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SM – Seismology

SM1.01 – General Contributions on Earthquakes, Earth Structure, Seismology

EGU2018-10455 | Orals | SM1.01 | Highlight

Elasto-gravity signals heralding the arrival of seismic waves
Martin Vallée, Jean Paul Ampuero, Kévin Juhel, Pascal Bernard, Jean-Paul Montagner, and Matteo Barsuglia

EGU2018-9600 | Posters | SM1.01 | Highlight

An International Day for Seismology: rational, co-ordination, and planning
Matthew Agius, Stephen Hicks, Wendy Bohon, Paul Denton, Caroline Eakin, Alba Gil, Lucia Gualtieri, Cindy Mora Stock, Koen Van Noten, Andrew Schaeffer, Saikiran Tharimena, Stefano Parolai, and Raju Sarkar

EGU2018-9737 | Posters | SM1.01

HELPOS: Hellenic Plate Observing System. The Hellenic Research infrastructure within the EPOS project.
Akis Tselentis, George Drakatos, and Filippos Vallianatos and the HELPOS Research Team

EGU2018-17776 | Orals | SM1.01

Preparing for InSight: First Results from the Blind Test for Martian Seismicity
Martin van Driel, Renee Weber, and Jeroen Tromp and the InSight Blind Test Team

EGU2018-16335 | Orals | SM1.01

Single Layer Recurrent Neural Network for detection of swarm-like earthquakes in West Bohemia and South-west Iceland
Jana Doubravová and Josef Horalek

EGU2018-4434 | Orals | SM1.01

A simple method for earthquake location by surface-wave time-reversal
Lapo Boschi, Irene Molinari, and Michael Reinwald

EGU2018-343 | Posters | SM1.01

The June 12th, 2017 Lesvos Island, Greece, earthquake: comparison between observed and modeled ground deformation
Ilias Lazos, Stylianos Bitharis, Alexandros Chatzipetros, Spyridon Pavlides, and Chris Pikridas

EGU2018-5346 | Posters | SM1.01

The 2017 Lesvos (Greece) Mw6.3 earthquake: Normal faulting in the Aegean Sea
Tuncay Taymaz, Vasso Saltogianni, Seda Yolsal-Çevikbilen, Michael Gianniou, Taylan Öcalan, Tuna Eken, and Stathis Stiros

EGU2018-6800 | Orals | SM1.01

Constraints on the quality of source localization and characterization with Time Reverse Imaging imposed by the array design, the complexity of the velocity model and the signal-to-noise ratio
Claudia Werner and Erik H. Saenger

EGU2018-13892 | Posters | SM1.01

2017 Kos-Bodrum Earthquake: On the Correlation of Long Period Ground Motion and Damage
Eser Cakti, Karin Sesetyan, Hakan Alcik, and Ufuk Hancilar

EGU2018-13150 | Orals | SM1.01

Preliminary observation on seismicity of northwestern Korean Peninsula
Geunyoung Kim, Il-young Che, Jeong-Soo Jeon, and Myung-Soon Jun

EGU2018-761 | Posters | SM1.01

Source Characteristics of 2017 Ayvacik, Lesvos, and Bodrum-Kos Earthquakes Obtained from Regional Moment Tensor Inversion
Elif Batıgün, Seda Yolsal-Çevikbilen, and Tuncay Taymaz

EGU2018-12431 | Orals | SM1.01

Location and Depth Estimation of the North Sea Earthquake 30 June 2017
Annie Jerkins, Steven Gibbons, Tormod Kværna, and Johannes Schweitzer

EGU2018-2433 | Posters | SM1.01

An InSAR study of the 2017 Biga peninsula swarm
Nikos Svigkas, Simone Atzori, Anastasia Kiratzi, Cristiano Tolomei, and Stefano Salvi

EGU2018-9262 | Orals | SM1.01

The July 20, 2017 M6.6 Kos-Bodrum earthquake: seismic and geodetic evidence for a north-dipping, normal fault at the western end of the Gulf of Gökova, SE Aegean Sea
Athanassios Ganas, Panagiotis Elias, Vassilis Kapetanidis, Sotirios Valkaniotis, Pierre Briole, Ioannis Kassaras, Panagiotis Argyrakis, Aggeliki Barberopoulou, and Alexandra Moshou

EGU2018-18189 | Orals | SM1.01

The June 12, 2017 M6.3 Lesvos offshore earthquake sequence (Aegean Sea, Greece): fault model and ground deformation from seismic and geodetic observations
Pierre Briole, Athanassios Ganas, Vassilis Karastathis, Panagiotis Elias, Evangelos Mouzakiotis, Sotirios Valkaniotis, Michael Foumelis, Alexandra Moshou, Penelope Kourkouli, Marine Roger, Gerassimos Chouliaras, Panagiotis Argyrakis, G-Akis Tselentis, and Isaak Parcharidis

EGU2018-9254 | Posters | SM1.01

Geodynamic phenomena and ESI 2007 intensities of the 2017 June 12, Mw 6.3 Lesvos (North Aegean Sea, Greece) earthquake
Spyridon Mavroulis, Emmanouil Andreadakis, Varvara Antoniou, Emmanuel Skourtsos, and Efthymios Lekkas

EGU2018-197 | Posters | SM1.01

Analysis of microseismicity associated with the 2017 seismic swarm near the Aegean coast of NW Turkey
Maria Mesimeri, Christos Kourouklas, Eleftheria Papadimitriou, Vassilios Karakostas, and Despoina Kementzetzidou

EGU2018-4191 | Orals | SM1.01

Precise relative locations of the February 2017 swarm at Biga peninsula and 12 June 2017 Lesvos earthquake sequence: Insights into fault geometry and active tectonics
Konstantinos Konstantinou

EGU2018-9431 | Posters | SM1.01

An attempt to enhance the availability of earthquake source mechanisms in the Reviewed ISC Bulletin
Konstantinos Lentas

EGU2018-9446 | Orals | SM1.01

Crustal deformation and fault model of the 2017 Gulpinar-Babakale earthquake sequence (Biga peninsula, NE Aegean region): seismological and InSAR evidence
Penelope Kourkouli, Athanassios Ganas, Alexandra Moshou, Pierre Briole, Panagiotis Elias, and Isaak Pacharidis

EGU2018-5335 | Orals | SM1.01

Geodetic and Seismological analysis of the 2017 Kos-Bodrum Mw 6.5 earthquake (SE Aegean Sea) provides evidence for the evolution of normal faulting in Gökova graben
Vasso Saltogianni, Tuncay Taymaz, Seda Yolsal-Çevikbilen, Tuna Eken, Michael Gianniou, Taylan Öcalan, Stella Pytharouli, and Stathis Stiros

EGU2018-2799 | Posters | SM1.01

Morphotectonic considerations of the offshore Gökova-Kos area affected by the July 20, 2017 M6.6 Bodrum-Kos Earthquake, Eastern Aegean Sea
Neslihan Ocakoğlu, Paraskevi Nomikou, Yeliz İşcan, Maria Filomena Loreto, and Danai Lampridou

EGU2018-417 | Posters | SM1.01

Preliminary results of the analysis of earthquake swarms in Gegham volcanic ridge (Armenia)
Lilit Sargsyan, Khachatur Meliksetian, Jean-Philippe Metaxian, Ara Levonyan, Arkadi Karakhanyan, Hovnatan Demirchyan, Gevorg Navasardyan, Sos Margaryan, Michael Gevorgyan, and Hektor Babayan

EGU2018-15567 | Posters | SM1.01

Seismotectonics and triggered earthquakes in the Geysir Area in Iceland
Bergthóra S. Thorbjarnardóttir, Ingi Th. Bjarnason, and Ragnar Stefánsson

EGU2018-578 | Posters | SM1.01

Earthquakes focal mechanism and stress field pattern in the Javakheti volcanic highland
Elya Sahakyan, Ara Levonyan, Mikayel Gevorgyan, and Hektor Babayan

EGU2018-3207 | Posters | SM1.01

Observation of non-volcanic tremor at the Longitudinal Valley in eastern Taiwan and introduction to E-TEC and observation experiment for earthquake precursors
Wen-Yen Chang

EGU2018-4048 | Posters | SM1.01

Review and Analysis of the Coyuca 2001 Shallow Seismic Series (Mw=5.8), in Central Guerrero, Mexico.
Pouyé Yazdi, Miguel Angel Santoyo, Arturo Iglesias, Jorge M. Gaspar-Escribano, and Fransisco Anta Sanchez

