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IE – Interdisciplinary Events

IE1.1/BG1.15/NH8.7/NP9.3 – Climate extremes, biosphere and society: impacts, remote sensing, and feedbacks (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2018-11388 | PICO | IE1.1/BG1.15/NH8.7/NP9.3 | Highlight

Connecting the Earth System with the Human System to study man-environment interactions
Jeroen Smits and Miguel Mahecha

EGU2018-12054 | PICO | IE1.1/BG1.15/NH8.7/NP9.3

Heat-related mortality in the Sahel : who is sensitive to short- and long-term heat exposures?
Papa Daouda A. Diène, Richard Lalou, Abdou K. Diongue, Abdoulaye Dème, and Stéphanie Dos santos

EGU2018-12498 | PICO | IE1.1/BG1.15/NH8.7/NP9.3

Critical tipping points of reindeer management in Finland
Mia Landauer, Sirpa Rasmus, and Bruce Forbes

EGU2018-5439 | PICO | IE1.1/BG1.15/NH8.7/NP9.3

Future climate risk: The challenge of compound events
Jakob Zscheischler, Seth Westra, Bart van den Hurk, Sonia Seneviratne, Philip Ward, Andy Pitman, Amir AghaKouchak, David Bresch, Michael Leonard, Thomas Wahl, and Xuebin Zhang

EGU2018-14159 | PICO | IE1.1/BG1.15/NH8.7/NP9.3

Analysis of climate anomalies during past disasters
Elisabeth Tschumi, Jakob Zscheischler, and Sonia Seneviratne

EGU2018-15449 | PICO | IE1.1/BG1.15/NH8.7/NP9.3

Revisiting the response of vegetation-atmosphere interplay to soil moisture droughts in Europe
Rene Orth, Georgia Destouni, Martin Jung, and Markus Reichstein

EGU2018-12619 | PICO | IE1.1/BG1.15/NH8.7/NP9.3 | Highlight

Estimating the likelihood of an Amazon forest dieback and potential socio-economic impacts
Anja Rammig, David M. Lapola, Patricia Pinho, Carlos A.N. Quesada, Irving F. Brown, Bart Kruijt, Adriano Premebida, Jean P.H.B. Ometto, José A. Marengo, Walter Vergara, and Carlos A. Nobre

EGU2018-5953 | PICO | IE1.1/BG1.15/NH8.7/NP9.3

Satellite observations underestimate the impact of drought on terrestrial primary productivity
Benjamin D. Stocker, Jakob Zscheischler, Trevor F. Keenan, I. Colin Prentice, Josep Peñuelas, and Sonia Seneviratne

EGU2018-13094 | PICO | IE1.1/BG1.15/NH8.7/NP9.3

Gross primary productivity during a heat wave – putting sun-induced fluorescence to the test
Katharina Gerdel, Georg Wohlfahrt, Mirco Migliavacca, Eyal Rotenberg, Fyodor Tatrinov, Jonathan Müller, Albin Hammerle, Tommaso Julitta, Felix M. Spielmann, and Dan Yakir

EGU2018-1241 | PICO | IE1.1/BG1.15/NH8.7/NP9.3

Estimation of Net Primary Productivity of Turkey's Forest Ecosystems
Onder Gulbeyaz and Sevda Zuhal Akyurek

EGU2018-14905 | PICO | IE1.1/BG1.15/NH8.7/NP9.3

Implications of Hydrological Extreme Events on Freshwater Carbon Cycling – Recent Advances from Subalpine Lakes and Streams
Jakob Schelker, Astrid Harjung, Andrea Butturini, Francesc Sabater, Martin Kainz, Tom Battin, and Elisabet Ejarque

EGU2018-12859 | PICO | IE1.1/BG1.15/NH8.7/NP9.3

Drought legacy affects microbial response to a subsequent extreme drought.
Alberto Canarini, Victoria Martin, David Zezula, Lucia Fuchslueger, Philipp Gündler, Marina Jecmenica, Michael Bahn, and Andreas Richter

EGU2018-3295 | PICO | IE1.1/BG1.15/NH8.7/NP9.3

Plant phenological sensitivity to climate change is greater on the Tibetan Plateau than in other areas of the world
Ji Suonan, Aimée Classen, Nathan Sanders, and Jin-Sheng He

EGU2018-5880 | PICO | IE1.1/BG1.15/NH8.7/NP9.3

Phylogenetic analysis of HA and NA genes of influenza H1N1 viruses from 1918 to 2017 worldwide
Huixin Yan and Guoying Dong

EGU2018-12726 | PICO | IE1.1/BG1.15/NH8.7/NP9.3 | Highlight

Impact of Solar Geoengineering on Human Health from Urban Heat Stress

Liyi Chen and John C. Moore

IE1.3/GM5.1/BG1.18 – Biogeomorphology: conceptualising and quantifying processes, rates and feedbacks (co-organized)

EGU2018-364 | Orals | IE1.3/GM5.1/BG1.18 | Highlight

Critical transitions and the effects of timing in biogeomorphic ecosystems
Thorsten Balke

EGU2018-15524 | Posters | IE1.3/GM5.1/BG1.18

Plant trait effects on charcoal and ash production and characteristics
Cathelijne Stoof and Claire Belcher

EGU2018-17304 | Orals | IE1.3/GM5.1/BG1.18

Sediment producing calcifying algae and sediment stabilising seagrass as an alternative to coastal engineering
Rebecca James, Rodolfo Silva Casarín, Brigitta van Tussenbroek, Mireille Escudero-Castillo, Ismael Mariño-Tapia, Henk Dijkstra, René van Westen, Julie Pietrzak, Adam Candy, Peter Herman, Tjisse van der Heide, Marieke van Katwijk, and Tjeerd Bouma

EGU2018-13487 | Posters | IE1.3/GM5.1/BG1.18

Modelling the hydraulic impact of beaver dam complexes and cascades
Annegret Larsen, Gilles Antionazza, Maarten Bakker, Pascal Egli, Romain Cardot, Moradi Gelare, and Stuart N. Lane

EGU2018-14197 | Orals | IE1.3/GM5.1/BG1.18

Influence of Aquatic Vegetation Flexibility on In-Canopy Wave Hydrodynamics
Robert C Houseago, Dominic van der A, Stuart J McLelland, Thomas O'Donoghue, and Daniel R Parsons

EGU2018-19470 | Posters | IE1.3/GM5.1/BG1.18

Biogeomorphic feedbacks in glacier forelands and their geomorphic and ecologic effects
Jana Eichel

EGU2018-4903 | Posters | IE1.3/GM5.1/BG1.18

The ecology of deglaciated terrain revisited
Hannah Miller and Stuart Lane

EGU2018-11470 | Orals | IE1.3/GM5.1/BG1.18 | Highlight

Conceptualising and quantifying eco-geomorphic processes, rates and feedbacks in coastal wetlands
Jose Rodriguez, Patricia Saco, Steven Sandi, Neil Saintilan, and Gerardo Riccardi

EGU2018-11807 | Posters | IE1.3/GM5.1/BG1.18

Stream captures: Dynamics and impacts on biodiversity
Nathan Lyons, Pedro Val, James Albert, Nicole Gasparini, and Jane Willenbring

EGU2018-3135 | Orals | IE1.3/GM5.1/BG1.18

Bio-morpho-geomechanical modelling of salt marshes
Claudia Zoccarato, Cristina Da Lio, Luigi Tosi, and Pietro Teatini

EGU2018-10753 | Posters | IE1.3/GM5.1/BG1.18

Topography controls the abundance of Siberian Larch Forest
Hisashi Sato and Hideki Kobayashi

EGU2018-8204 | Orals | IE1.3/GM5.1/BG1.18

Effects of biological traits on saltmarsh species distribution and estuarine bar morphology
Muriel Brückner, Christian Schwarz, Wout van Dijk, Mijke van Oorschot, and Maarten Kleinhans

EGU2018-3199 | Orals | IE1.3/GM5.1/BG1.18 | Highlight

Data-driven approaches to delineating morphodynamically distinct vegetation communities in deltas and floodplains
Laurel Larsen, Hongxu Ma, Dorothy Merritts, and Robert Walter

EGU2018-13659 | Posters | IE1.3/GM5.1/BG1.18

Effect of vegetation change on denudation: Landscape response to transient climate and vegetation cover
Manuel Schmid, Todd Ehlers, Christian Werner, and Thomas Hickler

EGU2018-9820 | Orals | IE1.3/GM5.1/BG1.18 | Highlight

The power of biology in rivers: The relative significance of invertebrates to fluvial geomorphology
Matthew Johnson, Stephen Rice, and David Feary

EGU2018-13193 | Posters | IE1.3/GM5.1/BG1.18

Effects of climate change and atmospheric CO2 concentrations on vegetation cover and landscape development
Christian Werner, Manuel Schmid, Todd A Ehlers, and Thomas Hickler

EGU2018-1249 | Orals | IE1.3/GM5.1/BG1.18

Biotic and abiotic drivers of the burrowing behaviour of invasive signal crayfish (Pacifastacus leniusculus): mesocosm experiments
Harry Sanders, Stephen Rice, and Paul Wood

EGU2018-6186 | Posters | IE1.3/GM5.1/BG1.18

EarthShape: Multidisciplinary investigations into the Role of Biota on Surface Processes along the Chilean Coastal Cordillera
Todd A. Ehlers, Friedhelm von Blanckenburg, Kirstin Übernickel, and Leandro Paulino

EGU2018-7853 | Posters | IE1.3/GM5.1/BG1.18

Sticky Coasts: Characterising the role of biological cohesion on modulating coastal erosion in soft sediment environments
Serena L. Teasdale, Christopher R. Hackney, Daniel R. Parsons, Georgina L. Bennett, and David J. Milan

EGU2018-1219 | Orals | IE1.3/GM5.1/BG1.18

Biogeomorphic effects of caddisflies in gravel-bed rivers: What sizes and amounts of sediment do caddisflies use to build cases?
Richard Mason, Stephen Rice, Paul Wood, and Matthew Johnson

