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PS – Planetary & Solar System Sciences

PS1.3 – Interdisciplinary Studies at Mercury | PICO

EGU2018-7618 | PICO | PS1.3

Forming Mercury by Giant Impacts
Alice Chau, Christian Reinhardt, Ravit Helled, and Joachim Stadel

EGU2018-10907 | PICO | PS1.3

Solar System Expansion and Strong Equivalence Principle as seen by the MESSENGER mission
Antonio Genova, Erwan Mazarico, Sander Goossens, Frank G. Lemoine, Gregory A. Neumann, David E. Smith, and Maria T. Zuber

EGU2018-15609 | PICO | PS1.3

Mercury Interior with MESSENGER Radio Science Investigation
Antonio Genova, Sander Goossens, Erwan Mazarico, Frank G. Lemoine, Gregory A. Neumann, Weijia Kuang, Terence J. Sabaka, David E. Smith, and Maria T. Zuber

EGU2018-9902 | PICO | PS1.3

General relativity test during BepiColombo’s cruise phase to Mercury
Mirco Junior Mariani and Luciano Iess

EGU2018-18361 | PICO | PS1.3

Cassini states in p:q spin-orbit resonances
Christoph Lhotka

EGU2018-8026 | PICO | PS1.3

Viscoelastic Tides of Mercury and Implications for its Inner Core Size
Gregor Steinbrügge, Sebastiano Padovan, Hauke Hussmann, Teresa Steinke, and Jürgen Oberst

EGU2018-6134 | PICO | PS1.3

The chemical case for Mercury mantle stripping
George Helffrich, Ramon Brasser, and Anat Shahar

EGU2018-13371 | PICO | PS1.3

A Coordinated Shock Recovery and TEM study: The Effects of Impact Pressures on Melt and npFe Production and Migration Behavior in Porous Materials.
Aleksandra N. Stojic, Andreas Morlok, Juulia Moreau, Tomas Kohout, Iris Weber, and Harald Hiesinger

EGU2018-16261 | PICO | PS1.3

Color variation on Mercury’s surface: results from Messenger data in support to BepiColombo
Francesca Zambon, Cristian Carli, Fabrizio Capaccioni, Valentina Galluzzi, Matteo Massironi, Pasquale Palumbo, and Gabriele Cremonese

EGU2018-18641 | PICO | PS1.3

High-resolution geological mapping of hollow fields on Mercury
Valentina Galluzzi, Lorenza Giacomini, Alice Lucchetti, Maurizio Pajola, Cristian Carli, Gabriele Cremonese, and Pasquale Palumbo

EGU2018-18328 | PICO | PS1.3

The physical modeling of the MGNS experiment: the measurement relative intensity of spectral gamma-ray line generated by the neutron capture reaction
Alexander Kozyrev, Andrey Vostrukhin, Maxim Litvak, Igor Mitrofanov, Carlos Granja, Francesco Quarati, Alan Owens, Valery Shvetsov, Gennady Timoshenko, Pavel Dubasov, Artem Zontikov, Stanislav Pospisil, and Tomas Slavicek

EGU2018-14939 | PICO | PS1.3

Observational conditions for the detection of X-ray fluorescence from sodium by the MIXS instrument on BepiColumbo
Rose Cooper, Manuel Grande, Adrian Martindale, and Emma Bunce

EGU2018-10178 | PICO | PS1.3

Improved modelling of BELA altimetry observation for MPO orbit reconstruction
Alireza Hosseiniarani, Stefano Bertone, Adrian Jaeggi, and Nicolas Thomas

EGU2018-14161 | PICO | PS1.3

BepiColombo – unveiling Mercury
Johannes Benkhoff and Joe Zender

EGU2018-9926 | PICO | PS1.3

The BepiColombo Quick-Look Analysis system
Thomas Cornet, Mark Bentley, Alan Macfarlane, Santa Martinez, and Sébastien Besse

PS1.5 – Lunar Science, Exploration and Utilisation

EGU2018-778 | Posters | PS1.5

Geological characterization of high-priority landing sites for the Luna-Glob mission
Sergey Krasilnikov, Mikhail Ivanov, Urs Mall, and Alexander Basilevsky

EGU2018-16955 | Orals | PS1.5

Geology and crater size-frequency distributions of the Apollo 11 landing site
Wajiha Iqbal, Harald Hiesinger, and Carolyn van der Bogert

EGU2018-4311 | Posters | PS1.5

Lab Spectral Measurement and Analysis of Lunar Meteorite NWA 4734
Qin Zhou, Fang Gao, Bin Liu, Guangliang Zhang, Weibin Wen, Haiying Li, and Chunlai Li

EGU2018-2409 | Orals | PS1.5

Comparison of Rock Population Evolution Around Copernican Craters, Mare Versus Highlands
Sara Mazrouei and Rebecca Ghent

EGU2018-4355 | Posters | PS1.5

Laboratory Spectroscopic Measurement and Analysis of Lunar sample Analogs
bin liu, fang gao, guangliang zhang, qin zhou, haiying li, weibin wen, and chunlai li

EGU2018-15290 | Orals | PS1.5 | Highlight

Potentially interesting landing sites in the Polar Regions of the Moon
Maya Djachkova, Igor Mitrofanov, Maxim Litvak, and Anton Sanin

EGU2018-4576 | Posters | PS1.5

Possible compositional stratification of the ancient lunar crust: evidence from geological study of the northern portion of the SPA basin
Mikhail Ivanov, Harald Hiesinger, Csilla Orgel, Jan-Hendrick Pasckert, Carolyn van der Bogert, James Head, and Eugenia Guseva

EGU2018-18534 | Orals | PS1.5 | Highlight

Overview of Moon Village Global Activities & Lunar Explorers Tribute
Bernard Foing and the MoonVillage Workshops & Support Teams

EGU2018-4597 | Posters | PS1.5

Lunar basin ejecta as the sources of materials within the Luna-Glob landing zone
Mikhail Ivanov, Harald Hiesinger, Jan-Hendrick Pasckert, Carolyn van der Bogert, James Head, and Eugenia Guseva

EGU2018-15948 | Orals | PS1.5 | Highlight

The Poland Mars Analogue Simulation 2017 – operating an international volunteer-based Moon-Mars isolation mission
Tajana Lucic, Sebastian Hettrich, and Hady Ghassabian and the PMAS 2017 team

EGU2018-4824 | Posters | PS1.5 | Highlight

An international team to create reference models and data sets for Moon seismology
Raphael F. Garcia, Peimin Zhu, Na Zhao, Mark Wieczorek, Renée Weber, Daoyuan Sun, Attilio Rivoldini, Ludovic Margerin, Ceri Nunn, Yosio Nakamura, Philippe Lognonné, Taichi Kawamura, Amir Khan, Angela Giuliano Marusiak, and Mélanie Drilleau

EGU2018-4853 | Posters | PS1.5

Development of the Faraday cup instrument BMSW-LG for the Moon orbiter Luna-Resurs-1
Lubomir Prech, Jana Safrankova, Zdenek Nemecek, Tereza Durovcova, Ivo Cermak, Martin Jerab, Samuel Kociscak, Jiri Pavlu, Libor Nouzak, and Natalia Borodkova

EGU2018-18 | Orals | PS1.5 | Highlight

Moon Village as Host of a Lunar Archive
James Burke

EGU2018-6339 | Posters | PS1.5

Thermal Cycling and Regolith Evolution on the Moon and Airless Bodies
Ivy Curren

EGU2018-6419 | Posters | PS1.5

Flying a spacecraft through a Lunar Magnetic Anomaly: Measurement Requirements as Defined by Fully Kinetic Modelling
Jan Deca, Andrey Divin, Li Hsia Yeo, Xu Wang, Bertrand Lembège, Tobin Munsat, and Mihály Horányi

EGU2018-9454 | Posters | PS1.5

Solar wind interaction with the Moon surface and corresponding wave phenomena
Andrei M. Sadovski, Alexander A. Skalsky, and Maria Buchenkova

EGU2018-9859 | Posters | PS1.5

Shear wave splitting measurements from deep moonquakes
Jesse-Lee Dimech, Martha Savage, Renee Weber, and Mark Panning

EGU2018-9977 | Posters | PS1.5

Lunar rotation measurement using orbital observations by LRO
Alexander Stark, Serena Annibali, Hauke Hussmann, and Jürgen Oberst

EGU2018-10756 | Posters | PS1.5

Estimating the magnetized direction over the lunar magnetic craters and basins from Kaguya satellite data
Hyung Rae Kim, Hyung-Gyu Kim, and Ralph von Frese

EGU2018-11017 | Posters | PS1.5

Searching for Lunar Horizon Glow at 532 nm with the Laser Detector on LOLA
David E Smith, Maria T Zuber, and Michael K Barker

EGU2018-15947 | Posters | PS1.5

Deriving morphometric parameters and the simple-to-complex transition diameter from a new, high resolution database of fresh lunar impact craters ≥ 3 km.
Tim Krüger, Stefan Hergarten, and Thomas Kenkmann

EGU2018-16798 | Posters | PS1.5

Numerical simulation of the solar wind-Moon interaction using 3D Particle-in-Cell (PIC) simulations.
Tara Ahmadi, Andrey Divin, Jan Deca, Charles Lue, Vyacheslav Olshevsky, Stefano Markidis, and Vladimir Semenov

EGU2018-17068 | Posters | PS1.5

Geology and crater size-frequency distributions of the Apollo 12 landing site
Wajiha Iqbal, Harald Hiesinger, and Carolyn van der Bogert

EGU2018-17492 | Posters | PS1.5

Spectral mapping and crater statistics reevaluated for all Apollo landing sites
Benjamin Bultel, Stephanie Werner, Vera Fernandes, and Tobias Rolf

