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EGU General Assembly 2018  

Presentation type:

HS – Hydrological Sciences

HS1.1 – The MacGyver session (poster-only session)

EGU2018-1540 | Posters | HS1.1

A low-cost 3D printed system for monitoring meteorological characteristics in citizen-science projects
Peter Valent, Roman Výleta, Michaela Danáčová, and Mihaela Labat

EGU2018-1757 | Posters | HS1.1

DischargeApp: A smart-phone App for measuring river discharge
Salvador Peña-Haro, Beat Lüthi, Maxence Carrel, and Thomas Philippe

EGU2018-7401 | Posters | HS1.1

Laboratory Characterization and Field Deployment of Low-Cost, Carbon Dioxide Sensors in Remote and Urban Environments
D. Michelle Bailey and J. Houston Miller

EGU2018-7612 | Posters | HS1.1

High-tech leaf replica to measure plant-relevant microclimate
Stan Schymanski, Cesar Pascual Garcia, Oliver O'Nagy, and Phillip Dale

EGU2018-8063 | Posters | HS1.1

The “big brother” hydrologist is watching snow hydrology in forests and open space
Massimiliano Zappa, Andrea Rücker, Stefan Boss, and Jana Von Freyberg

EGU2018-9188 | Posters | HS1.1

Low cost water vapour sampling for mobile in-situ measurements of stable water isotopes
Barbara Herbstritt, Stefan Seeger, Michael Rinderer, and Markus Weiler

EGU2018-10141 | Posters | HS1.1

TWIGA: Sensors for geo-services in Africa. Early results, perspectives, and an invitation
Nick van de Giesen, Andreas Krietemeyer, Marie-claire ten Veldhuis, and Frank Annor

EGU2018-11515 | Posters | HS1.1

Open-source data loggers and sensors for field research
Andrew Wickert, Bobby Schulz, Chad Sandell, and Gene-Hua Ng

EGU2018-11958 | Posters | HS1.1

Communication and logging hub for rapid prototyping of environmental sensors: presenting the Smartphone.
Rolf Hut

EGU2018-16720 | Posters | HS1.1 | Highlight

From the Shed to the Skies: A Journey of Sensor Development and Deployment Involving Bicycles, Drones and Eagles.
Rick Thomas, Ford Cropley, A. Rob Mackenzie, S. James Reynolds, Jonathan P. Sadler, Lee Chapman, Andrew Quinn, Jian Zhong, and Xiaoming Cai

EGU2018-17571 | Posters | HS1.1

Arduino-based device for sensing urban air quality at high spatial resolution.
Maxime Mouyen

EGU2018-17956 | Posters | HS1.1

Implementation and validation of low-cost miniature optical spectrometer for environmental research
Bert Palm, Hannes Mollenhauer, Paul Remmler, Andreas Jechow, and Jan Bumberger

HS1.2 – Hydrology, society and environmental change | PICO

EGU2018-11455 | PICO | HS1.2 | Highlight

Evidence of water tipping points in the Anthropocene
Malin Falkenmark, Lan Wang-Erlandsson, and Johan Rockström

EGU2018-637 | PICO | HS1.2

Human impacts on hydrological change: the relative role of soil type and irrigation networks
Giulia Sofia, Andrea Gazzin, Giancarlo Dalla Fontana, and Paolo Tarolli

EGU2018-4413 | PICO | HS1.2

Risks for the global freshwater system at 1.5 ∘C and 2 ∘C global warming
Tim Trautmann, Petra Döll, Dieter Gerten, Hannes Müller Schmied, Sebastian Ostberg, Fahad Saaed, and Carl-Friedrich Schleussner

EGU2018-1331 | PICO | HS1.2

Driving factors of discharge decline in the White Bandama watershed, a socio-economic pole of development for the Northern Côte d'Ivoire
Franck Yao, Emmanuel Reynard, and Jean-Michel Fallot

EGU2018-19795 | PICO | HS1.2

The Integrated Modelling Program for Prediction and Management of Change in Canada’s Major River Basins (IMPC)
Amin Haghnegahdar

EGU2018-18113 | PICO | HS1.2

Econometric approaches to attributing trends in streamflow
Annalise Blum

EGU2018-3314 | PICO | HS1.2

J2000-Rhône: a distributed hydrological model including water use representations to assess sustainability of the water resources
Isabelle Braud, Flora Branger, Isabelle Gouttevin, Eric Sauquet, Francois Tilmant, and Marielle Montginoul

EGU2018-3667 | PICO | HS1.2

Complex landscape-hydrological studies of the Upper-Volga section of the Great Volga Route
Erman Natalia and Vyacheslav Nizovtsev

EGU2018-19231 | PICO | HS1.2

How many small water reservoirs are there? A global survey using multi-spectral Imagery
Bassem Mady, Peter Lehmann, and Dani Or

EGU2018-12558 | PICO | HS1.2

Towards Landscape Ecohydrology: linking historical landscape patterns and ecosystem services provision in Bolivian sub-Andean region
Giulio Castelli, Tommaso Pacetti, Cristiano Foderi, Marissa Castro Magnani, Yandery Kempff, Enrica Caporali, Elena Bresci, and Fabio Salbitano

EGU2018-19796 | PICO | HS1.2

Impact of wastewater treatment and reuse on the environment and public health; case study from Jordan
Raha Al-Assaf, Naser Almanaseer, Muna Hindiyeh, and Gabriele Chiogna

EGU2018-832 | PICO | HS1.2

Quality assessment of major sources of Drinking water of a rural community in Nigeria
Gloria Ezenne and Roland Ozor

EGU2018-12179 | PICO | HS1.2

Effects of ecological construction on transformation of different water bodies in two hilly and gully watersheds on Loess Plateau
Binhua Zhao, Shengdong Cheng, Guoce Xu, Zongping Ren, and Peng Shi

EGU2018-2878 | PICO | HS1.2

Evolutionary process of saline-water intrusion in Holocene and Late Pleistocene groundwater in southern Laizhou Bay
Sen Liu

EGU2018-8294 | PICO | HS1.2

Observing the human influence on hydrological drought
Sally Rangecroft, Anne Van Loon, Tom Gleeson, Niko Wanders, Giuliano Di Baldassarre, and Henny Van Lanen

EGU2018-12923 | PICO | HS1.2

A Catchment Systems Engineering approach to managing floods, droughts and pollution using local knowledge and community partnerships
Paul Quinn, Mark Wilkinson, Caspar Hewett, Russell Adams, and Jennine Jonczyk

EGU2018-18065 | PICO | HS1.2

Understanding human and natural drivers of seasonal urban water demand: a panel-data analysis in a set of touristic towns
Elena Toth, Mattia Neri, and Cristiana Bragalli

EGU2018-14472 | PICO | HS1.2

Interactions of groundwater, agriculture and society in coastal arid regions under limited resources availability
Jens Grundmann, Ayisha Al-Khatri, and Niels Schütze

EGU2018-12371 | PICO | HS1.2

Hydrological Extremes: Unravelling the Influence of Risk Perception on Human Response
Elena Mondino, Johanna Mård, and Giuliano Di Baldassarre

EGU2018-15558 | PICO | HS1.2

Putting the “socio” in socio-hydro(geo)logy via existing psychological models: Health-related flood risk perception in the Republic of Ireland
Paul Hynds, Jean O'Dwyer, Luisa Andrade, Simon Mooney, and Eoin O’Neil

EGU2018-17307 | PICO | HS1.2

Extreme flood events and spatial adaptation: the Swiss approach
Lukas Löschner and Ralf Nordbeck

EGU2018-18567 | PICO | HS1.2

Anthropocene paleohydrology since 1950 and good modelling practice in the Netherlands, a sociohydrological overview
Gerrit Rot and Jan van Bakel