EGU2018-12783 | Orals | IE1.3/GM5.1/BG1.18

Influence of morphodynamics and earth surface processes on alpine vegetation in the Western Swiss Alps
Elisa Giaccone, Luoto Miska, Grégoire Mariéthoz, and Christophe Lambiel

EGU2018-2740 | Posters | IE1.3/GM5.1/BG1.18

Physical context of lagoon marshes facing varying sediment availability
A. Rita Carrasco, Katerina Kombiadou, Ana Matias, Susana Costas, and Óscar Ferreira

EGU2018-3029 | Posters | IE1.3/GM5.1/BG1.18

Response of microbial biomass and activity in agricultural soil and dredged sediment to tidal inundation in managed realignment
Margaret Kadiri and Kate Spencer

EGU2018-16341 | Orals | IE1.3/GM5.1/BG1.18

Effects of fire-related eco-hydro-geomorphic feedbacks in the development of asymmetry in soil depth and hillslope gradient in south eastern Australia
Assaf Inbar, Petter Nyman, Lane Patrick, and Gary Sheridan

EGU2018-10460 | Posters | IE1.3/GM5.1/BG1.18 | Highlight

The effect of tides, wind and vegetation seasonality in controlling water and sediment fluxes in Poplar Island (MD), USA
William Nardin, Jesse Fleri, Lorie Staver, Sara Lera, Alessandro Gerevini, and Court Stevenson

EGU2018-2044 | Posters | IE1.3/GM5.1/BG1.18

Wave attenuation service of saltmarshes and shelly cheniers: a spatio-temporal study in Mont-Saint-Michel Bay, France
Antoine Mury, Antoine Collin, and Samuel Etienne

EGU2018-5215 | Posters | IE1.3/GM5.1/BG1.18

How salt marshes and seagrasses impact the sediment budget in shallow bays
Carmine Donatelli, Neil Kamal Ganju, Sergio Fagherazzi, and Nicoletta Leonardi

EGU2018-910 | Posters | IE1.3/GM5.1/BG1.18

Geotechnical properties of salt marsh and tidal flat substrates at Tillingham, Essex
Helen Brooks, Iris Möller, Tom Spencer, Katherine Royse, and Simon James Price

EGU2018-12496 | Posters | IE1.3/GM5.1/BG1.18

Sediment resuspension in simulated and real vegetated beds by waves and turbulence in wetlands
jordi colomer, teresa serra, and marianna soler

EGU2018-7731 | Posters | IE1.3/GM5.1/BG1.18

The influence of seagrass, Zostera noltii on steady unidirectional flow and sediment transport
Mohamad Anas Mohamad Annuar, Charlie E. L. Thompson, Stephen J. Hawkins, and Carl L. Amos

EGU2018-17404 | Posters | IE1.3/GM5.1/BG1.18

Fragmented canopies control the regimes of gravity current development
Teresa Serra, Aina Barcelona, and Jordi Colomer

IE1.5/BG1.41/GMPV6.13/SSS13.71 – Medical Geology: an interdisciplinary field of science for the benefit of the society (co-organized)

EGU2018-11712 | Posters | IE1.5/BG1.41/GMPV6.13/SSS13.71 | Highlight

Geological Control of High Fluoride Concentrations in Drinking Water and its Health Impacts: A Case Study From the District Swabi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan
Liaqat Ali, Seema Khattak, Hassina Mouri, Muhammad Tariq, and Mubashir Mehmood

EGU2018-19682 | Orals | IE1.5/BG1.41/GMPV6.13/SSS13.71

Naturally-occurred cadmium contamination in the environment
Tangfu Xiao

EGU2018-1422 | Posters | IE1.5/BG1.41/GMPV6.13/SSS13.71 | Highlight

High fluoride and dental fluorosis prevalence: A case study from Nakuru area, The Kenyan Rift Valley
Patrick Gevera, Hassina Mouri, and Godfrey Maronga

EGU2018-18376 | Orals | IE1.5/BG1.41/GMPV6.13/SSS13.71

The healing waters of Ischia, Italy
Ann Pizzorusso

EGU2018-10720 | Orals | IE1.5/BG1.41/GMPV6.13/SSS13.71

The Life Cycle of Asbestos: Understanding the Distinctions between Commercial and Naturally-Occurring Asbestos
Rodney V. Metcalf, Brenda J. Buck, and Brett T. McLaurin

EGU2018-1141 | Posters | IE1.5/BG1.41/GMPV6.13/SSS13.71

Geophagy during pregnancy and its possible health impact, case study: Onangama village, northern Namibia
Selma Kambunga, Hassina Mouri, Carla Candeias, and Israel Hasheela

EGU2018-1151 | Posters | IE1.5/BG1.41/GMPV6.13/SSS13.71

A possible geogenic cause of goiter occurrence in the coastal environment of s-w Nigeria: a case study from, Badagry, Lagos
Olufunke Sanyaolu, Hassina Mouri, Abiodun Odukoya, and Olle Selinus

EGU2018-10380 | Orals | IE1.5/BG1.41/GMPV6.13/SSS13.71 | Highlight

Naturally Occurring Asbestos in Southern Nevada: Interpretations for Distribution and Human Exposure
Brenda J Buck, Rodney V Metcalf, and Brett McLaurin

EGU2018-19831 | Posters | IE1.5/BG1.41/GMPV6.13/SSS13.71

The possible geological sources of chronic copper poisoning of sheep in some specific farms of the Karoo Basin, South Africa
Carike Pretorius, Hassina Mouri, Mark Cave, and Jacobus Pienaar

EGU2018-1769 | Orals | IE1.5/BG1.41/GMPV6.13/SSS13.71

The relevance of Medical Geology in Africa: some examples
Hassina Mouri

EGU2018-19024 | Orals | IE1.5/BG1.41/GMPV6.13/SSS13.71 | Highlight

Analysing relationships between pesticide use and insecticide resistance in mosquito vectors of malaria
Chantal Hendriks, Penny Hancock, Daniel Weiss, Harry Gibson, Peter Gething, and Catherine Moyes

EGU2018-16006 | Posters | IE1.5/BG1.41/GMPV6.13/SSS13.71

Assessment of bioavailability and mobility of potential toxic elements in agricultural soils
Masixole Sihlahla, Hssina Mouri, and Philiswa Nosizo Nomngongo

EGU2018-4661 | Posters | IE1.5/BG1.41/GMPV6.13/SSS13.71 | Highlight

The uranium and radon gas concentration and impact on human health: A case from abondoned gold mine tailings in the West Rand area, Krugersdorp, South Africa
Paballo Moshupya, Tamiru Abiye, Hassina Mouri, and Mannie Levin

EGU2018-18362 | Posters | IE1.5/BG1.41/GMPV6.13/SSS13.71

Assessment of the impacts of mine tailings from a South African Gold Mine: An example from Blesbokspruit Conservation Trust, Springs, Ekurhuleni
Godwin Okereafor, Elizabeth Makhatha, Hassina Mouri, and Vuyo Mavumengwana

EGU2018-2342 | Posters | IE1.5/BG1.41/GMPV6.13/SSS13.71

Envirinmental monitoring system of natural curative geological and climatic resources in mountain resorts of North Caucasus
Natalia Efimenko, Elena Chalaya, and Nina Povolotskaya

EGU2018-3913 | Posters | IE1.5/BG1.41/GMPV6.13/SSS13.71

Anti-biofilm activity substances derived from coral symbiotic bacterial extract can be used to inhibit the biofouling
Yu Song, Zhonghua Cai, Guanghui Lin, Panqing Yin, Yongmin Lao, Hui Jin, Kezhen Ying, and Jin Zhou*

EGU2018-7135 | Posters | IE1.5/BG1.41/GMPV6.13/SSS13.71

Assessment of radiological doses to wildlife due to its exposure to radionuclides in the Rhône River: case studies in link with natural background and actual NPP releases.
Hugo Lepage, Karine Beaugelin, Léa Beaumelle, Frédérique Eyrolle, and Rodolphe Gilbin

EGU2018-7333 | Posters | IE1.5/BG1.41/GMPV6.13/SSS13.71

Evaluation of heavy metal accumulation in birds using opportunistic samples
Chieh-Yu Chan, Yu-Pin Lin, Joy R. Petway, and Te-En Lin

EGU2018-1557 | Posters | IE1.5/BG1.41/GMPV6.13/SSS13.71 | Highlight

Measuring the Bioaccessibility, Bioavailability and Chemical Form of Lead in Old Dutch Town Soils
Mark Cave, Joanna Wragg, Martine Bakker, Simon Chenery, Charles Gowing, and Amanda Gardner

EGU2018-19776 | Posters | IE1.5/BG1.41/GMPV6.13/SSS13.71 | Highlight

Medical Geology as an interdisciplinary field of science linking earth systems with health
Jochen Bundschuh, Prosun Bhattacharya, and Jyoti Prakash Maity

IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7 – Climate Variability Across Scales and Climate States (co-organized)

EGU2018-909 | Posters | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

The impact of the "New Climate" warmed on the " New Water Cycle " in the Maghreb
Mohammed-Said Karrouk

EGU2018-10339 | Orals | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

On scale break in the climate spectrum at glacial time scales
Peter Ditlevsen, Michel Crucifix, and Takahito Mitsu

EGU2018-2483 | Posters | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

The Nature of the Arctic Oscillation: How Does Its Pacific Center Form?
Qian Cheng and Benkui Tan

EGU2018-2746 | Posters | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

How symmetric are SST events globally?
Tina Dippe and Richard J. Greatbatch

EGU2018-18392 | Orals | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

At which spatiotemporal scales, and in which climate states, can the linear temperature response hypothesis be rejected by data?
Hege-Beate Fredriksen, Martin Rypdal, and Kristoffer Rypdal

EGU2018-7391 | Orals | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

Low-frequency variability of wintertime Euro-Atlantic planetary wave-breaking
Gabriele Messori, Paolo Davini, M. Carmen Alvarez-Castro, Francesco S. R. Pausata, Pascal Yiou, and Rodrigo Caballero