EGU2018-16036 | Posters | SM1.01

Earthquake swarm in non-volcanic areas of western Saudi Arabia: comparison of observations and imaging
Mohammad Youssof, P. Martin Mai, Laura Parisi, Zheng Tang, Hani M. Zahran, Salah Y. El-Hadidy, Mahmoud Sami, Ahmed Hosny, Wael Al-Raddadi, and Mahmoud S. El-Hadidy

EGU2018-2888 | Posters | SM1.01

Characteristics of seismic source in the Taiwan mountain area
Win Gee Huang

EGU2018-18829 | Posters | SM1.01

Seismogenic characteristics of the Gukeng fault, southwestern Taiwan: Insights from detecting ambient tremors
Ta-Wei Liu, Wei-Hua Wang, and Yu-Lien Yeh

EGU2018-6278 | Posters | SM1.01

Near-fault Strong Motion Characteristics of the 2016 Meinong Earthquake in Taiwan
Cheng-Ying Ho, Ruey-Juin Rau, Chun-Hsiang Kuo, and Che-Min Lin

EGU2018-12800 | Posters | SM1.01

North Korea nuclear test analysis results using KMA seismic and infrasound networks
Youngsoo Jeon, Kyungmin Min, Seongheum Cho, Kwang-Bum Chung, and Duk Kee Lee

EGU2018-2926 | Posters | SM1.01

Development of a local magnitude scale for South Korea
Dong-Hoon Sheen

EGU2018-5723 | Posters | SM1.01

Preparation of a Composite Seismicity Catalog in the Yellow Sea
Su Young Kang, Kwang-Hee Kim, Zhiwei Li, and Tianyao Hao

EGU2018-18554 | Posters | SM1.01

Intraplate seismicity around Rodrigues (Indian Ocean) from time-domain array analysis
Manvendra Singh and Georg Rümpker

EGU2018-3486 | Posters | SM1.01

Hypocentral determinations for earthquakes in Cape Saint Vincent using OBS and land stations
Roberto Cabieces Díaz, Antonio Pazos Garcia, Elisa Buforn Peiró, and Pierre Arroucau

EGU2018-3637 | Posters | SM1.01

Variations in frequency of earthquakes occurrence with season and local time on example of Northern Tien Shan
Galina Khachikyan, Alla Sadykova, Beibit Zhumabayev, Nursultan Toyshiev, Dina Kairatkyzy, Alibek Seraliyev, and Eldar Khassanov

EGU2018-4091 | Posters | SM1.01

The Influence of the M8.1 Nepal Earthquake on the Seismic Activity in the Qinghai-Tibet Block
Du Fang and Wu Jiang

EGU2018-6864 | Posters | SM1.01

Historical and Recent Earthquakes in the South-Eastern Alps
Lara Tiberi and Giovanni Costa

EGU2018-7861 | Posters | SM1.01

Joint inversion source parameters of a Ms3.3 earthquake off the coast of Fujian, China with OBS and inland stations data
Lina Zhang and Xiangfang Zeng

EGU2018-6809 | Posters | SM1.01

Seismogenetic fault characterization in the Pollino area
Ferdinando Napolitano, Anna Gervasi, Mario La Rocca, Danilo Galluzzo, Ignazio Guerra, and Roberto Scarpa

EGU2018-13756 | Posters | SM1.01

Ganos Fault Zone network: Imaging North Anatolian Fault Zone in the western Marmara region, Turkey, based on a dense local seismic network
Bita Najdahmadi, Marco Bohnhoff, Yehuda Ben-Zion, Ethem Görgün, Hakan Alp, and Eşref Yalçınkaya

EGU2018-4115 | Posters | SM1.01

Modeling stress field around the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake sequence (M7.3) from seismic moment tensor data
Satoshi Matsumoto, Ayaho Mitsuoka, Yoshihisa Iio, Shin'ichi Sakai, and Group for urgent joint seimic observation of the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake

EGU2018-17767 | Posters | SM1.01

Constructing Martian seismicity catalog: Marsquake service and probabilistic event location algorithms
Savas Ceylan, John Clinton, Maren Böse, Fabian Euchner, Martin van Driel, Simon Stähler, Amir Khan, Domenico Giardini, Mark Panning, Raphaël F. Garcia, Philippe Lognonné, and Bruce Banerdt

EGU2018-9426 | Posters | SM1.01

Martian crustal S-wave velocities from apparent incidence angles – A case study for InSight
Brigitte Knapmeyer-Endrun, Savas Ceylan, and Martin van Driel

EGU2018-4614 | Posters | SM1.01

Calibrating Magnitude Scales for Mars
Maren Böse, Domenico Giardini, Simon Stähler, Savas Ceylan, John Clinton, Martin van Driel, Amir Khan, Fabian Euchner, Philippe Lognonné, and Bruce Banerdt

EGU2018-1530 | Posters | SM1.01

Effect of local ridge topography on strong ground motion
Xiangwei Yu, Mingfeng Wang, and Wenbo Zhang

EGU2018-6521 | Posters | SM1.01

Breakdown of equipartition in diffuse fields caused by energy leakage
Ludovic Margerin

EGU2018-12479 | Posters | SM1.01

BISTROP: Bayesian Inversion of Spectral-Level Ratios and P-Wave Polarities for Focal Mechanism Determination
Raffaella De Matteis, Vincenzo Convertito, and Aldo Zollo

EGU2018-12824 | Posters | SM1.01

The influence of 3D velocity model on regional moment tensors in a subduction zone setting
Mike Lindner and Andreas Rietbrock

EGU2018-15263 | Posters | SM1.01

SCOTER: a Python program package for multiple-event location by using static and source-specific station correction terms
Nima Nooshiri, Sebastian Heimann, Frederik Tilmann, Joachim Saul, Steven J. Gibbons, and Torsten Dahm

EGU2018-1550 | Posters | SM1.01

The Problem of Noise Situation in the Start of a Space Application Rocket
Galyna Sokol, Sergiy Bondarenko, Oleksandr Khorischenko, Olena Myronenko, and Sergiy Kirichenko

EGU2018-1760 | Posters | SM1.01

Research of Acoustic Emitting Sources and Calculation of Their Characteristics During the Launch of the Space Rocket
Galyna Sokol, Frolov Viktor, Kotlov Vlad, Angelica Davydova, and Christina Geti

EGU2018-2158 | Posters | SM1.01

Coda waves attenuation for Racha region of Georgia
Ia Shengelia, Nato Jorjiashvili, Tea Godoladze, Nino Tumanovi, and Malkhaz Gigiberia

EGU2018-18572 | Posters | SM1.01

The crustal structure beneath Mauritius from teleseismic P-receiver functions - oceanic or continental?
Manvendra Singh, Ayoub Kaviani, and Georg Rümpker

EGU2018-743 | Posters | SM1.01

Crustal Structure of the Khartoum Basin, Sudan
Nada El Tahir, Andrew Nyblade, Jordi Julia, and Raymond Durrheim

EGU2018-6033 | Posters | SM1.01

Sensitivities of Finite-Frequency PKP phases to Inner Core Structure
Li-Yu Kan, Li Zhao, and Hao Kuo-Chen

SM2.01 – Earthquake Source Processes under Rapid and Slow Deformation: Field Evidence, Seismic Imaging and Numerical Modeling (co-organized)

EGU2018-1527 | Posters | SM2.01

Source rupture process of the 2016 Kaikoura, New Zealand earthquake estimated from the kinematic waveform inversion of strong-motion data
Wenbo Zhang, Ao Zhang, and Xiangwei Yu

EGU2018-17405 | Orals | SM2.01

Could low-rate intraplate extension produce syn-tectonic basins and large earthquakes ? A multi-disciplinary analysis south of CSA (Western France)
Caroline Kaub, Laurent Geoffroy, Laurent Bollinger, Pascal Le Roy, Julie Perrot, and Christine Authemayou

EGU2018-1435 | Orals | SM2.01

Evidence for a 145-year-long aftershock sequence in central Washington State, USA
Thomas Brocher and Brian Sherrod

EGU2018-5639 | Posters | SM2.01

Static slip model of the 2017 Mw 5.4 Pohang, South Korea, earthquake, constrained by InSAR data
Seok Goo Song and Hoonyol Lee

EGU2018-9673 | Posters | SM2.01

Estimation of radiated energy for the 2010 Spanish very deep earthquake (Mw=6.2)
Carolina López-Sánchez, Elisa Buforn, Luis Rivera, Maurizio Mattesini, and Agustín Udías