EGU2018-5173 | PICO | HS1.2

A socio-hydrological approach for assessing the Eco-system sustainability of water resource development; Abbay/Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia
Meseret Dawit

EGU2018-3916 | PICO | HS1.2

Gender Analysis of Hydrological Disasters in South Korea
Gunhui Chung

EGU2018-18225 | PICO | HS1.2

The role of gender in social resilience against floods. An analysis on two case studies
Giovanni Menduni and Maria Cristina Rulli

EGU2018-16898 | PICO | HS1.2

Gender in flood early warning systems: lessons from Peru and Nepal
Mirianna Budimir, Sarah Brown, Alison Sneddon, Puja Shakya, Dilip Gautam, Madhab Uprety, Sumit Dugar, Sanchita Neupane, Kopila Thapa, Kriti Shrestha, Lili Ilieva, Alicia Quezada, David Lau, Virginie Le Masson, and Maureen Fordham

EGU2018-4681 | PICO | HS1.2

Review of event documentation techniques for extreme weather events including gender disaggregated data: the EXTEND project
Susanna Wernhart, Karin Weber, Doris Damyanovic, and Maria Papathoma-Köhle

EGU2018-13681 | PICO | HS1.2

A social vulnerability index to flood hazards of municipality of Florence (Italy)
Tiziana Pileggi, Martina Tonola, Enrica Caporali, and Alessandra Petrucci

EGU2018-8902 | PICO | HS1.2

Gender, age and circumstances analysis of geo-hydrological fatalities in Italy
Paola Salvati, Mauro Rossi, Olga Petrucci, Cinzia Bianchi, Aurora A. Pasqua, and Fausto Guzzetti

HS1.3 – Hydrologic Dynamics, Analytics and Predictability: Physical and Data-based Approaches for Improving Hydrologic Understanding and Prediction

EGU2018-7780 | Orals | HS1.3

Critical dynamics and scaling in hydrology
Carlo Albert and Thomas Coutandin

EGU2018-2218 | Posters | HS1.3

Machine learning-based typing of flood hydrographs to characterize extreme events
Henning Oppel and Andreas Schumann

EGU2018-600 | Orals | HS1.3

An efficient three-dimensional semi-implicit finite volume scheme for the solution of coupled free-surface and variably saturated sub-surface flow
Federica Gugole, Michael Dumbser, and Guus Stelling

EGU2018-397 | Posters | HS1.3

Multi-year encoding of daily rainfall and streamflow via the fractal-multifractal method
Mahesh Lal Maskey, Carlos E. Puente, and Bellie Sivakumar

EGU2018-7382 | Orals | HS1.3

Predictability of precipitation and its spatio-temporal variation across the United States
Chandrika Thulaseedharan Dhanya and Gabriele Villarini

EGU2018-19722 | Posters | HS1.3

Comparison of Parameter Estimation Methods of the Stochastic Rainfall Generator
Hyungon Cho, Myojeong Kim, Yeonsu Do, and Gwangseob Kim

EGU2018-14109 | Orals | HS1.3

Runoff coefficients to predict peak discharge at hillslope scale: a small contribution to theoretical hydrology
Giorgio Baiamonte

EGU2018-12142 | Posters | HS1.3

A semiparametric multisite streamflow generator
Jeenu Mathai and Pradeep Mujumdar

EGU2018-12918 | Orals | HS1.3

Physically pertinent equations giving soil pore-size distribution from granulosity.
Béryl du Gardin and Yves Lucas

EGU2018-7324 | Posters | HS1.3

Investigation of the factors that affect the auto-correlation structure of annual river runoff
Yannis Markonis, Yannis Moustakis, Christina Nasika, Petra Sychova, Panagiotis Dimitriadis, Martin Hanel, Petr Máca, and Simon Michael Papalexiou

EGU2018-6854 | Posters | HS1.3

Application of Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) Model to Estimate Water Budget in a Mine Area in Western Turkey
Cidem Argunhan-Atalay, Hasan Yazıcigil, and Koray K. Yilmaz

EGU2018-13836 | Orals | HS1.3

An information perspective on hydrological learning and prediction
Uwe Ehret, Paul Darscheid, Grey Nearing, and Hoshin Gupta

EGU2018-9913 | Posters | HS1.3

Unraveling effects of reservoirs and their parameterization on streamflow simulation: case study of the Yom-Nan Basins in Thailand
Chanoknun Wannasin, Claudia Brauer, Albrecht Weerts, and Remko Uijlenhoet

EGU2018-10834 | Posters | HS1.3

First model application of 3D infrared scanning on water surface (film covered) to understand sea-level fluctuations around sea vessels type propeller thrust and behavior of currents
Dursun Acar, Bedri Alpar, Sinan Ozeren, and Nazmi Postacioglu

EGU2018-11741 | Posters | HS1.3

Application of flood risk indices using constrained multiple regression methods for different flood damage types
Myojeong Kim, Hyungon Cho, Yeonsu Do, and Gwangseob Kim

EGU2018-11765 | Posters | HS1.3

Development of an optimal hydrologic data assimilation model to improve flood forecasts
Gwangseob Kim, Hyungon Cho, Myojeong Kim, and Yeonsu Do

EGU2018-10892 | Posters | HS1.3

Complex analysis of changes in the water regime of the rivers of European Russia based on the methods of automatic hydrograph separation (GrWat package)
Maria Kireeva, Ekaterina Rets, Timofey Samsonov, and Ekaterina Telegina

EGU2018-4778 | Posters | HS1.3

Terrestrial water storage change of European Russia and its impact on water balance
Natalia L. Frolova, Vadim Y. Grigor'ev, Inna N. Krylenko, and Maria B. Kireeva

EGU2018-12642 | Posters | HS1.3

Shifts in the Timing of European Floods
Julia Hall and Günter Blöschl and the Flood Research Consortium

EGU2018-3493 | Posters | HS1.3

Changing Flood Seasonality and Its Causes Across the Contiguous United States
Xiuyuan Li, Tara Troy, Julia Hall, and Rui A. P. Perdigão

EGU2018-17554 | Posters | HS1.3

Predictability Beyond Memory Loss: Retrieving Synergistic and Coevolutionary Information among Statistically Independent Processes
Rui A. P. Perdigão

EGU2018-10992 | Posters | HS1.3

Time of concentration of small sub-tropical basins
Camyla Innocente, Pedro Luiz Borges Chaffe, Gustavo Andrei Speckhann, Aline de Almeida Mota, Fernando Grison, and Masato Kobiyama

EGU2018-11457 | Posters | HS1.3

Reducing equifinality by carrying out a multi-objective evaluation based on the bias, correlation and standard deviation errors
Carolina Massmann, Ross Woods, and Thorsten Wagener

EGU2018-15601 | Posters | HS1.3

Effects on rainfall-runoff models from different definitions of the climatological and discharge day
Jose Eduardo Reynolds Puga, Sven Halldin, Jan Seibert, and Chong-yu Xu

EGU2018-238 | Posters | HS1.3

Environmental Flow Assessment in Godavari Basin Using SPI
Surendra Kumar Mishra, Kumar Amrit, and Rajendra Prasad Pandey

EGU2018-11770 | Posters | HS1.3

Density Currents in a Tributary of Three Gorges Reservoir, China
Yuanyi Li, Jian Sun, and Binliang Lin

HS1.4 – Advances in Diagnostics, Sensitivity, and Uncertainty Analysis of Earth and Environmental Systems Models

EGU2018-3318 | Posters | HS1.4

Hydrogeological model selection with complex spatial priors
Carlotta Brunetti, Marco Bianchi, Guillaume Pirot, and Niklas Linde