EGU2018-3790 | Posters | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

Effect of the tropical Pacific and Indian Ocean warming since the late 1970s on wintertime Northern Hemispheric atmospheric circulation and East Asian climate interdecadal changes
Cuijiao Chu, Xiu-Qun Yang, Xuguang Sun, and Dejian Yang

EGU2018-4584 | Posters | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

The seasonal signal of the East Greenland area – a perspective through the water stable isotopes of ice cores from Renland
Christian Holme, Bo Møllesøe Vinther, and Vasileios Gkinis

EGU2018-8085 | Orals | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

Observational constrains reduce the increases of summertime temperature variance in CMIP5 projections
Duo Chan, Alison Cobb, and David Battisti

EGU2018-4749 | Posters | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

Cold European winters in CMIP5
Doris Folini and Andreas Hoy

EGU2018-17995 | Orals | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

Time-scale dependent estimation of spatial degrees of freedom
Torben Kunz and Thomas Laepple

EGU2018-6989 | Posters | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

Multi-scale temporal variability of soil moisture over Europe: A synthesis of observational data, palaeoclimatic reconstructions and simulation results
Yannis Markonis, Martin Hanel, Rohini Kumar, Petr Máca, Oldřich Rakovec, and Ed Cook

EGU2018-7808 | Posters | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

Annual and semiannual cycles of near-surface temperature and baroclinic activity in mid-latitudes
Valerio Lembo, Isabella Bordi, and Antonio Speranza

EGU2018-12977 | Orals | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

A statistical significance test for sea-level variability
Daniele Castellana, Henk A. Dijkstra, and Fred W. Wubs

EGU2018-500 | Orals | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

Inferring Variability from Paleoclimate Time Series
Raphael Hébert and Kira Rehfeld

EGU2018-8266 | Posters | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

Weather, macroweather and climate: intermittency, and extremes
Shaun Lovejoy

EGU2018-1079 | Orals | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

How wrong are climate field reconstruction techniques in reconstructing a climate with long-range memory?
Tine Nilsen, Johannes P. Werner, and Dmitry V. Divine

EGU2018-8973 | Posters | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

Sub-monthly variability of the Caribbean Low-Level Jet and its relationship to precipitation and atmospheric circulation in Mexico and Central America
Ivonne Garcia Martinez and Massimo Bollasina

EGU2018-9706 | Posters | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

Contribution of radiation and land surface conditions to near-surface air temperature variability and trend
Clemens Schwingshackl, Martin Hirschi, and Sonia I. Seneviratne

EGU2018-10243 | Posters | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

Decadal change in the South China Sea summer monsoon variability and its prediction
Yi Fan, Ke Fan, and Baoqiang Tian

EGU2018-2501 | Orals | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

Seasonal cycle effects on tropical climate variability
Axel Timmermann and Malte Stuecker

EGU2018-10749 | Posters | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

Why and when ensembles are relevant in climate projections
Gabor Drotos, Tamas Bodai, and Tamas Tel

EGU2018-1613 | Orals | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

Exploring the middle Pleistocene transition
Tommaso Alberti, Peter Ditlevsen, Vincenzo Carbone, Fabio Lepreti, and Antonio Vecchio

EGU2018-5785 | Orals | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

Northern Hemisphere summer season lengthening at 1.5 and 2.0 degree global warming
Bo-Joung Park and Seung-Ki Min

EGU2018-13498 | Posters | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

Investigation of the relationship between the intensity of pollutant spread and the vorticity during a climate change in an ensemble approach
Tímea Haszpra and Mátyás Herein

EGU2018-15489 | Posters | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

Timescales of Seasonal ITCZ Transitions in an Aquaplanet Model
Ruth Geen, Hugo Lambert, and Geoffrey Vallis

EGU2018-9712 | Orals | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

Robust changes in tropical rainy season length at 1.5°C
Fahad Saeed, Ingo Bethke, Hideo Shiogama, Erich Fischer, and Carl-Friedrich Schleussner

EGU2018-16813 | Posters | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

Influence of Northern Hemisphere snow cover on the sub-seasonal precipitation anomaly over northern China
Jingyi Li, Shengping He, Fei Li, and Huijun Wang

EGU2018-1392 | Posters | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

Abrupt climate change: correlations of astronomical forcing with the ~1470-yr quasi-periodicity
Alison Kelsey

EGU2018-17682 | Posters | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

Relationship of local and regional variability in a coupled climate model
Igor Kröner, Torben Kunz, and Thomas Laepple

EGU2018-18353 | Posters | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

Climate variability decreases globally from the Last Glacial Maximum to the Holocene
Kira Rehfeld, Thomas Münch, Sze Ling Ho, and Thomas Laepple

EGU2018-19068 | Posters | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

Extra-tropical modes of atmospheric climate variability and meridional temperature gradients
Michael Deininger and Frank McDermott

EGU2018-2764 | Posters | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

Monthly Danube River Basin Precipitation - Discharge Anomalies Associated with the Large-scale Atmospheric Circulation
Kreso Pandzic and Tanja Likso

EGU2018-8490 | Posters | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

Climatology of coastal low level jets over the Bohai Sea and Yellow Sea and the relationship with regional atmospheric circulations
Delei Li, Hans von Storch, and Baoshu Yin

EGU2018-18117 | Posters | IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7

Observed and simulated characteristics of climate trends in the air and sea temperatures over the coastal eastern Adriatic
Darko Koracin, Slavko Radilovic, Danijel Belusic, Ivica Vilibic, Karlo Penovic, Clea Denamiel, Jadranka Sepic, and Ante Bralic

IE2.2/GMPV1.4/BG1.11/CL4.29/ERE1.6/GD3.6/PS1.1/SSP1.10 – Terrestrial Planet Evolution: deep carbon cycle and interior/exterior coupling (co-organized)

EGU2018-426 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV1.4/BG1.11/CL4.29/ERE1.6/GD3.6/PS1.1/SSP1.10

Mantle/atmosphere feedbacks govern coupled Venus evolution: a numerical model.
Cedric Gillmann and Paul Tackley

EGU2018-13456 | Orals | IE2.2/GMPV1.4/BG1.11/CL4.29/ERE1.6/GD3.6/PS1.1/SSP1.10

Global-scale correlation between CO2 earth degassing, major faults, tectonic regimes and heat flux: a review and update
Giancarlo Tamburello, Giovanni Chiodini, Silvia Pondrelli, and Dmitri Rouwet

EGU2018-3656 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV1.4/BG1.11/CL4.29/ERE1.6/GD3.6/PS1.1/SSP1.10

Characteristics of ionospheric flux rope at the terminator observed by Venus Express
Yuanqiang Chen, Tielong Zhang, Sudong Xiao, and Guoqiang Wang

EGU2018-10134 | Orals | IE2.2/GMPV1.4/BG1.11/CL4.29/ERE1.6/GD3.6/PS1.1/SSP1.10

Constraints from carbonate-bearing peridotites (Ulten Zone, Italian Alps) on carbon storage and release in a continental subduction channel
Bibiana Förster, Sonja Aulbach, and Roberto Braga

EGU2018-2924 | Orals | IE2.2/GMPV1.4/BG1.11/CL4.29/ERE1.6/GD3.6/PS1.1/SSP1.10

Reconstructing the oceanic crustal carbon cycle since the Triassic
Dietmar Müller and Adriana Dutkiewicz

EGU2018-6691 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV1.4/BG1.11/CL4.29/ERE1.6/GD3.6/PS1.1/SSP1.10

Na exosphere, comparison with model and MESSENGER data
Diana Gamborino, Audrey Vorburger, Peter Wurz, and Helmut Lammer

EGU2018-18245 | Orals | IE2.2/GMPV1.4/BG1.11/CL4.29/ERE1.6/GD3.6/PS1.1/SSP1.10

Long-term water and carbon cycles as a coupled system on planets with and without plate tectonics
Dennis Höning, Nicola Tosi, Wim van Westrenen, and Tilman Spohn

EGU2018-6720 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV1.4/BG1.11/CL4.29/ERE1.6/GD3.6/PS1.1/SSP1.10

Search for optimal PDF’S for Na released by photons from solid surfaces
Diana Gamborino and Peter Wurz

EGU2018-7617 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV1.4/BG1.11/CL4.29/ERE1.6/GD3.6/PS1.1/SSP1.10

Water, viscosity and convection modelling: the effects of weakening and heterogeneity
Kiran Chotalia, Carolina Lithogw-Bertelloni, John Brodholt, Juan Rodriguez-Gonzalez, Jeroen van Hunen, and Takashi Nakagawa

EGU2018-17825 | Orals | IE2.2/GMPV1.4/BG1.11/CL4.29/ERE1.6/GD3.6/PS1.1/SSP1.10

The impact of crust production on the evolution of terrestrial planets
Antoine Rozel, Diogo Lourenco, Charitra Jain, Taras Gerya, Gregor Golabek, and Paul Tackley

EGU2018-18230 | Orals | IE2.2/GMPV1.4/BG1.11/CL4.29/ERE1.6/GD3.6/PS1.1/SSP1.10 | Highlight

Remobilization of crustal carbon may dominate volcanic arc emissions
Emily Mason, Marie Edmonds, and Alexandra V. Turchyn

EGU2018-18079 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV1.4/BG1.11/CL4.29/ERE1.6/GD3.6/PS1.1/SSP1.10

The global water cycle on earth in the last 4.5 billion years
Stefan Brändli and Paul Tackley

EGU2018-1319 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV1.4/BG1.11/CL4.29/ERE1.6/GD3.6/PS1.1/SSP1.10

The fate of CH4 in shallow aquifers: the case study of “warm water wells” in Emilia-Romagna Region (central-northern Italy)
Andrea Ricci, Stefano Cremonini, Franco Tassi, Paolo Severi, Fausto Grassa, and Orlando Vaselli

EGU2018-4947 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV1.4/BG1.11/CL4.29/ERE1.6/GD3.6/PS1.1/SSP1.10

