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AS – Atmospheric Sciences

AS1.1 – Numerical weather prediction, data assimilation and ensemble forecasting

EGU2019-119 | Orals | AS1.1

Dust storms in the Middle East and North Africa: An observational and modeling study of two events using in-situ and remotely sensed measurements and WRF-Chem-RTFDDA

Dorita Rostkier-Edelstein, Gregory Roux, Yongxin Zhang, Pavel Kunin, Rong-Shyang Sheu, and Yubao Liu

EGU2019-12539 | Posters | AS1.1

Assimilation of GNSS zenith total delay into a regional weather research and forecast model

Yuxin Zheng, Xingxing Li, Xin Li, and Han Tan

EGU2019-1741 | Orals | AS1.1

Improved Forecasting of Near Surface Fields in the NCEP Operational Global Forecast System

Weizhong Zheng, Jack Kain, Helin Wei, Jongil Han, Ruiyu Sun, Shrinivas Moorthi, and Fanglin Yang

EGU2019-11948 | Posters | AS1.1

Impact of Hydrometeor Fall Velocity Parameterization on Convection: The Perspective of Hydrometeor Population Dynamics

Jian-Wen Bao, Sara Michelson, Evelyn Grell, and Wei Huang

EGU2019-12077 | Orals | AS1.1

Improved short-range cloud/surface forecasts from US models at 12-km and 3-km scale

Stan Benjamin, Curtis Alexander, Stephen Weygandt, Ming Hu, and Terra Ladwig

EGU2019-4944 | Posters | AS1.1

Data Assimilation and verification based on GEO microwave observations

Jieying He and Yang Guo

EGU2019-12693 | Orals | AS1.1

Verification and evaluation of the medium-range forecasts with the Korean Integrated Model (KIM)

In-Jin Choi, Kyung-Hee Seol, Soo Ya Bae, and Eunjeong Lee

EGU2019-12335 | Posters | AS1.1

Sensitivity analysis of various microphysics schemes in a community NWP model

Wei Huang, Baode Chen, Jian-Wen Bao, Sara A. Michelson, and Evelyn D. Grell

EGU2019-7122 | Orals | AS1.1

Better Assessment of the Urban Effect on the Humidity Field based on Commercial Microwaves Links

Yoav Rubin, Shira Sohn, and Pinhas Alpert

EGU2019-11228 | Orals | AS1.1

Increasing the horizontal resolution in numerical weather prediction

Páll Ágúst Þórarinsson, Haraldur Ólafsson, Halldór Björnsson, Bolli Pálmason, and Christina Henriette Wilckens

EGU2019-12435 | Posters | AS1.1

Verification Results of ICE-POP 2018 NWP System

Seungbo Choi, Kwang-Duek Ahn, and Yong Hee Lee

EGU2019-8348 | Orals | AS1.1

ECMWF: progress and plans

Florian Pappenberger

EGU2019-1731 | Posters | AS1.1

Homogenity of the MERRA- 2 and ERA -5 temperature data

Peter Krizan

EGU2019-12345 | Orals | AS1.1

Development of the High-Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) Version 4 and Transition to an FV3-Based Rapid Refresh Forecast System (RRFS)

Therese Ladwig, David Dowell, Curtis Alexander, Ming Hu, Jeffery Duda, Trevor Alcott, Jeffery Beck, John Brown, Stephen Weygandt, and Stan Benjamin

EGU2019-5741 | Orals | AS1.1

Fraction of large forecast errors in global NWP

Thomas Haiden, Zied Ben Bouallegue, and Martin Janousek

EGU2019-9862 | Orals | AS1.1

The effect of 3DVAR data assimilation and Noah LSM over the Iberian summer temperature and energy balance

Santos J. González-Rojí, Jon Sáenz, and Gabriel Ibarra-Berastegi

EGU2019-11097 | Orals | AS1.1

Collecting and Processing of Barometric Data from Smartphones for Potential Use in NWP Data Assimilation

Kasper Stener hintz, Henrik Vedel, and Eigil Kaas

EGU2019-3229 | Orals | AS1.1

Big Data Assimilation: Past 5 Years and Perspectives for the Future

Takemasa Miyoshi, Shigenori Otsuka, Takumi Honda, Guo-Yuan Lien, Yasumitsu Maejima, Yoshito Yoshizaki, Hiromu Seko, Hirofumi Tomita, Shinsuke Satoh, Tomoo Ushio, Tatiana V. Martsinkevich, Balazs Gerofi, and Yutaka Ishikawa

