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GI – Geosciences Instrumentation & Data Systems

GI0.1 – Open Session on Geosciences Instrumentation and Methods (including Christiaan Huygens Medal Lecture)

EGU2018-2168 | Posters | GI0.1

Further progress in wide-band induction magnetometer development
Vira Pronenko

EGU2018-19164 | Posters | GI0.1

Improved methods for geomagnetic data digitization and measuremen
Mika Väänänen, Eija Tanskanen, Jouni Envall, Hendrik Ehrpais, and Joonas Viuho

EGU2018-9059 | Orals | GI0.1

Advantage and disadvantage of µ-EDXRF (energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence) mapping for geochemical, lithological and mineralogical studies
Khulan Berkh, Dieter Rammlmair, Jeannette Meima, and Malte Drobe

EGU2018-16028 | Posters | GI0.1

What is an appropriate size for strike and dip measurements? An evaluation from Lidar, smartphone applications, and geological compass measurements
Cicilie Trede, Lisa Watson, and Nestor Cardozo

EGU2018-17347 | Orals | GI0.1

Mineralogical and chemical information at the mesoscale by LIBS, EDXRF and hyperspektral methods
Dieter Rammlmair, Martin Schodlok, Jeannet Meima, Wilhelm Nikonow, and Khulan Berkh

EGU2018-17915 | Orals | GI0.1 | Highlight

Lithium Exploration Using a Multi-Disciplinary Earth Observation Framework Over Cornwall, UK
Cristian Rossi, Maral Bayaraa, Stephen Spittle, Anoop Pandey, and Niki Henry

EGU2018-15106 | Posters | GI0.1

Absolute calibration of relative gravity meters in tidal range
Márta Kis, András Koppán, Gábor Papp, Judit Benedek, Krisztián Baracza, László Szabados, András Csontos, and Bruno Meurers

EGU2018-15937 | Orals | GI0.1

EGT – A sensitive time-of-flight mass spectrometer for multi-element isotope gas analysis
Andreas Riedo, Surya Rout, Reto Wiesendanger, Peter Wurz, and Ingo Leya

EGU2018-16651 | Posters | GI0.1 | Highlight

An Arduino based CO2 sensor or, “I’m not paying for that, I’ll just build it myself”
Sarah L. Brown, Claire Goulsbra, Martin G. Evans, and Theodor Heath

EGU2018-7188 | Orals | GI0.1

Ultra-low-noise MEMS accelerometer for Seismology
Aurélien Fougerat and Laurent Guerineau

EGU2018-16430 | Posters | GI0.1

Imaging based on scanning Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy; application for chromitite ore
Jeannette Meima and Dieter Rammlmair

EGU2018-1293 | Posters | GI0.1

Assessing the accuracy of 3D GPR results by comparing them to 3D laser scanner models: the case study of the archaeological site of Peluda Cave (Sierra de Atapuerca, Burgos, Spain)
Lucía Bermejo, Ana Isabel Ortega, Lawrence B. Conyers, Alfonso Benito-Calvo, Adrián Martínez-Fernández, Josep M. Parés, José María Bermúndez de Castro, and Eudald Carbonell

EGU2018-2165 | Orals | GI0.1

The way to increase GPS synchronization accuracy for distributed geophysical systems.
Andrii Prystai

EGU2018-7475 | Posters | GI0.1

GPR in large-scale groundwater and aggregate surveys
Juho Kupila

EGU2018-10637 | Orals | GI0.1

Adapting controlled-source coherence analysis to dense array data in earthquake seismology
Benjamin Schwarz, Karin Sigloch, and Tarje Nissen-Meyer

EGU2018-2196 | Posters | GI0.1

DrillDOC Drilling Downhole Optimization Collar for Real-Time measurements of weight, torque and bending on bit in the Azeri, Chirag and Guneshli wells, which were drilled in the Khazarian-Caspian Sea of the Azerbaijan Republic
Elnur Amirov (Fikret & Sevda)

EGU2018-267 | Orals | GI0.1

Radarsat-1 image processing for regional-scale geological mapping with mining vocation under dense vegetation and equatorial climate environment, Southwestern Cameroon
Salomon Cesar Nguemhe Fils, Carrol Hedwige Bekele Mongo, David Guillaume Kouathio, Mumbfu Ernestine Mimba, Joachime Etouna, Philippe Njandjock Nouck, and Brunot Nyeck

EGU2018-2714 | Posters | GI0.1

CLIMCOR: a 7 year project to develop new generation of drilling/coring tools for the French and international scientific communities
Denis-Didier Rousseau and Michel Calzas and the CLIMCOR Participants

EGU2018-3680 | Posters | GI0.1

smartVCD – A novel tool for a digital Visual Core Description based on the Drilling Information System (DIS)
Tanja Hörner, Jude Coggon, Ronald Conze, and Frank Krysiak

EGU2018-5821 | Orals | GI0.1 | Highlight

Remote Sensing of Aerosols, Clouds, and Precipitation
Jothiram Vivekanandan

EGU2018-14289 | Posters | GI0.1

Development and Verification of In-House Distributed Aquisition System Specialized for Simultaneous Multi-Spacing Measurement of DC Resistivity
Hyun-Key Jung, Sung-Ho Cho, Hyosun Lee, and Yesol Kim

EGU2018-12707 | Posters | GI0.1

Bottom shear stress measurement technique based on ferrofluids over uniform and mixed sandy bottoms
Laura Maria Stancanelli, Antonino Viviano, Rosaria Ester Musumeci, and Enrico Foti

EGU2018-14000 | Posters | GI0.1

Accuracy assessment of global land cover datasets in South Korea
Sanghun Son, Soyoung Park, Seonghyeok Lee, Seongheon Kim, Jihye Han, and Jinsoo Kim

EGU2018-17472 | Posters | GI0.1

FENYX research aircraft: capabilities and characteristics
Ana Corrales, Jose Antonio Gómez, Jesús Ortiz, and Bartolomé Marqués

EGU2018-4527 | Posters | GI0.1 | Highlight

Near Real-Time GPS-Meteorology Services
Anton Leontiev, Yuval Reuveni, and Dorita Rostkier-Edelstein

EGU2018-17608 | Posters | GI0.1

An Airborne Large Scale Facility for Environmental Monitoring: ICTS-PAI
Jose-Antonio Gomez-Sanchez, Jesus Ortiz Serrano, Ana Corrales Sierra, Benito Calvo Moral, Neves Seoane Vieira, Bertin Calvo Otero, and Bartolome Marques Balaguer

GI0.2 – COST Actions in Geosciences: breakthrough ideas, research activities and results (co-organized)

EGU2018-5465 | Posters | GI0.2

COST Action TU1208 “Civil Engineering Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar:” main achievements
Lara Pajewski, Simona Fontul, Marian Marciniak, and Aleksandar Ristic

EGU2018-16744 | Orals | GI0.2

The Big Data Era in Sky and Earth Observation Cost Action (BIG-SKY-EARTH)
Giovanni Nico, Dejan Vinkovic, Marco Quartulli, Amaia Gil, Pedro Benevides, Vasco Conde, Joao Catalao, Anna Kontu, and Maria Gritsevich

EGU2018-8560 | Posters | GI0.2

COST Action TU1208 “Civil Engineering Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar:” follow-up initiatives
Lara Pajewski, Simona Fontul, Marian Marciniak, and Aleksandar Ristic

EGU2018-9055 | Orals | GI0.2

On the Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems for Environmental Monitoring
Salvatore Manfreda, Eyal Ben Dor, Kelly K. Caylor, Giuseppe Ciraolo, Isabel De Lima, Joao L.M. Pedroso De Lima, Lyndon Estes, Felix Frances, David Helman, Marko Kohv, Richard Lucas, Victor Pajuelo Madrigal, Giorgos Mallinis, Antonino Maltese, Matthew McCabe, Pauline Miller, Matthew Perks, Guiomar Ruiz-Pérez, Flavia Tauro, and Brigitta Toth and the HARMONIOUS TEAM

EGU2018-6882 | Posters | GI0.2

Short Term Scientific Missions as opportunities for research networking - COST Action TU1208 experience
Simona Fontul, Lara Pajewski, Marian Marciniak, and Mercedes Solla

EGU2018-12875 | Orals | GI0.2 | Highlight

The European Network for the Radar surveillance of Animal Movement (ENRAM)
Jason Chapman, Judy Shamoun-Baranes, Adriaan Dokter, Hidde Leijnse, Felix Liechti, Jarmo Koistinen, Cecilia Nilsson, Hans van Gasteren, José Alves, Nir Sapir, Ommo Hüppop, Don Reynolds, and Silke Bauer

EGU2018-6717 | Posters | GI0.2

Short Term Scientific Mission within the TU1208 Cost Action
Raffaele Persico and Sebastiano D'Amico

EGU2018-2353 | Posters | GI0.2

GPR antenna testing based on COST Action TU1208 guidelines
Milan Vrtunski, Lara Pajewski, Xavier Derobert, Željko Bugarinović, Aleksandar Ristić, and Miro Govedarica

EGU2018-3525 | Orals | GI0.2

Cost Action ES1401 TIDES: looking into time-dependent changes of the Earth’s properties using seismology
Andrea Morelli, Christopher Bean, Yann Capdeville, Andreas Fichtner, Celine Hadziioannou, Heiner Igel, Jean-Paul Montagner, Martin Schimmel, Karin Sigloch, Graça Silveira, and Lucia Zaccarelli and the TIDES MC