EGU2018-4357 | Orals | HS1.4

Determining Hydrogeological Site Similarity using Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering
Nura Kawa, Karina Cucchi, Yoram Rubin, and Falk Heße

EGU2018-5640 | Posters | HS1.4

Determination of the Hydraulic Conductivity of Aquifer by Geoprobe System
Peng Liu and Yunfeng Dai

EGU2018-7544 | Orals | HS1.4

Temporal Estimation of Hydrodynamic Parameter Variability in Constructed Wetlands
Mohammad Moezzibadi, Isabelle Charpentier, Adrien Wanko, and Robert Mosé

EGU2018-8149 | Posters | HS1.4

Using vis-NIR predicted hydraulic properties to simulate water flow dynamics in a tile-drained agricultural field
Ioannis Varvaris, Zampela Pittaki-Chrysodonta, Per Moldrup, Lis Wollesen de Jonge, Maria Knadel, and Bo Vangso Iversen

EGU2018-17675 | Orals | HS1.4

Seawater intrusion in a randomly heterogeneous coastal aquifer under multiple pumping scenarios
Monica Riva and Martina Siena

EGU2018-7814 | Orals | HS1.4

Inflation Method for Ensemble Kalman Filter in Soil Hydrology
Hannes H. Bauser, Daniel Berg, Ole Klein, and Kurt Roth

EGU2018-11198 | Posters | HS1.4

Uncertainty of parameter estimation and future prediction in land subsidence modeling with a genetic algorithm
Masaatsu Aichi

EGU2018-13465 | Posters | HS1.4

Joint data assimilation and parameter calibration in real-time groundwater modelling using nested particle filters
Maximilian Ramgraber and Mario Schirmer

EGU2018-10467 | Orals | HS1.4

Computational efficient inverse groundwater modeling using Random Mixing and Whittaker-Shannon interpolation with application for the Lockyer Valley in Queensland (Australia)
Sebastian Hoerning, Sreekanth Janardhanan, and Andras Bardossy

EGU2018-18762 | Orals | HS1.4

Inverse problems in micromechanics
Radim Blaheta, Michal Beres, Simona Domesova, and Pengzhi Pan

EGU2018-13857 | Posters | HS1.4

Multi-scale data integration for the hydrogeological characterisation of a dual-porosity aquifer
Marco Bianchi, Majdi Mansour, and Elena Tamayo-Mas

EGU2018-8708 | Posters | HS1.4

Prioritizing Uncertainty Sources in Modelling Surface Water – Groundwater Interactions of Gravel-bed Rivers
Thomas Wöhling and Moritz Gosses

EGU2018-8474 | Posters | HS1.4

Sensitivity Analysis to uncertain Parameters of TopModel in Tropical Regions with application to the Middle Magdalena Valley (Colombia)
Maria Cristina Arenas Bautista, Nicolas Duque Gardeazabal, Pedro Felipe Arboleda Obando, Alberto Guadagnini, Monica Riva, and Leonardo David Donado Garzon

EGU2018-5745 | Orals | HS1.4

Understanding the behavior of complex models
Martyn Clark and Bart Nijssen

EGU2018-10784 | Orals | HS1.4

A new implementation of the PAWN method to perform density-based sensitivity analysis from a generic sample
Francesca Pianosi and Thorsten Wagener

EGU2018-9811 | Posters | HS1.4

From sensitivity analysis to calibration strategy in a hydrological semi distributed model.
Federico Garavaglia, Matthieu Le Lay, William Castaings, Timothee Michon, Joel Gailhard, and Laura Rouhier

EGU2018-9947 | Orals | HS1.4

Model Variable Augmentation MVA for Online Diagnostic Assessment of Sensitivity Analysis Results
Juliane Mai and Bryan Tolson

EGU2018-10661 | Posters | HS1.4

How to Handle Model Crashes in Global Sensitivity Analysis?
Razi Sheikholeslami, Amin Haghnegahdar, and Saman Razavi

EGU2018-18058 | Orals | HS1.4

The Generalized Uncertainty Estimation and Sensitivity analysis Scheme (GUESS) for performing sensitivity analyses with discrete model input factors
Christoph Schürz, Bano Mehdi, Alexander Pressl, Thomas Ertl, Brigitta Hollosi, Christoph Matulla, and Karsten Schulz

EGU2018-15884 | Orals | HS1.4

Sensitivity analysis of a final repository model using the RS-HDMR meta-modeling approach provided in the SobolGSA software
Sabine M. Spiessl, Sergei Kucherenko, Dirk-A. Becker, and Oluyemi Zaccheus

EGU2018-13425 | Posters | HS1.4

Sensitivity Analysis of a biogeochemical model on dissolved oxygen during low water periods
Shuaitao Wang, Nicolas Flipo, and Thomas Romary

EGU2018-7470 | Posters | HS1.4

SPOTPY: A python tool for sensitivity and uncertainty analysis of environmental models
Tobias Houska, Philipp Kraft, Alejandro Chamorro-Chavez, and Lutz Breuer

EGU2018-14139 | Orals | HS1.4

Improving parameter identifiability by computing weighted performance criteria based on daily sensitivity time series
Björn Guse, Matthias Pfannerstill, Nicola Fohrer, and Hoshin Gupta

EGU2018-19803 | Posters | HS1.4

Exploring the limits of metamodels for sensitivity analysis at low sample sizes
William Becker

EGU2018-6147 | Orals | HS1.4

Elementary building blocks for assessing the uncertainty of hydrological models: a comparative review
François Bourgin, Vazken Andréassian, and Charles Perrin

EGU2018-15010 | Posters | HS1.4

Linking the use of a dummy parameter to the optimization of the convergence of the Sobol’ sensitivity analysis
Jiri Nossent

EGU2018-15552 | Orals | HS1.4

Use of multiway Partial Least Squares Regression (N-PLS) as model emulator to quantify climate change induced uncertainty in future marine chlorophyll-a concentrations*
Lőrinc Mészáros, Frank van der Meulen, Geurt Jongbloed, and Ghada El Serafy

EGU2018-9007 | Posters | HS1.4

Comparison of statistical methods for ranking the importance of model and parameter uncertainties: a case study with numerical flow simulations of CO2 sequestration
Jean-Charles Manceau, Jérémy Rohmer, and Pascal Audigane

EGU2018-13234 | Orals | HS1.4

Joint inference of hydrological and error model parameters: problems and potential solutions
Lorenz Ammann, Peter Reichert, and Fabrizio Fenicia

EGU2018-5369 | Orals | HS1.4

Philosophical Foundations of Hydrologic Uncertainty
Grey Nearing and Hoshin Gupta

EGU2018-12114 | Posters | HS1.4

Identification of dominant hydrological mechanisms for ungauged basins via bayesian approach
Cristina Prieto, Nataliya Le Vine, Dimitri Kavetski, Claudia Vitolo, Eduardo García, Raúl Medina, and César Álvarez

EGU2018-1864 | Posters | HS1.4

Identifying precipitation uncertainty in crop modelling using Bayesian total error analysis
Xiao Huang, Shaoqiang Ni, Jim Hall, Chaoqing Yu, and Conrad Zorn

EGU2018-17483 | Orals | HS1.4

Governing Dynamic Laws of Spatiotemporal Predictability and Uncertainty under Synergistic and Coevolutionary Uncertainty Sources
Rui A. P. Perdigão

EGU2018-13381 | Orals | HS1.4

How much information about discharge data uncertainty is needed for reliable model calibration?
Ida Westerberg, Anna Sikorska, Daniel Viviroli, and Jan Seibert

EGU2018-17449 | Posters | HS1.4

SWAT calibration and uncertainty assessment in parallel using a Python tool
Carla Camargos, Tobias Houska, and Lutz Breuer

