US – Union symposia

US2 – The future of Earth and Planetary Observations from Space

EGU2018-19863 | Orals | US2

Looking Down on the Earth: Satellites, Science, and Societal Benefit
Michael H. Freilich

EGU2018-19404 | Orals | US2

Research and Operational satellite programs for Earth Science and Applications from Space in China
Xiaolong Dong

EGU2018-19851 | Orals | US2

Copernicus – Europe’s Route to the Future
Josef Aschbacher

EGU2018-19864 | Orals | US2

Cosmic Vision - Exploration of the Universe
Günther Hasinger

EGU2018-12165 | Orals | US2

ISAS/JAXA Small Body Exploration Program
Masaki Fujimoto

EGU2018-19862 | Orals | US2

NASA's Heliophysics Research and Space Weather Services for the Agency’s Robotic Missions
C. Alex Young

US3 – Cassini and future perspectives for the exploration of the outer solar system

EGU2018-10790 | Orals | US3 | Highlight

Cassini’s Grand Finale: Highlights from a Voyage into Unique Territory
Linda Spilker and Scott Edgington

EGU2018-18695 | Orals | US3 | Highlight

The Cassini-Huygens Mission: Huygens legacy
Jean-Pierre Lebreton

EGU2018-18480 | Orals | US3

The Cassini-Huygens mission at Titan
Athena Coustenis

EGU2018-2954 | Orals | US3

Saturn's magnetosphere after the end of Cassini
Norbert Krupp, Peter Kollmann, Elias Roussos, Don Mitchell, William Kurth, Michele Dougherty, and Hunter Waite

EGU2018-5368 | Orals | US3

The Coupling of Saturn’s Atmosphere and Ionosphere to the Rings
J. Hunter Waite, Mark Perry, Jared Bell, Rebecca Perryman, Kelly Miller, Don Mitchell, Bill Kurth, Ann Persoon, Jan-Erik Wahlund, Michele Dougherty, and Gregory Hunt

EGU2018-10770 | Orals | US3

The gravity field of Saturn and the mass of its rings
Luciano Iess

EGU2018-5982 | Orals | US3 | Highlight

Highlights of Saturn’s Icy Satellites after the Cassini mission
Bonnie Buratti

EGU2018-2846 | Orals | US3

A perspective on the astrobiological legacy of Cassini-Huygens
Christopher Glein

EGU2018-5490 | Orals | US3

Origin of the Saturnian System after the Cassini-Huygens mission
Olivier Mousis

US4 – Fifty years of International Ocean Drilling

EGU2018-13420 | Orals | US4 | Highlight

The Odyssey of Ocean Research Drilling: Past and Future Directions
Judith A. McKenzie

EGU2018-6855 | Orals | US4 | Highlight

Delving deep into the seafloor: how ocean drilling has revolutionized our understanding of Cenozoic paleoceanography and climate
Ursula Röhl

EGU2018-4943 | Orals | US4 | Highlight

Recent past and future progress in tectonics and dynamic Earth processes (Earth Connections and Earth in Motion) resulting from scientific ocean drilling as part of the International Ocean Discovery Program, IODP
Lisa McNeill

EGU2018-19607 | Orals | US4 | Highlight

Ocean Drilling in the fields of Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology
Carlota Escutia

EGU2018-9735 | Orals | US4 | Highlight

Slipping and Sliding: Capturing the Earth in Motion by Scientific Ocean Drilling
Michael Strasser

EGU2018-19330 | Orals | US4 | Highlight

Exploring the limits of deep subseafloor geosphere-biosphere interactions through scientific ocean drilling
Fumio Inagaki
CC BY 4.0