EGU2018-2360 | Posters | GI0.2

Testing of APEX algorithm on TU1208 radargrams from the IFSTTAR geophysical test site
Željko Bugarinović, Xavier Derobert, Lara Pajewski, Milan Vrtunski, Aleksandar Ristić, and Miro Govedarica

EGU2018-17457 | Posters | GI0.2

COST Action TU1208 “Civil Engineering Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar:” training initiatives
Lara Pajewski and Aleksandar Ristic

EGU2018-9762 | Orals | GI0.2

COST Action ES1404: A european network for a harmonised monitoring of snow for the benefit of climtalogy, hydrology and numerical weather prediction
Ali Nadir Arslan and the ES1404 Team

EGU2018-6957 | Posters | GI0.2

Road Shows as opportunities for dissemination and promotion of Ground Penetrating Radar use in Inclusiveness Target Countries - COST Action TU1208
Simona Fontul, Lara Pajewski, Aleksandar Ristic, and Milan Vrtunski

EGU2018-4410 | Orals | GI0.2

Atmospheric Electricity Network: coupling with the Earth System, climate and biological systems
Konstantinos Kourtidis and the COST Action CA15211 Team

EGU2018-17540 | Posters | GI0.2

COST Sub-Urban (TU1206) -Towards better understanding, and sustainable use of the urban subsurface
Diarmad Campbell and the COST Sub-Urban Team (TU1206)

EGU2018-7133 | Orals | GI0.2 | Highlight

The COST Action "Origin and Evolution of Life on Earth and in the Universe": An interdisciplinary research, training and outreach effort
Muriel Gargaud, Wolf Geppert, John Brucato, Elias Chatzitheorides, David Dunér, Ján Hrušák, Emmanuelle Javaux, Zuzana Kanuchova, Terence Kee, Akos Kereszturi, Purificación López-García, Anna Losiak, Christophe Malatere, Nigel Mason, Riho Motlep, Lena Noack, Olga Prieto-Ballesteros, Ewa Szuszkiewicz, Inge Loes ten Kate, and Ján Žabka

EGU2018-8638 | Posters | GI0.2

Cost Action CA15115 Mining the European Anthroposphere (MINEA)
Soraya Heuss-Aßbichler and Ulrich Kral

EGU2018-2377 | Orals | GI0.2

Converges (CA16208): knowledge conversion for enhancing management of European riparian ecosystems and services
Patricia María Rodríguez-González and Simon Dufour

EGU2018-19772 | Orals | GI0.2

The DNAqua-Net initiative: A COST Action dedicated to the development of pan-European molecular bioassessment tools for aquatic ecosystems
Simon Vitecek, Agnés Bouchez, Kat Bruce, Fedor Čiampor, Torbjørn Ekrem, Diego Fontaneto, Alain Franc, Wolfram Graf, Daniel Hering, Maria Kahlert, Emre Keskin, Patricia Mergen, Kristian Meissner, Steffen Pauls, Jan Pawlowski, Ana Rotter, Astrid Schmidt Kloiber, Alexander Weigand, Jonas Zimmermann, and Florian Leese

EGU2018-1500 | Posters | GI0.2

Women in greening the city: solutions to more self-sufficient and resilient urban communities
Maria Bostenaru Dan, Ira Didenkulova, Gianna Avellis, Magdalini Theodoridou, and Mirela Adriana Anghelache

EGU2018-12191 | Orals | GI0.2

COST Action MEDSALT - an incubator of cross-disciplinary research
Angelo Camerlenghi, Johanna Lofi, Claudia Bertoni, and Giovanni Aloisi

EGU2018-17597 | Posters | GI0.2

COST Action “LAND4FLOOD - Natural Flood Retention on Private Land”: turning the traditional perspective of flood risk management on land upside-down
Lukas Löschner, Lenka Slavíková, and Thomas Hartmann

EGU2018-18346 | Orals | GI0.2

NOTICE: network on technology-critical elements (COST action TD1407)
Montserrat Filella and Antonio Cobelo

EGU2018-7271 | Posters | GI0.2

Global change experiments and high-resolution palaeoecological studies reveal response of peatlands to various disturbances - building a path to the new generation integrated research
Mariusz Lamentowicz, Vincent E. J. Jassey, Radosław Juszczak, Sandra Słowińska, Michał Słowiński, Katarzyna Kajukało, Dominika Łuców, Małgorzata Zielińska, Bogdan H. Chojnicki, Kamila Harenda, Monika K. Reczuga, Katarzyna Marcisz, Mateusz Samson, Piotr Kołaczek, Anna Basińska, and Alexandre Buttler

EGU2018-12843 | Orals | GI0.2

InDust: International Network to encourage the use of monitoring and forecasting dust products
Sara Basart, Slodoban Nickovic, Vassilis Amiridis, Isadora Christel, Pavla Dagsson-Waldhauserova, Adam Durant, Hesham El-Askari, Stelios Kazadzis, Lucia Mona, Alexandra Monteiro, Anca Nemuc, Ina Tegen, György Varga, Ana Vukovic, and Bernadett Weinzierl and the the InDust participants

EGU2018-19220 | Posters | GI0.2

COST Action CA16109 COLOSSAL Chemical On-Line cOmpoSition and Source Apportionment of fine aerosoL
Maria Cruz Minguillon, Andre Prevot, Veronique Riffault, Olivier Favez, Stefania Gilardoni, Grisa Mocnik, Stephen Platt, David Green, Jurgita Ovadnevaite, Anne Kasper-Giebl, Andres Alastuey, Luminita Marmureanu, Axel Eriksson, and Dunja Sokolovic and the COLOSSAL Team

EGU2018-12976 | Posters | GI0.2

Evaluation of Ocean Syntheses: studying the evolution of the ocean state over the last decades with COST Action ES1402
Aida Alvera-Azcárate and Keith Haines

EGU2018-18666 | Posters | GI0.2

Enhancing the resilience capacity of sensitive mountain forest ecosystems under environment change (SENSFOR)
Kari Laine and Oddvar Skre

EGU2018-7074 | Posters | GI0.2

High-resolution Earth’s gravity field modelling: contributions from the COST Action on High-Performance Modelling and Simulation for Big Data Applications (cHiPSet)
Róbert Čunderlík and Karol Mikula

EGU2018-9069 | Posters | GI0.2

Sustainable Rehabilitation Solutions of Railway Track.
Simona Fontul, Madalena Barroso, Paula Couto, Maria João Falcão, and Zuzana Dimitrovova

EGU2018-15329 | Posters | GI0.2

GPR applications for the assessment of stonework building facades
Davide Campo

EGU2018-19018 | Posters | GI0.2

New methodology to evaluate grazing cattle ethology by airborne LiDAR scanning
Nikolett Éva Kiss, Péter Riczu, Erika Buday-Bódi, Bernadett Gálya, and János Tamás

EGU2018-14671 | Posters | GI0.2

Bird Migration and Climate Variables
Stefano Natali, Leonida Fusani, Ezio Bartocci, and Marcus Hirtl

EGU2018-18959 | Posters | GI0.2

Accuracy assessment of recent empirical and assimilated tidal models for the Great Barrier Reef region
Fardin Seifi, Xiaoli Deng, and Ole Andersen

EGU2018-7675 | Posters | GI0.2

Ecological consequences of coastal and offshore marine urban developments: the jellyfish aspect
Martin Vodopivec, Álvaro Peliz, and Alenka Malej

EGU2018-19328 | Posters | GI0.2

Investigation of the Impacts of Dust and Climate Change on Ocean Productivity in the Red Sea
Wenzhao Li, Hesham El-Askary, Mohamed A Qurban, Manolis E Proestakis, Michael J Garay, Olga V Kalashnikova, Vassilis Amiridis, Antonis Gkikas, Eleni Marinou, and Kp Manikandan

EGU2018-2282 | Posters | GI0.2

Application of EWR-M5 Integrated Logging While Drilling service for Cost Efficiency, Formation Evaluation and Drilling Optimization from the West Absheron offshore field wells which were drilled in the Khazarian-Caspian Sea of the Azerbaijan Republic
Elnur Amirov (Fikret & Sevda)

EGU2018-17448 | Posters | GI0.2

Variability of green and blue water consumption of wheat cultivated in different locations of Europe
Anna Dalla Marta, Filiberto Altobelli, Ada Baldi, Marco Mancini, Simone Orlandini, Ana Firanj Sremac, Ivana Maksimovic, Milena Danicic, Pavol Nejedlik, Josef Takac, Anne Gobin, and Domenico Ventrella

EGU2018-19346 | Posters | GI0.2

Beneficial microorganisms improving yields of horticultural crops and soil fertility
Lidia Sas Paszt, Paweł Trzciński, Anna Lisek, Beata Sumorok, Edyta Derkowska, Sławomir Głuszek, Michał Przybył, Mateusz Frąc, and Krzysztof Weszczak

EGU2018-3891 | Posters | GI0.2

Remote control of chemicals accumulation within vegetation
Jiftah Ben Asher, Eli Shlevin, and Arkadi Zilberman

GI1.1 – Applications of Data, Methods and Models in Geosciences (co-organized)

EGU2018-1447 | Orals | GI1.1

GIS-Based Visualization of Future Landscapes
Chen Wang and Yang Jiang

EGU2018-649 | Posters | GI1.1

Bazhenov formation as a unique geological object:modellng and characterization of perspective zones
Maria Topchii

