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TS – Tectonics & Structural Geology

TS1.2 – Open session on tectonics, structural geology, and the teaching of structural geology

EGU2018-5424 | Posters | TS1.2 | Highlight

Rock Fracture Knowledgebase in teaching structural geology and related advanced courses
Atilla Aydin and Jian Zhong

EGU2018-11777 | Posters | TS1.2

Thrust Systems Tools: Software for the Kinematic Modeling of Thin-Skinned Deformation and Syntectonic Sedimentation in Two Dimensions
Juan Contreras

EGU2018-15032 | Posters | TS1.2

From GoogleEarth to 3-D Geology: Seeing below the surface of the Digital Earth
Florian Wellmann, Alexander Schaaf, Miguel de la Varga, and Christoph von Hagke

EGU2018-3636 | Posters | TS1.2

What is the influence of pre-existing structures on regional intraplate tectonic stress fields? A case study of the central German platform
Payman Navabpour, Jonas Kley, and Madeline Richter

EGU2018-5119 | Posters | TS1.2

Subsurface granites in the Franconian Basin, Germany: gravity model, plausibility of depth range from microstructural constraints and calculated radiogenic heat supply
Helga De Wall, Michel Bestmann, Anna Schaarschmidt, Gerald Gabriel, and Marion Kämmlein

EGU2018-9392 | Posters | TS1.2

Preliminary paleostress analysis from Huaying Shan to Wuling Shan, Upper Yangtze Platform (Sichuan, Chongqing, Hubei and Hunan Provinces, China)
Aline Saintot, Changhai Xu, Christophe Pascal, Xiaolong Li, and Lu Zhang

EGU2018-4184 | Posters | TS1.2

Study of subsurface structures of southwest Taiwan using gravity data
Li-Wei Sun, Yu-Tsung Lo, and Horng-Yuan Yen

EGU2018-5098 | Posters | TS1.2 | Highlight

Tectonic and Paleobathymetric evolution of the South Atlantic Basin
Lucia Perez-Diaz and Graeme Eagles

EGU2018-10624 | Posters | TS1.2

The Pangean suture zone in southeastern New England, USA, and Morocco
Yvette Kuiper, André Michard, Abderrahmane Soulaimani, Etienne Ruellan, James Crowley, Faouziya Haissen, and Hassan Ouanaimi

EGU2018-15165 | Posters | TS1.2

Large Vertical Breccia Bodies (LVBBs): an outcrop study in Cretaceous near-slope basinal carbonates of Apulia margin, Italy.
Danica Jablonska, Claudio Di Celma, and Emanuele Tondi

EGU2018-17750 | Posters | TS1.2

Low angle normal faults record pure extension during the opening of the Lower Permian Orobic Basin, Southern Alps
Andrea Zanchi, Stefano Zanchetta, and Luigi Berio

EGU2018-1880 | Posters | TS1.2

40Ar/39Ar age determinations in white micas from polymetamorphyc terrains: Constrains on the relevance of the Variscan tectonothermal events in the Cadomian basement of the SW Iberian Massif
Luis Eguiluz, Fernando Sarrionandia, Alexander Iriondo, and Jon Errandonea

EGU2018-324 | Posters | TS1.2

Evidences of Neo Tectonic Landforms between Srinagar and Bagwan Area in Lower Alaknada Valley (Garhwal Himalaya), India
Devi Datt Chauniyal

EGU2018-18916 | Posters | TS1.2

Tectonic setting of the Tambobamba area (Central Andes, Peru)
Disperati Leonardo, Fantozzi Pier Lorenzo, and Amaddii Michele

TS2.1 – Faults and the deformation they cause: from outcrops to models (co-organized)

EGU2018-2255 | Posters | TS2.1

Inversion of Slip Rates of The Faults around Ordos Block, Northern China, Based on GPS and Leveling Observations
Shiyong Zhou, Yilei Huang, and Qingliang Wang

EGU2018-4621 | Orals | TS2.1

Seismic Characterization of Fault Facies Models
Charlotte Botter, Nestor Cardozo, Dongfang Qu, Jan Tveranger, and Dmitriy Kolyukhin

EGU2018-15949 | Orals | TS2.1

Structural, porosity and permeability properties of basin-boundary extensional fault zones in poorly lithified sandstones of the Rio do Peixe basin, Brazil
Fabrizio Balsamo, Francisco CC Nogueira, Chiara Febbrari, Alessandra Cantoni, Angela Dettori, Fabrizio Storti, Francisco HR Bezerra, Bruno RBM Carvalho, and Jorge André De Souza

EGU2018-2641 | Posters | TS2.1

Deformation characteristics of the Ilgwang Fault in SE Korea
Kwangmin Jin and Young-Seog Kim

EGU2018-14984 | Orals | TS2.1

Anatomy of an active seismic source: kinematic complexity and structural inheritance constrained by field observations and present-day seismic activity (Central Apennines, Italy)
Michele Fondriest, Andrea Bistacchi, Matteo Demurtas, Fabrizio Balsamo, Fabrizio Storti, Luisa Valoroso, and Giulio Di Toro

EGU2018-8207 | Posters | TS2.1

Applying the model of triclinic transpression with oblique extrusion to an active fault: The Alhama de Murcia Fault (Southeastern Spain). Preliminary results.
Jorge Alonso-Henar, Carlos Fernández, and José Jesús Martinez-Diaz

EGU2018-14175 | Posters | TS2.1

Design, Rheology and Scaling of Granular Rock-Analogue Materials (GRAM) for Multi-scale Fault-Fracture Simulations
Juergen Adam and Elham Jonade

EGU2018-16420 | Orals | TS2.1

The role of mechanical stratigraphy on the refraction of strike-slip faults
Mirko Carlini, Giulio Viola, Matteo Berti, and Luca Castellucci

EGU2018-10484 | Orals | TS2.1

Transient cnoidal waves can explain fault-damage zones
Christoph Schrank, Manolis Veveakis, Thomas Poulet, Sotiris Alevizos, and Klaus Regenauer-Lieb

EGU2018-10191 | Posters | TS2.1

A New Earthquake Focal Mechanism Catalog for Egypt
Hazem Badreldin, Sherif Mohamed Ali, and Amr El-Sharkawy

EGU2018-1298 | Posters | TS2.1

Active tectonics of the Kumisi-Tsalka area, Georgia: back-thrust zone of the eastern Achara-Trialeti fold and thrust belt
Aleksandre Gventsadze, Victor Alania, Alessandro Tibaldi, and Onise Enukidze

EGU2018-325 | Orals | TS2.1

3D anatomy of a composite shale smear: along-strike variations of fault zone architecture of a normal fault in poorly lithified sediments, Miri (Malaysia)
Silvia Sosio de Rosa, Zoe Shipton, Rebecca Lunn, Yannick Kremer, and Titus Murray

EGU2018-11551 | Posters | TS2.1

The effects of deformation bands on uranium-bearing fluid migration in sedimentary sequences, Flinders Ranges, South Australia
Drew Lubiniecki, Rosalind King, Simon Holford, Mark Bunch, Steven Hill, and Stephen Hore

EGU2018-12792 | Posters | TS2.1

Normal faulting in basalts with vertical cooling joints: lessons learned from analogue models and outcrop studies in Iceland
Lisa Winhausen, Michael Kettermann, Christoph von Hagke, and Janos L. Urai

EGU2018-12957 | Posters | TS2.1

Deciphering the complex evolution of a polyphase fault/fracture network and its control on fluid circulation and ore deposition through macro- to micro-scale observations
Alexis Grare, Antonio Benedicto, Olivier Lacombe, Anna Travé, Julien Mercadier, Patrick Ledru, John Robbins, and Mario Blain

EGU2018-8881 | Posters | TS2.1

Mapping of massively dilatant faults in Iceland using UAV-SfM and TLS
Christopher Weismüller, Michael Kettermann, Christoph von Hagke, Janos Lajos Urai, and Klaus Reicherter

EGU2018-13637 | Posters | TS2.1

Microstructural analysis of the fault rocks in Mesozoic platform carbonates (Campolongo fault, Asiago Plateau, Venetian Prealps)
Enrico Marzotto, Michele Fondriest, and Dario Zampieri

EGU2018-13908 | Posters | TS2.1

The surface structures of massively dilatant faults in Iceland and their implications on subsurface geometries
Michael Kettermann, Christopher Weismüller, Christoph von Hagke, Klaus Reicherter, and Janos L. Urai

EGU2018-12714 | Posters | TS2.1

Influence of obliquity on the geometry of massively dilatant faults – insights from scaled analogue models
Nicolai Bitsch, Daniel Bücken, Michael Kettermann, Christoph von Hagke, and Janos L. Urai

EGU2018-16334 | Posters | TS2.1

Geometrical analysis of deformation bands and ladder fractures: a case study from Hopeman, Scotland
Abdullah Awdal, David Healy, and Ian Alsop

EGU2018-1644 | Posters | TS2.1

Fault evolution in the Bavarian Molasse Basin: a case study of urban geothermal exploration around Munich, Germany
Jennifer Ziesch, David Tanner, Cenk Akyildiz, Hermann Buness, and Rüdiger Thomas

