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SSS – Soil System Sciences

SSS1.3 – Soil science education, outreach and your favorite soil maps (co-organized)

EGU2018-19628 | Posters | SSS1.3

Bridging the centuries: 1918-2017
Endre Dobos, Erika Micheli, László Pásztor, and Péter Vadnai

EGU2018-2499 | Orals | SSS1.3

To know, know of, or be aware for soil.
Damien Field

EGU2018-9204 | Posters | SSS1.3

Soil maps of the Kreybig survey (1935-1951)
László Pásztor, Zsófia Bakacsi, Annamária Laborczi, and József Szabó

EGU2018-2913 | Orals | SSS1.3

Challenges to teach soil science at Eesti Maaülikool in local and international level
Endla Reintam, Alar Astover, Merrit Shanskiy, Przemysław Charzyński, and Philipp von Wrangell

EGU2018-8639 | Orals | SSS1.3

Soil health training in a project in Mozambique: a participative approach to education and outreach
Rosana Kral, Axel Mentler, Cláudio Sixpence, Sebastian Postl, and Sabine Homann-Kee Tui

EGU2018-10927 | Posters | SSS1.3

Soil Explorer – Impressive Interpretations from the USA Soil Survey Maps
Bradley Miller, Darrell Schulze, James Crum, David Hopkins, Nicolas Jelinski, Douglas Malo, Patricia Quackenbush, Michel Ransom, Judith Turk, and The Isee Network

EGU2018-3760 | Posters | SSS1.3

William Smith’s 1815 Delineation of the Strata of England and Wales with Part of Scotland: …Varieties of Soil According to the Variations in the Substrata
Bradley Miller

EGU2018-15132 | Orals | SSS1.3

SwissSoil: a field introduction to pedology for diverse audiences
Stephanie Grand, Fanny Viret, Fabienne Dietrich, Loic Liberati, Pascal Vittoz, and Éric Verrecchia

EGU2018-305 | Posters | SSS1.3

Marbut’s 1935 Atlas of the Soils of the United States
Eric C. Brevik and Bradley A. Miller

EGU2018-6037 | Orals | SSS1.3

Methods and forms of scientific and educational activity in the Dokuchaev Central Soil Museum
Elena Sukhacheva and Boris Aparin

EGU2018-5923 | Orals | SSS1.3 | Highlight

Evoking a public dialogue on soil: The Art in Soil Initiative
John Bennett, Carol Schwarzman, and Renata Buziak

EGU2018-2912 | Posters | SSS1.3

George Nelson Coffey’s 1912 Soil Map of the USA
Eric C. Brevik

EGU2018-2895 | Posters | SSS1.3

Academic Degrees Earned by Faculty Teaching in Soil Science Programs in the USA
Eric C. Brevik and Karen L. Vaughan

EGU2018-3178 | Posters | SSS1.3

What Undergraduate Degrees are Students Earning to Pursue Careers in Soil Science?
Eric C. Brevik, Jacqueline Hannam, Damien Field, and Maja Krzic

EGU2018-16991 | Posters | SSS1.3

Applied Physics and Soil Science in engineering schools
Gema Guzmán, Alberto Perea, María Jesús Aguilera, Ana Laguna, and Gonzalo Martínez

EGU2018-1490 | Posters | SSS1.3

Embracing Research Mindset Among BSc Soil Science Students Through Research-Teaching Nexus
Said Al-Ismaily, Anvar Kacimov, Ali Al-Maktoumi, and Hamad Al-Busaidi

EGU2018-19595 | Posters | SSS1.3

Soil-ecological field courses in Siberia: opportunities for land use across bioclimatic zones on the edge of human influence
Pavel Barsukov and Christian Detlef Siewert

EGU2018-18746 | Posters | SSS1.3

Interactive Laboratories: Digital instructional media and the effectiveness of skills taught in a university geoscience laboratory
Hannah Lorizio and John Triantafilis

EGU2018-5261 | Posters | SSS1.3

Networking and resources sharing at regional level, a step of rising awerness on soil ressources management and promoting research and capacity building in soil science in Africa.
Mamadou Traoré, Hassan Bismarck Nacro, Bernard Bacyé, Michel Sédogo, and Lamourdia Thiombiano

EGU2018-6117 | Posters | SSS1.3

Theory and methods for soil science promotion
Boris Aparin, Elena Sukhacheva, and Timur Musaev

EGU2018-5777 | Posters | SSS1.3

History and Challenges of Soil Education in Japanese Primary School based on the Government’s Guidelines
Keiko Mori, Hideaki Hirai, and Takashi Kosaki

EGU2018-15475 | Posters | SSS1.3

Collaboration between International Union of Soil Sciences and national societies in promoting soil education and public awareness as a pillar of International Decade of Soils (IDS): A good practice of “Shiny Soil Balls” in Japan
Takashi Kosaki, Haruo Tanaka, Soh Sugihara, and Mayuko Seki

EGU2018-9226 | Posters | SSS1.3

The #SoilStix project - tuna tins, pee sticks, AeroPress coffee and soil mapping
Jacqueline Hannam, Matthew Partridge, Sarah Smith-Wightman, and Year 9 and 10 Students

EGU2018-18661 | Posters | SSS1.3

Soils are great! - Public engagement project with primary school children
Emilia Urbanek

EGU2018-10042 | Posters | SSS1.3

‘The elephant in the room is that we don’t have an elephant’: using heritage soils as ‘flagship species’ in education and raising soil awareness
Karen Vancampenhout, Jan Bastiaens, Bas Van Der Veken, and Jozef Deckers

EGU2018-7538 | Posters | SSS1.3

Soil lacquer peel DIY: simply capturing beauty
Cathelijne Stoof, Jasper Candel, Laszlo Van der Wal, and Gert Peek

EGU2018-3515 | Posters | SSS1.3

An open “laboratory” in the forest to land managers, scholars and to society: the Mariola fire-affected study site
Jorge Mataix-Solera, Vicky Arcenegui, Fuensanta García-Orenes, and Jorge Mataix-Beneyto

SSS2.1 – Connectivity in hydrology and sediment dynamics: concepts, measuring, modelling, indices and societal implications (co-organized)

EGU2018-3194 | Posters | SSS2.1

Bed-load monitoring via Japanese pipe-hydrophone- case study in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Chia-Yun Liu, Yun-Chung Tsang, Chjeng-Lun Shieh, Ming-Hong Lu, and Nan-Huei Chen

EGU2018-2469 | Orals | SSS2.1

Off-site damage in western European agricultural landscapes: a result of high erosion rates or connected systems?
John Boardman

EGU2018-3280 | Posters | SSS2.1

The Application Rate Influences the Soil and Water Conservation Effectiveness of Mulching with Chipped Branches
Daili Pan, Xining Zhao, Pute Wu, and Xiaodong Gao

EGU2018-1069 | Orals | SSS2.1 | Highlight

Impact of distinct spatial patterns of impervious surfaces on runoff and sediment fluxes: laboratory evaluation
Carla Ferreira, Rodrigo Moruzzi, Marcelle Vargas, Micaela Tudor, João Abrantes, Jorge Isidoro, António Ferreira, and João Pedroso de Lima

EGU2018-5926 | Posters | SSS2.1

Integrated assessment of the riverbank dynamics: A case study
Oana Mititelu-Ionus and Daniel Simulescu

EGU2018-6359 | Orals | SSS2.1

What do models tell us about water and sediment connectivity?
Jantiene Baartman, Rens Masselink, Joao Pedro Nunes, Frederic Darboux, Charles Bielders, Vincent Cantreul, Aurore Degré, Petr Kavka, Olivier Cerdan, Thomas Grangeon, Peter Fiener, Florian Wilken, Marcus Schindewolf, Laura Turnbull, and John Wainwright

EGU2018-13438 | Orals | SSS2.1

Characterization of sediment sources at seasonal and centennial scales using CSIA, biomarkers and connectivity modelling in the Baldegg Lake catchment (Switzerland)
Marlène Lavrieux, Katrin Meusburger, Guido Wiesenberg, Axel Birkholz, and Christine Alewell

EGU2018-6660 | Posters | SSS2.1 | Highlight

Changes in catchment hydrological connectivity under different post farmland abandonment scenarios
Noemí Lana-Renault, Manuel López-Vicente, Estela Nadal-Romero, Rafael Ojanguren, Jose Ángel Llorente, Paz Errea, David Regüés, Purificación Ruiz-Flaño, Makki Khorchani, José Arnáez, and Nuria Pascual

EGU2018-17028 | Orals | SSS2.1

Disentangling the independent roles of plant cover and bare-soil connectivity in dryland functioning
Susana Bautista, Ángeles G Mayor, and Francisco Rodríguez

EGU2018-7145 | Posters | SSS2.1 | Highlight

Comparison of 10-year erosion plot data with a runoff simulation model
Artemi Cerda, Antonio Gimenez-Morera, Saskia Keesstra, Mike Kirkby, Agata Novara, and Jesus Rodrigo-Comino