EGU2018-9375 | Orals | SM2.01

Seismotectonics of the 2017 Botswana earthquake (Mw 6.5): An active branch of the East African Rift
Mustapha Meghraoui, Vunganai Midzi, Mohamed Saleh, Tarzan Kwadiba, Brassnavy Manzunzu, Thifhelimbilu Mulabisana, Tebogo Pule, and Ian Saunders

EGU2018-15099 | Posters | SM2.01

Source parameters of the 22-24 November 2017 Muğla earthquake sequence from seismology, GPS and InSAR
Figen Eskikoy, Semih Ergintav, Ali Özgün Konca, and Ahmet M. Akoğlu

EGU2018-12279 | Posters | SM2.01

Source analysis of November 15, 2017 Pohang earthquake sequences: The first Non-Double Couple event reported in South Korea
Jung-Hun Song, Jeong-Ung Woo, Junkee Rhie, Seongryong Kim, and Tae-Seob Kang

EGU2018-7442 | Orals | SM2.01

The Geometry and Coseismic Slip of 2017 Mw6.6 Bodrum-Kos Earthquake Inferred from Geodetic, Seismic Data and Aftershocks
A. Ozgun Konca, Seda Seda Cetin, Alpay Ozdemir, Sezim Ezgi Isik, Ugur Ugur Dogan, Hayrullah Karabulut, Semih Ergintav, Gareth Funning, Michael Floyd, and Robert Reilinger

EGU2018-6850 | Posters | SM2.01

Characteristics of Pohang earthquake(Mw 5.4) occurred near developing geothermal well and relative relocations of aftershocks using Hierarchical Clustering
ChangSoo Cho

EGU2018-18727 | Orals | SM2.01 | Highlight

The September 19th, 2017 (M7.1), intermediate-depth Mexican earthquake: An energetically inefficient deadly shock.
Aron Yuto Sho Mirwald, Victor Manuel Cruz-Atienza, Arturo Iglesias, John Díaz-Mojica, Vala Hjörleifsdóttir, and Shri K. Singh

EGU2018-9935 | Posters | SM2.01

Distributed deformation field due to coseismic off-fault damage of Mw 7.8 Kaikoura earthquake
Kurama Okubo, Harsha S. Bhat, Esteban Rougier, Amaury Vallage, Johann Champenois, and Yann Klinger

EGU2018-2507 | Orals | SM2.01

How well do onshore geodetic data resolve fault slip during the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake, New Zealand?
Wenbin Xu, Guangcai Feng, and Roland Bürgmann

EGU2018-13805 | Orals | SM2.01

Dynamic rupture simulations of the 2016 Mw7.8 Kaikōura earthquake: a cascading multi-fault event
Thomas Ulrich, Alice-Agnes Gabriel, Jean-Paul Ampuero, and Wenbin Xu

EGU2018-14592 | Posters | SM2.01

New Developments in Open-source Tools to Combine Geodetic Data and Seismic Waveforms
Henriette Sudhaus, Marius Isken, Sebastian Heimann, Andreas Steinberg, Simon Daout, and Hannes Vasyura-Bathke

EGU2018-4503 | Posters | SM2.01

Modelling earthquake sources using the second-order moments of earthquake space-time distributions
Andrea Berbellini and Ana M. G. Ferreira

EGU2018-8581 | Orals | SM2.01

Dynamic source inversion of the 2016 Mw6 Amatrice earthquake
Frantisek Gallovic, Alice-Agnes Gabriel, and Lubica Valentova

EGU2018-14543 | Posters | SM2.01

What can We Learn from Higher Order Moments of the Moment Tensor?
Çağrı Diner, Özgün Konca, Rıdvan Örsvuran, Yaman Özakın, and Mustafa Aktar

EGU2018-12556 | Orals | SM2.01

Origin of high frequencies in radiated seismic wave fields
Martin Galis and P. Martin Mai

EGU2018-15647 | Posters | SM2.01

Automated assessment of rupture geometry and segmentation based on InSAR data and seismic moment rate functions prior to source optimizations
Andreas Steinberg, Henriette Sudhaus, Sebastian Heimann, Marius Isken, and Simon Daout

EGU2018-14204 | Orals | SM2.01

High resolution imaging of immediate foreshocks to microearthquakes in Switzerland
Verena Simon, Toni Kraft, Thessa Tormann, Tobias Diehl, and Marcus Herrmann

EGU2018-10826 | Posters | SM2.01

Characteristics of the earthquake rupture expansion derived from a large catalog of Source Time Functions
Julien Renou and Martin Vallée

EGU2018-4856 | Posters | SM2.01

Estimating Source Time Function by Time Reversal Method
Wojciech Debski and kAMIL Waśkiewicz

EGU2018-4907 | Orals | SM2.01

Rupture nucleation and propagation along heterogeneously loaded, circular experimental faults
Zeev Reches, Ximeng Zu, and James Jeffers

EGU2018-17112 | Posters | SM2.01

A new catalog of earthquake rupture velocities inferred from the SCARDEC catalog of Apparent Source Time Functions
Agnès Chounet and Martin Vallée

EGU2018-8563 | Orals | SM2.01

Earthquake nucleation under heterogeneous friction : aseimic slip and foreshocks interaction
Pierre Dublanchet

EGU2018-12245 | Posters | SM2.01

Criticality of cascading-up and its dependence on rupture velocity
Kansuke Uemura, Satoshi Ide, and Hideo Aochi

EGU2018-5712 | Posters | SM2.01

A Stochastic Dynamics Model for Earthquake Rupture
Tsung-Hsi Wu and Chien-Chih Chen

EGU2018-6309 | Posters | SM2.01

The Earthquake Rupture Should Be Deterministic
Cheng-Ju Wu and Yu-Chang Wu

EGU2018-14527 | Posters | SM2.01

Dynamic rupture models of subduction zone earthquakes with off-fault plasticity
Stephanie Wollherr, Alice-Agnes Gabriel, Iris van Zelst, Ylona van Dinther, Thomas Ulrich, and Betsy Madden

EGU2018-9753 | Posters | SM2.01

Overall energy budget of earthquake rupture with dynamically generated off-fault crack network
Kurama Okubo, Harsha S. Bhat, Zhou Lei, Earl E. Knight, Esteban Rougier, and Yann Klinger

EGU2018-17298 | Posters | SM2.01

Observation of anti-plane crack propagation
Camille Jestin, Olivier Lengliné, and Jean Schmittbuhl

EGU2018-5688 | Posters | SM2.01

Propagation of a precursory detachment front along a seismogenic plate interface in a rate-state friction model of earthquake cycles
Naoyuki Kato

EGU2018-2261 | Posters | SM2.01

New data on earthquake focal mechanisms in the eastern segment of the Arctic-Asian seismic belt
Alena Seredkina and Valentina Melnikova

EGU2018-13272 | Posters | SM2.01

Scaling laws, aseismic slip and spatial complementarity of tectonic earthquake swarms
Luigi Passarelli, Eleonora Rivalta, Sigurjón Jónsson, Martin Hensch, Sabrina Metzger, Steinunn Jakobsdóttir, Francesco Maccaferri, Fabio Corbi, and Torsten Dahm

EGU2018-17070 | Posters | SM2.01

Analysis of the micro-seismicity during the preparation of a Megathrust rupture: the case of the Mw 8.2 Iquique earthquake 2014, Chile
Florent Aden-Antoniow, Pascal Bernard, Claudio Satriano, Natalia Poiata, and Jean-Pierre Vilotte

EGU2018-7018 | Posters | SM2.01

Investigation of the Bimaterial Interface Velocity Contrast along the North Anatolian Fault Zone
Ahu Komec Mutlu, Musavver Didem Cambaz, and Yaman Ozakin

EGU2018-17683 | Posters | SM2.01

Source parameters and ML-Mw scaling relations for micro-earthquakes
Chen Dong and Martin Mai

EGU2018-865 | Posters | SM2.01

Is present-day deformation and seismicity in the Pyrenees an example of super-slow plate boundary? Constraints from a new analysis of GNSS data.
Christine Masson, Philippe Vernant, Stéphane Mazzotti, Erik Doerflinger, Jean Chéry, and Giorgi Khazaradze

EGU2018-2259 | Posters | SM2.01

Seismicity and geodynamics of Transbaikalia
Valentina Melnikova, Alena Seredkina, and Nadezhda Gilyova

EGU2018-6697 | Posters | SM2.01

The seismicity of southern Madagascar from the temporary SELASOMA network
Miriam Christina Reiss, Georg Rümpker, and Frederik Tilmann