EGU2018-18154 | Posters | TS2.1

Visualisation and 3-D structural analysis of shear-deformation bands in unconsolidated Pleistocene sands with ground-penetrating radar
Christian Brandes, Jan Igel, Markus Loewer, David Tanner, Jörg Lang, Katharina Müller, and Jutta Winsemann

TS2.2 – The timing of faulting, fracturing and fluid-flow in the upper crust (co-organized)

EGU2018-7354 | Posters | TS2.2

Low-temperature (U-Th)/He thermochronometry applied to an active hydrothermal system: The example of the Têt fault (Eastern Pyrénées, France)
Gaétan Milesi, Roger Soliva, Patrick Monié, Mathieu Bellanger, Philippe Munch, Audrey Taillefer, and Michael Bonno

EGU2018-3088 | Orals | TS2.2

IsoplotR: a free and open toolbox for geochronology
Pieter Vermeesch

EGU2018-12454 | Orals | TS2.2

Geochemical and mineralogical signature of fault zones in Archean basement rocks: characterizing a multi-episodic history of fluid-rock interactions
Alexis Grare, Antonio Benedicto, Julien Mercadier, Olivier Lacombe, Anna Travé, Patrick Ledru, Mario Blain, and John Robbins

EGU2018-10172 | Posters | TS2.2

Exhumation of Alpine HP rocks revealed by magnetite (U-Th)/He dating
Stephane Schwartz, Cecile Gautheron, Rosella Pinna-Jamme, Frederic Haurine, Fabrice Brunet, and Richard Ketcham

EGU2018-14089 | Orals | TS2.2

Age-strain analysis of synfaulting calcite: a tale of fault processes
Perach Nuriel, Ram Weinberger, John Craddock, and Andrew Kylander-Clark

EGU2018-19059 | Posters | TS2.2

Advective heating in Alpine fractures during exhumation of the Lauzière granite in the external crystalline Belledonne massif
Emilie Janots, Alexis Grand'Homme, Matthias Bernet, Damien Guillaume, Edwin Gnos, Anne Magali Seydoux-Guillaume, Marie Christine Boiron, Valérie Bosse, and Roger De Ascenção Guedes

EGU2018-14685 | Orals | TS2.2

Using U-Pb calcite dating to directly-date continental-scale faults
Catherine Mottram, Djordje Grujic, and Isabelle Coutand

EGU2018-735 | Posters | TS2.2

Dynamics and geochronology of deformational fabric in the lower crustal rocks, a case study of Ambaji granulites, NW India
Sudheer Kumar Tiwari and Tapas Kumar Biswal

EGU2018-10879 | Orals | TS2.2

Timing and tectonic significance of regional fracture systems in Paleozoic platform rocks, east central North America: new insights from U-Pb dating of vein calcite
Alexander Cruden, Don Davis, Dragan Andjelkovic, and Andrew Parmenter

EGU2018-2781 | Posters | TS2.2

Observations of reactive transport through fractures in outcrop: A methodology to define the spatial and time scales of fluid flow
Marco Antonellini and Pauline Nella Mollema

EGU2018-15728 | Orals | TS2.2

Timing and duration of brittle deformational events. Laser U-Pb SSI ages on calcite (Al Hajar Mountains, Oman)
Richard Albert Roper, Axel Gerdes, Reuben J. Hansman, Uwe Ring, and Leo J. Millonig

EGU2018-10560 | Posters | TS2.2

How to date faults, fractures and fluids with U-Pb calcite geochronology
Nick Roberts, Richard Walker, Jonathan Imber, Richard Haslam, and Henrik Drake

EGU2018-3777 | Posters | TS2.2

Fold age determination in the northeastern United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) using K-Ar illite age analysis
Soujung Kim, Yirang Jang, Sanghoon Kwon, and Yungoo Song

EGU2018-4982 | Posters | TS2.2

Multiple episodes of fluid migration imprinted as veins and host rock dolomitization in the hanging wall of the Tellaro Detachment: results from the Punta Corvo subsidiary low-angle fault zone, Northern Apennines (Italy)
Mahtab Mozafari, Samanta Gallo, Alessio Lucca, Fabrizio Balsamo, and Fabrizio Storti

EGU2018-7072 | Posters | TS2.2

Structural anatomy and dynamics of evolution of the Huanghua Depression during the Indosinian-Yanshan movement: Implication for the destruction of North China Craton
Feipeng Zhang, Zhiping Wu, and Wei Li

EGU2018-5719 | Posters | TS2.2

Cenozoic Evolution of the Chengbei Fault, a Half-Graben Boundary Fault in the Bohai Bay Basin, East China
Xiaoqing Zhang, Zhiping Wu, and Judith Hubbard

EGU2018-6909 | Posters | TS2.2

Faulting transition processes of Pearl River Mouth Basin, South China Sea, and its implications on the regional tectonic events
Yuqing Liu, Zhiping Wu, and Yanjun Cheng

EGU2018-11501 | Posters | TS2.2

Silica nanoparticles produced by flash vaporization and their rapid diagenesis in hydrothermal fluids
Atsushi Okamoto, Takashi Amagai, Nobuo Hirano, and Noriyoshi Tsuchiya

EGU2018-13788 | Posters | TS2.2

Fault kinematics in the Thuringian Basin and the Flechtingen-Calvörde Block, Germany – The role of Jurassic extension tectonics in regional deformation patterns
Florian Duschl, Payman Navabpour, István Dunkl, and Jonas Kley

EGU2018-14326 | Posters | TS2.2

High spatial resolution 40Ar/39Ar dating of pseudotachylite: geochronological evidence for paleo-seismic faulting in the Taiwan Mountain Belt
Chih-Tung Chen, Chieh-Yu Wu, Ching-Hua Lo, Hao-Tsu Chu, and Tzen-Fu Yui

EGU2018-14608 | Posters | TS2.2

Evolution of fluid circulation along a major basin-bounding fault: the Gediz detachment fault, Menderes Massif, western Turkey
Eric Salomon, Atle Rotevatn, Talip Güngör, Kerem Kadir Oguz, and Edoseghe Edwin Osagiede

EGU2018-14983 | Posters | TS2.2

Petroleum modelling in the Laminaria High, Bonaparte Basin, North West Shelf of Australia: Influence of critical stressed faults on hydrocarbon migration and leakage.
Lamees Abdulkareem

EGU2018-15801 | Posters | TS2.2

Chlorite as a proximity marker for alteration and Au mineralisation in marine shales of the Roodepoort Formation, Carletonville goldfield, Witwatersrand Basin, South Africa
Glen Nwaila, Hartwig Frimmel, Roger Gibson, Musa Manzi, and Raymond Durrheim

EGU2018-16399 | Posters | TS2.2

3D reflection seismic data constraints on the timing of faulting in the upper crust: implications for the origin of gold deposits in the Proterozoic Transvaal Supergroup, South Africa
Musa Manzi, Raymond Durrheim, Glenn Nwaila, Kim Hein, Hartwig Frimmel, Roger Gibson, and Nick King

EGU2018-11302 | Posters | TS2.2

Post Late Cretaceous faulting and crustal stress field in Southeastern Mongolia
Anna Parfeevets and Vladimir Sankov

EGU2018-6412 | Posters | TS2.2

Geochemical evidences for compartmentalized paleofluid circulation during thrust stacking and late-stage normal slip re-activation in the Gran Sasso Range, Central Apennines, Italy
Alessio Lucca, Fabrizio Storti, Fabrizio Balsamo, Luca Clemenzi, Raymond Burgess, and Giulio Di Toro

TS3.1 – Strain localization from the grain- to the plate-scale: rheology, mechanics and anisotropy (including Stephan Mueller Medal Lecture) (co-organized)

EGU2018-1037 | Posters | TS3.1 | Highlight

Tectonic vs impact zircon deformation: from the Vredefort impact structure to the Moon tectonics, a possible key to understand different geological processes
Elizaveta Kovaleva, Matthew Huber, Gerlinde Habler, and Lidia Pittarello

EGU2018-16207 | Orals | TS3.1

Grain Boundary Sliding : nomination for best supporting role in Rock Plasticity
Alexandre Dimanov, Jean Raphanel, Michel Bornert, Mathieu Bourcier, Ababacar Gaye, Eva Héripré, and Wolfgang Ludwig

EGU2018-6820 | Orals | TS3.1

Towards a stress and strain-related interpretation of quartz crystallographic preferred orientations
Rüdiger Kilian and Renée Heilbronner

EGU2018-1054 | Posters | TS3.1 | Highlight

Natural Subduction Zone Interface Rheology: Insights from "Digital" Griggs Experiments
Paraskevi Io Ioannidi, Laetitia Le Pourhiet, Onno Oncken, Philippe Agard, and Samuel Angiboust

EGU2018-11145 | Orals | TS3.1 | Highlight

The role of lattice defects in the localisation of strain at the grain-scale
Elisabetta Mariani, Joseph Aslin, Stephen Covey-Crump, Karl Dawson, Lars Hansen, David Wallis, and John Wheeler

EGU2018-1161 | Posters | TS3.1

Investigating grain growth in mantle rocks within a full field model based on the level-set method in a finite element context
Jean Furstoss, Carole Petit, Clément Ganino, Marc Bernacki, and Daniel Pino-Munoz