EGU2018-3047 | Orals | GI1.1

WOCE-Argo Global Hydrographic Climatology
Viktor Gouretski

EGU2018-1723 | Posters | GI1.1

Depth imaging Helicopter-borne TEM of the Silurian carbonate succession on the island of Gotland, Sweden – impact on assessment of stratigraphy, groundwater resources and limestone quality.
Mikael Erlström, Lena Persson, Peter Dahlqvist, and Flemming Jørgensen

EGU2018-13004 | Orals | GI1.1

An extreme value approach for quality control of temperature and salinity profiles based on the historical knowledge of the local variability
Jérôme Gourrion, Tanguy Szekely, Gilles Reverdin, and Bertrand Chapron

EGU2018-2264 | Posters | GI1.1

The characteristics of satellite gravity and magnetic anomaly and its tectonic significance in Lower Congo Basin, West Africa
Zhaoxi Chen and Tuo Tong

EGU2018-7201 | Posters | GI1.1

Unmixing-based feature extraction for mineral mapping
I Cecilia Contreras, Mahdi Khodadadzadeh, Laura Tusa, and Richard Gloaguen

EGU2018-16269 | Orals | GI1.1

Reduced Space Interpolation of Subsurface Ocean Properties with Dynamical Constraints
Alexey Kaplan, Yochanan Kushnir, and Mark Cane

EGU2018-19840 | Orals | GI1.1

International Quality Controlled Ocean Database (IQuOD) version 0.1 (Invited)
Stephen Diggs

EGU2018-7457 | Posters | GI1.1

Acoustic remote characterization of grain-size on the seabed of the inlet channel of the Tagus River estuary (Portugal)
Rúben Santos, Aurora Rodrigues, and Rui Quartau

EGU2018-15710 | Orals | GI1.1

Airborne gamma spectrometry as predictor of indoor radon concentration and radon priority areas
Jim Hodgson, Peter Bossew, Javier Elío, and Quentin Crowley

EGU2018-7564 | Posters | GI1.1

Seismo-tectonic Information System in the SE-Carpathians
Lili Czirok, István Bozsó, and László Bányai

EGU2018-7760 | Posters | GI1.1

Pan-sharpening methods applied on Sentinel-2 imagery for mapping inland water bodies
Giulia Ronchetti and Giovanna Sona

EGU2018-9866 | Posters | GI1.1

An artificial neural network approach for the spatial estimation of urban particulate matter pollution
Chris G. Tzanis, Anastasios Alimissis, Kostas Philippopoulos, Despina Deligiorgi, and Nikolaos Kalamaras

EGU2018-10140 | Posters | GI1.1

Examining the impact of ocean observation system change in ocean heat content estimates using Synthetic Observations
Lijing Cheng and Gongjie Wang

EGU2018-13844 | Posters | GI1.1

AVO Analysis to Gas Hydrates BSR in the Continental Shelf of Canadian Beaufort Sea
Yeonjin Choi, Seung-Goo Kang, U Geun Jang, Jong Kuk Hong, Young Keun Jin, Woo Keen Chung, and Sung-Ryul Shin

EGU2018-13910 | Posters | GI1.1

A wideband and narrow band radiative transfer model based on a fast correlated k-distributions generation for MATISSE V3.0
Laurence Croize, Jean Pierro, Luc Labarre, and Thierry Huet

EGU2018-14020 | Posters | GI1.1

Horizontal Visibility Graphs as analysis tool for river runoff dynamics
Sebastian Sippel, Holger Lange, and Osvaldo A. Rosso

EGU2018-14060 | Posters | GI1.1

A new post-processing system (“ecPoint”) for conditional verification and improved probabilistic forecasts of point values
Fatima Pillosu, Tim Hewson, and Claudia Vitolo

EGU2018-15190 | Posters | GI1.1

Application of Territorial Information Systems and GIS technology in legal investigation and environmental justice
Roberta Somma, Maria Cascio, Rosanna Casabona, Tiziano Granata, and Massimiliano Silvestro

EGU2018-16480 | Posters | GI1.1

Identification of potential asbestos roofs with WorldView 3 images with pixel and object oriented techniques: a case study in Italy
Francesca Despini, Malvina Silvestri, Cinzia Panigada, Martina Anelli, Sofia Costanzini, Massimo Musacchio, Sergio Teggi, Alberto Muscio, Stefano Pignatti, and Maria Paola Bogliolo

EGU2018-16663 | Posters | GI1.1

Steps Towards the Australian National Shelf-seas Reanalysis
Marton Hidas, Roger Proctor, Peter Blain, Sebastien Mancini, and Benedicte Pasquer

EGU2018-17884 | Posters | GI1.1

Advanced Data Clustering Applied to Climate Model Intercomparison
Richard Hyde, Ryan Hossaini, and Amber Leeson

GI1.2 – Geoscience processes related to Fukushima and Chernobyl nuclear accidents (co-organized)

EGU2018-18466 | Orals | GI1.2 | Highlight

Fukushima Daiichi–derived radionuclides in the atmosphere, transport and deposition in Japan: a review
Anne Mathieu, Mizuo Kajino, Irène Korsakissok, Raphael Périllat, Denis Quélo, Arnaud Quérel, Olivier Saunier, Thomas Sekiyama, Yasuhito Igarashi, and Damien Didier

EGU2018-18808 | Posters | GI1.2 | Highlight

Deposition and dispersion of radio-cesium: sensitivity to meteorological models and aerosol properties
Mizuo Kajino, Tsuyoshi Sekiyama, Yasuhito Igarashi, Kouji Adachi, Yuji Zaizen, Morihiro Sawada, Yukihiko Satou, and Yuichi Moriguchi

EGU2018-7773 | Orals | GI1.2

Incease of radioactive cesium resuspension to the atmosphere with bioaerosols in a polluted area in Fukushima
Kazuyuki Kita, Naho Hayashi, Koutaro Minami, Mao Kimura, Yasuhito Igarashi, Koji Adachi, Teruya Maki, Masahide Ishizuka, Hiroshi Okochi, Jun Furukawa, Kazuhiko Ninomiya, and Atsushi Shinohara

EGU2018-11818 | Posters | GI1.2

Joint model correction and inverse modelling for Cs-137 release rate of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident
Sheng Fang, Sida Sun, and Hong Li

EGU2018-17209 | Posters | GI1.2

Metamodeling and optimization of probabilistic scores for long-range atmospheric dispersion applied to the Fukushima nuclear disaster
Ngoc Bao Tran Le, Vivien Mallet, Irène Korsakissok, Anne Mathieu, Raphaël Perillat, and Damien Didier

EGU2018-2882 | Posters | GI1.2

Model Intercomparison study for atmospheric 137Cs from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident using identical input data
Yousuke Sato and the Co-authors

EGU2018-5895 | Orals | GI1.2

Exploring the declining trend of the activity concentration of 137Cs of river bottom sediment through particle size correction in Fukushima area
Yuichi Onda, Gao Xiang, and Keisuke Taniguchi

EGU2018-17599 | Posters | GI1.2

Distributed model of radionuclide wash-off from the Pripyat river watershed of Chernobyl Exclusion Zone: testing and simulation of accidental deposition on snow cover
Mark Zheleznyak, Oleksiy Boyko, Sergii Kivva, Oleksander Pylypenko, Oleksander Mikhalsky, Jochen Tschiersch, and Kerstin Hürkamp

EGU2018-11291 | Orals | GI1.2

Sediment dynamics and associated radiocesium wash-off in Niida river basin after the accident at the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant
Yoshifumi Wakiyama, Yuichi Onda, Valentin Golosov, Alexei Konoplev, Yasunori Igarashi, and Tsugiko Takase

EGU2018-11280 | Posters | GI1.2

Long-term trends in stream water discharge and the Sr-90 concentration at the Chernobyl zone river
Yasunori Igarashi, Yuichi Onda, Yoshifumi Wakiyama, Alexei Konoplev, Jim Smith, Gennady Laptev, Sergii Obrizan, and Kenji Nanba

EGU2018-4127 | Posters | GI1.2

Water Stage Forecasting of Reservoir during High Water Using EEMD
Yen- Chang Chen and Hui-Chu Hsu

EGU2018-5858 | Posters | GI1.2

Storm-driven flood and associated coastal dispersal of suspended radiocesium from Niida River: A high-resolution numerical assessment with a coupled river-ocean-wave-sediment model
Yusuke Uchiyama, Kohei Aduma, Toshiki Iwasaki, Sachika Odani, Yuki Kamidaira, Daisuke Tsumune, Yasuyuki Shimizu, and Yuichi Onda

EGU2018-3227 | Orals | GI1.2

Impacts of riverine input on distribution of oceanic 137Cs released from the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant accident
Daisuke Tsumune, Takaki Tsubono, Kazuhiro Misumi, Yutaka Tateda, Yasushi Toyoda, Yuichi Onda, and Michio Aoyama

EGU2018-2187 | Posters | GI1.2

Vertical structure of radiocaesium derived from FNPP1 accident and global fallout in subtropical gyre of the North Pacific through 2017
Michio Aoyama, Yasunori Hamajima, Yayoi Inomata, Hideki Kaeriyama, Yuichiro Kumamoto, Toshiya Nakano, Eitarou Oka, Takaki Tsubono, and Daisuke Tsumune

