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ST – Solar-Terrestrial Sciences

ST1.1 – Open Session on the Sun and Heliosphere (including Hannes Alfvén Medal Lecture)

EGU2018-5466 | Orals | ST1.1

Coronal loop sources in solar plasma: an analysis of RHESSI observations
miguel duval poo, michele piana, and anna maria massone

EGU2018-6939 | Posters | ST1.1

Southward shift of the coronal neutral line and the heliospheric current sheet: Evidence for radial evolution of hemispheric asymmetry
Jennimari Koskela, Ilpo Virtanen, and Kalevi Mursula

EGU2018-8066 | Posters | ST1.1

Upcoming modern grand minimum and solar activity prediction backwards five millennia
Valentina Zharkova, Simon Shepherd, Elena Popova, Sergei Zharkov, and Qian Xia

EGU2018-9337 | Orals | ST1.1

Transport of energetic electrons in the corona and interplanetary medium: input of combined X-ray and radio observations
Nicole Vilmer

EGU2018-16625 | Orals | ST1.1

Study of Magnetic Complexity of Solar Active Regions from 1996 to 2017
Shabnam Nikbakhsh, Eija Tanskanen, Thomas Hackman, and Maarit Käpylä

EGU2018-19303 | Posters | ST1.1

Understanding the shape of sunspot cycles by principal component analysis
Kalevi Mursula and Jouni Takalo

EGU2018-9440 | Posters | ST1.1

On a role of quadruple component of magnetic field in defining solar activity in grand cycles
Elena Popova, Valentina Zharkova, Simon Shepherd, and Sergei Zharkov

EGU2018-18390 | Orals | ST1.1

Evolution of CME Mass in The Corona
Russell A. Howard and Angelos Vourlidas

EGU2018-2989 | Orals | ST1.1

On the low frequency break of IMF power spectrum recently observed in slow solar wind
Roberto Bruno, Daniele Telloni, and Luca Sorriso-Valvo

EGU2018-2152 | Posters | ST1.1

Solar Open Flux Migration from Pole to Pole: Magnetic Field Reversal
Guan-Han Huang, Chia-Hsien Lin, and Lou-Chuang Lee

EGU2018-14958 | Orals | ST1.1

The longitudinal distribution of solar energetic particles
Raúl Gómez-Herrero, Nina Dresing, Andreas Klassen, Bernd Heber, Radoslav Bučík, David Lario, Daniel Pacheco, Angels Aran, Neus Agueda, Javier Rodríguez-Pacheco, Juan José Blanco, Ignacio Cernuda, and Francisco Espinosa Lara

EGU2018-5139 | Posters | ST1.1

Polarity imbalance and quadrupole moment of the photospheric magnetic field
Elena Vernova, Marta Tyasto, and Dmitrii Baranov

EGU2018-9819 | Posters | ST1.1

Characteristics of ribbon evolution and reconnection electric fields in Hα two-ribbon flares
Jürgen Hinterreiter, Astrid Veronig, Julia Thalmann, Johannes Tschernitz, and Werner Pötzi

EGU2018-9373 | Orals | ST1.1

Transport modeling of energetic electrons in the 20 October 2002 solar event
Wolfgang Droege, Yulia Kartavykh, Linghua Wang, Roberto Bruno, and Daniele Telloni

EGU2018-4537 | Orals | ST1.1

Interstellar neutral hydrogen: Eight years of IBEX-Lo observations
André Galli, Peter Wurz, Fatemeh Rahmanifard, Nathan Schwadron, Eberhard Moebius, Harald Kucharek, Maciej Bzowski, Justyna Sokol, Pawel Swaczyna, Marzena Kubiak, Izabela Kowalska-Leszczynska, Stephen Fuselier, and David McComas

EGU2018-6670 | Posters | ST1.1

The 3-Phase evolution of a long-lived low-latitude coronal hole.
Stephan Heinemann, Manuela Temmer, Stefan Hofmeister, Astrid Veronig, and Susanne Vennerstrom

EGU2018-1790 | Orals | ST1.1

Solar Wind and Kinetic Heliophysics - Hannes Alfven Medal Lecture at the EGU General Assembly 2018
Eckart Marsch

EGU2018-9885 | Posters | ST1.1

Optimizing the Time-lag Estimate between Spacecraft for Recurring Solar Wind Structures
Antoinette Galvin, Charles Farrugia, and Lan Jian

EGU2018-19182 | Posters | ST1.1

Solar wind parameter distributions and thresholds for extreme values
Judith Palacios, Consuelo Cid, Antonio Guerrero, Elena Saiz, and Yolanda Cerrato

EGU2018-14670 | Posters | ST1.1

Statistical search for solar wind source variation events
Andrea Opitz and Klaudia Szabo

EGU2018-8187 | Posters | ST1.1

A Machine Learning Technique Applied to Plasma Measurements: Protons and Alpha Particles Identification
Rossana De Marco, Roberto Bruno, and Maria Federica Marcucci

EGU2018-9090 | Posters | ST1.1

Estimates of the energetic proton environment at L1 point
Tommaso Alberti and Monica Laurenza

EGU2018-10485 | Posters | ST1.1

Effective Energy of Neutron Monitors and Cosmogenic Isotopes
Agnieszka Gil, Eleanna Asvestari, Gennady Kovaltsov, and Ilya Usoskin

EGU2018-5038 | Posters | ST1.1

On the factors determining the eruptive character of solar flares
Christian Baumgartner, Julia K. Thalmann, and Astrid M. Veronig

EGU2018-16998 | Posters | ST1.1

Lack of chemical equilibrium and propagation of ion-acoustic waves in the solar chromosphere from 2.5D multifluid simulations
Yana Maneva, Nicholas Franken, and Stefaan Poedts

EGU2018-12362 | Posters | ST1.1

The Relation of Electron Events with EUV Waves Revisited for Solar Cycle 24 Events
Nariaki Nitta, Lan Jian, and Raul Gomez-Herrero

EGU2018-183 | Posters | ST1.1

Pressure and entropy of the solar wind electrons downstream of the termination shock
Hans-Jörg Fahr

EGU2018-2510 | Posters | ST1.1

Space-time structure of turbulent fields in the heliosphere
Yasuhito Narita

EGU2018-7728 | Posters | ST1.1

Solar wind parameters in 24-th solar cycle
Yuri Yermolaev and Irina Lodkina

ST1.2 – Preparing for Solar Orbiter, Parker Solar Probe and the heliophysics observatory (including ST Division Outstanding ECS Lecture)

EGU2018-10345 | Orals | ST1.2 | Highlight

Parker Solar Probe: A NASA Mission to Touch the Sun
Nicola Fox

EGU2018-1620 | Posters | ST1.2

Spectroscopic Measurements of the Ion Velocity Distribution at the Base of the Fast Solar Wind
Natasha L. S. Jeffrey, Michael Hahn, Daniel W. Savin, and Lyndsay Fletcher

EGU2018-3293 | Posters | ST1.2

Statistics and parameters of solar coronal mass ejections in the inner heliosphere: what to expect for Parker Solar Probe?
Christian Möstl, Martin A. Reiss, Tanja Amerstorfer, Mateja Dumbovic, Julia M. Donnerer, Peter D. Boakes, and Alexey Isavnin

EGU2018-14217 | Orals | ST1.2 | Highlight

Solar Orbiter Mission Status Update
Daniel Mueller, Yannis Zouganelis, Chris St. Cyr, and Holly Gilbert

EGU2018-3905 | Posters | ST1.2

Prospective Out-of-ecliptic White-light Imaging of CIRs and CMEs through the Corona and Heliosphere
Ming Xiong, Jackie Davies, Xueshang Feng, Richard Harrison, Lidong Xia, Liping Yang, Yufen Zhou, Ying Liu, and Bo Li

EGU2018-16959 | Orals | ST1.2

Solar Radioastronomy with Solar Orbiter and Parker Solar Probe : capabilities and expectations.
Milan Maksimovic and Stuart D. Bale

EGU2018-5245 | Posters | ST1.2

Solar-wind predictions for the Parker Solar Probe orbit
Volker Bothmer and Malte Venzmer

EGU2018-8544 | Orals | ST1.2

Investigations of the nature of the solar wind electron populations and predictions for the Solar Orbiter Solar Wind Analyser Electron Analyser System (SO-SWA-EAS)
Christopher Owen

EGU2018-1787 | Orals | ST1.2

Global non-potential coronal magnetic field models
Thomas Wiegelmann and the ISSI-Team Yeates

EGU2018-7203 | Posters | ST1.2

Forecasting space weather with EUHFORIA in ESA’s Virtual Space Weather Modeling Centre
Stefaan Poedts and Jens Pomoell