EGU2018-19703 | Orals | SSS2.1

Understanding changing natural and human-altered watersheds in the Inland Pacific Northwest through hydrological and sedimentological connectivity
Christian Guzman, Erin Brooks, and Jan Boll

EGU2018-10026 | Posters | SSS2.1

Defining fundamental units in hydro-geomorphic connectivity research: a wetland example using synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data
Ronald Pöppl, Stefan Schlaffer, and Anthony Parsons

EGU2018-10074 | Posters | SSS2.1

Investigating soil erosion and hillslope-channel connectivity hotspots in a medium-sized agricultural catchment, Lower Austria
Stefan Haselberger, Lina Dilly, Jantiene Baartman, and Ronald Pöppl

EGU2018-10099 | Posters | SSS2.1

The geomorphic cell: a basis for studying connectivity in hydro-geomorphic systems
Ronald Pöppl and Anthony Parsons

EGU2018-10162 | Posters | SSS2.1

Analysing lateral sediment connectivity and its connection to the frequency-magnitude reality in the Fiume Fella system, Northern Italy
Nora Schopper, Ronald Pöppl, Martin Mergili, Marco Cavalli, and Simone Frigerio

EGU2018-10965 | Posters | SSS2.1

Analysis of water-sediment connectivity along forest road network based on UAV-SfM and hydrological measurements
Hiroaki Kato, Naomi Suzuki, Yuichi Onda, and Wataru Sakashita

EGU2018-11108 | Posters | SSS2.1

Simplistic evaluation scheme for catchment-scale sediment management
Mohammad Hatamjafari and André Niemann

EGU2018-13113 | Posters | SSS2.1

Quantifying hydrological connectivity using a brain neuroscience framework: opportunities, challenges and ways forward
Michael Rinderer, Genevieve Ali, and Laurel Larsen

EGU2018-15595 | Posters | SSS2.1

Sediment connectivity in the Piave River basin: effects of reservoirs and water diversion
Alessandro Cattapan, Paolo Paron, and Mário Franca

EGU2018-15822 | Posters | SSS2.1

Characterization of hydrological processes in a partially decomposed granite hillslope in the Mediterranean region
Vanesa García Gamero, Andrea Sánchez Román, Marta Sáenz de Rodrigañez, Adolfo Peña Acevedo, Ana María Laguna Luna, Tom Vanwalleghem, and Juan Vicente Giráldez Cervera

EGU2018-15931 | Posters | SSS2.1

Quantifying connectivity as a novel explanatory factor for the non-linear relationship between rainfall and erosion.
Bart Verschaeren, Niels Lake, Martine van der Ploeg, Hannah Williams, Stuart McLelland, Brendan Murphy, Daniel Parsons, and Jantiene Baartman

EGU2018-16299 | Posters | SSS2.1

The role of high intensity rainfall events on erosion patterns and sediment connectivity – a laboratory experiment
Niels Lake, Bart Verschaeren, Martine van der Ploeg, Hannah Williams, Brendan Murphy, Stuart McLelland, Daniel Parsons, and Jantiene Baartman

EGU2018-17327 | Posters | SSS2.1

Development of the surface runoff-erosion model SMODERP2D
Petr Kavka, Jakub Jerabek, Karel Vlasak, and David Zumr

SSS2.3 – Agricultural terraces of the world. Their pedological, geomorphological and hydrological role (co-organized)

EGU2018-18761 | Posters | SSS2.3

Study on the interception effect of Hani rice terraces wetlands based on source-link theory
Zhiqin Zha, Yuanmei Jiao, Xuan Gao, and Dongmei Zhao

EGU2018-6733 | Orals | SSS2.3

A review on the hydro-geomorphological consequences of terrace abandonment in Mediterranean landscapes
Mariano Moreno de las Heras, Florian Lindenberger, Francesc Gallart, Jérôme Latron, and Pilar Llorens

EGU2018-12974 | Orals | SSS2.3

Inventorying terraced landscapes in Slovenia: Territorial levels and survey methods
Lucija Ažman Momirski, Tomaž Berčič, Domen Mongus, and Danijel Žlaus

EGU2018-5571 | Posters | SSS2.3

The Anti-altitude Effect of Hydrogen and Oxygen Stable Isotopes in Precipitation and its influence on Local Water Cycle in Hani Rice Terraces
Chengjing Liu, Yuanmei Jiao, Xuan Gao, Qiue Xu, Shenghai Shang, and Dongmei Zhao

EGU2018-16669 | Posters | SSS2.3

Deformation and failure dynamics on agricultural dry-stone walls: a novel approach to stability analysis
Alessandro Errico, Johann Facciorusso, Yamuna Giambastiani, Enrico Guastini, Paolo Nasta, Daniele Penna, Federico Preti, and Paolo Trucchi

EGU2018-18700 | Orals | SSS2.3

Geomorphological change detection and historical evolution analysis of terraced landscapes, an old irreversible agricultural practice: the case study of Minori, in Campania Region
Alessandra Capolupo, Lammert Kooistra, and Lorenzo Boccia

EGU2018-678 | Orals | SSS2.3

Community-based indigenous irrigation system and its hydrological effects on Hani Rice Terraces
Xuan Gao, Yuanmei Jiao, Mei Wang, Xin Liu, and Zhiqiang Ding

EGU2018-18388 | Posters | SSS2.3

Land use changes investigation using different data sources: an application in the Ligurian agricultural terraced landscape (north-western Italy)
Giacomo Pepe, Pierluigi Brandolini, Andrea Cevasco, Luigi Mucerino, Marco Firpo, and Patrizio Scarpellini

EGU2018-17741 | Orals | SSS2.3

Ancient to mid-twentieth-century runoff harvesting agriculture in the hyper-arid southern Israel
Ilan Stavi, Rahamim Shem-Tov, Gidon Ragolsky, and Judith Lekach

EGU2018-15253 | Posters | SSS2.3

Land abandonment and wildfires effects on soil quality and hydrological connectivity in a terraced Mediterranean catchment
Aleix Calsamiglia, Manuel E Lucas-Borja, Josep Fortesa, Julián García-Comendador, Jorge Gago, and Joan Estrany

EGU2018-4593 | Posters | SSS2.3

The Study of Multiple Functions and Values of Honghe Hani Rice Terraces
Hongzhen Zhang and Yuxin Li

EGU2018-2273 | Orals | SSS2.3

The role of dry riverbed terraces in the ecology of drylands
Shayli Dor Haim, Arnon Karnieli, Elli Groner, Moshe Shachak, and Tarin Paz-Kagan

EGU2018-18235 | Posters | SSS2.3

Quantifying soil erosion in terraced landscapes: integration of high-resolution topography, RPII morphological index and hydrological modeling
Anton Pijl, Francesco Bettella, Vincenzo D'Agostino, and Paolo Tarolli

EGU2018-13924 | Posters | SSS2.3

Terrain modelling in vegetated terraced landscapes from SfM and LiDAR point clouds
Denis Feurer, Anton Pijl, Jean-Stéphane Bailly, and Paolo Tarolli

EGU2018-6040 | Posters | SSS2.3

Rainfall-runoff-infiltration relationships on groundwater recharge in terraced landscape, Southern Judea Mountain
Or Letz, Naama Avrahamov, Roey Egozi, Gil Eshel, and Ofer Dahan

EGU2018-2519 | Posters | SSS2.3

Ecological compensation standard for the Hani Rice Terrace System: An eco-functional-oriented improvement
Moucheng Liu, Lun Yang, and Qingwen Min

EGU2018-3809 | Posters | SSS2.3

Evaluation of Potential Hydrological Connectivity Based on Improved IC Model——a case study of a Forest Area in Hani Rice Terraces, China
Yuanmei Jiao, Zhiqiang Ding, Xin Liu, Zhiqin Zha, Xuan Gao, and Dongmei Zhao

EGU2018-4753 | Posters | SSS2.3

Transformation of a Cultural Landscape with Modern Vineyard Terraces in the Jeruzalem Hills, Slovenia
Primož Pipan and Žiga Kokalj

EGU2018-14524 | Posters | SSS2.3

Remote sensing monitoring of soil water buffering in Agricultural Terraced Landscapes: an application of OPTRAM methodology in Tuscany Region, Italy
Giulio Castelli, Federico Preti, and Elena Bresci

EGU2018-875 | Posters | SSS2.3

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) data for monitoring and maintenance of terraced landscapes – a case study in Lombardy vineyards (Italy)
Anton Pijl, Michele Tosoni, Giulia Roder, Giulia Sofia, and Paolo Tarolli

EGU2018-3888 | Posters | SSS2.3

Modeling of Terraces System in the Negev Highlands
Hezi Yizhaq, Moshe Shachak, and Ehud Meron