EGU2018-2876 | Orals | GI1.2

Biogeochemical factors for determining radiocesium level in biota of the Pacific coast of eastern Japan
Yutaka Tateda, Daisuke Tsumune, Michio Aoyama, Yasunori Hamajima, and Tatsuo Aono

EGU2018-5866 | Posters | GI1.2

Rapid transportation of FNPP1 derived radiocaesium suggesting new pathway of subtropical mode water from the western North Pacific to the Sea of Japan
Yayoi Inomata, Michio Aoyama, Hamajima Yasunori, and Masatosi Yamada

EGU2018-2189 | Posters | GI1.2

Artificial radionuclides dataset of seawater, sediment and biota in marine environment at Black Sea and off Fukushima
Michio Aoyama, Roman Bezhenar, Vladimir Maderich, Yutaka Tateda, and Daisuke Tsumune

EGU2018-620 | Orals | GI1.2

The character of Cs-137 distribution in moss and soil cover of undisturbed elementary landscape geochemical systems
Denis Dolgushin, Elena Korobova, Viktor Berezkin, and Sergey Romanov

EGU2018-5760 | Posters | GI1.2

Inventory and actual half-life of 137Cs activity in the North Pacific Ocean Water from 1945 to 2020 by eddy-resolving ROMS
Takaki Tsubono, Daisuke Tsumune, and Michio Aoyama

EGU2018-15344 | Orals | GI1.2

Valuation of ecosystem services in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and adjacent territories
Anatoly Shvidenko, Florian Kraxner, Dmitry Schepaschenko, Petro Lakyda, Sergiy Sibtsev, Roman Vasylyshyn, Victor Myronjuk, Andriy Biolous, and Ivan Lakyda

EGU2018-1754 | Posters | GI1.2

Assessing the Distribution Patterns of Radiocesium in a Small Watershed in Fukushima, Japan Using Soil Samples and Walk-through Air Dose Data
Misa Yasumiishi, Taku Nishimura, and Chris Renschler

EGU2018-5810 | Orals | GI1.2

Seven-year monitoring study of radiocesium transfer in forest environments following the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident
Hiroaki Kato, Yuichi Onda, and Zul Hilmi Saidin

EGU2018-11809 | Posters | GI1.2

Cesium adsorption and desorption in Clay Minerals: Effects of Natural Organic Matter and pH
Hongkyu Yoon, Anastasia Ilgen, Melissa Mills, and Moo Lee

EGU2018-298 | Posters | GI1.2

Olga Komissarova and Tatiana Paramonova

EGU2018-10952 | Posters | GI1.2

Spatial variability of cesium-137 at forest floor of Japanese cedar plantation following the Fukushima Dai-ichi NPP accident
Hiroaki Kato, Yuichi Onda, and Keita Maejima

EGU2018-2110 | Posters | GI1.2

A database on radiocesium dynamics in Fukushima forests
Shoji Hashimoto, Naohiro Imamura, Shinji Kaneko, Masabumi Komatsu, Toshiya Matsuura, Kazuya Nishina, and Shinta Ohashi

EGU2018-11896 | Posters | GI1.2

Radiation effects in Fukushima: morphological abnormalities in Japanese red pine (Pinus densiflora)
Vasyl Yoschenko, Kenji Nanba, and Tsugiko Takase

GI1.3 – Environmental sensor network (co-organized)

EGU2018-1819 | Posters | GI1.3

New Tools for a Comprehensive Time- and Space-Synchronized Flux, Weather, Soil and Optical Sensor Network
George Burba, Tom Avenson, Andreas Burkart, John Gamon, Kaiyu Guan, Tommaso Julitta, Gilberto Pastorello, and Karolina Sakowska

EGU2018-3033 | Posters | GI1.3 | Highlight

Lessons Learned from Establishing a City-wide Groundwater Temperature Observatory
Ashley M Patton, Gareth J Farr, David P Boon, David R James, and Bernard Williams

EGU2018-3103 | Posters | GI1.3

Programming Large Scale Data Acquisition and Control Systems
Jeffery Riggs, Misha Krassovski, and Paul Hanson

EGU2018-10707 | Posters | GI1.3

Towards Smart, Resource-Constrained Environmental Sensor Networks
Ingelin Steinsland, Markus Mortensen, Frank Alexander Kraemer, and Stefan Werner

EGU2018-12421 | Posters | GI1.3

Enhancing data quality and data publication with the MeteoIO library - The example of the Global Cryosphere Watch
Mathias Bavay, Joel Fiddes, Charles Fierz, Øystein Godøy, and Rodica Nitu

EGU2018-12569 | Posters | GI1.3

The Fullwaver systems: Distributed network of autonomous devices for deep 3D electrical resistivity and induced polarization survey
Julien Gance, Orlando Leite, Benoît Texier, Jean Bernard, and Catherine Truffert

EGU2018-14267 | Posters | GI1.3

Oceanids Command and Control (C2) system: Automating marine robot piloting, data transfer and archiving
Malcolm Hearn, Alexandra Kokkinaki, Cieran Brazier, Justin Buck, Thomas Gardner, Owain Jones, Stephen Loch, Alvaro Lorenzo Lopez, Alexander Philips, Kay Thorne, James Yannaros, and Stephen Fraser

EGU2018-15052 | Posters | GI1.3 | Highlight

ALBIS: integrated system for risk-based surveillance of invasive mosquito Aedes albopictus
Massimiliano Cannata, Milan Antonovic, Laura Azzimonti, Andrea Danani, Damiana Ravasi, and Mauro Tonolla

GI1.4 – New frontiers of multiscale monitoring, analysis and modeling of environmental systems (co-organized)

EGU2018-1536 | Posters | GI1.4

Multidisciplinary network monitoring precursors in a seismic area
Victorin - Emilian Toader, Iren-Adelina Moldovan, Constantin Ionescu, and Alexandru Marmureanu

EGU2018-3393 | Orals | GI1.4 | Highlight

Multiscale spatio-temporal determination of the b-value
Rubén García-Hernández, Luca D'Auria, José Barrancos, and German D. Padilla

EGU2018-3372 | Posters | GI1.4

Finite element modeling of complex ground deformation sources in volcanoes and geothermal areas aided by Independent Component Analysis
Monika Przeor, Luca D'Auria, and Susi Pepe

EGU2018-4667 | Posters | GI1.4 | Highlight

3D thermo-rheological model under Yellowstone Caldera
Mouna Brahmi, Maurizio Fedi, Pietro Tizzani, and Raffaele Castaldo

EGU2018-9199 | Orals | GI1.4

Monitoring Vegetation Dynamics and Stress with Optical Sensors: A study of Alpine Grasslands among Multiple Spatial Scales
Mattia Rossi, Georg Niedrist, Sarah Asam, Giustino Tonon, and Marc Zebisch

EGU2018-6229 | Posters | GI1.4

Application of Principal Component Analysis on geoelectrical recordings.
Antonio Troiano and Maria Giulia Di Giuseppe

EGU2018-12246 | Orals | GI1.4

Evaluation on Uncertainty of Geological Samples’ Analytical Results by Polarized Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry with pressed pellets
Yiya Wang and Xiuchun Zhan

EGU2018-6650 | Posters | GI1.4

Cluster analysis as tool to integrate univariate geophysical models.
Maria Giulia Di Giuseppe and Antonio Troiano

EGU2018-2992 | Orals | GI1.4

The integration of Multiridge and ScalFun techniques to analize the volcanic ground deformation pattern: the Okmok volcano (Alaska, USA) case study.
Andrea Barone, Raffaele Castaldo, Maurizio Fedi, and Pietro Tizzani

EGU2018-8132 | Posters | GI1.4

Surface temperature multiscale monitoring by thermal infrared satellite and ground images at Campi Flegrei volcanic area (Italy)
Teresa Caputo, Eliana Bellucci Sessa, Malvina Silvestri, Maria Fabrizia Buongiorno, Massimo Musacchio, David Pieri, Fabio Sansivero, and Giuseppe Vilardo

EGU2018-14355 | Orals | GI1.4

Digital soil assessment modelling for land evaluation in Scotland
Laura Poggio, Jim McLeod, Marie Castellazzi, Andrea Baggio Compagnucci, and Alessandro Gimona

EGU2018-18078 | Orals | GI1.4

The volcanic system of Ischia Island: insights from magnetotelluric and borehole data
Stefano Carlino, Maria Giulia Di Giusepe, and Antonio Troiano

EGU2018-8712 | Posters | GI1.4

Continuous monitoring of the C and O isotope composition of CO2 subsurface degassing at Cumbre Vieja, La Palma, Canary Islands
María Asensio-Ramos, Aarón Pérez, Eleazar Padrón, Gladys V. Melián, Pedro A. Hernández, and Nemesio M. Pérez

EGU2018-13177 | Posters | GI1.4

Unsupervised clustering of petrographic patterns of Mt. Vesuvius and Campi Flegrei volcanic rocks: preliminary results
Antonietta M. Esposito, Salvatore Ferrara, Flora Giudicepietro, and Lucia Pappalardo

EGU2018-13858 | Posters | GI1.4

Computational analysis of the rock volumes involved during the 2016-2017 Central Italy seismic sequence
Emanuela Valerio, Eugenio Carminati, Raffaele Castaldo, Vincenzo De Novellis, Claudio De Luca, Susi Pepe, Patrizio Petricca, Giuseppe Solaro, Christian Bignami, Pietro Tizzani, Riccardo Lanari, and Carlo Doglioni