EGU2018-7121 | Orals | ST1.2

Early-Stage SEP Acceleration by CME-Driven Shocks with Realistic Seed Spectra
Kamen Kozarev, Maher Dayeh, and Ashraf Farahat

EGU2018-8827 | Posters | ST1.2

Comparing solar wind models in preparation for Solar Orbiter
Michael Lavarra, Mikel Indurain, Alexis Rouillard, Pierre-Louis Blelly, and Rui Pinto

EGU2018-9445 | Posters | ST1.2

Ground-Based Radio Observations in Nançay at the time of the Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter
Nicole Vilmer

EGU2018-10796 | Orals | ST1.2

Modeling and Data Analysis Tools in preparation for solar wind studies with Solar Orbiter
Rui Pinto and the MADAWG team

EGU2018-13663 | Posters | ST1.2

Evolution of solar coronal mass ejections in the low corona
Kévin Dalmasse and Alexis Rouillard

EGU2018-5568 | Orals | ST1.2

Predictions for Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter: ICME evolution and GCR modulation in the innermost heliosphere
Reka Winslow, Noé Lugaz, Nathan Schwadron, Charles Farrugia, Jingnan Guo, Robert Wimmer-Schweingruber, Jody Wilson, Colin Joyce, Andrew Jordan, David Lawrence, and Harlan Spence

EGU2018-14114 | Orals | ST1.2

The slow solar wind that resembles the fast wind: new insights
Raffaella D'Amicis, Lorenzo Matteini, Marco Velli, and Roberto Bruno

EGU2018-14481 | Posters | ST1.2

SPICE Operations and Scientific Exploitation
Eric Buchlin and the SPICE Operations and Scientific Exploitation Team Consortium

EGU2018-14516 | Posters | ST1.2

Small-scale heating events in the solar atmosphere: lifetime, total energy and magnetic properties
Nuno Guerreiro, Margit Haberreiter, Viggo Hansteen, and Werner Schmutz

EGU2018-8171 | Orals | ST1.2

The Arbitrary Linear Plasma Solver (ALPS): A New Tool for Kinetic Physics with Solar Orbiter and Parker Solar Probe
Daniel Verscharen, Kristopher Klein, Benjamin Chandran, Michael Stevens, Chadi Salem, and Stuart Bale

EGU2018-15029 | Posters | ST1.2

Determining the kappa distributions of space plasmas from observations in a limited energy range
Georgios Nicolaou, George Livadiotis, Christopher Owen, Daniel Verscharen, and Robert Wicks

EGU2018-1625 | Orals | ST1.2

X-ray and extreme ultraviolet (EUV) diagnostics of solar flare-accelerated particles
Natasha Jeffrey

EGU2018-15465 | Posters | ST1.2

Mapping the Solar Wind to Its Source to Compare Coronal and Heliospheric Boundaries
Allan Macneil, Christopher Owen, Robert Wicks, Louise Harra, and David Long

EGU2018-15657 | Orals | ST1.2

How ‘Coronal’ Are Suprathermal Solar Wind Electrons?
Allan Macneil, Christopher Owen, and Robert Wicks

EGU2018-16276 | Posters | ST1.2

Comparison between magnetic cloud related decreases observed from 0.3 to 1 AU
Athanasios Papaioannou, Anastasios Anastasiadis, Anatoly Belov, Eugenia Eroshenko, Bernd Heber, and Konstantin Herbst

EGU2018-18377 | Posters | ST1.2

The Solar Orbiter Heliospheric Imager (SoloHI) for the Solar Orbiter Mission
Russell Howard and the SoloHI Team

EGU2018-18404 | Posters | ST1.2

The Wide-Field Imager for the Parker Solar Probe Mission (WISPR)
Simon P. Plunkett and Russell A. Howard and the WISPR TEAM

EGU2018-18677 | Posters | ST1.2

Simulating observations of the corona/inner heliosphere with the Wide-Field Imager for Parker Solar Probe by raytracing software
Giuseppe Nisticò, Paulett Liewer, Volker Bothmer, and Angelos Vourlidas

ST1.3 – Theory and Simulation of Solar System Plasmas

EGU2018-1732 | Posters | ST1.3

Properties of whistler waves in warm electron plasmas
Jinsong Zhao

EGU2018-2712 | Orals | ST1.3

Xueshang Feng, Caixia Li, Fang Shen, and Huichao Li

EGU2018-2127 | Posters | ST1.3

Three-dimensional MHD simulation of interplanetary solar wind
Fang Shen, Zicai Yang, Yi Yang, and Xueshang Feng

EGU2018-9241 | Orals | ST1.3

On particle heating by the decay of large amplitude Alfvén waves
Horia Comisel, Yasuhito Narita, and Uwe Motschmann

EGU2018-13405 | Orals | ST1.3

Flux canceling in 3D radiative MHD simulations
Irina Thaler and Henk Spruit

EGU2018-2683 | Posters | ST1.3

Simultaneous Transverse and Longitudinal Oscillations in a Quiescent Prominence Triggered by a Coronal Jet
Qingmin Zhang, Dong Li, and Zongjun Ning

EGU2018-3576 | Posters | ST1.3

Impact of shock front rippling and self-reformation on the electron reflection at low-Mach-number shocks
Zhongwei Yang, Quanming Lu, Ying D. Liu, and Rui Wang

EGU2018-5145 | Orals | ST1.3

Flare particle acceleration resulting from the interaction of twisted coronal flux ropes
James Threlfall, Alan Hood, and Philippa Browning

EGU2018-4133 | Posters | ST1.3

Homologous Circular-ribbon Flares Driven by Twisted Flux Emergence
Zhi Xu, Kai Yang, Yang Guo, and Jie Zhao

EGU2018-5387 | Orals | ST1.3

An optimization principle to reconstructing magneto-hydro-static equilibria in the lower solar atmosphere
Xiaoshuai Zhu and Thomas Wiegelmann

EGU2018-3483 | Orals | ST1.3

Multicomponent plasma models in thermal nonequilibrium derived from kinetic theory and numerical methods: application to magnetic reconnection in solar atmosphere
Quentin Wargnier, Alejandro Alvarez Laguna, Marc Massot, Nagi Mansour, Thierry Magin, and Benjamin Graille

EGU2018-4208 | Posters | ST1.3

Multi-wavelength observation of a failed helical prominence eruption
Haiqing Xu

EGU2018-1503 | Orals | ST1.3

Energetic electrons during multiple X line reconnection
Quanming Lu, Huanyu Wang, Kai Huang, and Shui Wang

EGU2018-4285 | Posters | ST1.3

Long-term evolution of beam-plasma interaction and associated phenomena. Relevance to type III radiation
Konrad Sauer and Klaus Baumgaertel

EGU2018-4660 | Posters | ST1.3

Erosion, Heating, and Acceleration of Magnetic Cloud as Impacted by Fast Shock
Jiansen He, Shoudi Mao, Lei Zhang, Liping Yang, and Linghua Wang

EGU2018-8502 | Orals | ST1.3

Kinetic Particle-in-Cell (PIC) simulations of magnetic reconnection in the turbulent magnetosheath
Patricio A. Muñoz and Jörg Büchner

EGU2018-5658 | Posters | ST1.3

Modeling relative magnetic helicity in solar active regions and interplanetary magnetic clouds
Quan Wang and Shangbin Yang

EGU2018-18363 | Orals | ST1.3

Study of magnetic reconnection in large scale magnetic island coalescence via two-way coupling of MHD and PIC
Kirit Makwana, Rony Keppens, and Giovanni Lapenta

EGU2018-5773 | Posters | ST1.3

Effects of ripples along a quasi-parallel shock front on the ion dynamics and structure evolution: 2-D hybrid simulations
Yufei Hao, Quaming Lu, Xinliang Gao, and Shui Wang

EGU2018-4058 | Orals | ST1.3

Magnetic reconnection in the strongly magnetized plasma of the low solar chromosphere
Jun Lin and Lei Ni

EGU2018-8721 | Posters | ST1.3

Quasi-electrostatic turbulence influence on thermal conductivity in electron temperature jumps of the solar atmosphere
Peter Bespalov and Olga Savina

EGU2018-5638 | Orals | ST1.3

Cavitons and spontaneous hot flow anomalies in a hybrid-Vlasov global simulation
Xochitl Blanco-Cano, Markus Battarbee, Lucile Turc, Andrew P. Dimmock, Emilia K. J. Kilpua, Sanni Hoilijoki, Urs Ganse, David G. Sibeck, Paul A. Cassak, Robert C. Fear, Riku Jarvinen, Lissa Juusola, Yann Pfau-Kempf, Rami Vainio, and Minna Palmroth