EGU2018-7679 | Posters | SM2.01

Intraplate deformation of the southern French Massif Central: from karst sediments to numerical modeling of the regional geodynamic
Oswald Malcles, Philippe Vernant, Jean Chéry, Pierre Camps, Gaël Cazes, Jean-François Ritz, and David Fink

EGU2018-9214 | Posters | SM2.01

What triggers earthquakes in stable continental regions (SCR)? An example of the New Madrid seismic zone, Central-Eastern U.S.
Henri Leclère and Éric Calais

EGU2018-10034 | Posters | SM2.01

Active tectonics and seismic hazards in slowly deforming orogens: the case of the Western Kunlun mountain range (Xinjiang, China)
Christelle Guilbaud, Martine Simoes, Laurie Barrier, Amandine Laborde, Jérôme Van der Woerd, Haibing Li, Paul Tapponnier, Thomas Coudroy, and Andrew Murray

EGU2018-10482 | Posters | SM2.01

GPS monitoring of the geodetic slip rates at the Carboneras Fault in the SE Betics, Spain
Giorgi Khazaradze, Robert López, Sara Pena, and Eulàlia Masana

EGU2018-16035 | Posters | SM2.01

Active deformation in Iberia: The role of gravitational potential energy
Susana Custódio, Marta Neres, Conceição Neves, Mimmo Palano, Rui Fernandes, Luis Matias, Michele Carafa, and Pedro Terrinha

EGU2018-19118 | Posters | SM2.01

The 2017 Botswana M6.5 Earthquake: Scientific Rapid Response
Vunganai Midzi, Vincent Jele, Tarzan Kwadiba, Reuben Mantsha, Brassnavy Manzunzu, Thifhelimbilu Mulabisana, Onkgopotse Ntibinyane, Tebogo Pule, Ian Saunders, Leonard Tabane, Gerhard van Aswegen, and Brian S. Zulu

SM3.01 – Looking toward the next generation of Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Models (co-organized)

EGU2018-17216 | Posters | SM3.01

Historical seismicity as a proxy to physics-based long-term earthquake forecasts
Alireza Khodaverdian, Laurentiu Danciu, and Stefan Wiemer

EGU2018-15505 | Orals | SM3.01

The new Italian seismic hazard model
Carlo Meletti, Warner Marzocchi, Dario Albarello, Vera D'Amico, Lucia Luzi, Francesco Martinelli, Bruno Pace, Maurizio Pignone, Andrea Rovida, and Francesco Visini

EGU2018-11562 | Posters | SM3.01

Areal Source/ Active Fault/Fault System for Next Seismic Hazard Assessment: Case Study for 1906 M7.1 Meishan, and 2016 Meinong M6.6 Taiwan Earthquakes
Kuo-Fong Ma and Ya-Ting Lee

EGU2018-7182 | Orals | SM3.01

Procedure for fault-based PSHA in complex tectonic regimes (e.g. Western Anatolia): Implications of activity rate characterization
Syed Tanvir Shah, Atilla Arda Özacar, and Zeynep Gülerce

EGU2018-17679 | Orals | SM3.01

Quantifying location uncertainties in seismicity catalogues: Application to the Pyrenees
Antoine Turquet, Thomas Bodin, Pierre Arroucau, Matthieu Sylvander, and Kevin Manchuel

EGU2018-9733 | Posters | SM3.01

Characterizing Long-Term Background Seismicity Rates: Testing the Integration of Strain Rate Data in Global and European Seismicity Models
Anne Strader, Danijel Schorlemmer, and Fabrice Cotton

EGU2018-16609 | Posters | SM3.01

Improving Strain-Rate based Forecasts
José Antonio Bayona, Sebastian Specht, Fabrice Cotton, Sebastian Hainzl, and Danijel Schorlemmer

EGU2018-12082 | Orals | SM3.01

A New Ground Motion Logic Tree for Seismic Hazard in Europe: Insights from New Data and Changing Perspectives on Uncertainty
Graeme Weatherill, Dino Bindi, Sreeram Kotha, and Fabrice Cotton

EGU2018-11345 | Orals | SM3.01

The Effect of Uncertainty in Predictor Variables on the Estimation of Ground‐Motion Prediction Equations
Nicolas Kuehn and Norman Abrahamson

EGU2018-11441 | Posters | SM3.01

Pseudo-Prospective Forecasting Experiments with Spatially Variable ETAS Models
Shyam Nandan, Guy Ouillon, Stefan Wiemer, and Didier Sornette

EGU2018-18151 | Orals | SM3.01

European Facilities for Earthquake Hazard and Risk – EFEHR: status, activities and further updates of the 2020 European Seismic Hazard Model (ESHM20)
Laurentiu Danciu, Stefan Wiemer, Florian Haslinger, and Domenico Giardini

EGU2018-16721 | Posters | SM3.01

Model-free smoothed seismicity maps
Álvaro González

EGU2018-12225 | Posters | SM3.01

Towards a New Harmonised Earthquake Catalogue for the Euro-Mediterranean Region
Steffi Lammers, Dietrich Stromeyer, Graeme Weatherill, Fabrice Cotton, and Gottfried Grünthal

EGU2018-9025 | Posters | SM3.01

Updated Probabilistic Seismic Hazard maps for Georgia
Nino Tsereteli, Otar Varazanashvili, Alexander Gventsadze, Tatia Sharia, Manana Kupradze, Nino Kvavadze, and Tea Mumladze

EGU2018-15865 | Posters | SM3.01

Simulation-based Evaluation for Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Models - a Case Study for Japan
Sum Mak, Naoshi Hirata, Hiromichi Nagao, Fabrice Cotton, and Danijel Schorlemmer

EGU2018-1547 | Posters | SM3.01

Stochastic multi-fault rupture modelling in PSHA
Gordon Woo

EGU2018-11008 | Posters | SM3.01

Nonergodic Hazard in Regions with Sparse Data
Norman Abrahamson, Nicolas Kuehn, and Maxim Lacour

EGU2018-2011 | Posters | SM3.01

Dependency of near-field ground motions on the structural maturity of the North Anatolian Fault Zone
Elif Türker, Fabrice Cotton, Mustafa Tolga Yilmaz, Mathilde Radiguet, and Graeme Weatherhill

EGU2018-9759 | Posters | SM3.01

eGSIM: a web service for selecting and testing ground shaking models in Europe 

Riccardo Zaccarelli, Graeme Weatherill, Dino Bindi, Angelo Strollo, and Fabrice Cotton

EGU2018-8378 | Posters | SM3.01

Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment in Stable Continental Regions and associated uncertainty drivers. The example of the new PSHA model of Germany.
Fabrice Cotton, Christian Bosse, Christian Molkenthin, Gottfried Grünthal, Dino Bindi, Dietrich Stromeyer, and Graeme Weatherill

EGU2018-6889 | Posters | SM3.01

Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Maps in PGA for Bulgaria
Dimcho Solakov, Stella Simeonova, Plamena Raikova, Petya Trifonova, and Metodi Metodiev

EGU2018-6835 | Posters | SM3.01

Site effects in the Pollino region from the HVSR and polarization of seismic noise and earthquakes
Ferdinando Napolitano, Anna Gervasi, Mario La Rocca, Ignazio Guerra, and Roberto Scarpa

SM4.01 – What lies beneath? Seismic tomography from crust to core

EGU2018-2624 | Posters | SM4.01

Determination of structure coefficients from normal mode eigenfrequencies using an autoregressive analysis of stacked signals
Josipa Majstorovic, Severine Rosat, Sophie Lambotte, and Yves Rogister

EGU2018-6493 | Orals | SM4.01

3-d sensitivity kernels of the Rayleigh wave ellipticity
Valerie Maupin

EGU2018-16719 | Orals | SM4.01

Resolution constraints by complexity-driven wave propagation through multiscale 3D structures
Tarje Nissen-Meyer and Kuangdai Leng

EGU2018-14600 | Posters | SM4.01

Implementation and tuning of Hamiltonian Monte Carlo for large linear inverse problems
Lars Gebraad and Andreas Fichtner

EGU2018-12175 | Orals | SM4.01

The Collaborative Seismic Earth Model Project
Andreas Fichtner, Dirk-Philip van Herwaarden, and Michael Afanasiev

EGU2018-19651 | Posters | SM4.01

An efficient, complexity-driven approach towards global waveform tomography
Alexandre Szenicer, Kuangdai Leng, Karin Sigloch, and Tarje Nissen-Meyer