EGU2018-17989 | Posters | SSS2.3

Geospatial Data management and sharing to improve the assessment of agricultural terraced landscape
Salvatore Praticò, Simone Lanucara, Salvatore Di Fazio, and Giuseppe Modica

SSS2.4 – Initial soil erosion – Rain splash and interrill erosion processes (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2018-19704 | PICO | SSS2.4 | Highlight

Splash and interrill erosion research: Current needs and future prospects
Steffen Seitz, María Fernandez-Raga, and Kazuki Nanko

EGU2018-19567 | PICO | SSS2.4 | Highlight

Modern methods in splash erosion research
Magdalena Ryżak, Agata Sochan, Michał Beczek, Rafał Mazur, Krzysztof Lamorksi, Tomasz Korbiel, and Andrzej Bieganowski

EGU2018-9602 | PICO | SSS2.4

Practical thresholds for separating non-erosive, Interrill and rill storms
Francesca Todisco, Alessandra Vinci, Lorenzo Vergni, Francesco Mannocchi, and Vincenzo Pampalone

EGU2018-18809 | PICO | SSS2.4

The Effects of Soil Water Repellence on Erosion
Mary-Anne Lowe, Gavan McGrath, and Matthias Leopold

EGU2018-3907 | PICO | SSS2.4

Soil internal forces initiate aggregate breakdown and splash erosion
Fei-Nan Hu, Jing-Fang Liu, Chen-Yang Xu, and Shi-Wei Zhao

EGU2018-3900 | PICO | SSS2.4

Soil internal forces contribute more than raindrop impact force to rainfall splash erosion
Chen-Yang Xu, Fei-Nan Hu, Jing-Fang Liu, and Shi-Wei Zhao

EGU2018-122 | PICO | SSS2.4

Are rubber-based agroforestry systems effective in controlling rain splash erosion?
wenjie Liu

EGU2018-9181 | PICO | SSS2.4

Interrill soil erosion and its relation to soil properties along a climate gradient from arid to humid on hillslopes in Chile
Nadine Bernhard, Steffen Seitz, Johanna Kinkela, Juliana Klein, Peter Kühn, Sebastián Rivas, Karsten Schmidt, Oscar Seguel, and Thomas Scholten

EGU2018-1845 | PICO | SSS2.4

Splash erosion of three soils under natural rainfall conditions in Central Europe and New Zealand
Nives Balenovic, Lisbeth Lolk Johannsen, Peter Strauss, Tomas Dostal, Jan Devaty, Tomas Laburda, Josef Krasa, David Zumr, Thomas Cochrane, Mike Arnaiz, and Andreas Klik

EGU2018-3203 | PICO | SSS2.4

Influential factors on erosivity of throughfall drops in Japanese cypress plantations
Kazuki Nanko, Yoshinori Shinohara, Kirika Ichinose, Mayumi Morimoto, and Tetsuya Kubota

EGU2018-8810 | PICO | SSS2.4

Linking root growth dynamics to erosion protection, aggregate stability and carbon sequestration in 12 herbaceous species used for revegetation of road embankments
Lorenzo MW Rossi, Luis Marino-Martin, Zhun Mao, Catherine Roumet, Le Bissonais Yves, Fort Florian, Nathalie Fromin, Maria Del Rey Granado, Olivier Taugourdeau, Hassan Boukcim, and Alexia Stokes

EGU2018-15530 | PICO | SSS2.4

Species-specific tree architectures, leaf traits and soil cover affect splash erosion and interrill sediment transport under forest
Philipp Goebes, Helge Bruelheide, Peter Kühn, Ying Li, Pascal A. Niklaus, Goddert von Oheimb, Thomas Scholten, and Steffen Seitz

SSS2.5 – Land Degradation and Soil Conservation

EGU2018-522 | Posters | SSS2.5

From Land Degradation to Soil Health Education
Songul Senturklu, Douglas Landblom, and Larry Cihacek

EGU2018-827 | Orals | SSS2.5

Application of the FAO Ex-ACT tool for carbon balance accounting in the agroecosystems of Tajikistan
Olga Golubeva, Murod Ergashev, and German Kust

EGU2018-2045 | Orals | SSS2.5

Research on the Primary Techniques and Their Effectiveness of Controlling Desertification in the East Sandy Land of Qinghai Lake
Wangyang Wu, Lihui Tian, and Dengshan Zhang

EGU2018-674 | Posters | SSS2.5

Cartographical soil-ecological assessment of the state of soils and lands using remote methods, in the example of the South-West of Russia
Mariia Beliaeva

EGU2018-9244 | Orals | SSS2.5

Effect of Drought on Yield, Soil Microbial Biomass, C:N Ratio, Water Infiltration, Wind Erodibility, Water Stable Aggregates, and Nitrogen Mineralization in an Integrated Crop-Livestock System
Songul Senturklu, Douglas Landblom, and Larry Cihacek

EGU2018-1855 | Posters | SSS2.5

Using archived data for identification of change of soil hydrologic function
Lukas Vlcek and Ondřej Holubík

EGU2018-12401 | Orals | SSS2.5

Methodology of determination of revised C-factor values using field rainfall simulator
Tomas Dostal, Josef Krasa, David Zumr, Martin Neumann, Adela Roudnicka, Jakub Stasek, Miroslav Bauer, Ludek Strouhal, Tomas Laburda, Petr Kavka, Ivan Novotny, and Martin Mistr

EGU2018-2089 | Posters | SSS2.5 | Highlight

Ecological Restoration in the State of São Paulo
Lucas Dias Sanglade, Sarah Jorge Amorim, Raquel Boschi, Luiz Gabriel da Silva, Pedro Henrique Santin Brancalion Brancalion, Marcio Roberto Soares, and José Carlos Casagrande

EGU2018-14494 | Orals | SSS2.5

A conceptual model for landscape evolution and agricultural land salinization in coastal area
Aplena Elen Bless, François Colin, Crabit Armand, Nicolas Devaux, Olivier Philippon, and Stéphane Follain

EGU2018-2352 | Posters | SSS2.5

The carbonate state in arable and abandoned soils of the south of the forest-steppe zone of Central Russian Upland (forest reserve site "Les-na-Vorskle")
Anna Bulysheva, Olga Khokhlova, Alexey Rusakov, and Tatyana Myakshina

EGU2018-4195 | Posters | SSS2.5

Wind erosion forces and their direction distribution for assessing efficiency of shelterbelts in northern China
Xueyong Zou, Dongliang Yang, Wei Liu, Jingpu Wang, Bo Liu, Yi Fang, and Huiru Li

EGU2018-18759 | Orals | SSS2.5

Quantitative mapping of soil salinity in 3-d using a DUALEM-21S and EM4Soil inversion software
Triven Koganti and John Triantafilis

EGU2018-6996 | Posters | SSS2.5

Changes in soil organic carbon stocks in the subalpine belt in the Borau Valley as a consequence of revegetation processes
Irene Otal-Laín, Estela Nadal Romero, Teodoro Lasanta, Pedro Sánchez-Navarrete, Makki Khorchani, Paz Errea, and Erik Cammeraat

EGU2018-5691 | Posters | SSS2.5

Water Use Efficiency of Soybean under Water Stress in Different Eroded Soils
Shuang Li, Yun Xie, Gang Liu, Jing Wang, Honghong Lin, and Junrui Zhai

EGU2018-5737 | Posters | SSS2.5

Geological Factors Controlling the Distribution of Saline Soil in Khon Kaen Basin, Thailand
Rungroj Arjwech, Mark Everett, and Patcharasu Wanakao

EGU2018-7037 | Posters | SSS2.5

Factors controlling and triggering urban gullies in the high town of Kinshasa (DR Congo)
Fils Makanzu Imwangana, Jan Moeyersons, Pierre Ozer, Médard Ntombi, and Olivier Dewitte

EGU2018-11353 | Posters | SSS2.5

Plant and soil features of different degradation grades in the Inner Mongolia steppe, China
Rong Gong, Xia Xu, HongLei Jiang, and YingHui Liu

EGU2018-8061 | Posters | SSS2.5

Shear strength of aeolian sand sediments
Yi Fang, Hong Cheng, and Xueyong Zou

EGU2018-5696 | Posters | SSS2.5

Quantitative Assessment the Soil Productivity of Black Soil Resources and the Influence by Soil Erosion in Northeast China
Zhijia Gu, Yun Xie, and Xiaoyu Ren

EGU2018-5306 | Posters | SSS2.5

Landslides, land use and the anthropization of a rural environment: focus on the Rift flanks west of Lake Kivu (DR Congo)
Jean-Claude Maki Mateso, Elise Monsieurs, Charles Bielders, and Olivier Dewitte

EGU2018-5061 | Posters | SSS2.5

Influence of soil contamination with heavy metals on respiratory and enzymatic activity in natural soils and artificial substrates (on the example of the protected area "Yamskaya Steppe")
Nikita Bakunovich, Olga Khokhlova, Tatyana Myakshina, and Alexey Rusakov