EGU2018-9974 | Posters | ST1.3

Non-linear Interactions in shallow water magnetohydrodynamics of rotating astrophysical plasma
Dmitry Klimachkov and Arakel Petrosyan

EGU2018-9352 | Orals | ST1.3

The Solar Corona and Accelerating Solar Wind: Parker Solar Probe
Marco Velli

EGU2018-11015 | Posters | ST1.3

Observations of electron vortex magnetic holes and related wave-particle interactions in the turbulent magnetosheath
Shiyong Huang, Fouad Sahraoui, Zhigang Yuan, Jiansen He, Jinsong Zhao, Junwei Du, Olivier Le Contel, Xiaohua Deng, Meng Zhou, Huishan Fu, Hugo Breuillard, Xiongdong Yu, and Dedong Wang and the MMS team

EGU2018-12254 | Posters | ST1.3

Solar Wind Modeling with Slurm, a new MHD Particle-in-Cell Code
Vyacheslav Olshevsky, Fabio Bacchini, Stefaan Poedts, and Giovanni Lapenta

EGU2018-16599 | Posters | ST1.3

Model of solar wind in the heliosphere at low and high latitudes
Helmi Malova, Evgenii Maiewski, Roman Kislov, Victor Popov, and Anatoly Petrukovich

EGU2018-17816 | Posters | ST1.3

Reduced kinetic simulations of energetic particle transport in magnetised plasmas
Mykola Gordovskyy and Philippa Browning

EGU2018-17916 | Posters | ST1.3

A Lagrange-Maxwell solver for the PIC simulation of the plasma environment of Mercury
Jorge Amaya, Diego Gonzalez-Herrero, Bertrand Lembège, and Giovanni Lapenta

EGU2018-18779 | Posters | ST1.3

Generation of Collimated Electron Jets from Plasma under Appplied Electromagnetostatic Field
Jing Qiu and Shangbin Yang

ST1.4 – Turbulence and Heating in Space Plasmas

EGU2018-11791 | Posters | ST1.4 | Highlight

THOR - Turbulence Heating ObserveR
Andris Vaivads, Alessandro Retinò, C. Philippe Escoubet, Yuri V. Khotyaintsev, Jan Soucek, Francesco Valentini, Christopher H. K. Chen, Andrew N. Fazakerley, Benoit Lavraud, Maria Federica Marcucci, Yasuhito Narita, Rami O. Vainio, Thomas Voirin, Arno Wielders, Nathalie Boudin, Pedro Osuna, Axel Junge, Martin Gehler, and the THOR team

EGU2018-3947 | Orals | ST1.4

Turbulence, Heating and Reconnection: what causes what?
Giovanni Lapenta, Francesco Pucci, and Vyacheslav Olshevskyi

EGU2018-18448 | Orals | ST1.4

Alfvenic turbulence and magnetic reconnection in a plasma
Stanislav Boldyrev and Nuno F. Loureiro

EGU2018-4917 | Posters | ST1.4

Observational Evidence for Field-Particle Energy Transfer in the Earth’s Magnetosheath
Christopher Chen, Kris Klein, and Greg Howes

EGU2018-6552 | Posters | ST1.4

Local energy transfer rate and kinetic signatures in solar wind turbulence
Luca Sorriso-Valvo, Filomena Catapano, Alessandro Retinò, Antonella Greco, Silvia Perri, Raffaele Marino, Oreste Pezzi, Denise Perrone, Roberto Bruno, Francesco Valentini, Sergio Servidio, and Vincenzo Panebianco

EGU2018-9273 | Orals | ST1.4

Triggers of fast reconnection and MHD turbulence
Marco Velli, Anna Tenerani, and Fulvia Pucci

EGU2018-16947 | Orals | ST1.4

Hybrid simulations of plasma turbulence in support of space missions: a direct quantitative comparison with MMS observations
Luca Franci, Julia Stawarz, Simone Landi, Petr Hellinger, Christopher H. K. Chen, David Burgess, Emanuele Papini, Lorenzo Matteini, Andrea Verdini, James L. Burch, Barbara L. Giles, Olivier Le Contel, Per-Arne Lindqvist, Robert E. Ergun, and Christopher T. Russell

EGU2018-18112 | Posters | ST1.4

Intermittency and dissipation in turbulent solar wind: Cluster observations
Denise Perrone, Olga Alexandrova, Yannis Zouganelis, Sonny Lion, Owen Roberts, Andrew Walsh, Catherine Lacombe, and Milan Maksimovic

EGU2018-12547 | Posters | ST1.4

Direct Measurement of Anisotropic and Asymmetric Wave Vector Spectrum and the three dimensional structure in Ion-scale Solar Wind Turbulence
Owen Roberts, Yasuhito Narita, and Philippe Escoubet

EGU2018-16567 | Orals | ST1.4

Wave-mode Identification in Kinetic-scale Turbulence in the Solar Wind at Low and High Beta
Chadi Salem, Catherine Lacombe, Kristopher Klein, Elizabeth Hanson, John Bonnell, Olga Alexandrova, Lorenzo Matteini, and Daniel Verscharen

EGU2018-16738 | Orals | ST1.4

Using magnetic helicity to diagnose wave vector direction in solar wind turbulence.
Robert Wicks, Daniel Verscharen, Lloyd Woodham, and Miriam Forman

EGU2018-12450 | Posters | ST1.4

Variability of the Magnetic Field Power Spectrum in the Solar Wind at Electron Scales
Owen Roberts, Olga Alexandrova, Primoz Kajdic, Lucile Turc, Denise Perrone, Andrew Walsh, and Philippe Escoubet

EGU2018-4974 | Orals | ST1.4

Dissipation in weakly-collisional turbulent plasmas
Oreste Pezzi, Denise Perrone, Sergio Servidio, Francesco Valentini, Luca Sorriso-Valvo, and Pierluigi Veltri

EGU2018-651 | Posters | ST1.4

Evolution of the kinetic-scale plasma turbulence across the Earth's magnetosheath
Liudmila Rakhmanova, Maria Riazantseva, and Georgy Zastenker

EGU2018-4959 | Orals | ST1.4

In-situ Measurement of Scale-dependent Net Energy Conversion Spectrum in Turbulent Plasmas
Jiansen He, Die Duan, Tieyan Wang, Xingyu Zhu, Daniel Verscharen, Xin Wang, and Chuanyi Tu

EGU2018-3474 | Posters | ST1.4

Evolution of alpha-proton differential motion in the expanding solar wind
Tereza Durovcova, Jana Safrankova, and Zdenek Nemecek

EGU2018-4788 | Posters | ST1.4

Evolution of Velocity and Density Fluctuations within the Terrestrial Foreshock
Alexander Pitna, Jana Safrankova, and Zdenek Nemecek

EGU2018-6585 | Orals | ST1.4

Compressible MHD turbulence in the Earth’s magnetosheath: estimation of the energy cascade rate using in-situ spacecraft data
Lina Hadid, Fouad Sahraoui, Sébastien Galtier, and Shiyong Huang

EGU2018-12924 | Posters | ST1.4

Power spectral density of ion velocity fluctuations in inertial and kinetic ranges
Jana Safrankova, Zdenek Nemecek, Frantisek Nemec, Luca Franci, Petr Hellinger, and Alexander Pitňa

EGU2018-6401 | Orals | ST1.4

Exact turbulence laws in collisionless plasmas: Hybrid simulations
Petr Hellinger, Andrea Verdini, Simone Landi, Luca Franci, and Lorenzo Matteini

EGU2018-14800 | Orals | ST1.4

Local energy transfers in solar wind turbulence in the incompressible MHD limit
Denis Kuzzay, Olga Alexandrova, Lorenzo Matteini, and Arnaud Zaslavsky

EGU2018-9438 | Posters | ST1.4

Solar wind turbulence at kinetic scales inside 1 AU: HELIOS revisited
Vamsee krishna Jagarlamudi, Olga Alexandrova, Thierry Dudok de Wit, and Milan Maksimovic

EGU2018-13008 | Posters | ST1.4

Coherent structures and spectral energy transfer in turbulent plasma: a space-filter approach
Enrico Camporeale, Luca Sorriso-Valvo, Francesco Califano, and Alessandro Retinò

EGU2018-17677 | Orals | ST1.4

Features of turbulence in proximity of the Heliopause and in the Local Interstellar Medium from Voyager 1 observations
Federico Fraternale, Nikolai Pogorelov, John D. Richardson, and Daniela Tordella

