richards

EGU2018-14323 | Posters | ESSI2.7

Data, Samples, Software, Texts - publishing Services at the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences
Kirsten Elger, Damian Ulbricht, Roland Bertelmann, and Javier Quinteros

EGU2018-15967 | Orals | ESSI2.7

Semantic storage of climate data on object stores
Neil Massey, David Hassell, Matt Jones, Phil Kershaw, and Bryan Lawrence

EGU2018-17117 | Orals | ESSI2.7

Dynamic Data Citation and Subset Creation for Climate Scenarios
Chris Schubert and Katharina Sack

EGU2018-4076 | Posters | ESSI2.7

IGSN - Status and Future Development
Jens Klump, Lesley Wyborn, and Kerstin Lehnert

EGU2018-14504 | Posters | ESSI2.7

Scientific Dataflows across Clouds
Albrecht Schmidt

EGU2018-17693 | Posters | ESSI2.7

Using MODIS to estimate fluxes of dissolved organic carbon in major Arctic rivers
Pierre-Alexis Herrault, Cédric Fichot, Laure Gandois, Roman Teisserenc, Nikita Tananaev, and Simon Gascoin

EGU2018-9208 | Posters | ESSI2.7

Jade: using on-demand cloud analysis to give scientists back their flow
Niall Robinson and Rachel Prudden

ESSI2.8 – Environmental physical and data infrastructures: practices, access and technologies - towards system level understanding (co-organized)

EGU2018-2520 | Posters | ESSI2.8

South China Sea and Adjacent Seas Oceanographic Data Center
Chao Xu and Sha Li

EGU2018-19123 | Orals | ESSI2.8 | Highlight

Further integration of European Research Infrastructures related to terrestrial ecosystem research
Werner Leo Kutsch, Michael Mirtl, Jaques Roy, Jesús Miguel Santamaria Ulecia, Jaana Bäck, Herbert Haubold, and Abad Chabbi

EGU2018-4399 | Posters | ESSI2.8

Addressing knowledge and know-how biases in the environmental sciences with modern data and compute services
Jens Weismueller, Stephan Hachinger, Hai Nguyen, and Tobias Weber

EGU2018-19700 | Orals | ESSI2.8

Enriching the EnvThes controlled vocabulary via aggregated semantic concepts
Doron Goldfarb and Christoph Wohner

EGU2018-16356 | Orals | ESSI2.8

DiSSCo: The physical and data infrastructure for Europe’s Natural Science Collections
Wouter Addink, Dimitris Koureas, and Ana Casino

EGU2018-11485 | Posters | ESSI2.8

The ontology of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and targets
Armita Davarpanah and Hassan Babaie

EGU2018-13403 | Posters | ESSI2.8

The Global Terrestrial Network – Hydrology (GTN-H)
Stephan Dietrich and Wolfgang Grabs and the GTN-H member networks

EGU2018-18100 | Orals | ESSI2.8

The ENVRIplus Architecture
Keith Jeffery

EGU2018-8692 | Posters | ESSI2.8

The comparison of SRs’ variation affected by solar events observed in America and in China
Haiyan Yu

EGU2018-9175 | Orals | ESSI2.8

Interoperable Publication of Sensor Observation Data: The SeaDataCloud SWE Ingestion Service
Christian Autermann and Simon Jirka

EGU2018-4169 | Orals | ESSI2.8

Accelerating minerals exploration with in-field characterisation, sample tracking and active machine learning
Jess Robertson, David Cole, Alistair White, Francky Fouedjio-Kameny, Brian Ballsun-Stanton, Ryan Noble, Nathan Reid, Maciej Golebiewski, Jens Klump, Ryan Fraser, and Shawn Ross

EGU2018-16012 | Posters | ESSI2.8

Dynamic Optimization for Time-critical Data Services: A Case Study in Euro-Argo Research Infrastructure
Spiros Koulouzis, Thierry Carval, Paul Martin, Baptiste Grenier, Yin Chen, Jani Heikkinen, and Zhiming Zhao

EGU2018-18532 | Posters | ESSI2.8

Using data for system-level science: A provenance perspective
Barbara Magagna, Malcolm Atkinson, and Markus Stocker

EGU2018-18552 | Posters | ESSI2.8

Use of the ENVRI Reference Model to Support the Design of Environmental Research Infrastructures
Abraham Nieva de la Hidalga, Alex R. Hardisty, Barbara Magagna, Paul W. Martin, and Zhiming Zhao

EGU2018-17458 | Posters | ESSI2.8

DEIMS-SDR as a portal for heterogeneous environmental (meta-)data
Christoph Wohner and Johannes Peterseil