Quantifying the contribute of seagrass carbonate factory from Paleocene to Present
Marco Brandano, Marco Cuffaro, Guillem Mateu-Vicens, Patrizio Petricca, Vincenzo Stagno, and giovanni gaglianone

EGU2018-4976 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV1.4/BG1.11/CL4.29/ERE1.6/GD3.6/PS1.1/SSP1.10

Is the CO2 content of subduction­‐zone fluids higher than previously thought?
Simone Tumiati

EGU2018-6115 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV1.4/BG1.11/CL4.29/ERE1.6/GD3.6/PS1.1/SSP1.10

Occurrence and flux of crustal methane in the Fennoscandian Shield
Riikka Kietäväinen, Giuseppe Etiope, and Lasse Ahonen

EGU2018-6203 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV1.4/BG1.11/CL4.29/ERE1.6/GD3.6/PS1.1/SSP1.10

Interaction between deep-fluids and microbial communities at “Continental Smokers” of northern Greece
Antonina Lisa Gagliano, Marcello Tagliavia, Paola Quatrini, Marco Tolone, and Walter D'Alessandro

EGU2018-7398 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV1.4/BG1.11/CL4.29/ERE1.6/GD3.6/PS1.1/SSP1.10

Carbonated Ophiolitic Peridotites (Listvenite) from Iran: isotopic evidence and element mobility
Arman Boskabadi, Iain Pitcairn, Robert Stern, Matthew Leybourne, Hossein Hadizadeh, Rasoul Nasiri Bezenjani, Matthew Cooper, and Reza Monazzami Bagherzadeh

EGU2018-9577 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV1.4/BG1.11/CL4.29/ERE1.6/GD3.6/PS1.1/SSP1.10

Recent improvements of MaGa: a gas emissions database
Carlo Cardellini, Alessandro Frigeri, Giovanni Chiodini, Emanuela Bagnato, Francesco Frondini, Angelo Rosiello, Giulio Beddini, Artur Ionescu, and Boglarka Mercedesz Kis

EGU2018-10125 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV1.4/BG1.11/CL4.29/ERE1.6/GD3.6/PS1.1/SSP1.10

High-pressure serpentinization triggers regional-scale fluxes of high-pressure abiotic methane in subduction zone
Alberto Vitale Brovarone, Isabelle Martinez, Francesca Piccoli, and Dimitri Sverjensky

EGU2018-19529 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV1.4/BG1.11/CL4.29/ERE1.6/GD3.6/PS1.1/SSP1.10

Characterizing carbon mineralogy through Earth history with data-driven techniques
Shaunna Morrison, Ahmed Eleish, Anirudh Prabhu, Peter Fox, Jolyon Ralph, Joshua J Golden, Robert T Downs, Chao Liu, Simone E Runyon, and Robert M Hazen

EGU2018-11346 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV1.4/BG1.11/CL4.29/ERE1.6/GD3.6/PS1.1/SSP1.10

The influence of carbonate platform interactions with subduction zone volcanism on palaeo-atmospheric CO2 and the deep carbon cycle since the Devonian
Jodie Pall, Sabin Zahirovic, Sebastiano Doss, Rakib Hassan, Kara J Matthews, John Cannon, Michael Gurnis, Louis Moresi, Adrian Lenardic, and R Dietmar Müller

EGU2018-18121 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV1.4/BG1.11/CL4.29/ERE1.6/GD3.6/PS1.1/SSP1.10

Lherzolitic diamond formation: Early and deep lithospheric conditioning for carbon extraction through cratonic lithosphere
Sonja Aulbach and Vinzenzo Stagno

IE2.3/AS3.10/CL4.22/GMPV6.4/NH2.2 – Characterizing, understanding and predicting the radiative effects and the climatic impacts of major volcanic eruptions (co-organized)

EGU2018-2830 | Posters | IE2.3/AS3.10/CL4.22/GMPV6.4/NH2.2

ENSO response to volcanic forcing: the interplay between ITCZ shift and ocean dynamical thermostat mechanism
Francesco S.R. Pausata and Christina Karamperidou

EGU2018-11164 | Orals | IE2.3/AS3.10/CL4.22/GMPV6.4/NH2.2

Volcanic suppression of Nile summer flooding triggers revolt and constrains interstate conflict in ancient Egypt
Francis Ludlow, Joseph Manning, Alexander Stine, William Boos, Michael Sigl, Jennifer Marlon, Benjamin Kelly, and Gert Baetens

EGU2018-6569 | Posters | IE2.3/AS3.10/CL4.22/GMPV6.4/NH2.2

How can Tropical explosive Volcanic eruptions trigger El Niño?
Myriam Khodri, Takeshi Izumo, Jérôme Vialard, Serge Janicot, Christophe Cassou, Matthieu Lengaigne, Juliette Mignot, Guillaume Gastineau, Eric Guilyardi, Nicolas Lebas, Alan Robock, and Michael J. McPhaden

EGU2018-7300 | Orals | IE2.3/AS3.10/CL4.22/GMPV6.4/NH2.2

Simulated aerosol size as leading cause of inter-model disagreement within the VolMIP-Tambora pre-study
Margot Clyne, Jean-Francois Lamarque, Michael Mills, and Brian Toon and the VolMIP Tambora Team

EGU2018-17129 | Orals | IE2.3/AS3.10/CL4.22/GMPV6.4/NH2.2

Northern Hemisphere wintertime continental warming following the Mount Pinatubo eruption: forced response or just natural variability?
Lorenzo Polvani, Antara Banerjee, and Anja Schmidt

EGU2018-11182 | Posters | IE2.3/AS3.10/CL4.22/GMPV6.4/NH2.2

The Hydrological Effects of Volcanic Aerosols in Asian Monsoon Region
Zhihong Zhuo and Ulrich Cubasch

EGU2018-1417 | Orals | IE2.3/AS3.10/CL4.22/GMPV6.4/NH2.2

A comparison of the climate impacts of volcanic eruptions at the Last Glacial Maximum and the Preindustrial period
Kira Rehfeld, Max Holloway, Eric Wolff, and Louise Sime

EGU2018-4494 | Posters | IE2.3/AS3.10/CL4.22/GMPV6.4/NH2.2

Global monsoon precipitation responses to large volcanic eruptions
Fei Liu, Jing Chai, Bin Wang, Jian Liu, Xiao Zhang, and Zhiyuan Wang

EGU2018-5778 | Posters | IE2.3/AS3.10/CL4.22/GMPV6.4/NH2.2

Impact of volcanic eruptions on temperature and precipitation extremes: CMIP5 multi-model analysis
Seungmok Paik and Seung-Ki Min

EGU2018-8917 | Orals | IE2.3/AS3.10/CL4.22/GMPV6.4/NH2.2 | Highlight

The Causes of the Little Ice Age
Alan Robock and Brian Zambri

EGU2018-2207 | Orals | IE2.3/AS3.10/CL4.22/GMPV6.4/NH2.2 | Highlight

Potential volcanism in future climate impact assessment
Ingo Bethke, Stephen Outten, Odd Helge Otterå, Ed Hawkins, Sebastian Wagner, Michael Sigl, and Peter Thorne

EGU2018-729 | Posters | IE2.3/AS3.10/CL4.22/GMPV6.4/NH2.2

Global dispersion and microphysical variation of the 1991 Mount Pinatubo cloud: A ground-based lidar and interactive modelling analysis.
Sarah Shallcross, Graham Mann, Ryan Neely III, Anja Schmidt, Sandip Dhomse, Jim Haywood, and Andy Jones

EGU2018-6905 | Posters | IE2.3/AS3.10/CL4.22/GMPV6.4/NH2.2

Radiative effects of Pinatubo and recent medium volcanic eruptions using the CCM EMAC and satellite data
Christoph Brühl, Jos Lelieveld, and Jennifer Schallock

EGU2018-17620 | Posters | IE2.3/AS3.10/CL4.22/GMPV6.4/NH2.2

Microphysically-consistent volcanic aerosol datasets for the 1963 Agung, 1982 El Chichon and 1991 Pinatubo eruptions
Graham Mann, Sandip Dhomse, Sarah Shallcross, Lauren Marshall, Ryan Neely, Anja Schmidt, Ken Carslaw, Martyn Chipperfield, Nicholas Bellouin, and Colin Johnson

EGU2018-17745 | Posters | IE2.3/AS3.10/CL4.22/GMPV6.4/NH2.2

The presence of and effects from meteoric-sulphuric particles within the stratospheric aerosol layer
Graham Mann, Lauren Marshall, James Brooke, Sandip Dhomse, John Plan, Wuhu Feng, Ryan Neely, Charles Bardeen, Nicholas Bellouin, Mohit Dalvi, Colin Johnson, Luke Abraham, Anja Schmidt, Ken Carslaw, Martyn Chipperfield, Terry Deshler, and Larry Thomason

EGU2018-9972 | Posters | IE2.3/AS3.10/CL4.22/GMPV6.4/NH2.2

Simulating the volcanic forcing and climate responses induced by Tambora volcanic eruption using a global aerosol model.
Virginie Poulain, Myriam Khodri, Slimane Bekki, Olivier Boucher, and Christoph Kleinschmitt

EGU2018-19802 | Posters | IE2.3/AS3.10/CL4.22/GMPV6.4/NH2.2

Effect of ash on the initial development of a volcanic plume and its radiative forcing
Mohamed Abdelkader, Georgiy Stenchikov, Christoph Bruehl, Andrea Pozzer, and Jos Lelieveld

EGU2018-11107 | Posters | IE2.3/AS3.10/CL4.22/GMPV6.4/NH2.2

Understanding the circulation response to major eruptions: The importance of stratospheric warming
Kevin DallaSanta and Edwin Gerber

EGU2018-1572 | Posters | IE2.3/AS3.10/CL4.22/GMPV6.4/NH2.2

Climatic Impact of Tropical Volcanic Eruption: the Role of Background Climate and Volcanic Perturbation
Chaochao Gao and Yujuan Gao