EGU2018-19298 | Posters | SSS2.5

Modelling uncertainty propagation in soil loss estimation using RUSLE
Bianca Badulescu, Ionut Sandric, Zenaida Chitu, and Sevastel Mircea

EGU2018-17146 | Posters | SSS2.5 | Highlight

Understanding drivers of vegetation condition in African rangelands
Francesco D'Adamo, Booker Ogutu, and Jadu Dash

EGU2018-16792 | Posters | SSS2.5

Monitoring desertification in Tunisia using remote sensed data and land cover
Jiwon Kim, Cholho Song, and Woo-Kyun Lee

EGU2018-16539 | Posters | SSS2.5

Soil Biological Indicators and Caesium-137 to Estimate Soil Erosion in Areas with Different Forest System Management
Federico Romeo, Paolo Porto, Carmelo Mallamaci, and Adele Muscolo

EGU2018-15389 | Posters | SSS2.5

Gully-walls soil loss effect on gully modelling: a Brazilian Semiarid case of study
Pedro Henrique Lima Alencar, Eva Nora Paton, and José Carlos de Araújo

EGU2018-1004 | Posters | SSS2.5 | Highlight

Synoptic atmospheric patterns expressed as weather types and their relationships with runoff and erosion around Mediterranean basin
Dhais Peña Angulo and Estela Nadal Romero and the Weather Types and Soil Erosion Team

EGU2018-1159 | Posters | SSS2.5

The Implementation of the Geostatistical Kriging Interpolation Method for Soil Salinity Monitoring in Arid Conditions. Case Study: Fayoum Governorate, Egypt
Ahmed Hafiz and Ahmed Hamdi Mansi

SSS3.5 – Assessing the Critical Zone functioning and reconstructing its evolution, based on soils and sediments, interpreting the geochemical composition of soils and sediments with respect to provenance, palaeoenvironments and pollution (co-organized)

EGU2018-6891 | Orals | SSS3.5 | Highlight

Predicting soil erosion at continental scales: bridging the gap between hillslopes and catchments
Matthias Vanmaercke

EGU2018-16267 | Posters | SSS3.5

OZCAR: the French Critical Zone initiative: connecting the Earth’s skin observatories.
Fatim Hankard, Jérôme Gaillardet, Isabelle Braud, Olivier Bour, Nathalie Dörfliger, Catherine Galy, Fatima Laggoun-Défarge, Guillaume Nord, Delphine Six, and Tiphaine Tallec

EGU2018-14735 | Orals | SSS3.5

Chemical weathering in a multi-layer aquifer-dominated watershed under intensive agriculture conditions: the Orgeval Critical Zone Observatory, France.
Jérôme Gaillardet, Paul Floury, Gaelle Tallec, Julien Bouchez, Patrick Ansart, and Caroline Gorge

EGU2018-12083 | Posters | SSS3.5

ZREO: Critical Zone Observations and Science at the top of the Andes
Patricio Crespo, Giovanny Mosquera, and Rolando Célleri

EGU2018-14522 | Posters | SSS3.5

The need for CZOs on massively disturbed sites such as rehabilitated mine lands, hazardous waste repositories and highly disturbed agricultural sites
Garry Willgoose, Greg Hancock, Jose Francisco Martin Duque, and Tom Coulthard

EGU2018-6016 | Orals | SSS3.5

Impact of climate-vegetation interactions on natural and disturbed landscape evolution: insights from the Calhoun Critical Zone Observatory
Sara Bonetti, Terry Ferguson, Daniel Richter, and Amilcare Porporato

EGU2018-5208 | Posters | SSS3.5

Detecting gas leakage in the critical zone at fully decommissioned hydrocarbon wells in the Netherlands
Gilian Schout, Jasper Griffioen, Guillaume Cardon de Lichtbuer, and Niels Hartog

EGU2018-15603 | Orals | SSS3.5

Soil erosion and weathering in a hummocky moraine landscape
Francesca Calitri, Markus Egli, Michael Sommer, Dagmar Brandová, and Markus Christl

EGU2018-8943 | Orals | SSS3.5

Comparison of present-day and long-term weathering rates in a small granitic catchment (Strengbach - France): Implication for the critical zone functioning
Francois Chabaux, Julien Ackerer, Jérôme Van der Woerd, Daniel Viville, Yann Lucas, and Philippe Négrel

EGU2018-12533 | Posters | SSS3.5

A simple model for weathering front propagation and its potential use for mapping regolith geometry
Jean Braun

EGU2018-13682 | Orals | SSS3.5

The impact of acid source location on chemical weathering and erosion processes, and soil profile and hillslope catena development
Garry Willgoose, Dimuth Welivitiya, and Greg Hancock

EGU2018-8532 | Posters | SSS3.5

Hydro-gravimetry as a tool to constrain water mass transfer in catchments. Example from the Strengbach Catchment in the Vosges mountains, France.
Quentin Chaffaut, Jacques Hinderer, Frédéric Masson, Marie-Claire Pierret, and Daniel Viville

EGU2018-12240 | Orals | SSS3.5

Topographic control on soil depth and chemical weathering in subtropical Brazil
Liesa Brosens, Benjamin Campforts, Jérémy Robinet, Veerle Vanacker, Yolanda Ameijeiras Mariño, Jean Minella, and Gerard Govers

EGU2018-4805 | Posters | SSS3.5

Use of High Frequency measurements to better determine the concentration-flow relationship (C-Q) of the Avenelles watershed (ORGEVAL Critical Zone Observatory)
José Manuel Tunqui Neira, Gaëlle Tallec, Vazken Andréassian, and Jean-Marie Mouchel

EGU2018-2222 | Posters | SSS3.5

A high anthropogenic Sr flux into the Baltic Sea from the Oder River basin and its isotopic record
Mateusz Zielinski, Jolanta Dopieralska, Zdzislaw Belka, Aleksandra Walczak, Marcin Siepak, and Michał Jakubowicz

EGU2018-18469 | Orals | SSS3.5

Pedogenesis and Properties of Soils Formed on a 800 ka Sequence of Quaternary River Terraces in the Spanish Pyrenees
Eric McDonald, Carlos Sancho Marcén, Jose Luis Pena-Monne, and Edward Rhodes

EGU2018-13733 | Orals | SSS3.5

Landscape evolution in the Po Plain between the Last Glacial Maximum and the present interglacial (~25 - 7.5 ky BP)
Luigi Bruno, Alessandro Amorosi, Kevin Bohacs, Bruno Campo, David Cleveland, Tina Drexler, Veronica Rossi, Irene Sammartino, and Daniele Scarponi

EGU2018-3042 | Posters | SSS3.5

Testing the hydraulic and case hardening hypotheses of honeycombs origin
Martin Slavík, Jiří Bruthans, Tomáš Weiss, Michal Filippi, and Eliška Svobodová

EGU2018-4286 | Orals | SSS3.5

Relic periglacial features on cultivated lands of the Western European Russia: spatial distribution, types and impact on modern processes of soil degradation
Vladimir Belyaev, Artem Gurinov, Askar Ilyasov, Maxim Ivanov, Nadezhda Ivanova, Sergey Kharchenko, Alexandra Lisova, Nikolay Lugovoy, and Anna Semochkina

EGU2018-3325 | Posters | SSS3.5

Sedimentary records of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Ngoring Lake at the source region of the Yellow River, Tibetan Plateau
Yang Ding, Huanfang Huang, Yingjie Chen, Yao Mao, Ting Liao, Jian Kuang, Feng Tian, Jinhong Liu, Shiyu Liu, Huang Zheng, Yuan Zhang, and Shihua Qi

EGU2018-4153 | Posters | SSS3.5

Sampling strategy for finding radioactive pollutants in floodplain
Jiri Štojdl, Tomas Matys Grygar, Jitka Elzniciva, Katerina Klimesova, and Michal Hosek

EGU2018-1240 | Orals | SSS3.5

Geomorphic constraints on sedimentary archives and soil development on the Qilian Mountains, northeast Tibetan Plateau
Fei Yang and Gan-Lin Zhang

EGU2018-4180 | Posters | SSS3.5

Migration of pollutants in the floodplain fill and how to recognise it (the Litavka River, the Czech Republic)
Kristýna Kotková, Tomáš Matys Grygar, Štěpánka Tůmová, Martin Faměra, and Tereza Nováková

EGU2018-3421 | Orals | SSS3.5

Impact of dam reservoirs on pollutant transport through a river system: Ohre River, Czech Republic
Martin Faměra, Michal Hošek, Tomáš Matys Grygar, Ondřej Kielar, Ondřej Bábek, and Lucie Majerová

EGU2018-18998 | Orals | SSS3.5 | Highlight

Using metal isotopes (Zn, Pb & Cu) to track anthropic pollutants on a watershed scale
Anne-Marie Desaulty, Sebastien Perret, Romain Millot, and Xavier Bourrain

