Presentation type:

GM – Geomorphology

GM1.2 – Beyond the case study: The essential role of concepts and history in Earth Sciences (co-organized)

EGU2018-10469 | Orals | GM1.2

From induction to deduction: Using the Earth as a natural laboratory
John Armitage

EGU2018-2995 | Posters | GM1.2

The history of research in the Breuil Valley (Valaisan and Subbrianconnais Units) and its bearing on the comprehension of the Western Alps
Gianluca Frasca

EGU2018-6657 | Orals | GM1.2

Metamorphic core complexes and the legacy of fixism vs. mobilism debate
Johannes Wiest

EGU2018-14793 | Posters | GM1.2

The early history of global earthquake maps
Álvaro González

EGU2018-4935 | Orals | GM1.2

Orographic precipitation and landscape evolution in Basse Terre Island, Guadeloupe archipelago (Lesser Antilles Arc)
Pierre Valla, Eric Lajeunesse, Romain Delunel, and Pascal Allemand

EGU2018-18751 | Posters | GM1.2

The first African diamonds discovered by the ancient Arab-Berbers in Algeria
Gaston Godard, Charaf Chabou, Zouhir Adjerid, and Abderrahman Bendaoud

EGU2018-15799 | Orals | GM1.2 | Highlight

A glacial or fluvial origin for Alpine valleys: How personality, politics, and war killed one of the great debates in geomorphology
Kerry Leith, Matthew Fox, Jeffrey Moore, and Simon Loew

EGU2018-2536 | Posters | GM1.2

Bromine stable isotope fractionation in evaporites
Hans Eggenkamp, Jasper Griffioen, Pascale Louvat, and Pierre Agrinier

EGU2018-16018 | Orals | GM1.2

Comparing Landscape Evolution Simulations Using Taylor Diagrams
Marco Van De Wiel and Tom Coulthard

EGU2018-2863 | Posters | GM1.2

Geothermometry of graphitic material in metasedimentary rocks of the Sierra Madre Oriental, NE, Mexico: revealing the last stages of Pangea.
Sonia Alejandra Torres Sanchez, Oscar Emmanuel Castillo Hernandez, and Carita Augustsson

EGU2018-7751 | Posters | GM1.2

TThe thought of Roberto Mantovani: a link between mobilistic theories and a reflection about “Realism”
Federico Straser and Valentino Straser

EGU2018-1440 | Orals | GM1.2

To interpret individualistic river behavior in the past.- Limitations and challenges
Dominik Faust and Daniel Wolf

EGU2018-6689 | Posters | GM1.2

Scale invariant feature identification and quantification, without any a priori assumptions about shape
John K. Hillier

EGU2018-11607 | Posters | GM1.2

Shape-based models of landscape evolution
Eric Deal and Jens Turowski

EGU2018-12922 | Posters | GM1.2

Fractality of drainage networks in a tectonically active region of North-West Himalaya
Ramendra Sahoo, Vikrant Jain, and Rishi N Singh

EGU2018-17479 | Posters | GM1.2

Optimal stress levels for geomorphologists
Anne Voigtländer and Jens M. Turowski

EGU2018-6304 | Posters | GM1.2

Revealing causal dependencies between land-surface fluxes and meteorological variables
Christopher Krich, Miguel D. Mahecha, Jakob Runge, Markus Reichstein, and Diego G. Miralles

EGU2018-7951 | Posters | GM1.2

News from the sandbox – from virtual sediment sections to full measurement models
Michael Dietze, Margret Fuchs, and Sebastian Kreutzer

EGU2018-9467 | Posters | GM1.2

On the controlling factors of inter-annual variability of ecosystem photosynthetic capacity in forest ecosystems at global scale
Talie Musavi, Miguel D. Mahecha, Markus Reichstein, Paul Bodeshein, Alessandro Cescatti, and Mirco Migliavacca

EGU2018-14471 | Posters | GM1.2

Stone pavements and vesicular soil structure: System-wide order from local interactions
Kirsten v. Elverfeldt, Markus Fuchs, and Michael Dietze

GM1.4 – Planetary Geomorphology (co-organized)

EGU2018-808 | Posters | GM1.4

Characterization and interpretation of the fan-shaped and terrace-like features identified in Nepenthes Mensae, Mars
Ángel García-Arnay, Francisco Gutiérrez, Miguel Ángel de Pablo, and Susana Fernández

EGU2018-3127 | Orals | GM1.4 | Highlight

Constraints on the geologic history and transport of materials at five Mars landing sites based on clast morphology
R Aileen Yingst, Larry Crumpler, James Garvin, Sanjeev Gupta, Linda Kah, and Rebecca Williams

EGU2018-1087 | Orals | GM1.4

Polyphase mid-latitude glaciation on Mars evidenced by dating of superimposed lobate debris aprons
Adam Hepburn, Felix Ng, Stephen J. Livingstone, and Bryn Hubbard

EGU2018-6049 | Posters | GM1.4

Fluvial regime, age and duration of the Jezero crater paleolake, Mars
Nicolas Mangold, Gilles Dromart, Véronique Ansan, Marion Massé, and Kathryn Stack

EGU2018-16047 | Posters | GM1.4

Field study of exhumed channels in Green River and Hanksville areas, Utah, and a comparison with inverted channel features on Mars.
Melissa Mirino, Matthew Balme, Peter Fawdon, Joel Davis, Robert Barnes, Elyse Allender, and Peter Grindrod

EGU2018-9664 | Orals | GM1.4

Ancient dune morphologies preserved by partial burial
Mackenzie Day and David Catling

EGU2018-17958 | Orals | GM1.4

Longitudinal striations on Martian long run-out landslides and ejecta blankets: a common formation mechanism?
Alexa Pietrek, Stefan Hergarten, and Thomas Kenkmann

EGU2018-7365 | Posters | GM1.4

Geomorphological characteristics of Mariner Valley on Mars. In the search for evidences of its origin
Vladimir Anokhin and Lev Maslov

EGU2018-14286 | Orals | GM1.4

Are Knickpoints in Martian Valley Network Recorders of Past Ocean Levels?
Sergio Duran, Thomas Coulthard, Stuart McLelland, and Chris Skinner

EGU2018-7983 | Posters | GM1.4

Recent rockfalls on Mars
Pierre-Antoine Tesson, Susan Conway, Nicolas Mangold, and Stephen Lewis

EGU2018-8376 | Orals | GM1.4

Models and Morphology: Achieving Planetary Geomorphological Uberty
Victor Baker

EGU2018-8070 | Posters | GM1.4

High resolution topographic analysis and numerical simulations of landslides on Mars
Anthony Guimpier, Susan Conway, Antoine Lucas, Anne Mangeney, and Nicolas Mangold

EGU2018-10420 | Posters | GM1.4

Distribution of landforms at the Lunar North Pole
Andrey V. Mitusov, Alexander Stark, Olga E. Mitusova, and Jürgen Oberst

EGU2018-15502 | Posters | GM1.4

Slow periglacial mass wasting (solifluction) on Mars
Andreas Johnsson, Susan Conway, Dennis Reiss, Ernst Hauber, and Harald Hiesinger

EGU2018-16686 | Posters | GM1.4

Estimating the volume of mid-latitude glacier-like forms on Mars
Stephen Brough, Bryn Hubbard, and Alun Hubbard

EGU2018-7916 | Posters | GM1.4

Highly erosive glaciers on Mars – the role of water
Susan J. Conway, Frances E. G. Butcher, Tjalling de Haas, Axel A. J. Deijns, and Peter M. Grindrod

EGU2018-7802 | Posters | GM1.4

Jumping grains on Mars, or sediment transport by boiling: experiments and models
Susan J. Conway, Marion Massé, Sabrina Carpy, Tanguy Colleu-Banse, and Manish R. Patel

EGU2018-16487 | Posters | GM1.4 | Highlight

Boiling Water could Levitate Sediment on Mars – An Experimental Study
Jan Raack, Clémence Herny, Susan J. Conway, Matthew R. Balme, Sabrina Carpy, and Manish R. Patel

EGU2018-1838 | Posters | GM1.4

Triggering and flow conditions in Martian gullies – numerical simulation using RAMMS
Tjalling de Haas, Brian McArdell, and Susan Conway

