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OS – Ocean Sciences

OS1.1 – Open Session on General Circulation, Ocean Climate Variability and Air-Sea Interactions (including Fridtjof Nansen Medal Lecture)

EGU2018-1367 | Posters | OS1.1

Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean water cycle and possible future changes
Dipanjan Dey and Kristofer Döös

EGU2018-11430 | Orals | OS1.1

Air-sea fluxes in the Southern Ocean during CAPRICORN experiment
Vidhi Bharti, Steven Siems, Yi Huang, and Michael Manton

EGU2018-1996 | Posters | OS1.1

The effects of vertical interpolation techniques on the estimates of oceanic change
Paul Barker and Trevor McDougall

EGU2018-3890 | Posters | OS1.1

Numerical simulation of seasonal migration of the North Equatorial Current bifurcation in Regional Model – discussion of open boundary condition
Bingrong Sun, Zhaohui Chen, and Lixin Wu

EGU2018-12400 | Orals | OS1.1

Sea spray at high winds: mechanisms of production and role in heat transfer and surface drag
Yuliya Troitskaya, Alexander Kandayrov, Olga Ermakova, Dmitry Kozlov, Daniil Sergeev, and Sergej Zilitinkevich

EGU2018-1571 | Posters | OS1.1

Pressure drag of two-layer shallow-water flow at an inclined oceanic ridge, independent of velocity
Achim Wirth

EGU2018-9276 | Posters | OS1.1

Role of salinity in AMOC weakening and recovery in a freshwater hosing simulation
Rosalind Haskins, Kevin Oliver, Laura Jackson, Sybren Drijfhout, and Richard Wood

EGU2018-1354 | Orals | OS1.1

Thermodynamic Properties of Seawater, Ice and Humid Air: TEOS-10, Before and Beyond
Rainer Feistel

EGU2018-4813 | Posters | OS1.1

Impact of gustiness in turbulent heat flux parameterization on the air-sea coupling and ocean feedbacks in climate simulation
Olivier Torres, Pascale Braconnot, and Olivier Marti

EGU2018-9857 | Posters | OS1.1

Three open problems regarding straits and channel: from local to climate insights
Federico Falcini and Ettore Salusti

EGU2018-3661 | Orals | OS1.1

Global warming is shifting the major ocean gyres toward the poles
Hu Yang, Gerrit Lohmann, Monica Ionita, Uta Krebs-Kanzow, Dmitry Sidorenko, Xun Gong, Xiaoxu Shi, and Xueen Chen

EGU2018-10177 | Posters | OS1.1

Estimating air-water gas transfer velocity during low wind condition with and without buoyancy
Sam T Fredriksson, Lars Arneborg, Robert A Handler, and Håkan Nilsson

EGU2018-12068 | Orals | OS1.1

A geometric interpretation of vertical structure and eddy-mean flow interaction in the Southern Ocean
Mads Bruun Poulsen, Markus Jochum, James R. Maddison, David P. Marshall, and Roman Nuterman

EGU2018-12941 | Orals | OS1.1

Observed fingerprint of a weakening Atlantic Ocean overturning circulation
Levke Caesar, Stefan Rahmstorf, Alexander Robinson, Vincent Saba, and Georg Feulner

EGU2018-10682 | Posters | OS1.1

Subnational strategies to address ocean climate change
Anna Zivian

EGU2018-12244 | Posters | OS1.1

Geochemical study of ejected rocks (oil shale and oil-bearing rocks) of mud volcanoes in Shamakhi-Gobustan region (Azerbaijan) as indicators of hydrocarbon generation and accumulation
Fuad Nabiyev and Orhan Abbasov

EGU2018-14179 | Orals | OS1.1

Weakly stratified bottom boundary layer in global oceans
Donata Banyte, David Smeed, and Miguel Angel Morales Maqueda

EGU2018-10804 | Posters | OS1.1

The impact of sea-level-rise on tidal characteristics around Australasia
Alexander Harker, Mattias Green, and Michael Schindelegger

EGU2018-18605 | Orals | OS1.1

Anomalously low central Arctic salinity in years of high sea-ice melt and converging atmospheric conditions
Benjamin Rabe, Meri Korhonen, Hoppmann Mario, Robert Ricker, Stefan Hendricks, Thomas Krumpen, Adam Ulfsbo, Elizabeth Jones, Ursula Schauer, and Justin Beckers

EGU2018-14337 | Orals | OS1.1

Differing drivers of Atlantic variability on quasi- and multi-decadal timescales
Gerard McCarthy, Terrence Joyce, and Simon Josey

EGU2018-10787 | Posters | OS1.1

Seasonal and secular changes of ocean stratification and its implication for tides
Michael Schindelegger and Mattias Green

EGU2018-11340 | Posters | OS1.1

Submarine Landslide and Potential Hazards on the Western Slope of the Okinawa Trough
Qi Li, Yujie Li, and Cunzi Jia

EGU2018-11739 | Posters | OS1.1

From weather to ocean predictions: an historical viewpoint
Nadia Pinardi, Luigi Cavaleri, Giovanni Coppini, Pierre De Mey-Fremaux, Claudia Fratianni, John M. Huthnance, Pierre F.J. Lermusiaux, Antonio Navarra, Ruth Preller, and Stefano Tibaldi

EGU2018-15571 | Posters | OS1.1

Formation, transport and mixing of the Mediterranean Overflow Water
Ricardo F. Sanchez Leal, María Jesús Bellanco Esteban, Luis Miguel Fernández Salas, Jesús García Lafuente, Marc Gasser Rubinat, Cesar González-Pola, Francisco F. Hernández Molina, Josep. L. Pelegrí, Alvaro Peliz, Paulo Relvas, David Roque, Manuel Ruiz Villarreal, Simone Sammartino, and José Carlos Sánchez Garrido

EGU2018-19694 | Posters | OS1.1

Association of the North Atlantic surface turbulent heat fluxes with cyclone dynamics
Sergey Gulev and Natalia Tilinina

EGU2018-11361 | Posters | OS1.1

Paleoenvironmental Significance of the Holocene sedimentary records on the inland shelf of the East China Sea and the Okinawa trough
Jie Zhang, Qi Li, Guofan Zhang, and Qiong Wang

EGU2018-18356 | Posters | OS1.1

The diffusive leakage of the lower limb of the AMOC
Laura Cimoli, Ali Mashayek, David Marshall, and Helen Johnson

EGU2018-18965 | Posters | OS1.1

GOFS16: a Global Ocean Forecast System at eddying resolution
Doroteaciro Iovino, Stefania Ciliberti, Andrea Cipollone, Simona Masina, Giovanni Coppini, Rita Lecci, Fabio Montagna, Francesco Trotta, and Nadia Pinardi

EGU2018-14890 | Posters | OS1.1

On the definition of heat in the ocean: A new heat variable more conservative than Conservative Temperature
Remi Tailleux

EGU2018-18911 | Posters | OS1.1

Abyssal water transformation in the Panama Basin
Donata Banyte, Miguel Angel Morales Maqueda, Richard Hobbs, David Smeed, Alexis Megann, and Sonia Recalde

EGU2018-18368 | Posters | OS1.1

Implications of efficient turbulent mixing for global interconnections of AMOC
Ali Mashayek, Laura Cimoli, and Colm Caulfield

EGU2018-19432 | Posters | OS1.1

Comparison of MERRA-2 and ECCO-v4 ocean surface heat fluxes: Consequences of different forcing feedbacks on ocean circulation and implications for climate data assimilation
Ehud Strobach, Andrea Molod, Gael Forget, Jean-Michel Campin, Chris Hill, Dimitris Menemenlis, and Patrick Heimbach

OS1.2 – Southern Ocean physical and biogeochemical processes from continental shelves to the open ocean (co-organized)

EGU2018-14392 | Posters | OS1.2

Parameter estimation and model validation of global E3SM simulations focused on Antarctic ice shelf-ocean interactions
Xylar Asay-Davis, Mathew Maltrud, Mark Petersen, Stephen Price, and Luke Van Roekel

EGU2018-19091 | Orals | OS1.2 | Highlight

Decadal trends and variability in the Southern Ocean sink of CO2
Corinne Le Quéré

EGU2018-2588 | Posters | OS1.2

Vertical ocean heat redistribution sustaining sea-ice trends in the Ross Sea
Olivier Lecomte, Hugues Goosse, Thierry Fichefet, Casimir de Lavergne, Violette Zunz, and Antoine Barthélemy

