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NH – Natural Hazards

NH1.1 – Extreme meteorological and hydrological events induced by severe weather and climate change (co-organized)

EGU2018-885 | Posters | NH1.1

Numerical modeling of wind gusts of different origin
Maria Kurbatova and Konstantin Rubinstein

EGU2018-7912 | Orals | NH1.1

From synoptic conditions to precipitation structure and extreme flash flood generation
Efrat Morin, Idit Belachsen, Moshe Armon, Francesco Marra, Davide Zocatelli, Yair Rinat, and Nadav Peleg

EGU2018-2418 | Posters | NH1.1

Change of Climate Extremes of the Karkheh River Basin-Iran in 21th century
Samaneh Ashraf

EGU2018-13925 | Orals | NH1.1

A climatology of rain-on-snow events for Norway
Pardeep Pall, Frode Stordal, and Lena Tallaksen

EGU2018-3298 | Posters | NH1.1 | Highlight

Robust intensification of hydroclimatic intensity over East Asia from multi-model ensemble regional projections
Joong-Bae Ahn, Eun-Soon Im, and Yeon-Woo Choi

EGU2018-9491 | Orals | NH1.1

More accurate assessment of climate induced impacts
Karin van der Wiel, Frank Selten, Richard Bintanja, Russell Blackport, and James Screen

EGU2018-3251 | Posters | NH1.1

Drought Modelling in Small Island Developing States: A Case Study in Fiji
Anshuka Anshuka, Floris Ogtrop, and Willem Vervoort

EGU2018-10724 | Orals | NH1.1

Observational and modelling study of a major downburst event in Liguria: the Portofino case on 14 October 2016
Antonio Parodi, William Gallus, Maurizio Maugeri, and Barbara Turato

EGU2018-8797 | Posters | NH1.1

Catastrophic floods in a climate change framework in the Southeastern Pyrenees: the case of June 2013
Maria-Carmen Llasat, Montserrat Llasat-Botija, Maria Cortès, Anna del Moral, Joan Gilabert, and Pere Quintana-Seguí

EGU2018-1768 | Orals | NH1.1

Flood inundation maps with the associated uncertainty using sparse data in the Mediterranean region
Rouya Hdeib, Chadi Abdallah, Roger Moussa, Francois Colin, and Luca Brocca

EGU2018-8507 | Orals | NH1.1

Can we predict surface water flood damage by precipitation alone?
Daniel B. Bernet, Simona Trefalt, Andreas P. Zischg, Rolf Weingartner, and Olivia Martius

EGU2018-4945 | Posters | NH1.1

Performance of WRF in Simulating the Hail Event over Istanbul on 27 July 2017
Emir Toker, Yasemin Ezber, and Ömer Lütfi Şen

EGU2018-7631 | Orals | NH1.1

A temperature scaling approach for projecting changes in extreme rainfall
Aashish Bhardwaj, Ruben Dahm, Gerald Corzo, and Laurens Bouwer

EGU2018-11593 | Posters | NH1.1

Climatological Occurrence and Projected Changes of Cold-Shore Days along the Eastern Coast of the United States
Colin Raymond

EGU2018-11619 | Posters | NH1.1

Flooding events spanning the last 700 years constrained by sedimentary records in Lake Nakaumi, western Japan
Ota Yuki, Hodaka Kawahata, Koji Seto, and Takaharu Sato

EGU2018-15469 | Orals | NH1.1

Novel stacking models for improved extreme rainfall predictions under climate change scenarios.
Francesco Cioffi, Federico Rosario Conticello, Upmanu Lall, and Vito Telesca

EGU2018-6354 | Orals | NH1.1

Increasing of severe hydrological events in the Po basin under global warming
Annalina Lombardi, Barbara Tomassetti, Valentina Colaiuda, and Marco Verdecchia

EGU2018-13147 | Posters | NH1.1

Historical time series of extreme precipitation for Central European river catchments
Hilke S. Lentink, Lisa-Ann Quandt, Fanni D. Kelemen, Martin Kadlec, Benjamin Buldmann, Hendrik Feldmann, Patrick Ludwig, and Joaquim G. Pinto

EGU2018-1898 | Orals | NH1.1

Global hotspots of river erosion under global warming
Thomas Reichler and Piret Plink-Bjorklund

EGU2018-12112 | Posters | NH1.1

Geographical patterns and environmental change risks in terrestrial areas of the Belt and Road
Lulu Liu, Shaohong Wu, Jiangbo Gao, and Yanhua Liu

EGU2018-15537 | Orals | NH1.1

A multi-hazard Extreme Climate Index across Europe
Elisa Arnone, Marco Cucchi, Sara Dal Gesso, Marcello Petitta, and Sandro Calmanti

EGU2018-14479 | Posters | NH1.1

Wind gust thresholds related to social impact in Catalonia: analysis by regions based on 10 years of report requests (2006-2015)
Laura Barbería, Jéssica Amaro, Montserrat Cañas, Montserrat Aran, and Maria del Carmen Llasat

EGU2018-5089 | Posters | NH1.1

The impact of the Atmospheric Rivers in the hydro-geomorphologic event of February 1979
Alexandre M. Ramos, Luís Rebelo, Susana Pereira, José Luís Zêzere, and Ricardo Trigo

EGU2018-17103 | Orals | NH1.1

Expert Crowdsourcing for Semantic Annotation of Extreme Meteorological and Hydrological Phenomena
Margarida L. R. Liberato, Hugo Paredes, Arsénio Reis, Alexandre Ramos, Riccardo Hénin, Paulo Martins, and João Barroso

EGU2018-17513 | Posters | NH1.1

ENSO heavy rain prediction based on tropospheric water vapor as a continuous phase transition in the Central Pacific
Sheila Serrano, Thomas Condom, Leonardo Basile, and Marcos Villacís

EGU2018-17059 | Posters | NH1.1

Hydroclimate reconstruction for the analysis of drought events in the Amazon basin
Beatriz Garcia, Renata Libonati, and Ana Nunes

EGU2018-18254 | Posters | NH1.1

A probabilistic catastrophe model for hail in central Europe
Aidan Brocklehurst, Alexandros Georgiadis, Lukas Braun, Sven Ulbrich, and Joaquim Pinto

EGU2018-19197 | Posters | NH1.1

High-resolution long-term atmospheric hindcast for the North Atlantic: mesoscale dynamics and extreme events
Alexander Gavrikov and Elena Tyushagina

EGU2018-9146 | Posters | NH1.1

The impacts of drought in agricultural productivity. An analysis at different scales for the two major rain-fed crops in Spain.
Marina Peña-Gallardo, Sergio Martín Vicente-Serrano, Santiago Beguería-Portugués, and Fernando Domínguez-Castro

EGU2018-9624 | Posters | NH1.1

Predictive Methods and Risk Analysis
Vitaliy Yatsenko

EGU2018-18083 | Posters | NH1.1

Global Analysis of Climate Change Projection Effects 1 on Atmospheric Rivers
Duane Waliser, Vicky Espinoza, Bin Guan, David Lavers, and Marty Ralph

EGU2018-19062 | Posters | NH1.1

Bivariate hydrological frequency analysis for the design of hydraulic structures in small Mediterranean watersheds
Athanasios Loukas, Lampros Vasiliades, and Nikoletta Stamatatou

EGU2018-19342 | Posters | NH1.1

The meteorological and climatological context of the fodder crises in Ireland in 2012-2013
Kieran Hickey, Paul Leahy, Gerard Kiely, Myles Allen, Adam Pasik, and Lucía Hermida

NH1.2 – Atmospheric Electricity, Thunderstorms, Lightning and their effects (co-organized)

EGU2018-13270 | Posters | NH1.2

Temporal variability of the atmospheric electric field and gamma radiation at the SMEAR II station (Hyytiälä, Finland)
Susana Barbosa and Xuemeng Chen

EGU2018-12530 | Orals | NH1.2

Response of Lightning Activity to Aerosol Concentration Change in Beijing Region
Mengyu Sun, Zhixiong Chen, Shanfeng Yuan, Xiushu Qie, Xiangao Xia, and Yoav Yair

EGU2018-7217 | Orals | NH1.2

Pre-thunderstorm Electrification Measured at the Surface
James Gilmore, Giles Harrison, Keri Nicoll, Suzanne Gray, and Alec Bennett

EGU2018-7580 | Posters | NH1.2

Characterising atmospheric electricity in dusty environments
Martin Airey, Giles Harrison, Keri Nicoll, and Maarten Ambaum