EGU2018-15930 | Posters | ESSI2.8

IS-ENES data: present and future of the data infrastructure for climate modeling
Sylvie Joussaume, Francesca Guglielmo, Michael Lautenschlager, Sébastien Denvil, Martin Juckes, and Christian Pagé

ESSI2.9 – Integrating data and services in solid Earth sciences

EGU2018-19111 | Orals | ESSI2.9

O2A – Data Flow Framework from Sensor Observations to Archives
Roland Koppe, Peter Gerchow, Ana Macario, Antonie Haas, Christian Schäfer-Neth, Hans Pfeiffenberger, and Angela Schäfer

EGU2018-6087 | Posters | ESSI2.9

The contribution of the European Volcanology community to the implementation of the European Plate Observing System (EPOS) infrastructure
Giuseppe Puglisi and the EPOS-WP11 Team

EGU2018-6481 | Posters | ESSI2.9

EPOS Multi-scale laboratories Data Services & Trans-national access program
Elisa Calignano and the EPOS TCS Multi-scale laboratories Team (WP16)

EGU2018-5152 | Orals | ESSI2.9

High sensitivity gyroscopes: GINGER and GINGERINO
Angela D. V. D Virgilio, Jacopo Belfi, Nicolo Beverini, Giorgio Carelli, Umberto Giacomelli, Enrico Maccioni, Andrea simonelli, and Fabio Stefani

EGU2018-8119 | Posters | ESSI2.9

European Plate Observing System – Norway (EPOS-N): Norwegian Solid Earth Data Integration and Arctic Observations
Kuvvet Atakan, Karen Tellefsen, and EPOS-Norway Consortium

EGU2018-12639 | Orals | ESSI2.9

First steps towards internationally integrating data and services in the solid Earth sciences and beyond
Lesley Wyborn, Ben Evans, Kerstin Lehnert, Tim Rawling, Jens Klump, Kirsten Elger, SImon Cox, Helen Glaves, Mohan Ramamurthy, Erin Robinson, and Shelley Stall

EGU2018-9339 | Posters | ESSI2.9

Promotion of Earth Science through Transnational Access to the main European Volcanology Research Observatories and Infrastructures
Letizia Spampinato, Giuseppe Puglisi, and Georges Vougioukalakis

EGU2018-13935 | Orals | ESSI2.9

Integration of European borehole data and their dissemination through international interoperable standards
Sébastien Hameau, Rainer Häner, Mikael Pedersen, Henning Lorenz, Mary Carter, Carlo Cipolloni, François Robida, and Sylvain Grellet

EGU2018-9797 | Posters | ESSI2.9

Representing Core Concepts for solid-Earth sciences with DCAT – the EPOS-DCAT Application Profile
Luca Trani, Rossana Paciello, Manuela Sbarra, and Damian Ulbricht and the EPOS IT Team

EGU2018-16860 | Orals | ESSI2.9

IEDA Integrated Services for Solid Earth Observational Data
Kerstin Lehnert, Suzanne Carbotte, Stephen Richard, Megan Carter, Vicki Ferrini, John Morton, Neville Shane, Jason Ash, and Lulin Song

EGU2018-10918 | Posters | ESSI2.9

Data integration lessons learned at the IRIS Data Management Center
Timothy Ahern, Chad Trabant, Mick Van Fossen, Mike Stults, Robert Casey, Bruce Weertman, and Yazan Suleiman

EGU2018-19102 | Orals | ESSI2.9

EPOS-IP and DARE use case: the VERCE platform for a widely accessible forward and inverse seismic modelling
Rafiq Saleh, Alessandro Spinuso, Andre Gemuend, Emanuele Casarotti, Federica Magnoni, Lion Krischer, Heiner Igel, Iraklis Klampanos, Horst Schwichtenberg, Frank Anton, Alberto Michelini, Jean-Pierre Vilotte, and Andreas Rietbrock

EGU2018-10479 | Posters | ESSI2.9

Romania, a regional testing and validation stage for integrating GNSS data and services in Earth sciences
Ilie Eduard Nastase, Alexandra Muntean, Constantin Ionescu, and Liviu Manea

EGU2018-5837 | Orals | ESSI2.9

The AuScope Virtual Research Environment - a data enhanced virtual laboratory for the solid earth sciences
Tim Rawling, Lesley Wyborn, Ryan Fraser, Ben Evans, and Carsten Friedrich

EGU2018-12381 | Posters | ESSI2.9

Geo-electromagnetic data and services integration and validation in EPOS
Pavel Hejda, Simon Flower, Aude Chambodut, Juan-Jose Curto, Jürgen Matzka, Alan Thomson, Toivo Korja, Thorkild Rasmussen, Maxim Smirnov, Ari Viljanen, and Kirsti Kauristie