EGU2018-10857 | Orals | TS3.1

Earthquakes and slow slip events in the middle crust – arguments for the significance of meso-scale kinematics
Florian Fusseis

EGU2018-1904 | Posters | TS3.1

Rheology of granulite at high temperatures and wet conditions
Yongsheng Zhou, Huiting Zhang, Wenming Yao, Jiaxiang Dang, Sheqiang Miao, and Changrong He

EGU2018-2033 | Posters | TS3.1

Formation of slaty cleavage along a temperature gradient
Ismay Vénice Akker, Guillaume Desbois, Jop Klaver, Janos L. Urai, Alfons Berger, and Marco Herwegh

EGU2018-12382 | Orals | TS3.1

Deformation mechanisms of amphibolites at lower crustal conditions during subduction initiation: a metamorphic sole's viewpoint
Soret Mathieu, Agard Philippe, Ildefonse Benoît, Dubacq Benoît, Prigent Cécile, and Rosenberg Claudio

EGU2018-6326 | Orals | TS3.1

Buoyancy-driven ascent of (U)HP bodies: strain localisation and resulting finite strain
Joshua Vaughan Hammon, Ludovic Räss, and Stefan Schmalholz

EGU2018-4233 | Posters | TS3.1

Structural study of a Paleoproterozoic ductile shear zone - The Kynsikangas Shear Zone, SW Finland
Jon Engström, Sebastian Reimers, Johanna Berckhan, and Ulrich Riller

EGU2018-5743 | Posters | TS3.1

Orogen-parallel stretching of a HT-LP foreland: insights from the Ordovician Famatinian orogeny, NW Argentina
Pablo Farias, Roberto Weinberg, Alfonso Sola, and Raul Becchio

EGU2018-4370 | Orals | TS3.1 | Highlight

Diffusion creep in mafic rocks – microstructural and textural features
Sina Marti, Renée Heilbronner, Holger Stünitz, Oliver Plümper, and Martyn Drury

EGU2018-8570 | Posters | TS3.1

Complex deformation of an exhumed basement-cover-contact: the Eiger-Jungfrau Mountains (Aar Massif, Central European Alps, Switzerland)
David Mair, Alessandro Lechmann, Marco Herwegh, and Fritz Schlunegger

EGU2018-17842 | Orals | TS3.1 | Highlight

The role of micas in the microstructural evolution and strain localization of mid-crustal mylonites
Joe Aslin, Elisabetta Mariani, Karl Dawson, and John Wheeler

EGU2018-9227 | Posters | TS3.1

Crystal plastic deformation in carbonate fault rocks from a shallow crustal strike-slip fault, Northern Calcareous Alps (Austria)
Helene Bauer, Anna Rogowitz, Bernhard Grasemann, and Kurt Decker

EGU2018-167 | Orals | TS3.1

The Structure and Rheology of Plate-Boundary Scale Shear Zones below the Brittle-Ductile Transition
John Platt

EGU2018-9494 | Posters | TS3.1

Understanding early Paleozoic orogeny in South China: structural and geo/thermochronological constraints from the central Jiangnan Orogen and the north Cathaysia
Jianhua Li, Guochun Zhao, Shuwen Dong, Yueqiao Zhang, and Stephen Johnston

EGU2018-9519 | Posters | TS3.1

Strain localization mechanisms (or lack thereof) in a ~10 km wide, syn- to post-magmatic mylonite zone in the Famatinian arc
Barbara Ratschbacher, Tarryn Cawood, Alexander Lusk, Mariano Larrovere, Christopher Rick, Pablo Alasino, Scott Paterson, and Valbone Memeti

EGU2018-9615 | Posters | TS3.1

Uniaxial compression of calcite single crystals at low temperature: insights into twinning activation and development
Camille Parlangeau, Alexandre Dimanov, Olivier Lacombe, and Jean-Marc Daniel

EGU2018-9684 | Posters | TS3.1

Revisiting creep of calcite
James Gilgannon, Marco Herwegh, Alfons Berger, Thomas Poulet, Klaus Regenauer-Lieb, and Manolis Veveakis

EGU2018-10061 | Posters | TS3.1

The role of dynamic recrystallization in the evolution of crystallographic preferred orientations of experimentally deformed calcite
Marina Galindos-Alfarache, David Wallis, Martyn Drury, Gill Pennock, and Hans De Bresser

EGU2018-10566 | Posters | TS3.1

Mid-crustal tectonic lateral extrusion in the Southeastern Churchill province; evidence from structural analysis, airborne geophysics, petrofabrics and geochronology
Marc-Antoine Vanier, Carl Guilmette, Lyal Harris, Kyle Larson, Nathan R. Cleven, Antoine Godet, and Isabelle Lafrance

EGU2018-11875 | Posters | TS3.1

Shear localisation in homogeneous, mechanically anisotropic materials
Tamara de Riese, Paul D. Bons, Enrique Gomez-Rivas, Albert Griera, Maria-Gema Llorens, and Hao Ran

EGU2018-12153 | Posters | TS3.1

Stress history recorded by microstructures from an extensional shear zone in HP-LT metamorphic rocks in the Talea Ori, Crete
Claudia Trepmann and Lina Seybold

EGU2018-13476 | Posters | TS3.1

The rheology of sheared myrmekite during mylonitization of a granitoid
Alberto Ceccato, Luca Menegon, and Giorgio Pennacchioni

EGU2018-14623 | Posters | TS3.1

Localization criterion for ductile shear zone formation by thermal softening
Dániel Kiss, Thibault Duretz, Yury Podladchikov, and Stefan M. Schmalholz

EGU2018-15568 | Posters | TS3.1

Outcrop-scale tomography: insights into the 3D structure of multiphase boudins
Christoph von Hagke, Bob Bamberg, Simon Virgo, and Janos L. Urai

EGU2018-15596 | Posters | TS3.1

Strain localization in granulite-facies, oxide-bearing mylonitic gabbros from the Atlantis Bank oceanic detachment fault system, Southwest Indian Ridge (IODP Expedition 360)
Gustavo Viegas, Luiz Morales, Paula Cassemiro, and Raylline Silva

EGU2018-16628 | Posters | TS3.1

Transfer of subduction fluids and strain localization into the mantle wedge during nascent subduction
Cécile Prigent, Stéphane Guillot, Philippe Agard, Damien Lemarchand, Mathieu Soret, and Marc Ulrich

EGU2018-17881 | Posters | TS3.1

Interlayer fissures in TEM images of naturally deformed biotite grains: artifacts or natural defects?
Joe Aslin, Elisabetta Mariani, and Karl Dawson

TS3.2 – New approaches to microstructure analysis and interpretation (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2018-10555 | PICO | TS3.2

Studying metamorphic phase transformations and nano-porosity evolution in situ with Synchrotron X-ray scattering: the example of gypsum dehydration
Christoph Schrank, Tomasz Blach, Katherine Gioseffi, Oliver Gaede, Harald Milsch, Stephen Mudie, Adrian Hawley, and Nigel Kirby

EGU2018-16238 | PICO | TS3.2

Structure of reaction interfaces and their migration during diffusive phase transformations
Chen Li, Petr Jeřábek, Gerlinde Habler, Thomas Griffiths, Aleksander Rečnik, Clemens Mangler, Timothy Pennycook, Jannik Meyer, and Rainer Abart

EGU2018-11327 | PICO | TS3.2

Nanoscale Structural and Chemical Analysis of Garnet-Quartz Grain Boundaries in Contact Metamorphic Rocks
Alexandra Nagurney, Mark Caddick, F. Marc Michel, Christopher Winkler, David Pattison, and Ya-Peng Yu

EGU2018-11005 | PICO | TS3.2

The X-Ray Radiography’s numeric density princibles , advantages and its correlations with XRF-XRD-Mass spectrometry and Gamma RAY density method.
Dursun Acar, Namık Çagatay, Can Genc, Kadir Eris, Erol Sarı, Sena Akcer, Demet Biltekin, Gulsen Ucarkus, Nurettin Yakupoglu, and Tugce Nagihan Arslan

EGU2018-9077 | PICO | TS3.2

Maximising information on mudrock microstructure through high-resolution scanning electron microscopy
Shereef Bankole, Buckman Jim, and Dorrik Stow

EGU2018-348 | PICO | TS3.2

Fluid percolation through quartz-rich lithologies: insight from the Coincident Site Lattice (CSL) Theory
Ritabrata Dobe, Pallabi Bhuyan, Sumantra Mandal, and Saibal Gupta

EGU2018-10872 | PICO | TS3.2

Dynamic conductivity of mid-crustal shear zones.
Virginia Toy, Nicholas Timms, Marco Billia, Mai-Linh Doan, Martina Kirilova, Emma Kluge, Oliver Plümper, and Katrina Sauer

EGU2018-14057 | PICO | TS3.2

The effects of a second phase on rates of grain boundary diffusion creep and grain boundary migration
Joe Gardner, John Wheeler, Robyn Gardner, Sandra Piazolo, and Lynn Evans

EGU2018-6888 | PICO | TS3.2

Anisotropic spatial clustering and ordering of olivine and orthopyroxene during rheological weakening conditions
Renée Heilbronner and Miki Tasaka