EGU2018-17100 | Orals | NH1.2

Ionisation profile measured over the UK with novel energy-discriminating instrumentation
Karen Aplin, Adam Baird, Aaron Briggs, Graeme Marlton, and R Giles Harrison

EGU2018-8177 | Posters | NH1.2

GlOCAEM – a new archive of global atmospheric potential gradient measurements
Keri Nicoll and R. Giles Harrison

EGU2018-7177 | Posters | NH1.2

The Effects of Precipitation on the Local Atmospheric Electric Field
James Gilmore, Giles Harrison, Keri Nicoll, Suzanne Gray, and Alec Bennett

EGU2018-8146 | Orals | NH1.2

Volcanic plume charging at Stromboli volcano
Keri Nicoll, Martin Airey, Kuang Koh, Corrado Cimarelli, Damien Gaudin, Marco Knuever, Alec Bennett, R. Giles Harrison, Graeme Marlton, Paul Williams, and Martin Fullekrug

EGU2018-11564 | Orals | NH1.2

New insights into the upward positive leader initiated from high tower
Xiushu Qie, Rubin Jiang, Shanfeng Yuan, Dongfang Wang, Zhuling Sun, Abhay Srivastava, Mingyuan Liu, Yunjiao Pu, Jinliang Li, and Zhixiong Chen

EGU2018-3832 | Posters | NH1.2

Long duration high-altitude measurements of cosmic-ray ionization using neutral-buoyancy balloons
Yuval Reuveni, Boaz Ben-Moshe, and Yoav Yair

EGU2018-6723 | Posters | NH1.2

Revisiting the decreasing trend of atmospheric electrical potential gradient measured in Central Europe at Nagycenk, Hungary
Attila Buzas, Tamás Horváth, Veronika Barta, and József Bór

EGU2018-9662 | Orals | NH1.2

Temporal and spatial distribution of total lightning densities in severe thunderstorms
Kathrin Wapler

EGU2018-12757 | Orals | NH1.2

Lightning Observations in South Africa
Martin Fullekrug, Nnadih Ogechukwu, Michael Kosch, Kuang Koh, Adam Peverell, Simon Ghilain, Jeff Lapierre, and Michael Stock

EGU2018-7992 | Posters | NH1.2

Automated Q-burst finding and identification of the source lightning strokes using ELF-band records from Nagycenk, Hungary and WWLLN data
József Bór, Karolina Szabóné André, Péter Steinbach, and Gabriella Sátori

EGU2018-17308 | Orals | NH1.2

Analysis of the variability of lightning occurrence over the Italian territory.
Renato Procopio, Guido Biondi, Martina Lagasio, Daniele Mestriner, Martino Nicora, and Elisabetta Fiori

EGU2018-13969 | Posters | NH1.2

Influence of wind turbines on the local lightning flash density
Serge Soula and Jean-François Georgis

EGU2018-5916 | Posters | NH1.2

Numerical simulations of severe weather events using the WRF-ELEC model
Barry Lynn, Yoav Yair, Ling Sun, Zhixiong Chen, and Xiushu Qie

EGU2018-12080 | Orals | NH1.2

Simulating streamer discharges in full 3D
Ute Ebert, Jannis Teunissen, Casper Rutjes, and Behnaz Bagheri

EGU2018-15022 | Posters | NH1.2

Observation of thundercloud radiation bursts using segmented plastic scintillators
Yo Kato, Yoshizumi Inoue, and Makoto Minowa

EGU2018-14757 | Orals | NH1.2

Time-of-arrival and interferometric methods for imaging lightning with LOFAR
Brian Hare, Olaf Scholten, and Gia Trinh and the Cosmic Lightning Group

EGU2018-7279 | Orals | NH1.2

Modeling the 511 keV background enhancement observed in thunderstorms.
David Sarria, Pavlo Kokchkin, Nikolai Lehtinen, and Nikolai Østgaard

EGU2018-15564 | Posters | NH1.2

Environmental factors controlling lightning in a cold-based continental storm
Vaughan Phillips

EGU2018-16395 | Posters | NH1.2

ULAT Project: Lightning Observations in the Philippines for the Intensity Prediction of Severe Weather
Mitsuteru Sato, Yukihiro Takahashi, Kozo Yamashita, Hisayuki Kubota, Junichi Hamada, and Joel Marciano

EGU2018-7129 | Orals | NH1.2 | Highlight

On high-energy radiation inside aircraft in thunderstorm environment.
Chris Alexander Skeie, Pavlo Kochkin, A.P.J. (Lex) van Deursen, Nikolai Østgaard, Alte I. de Boer, Michiel Bardet, Cedric Allasia, Jean-Francois Boissin, and Franck Flourens

EGU2018-19728 | Posters | NH1.2

Analysis of convective systems associated to TGFs with the Meteosat Second Generation geostationary satellites
Alessandro Ursi, Martino Marisaldi, Alessandra Tiberia, Federico Porcù, and Stefano Dietrich

EGU2018-1969 | Orals | NH1.2

Electron transport and streamer propagation in the atmosphere of Titan and other N2:CH4 or N2:O2 mixtures
Christoph Köhn, Sasa Dujko, Olivier Chanrion, and Torsten Neubert

EGU2018-14049 | Orals | NH1.2

Modelling whistler wave propagation of signals produced by hypothetical lightning in Venus: Comparison with observations by PVO and VEX
Francisco J. Pérez-Invernón, Nikolai G. Lehtinen, Francisco J. Gordillo-Vázquez, and Alejandro Luque

EGU2018-38 | Posters | NH1.2

Multi-scale temporal variations of the conduction current density during fair weather days in Israel
Roy Yaniv, Yuval Reuveny, and Yoav Yair

EGU2018-3798 | Orals | NH1.2 | Highlight

Photonuclear reactions triggered by lightning discharge in a Japanese winter thunderstorm
Teruaki Enoto, Yuki Wada, Yoshihiro Furuta, Kazuhiro Nakazawa, Takayuki Yuasa, Kazufumi Okuda, Kazuo Makishima, Mitsuteru Sato, Yosuke Sato, Toshio Nakano, Daigo Umemoto, and Harufumi Tsuchiya

EGU2018-299 | Posters | NH1.2

Analysis of simulated electrical charge structure at the atmosphere during the thunderstorms over different parts of Russia
Inna Gubenko

EGU2018-6876 | Orals | NH1.2

Gamma-Ray Glow termination dilemma
Pavlo Kochkin, Nikolai Østgaard, Hugh Christian, Eric Grove, Mason Quick, Samer Al-Nussirat, Eric Wulf, Georgi Genov, Kjetil Ullaland, Martino Marisaldi, Nikolai Lehtinen, Andrey Mezentsev, and David Sarria

EGU2018-9257 | Posters | NH1.2

Analysis of convective thunderstorms correlated with Terrestrial Gamma Ray Flashes (TGF)
Alessandra Tiberia, Stefano Dietrich, Federico Porcù, Alessandro Ursi, Martino Marisaldi, and Tavani Marco

EGU2018-17358 | Orals | NH1.2

Implications for Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes spectrum, flux and fine time structure at source based on the high-energy events observed by AGILE
Martino Marisaldi, Marcello Galli, Claudio Labanti, Riccardo Campana, Nikolai Østgaard, David Sarria, Steven Cummer, Fanchao Liu, Fabio Fuschino, and Alessandro Ursi

EGU2018-3177 | Posters | NH1.2

Initial breakdown pulses found to be systematically accompanied by VHF pulses during initiation of negative cloud-to-ground lightning flashes
Ivana Kolmasova, Thomas Marshall, Sampath Bandara, Sumedhe Karunarathne, Ondrej Santolik, Maribeth Stolzenburg, Nilmini Karunarathne, and Raymond Siedlecki

EGU2018-5939 | Orals | NH1.2

A gamma-ray glow terminated by leader development of an inter-cloud discharge in Japanese winter thunderstorm
Yuuki Wada, Gregory Bowers, Teruaki Enoto, Masashi Kamogawa, Yoshitaka Nakamura, Takeshi Morimoto, David Smith, Yoshihiro Furuta, Kazuhiro Nakazawa, Takayuki Yuasa, Toru Tamagawa, Kazuo Makishima, and Harufumi Tsuchiya