EGU2018-4454 | Posters | SSS3.5

To be, or not to be conventional - unbiased analysis of polluted channel sediments (The Ploucnice River, Czech Republic)
Michal Hošek, Štěpánka Tůmová, Diana Hrubešová, Jitka Elznicová, and Tomáš Matys Grygar

EGU2018-871 | Posters | SSS3.5

A multi-proxy evaluation of past environmental dynamics in the lowlands of south-eastern Romania, Eastern-Central Europe
Gabriela Florescu, Simon M. Hutchinson, Eva M. Niedermeyer, Roxana Grindean, Ioan Tanțău, and Angelica Feurdean

EGU2018-9121 | Orals | SSS3.5

Hydrogeochemical modeling (KIRMAT) of surface water-rock interactions in elementary granitic catchments (Ringelbach and Strengbach, Vosges Mountains, France)
Julien Ackerer, Yann Lucas, François Chabaux, and Alain Clément

EGU2018-5909 | Posters | SSS3.5

Gravel – inert waste or part of the soil?
Matthias Leopold, David Weaver, and Craig Scanlan

EGU2018-12504 | Orals | SSS3.5

Developing the tools for the future anthropogenic pollutions : the potential of kinetic isotopic signatures
Albert Galy

EGU2018-5170 | Orals | SSS3.5

Differences and similarities in the geochemical composition of sedimentary, Dutch Cenozoic formations
Jasper Griffioen and Pauline van Gaans

EGU2018-6176 | Posters | SSS3.5

Model and scenario comparison of impacts of future global cropland expansion on biodiversity and carbon storage
Amy Molotoks, Elke Stehfest, Jonathan Doelman, Petr Havlik, Tamas Krisztin, Fabrizio Albanito, Nuala Fitton, Terence Dawson, and Pete Smith

EGU2018-4607 | Orals | SSS3.5 | Highlight

Soil geochemistry at the continental scale: quantifying the impact of anthropogenic activities
Clemens Reimann and Karl Fabian

EGU2018-7281 | Posters | SSS3.5

On risk element fates in fluvial system and dam reservoirs: case study on dam reservoirs in Chrudimka River, Czech Republic
Michal Hošek, Ondřej Bábek, Jan Sedláček, Karel Hron, Martin Faměra, and Tomáš Matys Grygar

EGU2018-8702 | Posters | SSS3.5

Understanding N transfer through the critical zone: spatial and temporal variation in a typical karstic agricultural catchment, SW China, determined using high-frequency in-situ nitrate sensor
Fu-Jun Yue, Si-Liang Li, Susan Waldron, David Oliver, Zhong-Jun Wang, Jie Zeng, Xi Chen, and Tao Peng

EGU2018-9246 | Posters | SSS3.5

Micromorphology and submicroscopy of a mature calcrete, Isfahan, central Iran
Omid Bayat and Alireza Karimi

EGU2018-9330 | Posters | SSS3.5

First biomarker and stable isotope results from afro-alpine Lake Garba Guracha, Bale Mountains, Ethiopia - potential for paleovegetation and paleoclimate reconstructions
Lucas Bittner, Bruk Lemma, Bethelhem Mekonnen, Wolfgang Zech, Bruno Glaser, and Michael Zech

EGU2018-10320 | Posters | SSS3.5

Measurement of the chemical composition of suspended sediment using a handheld XRF analyser
Marcel van der Perk, Pascal Born, and Hans Middelkoop

EGU2018-11368 | Posters | SSS3.5

Regolith controls on mountain evapotranspiration and runoff during multi-year drought
Roger Bales, Michael Goulden, Martha Conklin, Joseph Rungee, Qin Ma, and Zion Klos

EGU2018-12185 | Posters | SSS3.5

Hydrological connectivity of hillslopes and depression in cockpit karst
Runrun Zhang, Xi Chen, Zhicai Zhang, and Qinbo Cheng

EGU2018-13782 | Posters | SSS3.5

Soil organic matter dynamics during vegetation restoration in nutrient-limited karst ecosystems in southwest China
Zhiming Guo, Xinyu Zhang, Sophie Green, and Jennifer Dungait

EGU2018-16208 | Posters | SSS3.5

Connections between surface- and groundwater compartments in the Critical Zone through isotopic tracing
Emmanuelle Petelet-Giraud, Philippe Négrel, Lise Cary, Wolfram Kloppmann, and Nicole Baran

EGU2018-16209 | Posters | SSS3.5

Modelling the interaction between hydrology and soil formation in the Santa Clotilde Critical Zone Observatory, Spain
Tom Vanwalleghem, Andrea Román Sánchez, Vanesa García Gamero, Adolfo Peña, Ana Laguna, and Giráldez Juan Vicente

EGU2018-18573 | Posters | SSS3.5

Low-density geochemical mapping at continental scale reveals background for emerging tech-critical elements.
Philippe Negrel, Anna Ladenberger, Clemens Reimann, Manfred Birke, Alecos Demetriades, and Martiya Sadeghi

EGU2018-19011 | Posters | SSS3.5

Organic carbon-rich soils in periglacial landforms in a high elevation area, Western Italian Alps
Michele D'Amico, Camilla Cappelletti, Luigi Perotti, Marco Giardino, and Michele Freppaz

SSS4.1 – Spatial and temporal distribution of biodiversity, functions and activity of soil organisms in terrestrial ecosystems (co-organized)

EGU2018-8674 | Posters | SSS4.1

KEYLINK: An integrative soil model including soil fauna
Gaby Deckmyn, Omar Flores, and Andrea Schnepf

EGU2018-219 | Orals | SSS4.1

Microbiomes of permafrost affected soils (Fildes peninsula, King George Island)
Evgeny Abakumov, Elizaveta Pershina, Ekaterina Ivanova, and Evgeny Andronov

EGU2018-9921 | Posters | SSS4.1

Determining the optimal temperature and precipitation for microbial community development in montane forest ecosystems: PLFA analysis along a 3500 m altitudinal gradient on Mt Kilimanjaro
Anna Gunina, Joscha Nico Becker, Andreas Hemp, Luo Yu, Davey L. Jones, and Yakov Kuzyakov

EGU2018-7366 | Orals | SSS4.1

Forest soil microbial composition is driven by the influence of tree species
Marcel Lorenz and Sören Thiele-Bruhn

EGU2018-14965 | Orals | SSS4.1

Soil forming processes and microbial community structures in soils from James Ross Island after 100 artificial freeze-thaw cycles
Lars Arne Meier, Patryk Krauze, Isabel Prater, Thomas Scholten, Dirk Wagner, Carsten W. Mueller, and Peter Kühn

EGU2018-10809 | Posters | SSS4.1

Colonization of a pristine soil environment – Microbial migration into micro-engineered Soil Chips buried in field soils
Paola Micaela Mafla Endara, Kristin Aleklett, Carlos G. Arellano, Martin Bengtsson, Pelle Ohlsson, and Edith C. Hammer

EGU2018-1172 | Posters | SSS4.1

A survey on the species diversity of cellulose and xylan hydrolysing soil bacteria in soil samples taken from agricultural areas, by culturing methods
Rózsa Máté, Ákos Tóth, Éva Kárpáti, József Kukolya, and József Kutasi

EGU2018-654 | Orals | SSS4.1

Spatial distribution of antibiotic-resistant genes in arable lands in Russia
Natasha Danilova and Polina Galitskaya

EGU2018-2328 | Posters | SSS4.1

Spatial distribution of microbial community composition and activity along a steep slope of the Loess Plateau
Qiqi Sun, Shengli Guo, and Yaxian Hu

EGU2018-16206 | Orals | SSS4.1

Photoautotrophic organisms control microbial abundance, diversity, and physiology in biological soil crusts
Alexandra Tamm, Stefanie Maier, Dianming Wu, Jennifer Caesar, Martin Grube, and Bettina Weber

EGU2018-15824 | Posters | SSS4.1

Association of microbial community structure and iron oxidation rate in autotrophic mine biostalactites
Lukáš Falteisek, Vojtěch Duchoslav, and Kateřina Burkartová

EGU2018-19660 | Orals | SSS4.1 | Highlight

Cross-taxon congruence of soil biodiversity in Pinus nigra plantations two years after a selective silvicultural treatment
Stefano Mocali, Debora Barbato, Elena Salerni, Simona Maccherini, Giovanni Bacaro, Enrico Tordoni, Carolina Chiellini, Arturo Fabiani, Isabella De Meo, Elisa Bianchetto, Silvia Landi, Gianni Bettini, Barbara Gargani, Claudia Perini, Maurizio Marchi, and Paolo Cantiani

EGU2018-9363 | Posters | SSS4.1

Soil Micromycetes under Pine and Birch Forests in the Pasvik Reserve
Maria Korneykova