EGU2018-14025 | Posters | GI1.4

The use of massive integrated ground deformation datasets to analyze spatial and temporal evolution of Mauna Loa volcano (Hawaii)
Susi Pepe, Luca D'Auria, Raffaele Castaldo, Francesco Casu, Claudio De Luca, Vincenzo De Novellis, Giuseppe Solaro, and Pietro Tizzani

EGU2018-19314 | Posters | GI1.4

Geophysical monitoring of Stromboli volcano: insight into recent volcanic activity
Salvatore Alparone, Vincenzo Augusti, Alessandro Bonaccorso, Giuseppe Borriello, Ciro Buonocunto, Pasqualino Cappuccio, Antonio Caputo, Mario Castellano, Danilo Contrafatto, Luca D’Auria, Walter De Cesare, Bellina Di Lieto, Antonietta M. Esposito, Giuseppe Falzone, Angelo Ferro, Flora Giudicepietro, Graziano Larocca, Giuseppe Laudani, Marcello Martini, and Massimo Orazi and the INGV STROMBOLI TEAM

EGU2018-15792 | Posters | GI1.4

New methodologies to analyse aftershocks duration in extensional and compressional tectonic settings
Emanuela Valerio, Pietro Tizzani, Eugenio Carminati, and Carlo Doglioni

EGU2018-17296 | Posters | GI1.4

The 21st August 2017 Ischia (Italy) earthquake source model: an example of integrate multiplatform monitoring system
Vincenzo De Novellis and the (1,2,3,4) VELO Team

EGU2018-18335 | Posters | GI1.4

The use of Multiridge method to constrain the geodetic sources: the volcanic ground deformation case.
Andrea Barone, Raffaele Castaldo, Maurizio Fedi, and Pietro Tizzani

EGU2018-18927 | Posters | GI1.4

SAR monitoring of buildings damaged by slow-moving landslides in the Italian southern Apennines
Diego Reale, Gianfranco Nicodemo, Dario Peduto, Settimio Ferlisi, Giovanni Gullà, and Gianfranco Fornaro

EGU2018-19051 | Posters | GI1.4

Introducing an interactive six-step approach to obtain the required soil data for regional land use analyses
Chantal Hendriks, Jetse Stoorvogel, and Lieven Claessens

EGU2018-19151 | Posters | GI1.4

Multi-annual satellite Land Surface Temperature monitoring over the Campi Flegrei region, Italy
Massimo Antoninetti and Daniela Stroppiana

EGU2018-19221 | Posters | GI1.4

Integration of multiplatform InSAR and GPS measurements for the definition of the seismogenic source of 2016 Central Italy earthquake sequence
Raffaele Castaldo, Daniele Cheloni, and Vincenzo De Novellis

EGU2018-19250 | Posters | GI1.4

Continuous monitoring of diffuse H2 degassing at the summit cone of Teide volcano, Tenerife, Canary Islands
Eleazar Padrón, Francesco Sortino, Gladys V. Melián, Aarón Pérez, María Asensio-Ramos, José Barrancos, Germán D. Padilla, Luca D'Auria, Pedro A. Hernández, and Nemesio M. Pérez

EGU2018-19306 | Posters | GI1.4

The Sentinel-1 SBAS services on the Geohazards Exploitation Platforms
Francesco Casu, Ivana Zinno, Claudio De Luca, Michele Manunta, and Riccardo Lanari

EGU2018-19310 | Posters | GI1.4

The real-time multiparametric network of Ischia
Anna Tramelli and the Monitoring group of Osservatorio Vesuviano (Ischia)

EGU2018-19273 | Posters | GI1.4

Continuous monitoring of diffuse CO2 degassing for the volcanic surveillance of Taal volcano, Philippines
Eleazar Padrón, Germán D. Padilla, Cecilia Amonte, Pedro A. Hernández, Gladys V. Melián, José Barrancos, Nemesio M. Pérez, Carlo Arcilla, Alfredo M. Lagmay, Fátima Rodríguez, Mar Alonso, Criselda Baldago, Gerald Quina, and Mario A. Aurelio

EGU2018-19257 | Posters | GI1.4

The real-time multiparametric network of Campi Flegrei and Vesuvius
Anna Tramelli and the Monitoring group of Osservatorio Vesuviano

EGU2018-14838 | Posters | GI1.4

The surface faulting produced by the 21 August 2017 Mw 4.0, Ischia island (Southern Italy) earthquake
Rosa Nappi, Giuliana Alessio, Germana Gaudiosi, Rosella Nave, Enrica Marotta, Valeria Siniscalchi, Riccardo Civico, Luca Pizzimenti, Rosario Peluso, Pasquale Belviso, Sabina Porfido, and Emergeo Working Group

EGU2018-14999 | Posters | GI1.4

How the soil spatial scale information impacts on the strategies to achieve the SDG2 aim at 2030
Eugenia Monaco, Mario Di Maria, Piero Manna, Angelo Basile, Edoardo Bucchignani, Paola Mercogliano, and Antonello Bonfante

GI1.5 – Data fusion, integration, correlation and advances of non-destructive testing methods and numerical developments for engineering and geosciences applications (co-organized)

EGU2018-14205 | Orals | GI1.5

Combination of aerial and near surface geophysical data: Badlands case study of "Les Vaches Noires" cliffs, Normandy, France.
Cyrille Fauchard, Yannick Fargier, Olivier Maquaire, Raphaël Antoine, Stéphane Costa, Mohand Medjkane, Thomas Roulland, Cyril Ledun, Vincent Guilbert, and Robert Davidson

EGU2018-195 | Posters | GI1.5

Imaging of Internal Structure of Concrete Constructions by Non Destructive Geophysical Methods
Sevda Goren, Isıl Sarıcıcek, Kenan Gelisli, Aysel Seren, Hasan Sesli, and Metin Hüsem

EGU2018-2648 | Posters | GI1.5

A modified Fuzzy C-Means algorithm application to SLR precise orbit determination
Xiaoya Wang, Fan Shao, and Jing Zhang

EGU2018-10579 | Orals | GI1.5

Geophysical techniques for the characterization of settlement phenomenon in building foundations
Luigi Capozzoli, Enzo Rizzo, and Gregory De Martino

EGU2018-2861 | Posters | GI1.5

Pipe Penetrating Radar: Selected Case Studies on the In-pipe Application of GPR
Csaba Ékes

EGU2018-14342 | Orals | GI1.5

Characterising the surface temperatures and the deformations of a civil engineering structure by drone : application to a harbor dock
Raphael Antoine, Cyrille Fauchard, Jean-Francois Oehler, and Philippe Joignant

EGU2018-3158 | Orals | GI1.5

Non-linear Optimization of GPR Data to Predict Thin Overlay Thickness and Density
Imad Al-Qadi, Siqi Wang, and Shan Zhao

EGU2018-3795 | Posters | GI1.5

Low-Temperature Graphitization of Amorphous Carbon
Kun-Yi Lin and Sheng-Rong Song

EGU2018-5621 | Posters | GI1.5

Diaphram wall integrity inspection based on probabilistic inversion of crosshole GPR data
Hui Qin, Xiongyao Xie, Jasper Vrugt, and Pan Li

EGU2018-15885 | Orals | GI1.5

Validation of road pavements thickness using GPR data for inverse analysis of pavements
Jorge Pais, Francisco Fernandes, Simona Fontul, Mattia Fagnano, Andrea Benedetto, and Luca Ciampoli

EGU2018-15900 | Orals | GI1.5

A GPR investigation of railway ballast for signal noise filtering of railway sleepers effects
Luca Bianchini Ciampoli, Alessandro Calvi, Salih Artagan, Fabio Tosti, and Amir M. Alani

EGU2018-6286 | Posters | GI1.5

Laboratory Determination of Variations in the Relative Permittivity Values of Railway Ballast under Various Fouling Levels Using 2 GHz GPR Horn Antenna
Salih Serkan Artagan, Vladislav Borecky, Jaromir Bartos, and Robin Kurel

EGU2018-7118 | Posters | GI1.5

Assessment of a cold in-place recycled pavement through non-destructive geophysical surveying
Andreas Loizos, Christina Plati, Vasilis Papavasiliou, and Konstantinos Gkyrtis

EGU2018-7222 | Posters | GI1.5

The Integrated inversion interpretation of GPR and Rayleigh wave based on Genetic Algorithm
Tan Qin, Yonghui Zhao, Shufan Hu, Cong An, Lorenzo Capineri, and Shuangcheng Ge

EGU2018-19589 | Orals | GI1.5

Bayesian inversion of loop-loop electromagnetic data using an Ensemble Kalman method
Christin Bobe, Ellen Van De Vijver, Philippe De Smedt, Daan Hanssens, and Marc Van Meirvenne

EGU2018-18954 | Orals | GI1.5

A machine-learning based data fusion approach for improved corrosion testing
Christoph Völker, Sabine Kruschwitz, and Gino Ebell

EGU2018-7321 | Posters | GI1.5

Multimodal Surface Wave Inversion in the Hidden Danger Detection of Small-scale Dam
Shufan Hu, Yonghui Zhao, Tan Qin, Cong An, and Shuangcheng Ge