EGU2018-11278 | Posters | ST1.4

The thinnest current sheets in the solar wind
Alexander Vinogradov, Ivan Vasko, Anton Artemyev, Anatoly Petrukovich, and Egor Yushkov

EGU2018-12836 | Posters | ST1.4

Inertial range turbulence of fast and slow solar wind beyond the ecliptic plane
Costel Munteanu, Marius Echim, Eliza Teodorescu, Peter Kovacs, Anna Wawrzaszek, Roberto Bruno, and Wieslaw Macek

EGU2018-19634 | Posters | ST1.4

Phase Differencing in 3D: Using Cluster Magnetic Field Data and Wavelet Analysis at a Range of Frequencies
Owain Walker and Xing Li

EGU2018-16007 | Posters | ST1.4

Pattern of small-scale structures in the turbulent magnetosheath
Tieyan Wang, Jiansen He, and Malcolm Dunlop

EGU2018-16993 | Posters | ST1.4

Hall-MHD simulations of plasma turbulence
Emanuele Papini, Luca Franci, Simone Landi, Petr Hellinger, Andrea Verdini, and Lorenzo Matteini

EGU2018-11952 | Posters | ST1.4

Hybrid Simulations of Turbulent Ion Heating
Pavel M. Travnicek and Christopher C. Chaston

EGU2018-4984 | Posters | ST1.4

Wave interactions measured via wavenumber mismatch in the terrestrial foreshock
Bogdan Hnat, Daniel O'Connell, and George Rowlands

EGU2018-19369 | Posters | ST1.4

Phase-space echos and kinetic density turbulence in the solar wind
Romain Meyrand, William Dorland, and Alexander Schekochihin

ST1.5 – Solar Eruptions and their Heliospheric imprint (co-organized)

EGU2018-17863 | Posters | ST1.5

Computer Simulated Studies of the Tomographic Reconstruction of Interplanetary CMEs using Wide Angle Heliospheric Imagers
David Barnes

EGU2018-261 | Orals | ST1.5 | Highlight

Forecasting Solar Energetic Particle Events with the SPARX Forecasting System.
Simon Thomas, Silvia Dalla, Timo Laitinen, Markus Battarbee, and Mike Marsh

EGU2018-16409 | Posters | ST1.5

Magnetic structure and propagation of a solar flux rope from the Sun to Saturn
Erika Palmerio, Emilia Kilpua, Marilena Mierla, Andrei Zhukov, David Barnes, Olivier Witasse, Luciano Rodriguez, Alexey Isavnin, Christian Möstl, Beatriz Sánchez-Cano, Elias Roussos, Adam Masters, Neel Savani, and Teresa Nieves-Chinchilla

EGU2018-17167 | Orals | ST1.5

Recent advances in CME research using the heliophysics observatory
Alexis Rouillard

EGU2018-10630 | Orals | ST1.5

Modeling of proton acceleration in a shock in application to a ground level enhancement
Alexandr Afanasiev, Rami Vainio, Alexis Rouillard, Markus Battarbee, Angels Aran, and Pietro Zucca

EGU2018-15713 | Posters | ST1.5

Case study of July 2017 CMEs using modelling and multi-spacecraft observational approach
Mateja Dumbovic, Jingnan Guo, and Manuela Temmer

EGU2018-14605 | Posters | ST1.5

Space weather monitor at the L5 point: a case study of a CME observed with STEREO B
Luciano Rodriguez, Camila Scolini, Marilena Mierla, Andrei Zhukov, and Matthew West

EGU2018-3999 | Orals | ST1.5 | Highlight

Combining remote-sensing image data with in-situ measurements supported by modeling for Earth-affecting CME events
Manuela Temmer, Julia Thalmann, Karin Dissauer, Astrid Veronig, Johannes Tschernitz, Jürgen Hinterreiter, and Luciano Rodriguez

EGU2018-9306 | Orals | ST1.5

Using Forbush decreases to derive the transit time of ICMEs propagating from 1 AU to Mars
Johan von Forstner, Jingnan Guo, Robert F. Wimmer-Schweingruber, Donald M. Hassler, Manuela Temmer, Mateja Dumbović, Lan K. Jian, Jan K. Appel, Jaša Čalogović, Bent Ehresmann, Bernd Heber, Henning Lohf, Arik Posner, Bojan Vršnak, and Cary J. Zeitlin

EGU2018-1883 | Posters | ST1.5

Power spectra in the sheath of shock-driven ICMEs
Clément Moissard

EGU2018-5451 | Orals | ST1.5

Interplanetary Propagation of Coronal Mass Ejections and Shocks and Their Effects on Earth
Noé Lugaz, Reka Winslow, Charles J. Farrugia, and Nada Al-Haddad

EGU2018-2869 | Posters | ST1.5

Solar Energetic Proton Production of a Transient Water Exosphere on Ceres
Michaela Villarreal, Yingdong Jia, Thomas H. Prettyman, Carol A. Raymond, Julie C. Castillo-Rogez, Janet G. Luhmann, M. Leila Mays, Christina O. Lee, and Christopher T. Russell

EGU2018-3926 | Posters | ST1.5

The three-dimensional angular widths of CMEs and their relations to the source regions
Xinhua Zhao and Xueshang Feng

EGU2018-5303 | Posters | ST1.5

Statistical analysis of mirror mode waves in interplanetary coronal mass ejection-driven sheath regions
Matti Ala-Lahti, Emilia Kilpua, Andrew Dimmock, Adnane Osmane, Tuija Pulkkinen, and Jan Souček

EGU2018-6290 | Posters | ST1.5

Sun-Earth connection of the 2017 September CMEs
Chenglong Shen, Mengjiao Xu, and Yuming Wang

EGU2018-6920 | Posters | ST1.5

Complex Eruptive Dynamics Leading to a Prominence Eruption and a Partial-Halo Coronal Mass Ejection
Momchil Dechev, Kostadinka Koleva, and Peter Duchlev

EGU2018-7408 | Posters | ST1.5

Hard X-ray, EUV, and radio signatures in relation to solar energetic particles
Kostadinka Koleva, Rositsa Miteva, Momchil Dechev, Kamen Kozarev, Astrid Veronig, and Manuela Temmer

EGU2018-7600 | Posters | ST1.5

Observational study of a geoeffective `stealth' ICME from STEREO
yutian chi, jie zhang, chenglong shen, phillip hess, wageesh mishra, and yuming wang

EGU2018-7722 | Posters | ST1.5

Observations of the CME shocks and the production of SEPs
Zigong Xu, Chuan li, and Mingde Ding

EGU2018-8947 | Posters | ST1.5

Measurements of Forbush decreases at Mars: both by MSL on ground and by MAVEN in orbit
Jingnan Guo, Robert Lillis, Robert Wimmer-Schweingruber, Cary Zeitlin, Patrick Simonson, Ali Rahmati, Arik Posner, Athanasios Papaioannou, Niklas Lundt, Christina Lee, Davin Larson, Don Hassler, Jasper Halekas, Bent Ehresmann, Patrick Dunn, and Stephan Boettcher

EGU2018-9905 | Posters | ST1.5

Properties of interplanetary magnetic clouds observed by STEREO (2007-2014)
Fernando Carcaboso-Morales, Raúl Gómez-Herrero, Miguel A. Hidalgo, and Javier Rodríguez-Pacheco

EGU2018-10400 | Posters | ST1.5

On the Magnetic Topology and Extreme Ultraviolet in Solar Flares with Late Phase
Jun Chen, Rui Liu, Kai Liu, and Yuming Wang

EGU2018-10758 | Posters | ST1.5

SWiFT-FORECAST: A fully physics-based solar wind simulation pipeline
Rui Pinto, Alexis Rouillard, and Vincent Génot

EGU2018-10820 | Posters | ST1.5

Web application for heliospheric propagation of CMEs: Drag-Based Ensemble Model (DBEM)
Jaša Čalogović, Mateja Dumbović, Bojan Vršnak, Manuela Temmer, Leila M. Mays, Astrid Veronig, and Isabell Piantschitsch

EGU2018-12368 | Posters | ST1.5

Multi-point observations of Forbush decreases at Earth and at Mars: a statistical comparison and statistics
Athanasios Papaioannou, Anatoly Belov, Jingnan Guo, Maria Abunina, Anastasios Anastasiadis, Robert Wimmer-Schweingruber, Eugenia Eroshenko, Anna Melkumyan, and Artem Abunin

EGU2018-13133 | Posters | ST1.5

The evolution of a small complex active region AR 12550 observed by the GST
Yeon-Han Kim, Yan Xu, Vasyl Yurchyshyn, and Eun-Kyung Lim