EGU2018-2512 | Posters | HS1.4

Ensemble modeling of the stochastic Saint-Venant equations in one shot under uncertain channel properties
Alain Dib and M. Levent Kavvas

EGU2018-6933 | Posters | HS1.4

Effective predictive uncertainty analysis using reduced order models
Moritz Gosses and Thomas Wöhling

EGU2018-14275 | Posters | HS1.4

Hydrological interpretation of a statistically derived measure of basin complexity
Mehdi Moayeri and Saket Pande

EGU2018-16398 | Posters | HS1.4

Understanding global flood model predictions and how these vary with location
Cain Moylan, Jeffrey Neal, Jim Freer, Thorsten Wagener, and Francesca Pianosi

HS1.6 – Recent advancement in estimating global, continental and regional scale water balance components | PICO

EGU2018-12333 | PICO | HS1.6

Uncertainty analysis of the Chloride Mass Balance approach to regional-scale groundwater recharge estimation
Gemma Bloomfield, Neil McIntyre, and Harald Hofmann

EGU2018-17807 | PICO | HS1.6

Quantifying Alpine groundwater recharge from regional isotopic lapse rates
Bettina Schaefli, Larsen Joshua, Natalie Ceperley, and Torsten Vennemann

EGU2018-18731 | PICO | HS1.6

Multi-Model Assessment of Evapotranspiration over the Upper Blue Nile Basin
Rehenuma Lazin, Xinyi Shen, Marika Koukoula, Efthymios Nikolopoulos, and Emmanouil Anagnostou

EGU2018-18826 | PICO | HS1.6

Uncertainty in the estimation of water budget from reanalysis products: Evaluation in Upper Blue Nile river basin
Marika Koukoula, Efthymios Nikolopoulos, Zoi Dokou, and Emmanouil Anagnostou

EGU2018-2179 | PICO | HS1.6

Hydrological ensembles to improve monthly flow predictions in the Magdalena – Cauca macrobasin, Colombia
David Zamora, Erasmo Rodríguez, Inés Sánchez, Nicolás Duque, Pedro Arboleda, Carolina Vega, and Camila García

EGU2018-10966 | PICO | HS1.6

Correction of high elevation precipitation at global scale for hydrological modelling
Rafael Pimentel, Louise Crochemore, Abdulghani Hasan, Luis Pineda, Peter Berg, Ilias Pechlivanidis, Kristina Isberg, Jafet Andersson, and Berit Arheimer

EGU2018-7412 | PICO | HS1.6

Using the Budyko framework for calibrating a global hydrological model in ungauged catchments of the world
Peter Burek, Peter Greve, Yusuke Satoh, and Yoshihide Wada

EGU2018-17368 | PICO | HS1.6

A global integration technique to describe the Mediterranean water cycle using satellite data
Victor Pellet, Filipe Aires, and Simon Munier

EGU2018-15852 | PICO | HS1.6

LSA-SAF ET&SF – version 2: monitoring evapotranspiration & surface heat fluxes over entire continents at kilometer scale in near-real time thanks to satellite data
Nicolas Ghilain, Alirio Arboleda, Jose Miguel Barrios, and Françoise Gellens-Meulenberghs

EGU2018-8413 | PICO | HS1.6

Quantification of the Water Balance across the United States
William Farmer, Samuel Saxe, Jessica Driscoll, Julie Kiang, and Lauren Hay

EGU2018-2685 | PICO | HS1.6

An operational water balance model based on maximum entropy production theory and its global verification
Shulei Zhang and Dawen Yang

EGU2018-1486 | PICO | HS1.6

Global assessment of steady and transient groundwater recharge rates
Christian Moeck, Jason J. Gurdak, and Mario Schirmer

EGU2018-12186 | PICO | HS1.6

Assessing the Importance of Lateral Groundwater Flows at the Global-Scale
Inge de Graaf and Kerstin Stahl

EGU2018-12946 | PICO | HS1.6

Climate-driven water storage changes over the last century: an evaluation of different data sources
Vincent Humphrey, Lukas Gudmundsson, and Sonia Seneviratne

EGU2018-15845 | PICO | HS1.6 | Highlight

On the co-evolution of geodetic observations and Earth System Models
Laurent Longuevergne, Wei Feng, Luca Guillaumot, and Olivier Bour

HS1.8 – History of Hydrology

EGU2018-10143 | Orals | HS1.8

From mythology to science: the development of scientific hydrological concepts in the Greek antiquity
Demetris Koutsoyiannis and Nikos Mamassis

EGU2018-2401 | Posters | HS1.8

Robert E. Horton’s Concepts of Inflltration and Runoff
Keith Beven

EGU2018-2403 | Posters | HS1.8

The History of Hydrology Wiki Project
Keith Beven

EGU2018-8690 | Orals | HS1.8

Hydrology in Ancient India: Some Fascinating Facets
Pradeep P. Mujumdar and Sharad Jain

EGU2018-1484 | Orals | HS1.8

The history of Sustainable Drainage
Susanne Charlesworth, Luis Angel Sañudo-Fontaneda, and Larry W. Mays

EGU2018-5690 | Posters | HS1.8

Audiovisual Recording of the History of Hydro(geo)logy
Okke Batelaan, Keith Beven, Craig T. Simmons, and Philippe Renard

EGU2018-5674 | Posters | HS1.8

Team Thiem
Okke Batelaan and Georg Houben

EGU2018-16385 | Orals | HS1.8

Explosion of hydrological science in the UK in the late 1960s and early 1970s
Christine McCulloch

EGU2018-11235 | Posters | HS1.8

The Hydrological Cycle: A Contrary Historical Perspective
Okke Batelaan

EGU2018-13003 | Orals | HS1.8

Out of sight, out of mind: Gaps and inconsistencies in terrestrial hydrosphere conceptualizations and implications for major water-related challenges
Georgia Destouni

EGU2018-13913 | Posters | HS1.8

Leonardo da Vinci’s conceptualisations of the water cycle
Laurent Pfister

EGU2018-16903 | Posters | HS1.8

“…come la geometria è la base della scienza delle acque”: Bernardino Zendrini and the measurement of flow rate
Stefano Barontini, Marco Peli, and Roberto Ranzi

EGU2018-5717 | Orals | HS1.8

Long-term Rainfall Observation Records through Korean History and its Application for Modern Hydro-Meteorological Science
Joo-Heon Lee and Hyeonjun Kim

EGU2018-8303 | Posters | HS1.8

Retrospective-modelling: historical hydrology for future water management
Erik Querner, Erik Meijles, Harry Jager, Paul Hendriks, and Theo Spek

EGU2018-4877 | Orals | HS1.8

Core rainfall-runoff regimes and models
Mike Kirkby

EGU2018-2741 | Orals | HS1.8

Flood frequency analyses and the added value of historical datasets: case study for the Meuse River basin (1500 – 2015)
Jan De Niel, Gaston Demarée, and Patrick Willems

EGU2018-15734 | Posters | HS1.8

Empirical approach to hydrological modelling: a historical perspective in the case of the GR models
Charles Perrin, Vazken Andréassian, Maria-Helena Ramos, Guillaume Thirel, Pierre Nicolle, and Olivier Delaigue

EGU2018-919 | Orals | HS1.8

Largest ever man-made debris flow experiments in the Chemolgan River basin (USSR, 1972-1978)
Tatyana Vinogradova, Alexey Vinogradov, and Olga Makarieva

EGU2018-924 | Posters | HS1.8

The Kolyma water-balance station: the history of a research watershed in a mountainous permafrost environment from 1947 to 2017
Olga Makarieva, Nataliia Nesterova, Lyudmila Lebedeva, and Sergey Sushansky