EGU2018-583 | PICO | TS3.2

Non-steady state microstructures recording transient stresses during repeated earthquake cycles in the lower crust (Musgrave Block, Central Australia)
Friedrich Hawemann, Neil Mancktelow, Girogio Pennacchioni, Sebastian Wex, and Alfredo Camacho

EGU2018-8504 | PICO | TS3.2

Direct observation of crystal defects by combined electron backscatter diffraction and electron channeling contrast imaging
Anna Rogowitz and Stefan Zaefferer

EGU2018-16343 | PICO | TS3.2

Determining dislocation density and types from EBSD data: the Weighted Burgers Vector
John Wheeler

EGU2018-9730 | PICO | TS3.2

Is EBSD a more efficient tool than Universal stage to collect calcite twin data as used in calcite twin inversion for stress ?
Camille Parlangeau, Olivier Lacombe, Ivan Lucas, Eric Kohler, Jean-Marc Daniel, and Sylvie Schueller

EGU2018-17746 | PICO | TS3.2

Using quartz textures to characterize exhumation channel shear zones in the Erzgebirge, N-Bohemian Massif
Peter Hallas and Uwe Kroner

EGU2018-13304 | PICO | TS3.2

A note of caution on the use of quartz c-axis opening angle as deformation thermometer
Rüdiger Kilian, Luiz Morales, and Michael Stipp

TS3.4 – The role and mechanisms of fracturing and seismicity in the ductile realm (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2018-6025 | PICO | TS3.4 | Highlight

Microscale cavitation as a mechanism for nucleating earthquakes at the base of the seismogenic zone
Berend Verberne, Jianye Chen, André Niemeijer, Hans de Bresser, Gill Pennock, Martyn Drury, and Chris Spiers

EGU2018-1971 | PICO | TS3.4 | Highlight

Constraining the mechanism of deep earthquakes in diverse tectonic settings
German Prieto, Manuel Florez, and Linda Warren

EGU2018-8667 | PICO | TS3.4

Fluid pumping induced by strain localization during high-pressure experiment
Jacques Précigout and Holger Stünitz

EGU2018-12386 | PICO | TS3.4

Episodic tremor and slip explained by fluid-enhanced microfracturing and sealing
Maxime Bernaudin and Frédéric Gueydan

EGU2018-398 | PICO | TS3.4

Deformation-induced metasomatism of the lower crust: The importance of brittle mechanisms for fluid infiltration revealed by microstructures at a hydration interface
Jo Moore, Håkon Austrheim, Andreas Beinlich, and Andrew Putnis

EGU2018-14799 | PICO | TS3.4

Brittle-viscous oscillations and different slip behaviours in a conjugate set of strike-slip faults
Luca Menegon, Barbara Marchesini, Francesca Prando, Paolo Garofalo, Giulio Viola, Mark Anderson, and Jussi Mattila

EGU2018-16726 | PICO | TS3.4

Shear zones brittle precursors: an expression of brittle deformation and fluid flow in the ductile crust?
Thomas Leydier, Philippe Goncalves, Pierre Lanari, and Julie Albaric

EGU2018-10654 | PICO | TS3.4

Micromechanical signatures of co-existing fracture and flow in naturally deformed rocks
Joseph Clancy White

EGU2018-4318 | PICO | TS3.4

Microstructural records of earthquakes and fluid-driven metamorphism in lower crustal plagioclase
Arianne Petley-Ragan, Kristina Dunkel, Håkon Austrheim, Benoit Ildefonse, and Bjørn Jamtveit

EGU2018-18118 | PICO | TS3.4

Thermal fragmentation of garnet during deep-seated co-seismic frictional heating.
Simone Papa, Giorgio Pennacchioni, Ross John Angel, and Manuele Faccenda

EGU2018-9054 | PICO | TS3.4

Lower crustal seismicity as a signature of strain compatibility within localised shear zone networks
Lucy Campbell, Luca Menegon, Åke Fagereng, Giorgio Pennacchioni, and Elisabetta Mariani

EGU2018-9088 | PICO | TS3.4

Do pseudotachylytes limit the thickness of the seismogenic continental crust?
Francois Passelegue, Jacob Tielke, Julian Mecklenburgh, and Giulio Di Toro

EGU2018-14782 | PICO | TS3.4

Micro- and nanostructural records of intermediate-depth earthquakes, mineral fragmentation and mass transport in peridotites from Alpine Corsica
Kristina G. Dunkel, Oliver Plümper, Håkon Austrheim, Markus Ohl, and Bjørn Jamtveit

EGU2018-2362 | PICO | TS3.4

Postseismic deepening of the brittle-ductile transition zone depth
Olaf Zielke, Martin Mai, and Danijel Schorlemmer

EGU2018-4717 | PICO | TS3.4

Brittle deformation during Alpine basal accretion and the origin of seismicity nests above the subduction interface
Samuel Angiboust, Armel Menant, Patrick Monié, Onno Oncken, and Jean Michel Guigner

TS4.1 – Actio-Reactio; from subducting slabs to shaping the surface (co-organized)

EGU2018-9341 | Orals | TS4.1

Geodynamic physical models of subduction with an overriding plate and an interplate rheology
João C. Duarte, Zhihao Chen, Wouter P. Schellart, and Vincent Strak

EGU2018-13914 | Posters | TS4.1

Horizontal vs. Vertical Slab Tearing during Subduction and Continental Collision
Nicholas Schliffke, Jeroen van Hunen, Valentina Magni, and Mark Allen

EGU2018-14094 | Posters | TS4.1

Rheological constraints on slab tearing in the Gibraltar Arc: insight from 3D thermo-mechanical modelling
Kittiphon Boonma, Daniel Garcia-Castellanos, Ivone Jiménez-Munt, Jonas Ruh, and Taras Gerya

EGU2018-13467 | Orals | TS4.1

Effects of subducting plate geometry and erosion on overriding plate deformation at plate corners (syntaxes)
Matthias Nettesheim, Todd A. Ehlers, and David M. Whipp

EGU2018-5446 | Posters | TS4.1

Deformation of the upper plate in subduction zones as a function of trench retreat dynamics
Manar Alsaif, Fanny Garel, and Frederic Gueydan

EGU2018-8852 | Orals | TS4.1

Mechanisms of forearc uplift of the Hellenic Subduction Zone revealed by dating of paleoshorelines on Crete, Greece: Implications for geodynamics and earthquake hazards in the Eastern Mediterranean
Richard Ott, Sean F. Gallen, Sean Willett, Rabiul H. Biswas, and Karl W. Wegmann

EGU2018-5027 | Orals | TS4.1

Climatic and tectonic influence on exhumation rates in the Olympic Mountains (USA): New thermochronometer data and thermo-kinematic modelling results
Lorenz Michel, Christoph Glotzbach, Sarah Falkowski, Byron Adams, and Todd Ehlers

EGU2018-7907 | Posters | TS4.1

Impact of deep subduction processes on surface topography.
Arthur Briaud, Roberto Agrusta, Jeroen van Hunen, Claudio Faccenna, and Francesca Funiciello

EGU2018-15547 | Orals | TS4.1

The Neogene evolution of topography and rivers along the Indus-Yarlung Suture Zone, southern Tibet
Marissa M. Tremblay, Sean D. Willett, David L. Shuster, Matthew Fox, Peter K. Zeitler, Jennifer L. Schmidt, Carmen Winn, and Karl E. Karlstrom

EGU2018-12948 | Posters | TS4.1

How does overriding plate control convergence zone dynamics?
Solenn Hertgen, Philippe Yamato, Benjamin Guillaume, Nicholas Schliffke, Valentina Magni, and Jeroen van Hunen

EGU2018-16553 | Posters | TS4.1

Sediment cover influences subduction dynamics and orocline formation in oceanic domain - insights from numerical modeling.
Jessica Munch, Kosuke Ueda, Dave May, Jean-Pierre Burg, and Taras Gerya

EGU2018-5476 | Orals | TS4.1

Tracking interactions of the jet-stream and topography: uplift of the Tian Shan and Altai
Jeremy K. Caves Rugenstein, Katharina Methner, Tina Lüdecke, Andreas Mulch, Ulrike Wacker, Jens Fiebig, Anne Meltzer, Karl Wegmann, Bolat Bayshashov, and C. Page Chamberlain

EGU2018-7621 | Posters | TS4.1

Influence of the geometry of continental to oceanic lithospheric transition on slab break-off
Carlos Fernández-García, Benjamin Guillaume, and Jean-Pierre Brun

EGU2018-10666 | Posters | TS4.1 | Highlight

Surface deformation due to megathrust seismic cycles derived from analogue scale modeling
Ehsan Kosari, Matthias Rosenau, Jonathan Bedford, Michael Rudolf, and Onno Oncken

EGU2018-127 | Posters | TS4.1

The evolution of Western Central Asia (WCA) domain based on geophysical data and potential new oil-gas occurrences-part Uzbekistan
Irina Sidorova

EGU2018-10764 | Posters | TS4.1

Exhumation and Uplift History of the Central Apennines, Italy: New Constraints from Thermochronology and Stable Isotopes
Malwina San-José, Jeremy Caves Rugenstein, Giuditta Maria Fellin, and Claudio Faccenna