EGU2018-14376 | Posters | ST1.5

Tracking and validating ICMEs propagating towards Mars using STEREO Heliospheric Imagers combined with Forbush decreases detected by MSL/RAD
Johan von Forstner, Jingnan Guo, Manuela Temmer, Mateja Dumbović, and Donald M. Hassler

EGU2018-6441 | Posters | ST1.5

Sun-to-Earth simulations of geo-effective Coronal Mass Ejections with EUHFORIA: a heliospheric-magnetospheric model chain approach
Camilla Scolini, Christine Verbeke, Stefaan Poedts, Luciano Rodriguez, Marilena Mierla, Jens Pomoell, William Cramer, Jimmy Raeder, and Nat Gopalswamy

ST1.6 – Energy conversion and particle acceleration from the Sun to the Earth: observations, simulations and empirical models

EGU2018-8440 | Orals | ST1.6

Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) Observations of Our Evolving Heliosphere
David McComas

EGU2018-15827 | Posters | ST1.6

Publication of pioneering space-borne sunspot and facular datasets in the frame of FP7 projects
Tünde Baranyi and András Ludmány

EGU2018-2917 | Orals | ST1.6

The strongest acceleration of >40 keV electrons by ICME-driven Shocks at 1 AU
Linghua Wang, Liu Yang, Robert Wimmer-Schweingruber, Gang Li, and Stuart Bale

EGU2018-8325 | Posters | ST1.6

Particle acceleration in a reconnecting current sheet with multiple X- and O-nullpoints
Qian Xia and Valentina Zharkova

EGU2018-8180 | Posters | ST1.6

The real-time SEP prediction tools within the framework of the 'HESPERIA' HORIZON 2020 project
Olga E. Malandraki, Bernd Heber, Johannes Labrenz, Marlon Nunez, Arik Posner, Nikos Milas, Georgia Tsiropoula, and Evgenios Pavlos

EGU2018-5422 | Orals | ST1.6

Non-thermal features of the electron velocity distribution functions in the solar wind: their origins, evolution, and constraints
Štěpán Štverák, Petr Hellinger, Pavel M. Trávníček, Simone Landi, Milan Maksimovic, and Laura Bercic

EGU2018-18114 | Posters | ST1.6

Suprathermal ion populations upstream of interplanetary shocks
Primož Kajdič, Heli Hietala, and Xóchitl Blanco-Cano

EGU2018-17852 | Orals | ST1.6

Observations of turbulence from MHD to kinetic scales in the solar wind and terrestrial magnetosphere
Marius M. Echim, Emiliya Yordanova, Anna Wawrzaszek, Eliza Teodorescu, Roberto Bruno, Zoltan Vörös, Peter Kovacs, Giuseppe Consolini, Kalevi Mursula, Yasuhito Narita, Costel Munteanu, Navin Dwivedi, Wieslaw Macek, and Tom Chang

EGU2018-11374 | Posters | ST1.6

PROGRESS: Fusion of forecasts from the Sun to the Earth
Robertus Erdelyi, Richard Boynton, Simon Walker, Tony Arber, Keith Bennett, Natalia Ganushkina, Stepan Dubyagin, Peter Wintoft, Magnus Wik, Michael Liemohn, Bart van der Holst, Yuri Shprits, Angelica Tibocha, and Volodya Krasnoselskikh

EGU2018-10843 | Orals | ST1.6

Current sheets, magnetic reconnection and particle acceleration throughout the heliosphere
Olga Khabarova and the ISSI International Team 504 “Current Sheets, Turbulence, Structures and Particle Acceleration in the Heliosphere”;

EGU2018-13337 | Orals | ST1.6

Impact of the Eulerian chaos of magnetic field lines in magnetic reconnection
Marie-Christine Firpo, Wahb Ettoumi, Agustin F. Lifschitz, Alessandro Retino, Ricardo Farengo, Hugo E. Ferrari, and Pablo L. García-Martínez

EGU2018-10734 | Posters | ST1.6

Simulating and cataloguing the solar wind
Rui Pinto, Alexis Rouillard, Dusan Odstrcill, Leila Mays, and Michael Lavarra

EGU2018-7441 | Posters | ST1.6

Key results and services of HELCATS
Volker Bothmer, Richard Harrison, Jackie Davies, and Alexis Rouillard and the HELCATS

EGU2018-12790 | Orals | ST1.6

Vlasiator: A story of two European Research Council grants
Minna Palmroth, Urs Ganse, Yann Pfau-Kempf, Sanni Hoilijoki, Markus Battarbee, Thiago Brito, Maxime Grandin, Liisa Juusola, and Sebastian von Alfthan

EGU2018-13302 | Orals | ST1.6

Investigating the role of the foreshock in solar wind-magnetosphere coupling
Lucile Turc, Urs Ganse, Yann Pfau-Kempf, Markus Battarbee, Sanni Hoilijoki, Riku Jarvinen, Liisa Juusola, Sebastian von Alfthan, Thiago Brito, Maxime Grandin, and Minna Palmroth

EGU2018-15396 | Posters | ST1.6

Forbush decrease model for expanding CMEs (ForbMod)
Mateja Dumbovic, Manuela Temmer, Jingnan Guo, Bernd Heber, Christian Möstl, and Bojan Vrsnak

EGU2018-8911 | Posters | ST1.6

The Structure and Evolution of Solar Magnetic Flux Ropes and Their Magnetosheaths (SolMAG)
Emilia Kilpua, Matti Ala-Lahti, Eleanna Asvestari, Simon Good, Erkka Lumme, Diana Morosan, Erika Palmerio, Jens Pomoell, and Daniel Price

EGU2018-11366 | Orals | ST1.6 | Highlight

Ion acceleration at collisionless shocks
Damiano Caprioli

EGU2018-15859 | Posters | ST1.6

Modeling heavy solar wind ions with an exospheric kinetic model
Sofia Moschou, Viviane Pierrard, Bradford Snios, Jeremy Drake, and Ofer Cohen

EGU2018-13717 | Orals | ST1.6 | Highlight

Electron energization near the electron diffusion region of high beta asymmetric reconnection
Elin Eriksson, Andris Vaivads, Daniel Graham, Andrey Divin, Yuri Khotyaintsev, Emiliya Yordanova, Mats André, Barbara Giles, Craig Pollock, Cristopher Russell, Olivier Le Contel, Roy Torbert, Robert Ergun, Per-Arne Lindqvist, and James Burch

EGU2018-6408 | Orals | ST1.6 | Highlight

Detection of travelling ionospheric disturbances in TechTIDE EC H2020 project and perspectives for the development of mitigation strategies
Anna Belehaki and TechTIDE Consortium

EGU2018-8891 | Posters | ST1.6

Evolution of supra-thermal ion distributions and its relation to spontaneous electromagnetic fluctuations
Yana Maneva and Pablo Moya

EGU2018-2950 | Posters | ST1.6

Non-thermal velocity distributions in the solar wind
Viviane Pierrard, Marian Lazar, Sofia Moschou, and Stefaan Poedts

EGU2018-4506 | Orals | ST1.6 | Highlight

The EC Horizon 2020 project SWAMI: Space Weather Atmosphere Model and Indices
Sean Bruinsma, David Jackson, Claudia Stolle, and Sandra Negrin

EGU2018-10163 | Posters | ST1.6

Evolution of firehose-unstable electron and proton velocity distributions in a 2.5D PIC simulation
Philippe-A. Bourdin and Yana Maneva

EGU2018-16841 | Posters | ST1.6

From observational evidence to a consistent theory of suprathermal populations in the solar wind and terrestrial magnetosphere
Marian Lazar, Horst Fichtner, Stefaan Poedts, Shaaban Mohammed Shaaban, and Viviane Pierrard

EGU2018-2874 | Posters | ST1.6

Solar wind temperature anisotropy instabilities: the interplay of electrons, ions and their suprathermal populations
Shaaban Mohammed Shaaban, Marian Lazar, and Stefaan Poedts

EGU2018-3927 | Posters | ST1.6

Particle populations and energy fluxes in non-thermal plasmas
Giovanni Lapenta, Martin Goldman, David Newman, Francesco Pucci, Vyacheslav Olshevskyi, Elisabetta Boella, Diego Gonzalez-Herrero, Alfredo Micera, and Andrei Zukov

EGU2018-7031 | Posters | ST1.6

Magnetospheric Multiscale Observation of Plasma Velocity-Space Cascade
Sergio Servidio, Alexandros Chasapis, Denise Perrone, Oreste Pezzi, Francesco Valentini, William H. Matthaeus, Pierluigi Veltri, Tulasi Nandan Parashar, Daniel Gershman, Christopher Russell, Barbara Giles, Stephen Fuselier, Tai Phan, and Jim Burch