EGU2018-10137 | Orals | HS1.8

The history of HEPEX – a community of practice in hydrologic prediction
Maria-Helena Ramos, Florian Pappenberger, Andy Wood, Fredrik Wetterhall, Qj Wang, Jan Verkade, Ilias Pechlivanidis, Jutta Thielen-del Pozo, Roberto Buizza, and John Schaake

EGU2018-1358 | Posters | HS1.8

Tikhvin water system: history, modern state and perspective of partly restoration
Valentin Sapunov

EGU2018-13315 | Posters | HS1.8

Historical trends, key figures and tipping points in the mathematics of free-surface flow and erosion
Bruno Cheviron and Roger Moussa

EGU2018-2879 | Orals | HS1.8

Historical literacy on hydrology with humanity and nature interaction
Makoto Taniguchi

EGU2018-822 | Orals | HS1.8

On the role of cultural, political and economic context in hydrological research
Tobias Krueger

HS1.10 – Large-sample hydrology: characterising and understanding hydrological diversity

EGU2018-5994 | Orals | HS1.10

Investigating hydrological change using the Global Streamflow Indices and Metadata (GSIM) archive
Lukas Gudmundsson, Sonia I. Seneviratne, Hong Do, Seth Westra, and Michael Leonard

EGU2018-9882 | Posters | HS1.10

Catchment Hydrology Explorer for Water Stewards (CatchX Platform)
Susana Almeida, Luis Velasquez, Mark Trigg, Wim Clymans, Suraje Dessai, Conor Linstead, Christopher Sampson, Andrew Smith, Richard Carter, Klaudia Schachtschneider, Christine Colvin, Hazel Culley, Jane Tanner, Denis Hughes, and Ian Thornhill

EGU2018-16569 | Posters | HS1.10

Global patterns of streamflow signatures and their physiographic controls based on observations from some ten thousands of catchments
Luis Pineda, Jafet Andersson, Yeshewatesfa Hundecha, Louise Crochemore, Abdulghani Hasan, Rafael Pimentel, Kristina Isberg, and Berit Arheimer

EGU2018-7695 | Orals | HS1.10

Performance assessment and bias correction of precipitation datasets using streamflow observations from several thousand catchments worldwide
Hylke E. Beck and Eric F. Wood

EGU2018-3835 | Posters | HS1.10

Connecting seasonal streamflow patterns and hydrological statistics to climate forcing on a global scale
Wouter Knoben, Ross Woods, and Jim Freer

EGU2018-12010 | Orals | HS1.10

Informing regionalization with a limited number of runoff measurements: a large-sample study
Sandra Pool, Daniel Viviroli, and Jan Seibert

EGU2018-2374 | Orals | HS1.10

The CAMELS-CL dataset: catchment attributes and meteorology for large sample studies – Chile dataset
Camila Alvarez-Garreton, Pablo Mendoza, Juan Pablo Boisier, Mauricio Galleguillos, Mauricio Zambrano-Bigiarini, Antonio Lara, Nans Addor, Cristobal Puelma, Gonzalo Cortes, Rene Garreaud, and James McPhee

EGU2018-9663 | Posters | HS1.10

Variability in glacier hydrographs around the world
Marit Van Tiel, Anne F. Van Loon, and Kerstin Stahl

EGU2018-1499 | Posters | HS1.10 | Highlight

Dominant flood generating mechanisms – a global analysis
Lina Stein, Ross Woods, and Francesca Pianosi

EGU2018-7563 | Orals | HS1.10

Spatial Patterns and Temporal Characteristics of Flood Seasonality in Europe
Julia Hall and Günter Blöschl

EGU2018-979 | Orals | HS1.10

Screening large streamflow datasets for human-induced changes in drought characteristics
Erik Tijdeman, Lucy Barker, Jamie Hannaford, and Kerstin Stahl

EGU2018-15041 | Posters | HS1.10

Understanding and evaluating catchment memory from a global hydrological model
Louise Crochemore, Rafael Pimentel, Luis Pineda, Abdulghani Hasan, Ilias Pechlivanidis, Kristina Isberg, Jafet Andersson, and Berit Arheimer

EGU2018-14438 | Posters | HS1.10

Input variable selection for hydrological predictions in ungauged catchments: with or without clustering?
Nilay Dogulu, Inci Batmaz, and Elcin Kentel

EGU2018-10673 | Posters | HS1.10

Predicting runoff signatures for Australian catchments using regressions and hydrological modelling
Yongqiang Zhang, Francis Chiew, and Ming Li

EGU2018-13989 | Posters | HS1.10

Modelling hydrological diversity: advances in a national scale hydrological modelling framework for probabilistic flow simulation and prediction
Gemma Coxon, Jim Freer, Rosie Lane, Niall Quinn, Louisa Peaver, Tamsin Lockwood, Thorsten Wagener, Ross Woods, and Nicholas Howden

EGU2018-19713 | Posters | HS1.10

Parameter regionalization for a flexible modeling framework based on a large sample of catchments
Nans Addor

EGU2018-8808 | Posters | HS1.10

A physical similarity approach to regionalisation using a global database of catchments
Valeriya Filipova and David Leedal

EGU2018-19730 | Posters | HS1.10

Model calibration for high flow estimations – Effect of the choices of objective function
Naoki Mizukami, Oldrich Rakovec, and Rohini Kumar

EGU2018-4992 | Posters | HS1.10

Evaluation of the Seamless Parameter Estimation Technique across Contiguous United States
Oldrich Rakovec, Naoki Mizukami, Rohini Kumar, Andrew Newman, Stephan Thober, Andrew Wood, Martyn Clark, and Luis Samaniego

EGU2018-12220 | Posters | HS1.10

Violation of the flux-matching criteria in land-surface simulations by Noah-MP at different spatial resolutions over diverse regions
Robert Schweppe, Stephan Thober, Oldrich Rakovec, Matthias Cuntz, Rohini Kumar, Sabine Attinger, and Luis Samaniego

EGU2018-10936 | Posters | HS1.10

Using SUMMA for model mimicry: How do we define similarity between hydrologic models?
Bart Nijssen, Andrew Bennett, Martyn Clark, and Grey Nearing

EGU2018-9576 | Posters | HS1.10

A comparative hydrology approach to understand groundwater recharge variability across the African continent
Charles West, Thorsten Wagener, and Rafael Rosolem

EGU2018-19739 | Posters | HS1.10

CR2MET: A high-resolution precipitation and temperature dataset for hydroclimatic research in Chile
Juan Pablo Boisier, Camila Alvarez-Garretón, Javier Cepeda, Axel Osses, Nicolás Vásquez, and Roberto Rondanelli

HS1.12 – Hydro(mythology) - what do we know & what do we just believe | PICO

EGU2018-11725 | PICO | HS1.12

Using Science and Enlightened Modelling to Fight Hydromythology, Zombie Models and Hydrological Indifference in Prediction of Ungauged Basins
John Pomeroy, Alain Pietroniro, and Kevin Shook

EGU2018-11478 | PICO | HS1.12

The cold regions hydrological modelling paradox: why complex models can be run successfully with uncalibrated parameterisations
Kevin Shook and John Pomeroy

EGU2018-7232 | PICO | HS1.12

Process representation in hydrological models: Results from an online survey in Germany
Björn Guse, Tobias Pilz, Michael Stölzle, and Helge Bormann

EGU2018-1059 | PICO | HS1.12

The principle of universality as the only way to overcome hydromythology in hydrological modelling
Olga Makarieva, Tatyana Vinogradova, Natalya Neterova, and Lyudmila Lebedeva