EGU2018-9937 | Posters | NH1.2

Investigating Thunderstorm Electric Fields using Radio Emission from Cosmic-Ray Air Showers
Olaf Scholten, Gia Trinh, Brian Hare, Casper Rutjes, Ute Ebert, Joerg Rachen, Laura Rossetto, Antonio Bonardi, Anna Nelles, Heino Falcke, Sander ter Veen, Tobias Winchen, Stijn Buitink, Arthur Corstanje, Joerg Hoerandel, Pragati Mitra, and Katthy Mulrey

EGU2018-17904 | Posters | NH1.2

On canonical vortex dynamics for ball lightning
Geert Dijkhuis

EGU2018-17656 | Posters | NH1.2

Search for TGFs in AGILE data using time correlation with ground-based lightning data
Anders Lindanger, Martino Marisaldi, Nikolai Østgaard, Kjetil Albrechtsen, Alessio Trois, Carlotta Pittori, and Alessandro Ursi

EGU2018-7 | Posters | NH1.2

D region Ionospheric Imaging Utilizing VLF/LF Broadband Sferics
Jackson McCormick and Morris Cohen

EGU2018-8064 | Posters | NH1.2

Charged Saharan dust over the UK
R. Giles Harrison, Keri Nicoll, Graeme Marlton, Claire Ryder, and Alec Bennett

EGU2018-8671 | Posters | NH1.2

The aerosol and Convective Available Potential Energy (CAPE) effects on lightning activities over Pearl River Delta (PRD), South China
Menghui Wang

EGU2018-12119 | Posters | NH1.2

Evaluation of noninductive charging mechanisms and simulation of charge structure in the early thunderstorm based on RAMSV6.0
Li Wanli, Liu Dongxia, and Qie Xiushu

EGU2018-11021 | Posters | NH1.2

Spatial distribution and variation trend of thunderstorms in Asia based on TRMM data
Jinliang Li, Xueke Wu, Tie Yuan, and Xiushu Qie

EGU2018-3121 | Posters | NH1.2

Venera 13 & 14 Discharge Current Measurements – Evidence for Charged Aerosols in the Venus Lower At-mosphere?
Ralph Lorenz

EGU2018-13469 | Posters | NH1.2 | Highlight

Further strategy for lightning hunt in Venus with Akatsuki/LAC
Yukihiro Takahashi, Mitsuteru Sato, and Masataka Imai

EGU2018-2763 | Posters | NH1.2

Imaging of lightning and sprites in the shortwave IR (SWIR) with the BGUSAT satellite
Yoav Yair and Yuval Reuveni

EGU2018-14917 | Posters | NH1.2

Large scale luminosity characteristics of sprites observed over a South African thunderstorm
Adam Peverell, Martin Fullekrug, Kuang Koh, Michael Kosch, Nnadih Ogechukwu, and Michael Stock

EGU2018-14203 | Posters | NH1.2

Chemical impact of halos and elves in the atmosphere produced by different types of lightning discharges
Francisco J. Pérez-Invernón, Alejandro Luque, and Francisco J. Gordillo-Vázquez

EGU2018-4585 | Posters | NH1.2

Electron transport and simulation of negative streamer dynamics in the atmosphere of Titan
Sasa Dujko, Christoph Köhn, Danko Bosnjakovic, and Ilija Simonovic

EGU2018-3264 | Posters | NH1.2

Evaluation of Monte Carlo tools for high energy atmospheric physics II : relativistic runaway electron avalanches
Casper Rutjes, David Sarria, Gabriel Diniz, Alejandro Luque, Alexander Skeltved, Kevin Ihaddadene, Joseph Dwyer, Ivan Ferreira, Nikolai Ostgaard, and Ute Ebert

EGU2018-15089 | Posters | NH1.2

Secondary bremsstrahlung X-rays emitted during TGF propagation
Nini Lykke Berge and Sebastien Celestin

EGU2018-16704 | Posters | NH1.2

Analysis of the Relationship Between Diverse Sprite Events and Lightning Activity Produced by a Single Storm
Zaida Gomez Kuri, Serge Soula, Jean-Francois Georgis, and Janusz Mlynarczyk

EGU2018-9877 | Posters | NH1.2

On the relationship between sprites and lightning activity in an exceptional South West England thunderstorm.
Simon Ghilain, Stéphane Pedeboy, Michael Stock, Jeff Lapierre, Richard Kacerek, and Martin Fullekrug

EGU2018-10079 | Posters | NH1.2

Model of an unusual Gigantic Jet observed from Indian Subcontinent during the Monsoon.
Olivier Chanrion, Torsten Neubert, Steven Cummer, Rajesh Siingh, Ajeet K. Maurya, Janusz Mlynarczyk, Morris B. Cohen, Devendraa Siingh, and Sushil Kumar

EGU2018-14678 | Posters | NH1.2

Effect of Blue Jets on Stratospheric Ozone - a model study
Chen Xu, Nathalie Huret, Kevin M.A. Ihaddadene, and Sebastien Celestin

EGU2018-6829 | Posters | NH1.2

TGF afterglows: a new radiation mechanism from thunderstorms
Gabriel Diniz, Casper Rutjes, Ivan S. Ferreira, and Ute Ebert

EGU2018-9639 | Posters | NH1.2

Sensitivity study of the reduced electric field and geometry of observation on the thermal infrared signature of a sprite
Sebastien Payan, Frédéric Romand, Laurence Croize, and Nathalie Huret

EGU2018-18549 | Posters | NH1.2

Analysis of red sprites observed over Hurricane Matthew
Anjing Huang, Gaopeng Lu, and Jia Yue

EGU2018-7871 | Posters | NH1.2

Search for gamma ray signatures from +IC upward leaders.
Andrew Mezentsev, Nikolai Østgaard, Hugh Christian, Eric Grove, Mason Quick, Samer Al-Nussirat, Eric Wulf, Georgi Genov, Kjetil Ullaland, Pavlo Kochkin, Martino Marisaldi, Nikolai Lehtinen, and David Sarria

EGU2018-2566 | Posters | NH1.2

Gamma-ray glow observations at 20 km altitude
Nikolai Ostgaard, Hugh J Christian, J Eric Grove, Mason Quick, Samer Al-Nussirat, Eric Wulf, Georgi Genov, Kjetil Ullaland, Pavlo Kochkin, Martino Marisaldi, Nikolai Lehtinen, Andrey Mezentsev, and David Sarria

EGU2018-7798 | Posters | NH1.2

Simulations of ELVES based on different return stroke models
Petr Kaspar, Ivana Kolmasova, Ondrej Santolik, and Martin Popek

EGU2018-19058 | Posters | NH1.2

Multiple elves reconstruction at the Pierre Auger Observatory
Roberto Mussa and Pierre Auger Collaboration Full author list:

NH1.3 – Flood risk and uncertainty (co-organized)

EGU2018-1067 | Posters | NH1.3

High resolution flood simulations on the middle-lower portion of the Po River, Italy
Iuliia Shustikova, Alessio Domeneghetti, Jeffrey Neal, Paul Bates, and Attilio Castellarin

EGU2018-438 | Orals | NH1.3

Sensitivity of flood loss estimates to building representation and hazard attribution methods in micro-scale flood modelling
María Bermúdez and Andreas Paul Zischg

EGU2018-580 | Orals | NH1.3

Economic evaluation of adaptation pathways and their robustness to sea level rise in Los Angeles County
Lars de Ruig, Patrick Barnard, Wouter Botzen, Phyllis Grifman, Julliette Finzi Hart, Hans de Moel, Alyssa Newton Mann, Nick Sadrpour, and Jeroen Aerts

EGU2018-1581 | Posters | NH1.3

Influence of water level duration on dike breach triggering in system behaviour
Alex Curran

EGU2018-1781 | Posters | NH1.3

Complexity of dynamic processes preceding river ice jams
Alexandre Chmel and Lyubov Banshchikova

EGU2018-4761 | Orals | NH1.3

The consideration of uncertainties in meso-scale flood damage modeling
Tobias Sieg, Heidi Kreibich, Kristin Vogel, and Bruno Merz

EGU2018-3807 | Posters | NH1.3

Different Land Uses Flooding Vulnerability Maps in Subsidence Area
Yong-Jun Lin, Hsiang-Kuan Chang, Jihn-Sung Lai, and Yih-Chi Tan

EGU2018-9435 | Orals | NH1.3

Epistemic Uncertainty, Extreme Flood Risk, and Paleoflood Hydrology
Tao Liu and Victor Baker