EGU2018-1076 | Orals | SM4.01 | Highlight

Whole-mantle structure under the Reunion hotspot in the western Indian Ocean from multifrequency P-wave tomography
Maria Tsekhmistrenko, Karin Sigloch, and Kasra Hosseini

EGU2018-19807 | Posters | SM4.01

Monte Carlo method for coupled earthquake locations and 1D velocity structure determination: ‘Minimum’ models with constant velocity gradient layers
Einar Kjartansson and Ingi Thorleifur Bjarnason

EGU2018-2308 | Posters | SM4.01

Calculation of hypocentral loci for locating earthquakes in transversely isotropic media
Aihua Zhao

EGU2018-244 | Orals | SM4.01

Seismic evidence for a change in the large scale tomographic pattern across the D” layer
Stephanie Durand, Eric Debayle, Yanick Ricard, and Sophie Lambotte

EGU2018-2156 | Posters | SM4.01

Velocity structure around the 2006 M6.3 Yogyakarta Earthquake zone inferred from seismic tomography
Atria Dilla Diambama, Ade Anggraini, Mochamad Nukman, Birger-Gottfried Luehr, and Wiwit Suryanto

EGU2018-11389 | Orals | SM4.01

Exploring Deep Earth structure and its uncertainty with transdimensional tomography
Scott Burdick, Vedran Lekic, and Lauren Waszek

EGU2018-14909 | Posters | SM4.01

Stability of the double-difference earthquake location method with respect to input parameters and data sub-sampling in South Iceland
Ingi Th. Bjarnason and Bergthóra S. Thorbjarnardóttir

EGU2018-9085 | Posters | SM4.01 | Highlight

Constraining magma plumbing systems in the Main Ethiopian Rift using seismic tomography
Tim Greenfield, Derek Keir, Juliet Biggs, Atalay Ayele, and J-Michael Kendall

EGU2018-16850 | Posters | SM4.01

3D Structure of the Congo Basin from Surface Wave and Gravity Joint Inversion
Andriamiranto Raveloson, Andrew Nyblade, Charles Ammon, and Raymond Durrheim

EGU2018-6095 | Posters | SM4.01

Rayleigh wave group velocity dispersion tomography of West-Africa using regional earthquakes and ambient seismic noise
Alessia Maggi, Yacouba Ouattara, and Dimitri Zigone

EGU2018-15556 | Posters | SM4.01

Full seismic waveform tomography for the Iranian plateau
Neda Masouminia, Andreas Ficthner, and Habib Rahimi

EGU2018-6057 | Posters | SM4.01

3D Crustal Structure of East Sea Using Surface-Wave Tomography
Yong-Seok Jang and Woo-Dong Lee

EGU2018-2256 | Posters | SM4.01

3D anisotropic S-wave velocity model of the Asian upper mantle
Alena Seredkina and Oksana Solovey

EGU2018-1930 | Posters | SM4.01

Surface wave group velocity tomography of the Arctic region
Alena Seredkina

EGU2018-19417 | Posters | SM4.01

Seismic tomography of the Arctic region: new insights into the thermal structure and evolution of the lithosphere
Sergei Lebedev, Andrew Schaeffer, Javier Fullea, and Victoria Pease

EGU2018-19434 | Posters | SM4.01

Hot upper mantle beneath the Tristan da Cunha Hotspot, from probabilistic Rayleigh-wave inversion and petrological modeling
Raffaele Bonadio, Wolfram Geissler, Sergei Lebedev, Javier Fullea, Matteo Ravenna, Nicolas Celli, Wilfried Jokat, Marion Jegen, Christoph Sens-Schonfelder, and Kiyoshi Baba

EGU2018-7985 | Posters | SM4.01

Imaging the lithosphere and underlying mantle of the South Atlantic, South America and Africa using waveform tomography with massive datasets
Nicolas Luca Celli, Sergei Lebedev, Andrew Schaeffer, Matteo Ravenna, and Carmen Gaina

EGU2018-7937 | Posters | SM4.01

P-wave velocity structures under the western hemisphere using multi-frequency tomography
Afsaneh Mohammadzaheri, Karin Sigloch, and Kasra Hosseini

EGU2018-7454 | Posters | SM4.01

High-resolution tomographic models of the upper mantle in various tectonic provinces - the standard isotropic approach and a novel anisotropic advancement
Helena Munzarova, Jaroslava Plomerova, Eduard Kissling, Ludek Vecsey, and Vladislav Babuska

EGU2018-10642 | Posters | SM4.01

SPiRaL 1.0: Global tomography model of travel times and surface waves with transversely isotropic crust and mantle
Nathan Simmons and Steve Myers

SM4.02 – Imaging and inversion to explore the Earth’s crust

EGU2018-8594 | Posters | SM4.02

Diffraction imaging of surface reflection GPR data
Hemin Yuan, Majken Looms, Mahboubeh Montazeri, and Lars Nielsen

EGU2018-3434 | Orals | SM4.02

Ground-penetrating radar as a tool to access coastal sedimentary climate- and sea-level archives
Sebastian Lindhorst

EGU2018-10539 | Orals | SM4.02

Bedrock morphology modelling using geologically-dependant empirical equations between resonance frequency and bedrock depth
Koen Van Noten, Xavier Devleeschouwer, Celine Goffin, Bruno Meyvis, and Thomas Lecocq

EGU2018-6631 | Posters | SM4.02

Estimation of probability maps through vertical gradient magnetic and 2D-GPR data to evaluate the existence of buried structures: geophysical prospection in Roman Villa of Pisões (South Alentejo, Portugal)
Rui Jorge Oliveira, Bento Caldeira, Teresa Teixidó, and José Fernando Borges

EGU2018-10185 | Orals | SM4.02

Hierachical imaging strategy for shallow subsurface from dispersion curve analysis to full waveform inversion
Daniela Teodor, Cesare Comina, Laura Valentina Socco, Romain Brossier, Phuong-Thu Trinh, and Jean Virieux

EGU2018-807 | Posters | SM4.02

Complex study of permafrost mounds in Sentsa river (Russian Federation) valley by geophysical methods
Dmitry Kotelevets, Jessica Vasil’chuk, Sergei Alexeev, and Lyudmila Zolotaya

EGU2018-14276 | Orals | SM4.02

The Whispering Karst
Abderrahmane Haned and Cédric Champollion

EGU2018-4134 | Posters | SM4.02

A Bayesian Perspective on Targeting Basement Conductors Using Airborne Electromagnetic Data
Juerg Hauser, James Gunning, and David Annetts

EGU2018-4664 | Orals | SM4.02

Probabilistic inversion of geophysical datasets for subsurface interface detection
Giulia de Pasquale, Niklas Linde, Joseph Doetsch, and Steve Holbrook

EGU2018-16225 | Posters | SM4.02

Surface wavesscattering on the medium's relief
Ruslan Zhostkow

EGU2018-7241 | Orals | SM4.02

Joint inversion of gravity and muon tomography data on unstructured meshes
Peter Lelièvre, Anne Barnoud, Cristina Cârloganu, Valérie Cayol, Colin Farquharson, and Valentin Niess

EGU2018-18841 | Posters | SM4.02

Simulation of microtremor H/V spectrum based on the surface wave theory in a layered half-space from Yuxi sites
Xueliang Chen, Zheng Zhang, Mengtan Gao, Zongchao Li, Quanbo Luo, and Tiefei Li

EGU2018-10475 | Orals | SM4.02

How seismic diffraction improves the imaging of the crust
Benjamin Schwarz, Alexander Bauer, Dirk Gajewski, Karin Sigloch, and Tarje Nissen-Meyer

EGU2018-16600 | Posters | SM4.02

Passive geophysics inside underground cavities: examples of HVSR surveys in the caves of Han-sur-Lesse, Belgium and Bruniquel, France.
Christian Burlet, Koen Van Noten, Serge Delaby, Thomas Lecoq, Sophie Verheyden, Dominique Genty, and Jacques Jaubert

EGU2018-5160 | Orals | SM4.02

Wavelet transform-based 3D seismic facies analysis for geothermal exploration in Groß Schönebeck, NE German Basin
Klaus Bauer, Alexandra Ivanova, Ben Norden, Manfred Stiller, Charlotte Krawczyk, and Ernst Huenges

EGU2018-3775 | Posters | SM4.02

Interpretation of passive seismic data obtained during active source surveys with nodal arrays: A case study from Western Colorado
Michael Behm, Anna Patterson, Jefferson Chang, Feng Cheng, Steven Harder, Galen Kaip, Pranshu Ratre, and Gerilyn Soreghan