EGU2019-8977 | Posters | AS1.1

Coupling the Town Energy Balance Model (TEB) to the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model: implementation and evaluation

David Meyer, Robert Schoetter, Sue Grimmond, Michael Barlage, Jimy Dudhia, Valéry Masson, Mukul Tewari, and Antoine Verrelle

EGU2019-11303 | Orals | AS1.1

On the regional superparametrization of OpenIFS by 3D LES models

Fredrik Jansson, Gijs van den Oord, Inti Pelupessy, Maria Chertova, Pier Siebesma, and Daan Crommelin

EGU2019-9516 | Posters | AS1.1

Optimizing WRF configuration for assessments over Europe

Efthimios Tagaris, Ioannis Stergiou, and Rafaella - Eleni Sotiropoulou

EGU2019-11889 | Posters | AS1.1

A scale-aware subgrid mixing parameterization in an operational NWP model

Xu Zhang, Baode Chen, and Jian-Wen Bao

EGU2019-11795 | Orals | AS1.1

The optimal ensemble size for subseasonal-to-seasonal (S2S) prediction

Sang-Wook Kim and Seok-Woo Son

EGU2019-12212 | Posters | AS1.1

Medium-range forecasts with a non-hydrostatic global atmospheric model on a cubed sphere grid

Song-You Hong, Young Cheol Kwon, Rae-Seol Park, In-Jin Choi, Soo Ya Bae, In-Hyuk Kwon, Kyung-Hee Seol, Jung-Han Kim, Tae-Hun Kim, and Dong-Il Kim

EGU2019-3590 | Orals | AS1.1

PBL and Microphysics Coupling to Charney-Phillips Vertical Grid in GRAPES Global Forecast System

Jiong Chen, Zhanshan Ma, Zhe Li, and Yong Su

EGU2019-12221 | Posters | AS1.1

ASCAT data assimilation for numerical weather prediction

Jeong-Hyun Park, Kyung-On Boo, Sanghee Jun, Yong Hee Lee, and Hyun-Suk Kang

EGU2019-12448 | Posters | AS1.1

The Impact of Environmental Vorticity on Intensification of Tropical Cyclones over the Northwestern Pacific

Yusi Wu, Shumin Chen, Weibiao Li, and Rong Fang

EGU2019-12473 | Orals | AS1.1

Consistency between Cloud Physics and Radiation Schemes in the KIM

Rae Seol Park and Soo Ya Bae

EGU2019-14472 | Orals | AS1.1

CASA Hail Nowcast System over Dallas Fort Worth Urban network

Chandrasekar Radhakrishnan and Chandrasekar Venkatachalam

EGU2019-12657 | Posters | AS1.1

Skill of Global Raw and Postprocessed Ensemble Predictions in the Tropics

Peter Vogel, Peter Knippertz, Tilmann Gneiting, Andreas H. Fink, and Andreas Schlueter

EGU2019-12957 | Posters | AS1.1

GNSS tomography data assimilation into the NWP models

Estera Trzcina, Witold Rohm, and Jan Kapłon

EGU2019-13300 | Posters | AS1.1

Representation of orography and its effect on the atmospheric flow in global weather forecasts

Takafumi Kanehama, Irina Sandu, Anton Beljaars, and François Lott

EGU2019-14553 | Posters | AS1.1

Diagnostics for model error and error compensation in NWP parameterization schemes during an intense cold air outbreak

Marvin Kähnert, Inger-Lise Frogner, Teresa M. Valkonen, and Harald Sodemann

EGU2019-17155 | Posters | AS1.1

Is persistence useful for sub-seasonal prediction in Croatia?