EGU2018-18315 | Posters | PS1.5

Tidal resonance of higher-degree modes in the early Earth’s ocean and its effect on the lunar-orbit evolution
Mai Motoyama, Hideo Tsunakawa, and Futoshi Takahashi

EGU2018-18754 | Posters | PS1.5 | Highlight

Comparison of Clementine FeO abundance with 6-meter wavelength radar mapping of the Moon
Alessandra Serrano, Juha Vierinen, Torbjørn Tveito, Anne Virkki, and Sriram Bhiravarasu

PS1.6 – Mars Science and Exploration (including Runcorn-Florenksy Medal Lecture)

EGU2018-108 | Posters | PS1.6

Water uptake and hygroscopicity of perchlorates and implications for the existence of liquid water in some hyperarid environments
Wenjun Gu, Yongjie Li, Mingjin Tang, Xiaohong Jia, Xiang Ding, Xinhui Bi, and Xinming Wang

EGU2018-18017 | Orals | PS1.6

From modelling to space missions and space instrumentation: a 40 years journey through the solar system
Yves Langevin

EGU2018-1959 | Posters | PS1.6

The Complex Geomorphology of Neukum Crater on Mars
Daniela Tirsch, Ralf Jaumann, Solmaz Adeli, Hannes Berhardt, Janice L. Bishop, Lida Fanara, Christoph Gross, Klaus Gwinner, Ernst Hauber, James W. Head, Harald Hiesinger, Gregory Michael, Jan-Peter Muller, Francois Poulet, Dennis Reiss, David A. Williams, Patrick Pinet, Bernard Foing, and Tom McCord

EGU2018-16529 | Orals | PS1.6

Mars Express science highlights and future plans
Dmitrij Titov, Jean-Pierre Bibring, Alejandro Cardesin, Thomas Duxbury, Francois Forget, Marco Giuranna, Francisco González-Galindo, Mats Holmström, Ralf Jaumann, Anni Määttänen, Patrick Martin, Franck Montmessin, Roberto Orosei, Martin Pätzold, Jeffrey Plaut, and Mex Sgs Team

EGU2018-9238 | Orals | PS1.6

A New View Of Mars Aqueous Alteration: First Results From The Mars Orbital Catalog Of Chemical Alteration Signatures (MOCCAS)
John Carter

EGU2018-14193 | Posters | PS1.6

Application of the co-registration method for studies of Martian topography and dynamics
Serena Annibali, Alexander Stark, Jürgen Oberst, Haifeng Xiao, and Gregor Steinbrügge

EGU2018-17374 | Posters | PS1.6

Morphological and spectroscopic analysis of light-toned materials in southeastern Gorgonum Chaos, Mars
David Haack, Solmaz Adeli, Ernst Hauber, and Ralf Jaumann

EGU2018-17239 | Orals | PS1.6

Inverted channels and chloride-rich deposits in the highlands of Terra Sirenum: Formation mechanism and timescale
Solmaz Adeli, Ernst Hauber, David Haack, and Ralf Jaumann

EGU2018-13396 | Orals | PS1.6

Branching geometry of valley networks on Mars and Earth and its implications for early Martian climate
Hansjoerg Seybold, Edwin Kite, and James Kirchner

EGU2018-8565 | Posters | PS1.6

Fractal analysis: tool for the discrimination of morphologically convergent mound-like features on Mars
Barbara De Toffoli, Riccardo Pozzobon, Francesco Mazzarini, Csilla Orgel, Matteo Massironi, Nicolas Mangold, and Gabriele Cremonese

EGU2018-13328 | Orals | PS1.6

Neukum Crater in Noachis Terra, Mars: Absolute Model Ages and Stratigraphy
Harald Hiesinger, Hannes Bernhardt, Dennis Reiss, Daniela Tirsch, Ralf Jaumann, Ernst Hauber, James W. Head, Gregory Michael, Dave A. Williams, Janice L. Bishop, Francois Poulet, Jan P. Muller, Christoph Gross, Klaus Gwinner, Solmaz Adeli, and Lida Fanara

EGU2018-12214 | Posters | PS1.6

IR-spectroscopic investigation of the kieserite-szomolnokite solid solution series under ambient and low temperature conditions with relevance to Mars
Dominik Talla and Manfred Wildner

EGU2018-16624 | Orals | PS1.6

Araneiform terrain formation in Angustus Labyrinthus, Mars
Jingyan Hao, Gregory Michael, Solmaz Adeli, and Ralf Jaumann

EGU2018-3133 | Posters | PS1.6

Cement and hydrogen production from serpentinization on Mars
Christopher Oze and Allan Scott

EGU2018-1112 | Posters | PS1.6

Detection of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons on the Martian South Polar Residual Cap
Jacqueline Campbell, Panagiotis Sidiropoulos, and Jan-Peter Muller

EGU2018-6031 | Orals | PS1.6

Overview of the composition of the Gale Crater lacustrine sediments from Chemcam onboard Curiosity
Nicolas Mangold, Agnès Cousin, Erwin Dehouck, Olivier Forni, Abigael Fraeman, Jens Frydevang, Olivier Gasnault, John Grotzinger, Jonas L'Haridon, Jeffrey Johnson, Laetitia Le Deit, Sylvestre Maurice, Scott McLennan, Pierre-Yves Meslin, Horton Newsom, William Rapin, Frances Rivera-Hernandez, Mark Salvatore, Nathan Stein, and Roger Wiens

EGU2018-18277 | Orals | PS1.6

Martian winds drive seasonal methane variations observed by MSL-SAM
Jorge Pla-Garcia, Scot C. R. Rafkin, Christopher R. Webster, Paul R. Mahaffy, Ozgur Karatekin, Elodie Gloesener, and John E. Moores

EGU2018-11432 | Posters | PS1.6

Planet Four: Probing Seasonal Winds on Mars by Mapping the Southern Polar CO2 Jet Deposits
Klaus-Michael Aye, Ganna Portyankina, Megan E. Schwamb, Candice J. Hansen, Chris J. Lintott, Brian Carstensen, Christopher Snyder, Michael Parrish, ChuHong Mai, David Miller, Robert J. Simpson, and Arfom M. Smith

EGU2018-18343 | Posters | PS1.6

On the role of spatially inhomogeneous diabatic effects upon the evolution of Mars’ annular polar vortex
Masoud Rostami, Vladimir Zeitlin, and Luca Montabone

EGU2018-2642 | Orals | PS1.6

Dust Storms on Mars and their Effect on the Upper Atmosphere and Ionosphere
Dylan Dempster, Yingjuan Ma, Christopher T. Russell, Janet G. Luhmann, Steve Bougher, and David Kass

EGU2018-16184 | Orals | PS1.6

Diurnal dust variation from the PFS MEx observations
Paulina Wolkenberg, Marco Giuranna, Davide Grassi, Alessandro Aronica, Diego Scaccabarozzi, and Bortolino Saggin

EGU2018-6197 | Posters | PS1.6

Deposition and removal of dust from the UV sensor of the MSL mission
Alvaro Vicente-Retortillo, German M. Martinez, Nilton O. Renno, and Mark T. Lemmon

EGU2018-10848 | Orals | PS1.6

Martian Metallic Ions Deposited by Comet Siding Spring Defy Expectations
Matteo Crismani, Nicholas Schneider, John Plane, Scott Evans, Sonal Jain, Justin Deighan, and Roger Yelle

EGU2018-19816 | Posters | PS1.6

Impact of radiatively active clouds on wind stress based dust lifting during northern hemisphere summer on Mars
Vandana Jha and Melinda Kahre

EGU2018-11854 | Posters | PS1.6

Atmospheric erosion at young Mars
Sergey Dyadechkin, Markku Alho, Esa Kallio, Helmut Lammer, Maxim Khodachenko, Herbert Lichtenegger, and Manuel Scherf

EGU2018-16932 | Orals | PS1.6

ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter reaches science orbit
Håkan Svedhem and Jorge L. Vago

EGU2018-10427 | Orals | PS1.6

Neutron detectors on Mars: from HEND onboard Mars Odyssey to ADRONs onboard ExoMars-2022. Major results, first data and unresolved issues
Alexey Malakhov, Igor Mitrofanov, Maxim Litvak, Anton Sanin, Sergey Nikiforov, and Dmitry Golovin

EGU2018-10056 | Posters | PS1.6

MAVEN observations of localized spikes in electron temperature at low altitudes in the sub-solar Martian ionosphere
Chris Fowler, Laila Andersson, Hassan Akbari, William Peterson, Marcin Pilinski, and Robert Ergun

EGU2018-19735 | Orals | PS1.6

ExoMars 2016 Schiaparelli at Mars: AMELIA results from the ‘terrific’ six minutes before crashing
Francesca Ferri, Ozgur Karatekin, Alessio Aboudan, Giacomo Colombatti, Bart Van Hove, Carlo Bettanini, Stefano Debei, Stephen Lewis, and Francois Forget

EGU2018-15463 | Posters | PS1.6

Shapes of magnetically controlled electron density structures in the dayside ionosphere of Mars
Catherine Diéval, Andrew Kopf, and Jim Wild

EGU2018-14047 | Posters | PS1.6

WISDOM Subsurface Imaging for Inhomogeneous Media and Complex Propagation Scenarios
Dirk Plettemeier, Christoph Statz, Yun Lu, Wolf-Stefan Benedix, Yann Hervé, Alice Le Gall, Charlotte Corbel, and Valerié Ciarletti

EGU2018-19207 | Posters | PS1.6

Interpretation of WISDOM/ExoMars 2020 data acquired on natural dry environments
Yann Herve, Valerie Ciarletti, Alice Le Gall, Nicolas Oudart, Damien Loizeau, Dirk Plettemeier, and Wolf-Stefan Benedix