EGU2018-10370 | Posters | NH1.3

Modeling of flooding characteristics of the residential area
Alexey Sazonov and Inna Krylenko

EGU2018-13032 | Orals | NH1.3

How do changes along the risk chain affect flood risk?
Ayse Duha Metin, Heiko Apel, Viet Dung Nguyen, Björn Guse, Heidi Kreibich, Kai Schröter, Sergiy Vorogushyn, and Bruno Merz

EGU2018-12100 | Posters | NH1.3

The menace of floods in the Benue Trough and vulnerability analysis: 2017 Flood
Mercy Ayima Ade

EGU2018-19030 | Orals | NH1.3

How robust are flood hazard and risk projections?
Fred Fokko Hattermann, Michel Wortmann, Stefan Liersch, Ralf Toumi, Nathan Sparks, Christopher Genillard, Kai Schröter, Max Steinhausen, Miklós Gyalai-Korpos, Kinga Máté, Ben Hayes, Martin Drews, Maria del Rocio Rivas, and Tibor Rácz

EGU2018-13173 | Posters | NH1.3

Large-scale flood risk assessment considering river-dike-floodplain interactions and related spatial risk redistribution
Maxime Liquet, Sergiy Vorogushyn, Karin M. de Bruijn, and Bruno Merz

EGU2018-14086 | Posters | NH1.3

Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis of Direct Economic Flood Damages: Application of the FloodRisk FOSS Software in Italy
Raffaele Albano, Aurelia Sole, Antonio Perrone, Jan Adamowski, and Azhar Inam

EGU2018-14512 | Posters | NH1.3

Methodology for the characterization of the risk of overtopping failure for a river levee
Matteo Isola, Enrica Caporali, and Luis Garrote

EGU2018-14737 | Posters | NH1.3

Spatial disaggregation of a nationwide flood frequency analysis method
Jean Odry and Patrick Arnaud

EGU2018-15123 | Posters | NH1.3

Evaluation of discharges in Rhine basin calculated from various historical precipitation datasets
Martin Kadlec, Yi He, Desmond Manful, Ladislav Palán, Hilke S. Lentink, Lisa-Ann Quandt, and Joaquim G. Pinto

EGU2018-17473 | Posters | NH1.3

Stochastic investigation of the streamflow process adjusted for human impact
Maria Nezi, Panayiotis Dimitriadis, Alonso Pizarro, Theano Iliopoulou, and Demetris Koutsoyiannis

EGU2018-17527 | Posters | NH1.3

How probable was the flood inundation in Mandra? A preliminary urban flood inundation analysis
George Markopoulos-Sarikas, Charalampos Ntigkakis, Panayiotis Dimitriadis, Georgia Papadonikolaki, Andreas Efstratiadis, Anastasios Stamou, and Demetris Koutsoyiannis

EGU2018-17591 | Posters | NH1.3

Hydrological investigation of the catastrophic flood event in Mandra, Western Attica
Charalampos Ntigkakis, George Markopoulos-Sarikas, Panayiotis Dimitriadis, Theano Iliopoulou, Andreas Efstratiadis, Antonis Koukouvinos, Antonis Koussis, Katerina Mazi, Dimitris Katsanos, and Demetris Koutsoyiannis

EGU2018-18949 | Posters | NH1.3

Testing the value of historical information to estimate uncertainties in flood frequencies for the Kinzig River, Southwest Germany
Annette Bösmeier, Rüdiger Glaser, Kerstin Stahl, Iso Himmelsbach, and Brice Martin

EGU2018-19134 | Posters | NH1.3

Frequency analysis on water stages - opportunities and challenges
Kenechukwu Okoli, Korbinian Breinl, and Giuliano Di Baldassarre

EGU2018-9109 | Posters | NH1.3

Towards ensemble flood forecasting for tropical cyclones: combining high-resolution hydrodynamic simulations with machine learning techniques
Sophie Lecacheux, Jeremy Rohmer, François Paris, Rodrigo Pedreros, Hubert Quetelard, and François Bonnardot

EGU2018-6461 | Posters | NH1.3

Sensitivity of flood losses to terrain elevation uncertainties and buildings representation
Chiara Arrighi and Lorenzo Campo

EGU2018-6803 | Posters | NH1.3

“Tinkering” the Dynamic Unit Hydrograph
Eleni Maria Michailidi, Antonis Koukouvinos, Baldassare Bacchi, and Andreas Efstratiadis

EGU2018-7219 | Posters | NH1.3

Application of 2D HEC-RAS Hydrodynamic Modelling for Flood Inundation Mapping - A Case of Ahmedabad City, Gujarat, India
Akshay Bhootra, Balkishan Chandak, Ujas Pandya, and Dhruvesh Patel

EGU2018-7405 | Posters | NH1.3

Approximate Bayesian Computation to Include Historical Data in Flood Frequency Estimation
Adam Griffin, Luke Shaw, and Elizabeth Stewart

EGU2018-8521 | Posters | NH1.3

A flood inundation climatology for Europe
Jeison Sosa-Moreno, Jeffrey Neal, Paul Bates, and Peter Salamon

NH1.5 – Hazard Risk Management of Agroecosystems (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2018-2046 | PICO | NH1.5 | Highlight

Assessing Yield Potential Under Climate Change by Using Crop Ideotypes
Mikhail Semenov and Nimai Senapati

EGU2018-11763 | PICO | NH1.5

Assessment of climate variations impacts on maize production in Ecuador
Marcos Villacís, Marco Calderón, Andrea Abarca, Cristina Argoti, and Margarita Ruíz-Ramos

EGU2018-19461 | PICO | NH1.5 | Highlight

Influence of climate variability on the forage production of a permanent grassland in the French Central Massif
Iñigo Gómara, Gianni Bellocchi, Raphaël Martin, and Margarita Ruiz-Ramos

EGU2018-5462 | PICO | NH1.5 | Highlight

Testing adaptation measures to reduce impact of climate change on agriculture production in Jordan
Saeb A. Khresat, Fadi Shraideh, and Amer Meadat

EGU2018-6892 | PICO | NH1.5

Assesment of Turkey’s Hazelnut Yield in the Future Climate Conditions: Projected Changes in the Growing Degree Days and Chilling Hours
Nazan An, Kamil Collu, and M. Levent Kurnaz

EGU2018-9472 | PICO | NH1.5 | Highlight

The use of sentinel imagery for analysing weather related risk impacts on agriculture
Anne Gobin

EGU2018-18332 | PICO | NH1.5

Analyses of Vegetation and Soil Moisture Correlations During a Cycle
Carmelo Alonso, Pilar López, Rosa Benito, and Ana Maria Tarquis

EGU2018-18378 | PICO | NH1.5

Recurrence Plots to study pasture dynamics in subarids areas of Spain
Juan J. Martín-Sotoca, Antonio Saa-Requejo, David Gil, Javier Borondo, and Ana Maria Tarquis

EGU2018-8549 | PICO | NH1.5 | Highlight

Index-based insurance design for drought and flood events in rice cultivation
Omar Valverde Arias, Alberto Garrido, and Ana Maria Tarquis

EGU2018-18475 | PICO | NH1.5

Rice Drought Risk Map validation using agricultural insurance data: a novel approach
Jose Luis Valencia, Maria Villeta, Omar Valverde-Arias, Antonio Saa-Requejo, Alberto Garrido, and Ana Maria Tarquis

EGU2018-19427 | PICO | NH1.5

Flood Probability Evaluation in Liberian Agriculture
Ivanka Puigdueta, Lucía Rodríguez, Ana Maria Tarquis, Isabel Bardají, Fernando Escribano, Esperanza Luque, and Jose Maria Sumpsi

EGU2018-2761 | PICO | NH1.5

The Debris-Flow Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Action Countermeasures in the Southwest Taiwan
Chun-Cheng Shih, Yi-Ting Li, and Li-Hsin Chen

NH1.6 – Coupled atmosphere-hydrological modeling for improved hydro-meteorological predictions (co-organized)

EGU2018-8892 | Orals | NH1.6

A groundwater and runoff formulation for weather and climate models
Linda Schlemmer, Christoph Schär, Daniel Lüthi, and Lukas Strebel

EGU2018-11516 | Posters | NH1.6

Evaluating the impacts of surface and subsurface lateral water flows on summer precipitation in a complex terrain region: A WRF-Hydro ensemble case study
Thomas Rummler, Joel Arnault, and Harald Kunstmann

