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GMPV – Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Petrology & Volcanology

GMPV1.1 – Open Session on Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Petrology and Volcanology (including Arne Richter Award Lecture and Robert Wilhelm Bunsen Medal Lecture))

EGU2018-17 | Posters | GMPV1.1

187Re-187Os nuclear geochronometry: enhancing high-precision geochronology
Goetz Roller

EGU2018-3262 | Orals | GMPV1.1

Environmental and climatic effects of volcanic aerosol: past, present and future
Anja Schmidt

EGU2018-150 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Occurrence of Texturally Sector-Zoned Garnets from Sindesar-Khurd Pb-Zn- Ag deposit, Rajasthan, India
Rachit Parihar and Kamal Lochan Pruseth

EGU2018-366 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Characterization of mineralization in old nonsulfide Zn-Pb mining district in Czerna and Galman (southern Poland)
Justyna Cader, Magdalena Sikorska-Jaworowska, and Mateusz Sęk

EGU2018-3279 | Orals | GMPV1.1

Deformation, hydration, stress generation and mass transfer during non-equilibrium metamorphism: Examples from the Bergen Arcs, Norway.
Andrew Putnis

EGU2018-802 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Understanding model crude oil component interactions on kaolinite silicate and aluminol surfaces: towards improved understanding of shale oil recovery
Shansi Tian, Valentina Erastova, Chris Greenwell, Thomas Underwood, Shuangfang Lu, Haitao Xue, and Fang Zeng

EGU2018-1185 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Clay mineralogy and their textural attributes from different hydrocarbon reservoir rocks of Cambay basin for crude oil recovery
Saheli Sanyal and Uttam K. Bhui

EGU2018-1377 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Baseline concentrations of trace metals in stream sediments of the lower Lom Basin, East Cameroon: Implications for environmental studies
Mumbfu Mimba, Takeshi Ohba, Salomon Nguemhe Fils, Melvin Nforba, Nozomi Numanami, Tasin Bafon, Festus Aka, and Cheo Suh

EGU2018-1955 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Depositional Characteristics of Organic Material in Guanxin Algal Reef, NW Taiwan
Yi-Han Hsieh and Louis L. Tsai

EGU2018-2986 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Preliminary assessment of methane emission characteristics of aerobic constructed wetlands and ecological wetlands near abandoned coal mine in Korea
Giljae Yim, JuHyeok Kwon, YoungSoo Han, YongChan Cho, ChamTeut Oh, and JooSung Ahn

EGU2018-2987 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Thermal speciation of mercury in lighting residua
Jose Esbri, Pablo Higueras, Andrés Izquierdo, Nikolay Mashyanov, and Vladimir Ryzhov

EGU2018-3036 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Faciology and mineralogy of the Estrada Nova Formation in the state of Sao Paulo-Brazil
Sergio Ricardo Christofoletti, Carolina Del Roveri, and Rogers Raphael Da Rocha

EGU2018-3128 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Effects of chemical composition on variation in thermal expansion for minerals in the garnet, olivine, pyroxene, amphibole, and tourmaline systems
Guy Hovis, Caitlin Altomare, Christine Almer, Amanda Lehman, Matthew Morris, Nicole Maksymiw, Derek Morris, Kevin Jackson, Brian Scott, and Gary Tomaino

EGU2018-3185 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Reduction of acid rock drainage using alkali phosphate treatment: a column test
Yong-Chan Cho, Jung Hwa Lee, Jae Gon Kim, Chul-Min Chon, In-Hyun Nam, Jungho Ryu, and Young-Suk Song

EGU2018-3211 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Morphology and formation mechanism of AOM induced authigenic pyrites and carbonate mineralization: Evidence from the Eastern offshore regions of India (Bay of Bengal)
Muralidhar Kocherla, Barik Sarboday, Ashton Estibeiro, and Firoz Badesaab

EGU2018-3224 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Development of assessment method for acid rock drainage generation potential using handheld XRF
Jung Hwa Lee, Ju Young Jeon, Chul-Min Chon, In Hyun Nam, Young Chan Cho, Jung Ho Ryu, Young Suk Song, and Jae Gon Kim

EGU2018-3230 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Fate and Transport of Antimony on the Sb-resistant Bacterial Growth Isolated from Contaminated Soil
In-Hyun Nam, Keen-Ju Moonk, Young-Soo Han, and Hyunjung Kim

EGU2018-3335 | Posters | GMPV1.1

The Relationship between Pressure Gradient and Hydrocarbon Migration and Accumulation in Bonan Sub-sag,Bohai Bay Basin, China
Yuelin Feng, Guoqi Song, and Hua Liu

EGU2018-4069 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Rutile geochemistry of Sangdong W-Mo-Bi deposit, Republic of Korea
Bong Chul Yoo, Jung Hun Seo, Christoph A. Heinrich, and Bum Han Lee

EGU2018-4427 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Kinetic fractionation during orthopyroxene rim growth
Sarah Incel, Ralf Milke, and Bernd Wunder

EGU2018-5649 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Biogeochemical transformation of arsenic in simulated wetland systems
So-Jeong Kim, Young-Soo Han, and Joo-Sung Ahn

EGU2018-5863 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Provenance Composition and Tectonic Setting of Chenming Formation in Eastern Heilongjiang Province, China
Fuhong Gao and Dongyan Wang

EGU2018-6085 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Hydrothermal chimneys in the subsea TA25 caldera, Tonga Arc
Sang-Joon Pak, Hyun-Sub Kim, Sun-Ki Choi, Kyeong-Yong Lee, and Jai-Woon Moon

EGU2018-6443 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Petrology and Mineralogy of the Chert Formations of the Maltese Islands
Petros Chatzimpaloglou, Charlie French, Martyn Pedley, Anthony Pace, Simon Stoddart, and Caroline Malone

EGU2018-8851 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Petrologic Characteristics Of Building Material Of Georgia’s Cultural Heritage Monuments And Historic Quarry Identification
Luka Adikashvili, Mikheil Elashvili, and Nikoloz Vacheishvili

EGU2018-8867 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Petrography and chemical composition of the trace fossil Ophiomorpha nodosa in Nangang Formation, northeast coast of Taiwan
Patthapong Chaiseanwang, Sakonvan Chawchai, and Ludvig Löwemark

EGU2018-9133 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Geochemistry of Lower Cretaceous lacustrine oil shales in Central Mongolia
Bat-Orshikh Erdenetsogt, Sung Kyung Hong, Jiyoung Choi, Baljid Munkhnasan, Batsaikhan Mungunchimeg, Norov Erdene, Norov Baigalmaa, and Dashpuntsag Nansalmaa

EGU2018-10573 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Theoretical modeling of high uranium zircon's crystal morphology according to atomistic calculation's data
Natalia Gromalova, Nadezhda Nikishaeva, and Nikolay Eremin

EGU2018-11128 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Geochemical features and U-Pb ages of migmatites and granites from Foping dome in South Qinling belt, China
Zhang He, Xue Yingyu, Li Shuangqing, and Chen Fukun

EGU2018-11421 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Petrography and geochemistry of Middle Permian Tavantolgoi formation, Baruunnaran coal deposit, southern Mongolia
Demberelsuren Batbold, Luvsanchultem Jargal, Baatar Munkhtsengel, and Dashpuntsag Nansalmaa

EGU2018-11721 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Petrogenesis of the Zhongchuan zoned pluton: implication for incremental assembly of magma
Jingzhao Dou, Fukun Chen, He Zhang, Risheng Ye, and Yan Wang

EGU2018-12063 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Distribution of uranium in sedimentary and synthetic carbonate apatites using radiochemical and atomic analytical techniques
Ioannis Tzifas, Panagiotis Misaelides, Ulrich A. Glasmacher, Athanasios Godelitsas, Nikolaos Kantiranis, Harilaos Tsikos, Andreas G. Karydas, and Fotini Noli

EGU2018-12190 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Fractional Partial Differential Equations for calculating output oil pressure
Beatriz Brito Martìnez and Fernando Brambila Paz

EGU2018-12318 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Late Mesozoic granitoids from the eastern north Qinling Orogen, China: Petrogenesis and tectonic implications
Yuanshuo Zhang and Fukun Chen

EGU2018-12319 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Optically stimulated luminescence of quartz separated from different rocks and its potential influential factors
Edit Thamó-Bozsó, Judit Füri, István János Kovács, Edit Király, Attila Nagy, and Mariann Török-Sinka

EGU2018-13312 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Constraining the evolution of magmatism at Soufrière Hills Volcano, Montserrat, through accessory mineral geochronology and isotope and trace element geochemistry
Jane H. Scarrow, Jenni Barclay, and Matthew S.A. Horstwood

EGU2018-13478 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Mineralogical, geochemical and petrological studies in the old Fe mine ‘Schwarzer Crux’, Thüringer Wald, Germany - garnet-bearing fluorite-magnetite-skarn mineralization around the Suhl granite
Steven Zierold, Stefan Kiefer, and Thomas Seifert

EGU2018-14914 | Posters | GMPV1.1

First insights into the mineralogy of the tailings dump of the Lojane Sb-As(-Cr) deposit, FYR of Macedonia
Tamara Đorđević, Uwe Kolitsch, Goran Tasev, Todor Serafimovski, and Blažo Boev