EGU2018-262 | Posters | PS1.6

ExoMars Lander Radioscience LaRa, a Space Geodesy Experiment to Mars
Véronique Dehant, Sébastien Le Maistre, Marie Yseboodt, Marie-Julie Peters, Ozgur Karatekin, Bart Van Hove, Attilio Rivoldini, Rose-Marie Baland, and Tim Van Hoolst

EGU2018-9614 | Posters | PS1.6

Creation of NAIF SPICE kernels to support the restored Mariner Mars 1969 images
Thomas Duxbury, Charles Acton, Susan Slavney, Boris Semenov, Jennfer Ward, Robert Jacobson, and Natalia Seregina

EGU2018-8959 | Posters | PS1.6

Illumination Conditions in Phobos' Polar Areas
Ramona Ziese, Konrad Willner, and Jürgen Oberst

EGU2018-7317 | Posters | PS1.6

Minimum-Energy trajectories for Earth-Mars transfers
Pilar Romero, Marta M. Sanchez-Garcia, and Gonzalo Barderas

PS1.9 – 2D/3D digital geological mapping and modelling: advanced techniques and case studies (co-organized)

EGU2018-4382 | Posters | PS1.9

High-Resolution Geological Mapping in Three-dimensional Environments: A Case Study in Northern Taiwan
Nai-Cih Shih, Yu-Chang Chan, Jyr-Ching Hu, Chih-Hsiang Yeh, and Yu-Chung Hsieh

EGU2018-19858 | Orals | PS1.9

Estimation of surface iron oxide abundance based on airborne hyperspectral data
Kai Qin

EGU2018-7032 | Posters | PS1.9

Understanding Meandering River Evolution Through Combined Analysis of an Ancient Outcrop and Modern Analogues
Saad Saadi

EGU2018-6052 | Orals | PS1.9

Thermal Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging for Mineralogy Mapping of Geological Outcrops.
Stephane Boubanga Tombet, Alexandrine Huot, Frédérick Marcotte, and Martin Chamberland

EGU2018-17321 | Posters | PS1.9

What is the structural information hidden in and along bedrock interface traces in geological maps?
Anna Rauch, Mario Sartori, Sébastien Castelltort, and Stefan Volken

EGU2018-7633 | Orals | PS1.9

Potential of 3D hyperspectral data for mineral exploration: an example from the Paleoproterozoic Mârmorilik Pb-Zn- deposit (Central-West Greenland)
Gabriel Unger, Robert Zimmermann, Moritz Kirsch, Erik-Vest Sørensen, Pierpaolo Guarnieri, and Richard Gloaguen

EGU2018-14033 | Posters | PS1.9

Quantification and Prediction of Braided Fluvial Systems using Digital Outcrop Models
David Taylor, David Hodgetts, and Jack Richardson

EGU2018-11220 | Orals | PS1.9

SuperGeos - Sensing by drones and analysis with AI to make us better geoscientists
Steven Micklethwaite, Samuel Thiele, Lachlan Grose, and Stefan Vollgger

EGU2018-18106 | Orals | PS1.9

Towards integrated geological maps and 3D geo-models of planetary surfaces: the H2020 PLANetary MAPping project
Matteo Massironi, Francesca Altieri, Harald Hiesinger, Nicolas Mangold, Dave Rothery, Angelo Pio Rossi, Matthew Balme, Cristian Carli, Fabrizio Capaccioni, Gabriele Cremonese, Gianrico Filacchione, Stephane Le Mouelic, Vicram Unnithan, and Carolyn Van Der Bogert

EGU2018-14004 | Posters | PS1.9

An integrated approach of field evidence and high resolution MSS imagery for hydrothermal alteration zone mapping in part of South Purulia Shear Zone, India: Implication for mineral exploration
Pankajini Mahanta and Sabyasachi Maiti

EGU2018-7370 | Orals | PS1.9

Sharing Digital Outcrop Models with smartphone-based Virtual Reality
Antoine Triantafyllou, Arnaud Watlet, and Stéphane Le Mouélic

EGU2018-14726 | Posters | PS1.9

MorphoSAT – Automated geomorpological mapping based on satellite data
Clemens Eisank, Frederic Petrini-Monteferri, Gertraud Meißl, Sebastian d'Oleire-Oltmanns, Filippo Vecchiotti, Volker Wichmann, Christian Georges, Arben Kociu, and Johann Stötter

EGU2018-1434 | Posters | PS1.9

3D characterization of fracture networks in carbonates of the Gozo Island
Mattia Martinelli, Andrea Bistacchi, Fabrizio Balsamo, and Silvia Mittempergher

EGU2018-5533 | Orals | PS1.9

Topographic Residual Filtering (TRF): A Structural Geology Geomorphological Tool
Timothy C. McMillan, Titus Murray, and Wendy Timms

EGU2018-7187 | Posters | PS1.9

3D geological models in volcanic terrains, an example from Tenerife (Canary Islands)
Ilazkiñe Iribarren, María Jimenez, and Víctor Villasante

EGU2018-9381 | Orals | PS1.9

DTM-based morphometric characterization of mounds within Arabia Terra Craters as putative mud volcanoes
Riccardo Pozzobon, Francesco Mazzarini, Matteo Massironi, Gabriele Cremonese, Angelo Pio Rossi, Monica Pondrelli, and Lucia Marinangeli

EGU2018-18413 | Posters | PS1.9

A semi-automatic workflow for rock-fracture characterization with point clouds
Federico Agliardi, Andrea Bistacchi, Bruno Monopoli, and Davide Bertolo

EGU2018-5447 | Orals | PS1.9

Object-based Image Analysis (OBIA) techniques for integrated lineament detection: top-down and bottom-up methodologies
Christopher Yeomans, Maarit Middleton, Robin Shail, Stephen Grebby, and Paul Lusty

EGU2018-5290 | Posters | PS1.9

Subsurface laser scanning and photogrammetry in the Corona Lava Tube System, Lanzarote, Spain
Tommaso Santagata, Francesco Sauro, Matteo Massironi, Riccardo Pozzobon, Umberto Del Vecchio, Marta Lazzaroni, Norma Damiano, Matteo Tonello, Ilaria Tomasi, Jesús Martínez-Frías, and Elena Mateo Medero

EGU2018-15817 | Orals | PS1.9

Geological modeling of the layered lobes of 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko: using bootstrap for model uncertainty assessment and hypothesis testing
Luca Penasa, Matteo Massironi, Sabrina Ferrari, and Giampiero Naletto and the OSIRIS Team

EGU2018-5548 | Orals | PS1.9

Compass: A CloudCompare workflow for digital mapping and structural analysis
Samuel Thiele, Lachlan Grose, and Steven Micklethwaite

EGU2018-18421 | Posters | PS1.9

Combined photogrammetric techniques with classical structural surveys: a methodological workflow tested in fractured platform carbonates (Island of Pag, Croatia)
Andrea Succo, Silvia Mittempergher, Andrea Bistacchi, Mattia Martinelli, and Fabrizio Storti

EGU2018-8843 | Posters | PS1.9

A DTM-based volume extraction approach: from micro-scale weathering forms to planetary lava tubes
Riccardo Pozzobon, Silvia Salvini, Claudio Mazzoli, Matteo Massironi, and Francesco Sauro

EGU2018-13521 | Orals | PS1.9

Integration of near-deterministic and stochastic discrete fracture network (DFN) models for fractured rock mass property estimation
Thomas Seers

EGU2018-18248 | Posters | PS1.9

eRocK: an online, open-access repository of virtual outcrops and geological samples in 3D
Adam J. Cawood and Clare E. Bond

EGU2018-14238 | Posters | PS1.9

Extracting structural and lithological data from Digital Outcrop Models of cave chambers
Arnaud Watlet, Antoine Triantafyllou, Stéphane Le Mouélic, and Olivier Kaufmann

EGU2018-14784 | Posters | PS1.9

3D modelling of fracture networks from DOM: variability of density and topology in fracture corridors
Sophie Viseur and Juliette Lamarche

EGU2018-12373 | Posters | PS1.9

Subsurface 3-D geophysical modelling of the Charity Shoal suspected impact structure, Lake Ontario, Canada
Mary Helen Armour, Joseph Boyce, Podhordeski Chandler, and Inozemtsev Ilya

EGU2018-4797 | Posters | PS1.9

Extracting and quantifying fracture patterns from a reservoir-scale Virtual Outcrop Model.
Francesco Vinci, Stefano Tavani, Alessandro Iannace, Mariano Parente, Carlos Pirmez, Stefano Torrieri, Maurizio Giorgioni, Antonio Pignalosa, and Stefano Mazzoli

EGU2018-13366 | Posters | PS1.9

Using virtual reality to investigate geological outcrops on planetary surfaces
Stéphane Le Mouélic, Jonas L'Haridon, François Civet, Nicolas Mangold, Antoine Triantafyllou, Marion Massé, Erwan Le Menn, and Stéphanie Beaunay

EGU2018-7310 | Posters | PS1.9

Structural analysis of a Miocene ignimbrite quarry (Tar, Hungary) by Drone (UAV) 3D photogrammetry modelling.
Gáspár Albert, János Mészáros, and Krisztián Szentpéteri

EGU2018-9234 | Posters | PS1.9

Histogram-based radar geometry normalisation of global SAR data: Applications to Venus
Martin Airey and Lydia Chatelier

EGU2018-8576 | Posters | PS1.9

Structural analysis by UAV and terrestrial digital photogrammetry of flysch formation (Monte Antola Formation - Ponte Organasco, Italy)
Niccolò Menegoni and Cesare Perotti

EGU2018-15971 | Posters | PS1.9

Assessment of ≈5,000 Mars-wide CTX DTMs created using the EU-FP7 iMars CASP-GO system
Jan-Peter Muller, Yu Tao, Panagiotis Sidiropoulos, Alfiah Putri, Jacqueline Campbell, and Sebastian Walter