EGU2018-18437 | Posters | SSS4.1

ES1406 COST Action: Soil fauna: Key to Soil Organic Matter Dynamics and Fertility. How far have we got?
Juan Jiménez, Juliane Filser, Sébastien Barot, Matty Berg, Maria J.I. Briones, Kevin Butt, Jorge Curiel-Yuste, Gaby Deckmyn, Xavier Domene, Jack Faber, Beat Frey, Aline Frossard, Jan Frouz, Tine Grebenc, Georg Guggenberger, Davorka Hackenberger, Maria Iamandei, Davey Jones, Monika Joschko, and Paul H. Krogh and the KEYSOM Team

EGU2018-17150 | Posters | SSS4.1

Soil development on a High Arctic glacier forefield: how is the microbial community limited by nutrient availability?
Petra Vinšová, Petra Luláková, Petr Čapek, Lukáš Falteisek, Jacob C. Yde, Siarhei Skoblia, Hana Šantrůčková, and Marek Stibal

EGU2018-6071 | Orals | SSS4.1 | Highlight

Challenging the hypothesis that fungal-to-bacterial dominance characterizes turnover of soil organic matter and nutrients
Johannes Rousk, Eva Berglund, and Kate Lajtha

EGU2018-10033 | Orals | SSS4.1

Does microbial metabolism trigger increase of grassland soil carbon stocks upon mineral fertilization?
Christopher Poeplau, Dorit Zopf, Bärbel Greiner, Rob Geerts, Hein Korvaar, Ulrich Thumm, Axel Don, Arne Heidkamp, and Heinz Flessa

EGU2018-16222 | Posters | SSS4.1

Effects of repeated fire events on soil nutrients and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi community along a fire induced forest/grassland gradient in central Taiwan.
Chun-Yu Lee, Chih-Hsin Cheng, and Tzu-Chao Lin

EGU2018-18976 | Posters | SSS4.1

Connections between the microclimate pattern and the vegetation structure in forest-steppe habitat
Gabriella Süle, János Balogh, and László Körmöczi

EGU2018-11459 | Orals | SSS4.1

N transfer from biocrusts to dryland plants driven by water and N availability
Eva Dettweiler-Robinson, Robert L. Sinsabaugh, Jayne Belnap, Jennifer Rudgers, Grace Crain, Cat Cort, Kristina Young, Laura Green, and Anthony Darrouzet-Nardi

EGU2018-18966 | Posters | SSS4.1

Glacial retreat and treeline shifts drive plant biodiversity in Hengduan Mountains (Southwest China) as revealed by sedimentary ancient DNA and modelling
Sisi Liu, Dirk Scherler, Richard H. Ree, David E. Boufford, Heike H. Zimmermann, Kathleen R. Stoof-Leichsenring, Laura S. Epp, Steffen Mischke, and Ulrike Herzschuh

EGU2018-13099 | Orals | SSS4.1

Environmental controls of gross protein depolymerization and microbial amino acid uptake in soils across a European climate transect.
Lisa Noll, Shasha Zhang, Qing Zheng, Yuntao Hu, and Wolfgang Wanek

EGU2018-5339 | Orals | SSS4.1

Untangling the metabolic foodweb in biological soil crust using exometabolomics
Tami Swenson, Ulas Karaoz, Ana Giraldo Silva, Richard Baran, Benjamin Bowen, Ferran Garcia-Pichel, and Trent Northen

EGU2018-868 | Posters | SSS4.1

Succession of Prokaryotic community in Chronosequences of Abandoned Overburden Spoil Heaps of the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly (Kursk, Russia) Using 454 Pyrosequencing
Ekaterina Ivanova, Elizaveta Pershina, Dina Karpova, Evgeny Andronov, Elena Mitireva, and Anatoly Stifeev

EGU2018-8005 | Posters | SSS4.1

A new approach to dendrochronological dating using the intra-annual characteristics of the oak tree-ring
Constantin Nechita

EGU2018-12659 | Orals | SSS4.1

Responses, drivers and balance strategies of nitrogen-cycling microbial communities to nitrogen and phosphorus additions in subtropical and temperate forest soils
Yuqian Tang, Guirui Yu, Xinyu Zhang, and Qiufeng Wang

EGU2018-3684 | Posters | SSS4.1

Diversity and spatial variability of soil fauna cultivated with soybean under direct seeding (Maranhão, Brazil)
Ricardo Niehues Buss, Glécio Machado Siqueira, Raimunda Alves Silva, Ênio Farias de França e Silva, Osmann Cid Conde Oliveira, Poena Pereira Silva, and Alana Cristina Cunha Bernardes

EGU2018-5680 | Posters | SSS4.1

Influence of sustainable management practices on microbial nitrogen cyclers in grapevine soils
Lily Pereg, Alicia Morugán-Coronado, Mary McMillan, and Fuensanta García-Orenes

EGU2018-6869 | Orals | SSS4.1

Combined in situ bioremediation treatment for perchlorate pollution in the vadose zone and groundwater
Ilil Levakov, Zeev Ronen, and Ofer Dahan

EGU2018-5714 | Posters | SSS4.1

The influence of organic amendments on the abundance of functional genes in cotton growing Australian soils
Sind Aldorri, Alicia Morugán-Coronado, Mary McMillan, and Lily Pereg

EGU2018-15508 | Orals | SSS4.1

Short-term recovery of in-situ soil respiration with time-since-wildfire in maritime pine forest in Central Portugal
Bruna Oliveira, Ana Filipa Marques, Diana CS Vieira, Martinho Martins, Oscar Gonzalez-Pelayo, Mário Cerqueira, Penelope Serrano-Ortiz, and Jacob Keizer

EGU2018-18507 | Orals | SSS4.1

Food quality influences in vivo emission of N2O from the endogeic earthworm Aporrectodea turgida
Zhor Abail and Joann Whalen

EGU2018-15321 | Posters | SSS4.1

Impacts of biodiversity and pH on soil respiration in soil organic carbon modelling
Matthias Kuhnert, Maaike van Agtmaal, and Pete Smith

EGU2018-655 | Orals | SSS4.1

Occurrence of Hydrocarbon Degrading Genes in the Soils of the Republic of Tatarstan (Russia)
Liliya Biktasheva and Polina Galitskaya

EGU2018-18975 | Posters | SSS4.1

Spatial correlations of plant functional traits in a diverse pasture
Bernadett Gecse, Szilvia Fóti, Giulia de Luca, Péter Koncz, Zoltán Nagy, and János Balogh

EGU2018-14022 | Orals | SSS4.1

Nitrogen addition drives decomposition rates in Mediterranean ecosystems via changes in soil properties and microbial attributes
Lourdes Morillas, Mauro LoCascio, Raul Ochoa Hueso, Javier Roales, Manuel Delgado-Baquerizo, Silvana Munzi, Teresa Dias, Esteban Manrique, Esther Perez Corona, Antonio Gallardo, Cristina Cruz, Donatella Spano, and Simone Mereu

EGU2018-15819 | Posters | SSS4.1

Biotic and abiotic factors of soil organic matter mineralization: Experiment and structural modeling
Husen Qiu, Tida Ge, Jieyun Liu, Xiangbi Chen, Yajun Hu, Jinshui Wu, and Yakov Kuzyakov

EGU2018-18969 | Orals | SSS4.1 | Highlight

The different roles of desert soil microorganisms in atmospheric gas turnover
Roey Angel

EGU2018-2993 | Posters | SSS4.1

A dynamical system approach to soil iron and carbon cycles
Salvatore Calabrese and Amilcare Porporato

EGU2018-4443 | Posters | SSS4.1

Spatial variability of soil quality indices in an arable and a grassland alley cropping agroforestry system in Germany
René Beuschel, Hans-Peter Piepho, Rainer Georg Jörgensen, and Christine Wachendorf

EGU2018-1889 | Posters | SSS4.1

The Basal Respiration Rate of the Soil in Mined Areas
Denise Teresinha Gonçalves Bizuti, Júlia Elídia de Lima Perim, Juliano van Melis, Fernando Dini Andreote, Pedro Henrique Santin Brancalion, and José Carlos Casagrande

EGU2018-818 | Posters | SSS4.1

The influence of biotic and abiotic factors on carbon dioxide production of the artificial soils in Moscow Botanical Garden (Russia)
Maria Udovenko, Olga Goncharova, and Georgy Matyshak

EGU2018-16475 | Posters | SSS4.1

Greenhouse gas emissions of soil-dwelling cockchafer larvae
Carolyn-Monika Görres and Claudia Kammann

EGU2018-18655 | Posters | SSS4.1

Post-fire CO2 efflux – the effect of soil water repellency on CO2 pulse after rewetting in a burnt pine stand in central Portugal
Carmen Sanchez-Garcia, Bruna Oliveira, Jan J Keizer, Stefan H Doerr, and Emilia Urbanek

EGU2018-484 | Posters | SSS4.1

Influence of vegetation and cryogenic processes on the Microbial Respiration of permafrost peatland soils.
Anna Sefilian and Olga Goncharova