EGU2018-1504 | Posters | NH1.6

On the Use of Measurements from a Commercial Microwave Link for Evaluation of Flash Floods in Arid Regions
Adam Eshel, Hagit Messer, Jonatan Ostrometzk, Roi Raich, Pinhas Alpert, and Jonathan B. Laronne

EGU2018-12620 | Orals | NH1.6

The advantages of using data assimilation and ensemble of meteorological models for floods forecasting at semi-arid environment
Amir Givati

EGU2018-4891 | Posters | NH1.6

Closing the water balance in a regional coupled system model over the North and the Baltic Sea
Stefan Hagemann and Ha T.M. Ho-Hagemann

EGU2018-13838 | Orals | NH1.6

Sensitivity of West African precipitation to lateral terrestrial water flow in WRF-Hydro
Joel Arnault, Thomas Rummler, Andreas Schlüter, Peter Knippertz, Andreas Fink, and Harald Kunstmann

EGU2018-5846 | Posters | NH1.6

Model resolution issues in a coupled RCM/HM system
Gerhard Smiatek and Harald Kunstmann

EGU2018-12802 | Orals | NH1.6

Reproduce Severe October Flood event in Western Norway 2014 by a Fully Coupled Atmosphere-Hydrological Modelling System
Lu Li, Marie Pontoppidan, and Alfonso Senatore

EGU2018-13728 | Orals | NH1.6

Effect of lateral terrestrial water flow on land-atmosphere feedbacks: A comparison between WRF and WRF-Hydro simulations for the Heihe river basin in China
Zhenyu Zhang, Joel Arnault, and Harald Kunstmann

EGU2018-10470 | Posters | NH1.6

Coupled versus uncoupled hydrometeorological modeling: the impact of surface water ponding and lateral routing on land-surface atmosphere exchange
Benjamin Fersch, Alfonso Senatore, and Harald Kunstmann

EGU2018-11419 | Orals | NH1.6

A Community Hydrological Modelling Framework for Global Water Futures.
Alain Pietroniro, John Pomeroy, Howard Wheater, Vincent Fortin, Bruce Davison, Kevin Shook, and Saman Razavi

EGU2018-15868 | Posters | NH1.6

Extreme flood prediction: maximum discharge sensitivity to increased atmospheric resolution
Rodica Paula Mic, Ciprian Corbus, Mihaela Caian, Marius Matreata, and Alexandru Dumitrescu

EGU2018-13716 | Posters | NH1.6

Water resources management using the WRF-Hydro modelling system: Case-study of the Tono dam in West Africa
Edward Naabil, Benjamin Lamptey, Joel Arnualt, Ayorinde Ayo Olufayo, and Harald Kunstmann

EGU2018-19212 | Posters | NH1.6

Fully coupled catchment simulations as surrogate realities for data assimilation
Bernd Schalge, Barbara Haese, Harrie-Jan Hendricks Franssen, Stefan Kollet, Gabriele Baroni, Pablo Saavedra, Felix Ament, Daniel Erdal, and Clemens Simmer

EGU2018-19226 | Posters | NH1.6

WRF-Hydro Modeling of Semi-Arid Regions Using Multiple Sources of Rainfall Data: The Case Study of Faria Catchment, West Bank, Palestine
Abdelhaleem Khader, Sameer Shadeed, Anan Jayyousi, Harald Kunstmann, Christian Chwala, Joel Arnault, and Thomas Rummler

EGU2018-19199 | Posters | NH1.6

The soil moisture – precipitation feedback in Southern Germany during the ScaleX field campaign
Maximilian Graf, Benjamin Fersch, Joel Arnault, and Harald Kunstmann

EGU2018-16508 | Posters | NH1.6

From deterministic to probabilistic forecasts: the shift-target approach in the Milano urban area.
Gabriele Lombardi, Alessandro Ceppi, Giovanni Ravazzani, Silvio Davolio, and Marco Mancini

EGU2018-14668 | Posters | NH1.6

Determining the age of river water with a precipitation tagging method in WRF-Hydro: A case in the Swiss Alptal catchment
Joel Arnault, Thomas Rummler, Jana von Freyberg, and Harald Kunstmann

EGU2018-13257 | Posters | NH1.6

Impact of sea surface temperature representation uncertainty on operational hydrometeorological forecasts over coastal Mediterranean catchments
Luca Furnari, Alfonso Senatore, and Giuseppe Mendicino

EGU2018-8450 | Posters | NH1.6

Development of a Coupled Atmospheric and Hydrological Modelling System and Applications to the Huaihe Basin, China
Qian Xia, Yaping Shao, and Sven Ulbrich

NH1.7 – Addressing the challenge of compound events, multi-risk modelling and cross-risk assessment methods: Extremes, inter-dependencies, non-stationarities, impacts and vulnerability

EGU2018-286 | Posters | NH1.7

Independent and interacting wet-dry extremes in Great Britain within a multivariate dependence model
Paolo De Luca, John Hillier, Gregor Leckebusch, and Rob Wilby

EGU2018-826 | Orals | NH1.7

Investigating the statistical dependency between storm surge and river discharge at the global scale as an indicator of compound flood hazard
Anais Couasnon, Dirk Eilander, Ivan Haigh, Sanne Muis, Ted I.E. Veldkamp, Thomas Wahl, Hessel Winsemius, and Philip J. Ward

EGU2018-1929 | Posters | NH1.7

Risk of Compound Flooding from Coastal and Fluvial Floods over Northwestern Europe
Poulomi Ganguli and Bruno Merz

EGU2018-18491 | Orals | NH1.7

Concurrent cyclones, fronts and thunderstorms and their associated hazards
Jennifer Catto and Andrew Dowdy

EGU2018-2831 | Orals | NH1.7

Assessing the characteristics and likelihood of compound flooding events around the UK
Alistair Hendry, Ivan Haigh, Robert Nicholls, Hugo Winter, and Robert Neal

EGU2018-2821 | Posters | NH1.7 | Highlight

IMPREX – A case study of compound events in The Netherlands
Femke Davids, Eskedar Gebremehdin, and Klaas-Jan van Heeringen

EGU2018-5652 | Posters | NH1.7

Effects of Mixed Distribution Statistical Flood Frequency Models on Dam Safety Assessments: A Case Study of the Pueblo Dam
K. Joel Roop-Eckart, Benjamin Seiyon Lee, Caitlin Spence, Tess Russo, and Klaus Keller

EGU2018-17582 | Orals | NH1.7

Contrasting biosphere response to climate extremes: revisiting the western Russian Heatwave 2010 and other events.
Milan Flach, Sebastian Sippel, Fabian Gans, Ana Bastos, Alexander Brenning, Markus Reichstein, and Miguel D. Mahecha

EGU2018-16777 | Orals | NH1.7

A tale of two storm: An example of a storyline approach for high-impact twin storms
Nina Nadine Ridder and Hylke de Vries

EGU2018-6400 | Posters | NH1.7

New verifications of the groundwater and tectonic processes possible impact on recent catastrophic floods (2011-2017)
Sergei Arakelian, Dmitriy Trifonov, Tatiana Trifonova, Sergei Abrakhin, Vyacheslav Koneshov, and Aleksey Nikolaev

EGU2018-6990 | Posters | NH1.7

Compound flood potential in Europe
Dominik Paprotny, Michalis Vousdoukas, Oswaldo Morales-Nápoles, Bas Jonkman, and Luc Feyen

EGU2018-641 | Orals | NH1.7

High impact weather: an assessment of energy production extremes
Laurens Stoop, Karin van der Wiel, and Frank Selten

EGU2018-8138 | Posters | NH1.7

Dependence of high sea water level and river discharge at the global scale
Philip Ward, Anaïs Couasnon, Ivan Haigh, Sanne Muis, Ted Veldkamp, Hessel Winsemius, and Thomas Wahl

EGU2018-8611 | Posters | NH1.7

Linking wildfires and rainfall extremes to assess flash-flood hazards in Southern Italy
Anna Pelosi, Paolo Villani, and Giovanni Battista Chirico

EGU2018-8967 | Posters | NH1.7

Which are the most critical hazard interactions in Dechang in China?
Anna Lo Jacomo, Dawei Han, and Alan Champneys

EGU2018-9316 | Posters | NH1.7

Changing risk of compound flooding over Europe in response to climate change
Emanuele Bevacqua, Douglas Maraun, Michalis Vousdoukas, Evangelos Voukouvalas, Mathieu Vrac, Lorenzo Mentaschi, and Martin Widmann