PS1.11 – Atmospheres of terrestrial planets | PICO

EGU2018-17316 | PICO | PS1.11

Retrieval of H2O abundance in Titan’s stratosphere: a (re)analysis of CIRS/Cassini and PACS/Herschel observations
Sophie Bauduin, Patrick G.J. Irwin, Emmanuel Lellouch, Valeria Cottini, Raphael Moreno, Conor Nixon, Nicholas Teanby, and Todd Ansty

EGU2018-1865 | PICO | PS1.11

HDO and SO2 thermal mapping on Venus: Statistical analysis of the SO2 plumes and comparison with space data
Therese Encrenaz, Thomas Greathouse, Emmanuel Marcq, Hideo Sagawa, Thomas Widemann, Bruno Bezard, Thierry Fouchet, Sushil Atreya, and Yeon Joo Lee

EGU2018-6270 | PICO | PS1.11

Venus cloud top as observed by SPICAV-UV/Venus Express: SO2 , O3 and clouds
Emmanuel Marcq, Lucio Baggio, Franck Lefèvre, Thérèse Encrenaz, Kandis Jessup, Franck Montmessin, and Jean-Loup Bertaux

EGU2018-16610 | PICO | PS1.11

UV albedo of Venus clouds as measured onboard the VEX orbiter
Denis Belyaev, Nikolay Ignatiev, Emiliano D'Aversa, Jean-Loup Bertaux, Giuseppe Piccioni, Robert Carlson, Pavel Vlasov, and Valeria Kolmogorova

EGU2018-16084 | PICO | PS1.11

Retrieval the gaseous composition of Venus night-side mesosphere with SPICAV UV onboard Venus Express
Daria Evdokimova, Lucio Baggio, Denis Belyaev, Franck Montmessin, and Jean-Loup Bertaux

EGU2018-14850 | PICO | PS1.11

Comparative Performance of a Solar Occultation Retrieval Scheme of CO2 for Intruments NOMAD and ACS on TGO-ExoMars
Brittany N. Hill, Miguel Angel López-Valverde, Bernd Funke, Sergio Jiménez-Monferrer, and Manuel López-Puertas

EGU2018-14322 | PICO | PS1.11

MITRA RT tool results from MEx/OMEGA data analysis
Fabrizio Oliva, Emiliano D'Aversa, Anna Geminale, Francesca Altieri, Giuseppe Sindoni, Giancarlo Bellucci, and Filippo Giacomo Carrozzo

EGU2018-12844 | PICO | PS1.11

Inventory of detached layers detected by Omega/Mex
Brigitte Gondet, Jean-Pierre Bibring, and Mathieu Vincendon

EGU2018-17398 | PICO | PS1.11

Ozone vertical distribution on Mars from SPICAM/MEX UV occultations
Anni Määttänen, Franck Lefèvre, Sabrina Guilbon, Constantino Listowski, and Franck Montmessin

EGU2018-12513 | PICO | PS1.11

UV dayglow variability on Mars: simulation with a Global Climate Model and comparison with SPICAM/MEx data
Francisco González-Galindo, Jean-Yves Chauffray, Francois Forget, Maya García-Comas, Franck Montmessin, and Sonal Jain

EGU2018-16734 | PICO | PS1.11

Analysis of Atmospheric Entry Decent Landing profiles of Mars by a General Circulation Model
Özgür Karatekin, Orkun Temel, Bart Van Hove, and Jeroen van Beeck

EGU2018-11263 | PICO | PS1.11

Production of nitrous oxide by bolide impacts in a hydrogen rich atmosphere during the Hesperian
Rafael Navarro-Gonzalez, Karina F. Navarro, and Patrice Coll

PS2.1 – Small Objects and Dust: Dwarf Planets, Asteroids, Comets, Meteoroids (co-organized)

EGU2018-17586 | Posters | PS2.1

A Geomorphic Analysis of Floor-fractured Craters on Ceres and a Study of Potential Formation Mechanisms
Debra Buczkowski, Hanna Sizemore, Michael Bland, Jennifer Scully, Lynnae Quick, Kynan Hughson, Carol Raymond, and Chris Russell

EGU2018-2640 | Orals | PS2.1 | Highlight

The Dawn Revolution: An Overview of the Changes in our Understanding of the Asteroid Belt as a Result of Dawn’s Observations
Carol A. Raymond and Christopher T. Russell

EGU2018-4720 | Posters | PS2.1

The seasonal atmospheric mass transfer process of the Pluto-Charon system
Ian-Lin Lai, Jyun-Min Yang, Wing-Huen Ip, Hua-Shan Shi, and Jong-Shinn Wu

EGU2018-1849 | Orals | PS2.1

A tail like no other (RPC-MAG's view of Rosetta's tail excursion at comet 67P/CG)
Martin Volwerk, Charlotte Goetz, Ingo Richter, Magda Delva, Katharina Ostaszewski, Konrad Schwingenschuh, and Karl-Heinz Glassmeier

EGU2018-12965 | Posters | PS2.1

Observations of Ring-Mold Craters on Ceres
Katrin Krohn, Ralf Jaumann, Katharina A. Otto, Katrin Stephan, Roland J. Wagner, Federico Tosi, Francesca Zambon, Tanja Michalik, Isabel von der Gathen, David A. Williams, Carol A. Raymond, and Christopher T. Russell

EGU2018-15406 | Orals | PS2.1

67P/Churymov Gerasimenko comet: investigation of spectrophotometric properties of the structural layers as from OSIRIS data
Sabrina Ferrari, Luca Penasa, Fiorangela La Forgia, Matteo Massironi, Giampiero Naletto, Monica Lazzarin, and Sonia Fornasier and the OSIRIS Team

EGU2018-15731 | Posters | PS2.1

Spectral analysis of Ceres’ linear features
Andrea Longobardo, Ernesto Palomba, Jennifer Scully, Maria Cristina De Sanctis, Anna Galiano, Eleonora Ammannito, Giacomo Carrozzo, Federico Tosi, Mauro Ciarniello, Andrea Raponi, Francesca Zambon, Maria Teresa Capria, Carol Raymond, and Christopher Russell

EGU2018-10597 | Orals | PS2.1

On the Origin of Internal Layers in Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
Erik Asphaug, Michael Belton, Xiao-Duan Xou, and Jian-Yang Li

EGU2018-19732 | Orals | PS2.1

Upper Limits for Emission in the Coma of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko Near Perihelion as Measured by Rosetta’s Alice Ultraviolet Spectro
Brian A. Keeney, S. Alan Stern, Ronald J. Vervack, John Noonan, Joel Wm. Parker, Jean- Loup Bertaux, Lori M. Feaga, Paul D. Feldman, Matthew M. Knight, Andrew J. Steffl, and Harold A. Weaver

EGU2018-19401 | Orals | PS2.1

Topography and geomorphology of possible cryo-process related features on Ceres
Ralf Jaumann, Katrin Stephan, Katrin Krohn, Isabel von der Gathen, Franziska Schulzeck, Frank Preusker, Stefan Schröder, Debra Buczkowski, Jennifer E.-C. Scully, Nico Schmedemann, Carol A. Raymond, Chris T. Russell, and Ottaviano Ruesch

EGU2018-4755 | Posters | PS2.1

Determination of the gravitational potential and tidal stress of asteroids using the finite element method
Laurent Sophal Pou, Raphaël Garcia, David Mimoun, Naomi Murdoch, and Ozgur Karatekin

EGU2018-19738 | Posters | PS2.1

Challenges for Hapke modeling of asteroid reflectance spectra in the mid-infrared range
Manuel Silva, Teresa Seixas, Pavlo Sazonov, Alessandro Maturilli, and Jörn Helbert

EGU2018-11559 | Orals | PS2.1

Study of Electron Acceleration by Lower Hybrid Waves at Comet 67P
Raymond Goldstein, James Burch, Kristie LLera, and Prachet Mokashi

EGU2018-18126 | Posters | PS2.1

Dust contribution to space weathering of asteroid surfaces
Nicolas Altobelli, Katherina Fiege, Rachel Soja, Massimo Guglielmino, Mario Trieloff, Ralf Srama, and Tom Orlando

EGU2018-11602 | Orals | PS2.1

In-situ charged nanograins and energetic particles from comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko as seen by Rosetta IES on 07 June 2016
Kristie LLera, Raymond Goldstein, James Burch, and Prachet Mokashi

EGU2018-5729 | Orals | PS2.1

The efficiency of electrostatic dust transport in shaping the surfaces of airless planetary bodies
Xu Wang, Noah Hood, Anthony Carroll, Ryan Mike, Hsiang-Wen Hsu, and Mihaly Horanyi

EGU2018-19431 | Posters | PS2.1

Detection of cometary activity during 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko pre-perihelion by means of GIADA-VIRTIS data fusion
Andrea Longobardo, Vincenzo Della Corte, Stavro Ivanovski, Giovanna Rinaldi, Marco Fulle, Fabrizio Capaccioni, Ernesto Palambo, Maria Teresa Capria, Gianrico Filacchione, Federico Tosi, Andrea Raponi, Mauro Ciarniello, Dominique Bockelee-Morvan, Stephane Erard, and Cedric Leyrat

EGU2018-12329 | Posters | PS2.1

Two years with comet 67P/C-G: H2O, CO2, CO as seen by ROSINA/RTOF and comet nucleus modeling
Margaux Hoang, Philippe Garnier, Jérémie Lasue, and Henri Rème and the ROSINA/VIRTIS teams (2,3,4,5,6,7,8)

EGU2018-19066 | Orals | PS2.1

Dust and plasma diagnosis by using RPWS radio antennas during Cassini’s Grand Finale
Alain Lecacheux, Nicole Meyer-Vernet, Karine Issautier, and Michel Moncuquet