EGU2018-18033 | Orals | ESSI2.9

A Web Portal to access Solid Earth Science heterogeneous data
Riccardo Rabissoni, Wayne Shelley, and Chris Card

EGU2018-12876 | Posters | ESSI2.9

EUROVOLC – A European Network of Observatories and Research Infrastructures for Volcanology
Kristín S. Vogfjörd, Giuseppe Puglisi, and Freysteinn Sigmundsson and the EUROVOLC team

EGU2018-14839 | Orals | ESSI2.9

Integrated Core Services Architecture
Daniele Bailo and Keith Jeffery and the EPOS IT team

EGU2018-16127 | Orals | ESSI2.9

Enabling Computing on the EPOS ICS-D
Alessandro Spinuso, Andrej Mihajlovski, Chris Card, Daniele Bailo, and Valerio Vinciarelli

EGU2018-14046 | Posters | ESSI2.9

EPOS-IP – DDSS Master Table and Granularity Database
Jan Michalek, Xiaoliang Wang, Kuvvet Atakan, and Christian Rønnevik and the WP6+WP7 of EPOS-IP project team

EGU2018-17800 | Orals | ESSI2.9

Integrating ICS-D providers into EPOS Integrated Services: the case of Enlighten
Ove Daae Lampe, Kuvvet Atakan, and Tor Langeland

EGU2018-14328 | Posters | ESSI2.9

Thematic Core Service on Satellite Data of the EPOS Research Infrastructure
Michele Manunta, Francesco Casu, Ivana Zinno, Pietro Tizzani, Raffaele Castaldo, Tim Wright, Michel Diament, Emilie Ostanciaux, Mioara Mandea, Jose Fernandez, Salvatore Stramondo, Christian Bignami, Philippe Bally, Salvatore Pinto, Francesco Maccaferri, and Thomas Walter

EGU2018-14691 | Posters | ESSI2.9

EPOS-Norway – Integration of Norwegian geoscientific data into a common e-Infrastucture
Jan Michalek, Christian Rønnevik, Xiaoliang Wang, Kuvvet Atakan, Tor Langeland, Tormod Kvaerna, Halfdal Pascal Kierulf, and Bjørn-Ove Grøtan

EGU2018-7029 | Orals | ESSI2.9

Developments on the IS-EPOS Platform for Analysing Anthropogenic Hazard
Monika Sobiesiak, Stanislaw Lasocki, Beata Orlecka-Sikora, Konstantinos Leptokaropoulos, Joana Kocot, and Pawel Urban

EGU2018-14714 | Posters | ESSI2.9

Establishing integrated virtual access (VA) to data and services for Engineering Seismology: the VA3 work package of the EU project SERA
Roberto Basili, Mario Locati, Lucia Luzi, Giovanni Lanzano, Andrea Rovida, Gabriele Tarabusi, and Roberto Vallone

EGU2018-14963 | Posters | ESSI2.9

Moving towards EPOS ERIC: Integration of the legal, governance and financial framework
Bazin Pierre-Louis, Saleh Kauzar, Kuvvet Atakan, Sabrina Bozzoli, Carmela Freda, Domenico Giardini, Thomas Hoffmann, Elisabeth Kohler, Pirjo Kontkanen, Jörn Lauterjung, Helle Pedersen, and Agata Sangianantoni

EGU2018-15128 | Posters | ESSI2.9

Tooling for interoperability and integrity between primary data sources and data infrastructures
Aleksi Aalto and Tommi Vuorinen

EGU2018-15210 | Posters | ESSI2.9

Implementing EPOS Seismology: Status and Challenges
Florian Haslinger and the EPOS Seismology team

EGU2018-17081 | Posters | ESSI2.9

Near Fault Observatories within EPOS-IP: multidisciplinary data, high-level data products and community web services
Gaetano Festa, Lauro Chiaraluce, Hrafnhildur Valdimarsdóttir, and Semih Ergintav and the EPOS-IP WP9 working group

EGU2018-17425 | Posters | ESSI2.9

How to deal with old and industrial data? The example of the Data Center for Deep Geothermal Energy (CDGP)
Marc Schaming, Alice Fremand, Nicolas Cuenot, Eleonore Dalmais, Jean-Francois Girard, Clement Grellier, Marc Grunberg, and Jean Schmittbuhl

EGU2018-15035 | Posters | ESSI2.9

Achieving integration through EPOS
Keith Jeffery and Daniele Bailo and the EPOS IT team