EGU2018-828 | Posters | SSS4.1

Assessment of contamination of soil in Pestrechinsky District (Tatarstan, Russia) phytopathogenic fungi
Polina Kuryntseva and Polina Galitskaya

EGU2018-6741 | Posters | SSS4.1

Nitrogen removal and microbiology of wood chip bioreactors in treatment of aquaculture effluents
Sepideh Kiani, Katharina Kujala, Jani Pulkkinen, Sanni L. Aalto, Suvi Suurnäkki, Tapio Kiuru, Marja Tiirola, Bjørn Kløve, and Anna-Kaisa Ronkanen

EGU2018-17685 | Posters | SSS4.1

Long-term fertilization strategies change soil property and fungal community composition in Chinese Mollisols
Xin Jiang, Mingchao Ma, Dan Wei, and Jun Li

EGU2018-2324 | Posters | SSS4.1

Biodegradation of Dinitroxylene by nitrate-reducing and sulfate-reducing cultures collected from contaminated sites
Fei Gao, Lai Gui, Robert W. Gillham, and Fei Liu

EGU2018-16200 | Posters | SSS4.1

Bioelectrochemical systems for enhancement and monitoring of waste treatment
Panagiotis Kirmizakis, Rory Doherty, Carlos Mendonca, Ricardo Costeira, Chris Allen, Ulrich Ofterdinger, and Leonid Kulakov

EGU2018-7277 | Posters | SSS4.1

Changes in the structure and functioning of soil microbial communities in response to multidirectional influence of the nutrient and toxic substances
Aliya Gilmullina, Polina Galitskaya, and Svetlana Selivanovskaya

EGU2018-9938 | Posters | SSS4.1 | Highlight

Decontamination of heavy metal contaminated soils by plants takes millennia up to millions of years
Hans Ruppert and Benedikt Sauer

SSS4.2 – The rhizosphere: plant-soil-microbial interactions and soil life visualization

EGU2018-274 | Posters | SSS4.2

Spatial patterns of enzyme activities in the rhizosphere: Effects of root hairs and root radius
Xiaomin Ma

EGU2018-15587 | Orals | SSS4.2

Viruses in soil and phages for microorganisms
Yakov Kuzyakov and Kyle-Evan Mason-Jones

EGU2018-1182 | Posters | SSS4.2

Selection of soil bacteria adapted to deteriorated soils and establishing a strain collection
Rita Kovacs, József Kutasi, Éva Kárpáti, Ildikó Pupán, Rózsa Máté, Csilla Imre, and Nikoletta Pék

EGU2018-6069 | Orals | SSS4.2

Does the distribution of the size and functions of microbial community in soil particles follow the pattern of organic C turnover?
lingling shi, wenting feng, and Kuzyakov Yakov

EGU2018-3573 | Posters | SSS4.2

Using computed microtomographic images to determine spatial heterogeneity in the soil matrix of differing long term managements
Michelle Quigley, Alexandra Kravchenko, and Mark Rivers

EGU2018-3719 | Posters | SSS4.2

Mapping footprint of nematodes in the rhizosphere
Bahar S. Razavi, Duyen TT. Hoang, Evgenia Blagodatskaya, and Yakov Kuzyakov

EGU2018-12676 | Orals | SSS4.2

Decomposition of recently added and old SOM sources during crop growth estimated by 13C abundance in organic matter and respired CO2 after 17 years of maize grown on C3 soil
Muhammad Shahbaz, Lorenzo Menichetti, Thomas Kätterer, and Gunnar Börjesson

EGU2018-3740 | Posters | SSS4.2

Spatio-temporal patterns of enzyme activities in the rhizosphere: Effects of plant growth and root morphology
Xiaomin Ma

EGU2018-11677 | Orals | SSS4.2

Rhizosphere priming effects of mature trees: are they determined by mycorrhizal association?
Liming Yin, Biao Zhu, Peng Wang, and Weixin Cheng

EGU2018-3899 | Posters | SSS4.2

Spatio-temporal patterns of enzyme activities after manure application
Shibin Liu, Bahar Razavi, Evgenia Blagodatskaya, and Yakov Kuzyakov

EGU2018-9407 | Orals | SSS4.2

The importance of C:N stoichiometry for priming induced CO2 and N fluxes
Saeed Alaei, Birgit Wild, Wolfgang Knorr, Tobias Rütting, Andreas Richter, and Per Bengtson

EGU2018-12105 | Orals | SSS4.2

Effect of changing plant C:N ratio on plant–microbial–soil relations and resulting priming effect
Eva Kastovska and Petr Kotas

EGU2018-4307 | Posters | SSS4.2

Shift from dormancy to microbial growth revealed by RNA:DNA ratio
Sebastian Loeppmann, Mikhail Semenov, Yakov Kuzyakov, and Evgenia Blagodatskaya

EGU2018-5298 | Posters | SSS4.2

Effects of soil macrofauna plant interactions on soil formation and plant community development during primary succession in post mining sites
Jan Frouz

EGU2018-12088 | Orals | SSS4.2 | Highlight

Rhizosphere spatiotemporal organisation – a key to rhizosphere functions
Doris Vetterlein

EGU2018-5336 | Posters | SSS4.2

Effects of change in soil substrate quality, and microbial community composition on the plant community during primary succession
Jan Frouz

EGU2018-6296 | Orals | SSS4.2

The rhizosphere physical network
Benard Pascal, Mohsen Zarebanadkouki, and Andrea Carminati

EGU2018-5579 | Posters | SSS4.2

More root derived carbon transportation leads to a wider extension of rice rhizosphere than wheat
Ruirui Chen, Xiaoting Wang, Zhongwang Jing, Youzhi Feng, and Xiangui Lin

EGU2018-13751 | Orals | SSS4.2

Root system architecture and rhizosphere microbiota of winter wheat: responses to dynamic and realistic air and soil warming profiles
Andong Shi, Robert Koller, Arnd Kuhn, Katharina Frindte, Christian Kuppe, Dagmar van Dusschoten, Daniel Pflugfelder, Claudia Knief, and Michelle Watt

EGU2018-6367 | Posters | SSS4.2

Soil structure formation through the action of plants
Maik Lucas, Steffen Schlüter, Hans-Jörg Vogel, and Doris Vetterlein

EGU2018-6997 | Posters | SSS4.2

How microorganisms affect the rhizosphere extent?
Xuechen Zhang, Michaela Dippold, and Bahar Razavi

EGU2018-19570 | Orals | SSS4.2

Active phosphorus and iron solubilisation by seagrass roots in tropical sediments
Jakob Santner, Kasper Elgetti Brodersen, Klaus Koren, Maria Mosshammer, Peter J. Ralph, and Michael Kühl

EGU2018-7167 | Posters | SSS4.2

Determinants of the biodiversity patterns of ammonia oxidizing archaea community in two contrasting forest stands
Jie Chen

EGU2018-11812 | Orals | SSS4.2

Effects of nitrogen and phosphorus additions on soil organic matter mineralizing enzymes in eastern Chinese forests
Xinyu Zhang, Yang Yang, Chuang Zhang, Shuli Niu, Huimin Wang, Guirui Yu, and Xiaomin Sun

EGU2018-9173 | Posters | SSS4.2

Relationship of pores to the fate and distribution of newly added carbon
Michelle Quigley, Alexandra Kravchenko, Wakene Negassa, Andrey Guber, and Mark Rivers

EGU2018-15988 | Orals | SSS4.2

Capturing 3D Water Flow in Rooted Soil by Ultra-fast Neutron Tomography
Christian Tötzke, Nikolay Kardjilov, Ingo Manke, and Sascha E. Oswald

EGU2018-9729 | Posters | SSS4.2

Plant traits regulating N capture define microbial competition in the rhizosphere
Evgenia Blagodatskaya

EGU2018-9767 | Posters | SSS4.2

Nitrogen control over soil microbial respiration: priming effects and microbial physiology
Sergey Blagodatsky and Evgenia Blagodatskaya

EGU2018-13967 | Orals | SSS4.2

Visualising habitats in soil: moving beyond the techniques
Wilfred Otten, Xavier portell-canal, and Ruth Falconer

EGU2018-9875 | Posters | SSS4.2

Impact of root mucilage on microbial functioning at root-soil interface under drought stress
Muhammad Sanaullah, Mutez Ahmed, Evgenia Blagodatskaya, and Yakov Kuzyakov

EGU2018-16345 | Orals | SSS4.2

Fine-scale organisation and C dynamics
Naoise Nunan

EGU2018-10066 | Posters | SSS4.2

In situ imaging of drying-induced pore microstructure changes of Biological Soil Crusts.
Estelle Couradeau, Vincent Felde, Dilworth Parkinson, Daniel Uteau, Alexis Rochet, Charlene Cuellar, Stephan Peth, Ferran Garcia-Pichel, and Trent Northen