EGU2018-16524 | Posters | GM1.4

The Formation of Martian Dune Gullies by Dry Ice: Field Experiments
Jim McElwaine, Serina Diniega, Candice Hansen, Mary Bourke, and Joanne Nield

EGU2018-14259 | Posters | GM1.4

Icelandic analogues for faulting in the volcanic regions of Mars: the impact of data resolution and magmatic resurfacing events on understanding fault growth behaviour
Emma Bramham, Douglas Paton, and Tim Wright

EGU2018-1587 | Posters | GM1.4

Karst landforms as possible lithological marker within a crater in northern Sinus Meridiani,Mars
Davide Baioni and Letizia Toselli

EGU2018-5385 | Posters | GM1.4

Possible Subsurface Sediment Mobilization and Release of Volatiles in Southern Chryse Planitia, Mars
Ilse Van de Burgt, Ernst Hauber, Petr Broẑ, and Ondřej Čadek

EGU2018-18210 | Posters | GM1.4

Seasonal Microscale Modelling of Namib Dune, Mars
Carin Cornwall, Derek Jackson, Mary Bourke, Meiring Beyers, and Andrew Cooper

EGU2018-15847 | Posters | GM1.4

Surface-based 3D measurements of small aeolian bedforms on Mars
Matthew Balme, Ellen Robson, Robert Barnes, Frances Butcher, Peter Fawdon, Ben Huber, Thomas Ortner, Gerhard Paar, Christoph Traxler, John Bridges, Sanjeev Gupta, and Jorge Vago

GM1.5 – The importance of granular processes and segregation in geophysical flows: implications for landscape evolution and hazard analysis (co-organized)

EGU2018-6060 | Posters | GM1.5

A 1DH mathematical and numerical scheme for dry granular flows
Giulia Rossi and Aronne Armanini

EGU2018-11644 | Orals | GM1.5

Segregation, grain size distributions, and debris flow erosion dynamics
Kimberly Hill

EGU2018-12869 | Posters | GM1.5

Modelling of Collisional Bed Load at High Bed Shear
Vaclav Matousek and Stepan Zrostlik

EGU2018-3006 | Orals | GM1.5

Bulbous head formation in bidispersed shallow granular flows over inclined planes
Irana Denissen, Thomas Weinhart, Stefan Luding, and Anthony Thornton

EGU2018-12027 | Orals | GM1.5

Granular segregation in dense, layered, inclined flows of spheres
Michele Larcher and James T. Jenkins

EGU2018-14310 | Posters | GM1.5

Triggering mechanism of the wet granular avalanches
Claude El tannoury, Luc Oger, Irene Ippolito, Renaud Delannay, and Yves Le Gonidec

EGU2018-5458 | Orals | GM1.5

Creation and destruction of grain clusters in an experimental channel subject to episodic sediment supply: implications for particle mobility and channel adjustment
Marwan A. Hassan, Matteo Saletti, Carles Ferrer-Boix, and Tobias Muller

EGU2018-14982 | Posters | GM1.5

High speed confined granular flows down inclines: numerical simulations
Zhu Yajuan, Delannay Renaud, and Valance Alexandre

EGU2018-7258 | Orals | GM1.5

Aeolian sand sorting and megaripple formation
Marc Lämmel, Anne Meiwald, Hezi Yizhaq, Haim Tsoar, Itzhak Katra, and Klaus Kroy

EGU2018-14294 | Posters | GM1.5

Intruders size-segregating under oscillating shear flows
Tomas Trewhela, Christophe Ancey, and John Mark Nicholas Timm Gray

EGU2018-10495 | Orals | GM1.5

Upscaling of granular processes in sediment transport : from discrete to continuous modeling.
julien chauchat, Raphaël Maurin, Tim Nagel, Cyrille Bonamy, Zhen Cheng, Antoine Mathieu, Tian-Jian Hsu, and Xiaofeng Liu

EGU2018-182 | Posters | GM1.5

Fluidisation pipe dynamics and associated extrudites: An experimental and numerical approach
Georgina Williams, Jeffrey Peakall, Gareth Keevil, Robert Thomas, and Michael Fairweather

EGU2018-7955 | Posters | GM1.5

Image processing for studying size segregation in bedload transport: detection and tracking
Hugo Lafaye de Micheaux, Christophe Ducottet, Philippe Frey, and Ashley Dudill

EGU2018-9612 | Posters | GM1.5

Revisiting slope influence in idealized turbulent bedload transport: consequences for transport rate scaling
Raphael Maurin, Julien Chauchat, and Philippe Frey

EGU2018-7991 | Posters | GM1.5

Vertical size-segregation in bedload sediment transport : from grain scale to continuum models
Rémi Chassagne, Raphaël Maurin, Julien Chauchat, and Philippe Frey

EGU2018-15798 | Posters | GM1.5

Kinetic sieving sorting experiments at the grain scale in bedload transport on steep slopes
Philippe Frey, Hugo Lafaye de Micheaux, and Coraline Bel

EGU2018-12476 | Posters | GM1.5

Vertical size sorting in bedload transport on steep slopes : Investigation at the grain scale
Philippe Frey, Hugo Lafaye de Micheaux, and Ashley Dudill

EGU2018-13938 | Posters | GM1.5

Experimental study of particle saltation motion in high Stokes number regimes for different basal roughness
Gaspard Minster, France Floc'h, Alexandre Valance, Nicolas Le Dantec, Amandine Nicolle, and Benoit Zerr

EGU2018-7380 | Posters | GM1.5

Grain-scale modeling and splash parametrization for aeolian sand transport
Marc Lämmel and Klaus Kroy

GM1.6 – Geodiversity and geoheritage: pending and emerging issues and challenges (co-sponsored by JpGU) (co-organized)

EGU2018-2944 | Posters | GM1.6

The basis for a global thematic framework for geodiversity and geoheritage
Benjamin van Wyk de Vries, Viktor Vereb, and David Karátson

EGU2018-8919 | Orals | GM1.6

Issues and challenges for integrating geodiversity and geoheritage in nature conservation and sustainable development agendas
John E. Gordon and Roger Crofts

EGU2018-3005 | Orals | GM1.6

Qualitative assessment of landforms and landforming processes for geoheritage evaluation – how to define ‘significance’
Piotr Migon

EGU2018-3924 | Posters | GM1.6

Addressing pending and emerging issues related to geodiversity and geoheritage through the concept of “Hyper Geosite”: example of the Mont Granier (Chartreuse Massif, French Alps).
Fabien Hobléa

EGU2018-3424 | Orals | GM1.6

Essential Geodiversity Variables - the missing link between science and policy
Franziska Schrodt and the EGV group

EGU2018-6940 | Posters | GM1.6

Recognition and classification of geomorphosites from different geomorphological landscapes in South of Spain.
Juan F. Martinez-Murillo and Emilio Ferre-Bueno

EGU2018-8430 | Posters | GM1.6

The National Geoheritage Inventory in France, from knowledge to outreach
Grégoire Egoroff, Patrick De Wever, Annie Cornée, and Claire de Kermadec

EGU2018-9674 | Posters | GM1.6

The GeoDIVE project for enhancing geodiversity of the Piemonte Region (Italy): “From rocks to stones, from landforms to landscapes”
Marco Giardino, Carlo Bertok, Alessandro Borghi, Francesca Gambino, Vincenzo Lombardo, Francesca Lozar, Alessandra Magagna, Luca Martire, Elia Mulazzano, Luigi Perotti, Fabrizio Piana, Maria Luisa Sturani, and Cristina Viani

EGU2018-88 | Orals | GM1.6 | Highlight

Social volcanology meets geoheritage
Jazmin Scarlett and Felix Riede

EGU2018-10575 | Posters | GM1.6

Application of the geodiversity map in the evaluation of the geotouristic potential of mountain areas. Case study: Podtatrze region, South Poland, Northern Slovakia.
Pawel Strus and Anna Chrobak

EGU2018-18923 | Orals | GM1.6

Applied geological and cultural aspects of Leitha Limestone in Roman times (Middle Miocene, Eastern Austria)
Beatrix Moshammer, Andreas Rohatsch, Barbara Hodits, Erich Draganits, Maria Heinrich, Gabrielle Kremer, Michaela Kronberger, Martin Mosser, Sophie Insulander, and Isa Kitz