EGU2018-9524 | Posters | NH1.7

Towards an event-based quantitative model for interacting hazard events
Aloïs Tilloy, Bruce Malamud, and Hugo Winter

EGU2018-11156 | Posters | NH1.7

A comparison of flood estimation methods in estuarine regions
Wenyan Wu, Seth Westra, and Michael Leonard

EGU2018-11201 | Posters | NH1.7

High resolution identification of local vulnerabilities to urban heatwaves
Javad Shafiei Shiva and David G. Chandler

EGU2018-11492 | Posters | NH1.7

Changing population dynamics and uneven temperature emergence combine to exacerbate regional exposure to heat extremes under 1.5°C and 2°C of warming
Luke Harrington and Friederike Otto

EGU2018-11689 | Posters | NH1.7

Detection and Attribution of Precipitation at Various Timescales in China using Observations and Model Simulations
Chunlüe Zhou, Kaicun Wang, and Dan Qi

EGU2018-12606 | Posters | NH1.7

How do concurrent disasters affect damages and the post-disaster recovery process?
Marleen de Ruiter, Anaïs Couasnon, Hans de Moel, Philip Ward, and James Daniell

EGU2018-15227 | Posters | NH1.7

Storm surge and extreme river discharge: a compound event analysis using ensemble impact modeling
Sonu Khanal, Hylke de Vries, Nina Ridder, Wilco Terink, and Bart van den Hurk

EGU2018-16051 | Posters | NH1.7

Developing the ‘Multihazard Impact Assessment System’ (MImAS) for identifying infrastructure assets at greatest risk from combined hazards.
Katy Mee, Gareth Jenkins, Kathrine Linley, and Kathryn Lee

EGU2018-16847 | Posters | NH1.7

Global hotspots of multi-sector climate risks and vulnerability
Edward A. Byers and the ISWEL team from IIASA / GEF / UNIDO

NH1.8 – Extreme heat events: processes, impacts and adaptation (co-organized)

EGU2018-423 | Posters | NH1.8

Spatial variability of meteorological factors related to heat waves in EURO-CORDEX regional climate models
Ondřej Lhotka and Jan Kyselý

EGU2018-2563 | Orals | NH1.8

Dynamics of the 2016 late summer heat wave over Europe
Philipp Zschenderlein, Andreas Fink, Georgios Fragkoulidis, and Volkmar Wirth

EGU2018-11393 | Orals | NH1.8

Spatiotemporal Patterns and Synoptics of Extreme Wet-Bulb Temperature in the Contiguous United States
Colin Raymond, Deepti Singh, and Radley Horton

EGU2018-480 | Posters | NH1.8

Large scale mechanisms associated with heat wave occurrences in Senegal
Marie Jeanne Gnacoussa Sambou, Serge Janicot, Benjamin Pohl, Daouda Badiane, Amadou Thierno Gaye, and Abdou Lahat Dieng

EGU2018-2556 | Posters | NH1.8

Impacts of the 2015 Heat Waves on Mortality in the Czech Republic
Aleš Urban, Hana Hanzlíková, Jan Kyselý, and Eva Plavcová

EGU2018-17561 | Orals | NH1.8

Spring Sahelian heat waves: detection, characteristics and trends
Jessica Barbier, Françoise Guichard, Dominique Bouniol, Fleur Couvreux, and Romain Roehrig

EGU2018-10342 | Orals | NH1.8

Relation between heat wave events, synoptic patterns and mortality rates for the Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro.
Lucas Cesar Castro, Joao Lucas Geirinhas, Ricardo Trigo, Renata Libonati, Leonardo Peres, and Monica Magalhães

EGU2018-4419 | Posters | NH1.8

June 2017: the Earliest European Mega-heatwave of Reanalysis Period
Antonio Sánchez-Benítez, Ricardo García-Herrera, David Barriopedro, Pedro Mendes Sousa, and Ricardo Machado Trigo

EGU2018-8737 | Posters | NH1.8

Simulation of the heat wave episode observed in April 2010 over the Sahel with a mesoscale model
Mireille Tomasini, Françoise Guichard, Fleur Couvreux, and Jessica Barbier

EGU2018-14618 | Orals | NH1.8

Modelling extreme heat events and its potential impacts on vulnerable population in Prague
Jan Geletič, Eliška Krkoška Lorencová, Adam Emmer, and Petr Bašta

EGU2018-14130 | Orals | NH1.8

European heat stress to reach critical levels under climate change conditions
Ana Casanueva, Sven Kotlarski, Andreas Fischer, Cornelia Schwierz, Bruno Lemke, Tord Kjellstrom, and Mark A. Liniger

EGU2018-10055 | Posters | NH1.8

Prediction of Urban Heat Islands by Modeling Environmental Variables including CO2
Shrutilipi Bhattacharjee and Jia Chen

EGU2018-12745 | Posters | NH1.8

Early heat warnings for European workers
Christoph Spirig, Pascal Noti, Ana Casanueva, Alessandro Messeri, Marco Morabito, Sven Kotlarski, and Mark Liniger

EGU2018-14111 | Posters | NH1.8

Heatwaves intensification in Australia: a consistent trajectory across past, present and future
Ralph Trancoso and Jozef Syktus

EGU2018-14227 | Posters | NH1.8

Pace of change of heat stress and temperature extremes
Audrey Brouillet and Sylvie Joussaume

EGU2018-15174 | Posters | NH1.8

Boreal summer weather becomes more persistent in a warmer world
Peter Pfleiderer, Carl-Friedrich Schleussner, and Dim Coumou

EGU2018-16353 | Posters | NH1.8

Heat related mortality during heatwaves in urban and rural areas in two regions of Poland
Dariusz Graczyk, Adam Choryński, and Iwona Pińskwar

EGU2018-19000 | Posters | NH1.8

Spatially concurrent heatwaves and their relevance for global crop production
Martha Marie Vogel, Jakob Zscheischler, and Sonia Isabelle Seneviratne

EGU2018-19097 | Posters | NH1.8

A processes-based anatomy of the deadly 2015 Karachi heatwave
Tom Matthews

EGU2018-19403 | Posters | NH1.8

Using Google Trends to Detect Episodes of Dangerously Hot Weather
Tom Matthews, Timothy Lane, and Conor Murphy

NH1.9 – Flood Risk Assessment and Management (co-organized)

EGU2018-740 | Posters | NH1.9

Development and evaluation of a bootstrap sampling based method for downscaling extreme precipitation events
An Rohith and Kp Sudheer

EGU2018-7915 | Orals | NH1.9

Flood hazard assessment: heavy tail behaviour of rainfall extremes across Germany
Luigi Cesarini, Simone Persiano, Luzie Wietzke, Björn Guse, Sergiy Vorogushyn, Heidi Kreibich, Bruno Merz, and Attilio Castellarin

EGU2018-4340 | Orals | NH1.9

MHYST – a reach-scale approach to the computation of inundated areas: application to the June 2016 Seine basin flood
Cédric Rebolho, Vazken Andréassian, and Nicolas Le Moine

EGU2018-300 | Posters | NH1.9

Assessment of river flood vulnerability and possible adaptation options
Fateme Ghahremani, Mohamad Baghbani, and Zahra Ghahremani

EGU2018-13921 | Posters | NH1.9

Assessing potential effects of climate change on inundation patterns with a meta-model-based approach
Bing-Chen Jhong, Hsiang-Kuan Chang, and Ching-Pin Tung

EGU2018-7689 | Orals | NH1.9

Estimating flood event hydrographs and the influence of storm seasonality on hydrograph shape: an example from Great Britain
Elizabeth Stewart, Tracey Haxton, Adam Griffin, Giuseppe Formetta, and Andrew Young

EGU2018-14489 | Posters | NH1.9

\textbf{Mahanadi river basin model calibration and parameter sensitivity analysis for flood forecasting}
Shaini Naha, Miguel A Rico-Ramirez, Dawei Han, and Rafael Rosolem

EGU2018-7718 | Orals | NH1.9

Flood Risk maps for Drivers and Pedestrians
Chiara Arrighi and Fabio Castelli

EGU2018-19717 | Posters | NH1.9

Development of Grid-Based Flood Inundation Analysis System in Urban Area
Kun Yeun Han, Jun Hyung Park, and Kwang Jin Jang