EGU2018-3219 | Posters | PS2.1

Properties of distributed gas sources in comet comae
Johan De Keyser, Kathrin Altwegg, Gaël Cessateur, Frederik Dhooghe, Andrew Gibbons, Herbert Gunell, Romain Maggiolo, Martin Rubin, and Peter Wurz

EGU2018-6698 | Orals | PS2.1

Study of the Quadrantids 2016 using BRAMS data
Hervé Lamy, Cis Verbeeck, Stijn Calders, Antonio Martinez Picar, and Cédric Tétard

EGU2018-3281 | Posters | PS2.1

Nested draped magnetic fields: The RPC-MAG view of Rosetta’s dayside excursion at comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
Martin Volwerk, Charlotte Goetz, Ingo Richter, Magda Delva, and Karl-Heinz Glassmeier

EGU2018-10402 | Orals | PS2.1

Simulating the interaction of micrometeoroids with planetary atmospheres in laboratory conditions
Zoltan Sternovsky, Michael DeLuca, Tobin Munsat, Mihaly Horanyi, Diego Janches, and John M. C. Plane

EGU2018-6571 | Posters | PS2.1

A fully kinetic perspective of electron acceleration around a weakly outgassing comet: Ohm’s law
Jan Deca, Andrey Divin, Pierre Henri, Anders Eriksson, Vyacheslav Olshevsky, Stefano Markidis, and Mihály Horányi

EGU2018-15177 | Orals | PS2.1

The optical and physical properties of cometary dust particles from 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko collected in situ by Rosetta/COSIMA
Sihane Merouane, Yves Langevin, Mathieu Vincendon, Martin Hilchenbach, Hiroshi Kimura, Klaus Hornung, and Nicolas Ligier

EGU2018-9510 | Posters | PS2.1

Relevance of the electron-ion recombination in cometary ionospheres: Comparison between 1P/Halley and 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
Arnaud Beth, Kévin Heritier, and Marina Galand and the RPC team

EGU2018-16895 | Orals | PS2.1

Overview of Ceres mineralogy
Eleonora Ammannito and Maria Cristina De Sanctis

EGU2018-2444 | Posters | PS2.1

Cometary dust particle agglomerates analysed in-situ by COSIMA onbaord ROSETTA
Martin Hilchenbach and the COSIMA Team

EGU2018-14891 | Orals | PS2.1

Major 17O and 18O depletions in Antarctic micrometeorites: a signature of isotopic interaction with Antarctic ice and snow?
Bastien Soens, Steven Goderis, Richard C. Greenwood, Matthias Van Ginneken, Vinciane Debaille, Ian A. Franchi, and Philippe Claeys

EGU2018-12523 | Posters | PS2.1

Compacted aggregates from numerical simulations compared to Rosetta collected particles
Isabelle Maroger, Jérémie Lasue, Robert Botet, Philippe Garnier, Sihane Merouane, Thurid Mannel, Anny-Chantal Levasseur-Regourd, and Mark Bentley

EGU2018-9350 | Orals | PS2.1

Interstellar Matter; Influx and Efflux to and from the Solar System
Tony McDonnell and Simon F Green

EGU2018-7134 | Posters | PS2.1

Cometary dust at the sub-micrometre scale: Dust particle catalogue and statistics from the MIDAS Rosetta instrument
Peter Boakes, Mark Bentley, Thruid Mannel, and Harald Jeszenszky

EGU2018-5510 | Orals | PS2.1

The Coherent Interaction of the Solar Wind and Collisionally Produced Nano-scale Dust
Hairong Lai, Cong Zhao, Yingdong Jia, Una Schneck, and Christopher T. Russell

EGU2018-18395 | Orals | PS2.1

Characterization of the White-Light F-Corona from STEREO/SECCHI Observations: Properties of the Circumsolar Dust Distribution
Guillermo A. Stenborg and Russell A. Howard

EGU2018-15691 | Posters | PS2.1

Sputtering through coronal mass ejections and the fate of nanodust near the Sun
Carsten Baumann, Johann Stamm, Margaretha Myrvang, and Ingrid Mann

EGU2018-11852 | Posters | PS2.1

Dust Observations by the Radio and Plasma Wave Science Instrument During Cassini’s Grand Finale
Shengyi Ye, William Kurth, George Hospodarsky, Ann Persoon, Ali Sulaiman, Donald Gurnett, Michiko Morooka, Jan-Erik Wahlund, Sean Hsu, Zoltan Sternovsky, Xu Wang, Mihaly Horanyi, Martin Seiss, and Ralf Srama

EGU2018-9533 | Posters | PS2.1

Temperature and thermal emission of cosmic dust in the vicinity of the Sun, Vega and Fomalhaut
Margaretha Myrvang, Carsten Baumann, Ingrid Mann, and Johann Stamm

EGU2018-9532 | Posters | PS2.1

Dynamics of Dust Particles near Sun, Vega and Fomalhaut
Johann Stamm, Carsten Baumann, Andrzej Czechowski, Ingrid Mann, and Margaretha Myrvang

EGU2018-2393 | Posters | PS2.1

In situ optical measurement of the interplanetary dust concentration from Earth’s orbit
Jean-Baptiste Renard, Olivier Mousis, Jérémie Vaubaillon, Nicolas Verdier, Gwenaël Berthet, Anny-Chantal Levasseur-Regourd, Laurent Jorda, Pierre Vernazza, Frédéric Zamkotsian, Jean-Michel Geffrin, Christelle Eyraud, Amélie Litman, Hervé Tortel, Patrick Rairoux, and Alain Miffre

EGU2018-19347 | Posters | PS2.1

The role of initial size of protoplanetary disk on the volatile transport
Hiroko Nagahara

EGU2018-18322 | Posters | PS2.1

The composition and homogeneity of the Allende matrix
Maike Brigitte Neuland, Klaus Mezger, Peter Wurz, Andreas Riedo, and Marek Tulej

EGU2018-15929 | Posters | PS2.1

Characterisation of unmelted micrometeorites using synchrotron-based X-ray analysis
Flore Van Maldeghem, Steven Goderis, Brecht Laforce, Bastien Soens, Ella De Pauw, Jussi-Petteri Suuronen, Matthias Van Ginneken, Luigi Folco, Vinciane Debaille, Laszlo Vince, and Philippe Claeys

EGU2018-13904 | Posters | PS2.1

Heliospheric magnetic field increase over the last 235 years revealed by 44Ti measurements in meteorites at the Laboratory of Monte dei Cappuccini (Torino, Italy)
Salvatore Mancuso, Carla Taricco, Paolo Colombetti, Sara Rubinetti, Neeharika Sinha, and Narendra Bhandari

EGU2018-2114 | Posters | PS2.1

Observations of meteors using VHF atmospheric radar
Jenn-Shyong Chen

EGU2018-5486 | Posters | PS2.1

The Response of an Airless Body Surface to Meteoroid Impacts
Jamey Szalay, Petr Pokorny, and Mihaly Horanyi

EGU2018-4822 | Posters | PS2.1

Dust impacts detection by multiple electric field antennas, signal interpretation
Jakub Vaverka, Jiri Pavlu, Jana Safrankova, Zdenek Nemecek, Ingrid Mann, Maria Hamrin, and Asta Pellinen-Wannberg

EGU2018-12807 | Posters | PS2.1

Physics of dust impacts in space - previous and future measurements from spacecraft
Ingrid Mann, Åshild Fredriksen, Ove Havnes, Tarje Antonsen, Arnaud Zaslavsky, Zoltan Sternovsky, Jakub Vaverka, Asta Pellinen-Wannberg, Frank Postberg, Jiri Pavlu, Joan Stude, Shengyi Ye, and Sigrid Close

EGU2018-13101 | Posters | PS2.1

Dust impact detection by Faraday cup in space and laboratory
Libor Nouzak, Jiri Pavlu, Samuel Kociscak, Jana Safrankova, Zdenek Nemecek, and Zoltan Sternovsky

EGU2018-19092 | Posters | PS2.1

New approach for synthetic fits of Langmuir probe sweeps inside non-monotonic potential sheaths with applications for the Rosetta mission
Lei Yang, Joakim Paulsson, Mihály Horányi, and Wojciech Miloch

EGU2018-15861 | Posters | PS2.1

Meteor flux estimates for the EISCAT_3D facility
Asta Pellinen-Wannberg, Johan Kero, Ingemar Häggström, Ingrid Mann, and Anders Tjulin

EGU2018-18286 | Posters | PS2.1

Advance knowledge of New Horizons target 2014 MU69 from stellar occultations
Eliot Young, Marc Buie, Alex Parker, Simon Porter, Amanda Sickafoose, Alan Stern, Anne Verbiscer, and Amanda Zangari and the 2014 MU69 Occultation Team

EGU2018-5404 | Posters | PS2.1

Interplanetary and Interstellar Dust Near Earth (iDUNE): Exploring the Diversity of the Chemical Makeup of Solar System Bodies from 1 AU
Mihaly Horanyi, Eberhard Grun, Antal Juhasz, Sascha Kempf, Marcus M. Piquette, Petr Pokorny, Andrew Poppe, Julie Castillo-Rogez, Ralf Srama, Zoltan Sternovsky, Jamey Szalay, and Tibor Balint

EGU2018-18455 | Posters | PS2.1

A new international small bodies activity: the Phobos/Deimos Surface Characterization and Site Selection Working Group
Thomas Duxbury, Jean-Pierre Bibring, Masaki Fujimoto, Ralf Jaumann, Dmitri Titov, and Alexander Zakharov