EGU2018-19832 | Orals | GM1.6

Efficacy of geoheritage promotion by analysis of the socio-geosystem interaction at World Heritage Site Messel Pit, Germany
Marie-Luise Dr. Frey

EGU2018-10731 | Posters | GM1.6

Geodiversity assessment in the Sesia Val Grande UNESCO Geopark: the case study of the Pogallo Valley (NW Italy)
Marco Giardino, Alicja Najwer, Luigi Perotti, Mauro Palomba, Paola Morlino, Pietro Mosca, Giandomenico Fubelli, Riccardo Zambarbieri, and Zbigniew Zwoliński

EGU2018-10778 | Posters | GM1.6

Spatial scales of geodiversity and taxonomic hierarchy levels of landforms
Zbigniew Zwoliński

EGU2018-11254 | Posters | GM1.6

Geological heritage and geodiversity: the case of the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, Brazil
Antônio Costa

EGU2018-1689 | Orals | GM1.6

Genetic and process geomorphology – apples and oranges or two sides of the same coin? (From natural heritage to future). In honour of Frank Ahnert
Ludwig Zoeller

EGU2018-16264 | Orals | GM1.6

Rescue Geology – taking advantage of temporary exposures
Lesley Dunlop

EGU2018-16437 | Posters | GM1.6

Cities in the Anthropocene: humans as eco-geomorphological agents
Annette Voigt and Kirsten v. Elverfeldt

EGU2018-18652 | Posters | GM1.6

Application of advanced data mining tools for better defining the geoheritage values of volcanic fields
Boglarka Nemeth, Karoly Nemeth, Jonathan Procter, and Trisia Farrelly

EGU2018-1166 | Orals | GM1.6

Geoconservation Monitoring Networks: Protecting the World’s Oldest Complex Macrofossils in the Ediacaran of Newfoundland
Jack Matthews

EGU2018-18897 | Posters | GM1.6

Integrating geodiversity in teaching, research and management: examples from coastal marine environments in Denmark
Verner Brandbyge Ernstsen, Zyad Al-Hamdani, Signe Schilling Hansen, Aart Kroon, and Jørn Bo Jensen

EGU2018-2877 | Orals | GM1.6

Key Geoheritage Sites: A new program proposal in IUCN for Geoheritage Conservation
Kyung Sik Woo and Seong Ok Ju

EGU2018-5622 | Orals | GM1.6

A strategic plan for managing geopark—an experience of Taiwan
Jiun-Chuan Lin

EGU2018-2407 | Orals | GM1.6 | Highlight

With education 2.0. Apps in National Geoparks, visitors see geodiversity sites and have fun in the process!
Thomas Kisser and Stefanie Zecha

EGU2018-3863 | Posters | GM1.6

Exceptional preservation of Jurassic coleoid fossils in Southern England: taphonomy, movable geoheritage, collection and loss
Malcolm Hart and Kevin Page

EGU2018-9041 | Posters | GM1.6

Can geosites be restored? The example of the Alto Vez geosite (Peneda Mountain, Portugal)
Paulo Pereira, José Brilha, Diamantino Pereira, and Renato Henriques

EGU2018-18891 | Posters | GM1.6

Geoheritage Assessment in Northern Malta (Mediterranean Sea) as a Tool for Geoconservation and Tourism Promotion.
Paola Coratza, Ritienne Gauci, Lidia Selmi, and Mauro Soldati

EGU2018-18939 | Posters | GM1.6

The use of limestone in the medieval masonries of Assisi region, Italy
Eleonora Scopinaro and Ákos Török

EGU2018-923 | Posters | GM1.6

Towards The Valorisation Of The Cultural And Natural Heritage Of The Draa Tafilalet Region Of Morocco
Siham Belhaj, Lahcen Bahi, and Ahmed Akhssas

EGU2018-2367 | Posters | GM1.6

Geology interpretation at a spot: knowledge transfer, geoheritage and geoconservation problems in the protected areas of Lithuania
Grazina Skridlaite, Laura Gedminiene, Jurate Vaznyte, Simonas Saarmann, and Jonas Seckus

EGU2018-2436 | Posters | GM1.6

Geoheritage and the ICG: Developing IUGS policy and practice
Kevin Page, Lola Pereira, Björn Schouenborg, and Patrick de Wever

EGU2018-2951 | Posters | GM1.6 | Highlight

Geomojis – a symbolic alphabet to communicate Earth Sciences
Benjamin van Wyk de Vries, Dougal Jerram, Vladislav Rapprich, Andrew Harris, and Dana Martin

EGU2018-3333 | Posters | GM1.6

The importance and potential of local geoheritage (case study: Lomnicko and Deblínsko, South Moravian Region, Czech Republic)
Lucie Kubalíková and Aleš Bajer

EGU2018-3561 | Posters | GM1.6

The geological landscape and related geosites overview map of Liguria (Italy)
Maurizio Burlando, Francesco Faccini, Guido Paliaga, Eugenio Poggi, and Flavio Poggi

EGU2018-3659 | Posters | GM1.6

Geomorphology and archaeology of the Moldavian Plateau - Geoheritage site Bahluieț Valley at Costești village
Mihai Niculita

EGU2018-9099 | Posters | GM1.6

A propose of geoturist itinerary along the coastal area of Caldera (Atacama, Northern Chile)
Nicole Maldonado, Tatiana Izquierdo, and Manuel Abad

EGU2018-11647 | Posters | GM1.6

Geoheritage is coming to town: preservation of geological features in an urban environment with the example of geomorphological mapping on Clermont-Ferrand
Viktor Vereb, Benjamin van Wyk de Vries, and Dávid Karátson

EGU2018-11979 | Posters | GM1.6

Dinosaurian geosites: successful geotouristic destinations ?
Nathalie Cayla

EGU2018-15572 | Posters | GM1.6

Geodiversity, geoheritage and volcano tourism in natural protected areas of Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain)
Javier Dóniz-Paez, Fátima Rodríguez, Rafael Becerra-Ramírez, Elena González-Cárdenas, and Estela Escobar-Lahoz

EGU2018-19438 | Posters | GM1.6 | Highlight

Virtual Reality displaying and communicating Geoheritage and Georisk: the 3DTeLC ERASMUS+ project
Malcom Whitworth, Mel Krokos, Derek Rust, Paraskevi Nomikou, Alessandro Tibaldi, Fabio Bonali, Elena Russo, Ugo Becciani, Benjamin Van Wyk de Vries, Danilo Reitano, Efthimios Lekkas, Nicholas Bilham, James Brown, Robert Lovas, Javier Escartin, Serafeim Poulos, and Lee Jones

EGU2018-109 | Posters | GM1.6

Managing Geoparks as complex systems
Cristina Toma and George Stefan Kudor

EGU2018-685 | Posters | GM1.6

Geotourism assessment in the Csopak area of the Bakony–Balaton UNESCO Global Geopark, Hungary
Márton Pál, Barnabás Korbély, Tamás Budai, and Gáspár Albert

EGU2018-2564 | Posters | GM1.6

Nominating a tectonic landscape on the World Heritage List, a case-study
Cecile Olive-Garcia

EGU2018-2875 | Posters | GM1.6

Outstanding Universal Values of the Korean Archipelago Getbol: Its potential for World Heritage Nomination
Kyung Sik Woo, Seung Soo Chun, and Kyong O Moon

EGU2018-2935 | Posters | GM1.6

The aspiring Hantangang Global Geopark in Korea: Justification to be endorsed by UNESCO Global Geopark
Kyung Sik Woo, Young Kwan Sohn, Youngwoo Kil, Yong Joo Jwa, and Seong Ok Ju

EGU2018-7176 | Posters | GM1.6

UNESCO Global Geoparks and the Transmission of the Earth Science Knowledge: A Case Study
Sophie Justice

GM2.1 – Frontiers in Geomorphometry and Earth Surface Dynamics: Possibilities, Limitations and Perspectives (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2018-3093 | PICO | GM2.1

Landform evolution at small scales – modified Flint’s law vs. hillslope diffusion
Stefan Hergarten and Jörg Robl

EGU2018-19089 | PICO | GM2.1

Understanding the relationship between colluvial hollow morphology and hillslope processes
Stuart Grieve, Tristram Hales, Robert Parker, Simon Mudd, and Fiona Clubb