EGU2018-16363 | Posters | ESSI2.9

The Geological Survey of Italy Portal: a new gate for accessing to geological information in Italy
Luca Guerrieri, Valentina Campo, Maria Pia Congi, Daniela Delogu, Claudia Delfini, Gabriele Leoni, Renato Ventura, Carlo Cipolloni, and Silvana Falcetti

EGU2018-16448 | Posters | ESSI2.9

EPOS-GNSS - Current status of service and product implementation
Rui Fernandes, Machiel Bos, Carine Bruyninx, Paul Crocker, Jan Dousa, Andrea Walpersdorf, Anne Socquet, Antonio Avallone, Athanassios Ganas, Constatin Ionescu, Ambrus Kenyeres, Benedikt Ofeigsson, Haluk Ozener, Mathilde Vergnolle, Martin Lidberg, Tomasz Liwosz, and Wolfgang Soehne and the WP10 Members

EGU2018-7777 | Posters | ESSI2.9

The EPOS infrastructure: a novel solution for data and service provision in solid Earth science
Carmela Freda, Massimo Cocco, and Epos Consortium

EGU2018-17681 | Posters | ESSI2.9

Seismology waveform services in EPOS
Reinoud Sleeman, Angelo Strollo, Helle Pedersen, John Clinton, Lucia Luzi, Carlo Cauzzi, Alberto Michelini, and Florian Haslinger

ESSI3.1 – Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) for Geoinformatics and Geosciences | PICO

EGU2018-13038 | PICO | ESSI3.1

Open Source Data Hub System: free and open framework to enable cooperation to disseminate Earth Observation data and geo-spatial information
Calogera Tona and Raffaele Bua

EGU2018-14404 | PICO | ESSI3.1

istSOS3 – Open, interoperable and IoT integrated sensor data management system
Massimiliano Cannata, Milan Antonovic, Daniele Strigaro, and Mirko Cardoso

EGU2018-14610 | PICO | ESSI3.1

Exposing relational databases through an emulated SOLR search API
Damian Ulbricht, Kirsten Elger, and Boris Radosavljevic

EGU2018-16781 | PICO | ESSI3.1

Sentinelflow automated satellite image workflow for Sentinel-2
Julien Seguinot

EGU2018-10845 | PICO | ESSI3.1

SatData - A Python Library For Fetching Satellite Data.
Minh Duc Nguyen

EGU2018-4163 | PICO | ESSI3.1

FAIMS Mobile 3.0: A next-generation field data collection platform
Brian Ballsun-Stanton, Shawn Ross, Steve Cassidy, Nathan Reid, and Jens Klump

EGU2018-10287 | PICO | ESSI3.1

Automated Earth Observation data discovery and access using open source web frameworks
Jonas Eberle and Christiane Schmullius

EGU2018-14542 | PICO | ESSI3.1

Geo-coding geoscience articles for spatial search index with FOSS
Alexander Kmoch, Evelyn Uuemaa, and Hermann Klug

EGU2018-9693 | PICO | ESSI3.1

g.cite: A new GRASS GIS functionality for scientific citation of individual GRASS modules
Peter Loewe and Markus Neteler

EGU2018-9586 | PICO | ESSI3.1

Integration of field-based and agent-based modelling paradigms into the PCRaster environmental modelling platform
Oliver Schmitz, Kor de Jong, Merijn de Bakker, Meng Lu, and Derek Karssenberg

EGU2018-10740 | PICO | ESSI3.1

Surveying the users of the SAFE toolbox: what happens after an open-source software gets downloaded?
Francesca Pianosi, Thorsten Wagener, Fanny Sarrazin, and Valentina Noacco

EGU2018-15951 | PICO | ESSI3.1

Hydro Engine - a software tool for the analysis of hydrographic datasets
Gennadii Donchyts, Hessel Winsemius, Fedor Baart, and Nick van de Giesen

EGU2018-18372 | PICO | ESSI3.1

Introducing VAPOR Version 3
John Clyne, Stanislaw Jaroszynski, Shaomeng Li, and Scott Pearse

EGU2018-4433 | PICO | ESSI3.1

STRADITIZE: An open-source program for digitizing pollen diagrams and other types of stratigraphic data
Philipp S. Sommer, Basil A.S. Davis, and Manuel Chevalier

EGU2018-12781 | PICO | ESSI3.1

Introducing OSGeo Presence on the Europan Scale
Peter Löwe, Massimiliano Cannata, and Dirk Frigne

ESSI3.2 – Innovative Evaluation and Prediction for Large Earth Science Datasets

EGU2018-4085 | Posters | ESSI3.2

Vector Field Evaluation Diagram and its Application in Multivariable Integrated Evaluation of Model Performance
Zhongfeng Xu, Ying Han, Zhaolu Hou, Weidong Guo, and Congbin Fu