EGU2018-12477 | Orals | OS1.2

The Biological Pump in the Southern Indian Ocean: Changes and Impacts over the Last 150 Thousand Years
Lena M. Thöle, Alfredo Martínez-García, Eri Amsler, Alexandra Auderset, Anja Studer, Jörg Lippold, Julia Gottschalk, Alain Mazaud, Elisabeth Michel, and Samuel L. Jaccard

EGU2018-14256 | Orals | OS1.2

Southern Hemisphere Surface Climate and Ocean Circulation Response to Antarctic Meltwater in a Warming World
Wonsun Park and Mojib Latif

EGU2018-18394 | Posters | OS1.2

Controls of the shelf break on warm water flow towards Antarctic ice shelves
Elin Darelius, Lucie Vignes, and Nadine Steiger

EGU2018-4910 | Orals | OS1.2

What sets the heat content of the Southern Ocean mixed layer?
Emma Boland, Daniel C Jones, and Andrew Meijers

EGU2018-16875 | Posters | OS1.2

Variability and drivers of the ice-covered Ross Gyre circulation
Tiago Dotto, Michel Tsamados, Alberto Garabato, Sheldon Bacon, Andy Ridout, Paul Holland, and Tom Armitage

EGU2018-10436 | Orals | OS1.2

Air-Sea-Ice Interaction Associated with the 2016 and 2017 Weddell Polynyas
Kent Moore, Ethan Campbell, Earle Wilson, Casey Brayton, Steve Riser, Mathew Mazloff, and Lynne Talley

EGU2018-17264 | Posters | OS1.2

On the Modified Warm Deep Water Flow toward the Filchner Ronne Ice Shelf: Observations and Model Results
Svenja Ryan, Michael Schröder, Ralph Timmermann, Tore Hattermann, and Torsten Kanzow

EGU2018-18537 | Orals | OS1.2

Iron fertilization from the Amery Ice Shelf marine ice layer, East Antarctica
Laura Herraiz-Borreguero, Delphine Lannuzel, Pier C. van der Merwe, Adam Treverrow, and Joel B Pedro

EGU2018-9270 | Posters | OS1.2

Evidence of glacial melt water input in the Western Ross Sea (Antarctica) water masses
Paola Rivaro, Francesco Ardini, Pasquale Castagno, Massimo De Stefano, and Pierpaolo Falco

EGU2018-9036 | Posters | OS1.2

Connection between the Southern Ocean Mode and the Weddell Polynya
René van Westen and Henk Dijkstra

EGU2018-10419 | Posters | OS1.2

Changes in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current strength at the Pacific entrance of the northern Drake Passage over the past ∼1.5 million years
Maria H Toyos, Frank Lamy, and Carina B Lange

EGU2018-11949 | Posters | OS1.2

Importance of sea-ice processes for Southern Ocean stratification inferred from the oxygen isotopic composition of seawater
F. Alexander Haumann, Michael Meredith, Jorge Sarmiento, and Katherine Leonard

EGU2018-14210 | Posters | OS1.2

Variability of intrinsic origin of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current: a model study
Antonio Celeste, Paola de Ruggiero, and Stefano Pierini

EGU2018-17379 | Posters | OS1.2

Sea ice production in the southern Weddell Sea: role of atmospheric forcing and fast ice
Lukrecia Stulic, Ralph Timmermann, Stephan Paul, Rolf Zentek, and Günther Heinemann

EGU2018-5057 | Posters | OS1.2

The Influence of Topographic Gradients on the Antarctic Circumpolar Current
Ryan Patmore, Paul Holland, Alberto Naveira Garabato, Mike Meredith, Dave Stevens, and Dave Munday

EGU2018-11395 | Posters | OS1.2

Biomarker analysis of a snow core from Patriot Hills, Antarctica provides evidence for twentieth-century deep convection activity and ocean-climate interactions in the Weddell Sea Embayment
Matthew Harris, Chris Turney, Chris Fogwill, Andy Baker, Bethany Ellis, Alan Cooper, David Etheridge, Mauro Rubino, David Thornton, Francisco Fernandoy, Michael Bird, and Niels Munksgaard

EGU2018-2526 | Posters | OS1.2

Structure and variation of the synoptic disturbances of ocean currents in the Drake Passage and Scotia Sea
Mikhail Koshlyakov, Irina Repina, Darya Savchenko, Roman Tarakanov, and Valeriya Taroyan

EGU2018-19084 | Posters | OS1.2

The fate of carbon and nutrients exported out of the Southern Ocean
Judith Hauck, Andrew Lenton, Richard Matear, and Clothilde Langlais

EGU2018-7303 | Posters | OS1.2

Anomalous aspects of the eddy saturation regime in the Southern Ocean
Yuri Cotroneo, Pierpaolo Falco, Milena Menna, Pierre marie Poulain, and Giorgio Budillon

EGU2018-9516 | Posters | OS1.2

Decadal variations of the Southern Ocean carbon sink are driven by the state and the phase of the climate system
Aaron Spring, Hongmei Li, and Tatiana Ilyina

EGU2018-17616 | Posters | OS1.2

Simulations of barotropic and baroclinic tides under realistic conditions in the Southern Ocean.
Maria Luneva, James Harle, and Dave Munday

EGU2018-2858 | Posters | OS1.2

Making meaningful observations in supercooled water
Natalie Robinson, Brett Grant, Craig Stevens, Matt Walkington, and Mike Williams

EGU2018-2437 | Posters | OS1.2

Temporal variability of Antarctic Bottom Water flows in the Atlantic
Dmitriy Frey, Vladimir Fomin, Eugene Morozov, Roman Tarakanov, and Nikolay Dianskiy

EGU2018-16368 | Posters | OS1.2

Finding the data you need to support your Southern Ocean science
Jo Beja, Pip Bricher, Steve Diggs, Mathieu Belbeoch, Ken Casey, James Cusick, Bruno Danis, Taco de Bruin, Florence Fetterer, Alex Kozyr, Michael Morahan, Benjamin Pfeil, Roger Proctor, Scott Ritz, Stefanie Schumacher, Anton Van de Putte, Li Zong Wu, and Jie Zhang

EGU2018-4677 | Posters | OS1.2

Instrumented seals help refining the Polar Front mapping in the Southern Indian Ocean.
Etienne Pauthenet, Fabien Roquet, Gurvan Madec, Christophe Guinet, Mark Hindell, Clive McMahon, Robert Harcourt, and David Nerini

OS1.5 – Climate variability of the Atlantic and Europe (co-organized)

EGU2018-12753 | Posters | OS1.5

Decadal predictability of the Arctic sea ice from Nordic Seas deep convection
Céline Heuzé and Karin van der Wiel

EGU2018-10132 | Orals | OS1.5

First Results from OSNAP: Overturning in the Subpolar North Atlantic Program
Susan Lozier and Feili Li and the OSNAP Observations Team

EGU2018-17725 | Orals | OS1.5

ISOW pathways and mixing revealed by Deep-Argo floats
Virginie Racape, Virginie Thierry, Herlé Mercier, Cecile Cabanes, Catherine Lagadec, and Guillaume Maze

EGU2018-7364 | Posters | OS1.5

Changes in the properties of the deep and intermediate water in the Nordic Seas in 1997-2016
Malgorzata Merchel and Waldemar Walczowski

EGU2018-4765 | Posters | OS1.5

Mechanisms of ocean heat anomalies in the Norwegian Sea
Helene Asbjørnsen, Marius Årthun, Tor Eldevik, and Øystein Skagseth

EGU2018-16604 | Orals | OS1.5

Absolute geostrophic transports at 47°N in the Newfoundland Basin
Achim Roessler, Monika Rhein, and Christian Mertens

EGU2018-14519 | Orals | OS1.5

Circulation in the Eastern Subpolar North Atlantic Based on Three Years of Mooring Measurements
Stuart Cunningham, Loïc Houpert, Clare Johnson, Neil Fraser, Stefan Gary, Mark Inall, and Penny Holliday

EGU2018-6177 | Posters | OS1.5

Sea level changes due to ice sheet melting in Greenland
Sophie Stolzenberger, Roelof Rietbroek, and Jürgen Kusche

EGU2018-14199 | Orals | OS1.5

An analysis of the reduced overturning state of the North Atlantic observed by the RAPID-MOCHA-WBTS array
David Smeed, William Johns, Molly Baringer, Ben Moat, Darren Rayner, Chris Meinen, Denis Volkov, and Gerard McCarthy