EGU2018-13949 | PICO | GM2.1

Coupling gravimetry and morphometry to quantify and localize mass transfers across scales in geomorphology
Maxime Mouyen, Philippe Steer, Laurent Longuevergne, Kuo-Jen Chang, Cheinway Hwang, Ching-Chung Cheng, Nicolas Le Moigne, Louise Jeandet, Himanshu Save, Alain Crave, Cécile Robin, and Jean-Michel Lemoine

EGU2018-6385 | PICO | GM2.1

Linking vegetation and morphology in a disturbed desert dune system via high resolution modelling of drone data
Mitchell Lyons, Charlotte Mills, Christopher Gordon, and Mike Letnic

EGU2018-3086 | PICO | GM2.1

MMASTER: Improved ASTER DEMs for Elevation Change Monitoring
Luc Girod, Christopher Nuth, Andreas Kääb, Robert McNaab, and Olivier Galland

EGU2018-7014 | PICO | GM2.1

Suitability of geomorphological indices for the automatic identification of landslides affecting the drainage network: Examples from the Pyrenees
Guillem Bonaventura Subiela, Marta Guinau, Jorge Pedro Galve, María Ortuño, Marc Viaplana-Muzas, and José Vicente Pérez-Peña

EGU2018-1043 | PICO | GM2.1

Geomorphometric characterization of natural and anthropogenic land cover in different landscapes context
Wenfang Cao, Giulia Sofia, Erle C Ellis, and Paolo Tarolli

EGU2018-14862 | PICO | GM2.1

A global assessment of supraglacial debris cover extents
Dirk Scherler, Hendrik Wulf, and Noel Gorelick

EGU2018-8037 | PICO | GM2.1

R’s role in geomorphometry and high resolution data handling
Michael Dietze

EGU2018-10337 | PICO | GM2.1

Hydrologic Terrain Analysis Using Web Based Tools
David G. Tarboton, Nazmus Sazib, Anthony Castronova, Yan Liu, Xing Zheng, David Maidment, Anthony Aufdenkampe, and Shaowen Wang

EGU2018-13326 | PICO | GM2.1

Suitability of different digital elevation models for landform classification methods and further geomorphometric analysis in the Atacama desert
Dirk Hoffmeister and Tanja Kramm

EGU2018-8155 | PICO | GM2.1

Holocene palaeoDEMs for the Rhine valley and delta plain, the Netherlands and Germany
Harm Jan Pierik, Bas van der Meulen, Rowin van Lanen, and Kim Cohen

EGU2018-9887 | PICO | GM2.1

Controls on rapid post eruption fluvial system response, Calbuco, Chile
Andy Russell, Alejandro Dussaillant, Claudio Meier, Andrés Rivera, Cristian Gonzales, and Devin Harrison

GM2.3 – Environmental Seismology: Deciphering Earth’s surface processes with seismic methods (co-organized)

EGU2018-17732 | Posters | GM2.3

Identification of seismic records left by different landslide types in Norway
Ragnhild A. Myhre, Valerie Maupin, and Graziella Devoli

EGU2018-2815 | Orals | GM2.3

Seismic signals preceding the the Nuugaatsiaq landslide (Greenland): Insights into the nucleation processes
Piero Poli

EGU2018-8023 | Orals | GM2.3

Collapsing cliff coasts – near real time seismic warning and trigger-screening on Germany’s largest island
Michael Dietze, Kristen L. Cook, Jens M. Turowski, Philippe Jousset, and Niels Hovius

EGU2018-16346 | Posters | GM2.3

Landslide micro-seismicity: description and classification of endogenous seismic sources
Floriane Provost, Jean-Philippe Malet, Clément Hibert, and Agnès Helmstetter

EGU2018-8595 | Orals | GM2.3

20 years of landslide activity in Alaska from automated machine-learning based seismic detection
Clement Hibert, David Michea, Floriane Provost, Jean-Philippe Malet, and Marten Geertsema

EGU2018-16183 | Posters | GM2.3

Evaluation of the Raspberry Shakes seismometers to monitor rock fall activity in alpine environments
Andrea Manconi and Velio Coviello

EGU2018-13461 | Posters | GM2.3

Rock impact location using Matched Field Processing
Nicolaus Lerbs, Josefine Umlauft, Anne Schöpa, Axel Volkwein, Michael Dietze, and Michael Korn

EGU2018-9417 | Orals | GM2.3

Monitoring and quantification of frontal ablation at Kronebreen, Svalbard, using records of seismic calving signals
Andreas Köhler, Pierre Marie Lefeuvre, Christopher Nuth, Johannes Schweitzer, Giusi Buscaino, Christian Weidle, Jack Kohler, Etienne Berthier, and Michal Petlicki

EGU2018-10275 | Posters | GM2.3

Seismic monitoring at the Hollin Hill Landslide Observatory
Jim Whiteley, Sebastian Uhlemann, Jonathan Chambers, and Michael Kendall

EGU2018-14375 | Orals | GM2.3

Seismic characterization of rock falls from detachment to propagation
Gaëlle Le Roy, Agnès Helmstetter, David Amitrano, Fabrice Guyoton, and Romain Le Roux-Mallouf

EGU2018-3163 | Orals | GM2.3

Seismic Analysis of the August 2017 Landslide on Piz Cengalo (Switzerland)
Fabian Walter, Michaela Wenner, and Florian Amann

EGU2018-9911 | Posters | GM2.3

Seismic full moment tensors with uncertainties for mass movements in Switzerland
Celso Alvizuri and Gyorgy Hetenyi

EGU2018-8479 | Posters | GM2.3

On the effect of the ground seismic characteristics in the estimation of mass movements based on seismic observation.
Emma Suriñach, Mar Tapia, Pere Roig, and Xabier Blach

EGU2018-7331 | Posters | GM2.3

Seismic data for the characterization of a rockslide and an artificially triggered rockfall
Mar Tapia, Marta Guinau, Marta Torné, Cristina Pérez-Guillén, Manuel Jesús Royán, Pere Roig, Emma Suriñach, Anna Echeverria, Giorgi Khazaradze, and Xabier Blanch

EGU2018-5469 | Posters | GM2.3

Monitoring surface process with ambient seismic noise: insights from Coda Wave Decorrelation and Locadiff methods
Eric Larose, Romain Thery, Antoine Guillemot, Laurent Baillet, Agnès Helmstetter, and Raphael Mayoraz

EGU2018-3052 | Posters | GM2.3

Searching fore- and afterslides of gravitational mass movements
Florian Fuchs, Clément Hibert, Wolfgang Lenhardt, Götz Bokelmann, and AlpArray Working Group

EGU2018-8620 | Posters | GM2.3

Which dynamic properties can be recovered from the seismic signal of steady and uniform granular flows ?
Vincent Bachelet, Anne Mangeney, Renaud Toussaint, and Julien De Rosny

EGU2018-9288 | Posters | GM2.3

Seismic signals of torrent related processes at Illgraben, Switzerland
Michaela Wenner, Fabian Walter, Emanuele Marchetti, and Brian McArdell

EGU2018-19497 | Posters | GM2.3

A laboratory experiment to explore ice brittle deformation
Cédric Lachaud, David Marsan, and Maurine Montagnat

EGU2018-6059 | Posters | GM2.3

Icequakes and microseism in Victoria Land (Antarctica)
Andrea Cannata, Flavio Cannavò, Paola Del Carlo, Alberto Delladio, Giuseppe Di Grazia, Salvatore Gambino, Gaetano Giudice, Giovanni Giuffrida, Paolo Grigioni, Graziano Larocca, Marco Liuzzo, Eugenio Privitera, Laura Spina, and Luciano Zuccarello

EGU2018-9319 | Posters | GM2.3

Passive seismic monitoring of the subglacial drainage system of Glacier de la Plaine Morte, Switzerland
Fabian Lindner, Fabian Walter, and Florent Gimbert

EGU2018-8 | Posters | GM2.3

Temporal–spatial variations in infrasound sources related to cryosphere dynamics in Lützow–Holm Bay Region, Antarctica
Masaki Kanao, Takahiko Murayama, Masa-Yuki Yamamoto, and Yoshiaki Ishihara

EGU2018-3550 | Posters | GM2.3

Seismic Monitoring of Hurricane Patricia
Toshiro Tanimoto, Anne Valovcin, Vala Hjorleifsdottir, and Felix Rodríguez Cardozo