EGU2018-18733 | Orals | NH1.9

A fast-track flood risk assessment
Karsten Haustein, Sihan Li, Friederike Otto, Hammad Javid, Feyera Hirpa, Simon Dadson, Homero Paltan, and Khaled Mohammed

EGU2018-17630 | Orals | NH1.9

Glacial lake changes and outburst flood hazard in Chandra basin, North-Western Indian Himalaya
Chander Prakash, Rama Nagarajan, and Rajeshwar Banshtu

EGU2018-19726 | Posters | NH1.9

Real-Time Prediction of Urban Flooding by Combining Hydraulic and Probabilistic Methods
Hyun Il Kim, Ho Jun Keum, Jae Yeong Lee, Beom Jin Kim, and Kun Yeun Han

EGU2018-13864 | Orals | NH1.9

Potential of alpine retention measures to reduce floods at the Inn river in Tyrol
Jürgen Komma, Thomas Nester, and Jose Luis Salinas Illarena

EGU2018-12294 | Posters | NH1.9

Improving real time flood forecasting using bayesian approach
Cristina Prieto, Nataliya Le Vine, Han Dawei, Eduardo García, Felipe Fernández, Luís Pedraz, Raúl Medina, and César Álvarez

EGU2018-1406 | Posters | NH1.9

Flood hydrodynamic modelling of river discharge carrying capacity - A case study of the Tapi river 2006 flood in Surat city of India
Dhruvesh Patel, Prashanat Srivastava, Sudhir Kumar Singh, Cristina Prieto, Michaela Bray, and Dawei Han

EGU2018-3431 | Orals | NH1.9 | Highlight

Analysis of the Economic Impact of Natural Disasters on Tourism Industry – Case Studies on Cities Threatened by Floods in China
Zhiqiang Wang, Qiang Dai, Dawei Han, Huimin Wang, and Jing Huang

EGU2018-8271 | Posters | NH1.9

An integrated stochastic model of the river discharge process with emphasis on floods and bridge scour
Alonso Pizarro, Panayiotis Dimitriadis, Maria Chalakatevaki, Caterina Samela, Salvatore Manfreda, and Demetris Koutsoyiannis

EGU2018-9672 | Orals | NH1.9

Karem Chokmani, Marion Tanguy, Khalid Oubennaceur, Jimmy Poulin, Yves Gauthier, and Monique Bernier

EGU2018-8653 | Orals | NH1.9

Rapid flood response for insurance assessment
Vanessa Balmbra, Philip Oldham, and Cameron Whitwham

EGU2018-3739 | Posters | NH1.9

Model Parameter Selection of 3Di for Urban Flood Warning System – Case Study in Taiwan
Chih-Hung Hsu and Hock-Kiet Wong

EGU2018-17337 | Posters | NH1.9

Floodlabel - a personal flood risk assessment and management tool
Thomas Hartmann and Marc Scheibel

EGU2018-16093 | Orals | NH1.9

Flood Foresight: A pilot project in the Brahmaputra basin provides flood inundation forecasts in response to the summer 2017 floods.
Beatriz Revilla-Romero, John Bevington, Charles Allatson, Sally Dempsey, and Elisabeth Wood

EGU2018-19531 | Orals | NH1.9

Modelling 1D/2D Cloudbursts in Urban Floods
David Serrano, Berry Gersonius, Guus Rongen, and Arthur van Dam

EGU2018-5735 | Posters | NH1.9

Development of 1D Hydraulic Model to assess urban flood: A case study of Purna River
Kuldeep B Patel and Sanjay kumar M Yadav

EGU2018-8154 | Posters | NH1.9

1D HEC-RAS Hydrodynamic Modeling of River Flow Simulation Using DEM Extracted River Cross-Sections - A Case of Sabarmati River, Gujarat, India
Ujas Pandya, Balkishan Chandak, Akshay Bhootra, and Dhruvesh Patel

EGU2018-7326 | Posters | NH1.9

Flood Potential Estimation of Poorly Gauged Varekhadi Watersheds Using HEC-HMS Model - A Case of Lower Tapi Basin, India
Mohit Jani, Kshitij Baloothiya, Prayank Mewar, and Dhruvesh Patel

EGU2018-8102 | Posters | NH1.9

Minimization, equivalence and fate of the hydrogeological hazard: a new criterion to manage the flood threats applied to the Padova hydraulic node
Riccardo Mel, Luca Carniello, Elena Crestani, Daniele Viero, and Luigi D'Alpaos

EGU2018-4016 | Posters | NH1.9

Climate Change Adaptation to Manage the Risks of Extreme Hydrological and Weather Events for Food Security in Vulnerable West Nile Delta
Dawei Han, Khaled Kheireldin, Miguel Rico-Ramirez, and Mahmoud Roushdi

EGU2018-5783 | Posters | NH1.9

Assessment of Damage-based Physical Flood Risk for Houses
Insang Yu, Hayong Kim, and Sangman Jeong

EGU2018-6851 | Posters | NH1.9

Mitigating flood risk in Alexandria with anticipatory flood management
Biswa Bhattacharya, Chris Zevenbergen, Adele Young, and Mohanasundar Radhakrishnan

EGU2018-12989 | Posters | NH1.9

Developing large-scale flood risk management plans under uncertainties about hydrodynamic system behavior
Alessio Ciullo, Jan Kwakkel, Karin De Bruijn, and Frans Klijn

EGU2018-17057 | Posters | NH1.9

A Compendium of Existing Vulnerability and Fragility Relationships for Flood
Carmine Galasso and Maria Pregnolato

EGU2018-6497 | Posters | NH1.9

TRIBUTE ‘TRIgger BUffers for inundaTion Events’: the importance of flood hazard and vulnerability assessment
Irene Angeluccetti, Franca Disabato, Francesca Perez, Simone Balbo, Paola Mazzoglio, Iphigenia Keramitsoglou, and Chris T. Kiranoudis

EGU2018-10652 | Posters | NH1.9

Flood forecasting and flood inundation mapping system developed for Ukrainian parts of Prut and Siret river basins within EAST AVERT project
Oleksandr Pylypenko, Mark Zheleznyak, Oleksiy Boyko, Ivan Kovalets, Sergii Kivva, Alexander Khalchenkov, Oleksander Mikhalsky, and Maxim Sorokin

EGU2018-11537 | Posters | NH1.9

Evaluation of the stability of vehicles during floods: state of the art review
Ricardo Andres Bocanegra Vinasco, Felix Ramon Frances, and Francisco Jose Valles Moran

EGU2018-14270 | Posters | NH1.9

Building resilience: What are the experiences and perceptions of flood affected children in Vietnam?
Florence Halstead, Daniel Parsons, Allison Dunhill, and Graham Scott

EGU2018-2997 | Posters | NH1.9

Establishment of bridge closure and its flood warning stage
Sheng-Hsueh Yang, Ren-Kai Jhong, Shao-Tang Wei, and Keh-Chia Yeh

EGU2018-8622 | Posters | NH1.9

How reliably can we model inundated rural areas caused by surface water floods?
Daniel B. Bernet, Andreas P. Zischg, Volker Prasuhn, and Rolf Weingartner

EGU2018-4940 | Posters | NH1.9

Flood susceptibility assessment based on Analytical Hierarchy Process: application in mainland Portugal
Pedro Pinto Santos, Susana Pereira, José Luís Zêzere, Eusébio Reis, Ricardo A.C. Garcia, Sérgio C.Oliveira, and Mónica Santos

EGU2018-19535 | Posters | NH1.9

Efficient River Management Plan for Urban Flood Disaster Prevention
Jae Yeong Lee, Ho Jun Keum, Beom Jin Kim, Hyun Il Kim, and Kun Yeun Han

NH2.1 – Volcano Records and Quantification of Volcanic Hazards (co-organized)

EGU2018-8988 | Posters | NH2.1

Thermal behavior of pyroclastic density currents by means of charcoal reflectance proxy: application to present and past eruptions at Vesuvius, Fogo, Colima and Merapi volcanoes
Sveva Corrado, Chiara Caricchi, Guido Giordano, Alessandra Pensa, Claudia Romano, Matteo Trolese, and Alessandro Vona

EGU2018-5933 | Posters | NH2.1

Dynamics of the ongoing lava dome eruption and its consequences on the long-term assessment of volcanic hazard.
Servando De la Cruz-Reyna, Angel Gomez-Vazquez, and Ana Teresa Mendoza-Rosas