EGU2018-15054 | Posters | OS1.5

Enhanced Greenland melting: Effect of mesoscale ocean dynamics on distribution, timing and impact
Torge Martin, Jan Harlaß, and Arne Biastoch

EGU2018-1626 | Posters | OS1.5

Numerical Study of Interannual Variability of Circulation and Hydrography over the Northwest Atlantic
Jinyu Sheng

EGU2018-1648 | Orals | OS1.5

Stochastic low-frequency variability emerging from the North Atlantic ocean
Thierry Penduff, Stéphanie Leroux, Sally Close, Ixetl Garcia Gomez, Guillaume Sérazin, Laurent Bessières, Jean-Marc Molines, Bernard Barnier, and Laurent Terray

EGU2018-3346 | Posters | OS1.5

Circulation and glacial melt in the subpolar North Atlantic
Monika Rhein, Dagmar Kieke, Achim Roessler, Christian Mertens, Birgit Klein, Claus Boening, Reiner Steinfeldt, Hannah Nowitzki, and Tilia Breckenfelder

EGU2018-7068 | Orals | OS1.5

Air-Sea Interaction in the Irminger Sea : New Insights from the OOI Mooring
Simon Josey and Robert Weller

EGU2018-5948 | Posters | OS1.5

Overflow through the Western Valley of the Iceland-Faroe Ridge is negligible
Bogi Hansen, Karin Margretha Larsen, Steffen Olsen, Detlef Quadfasel, Kerstin Jochumsen, and Svein Østerhus

EGU2018-2451 | Orals | OS1.5

North Atlantic Ocean heat budget and its variability over the last 130 years from VOS observations
Sergey Gulev, Marina Aleksandrova, Alexey Sinitsyn, and Mojib Latif

EGU2018-16266 | Orals | OS1.5

Ocean versus Atmosphere impacts on European Summertime Temperatures
Jennifer Mecking, Sybren Drijfhout, Joel Hirschi, Nick Dunstone, Adam Scaife, Adam Blaker, and Aurelie Duchez

EGU2018-8046 | Posters | OS1.5

The role of diapycnal mixing schemes for deep convection in the Irminger Sea
Oliver Gutjahr, Nils Brüggemann, Johann Jungclaus, and Helmuth Haak

EGU2018-7171 | Posters | OS1.5

North Atlantic internal variability changes in response to global warming
Johann Jungclaus, Ralf Hand, Juergen Bader, Daniela Matei, and Rohit Ghosh

EGU2018-4550 | Orals | OS1.5

Intraseasonal effects of El Niño Southern Oscillation on North Atlantic climate
Blanca Ayarzagüena, Sarah Ineson, Nick Dunstone, Adam Scaife, and Mark Baldwin

EGU2018-3349 | Orals | OS1.5

The influence of the MJO on the North Atlantic Oscillation as inferred from idealized numerical experiments
Sebastien Fromang and Gwendal Rivière

EGU2018-7889 | Posters | OS1.5

The evolution of the RAPID monitoring array and the 12.9-year record of the AMOC at 26N
Ben Moat, David Smeed, Gerard McCarthy, Darren Rayner, William Johns, Chris Meinen, Denis Volkov, and Molly Baringer

EGU2018-4766 | Orals | OS1.5

Influence of Arctic sea ice on predictability of the winter NAO in a dynamical forecast model
James Warner, James Screen, and Adam Scaife

EGU2018-18250 | Posters | OS1.5

The Atlantic Meridional Overturning in the Ocean Reanalysis
Clotilde Dubois, Laura Jackson, Simona Masina, Andrea Storto, and Hao Zuo

EGU2018-363 | Orals | OS1.5

The Tropospheric Pathway of the ENSO-North Atlantic Teleconnection
Bernat Jimenez-Esteve and Daniela I.V. Domeisen

EGU2018-12846 | Posters | OS1.5

Representation of air-sea coupling in the Gulf Stream region in high resolution observations and model simulations
Victor Rousseau, Emilia Sanchez-Gomez, Rym Msadek, and Laurent Terray

EGU2018-11708 | Posters | OS1.5

On the existence of a potential multidecadal AMOC-AMO-NAO feedback loop in MIROC
Ayako Yamamoto, Hiroaki Tatebe, and Masami Nonaka

EGU2018-13158 | Orals | OS1.5

Atmospheric circulation response to anomalous Siberian forcing in autumn 2016 and its long-range predictability.
Nicholas Tyrrell, Alexey Karpechko, Timo Vihma, and Petteri Uotila

EGU2018-8728 | Posters | OS1.5

UV solar forcing change as a control on Atlantic multi-decadal variability using a high resolution ocean-atmosphere coupled climate model
Freya Garry, Paul Halloran, Sarah Ineson, Nick Dunstone, Martin Andrews, David Reynolds, Ian Hall, Matthew Menary, Richard Wood, and James Scourse

EGU2018-4368 | Orals | OS1.5

Using relaxation experiments to determine remote influences useful for seasonal prediction over Europe
Richard Greatbatch, Gereon Gollan, Felicitas Hansen, Ole Wulff, Daniela Domeisen, and Thomas Jung

EGU2018-5389 | Posters | OS1.5

Daily to decadal modulation of Atlantic jet variability
Tim Woollings, Elizabeth Barnes, Brian Hoskins, Young-Oh Kwon, Robert Lee, Camille Li, Erica Madonna, Marie McGraw, Tess Parker, Regina Rodrigues, Clemens Spensberger, and Keith Williams

EGU2018-11408 | Orals | OS1.5

Seasonal Forecasting of the North Atlantic Oscillation using an International Multi-Model Ensemble
Ray Bell and Ben Kirtman

EGU2018-2184 | Posters | OS1.5

Pronounced differences between observed and CMIP5 simulated multidecadal climate variability in the twentieth century
Sergey Kravtsov

EGU2018-13781 | Orals | OS1.5

Quasi-stationary waves and their impact on European weather and extreme events
Gabriel Wolf, David Brayshaw, Nicholas Klingaman, and Arnaud Czaja

EGU2018-15995 | Orals | OS1.5

Summer NAO flavors and their effects on climate over Europe and North America
Efi Rousi, Dim Coumou, and Uwe Ulbrich

EGU2018-1452 | Posters | OS1.5

Decomposition of the Mean Barotropic Transport in a High-Resolution Model of the North Atlantic Ocean
Richard Greatbatch, Yuan Wang, Martin Claus, and Jinyu Sheng

EGU2018-448 | Posters | OS1.5

The impact of the Gulf Stream on the North Atlantic storm track: deterministic or stochastic?
Alison Cobb, Arnaud Czaja, Frederic Vitart, and Magdalena Balmaseda

EGU2018-9340 | Posters | OS1.5

Does the path of extreme North Atlantic storms depend more on the eddy-driven jet (atmosphere) or the Gulf Stream (ocean)?
Rhys Parfitt and Young-Oh Kwon

EGU2018-15881 | Posters | OS1.5

The observed multidecadal Northern Hemisphere climate change from the perspective of Damped Stratosphere/Troposphere-Ocean coupled Oscillation.
Nour-Eddine Omrani, Noel Keenlyside, Katja Matthes, Davide Zanchettin, and Johann H. Jungclaus

EGU2018-11313 | Posters | OS1.5

Low-frequency climate anomalies, changes in synoptic scale circulation patterns and statistics of extreme events over south-east Poland during the Last Millennium
Krzysztof Bartoszek and Joanna Slawinska

EGU2018-16980 | Posters | OS1.5

Impacts of the Atlantic Multidecadal Variability on the tropical climate and tropical cyclone activity
Yohan Ruprich-Robert, Tom Delworth, and Rym Msadek

EGU2018-2616 | Posters | OS1.5

The future regime of Atlantic nutrient supply to the Northwest European Shelf
Moritz Mathis, Uwe Mikolajewicz, and Alberto Elizalde

EGU2018-2900 | Posters | OS1.5

Structures and formation mechanisms of the North Atlantic Oscillation and the ENSO modulation
Panxi Dai and Benkui Tan

EGU2018-14440 | Posters | OS1.5

Quasi-stationary waves and their connection to oceanic anomalies
Gabriel Wolf, David Brayshaw, Nicholas Klingaman, and Arnaud Czaja

EGU2018-431 | Posters | OS1.5

Separating ENSO and NAO signatures in the North Atlantic
Bianca Mezzina, Javier García-Serrano, and Ileana Bladé

EGU2018-5949 | Posters | OS1.5

Decadal variability in the Northern Hemisphere winter circulation: Role of internal and external drivers
Ville Maliniemi, Timo Asikainen, and Kalevi Mursula