EGU2018-16359 | Posters | IE2.3/AS3.10/CL4.22/GMPV6.4/NH2.2

Modeling Climate Impacts of the 1783-1784 Laki Eruption in Iceland
Brian Zambri, Alan Robock, Anja Schmidt, and Michael Mills

EGU2018-2695 | Posters | IE2.3/AS3.10/CL4.22/GMPV6.4/NH2.2

The year without a summer in 1816: comparing the effects of uncertainties in forcing and initial conditions
Davide Zanchettin, Claudia Timmreck, Matthias Bittner, Johann H. Jungclaus, Stephan Lorenz, Angelo Rubino, and Matthew Toohey

EGU2018-5646 | Posters | IE2.3/AS3.10/CL4.22/GMPV6.4/NH2.2

New evidence for persistent drying in the tropics linked to natural forcing and connections to multidecadal to centennial variations in North Atlantic and tropical Pacific sea-surface temperatures
Amos Winter, Davide Zanchettin, Rolf Vieten, Denis Scholz, David Black, and Angelo Rubino

EGU2018-9964 | Posters | IE2.3/AS3.10/CL4.22/GMPV6.4/NH2.2

Clarifying the role of volcanism on mid-15th Century climate using historical sources, proxy archives, and climate modelling
Matthew Toohey, Martin Bauch, Francesco Pausata, Anja Schmidt, and Michael Sigl

EGU2018-12097 | Posters | IE2.3/AS3.10/CL4.22/GMPV6.4/NH2.2

Climate effects of the largest extratropical eruption of the Holocene - Mt. Mazama (43 N)
Kirstin Krüger, Stephan Lorenz, Claudia Timmreck, Michael Sigl, Matthew Toohey, Felix Riede, Jürgen Bader, Johann Jungclaus, and Hauke Schmidt

EGU2018-4547 | Posters | IE2.3/AS3.10/CL4.22/GMPV6.4/NH2.2

Global and seasonal climate changes after a hypothetical Agung eruption in 2017
Claudia Timmreck, Matthias Bittner, Kirstin Krueger, Wolfgang A. Müller, Ulrike Niemeier, Holger Pohlmann, Hauke Schmidt, and Matthew Toohey

EGU2018-15208 | Posters | IE2.3/AS3.10/CL4.22/GMPV6.4/NH2.2

Forecasting the climate response to volcanic eruptions
Roberto Bilbao, Martin Ménégoz, Omar Bellprat, Virginie Guemas, and Francisco Doblas-Reyes

IE2.4/NH5.7/CL4.18/GD11.7/OS2.14 – Sea-Level Changes from Minutes to Millennia (co-organized)

EGU2018-9008 | Orals | IE2.4/NH5.7/CL4.18/GD11.7/OS2.14

Postglacial relative sea-level histories along the Northeastern Canadian coastline
Matteo Vacchi, Simon Engelhart, Daria Nikitina, Erica Ashe, Bob Kopp, W. Richard Peltier, Keven Roy, and Benjamin Horton

EGU2018-836 | Posters | IE2.4/NH5.7/CL4.18/GD11.7/OS2.14

On paleogeography of the Kerch Strait during late Pleistocene-Holocene (new results)
Daria Semikolennykh, Tamara Yanina, Eugene Ignatov, Valentin Sorokin, and Valery Luksha

EGU2018-11203 | Orals | IE2.4/NH5.7/CL4.18/GD11.7/OS2.14

A Relative Sea-Level Record from the Mississippi Delta, 7.7-10.7 ka
Elena Steponaitis, Lael Vetter, Torbjörn E. Törnqvist, Brad E. Rosenheim, and Glenn A. Milne

EGU2018-15020 | Posters | IE2.4/NH5.7/CL4.18/GD11.7/OS2.14

Holocene sea-level database from the Atlantic coast of Europe
Ane García-Artola, Pierre Stéphan, Alejandro Cearreta, Glenn A. Milne, Robert E. Kopp, and Benjamin P. Horton

EGU2018-11130 | Posters | IE2.4/NH5.7/CL4.18/GD11.7/OS2.14

6000-year records of relative sea-level change from south Florida
Nicole Khan, Simon Engelhart, Andrew Kemp, and Benjamin Horton

EGU2018-13164 | Orals | IE2.4/NH5.7/CL4.18/GD11.7/OS2.14

Relative sea level proxy records from fossil coral microatolls in Western Borneo, South China Sea: Sea-level stability around 7 ka and possible Holocene faulting
Jedrzej Majewski, Adam Switzer, Aron Meltzner, Peter Parham, Benjamin Horton, Sarah Bradley, Jeremy Pile, Hong-Wei Chiang, Xianfeng Wang, Chiew Tyiin Ng, Jani Tanzil, Mortiz Muller, and Aazani Mujahid

EGU2018-1247 | Orals | IE2.4/NH5.7/CL4.18/GD11.7/OS2.14

Coastal Subsidence: Harbinger of Future Flooding? Insights from Geodesy and Geology
Makan A. Karegar, Timothy H. Dixon, Simon E. Engelhart, Jason Pope, and Jürgen Kusche

EGU2018-9942 | Posters | IE2.4/NH5.7/CL4.18/GD11.7/OS2.14

A ~3200-year high-resolution reconstruction of relative sea level from Rhode Island, USA
Simon Engelhart, Rachel Stearns, Byron Halavik, Andrew Kemp, Niamh Cahill, Reide Corbett, Matthew Brain, and Troy Hill

EGU2018-391 | Orals | IE2.4/NH5.7/CL4.18/GD11.7/OS2.14

Analysis on the extreme sea levels changes along the coastline of Bohai Sea, China
Jianlong Feng, Delei Li, and Hui Wang

EGU2018-11279 | Posters | IE2.4/NH5.7/CL4.18/GD11.7/OS2.14

The influence of tectonics on late Holocene relative sea-level changes from the central Adriatic coast of Croatia
Timothy Shaw, Andrew Plater, Jason Kirby, Simon Holgate, Niamh Cahill, Keven Roy, and Benjamin Horton

EGU2018-12098 | Orals | IE2.4/NH5.7/CL4.18/GD11.7/OS2.14

Sea level and extreme waves in the Last Interglacial: open questions and research directions
Alessio Rovere, Jacqueline Austermann, Paolo Stocchi, Thomas Lorscheid, and Maureen Raymo

EGU2018-6866 | Posters | IE2.4/NH5.7/CL4.18/GD11.7/OS2.14

Reconstructing sea level from Holocene coastal barrier stratigraphy
Susana Costas, Oscar Ferreira, Theocharis A. Plomaritis, and Eduardo Leorri

EGU2018-11037 | Posters | IE2.4/NH5.7/CL4.18/GD11.7/OS2.14

Stable carbon isotopes in salt-marsh sediment as proxies for Holocene sea-level change: a comparison of Europe and North America
Andrew Kemp, Andrea Hawkes, and Robbie O'Donnell

EGU2018-7668 | Posters | IE2.4/NH5.7/CL4.18/GD11.7/OS2.14

Holocene sea-level changes in SE Asia – Fieldwork in Indonesia and first results
Maren Bender, Thomas Mann, Dominik Kneer, Paolo Stocchi, Jamaluddin Jompa, and Alessio Rovere

EGU2018-15034 | Posters | IE2.4/NH5.7/CL4.18/GD11.7/OS2.14

Comparison of sea level reconstructions with glacial isostatic adjustment model predictions for Southeast Asia
Peter Parham, Keven Roy, Benjamin Horton, Aron Meltzner, Jedrzej Majewski, Adam Switzer, and Timothy Shaw

EGU2018-5944 | Posters | IE2.4/NH5.7/CL4.18/GD11.7/OS2.14

18.6-year Lunar Nodal Modulation of the Tides of the Malacca Strait and the Southern South China Sea
Dongju Peng, Emma Hill, Aron Meltzner, and Adam Switzer

EGU2018-14950 | Posters | IE2.4/NH5.7/CL4.18/GD11.7/OS2.14 | Highlight

Relative sea level rise by 2100 and flooding hazard along the coastal plains of the Mediterranean region: new insights from the SAVEMEDCOASTS project.
Luca Pizzimenti, Carlo Alberto Brunori, Fawzi Doumaz, Marco Anzidei, Enrico Serpelloni, Antonio Vecchio, Petros Patias, Charalampos Georgiadis, Dimitrios Kaimaris, Christos Pikridas, Maria Lucia Trivigno, Michele Greco, Melania Michetti, Silvia Torresan, and Carlo Terranova

IE2.6/SSP2.2/CL4.23/GMPV1.9 – Past and Future Mass Extinctions, Climate and Environmental Change: where do we stand? (co-organized)

EGU2018-3935 | Posters | IE2.6/SSP2.2/CL4.23/GMPV1.9

A crystal/melt partitioning study for sulfur and halogens: pyroxenes as probes for assessing gas loads in LIP magmas
Sara Callegaro, Don R Baker, Andrea Marzoli, Angelo De Min, Martin Whitehouse, Paul R Renne, and Henrik H Svensen

EGU2018-3869 | Orals | IE2.6/SSP2.2/CL4.23/GMPV1.9 | Highlight

Linking climate and extinction events to LIP volcanism: the long search for the 'smoking gun'
Lawrence Percival

EGU2018-10291 | Orals | IE2.6/SSP2.2/CL4.23/GMPV1.9

Release of mercury from black shale during contact metamorphism and the implications for mercury as a volcanic proxy
Henrik H. Svensen, Lawrence Percival, Morgan T. Jones, and Tamsin Mather

EGU2018-5357 | Posters | IE2.6/SSP2.2/CL4.23/GMPV1.9

Continental sedimentary response to acidity during the Early Triassic (Smithian-Spathian) in the westernmost Peri-Tethys.
Violeta Borruel-Abadía, Ana Belén Galán-Abellán, José F. Barrenechea, Raúl De la Horra, Francisco Javier Luque, Jacinto Alonso-Azcárate, José López-Gómez, Ausonio Ronchi, and Mariano Marzo