EGU2018-6894 | Orals | ESSI3.2

Advanced score for the evaluation of prediction skill
André Düsterhus and Sabrina Wahl

EGU2018-12322 | Orals | ESSI3.2

Towards a Framework for Parallelized Post-Processing and Evaluation of Ensemble Forecasts
Robert Redl, Christian Keil, George Craig, Sebastian Lerch, and Joachim Eichhorn

EGU2018-5124 | Posters | ESSI3.2

The Community Intercomparison Suite (CIS): an open-source toolbox
Duncan Watson-Parris, Nick Schutgens, Zak Kipling, Phil Kershaw, Bryan Lawrence, and Philip Stier

EGU2018-6491 | Posters | ESSI3.2 | Highlight

Web Processing Services for Copernicus Climate Change Service
Carsten Ehbrecht, Stephan Kindermann, Ag Stephens, and Sébastien Denvil

EGU2018-13116 | Orals | ESSI3.2

CliMAF, a Climate Model Assessment Framework
Stéphane Sénési, Jerome Servonnat, Ludivine Vignon, Olivier Marti, Patrick Brockmann, and Sébastien Denvil

EGU2018-5935 | Orals | ESSI3.2

Towards a powerful tool to manage large amount of data and analysis
Thomas Schartner, Sebastian Illing, Christopher Kadow, Ingo Kirchner, and Uwe Ulbrich

EGU2018-15326 | Posters | ESSI3.2

Spatial verification of high-resolution ensemble precipitation forecasts using local wavelet spectra
Florian Kapp, Petra Friederichs, Sebastian Brune, and Michael Weniger

EGU2018-18076 | Posters | ESSI3.2

Combining Climate Modelling and Ensemble Data Analysis in Lectures of Meteorology Studies at Freie Universitaet Berlin
Ingo Kirchner, Nico Becker, Sebastian Illing, Christopher Kadow, Thomas Schartner, Lisa Schielicke, and Mareike Schuster

EGU2018-18729 | Orals | ESSI3.2

Advanced Workflow and Data Management for the Energy Exascale Earth System Modeling Project
Dean Williams, Valentine Anantharaj, and Renata McCoy

EGU2018-5189 | Orals | ESSI3.2

Towards a community framework for consensus climate model evaluation
Eric Guilyardi

EGU2018-17810 | Posters | ESSI3.2 | Highlight

Using cloud-resolving atmosphere simulations to improve climate models
Philipp Griewank, Vera Schemann, and Roel Neggers

EGU2018-14400 | Posters | ESSI3.2 | Highlight

Freie Univ Evaluation System Framework for Scientific HPC Infrastructures in Earth System Modeling
Christopher Kadow, Sebastian Illing, Thomas Schartner, Ingo Kirchner, Jens Grieger, Ulrich Cubasch, and Uwe Ulbrich

ESSI3,4 – Earth science on Cloud, HPC and Grid | PICO

EGU2018-12280 | PICO | ESSI3,4

Using the EGI FedCloud and the ESGF CWT-API in a WPS workflow to provide data analysis computations for the IS-ENES climate4impact platform
Christian Pagé, Xavier Pivan, Asela Rajapakse, Wim Som de Cerff, Maarten Plieger, Ernst de Vreede, Alessandro Spinuso, Lars Bärring, Antonio Cofiño, Alessandro d'Anca, and Sandro Fiore

EGU2018-5323 | PICO | ESSI3,4

Data-Clouds: INDIGO, XDC and DEEP
Fernando Aguilar Gómez, Jesus Marco, Alvaro López, Pablo Orviz, and Isabel Campos

EGU2018-12549 | PICO | ESSI3,4

ENES Climate Analytics Service (ECAS)
Sofiane Bendoukha, Tobias Weigel, Sandro Fiore, and Alessandro D'Anca

EGU2018-14024 | PICO | ESSI3,4

Google Earth Engine and Google Cloud platform for detection and mapping of peatlands. A workflow example in Scotland.
Laura Poggio, Antoine Lassauce, Doug Salt, and Alessandro Gimona

EGU2018-14280 | PICO | ESSI3,4

Cloud computing for ecosystem services and land-use modelling: a test case with the InVest tool
Doug Salt, Marie Castellazzi, Laura Poggio, Andrea Baggio Compagnucci, and Alessandro Gimona

EGU2018-6464 | PICO | ESSI3,4

Seeking for efficiency in using a HPCC with high resolution models of oblique subduction
Mihai Pomeran, Luminita Zlagnean, and Lucian Besutiu