EGU2018-10476 | Posters | OS1.5

Drivers and surface signal of inter-annual variability of boreal stratospheric final warmings
Blanca Ayarzagüena, Rémi Thiéblemont, Katja Matthes, and Slimane Bekki

EGU2018-4379 | Posters | OS1.5

Relative Role of the MJO and Stratospheric Variability in North Atlantic Climate Patterns During Boreal Winter
Chen Schwartz and Chaim Garfinkel

EGU2018-1033 | Posters | OS1.5

Tropical Forcing of the Summer East Atlantic Pattern
Ole Wulff, Richard Greatbatch, Daniela Domeisen, Gereon Gollan, and Felicitas Hansen

EGU2018-3084 | Posters | OS1.5

Study of the onset dynamics of Eurasian summer blocking events
Marie Drouard and Tim Woollings

EGU2018-14721 | Posters | OS1.5

Analysis of 500 hPa geopotential height field anomalies in the Atlantic-European region
Márk Iván, Zsuzsanna Dezső, Judit Bartholy, and Rita Pongrácz

EGU2018-5407 | Posters | OS1.5

Eddy-driven jet sensitivity to diabatic heating in an idealised model
Hugh Baker, Tim Woollings, and Cheikh Mbengue

EGU2018-8809 | Posters | OS1.5

Signal and noise in chaotic systems: understanding the predictability of the NAO
Kristian Strommen and Tim Palmer

EGU2018-14332 | Posters | OS1.5

Key factors for seasonal predictability of Northern hemisphere severe winter wind storms
Felicitas Hansen, Tim Kruschke, Richard J. Greatbatch, and Antje Weisheimer

EGU2018-14245 | Posters | OS1.5

A multisystem view of NAO seasonal predictability in wintertime
Panos Athanasiadis, Alessio Bellucci, Adam Scaife, Leon Hermanson, Stefano Materia, Antonella Sanna, Andrea Borrelli, Craig MacLachlan, and Silvio Gualdi

OS1.7 – Changes in the Arctic Ocean, sea ice and subarctic seas systems: Observations, Models and Perspectives (co-organized)

EGU2018-1154 | Posters | OS1.7

Characterization and consequences of the 2017 Arctic cyclonic circulation
Andrey Proshutinsky, Dmitry Dukhovskoy, Mary-Louise Timmeemans, and Richard Krishfield

EGU2018-1201 | Orals | OS1.7

Tidal Conversion and associated mixing in the Arctic Ocean
Tom P. Rippeth, Ben J. Lincoln, J.A. Mattias Green, Brian D Scannell, Yueng-Djern Lenn, Vasiliy Vlasenko, Nataliya Shashchuk, and Sheldon Bacon

EGU2018-15832 | Posters | OS1.7 | Highlight

Impacts of Changing Sea Ice Cover on Northern Hemisphere Atmospheric Conditions
Jennifer Mecking, Sybren Drijfhout, and Malcolm Roberts

EGU2018-12404 | Orals | OS1.7

Eddy properties and dynamics in the Fram Strait
Claudia Wekerle, Tore Hattermann, Laura Crews, Qiang Wang, and Sergey Danilov

EGU2018-4964 | Orals | OS1.7 | Highlight

Land ice contribution to the freshwater budget of the Arctic and North Atlantic Oceans
Jonathan Bamber, Andrew Tedstone, Michalea King, Ian Howat, Brice Noel, Michiel van den Broeke, and Ellyn Enderlin

EGU2018-2435 | Posters | OS1.7

Assessments on Atlantic water transport in the Arctic Ocean based on NABOS CTD-transects
Nataliya Zhurbas

EGU2018-5415 | Posters | OS1.7

Winter sea ice decay in the Atlantic sector of the Arctic Ocean: intensification of seasonal variability
Vladimir Ivanov and Irina Repina

EGU2018-3361 | Orals | OS1.7

Climate-induced and anthropogenic changes of river water inflow into the Russian Arctic seas
Dmitry Magritsky, Natalya Frolova, Maria Kireeva, and Olga Pakhomova

EGU2018-17772 | Orals | OS1.7 | Highlight

Sea Surface CO2 trends in the Canada Basin
Mike DeGrandpre, Rick Krishfield, Andrey Proshutinsky, Bill Williams, and Wiley Evans

EGU2018-16596 | Posters | OS1.7

Ocean Dynamics in the Key Regions of North Atlantic-Arctic Exchanges: Comparison of Global FESOM and INMCM Model Simulations with Long-Term Observations
Agnieszka Beszczynska-Möller, Jan Andrzejewski, Ozgur Gurses, Dmitry Sidorenko, Helge Goessling, Evgeny M. Volodin, Andrey Gritsun, and Nikolay Iakovlev

EGU2018-13295 | Orals | OS1.7

UDASH - Unified Database for Arctic and Subarctic Hydrography
Axel Behrendt, Hiroshi Sumata, Benjamin Rabe, and Ursula Schauer

EGU2018-18755 | Posters | OS1.7

Fram Strait sea ice volume export: comparison of a high resolution sea ice-ocean model with remote sensing data
Behnam Zamani, Thomas Krumpen, Lars H. Smedsrud, and Rüdiger Gerdes

EGU2018-7778 | Posters | OS1.7

Modeling the freshwater system of the Arctic and North Atlantic oceans
Tamas Kovacs and Rüdiger Gerdes

EGU2018-10545 | Posters | OS1.7

Observations of Atlantic water variability during the AREX summer campaigns: impact on sea ice concentration
Agata Grynczel, Agnieszka Beszczynska-Moeller, and Waldemar Walczowski

EGU2018-15906 | Posters | OS1.7

Decadal link of Arctic and subarctic North Atlantic freshwater variability
Myriel Horn, Benjamin Rabe, Ursula Schauer, and Claudia Wekerle

EGU2018-5731 | Posters | OS1.7

Effect of geometric roughness on the sea ice emissivity at low-frequency microwave channels
Sang-Moo Lee, Hoyeon Shi, and Byung-Ju Sohn

EGU2018-19727 | Posters | OS1.7

Upper Ocean Evolution Across the Beaufort Sea Marginal Ice Zone
Craig Lee, Luc Rainville, Jason Gobat, Lee Freitag, and Sarah Webster

EGU2018-1950 | Posters | OS1.7

Changes and variability in sea ice conditions in the Kara Sea
Iiro Kokkonen

EGU2018-15105 | Posters | OS1.7

Arctic Freshwater fluxes from Earth Observation data
Ole Baltazar Andersen, karina Nielsen, Louise S Sørensen, Henriette Skourup, Natalia H Andersen, Thomas Nagler, Alexei Kouraev, Elena Zakharova, Diego Fernandez, and Jan Wuite

EGU2018-7045 | Posters | OS1.7

The sea ice drift structures in the Arctic ocean, based on the satellite data (1979-2017)
Aleksandra Mushta, Vladimir Volkov, and Denis Demchev

EGU2018-18513 | Posters | OS1.7

Upper ocean vertical fluxes and energy dissipation from in-situ turbulence measurements in the Eurasian and Makarov Basins, Arctic Ocean, in 2015
Benjamin Rabe, Janout Markus, and Achim Randelhoff

EGU2018-3694 | Posters | OS1.7

First year sea ice in the eastern Arctic Ocean during the early-mid Holocene
Anne de Vernal, Cynthia Le Duc, Claude Hillaire-Marcel, Philippe Roberge, and Camille Brice

EGU2018-8203 | Posters | OS1.7

Variability of the Pacific-derived water over the Wandel Sea shelf (Northeast Greenland)
Igor Dmitrenko, Sergei Kirillov, Bert Rudels, David Babb, Søren Rysgaard, and David Barber

EGU2018-11803 | Posters | OS1.7

Persistence, length scale, trend and variability of the Arctic sea ice thickness
Leandro Ponsoni, François Massonnet, Thierry Fichefet, and Matthieu Chevallier

EGU2018-14156 | Posters | OS1.7

Evaluation of cascading water formation and pathways from NEMO-shelf Arctic Ocean model.
Maria Luneva, James Harle, and Jason Holt

EGU2018-15267 | Posters | OS1.7

On the statistical properties of sea ice lead fraction and heat fluxes in the Arctic
Einar Örn Ólason, Pierre Rampal, and Sylvain Bouillon

EGU2018-15611 | Posters | OS1.7

Observations and modelling of water masses and heat transport at a retreating tidewater outlet glacier (NE Greenland, 81 °N)
Jørgen Bendtsen, John Mortensen, and Søren Rysgaard