EGU2018-12762 | Orals | IE2.6/SSP2.2/CL4.23/GMPV1.9

Revisiting the Latest Permian Mercury Anomalies: lessons for application of mercury as a sedimentary proxy for large volcanic events
Hamed Sanei and Peter M. Outridge

EGU2018-9675 | Posters | IE2.6/SSP2.2/CL4.23/GMPV1.9

Preliminary U-Pb high-precision ages for the Late Pliensbachian Stage and an associated positive carbon isotope excursion
Luis Lena, David Taylor, Jean Guex, Annachiara Bartolini, Thierry Adatte, Elias Samankassou, Torsten Vennemann, and Urs Schaltegger

EGU2018-10267 | Posters | IE2.6/SSP2.2/CL4.23/GMPV1.9

Linking warming, environmental changes, and volcanic ash falls from onset to recovery of the PETM: new insights from the island of Fur, Denmark
Ella Wulfsberg Stokke, Jessica Whiteside, Øyvind Hammer, Henrik Svensen, and Morgan Jones

EGU2018-4435 | Orals | IE2.6/SSP2.2/CL4.23/GMPV1.9

Towards a mechanistic understanding of marine anoxia development during the end-Permian mass extinction
Martin Schobben, Elsbeth E. van Soelen, Arve Sleveland, Wolfram M. Kürschner, Henrik Svensen, Sverre Planke, David P.G. Bond, Robert J. Newton, Paul B. Wignall, and Simon W. Poulton

EGU2018-4003 | Orals | IE2.6/SSP2.2/CL4.23/GMPV1.9

Zircon Hf-O isotopes and U-Pb ages from the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province (CAMP) help constrain its mantle sources and relationship to the end Triassic mass extinction.
Joshua Davies, Andrea Marzoli, Hervé Bertrand, Nassrddine Youbi, Marcia Ernesto, Lukas Baumgartner, Florence Bégué, Nicolas Greber, and Urs Schaltegger

EGU2018-11043 | Posters | IE2.6/SSP2.2/CL4.23/GMPV1.9

Emergent magmatism of the Siberian Traps in a wet forest environment
Sverre Planke, Alexander G. Polozov, John M. Millett, Dougal A. Jerram, and Henrik H. Svensen

EGU2018-8482 | Orals | IE2.6/SSP2.2/CL4.23/GMPV1.9

Low-latitude non-explosive volcanic eruptions during the end-Triassic mass extinction
Kunio Kaiho, Sylvain Richoz, Daisuke Tanaka, David S. Jones, and Megumu Fujibayashi

EGU2018-11625 | Posters | IE2.6/SSP2.2/CL4.23/GMPV1.9

Impact of the degradation of organic matter on the Hg/TOC ratio in the Bonarelli Level (Cenomanian-Turonian boundary interval): implications for deep-time investigations
Guillaume Charbonnier, Thierry Adatte, and Karl Föllmi

EGU2018-9682 | Orals | IE2.6/SSP2.2/CL4.23/GMPV1.9

Malformed spores and pollen across the Triassic–Jurassic boundary
Sofie Lindström and Bas van de Schootbrugge

EGU2018-14281 | Posters | IE2.6/SSP2.2/CL4.23/GMPV1.9

“The last inoceram” – shell synopsis of Inoceramus (Platyceramus) salisburgensis from Inoceramid Beds (Skole Unit, Eastern Carpathians, Poland).
Adam Wierzbicki and Mariusz Kędzierski

EGU2018-9916 | Orals | IE2.6/SSP2.2/CL4.23/GMPV1.9 | Highlight

Early Jurassic hyperthermals in the context of a long, continuous, integrated stratigraphy (the JET project)
Stephen Hesselbo

EGU2018-11845 | Posters | IE2.6/SSP2.2/CL4.23/GMPV1.9

The Paleocene Hyperthermal Events, Links with Global Volcanism: New Insights from Egypt
Hassan Khozyem, Thierry Adatte, Abdullah Mahmoud, Abdel Tantawy, and Jorge Spangenberg

EGU2018-12463 | Posters | IE2.6/SSP2.2/CL4.23/GMPV1.9

Timing, Tempo And Paleoenvironmental Implications Of Deccan Volcanism Relative To The KPg Extinction : Evidences From The Red Bole Record
Sharma Nikhil, Thierry Adatte, Valentin Sordet, Gerta Keller, Blair Schoene, and Syed Khadri

EGU2018-18715 | Orals | IE2.6/SSP2.2/CL4.23/GMPV1.9

The global imprint of Deccan volcanism in the sedimentary record across the end-Cretaceous mass extinction
Eric Font, Thierry Adatte, Gerta Keller, Anne Nédélec, Jahnavi Punekar, Julie Carlut, Céline Rémazeilles, Tamsin Mather, and José Mirão

EGU2018-12551 | Posters | IE2.6/SSP2.2/CL4.23/GMPV1.9

An assemblage of primitive monothalamids (Foraminifera) from the Lower–Middle Ordovician Klabava Formation in the Czech Republic: implications for foraminiferal diversification
Michael Kaminski, Pramudya Perdana, Marco Vecoli, and Stefan Jozsa

EGU2018-10308 | Orals | IE2.6/SSP2.2/CL4.23/GMPV1.9 | Highlight

Mercury chemostratigraphy links Deccan volcanism to global climate change, biotic turnover, end-Cretaceous mass extinction and delayed recovery
Gerta Keller, Thierry Adatte, Paula Mateo, Jahnavi Punekar, Jorge Spangenberg, Blair Schoene, Kyle Samperton, Michael Eddy, Syed Khadri, Johannes Monkenbusch, and Nicolas Thibault

EGU2018-19158 | Posters | IE2.6/SSP2.2/CL4.23/GMPV1.9

Climatic signals in the Paleocene fluvial formation of the Tremp-Graus Basin, Pyrenees, Spain.
Teodoro Hunger, Charlotte Laeuchli, Andres Nowak, Louis Honegger, Thierry Adatte, Jorge Spangenberg, and Sébastien Castelltort

EGU2018-17217 | Orals | IE2.6/SSP2.2/CL4.23/GMPV1.9

Modelling the impact of the end-Cretaceous plankton extinction on the marine carbon cycle
Jamie Wilson, Daniela Schmidt, Ben Ward, and Andy Ridgwell

EGU2018-12321 | Orals | IE2.6/SSP2.2/CL4.23/GMPV1.9

Investigating mercury as a large igneous province proxy: Insights from the Palaeocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum
Morgan Jones, Lawrence Percival, Ella Stokke, Joost Frieling, Tamsin Mather, Lars Riber, Brian Schubert, and Henrik Svensen

EGU2018-19142 | Posters | IE2.6/SSP2.2/CL4.23/GMPV1.9

Landscape response to Early-Eocene hyperthermals: a record of climate-controlled deltaic progradation in the Roda formation, South-Pyrenean foreland basin, Spain
Andres Nowak, Charlotte Laeuchli, Teodoro Hunger, Cai Puigdefabregas, Julian Clark, Miquel Poyatos-Moré, Thierry Adatte, Jorge Spangenberg, Emmanuelle Chanvry, and Sébastien Castelltort

EGU2018-18546 | Posters | IE2.6/SSP2.2/CL4.23/GMPV1.9

CAMP intrusive and extrusive activity and its influence on the end-Triassic mass extinction
Lucrezia Valeriani, Andrea Marzoli, Joshua Davies, Jacopo Dal Corso, Nereo Preto, Simonetta Cirilli, Eleonora Vasconcellos, Marcia Ernesto, Henrik Svensen, Nasser Youbi, Herve Bertrand, and Sara Callegaro

EGU2018-10020 | Posters | IE2.6/SSP2.2/CL4.23/GMPV1.9

Potential of natural objects of the Permian Period from the point of geological time scale perception: retrospective analysis and prospective trends in research and museum field
Yuliya Glazyrina

EGU2018-17156 | Posters | IE2.6/SSP2.2/CL4.23/GMPV1.9

Coral traits and their link to extinction risk
Andreas Lauchstedt, John Pandolfi, Sun Wook Kim, and Wolfgang Kiessling

EGU2018-11795 | Posters | IE2.6/SSP2.2/CL4.23/GMPV1.9

Near Coincidence Of Maximum Deccan Volcanism With The Cretaceous-Paleogene Boundary: A Multiproxy Approach
Thierry Adatte, Gerta Keller, Eric Font, Blair Schoene, André Mbabi Bitchong, and Syed Khadri

EGU2018-16488 | Posters | IE2.6/SSP2.2/CL4.23/GMPV1.9

The Re-Os record embracing the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary at Stevns Klint, eastern Denmark
Holly J Stein, Vineet Goswami, and Judith L Hannah

IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7 – Atmosphere – Cryosphere interaction with focus on transport, deposition and effects of dust, black carbon, and other aerosols (co-organized)

EGU2018-10610 | Orals | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7

Bacterial communities of cryoconite holes of the Forni Glacier (Italian Alps) show both seasonal trends and year-to-year variability
Roberto Ambrosini, Francesca Pittino, Maurizio Maglio, Roberto Sergio Azzoni, Guglielmina Diolaiuti, and Andrea Franzetti

EGU2018-575 | Posters | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7

Preliminary results on spatial distribution of apex consumers within cryoconite holes on an Arctic valley glacier
Jakub Buda, Michał Bogdziewicz, and Krzysztof Zawierucha

EGU2018-4236 | Orals | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7

Microbial cells exported from Arctic glaciers: patterns and processes in structuring meltwater assemblages
Tyler Kohler, Jakub Žárský, Lukaš Falteisek, Petra Vinšová, Jacob Yde, Jade Hatton, Jon Hawkings, Guillaume Lamarche-Gagnon, Eran Hood, and Marek Stibal

EGU2018-898 | Posters | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7

The secret life of icy bacteria: physiological adaptations to the variability of cryoconite hole environments.
Ewa Poniecka, Elizabeth Bagshaw, Henrik Sass, Christopher Williamson, Alexandre Anesio, and Martyn Tranter