EGU2018-10884 | Posters | ST1.6

New more precise Landau fluid closures
Peter Hunana, Gary Zank, Monica Laurenza, Gary Webb, Melvyn Goldstein, and Laxman Adhikari

EGU2018-12649 | Posters | ST1.6

Vlasiator: Latest results
Minna Palmroth, Urs Ganse, Yann Pfau-Kempf, Sanni Hoilijoki, and Lucile Turc

EGU2018-12712 | Posters | ST1.6

Electron velocity distributions in a global hybrid-Vlasov magnetospheric model
Thiago Brito, Urs Ganse, Yann Pfau-Kempf, Markus Battarbee, Lucile Turc, Lisa Juusola, Maxime Grandin, Sebastian von Alfthan, and Minna Palmroth

EGU2018-13002 | Posters | ST1.6

Comparison between self-consistent 2D full-particle and test-particles simulations to investigate the origin of the Earth’s Ion Foreshock.
Philippe Savoini and Bertrand Lembege

EGU2018-16925 | Posters | ST1.6

Injection of protons at the Earth's bow shock: global results of hybrid-Vlasov and test-particle modelling
Markus Battarbee, Urs Ganse, Yann Pfau-Kempf, Lucile Turc, Liisa Juusola, Thiago Brito, Maxime Grandin, Sebastian von Alfthan, and Minna Palmroth

EGU2018-10051 | Posters | ST1.6

Shock dynamic and generation of suprathermal ions during variable upstream solar wind conditions
Harald Kucharek, Antoinette Galvin, Charles Farrugia, and Noe Lugaz

EGU2018-3441 | Posters | ST1.6

Dissipation Mechanisms and Particle Acceleration at the Earth’s Bow Shock
Mihir Desai, James Burch, Stephen Fuselier, Jeffrey Broll, Kevin Genestreti, Roy Torbert, Robert Ergun, Chris Russell, Hanying Wei, Barbara Giles, Tai Phan, Li Chen, Steven Schwartz, Imogen Gingell, Robert Allen, and Barry Mauk

EGU2018-2857 | Posters | ST1.6

Evidence of autogenous first-order Fermi acceleration of energetic ions upstream of Earth’s bow shock
Drew Turner, Lynn Wilson, Stephen Schwartz, Terry Zixu Liu, Adnane Osmane, Joseph Fennell, J. Bernard Blake, Trevor Leonard, Allison Jaynes, Ian Cohen, Barry Mauk, Bob Strangeway, Jeff Broll, Stephen Fuselier, and James Burch

EGU2018-8128 | Posters | ST1.6

Formation of High Speed Jets in the Downstream Region of Quasi-Parallel Shock under different Solar Wind Mach Number conditions
Bertrand Lembège and Petr Hellinger

EGU2018-14005 | Posters | ST1.6

Magnetospheric MultiScale observations of ion acceleration at jet fronts
Filomena Catapano and the MMS team

EGU2018-16310 | Posters | ST1.6

Magnetospheric MultiScale observations of energetic ion acceleration at multiple turbulent jet fronts
Alessandro Retinò and the MMS Team

EGU2018-873 | Posters | ST1.6

Sub-ion magnetic hole in depolarized magnetotail: evidences of the electron energization
Pavel Shustov, Anton Artemyev, Xiaojia Zhang, Egor Yushkov, and Anatoliy Petrukovich

EGU2018-15934 | Posters | ST1.6

Collisionless relaxation of the ion ring distribution in space plasma
Leon Ofman, Thomas Moore, and Alex Glocer

EGU2018-9034 | Posters | ST1.6

Kinetic Study of twisted waves in non-Gyrotropic Plasmas
Kashif Arshad, Marian Lazar, and Stefaan Poedts

ST2.1 – Open Session on the Magnetosphere (including Julius Bartels Medal Lecture)

EGU2018-19587 | Posters | ST2.1

Electromagnetic drift waves in an magnetized plasma
Olga Tsareva, Gabriel Fruit, and Philippe Louarn

EGU2018-4458 | Orals | ST2.1

How much flux does a flux transfer event transfer?
Robert Fear, Lorenzo Trenchi, John Coxon, and Steve Milan

EGU2018-10078 | Orals | ST2.1

The transition between anti-parallel and component magnetic reconnection at the Earth’s dayside magnetopause
Karlheinz Trattner, James Burch, Robert Ergun, Stefan Eriksson, Stephan Fuselier, Barbara Giles, Steven Petrinec, and Frederick Wilder

EGU2018-18794 | Posters | ST2.1

The Responses of the Earth’s Bow Shock and Magnetopause to the IMF Bz and the Solar Wind Dynamic Pressure: A Parametric Study Using the AMR-CESE-MHD Model
Juan Wang, Zhifang Guo, Yasong Ge, Aimin Du, and Pengfei Qin

EGU2018-18691 | Posters | ST2.1

How nitrogen ions affect the ring current dynamics
Raluca Ilie, Mei-Yun Li, and Michael Liemohn

EGU2018-6807 | Orals | ST2.1

Evaluation of the plasma pressure during the magnetic storm
Elena Kronberg, Daniel Welling, Lynn Kistler, Christopher Mouikis, Patrick W. Daly, Elena Grigorenko, Berndt Klecker, and Iannis Dandouras

EGU2018-2718 | Posters | ST2.1

Contribution of energy input into the magnetosphere to storm-time TEC modelling in mid-latitudes
Jean Claude Uwamahoro and John Bosco Habarulema

EGU2018-14847 | Orals | ST2.1

Do substorms energise the ring current?
Jasmine Sandhu, Jonathan Rae, Mervyn Freeman, Colin Forsyth, Matina Gkioulidou, Caitriona Jackman, and Mai Mai Lam

EGU2018-9881 | Posters | ST2.1

Turbulent processes in the Earth’s magnetotail: statistical and spectral analysis
Liudmyla Kozak, Bohdan Petrenko, Elena Kronberg, Elena Grigorenko, and Anthony Lui

EGU2018-2545 | Orals | ST2.1

Forces acting on the bursty bulk flow plasma
Tomas Karlsson, Daniel Gershman, Anita Kullen, Per-Arne Lindqvist, Rumi Nakamura, Ferdinand Plaschke, and Wei-Jie Sun

EGU2018-16086 | Orals | ST2.1

A new flapping mechanism of Earth’s magnetotail current sheet: inferred from Cluster observations
Jiawei Gao, Zhaojin Rong, Yihui Cai, Anatoli Petrukovich, Tony Lui, Chao Shen, Yong Wei, and Weixing Wan

EGU2018-8828 | Posters | ST2.1

Injections of relativistic electrons jointly observed with POLAR-TG2 and RHESSI during geomagnetic storms
Ping Zhang, Wojtek Hajdas, and Hualin Xiao

EGU2018-6543 | Posters | ST2.1

The Geomagnetic Storm of May 27, 2017: Magnetospheric and Ionospheric Response
Simone Di Matteo, Mirko Piersanti, Claudio Cesaroni, Alfredo Del Corpo, Michael Pezzopane, Alessio Pignalberi, Luca Spogli, Massimo Vellante, and Umberto Villante

EGU2018-5577 | Orals | ST2.1

The ARCH Project: The holy grail of magnetosphere-ionosphere physics
Jesper Gjerloev, Colin Waters, and Robin Barnes

EGU2018-16323 | Posters | ST2.1

Plasma acceleration on multiscale temporal variations of electric and magnetic fields during substorm dipolarization in the Earth’s magnetotail
Elena Parkhomenko, Helmi Malova, Elena Grigorenko, Victor Popov, Anatolyi Petrukovich, Dominique Delcourt, Elena Kronberg, Patrick Daly, and Lev Zelenyi

EGU2018-3442 | Orals | ST2.1

How Does the Magnetosphere go to Sleep?
Therese Moretto Jorgensen, Michael Hesse, Susanne Vennerstrøm, Eigil Friis-Christensen, Masha Kutznetsova, Hermann Opgenoorth, and Paul Tenfjord

EGU2018-18443 | Posters | ST2.1

MMS observations of Hall currents at the borders of a crater flux transfer event
Lorenzo Trenchi, John Coxon, and Robert Fear

EGU2018-4306 | Orals | ST2.1

Extreme Solar Particle Storms: How hostile can the Sun be?
Ilya Usoskin

EGU2018-17157 | Posters | ST2.1

Vortex, ULF wave and aurora observation induced by Solar Wind Dynamic Pressure Change
Quanqi Shi and et al.