EGU2018-10084 | Posters | OS1.7

Improving sea ice edge forecasts by assimilating high resolution VIIRS sea ice concentration data into the U.S. Navy’s ice forecast system
Richard Allard, David Hebert, William Johnston, Li Li, Jackie May, Michael Phelps, Pamela Posey, and Ole Martin Smedstad

EGU2018-14287 | Posters | OS1.7

Coarsening for an Efficient Simulation in the North Atlantic and Arctic
Ozgur Gurses, Dmitry Sidorenko, Helge Gößling, Nikolay Koldunov, Thomas Rackow, Sergey Danilov, Agnieszka Beszczynska-Möller, and Jan Andrzejewski

EGU2018-5272 | Posters | OS1.7

A Survey of the Atmospheric Physical and Dynamical Processes Key to the Onset of Arctic Sea Ice Melt in Spring
Yiyi Huang, Xiquan Dong, Baike Xi, and Yi Deng

EGU2018-1602 | Posters | OS1.7

Interannual sub-mesoscale mixing processes at the subsurface layer on a sill Fjord. Ilulissat case, Greenland.
Jhon Fredy Mojica Moncada, Diana Francis, Clare Earys, and David Holland

EGU2018-19568 | Posters | OS1.7

On the seasonality of sea ice classification from SAR data
Johannes Lohse, Anthony Paul Doulgeris, and Wolfgang Dierking

EGU2018-6824 | Posters | OS1.7

On a theory of large-scale intrusions generation in the Arctic fronts at stable-stable stratification
Natalia Kuzmina, Sergey Skorokhodov, Nataliya Zhurbas, and Dmitry Lyzhkov

EGU2018-17994 | Posters | OS1.7

Assessment of Sea Ice Lead Detection based on SAR imagery and Altimeter data
Nicolas Longépé, Pierre Thibaut, Rodolphe Vadaine, Jean Christophe Poisson, Amandine Guillot, Nicolas Picot, and Jeremy Aublanc

EGU2018-17944 | Posters | OS1.7

Seven years of SMOS Sea Surface Salinity in the Arctic Ocean
Estrella Olmedo, Carolina Gabarro, Joaquim Ballabrera-Poy, Veronica Gonzalez-Gambau, Justino Martinez, Antonio Turiel, and Marcos Portabella

EGU2018-5750 | Posters | OS1.7

Relating the geometric surface roughness of sea ice to its surface emissivity
Hoyeon Shi, Sang Moo Lee, and Byung-Ju Sohn

EGU2018-17847 | Posters | OS1.7

Geophysical and morphological processes in the Arctic coastal regions and marginal ice zone by using remote sensing data
Stefan Wiehle, Andrey Pleskachevsky, Anja Frost, and Mikhail Dobrynin

EGU2018-1728 | Posters | OS1.7

The ROMS-CICE data assimilation system for sea-ice assimilation
Sindre Fritzner, Rune Graversen, Keguang Wang, and Kai Christensen

EGU2018-14180 | Posters | OS1.7

Waves, Ice and Ocean in future projections of the Arctic and Southern Ocean
Yevgeny Aksenov, Stefanie Rynders, Lucia Hosekova, Danny Feltham, A.J. George Nurser, Gurvan Madec, Tim Williams, Laurent Bertino, and Andrew Coward

EGU2018-14014 | Posters | OS1.7

Impacts of ocean waves on Sea Ice and the Polar Oceans
Yevgeny Aksenov, Stefanie Rynders, Lucia Hosekova, Danny Feltham, A.J. George Nurser, Gurvan Madec, Tim Williams, Laurent Bertino, and Andrew Coward

EGU2018-2265 | Posters | OS1.7

A study of air convection in the snow cover of sea ice
Petr Bogorodskii, Vladimir Borodkin, Vasilii Kustov, and Aleksandra Sumkina

EGU2018-3402 | Posters | OS1.7

Features and patterns of spatio-temporal variability of water runoff, sediment load and heat flux in the lower reaches of the Lena River and its delta
Dmitry Magritsky, Denis Aybulatov, and Vera Fofonova

OS1.9 – The Indian Ocean's past, present, and future (co-organized)

EGU2018-1230 | Posters | OS1.9

The dynamics of the Southwest Monsoon Current in the Bay of Bengal
Ben Webber, Adrian Matthews, Pn Vinayachandran, Cp Neema, Alejandra Sanchez-Franks, Vv Vijith, Amol Prakash, and Dariusz Baranowski

EGU2018-5962 | Orals | OS1.9

The impact of upper-ocean warming on sea level variations in the Indian Ocean
Veronica Nieves and Josh Willis

EGU2018-3182 | Orals | OS1.9

Ningaloo Niño/Niña: Mechanism, Predictability and Impacts
Tomoki Tozuka, Takahito Kataoka, Shoichiro Kido, Takeshi Doi, Marie-Fanny Racault, Swadhin Behera, and Toshio Yamagata

EGU2018-2115 | Posters | OS1.9

Influences of Pacific Climate Variability on Decadal Subsurface Ocean Heat Content Variations in the Indian Ocean
Xiaolin Jin, Young-Oh Kwon, Caroline Ummenhofer, Hyodae Seo, Franziska Schwarzkopf, Arne Biastoch, Claus Böning, and Jonathon Wright

EGU2018-6233 | Posters | OS1.9

Interaction and variability of very short-lived substances from the tropical Indian Ocean to the stratosphere
Kirstin Krüger, Alina Fiehn, Birgit Quack, and Elliot Atlas

EGU2018-19602 | Orals | OS1.9

A comparison of submesoscale dynamics in the Gulf of Aden and Oman and their impact on the Red Sea and Persian Gulf outflows
Mathieu Morvan, Xavier Carton, Stéphanie Corréard, Rémy Baraille, and Pierre L'Hégaret

EGU2018-7930 | Orals | OS1.9

Equatorial Line Observations – a comprehensive study of coupled atmospheric and oceanic processes within the Maritime Continent
Dariusz Baranowski, Piotr Flatau, Janet Sprintall, Adrian Matthews, Maria Flatau, Karen Heywood, Nelly Florida, Agie Wandala, Jerome Schmidt, Kunio Yoneyama, Michael McPhaden, and Chidong Zhang

EGU2018-2909 | Posters | OS1.9

Role of remote forcing from the Bay of Bengal in the maintenance of Laccadive High off the southwest coast of India
Tanuja Nigam and Vimlesh Pant

EGU2018-6456 | Posters | OS1.9

Productivity variations in the Northeast Indian Ocean during middle Miocene in connection with initiation and intensification of SW Monsoons.
Barnita Banerjee, Syed Masood Ahmad, Evssk Babu, and Waseem Raza

EGU2018-1987 | Orals | OS1.9

Intraseasonal Sea Surface Warming in the Western Indian Ocean by Oceanic Equatorial Rossby Waves
Adam Rydbeck, Tommy Jensen, and Ebenezer Nyadjro

EGU2018-12621 | Posters | OS1.9

Reconstruction of Glacial-Interglacial Temperature and Export Production Gradients over the Polar and Subantarctic Front in the Southern Indian Ocean
Lena M. Thöle, Alfredo Martínez-García, Eri Amsler, Julia Gottschalk, Alexandra Auderset, Jörg Lippold, Alain Mazaud, Elisabeth Michel, and Samuel L. Jaccard

EGU2018-106 | Orals | OS1.9

Seasonality of the Agulhas Current with respect to near- and far-field winds
Katherine Hutchinson, Lisa Beal, Juliet Hermes, Pierrick Penven, and Isabelle Ansorge

EGU2018-15307 | Posters | OS1.9

Structure and Dynamics of Surface eddies in the Arabian Sea
Adam Ayouche, Xavier Carton, Mathieu Morvan, Alexandre Stegner, and Briac Le Vu

EGU2018-6457 | Posters | OS1.9

A robust projected weakening of winter monsoon winds over the Arabian sea under climate change
Vallivattathillam Parvathi, Iyyappan Suresh, Matthieu Lengaigne, Takeshi Izumo, and Jérôme Vialard

EGU2018-3496 | Posters | OS1.9

Upper Ocean Response to Tropical Cyclone Phailin (2013) over the Freshwater Plume in the Northern Bay of Bengal
Yun Qiu and Xinyu Lin