EGU2018-231 | Posters | SM4.02

Detection and Location of Subsurface Voids Using Seismic Resonance Waves
Roland Gritto, Valeri Korneev, Elnaiem Elobaid, Fathelrahman Mohamed, and Fadhil Sadooni

EGU2018-9998 | Orals | SM4.02

Fibre-optic strain sensing – review and future
Philippe Jousset, Thomas Reinsch, Trond Ryberg, Hanna Blanck, Andy Clarke, Rufat Aghayev, Gylfi Pàll Hersir, Michael Weber, and Charlotte Krawczyk

EGU2018-232 | Posters | SM4.02

Seismic Imaging of a Near-Surface Collapse Structure in Qatar
Roland Gritto, Daniel O'Connell, Elnaiem Elobaid, Fathelrahman Mohamed, and Fadhil Sadooni

EGU2018-8338 | Orals | SM4.02

Virtual Seismology: monitoring the Earth's crust with virtual sources and virtual receivers in the subsurface
Kees Wapenaar, Joeri Brackenhoff, Jan Thorbecke, Joost van der Neut, Evert Slob, and Eric Verschuur

EGU2018-13492 | Posters | SM4.02

Onshore P- and SH-wave seismic surveys on the Chalk Group – a high-resolution study to link internal structures and petrophysics to seismic attributes
Janina Kammann, Mattia Tagliavento, Lars Stemmerik, Alireza Malehmir, and Lars Nielsen

EGU2018-15688 | Orals | SM4.02

3D Seismic Reflection Imaging with Uncontrolled Sources using Large N Arrays
Larry Brown, Doyeon Kim, and Diego Quiros

EGU2018-19564 | Posters | SM4.02

High-resolution active seismic survey across the Insubric Line
Andrew Greenwood, Ludovic Baron, Kaspar Merz, Antonio langone, Benoît Petri, Anna Orsolya Kard, Alberto Zanetti, Mattia Pistone, György Hetényi, Michael Weber, Othmar Müntener, and Klaus Holliger

EGU2018-8908 | Orals | SM4.02

Source wavelet inversion for laterally-varying scaling errors using Marchenko focusing functions
Constantin Mildner, Filippo Broggini, and Johan O. A. Robertsson

EGU2018-19574 | Posters | SM4.02

Characterization and imaging of a near-vertical hydrothermal fault zone embedded in crystalline rocks based on hydrophone VSP data
Andrew Greenwood, Eva Caspari, Daniel Egli, Ludovic Baron, Jürg Hunziker, and Klaus Holliger

EGU2018-9305 | Orals | SM4.02

Feasibility of crustal-scale imaging from 3D OBS data by Full Waveform Inversion. Phase I: building a 3D synthetic model of a subduction zone and wavefield modelling
Andrzej Górszczyk, Stéphane Operto, and Laure Combe

EGU2018-3446 | Posters | SM4.02

Estimating fracture aperture and related parameters using tube-wave data
Jürg Hunziker, Andrew Greenwood, Shohei Minato, Eva Caspari, and Klaus Holliger

EGU2018-13162 | Orals | SM4.02

2D adjoint-state full-waveform inversion of band-limited multichannel seismic data in the Alboran basin (SE Iberia)
Claudia Gras Andreu, Valentí Sallarès, Daniel Dagnino, Clara Estela Jiménez-Tejero, Adrià Meléndez, and César R. Ranero

EGU2018-4039 | Posters | SM4.02

VSP modeling and imaging for cable-free nodal system
Seonghyung Jang, Donghoon Lee, and Taeyoun Kim

EGU2018-17511 | Orals | SM4.02

A principal component approach to resolution analysis - application to the Iberian Peninsula with focus on density resolution
Agnieszka Płonka, Alexey Gokhberg, and Andreas Fichtner

EGU2018-17438 | Posters | SM4.02

Seismic modeling and imaging in shallow highly heterogeneous environment
Gaurav Tomar, Christopher J. Bean, and Frolian Le Pape

EGU2018-629 | Orals | SM4.02

Frequency-Dependent Shear Wave Attenuation Along the Western Part of the North Anatolian Fault Zone
Gizem Izgi, Tuna Eken, Peter Gaebler, and Tuncay Taymaz

EGU2018-8510 | Posters | SM4.02

Seismic imaging using mode-converted data from a 3C seismic landstreamer near Turku, Finland
Ruixue Sun, Christopher Juhlin, and Alireza Malehmir

EGU2018-13443 | Posters | SM4.02

Seismic reflection profiling in the Kylylahti Cu-Au-Zn mine area, Finland
Suvi Heinonen, Michal Malinowski, Gardar Gislason, and Emilia Koivisto and the COGITO-MIN Working Group

EGU2018-1903 | Orals | SM4.02

Lateral heterogeneity of the upper oceanic crust and sediments
Adrian Doran and Gabi Laske

EGU2018-11149 | Orals | SM4.02

Crustal and Upper-Mantle Shear-Velocity Structure of Saudi Arabia from Joint Inversion of P-/S-Wave Receiver Functions and Rayleigh-Wave Group-Velocities
Zheng Tang, P. Martin Mai, Jordi Julià, and Hani Zahran

EGU2018-13515 | Posters | SM4.02

Seismic exploration of mineral deposits in Northern Finland
Stefan Buske, Suvi Heinonen, Elena Kozlovskaya, Jari Karjalainen, and Hanna Silvennoinen

EGU2018-13654 | Posters | SM4.02

Pre-stack depth migration in an anisotropic crystalline environment at the COSC-1 borehole, central Sweden
Helge Simon, Stefan Buske, Peter Hedin, Christopher Juhlin, Felix Krauß, and Rüdiger Giese

EGU2018-282 | Posters | SM4.02

Seismic image of the Carpathian Foredeep Marginal Zone
Mariusz Majdanski, Jarosław Grzyb, Bartosz Owoc, Tomasz Krogulec, and Anna Wysocka

EGU2018-1003 | Posters | SM4.02

Imaging East European Craton margin in Northern Poland using extended-correlation processing applied to regional seismic profiles
Milosz Mezyk and Michal Malinowski

EGU2018-3881 | Posters | SM4.02

3-D reflection seismic exploration at the geothermal research platform in Groß Schönebeck north of Berlin (project RissDom)
CharLotte M. Krawczyk, Manfred Stiller, Klaus Bauer, Ben Norden, Alexandra Ivanova, and Ernst Huenges

EGU2018-14293 | Posters | SM4.02

Pre-stack and post-stack inversion of 3D seismic reflection data for geothermal reservoir characterization in Groß Schönebeck (NE German Basin)
Alexandra Ivanova, Klaus Bauer, Manfred Stiller, and Charlotte Krawczyk

EGU2018-10093 | Posters | SM4.02

First results of 3D VSP imaging with DAS technology at the geothermal research site Groß Schönebeck /Germany
Evgeniia Martuganova, Jan Henninges, Manfred Stiller, Klaus Bauer, Ben Norden, Charlotte Krawczyk, and Ernst Huenges

EGU2018-15499 | Posters | SM4.02

Permian to recent structural evolution of the North German Basin margin – insights from high-resolution reflection seismic data.
Niklas Ahlrichs, Christian Huebscher, Volkmar Damm, Vera Noack, and Michael Schnabel

EGU2018-5820 | Posters | SM4.02

Acoustic impedance inversion of seismic data from the New Jersey shelf for delineating porosity distribution of an offshore groundwater reservoir
Tomi Jusri, Ariel Thomas, Ammar Ghanim, Soenke Reiche, and Stefan Buske

EGU2018-7480 | Posters | SM4.02

Shallow seismic velocity structure around Bornholm Gat, Tornquist Zone from 2D streamer tomography
Yaocen Pan, Christorpher Juhlin, Ari Tryggvason, Daniel Sopher, and Christian Hübscher

EGU2018-280 | Posters | SM4.02

Seismic Tomography and MASW analysis of the results of Spitsbergen seismic experiment – case study
Artur Marciniak, Bartosz Owoc, Jarosław Grzyb, Michał Glazer, Wojciech Dobiński, and Mariusz Majdański

EGU2018-4936 | Posters | SM4.02

Anisotropic P-wave traveltime tomography implementing Thomsen's weak approximation in tomo3D
Adrià Meléndez, Estela Jiménez, Valentí Sallarès, and César R. Ranero

EGU2018-10501 | Posters | SM4.02

Uncertainty of crustal models from geostatistical analysis of USGS Global Seismic Crustal Structure Database
Wolfgang Szwillus, Jörg Ebbing, and Walter Mooney