EGU2018-10407 | PICO | ESSI3,4

Flexible development and deployment of large scale data processing in MAGIC
Niels Drost, Maarten Plieger, and Wim Som de Cerff

EGU2018-11196 | PICO | ESSI3,4

Cloud Based Hyperspectral Image Analysis via a Functional Data Model
Anne Wilson, Doug Lindholm, Tom Baltzer, and Chris Pankratz

EGU2018-14731 | PICO | ESSI3,4

The Alpine Envirnomental Data Analysis Centre ( Cloud-Computing on Demand, RDM and more
Stephan Hachinger, Julian Meyer-Arnek, Christoph Harsch, Michael Bittner, Anton Frank, Helmut Heller, Natalie Vogel, and Esther Giemsa

EGU2018-16629 | PICO | ESSI3,4

Automated System for Crop Mapping in Amazon Web Services based on Sentinel Data
Mykola Lavreniuk, Andrii Shelestov, Andrii Kolotii, Vladimir Vasiliev, Leonid Shumilo, and Nataliia Kussul

EGU2018-16881 | PICO | ESSI3,4

Insights on the use of WRF in Cloud Systems
Diego A. Pérez Montes, Juan A. Añel Cabanelas, and Javier Rodeiro

EGU2018-17087 | PICO | ESSI3,4

Air Quality Monitoring in Smart City Using Intelligent Sensors
Mykola Lavreniuk, Andrii Shelestov, Andrii Kolotii, Vladimir Vasiliev, Tatyana Bulanaya, and Igor Gomilko

EGU2018-17125 | PICO | ESSI3,4

HORUS Platform for Assessment of Soil Characteristics based on Distributed Processing of Sentinel-2 Satellite Data
Dorian Gorgan, Victor Bacu, Teodor Stefanut, and Constantin Nandra

ESSI3.5 – Open Data, Reproducible Research, and Open Science | PICO

EGU2018-17263 | PICO | ESSI3.5

Open data at Copernicus Climate Change Service
Cedric Bergeron, Carlo Buontempo, Jean-Noël Thepaut, Dick Dee, Anca Brookshaw, and Freja Vamborg

EGU2018-17084 | PICO | ESSI3.5

New open global service for easy access to climate data, information and know-how
Berit Arheimer, Emilie Breviere, Frida Gyllensvärd, Lorna Little, and Christiana Phtotiadou

EGU2018-4617 | PICO | ESSI3.5

Scientific Reference Datasets - Cornerstones of Reproducible Research: Design, Test & Distribution using R
Sebastian Kreutzer, Christoph Burow, Mathieu Duval, and Geoff Duller

EGU2018-7977 | PICO | ESSI3.5

R’s deliberate role in fostering open and reproducible science
Michael Dietze

EGU2018-17461 | PICO | ESSI3.5

Open Environmental Data Analysis
Daniel Nüst and Thomas Bartoschek

EGU2018-18723 | PICO | ESSI3.5

New tool to share data and models in hydrological forecasting, based on the ESA TEP
David Gustafsson, Jafet Andersson, Fabrice Brito, Bernat Martinez, and Berit Arheimer

EGU2018-19448 | PICO | ESSI3.5

Open Traffic Analysis
Albert Remke, Matthes Rieke, Christoph Stasch, Christian Autermann, Arne de Wall, Herwig Wulffius, and Simon Jirka

EGU2018-10075 | PICO | ESSI3.5

Implementing Open Science for the GEO Geohazard Supersites scientific community through the integrated use of Research Objects in the EVER-EST Virtual Research Environment
Stefano Salvi, Elisa Trasatti, Vito Romaniello, Luca Merucci, Stefano Corradini, Dario Stelitano, Cristiano Tolomei, Giuliana Rubbia, José Manuel Gómez Pérez, Raul Palma, and Giuseppe Puglisi

EGU2018-12238 | PICO | ESSI3.5

Enabling FAIR and Open Data in Earth and Space Sciences Publications
Shelley Stall, Kerstin Lehnert, Lesley Wyborn, Erin Robinson, Helen Glaves, Mark Parsons, Brooks Hanson, Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, Brian Nosek, and Lynn Yarmey

EGU2018-14125 | PICO | ESSI3.5

Activity of DOI-minting to Geomagnetic Data in Russia
Nataliya A. Sergeyeva and Ludmila P. Zabarinskaya

EGU2018-19525 | PICO | ESSI3.5

The pan-European Virtual Hub for facilitating access and use of geospatial Open Data
Paolo Mazzetti, Maria A. Liberti, Stefano Nativi, and Lorenzo Bigagli

EGU2018-10148 | PICO | ESSI3.5

Lessons learned while creating Open Source Scientific Software in eWaterCycle and MAGIC
Niels Drost, Wim Som de Cerff, Nick van de Giesen, Rolf Hut, and Maarten Plieger