EGU2018-11695 | Posters | OS1.9

Freshwater transport in the Bay of Bengal and its modulation by eddies and the Indian Ocean Dipole
Akurathi V S Chaitanya, Matthieu Lengaigne, Jerome Vialard, Francesco d'Ovidio, Fabrice Papa, and Jean Riotte

EGU2018-10874 | Posters | OS1.9

Palaeoceanographic insights on the glacial-interglacial hydrographic evolution of the Bay of Bengal during the last 500,000 years
Rose Manceau, Gianluca Marino, Eelco Rohling, Jimin Yu, Yuhao Dai, Liam Holder, and Clara Bolton

EGU2018-11649 | Posters | OS1.9

New SMOS surface salinity retrieval overcomes previous issues in the Bay of Bengal: assessment of its seasonal and interannual variability
Valiya Parambil Akhil, Jerome Vialard, Matthieu Lengaigne, Madhavan Girijakumari Keerthi, Jacqueline Boutin, Jean-luc Vergely, and Stephane Marchand

EGU2018-9344 | Posters | OS1.9

On the recent warming of the Indian Ocean
Abish Bose, Annalisa Cherchi, and Satyaban Ratna

EGU2018-11757 | Posters | OS1.9

Impact of horizontal salinity gradients on the Bay of Bengal circulation and mesoscale variability
Madhavan Girijakumari Keerthi, Matthieu Lengaigne, Jerome Vialard, and Rachid Benshilla

EGU2018-11370 | Posters | OS1.9

Influence of air-sea coupling on indian ocean tropical cyclones
Matthieu Lengaigne, Singh Neetu, Guillaume Samson, Jérôme Vialard, Krish Krishnamohan, Sebastien Masson, Swen Jullien, Iyappan Suresh, and Christophe Menkes

OS1.10 – Tropical & Subtropical Ocean Circulation, Equatorial to Mid-Latitude Air-Sea Interactions (co-organized)

EGU2018-5556 | Orals | OS1.10

A metric for surface heat flux effect on horizontal SST gradients: Application to mid-latitude SST fronts
Tomoki Tozuka, Shun Ohishi, and Meghan Cronin

EGU2018-435 | Posters | OS1.10

Influence of sea surface roughness on the simulations of Vardah cyclone in the Bay of Bengal using COAWST model
Kumar Ravi Prakash, Vimlesh Pant, and Tanuja Nigam

EGU2018-2459 | Posters | OS1.10

Upper ocean response to typhoon Kalmaegi (2014)
Han Zhang, Dake Chen, Lei Zhou, Xiaohui Liu, Tao Ding, and Beifeng Zhou

EGU2018-3021 | Orals | OS1.10

Variability of the Atlantic North Equatorial Undercurrent and its impact on oxygen
Kristin Burmeister and Joke F. Lübbecke

EGU2018-16733 | Orals | OS1.10

The sensitivity of the large-scale circulation to uncertainties in the representation of air-sea interactions
Mark Rodwell, Jean Bidlot, Irina Sandu, and Isla Simpson

EGU2018-8794 | Posters | OS1.10

Seasonal variations of tidally generated internal waves in the eastern boundary upwelling system off Angola
Peter Brandt, Kevin Lamb, Marcus Dengler, Robert Kopte, Volker Mohrholz, Pedro Tchipalanga, and Marek Ostrowski

EGU2018-3091 | Posters | OS1.10

Inertial wave induced mixing in the tropical Atlantic: observations, parameterizations and impacts
Markus Jochum

EGU2018-12101 | Orals | OS1.10

The Effect of SST Gradients on Atmospheric Frontogenesis
Michael Reeder, Thomas Spengler, and Clemens Spensberger

EGU2018-19834 | Posters | OS1.10

An elevated turbulent mixing event caused by a near-inertial wave in the mixed layer
Marcus Dengler, Rebecca Hummels, Finn Heukamp, Tim Fischer, Gerd Krahmann, and Peter Brandt

EGU2018-12889 | Orals | OS1.10

Storm development over the Gulf Stream - role of the SST-front in modifying heat flux and low-level baroclinicity
Hylke de Vries, Sebastian Scher, Reindert Haarsma, and Sybren Drijfhout

EGU2018-19614 | Orals | OS1.10

Do SST gradients drive the monthly climatological surface wind convergence over the tropical Atlantic?
Moussa Diakhate, alban lazar, gaelle de Coëtlogon, and Amadou T. Gaye

EGU2018-461 | Posters | OS1.10

Investigation of the intra-annual variability of the North Equatorial Counter Current/ North Brazil Current eddies and of the instability waves of the North Tropical Atlantic Ocean using satellite altimetry and Empirical Mode Decomposition
Jean-Luc Mélice and Sabine Arnault

EGU2018-19824 | Posters | OS1.10

Mixed Layer Heat Budget in the North-eastern Tropical Upwelling System: Two paradoxes of the temperature control in the Senegalese upwelling
Saliou Faye, Alban Lazar, and Gregory Foltz

EGU2018-12983 | Orals | OS1.10

Extratropical influences on equatorial Atlantic variability
Ingo Richter and Takeshi Doi

EGU2018-3593 | Posters | OS1.10

Co-variability of near-surface wind speed statistics and sea surface temperature
Johannes Gemmrich and Adam Monahan

EGU2018-454 | Orals | OS1.10

Relationship between the Coastal Low-Level Jet and El Niño-like phenomenon in the Benguela region
Ana Caldeirinha, Pedro M.M. Soares, and Daniela C.A. Lima

EGU2018-6092 | Posters | OS1.10

Difference between Mean and Instantaneous Wind Direction associated with Air-Sea Fluxes
Fumiaki Ogawa and Thomas Spengler

EGU2018-15378 | Orals | OS1.10

On the Wind-Mixed layer-SST modes in the tropical Atlantic
Takahito Kataoka, Masahide Kimoto, Masahiro Watanabe, and Hiroaki Tatebe

EGU2018-18494 | Orals | OS1.10

An oceanic mechanism for the generation of interannual climate variability in the tropical Atlantic
Martin Claus, Richard J. Greatbatch, Peter Brandt, Franz P. Tuchen, and Jan-Dirk Matthießen

EGU2018-9969 | Posters | OS1.10

Variability and Uncertainty in the Air-Sea Interaction over the Greater Agulhas Current
Kent Moore

EGU2018-18670 | Orals | OS1.10

The Role of Oceanic Processes in the Initiation of Indian Summer Monsoon Intraseasonal Oscillations over the Indian Ocean
B. Jason West, Weiqing Han, and Yuanlong Li

EGU2018-9166 | Posters | OS1.10

Is the boreal spring Tropical Atlantic SST variability a precursor for the Equatorial Mode?
Marta Martín-Rey and Alban Lazar

EGU2018-19616 | Posters | OS1.10

Seasonal migration of the Tropical Atlantic Warm Pool Associated with the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone
Dahirou Wane, Alban lazar, Malick Wade, and Amadou T. Gaye

EGU2018-3769 | Orals | OS1.10

Surface salinity and its impact in the Eastern Indian Ocean and Maritime Continent
Kelvin Richards and Oleg Melnichenko

EGU2018-8098 | Posters | OS1.10

Mesoscale dynamics in the tropical atlantic ocean: characteristics and seasonal cycle
Habib Micaël Agnédjo Aguedjou, Isabelle Dadou, Alexis Chaigneau, Yves Morel, and Gaël Alory

EGU2018-285 | Posters | OS1.10 | Highlight

Weakening of the senegalo-mauritanian upwelling system under climate change in the CMIP5 data base
Adama Sylla, Juliette Mignot, Xavier Capet, and Amadou Gaye

EGU2018-6454 | Posters | OS1.10

The Influence of Localized Wind Stress on Eddies in the Caribbean Sea
Carine G. van der Boog, Caroline A. Katsman, Julie D. Pietrzak, and Henk A. Dijkstra

EGU2018-2239 | Posters | OS1.10

Sea surface salinity variations in the Maritime Continent region and the relationships with monsoon, El Nino, and ocean currents
Tong Lee and Severine Fournier

EGU2018-18778 | Posters | OS1.10

Water masses of the southern Philippine Sea observed in late fall of 2017
Chang-Woong Shin, Jae Hak Lee, Hong Sik Min, Chang Su Hong, Dong Guk Kim, Gyu-Nam Baek, and Inhee Lee

OS2.1 – Open Session on Coastal and Shelf Seas

EGU2018-19794 | Posters | OS2.1

Assessing the impact of man-made structures: effect of a jetty on wave climate
Maria Amelia Araujo, Steven Wallbridge, and Liam Fernand