EGU2018-14971 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Post-collisional calc-alkaline lamprophyres in Eastern Sakarya Zone, NE Turkey: implications for initiation of early Cenozoic lithospheric thinning
Orhan Karslı, Faruk Aydin, İbrahim Uysal, Abdurrahman Dokuz, Bin Chen, and Raif Kandemir

EGU2018-15168 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Synthesis and structural properties of Cu2MnSnS4 – a synthetic analogue of stannite
Edyta Waluś and Maciej Manecki

GMPV1.5 – Microstructures as an interpretative tool in igneous and metamorphic petrology (co-organized)

EGU2018-3394 | Orals | GMPV1.5

Decoding magmatic intrusion crystallization mechanisms: a microstructural study from the Little Minch Sill Complex, Scotland
Gautier Nicoli, Marian Holness, Jerome Neufeld, and Robert Farr

EGU2018-1673 | Posters | GMPV1.5

Evidence for fluid-melt immiscibility during partial melting in the Oberpfalz migmatites, Moldanubian Zone (Bohemian Massif)
Iris Wannhoff, Silvio Ferrero, Patrick J. O' Brien, Martin A. Ziemann, and Lutz Hecht

EGU2018-6503 | Orals | GMPV1.5

Syn-magmatic deformation of the Upper Zone anorthosites of the Bushveld Complex, South Africa
Zoja Vukmanovic and Marian Holness

EGU2018-15214 | Posters | GMPV1.5

Former melt inclusions in garnets from granulites of the Góry Sowie Block, NE Bohemian Massif
Paweł Słupski, Silvio Ferrero, and Katarzyna Walczak

EGU2018-4035 | Posters | GMPV1.5

High-field-strength element (HFSE) mobility in late-stage fluids, Gardar Rift Province, South Greenland
Krzysztof Sokół

EGU2018-11595 | Orals | GMPV1.5

Investigating petrological processes through the integration of crystallographic and microstructural analyses
Brendan Dyck

EGU2018-15161 | Orals | GMPV1.5

High temperature crystal-melt reaction in mafic igneous complexes
Julien Leuthold

EGU2018-4598 | Posters | GMPV1.5

Fluid infiltration-driven morphological transition during prograde olivine growth formed by high-pressure Atg-serpentinite dehydration
Nicole Dilissen, Károly Hidas, Carlos J. Garrido, Vicente López Sánchez-Vizcaíno, Wolf-Achim Kahl, and Manuel J. Román-Alpiste

EGU2018-10917 | Posters | GMPV1.5

Unraveling the history of complex zoned garnets in retrograde eclogites: Insights from the North Motagua Mélange in central Guatemala
Guillaume Bonnet, Céline Martin, Kennet Flores, Mattison Barickman, and George Harlow

EGU2018-15257 | Orals | GMPV1.5

Inclusion formation in pegmatite garnet by oriented nucleation and intergrowth
Thomas Griffiths, Gerlinde Habler, and Rainer Abart

EGU2018-16374 | Posters | GMPV1.5

2-Pyroxene thermometry on single crystals of the Lewisian Complex, Scotland
Phillip Gopon, Jacob Forshaw, David Waters, and Jonathan Wade

EGU2018-11226 | Orals | GMPV1.5

Age, Composition and Origin of In-Situ Leucosome Pockets in Partially Melted UHP Eclogite from the Sulu Orogen, China
Peng Feng, Lu Wang, Michael Brown, and Songjie Wang

EGU2018-17416 | Posters | GMPV1.5

Topotactic transformations Between Iron Oxides and Oxyhydroxides in iron formation rocks
Leonardo Lagoeiro, Paola Barbosa, Bruno Ribeiro, Kleber Portella, and Mariana Portella

EGU2018-6353 | Orals | GMPV1.5

Quantitative compositional mapping to unravel the relationships between the geochemical record and microstructures in metamorphic rocks
Pierre Lanari, Laura Airaghi, and Joerg Hermann

EGU2018-10102 | Orals | GMPV1.5

3D textural and geochemical porphyroblast analysis: unravelling the integrated history of nucleation, growth and deformation
Freya George and Fred Gaidies

EGU2018-1780 | Posters | GMPV1.5

Deformation microstructures and fluid-related features in the Dorozsma marble (Tisza Mega-Unit, S Hungary) - preliminary results
Nikoletta Papp, Andrea Varga, Béla Raucsik, and Előd Mészáros

EGU2018-7027 | Orals | GMPV1.5

3D distribution of primary melt inclusions in garnets by X-ray microtomography
Bernardo Cesare, Matteo Parisatto, Giuseppe Cruciani, Lucia Mancini, and Luca Peruzzo

EGU2018-2167 | Posters | GMPV1.5

Deformation History in the Ar-Ruwaydah Area, Eastern Arabian Shield, Saudi Arabia
Osama Kassem, Abdullah AlMutairi, Saad AlHumidan, and Hussain AlFaifi

EGU2018-16249 | Orals | GMPV1.5

Intra-crystalline element and ion re-distribution in UHT zircon: consequences for U-Pb age determination.
Eoghan Corbett, Quentin Crowley, Antonio Simonetti, John MacDonald, and Elisabetta Mariani

EGU2018-3701 | Posters | GMPV1.5

The plastic deformation of pyrite: Trapping gold in Fool’s Gold
Renelle Dubosq, Anna Rogowitz, and David Schneider

EGU2018-2268 | Posters | GMPV1.5

Petrographic characteristics of a kimberlite pipe associated with carbonatite, Khaderpet, eastern Dharwar craton, southern India
Ramesh Chandra Phani Pothuri and Srinivas Madabhooshi

EGU2018-4810 | Orals | GMPV1.5

Carbon recycling during Neoarchean anatexis: evidence from multiphase inclusions in migmatites (Athabasca granulite terrane, Canada)
Tommaso Tacchetto, Omar Bartoli, Bernardo Cesare, Márta Berkesi, László Előd Aradi, Gregory Dumond, Stefano Poli, and Csaba Szabó

EGU2018-9186 | Orals | GMPV1.5

Replacement reactions and deformation by coupled dissolution and precipitation in amphibolites in the middle crust
Francesco Giuntoli, Luca Menegon, and Clare Warren

EGU2018-3995 | Posters | GMPV1.5

Complex petrogenetic history in a basaltic cone told by its crystal cargo and LA-ICP-MS mapping
Melanie Ray, Teresa Ubide, and Hilary Downes

EGU2018-8354 | Posters | GMPV1.5

Two distinct basalt flows within Cenozoic Central European Volcanic Province in Grabiszyce quarry (Lower Silesia, SW Poland)
Weronika Ofierska, Sara Rzegocka, Maciej Manecki, and Marek Awdankiewicz

EGU2018-10585 | Posters | GMPV1.5

Crystallization kinetics of clinopyroxene and titanomagnetite growing from a trachybasaltic melt: New insights from isothermal time-series experiments
Alessio Pontesilli, Matteo Masotta, Manuela Nazzari, Silvio Mollo, Piergiorgio Scarlato, and Marco Brenna

EGU2018-12121 | Posters | GMPV1.5

Crystal-Melt reaction within the lower oceanic crust: East Pacific Rise (IODP 345 expedition).
Nathalie Schläpfer and Julien Leuthold

EGU2018-12043 | Posters | GMPV1.5

Chromite Grain Diameter (CGD) from the ore-hosting dunite of the Xerolivado-Skoumtsa chrome mine (Vourinos, Western Macedonia, Greece): implications for chrome ore exploration.
Evangelos Tzamos, Annie Ewing Rassios, Giovanni Grieco, Micol Bussolesi, Kostas Stamoulis, and Athanasios Godelitsas

EGU2018-3081 | Posters | GMPV1.5

Plagioclase grain shape and size as an indicator of crystallisation regime in propagating dykes
Marian Holness

EGU2018-6267 | Posters | GMPV1.5

The variation of plagioclase aspect ratio in alkaline dolerite bodies in Atsumi district, northeastern Japan
Kentaro Kondo and Takashi Hoshide

GMPV1.7 – Micro- and nanoscale Geosciences (co-organized)

EGU2018-80 | Posters | GMPV1.7

The coupled chemistry of In and Au in sphalerite studied by X-ray absorption spectroscopy of synthetic crystals
Dmitry Tonkacheev, Olga Filimonova, Boris Tagirov, Alexander Trigub, Maximilian Nikolsky, Kristina Kvashnina, Sara Lafuerza, and Dmitry Chareev

EGU2018-3002 | Posters | GMPV1.7

Halloysite nanotubes loaded with irinotecan; synthesis, characterization by experimental and molecular simulation methods and drug release properties evaluation
Dimitrios Papoulis, Eleni Gianni, Konstantinos Avgoustakis, Milan Pšenička, and Miroslav Pospíšil

EGU2018-9147 | Posters | GMPV1.7 | Highlight

Fast migration of nano-fluids in calcite crystals
Pierpaolo Zuddas, Stefano Salvi, Olivier Lopez, Giovanni De Giudici, and Paolo Censi