EGU2018-9836 | Posters | GI1.5

Trace Element Analysis for Gemstones using Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Time Of Flight Mass Spectrometry (LA-ICP-TOF-MS) and Its Application in Origin Determination using Machine Learning
Hao A.O. Wang and Michael S. Krzemnicki

EGU2018-19714 | Orals | GI1.5

Overcoming low induction number approximations: apparent electrical conductivity estimation for frequency domain electromagnetics and its potential for simultaneous apparent magnetic susceptibility mapping
Daan Hanssens, Christin Bobe, Marc Van Meirvenne, and Philippe De Smedt

EGU2018-8745 | Orals | GI1.5 | Highlight

Non-invasive analytical and diagnostic technologies at San Marco Museum: survey of the Annunciation painting by Fra Angelico
Ilaria Catapano, Marcello Picollo, Kaori Fukunaga, Giovanni Bartolozzi, Marco Croci, Costanza Cucci, Marco Poggesi, Lorenzo Stefani, Giovanni Ludeno, and Marilena Tamassia

EGU2018-11013 | Posters | GI1.5

A high-resolution velocity analysis to improve GPR data migration for rebars investigation
Fabio Tosti, Francesco Benedetto, Kevin Jagadissen Munisami, Anastasia Sofroniou, and Amir M. Alani

EGU2018-11048 | Posters | GI1.5 | Highlight

Recent advances in mapping tree roots using ground penetrating radar
Luca Bianchini Ciampoli, Amir M. Alani, Fabio Tosti, and Andrea Benedetto

EGU2018-17052 | Orals | GI1.5 | Highlight

GPR based investigations of rock-cut monuments: the case study of the ‘Tombs of the Kings’ necropolis in Cyprus
Nicola Masini, Vasiliki Lysandrou, Athos Agapiou, Francesco Soldovieri, Nicholas Kyriakides, Maria Sileo, Ilaria Catapano, Rosa Lasaponara, and Diofantos Hadjimitsis

EGU2018-4099 | Orals | GI1.5

Research Progress of Surface Penetrating Radar Applications in Lunar and Deep Space Exploration
Haiying Li, Weibin Wen, Chunlai Li, Fang Wang, Qiang Fu, Guangliang Zhang, Qin Zhou, and Bin Liu

EGU2018-11864 | Posters | GI1.5

Frequency response of reinforcing bars: preliminary results
Davide Campo

EGU2018-12775 | Posters | GI1.5

Integration of GPR and FWD methods for the assessment of airfield aprons
Andrea Benedetto, Luca Bianchini Ciampoli, Fabrizio D'Amico, Domenico Terra, and Fabio Tosti

EGU2018-16143 | Posters | GI1.5

Integrated Ground Penetrating Radar and Electric Resistivity Tomography Surveys at Gubbio Tawn Walls
Giovanni Ludeno, Ilaria Catapano, Francesco Soldovieri, Luigi Capozzoli, Gregory De Martino, and Enzo Rizzo

EGU2018-16166 | Posters | GI1.5

GPR dipoles orientation in road pavement cracking identification
Francisco Fernandes, Jorge Pais, Mercedes Solla, Mattia Fagnano, Andrea Benedetto, and Luca Ciampoli

EGU2018-17250 | Posters | GI1.5 | Highlight

Automated 3-D mapping of subsurface stratigraphy using SHARAD data over the Promethei Lingula region on Mars
Siting Xiong, Jan-Peter Muller, and Raquel Caro Carretero

EGU2018-17813 | Posters | GI1.5

Integration of InSAR and GPR techniques for transport network monitoring purposes
Luca Bianchini Ciampoli, Chiara Clementini, Daniele Latini, Fabio Del Frate, and Andrea Benedetto

EGU2018-18748 | Posters | GI1.5

Site effects zonation of Roquetas de Mar town (SE Spain) from seismic methods and geotechnical surveys
Antonio García-Jerez, Marcos Martínez-Segura, Ignacio Valverde-Palacios, Marina Arrien, Juan F. Navarro-López, Manuel Navarro, Luis Molina, Francisco Luzón, Francisco J. Sánchez-Sesma, Rubén Candela-Medel, Helena Seivane, and Francisco Navarro

EGU2018-19705 | Posters | GI1.5

Delineation of homogeneous management zones through EMI and multispectral data for a vineyard in northern Italy
Bianca Ortuani, Giovanna Sona, Giulia Ronchetti, and Arianna Facchi

GI2.1 – Atmospheric and Meteorological Instrumentation (co-organized)

EGU2018-3653 | Posters | GI2.1

Experimental Investigation of Hight Roughness On Characteristics of Hydraulic Jump
Ismaeil Kahkesh, Melika Fazli, Bijan Ghahraman, Kazem Esmaeili, and Mahmoud Shafaei Bajestan

EGU2018-15612 | Orals | GI2.1

Measurement of the Chemical Composition of Atmospheric Ion Clusters with a new Atmospheric-Pressure-interface Time-of-Flight (APi-TOF) mass spectrometer: The ioniAPi-TOF
Markus Sebastian Leiminger, Gerhard Steiner, Paul Mutschlechner, Daniel Gunsch, Stefan Feil, Alfons Jordan, and Armin Hansel

EGU2018-5878 | Posters | GI2.1

Frontal Wind Fields Obtained from a UHF Wind Profiler Radar Network
Byung Hyuk Kwon, Kwang-Ho Kim, Bernard Campistron, Parksa Kim, Min-Seong Kim, Sang Jin Kim, KyungHun Lee, and Won Gi Jo

EGU2018-5163 | Orals | GI2.1

Rotational Raman Lidar to measure the Atmospheric Temperature in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere
Yann Caraty, Alain Hauchecorne, Philippe Keckhut, Jean-François Mariscal, and Eric D’almeida

EGU2018-8518 | Posters | GI2.1

Low-cost eddy covariance measurements of evapotranspiration: a case study over agroforestry in Germany
Christian Markwitz and Lukas Siebicke

EGU2018-5766 | Orals | GI2.1

The Dome C Tropospheric Observatory
Giovanni Bianchini, Luca Palchetti, and Gianluca Di Natale

EGU2018-10688 | Posters | GI2.1

Wind tunnel evaluation of a distributed wind speed measurement technique
Justus G.V. van Ramshorst, John S. Selker, Chad W. Higgins, Miriam Coenders-Gerrits, Bart Schilperoort, Hubert H.G. Savenije, and Bas J.H. van de Wiel

EGU2018-12623 | Orals | GI2.1

A Novel Atmospheric Pressure Interface Time-of-Flight (APi-TOF) Instrument for Simultaneous Detection of Positive and Negative Ions
Stefan Feil, Paul Mutschlechner, Gernot Hanel, Daniel Gunsch, Alfons Jordan, Gerhard Steiner, Markus Leiminger, and Armin Hansel

EGU2018-18159 | Orals | GI2.1

EUFAR – future developments in access to airborne research infrastructure in Europe.
Philip Brown and Elisabeth Gerard

EGU2018-10890 | Posters | GI2.1

A New Software Suite Offering Corrected Online Fluxes, Post-processing for Raw Data and Network Management for CSI Integrated EC Systems
Xinhua Zhou, Benjamin Conrad, Ed Swiatek, Ryan Campbell, Tyler Mecham, Jon Trauntvein, Brent Seeley, Xiaojie Zhen, and Ning Zheng

EGU2018-10911 | Posters | GI2.1 | Highlight

Polar Mesospheric Winter Echoes (PMWE) observed with EISCAT VHF
Dorota Jozwicki, Ingrid Mann, Carsten Baumann, Ulf-Peter Hoppe, and Ralph Latteck

EGU2018-16489 | Orals | GI2.1

Putting Ocean Observations on solid Footing
Christoph Waldmann, Mark Bushnell, Steffen Seitz, Earle Buckley, Juliet Hermes, and Mario Tamburri

EGU2018-11266 | Posters | GI2.1

Syntectonic deposits of the Kuqa Depression and implications for the southward propagation of deformation in the late Miocene
Zhiliang Zhang, Jimin Sun, Yingying Jia, and Lixing Lv

EGU2018-11912 | Posters | GI2.1

Observations of Ice Particles in using Concurrent Radar and Aircraft Measurements
Nicholas Gapp, Paul Harasti, David Delene, Jerome Schmidt, and Joshua Hoover

EGU2018-12492 | Posters | GI2.1

UltraFast Thermometer 2.0 - new temperature sensor for airborne applications and its performance during ACORES 2017
Jakub L. Nowak, Wojciech Kumala, Jakub Kwiatkowski, Kamil Kwiatkowski, Dominika Czyzewska, Katarzyna Karpinska, and Szymon P. Malinowski

EGU2018-12767 | Posters | GI2.1

High frequency atmospheric DTS measurements: getting the signal from the noise
Bart Schilperoort, Miriam Coenders-Gerrits, and Hubert Savenije

EGU2018-14080 | Posters | GI2.1

Improved Eddy Flux Measurements by Multipath Sonic Anemomtery
Gerhard Peters and Hans-Jürgen Kirtzel

EGU2018-17747 | Posters | GI2.1

Detection of known biological and non-biological particles by a range of UV-LIF instrumentation
Elizabeth Forde, Martin Gallagher, Virginia Foot, Maurice Walker, Gary Granger, Alexis Attwood, Roland Sarda-Esteve, Simon Ruske, Ian Crawford, and David Topping