Dubravka Rasol, Lisa Degenhardt, and Haraldur Ólafsson

EGU2019-17406 | Posters | AS1.1

Forecasting Extreme Convective Phenomena with Ensemble Prediction System Results

Grzegorz Duniec and Andrzej Mazur

EGU2019-17687 | Posters | AS1.1

Challenges for NWP from flux observations at Gufuskálar in W-Iceland

Geoffroy Dumont, Haraldur Ólafsson, Joan Cuxart, Gudrun Nina Petersen, Joachim Reuder, Olafur Rognvaldsson, and Halfdan Agustsson

EGU2019-17689 | Posters | AS1.1

Impact of Doppler weather radar data assimilation on the quality of precipitation forecasting in Belarus

Palina Zaiko, Siarhei Barodka, and Aliaksandr Krasouski

EGU2019-17808 | Posters | AS1.1

Influence of Perturbation Type on Results of EPS Forecasts of Surface Elements

Andrzej Mazur and Grzegorz Duniec

EGU2019-17939 | Posters | AS1.1

Mesoscale challenges in forecasting the weather and climate of Bergen

Daniel Schönbein, Haraldur Ólafsson, and Jan Asle Olseth

EGU2019-17997 | Posters | AS1.1

Precipitation pattern in the Reykjanes mountain ridge

Gudrun Nina Petersen, Haraldur Ólafsson, and Thordur Arason

AS1.2 – Forecasting the weather and aviation meteorology

EGU2019-18878 | Orals | AS1.2 | Highlight

The Development of the next generation NCEP Global Ensemble Forecast System (GEFS)

Yuejian Zhu, Xiaqiong Zhou, and Dingchen Hou

EGU2019-3096 | Posters | AS1.2

Aircraft induced cloudiness observations over Turkey

Mecit Yaman and Ismail Gultepe

EGU2019-17262 | Orals | AS1.2 | Highlight

EUMETNET Nowcasting Cooperation

Franziska Schmid, Yong Wang, Ingo Meirold-Mautner, and André Simon

EGU2019-13940 | Posters | AS1.2

OpenIFS@home - Using citizen science to improve our understanding of weather forecasts

Sarah Sparrow, Antje Weisheimer, Andy Bowery, Glenn Carver, Gabriella Szépszó, Marcus Köhler, Florian Pappenberger, and David Wallom

EGU2019-5255 | Orals | AS1.2 | Highlight

IMPROVER: A probabilistic, multi-model post-processing system for meteorological forecasts

Benjamin Ayliffe and Nigel Roberts

EGU2019-6419 | Posters | AS1.2

Development of Prediction Model for The Occurrence of Heavy Snow Using Statistical

Jin Jeon, Jeong-Eun park, and Hye-jin Kee

EGU2019-15737 | Orals | AS1.2

Two step blending for a seamless forecast from short-term to medium-term range.

Aitor Atencia, Alexander Kann, Yong Wang, Florian Meier, and Florian Weidle

EGU2019-18944 | Orals | AS1.2 | Highlight

Improvements to ceiling and visibility forecasts from the 2019-20 US HRRR/RAP short-range forecast models

Stan Benjamin, Curtis Alexander, Stephen Weygandt, Ming Hu, and Terra Ladwig

EGU2019-5708 | Posters | AS1.2

Detecting the melting layer with a Micro Rain Radar

Maren Brast and Piet Markmann

EGU2019-10917 | Orals | AS1.2

The added value of convection-permitting ensemble forecasts of sea breeze compared to a Bayesian forecast driven by the global ensemble

Carlo Cafaro, Thomas Frame, John Methven, Nigel Roberts, and Jochen Broecker

EGU2019-2428 | Orals | AS1.2 | Highlight

Urban air mobility – Emerging opportunities for the weather community

Matthias Steiner

EGU2019-3795 | Orals | AS1.2

C-FOG Field Campaign for Coastal Fog: Emphases on Microphysics versus Dynamics

Ismail Gultepe, Harindra J.S Fernando, Eric Pardyjak, Qing Wang, Christopher Hocut, Edward Creegan, Sebastian Hoch, David Flagg, Norm Scanland, Serge Desjardins, Ryan Yamaguchi, Sen Wang, Mark Pilon, Terry Bullock, Michael Pavolonis, Perrie William, Andrew Heymsfield, Raghu Krishnamurthy, Charlotte Wainwright, and Sasa Gabersek and the C-FOG

EGU2019-6063 | Orals | AS1.2

Key lessons from the DACCIWA project for forecasting the weather in West Africa

Peter Knippertz and John H. Marsham and the DACCIWA team

EGU2019-13258 | Orals | AS1.2

Data Mining and Artificial Neural Networks for Short-range Wind Speed Forecasts

Petrina Papazek, Irene Schicker, Alexander Kann, and Yong Wang

EGU2019-11717 | Posters | AS1.2

The Use of Multi-Model Ensemble Clustering in The Weather Prediction Center’s Extended Range Forecast Experiment