EGU2018-9250 | Posters | GMPV1.7

Solving the distribution of Fe3+ in chlorite: a XANES study combined with thermodynamic and atomistic modelling
Lorella Masci, Benoît Dubacq, Anne Verlaguet, Christian Chopin, and Vincent de Andrade

EGU2018-16696 | Posters | GMPV1.7

Synchrotron X-ray cryomicrospectroscopy on radiation sensitive samples: Thallium speciation in contaminated soils
Francesco Femi Marafatto, Dario Ferreira-Sanchez, Rainer Dähn, Daniel Grolimund, and Andreas Voegelin

EGU2018-17755 | Posters | GMPV1.7

Clay mineralogy of wastes from sulphide mining ad metallurgy in Portman Bay, Spain
Garcia Lorenzo Mari Luz, Arroyo Rey Xabier, Fernández Martín-Forero Irene, Pérez Sirvent Carmen, and Martínez Sánchez María José

EGU2018-17779 | Posters | GMPV1.7

The interplay between the weathering regime of volcanic ash deposits and their chronostratigraphic framework
Elena Scibilia

EGU2018-18009 | Posters | GMPV1.7

Layer charge characterization of smectites by different methods in the FEBEX in situ test
J. Javier Rey, Ana Melón, Xabier Arroyo, Luz Mª Robredo, and Ana Mª Fernández

EGU2018-19188 | Posters | GMPV1.7

Application of the alkylammonium method to determine the layer charge of the expandable component of mixed-layer Chlorite/Smectite
Xabier Arroyo, J. Javier Rey, Ana Mª Fernández, Javier Arostegi, and Fernando Nieto

GMPV2.1 – Trace elements and isotopes: the markers of geological change

EGU2018-6436 | Posters | GMPV2.1

Internally consistent database for oxygen isotope fractionation in minerals: theory and applications
Alice Vho, Pierre Lanari, and Daniela Rubatto

EGU2018-1808 | Orals | GMPV2.1

Controls on trace element distribution in oxides and silicates
Benoit Dubacq and Alexis Plunder

EGU2018-11140 | Orals | GMPV2.1

Competing Pb Transport Mechanisms in U-Pb Thermochronometers
Andrew Smye and Jeff Marsh

EGU2018-11969 | Posters | GMPV2.1

Variations of oxygen isotope signatures in hydrothermal systems
Szandra Fekete, Philipp Weis, Samuel Scott, and Thomas Driesner

EGU2018-16700 | Posters | GMPV2.1

Origin of Monte Rosa whiteschist from in-situ tourmaline and quartz oxygen isotope analysis by SIMS
Katharina Marger, Cindy Luisier, Lukas Baumgartner, Benita Putlitz, and Barbara Dutrow

EGU2018-11957 | Orals | GMPV2.1

Magnitude and meaning of time lags between the formation and cooling of Neotethyan metamorphic soles from multi-chronology
Kalijn Peters, Douwe van Hinsbergen, Matthijs Smit, Herman van Roermund, Fraukje Brouwer, Alexis Plunder, and Carl Guilmette

EGU2018-5183 | Orals | GMPV2.1

An integrated petrological and geochemical approach to unravel contrasting P-T-t paths during subduction and exhumation of the Adula Nappe (Central Alps)
Nadia Malaspina, Luca Pellegrino, Stefano Zanchetta, and Simone Tumiati

EGU2018-12252 | Posters | GMPV2.1

SIMS oxygen isotope analyses of white mica from the Larderello geothermal field reveal a complex magmatic – hydrothermal petrogenesis
Florian Bulle, Daniela Rubatto, Cindy Luisier, Giovanni Ruggieri, and Lukas Baumgartner

EGU2018-882 | Orals | GMPV2.1

A multi-geochronometer approach to investigate rates and timescales of high-pressure granulite exhumation in NW Bhutan
Eleni Wood, Clare J. Warren, Tom Argles, Nick M.W. Roberts, Ian L. Miller, Samantha J. Hammond, and Alison M. Halton

EGU2018-10803 | Posters | GMPV2.1

Lu-Hf garnet chronology on (ultra-)high pressure rocks; Western Gneiss Complex, Norway, shows geodynamic changes during continental collision
Jamie Cutts and Matthijs Smit

EGU2018-15418 | Orals | GMPV2.1

Tracking mineral growth and fluid-rock interaction in metamorphic and igneous environments with high-resolution stable isotope analysis
Lukas Baumgartner, Florence Bégué, Susanne Seitz, and Anne-Sophie Bouvier

EGU2018-9205 | Posters | GMPV2.1

Evidence for slab-derived melts/fluids-mantle interaction during HP and HT metamorphism of garnet peridotites of Monte Duria (Central Alps, N Italy): clues for a hidden pre-Alpine age in the southern Adula Nappe complex
Luca Pellegrino, Stefano Zanchetta, Simone Tumiati, Urs Kloetzli, Antonio Langone, and Nadia Malaspina

EGU2018-14358 | Posters | GMPV2.1

Garnet as a monitor for assimilation processes in the deep crust. An example from the Ivrea zone (Italy)
Arnaud Devoir, Müntener Othmar, and Lukas Baumgartner

EGU2018-3843 | Posters | GMPV2.1

REE and trace elements patterns of apatite from a diorite at Mt. Papuk, Croatia
Dražen Balen, Petra Schneider, Joachim Opitz, and Hans-Joachim Massonne

EGU2018-12076 | Posters | GMPV2.1

Petrochronology and hygrochronology of the U-Th-Pb, Rb-Sr and K-Ar systems
Valérie Bosse and Igor M Villa

EGU2018-3717 | Posters | GMPV2.1

A new Zr-Hf geothermometer for magmatic zircon
leonid aranovich

EGU2018-2805 | Posters | GMPV2.1

Recrystallization of zircon rims facilitated by LREE-rich, high-pressure metamorphic fluids during continental subduction of the Seve Nappe Complex, Scandinavian Caledonides
Christopher Barnes, Katarzyna Walczak, Jarosław Majka, David Schneider, Karolina Kośmińska, and Michał Bukała

EGU2018-2660 | Posters | GMPV2.1

Rb-Sr dating of sphalerite and S isotope of sulfides from Maoping Pb-Zn deposit, Southwest China, and their geological implications
Qing Yang and Jun Zhang

EGU2018-6777 | Posters | GMPV2.1 | Highlight

Early ore-forming fluids at the world-class Panasqueira W-Sn-Cu deposit (Portugal). Insights from in-situ micro-analytical techniques
Marta S. Codeço, Philipp Weis, Robert B. Trumbull, Vincent van Hinsberg, Filipe Pinto, and Pilar Lecumberri-Sanchez

EGU2018-10018 | Posters | GMPV2.1

Origin of secondary quartz in the Icelandic crust – A coupled δ18O and δ30Si study
Barbara Irene Kleine, Andri Stefánsson, Sæmundur Ari Halldórsson, Martin John Whitehouse, and Kristján Jónasson

EGU2018-13655 | Posters | GMPV2.1

Isotope systematics of volatile elements in Icelandic thermal fluid
Andri Stefánsson, Sæmundur A. Halldórsson, David Hilton, Árný E. Sveinbjörnsdóttir, Jaime D. Barnes, Shuhei Ono, Jan Heinemeier, Jens Fiebig, and Stefan Arnorsson

EGU2018-7727 | Posters | GMPV2.1 | Highlight

Preferential 30Si uptake during coprecipitation of Fe(III)(oxyhydr)oxide
Christoffer Hemmingsson, Catherine Hirst, Xiaole Sun, Iain Pitcairn, and Ernest Chi Fru

EGU2018-10613 | Posters | GMPV2.1

The tectonometamorphic context of the north-west Opinaca, Superior Province, Eeyou Istchee Baie James
Myriam Côté-Roberge, Carl Guilmette, Jean Goutier, Lyal Harris, Matthijs Smit, Don Davis, and Nathan Cleven

EGU2018-10861 | Posters | GMPV2.1

Geochronology of the Nepheline Syenite of el Jordán, Guaviare Colombia, evidences of Neoproterozoic-Cambrian intraplate magmatism and its implications during Pan- African tectonics in western Gondwana.
Jose Alejandro Franco Victoria, Jimmy Alejandro Muñoz, Alejandro Piraquive, Amed Bonilla, Zeze Amaya, Thomas Cramer, and Hector Campos

EGU2018-9265 | Posters | GMPV2.1

Post-collisional mafic and high Ba-Sr magmatism in the North Qilian, NW China: Melting of metasomatized mantle and implications for lithospheric delamination
Liqi Zhang, Hongfei Zhang, and Chris Hawkesworth

GMPV2.2 – High-precision geochronology of geological and planetary processes (co-organized)

EGU2018-4121 | Orals | GMPV2.2

High-precision in-situ Rb-Sr dating
Thomas Zack

EGU2018-18660 | Posters | GMPV2.2

Extent of Eoarchean crust in Enderby and Kemp Lands, east Antarctica
Piotr Król, Monika Kusiak, Dan Dunkley, Keewook Yi, Shinae Lee, and Sookju Kim