EGU2018-16135 | Posters | GI2.1

Intercomparison of aerosol measurements performed with multi-wavelength Raman lidars, automatic lidars and ceilometers
Fabio Madonna, Marco Rosoldi, Simone Lolli, Francesco Amato, Joshua Vande Hey, Ranvir Dhillon, Yunhui Zheng, Mike Brettle, and Gelsomina Pappalardo

EGU2018-18449 | Posters | GI2.1

The SWING activities and developments within the RAMOS project
Alexis Merlaud, Frederik Tack, Lars Jacob, Jeroen Maes, Caroline Fayt, Michel Van Roozendael, Radu Copaescu, Daniel Leonte, Magdalena Ardelean, Andreea Calcan, Sebastian Iancu, and Angelo Voicu

EGU2018-15164 | Posters | GI2.1

Laboratory measurements of cloud droplets size/velocity distributions with shadowgraph imaging technique
Moein Mohammadi, Jakub L. Nowak, and Szymon P. Malinowski

EGU2018-5095 | Posters | GI2.1

High Spectral Resolution Lidar using Spherical Fabry-Perot to measure Aerosol and Atmospheric Molecular Density in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere
Yann Caraty, Alain Hauchecorne, Philippe Keckhut, Jean-François Mariscal, and Eric D’almeida

EGU2018-9562 | Posters | GI2.1

Constraining biases in filter-based absorption photometry using photoacoustic and cavity ring-down spectroscopy.
Nicholas Davies, Justin Langridge, Jim Haywood, Michael Cotterell, Cathryn Fox, Kate Szpek, Jonathan Taylor, Paul Williams, Hugh Coe, James Allan, Michael Flynn, Keith Bower, and HuiHui Wu

EGU2018-9114 | Posters | GI2.1

Compact automatic rotational Raman lidar system for continuous day- and nighttime temperature and humidity mapping
Diego Lange, Andreas Behrendt, and Volker Wulfmeyer

EGU2018-6392 | Posters | GI2.1

Direct sampling of sub-μm atmospheric particulate organic matter at sub-ng m−3 mass concentrations by proton-transfer-reaction mass spectrometry
Markus Müller, Andreas Klinger, Gregor Mayramhof, Joris Leglise, and Armin Wisthaler

EGU2018-19215 | Posters | GI2.1

Characterization of flow distortion effects associated with airborne passive probes for aerosol and cloud measurements
Antonio Spanu, Maximilian Dollner, Josef Gasteiger, T Paul Bui, and Bernadett Weinzierl

EGU2018-16288 | Posters | GI2.1 | Highlight

Assessment and Deployment of Bird-Carried Meteorological Sensors for Microclimate Measurements in Urban Terrain
Rick M. Thomas, Ford Cropley, A. Rob Mackenzie, S. James Reynolds, Jonathan P. Sadler, Lee Chapman, Andrew Quinn, Jian Zhong, Ben Schellenberg, and Xiaoming Cai

GI2.2 – Weather and environmental observations and short term forecasting to increase safety and airport capacity (co-organized)

EGU2018-1932 | Posters | GI2.2 | Highlight

Winter Weather - Probabilistic Nowcasting to increase airport safety and capacity
Harri Haukka, Ari-Matti Harri, Rudolf Kaltenboeck, Martin Hagen, Elena Saltikoff, Seppo Pulkkinen, Heikki Juntti, Herbert Pumpel, Martin Steinheimer, Kari Österberg, Annakaisa von Lerber, Harri Hohti, Tarja Riihisaari, Jaakko Nuottokari, Markus Peura, and Aulikki Lehkonen

EGU2018-5104 | Posters | GI2.2

On the influence of orography on the predictability of winter weather
Martin Hagen, Elena Saltikoff, Seppo Pulkkinen, Annakaisa von Lerber, and Martin Steinheimer

EGU2018-6460 | Posters | GI2.2

PNOWWA - Probabilistic Nowcasting of Winter Weather for Airports: Demonstration campaigns and airport stakeholder interactions.
Rudolf Kaltenboeck, Ari-Matti Harri, Harri Hohti, Heikki Juntti, and Elena Saltikoff

EGU2018-16338 | Posters | GI2.2

Stochastic Nowcasting of Winter Precipitation in Finland
Seppo Pulkkinen, Elena Saltikoff, and Annakaisa von Lerber

EGU2018-6967 | Posters | GI2.2

Probabilistic Nowcasting of Wind Speeds at Vienna International Airport
Moritz N. Lang, Reto Stauffer, Achim Zeileis, and Georg J. Mayr

EGU2018-10956 | Posters | GI2.2

An Multinomial Regression Model with Nonlinear Effects for Probabilistic Low-Visibility Nowcasting
Philipp Kneringer, Sebastian J. Dietz, Georg J. Mayer, and Achim Zeileis

EGU2018-11206 | Posters | GI2.2

Study of Doppler Weather Radar 3D Mosaic Data in Strong Convective Weather Forecasting and Early Warning
Chen Yungang, Lin Chao, and Zhang Xiangxiang

EGU2018-19239 | Posters | GI2.2

Advanced MET Services for enhanced safety and climate optimisation of aircraft trajectories within 5DMET-Advisory
Sigrun Matthes, Volker Grewe, Caroline Forster, and Thomas Gerz

GI2.3 – Sentinels for Science: Advances in Ocean science and Cryosphere research (co-organized)

EGU2018-12862 | Orals | GI2.3 | Highlight

Copernicus Space Component: current status and evolution
Simon Jutz

EGU2018-14916 | Posters | GI2.3

SAR Altimetry Processing On Demand Service for CryoSat-2 and Sentinel-3 at ESA G-POD
Jérôme Benveniste, Salvatore Dinardo, Giovanni Sabatino, Marco Restano, and Américo Ambrózio

EGU2018-16789 | Posters | GI2.3

SAR-RDSAR: A new Service on G-POD for SAR and RDSAR Products
Christopher Buchhaupt, Luciana Fenoglio, and Matthias Becker

EGU2018-9678 | Orals | GI2.3

Sentinel-3 SAR Altimetry over Coastal and Open Ocean: performance assessment and improved retrieval methods in the ESA SCOOP Project.
David Cotton, Thomas Moreau, Eduard Makhoul, Paolo Cipollini, Mathilde Cancet, Luciana Fenoglio-Marc, Marc Naeije, M Joana Fernandes, Marco Restano, Américo Ambrósio, and Jérôme Benveniste

EGU2018-17440 | Posters | GI2.3

Broadview Radar Altimetry Toolbox
Jérôme Benveniste, Albert Garcia-Mondejar, Roger Escolà, Gorka Moyano, Mònica Roca, Miguel Terra-Homem, Ana Friaças, Fernando Martinho, Ernst Schrama, Marc Naeije, Marco Restano, and Américo Ambrózio

EGU2018-13007 | Orals | GI2.3

Improved surface currents from the synergy of Sentinel-3 Sea Surface Height and Sea Surface Temperature
marie-helene rio, Rosalia Santoleri, and Daniele Ciani

EGU2018-19791 | Orals | GI2.3

Innovative under water light field products from MERIS and OLCI: Inputs for bio-geochemistry
Didier Ramon, Robert Frouin, Dominique Jolivet, François Steinmetz, Mathieu Compiègne, and Philippe Goryl

EGU2018-14541 | Posters | GI2.3

Global and regional evaluation of first two years of Sentinel-3 and the impact of mean sea surfaces and ocean tide corrections.
Ole Baltazar Andersen and Heidi Ranndal

EGU2018-18560 | Orals | GI2.3

Linking Sentinel 3 data to precursor sensors to provide a long-term climate-quality data record.
Thomas Jackson, Shubha Sathyendranath, Frédéric Mélin, Steve Groom, Dagmar Müller, Hajo Krasemann, Carsten Brockmann, Mike Grant, Francois Steinmetz, Trevor Platt, Robert Brewin, Andre Valente, Vanda Brotas, and John Swinton

EGU2018-17523 | Posters | GI2.3

Improved Coastal Sea Level Along the North Eastern Atlantic Shelf from Sentinel-3A Delay Doppler Altimetry
Luciana Fenoglio-Marc, Bernd Uebbing, Salvatore Dinardo, Christopher Buchhaupt, Joanna Staneva, Anna Wiese, Ole Andersen, Mederic Gravelle, Remko Scharroo, Jürgen Kusche, Matthias Becker, Jerome Benveniste, and Michael Kern

EGU2018-19678 | Orals | GI2.3

Sentinel-1 data for frozen soil applications
Barbara Widhalm and Annett Bartsch

EGU2018-13440 | Posters | GI2.3

DUACS: Toward High Resolution Sea Level Products
Yannice Faugère, Pujol Isabelle, Ubelman Clement, Ballarotta Maxime, Delepoulle Antoine, Rio Marie Helene, Mulet Sandrine, Dibarboure Gerald, and Picot Nicolas

EGU2018-15033 | Posters | GI2.3

Validation of Sentinel-3A wet path delay over the open and coastal ocean
M. Joana Fernandes, Clara Lázaro, Marco Restano, Américo Ambrózio, and Jérôme Benveniste

EGU2018-17572 | Posters | GI2.3

MICROWAT, a low-frequency microwave mission for an all-weather and high spatial resolution observation of the oceans and sea ice
Lise Kilic, Catherine Prigent, Filipe Aires, Georg Heygster, and Rasmus Tonboe