EGU2018-19025 | Posters | GM2.3

Estimating current velocities from strumming noise on OBS data
Gerrit Hein, Simon C. Stähler, Robert Mars, Céline Hadziioannou, and Mechita C. Schmidt-Aursch

GM2.5 – Modelling erosion and sediment production, transport and deposition across landscapes (co-organized)

EGU2018-17655 | Posters | GM2.5

Inspecting the effect of climate and land use changes on a Mediterranean vineyard landscape
Rossano Ciampalini, Amandine Pastor, Frédéric Huard, Stéphane Follain, Feliciana Licciardello, Armand Crabit, Yves Le Bissonnais, and Damien Raclot

EGU2018-11760 | Orals | GM2.5

Use of discrete element modeling for a physics-based link between bed surface variability and particle entrainment statistics
Kimberly Hill, Amirreza Ghasemi, Sanaz Borhani, and Enrica Viparelli

EGU2018-19600 | Posters | GM2.5

Modelling climate induced geomorphic changes in two small Austrian alpine catchments using CAESAR-Lisflood
Markus Meller, Ronald Pöppl, Martin Mergili, Oliver Sass, and Eric Rascher

EGU2018-4715 | Orals | GM2.5

Stochastic transport of pebbles in a Chilean canyon over millennia revealed by 10Be and a simple transport model
Sebastien Carretier, Vincent Regard, and Laetita Leanni

EGU2018-11679 | Orals | GM2.5

A Quantitative framework for understanding past environmental change using meteoric 10Be in lake sediments
Jean Dixon and Rachel Jensen

EGU2018-9961 | Posters | GM2.5

Can we model point scale erosion and deposition? – a test of a soil erosion and Landscape Evolution Model
Greg Hancock and Garry Willgoose

EGU2018-16446 | Orals | GM2.5

Simulating landslides using a long-term landscape evolution model in the Southern Alps of New Zealand
Benjamin Campforts, Frédéric Herman, Veerle Vanacker, Wolfgang Schwanghart, and Gerard Govers

EGU2018-14920 | Posters | GM2.5

Cohesive sediment distribution on floodplains driven by crevasse-splay hydrograph characteristics
Christopher Hackney, Stephen Darby, Rolf Aalto, Daniel Parsons, Andrew Nicholas, Julian Leyland, Jim Best, Arved Schwendel, Jack Stephens, and Alexander Clayton

EGU2018-16381 | Posters | GM2.5

Assessment of Sediment Concentrations Accounting for Turbulence and Random Particle Alignment
Christina Tsai and Chi-Hsiang Huang

EGU2018-5025 | Orals | GM2.5

Dynamics of continental sedimentary systems : the role of coupling erosion and sedimentation in a numerical landscape evolution model
Laure Guerit, Delphine Rouby, Xiaoping Yuan, and Jean Braun

EGU2018-12006 | Orals | GM2.5

Development and validation of a global sediment dynamics model
Misako Hatono, Kiyotaka Mukaida, Tomoko Nitta, Takashi Arakawa, and Kei Yoshimura

EGU2018-9123 | Posters | GM2.5

Sediment recycling buffers the sensitivity of Andean alluvial fans to external forcing
Rebekah Harries, Linda Kirstein, Alexander Whittaker, Mikael Attal, and Silvio Peralta

EGU2018-1135 | Posters | GM2.5

Modelling stratigraphic grain size response to changing rainfall frequency and magnitude in threshold landscapes
Sam Brooke, Alexander Whittaker, John Armitage, and Stephen Watkins

EGU2018-4243 | Posters | GM2.5

Automated mineralogy as efficient tool for provenance analysis of stream sediments and mineral exploration
Sophia Rütters, Jens Gutzmer, and Enrico Kallmeier

EGU2018-11538 | Posters | GM2.5

Modeling the timescale of landscape response to the instantaneous excavation of a large meteorite impact crater in wet tropical mountains
Ruken Alac, Gilles Brocard, Tristan Salles, Dietmar Müller, and Pierre Rochette

EGU2018-3311 | Posters | GM2.5

Pyroclastic cover deposit thickness spatial modelling in peri-volcanic areas
Matteo Del Soldato, Samuele Segoni, Veronica Pazzi, Pantaleone De Vita, Veronica Tofani, and Sandro Moretti

EGU2018-4460 | Posters | GM2.5

Collapse dominated landscape evolution of the Loess Plateau: Implications from a DAC-model based simulation
Yu Zhang, Zewei Ma, and Xudong Fu

EGU2018-7904 | Posters | GM2.5

Forward sedimentary modelling of the Lower-Middle Ordovician carbonate platform in north Tarim Basin, China
Yuan Huang, Tailiang Fan, Fabrizio Berra, and Fiona F Whitaker

EGU2018-11173 | Posters | GM2.5

The role of tectonics, geodynamics and surface processes in shaping Australian topography since the Pangea supercontinent
Lauren Harrington, Sabin Zahirovic, Tristan Salles, and R Dietmar Müller

EGU2018-11255 | Posters | GM2.5

Drainage evolution of the transcontinental Cenozoic paleovalleys of Western Australia
Xuesong Ding, Gilles Brocard, Tristan Salles, Nicolas Flament, and Patrice Rey

EGU2018-5406 | Posters | GM2.5

Topological classification of drainage networks in the South Island of New Zealand
Yasmin Walley, Alex Henshaw, and James Brasington

EGU2018-15621 | Posters | GM2.5

How does vegetation impact the erosion by modelling landscape evolution of marly catchments in the Southern Alps of France?
Alexandra Carriere, Caroline Le Bouteiller, Greg Tucker, and Mohamed Naaim

EGU2018-17697 | Posters | GM2.5

Modeling the cross-sectional shape of bedrock channels at steady state: the role of the dominant erosion process (plucking vs attrition) on channel concavity
Jerome Lave

EGU2018-10839 | Posters | GM2.5

A new efficient, O(n) and implicit method to solve the Stream Power Law taking into account sediment transport and deposition
Xiaoping Yuan, Jean Braun, Guillaume Cordonnier, and Laure Guerit

EGU2018-17723 | Posters | GM2.5

Highly efficient methods to solve the Stream Power Law including sediment transport, local minima resolution and multi-direction flow
Jean Braun, Guillaume Cordonnier, Benoit Bovy, and Xiaoping Yuan

EGU2018-15825 | Posters | GM2.5

The impact of DEM resolution on Landscape Evolution Model performance and parameter sensitivity
Christopher Skinner and Tom Coulthard

GM2.7 – Dates & Rates: Deciphering and Quantifying Geomorphological Processes and Landscape Dynamics (co-organized)

EGU2018-1212 | Orals | GM2.7

Insights in thermal field evolution of the Mont Blanc massif during Late Quaternary using luminescence thermochronometry
Renske Lambert, Georgina E. King, Pierre G. Valla, Rabiul H. Biswas, David C.W. Sanderson, and Frédéric Herman

EGU2018-14301 | Posters | GM2.7

Control of erosion and incision dynamics on the luminescence (IRSL) apparent ages of fluvial terraces (Rangitikei River, New Zealand)
Stephane Bonnet, Tony Reimann, Jakob Wallinga, Dimitri Lague, and Philippe Davy

EGU2018-1851 | Orals | GM2.7

Constraining past ice-extent and post-glacial erosion by combining OSL and 10Be surface exposure dating
Benjamin Lehmann, Pierre G. Valla, Georgina E. King, Susan Ivy-Ochs, Olivia Kronig, Marcus Christl, and Frédéric Herman

EGU2018-6256 | Posters | GM2.7

Age-Depth Models in Integrated Stratigraphy - Value and Discussion Points
Christian Zeeden, David De Vleeschouwer, and Sebastian Kreutzer

EGU2018-15680 | Orals | GM2.7

Plio-Quaternary incision rates in the Meuse catchment vs long-term uplift rates of the Ardennes (E Belgium): new insights from 26Al/10Be burial dating of in cave-deposited alluvium
Gilles Rixhon, Didier L. Bourlès, Régis Braucher, Alexandre Peeters, and Alain Demoulin