EGU2018-9580 | Orals | GMPV2.2

High resolution 40Ar/39Ar ages reveal intragrain fluid-assisted heterogeneities of magmatic micas
Maria Naumenko-Dèzes, Yann Rolland, Pierre Lanari, and Igor M. Villa

EGU2018-243 | Posters | GMPV2.2

Petrology and U-Pb Zircon Dating of the Vakijvari Ore-Bearing Pluton, Lesser Caucasus, Georgia
Salome Gogoladze, Avtandil Okrostsvaridze, and Sun-Lin Chung

EGU2018-11074 | Orals | GMPV2.2

Synthesis of a multi-method chronostratigraphic framework for the Late Triassic (Chinle Formation, Colorado Plateau, USA)
Roland Mundil, Cornelia Rasmussen, Brenhin Keller, Dennis Kent, Christopher Lepre, Paul Olsen, Randall B. Irmis, Dominique M. Giesler, George Gehrels, John Geissman, and William Parker

EGU2018-645 | Posters | GMPV2.2

Zircons U-Pb geochronology of the Mtkvari Ignimbrites Flow, Samtske-Javakheti volcanic highland, Georgia
Iulia Bobrova, Avtandil Okrostsvaridze, Sun-Lin Chung, and Yu-Chin Lin

EGU2018-15109 | Orals | GMPV2.2

Timing and evolution of Middle Triassic magmatism in the Southern Alps from integrating zircon petrochronology and thermal modelling
Julian-Christopher Storck, Jörn-Frederik Wotzlaw, Özge Karakas, Peter Brack, Axel Gerdes, and Peter Ulmer

EGU2018-3050 | Posters | GMPV2.2

A ca.1.89 Ga magmatic complex in eastern Lithuania: a link connecting with the domains in Estonia and the Bergslagen terrane in Sweden
Laurynas Šiliauskas, Gražina Skridlaitė, Martin Whitehouse, and Alvar Soesoo

EGU2018-3755 | Posters | GMPV2.2

Precision and novel applications in Lu-Hf garnet chronology
Matthijs Smit, Erik Scherer, and Jamie Cutts

EGU2018-16174 | Orals | GMPV2.2

Direct U-Pb age constraints on Arctic speleothem formation and their implications for climate change in deep time
Jahandar Ramezani, Celeste Gambino, Jeremy Shakun, David McGee, and Shokofeh Khadivi

EGU2018-4078 | Posters | GMPV2.2

Isotopic Geochronology and Tectonic Significance of Late Paleozoic Metamorphic Rocks of Wudaogou Group in the Eastern Yanbian Area, NE China
Yunsheng Ren, Cong Chen, and Qun Yang

EGU2018-5087 | Orals | GMPV2.2

Baddeleyite with xenocrystic zircon inclusions in the Cambrian Spread Eagle Gabbro, western Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland
Johannes E. Pohlner, Axel K. Schmitt, Anne Hildenbrand, and Gregor Austermann

EGU2018-4232 | Posters | GMPV2.2

SHRIMP U-Pb age dating and solid state NMR study for relationship between leucocratic granite and lepidolite deposit in Uljin area, Korea
Bum Han Lee, Namhoon Kim, Hyun Na Kim, and Bong Chul Yoo

EGU2018-12358 | Posters | GMPV2.2

The Late Silurian ultramafic-mafic complexes in the Qilian Fold Belt, NW China: inkling the end of Caledonia Orogeny
Kuo-An Tung, Houng-Yi Yang, Huai-Jen Yang, Dun-Yi Liu, Xian-Hua Li, Yen-Hong Shau, Chien-Yuan Tseng, and Jian-Xin Zhang

EGU2018-13815 | Posters | GMPV2.2

New geochemical and geochronological constraints on the origin and evolution of middle-late Eocene mafic magmatism, NE Turkey
Faruk Aydin, Simge Oğuz Saka, Orhan Karslı, Daniel P. Miggins, Cüneyt Şen, İbrahim Uysal, and Anthony Koppers

EGU2018-8927 | Posters | GMPV2.2

Geochemistry and geochronology aspects of ophiolites in the southern part of the Sakhalin
Antonina Alenicheva and Yurchenko Yuri

EGU2018-12605 | Posters | GMPV2.2

A new branch on the tree of 40Ar/39Ar multi-collector mass spectrometers
Klaudia Kuiper, Antonio Turtu, and Jan Wijbrans

EGU2018-13314 | Posters | GMPV2.2

High-precision geochronology of lower Paleocene fluvial sediments in eastern Montana (USA): implications for geologic time scale calibration and orbital climate forcing control on fluvial sedimentation
Antonio Turtù, Lars J. Noorbergen, Hemmo A. Abels, Frederik J. Hilgen, and Klaudia F. Kuiper

EGU2018-11303 | Posters | GMPV2.2

A new time scale constraining the timing of the Late Paleozoic Ice Age
Neil P. Griffis, Roland Mundil, Isabel Montañez, Brenhin Keller, Nicholas D. Fedorchuk, John Isbell, Fernando Vesely, and Roberto Iannuzzi

EGU2018-14338 | Posters | GMPV2.2

"Excess Ar" by artificial alteration of biotite
Igor M Villa, Giulia Bosio, and Valentina Barberini

EGU2018-19065 | Posters | GMPV2.2

High-resolution zircon petrochronology from the Bingham Canyon porphyry copper deposit: Implications for the lifetime and evolution of upper-crustal magma reservoirs
Simon J.E. Large, Yannick Buret, Jörn-F. Wotzlaw, Albrecht von Quadt, and Christoph A. Heinrich

GMPV2.3 – Evolution of the Earth's mantle: a petrological, geochemical and isotopic perspective on lithospheric mantle xenoliths, orogenic peridotites and deep-seated mantle domains (co-organized)

EGU2018-12902 | Orals | GMPV2.3

Pervasive formation of secondary lherzolite during melting and thermal erosion of the Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle: the record of the Beni Bousera peridotite
Carlos J. Garrido, María Isabel Varas Reus, Claudio Marchesi, Jean-Louis Bodinier, Károly Hidas, and Erwin Frets

EGU2018-14570 | Posters | GMPV2.3

The mantle roots of Variscan orogen in Europe
Jacek Puziewicz, Magdalena Matusiak-Małek, Theodors Ntaflos, Michel Grégoire, Anna Kukuła, and Mateusz Ćwiek

EGU2018-6719 | Orals | GMPV2.3

Microstructural and Geochemical Record of Wehrlitization in the Shallow Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle (Oran, Tell Atlas, N-Algeria)
Károly Hidas, Carlos J. Garrido, Claudio Marchesi, Jean-Louis Bodinier, Jean-Marie Dautria, Amina Louni-Hacini, Abla Azzouni-Sekkal, and Manuel Jesús Román-Alpiste

EGU2018-14409 | Posters | GMPV2.3

The lithospheric mantle underlying Northern Hessian Depression – a xenolith study
Mateusz Ćwiek, Jacek Puziewicz, Magdalena Matusiak-Małek, Theodoros Ntaflos, and Michel Grégoire

EGU2018-4129 | Posters | GMPV2.3

New data on mantle xenoliths from Cenozoic lavas of the Upper Rhine Graben: Nidda (Vogelsberg) case study
Małgorzata Ziobro, Jacek Puziewicz, Theodoros Ntaflos, Michel Grégoire, Mateusz Ćwiek, and Magdalena Matusiak-Małek

EGU2018-6565 | Orals | GMPV2.3

The “hidden” craton in the Adria plate: evidence from geochemistry and Re-Os of mantle xenoliths from Veneto Volcanic Province (North-East Italy)
Valentina Brombin, Costanza Bonadiman, Massimo Coltorti, Olivier Alard, Yoann Gréau, Suzanne Y. O'Reilly, William L. Griffin, and Andrea Marzoli

EGU2018-785 | Orals | GMPV2.3

Deciphering mantle metasomatism using silicate melt inclusions beneath the Nógrád-Gömör Volcanic Field (Northern Pannonian Basin)
Levente Patko, Nóra Liptai, László Aradi, Robert Bodnar, Eszter Sendula, István Kovács, Rita Klébesz, and Csaba Szabó

EGU2018-18539 | Posters | GMPV2.3

Geochemical features of lithospheric mantle beneath Wilcza Góra (Eger Rift, SW Poland): inferences from noble gases and CO2 in fluid inclusions of peridotite xenoliths
Andrea Luca Rizzo, Beatrice Pelorosso, Massimo Coltorti, Costanza Bonadiman, Giovanni Bergonzoni, Theodoros Ntaflos, and Magdalena Matusiak-Malek

EGU2018-18400 | Posters | GMPV2.3

Petrology and geochemistry of spinel and garnet peridotites from the Lethlakane Diamond Mine, Botswana
Lukas Belohlavek, Christoph Hauzenberger, and Alexander Proyer

EGU2018-17407 | Orals | GMPV2.3

From mantle to crust: variable origin of clinopyroxene megacrysts from eastern limb of Central European Volcanic Province.
Magdalena Matusiak-Malek, Theodoros Ntaflos, Jacek Puziewicz, Alan Woodland, Laura Uenver-Thiele, and Danuta Lipa

EGU2018-12820 | Posters | GMPV2.3

Mantle Xenoliths from Central and Southern Vietnam
Christoph Hauzenberger, Jürgen Konzett, and Hoang Nguyen