EGU2018-12183 | Posters | GI2.3

Ocean wind retrieval from Sentinel-1 SAR and its potential for offshore wind energy
Merete Badger, Tobias Ahsbahs, Charlotte Hasager, and Ioanna Karagali

EGU2018-17444 | Posters | GI2.3

AMT4SentinelFRM radiometric validation of Sentinel-3A OLCI
Silvia Pardo, Hayley Evers-King, Robert Brewin, Giorgio Dall'Olmo, and Gavin Tilstone

EGU2018-12967 | Posters | GI2.3

Evaluating the Sentinel 1 wind product quality near the coast: the role of high resolution numerical models
Pablo Cerralbo, Laura Rafols, Manuel Espino, Tobias Ahsbahs, Merete Badger, Manel Grifoll, and Agustin Sánchez-Arcilla

EGU2018-13749 | Posters | GI2.3

Towards an advanced Pan-European Snow Cover Product from Sentinel-1 SAR and Sentinel-3 SLSTR
Thomas Nagler, Gabriele Schwaizer, Joanna Ossowska, Helmut Rott, David Small, Eirik Malnes, Kari Luojus, Sari Metsaemaeki, Jan Wuite, and Simon Pinnock

EGU2018-4652 | Posters | GI2.3

SPICE: Sentinel-3 Performance Improvement for Ice Sheets
Malcolm McMillan, Roger Escola, Monica Roca, Pierre Thibaut, Jeremie Aublanc, Clemente Lacrouts, Andrew Shepherd, Frederique Remy, Jerome Benveniste, Americo Ambrozio, and Marco Restano

EGU2018-3290 | Posters | GI2.3

Greenland snow and ice albedo products from Sentinel-3 processed using PolarTEP infrastructure
Jason Box, Alexander Kokhanovsky, Maxim Lamare, Ghislain Picard, Marie Dumont, Carsten Brockmann, Olaf Danne, Mortimer Werther, Robert Fausto, Kenneth Mankoff, and Andrew Flemming

EGU2018-19631 | Posters | GI2.3

ESA's Science Data Exploitation programme
Diego Fernández Prieto and Yves-Louis Desnos

GI2.4 – Sentinels for Science: Advances in Land dynamics and processes understanding (co-organized)

EGU2018-7929 | Orals | GI2.4

Land Cover / Land Use Mapping in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam, with focus on pond aquaculture and paddy rice utilizing time series of Copernicus Sentinel data
Kersten Clauss, Marco Ottinger, Patrick Leinenkugel, and Claudia Kuenzer

EGU2018-17532 | Posters | GI2.4

The Geohazards Office support to the CEOS Working Group on Disasters
Philippe Bally, Mioara Mandea, Michael Foumelis, Daniel Raucoules, Marcello de Michele, Gilles Grandjean, and Theodora Papadopoulou

EGU2018-18093 | Orals | GI2.4

Urban Energy Balance from Space: final results from URBANFLUXES
Nektarios Chrysoulakis, Sue Grimmond, Christian Feigenwinter, Fredrik Lindberg, Jean-Philippe Gastellu-Etchegorry, Mattia Marconcini, Fabio Del Frate, Judith Klostermann, Zina Mitraka, Stavros Stagakis, Frans Olofson, Lucas Landier, Ben Crawford, Thomas Esch, and Eberhard Parlow

EGU2018-3764 | Posters | GI2.4

ESA SNAP-StaMPS Integrated Processing for Sentinel-1 Persistent Scatterer Interferometry
Michael Foumelis, Jose Manuel Delgado Blasco, Yves-Louis Desnos, Marcus Engdahl, Diego Fernández, Luis Veci, Jun Lu, and Cecilia Wong

EGU2018-5459 | Posters | GI2.4

Towards an operational ground deformation monitoring on Santorini volcano
Elena Papageorgiou, Antonios Mouratidis, and Costas Papazachos

EGU2018-14948 | Orals | GI2.4

Sentinel-1 SAR for wind energy roughness maps over land
Ebba Dellwik, Ioanna Karagali, Elin Svensson, Henning Skriver, and Merete Badger

EGU2018-10574 | Posters | GI2.4

Evaluation of the Sentinel-3 Hydrologic Altimetry Processor prototypE (SHAPE) methods.
Albert Garcia-Mondejar, Nicolas Bercher, Pierre Laurent Fabry, Mònica Roca, Eduard Makhoul, Joana Fernandes, Clara Lazaro, Telmo Viera, David Gustafsson, Marco Restano, Americo Ambrozio, and Jérôme Benveniste

EGU2018-15889 | Orals | GI2.4

Monitoring lakes and cryogenic processes in Siberia with Sentinel-1 and 2 data
Annett Bartsch, Georg Pointner, Barbara Widhalm, Yury Dvornikov, Marina Leibman, Birgit Heim, and Ingmar Nitze

EGU2018-11477 | Posters | GI2.4

Coseismic and Post-Seismic Deformation of the 2008 Dangxiong Earthquake, Tibet, from ALOS SAR Interferometry
Shih-Ju Chang, Chung-Pai Chang, and Kuo-Hsin Tseng

EGU2018-9990 | Orals | GI2.4

Detection of Soil Frost in the Boreal Forest Region with Sentinel-1
Juval Cohen, Kimmo Rautiainen, Jaakko Ikonen, Juha Lemmetyinen, Tuomo Smolander, Juho Vehviläinen, and Jouni Pulliainen

EGU2018-11927 | Orals | GI2.4

Optimizing Moderate Resolution Optical Remote Sensing of Snow Fraction
Igor Appel

EGU2018-12270 | Posters | GI2.4

Revisiting the Kaikoura (New Zealand) M7.8 earthquake by combining Sentinel-1, Landsat 8 and source complexity. Implications for tsunami modelling.
Anne Lemoine, Michael Foumelis, Daniel Raucoules, and Marcello De Michele

EGU2018-16804 | Posters | GI2.4

Large scale landslide monitoring based on Sentinel-2 derived NDVI maps and NCC algorithm
Marco Mulas and Alessandro Corsini

EGU2018-17952 | Posters | GI2.4

Copernicus Sentinels for Urban Planning in Russia: First results from the SEN4RUS Project
Nektarios Chrysoulakis, Thomas Esch, Anna Sazanova, Guy Feishman, Mahmut Cavur, Christian Feigenwinter, Vassiliki Charalampopoulou, Zina Mitraka, Sebnem Dusgun, and Eberhard Parlow

EGU2018-19282 | Posters | GI2.4

Detection of irrigated crops from Sentinel 1 and Sentinel 2 data to estimate seasonal water use. A case study: Banat pilot area, Romania
Violeta Poenaru, Cristian Moise, Iulia Dana Negula, Alexandru Badea, Adrian Vladucu, Laurentiu Stanisteanu, and Monica Mainerici

EGU2018-14655 | Posters | GI2.4

Estimation of pasture production at different scales using remote sensing in a holm oak savanna rangeland
Pedro J. Gómez-Giráldez, Cristina Aguilar, Alma García, A. Belén Caño, and María Pat González-Dugo

EGU2018-14368 | Posters | GI2.4

Potential of combined Sentinel 1/ Sentinel 2 images for mapping topsoil organic carbon content over cropland taking into account soil roughness
Dav M. Ebengo, Emmanuelle Vaudour, Jean-Marc Gilliot, Dalila Hadjar, and Nicolas Baghdadi

EGU2018-13192 | Posters | GI2.4

Performance of Sentinel-2 NDVI for assessing the relationship between vegetation and soil moisture under extreme drought conditions
Harry West, Nevil Quinn, Michael Horswell, and Paul White

EGU2018-13752 | Posters | GI2.4

Using Sentinel-3 land surface temperature to derive high resolution soil moisture estimates for desert locust management
Vivien Georgiana Stefan, Maria Jose Escorihuela, Olivier Merlin, Jamal Chihrane, Saïd Ghaout, and Cyril Piou

EGU2018-15538 | Posters | GI2.4

Level 3 wide-area backscatter time-series for wet-snow mapping and forest classification
David Small, Christoph Rohner, Nuno Miranda, Marius Rüetschi, Lars Waser, Marius Vögtli, and Michael Schaepman

EGU2018-19622 | Posters | GI2.4

Scientific results an achievements of ESA's SEOM Programme
Yves-Louis Desnos and Diego Fernandez Prieto

EGU2018-19561 | Posters | GI2.4

Recent ESA Sentinel-1 Exploitation Activities
Diego Fernández Prieto, Magdalena Fitrzyk, Marcus Engdahl, and Yves-Louis Desnos

GI2.5 – Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) as a new, emerging instrument in Geosciences (co-organized)

EGU2018-204 | Posters | GI2.5

Unmanned aerial survey in East Antarctica for modelling glacier topography
Dmitrii Bliakharskii and Igor Florinsky

EGU2018-2891 | Posters | GI2.5

High-resolution mapping and monitoring with low-cost unmanned aerial systems
Yaocheng Kuo and ChiFarn Chen

EGU2018-3018 | Posters | GI2.5

The suitability of unmanned aerial vehicles and Structure-from-Motion analysis to assess tidal creek morphogenesis in a recently inundated saltmarsh restoration schemes
Jonathan Dale and Niall Burnside

EGU2018-5645 | Posters | GI2.5

Heterogeneous Feature Matching for the Orientation Modeling of Remotely Sensed Images
Liang-Chien Chen, Wen-Chi Chang, and Ching-Hui Hung