EGU2018-5184 | PICO | HS1.12

WetSpa model application with and without calibration
Abdolreza Bahremand

EGU2018-7168 | PICO | HS1.12

Building a distributed hydrological model from scratch
Fabrizio Fenicia and Dennis Meißner

EGU2018-7707 | PICO | HS1.12

Scaling Laws in River Runoff
Thomas Coutandin and Carlo Albert

EGU2018-8659 | PICO | HS1.12 | Highlight

Right or wrong? Different perceptions of future scenario simulations of forest growth and climate change effects on the water balance components in an Alpine catchment
Ulrich Strasser, Markus Schermer, Kristian Förster, Gertraud Meissl, Thomas Marke, and Herbert Formayer

EGU2018-19399 | PICO | HS1.12

Urban hydrologic design in the light of climate variability
Kristian Förster

EGU2018-9696 | PICO | HS1.12

Searching the elusive optimum in the glacier compensation effect
Marit Van Tiel, Irene Kohn, and Kerstin Stahl

EGU2018-18298 | PICO | HS1.12

A critical introspection into the kinematic wave theory
Muthiah Perumal

EGU2018-18444 | PICO | HS1.12

Hydrologic Space – From Myth to Concept
David Ellison

EGU2018-19377 | PICO | HS1.12

The goodness-of-fit myth in hydrological modelling
Marc Vis, Elizabeth Lewis, and Ilja van Meerveld

HS1.16 – Future of (hydrological) publishing | PICO

EGU2018-10793 | PICO | HS1.16 | Highlight

Peer reviewing articles is like allowing someone to finish a marathon and then disqualify her-him because of a false start.
Rolf Hut

EGU2018-18383 | PICO | HS1.16 | Highlight

Suggestions to improve scientific publishing: an author’s and editor’s perspective
Doerthe Tetzlaff

EGU2018-10725 | PICO | HS1.16 | Highlight

Scientific publishing needs to evolve to thrive
Alberto Montanari

EGU2018-3292 | PICO | HS1.16 | Highlight

Negative results — the missing piece of scientific publishing
Andrea Popp, Tim van Emmerik, Anna Solcerova, Hannes Müller, and Rolf Hut

EGU2018-19715 | PICO | HS1.16 | Highlight

Fight false facts by open science
Miriam Coenders-Gerrits and Markus Hrachowitz

EGU2018-19370 | PICO | HS1.16 | Highlight

Publication philosophy of Frontiers in Earth Science
Nick van de Giesen

EGU2018-11858 | PICO | HS1.16 | Highlight

Journal for the Unpublishable: "Bad" Data and Non-Discovery
Caitlyn Hall and Megan Altizer

EGU2018-8850 | PICO | HS1.16 | Highlight

Open access 3.0 as publisher’s life insurance: from open access to open science
Martin Rasmussen and Xenia van Edig

EGU2018-1429 | PICO | HS1.16 | Highlight

EarthArXiv - A preprint server for the Earth and Planetary Sciences
Christopher Jackson

HS1.17 – Towards Global Integrated Hydrology Simulations: Perspectives and Advances in Terrestrial Modeling (including Arne Richter Award Lecture)

EGU2018-8787 | Posters | HS1.17

GLOFRIM 2.0 - Assessing the impact of coupling hydrologic, hydrodynamic, and groundwater models on large-scale inundation estimates
Edwin Sutanudjaja, Jannis Hoch, Rens van Beek, Hessel Winsemius, Jeff Neal, Paul Bates, and Marc Bierkens

EGU2018-69 | Orals | HS1.17

Human-water interface in hydrological modeling: Current status and future directions
Yoshihide Wada

EGU2018-9492 | Posters | HS1.17

High resolution simulation of streamflow, water table depth and continental groundwater and surface water discharge across the European continent
Wendy Sharples, Bibi Naz, Stefan Kollet, Klaus Goergen, and Jessica Keune

EGU2018-8300 | Orals | HS1.17

The human fingerprint on drought and water scarcity risk: challenges and prospects
Ted Veldkamp

EGU2018-10614 | Posters | HS1.17

The future of global is local. eWaterCycle II: bridging the gap between catchment hydrologists and global hydrologists.
Rolf Hut, Nick van de Giesen, and Niels Drost

EGU2018-6576 | Orals | HS1.17

Towards a process-based understanding of the contribution of human water use induced atmospheric feedbacks to continental drying
Jessica Keune, Mauro Sulis, Stefan Kollet, Stephan Henne, Anita Drumond, Stefan Siebert, Yoshihide Wada, and Diego G. Miralles

EGU2018-11381 | Posters | HS1.17

Improving US national water modeling: an intercomparison of two high-resolution, continental scale models, ParFlow-CONUS and National Water Model configuration of WRF-Hydro
Danielle Tijerina, David Gochis, Laura Condon, Reed Maxwell, Aubrey Dugger, Katelyn FitzGerald, and Wei Yu

EGU2018-4975 | Orals | HS1.17

Sense and nonsense of representing the root zone in global hydrological models
Ruud van der Ent, Rens van Beek, Edwin Sutanudjaja, Lan Wang-Erlandsson, Tim Hessels, Wim Bastiaanssen, and Marc Bierkens

EGU2018-11694 | Orals | HS1.17

Overview of Development and Evaluation of the National Water Model
Laura Read, David Gochis, Aubrey Dugger, David Yates, Katelyn Fitzgerald, Kevin Sampson, and Fernando Salas

EGU2018-11530 | Posters | HS1.17

Development of a simulation of the surficial groundwater system for the contiguous United States
Wesley Zell and Ward Sanford

EGU2018-12256 | Posters | HS1.17

​ European extreme events simulations with the fully coupled TerrSysMP
Carina Furusho, Stefan Kollet, Klaus Goergen, Jessica Keune, and Ketan Kulkarni

EGU2018-12350 | Posters | HS1.17

How clay layers control basin-scale fluid and heat flow
Reza Taherdangkoo, Elco Luijendijk, Albertine Potter van Loon, and Tom Gleeson

EGU2018-18334 | Posters | HS1.17

Towards modelling the effects of groundwater-fed irrigation on the Ganges basin: incorporating 2D lateral groundwater flow in the VIC macroscale hydrological model
Johanna Scheidegger, Christopher Jackson, Rosa Filgueira, Sekhar Muddu, Sat Kumar Tomer, Jimmy O'Keeffe, and Simon Moulds

EGU2018-18643 | Posters | HS1.17

Development and applications of a continental-scale integrated groundwater-surface water hydrologic model
Mary Forrester, Reed Maxwell, Laura Condon, and Basile Hector

EGU2018-18679 | Posters | HS1.17

Catchment modelling at the global scale using the World-Wide HYPE (WWH)
Berit Arheimer, Jafet Andersson, Louise Crochemore, Abdulghani Hasan, Kristina Isberg, Charlotta Pers, Rafael Pimentel, Luis Pineda, and Jörgen Rosberg

EGU2018-18925 | Posters | HS1.17

Shallow aquifer modeling by disaggregating regional scale systems to simple hillslopes under Boussinesq approximation
Quentin Courtois, Jean-Raynald De Dreuzy, Laurent Longuevergne, Jean Marçais, Charlotte Le Traon, and Florence Habets

HS1.18 – Physical and biogeochemical impacts of urbanization on hydrological systems | PICO

EGU2018-15158 | PICO | HS1.18 | Highlight

The complexity of urban hydrology – capturing drivers and processes at the relevant spatial and temporal scales
Markus Weiler, Tobias Schuetz, Hannes Leistert, Axel Schaffitel, Merle Koelbing, and Andreas Steinbrich