EGU2018-10685 | PICO | ESSI3.5

Earth System Simulation Toolkit
Dirk Fleischer, Thilo Paul-Stueve, Florian Lier, and Sven Wachsmuth

EGU2018-19295 | PICO | ESSI3.5

Reproducible research bindings
Markus Konkol

EGU2018-19856 | PICO | ESSI3.5

Sinchomap project: land-cover and vegetation mapping using very dense multi-temporal insar data
Fernando Vicente Guijalba

ESSI4.1 – State of the Art in Earth Science Data Visualization (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2018-471 | PICO | ESSI4.1

A MATLAB function for 3-D and 4-D landscape visualization
Harry Zekollari

EGU2018-3223 | PICO | ESSI4.1

3D interactive visualization of abandoned mine environment using augmented reality
Yosoon Choi, Jangwon Suh, and Sangho Lee

EGU2018-4640 | PICO | ESSI4.1

Real-time Interactive Exploration of Large Atmospheric Datasets in Virtual Reality
Simon Schneegans, Markus Flatken, and Andreas Gerndt

EGU2018-4701 | PICO | ESSI4.1

Psyplot: Interactive data analysis and visualization with Python
Philipp S. Sommer

EGU2018-7914 | PICO | ESSI4.1

Visualization of uncertainty in climate projections imposed by volcanic activity
Michael Böttinger, Marc Rautenhaus, Niklas Röber, Ingo Bethke, and Sebastian Wagner

EGU2018-8161 | PICO | ESSI4.1 | Highlight

Visualization of a Retrograde Earth Experiment for Public Outreach
Niklas Röber, Florian Ziemen, Uwe Mikolajewicz, Guido Cioni, Martin Claussen, Klaus Fraedrich, Marvin Heidkamp, Cathy Hohenegger, Diego Jimenez de la Cuesta, Marie Kapsch, Alexander Lemburg, Thorsten Mauritsen, Katharina Meraner, Hauke Schmidt, Katharina Six, Irene Stemmler, Talia Tamarin-Brodosky, Alexander Winkler, Xiuhua Zhu, and Bjorn Stevens

EGU2018-8945 | PICO | ESSI4.1

Visualization of Climate Simulation Data – State of the Art
Karin Meier-Fleischer, Michael Böttinger, and Niklas Röber

EGU2018-9825 | PICO | ESSI4.1

SubMachine: Web-based tools for exploring seismic tomography models
Kasra Hosseini, Kara J. Matthews, Karin Sigloch, Grace E. Shephard, Mathew Domeier, and Maria Tsekhmistrenko

EGU2018-10206 | PICO | ESSI4.1

Visual exploration of ensemble variability at the example of decadal climate predictions
Christopher Kappe, Michael Böttinger, and Heike Leitte

EGU2018-11610 | PICO | ESSI4.1

Visual Strategies for Heterogeneous Data: network analyses in Earth and space sciences.
Peter Fox, Anirudh Prabhu, and Mark Parsons and the DTDI team

EGU2018-14578 | PICO | ESSI4.1

Virtual outcrop geology comes of age: the application of consumer grade virtual reality hardware and software to digital outcrop data analysis
Thomas Seers, Ali Sheharyar, and Roberto Rizzo

EGU2018-17245 | PICO | ESSI4.1

ADAGUC Open source visualization utilized in the KNMI GeoWeb project
Maarten Plieger, Ernst de Vreede, Maarten Terpstra, Wim van Moosel, and John van de Vegte

EGU2018-17716 | PICO | ESSI4.1

Exploring methods for visualising the geospatial uncertainty in nitrous oxide emissions from agriculture
Alice Milne and Bertie Welch

EGU2018-19060 | PICO | ESSI4.1

Subsurface Data Visualization with UBER‘s library
Dorit Kerschke, Alexander Lindemann, Jan Sohre, Judith Sippel, and Joachim Wächter

EGU2018-19145 | PICO | ESSI4.1

Accuracy of pathline predicates for flow visualization at the example of the benguela upwelling system
Pascal Nardini, Hans Pogrzeba, Michael Böttinger, Gerik Scheuermann, Martin Schmidt, and Lydia Siegfried

ESSI4.3 – Advancing Data-driven Workflows, Analytics and Visualization in Earth System Science

EGU2018-2622 | Orals | ESSI4.3

Big Data Analytics and Visualization for Ocean Science
Thomas Huang, Edward Armstrong, Frank Greguska, Joseph Jacob, Nga Quach, Lewis McGibbney, Vardis Tsontos, Brian Wilson, Shawn Smith, Mark Bourassa, Jocelyn Elya, Steve Worley, Tom Cram, Zaihua Ji, Chaowei Yang, Yongyao Jiang, and Yun Li