EGU2018-18445 | Posters | GM2.7

Towards quantifying accumulation and reworking rates of plaggic anthrosols – new insights from single-grain feldspar luminescence
Annika van Oorschot, Tony Reimann, Harm Smeenge, and Jakob Wallinga

EGU2018-16071 | Posters | GM2.7

The new Open Cosmogenic Isotope and Luminescence Database (OCTOPUS)
Henry Munack, Alexandru T. Codilean, Timothy J. Cohen, Wanchese M. Saktura, and Simon M. Mudd

EGU2018-14977 | Orals | GM2.7

Toward the feldspar alternative for cosmogenic 10Be applications
Zerathe Swann, Blard Pierre-Henri, Braucher Régis, Bourlès Didier, Audin Laurence, Carcaillet Julien, Delgado Fabrizio, Benavente Carlos, and Aster Team

EGU2018-18256 | Posters | GM2.7

Measuring phases and rates of soil redistribution in an agrarian kettle hole by using OSL and Bayesian age modelling
Viktoria Vornehm, Tony Reimann, Marijn van der Meij, Jakob Wallinga, and Michael Sommer

EGU2018-15535 | Orals | GM2.7

Exploring sediment dynamics from source to sink in Australia’s large river basins using cosmogenic 14C, 10Be, and 26Al
Réka-Hajnalka Fülöp, David Fink, Alexandru T. Codilean, Bin Yang, Andrew Smith, Lukas Wacker, and Tibor Dunai

EGU2018-8412 | Posters | GM2.7

Bridging erosion rate measurements across timescales
Nadja Franziska Stalder, Frédéric Herman, Rabiul Haque Biswas, and Maria Giuditta Fellin

EGU2018-12260 | Orals | GM2.7

Landscape evolution of Northern Uummannaq, central West Greenland: differential erosion of a Mesozoic rift flank
Scott Jess, Randell Stephenson, Roderick Brown, and David Roberts

EGU2018-16978 | Posters | GM2.7

First optically-stimulated luminescence ages of the Early Khvalynian Caspian Sea transgression
Redzhep Kurbanov, Andrew Murray, Tamara Yanina, and Mikhail Svistunov

EGU2018-4654 | Posters | GM2.7

From source (Alps) to sink (Mediterranean): An estimate of late Quaternary denudation rates from cosmogenic nuclide dating and surface process models.
Carole Petit, Yann Rolland, Pietro Sternai, Braucher Régis, and Bourlès Didier

EGU2018-3911 | Posters | GM2.7

Locating and Dating the Ping River’s Journey Across the Chiang Mai Basin, Thailand
Elisha A Teo, Alan D Ziegler, Robert J Wasson, and Paulramasamy Morthekai

EGU2018-12699 | Posters | GM2.7

Exposure age patterns of the Eiger north and south faces (Central Swiss Alps)
David Mair, Alessandro Lechmann, Serdar Yesilyurt, Naki Akçar, Christof Vockenhuber, and Fritz Schlunegger

EGU2018-17295 | Posters | GM2.7

New OSL-dating results for MIS-5 trasgression of the Black Sea
Daria Semikolennykh, Redgep Kurbanov, Andrew Murray, Tamara Yanina, and Elena Shtyrkova

EGU2018-1579 | Posters | GM2.7

Pliocene to Quaternary uplift rates quantified by the integration of multiple new and revised terrace age data, Danube River, Hungary, Central Europe
Zsófia Ruszkiczay-Rüdiger, Gábor Csillag, László Fodor, Régis Braucher, Ágnes Novothny, Edit Thamó-Bozsó, Attila Virág, Piroska Pazonyi, Gábor Timár, and Aster Team

EGU2018-14381 | Posters | GM2.7

Constraining the Quaternary evolution of the Hida range of the Japanese Alps
Georgina E. King, Shigeru Sueoka, Sumiko Tsukamoto, Rabiul Haque Biswas, Frédéric Herman, Floriane Ahadi, Cécile Gautheron, Guillaume Delpech, and Takahiro Tagami

EGU2018-3452 | Posters | GM2.7

Constraining complex post-depositional history of fluvial deposits using 10Be depth profile and forward modelling
Nathan Vandermaelen, Veerle Vanacker, Koen Beerten, and Marcus Christl

EGU2018-16408 | Posters | GM2.7

Fluvial adjustments to Late Quaternary tectonic activity in the NE extreme of Pannonian Basin
Ioana Perșoiu, Delia Robu, Maria Rădoane, and Aurel Perșoiu

EGU2018-1894 | Posters | GM2.7

Use of Cosmogenic Nuclide 10Be Concentrations for Estimating Rates of Escarpment Retreat
Yanyan Wang and Sean D. Willett

EGU2018-17647 | Posters | GM2.7

Phanerozoic uplift and subsidence history of the Canadian Shield and Hudson Bay intracratonic basin
Nicolas Pinet

EGU2018-16124 | Posters | GM2.7

Quantifying basin-average denudation rates over the past 20 ka from landslide-damned lake sediments in the South Western Peruvian Andes
Delgado Fabrizio, Zerathe Swann, Audin Laurence, Robert Xavier, Litty Camille, Benavente Carlos, Carcaillet Julien, and Aster Team

EGU2018-3353 | Posters | GM2.7

Tectonothermal Evolution of the Fangshan pluton: Constraints from the (U-Th)/He Ages
Qianqian Feng, Nansheng Qiu, Jian Chang, and Nian Liu

EGU2018-12262 | Posters | GM2.7

Quantifying chemical dissolution and mechanical weathering in carbonates and clastic rocks using multiple cosmogenic nuclides and water chemistry Crete, Greece
Richard Ott, Sean F. Gallen, Susan Ivy-Ochs, Jeremy K Caves-Rugenstein, Sean Willett, Christoph Vockenhuber, and Markus Christl

GM3.1 – Eroding mountains and filling basins: Detrital records of erosion and sedimentation from source to sink (co-organized)

EGU2018-3242 | Posters | GM3.1

Detrital zircon U-Pb geochronology of late Miocene-Pleistocene formations: implications for exhumation history of Taiwan orogenic belt
Shih-Chuan Li and When-Shan Chen

EGU2018-1008 | Orals | GM3.1 | Highlight

10Be-inferred paleo-denudation rates imply that the mid-Miocene western central Andes eroded as slowly as today
Andrea Madella, Romain Delunel, Naki Akçar, Fritz Schlunegger, and Marcus Christl

EGU2018-10895 | Posters | GM3.1

Exhumation history of the New Zealand Southern Alps from detrital thermochronology of the Waiho-1 borehole
Karl Lang, Uwe Ring, Peter Kamp, and Todd Ehlers

EGU2018-12115 | Orals | GM3.1

Do changes in denudation rates correlate with a shift in hillslope processes? – A case study from the Quebrada del Toro, NW Argentina
Stefanie Tofelde, Walter Düsing, Taylor Schildgen, Andrew Wickert, Hella Wittmann, and Ricardo Alonso

EGU2018-698 | Posters | GM3.1

Late Cenozoic Evolution of Pamir-South Tian Shan Convergence Zone: in Sight from Detrital Zircon and Sedimentary Analysis in the Wuheshalu Section
Xinwei Chen, Edward Sobel, Xiubin Lin, Hanlin Chen, and Xiaogan Cheng

EGU2018-11402 | Orals | GM3.1

A binge-purge landscape response to major latitudinal temperature gradient transitions
John Gosse, Hidy Alan, Duane Froese, Jeff Bond, and Derek Wilton

EGU2018-8812 | Posters | GM3.1

New constraints from detrital zircon geochronology along the southwestern Siberian margin (Eastern Sayan): Implications to the Neoproterozoic tectonic evolution of the Central Asian Orogenic belt
Mikhail Romanov, Julius K. Sovetov, Valery V. Vernikovsky, Gideon Rosenbaum, Pavel I. Kadilnikov, and Nickolay Yu. Matushkin

EGU2018-10364 | Orals | GM3.1

Sedimentological evidence for large, low-sloping Precambrian rivers and implications for continental-scale drainage of Rodinia
Alex Whittaker and Vamsi Ganti

EGU2018-11524 | Posters | GM3.1

Source contributions from quantitative mixture modeling of detrital geochronology age spectra
Joel Saylor and Kurt Sundell