EGU2018-15456 | Posters | TS4.1

Topographic disequilibrium in response to tectonic processes induced by crustal buoyancy and slab tearing (Betic Cordillera, SE Spain)
Jose Miguel Azañón, Jose Vicente Pérez-Peña, Guillermo Booth-Rea, Jorge Pedro Galve, Flor de Lis Mancilla, Jose Morales, and Daniel Stich

EGU2018-4384 | Posters | TS4.1

Nothing recent about the oldest subduction zone on Earth: Thermochronometry of the Peruvian forearc region
Sarah Falkowski, Maximilian Klett, Christoph Glotzbach, and Todd A. Ehlers

EGU2018-18943 | Posters | TS4.1

Impact of topography, climate and moisture sources on isotopic composition (δ18O & δD) of small rivers in the Pyrenees: implications for topographic reconstructions in low-elevated orogens
Damien Huyghe, Frédéric Mouthereau, Mathieu Sébilo, Arnaud Vacherat, Loïc Ségalen, Patricia Richard, Philippe Biron, and Thierry Bariac

EGU2018-14624 | Posters | TS4.1

Denudation rates across climatic zones and vegetation gradients in Western South America
Jessica Starke, Todd A. Ehlers, and Mirjam Schaller

EGU2018-9264 | Posters | TS4.1

Late Cenozoic Climate Change and Potential Impacts on Denudation at Different Orogens
Sebastian Mutz and Todd Ehlers

TS4.5 – The Andean foreland basins: Tectonics, climate, surface processes, and georesources (co-organized)

EGU2018-3075 | Posters | TS4.5

Spatial and temporal interplay of local stress field and fluid migration along an Andean fold-and-thrust belt front
Laura Giambiagi, Jose Mescua, Matías Barrionuevo, Erico Stahlschmidt, Hernán De la Cal, Jorge Soto, Silvana Spagnotto, and Julieta Suriano

EGU2018-11527 | Orals | TS4.5 | Highlight

The Mesozoic-Cenozoic history of Andean foreland basins: A continental-scale synthesis
Brian K. Horton

EGU2018-1397 | Posters | TS4.5

Relationship between tectonic and paleoenviromental evolution in the Tres Cruces foreland basin, Northwest Argentina.
Juan Pablo Villalba Ulberich and Claudia Inés Galli

EGU2018-15724 | Orals | TS4.5

Insight into the active seismotectonic settings of the broken foreland of the NW Argentine Andes
Martin Zeckra, Frank Krüger, Germán Aranda, Fernando Hongn, Ahmad Arnous, and Manfred R. Strecker

EGU2018-1839 | Posters | TS4.5

Sedimentary characteristics of tidal-dominated estuary in slope belt of Andean foreland basin—Taking the M1 member, Napo formation, T block in Oriente basin as example
Ma Zhongzhen, Zhang Zhiwei, Yang Xiaofa, Zhou Yubing, and Wang Dandan

EGU2018-12045 | Orals | TS4.5

Geodynamic drivers of surface uplift, foreland basin formation, and Miocene aridity in the Peruvian central Andes
Kurt Sundell, Joel Saylor, Thomas Lapen, and Brian Horton

EGU2018-5349 | Orals | TS4.5

Holocene shortening in the transition between the Pampean Ranges and the Eastern Cordillera, Calchaquí valley (26°00’-25°50’lat, 66°00’-65°50’long), Argentina
Sara Figueroa-Villegas, Leonardo Escalante, Fernando Hongn, and Manfred R. Strecker

EGU2018-7349 | Posters | TS4.5

Foreland deformation in Altiplano-Puna Plateau: Insights from 3D numerical simulations of the orogen-foreland system
Sibiao Liu, Stephan Sobolev, Andrey Babeyko, Frank Krüger, Javier Quinteros, and Anton Popov

EGU2018-7767 | Posters | TS4.5

Tectonic and thermal evolution of the Cuevas-Hualfin paleosurface constrained by apatite fission-track and U-Th-Sm/He thermochronology
Sebastian Zapata Henao, Edward Sobel, Cecilia Del Papa, and Andrea Jelinek

EGU2018-14312 | Orals | TS4.5

Low T thermochronology in andean basement backstop at 33.5°S validate controversial, west-vergent, West Andean Thrust (WAT) model
Magali Riesner, Robin Lacassin, Martine Simoes, Frédéric Herman, and Daniel Carrizo

EGU2018-8280 | Posters | TS4.5

Depositional Environment Interpretation from Organofacies Characterization for Yacoraite Fm. outcrop samples, Cretaceous Salta Basin - Argentina
Ricardo Ruiz, Robert Ondrak, Brian Horsfield, and Eduardo Rossello

EGU2018-612 | Orals | TS4.5

Structural characterization of the thrust front of the Malargüe fold-and-thrust-belt (35º- 36º S) and its relationship with intrusion of Miocene igneous bodies
Matías Barrionuevo, José Mescua, Laura Giambiagi, Julieta Suriano, Hernán de la Cal, and Jorge Luis Soto

EGU2018-9328 | Posters | TS4.5

Deposition and deformation of the Punaschotter conglomerate in the Fiambalá basin, NW Argentina
Evelyn Moorhouse and Lindsay Schoenbohm

EGU2018-11290 | Posters | TS4.5

Sedimentary loading-unloading cycles and faulting in intermontane basins: insights from numerical modeling and field observations in the NW Argentine Andes
Paolo Ballato, Sascha Brune, and Manfred Strecker

EGU2018-16297 | Posters | TS4.5

Neotectonic activity in the broken foreland of the NW Argentine Andes (Candelaria range, -26° lat, -65° long): New Insights from seismic refraction tomography, electrical-resistivity survey and geomorphic analysis
Ahmad Arnous, Martin Zeckra, Agostina Venerdini, Germán Aranda, Manfred Strecker, Patricia Alvarado, Fernando Hongn, and Antonio Gutiérrez

EGU2018-8984 | Posters | TS4.5

From foreland to intermontane basin: Surface uplift and orographic barrier formation in the Eastern Cordillera by means of volcanic glass stable isotopes (Quebrada del Toro).
Heiko Pingel, Andreas Mulch, Manfred Strecker, Ricardo Alonso, John Cottle, and Alexander Rohrmann

EGU2018-16756 | Posters | TS4.5

Density structure and rheology of northern Argentina: from the Central Andes to the foreland basin
Federico Ibarra, Christian Meeßen, Sibiao Liu, Claudia Prezzi, Judith Sippel, Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth, Stephan Sobolev, and Manfred R. Strecker

EGU2018-17392 | Posters | TS4.5

Atmospheric parameters characterizing extreme rainfall events in the south-central Andes
Maryam RamezaniZiarani, Bodo Bookhagen, Torsten Schmidt, and Jens Wickert

EGU2018-1637 | Posters | TS4.5

Does the South American plate margin geometry promote tectonic escape, buttressing and high sediment loads in western Colombia?
Sergio A. Lopez, Eduardo A. Rossello, Hector Mora, and Juan D. Restrepo

TS5.1 – Paleoseismicity, active faulting, surface deformation, and the implications on seismic hazard assessment (Fault2SHA) (co-organized)

EGU2018-15337 | Posters | TS5.1

The link between megathrust segmentation and upper plate faulting along the N-Chilean subduction system
Jana Mittelstädt, Pia Victor, and Nils Radeisen

EGU2018-3791 | Orals | TS5.1

Variable Slip-Rate and Slip-Per-Event on a plate-boundary fault
Neta Wechsler, Thomas K. Rockwell, and Yann Klinger

EGU2018-6442 | Orals | TS5.1

Intraplate Deformation of the Anatolian Scholle: Insights from morphochronolgy-based uplift and slip rates of the Malatya Fault, Eastern Turkey
Taylan Sançar, Cengiz Zabcı, Naki Akçar, Volkan Karabacak, Müge Yazıcı, H.Serdar Akyüz, Ayten Öztüfekçi Önal, Susan Ivy-Ochs, Marcus Christl, and Christof Vockenhuber

EGU2018-8951 | Posters | TS5.1

Paleoseismic and morphometric analysis of the El Triunfo Fault, a main seismic source in El Salvador
Jorge Alonso-Henar, José Antonio Alvarez-Gomez, Carolina Canora, and José Jesús Martínez-Díaz

EGU2018-6048 | Posters | TS5.1 | Highlight

Lacustrine turbidites reveal a quasi-periodic recurrence of great and giant earthquakes in South-Central Chile
Jasper Moernaut, Maarten Van Daele, Michael Strasser, and Marc De Batist

EGU2018-18327 | Orals | TS5.1

Paleoearthquake activity along the Irtysh fault (Eurasia Stable Continent, Kazakhstan) through geomorphological and trenching analyses
Stéphane Baize, Klaus Reicherter, Ara Avagyan, Andrey Belyashov, Evgeniy Pestov, Eutizio Vittori, Avetis Arakelyan, and Kurt Decker

EGU2018-11697 | Posters | TS5.1

Late Quaternary Activity of the La Rinconada Fault Zone, San Juan, Argentina
Jeremy Rimando, Lindsay Schoenbohm, Carlos Costa, Lewis Owen, Jason Cesta, and Andres Richard