EGU2018-9222 | Posters | PS2.1

The Rosetta Science Archive: Status and Plans for Enhancing the Archive Content
David Heather, Maud Barthelemy, Miriam Aberasturi, Diego Fraga, Larry O'Rourke, and Matt Taylor

EGU2018-3392 | Posters | PS2.1

In-situ investigation of asteroid (162173) Ryugu by a Mobile Asteroid Surface Scout (MASCOT) as part of the Hayabusa 2 Mission
Ralf Jaumann, Jean-Pierre Bibring, Matthias Grott, and Karl-Heinz Glassmeier and the MASCOT Science Team

EGU2018-10735 | Posters | PS2.1

Dust Astronomy with DESTINY PLUS at 1 AU
Ralf Srama, Masanori Kobayashi, Harald Krüger, Tomoko Arai, Hiroshi Kimura, Mario Trieloff, Jessica Agarwal, Georg Moragas-Klostermeyer, Yanwei Li, Frank Postberg, Nozair Khawaja, Thomas Albin, Jonas Simolka, Heiko Strack, Katherina Fiege, Nicolas Altobelli, Mihaly Horanyi, Sean Hsu, Sascha Kempf, and Zoltan Sternovsky

PS3.1 – Outer Planets Systems (including David Bates Medal Lecture)

EGU2018-7311 | Orals | PS3.1

Non-equilibrium chemistry in outer Solar System atmospheres
Bruno Bézard

EGU2018-6654 | Posters | PS3.1

Saturn’s ionosphere: electron density altitude profiles and D ring interaction from the Cassini Grand Finale
Lina Hadid, Michiko Morooka, Jan-Erik Wahlund, Ann Persoon, William Kurth, Oleg Shebanits, Erik Vigren, Niklas Edberg, and David Andrews

EGU2018-13870 | Orals | PS3.1

Analytical study of the radio signals propagation in planetary atmospheres
Bourgoin Adrien, Marco Zannoni, Luis Gomez Casajus, and Paolo Tortora

EGU2018-9295 | Posters | PS3.1

New Plasma Waves Observed at Saturn during Cassini’s Proximal Orbits
Ali Sulaiman, William Kurth, Donald Gurnett, George Hospodarsky, John Menietti, Ann Persoon, Sheng-Yi Ye, David Píša, William Farrell, and Michele Dougherty

EGU2018-5127 | Posters | PS3.1

Using orbit determination to infer Saturn's atmospheric density profile during the final moments of Cassini's plunge
Anne Hickey, Daniele Durante, Paolo Racioppa, and Luciano Iess

EGU2018-5454 | Orals | PS3.1

Thermal and energetic ion dynamics in Ganymede's magnetosphere
Andrew Poppe, Shahab Fatemi, and Krishan Khurana

EGU2018-9020 | Orals | PS3.1

Europa’s Ice-Related Atmosphere: The Sputter Contribution
Audrey Vorburger and Peter Wurz

EGU2018-6093 | Posters | PS3.1

Observations of object “Peggy” during the final stages of the Cassini mission
Carl Murray, Nicholas Cooper, Stéfan Renner, Nilton Araujo, Benoît Noyelles, and Matthew Tiscareno

EGU2018-4555 | Orals | PS3.1

Saturn's deep flow structure revealed by the Cassini Grand Finale gravity measurements
Eli Galanti, Yohai Kaspi, Daniele Durante, and Luciano Iess

EGU2018-10549 | Posters | PS3.1

Plasma Wave Intensity During Cassini's Ring-grazing and Proximal Orbits
Douglas Menietti, Terrance Averkamp, Michiko Morooka, Ann Persoon, Shengyi Ye, and Ali Sulaiman

EGU2018-16709 | Posters | PS3.1

A dusty road connecting Saturn and its rings - perliminary results from Cassini Cosmic Dust Analyser during the Grand Finale Mission
Hsiang-Wen Hsu, Frank Postberg, Sascha Kempf, Georg Moragas-Klostermeyer, Mihaly Horanyi, Martin Seiss, Martia Burton, Juergen Schmidt, Frank Spahn, Jeff Cuzzi, Shengyi Ye, William Kurth, Daniel Schirdewahn, James O'Donoghue, Nozair Khawaja, and Ralf Srama

EGU2018-5123 | Orals | PS3.1 | Highlight

The Saturn dust environment after Cassini: Achievements and Open Questions
Ralf Srama and the CDA Science Team

EGU2018-10184 | Orals | PS3.1

Water group ions in Saturn's magnetosphere: High precision measurements of mean mass
Frank Crary and Timothy Cassidy

EGU2018-9269 | Posters | PS3.1

Equatorial magnetic field oscillations observed over the Cassini mission
David Andrews, Stanley Cowley, Lina Hadid, Gregory Hunt, Michiko Morooka, Gabrielle Provan, and Jan-Erik Wahlund

EGU2018-10791 | Orals | PS3.1 | Highlight

The Age of Saturn’s Rings Constrained by the Meteoroid Flux Into the System
Sascha Kempf, Nicolas Altobelli, Ralf Srama, Jeff Cuzzi, and Paul Estrada

EGU2018-4794 | Posters | PS3.1

Multi-species hybrid modeling of plasma interactions at Galilean moons
Ondřej Šebek, Pavel M. Trávníček, Štěpán Štverák, Raymond J. Walker, and Petr Hellinger

EGU2018-16834 | Orals | PS3.1

The flow of material inward from Saturn’s rings
Mark Perry, Hunter Waite, Rebecca Perryman, Don Mitchell, Tom Cravens, Luke Moore, Kelly Miller, Roger Yelle, Ben Teolis, and Ralph McNutt

EGU2018-8136 | Posters | PS3.1

Pressure induced second order phase transition in monohydrated magnesium sulphate (MgSO4·H2O): A new polymorph potentially occurring on icy satellites
Johannes Meusburger, Martin Ende, Dominik Talla, Ronald Miletich, and Manfred Wildner

EGU2018-10821 | Orals | PS3.1 | Highlight

Top Ten Discoveries from the Cassini UVIS Investigation
Larry W. Esposito

EGU2018-8210 | Posters | PS3.1

Double and Multiple Craters on the Satellites of Saturn and Jupiter and their Implications on Impactor Size Distributions
Roland J. Wagner, Nico Schmedemann, Stephanie C. Werner, Boris A. Ivanov, Thomas Roatsch, Elke Kersten, and Ralf Jaumann

EGU2018-11320 | Orals | PS3.1

Modeling the Complete Set of Cassini's UVIS Occultation Observations of Enceladus Jets
Ganna Portyankina, Larry W. Esposito, Candice J. Hansen, and Klaus-Michael Aye

EGU2018-10488 | Posters | PS3.1

Resonant Rotation parameters of the Galilean satellites
Alexander Stark, Hauke Hussmann, Gregor Steinbrügge, Jürgen Oberst, and Thomas Roatsch

EGU2018-15848 | Orals | PS3.1

Ionospheric chemistry in Titan’s atmophere: laboratory studies
Daniela Ascenzi, Wolf Geppert, Paolo Tosi, Roland Thissen, Claire Romanzin, Allan Lopes, Miroslav Polasek, Jan Zabka, Pantea Fathi, Andrea Maranzana, Glauco Tonachini, and Christian Alcaraz

EGU2018-4802 | Posters | PS3.1

Simulating the plasma - ice interaction in the lab for Jupiter's icy moons
André Galli, Audrey Vorburger, Peter Wurz, Antoine Pommerol, Romain Cerubini, Apurva Oza, and Nicolas Thomas

EGU2018-14501 | Posters | PS3.1

“Correcting Galileo’s Energetic Particle Detector (EPD) data; Methodology, Implications and Applications”
Zoe Lee-Payne and Manuel Grande

EGU2018-8109 | Orals | PS3.1 | Highlight

Seasonal evolution of Titan’s stratosphere near the poles during the Cassini Solstice mission
Athena Coustenis, Donald Jennings, Richard Achterberg, Georgios Bampasidis, Conor Nixon, Panayotis Lavvas, Valeria Cottini, and F. Michael Flasar

EGU2018-1070 | Posters | PS3.1

Sputtering at Ganymede – What about ionospheric ions?
Gianluca Carnielli, Marina Galand, Ronan Modolo, François Leblanc, Ludivine Leclercq, and Arnaud Beth

EGU2018-8048 | Orals | PS3.1 | Highlight

Winds and chemistry in Titan’s stratosphere and thermosphere from ALMA observations
Emmanuel Lellouch, Mark Gurwell, Raphael Moreno, Sandrine Vinatier, Bryan Butler, and Arielle Moullet

EGU2018-11495 | Orals | PS3.1 | Highlight

Constraints on Titan’s crustal structure inferred from the joint analysis of Cassini gravity and topographic data
Christophe Sotin and Nicolas Rambaux

EGU2018-1057 | Posters | PS3.1

Hybrid MHD simulation of the coupling between Ganymede’s magnetosphere and its ionosphere
Gianluca Carnielli, Ronan Modolo, Marina Galand, François Leblanc, Ludivine Leclercq, and Arnaud Beth

EGU2018-13359 | Orals | PS3.1 | Highlight

Development of labyrinths on Titan: A numerical model based on surface dissolution
Thomas Cornet, Benoît Seignovert, Cyril Fleurant, Daniel Cordier, Olivier Bourgeois, Stéphane Le Mouélic, Sébastien Rodriguez, and Antoine Lucas

EGU2018-8428 | Posters | PS3.1

Using Europa’s and Ganymede’s Auroral Footprints to Compare Jovian Magnetic Field Models
Nina Sejkora, Helmut O. Rucker, and Bertrand Bonfond

EGU2018-17489 | Orals | PS3.1 | Highlight

Overview of Titan’s liquid bodies observations by the Cassini RADAR altimeter
Marco Mastrogiuseppe, Valerio Poggiali, Alex Hayes, Jonathan Lunine, Roberto Seu, and Gaetano Di Achille