EGU2018-747 | Posters | NH2.1

Assessing the impact of explosive eruptions at Fogo volcano (São Miguel Island, Azores)
Joana Medeiros, Adriano Pimentel, Rita Carmo, Gabriela Queiroz, and José Pacheco

EGU2018-2295 | Posters | NH2.1

The dynamics of turbulent jets with reversing buoyancy rising in a crossflow: Implications for the collapse of explosive volcanic columns in a windy atmosphere
Guillaume Carazzo, Audrey Michaud-Dubuy, Edouard Kaminski, and Frédéric Girault

EGU2018-11100 | Posters | NH2.1

A new strategy for the estimation of plume height from clast dispersal and application to proximal hazard assessment
Eduardo Rossi, Costanza Bonadonna, Wim Degruyter, Sara Osman, Corine Frischknecht, Daniele Andronico, Raffaello Cioni, and Simona Scollo

EGU2018-3805 | Posters | NH2.1

Kamchatka Volcano Explosive Eruptions in 2017 and Danger to Aviation
Olga Girina, Dmitry Melnikov, Alexander Manevich, Anton Nuzhdaev, and Yury Demyanchuk

EGU2018-1721 | Posters | NH2.1

Global time-size distribution of volcanic eruptions on Earth
Paolo Papale

EGU2018-11000 | Posters | NH2.1

Emulation of the relationship between hazard intensity and volcanic processes
Stuart Mead, Mark Bebbington, and Jonathan Procter

EGU2018-5295 | Posters | NH2.1

Revisiting Earthquake-Triggered Volcanic Eruptions
Theresa Sawi and Michael Manga

EGU2018-114 | Posters | NH2.1

A solar-terrestrial effect strongly influences volcanism
Gerald Duma

EGU2018-8455 | Posters | NH2.1

The Ilopango Tierra Blanca Joven (TBJ) eruption, El Salvador: volcano-stratigraphy of a major Holocene event of Central America and hazards implications
Dario Pedrazzi, Iván Sunyé-Puchol, Gerardo Aguirre-Díaz, Antonio Costa, Victoria Smith, Pablo Davila Harris, Walter Hernandez, and Eduardo Gutierrez

EGU2018-15004 | Posters | NH2.1

A ~260 ka eruptive history for Kilimanjaro derived from Lake Challa sediments
Catherine Martin-Jones, Christine Lane, Maarten Van Daele, Thijs Van der Meeren, Philip Barker, Maarten Blaauw, Melanie Leng, Barbara Maher, Darren Mark, and Dirk Verschuren

NH3.1 – Landslide hydrology: from hydrology to pore water pressure and slope deformation (co-organized)

EGU2018-1016 | Orals | NH3.1

Effects of biodiversity, plant age, and mycorrhizal fungi on the plant-induced suction and shear strength of root-permeated soils
Anil Yildiz, Frank Graf, and Sarah M. Springman

EGU2018-18725 | Posters | NH3.1

For individual trees with the same diameters at breast height, canopy tree species may cause more infiltration than do smaller tree species
Guo-Zhang Song, Prapasiri Tongsiri, Li-Wan Chang, and Jyh-Min Chiang

EGU2018-13557 | Posters | NH3.1

Seasonal changes in stream bank stability under different vegetation cover
Dominika Krzeminska, Kamilla Skaalsveen, Tjibbe Kerkhof, and Jannes Stolte

EGU2018-18021 | Orals | NH3.1

Optimising vegetation species selection and management regime for slope stabilisation: Experiments from column, centrifuge and field slope scales.
A Glyn Bengough, David Boldrin, Paul D Hallett, Jonathan A Knappett, Anthony K Leung, Teng Liang, Kenneth W Loades, Gerrit J Meijer, and David Muir Wood

EGU2018-4999 | Orals | NH3.1

The temporally varying roles of rainfall, snowmelt and soil moisture for debris flow initiation in an alpine region
Karin Mostbauer, Roland Kaitna, David Prenner, and Markus Hrachowitz

EGU2018-15622 | Posters | NH3.1

Physical and numerical modelling of reinforced slopes
Rick Veenhof and Wei Wu

EGU2018-12266 | Posters | NH3.1

Hydrologic Modeling of the Loess Bluff in Dunaujvaros, Hungary
Richard Ray and Katalin Bene

EGU2018-13963 | Orals | NH3.1

Comparison of 2D and 3D assessment of slope stability using the Local Factor of Safety concept
Shirin Moradi, Johan Alexander Huisman, Holger Class, and Harry Vereecken

EGU2018-14249 | Posters | NH3.1

Hydromechanical modelling of slope stability at Dollendorfer Hardt, Germany, using the Local- Factor-of-Safety concept
Shirin Moradi, Johan Alexander Huisman, Holger Class, Thomas Heinze, Andreas Kemna, and Harry Vereecken

EGU2018-8676 | Orals | NH3.1

A satellite-based distributed model for landslide risk assessment
Luca Ciabatta, Christian Massari, Luca Brocca, Diana Salciarini, Tommaso Moramarco, Wolfgang Wagner, and Claudio Tamagnini

EGU2018-13762 | Orals | NH3.1

Insights on landslide triggered by rainfall from a global database of landslide inventories.
Odin Marc, André Stumpf, Jean-Philippe Malet, Marielle Gosset, and Taro Uchida

EGU2018-11453 | Posters | NH3.1

Physically based modeling of the origins of rainfall intensity-duration landslide triggering thresholds
Peter Lehmann, Solange Scognamiglio, Jonas von Ruette, and Dani Or

EGU2018-3404 | Posters | NH3.1

Probabilistic critical rainfall thresholds for landslide occurrence using the WRF model in China
Qiang Dai, Dawei Han, Ningsheng Chen, and Anna Jacomo

EGU2018-13625 | Posters | NH3.1

Physical model study of the infiltration processes in pyroclastic slopes subject to instability
Giovanna Capparelli, Gennaro Spolverino, Emilia Damiano, Roberto Greco, and Lucio Olivares

EGU2018-13886 | Posters | NH3.1

Early detection of pre-failure slope deformations in granular soils by using fiber sensing technique
Emilia Damiano, Reza Darban, Martina De Cristofaro, Aldo Minardo, Lucio Olivares, Luciano Picarelli, and Luigi Zeni

EGU2018-14898 | Posters | NH3.1

Use of today's hydrogeological data to predict future land slide risk. A case study at the Ångermanälven river, Sweden
Hanna Blomén, Miriam S. Zetterlund, Karin Bergdahl, and Karin Odén

EGU2018-15672 | Posters | NH3.1

The influence of hydro-meteorological conditions on landslide dynamics – an application to the Salcher landslide in Gresten, Lower Austria
Christina Hauck, Margherita J. Stumvoll, Birgit Jochum, Carlotta Guardiani, and Thomas Glade

EGU2018-15966 | Posters | NH3.1

In field and laboratory water tracer tests on clay-rich landslide material
Francesco Ronchetti, Alessandro Aguzzoli, Giuseppe Ciccarese, Alessandro Corsini, Manuela Deiana, Leonardo Piccinini, and Valentina Vincenzi

EGU2018-14485 | Posters | NH3.1

Prediction of shallow landslide occurrence in Rome (Italy) through physically based models: an approach for the estimation of initial soil conditions
Geraud Poueme Djueyep, Carlo Esposito, Luca Schilirò, and Francesca Bozzano

EGU2018-16272 | Posters | NH3.1

3D Geoelectrical study of the Séchilienne Landslide : new constraints on the large scale water flow
Myriam Lajaunie, Julien Gance, Pierre Nevers, Catherine Bertrand, and Jean-Philippe Malet

EGU2018-17422 | Posters | NH3.1

On the use of multi-method geophysical investigations for the delineation of hydrogeological connectivity in landslides
Jakob Gallistl, Matthias Steiner, Theresa Maierhofer, Lukas Aigner, Jochum Birgit, Jean-Philippe Malet, and Adrian Flores Orozco

EGU2018-6284 | Posters | NH3.1

Effects of heterogeneities on the infiltration through shallow layered pyroclastic slopes and possible implications on landslide triggering
Emilia Damiano, Roberto Greco, and Luciano Picarelli

EGU2018-18613 | Posters | NH3.1

A century-long landslide history in Norway
Håkon Heyerdahl and Bjørn Kalsnes

EGU2018-6560 | Posters | NH3.1

Analysis of the mudstone slope failure triggered by the 2016 Typhoon Megi
Chia-Ming Chang and Ching Hung