EGU2018-279 | Posters | SM4.02

The uncertainty in seismic traveltime tomography
Bartosz Owoc, Jarosław Grzyb, and Mariusz Majdański

EGU2018-10847 | Posters | SM4.02

On the use of Hessian information for solving full waveform inverse problems with Salvus
Christian Boehm, Lion Krischer, Korbinian Sager, Michael Afanasiev, Martin van Driel, and Andreas Fichtner

EGU2018-973 | Posters | SM4.02

Microseismic earthquake location and velocity inversion by eikonal tomography
Shushant Singh and Bharath Shekar

EGU2018-8464 | Posters | SM4.02

A new technique to construct a 3-D shear-wave velocity model based on P-to-S converted waves: implementation of ray tracing and inversion
Leonardo Colavitti and György Hetényi

EGU2018-16983 | Posters | SM4.02

Preliminary results of receiver function imaging above an underground mine
Senad Subasic, Nicola Piana Agostinetti, and Christopher J. Bean

EGU2018-12900 | Posters | SM4.02

On the use of high frequency teleseismic Receiver Functions to map the crystalline basement of Ebro Basin, NE Spain
Paula Romero and Jordi Diaz

EGU2018-14952 | Posters | SM4.02

Modeling low S-wave velocity in sedimentary basins through adaptive sampling of the parameter space, an application to receiver function inversion
Irene Bianchi, Nicola Piana Agostinetti, Nicola Levi, Jaroslava Plomerová, György Hetényi, and Alparray-EASI Working Group

EGU2018-15877 | Posters | SM4.02

Inversion of receiver functions and P-wave polarisation across the North Anatolian Fault Zone
Christian Schiffer, Tuna Eken, Stéphane Rondenay, and Tuncay Taymaz

EGU2018-9981 | Posters | SM4.02

Crustal Structure of Northeastern Tibetan Plateau from Joint Inversion of Receiver Function and Rayleigh Wave Phase Velocity Dispersion
Jiuhui Chen, Yong Chen, Panpan Zhao, Biao Guo, and Yu Li

EGU2018-1148 | Posters | SM4.02

Seismic attenuation of the Eastern Himalayan and Indo-Burman plate boundary systems, Northeast India
Shubham Sharma and Supriyo Mitra

EGU2018-2453 | Posters | SM4.02

Local Earthquake Tomography of Lower Assam Valley, India
Shushant Singh, Bharath Shekar, Mohan Gollapally, and Sunil K Singh

EGU2018-5937 | Posters | SM4.02

Crustal heterogeneity and Azimuth Anisotropy beneath West Qinling region from ambient noise by dense seismic array
Yu Li, Panpan Zhao, Jiuhui Chen, and Qiyuan Liu

EGU2018-3708 | Posters | SM4.02

Distribution of the crustal thickness and Vp/Vs ratio in Xinjiang region, China
Mingshuai Tang, Haitao Wang, and Jinbo Su

EGU2018-2665 | Posters | SM4.02

Uppermost mantle Pn velocity and anisotropy Structures beneath Mongolia and its adjacent regions by travel time inversion
Jing He, Yonghua Li, Eric Sandvol, Qingju Wu, and Guangbao Du

EGU2018-11759 | Posters | SM4.02

The relationship between S-wave reflectors and deep low-frequency earthquakes in the northern Kinki district, south western Japan
Shinya Katoh, Yoshihisa Iio, Hiroshi Katao, Masayo Sawada, Kazuhide Tomisaka, Tsutomu Miura, and Itaru Yoneda

EGU2018-6001 | Posters | SM4.02

Crustal Structure of Qilian orogen by Multi-scale seismic tomography
Biao Guo, Jiuhui Chen, Qiyuan Liu, Shuncheng Li, and Yu Li

EGU2018-4613 | Posters | SM4.02

Imaging the Mudurnu Segment of the North Anatolian Fault Zone From Waveforms of Small Earthquakes
Bita Najdahmadi, Pavla Hrubcová, Václav Vavryčuk, and Marco Bohnhoff

EGU2018-11635 | Posters | SM4.02

Crustal structure of Turkey from teleseismic receiver functions
Ahmet Ökeler and Serdar Özalaybey

EGU2018-4449 | Posters | SM4.02

Tectonic and volcanic structures in eastern Sicily as imaged by tomographic results of the TOMO-ETNA seismic active experiment
Graziella Barberi, Domenico Patanè, and Luciano Scarfì

EGU2018-14864 | Posters | SM4.02

Local Earthquake Tomography of the Larderello-Travale Geothermal Field
Matteo Bagagli, Edi Kissling, Davide Piccinini, and Gilberto Saccorotti

EGU2018-11935 | Posters | SM4.02

Analysis of data from Passive Seismic Survey at Lancefield (Australia)
Divya Nidhi Srivastava, Michael Asten, and Sagarika Mukhopadhyay

EGU2018-8120 | Posters | SM4.02

On the crustal structure beneath the eastern termination of the Pyrenees
Jordi Diaz, Sebastien Chevrot, Jaume Verges, Matthieu Sylvander, Mario Ruiz, and Amanda Antonio-Vigil

EGU2018-11926 | Posters | SM4.02

The large-N and large-T Maupasacq experiment - A very dense seismic network to image the deep architecture of the western Pyrenees
Sébastien Chevrot, Matthieu Sylvander, Jordi Diaz, Antonio Villaseñor, Nikos Martakis, Katerina Ploychronopoulou, Adnand Bitri, Magali Collin, Emmanuel Masini, Sylvain Calassou, Stephen Beller, Roland Martin, Laurent Stehly, and Pierre Boué

EGU2018-13140 | Posters | SM4.02

Three-dimensional spectral element modelling of gravity anomalies in the Pyrenees and Southwest Europe using seismic constraints, dense ground arrays and GOCE satellite gravity data
Roland Martin, Sébastien Chevrot, Grégory Dufréchou, Lucia Seaone, Sylvain Bonvalot, and Hannah Wehr

EGU2018-17774 | Posters | SM4.02

Crustal structure of the Spanish Central System: Constraints from ambient noise autocorrelation and controlled source data
Juvenal Andrés, Martin Schimmel, Mario Ruiz, Puy Ayarza, Francisco González-Lodeiro, Luis Roberto Rodriguez-Fernández, Alfonso Muñoz-Martín, Jose Luis Granja Bruña, Montserrat Torne, and Ramon Carbonell

EGU2018-17044 | Posters | SM4.02

Seismic Structure of the Southern Part of Madagascar as Revealed by Waveform Modeling.
Andriamiranto Raveloson, Raymond Durrheim, Elisa Rindraharisaona, and Frederik Tillman

SM4.03 – Ambient seismic noise techniques: sources, monitoring, and imaging

EGU2018-5355 | Posters | SM4.03

Can we hear waves in Titan's lakes? - Microseisms on Titan
Simon C. Stähler, Ralph D. Lorenz, Mark P. Panning, Knut Klingbeil, and Steve D. Vance

EGU2018-18085 | Orals | SM4.03

Large scale forces under surface gravity waves at a wavy bottom: a mechanism for the generation of primary microseisms
Fabrice Ardhuin

EGU2018-1834 | Orals | SM4.03

The detailed nature of microseisms revealed by 3-component array analysis of short duration time windows.
Martin Gal and Anya Reading

EGU2018-4321 | Posters | SM4.03

Wind Turbines and their Emitted Seismic Wavefields: Results from Different Locations
Toni Zieger and Joachim R. R. Ritter

EGU2018-13545 | Orals | SM4.03

Frequency-dependent source locations of Earth's hum
Laura Ermert, Korbinian Sager, Christian Boehm, and Andreas Fichtner

EGU2018-5099 | Posters | SM4.03

On the sources of seismic signals within a city: Traffic, trains, music, football and more.
Jordi Diaz, Mario Ruiz, Pilar S. Sánchez-Pastor, and Paula Romero

EGU2018-1847 | Orals | SM4.03

Long term changes in ambient seismic noise with a focus on the southern hemisphere
Anya Reading, Martin Gal, and Keith Koper

EGU2018-3715 | Posters | SM4.03

On the source of microseisms: long-term variations in hydro-acoustic waves from interferometry
Läslo G. Evers

EGU2018-479 | Posters | SM4.03

Secondary microseism sources in Cape Verde archipelago
Joana Carvalho, Graça Silveira, and Martin Schimmel

EGU2018-16397 | Orals | SM4.03

3-component array processing by polarization analysis – Method and application to USarray seismic data
Claire Labonne, Nikolai Shapiro, Olivier Sèbe, Matthieu Landès, Léonard Seydoux, François Schindelé, and Stéphane Gaffet