EGU2018-18973 | Orals | TS5.1

Paleoseismology using bedrock fault planes
Silke Mechernich, Sascha Schneiderwind, Jack Mason, Peter Biermanns, Benjamin Schmitz, Ioannis Papanikolaou, and Klaus Reicherter

EGU2018-19539 | Orals | TS5.1

Pleistocene terraces of the Vltava River (Southern Bohemian Massif): Assessment of the vertical displacement of the Hluboká Fault
Kurt Decker, Dana Tschegg, Johanna Lomax, and Mark Bateman

EGU2018-17269 | Posters | TS5.1

Probabilistic evaluation of the fault source of seismically induced mass-transport deposits: the example of Aysén fjord, Chile
Kris Vanneste, Katleen Wils, and Maarten Van Daele

EGU2018-12132 | Orals | TS5.1

The Importance of Uranium-Series Dating For Investigation of the Late Quaternary Paleosismicity: Çermik-Reşadiye Fissure-Ridge Travertine (Kelkit Segment of North Anatolian Fault System-TURKEY)
Ramazan Kadir Dirik, İsmail Aydoğdu, İ. Tonguç Uysal, Ezgi Ünal-İmer, Halim Mutlu, Galip Yüce, Volkan Karabacak, and Abidin Temel

EGU2018-10008 | Posters | TS5.1

Estimation of shortening and slip rates using 2D/3D restoration techniques: Alhama de Murcia–Alcantarilla segment of the Alhama de Murcia Fault (Murcia, SE Spain)
Paula Herrero-Barbero, José Antonio Álvarez-Gómez, and José Jesús Martínez-Díaz

EGU2018-3487 | Orals | TS5.1

New Insights on Rupture Behavior Combining Field Observations with Numerical Simulations
Austin Elliott, Michael Oskin, Benchun Duan, Jing Liu, Yanxiu Shao, and Zaifeng Liu

EGU2018-6212 | Posters | TS5.1

Neotectonic analysis of the Harz boundary fault (northern Germany)
Katharina Müller, Christian Brandes, Ulrich Polom, Sumiko Tsukamoto, Thomas Spies, Thomas Lege, Manfred Frechen, and Jutta Winsemann

EGU2018-9650 | Posters | TS5.1

Paleoseismic investigations of the Carboneras Fault (SE Iberia): first trenching results at Tostana site
Robert López, Eulalia Masana, Giorgi Khazaradze, Raimon Pallàs, Octavi Gomez-Novell, Maria Ortuño, Jaume Bordonau, Stephane Baize, and Thomas Rockwell

EGU2018-6847 | Orals | TS5.1

Understanding fault complexity in New Zealand: Relationship of the 2016 Mw7.8 Kaikoura earthquake to previous deformation within the Marlborough Fault Zone
Ed Rhodes, John Elliott, Simon Lamb, Max Wilkinson, Rob Bryant, Dave Mackenzie, and Barry Parsons

EGU2018-12982 | Posters | TS5.1

Seismic imaging of Middle Pleistocene gravels as a tool to clarify possible neotectonic activity above a major Alpine foreland overthrust (Jura mountains, Northern Switzerland)
Lukas Gegg, Marius W. Buechi, Herfried Madritsch, Thomas Spillmann, Gaudenz Deplazes, and Flavio S. Anselmetti

EGU2018-16410 | Orals | TS5.1

Observations from four high-resolution GPS profiles across the active margin of the Pamir, Central Asia: Can we discriminate interseismic fault slip-rates, slip partitioning, and even co-seismically triggered slip?
Sabrina Metzger, Anatoly Ischuk, Alexander Zubovich, Zhiguo Deng, Tilo Schöne, Bernd Schurr, Marcos Moreno, and Sofia-Katerina Kufner

EGU2018-19279 | Orals | TS5.1

The 12 November 2017 Sarpol-e Zahab (Iran-Iraq border) Mw 7.3 earthquake: Complex flexural slip faulting with backthrust geometry
Mohamed Saleh, Mustapha Meghraoui, Esra Cetin, Mehdi Zare, Hafidh Ghalib, and Frederic Masson

EGU2018-7935 | Posters | TS5.1

Earthquake rupture hypotheses at the Eastern Betic Shear Zone (SE Spain): what does the SHERIFS approach tell about their magnitude-frequency distributions?
Octavi Gómez-Novell, Julián García-Mayordomo, María Ortuño, Eulàlia Masana, Robert López, Thomas Chartier, and Oona Scotti

EGU2018-19540 | Orals | TS5.1

The role of upper-plate faulting along the actively converging Hellenic Subduction zone south of Crete, Greece, explored using in-situ 36Cl exposure dating on wave-cut platforms.
Jenni Robertson, Gerald Roberts, and Marco Meschis

EGU2018-17866 | Posters | TS5.1

Insights of Quaternary movement at the southern Diendorf Fault (Austria)
Esther Hintersberger, Kurt Decker, Eva-Maria Ranftl, Adrian Flores-Orozco, and Lukas Aigner

EGU2018-17338 | Orals | TS5.1

Separated or associated turbidites and homogenites: time and space distribution in Lesser Antilles foreland basins. Possible specific paleoseismic significances.
Christian Beck, Nathalie Feuillet, Gueorgui Ratzov, Antonio Cattaneo, Chloé Seibert, Pierre Morena, Eva Moreno, Jason Patton, and Chris Goldfinger

EGU2018-6757 | Posters | TS5.1

Paleotectonics in the Euganean hills (Venetian region, Italy)
Gaia Castiglion, Laura Lafuenti, Claudia Agnini, Federico Zorzi, Jacopo Boaga, and Silvana Martin

EGU2018-18010 | Posters | TS5.1

Seismic source characterization for low slip-rate faults near Krško, Slovenia
Michael Logan cline, Jure Atanackov, Miloš Bavec, K. Michael Cline, Ali Fatehi, Petra Jamšek Rupnik, Richard Quittmeyer, and Igor Rižnar

EGU2018-10511 | Orals | TS5.1

Fault rupture hypothesis at the Eastern Betics (SE Iberia); insights from the “collective thinking” within the frame of the FAULT2SHA approach
Maria Ortuño, Eulalia Masana, Octavi Gómez-Novell, Julián García-Mayordomo, and Juan-Miguel Insua-Arévalo and the FAULT2SHA-Betics working group

EGU2018-13965 | Orals | TS5.1

Seismic Hazard and Earthquake Rate In Fault Systems – SHERIFS : a python tool for earthquake geologists, fault-hazard modelers and decision-makers.
Thomas Chartier, Scotti Oona, and Lyon-Caen Hélène

EGU2018-7725 | Posters | TS5.1

Multidisciplinary approach to detect the seismogenic source of the Tortona 1828 earthquake.
Giandomenico Fubelli, Gianfranco Fioraso, Cesare Comina, Mauro Bonasera, Fabrizio Bosco, Gessica Umili, Emanuele Biason, and Mattia Garau

EGU2018-3727 | Orals | TS5.1 | Highlight

Megathrust Earthquake Cycles: Linking Paleogeodesy Observations with Geodynamic Models
Kevin P. Furlong, Matthew Herman, and Rob Govers

EGU2018-1052 | Posters | TS5.1

Strike-slip deformation in a converging setting: Insights from the Ovacık Fault (Anatolia, Turkey)
Müge Yazıcı, Cengiz Zabcı, Boris A. Natalin, Taylan Sançar, and H. Serdar Akyüz

EGU2018-16260 | Orals | TS5.1

Integrated morphometric and 3D-structural analysis to detect subtle evidence of active faulting in the central Italy extensional environment
Federica Ferrarini, Giusy Lavecchia, J Ramon Arrowsmith, Rita de Nardis, Francesco Brozzetti, and Daniele Cirillo

EGU2018-16929 | Posters | TS5.1

Searching for the 1912 Maymyo earthquake: new evidence from paleoseismic investigations along the Kyaukkyan Fault, Myanmar
Silvia Crosetto, Ian Mark Watkinson, Emanuela Falcucci, Stefano Gori, and Soe Min

EGU2018-18656 | Orals | TS5.1

Triggered slip and hydrotectonics on nearby faults caused by the October 30, 2016 Mw 6.6 earthquake in central Italy
Stefano Gori, Emanuela Falcucci, Fabrizio Galadini, Michele Saroli, Marco Moro, Christian Bignami, Matteo Albano, Daniele Cinti, Nunzia Voltatturni, Lorenzo Lo Sardo, Marco Petitta, and Francesco Savi

EGU2018-6476 | Posters | TS5.1

Internal Deformation of the Anatolian Scholle during its westward extrusion and reactivation of the early structures
Taylan Sançar, Gürsel Sunal, and M. Korhan Erturaç

EGU2018-12801 | Orals | TS5.1

Present Day Stress Field in the frontal part of the Eastern Alps (Austria) from Image Log Data
Nicola Levi, Kurt Decker, Mario Habermueller, Edoardo Piani, Ulrike Exner, Alan Reingruber, and Wilma Troiss