EGU2018-15846 | Orals | GM3.1

Sedimentary trends, shifts and breaks across the South-Pyrenean Foreland System
Miguel Garcés, Miguel López-Blanco, Luis Valero, Elisabeth Beamud, Belen Oliva, Andreu Vinyoles, Pau Arbués, Patricia Cabello, and Lluís Cabrera

EGU2018-4827 | Orals | GM3.1

Dispersal pathways in the early Messinian Adriatic foreland and provenance of the Laga Formation (Central Apennines, Italy)
Maria Giuditta Fellin, Nadja Franziska Stalder, Marcel Guillong, Wilfried Winkler, Salvatore Milli, Massimiliano Moscatelli, and Salvatore Critelli

EGU2018-12003 | Posters | GM3.1

The Detrital Record of Collision between the Anatolid-Tauride and Arabian platforms within the Malatya region (SE Turkey)
Fatih Karaoğlan, Di-Cheng Zhu, and Raymond Jonckheere

EGU2018-15578 | Posters | GM3.1

Exhumation of Pan-African terranes and their linkage to the great Cambro-Ordovician sandstone of North Gondwana: Detrital zircon and rutile perspectives
Navot Morag, Dov Avigad, Avishai Abbo, and Axel Gerdes

EGU2018-16538 | Posters | GM3.1

OH-defects in quartz as a provenance tool: application to sediments from SW Japan
Dominik Jaeger, Michael Strasser, and Roland Stalder

EGU2018-2051 | Posters | GM3.1

Heating effect on quart E'center and its potential use in river sediments provenance tracing
Chuanyi Wei, Chunru Liu, Chang'an Li, Gongming Yin, and Yufen Zhang

EGU2018-8407 | Posters | GM3.1

Connecting source-to-sink through carbonaceous materials (RSCM and vitinite reflectance)
Jiun-Yee Yen, Lihkae Chim, Shao-Yi Huang, and Louis Loung-Yie Tsai

EGU2018-4948 | Posters | GM3.1

Provenance of the Thin Mud Facies in the lower Ganges-Brahmaputra delta
Rory Flood, Iestyn Barr, Gert Jan Weltje, Sam Roberson, Mark Russell, John Meneely, and Julian Orford

EGU2018-6397 | Posters | GM3.1

Meso-Cenozoic source-to-sink systems in northern South America and its Atlantic margins deciphered from continental-scale paleogeographic maps
Flora Bajolet, Dominique Chardon, Delphine Rouby, Massimo Dall'Asta, Artiom Loparev, Renaud Couëffé, and Jean-Yves Roig

EGU2018-3062 | Posters | GM3.1

Post-orogenic sedimentary evolution of the Aquitaine and Bay of Biscay retro-foreland basins
Alexandre Ortiz, François Guillocheau, Eric Lasseur, Cécile Robin, and Justine Briais

EGU2018-19040 | Posters | GM3.1

Magnetostratigraphy and stable isotopes stratigraphy of the middle-upper Eocene deposits of the Ainsa basin (Spain): new age constraints and implications for Pyrenean mountain building
Charlotte Läuchli, Miguel Garcés, Elisabeth Beamud, Luis Valero, Thierry Adatte, Jorge Spangenberg, Louis Honegger, Julian Clark, Cai Puigdefabregas, Andrea Fildani, Teodoro Hunger, Andres Nowak, and Sébastien Castelltort

EGU2018-17200 | Posters | GM3.1

New magnetostratigraphic ages for sediments at the northern margin of the Ebro foreland basin, a rejuvenation of the frontal deformation in the South-Western Pyrenees
Belén Oliva-Urcia, Elisabet Beamud, Concha Arenas, Miguel Garcés, Emilio Pueyo, and Ruth Soto

EGU2018-5396 | Posters | GM3.1

Landforms and sedimentary archives of late Quaternary processes in the Miaoli Tablelands, Northwestern Taiwan
Shih-Hung Liu, Robert Hebenstreit, Manfred Frechen, Chia-Han Tseng, and Margot Böse

EGU2018-10976 | Posters | GM3.1

The interplay between local and far-traveled sediment in North American Ancestral Rocky Mountain basins
Ryan J. Leary, Paul Umhoefer, M. Elliot Smith, Nancy Riggs, Emma Lodes, Gregg Burr, and Daniel Foley

EGU2018-11417 | Posters | GM3.1

Effects of the carbon storage in an orogenic system – An example from Tai-Yuan Basin, Taiwan
Nai-Wun Shih, Jiun-Yee Yen, Li-Hung Lin, and Pei-Ling Wang

EGU2018-14151 | Posters | GM3.1

Sediment sizes produced by landslides in a threshold landscape
Jeffrey P. Prancevic, Duna Roda-Boluda, Stefanie Tofelde, Aaron Bufe, and Jordon D. Hemingway

EGU2018-5042 | Posters | GM3.1

Inversion of topography and sediment budget to unravel tectonic and climatic evolution; application to the Ogooué system (Gabon)
Laure Guerit, Brendan Simon, Delphine Rouby, Massimo D'allAsta, Claude Gout, Tristan Cornu, Xiaoping Yuan, and Jean Braun

EGU2018-19190 | Posters | GM3.1

Tracking the 26Al/10Be source-area signal in sediment-routing systems of arid central Australia
Martin Struck, John Jansen, Toshiyuki Fujioka, Alexandru Codilean, David Fink, Réka-Hajnalka Fülöp, Klaus Wilcken, David Price, Steven Kotevski, Keith Fifield, and John Chappell

GM3.2 – Erosion and Sedimentation in Mountain Landscapes (co-organized)

EGU2018-12842 | Orals | GM3.2

Landscape response to the Wenchuan earthquake: sediment, topography, and carbon
Gen Li and A. Joshua West

EGU2018-18211 | Posters | GM3.2

Temporal variability of debris flow triggering thresholds (Mühlsturzgraben, National Park Berchtesgaden)
Margherita J. Stumvoll, Joachim Götz, and Johannes Buckel

EGU2018-15353 | Posters | GM3.2

Monitoring of root plate degradation rate – an example from the Tatra Mountains, Poland.
Dariusz Strzyżowski

EGU2018-14660 | Orals | GM3.2 | Highlight

The role of landslides in mobilising organic carbon from the biosphere in the Southern Alps, New Zealand
Erin Harvey, Robert Hilton, Alexander Densmore, Augustus Woolley, Sean Fitzsimons, and Darren Gröcke

EGU2018-16348 | Orals | GM3.2

Fluvial censoring and sediment reworking of rock-avalanche deposits on the New Zealand South Island: Field and laboratory studies
Rupert Bainbridge, Stuart Dunning, John Woodward, and Michael Lim

EGU2018-8864 | Posters | GM3.2

Coulomb Mechanics And Landscape Geometry Explain Landslide Size Distribution
Louise Jeandet, Philippe Steer, Dimitri Lague, and Philippe Davy

EGU2018-15350 | Orals | GM3.2

Outsize fan evolution in the Upper Rhone Valley, Switzerland -- gradual or catastrophic?
Anna Schoch, Jan Henrik Blöthe, Henry Munack, Jens Hornung, Alexandru Cordilean, Réka Fülöp, and Lothar Schrott

EGU2018-17032 | Posters | GM3.2 | Highlight

Topographic controls on the occurrence and impacts of Himalayan megafloods
Wolfgang Schwanghart, Oliver Korup, and David Montgomery

EGU2018-630 | Posters | GM3.2

Dam effect of the “Lavini di Marco” landslide on the valley of Adige River (NE Italy): geomorphological and geoarchaeological investigation
Arianna Marcolla, Alessandro Fontana, Lorenza Endrizzi, Michele Bassetti, Nicola Degasperi, and Mirko Santacattarina

EGU2018-10505 | Orals | GM3.2

Computer simulations of complex cascading landslide processes: what can we do and what can we learn?
Martin Mergili, Adam Emmer, Jan-Thomas Fischer, Christian Huggel, and Shiva P. Pudasaini

EGU2018-18987 | Orals | GM3.2

The constant struggle between earthflows and rivers in northern California
Georgina L. Bennett and Charles M. Shobe

EGU2018-5405 | Posters | GM3.2

Assessing a large-scale debris flow in Barsem, Tajikistan: exceptional size, duration and process chain
Margreth Keiler, Markus Zimmermann, Sophie Bigler, and Sven Fuchs