EGU2018-19483 | Posters | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7

Linking Atmospheric Pollution to Cryospheric Change over the Third Pole Region: Current Research Status and Future Prospects
Shichang Kang, Qianggong Zhang, Yun Qian, Zhenming Ji, Chaoliu Li, Zhiyuan Cong, Yulan Zhang, Junming Guo, Wentao Du, Jie Huang, Örjan Gustafsson, Arnico K. Panday, Maheswar Rupakheti, Deliang Chen, Mark H. Thiemens, and Dahe Qin

EGU2018-13757 | Orals | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7

Light-absorption of dust and elemental carbon in snow from Sunderdhunga Valley, Indian Himalaya
Jonas Svensson, Johan Ström, Niku Kivekäs, Nathaniel Dkhar, Shresth Tayal, Ved Sharma, Arttu Jutila, John Backman, Aki Virkkula, Meri Ruppel, Matti Leppäranta, Rakesh Hooda, Atte Korhola, Eija Asmi, Antti Hyvärinen, and Heikki Lihavainen

EGU2018-18300 | Posters | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7

Frequency and Characteristics of Volcanic Ash and Dust Suspension Events in Iceland
Mary Butwin, Melissa Pfeffer, Sibylle von Löwis, and Throstur Thorsteinsson

EGU2018-995 | Orals | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7

First considerations and meteorological control in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and heavy metals deposition over alpine glaciers.
Arianna Peron, Carlo Barbante, Giovanni Bonafè, Jacopo Gabrieli, Francesco Montanari, Elisabetta Pizzul, Marco Vecchiato, and Renato R. Colucci

EGU2018-4296 | Posters | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7

Insights into the supraglacial ecosystem of the Greenland ice sheet using process-based ecosystem modelling
Marek Stibal, James Bradley, Christopher Williamson, and Jason Box

EGU2018-10338 | Orals | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7

Predicting atmospheric dust process from Icelandic soil sources
Slobodan Nickovic, Bojan Cvetkovic, Goran Pejanovic, Luka Ilic, Pavla Dagsson Waldhauserová, Ólafur Arnalds, Sigmundur Helgi Brink, Jugoslav Nikolic, and Slavko Petkovic

EGU2018-10869 | Orals | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7

Atmospheric transport pathways to Antarctica and the remote Southern Ocean
Scott Chambers, Susanne Preunkert, Rolf Weller, Sangbum Hong, Paul Krummel, Helene Angot, Suzie Molloy, Jack Simmons, Alastair Williams, Ruhi Humphries, Zoe Loh, Ian Galbally, Michel Legrand, Aurélien Dommergue, and Ingeborg Levin

EGU2018-2007 | Posters | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7

Effects of high latitude dust on snow UV albedo and solar UV irradiance measured at Marambio during 2013-2017 with comparison to simulated UV irradiances
Outi Meinander, Leif Backman, Olli Saranko, Eija Asmi, Edith Rodriguez, and Ricardo Sanchez

EGU2018-2086 | Posters | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7

Towards achieving “actual” concentration and deposition values of black carbon at remote and glacial regions of the Himalayans and Tibetan Plateau
Chaoliu Li, Fangping Yan, Shichang Kang, and Pengfei Chen

EGU2018-2474 | Orals | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7 | Highlight

Scientific thinking about light-absorbing impurities in snow, 1920-2004
Stephen Warren

EGU2018-5333 | Posters | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7

Glacier animals and their importance in Glacial Ecosystems
Krzysztof Zawierucha, Jakub Buda, Karel Janko, Daniel Shain, and Nozomu Takeuchi

EGU2018-2475 | Orals | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7 | Highlight

Surveys for black carbon and other light-absorbing impurities in snow over large areas of North America, China, the Arctic and Antarctic
Stephen Warren

EGU2018-6944 | Posters | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7

Molecular diversity and phylogeny of glacial algae from the Greenland ice sheet
Jakub D Zarsky, Tyler J Kohler, Marek Stibal, and Adam Petrusek

EGU2018-18612 | Orals | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7

Interannual variation of snowmelt runoff hydrographs in the Eastern Colorado River Basin controlled by dust radiative forcing
Thomas H. Painter, S. McKenzie Skiles, Jeffrey S. Deems, William T. Brandt, and Jeffrey Dozier

EGU2018-8008 | Orals | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7

Glacier recession as a source of environmental pollutants: a case study from Isfallsglaciären, Arctic Sweden
Caroline Clason, Will Blake, Nick Selmes, Geoff Millward, Alex Taylor, and Stephanie Mills

EGU2018-6784 | Posters | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7

Characteristics of winds and wind forecasts at dust sources in complex terrain
Haraldur Ólafsson, Pavla Dagsson-Waldhauserova, and Ólafur Arnalds

EGU2018-16814 | Posters | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7

Spatial and temporal variability of black carbon in snow measured with an SP2 around Ny-Ålesund
Hannes Schulz, Nora Fried, Marco Zanatta, Marion Maturilli, Josephine Rapp, Andreas Herber, and Rüdiger Gerdes

EGU2018-14006 | Orals | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7

Radiative forcing from light absorbing aerosols in snow and ice through catchment scale integrative hydrologic analysis.
John F. Burkhart and Felix Matt

EGU2018-3504 | Posters | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7

Characterizig microbial communities in a rapidly changing, glacially dominated high Arctic watershed
Maria Cavaco, Vincent St.Louis, Katja Engel, Kyra St.Pierre, Marek Stibal, and Josh D. Neufeld

EGU2018-10062 | Orals | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7 | Highlight

Analysis of aerosol deposition on snowpack over global high mountain ranges
Paul Ginoux, Sarah Kapnick, Sergey Malyshev, Veronica Chan, Huan Guo, Chris Milly, Vaishali Naik, Salvatore Pascale, Bing Pu, Elena Shevliakova, and Ming Zhao

EGU2018-13190 | Posters | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7

Time series of measurements of light absorbing aerosol particles at the Sonnblick Observatory
Anne Kasper-Giebl, Marion Greilinger, Magdalena Kistler, Hanna Gurezcny, Peter Redl, and Gerhard Schauer

EGU2018-11318 | Posters | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7

A parameterization on snow/ice albedo with cryoconite considered built on Urumqi Glacier No. 1, Tian Shan, Northwest China
Huilin Li

EGU2018-9332 | Posters | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7

Snow-Dust Storm phenomenon: A case study from Iceland
Pavla Dagsson Waldhauserova, Olafur Arnalds, Haraldur Olafsson, Outi Meinander, Jindrich Hladil, Roman Skala, Tomas Navratil, and Leona Chadimova

EGU2018-14972 | Posters | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7

Climate policy implications of nonlinear decline of Arctic land permafrost and sea ice
Dmitry Yumashev, Chris Hope, Kevin Schaefer, Kathrin Riemann-Campe, Fernando Iglesias-Suarez, Elchin Jafarov, Gail Whiteman, and Paul Young

EGU2018-15901 | Posters | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7

Investigating algal blooms on ice in an Alpine glacier
Biagio Di Mauro, Giovanni Baccolo, Andrea Franzetti, Roberto Ambrosini, Francesca Pittino, Roberto Garzonio, Barbara Leoni, Alessandro Gargan, Giulia Tagliabue, Roberto Colombo, and Micol Rossini

EGU2018-12169 | Posters | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7

On the role of Saharan dust events on snow season duration in the European Alps
Biagio Di Mauro, Roberto Garzonio, Micol Rossini, Gianluca Filippa, Paolo Pogliotti, Marta Galvagno, Umberto Morra di Cella, Mirco Migliavacca, Giovanni Baccolo, Barbara Delmonte, Marie Dumont, François Tuzet, Matthieu Lafaysse, Samuel Morin, Edoardo Cremonese, and Roberto Colombo

EGU2018-14764 | Posters | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7

Dyngjusandur: a rapidly evolving hyperactive dust source north of Vatnajökull glacier, Iceland.
Olafur Arnalds, Pavla Dagsson-Waldhauserova, and Haraldur Olafsson

EGU2018-12495 | Posters | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7

Plant diversity and annual layer counting based on pollen analyses of an Adamello Glacier ice core
Daniela Festi, Valter Maggi, Cristiano Vernesi, Antonella Cristofori, Stefan Zerbe, Camilla Wellstein, and Klaus Oeggl

EGU2018-14384 | Posters | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7

Where do the fine-grained cryoconite quartz originate from? A case study from the Russell Glacier, southwest Greenland.
Kristaps Lamsters, Edyta Kalińska-Nartiša, Jānis Karušs, Māris Krievāns, Agnis Rečs, and Raimonds Meija

EGU2018-15922 | Posters | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7

Application of TD PTR-MS to the analysis of DOM from alpine snow
Dušan Materić, Kangming Xu, Elke Ludewig, Thomas Röckmann, and Rupert Holzinger

EGU2018-17410 | Posters | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7

How to exploit Alpine glaciers as biological archives: new DNA metabarcoding approaches for biodiversity analyses on ice cores extracted from the largest and deepest southern Alps glacier, Adamello, Italy
Alexis Marchesini, Matteo Girardi, Antonella Cristofori, Valter Maggi, Daniela Festi, Camilla Wellstein, Stefan Zerbe, Klaus Oeggl, and Cristiano Vernesi

EGU2018-18131 | Posters | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7

Urban pollution to the Andean cryosphere
Nicolas Huneeus, Andrea Mazzeo, Cesar Ordoñez, Laurent Menut, Myrto Valari, Sylvain Mailler, Andrea Orfanoz, Raúl R. Cordero, Rodrigo Donoso, Laura Gallardo, Luisa T. Molina, Ricardo Muñoz, Mauricio Osses, and Sebstian Tolvett

EGU2018-3111 | Posters | IE2.7/AS3.6/BG1.10/CL2.24/CR8.7

Atmospheric circulation patterns fostering the development of dust plumes over Iceland
Kerstin Schepanski and Kai-Erik Szodry