EGU2018-4074 | Orals | GMPV2.3

Decoding thermal events before and during mantle xenolith extraction.
Kazuhito Ozawa, Yuto Sato, Saeri Narita, Nasrrddine Youbi, Ahmed Boumehdi, and Hiroko Nagahara

EGU2018-6006 | Posters | GMPV2.3

Geochemical characteristics of mantle xenoliths from the Khamar Daban Ridge, south Russian Siberia
Kuo-Lung Wang, Sergey D’ril, Suzanne O'Reilly, Mikhail Kuzmin, William Griffin, and Norman Pearson

EGU2018-13877 | Orals | GMPV2.3

New insights on highly siderophile and chalcophile element behaviour in abyssal-type and supra-subduction zone mantle sections of the New Caledonia ophiolite
Arianna Secchiari, Harry Becker, Philipp Gleissner, Chunhui Li, Alessandra Montanini, and Delphine Bosch

EGU2018-16509 | Orals | GMPV2.3

Characterizing thermochemical piles and their influence on deep mantle behavior using a grain-size dependent viscosity
Jana Schierjott, Antoine Rozel, and Paul Tackley

EGU2018-8876 | Posters | GMPV2.3

Geochemical spatial variability in mantle xenoliths in Austral Patagonia: trace elements and water contents
Alexandra Demers-Roberge, Peter Tollan, and Othmar Müntener

EGU2018-18856 | Orals | GMPV2.3

Geodynamic mechanisms for the preservation of large-scale primordial heterogeneity in the Earth’s mantle
Maxim Ballmer, David Gebhardt, Lauren Waszek, Christine Houser, John Hernlund, and Nicholas Schmerr

EGU2018-19150 | Posters | GMPV2.3

Non-peridotitic xenoliths and megacrysts from Loch Roag monchiquite (Outer Hebrides, UK): messengers from lower crust or echoes of mantle processes – preliminary studies.
Daniel Buczko, Magdalena Matusiak-Malek, Brian Upton, Theodoros Ntaflos, Michel Grégoire, and Jacek Puziewicz

EGU2018-14687 | Orals | GMPV2.3

Episodic li-overturn tectonics in the early Earth inferred from time-varying 142Nd signature in Isua Archean rocks
Nikitha Susan Saji, Kirsten Larsen, Daniel Wielandt, Martin Schiller, Minik Rosing, and Martin Bizzarro

EGU2018-7984 | Posters | GMPV2.3

Granitoid melt inclusions in orogenic peridotites and origin of garnet clinopyroxenites
Alessia Borghini, Silvio Ferrero, Bernd Wunder, Oscar Laurent, Patrick J. O'Brien, and Martin A. Ziemann

EGU2018-10284 | Orals | GMPV2.3

From early juvenile source to late crustal reworking: The evolution of the Saglek-Hebron crust
Benjamin Wasilewski, Jonathan O'Neil, Hanika Rizo, Jean-Louis Paquette, and Maud Boyet

EGU2018-17874 | Posters | GMPV2.3

Geodynamic evolution of the Touareg shield in the Neoproterozoic: A perspective from serpentinites
Sonia Ouadahi, Jean-Louis Bodinier, Abderrahmane Bendaoud, Alain Vauchez, Jean-Marie Dautria, and El-Hocine Fettous

EGU2018-15068 | Posters | GMPV2.3

Platinum Group Elements (PGE)-Re Geochemistry and Re-Os Isotope signatures of the Mantle Peridotites from the Aladağ Ophiolite (S-Turkey)
Samet Saka, Ibrahim Uysal, Yalçın Ersoy, and Lukas Ackerman

EGU2018-15781 | Orals | GMPV2.3

Origin of 182W Excesses in Pilbara Komatiites and Basalts
Gregory Archer, Thorsten Kleine, and Andreas Stracke

EGU2018-3940 | Posters | GMPV2.3

Enriched lithosphere overprint on the isotope geochemistry of the CAMP-related Freetown Layered Complex (Sierra Leone)
Sara Callegaro, Andrea Marzoli, Hervé Bertrand, Janne Blichert-Toft, Laurie Reisberg, Giancarlo Cavazzini, Fred Jourdan, Joshua Davies, Urs Schaltegger, and Massimo Chiaradia

EGU2018-18034 | Posters | GMPV2.3

Petrogenetic implications from Triassic rift and subduction-related volcanics in Greece
Petros Koutsovitis, Andreas Magganas, Theodoros Ntaflos, Nikolaos Koukouzas, and Anne Ewing Rassios

EGU2018-5595 | Posters | GMPV2.3

Early Cretaceous rift-related volcanism in the Songilao Basin, NE China
Shuang-Qing Li, Fukun Chen, Yan Wang, and Song He

EGU2018-4866 | Posters | GMPV2.3

A megacryst- and xenolith-rich camptonite basalt from Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
Rogelio Daniel Acevedo

EGU2018-5546 | Posters | GMPV2.3

Two distinct primordial mantle sources beneath Iceland
Andrea Mundl, Richard J. Walker, Matthew G. Jackson, Janne Blichert-Toft, Mark D. Kurz, and Sæmundur A. Halldórsson

EGU2018-5491 | Posters | GMPV2.3

Evolution of the Acasta Gneiss Complex through Sr isotope analysis of apatite inclusions in zircon
Robert Emo, Matthijs Smit, Melanie Schmitt, Ellen Kooijman, Erik Scherer, Peter Sprung, Wouter Bleeker, and Klaus Mezger

EGU2018-9934 | Posters | GMPV2.3

A mantle source of water in the Late Neoproterozoic appinitic Greendale Complex, Nova Scotia: An O and H isotopic study on amphiboles provides evidence of asthenospheric upwelling
Ian P. Cawood, J. Brendan Murphy, William J. McCarthy, and Adrian J. Boyce

EGU2018-10003 | Posters | GMPV2.3

Iron isotope variations in Réunion hotspot mantle source
Bradley Peters, Anat Shahar, James Day, Richard Carlson, and Timothy Mock

EGU2018-10044 | Posters | GMPV2.3

The first Pb paradox and the composition of the sub-continental lithospheric mantle
Jason Harvey, Janne M. Koornneef, Jessica M. Warren, Martijn Klaver, Gareth R. Davies, and Richard D. Walshaw

EGU2018-10599 | Posters | GMPV2.3

Nature and scale of bulk rock variations in the Friningen peridotite body
Glen Damholt Larsen, Ambre Luguet, and Thorsten Nagel

EGU2018-16155 | Posters | GMPV2.3

Boron recycling across the Subduction Factory: Insights from SIMS measurements of metasomatized mantle xenoliths from Kamchatka arc
Lubomira Tomanikova, Ivan Savov, Jason Harvey, and Cees-Jan De Hoog

EGU2018-380 | Posters | GMPV2.3

Fertility of Archean metasedimentary rocks and the formation of orogenic gold deposits: Insights from low-detection limit Au analyses and LA-ICP-MS analyses of sulfides.
Nikolaos-Georgios Leventis and Iain Pitcairn

EGU2018-17665 | Posters | GMPV2.3

Using Archean sedimentary rocks from the Superior Province to decipher the crustal history and composition of the Canadian Shield
Marion Garçon, Maud Boyet, Richard W Carlson, and Steven B Shirey

EGU2018-5473 | Posters | GMPV2.3

$\partial E $
Goetz Roller

GMPV2.7 – Accretion, Differentiation and Volatiles: constraints on terrestrial planets (co-organized)

EGU2018-11058 | Orals | GMPV2.7

Role of S on Rare Earth Elements mobility in Nebular Gas: Experimental study
Ingrao Nathan, Hammouda Tahar, Vlastelic Ivan, Boyet Maud, Moine Bertrand, and Devidal Jean-Luc

EGU2018-1836 | Posters | GMPV2.7

Oxygen isotope fractionation originated from the atmospheric escape in the course of the accretion process. Implications in the formation of the Solar System
Jose Carlos Gomez

EGU2018-14783 | Posters | GMPV2.7

Supercritical silicate melts during the Giant Impact and in the protolunar disk
Razvan Caracas and Sarah T. Stewart

EGU2018-6342 | Orals | GMPV2.7

Behavior of feldspars during the Giant Impact
Anaïs Kobsch and Razvan Caracas

EGU2018-7900 | Orals | GMPV2.7

Metal-silicate segregation in small bodies of the Solar System: an experimental study of the geometry in a three-phase system.
Adrien Néri, Jérémy Guignard, Marc Monnereau, Michael Toplis, and Ghylaine Quitté

EGU2018-3849 | Posters | GMPV2.7

The formation of pallasite meteorites. A combined experimental and numerical study
Giulio Solferino and Gregor Golabek

EGU2018-13937 | Orals | GMPV2.7

Refueling the mantle carbon by compression melting
Hammouda Tahar, Manthilake Geeth, Goncalves Philippe, Chantel Julien, Guignard Jérémy, Crichton Wilson, and Gaillard Fabrice

EGU2018-18721 | Posters | GMPV2.7

Did Mars witness the birth of Jupiter?
Ramon Brasser, Nicolas Dauphas, and Stephen Mojzsis