EGU2018-16456 | Posters | ST2.1

Dispersive flapping waves of magnetotail current sheet: event study
Zhaojin Rong, Yihui Cai, Jiawei Gao, Tony Lui, Chao Shen, Anatoli Petrukovich, Yong Wei, and Weixing Wan

EGU2018-16313 | Posters | ST2.1

New insights for Solar wind-magnetosphere coupling function
Gaël Cessateur, Romain Maggiolo, Maria Hamrin, Johan De Keyser, Herbert Gunell, Lukas Maes, and Timo Pitkanen

EGU2018-15274 | Posters | ST2.1

Field Line Eigenfrequencies During Storms and Substorms
Jasmine Sandhu, Jonathan Rae, Colin Forsyth, Tim Yeoman, Matthew James, Alexander Luff, Maria-Theresia Walach, and Marina Georgiou

EGU2018-4386 | Posters | ST2.1

Ray tracing study of propagation of lower-band whistler-mode emissions in outer radiation belts: A statistical approach
Miroslav Hanzelka, Ondřej Santolík, and Nicole Cornilleau-Wehrlin

EGU2018-5211 | Posters | ST2.1

Cosmic ray cutoff rigidity changes caused by the disturbed geomagnetic field of the storm in June 2015
Elena Vernova, Marta Tyasto, Olga Danilova, and Valerii Sdobnov

EGU2018-7504 | Posters | ST2.1

Dynamics of suprathermal electron and proton fluxes during magnetotail dipolarization associated with magnetic flux pile up in the near-Earth plasma sheet
Andrey Malykhin, Elena Grigorenko, Elena Kronberg, Rositza Koleva, Natalia Ganushkina, Ludmila Kozak, and Patrik Daly

EGU2018-7878 | Posters | ST2.1

Plasmaspheric hiss as an external excitation source of the Earth-ionosphere cavity
Tamas Bozoki, Gabriella Sátori, and Péter Steinbach

EGU2018-12865 | Posters | ST2.1

Current Structure of off-equatorial Dipolarization Fronts from Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) Observations
Yasong Ge, Pengfei Qin, Aimin Du, Cong Zhao, Christopher Russell, Rumi Nakamura, and Tielong Zhang

EGU2018-10653 | Posters | ST2.1

The difference between isolated flux transfer events and flux transfer event cascades
Anita Kullen, Simon Thor, and Tomas Karsson

EGU2018-14778 | Posters | ST2.1

The time response of the plasmasheet composition to the solar wind
Romain Maggiolo, Maria Hamrin, Gael Cessateur, Johan De Keyser, Herbert Gunell, Lukas Maes, and Timo Pitkänen

EGU2018-6789 | Posters | ST2.1

Statistical survey of the terrestrial bow shock current system using Cluster observations
Evelyn Liebert, Christian Nabert, and Karl-Heinz Glassmeier

EGU2018-2062 | Posters | ST2.1

Time of flight dispersed and repetitive ion structures in the diffuse auroral zone originating from 1-2 Re altitudes
Jean-André Sauvaud, Dominique Delcourt, Michel Parrot, Denis Payan, and Emmanuel Penou

ST2.3 – The role of the magnetosheath, cusps, foreshock, and transient solar wind phenomena in solar wind – magnetosphere coupling

EGU2018-3180 | Orals | ST2.3

Properties and evolution of foreshock bubbles
Terry Zixu Liu, Vassilis Angelopoulos, Drew Turner, Heli Hietala, San Lu, and Nick Omidi

EGU2018-6184 | Posters | ST2.3

A mission to the Sun-Earth L4/L5 for the solar-terrestrial relationship and space weather investigation
Ying Wang, Shuwu Dai, Yuanyong Deng, and Wenyan Zhou

EGU2018-2100 | Orals | ST2.3

Magnetosheath jet interaction with ambient plasma
Ferdinand Plaschke, Maria Jernej, and Heli Hietala

EGU2018-4956 | Posters | ST2.3

Nonlinear waves in the terrestrial quasi-parallel foreshock
Bogdan Hnat, Dmitri Kolotkov, Daniel O'Connell, Valery Nakariakov, and George Rowlands

EGU2018-13000 | Posters | ST2.3

Modification of solar wind upstream of the Earth’s foreshock: Multi-instrumental observations
Jaroslav Urbar, Lubomir Prech, Zdenek Nemecek, and Jana Safrankova

EGU2018-9057 | Orals | ST2.3

Mid-altitude cusp properties: simultaneous Cluster observations at different MLT sectors
Yulia Bogdanova, Andrew Fazakerley, Philippe Escoubet, Robert Fear, Frederik Pitout, Karlheinz Trattner, Jean Berchem, Mats Andre, Patrick Canu, Christopher Carr, Iannis Dandouras, Yuri Khotyaintsev, Lynn Kistler, Christopher Mouikis, and Jean Louis Rauch

EGU2018-15975 | Orals | ST2.3

Observations of very-low Mach number inner planet bow shocks during ICMEs
Simon A. Pope, Michael Gedalin, and Michael A. Balikhin

EGU2018-18041 | Posters | ST2.3

Travelling foreshocks and foreshock phenomena
Primož Kajdič, Xóchtl Blanco-Cano, Diana Rojas-Castillo, and Nojan Omidi

EGU2018-17137 | Orals | ST2.3

Three Dimensional Simulations of ULF Wave Particle Interactions: Van Allen Probes Observations
Robert Rankin, Chengrui Wang, Yongfu Wang, Quigang Zong, and Xuzhi Zhou

EGU2018-6433 | Posters | ST2.3

Analysis of anisotropic turbulence behind quasi-perpendicular and quasi-parallel shocks based on THEMIS mission observations
Beata Kucharuk, Wiesław M. Macek, Anna Wawrzaszek, and David G. Sibeck

EGU2018-3369 | Orals | ST2.3

Variation of the auroral oval size and offset from the Spin-Scan Auroral Imager
Daniel Wagner and Ralph Neuhäuser

EGU2018-1976 | Posters | ST2.3

Magnetosheath high-speed jet properties and evolution as deduced by Vlasiator: First results
Minna Palmroth, Heli Hietala, Ferdinand Plaschke, Martin Archer, Tomas Karlsson, Xochitl Blanco-Cano, David Sibeck, Primoz Kajdic, Urs Ganse, Yann Pfau-Kempf, Sanni Hoilijoki, and Lucile Turc

EGU2018-8224 | Posters | ST2.3

Long-term survey of lion roars across Earth's magnetosheath observed by the STAFF-SA instrument onboard the Cluster spacecraft
David Píša, Vratislav Krupař, Oksana Krupařová, Ondřej Santolík, and Jan Souček

EGU2018-5741 | Posters | ST2.3

Modelling of the electric current and magnetic field structures associated with the polar cusps
Nikolai Tsyganenko and Varvara Andreeva

EGU2018-9496 | Posters | ST2.3

Simulations of SMILE X-ray images from global MHD modelling
Andrey Samsonov, Graziella Branduardi-Raymont, and David Sibeck

EGU2018-11342 | Posters | ST2.3

New remote sensing of the Earth’s magnetosphere: the SMILE mission
C.-Philippe Escoubet, Graziella Branduardi-Raymont, Chi Wang, Steve Sembay, Lei Dai, Lei Li, Eric Donovan, Andrew Dimmock, Emma Spanswick, David Sibeck, Harri Laakso, Andy Read, David Agnolon, Arno Wielders, Chris Runciman, Li Jing, Jianhua Zheng, and Wilfried Raab

EGU2018-12106 | Posters | ST2.3

Statistical Mapping of X-ray Emissivity in Dayside Magnetosheath and Cusps in Preparation for SMILE
Andrew Dimmock, Philippe Escoubet, Lucile Turc, and Katariina Nykyri

EGU2018-9411 | Posters | ST2.3

Magnetosheath propagation time for solar wind discontinuities: MHD simulations and observations
Andrey Samsonov, David Sibeck, Natalia Dmitrieva, Vladimir Semenov, Jana Safrankova, and Zdenek Nemecek

EGU2018-8388 | Posters | ST2.3

Carriers and source of magnetopause current
Xiangcheng Dong, Malcolm Dunlop, Tieyan Wang, Jinbin Cao, Karlheinz Trattner, and Christopher Russell

EGU2018-2638 | Posters | ST2.3

A Remarkable Event in Solar Wind Dynamic Pressure and its Effects on Magnetospheric Currents
Yi Qi, Hairong Lai, Christopher T. Russell, and Pete Riley

EGU2018-14366 | Posters | ST2.3

Hermean magnetospheric structure shape dynamics
David Parunakian, Igor Alexeev, Elena Belenkaya, Valery Petrov, and Maxim Khodachenko