EGU2018-16311 | Orals | SSS4.2

Methodological aspects of quantitative membrane-based soil zymography
Andrey Guber, Alexandra Kravchenko, Bahar Razavi, Daniel Uteau, Stephan Peth, Evgenia Blagodatskaya, and Yakov Kuzyakov

EGU2018-10135 | Posters | SSS4.2

Effect of plastic film mulching soil labile fractions and on the utilization of microbial carbon source
Enke Liu

EGU2018-1162 | Orals | SSS4.2

The potential of active and passive infrared thermography identifying dynamics of soil moisture and microbial activity with high spatial and temporal resolution
Katharina Schwarz, Julian Heitkötter, Jannis Heil, Bernd Marschner, and Britta Stumpe

EGU2018-11308 | Posters | SSS4.2

Nitrogen acquisition by shrub and grasses in a temperate grassland
Mengmeng Yu, Yuqiang Tian, Qiong Gao, Xingliang Xu, Shuhai Wen, and Zhenxu Fan

EGU2018-15999 | Orals | SSS4.2

Micro- and macro-scale structures of root and earthworm induced biopore networks
Stephan Peth, Marlen Wittig, and Daniel Uteau Puschmann

EGU2018-11469 | Posters | SSS4.2

Effects of Continuous Potato Monoculture on Microbial Community Diversities and Taxa Abundances in Potato Rhizosphere Soil
Huizhen Qiu, Shixue Yin, Chunhong Zhang, Wenming Zhang, Youling Wang, and Yongli Lu

EGU2018-19485 | Orals | SSS4.2

What lies beneath: Visualising the crucial interfaces in the undisturbed soil environment
Sacha Mooney, Karl Ritz, Craig Sturrock, and Sebastian Blunk

EGU2018-12628 | Posters | SSS4.2

Rhizosphere effect in soils under crops and trees
Ilya Yevdokimov and Evgenia Blagodatskaya

EGU2018-2201 | Orals | SSS4.2 | Highlight

The plant microbiome: ecology and functioning of bacterial endophytes and how plants can benefit
Angela Sessitsch, Birgit Mitter, Stéphane Compant, Friederike Trognitz, and Günter Brader

EGU2018-12819 | Posters | SSS4.2

Rhizosphere and bulk soil fungal and bacterial communities under organic and mineral farming systems
Mikhail Semenov and Dmitry Nikitin

EGU2018-18831 | Orals | SSS4.2

Grazing on mycorrhizae by the rhizosphere food web regulates seedling survival
Sina Adl

EGU2018-13505 | Posters | SSS4.2

Does root architecture influence the formation of rhizosheath?
Emma Burak, Ian Dodd, and John Quinton

EGU2018-14766 | Posters | SSS4.2

Priming of soil organic matter decomposition by glucose additions in boreal forest soils with different C:N ratios
Saeed Alaei, Kristiina Karhu, Jian Li, and Per Bengtson

EGU2018-6252 | Orals | SSS4.2

Resistance and recovery of rhizospheric carbon and nitrogen flow in fungi- and bacteria-dominated plant communities after drought
Stefan Karlowsky, Angela Augusti, Johannes Ingrisch, Roland Hasibeder, Markus Lange, Sandra Lavorel, Michael Bahn, and Gerd Gleixner

EGU2018-8612 | Orals | SSS4.2

Artificial rhizospheres: Exudate effects on soil organic carbon content, aggregation and microbial community composition in topsoil vs. subsoil
Vera Baumert, Ina C. Meier, Stefanie Schulz, Ingrid Kögel-Knabner, and Carsten W. Mueller

EGU2018-15470 | Posters | SSS4.2

Does presence of large soil pores influence plant root decomposition and N2O emission from decomposing plant roots?
Kyungmin Kim, Andrey Guber, Turgut Kutlu, Michelle Quigley, and Alexandra Kravchenko

EGU2018-458 | Orals | SSS4.2

C and N availability in soil affects photosynthate allocation by rice, N uptake and microbial community structure: combining 13C and 15N labeling with PLFA analysis
Ziwei Zhao, Anna Gunina, Tida Ge, and Yakov Kuzyakov

EGU2018-16761 | Posters | SSS4.2

Microbial biomass activation induced by glucose added at different concentrations
Aliia Gilmullina

EGU2018-19725 | Orals | SSS4.2

Rhizosphere and endophytic bacteria promote Silene paradoxa growth and tolerance to heavy metals and are transferred to the next generation of plants as seed endophytes
Stefano Mocali, Luca Giovannini, Arturo Fabiani, Carolina Chiellini, Giulia Gori, and Cristina Gonnelli

EGU2018-16893 | Posters | SSS4.2

Evaluation of 2D enzyme activity in soils based on 3-d modeling
Andrey Guber, Alexandra Kravchenko, Bahar Razavi, Daniel Uteau, Stephan Peth, Evgenia Blagodatskaya, and Yakov Kuzyakov

EGU2018-14765 | Posters | SSS4.2

Effects of rhizosphere wettability on microbial biomass, enzyme activities and localization
Katayoun Ahmadi

EGU2018-295 | Posters | SSS4.2

Indirect determination of soil-specific conversion factor for soil microbial phosphorus
Nataliya Bilyera

EGU2018-956 | Posters | SSS4.2

Forming of Triple Symbiosis "Soil Saprophyte Molds - N2-Fixing Bacteria - Culture Plants"
Evheny Kopilov

EGU2018-5624 | Posters | SSS4.2

Enzyme-specific response to C: P stoichiometry in rice root detritusphere during long-term decomposition
Xiaomeng Wei, Tida Ge, Zhenke Zhu, and Jinshui Wu

EGU2018-6231 | Posters | SSS4.2

Combining X-ray computed micro-tomography and zymography to understand spatial variability patterns of soil extracellular enzymes: The first steps to 3D zymography
Alexandra Kravchenko, Michelle Quigley, Andrey Guber, Bahar Razavidezfuly, John Koestel, Mats Larsbo, Nicholas Jarvis, and Yakov Kuzyakov

EGU2018-9087 | Posters | SSS4.2

Co-localized arsenic speciation and cycling in the rhizosphere of hyperaccumulating ferns
Christoph Hoefer, Stefan Wagner, Jakob Santner, Walter Wenzel, and Markus Puschenreiter

EGU2018-11064 | Posters | SSS4.2

Precipitation patterns affect gross N turnover not by changing microbial diversity in semi-arid grassland in northern China
Changhui Wang, Nannan Wang, Jianhui Huang, Shiping Chen, Yukun Luo, kuanhu Dong, and Xingguo Han

EGU2018-11135 | Posters | SSS4.2

Revealing effect of earthworm on C distribution and enzyme activity in top- and sub-soil
Duyen Thi Hoang, Bahar S. Razavi, and Yakov Kuzyakov

EGU2018-15458 | Posters | SSS4.2

The rhizosphere size and shape: Temporal dynamics and spatial stationarity
Yakov Kuzyakov and Bahar Razavi

EGU2018-16908 | Posters | SSS4.2

Soil biological quality determination in agricultural soils using near infrared spectroscopy
Francisco Comino, Víctor Aranda, Roberto García-Ruiz, María José Ayora-Cañada, and Ana Domínguez-Vidal

EGU2018-18141 | Posters | SSS4.2

Influence of Soil Structure on Microbial Protein Degradation
Carlos Gustavo Arellano Caicedo, Kristin Aleklett, Martin Bengtsson, Pelle Ohlsson, and Edith Hammer

EGU2018-18738 | Posters | SSS4.2

Patterns of low-molecular-weight organic acids exuded by roots along a unique precipitation gradient at the Coastal Cordillera of Chile
Moritz Köster, Svenja Stock, Francisco Najera, Francisco Javier Matus Baeza, Michaela Dippold, Yakov Kuzyakov, and Sandra Spielvogel

SSS4.3 – Soil biota – habitat interactions across scales: consequences for biotic communities and soil functionality (co-organized)

EGU2018-4960 | Orals | SSS4.3 | Highlight

Soil pores as drivers of micro-habitats for microbial decomposers and carbon protection
Alexandra Kravchenko

EGU2018-13182 | Posters | SSS4.3

Does pore scale biogeography exist in different soil types ?
Claire Chenu, Valérie Pouteau, and Naoise Nunan

EGU2018-6512 | Orals | SSS4.3 | Highlight

Build your own soil: Micro-engineered Soil Chips allow investigation of the role of habitat structure for microbial processes
Edith C. Hammer, Kristin Aleklett, Carlos G. Arellano, Paola Micaela Mafla Endara, Martin Bengtsson, and Pelle Ohlsson

EGU2018-2698 | Posters | SSS4.3

Microbial regulation of carbon cycling within soil profiles: A reciprocal soil translocation experiment separated the response to root addition from environmental conditions
Sebastian Preusser, Christian Poll, Sven Marhan, and Ellen Kandeler