EGU2018-2412 | Orals | GMPV2.7

Evolved crustal melts in dynamically hot planetary embryos
Stephen Mojzsis

EGU2018-8262 | Posters | GMPV2.7

Magma ascent in planetesimals controlled by grain size
Tim Lichtenberg, Tobias Keller, Richard F. Katz, Gregor J. Golabek, and Taras V. Gerya

EGU2018-9048 | Orals | GMPV2.7

Volatile element behaviour during melting on Earth, Mars and smaller bodies
Bernard Wood and C.Ashley Norris

EGU2018-13803 | Posters | GMPV2.7

Ab initio molecular dynamics study of the supercritical state of Fe-based alloy
Zhi Li and Razvan Caracas

EGU2018-4796 | Posters | GMPV2.7

Water during core/mantle segregation: implications on hydrogen incorporation in the core of the Earth and Mars
Vincent Clesi, Mohamed Ali Bouhifd, Nathalie Bolfan-Casanova, Geeth Manthilake, Federica Schiavi, Caroline Raepsaet, Hélène Bureau, Hicham Khodja, and Denis Andrault

EGU2018-8475 | Posters | GMPV2.7

Iodine versus Xenon degassing history of the Early Earth
Hélène Bureau, Clémence Leroy, Chrystèle Sanloup, Konstantin Glazirin, Hicham Khodja, Gaelle Prouteau, Marion Harman, and Pascal Munsch

EGU2018-15110 | Posters | GMPV2.7

The Paris-Edinburgh Press at PETRA III, DESY: A tool for experiments on liquids at high pressure and temperature
Max Wilke, Julia Pohlenz, Vadim Murzin, Andrei Shiryaev, Sylvain Petitgirard, Ananya Mallik, Svyatoslav Shcheka, Konstantin Glazyrin, and Hans-Peter Liermann

GMPV2.9 – Metals and sulfides in magmatic systems: from core formation to ore formation (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2018-19398 | PICO | GMPV2.9

The mobility of metal in the mantle – implications for metallogenesis, prospectivity and the formation of sulphide ore deposits
Hannah S. R. Hughes

EGU2018-8655 | PICO | GMPV2.9

Behavior of chalcophile elements in back-arc magmas : new insights from Futuna area (SW Pacific)
Aurélien Jeanvoine, Gilles Chazot, Ewan Pelleter, Yves Fouquet, Bleuenn Guéguen, and Jessica Langlade

EGU2018-8861 | PICO | GMPV2.9

Metals emissions at arc volcanoes
Emily Mason, Marie Edmonds, Emma Liu, and Frances Jenner

EGU2018-3884 | PICO | GMPV2.9

Ore genesis, metallogenic age and tectonic setting of the Shajingou gold deposit in Jilin Province, NE China
Qun Yang, Yun-sheng Ren, Yu-jie Hao, and Zhen-ming Sun

EGU2018-16190 | PICO | GMPV2.9

Santa Helena breccia pipe a new type of W deposit in Iberian W-Sn Metallogenic province (Borralha, N Portugal)
Ana Gonçalves, Luís Lima, Violeta Ramos, and Fernando Noronha

EGU2018-10759 | PICO | GMPV2.9

Relationship between S and Sr isotopes provide evidence for multiple sources of contamination in the Rustenburg Layered Suite, Bushveld Complex
Nivea Magalhaes, Sarah Penniston-Dorland, James Farquhar, Edmond Mathez, and Allan Wilson

EGU2018-15675 | PICO | GMPV2.9

Experimental petrology constraints on the petrogenesis of chromitite layers (Rum Layered Intrusion, Scotland)
Julien Leuthold, Jon Blundy, and Richard Brooker

EGU2018-13871 | PICO | GMPV2.9

Monitoring the evolution and mineralization of porphyry systems by using the geochemical inventory of apatite
Johannes Hammerli, Anthony Kemp, Marco Fiorentini, and Phillip Blevin

EGU2018-19578 | PICO | GMPV2.9

Sulfide assemblages in the alkaline silicate rocks and associated carbonatites of the Kaiserstuhl volcanic complex, SW Germany
Rainer Babiel, Benjamin Walter, Anis Parsapoor, Simon Braunger, Michael Marks, Sebastian Staude, Thomas Wenzel, Udo Neumann, and Gregor Markl

EGU2018-15084 | PICO | GMPV2.9

Nanoscale structure of zoned laurite-erlichmanite: implications for noble metal fractionation in ultramafic systems
José Maria González-Jiménez, Josep Roqué, Sandra Baurier, Fernando Gervilla, and Joaquin A Proenza

EGU2018-9941 | PICO | GMPV2.9

Mineral Resources and the biosphere: Challenges to future extraterrestrial explorationists?
Andrew Kerr

EGU2018-19120 | PICO | GMPV2.9

Exsolution textures in diamond anvil cell partitioning experiments: An atom probe tomography investigation
Eleanor S. Jennings, Jon Wade, James O. Douglas, Marcel Thielmann, Michael P. Moody, and David C. Rubie

EGU2018-19223 | PICO | GMPV2.9

Mind the eutectic: The effect of sulfur on MSE partitioning during core formation
Vera Laurenz, Sumith Abeykoon, Antje K. Vogel, David C. Rubie, and Daniel J. Frost

GMPV2.10 – Understanding granites – state of the art and ways ahead (co-organized)

EGU2018-5083 | Posters | GMPV2.10

Batholith Formation in Continental Arcs from Volcanic Zircon Geochronology and Trace Element Geochemistry
Axel Schmitt and Shanaka De Silva

EGU2018-6812 | Orals | GMPV2.10

Zircon petrochronology reveals the mechanism of crustal anatectic magma formation
Federico Farina, Andrea Dini, Joshua Davies, Maria Ovtcharova, Nicolas Greber, Anne-Sophie Bouvier, Lukas Baumgartner, and Urs Schaltegger

EGU2018-15108 | Posters | GMPV2.10

Geochemical and isotopic evolution of the Mineiro Belt, Brazil: implications for continental crust growth
Hugo Moreira, Craig Storey, Luís Seixas, and Mike Fowler

EGU2018-3603 | Orals | GMPV2.10

The trajectory of the P–T path controls the onset of melting in metasedimentary rocks.
Matthew Mayne, Gary Stevens, Jean-François Moyen, and Tim Johnson

EGU2018-10113 | Posters | GMPV2.10

Generation of Archean Granitoids by Subduction, not Sagduction, and an Early Onset of Plate Tectonics
Alberto Roman and Nicholas Arndt

EGU2018-3134 | Orals | GMPV2.10

Secular changes in sedimentary source compositions and consequences for partial melting in orogenic belts
Gautier Nicoli and Brendan Dyck

EGU2018-12231 | Orals | GMPV2.10

A new Melt Contamination Model for the Generation of “I-type” granitic rocks by melting heterogeneous lower crust
Johannes Hammerli, Anthony Kemp, and Toshiaki Shimura

EGU2018-12058 | Posters | GMPV2.10

Early Cretaceous rolling-back process of the paleo-Pacific slab beneath eastern China: Constraint from age and composition of copper-gold related magmatic rocks
Yi-Zeng Yang, Fukun Chen, and Wolfgang Siebel

EGU2018-15972 | Orals | GMPV2.10

Granite formation in arcs: one view from high pressure experiments
Othmar Müntener and Peter Ulmer

EGU2018-2208 | Posters | GMPV2.10

Source characteristics and magma evolution of Topuk granitoid (NW Anatolia): constraints from new Sr-Nd-Pb isotope data
Işıl Nur Güraslan and Şafak Altunkaynak

EGU2018-5805 | Orals | GMPV2.10

On the importance of crystallization-differentiation for the generation of SiO2-rich melts and the compositional build-up of arc (and continental) crust
Oliver Jagoutz and Benjamin Klein

EGU2018-13407 | Posters | GMPV2.10

Ultrapotassic magmatic rocks within the Moldanubian Zone of the Bohemian Massif: witnesses of vigorous interactions between the mantle and deeply subducted crust at the peak of the Variscan Orogeny
Vojtěch Janoušek, František Holub, Vojtěch Erban, Tomáš Magna, and Kryštof Verner

EGU2018-14079 | Posters | GMPV2.10

The composition of I-type granites: a consequence of mineral entrainment at the source?
Marcos Garcia-Arias

EGU2018-10416 | Posters | GMPV2.10

Trace element and oxygen isotope compositions of grossular-rich magmatic garnets from the lower crustal Galiléia granitoids, Araçuaí orogen, SE Brazil
Francesco Narduzzi, Federico Farina, Cristiano Lana, Gary Stevens, Chris Harris, and Herminio Arias Nalini Jr.