EGU2018-7290 | Orals | OS2.1

A Low Frequency Subpolar Gyre Signal Identified in the Atlantic Inflow to the North Sea
Vimal Koul, Johanna Baehr, and Corinna Schrum

EGU2018-16219 | Orals | OS2.1

Comprehensive Examination of Sea Level Variations over the Length and Breadth of the Red Sea and Adjacent Gulfs
Yasser O. Abualnaja, James H. Churchill, and Abdullah M. Al-Subhi

EGU2018-3477 | Posters | OS2.1

The effects of future sea-level-rise on the tidal process over the radial sand ridges of the South Yellow Sea of China
Xi Feng, Jinjin Yuan, and Weibing Feng

EGU2018-7323 | Posters | OS2.1

On nearshore currents in the shallow water of Taiwan Strait
Khai-Jing Liew and Zhi-Cheng Huang

EGU2018-12872 | Orals | OS2.1

Influence of Atlantic circulation on the North Sea under a climate change scenario.
Nikesh Narayan, Birgit Klein, Moritz Mathis, Holger Klein, and Uwe Mikolajewicz

EGU2018-3686 | Orals | OS2.1

Why South China Sea upwelling water does not enter the Gulf of Thailand?
Mohd Fadzil Akhir and Nurul Rabitah Daud

EGU2018-9890 | Posters | OS2.1

Organic geochemical markers of sediment in a complex continental margin of the Southeastern Brazilian Coast
Satie Taniguchi, Rafael A. Lourenço, Josilene da Silva, Rubens C. L. Figueira, Michel M. de Mahiques, and Márcia C. Bícego

EGU2018-10158 | Posters | OS2.1

Seasonality in internal wave energy and internal mixing in a continental shelf sea
Juliane Wihsgott, Matthew R Palmer, Jonathan Sharples, and Jo Hopkins

EGU2018-9508 | Orals | OS2.1

Transport in a temperate wide shelf during the summer
Eugenio Ruiz, Jonathan Sharples, and Jo Hopkins

EGU2018-11019 | Posters | OS2.1

Palynological implications for paleoceanography of South Sea, offshore Korea over the past 30,000 years: a preliminary result
Sangheon Yi, Dong-Geun Yoo, and Jin Cheul Kim

EGU2018-5501 | Orals | OS2.1

Turbulent controls on the onset and development of seasonal stratification on the NW European shelf
Matthew R. Palmer, Charlotte Williams, Juliane Wihsgott, Jennifer Jardine, and Sarah Wakelin

EGU2018-9623 | Orals | OS2.1

Strong connection between chlorophyll-a and suspended sediments at tidal scales in a high-nutrient estuary: Analysis of observations and an idealized model study
Manuel Diez-Minguito and Huib E. de Swart

EGU2018-11905 | Posters | OS2.1

Vorticity distribution in a periodically driving flow
Gerardo Ruiz-Chavarria, Erick Javier Lopez-Sanchez, and Sergio Hernandez-Zapata

EGU2018-8625 | Orals | OS2.1

The Knudsen and Total Exchange Flow relations for mixing in estuaries
Hans Burchard, Parker MacCready, W. Rockwell Geyer, Knut Klingbeil, and Xaver Lange

EGU2018-13421 | Posters | OS2.1

An analysis of the seasonal wind regime in the Gulf of Naples using observational data and model outputs
Giovanni Esposito, Simona Saviano, Roberta Di Lemma, Berardino Buonocore, Paola de Ruggiero, Stefano Pierini, and Enrico Zambianchi

EGU2018-13702 | Posters | OS2.1

Extreme Sea Levels in the Baltic Sea in Climate Change Scenarios
Christian Dieterich, Matthias Gröger, Lars Arneborg, and Helén Andersson

EGU2018-15196 | Orals | OS2.1

A box model to represent estuarine dynamics in mesoscale resolution ocean models
Giorgia Verri, Nadia Pinardi, Frank Bryan, Yu-Heng Tseng, and Giovanni Coppini

EGU2018-19655 | Orals | OS2.1

Idealized Numerical Simulations of Ontario’s Grand River Plume
Kevin Lamb, Shoshannah Bryne-Mamahit, and Marek Stastna

EGU2018-13721 | Posters | OS2.1

New data on the postglacial development of Narva-Luga Klint Bay (eastern Gulf of Finland)
Alexander Sergeev, Anton Terekhov, Darya Ryabchuk, Dmitry Gerasimov, Leonid Budanov, Margaita Kholkina, and Igor Neevin

EGU2018-13842 | Orals | OS2.1

Propagation of freshwater fronts in the Rhine ROFI
Sabine Rijnsburger, Raul Flores, Julie Pietrzak, Alexander Horner-Devine, and Alejandro Souza

EGU2018-15094 | Posters | OS2.1

Characterization of the structure and cross-shore transport properties of a coastal upwelling filament using three-dimensional finite–size Lyapunov exponents
João Bettencourt, Vincent Rossi, Emilio Hernández-García, Martinho Marta-Almeida, and Cristóbal López

EGU2018-6966 | Orals | OS2.1

The Laptev Sea Region Of Freshwater Influence: Oceanography And Ecosystem implications
Markus Janout, Jens Hölemann, Dorothea Bauch, Georgi Laukert, Dieter Piepenburg, Anya Waite, Fedor Martinov, Andrey Novikhin, and Vasily Povashny

EGU2018-17498 | Posters | OS2.1

Occurrence and Variability of stably layered thermocline salinity minima in a tideless basin
Selina Mueller, Hans Burchard, Peter Holtermann, Ulf Graewe, and Berkay Basdurak

EGU2018-17602 | Posters | OS2.1

External surges in the South-Eastern North Sea.
Lidia Gaslikova, Iris Grabemann, and Ralf Weisse

EGU2018-17724 | Posters | OS2.1

Innovative observations of Sea State by Sentinel-1 satellite radar imagery: Storm Tracking for Maritime Situation Awareness
Andrey Pleskachevsky, Sven Jacobsen, Björn Tings, Egbert Schwarz, Detmar Krause, Holger Daedelow, and Arno Behrens

EGU2018-18401 | Posters | OS2.1

A study of storm surges and seiches in the Adriatic Sea by means of observations and modelling
Marco Bajo, Iva Medugorac, Christian Ferrarin, Georg Umgiesser, and Mirko Orlic

EGU2018-19780 | Posters | OS2.1

The effect of different types of water column structure on the sea level in the Dead Sea
Georgy Shapiro, Riyad Manasrah, Isaac Gertman, and Diego Bruciaferri

EGU2018-19392 | Posters | OS2.1

Estimating friction velocity referring oxygen micro-profiles
Tetsunori Inoue

EGU2018-11126 | Posters | OS2.1

Multilevel Estuarine Circulation in the Kitimat Fjord System
Steve Mihaly

EGU2018-1509 | Posters | OS2.1

Temporal variability of sulphur plumes in the northern Benguela upwelling system and forcing processes
Thomas Ohde and Isabelle Dadou

EGU2018-14906 | Posters | OS2.1

Discontinuous Galerkin modelling of the Congo River’s coupled estuary-shelf dynamics
Valentin Vallaeys, Jonathan Lambrechts, Emmanuel Hanert, and Eric Deleersnijder

EGU2018-5650 | Posters | OS2.1

Estimate sea surface salinity distribution from the Changjiang River plume using artificial neural network
Dae-won Kim, Young-Heon Jo, and Ji-Yeon Baek

EGU2018-14614 | Posters | OS2.1

Baroclinic Instabilities in River Plumes : Numerical Idealized Simulations in the Bay of Biscay
Adam Ayouche, Guillaume Charria, Sébastien Theetten, Xavier Carton, and Nadia Ayoub

EGU2018-10899 | Posters | OS2.1

Upwelling, downwelling and tidal straining in the Rhine ROFI
Julie D. Pietrzak, Gerben de Boer, Alex Horner-Devine, Susan Allen, and Alex Souza

EGU2018-13769 | Posters | OS2.1

Influence of the Rhine river fronts on the suspended particulate matter
Zeinab Safar, Sabine Rijnsburger, Claire Chassagne, Andy Manning, Julie Pietrzak, Alex Souza, Alex Horner-Devine, Raul Flores, and Maggie McKeon

EGU2018-11545 | Posters | OS2.1

Spreading dynamics of small river plumes off the northeastern coast of the Black Sea observed by Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2
Alexander Osadchiev and Roman Sedakov