EGU2018-405 | PICO | HS1.18

Mechanistic understanding of an ecosystem service: efficiency of emergent pollutant biodegradation in the hyporheic zone
Ignacio Peralta-Maraver, Cyrus Njeru, Julia Reiss, Marcus A. Horn, and Anne L. Robertson

EGU2018-18531 | PICO | HS1.18

Self-purification capacity of an urban lowland stream- an attempt to identify drivers for in-stream transformation processes of organic micropollutants
Anna Jaeger, Malte Posselt, Jonas Schaper, and Lewandowski Jörg

EGU2018-2651 | PICO | HS1.18

Fate of polar trace organics in the hyporheic zone
Jonas Schaper, Wiebke Seher, Gunnar Nützmann, Anke Putschew, Martin Jekel, and Jörg Lewandowski

EGU2018-3272 | PICO | HS1.18

A Study on the Hydrochemical Effects of Particulate Matters on Soil and Groundwater in an Urban Area
Hanna Choi and Kang-Kun Lee

EGU2018-3950 | PICO | HS1.18

Impact of small-scale riverbed topography on stream flow and surface detention of a tracer
Tabea Broecker, Katharina Teuber, Robert Ladwig, Gunnar Nützmann, and Reinhard Hinkelmann

EGU2018-6295 | PICO | HS1.18

Organic pollutants in Tai Lake, China – Occurrences, toxicity and implications for drinking water production
Tim aus der Beek, Aili Li, Anne Simon, Cora Schmid, Christoph Schüth, and Daqiang Yin

EGU2018-11768 | PICO | HS1.18

Fate of trace organics and their metabolites in an urban stream in South Australia
Jonas L. Schaper, Margaret A. Shanafield, Eddie W. Banks, Anja Höhne, Malte Posselt, Anke Putschew, and Jörg Lewandowski

EGU2018-16783 | PICO | HS1.18

Bank filtration affects shallow lake ecosystems: evidence from model scenarios
Mikael Gillefalk, Sabine Hilt, Sven Teurlincx, Annette Janssen, Jan Janse, Manqi Chang, and Wolf Mooij

EGU2018-1551 | PICO | HS1.18

A high-resolution lysimeter study of water transport processes of paved surfaces
Anne Timm and Gerd Wessolek

EGU2018-6817 | PICO | HS1.18

Analysis of the impact of urban impervious cover in a small basin: comparison between high and low spatial resolution in the water cycle using the TETIS model
Claudia Romero, Cristina Puertes, Israel Quintanilla, and Félix Francés

EGU2018-1026 | PICO | HS1.18

Assessing the water balance of paved surfaces with soil moisture observations
Axel Schaffitel, Tobias Schuetz, and Markus Weiler

HS2.1.1 – Hydrological extremes: from droughts to floods

EGU2018-8452 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Dealing with the uncertainty of hydrological model’s parameters in a stochastic rainfall-runoff simulation for extreme flood estimation
Emmanuel Paquet

EGU2018-296 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Event-based hydrological modelling in Puyango-Tumbes transboundary river basin, Peru – Ecuador
Karen Leon and Ximena Vargas

EGU2018-2136 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Spatiotemporal trend and variability of precipitation extremes in the source region of the Yellow River and links to global teleconnection patterns
Feifei Yuan, Zhenchun Hao, and Qing Cao

EGU2018-12285 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Flood frequency analysis including historical data: A case study for catchments in Norway
Kolbjorn Engeland and Erik Holmqvist

EGU2018-2505 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Modified Flood Frequency Analysis Using Natural Flow Index to Estimate Flood Quantiles in Ungauged Watersheds for Flood Damage Analysis
Tae-Woong Kim, Byungseok Chae, Jin-Young Lee, and Si Jung Choi

EGU2018-18199 | Orals | HS2.1.1 | Highlight

Flood Characteristics and their Changes in Europe
Julia Hall

EGU2018-3046 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Comparisons of Three Hydrological Models for Floods Simulation in Humid and arid Catchments in China
Chen Hu, Jun Xia, Chong-Yu Xu, Dun-Xian She, Xiang Zhang, Yi Xiao, Jing Xu, and Si Hong

EGU2018-10619 | Orals | HS2.1.1

We Need a Fresh Start for Flood Estimation in Ungauged Catchments
Ross Woods

EGU2018-4746 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Comparison of continuous time rainfall-runoff model, event based model and statistical methods to estimate floods at ungauged rural small catchments
Aynalem Tsegaw and Knut Alfredsen

EGU2018-6954 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Modelling the spatial dependence of floods in a medium-size catchment in Switzerland
Manuela Irene Brunner, Reinhard Furrer, and Anne-Catherine Favre

EGU2018-4872 | Posters | HS2.1.1

When does extreme rainfall cause an extreme flood?
Vojtěch Svoboda and Martin Pecha

EGU2018-12901 | Orals | HS2.1.1 | Highlight

The value of total water storage anomalies from GRACE for indicating and observing large-scale flood events
Andreas Güntner, Ben Gouweleeuw, Michal Mikolaj, Andreas Kvas, Philippa Higgins, Christian Gruber, Frank Flechtner, Torsten Mayer-Guerr, and Adrian Jäggi

EGU2018-6157 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Application of Storm Separation Technique SDOIF to PMP Estimation in Mountainous Area
Chen Xiaoyang, Lin Zhichen, Lin Bingzhang, and Lan Ping

EGU2018-6573 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Consideration of event types in flood regionalisation by using a new POT- based statistical approach
Andreas Schumann and Svenja Fischer

EGU2018-10294 | Orals | HS2.1.1 | Highlight

From droughts to floods in Sub-Saharan regions; spatial and temporal patterns in hydrological response and water quality
Josie Geris, Jean-Christophe Comte, Fulvio Franchi, Alfred Petros, Ame Thato Selepeng, Kobamelo Dikgola, Chandrasekar Kurugundla, and Karen Villholth

EGU2018-16954 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Evidence of hydrological extremes primarily driven by human land use changes in tropical African basins
Vincent Odongo, Oscar Kambombe, Benedict Mutua, Pieter van Oel, Risper Ajwang, and Nzula Kitaka

EGU2018-7149 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Exploring upper tail estimators to assess the heavy-tail behavior of extreme precipitation in Germany
Luzie M. Wietzke, Björn Guse, Luigi Cesarini, Simone Persiano, Sergiy Vorogushyn, Attilio Castellarin, Heidi Kreibich, and Bruno Merz

EGU2018-7436 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Estimating Median Annual Maximum Floods in Small Catchments in the UK
Elizabeth Stewart, Gianni Vesuviano, and Adam Griffin

EGU2018-10513 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Understanding and estimating the influence of urbanisation on the flood and low flow regimes of heavily urbanised catchments
Andrew Young, Andrew Black, Tracey Haxton, and Giuseppe Formetta

EGU2018-10644 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Flood Estimation in the UK Using a Revised Derived Distribution Method
Ross Woods

EGU2018-12360 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Flood frequency analysis – assessment of uncertainties in flood data, plotting positions and fitted distributions
Kolbjorn Engeland and Ingelin Steinsland

EGU2018-4519 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Modelling asymmetries in groundwater drought and flood status across the Chalk aquifer of the UK since 1960
John Bloomfield, Matthew Ascott, Ben Marchant, David Macdonald, and Andrew McKenzie

EGU2018-7946 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Quantifying feedback processes between abstraction and groundwater droughts
Doris Wendt, Anne Van Loon, John Bloomfield, David Hannah, Richard Morgan, and Catriona Finch

EGU2018-14396 | Posters | HS2.1.1

On the use of a Nash cascade to improve the lag parameter transposability at different time-steps in hydrological modelling
Léonard Santos, Guillaume Thirel, and Charles Perrin