EGU2018-19649 | Posters | GMPV2.10

In search of the origin of quartz-diorites and tonalites in post-collisional batholiths (Capo Vaticano Promontory, Calabria-Peloritani Orogen)
Rachele Lombardo, Patrizia Fiannacca, Miguel A.S. Basei, and Rosolino Cirrincione

EGU2018-402 | Posters | GMPV2.10

Geochemical and Sr-Nd isotopes characteristics of Ediacaran rare metal granites in the Central Eastern Desert of Egypt
Mabrouk Sami, Theodoros Ntaflos, and Christoph Hauzenberger

EGU2018-1381 | Posters | GMPV2.10

Geochemical characteristics and geological significance of the major granitic bodies in early Yanshanian, Southeastern Hunan
Yumeng Shao, Danping Yan, and Qi Sun

EGU2018-8903 | Posters | GMPV2.10

The petrogenesis of kyanite-bearing leucogranites in Bhutan
Stacy Phillips, Tom Argles, Nigel Harris, Clare Warren, and Nick Roberts

EGU2018-8153 | Posters | GMPV2.10

Melt generation during exhumation of deeply subducted continental crust
Songjie Wang, Lu Wang, Michael Brown, Phil Piccoli, and Tim Johnson

EGU2018-2289 | Posters | GMPV2.10

The mineralogy of S-type granites in the Iberian Variscan belt: influence of geochemistry and emplacement P-T-XH2O conditions.
Luis González-Menéndez, Gloria Gallastegui, Francisco J. Rubio Pascual, Andrés Cuesta, Álvaro Rubio-Ordóñez, and Luis Roberto Rodríguez-Fernández

EGU2018-1709 | Posters | GMPV2.10

The nested Sierra Bermeja Pluton (SW Iberian Massif): likely sources and magma evolution
Jon Errandonea-Martin, Vojtěch Janoušek, Fernando Sarrionandia, Manuel Carracedo-Sánchez, and José Ignacio Gil-Ibarguchi

EGU2018-13074 | Posters | GMPV2.10

Li-bearing pegmatites as residual melts of P-rich Variscan granites from the Central Iberian Zone
Encarnación Roda-Robles, Carlos Villaseca, Alfonso Pesquera, Pedro Pablo Gil-Crespo, Romeu Vieira, Alexandre Lima, and Idoia Garate-Olave

EGU2018-8817 | Posters | GMPV2.10

The granulitic residue of the Variscan granites of central Iberia: challenges to restite unmixing and peritectic entrainment models
Carlos Villaseca and David Orejana

EGU2018-18648 | Posters | GMPV2.10

Geochronological calendar of A-type granites from NE Poland
Michał Ruszkowski, Janina Wiszniewska, Ewa Krzemińska, and Bogusław Bagiński

EGU2018-9387 | Posters | GMPV2.10

Geostatistics-based automated geochemical mapping of igneous rocks: introducing IG-Mapper toolbox by application to the Squillace pluton (Serre Batholith, southern Italy)
Patrizia Fiannacca, Gaetano Ortolano, Mario Pagano, Roberto Visalli, Rosolino Cirrincione, and Luigi Zappalà

EGU2018-4518 | Posters | GMPV2.10

Syn-tectonic granite emplacement in ductile transpressive regime: A case study of porphyritic granite from the western margin of the South Delhi Fold Belt, Rajasthan, India
Sadhana M Chatterjee, Ayan Kumar Sarkar, Alip Roy, and Anirban Manna

EGU2018-13242 | Posters | GMPV2.10

Magmatic to solid state deformation recorded in syntectonic granitoids emplaced at different crustal levels (Serre Batholith, southern Italy)
Eugenio Fazio, Patrizia Fiannacca, Rosolino Cirrincione, and Manish A. Mamtani

EGU2018-1747 | Posters | GMPV2.10

A highly fractionated I-type granite as source of alkaline metasomatism (La Pedriza pluton, Iberian Variscan Belt)
Cecilia Pérez-Soba and Carlos Villaseca

GMPV3.1 – Progress in Metamorphic Geology: Multi-scale Model Testing from Minerals to Tectonic Plates (co-organized)

EGU2018-5912 | Posters | GMPV3.1

Pressure calculation in metamorphic systems and geodynamic models
Evangelos Moulas, Stefan Schmalholz, Yuri Podladchikov, Lucie Tajčmanová, Dimitrios Kostopoulos, and Lukas Baumgartner

EGU2018-6952 | Orals | GMPV3.1

P-V-T-K$^{S}$ Equations of State for zircon and rutile
Gabriele Zaffiro, Ross John Angel, Matteo Alvaro, Mauro Prencipe, and Claudia Stangarone

EGU2018-4441 | Orals | GMPV3.1

Elastic geobarometry: a comparison between experiments and numerical simulations
Nicola Campomenosi, Mattia Luca Mazzucchelli, Boriana Mihailova, Marco Scambelluri, Ross John Angel, and Matteo Alvaro

EGU2018-9251 | Posters | GMPV3.1

New developments in Li-chronometry: determining the timescales of fluid-rock interaction
Timm John, Johannes C. Vrijmoed, and Yuri Podladchikov

EGU2018-13601 | Posters | GMPV3.1

Variscan polymetamorphism recorded in garnet bearing paragneiss migmatites from the Bavarian Unit, Upper Austria
Dominik Sorger, Christoph Hauzenberger, Manfred Linner, Christoph Iglseder, and Fritz Finger

EGU2018-1285 | Orals | GMPV3.1

Testing the results of pseudosection modelling of the metamorphism of mafic rocks using THERMOCALC
Caio Santos, Renato Moraes, and Gergely Szabó

EGU2018-10054 | Posters | GMPV3.1

Garnet growth history in granulites from the southeastern Moldanubain Zone (Bohemian Massif) revealed by Zr in rutile thermometry, mineral inclusions and trace element zoning
Philip Schantl, Christoph Hauzenberger, Fritz Finger, and Manfred Linner

EGU2018-4266 | Orals | GMPV3.1

Geochemical and geochronological constraints for tectonic, thermal and thermodynamic modelling
Daniela Rubatto

EGU2018-6374 | Posters | GMPV3.1

Pressure-Temperature-time paths for geodynamic and tectonic modeling: a comparison between samples and models
Pierre Lanari

EGU2018-12880 | Orals | GMPV3.1

Modelling metamorphic reactions and textures along continuous pressure-temperature-time paths
C. T. (Tom) Foster

EGU2018-14074 | Orals | GMPV3.1

Exhumation rates estimated from diffusion modelling of chemical zonations in garnet (Tianshan, NW China)
Esther Schwarzenbach, Mark Caddick, Timm John, Martina Menneken, and Lutz Hecht

EGU2018-1672 | Posters | GMPV3.1

Partial melting of ultramafic granulites from Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica: constraints from melt inclusions and thermodynamic modeling
Silvio Ferrero, Gaston Godard, Rosaria Palmeri, Bernd Wunder, and Bernardo Cesare

EGU2018-16333 | Posters | GMPV3.1

Retrogressed eclogites and eclogitic metagabbros in the Boneh Shurow Complex, Central Iran
Leila Maleki, Nematollah Rashidnejad Omran, Abdolrahim Hooshmandzadeh, Steffen Büttner, and John Cottle

EGU2018-3645 | Orals | GMPV3.1

Pressure and stress calculation in geodynamic models and application to metamorphic systems
Stefan Markus Schmalholz

EGU2018-6634 | Orals | GMPV3.1

Divergent plate motion drives rapid exhumation of (ultra)high pressure rocks: thermo-mechanical models vs geologic constraints
Marco Giovanni Malusa', Jie Liao, Liang Zhao, Suzanne L. Baldwin, Paul G. Fitzgerald, and Taras Gerya

EGU2018-16827 | Posters | GMPV3.1

Careful petrography as an essential tool to control the effective reaction volumes during metamorphism. An example from Guilleries massif (Catalan Coastal Ranges, NE Iberia)
Joan Reche, Gisela Leoz, and Francisco José Martínez

EGU2018-10922 | Orals | GMPV3.1

An integrated numerical modeling, petrochronology, and microstructural approach to understand deep-crust exhumation processes
Donna Whitney, Clementine Hamelin, Megan Korchinski, Christian Teyssier, and Patrice Rey

EGU2018-18037 | Posters | GMPV3.1

Reaction Textures in Banded Iron Formation (BIF) from Kanjamalai Hills, Southern Granulite Terrain (SGT)
Utkarsh Shukla, Joyita Chattaraj, Sudip Bauri, and Upama Dutta

EGU2018-15141 | Posters | GMPV3.1

Evidence for a polymetamorphic evolution of migmatic paragneisses from the southeastern Moldanubian Superunit, Lower Austria
Dominik Sorger, Christoph Hauzenberger, and Manfred Linner

EGU2018-10126 | Orals | GMPV3.1

P-T-t paths across the New Quebec Orogen and relationships to tectonics
Antoine Godet, Carl Guilmette, Loic Labrousse, Matthijs Smit, Don Davis, and Benoit Caron

EGU2018-15003 | Posters | GMPV3.1

Integrated Petrochronolgy combining automatic EDS-BSE-SEM and LA-ICP-QMS analyses in petrographic thin sections
Manuel Jesús Román Alpiste, Carlos J. Garrido, Károly Hidas, and Claudio Marchesi

EGU2018-17161 | Orals | GMPV3.1

Open and closed isotopic system behaviour of monazite and xenotime during crustal melting of metapelitic migmatites
Urs Schaltegger, Florian Martenot, Pavlina Hasalová, Christian Bergemann, Maria Ovtcharova, Joshua Davies, and Martin Whitehouse