EGU2018-321 | Posters | ESSI4.3

Quantify spatial heterogeneity using patch indices based on remote sensing data
Mohammad Noor Alhamad and Mohammad Alrababah

EGU2018-6938 | Posters | ESSI4.3

Local Ecological Marine Units for 3D Ocean Mapping and Analysis
Drew Stephens, Roger G Sayre, Dawn J Wright, Sean P Breyer, Kevin A Butler, and Keith VanGraafeiland

EGU2018-9789 | Orals | ESSI4.3

Geospatial Machine Learning Applied to Predict Seafloor Total Organic Carbon
Taylor Lee and Warren Wood

EGU2018-15042 | Orals | ESSI4.3

Web-Based Interactive Visualization Of A High Resolution Global Lithological Map
Felicia Brisc, Jens Hartmann, and Nils Moosdorf

EGU2018-6651 | Posters | ESSI4.3

A New Discrimination Diagram Software for Geoscientists
Sinan Akıska

EGU2018-4604 | Posters | ESSI4.3

An easily customizable software package for handling hyperspectral data cubes
Cosimo Marzo, Paola Manzari, Angela Losurdo, Maria Cristina De Sanctis, Simone De Angelis, Laura Colini, and Claudia Spinetti

EGU2018-5302 | Orals | ESSI4.3

A Cloud-based Science Gateway for the Geoscience Community with End-to-end Workflows on the Jetstream Cloud System
Mohan Ramamurthy and Juilien Chastang

EGU2018-11792 | Posters | ESSI4.3

DataFed: A Federated Data System for Spatio-Temporal Data
Rudolf Husar

EGU2018-10081 | Orals | ESSI4.3

Integrated GIS/Machine-Learning Workflows for Modeling Spatiotemporal Variations in Potential Seagrass Habitats within a Changing Climate
Orhun Aydin, Kevin Butler, and Dawn Wright

EGU2018-18917 | Posters | ESSI4.3

SlidePredict - a platform for near real-time prediction of landslide hazard using weather forecast systems
Ionut Cosmin Sandric, Marta Jurchescu, Viorel Ilinca, Zenaida Chitu, Francisc Senzaconi, Alin Plesoianu, and Radu Irimia

EGU2018-18129 | Orals | ESSI4.3

Deriving Actionable Information from Big Earth Data - Experiences from the Urban Thematic Exploitation Platform
Thomas Esch, Hubert Asamer, Jakub Balhar, Martin Boettcher, Enguerran Boissier, Andreas Hirner, Emmanuel Mathot, Mattia Marconcini, Annekatrin Metz, Hans Permana, Tomas Soukup, Vaclav Svaton, Soner Uereyen, and Julian Zeidler

EGU2018-19668 | Posters | ESSI4.3

Metadata Evaluation and Improvement Guidance for Interdisciplinary Discovery and Data Reuse
Sean Gordon and Ted Habermann

EGU2018-9760 | Posters | ESSI4.3

Practical quantification of uncertainty in seabed property prediction using geospatial KNN machine learning
Warren Wood, Taylor Lee, and Jeffrey Obelcz

EGU2018-9778 | Posters | ESSI4.3

Towards a Quantitative Understanding of Parameters Driving Submarine Slope Failure: A Machine Learning Approach
Jeffrey Obelcz and Warren T. Wood

EGU2018-9835 | Posters | ESSI4.3

Analysis of Aegean Sea coastal upwelling system using in-situ visualization integrated Regional Earth System Model (RegESM)
Ufuk Utku Turuncoglu, Baris Onol, and Ceyhun Ozcan

EGU2018-11793 | Posters | ESSI4.3

Access and Visualization of Spaceborne Altimetry Data from ICESat and ICESat-2
Viswanath Nandigam, Adrian Borsa, Siri Jodha Khalsa, Kai Lin, Minh Phan, Helen Fricker, and Christopher Crosby

EGU2018-11925 | Posters | ESSI4.3

PerSys – WebGIS-based permafrost data visualisation system for ESA GlobPermafrost
Antonie Haas, Guido Grosse, Birgit Heim, Andreas Walter, Antonia Immerz, Christian Schäfer-Neth, Sina Muster, Sebastian Laboor, Annett Bartsch, and Frank Martin Seifert

EGU2018-17555 | Posters | ESSI4.3

HGR.01: Geographic Information System of the Moonquakes
Lajos Lázár, Márta Kiszely, Lóránt Földváry, and Katalin Gribovszki
CC BY 4.0