EGU2018-8818 | Posters | GM3.2

Soil and nutrient losses by hydric erosion under different land uses in a mountain catchment in the Ebro Basin (NE Spain)
Maria Concepción Ramos, Ivan Lizaga, Leticia Gaspar, Laura Quijano, and Ana Navas

EGU2018-5308 | Orals | GM3.2

Temporal variability in detrital CRN concentrations in large Himalayan catchments
Elizabeth Dingle, Hugh Sinclair, Mikael Attal, Angel Rodes, and Vimal Singh

EGU2018-19152 | Posters | GM3.2

Stabilizing slopes in the alpine proglacial zone with microorganisms-assisted plant covers
Sabine Kraushaar, Jan-Christoph Otto, Robert Junker, Stefan Haselberger, Lisa-Maria Ohler, and Thomas Glade

EGU2018-19762 | Posters | GM3.2

SMART-SED: A sustainable management of sediment transport in response to climate change conditions
Davide Brambilla, Luca Bonaventura, Vladislav Ivanov, Laura Longoni, Alessio Radice, and Monica Papini

EGU2018-13289 | Orals | GM3.2

Cascade of sediment from a mountainous watershed: What can we learn from integrating erosion rates at annual and millennial temporal scales?
François Clapuyt, Veerle Vanacker, Fritz Schlunegger, Marcus Christl, and Kristof Van Oost

EGU2018-15050 | Orals | GM3.2

Implications of Water and Sediment Connectivity for Road Infrastructure in the deeply incised Alpine Arly Canyon, France
Carmen de Jong, Peter Ergenzinger, and Eduard Ergenzinger

EGU2018-19677 | Orals | GM3.2

Persistence of topography in ancient mountain belts: geomorphology’s ‘elephant in the room’?
Daniel Peifer Bezerra, Cristina Persano, Martin Hurst, Paul Bishop, and Àngel Rodes

EGU2018-3773 | Posters | GM3.2

Preservation and transportation of landslide deposits under multiple timescales in the Taiwan mountain belt
Chan-Mao Chen, Hsiu-Kuo Tsui, and J. Bruce H. Shyu

EGU2018-8768 | Orals | GM3.2

Coupled increase in sediment flux and grain size export during transient response to tectonics
Duna Roda-Boluda, Sam Brooke, Mitch D'Arcy, Alexander Whittaker, and John Armitage

EGU2018-7157 | Posters | GM3.2

Sediment reworking of Little Ice Age lateral moraines in the Italian Alps: A morphometric and morphodynamic analysis using multitemporal aerial images and current UAV-data
Sarah Betz, Verena Croce, Florian Haas, and Michael Becht

EGU2018-13437 | Orals | GM3.2

Controls on lateral channel mobility and the reworked area of active alluvial surfaces
Aaron Bufe, Jens M. Turowski, Douglas W. Burbank, Chris Paola, Andrew Wickert, and Stefanie Tofelde

EGU2018-12798 | Posters | GM3.2

Exhaustion law for post debris-flow sediment redistribution inferred from terrestrial laser scanning and photogrammetry (Roßbichelgraben, Germany)
Andreas Dietrich, Klaus-Peter Keilig, and Michael Krautblatter

EGU2018-13120 | Posters | GM3.2

Tracing sedimentary mobilization from debris flows in the Peyronnelle sub-catchment of the Guil River (Queyras, Southern French Alps)
Kevin Graff, Vincent Viel, Benoît Carlier, Candide Lissac, Gilles Arnaud-Fassetta, Benjamin Einhorn, Malika Madelin, and Monique Fort

EGU2018-4574 | Posters | GM3.2

Sediment continuity through the steepland sediment cascade: geomorphic response of an upland river to an extreme flood event
Hannah Joyce, Jeff Warburton, and Richard Hardy

EGU2018-19573 | Posters | GM3.2

Quantifying sediment dynamics and intermittency of gravel bed rivers; examples from the Gulf of Corinth
Stephen E. Watkins, Alexander Whittaker, Vamsi Ganti, Rebecca Bell, Sam Brooke, Robert Gawthorpe, and Lisa McNeill

EGU2018-5092 | Posters | GM3.2

Reconstruction of slushflow activity in the Khibiny Mountains based on investigations of associated landforms and deposits
Katerina Garankina, Vladimir Belyaev, Yuri Belyaev, Elena Garova, Artem Gurinov, Maxim Ivanov, Andrei Khalyapin, Fedor Romanenko, and Egor Tulyakov

EGU2018-13997 | Posters | GM3.2

After the ice: post glacial evolution of small overdeepened basins in the NE Alps - Lake Taferlklaussee, Austria
Heidi Bernsteiner, Joachim Götz, Bernhard Salcher, Jan-Christoph Otto, and Andreas Lang

EGU2018-11829 | Posters | GM3.2

On Nonlinearity of Specific Sediment Yield Scaling with Drainage Area
Ga Zhang and Xudong Fu

EGU2018-12648 | Posters | GM3.2

Sediment yield assessment in different geographic contest: implementation of EPM Model in GIS environment
Carmine Vacca, Rocco Dominici, and Luca Mao

EGU2018-2585 | Posters | GM3.2

Decadal rates and spatial distribution of gravel-bed river aggradation and incision from spaceborne DEMs: Applications in the Northwest Argentine Andes
Benjamin Purinton and Bodo Bookhagen

EGU2018-5275 | Posters | GM3.2

Integrating back analysis and forward modelling of a debris flow with GB-InSAR data to assess the risk in a mountainous valley floor
Teresa Salvatici, Morelli Stefano, Veronica Pazzi, William Frodella, and Riccardo Fanti

EGU2018-6726 | Posters | GM3.2

Mapping hillslope to fluvial transitions in arid and semi-arid mountain landscapes with TerraSAR-X and Sentinel-1 synthetic aperture radar
Stephanie Olen and Bodo Bookhagen

EGU2018-854 | Posters | GM3.2

Tributary-junction fans formation in the Atacama Desert due to the March 2015 extraordinary event and its contribution to long term mountain landscape modification in the Andes.
albert cabré, germán aguilar, and rodrigo riquelme

EGU2018-16416 | Posters | GM3.2

A Time-Series Analysis of Sediment Transport in Tsaoling Landslide using Photogrammetry and SAR Interferometry
Rou-Fei Chen, Ching-Weei Lin, Ya-Nan Du, Lei Zhang, Hsiao-Yuan Yin, and Keng-Ping Cheng

EGU2018-13591 | Posters | GM3.2

Coherence-loss from InSAR data in the Atacama Desert after the March 2015 extreme event.
Albert Cabré, Dominique Remy, Germán Aguilar, and Rodrigo Riquelme

EGU2018-7162 | Posters | GM3.2

Spatio-temporal analysis of soil degradation in Swiss alpine grasslands based on Object-Based Image Analysis
Lauren Zweifel, Katrin Meusburger, and Christine Alewell

EGU2018-10181 | Posters | GM3.2

Investigations on climate-induced paraglacial changes in a glacier retreat area with special consideration of proglacial lakes: a case study from the Dachstein group
Lucia Felbauer, Ronald Pöppl, and Johannes Thomas Weidinger

EGU2018-12323 | Posters | GM3.2

Basin-wide denudation rates of claystone lithologies in Taiwan from meteoric 10Be/9Be ratios
Kai Deng, Shouye Yang, Hella wittmann, and Friedhelm von Blanckenburg

EGU2018-14661 | Posters | GM3.2

Where do 10Be-derived denudation rates depend on grain size?
Renee van Dongen, Dirk Scherler, Hella Wittmann, and Friedhelm von Blanckenburg

EGU2018-19010 | Posters | GM3.2

Cosmogenic in-situ 10Be derived denudation rate of the Var catchment, southern French Alps.
Apolline Mariotti, Pierre-Henri Blard, Julien Charreau, Samuel Toucanne, Stephan Jorry, Carole Petit, Stéphane Molliex, and Team Aster

EGU2018-14886 | Posters | GM3.2

A Younger Dryas sediment wave and enhanced erosion at millennial time scales in a non-glacierized catchment, Northern Apennines, Italy
Vincenzo Picotti, Loren Eggenschwiler, Irka Hajdas, Paolo Cherubini, Stefano Marabini, and Gian Battista Vai