EGU2018-12508 | Orals | GMPV3.1

Nano-correlative microscopy (TEM/APT) constrains the nature and timing of nanoclusters formation in monazite crystals
Anne-Magali Seydoux-Guillaume, Denis Fougerouse, Antonin Laurent, Steve Reddy, and David Saxey

EGU2018-7691 | Posters | GMPV3.1

Coronas around monazite and xenotime recording incomplete replacement reactions and compositional gradients during greenschist facies metamorphism and deformation
Felix Hentschel, Emilie Janots, Claudia Trepmann, and Valérie Magnin

EGU2018-246 | Posters | GMPV3.1

P-T Evolution and Phase Equilibria Modelling of pelitic Gneisses from Askot Crystallines, Kumaun Lesser Himalaya
Biraja Prasad Das and Prof. Mallickarjun Joshi

EGU2018-1412 | Posters | GMPV3.1

Petrology, phase equilibria modeling and zircon U-Pb geochronology of Paleoproterozoic mafic granulites from the Fuping Complex, North China Craton
Li Tang

EGU2018-11893 | Posters | GMPV3.1

On yoderite: Using calculated phase equilibria to investigate its rarity in the geological record of whiteschists
Brandon Alessio and David Kelsey

EGU2018-3850 | Posters | GMPV3.1

Extreme lead loss in zircons, resulting in concordant ages?
Vladislav Powerman, Alexandr Pasenko, Andrei Shatsillo, and Meline Yavryan

EGU2018-8538 | Posters | GMPV3.1

Nanoscale evidence of partial resetting of the U-Th-Pb systems in monazite due to anisotropic and incomplete replacement
Alexis Grand'Homme, Emilie Janots, Anne Magali Seydoux-Guillaume, Damien Guillaume, Valérie Magnin, Joern Hövelmann, Carmen Höschen, and Marie Christine Boiron

EGU2018-8914 | Posters | GMPV3.1

Low temperature-low pressure metamorphism of Jurassic volcanic rocks of Gümüşhane-Torul-İkisu Area, NE Tukey: Effects of burial metamorphism in volcanic arc basalts
Tulay Bak and Cuneyt Sen

EGU2018-13221 | Posters | GMPV3.1

Low temperature alteration of monazite megacrysts in pegmatite, Evje-Iveland, Norway
Bernard Bingen, Anne-Magali Seydoux-Guillaume, Fernando Corfu, Martin J. Whitehouse, Valérie Bosse, Axel Müller, and Damien Guillaume

EGU2018-15645 | Posters | GMPV3.1

Timing of metamorphism in the Arabian-Nubian Shield constrained by in-situ U-Pb dating of accessory and major metamorphic phases
Leo J. Millonig, Richard Albert Roper, Axel Gerdes, and Dov Avigad

GMPV3.2 – Shaping the lithosphere: fluid-rock interaction, deformation and volatiles cycle (co-organized)

EGU2018-8035 | Posters | GMPV3.2

Pulsating dissolution of crystalline matter
Cornelius Fischer and Andreas Luttge

EGU2018-10319 | Orals | GMPV3.2

Mineral solubility in aqueous fluids: constraints on functionality and accuracy of equations of state for aqueous species
David Dolejš and Barbora Hanková

EGU2018-8515 | Posters | GMPV3.2

Dolomite dissolution in natural sandstone during flow-through experiments with CO2-rich brine
Jin Ma, Martin Saar, and Xiang-Zhao Kong

EGU2018-13566 | Orals | GMPV3.2

Fluid path-dependent, hydrodynamic micro-environments govern serpentinization textures of harzburgite hydration in a flow-through reaction cell
Wolf-Achim Kahl, Wolfgang Bach, and Sten Littmann

EGU2018-7575 | Orals | GMPV3.2

Gel-mediated dissolution and reprecipitation - A novel mineral reaction mechanism
Matthias Konrad-Schmolke, Ralf Halama, Richard Wirth, Aurélien Thomen, Nico Klitscher, Luiz Morales, and Franziska Wilke

EGU2018-14488 | Posters | GMPV3.2

Mechanisms of quartz dissolution and cement precipitation at high pH and low temperature surface conditions
Lisa de Ruiter, Håkon Austrheim, Anette E. Gunnæs, and Dag K. Dysthe

EGU2018-1270 | Posters | GMPV3.2

Significant calcium stable isotopic (44/40Ca) variability in a hand-specimen size diabase due to selective weathering of plagioclase and clinopyroxene
Anupam Banerjee and Ramananda Chakrabarti

EGU2018-7579 | Orals | GMPV3.2 | Highlight

Have mantle get crust – consequences of fluid-peridotite interaction for continental crust composition
Andreas Beinlich, Håkon Austrheim, Vasileios Mavromatis, Ben Grguric, Christine Putnis, and Andrew Putnis

EGU2018-5062 | Posters | GMPV3.2

Impact of grain size and rock composition on simulated rock weathering
Yoni Israeli and Simon Emmanuel

EGU2018-14446 | Orals | GMPV3.2

On replacement reactions and grain size reduction
Joe Gardner, John Wheeler, David Wallis, Karl Dawson, and Lars Hansen

EGU2018-18408 | Posters | GMPV3.2

Self-induced serpentine deformation and its effect on weathering
Ole Ivar Ulven, Håkon Austrheim, and Bjørn Jamtveit

EGU2018-10828 | Posters | GMPV3.2

Strontium isotopes in thermal waters of the Kuril Island Arc, NW Pacific
Elena Kalacheva, Margarita Bujakaite, Yuri Taran, and Boris Pokrovski

EGU2018-3351 | Orals | GMPV3.2

120 Myr of episodic metamorphism and intraplate deformation catalysed by rehydration and localised weakening of the deep crust
Daniel Howlett, Tom Raimondo, Laura Morrissey, and Martin Hand

EGU2018-19160 | Orals | GMPV3.2

Feedbacks between deformation and fluids in mantle shear zones recording the late stades of rifting in the Red Sea
Andrea Tommasi, Françoise Boudier, Alain Vauchez, and Matthieu Zaderatzky

EGU2018-19613 | Posters | GMPV3.2

Hydrous melt and fluid assimilation at ultraslow-spreading ridge: evidence from zircon and apatite in SWIR
Naixiao Xu, Lingmin Zhang, and Hao Cheng

EGU2018-12117 | Posters | GMPV3.2

Hydrating the Earth’s deep, dry crust
Chris Clark, Martin Hand, Timmons Erickson, and Steve Reddy

EGU2018-1109 | Orals | GMPV3.2

Viscosity and melt structure of CO2-bearing melts in the Earth’s upper mantle: implications for the mobilization, ascent rate and emplacement of carbonatite rocks over time
Veronica Stopponi, Vincenzo Stagno, Yoshio Kono, Piergiorgio Scarlato, and Tetsuo Irifune

EGU2018-6122 | Posters | GMPV3.2

Microphysical models of fluid-driven metamorphism within the Earth’s lithosphere
Oliver Plümper

EGU2018-17730 | Orals | GMPV3.2 | Highlight

Fluid extraction from subduction zones by reacting porosity waves
Benjamin Malvoisin, Yury Y. Podladchikov, and Samuel Omlin

EGU2018-14012 | Posters | GMPV3.2

Tracing fluid-rock interactions in the subducted slab: insight from the Theodul Gletscher Unit (Western Alps, Switzerland)
Thomas Bovay, Daniela Rubatto, Pierre Lanari, Lukas Baumgartner, and Guillaume Siron

EGU2018-2281 | Posters | GMPV3.2

Variscan metamorphism and fluid-rock interaction in Lower Cambrian carbonates of the Central Iberian Zone (Toledo Mountains, Spain)
Silvia Menéndez, Luis González-Menéndez, and Francisco J. Rubio Pascual

EGU2018-6507 | Orals | GMPV3.2

Mantle mineral microcavities filled with aqueous fluids: HPHT reactors producing unexpected mineral assemblages
Marcello Campione

EGU2018-137 | Posters | GMPV3.2

The Transformation History of the Tso Morari dome, Ladakh
Anna Bidgood, Dave Waters, Mike Searle, Nick Roberts, and Talat Ahmad

EGU2018-6755 | Orals | GMPV3.2 | Highlight

The sources and sinks of H2O in subduction zones
Jörg Hermann, José Alberto Padrón-Navarta, Elias Kempf, and Shayne Lakey

EGU2018-12829 | Orals | GMPV3.2

Melt and mineral inclusions as messengers of volatile recycling in space and time
Janne M. Koornneef, Maximilian Berndsen, Lisa Hageman, Michael U. Gress, Suzette Timmerman, Igor Nikogosian, Manfred J. van Bergen, Ingrid L. Chinn, Jeff W. Harris, and Gareth R. Davies

EGU2018-6479 | Posters | GMPV3.2

Interactions between underground coal fires and air infiltration through cracks driven by thermal buoyancy force
Zeyang Song, Xueliang Zhu, Dongxue Zhang, Xuhai Pan, and Yong Pan

EGU2018-1485 | Posters | GMPV3.2

Planet Model of Plate Tectonics: Based on Einstein´s Theory of Relativity</