EGU2018-17299 | Posters | OS2.1

Structure of the buoyant plume formed by Ob and Yenisei river discharge in the southern part of the Kara Sea during summer and autumn
Alexander Osadchiev, Alexander Izhitskiy, Peter Zavialov, Vyacheslav Kremenetskiy, Alexander Polukhin, Vadim Pelevin, and Zhamal Toktamysova

EGU2018-10157 | Posters | OS2.1

ROFI of the Elbe river during flood event, unstructured-mesh model study.
Ivan Kuznetsov, Alexey Androsov, Vera Fofonova, Sergey Danilov, Natalja Rakowsky, Sven Harig, Mayya Gogina, and Holger Brix

OS2.2 – Advances in Understanding of the Multi-Disciplinary Dynamics of the Southern European Seas (Mediterranean and Black Sea)

EGU2018-6610 | Posters | OS2.2

Turbulence in the Sicily Channel from microstructure measurements
Anda Vladoiu, Pascale Bouruet-Aubertot, Yannis Cuypers, Bruno Ferron, Katrin Schroeder, Mireno Borghini, Stephane Leizour, and Sana Ben Ismail

EGU2018-12602 | Orals | OS2.2

Observation of 2012-2013 deep convection events in the north-western Mediterranean Sea
Pierre Testor and the DEWEX group

EGU2018-6706 | Posters | OS2.2

Water masses in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea: an analysis of measured isotopic oxygen
Angelo Rubino, Paola de Ruggiero, Davide Zanchettin, Manuel Bensi, Dagmar Hainbucher, Barbara Stenni, and Stefano Pierini

EGU2018-4838 | Orals | OS2.2

Mediterranean Thermohaline Response to Large-Scale Winter Atmospheric Forcing in a MedMIT12 Ocean Model Simulation
Eleonora Cusinato, Davide Zanchettin, Gianmaria Sannino, and Angelo Rubino

EGU2018-7555 | Posters | OS2.2

How can the BiOS and the mesoscale structures influence the flux of Atlantic Water in the central Mediterranean Sea?
Milena Menna, Nydia Catalina Reyes Suarez, Giuseppe Civitarese, and Miro Gačić

EGU2018-8170 | Posters | OS2.2

Mesoscale eddies in the Algerian Basin: formation, translational and energetic characteristics as obtained from 22 years of altimetric satellite data
Federica Pessini, Antonio Olita, Yuri Cotroneo, and Angelo Perilli

EGU2018-5273 | Orals | OS2.2

The Mediterranean Sea water properties and their future projections in an ensemble of coupled ocean – atmosphere models
Javier Soto-Navarro, Gabriel Jordà, Gianmaria Sannino, Vladimir Djurdjevic, Laurent Li, and William Cabos

EGU2018-13205 | Orals | OS2.2

Assessing the interannual climate variability in the Mediterranean Sea during 1901-2010 with a physical-biogeochemical ocean model
Feifei Liu, Uwe Mikolajewicz, and Katharina D. Six

EGU2018-9930 | Posters | OS2.2

Biogeochemical modelling of the Black Sea. Impact of different physics on model performances.
Luc Vandenbulcke, Arthur Capet, and Marilaure Gregoire

EGU2018-10391 | Posters | OS2.2

Future relative sea level for the Mediterranean Sea: ensemble projections combining terrestrial ice melt, high resolution steric effects, tectonic, and glacial isostatic adjustment
Gianmaria Sannino, Fabrizio Antonioli, Adriana Carillo, Gaia Galassi, Paola Malanotte-Rizzoli, Giovanna Pisacane, Giorgio Spada, and Maria Vittoria Struglia

EGU2018-13512 | Orals | OS2.2

Global Warming altered the Black Sea ventilation regime
Arthur Capet, Vandenbulcke Luc, and Grégoire Marilaure

EGU2018-17638 | Orals | OS2.2

Mixed-layer instability and submesoscale eddy formation in the Gulf of Taranto
Francesco Trotta, Nadia Pinardi, Elisa Fenu, Alessandro Grandi, and Vladyslav Lyubartsev

EGU2018-13078 | Posters | OS2.2

River runoff influences on the Central Mediterranean Overturning Circulation
Giorgia Verri, Nadia Pinardi, Paolo Oddo, Stefania Angela Ciliberti, and Giovanni Coppini

EGU2018-13097 | Posters | OS2.2

Investigating Sea-bottom Cold Water Events in the Marmara
Emin Özsoy, Sinan Özeren, Ali Aydoğdu, Dietrich Lange, Tanja Anina Timmermann, and Pierre Henry

EGU2018-14150 | Posters | OS2.2

Shelf-coastal seamless Mediterranean-Black sea model nested in Atlantic Ocean: towards an operational forecasting system
Ivan Federico, Nadia Pinardi, Ivano Barletta, Giorgia Verri, Salvatore Causio, Fabio Montagna, and Giovanni Coppini

EGU2018-15228 | Posters | OS2.2

Ocean Monitoring Indicators and Integrated Ecosystem Assessment for the Mediterranean Sea
Cosimo Solidoro, Giorgio Bolzon, Gianpiero Cossarini, Alessandro Crise, Paolo Lazzari, Stefano Salon, and Anna Teruzzi

EGU2018-19181 | Posters | OS2.2

The Mediterranean Sea biogeochemistry at mesoscale: lessons from the coupled MITgcm-BFM model simulation
Valeria Di Biagio, Gianpiero Cossarini, Gianmaria Sannino, Stefano Querin, Stefano Salon, and Cosimo Solidoro

OS2.4 – Oceanography at coastal scales. Modelling, coupling, observations and benefits from coastal Research Infrastructures

EGU2018-15450 | Orals | OS2.4 | Highlight

Continental Shelf Waves and dense water downflow along the Southern Adriatic Margin
Davide Bonaldo, Mirko Orlic, and Sandro Carniel

EGU2018-1278 | Posters | OS2.4

On the use of high resolution atmosphere-ocean-wave coupled model to describe a flash-flood event over the North-East Italy
Antonio Ricchi, Davide Bonaldo, Guido Cioni, Mario Marcello Miglietta, and Sandro Carniel

EGU2018-4271 | Orals | OS2.4 | Highlight

Analysis of the Transport of Instrumented Surrogate Munitions Deployed in the Swash Zone of a Large-Scale Wave Flume
Demetra Cristaudo and Jack Puleo

EGU2018-2395 | Posters | OS2.4

Improvement of Specialized Database for Information Support of Coastal Research
Ruben Kosyan

EGU2018-2644 | Posters | OS2.4

Real-time Observation of Suspended Sediment from ADCP and Turbidimeter Mounted on a Metocean Data Buoy
Ching-Jer Huang, Yang-Ming Fan, Ping-Chang Hsueh, Mon-Shen Shi, and Jia-Wei Bian

EGU2018-8896 | Orals | OS2.4

Variational analysis of high-frequency radar surface currents using DIVA
Alexander Barth, Charles Troupin, Emma Reyes, Aida Alvera Azcárate, Joaquín Tintoré, and Jean-Marie Beckers

EGU2018-15364 | Orals | OS2.4 | Highlight

Examining the role of bottom topography on coastal upwelling jets using a synergy of in-situ, satellite and model data in the Gulf of Finland, Baltic Sea
Nicole Delpeche-Ellmann, Kristofer Döös, Bert Viikmäe, and Tarmo Soomere

EGU2018-4338 | Posters | OS2.4

Arabian Gulf operational wave forecast validation using Satellite Altimeters
Sandeepan Balan Sobhana and Vijay Panchang

EGU2018-17858 | Orals | OS2.4

Exploring a new Lagrangian based Short Term Prediction methodology for HF Radar currents
Lohitzune Solabarrieta, Alejandro Orfila, Anna Rubio, Ismael Hernández, Julien Mader, and Burton J. Jones

EGU2018-4380 | Posters | OS2.4

The coastal wind resources over Europe as observed from satellites
Ioanna Karagali, Merete Badger, and Charlotte Hasager

EGU2018-5715 | Posters | OS2.4

Prediction of coastal hazards and disasters on the south-eastern coast of South Korea using weather, tide-surge and damage-estimation models
Jin-Hee Yuk, Junghyun Park, Seung-hyun Eem, and Minsu Joh

EGU2018-12803 | Orals | OS2.4

Assimilating Ibiza Channel HF radar currents in a high resolution model
Jaime Hernandez Lasheras, Baptiste Mourre, Emma Reyes, Jano Orfila, Melanie Juza, Eva Aguiar, and Joaquin Tintore