EGU2018-15640 | Posters | TS5.1

Quaternary uplift, elevated marine shorelines and neotectonic activities in north-eastern Oman
Bastian Schneider, Gösta Hoffmann, Silke Mechernich, Michaela Falkenroth, Alina Ermertz, Tibor Dunai, and Frank Preusser

EGU2018-16765 | Posters | TS5.1

Seismicity of the Izmir Fault Based On Historical Earthquakes
Çiğdem Tepe and Hasan Sözbilir

EGU2018-15711 | Posters | TS5.1

Active deformation within the blind thrust front of Jammu Kashmir Himalaya: A fluvial record of active growth across the Surin Mastgarh Anticline, NW Himalaya
Shraddha Jagtap, Ramperu Jayangondaperumal, Ishwar Singh, and Sanjay Singh Negi

EGU2018-16771 | Posters | TS5.1

Morphotectonic analysis of seismically active Tuzla Fault near İzmir city, Western Anatolia, Turkey
semih eski and hasan sözbilir

EGU2018-4606 | Posters | TS5.1

Late Holocene Slip Rate of the Main Frontal Thrust (MFT), Far-Western Nepal Himalaya, from the analysis of deformed fluvial terraces
Boxuan Zhang, Jie Chen, Jinhui Yin, Yuehua Li, Jianhong Xu, Haoran Wang, and Tao Li

EGU2018-18736 | Posters | TS5.1

Unraveling the Quaternary deformation history of the North Pamir collision zone: New paleoseismological data from the Pamir Frontal Thrust (39.5°N, 72.5°E), Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia.
Magda Patyniak, Angela Landgraf, J Ramón Arrowsmith, Atyrgul Dzhumabaeva, Kanatbek Abdrakhmatov, and Manfred Strecker

EGU2018-11375 | Posters | TS5.1

Recovery of fault activity process and definition of paleo-earthquake events on the eastern segment of Haiyuan Fault ( the Santang Section)
Wenjun Zheng, Haiyun Bi, Dongli Zhang, Peizhen Zhang, Zhikun Ren, and Xingwang Liu

EGU2018-15218 | Posters | TS5.1

Neotectonic activity and morphotectonic processes along the Bogd Fault Zone, SW Mongolia
Jorien L.N. van der Wal, Klaus Reicherter, and Christopher Weismüller

EGU2018-1690 | Posters | TS5.1

High-resolution topography-derived slip distribution along the South Heli Shan fault at the northeastern Tibetan Plateau in China
haiyun bi, wenjun zheng, weipeng ge, peizhen zhang, jiangyuan zeng, and jingxing yu

EGU2018-30 | Posters | TS5.1

The vertical slip rate of the Sertengshan piedmont fault, Inner Mongolia, China
Zhongtai He and Hao Zhang

EGU2018-8495 | Posters | TS5.1

Study on the seismicity- and non-seismicity-triggered Soft-sediment Deformation Structures in Northern Ordos Basin
Mengchun Cao, Jianhua Zhong, Chuang Liu, Ningliang Sun, and Mengmeng Yang

EGU2018-11851 | Posters | TS5.1

Surface deformation of South Korea after the 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake determined by GPS data: straining heterogeneity and seismicity
Sungshil Kim, Jin-Han Ree, Ha-Su Yoon, Byung-Kyu Choi, and Pil-Ho Park

EGU2018-8477 | Posters | TS5.1

Neotectonic Features and fault activity since Late Pleistocene of Hengchun Valley, southern Taiwan
I-Chin Yen, Po-Tsun Chen, Shih-Ting Lu, and Wen-Jeng Owen Huang

EGU2018-8060 | Posters | TS5.1

Seismically- induced soft sediment deformation structures associated with Ulsan Fault System, Korean Peninsula
Sambit Prasanajit Naik, Young-Seog Kim, Oshang Gwon, and Taehyung Kim

EGU2018-5354 | Posters | TS5.1

Relative sea-level changes recorded by coral microatolls above the Manila trench in Ilocos region (West Luzon, Philippines)
Jennifer Weil-Accardo, Aron Meltzner, Noelynna Ramos, Kathrine Maxwell, Ke Lin, Yanbin Lu, Xianfeng Wang, and Peter Parham

EGU2018-8186 | Posters | TS5.1

The preliminary study of damage patterns related to Pohang Earthquake (Mw=5.4), Republic of Korea
Taehyung Kim, Sambit Prasanajit Naik, Mohammed Saif Aldin Mohammed Adam, and Young-Seog Kim

TS5.2 – The Interplay between Earthquakes, the Seismic Cycle and Long-term Deformation: Models and Observations (including TS Division Outstanding ECS Lecture) (co-organized)

EGU2018-1191 | Posters | TS5.2

Interseismic deformation along the Altyn Tagh Fault, Tibet: Implications for shallow creep
Lin Shen, Andrew Hooper, John Elliott, and Tim Wright

EGU2018-12617 | Orals | TS5.2

Co-location of the locking depth and the shelf break, not the coastline, at active margins.
Luca C Malatesta, Lucile Bruhat, and Noah J Finnegan

EGU2018-10449 | Orals | TS5.2

Constraints on Seismic and Aseismic Slip on the Cascadia Megathrust from geodesy and seismicity
Sylvain Michel, Adriano Gualandi, and Jean-Philippe Avouac

EGU2018-2252 | Posters | TS5.2

Geodynamic modelling the stress evolution process in the Longmen Shan fault zone during the seismic circle
Chang Liu

EGU2018-16477 | Orals | TS5.2

The constitutive behavior of active faults, constraints from observations and dynamic modeling
Marion Y. Thomas and Harsha S. Bhat

EGU2018-3240 | Posters | TS5.2

Emergence of Holocene marine terrace in the Coastal Range, eastern Taiwan
Ching-Yuan Yang and Wen-Shan Chen

EGU2018-3245 | Posters | TS5.2

Modeling the Holocene slip history of the Wasatch fault (Utah)
Meike Bagge, Andrea Hampel, and Ryan Gold

EGU2018-9390 | Orals | TS5.2

Time dependent evolution of elastic properties in fault damage zones: Insights from experiments in Carrara Marble
Gabriel Meyer, Nicolas Brantut, Thomas Mitchell, and Philip Meredith

EGU2018-3385 | Posters | TS5.2

Remote triggering of forearc faulting - surface displacement along the Atacama Fault System monitored with the IPOC Creepmeter Array (N-Chile)
Pia Victor, Onno Oncken, Monika Sobiesiak, and Kemter Matthias

EGU2018-10798 | Orals | TS5.2

A Plastic Formulation of Rate and State Dependent Friction: Emergence of Slip Transients and Earthquakes
Luc Lavier and Xinyue Tong

EGU2018-3597 | Posters | TS5.2

Interpretation on seismogenic structures in Chiayi area, southern Taiwan
Yue-Gau Chen, Yu-Ting Kuo, Chien-Hsin Chang, Tz-Shin Lai, Hsin-Hua Huang, and Yih-Min Wu

EGU2018-19551 | Orals | TS5.2

Transient Deformation Following the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake: Towards Building a Rheological Model of Kyushu
James Moore, Eric Lindsey, Hang Yu, Justin Dauwels, Satoshi Matsumoto, and Bunichiro Shibazaki

EGU2018-3709 | Posters | TS5.2

Millennial to million year normal-fault interactions in the forearc of a subduction margin, Crete, Greece
Violeta Veliz, Vasiliki Mouslopoulou, Andrew Nicol, Charalambos Fassoulas, John Begg, and Onno Onken

EGU2018-11630 | Orals | TS5.2

slip rates at various time scales of the left-lateral strike-slip Xianshuihe fault system, Eastern Tibet
Anne Replumaz, Yuanze Zhang, Philippe-Hervé Leloup, Marie-Luce Chevalier, Mingkun Bai, Peter van der Beek, Marianne Metois, Guocan Wang, Jiawei Pan, and Haibing Li

EGU2018-14591 | Orals | TS5.2

Characterization of the complex 3D structure and deformation pattern in the eastern third of the Himalaya
György Hetényi, Rodolphe Cattin, Djordje Grujic, Théo Berthet, Tobias Diehl, Project GANSSER Working Group, and Project BHUTANEPAL Working Group

EGU2018-3893 | Posters | TS5.2

Geodetic measurements of crustal deformation across the southern Arava Valley section of the Dead Sea Fault and implications to seismic hazard assessment
Yariv Hamiel, Frederic Masson, Oksana Piatibratova, and Yaakov Mizrahi

EGU2018-5111 | Orals | TS5.2

Creeping versus locked faults: laboratory constraints compared with geodetic observations from the Longitudinal Valley Fault, Taiwan
Sabine A.M. den Hartog, Marion Y. Thomas, and Daniel R. Faulkner

EGU2018-4344 | Posters | TS5.2

Postseismic deformation following the 2008 Mw 7.9 Wenchuan earthquake: Implications for heterogeneous fault behavior and lower crustal rheology
Faqi Diao, Rongjiang Wang, Yuebing Wang, Xiong Xiong, and Thomas Walter