IE2.8/CL4.02/AS1.7/BG1.40/NP2.6/OS1.22 – Constraining climate sensitivity from various lines of evidence (co-organized)

EGU2018-12585 | Posters | IE2.8/CL4.02/AS1.7/BG1.40/NP2.6/OS1.22

Multiple constraints revisited
James Annan, Piers Forster, Julia Hargreaves, Gabriele Hegerl, Steve Klein, Reto Knutti, Steven Sherwood, Masahiro Watanabe, and Mark Webb

EGU2018-15112 | Orals | IE2.8/CL4.02/AS1.7/BG1.40/NP2.6/OS1.22 | Highlight

How useful is equilibrium climate sensitivity in characterizing the global temperature response?
Martin Rypdal

EGU2018-6 | Orals | IE2.8/CL4.02/AS1.7/BG1.40/NP2.6/OS1.22

Atmospheric dynamics feedback: concept, simulations and climate implications
Michael Byrne and Tapio Schneider

EGU2018-6324 | Posters | IE2.8/CL4.02/AS1.7/BG1.40/NP2.6/OS1.22

A temperature forcing concept for analysis of Earth’s surface temperature response to small disturbances
Ulrich Schumann and Bernhard Mayer

EGU2018-2611 | Orals | IE2.8/CL4.02/AS1.7/BG1.40/NP2.6/OS1.22

Effective and equilibrium climate sensitivity
Maria Rugenstein and Jonah Bloch-Johnson

EGU2018-9242 | Posters | IE2.8/CL4.02/AS1.7/BG1.40/NP2.6/OS1.22

A modern radiative-convective equilibrium model
Lukas Kluft, Sally Dacie, Stefan A. Buehler, Hauke Schmidt, and Bjorn Stevens

EGU2018-6897 | Orals | IE2.8/CL4.02/AS1.7/BG1.40/NP2.6/OS1.22

Sizing the impact of ozone feedbacks in climate sensitivity experiments - what is the best way forward?
Peer Nowack, Peter Braesicke, Luke Abraham, and John Pyle

EGU2018-16890 | Posters | IE2.8/CL4.02/AS1.7/BG1.40/NP2.6/OS1.22

Global mean temperature indicators linked to warming levels avoiding climate risks
Peter Pfleiderer, Carl-Friedrich Schleussner, Matthias Mengel, and Joeri Rogelj

EGU2018-57 | Posters | IE2.8/CL4.02/AS1.7/BG1.40/NP2.6/OS1.22

Pushing versus popping the cork: ocean heat and carbon uptake and outgassing responses to symmetric increasing versus decreasing atmospheric CO2 concentrations
Karin Kvale, Katherine Turner, David Keller, and Katrin Meissner

EGU2018-3155 | Orals | IE2.8/CL4.02/AS1.7/BG1.40/NP2.6/OS1.22

An estimate of equilibrium climate sensitivity from interannual variability
Andrew Dessler and Piers Forster

EGU2018-1170 | Posters | IE2.8/CL4.02/AS1.7/BG1.40/NP2.6/OS1.22

The Response of the Atmosphere to Local CO2 Asymmetries
Marianna Benassi and Antonio Navarra

EGU2018-7302 | Orals | IE2.8/CL4.02/AS1.7/BG1.40/NP2.6/OS1.22

The impact of the temperature-CO2 decoupling on the state-dependency of paleo climate sensitivity during the late Pleistocene
Peter Köhler, Andrey Ganopolski, Gregor Knorr, and Lennert Stap

EGU2018-3156 | Posters | IE2.8/CL4.02/AS1.7/BG1.40/NP2.6/OS1.22

Variability in transient climate response in a model ensemble
Brooke Adams and Andrew Dessler

EGU2018-2820 | Posters | IE2.8/CL4.02/AS1.7/BG1.40/NP2.6/OS1.22

Impact of Linewidth Narrowing on Climate Sensitivity
William van Wijngaarden and Will Happer

EGU2018-8840 | Posters | IE2.8/CL4.02/AS1.7/BG1.40/NP2.6/OS1.22

Linear response theory and the Kubo fluctuation dissipation relation applied to geoengineering
Tamas Bodai, Valerio Lucarini, and Frank Lunkeit

EGU2018-4057 | Posters | IE2.8/CL4.02/AS1.7/BG1.40/NP2.6/OS1.22

Measuring nonlinear climate sensitivity using statistical distances
André Jüling, Anna S. von der Heydt, and Henk A. Dijkstra

EGU2018-9042 | Posters | IE2.8/CL4.02/AS1.7/BG1.40/NP2.6/OS1.22

Predicting climate change using response theory: Global averages and spatial patterns
Valerio Lucarini, Francesco Ragone, and Frank Lunkeit

EGU2018-8528 | Posters | IE2.8/CL4.02/AS1.7/BG1.40/NP2.6/OS1.22

Paleoclimate constraints on Climate Sensitivity.
Julia Hargreaves, James Annan, Pascale Braconnot, Gavin Foster, Anna von der Heydt, Eelco Rohling, Gavin Schmidt, Steven Sherwood, and Mark Webb

EGU2018-3476 | Posters | IE2.8/CL4.02/AS1.7/BG1.40/NP2.6/OS1.22

CESM simulation of the middle-late Eocene: effects of geography changes and radiative forcing
Michiel Baatsen, Anna von der Heydt, and Henk Dijkstra

EGU2018-9320 | Posters | IE2.8/CL4.02/AS1.7/BG1.40/NP2.6/OS1.22

The influence of land ice and CO2 on polar amplification and specific equilibrium climate sensitivity during the past 5 million years
Lennert B. Stap, Roderik S.W. van de Wal, Bas de Boer, Peter Köhler, Jori H. Hoencamp, Gerrit Lohmann, Erik Tuenter, and Lucas J. Lourens

EGU2018-11531 | Posters | IE2.8/CL4.02/AS1.7/BG1.40/NP2.6/OS1.22

Response of Asian climate and monsoons to the Tibetan Plateau topography
Despina Zoura, Daniel Hill, Aisling Dolan, Zihua Tang, and Alan Haywood

EGU2018-17898 | Posters | IE2.8/CL4.02/AS1.7/BG1.40/NP2.6/OS1.22

A hierarchy of climate sensitivities inferred from mid-Pliocene warm period data and their implications for the understanding of climate futures
Deepak Chandan and Richard Peltier

EGU2018-10635 | Posters | IE2.8/CL4.02/AS1.7/BG1.40/NP2.6/OS1.22

Estimating climate sensitivity using Last Glacial Maximum model-data constraints that include parametric, feedback, and proxy uncertainties
David Ullman, Andreas Schmittner, and Nathan Urban

EGU2018-7220 | Posters | IE2.8/CL4.02/AS1.7/BG1.40/NP2.6/OS1.22

Climate sensitivity estimates – sensitivity to radiative forcing time series and observational data
Terje Berntsen, Ragnhild Bieltvedt Skeie, Gunnar Myhre, Magne Aldrin, and Marit Holden

EGU2018-9343 | Posters | IE2.8/CL4.02/AS1.7/BG1.40/NP2.6/OS1.22

Evaluation of transient response of climate system based on the distribution of climate system parameters constrained by observed climate change.
Andrei Sokolov, Chris Forest, Erwan Monier, and Alex Libardoni

EGU2018-9053 | Posters | IE2.8/CL4.02/AS1.7/BG1.40/NP2.6/OS1.22

Assessing climate feedbacks in the HadGEM3-GA7 perturbed parameter ensemble
John Rostron and David Sexton

EGU2018-10634 | Posters | IE2.8/CL4.02/AS1.7/BG1.40/NP2.6/OS1.22

How large is Uncertainty in Calibrated Perturbed Physics Ensembles?
Simon Tett, Jonathan Gregory, Nicolas Freychet, and Coralia Cartis

EGU2018-17794 | Posters | IE2.8/CL4.02/AS1.7/BG1.40/NP2.6/OS1.22

Inter-Model Warming Projection Spread: Inherited Traits from Control Climate Diversity
Xiaoming Hu, Patrick Taylor, Ming Cai, Song Yang, Yi Deng, and Sergio Sejas

EGU2018-19170 | Posters | IE2.8/CL4.02/AS1.7/BG1.40/NP2.6/OS1.22

Efficacy of climate forcings using PDRMIP models
Piers Forster, Thomas Richardson, Chris Smith, Amanda Maycock, and Thomas Wood

IE2.9/BG1.5/CL3.07/SSS13.73 – Nitrogen-transformation processes in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems under global change (co-organized)

EGU2018-12170 | Orals | IE2.9/BG1.5/CL3.07/SSS13.73 | Highlight

Relevance of biological soil crusts in terrestrial nitrogen cycling and the impact of global change
Bettina Weber and the Biocrust nitrogen cycling team

EGU2018-7511 | Posters | IE2.9/BG1.5/CL3.07/SSS13.73

Elemental and isotopic records of nitrogen in northern boreal lake sediments over the Holocene
Sari Juutinen, Tuuli Lehtosalo, Jan Weckström, and Maija Heikkilä

EGU2018-8442 | Orals | IE2.9/BG1.5/CL3.07/SSS13.73 | Highlight

Inorganic nitrogen deposition to forest ecosystems in Europe - spatial patterns and temporal changes in the period 2000-2015
Andreas Schmitz and Anne-Katrin Prescher and the ICP Forests team on inorganic N deposition

EGU2018-11749 | Posters | IE2.9/BG1.5/CL3.07/SSS13.73

Spatial and temporal dynamics of nitrogen in a mountainous watershed
Nicholas Bouskill, Taylor Mavaara, Patrick Sorensen, Harry Beller, Arora Bhavna, Markus Bill, Mark Conrad, Benjamin Gilbert, Carl Steefel, Kenneth Williams, and Eoin Brodie

EGU2018-2383 | Posters | IE2.9/BG1.5/CL3.07/SSS13.73

New process-based modeling of nitrogen biogeochemistry in forest ecosystems for the long-term simulation of nitrogen saturation
Nobuhito Ohte, Francesco Giannino, and Christian Vincenot