EGU2018-8227 | Orals | HS2.1.1

The impact of drought on groundwater - an analysis of dynamics indices
Benedikt Heudorfer, Kerstin Stahl, Ezra Haaf, and Roland Barthel

EGU2018-15222 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Impacts of Climate and Land Cover-Land Use Changes on Flood Characteristics in Gorganrood Watershed (Northeastern Iran), 1973-2014
Masoud Irannezhad, Masoud Minaei, Saghar Ahmadian, and Delaing Chen

EGU2018-3567 | Orals | HS2.1.1 | Highlight

Global-scale multi-model assessment of river flow regimes indicates an accelerating shift towards intermittent rivers with increasing global warming levels
Hannes Müller Schmied, Jinfeng Chang, Philippe Ciais, Thibault Datry, Petra Döll, Stephanie Eisner, Martina Flörke, Simon N. Gosling, Naota Hanasaki, Aidin Niamir, Sebastian Ostberg, Sonia I. Seneviratne, Jacob Schewe, Tobias Stacke, Wim Thiery, Ted Veldkamp, Yoshihide Wada, and Fang Zhao

EGU2018-1152 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Impacts of human interventions on the dynamics of the water cycle and its extremes at the European scale – a study based on the ISIMIP2 model runs
Sigrid Joergensen Bakke, Niko Wanders, Christel Prudhomme, and Lena Merete Tallaksen

EGU2018-4198 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Reconstruction of the daily drying dynamics of headwater stream in western France
Aurélien Beaufort, Julie Carreau, and Eric Sauquet

EGU2018-9176 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Regionalising the influence of the North Atlantic Oscillation on seasonal hydrological extremes in Great Britain
Harry West, Nevil Quinn, and Michael Horswell

EGU2018-15343 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Visualising and quantifying variability in hydrological state along intermittent rivers
Catherine Sefton, Simon Parry, Judy England, and Geoffrey Angell

EGU2018-12772 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Estimating seasonality in river flows
Theano Iliopoulou, Alberto Montanari, and Demetris Koutsoyiannis

EGU2018-14771 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Present state and climatically induced changes in the low-flow and maximum runoff in the North Caucasus
Ekaterina Rets, Maria Kireeva, Ivan Durmanov, Natalia Frolova, and Roald Dzhamalov

EGU2018-9925 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Modelling of future changes in seasonal snowpack and impacts on summer low flows in Alpine catchments
Michal Jenicek, Jan Seibert, and Maria Staudinger

EGU2018-16757 | Posters | HS2.1.1

A comparative assessment of statistical methods for extreme value analysis
Matthias Schlögl and Gregor Laaha

EGU2018-17960 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Water Multi-Risk insurance strategies to cope with the global change
Diego Guzman, Guilherme Mohor, and Eduardo M. Mendiondo

EGU2018-13283 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Impact of model resolution on future soil moisture droughts over Europe
Eveline van der Linden, Rein Haarsma, and Gerard van der Schrier

EGU2018-2796 | Orals | HS2.1.1 | Highlight

Continental Drought Monitoring by Assimilating GRACE Data into Hydrological Models
Ehsan Forootan, Maike Schumacher, Mehdi Khaki, Albert IJM Van Dijk, Juergen Kusche, Ibrahim Hoteit, Ck Shum, Guillaume Ramillien, Joseph Awange, and Michael Kuhn

EGU2018-6097 | Posters | HS2.1.1

TREHS: a new open access software for helping managers and researchers to investigate temporary rivers hydrology and ecology
Francesc Gallart, Núria Cid, Pilar Llorens, Jérôme Latron, Núria Bonada, Maria Soria, and Narcís Prat

EGU2018-6539 | Posters | HS2.1.1

LIFE TRivers: developing operational tools for the management of temporary rivers in support of the sound implementation of the European Water Framework Directive
Narcís Prat, Francesc Gallart, Núria Cid, Pilar Llorens, Jérôme Latron, Núria Bonada, Sara-María Jiménez-Argudo, Rosa-María Vega, Carolina Solà, Maria Soria, Mònica Bardina, Dolors Vinyoles, Iraima Verkaik, Elisenda Sánchez-Costa, Alba Ballester, Aránzazu Fidalgo, Teodoro Estrela, and Antoni Munné

EGU2018-9858 | Orals | HS2.1.1

(Hydrological) drought: an overview of past, ongoing and upcoming international research
Henny A.J. Van Lanen

EGU2018-16707 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Patterns in the transition probability of weather types during drought periods in Austria since 1801
Christine Kroisleitner, Klaus Haslinger, and Wolfgang Schöner

EGU2018-10621 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Closing the water balance using rare flows in a remote, ephemeral outback river
Margaret Shanafield, Saskia Noorduijn, and Richard Niswonger

EGU2018-10901 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Streamflow generation in fully integrated surface-subsurface hydrological models for temporary streams with varying catchment and environmental characteristics
Karina Gutierrez, Margaret Shanafield, Daniel Partington, Okke Batelaan, and Peter Cook

EGU2018-938 | Orals | HS2.1.1 | Highlight

Classifying long and severe droughts from centuries of monthly reconstructed flows
James Stagge and David E. Rosenberg

EGU2018-15382 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Water management strategies to mitigate effects of climate change impacts on water quality in an intermittent river in the Brazilian Semi-arid
Renato Fernandes, Rodolfo Nóbrega, Ticiana Studart, and Cleiton Silveira

EGU2018-17300 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Revisiting the recent European droughts from a long-term perspective
Martin Hanel, Oldřich Rakovec, Yannis Markonis, Petr Máca, Luis Samaniego, Jan Kyselý, and Rohini Kumar

EGU2018-15496 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Ecologically relevant flow metrics for intermittent rivers and ephemeral streams
Gregor Laaha and Tobias Gauster and the COST-Action SMIRES author team

EGU2018-8815 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Decreasing occurrence of great droughts over the conterminous U.S.
Dennis Lettenmaier and Kingtse Mo

EGU2018-5518 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Elucidating the impact of global warming levels to agricultural droughts in Europe
Luis Samaniego, Stephan Thober, Rohini Kumar, Niko Wanders, Oldrich Rakovec, Ming Pan, Justin Sheffield, Eric Wood, and Andreas Marx

EGU2018-16471 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Observing and predicting streamflow intermittency across a mesoscale catchment
Nils Kaplan, Ernestine Sohrt, Theresa Blume, and Markus Weiler

EGU2018-16554 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Spatial variability in streamflow along a temporary stream in the Okanagan, BC, Canada
Emily Huxter and Ilja van Meerveld

EGU2018-1514 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Artisanal miners, weather-driven hazards considering physical and hydrological water management processes
David Baguma

EGU2018-17246 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Hydrological response of temporary streams in an Italian pre-alpine catchment monitored by low-cost cameras
Ylenia Gelmini, Chiara Marchina, Giulia Zuecco, and Marco Borga

EGU2018-963 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Automation of hydrological drought typology to study drought propagation in a tropical catchment
Beatriz Quesada Montano, Anne F. Van Loon, Hugo G. Hidalgo, Christian Birkel, Ida K. Westerberg, and Fredrik Wetterhall

EGU2018-988 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Sensitivity of the Standardized Streamflow Index for drought to the choice of probability distribution, parameter estimation method and high-flow magnitude
Erik Tijdeman, Kerstin Stahl, and Lena M. Tallaksen

EGU2018-2661 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Nonstationary frequency analysis of low-flow series considering both base-flow recession process and rainfall
Bin Xiong and Lihua Xiong

EGU2018-3391 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Stress testing drought from the bottom up: recharge scenarios to quantify streamflow drought sensitivity
Michael Stoelzle, Maria Staudinger, Markus Weiler, and Kerstin Stahl