EGU2018-4520 | Posters | TS5.2

Linking intermediate depth seismicity to plate-bending related faulting
Iris van Zelst, Kevin Kwong, Xinyue Tong, Melody Eimer, Yi Hu, Yuval Boneh, Emily Schottenfels, Zhongwen Zhan, Meghan Miller, Louis Moresi, Jessica Warren, and Douglas Wiens

EGU2018-2143 | Orals | TS5.2

Extremely early recurrence of an M6 intraplate earthquake observed after the 2011 Tohoku-oki earthquake
Yo Fukushima, Shinji Toda, Satoshi Miura, Daisuke Ishimura, Yusaku Ohta, Tomotsugu Demachi, and Kenji Tachibana

EGU2018-4693 | Posters | TS5.2

The Chiloé Mw 7.6 earthquake of 25 December 2016 in Southern Chile: Rupture of an asperity of the Mw 9.5 1960 Valdivia earthquake
Dietrich Lange, Javier Ruiz, Sebastián Carrasco, and Paula Manriquez

EGU2018-16163 | Orals | TS5.2

A complementary approach to provide realistic long-term stress conditions for a dynamic rupture model of a megathrust earthquake
Iris van Zelst, Ylona van Dinther, Alice-Agnes Gabriel, Stephanie Wollherr, and Elizabeth H Madden

EGU2018-6549 | Orals | TS5.2

Analog modelling of subduction megathrust earthquakes: challenges, applications and future directions
Fabio Corbi

EGU2018-4790 | Posters | TS5.2

Active transform fault zone at the fringe of Large pull apart basin: an example from north Dead Sea Basin
Amir Sagy, Nadav Wetzler, Yariv Hamiel, Yael Sagy, and Vladimir Lyakhovsky

EGU2018-4849 | Posters | TS5.2

Spatio-temporal strain partitioning across the Longmen Shan fault zone in seismic cycles: implications for deformation mechanism in the Eastern Tibet
Li Yin and Gang Luo

EGU2018-5586 | Posters | TS5.2

Shear-strain energy change in inland seismogenic layer caused by the interplate coupling along the Nankai Trough, southwest Japan
Tatsuhiko Saito, Akemi Noda, Keisuke Yoshida, and Sachiko Tanaka

EGU2018-6306 | Posters | TS5.2

Coseismic and postseismic deformation of the 2016 Mw 6.5 Meinong, Taiwan, earthquake
Pei-Ching Tsai, Ruey-Juin Rau, and Kuo-En Ching

EGU2018-7040 | Posters | TS5.2

Interseismic deformation transients and precursory phenomena: Insights from stick-slip experiments with a granular fault zone
Michael Rudolf, Matthias Rosenau, and Onno Oncken

EGU2018-7355 | Posters | TS5.2

On the relationship between interseismic coupling and earthquake slip pattern
Fabio Corbi, Francesca Funiciello, Silvia Brizzi, Serge Lallemand, Matthias Rosenau, and Jonathan Bedford

EGU2018-7602 | Posters | TS5.2

Fault healing model for the seismic cycle: Example of the 1999 Mw 7.6/7.2 Izmit-Duzce earthquake sequence
Philippe Vernant, Semih Ergintav, Michael Floyd, Ugur Dogan, Ziyadin Cakir, Achraf Koulali, Michel Peyret, Simon McClusky, David Mencin, Roger Bilham, Robert King, and Robert Reilinger

EGU2018-8003 | Posters | TS5.2

Overprinting the signal of inter-seismic coupling on subduction megathrusts throughout the earthquake cycle
Matthew Herman and Rob Govers

EGU2018-8941 | Posters | TS5.2

High strain rates and low viscosities in mylonitised pseudotachylytes – a lower crustal record of postseismic creep?
Lucy Campbell and Luca Menegon

EGU2018-9704 | Posters | TS5.2

Illuminating with InSAR time series the strain distribution and evolution over a seismically active fault-bend-fold structure
Simon Daout, Thore Kausch, Henriette Sudhaus, Marius Isken, Andreas Steinberg, and Sebastian Heiman

EGU2018-9705 | Posters | TS5.2

Controls on normal fault activity in the central Italian Apennines: Insights from thermo-mechanical modelling
Anneleen H. Geurts, Ritske S. Huismans, and Patience A. Cowie

EGU2018-9900 | Posters | TS5.2

What controls the length of strike-slip fault segments? Insight from sandbox experiments.
Marthe Lefevre, Pauline Souloumiac, Nadaya Cubas, and Yann Klinger

EGU2018-11252 | Posters | TS5.2

Effect of pore pressure on the effective friction coefficient during the calculation of Coulomb failure stress
Huihong Cheng, Huai Zhang, and Yaolin Shi

EGU2018-11336 | Posters | TS5.2

Trends and variations of contemporary vertical crustal movements of Baikal region
Vladimir Sankov, Andrey Lukhnev, Andrey Miroshnitchenko, Natalia Perevalova, Anna Dobrynina, Alexey Sankov, and Marina Lebedeva

EGU2018-11522 | Posters | TS5.2

Geodetic and Seismic Constraints on Strain Accumulation on the Hellenic Subduction Zone off Crete
Michael Floyd, Demitris Paradissis, Athanassis Ganas, Hayrullah Karabulut, Robert King, and Robert Reilinger

EGU2018-12655 | Posters | TS5.2

Architecture and microstructural properties of the seismogenetic Monte Marine extensional fault affecting partially dolomitized carbonate rocks, central Apennines (Italy)
Silvia Cortinovis, Fabrizio Balsamo, Fabrizio Storti, and Giulio Di Toro

EGU2018-13183 | Posters | TS5.2

Long term monitoring of the micro-seismicity along the Main Marmara Fault, Turkey using template matching
Emanuela Matrullo, Olivier Lengliné, Jean Schmittbuhl, Hayrullah Karabulut, and Michel Bouchon

EGU2018-13344 | Posters | TS5.2

Active surface deformation in the south-central Andes revealed by multiple-sensor InSAR and field observations
Bodo Bookhagen, Manfred Strecker, and Ricardo Alonzo

EGU2018-13369 | Posters | TS5.2

Interseismic coupling on the Main Himalayan Thrust: Bayesian modelling accounting for prediction uncertainties
Luca Dal Zilio, Romain Jolivet, and Ylona van Dinther

EGU2018-13732 | Posters | TS5.2

Earthquakes Below the Brittle-Ductile Transition: The Role of Grain Size Assisted Thermal Runaway
Marcel Thielmann and Thibault Duretz

EGU2018-13759 | Posters | TS5.2

A stochastic view on the strain budget of the Ecuador-Columbia subduction zone
Baptiste Gombert, Zacharie Duputel, Romain Jolivet, Luis Rivera, Mark Simons, Junle Jiang, Cunren Liang, and Eric Fielding

EGU2018-14039 | Posters | TS5.2

Megathrust Earthquake Cycle: Observations of Backstops in the Overriding Plate and Their Link With Tectonic Setting
Rob Govers, Taco Broerse, and Matthew W. Herman

EGU2018-18317 | Posters | TS5.2 | Highlight

Fault stability during an experimental seismic cycle. The effect of controlled conditions of the loading rate.
Elena Spagnuolo, Stefan Nielsen, Marie Violay, Francois Passelegue, and Giulio Di Toro

EGU2018-18418 | Posters | TS5.2

Slip partitioned faults have non-steady state slip rates under oblique convergence
Michele Cooke, Kevin Toeneboehn, and Jennifer Beyer

EGU2018-18872 | Posters | TS5.2

Interseismic deformation of the Tjörnes Fracture Zone in North Iceland, inferred from GPS
Rémi Matrau, Sigurjón Jónsson, Sabrina Metzger, Benedikt Ófeigsson, and Renier Viltres

TS5.4 – The 2016-2017 Central Italy seismic sequence: understanding earthquake faulting processes from Geodetic, Geological and Seismological data (co-organized)

EGU2018-15270 | Orals | TS5.4 | Highlight

The 2016-17 seismic sequence as a tile of the normal faults system activated in the last 20 years in the Central-Northern Apennines
Lauro Chiaraluce

EGU2018-5266 | Posters | TS5.4

Two years of geochemical monitoring along the Alto Tiberina Fault (Italy): new inferences on fluids and seismicity in central Apennines
Marco Camarda, Antonio Caracausi, Lauro Chiaraluce, Sofia De Gregorio, and Rocco Favara

EGU2018-14969 | Orals | TS5.4

Coseismic throw variation across along-strike bends on active normal faults: implications for displacement/length scaling of earthquake ruptures.
Francesco Iezzi, Zoe Mildon, Joanna Faure Walker, Gerald Roberts, Huw Goodall, Maxwell Wilkinson, and Jenni Robertson

EGU2018-8586 | Posters | TS5.4

Modification of groundwater circulation induced by the Central Italy earthquakes: the case of Torbidone system (Norcia Plain, Italy)
Daniela Valigi, Costanza Cambi, Carlo Cardellini, Francesco Mirabella, Lucia Mastrorillo, Davide Renghi, Stefano Viaroli, Giulio Beddini, and Stefano Caliro

EGU2018-6865 | Posters | TS5.4

Fast characterization of Italian seismogenic sources by the analysis of macroseismic intensities
Gianfranco Vannucci, Paolo Gasperini, and Barbara Lolli