EGU2018-10128 | Posters | PS3.1

Transfer of heat and water through the high-pressure ice layers of Ganymede and Titan
Klara Kalousova and Christophe Sotin

EGU2018-2366 | Orals | PS3.1

Topographic cause of accumulation of methane lakes near the north pole of Titan
Tetsuya Tokano

EGU2018-17310 | Posters | PS3.1

Feedback between tidal dissipation and temperature-dependent mantle viscosity: Implications for Jupiter’s moon Io
Teresa Steinke, Wouter van der Wal, and Bert Vermeersen

EGU2018-6148 | Posters | PS3.1

Constraints on the interior structure of Enceladus from the measured physical libration
Sheng-An Shih and Benjamin Fong Chao

EGU2018-10057 | Orals | PS3.1

Laboratory investigations of Titan’s enigmatic stratospheric ice clouds observed by CIRS during the Cassini mission
Delphine Nna-Mvondo, Carrie M. Anderson, and Robert E. Samuelson

EGU2018-2637 | Posters | PS3.1

The Stable Gas Plume of Enceladus
Yingdong Jia and Christopher T. Russell

EGU2018-5761 | Orals | PS3.1

Cryovolcanism on Pluto and Charon
Kelsi N. Singer, Paul M. Schenk, Ross A. Beyer, Bernard Schmitt, Oliver L. White, Jeffrey M. Moore, William B. McKinnon, William M. Grundy, John R. Spencer, S. Alan Stern, Jason C. Cook, Francis Nimmo, Alan D. Howard, Dale P. Cruikshank, Orkan M. Umurhan, Tod R. Lauer, Harold A, Weaver, Leslie A. Young, Catherine B. Olkin, and Kimberly Ennico

EGU2018-18675 | Posters | PS3.1

Dissipation due to Wave Attractors on Enceladus
Sander van Oers, Leo Maas, and Bert Vermeersen

EGU2018-1213 | Orals | PS3.1

Convection in Sputnik Planitia, Pluto: Depth of the N2-CH4 ice layer and possible presence of basal melts
Teresa Wong, William McKinnon, Alan Stern, Harold Weaver, Catherine Olkin, Leslie Young, John Spencer, Jeffrey Moore, and Ulrich Hansen and the New Horizons Geology, Geophysics, and Imaging Theme Team

EGU2018-14050 | Posters | PS3.1

Deformation of Enceladus’s ice shell on various time scales – implications for stress distribution, faults’ activity and heat flux variations
Ondrej Soucek, Marie Behounkova, Ondrej Cadek, Jaroslav Hron, Gabriel Tobie, and Gael Choblet

EGU2018-2639 | Posters | PS3.1

The Induced Magnetic Field of Titan
Hanying Wei, Christopher T. Russell, and Yingjuan Ma

EGU2018-19412 | Posters | PS3.1

The Spectral Nature of Titan’s Major Geomorphological Units
Anezina Solomonidou, Athena Coustenis, Rosaly Lopes, Michael Malaska, Sebastien Rodriguez, Nicolas Altobelli, Pierre Drossart, Charles Elachi, Bernard Schmitt, Michael Janssen, Stephen Wall, Christophe Sotin, Kenneth Lawrence, Jani Radebaugh, Katrin Stephan, Robert Brown, Stephane LeMouelic, Alice Le Gall, Olivier Witasse, and Christos Matsoukas

EGU2018-7120 | Posters | PS3.1

Tides and eigenmodes of an idealized subsurface global ocean on Titan
David Vincent, Ozgür Karatekin, Jonathan Lambrechts, Véronique Dehant, and Eric Deleersnijder

EGU2018-12374 | Posters | PS3.1

Statistical study of Titan's upper atmospheric and ionospheric composition distributions from Cassini
Jen-Kai Hsu, Wing-Huen Ip, Rebecca S. Perryman, and J. Hunter Waite

EGU2018-11617 | Posters | PS3.1

Laboratory study of hyper-velocity impact-driven chemical reactions, impact ionization, and surface evolution in icy surfaces
Zach Ulibarri, Tobin Munsat, Bernd Abel, Richard Dee, Mihaly Horanyi, David James, Sascha Kempf, Zoltan Kupihar, and Zoltan Sternovsky

EGU2018-10365 | Posters | PS3.1

Solar-modulated effects in the atmosphere of Uranus
Karen Aplin and R Giles Harrison

EGU2018-3149 | Posters | PS3.1

Science at Saturn with an Atmospheric Entry Probe
David H. Atkinson, Amy Simon, Don Banfield, Sushil Atreya, Jordana Blacksberg, William B. Brinckerhoff, Anthony Colaprete, Athena Coustenis, Leigh Fletcher, Tristan Guillot, Mark Hofstadter, Jonathan I. Lunine, Paul R. Mahaffy, Mark S. Marley, Olivier Mousis, Tom Spilker, Melissa Trainer, and Chris R. Webster

EGU2018-3138 | Posters | PS3.1

The Saturn PRobe Interior and aTmosphere Explorer (SPRITE) Entry Probe Mission Concept
David H Atkinson, Amy Simon, Don Banfield, Sushil Atreya, Jordana Blacksberg, Will Brinckerhoff, Anthony Colaprete, Athena Coustenis, Leigh Fletcher, Tristan Guillot, Mark Hofstadter, Jonathan Lunine, Paul Mahaffy, Marl Marley, Olivier Mousis, Tom Spilker, Melissa Trainer, and Chris Webster

EGU2018-10532 | Posters | PS3.1

Small Next-generation Atmospheric Probe (SNAP) Concept for Ice Giant Missions
David H. Atkinson, Kunio M. Sayanagi, Robert A. Dillman, Amy A. Simon, Michael H. Wong, Thomas R. Spilker, Sarag J. Saikia, Jing Li, and Drew J. Hope

EGU2018-15281 | Posters | PS3.1 | Highlight

JUICE: a European mission to Jupiter and its icy moons
Rosario Lorente, Nicolas Altobelli, Claire Vallat, Claudio Muñoz, Rafael Andrés, Marc Costa, Olivier Witasse, and Christian Erd

EGU2018-4436 | Posters | PS3.1

Scientific rationale and concepts for in situ probe exploration of Uranus and Neptune
Olivier Mousis, David Atkinson, Thibault Cavalié, Leigh Fletcher, Michael Amato, Shahid Aslam, Francesca Ferri, Jean-Baptiste Renard, Thomas Spilker, Ethiraj Venkatapathy, Peter Wurz, Karen Aplin, Athena Coustenis, Magali Deleuil, Michel Dobrijevic, Thierry Fouchet, Tristan Guillot, Paul Hartogh, Tilak Hewagama, and Mark Hofstadter and the Icy Giants in situ exploration team

EGU2018-19456 | Posters | PS3.1 | Highlight

DRAGONFLY: in situ exploration of Titan’s meteorology
Scot Rafkin, Ralph Lorenz, Elizabeth Turtle, Jason Barnes, Melissa Trainer, Alice Le Gall, Juan Lora, Chris McKay, Claire Newman, Mark Panning, Kristin Sotzen, Tetsuya Tokano, and Colin Wilson and the Dragonfly Team

EGU2018-9461 | Posters | PS3.1 | Highlight

Why are Entry Probes Essential to Ice Giant Planet Exploration?
Sushil K. Atreya, Joong Hyun In, and Mark D. Hofstadter

EGU2018-11088 | Posters | PS3.1

OPAG: Scientific Goals for Exploration of the Outer Solar System
Alfred S. McEwen and the OPAG Steering Committee

PS3.2 – Juno at Jupiter: results from onboard instruments and ground-based supporting observations

EGU2018-5434 | Posters | PS3.2

Juno and the New Renaissance
Theodore Clarke

EGU2018-5563 | Orals | PS3.2 | Highlight

Juno: Overview of Results
Scott Bolton and the Juno Science Team

EGU2018-3619 | Orals | PS3.2

Differential rotation in Jupiter from Juno measurements and interior models
Tristan Guillot and the Juno team

EGU2018-5420 | Posters | PS3.2

High energy heavy ion zones within the inner edge of Jupiter’s relativistic electron belt
Heidi N. Becker, James W. Alexander, Alexandre Guillaume, Scott J. Bolton, Steven M. Levin, and John E.P. Connerney

EGU2018-7581 | Orals | PS3.2

Polygonal Cyclonic Structures over the Jupiter’s Poles
Alberto Adriani, Alessandro Mura, Maria L. Moriconi, Davide Grassi, Giuseppe Sindoni, Francesca Altieri, Federico Tosi, Raffaella Noschese, Andrea Cicchetti, Scott J. Bolton, John E.P. Connerney, Andrew Ingersoll, Glenn S. Orton, Sushil K. Atreya, Jonathan I. Lunine, and Steven M. Levin and the JIRAM team

EGU2018-11170 | Posters | PS3.2

The Jovian synchrotron radiation belts from a local viewpoint: observations and modeling issues
Virgil Adumitroaie, Steven Levin, Michael Janssen, Samuel Gulkis, Shannon Brown, Fabiano Oyafuso, Daniel Santos-Costa, and Scott Bolton

EGU2018-13185 | Posters | PS3.2

JIRAM/Juno limb observations of H3+ in the mid- and low latitude Jovian atmosphere
Alessandra Migliorini, Bianca M. Dinelli, Marialuisa Moriconi, Francesca Altieri, Alberto Adriani, Alessandro Mura, Federico Fabiano, Giuseppe Piccioni, Federico Tosi, Giuseppe Sindoni, Davide Grassi, Scott Bolton, Jack Connerney, Sushil Atreya, Steven M. Levin, Jonathan Lunine, Jean-Claude Gérard, Angelo Olivieri, and Christina Plainaki