EGU2018-18465 | Posters | ST2.3

Magnetospheric response to extreme interplanetary magnetic field transients
Consuelo Cid, Antonio Guerrero, Elena Saiz, Judith Palacios, and Yolanda Cerrato

EGU2018-16461 | Posters | ST2.3

The excitation and the source location of the long-duration EMIC waves in the dayside outer magnetosphere
Tieyan Wang, Jinsong Zhao, Huishan Fu, Jiansen He, and Malcolm Dunlop

EGU2018-4811 | Posters | ST2.3

Case Study: Substorm External Triggering Associated with Northward and Southward IMF orientation
Dana Saxonbergova, Zoltan Voros, and Jan Simkanin

EGU2018-1796 | Posters | ST2.3

Substorm Related ULF waves Observed in the Magnetosphere by BD-IES and Van Allan Probes
Qiugang Zong

EGU2018-6932 | Posters | ST2.3

Correlation of solar activity and solar wind structures with geomagnetic, ionospheric and cosmic-ray ground-data from Iberian Peninsula and Canary Islands Observatories
Víctor Villasante-Marcos, Juan José Blanco, Anna Morozova, María Alcaide-García, Almudena Gomis-Moreno, Germán Solé, Paulo Ribeiro, Joan Miquel Torta, Manuel Catalán, and José Manuel Tordesillas

EGU2018-2108 | Posters | ST2.3

Dynamic Evolution of the Earth’s Plasmapause: Statistics and Model
Xiao-Xin Zhang, Fei He, and Rui-Lin Lin

ST2.5 – Mass, Momentum, and Energy Transport through boundaries in the magnetosphere

EGU2018-4512 | Posters | ST2.5

Global scale simulation of northward IMF magnetospheric dynamics: Vlasiator results
Robert Fear, Minna Palmroth, Riku Jarvinen, Liisa Juusola, Urs Ganse, Sanni Hoilijoki, Paul Cassak, David Sibeck, Markus Battarbee, Xochitl Blanco-Cano, Andrew Dummock, Emilia Kilpua, and Lucile Turc

EGU2018-1960 | Orals | ST2.5

Dynamics of the Earth’s magnetotail observed by Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS)
Rumi Nakamura and the MMS Magnetotail reconnection study team

EGU2018-13383 | Orals | ST2.5

How accurately can we determine the reconnection rate for the 2017-07-11 MMS magnetotail reconnection event?
Kevin Genestreti, Takuma Nakamura, Rumi Nakamura, Richard Denton, Wiliam Daughton, Roy Torbert, Robert Ergun, James Burch, Kyoung-Joo Hwang, Stephen Fuselier, Julia Stawarz, Jonathan Eastwood, Christopher Russell, Barbara Giles, Shan Wang, and James Webster

EGU2018-4779 | Posters | ST2.5

Magnetopause under a strong southward IMF
Jiri Simunek, Zdenek Nemecek, Jana Safrankova, Gilbert Pi, and Kostiantyn Grygorov

EGU2018-7574 | Orals | ST2.5 | Highlight

Energy exchange and electron dynamics in kinetic Alfvén waves
Daniel J. Gershman, Adolfo F-Viñas, John C. Dorelli, Levon A. Avanov, Scott A. Boardsen, Paul M. Bellan, Steven J. Schwartz, Benoit Lavraud, Victoria N. Coffey, Michael O. Chandler, Yoshifumi Saito, William R. Paterson, Stephen A. Fuselier, Robert E. Ergun, Robert J. Strangeway, Christopher T. Russell, Craig J. Pollock, Roy B. Torbert, and James L. Burch

EGU2018-3488 | Posters | ST2.5

Dayside magnetopause boundary layers under radial IMF conditions
Gilbert Pi, Zdenek Nemecek, Jana Safrankova, and Kostiantyn Grygorov

EGU2018-5528 | Posters | ST2.5

Fine structure of the night-side equatorial magnetopause: ARTEMIS observations
Alexander Lukin, Anton Artemyev, Anatoly Petrukovich, and Egor Yushkov

EGU2018-2634 | Orals | ST2.5

Reconnection at the Subsolar Magnetopause
Christopher T. Russell, Cong Zhao, Hairong R. Lai, Robert J. Strangeway, William R. Paterson, Barbara L. Giles, and James L. Burch

EGU2018-8756 | Orals | ST2.5

On the current reduction by cold ions in magnetic reconnection: PIC simulations and MMS observations
Sergio Toledo-Redondo, Jeremy Dargent, Nicolas Aunai, Benoit Lavraud, Mats Andre, Wenya Li, Barbara Giles, Per-Arne Lindqvist, Robert Ergun, Christopher Russell, and James Burch

EGU2018-12349 | Posters | ST2.5

Earth’s magnetopause structure based on the Grad-Shafranov reconstruction solver and THEMIS multi-spacecraft data
Guan-Wen Chen and Lin-Ni Hau

EGU2018-17865 | Orals | ST2.5

MMS Multi-Point Analysis of FTEs: Stress Balance, Plasma Energization, and Instabilities
Mojtaba Akhavan-Tafti, James A. Slavin, Jonathan P. Eastwood, Paul Cassak, and Daniel J. Gershman

EGU2018-3481 | Posters | ST2.5

Do we already touch limits of predictability of the magnetopause location?
Zdenek Nemecek, Jana Safrankova, Jiri Simunek, Tereza Durovcova, Gilbert Pi, and Kostiantyn Grygorov

EGU2018-12799 | Posters | ST2.5

Variations of the LLBL thickness under abrupt IMF changes
Kostiantyn Grygorov, Oksana Kruparova, Gilbert Pi, Zdenek Nemecek, and Jana Safrankova

EGU2018-17014 | Posters | ST2.5

Solar Wind Plasma/Particle Entry into the magnetosphere during quiet times and its Related Auroral activities
Quanqi Shi and et al

EGU2018-4591 | Posters | ST2.5

New estimation methods of the reconnection rate using in-situ measurements
Takuma Nakamura, Yi-Hsin Liu, Rumi Nakamura, Ali Varsani, Kevin Genestreti, and William Daughton

EGU2018-9174 | Posters | ST2.5

Three dimensional hybrid simulation of plasma mixing induced by the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability
Yoann Vernisse, Benoit Lavraud, Matteo Faganello, Francesco Califano, and Sid Fadanelli

EGU2018-10883 | Posters | ST2.5

Electron dynamics in high beta, large shear, intermediate guide field reconnection
Cecilia Norgren, Daniel Graham, Yuri Khotyaintsev, Mats André, Andris Vaivads, and Michael Hesse

EGU2018-13212 | Posters | ST2.5

Crescent-shaped electron distributions within high-speed plasma jets deflected tangentially at the magnetopause: three-dimensional kinetic solutions
Gabriel Voitcu and Marius Echim

ST2.7 – Wave-particle interactions in the Earth's magnetosphere and radiation belt dynamics

EGU2018-3497 | Orals | ST2.7

The importance of wave-particle interactions for radiation belts dynamics
Richard Horne

EGU2018-1751 | Posters | ST2.7

How Many Different Sources Are There for (Coherent) Plasmaspheric Hiss and What Are the Implications for Subauroral Energetic Particle Precipitation?
Bruce Tsurutani, Sanga Park, barbara falkowski, anthony mannucci, jolene pickett, gurbax lakhina, Banhu Remya, and Michel Parrot

EGU2018-2853 | Orals | ST2.7

Current state of the art and understanding for forecasting relativistic electrons in Earth’s radiation belts
Drew Turner, T. Paul O'Brien, Joseph Fennell, Seth Claudepierre, J. Bernard Blake, Emilia Kilpua, Heli Hietala, Allison Jaynes, Shrikanth Kanekal, Daniel Baker, Harlan Spence, Jean-Francois Ripoll, and Geoff Reeves

EGU2018-3472 | Posters | ST2.7

Preliminary survey of quasiperiodic emissions observed by the Van Allen Probes spacecraft
Barbora Bezdekova, Frantisek Nemec, George B. Hospodarsky, Ondrej Santolik, William S. Kurth, and Craig Kletzing

EGU2018-5324 | Orals | ST2.7

Radiation Belt Acceleration and Loss: Forecasting Solar Wind Driving Effects
Daniel N. Baker

EGU2018-4769 | Posters | ST2.7

Equatorial noise emissions with quasiperiodic modulation: Investigating the source region
Frantisek Nemec, Ondrej Santolik, Alexander Tomori, George B. Hospodarsky, Jolene S. Pickett, William S. Kurth, and Craig Kletzing