EGU2018-10968 | Orals | SM4.03

Modelling of Microtremor Horizontal-to-Vertical Spectral Ratio for media with a two-dimensional lateral irregularity
Francisco J. Sánchez-Sesma, Antonio García-Jerez, Francisco Luzón, Shinichi Matsushima, and Hiroshi Kawase

EGU2018-10677 | Posters | SM4.03

Comparison of Detection and Location Capabilities of Surface Microseismic Monitoring Algorithms
Ilya Dricker, Paul Friberg, and Sidney Hellman

EGU2018-17039 | Posters | SM4.03

Composition of seismic noise in several regions of the East European Platform
Alina Besedina and Nataliya Zhurbas

EGU2018-16642 | Posters | SM4.03

Observations on the Microseism Record of Significant Wind Storms in the North-East Atlantic
David Craig, Chris Bean, Sarah Donne, and Florian Le Pape

EGU2018-1357 | Orals | SM4.03

Industrial applications of ambient seismic noise imaging and monitoring
Gerrit Olivier, Florent Brenguier, and Tjaart de Wit

EGU2018-1006 | Orals | SM4.03

Towards adapting seismic interferometry to retrieve body-wave reflections for mineral exploration: the passive seismic experiment in the Kylylahti Cu-Au-Zn mine area, Finland
Michał Chamarczuk, Michał Malinowski, Deyan Draganov, Emilia Koivisto, Suvi Heinonen, and Sanna Juurela and the COGITO-MIN Working Group

EGU2018-1214 | Posters | SM4.03

Seismic Noise Characterization in Belgium: noise level maps and hurricane tracking capability
Baptiste Frankinet, Thomas Lecocq, and Thierry Camelbeeck

EGU2018-10806 | Posters | SM4.03

Source and propagation effects on the ratio of Love to Rayleigh waves in ocean generated seismic noise
Céline Hadziioannou, Djamel Ziane, and Carina Juretzek

EGU2018-4867 | Orals | SM4.03

Imaging the velocity and the velocity variations of the Groningen gas reservoir in the Netherlands
Wen Zhou, Hanneke Paulssen, and André Niemeijer

EGU2018-13154 | Orals | SM4.03

Detecting and locating structural changes during 2011 El Hierro (Canary Islands) submarine eruption
Pilar S. Sánchez-Pastor, Martin Schimmel, Anne Obermann, Carmen López, and Laura García-Cañada

EGU2018-9564 | Posters | SM4.03

Secondary microseism wavefield characterisation in the NE Atlantic, offshore Ireland
Florian Le Pape, Chris Bean, David Craig, Philippe Jousset, Sarah Donne, and Martin Möllhoff

EGU2018-2894 | Orals | SM4.03

Isotropic and anisotropic changes in S-wave velocity in shallow subsurface associated with the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake sequence, Japan
Kaoru Sawazaki, Tatsuhiko Saito, Tomotake Ueno, and Katsuhiko Shiomi

EGU2018-8445 | Posters | SM4.03

Ship Noise Time-Frequency Polarisation Analysis from Ocean Bottom Seismometers
Alister Trabattoni, Guilhem Barruol, Richard Dreo, Abdel Boudraa, and Fabrice R. Fontaine

EGU2018-6036 | Orals | SM4.03

Transient change of seismic velocities in the San Jacinto fault region following the 2010 M7.2 El Mayor-Cucapah earthquake observed with ambient noise monitoring
Gregor Hillers, Ludovic Moreau, Florent Brenguier, Michel Campillo, and Yehuda Ben-Zion

EGU2018-3652 | Posters | SM4.03

Towards 3D Noise Source Location using Matched Field Processing
Josefine Umlauft, Philippe Roux, Fabian Walter, Fabian Lindner, and Michael Korn

EGU2018-9403 | Orals | SM4.03

Monitoring Temporal Variations in the Laboratory
Alison Malcolm, Lauren Hayes, Mandy Lim, and Heru Rusmanugroho

EGU2018-15983 | Posters | SM4.03

Pycorr : an efficient tool to compute noise correlations
Laurent Stehly and Pierre Boué

EGU2018-6171 | Posters | SM4.03

Yet another monitoring tool (yam) using correlations of ambient noise – Showing velocity variations due to thermal and tidal forcing in Northern Chile
Tom Eulenfeld

EGU2018-19320 | Orals | SM4.03

A physics-based model for seismic velocity changes induced by dynamic strain
Christoph Sens-Schönfelder, Roel Snieder, and Xun Li

EGU2018-2331 | Posters | SM4.03

Direct modelling of the mechanical strain influence on coda wave interferometry
Jérôme Azzola, Jean Schmittbuhl, Dimitri Zigone, Vincent Magnenet, and Frédéric Masson

EGU2018-4493 | Orals | SM4.03

Imaging medium changes at depth using 3-D probabilistic body- and surface-wave sensitivity kernels
Anne Obermann and Thomas Planès

EGU2018-3378 | Posters | SM4.03

Discrete Wavelets for the cross-correlation of ambient noise
Iván Cabrera Pérez, Luca D'Auria, Jean Soubestre, José Barrancos, and Germán D. Padilla

EGU2018-2795 | Orals | SM4.03

Ambient noise imaging of the 2011-2013 unrest at Campi Flegrei: progressive shift in hydrothermal activity towards the east bounded by the Neapolitan Yellow Tuff rim.
Luca De Siena, Carmelo Sammarco, David Cornwell, Mario La Rocca, Francesca Bianco, Lucia Zaccarelli, and Hisashi Nakahara

EGU2018-6692 | Orals | SM4.03

A new high-resolution and probabilistic shear-wave velocity model of the European crust and uppermost mantle derived from ambient noise tomography
Yang Lu, Laurent Stehly, Anne Paul, and AlpArray Working Group

EGU2018-19073 | Posters | SM4.03

Depth variability of the crustal response to the Mw 9.0, 2011 Tohoku-oki earthquake from noise-based seismic monitoring
Qing-Yu Wang, Florent Brenguier, Michel Campillo, and Yosuke Aoki

EGU2018-3660 | Orals | SM4.03

Matrix Approach of Seismic Wave Imaging: Application to Erebus Volcano
Thibaud Blondel, Julien Chaput, Arnaud Derode, Michel Campillo, and Alexandre Aubry

EGU2018-12501 | Posters | SM4.03

Seismic velocity changes in response to different direction of tidal strain
Tomoya Takano, Takeshi Nishimura, and Hisashi Nakahara

EGU2018-9861 | Posters | SM4.03

Sensitivity kernels for monitoring structural changes in highly heterogeneous elastic media
Alejandro Duran, Anne Obermann, Thomas Planès, and Roel Snieder

EGU2018-4487 | Posters | SM4.03

Ellipticity of Rayleigh waves from polarization analysis of seismic noise
Andrea Berbellini, Martin Schimmel, Ana M. G. Ferreira, and Andrea Morelli

EGU2018-15829 | Posters | SM4.03

Preliminary application of seismic noise cross-correlation techniques at Boliden Tara Mines (Ireland)
Giuseppe Maggio and Christopher Bean

EGU2018-10584 | Posters | SM4.03

Analysis of seismic noise cross-correlation in urban area: the test site of Benevento city (Southern Italy)
Maurizio Vassallo, Raffaella De Matteis, Antonella Bobbio, Giuseppe Di Giulio, Guido Maria Adinolfi, Luciana Cantore, Rocco Cogliano, Antonio Fodarella, Rosalba Maresca, Stefania Pucillo, and Gaetano Riccio

EGU2018-7348 | Posters | SM4.03

Analysis of seismic noise at the International Geothermal Centre Bochum
Janis Heuel and Erik H. Saenger

EGU2018-1641 | Posters | SM4.03

Acoustic monitoring of radial water drilling progress
Bob Paap, Dirk Kraaijpoel, and Thomas Reinsch

EGU2018-15681 | Posters | SM4.03

Near surface velocity analysis using distributed acoustic sensing data recorded during the drilling of a geothermal well
Tobias Raab, Thomas Reinsch, and Philippe Jousset

EGU2018-1260 | Posters | SM4.03

Shallow 3D Geophysical Structure from Joint Inversion of Group Slowness Dispersion and HVSR Curves using a Small-Scale Ambient Noise Array in Urban Environment: The Case of Thessaloniki City (Northern Greece)
Marios Anthymidis, Constantinos Papazachos, Matthias Ohrnberger, and Nikos Theodoulidis