EGU2018-14998 | Orals | PS3.2

Juno/JIRAM observation of Io and Ganymede’s auroral footprints and associated tails
Alessandro Mura, Alberto Adriani, Scott Bolton, Jack Connerney, Steven Levin, Fran Bagenal, Barry Mauk, Joachim Saur, Hunter Waite, Thomas Greathouse, Bertrand Bonfond, Denis Grodent, Jean-Claude Gerard, Francesca Altieri, Marisa Moriconi, Christina Plainaki, and Bianca Maria Dinelli and the JIRAM Team

EGU2018-9243 | Posters | PS3.2

JIRAM Observations of Jupiter’s Auroral Regions in the 3-4 μm spectral range
Bianca Maria Dinelli and the JUNO/JIRAM team

EGU2018-5438 | Orals | PS3.2

Recent Results From The Juno Microwave Radiometer
Steve Levin and the Juno MWR Team

EGU2018-5885 | Orals | PS3.2

The depth of Jupiter's zonal jet-streams as inferred from the Juno gravity measurements
Eli Galanti, Yohai Kaspi, William B Hubbard, Dave J Stevenson, Scott J Bolton, Luciano Iess, Tristan Guillot, Jeremy Bloxham, Jack E P Connerney, Hao Cao, Daniele Durante, William M Folkner, Ravit Helled, Andrew P Ingersoll, Steven M Levin, Jonathan I Lunine, Yamila Miguel, Burkhard Militzer, Marzia Parisi, and Sean M Wahl

EGU2018-11435 | Posters | PS3.2

Juno Ultraviolet Spectrograph Observations of Jupiter’s Aurora
Vincent Hue, G. Randall Gladstone, Thomas K. Greathouse, Maarten Versteeg, Bertrand Bonfond, Michael W. Davis, Joshua Kammer, Denis C. Grodent, Jean-Claude Gérard, Scott J. Bolton, Steven Levin, and John E. P. Connerney

EGU2018-9754 | Posters | PS3.2

Plasma Waves Associated with the Io Footprint Tail
George Hospodarsky, William Kurth, Sadie Elliott, Donald Gurnett, Jamey Szalay, Frederic Allegrini, Scott Bolton, Bertrand Bonfond, George Clark, Jack Connerney, Robert Ebert, Randy Gladstone, Steve Levin, Barry Mauk, and Phil Valek

EGU2018-7868 | Orals | PS3.2

The Juno Magnetometer Investigation Provides the First Detailed Jovian Magnetic Field Model
Jack Connerney, Ronald Oliversen, Jared Espley, Stavros Kotsiaros, John Joergensen, Peter Joergensen, Jose Merayo, Troelz Denver, Mathias Benn, Jeremy Bloxham, Kimberly Moore, Scott Bolton, and Steven Levin

EGU2018-9616 | Orals | PS3.2

Implications of Initial Juno Magnetic Field Models for the Jovian Dynamo
Kimberly Moore, Jeremy Bloxham, John Connerney, John Jorgensen, Jose Merayo, Steven Levin, and Scott Bolton

EGU2018-9594 | Posters | PS3.2

A mechanism for accelerating Jovian auroral and polar electrons to high energies via whistler-mode wave-particle interactions
Sadie Elliott, Donald Gurnett, William Kurth, Barry Mauk, Phil Valek, Frederik Allegrini, John Connerney, and Scott Bolton

EGU2018-5284 | Orals | PS3.2

Juno’s exploration of Jupiter’s auroral and magnetospheric phenomena: observations from Juno/JEDI
George Clark, Barry Mauk, Chris Paranicas, Dennis Haggerty, Peter Kollmann, Abi Rymer, Joachim Saur, Alberto Adriani, Frederic Allegrini, Fran Bagenal, Scott Bolton, Jack Connerney, Robert Ebert, Dan Gershman, Randy Gladstone, George Hospodarsky, Bill Kurth, Steve Levin, David McComas, and Phil Valek

EGU2018-10678 | Posters | PS3.2

Improving Io Plasma Torus models using Galileo Doppler data
Luis Gomez Casajus, Dustin Buccino, Nickolay Ivchenko, Kamal Oudrhiri, Lorenz Roth, Paolo Tortora, and Marco Zannoni

EGU2018-8519 | Orals | PS3.2

Plasma Waves Associated with Broadband Auroral Electron Spectra at Jupiter
William Kurth, Barry Mauk, Sadie Elliott, Donald Gurnett, George Hospodarsky, Ondrej Santolik, Jack Connerney, Phil Valek, Randy Gladstone, Scott Bolton, and Steve Levin

EGU2018-7546 | Posters | PS3.2

The absence of a dawn cushion region in Jupiter’s outer magnetosphere
Daniel J. Gershman, Gina A. DiBraccio, John E.P. Connerney, Fran Bagenal, George Clark, Barry H. Mauk, Robert W. Ebert, Robert J. Wilson, Lori C. Spaldsbury, George Hospodarsky, William S. Kurth, Steven M. Levin, and Scott J. Bolton

EGU2018-11729 | Posters | PS3.2

Analysis of eddy current generation on the Juno spacecraft in Jupiter's magnetosphere
Stavros Kotsiaros and John E P Connerney

EGU2018-10209 | Orals | PS3.2

Jupiter's auroras in radio and ultraviolet wavelengths as seen from Juno
Masafumi Imai, G. Randall Gladstone, William S. Kurth, Thomas K. Greathouse, George B. Hospodarsky, Scott J. Bolton, John E. P. Connerney, and Steven M. Levin

EGU2018-11747 | Posters | PS3.2

Spectral forms of whistlers observed by Juno in the topside ionosphere of Jupiter
Ondrej Santolik, Ivana Kolmasova, Masafumi Imai, Donald A. Gurnett, George B. Hospodarsky, William S. Kurth, John E. P. Connerney, and Scott J. Bolton

EGU2018-9442 | Orals | PS3.2

JADE observations highlights
Frederic Allegrini, Phil Valek, Fran Bagenal, Scott Bolton, George Clark, Jack Connerney, Rob Ebert, Randy Gladstone, Tommy Greathouse, Vincent Hue, George Hospodarsky, Thomas Kim, William Kurth, Steve Levin, Philippe Louarn, Barry Mauk, David McComas, Craig Pollock, Michelle Thomsen, and Rob Wilson

EGU2018-11838 | Posters | PS3.2

Evidence of field-aligned currents in Jupiter's polar magnetosphere
Stavros Kotsiaros, John E P Connerney, Barry H Mauk, George Clark, William S Kurth, Frederic Allegrini, Scott J Bolton, and Steven M Levin

EGU2018-19251 | Posters | PS3.2

HST imaging of the Galilean moons Io and Ganymede and simultaneous Juno-UVS observations of the Io footprint
Lorenz Roth, Vincent Hue, Denis Grodent, Randy Gladstone, Bertrand Bonfond, and Joachim Saur

EGU2018-5604 | Posters | PS3.2

Characterizing Jupiter’s Atmosphere from Observations of Thermal Emission by Juno and Ground-Based Supporting Observations
Glenn Orton and the The Juno and Juno-Supporting Teams

EGU2018-6886 | Posters | PS3.2

First estimate of winds in Jupiter’s polar regions from JIRAM-Juno images
Davide Grassi and the JIRAM-Juno wind team

EGU2018-9150 | Posters | PS3.2

Determination of Jupiter’s gravity field by Juno
Daniele Durante, William Folkner, Luciano Iess, Eli Galanti, Yohai Kaspi, Andrea Milani, Virginia Notaro, Marzia Parisi, Paolo Racioppa, Daniele Serra, Paolo Tortora, and Marco Zannoni

EGU2018-13586 | Posters | PS3.2

Atmospheric Structure of Jupiter’s Vortices as retrieved by Juno/JIRAM Data
Giuseppe Sindoni, Gianrico Filacchione, Davide Grassi, Alberto Adriani, Alessandro Mura, Maria Luisa Moriconi, Bianca Maria Dinelli, Federico Tosi, Giuseppe Piccioni, Alessandra Migliorini, Francesca Altieri, Roberto Sordini, Scott J. Bolton, Jack E. P. Connerney, Sushil K. Atreya, Andy Ingersoll, Steven M. Levin, Jonathan Lunine, Glenn S. Orton, and Christina Plainaki and the Juno-JIRAM team

PS4.2 – Planetary Habitability: From Early Planetary Evolution to the Formation of Life (co-organized)

EGU2018-2765 | Posters | PS4.2

Can morphology of stromatolites reflect biogenicity ? Lessons from the living stromatolite of Lake Salda, SW Turkey ?
Nurgul Balci, Yagmur Gunes, Dilanaz Arisan, and Esra Sertcetin

EGU2018-10264 | Orals | PS4.2 | Highlight

Climate Stability and Habitability of Earth-like Stagnant Lid Planets
Bradford Foley

EGU2018-1133 | Posters | PS4.2

Assessment of metabolically active bacteria in yellow coralloid speleothems from a pristine lava tube in Canary Islands
Jose Luis Gonzalez Pimentel, Ana Z. Miller, Valme Jurado, Leonila Laiz, Manuel F.C. Pereira, and Cesareo Saiz-Jimenez

EGU2018-3027 | Orals | PS4.2

On the magmatic processes building habitable worlds
Fabrice Gaillard

EGU2018-9975 | Posters | PS4.2

Cultivable bacteria from the Atacama Desert, Chile: Their occurrence and diversity along an aridity gradient
Diana Boy, Leopold Sauheitl, Jens Boy, Georg Guggenberger, and Ralf Moeller

EGU2018-4552 | Orals | PS4.2

Outgassing of stagnant-lid Super-Earths
Caroline Dorn, Lena Noack, and Antoine Rozel