William Lamberson, Michael Bodner, Sara Sienkiewicz, and James Nelson

EGU2019-2597 | Orals | AS1.2

Comparative study of different error correction methods on model output wind field

Xiaoqing Zeng, Feng Xue, Yao Li, and Shenrong Zhao

EGU2019-11959 | Posters | AS1.2

Impact of model bias on a hybrid data assimilation system

Yu Xia and Jing Chen

EGU2019-12706 | Posters | AS1.2

All-sky Microwave Radiance Assimilation in the Korean Integrated Model (KIM) system

Sihye Lee, Hyoung-Wook Chun, and Jeon-Ho Kang

EGU2019-18376 | Posters | AS1.2

The impact of horizontal diffusion Parameterization on structure and intensity of Typhoon Morakot (2009)

Yi Zhang

EGU2019-7931 | Posters | AS1.2

NWP simulations of three fog cases at Sofia and Plovdiv airports

Nikolay Penov, Anastasiya Stoycheva, Ilian Manafiov, Keranka Vassileva, and Guergana Guerova

EGU2019-18507 | Posters | AS1.2

A new scheme of blending initial perturbation of GRAPES regional ensemble prediction system

Xulin Ma, Yanxa Ji, Boyang Zhou, and Yang Shi

EGU2019-66 | Posters | AS1.2

Statistical Characteristics of Environmental Parameters for Hail over the Two-Step Terrains of China

Yancha Cao

EGU2019-2555 | Posters | AS1.2

Comparison of environmental and mesoscale characteristics of two types of mountain-to-plain precipitation system in the North China

xian xiao, juanzhen sun, mingxuan chen, xiushu qie, and zhuming ying

EGU2019-21 | Posters | AS1.2

Assessing flight path vulnerabilities over Himalayan terrain

Sushrut Deshpande, Neelay Doshi, Anant Chandra, and Satyajit Ghosh

AS1.4 – Biases in weather and climate models: representing uncertain sub-grid processes, understanding large-scale drivers, and paths to improvement (co-organized)

EGU2019-2291 | Orals | AS1.4

Characterization of the model error in COSMO-D2-EPS using a flow-dependent partial SDE

Martin Sprengel, Tobias Heppelmann, and Christoph Gebhardt

EGU2019-3199 | Posters | AS1.4

Mitigation of the Double ITCZ Syndrome in BCC-CSM through Revising Parameterizations of Boundary-Layer Turbulence and Shallow Convection

Yixiong Lu

EGU2019-6530 | Orals | AS1.4

One the role of dry processes for climate model biases and possible emergent constraints

Felix Pithan, Inna Polichtchouk, Ted Shepherd, Guiseppe Zappa, and Irina Sandu

EGU2019-9796 | Orals | AS1.4

Euro-Atlantic climate variability in High-Resolution GCMs: improving atmospheric blocking for the wrong reasons

Paolo Davini, Fabio D'Andrea, Susanna Corti, Gwendal Riviere, and Jost von Hardenberg

EGU2019-18332 | Orals | AS1.4

Impact of stochastic physics on climate simulations with EC-Earth: looking at the ocean.

Virna Meccia, Federico Fabiano, and Susanna Corti

EGU2019-6230 | Posters | AS1.4

Implementation and Testing of CS-AW deep convection and MG3 microphysics in FV3GFS

Anning Cheng and the Anning Cheng

EGU2019-12595 | Posters | AS1.4

Seasonal ensemble simulation of KIM with stochastically perturbed forcing

Myung-Seo Koo, Jung-Eun Kim, and Song-You Hong

EGU2019-12800 | Orals | AS1.4

Oceanic impacts on the atmospheric and terrestrial moisture budgets in RCMs

Klaus Goergen and Stefan Kollet

EGU2019-2073 | Posters | AS1.4

How long does my run need to be? Machine dependence and the identification of uncertainties in climate models

Maria Vittoria Guarino, Louise Sime, David Schroeder, and Grenville Lister

EGU2019-5228 | Posters | AS1.4

Information flow in multi-scale dynamical systems using ordinal symbolic analysis

Manuel Pulido, Santiago Rosa, and Peter Jan van Leeuwen

EGU2019-1833 | Posters | AS1.4

Weighting CMIP3 & CMIP5 models with respect to Mediterranean precipitation in a statistical downscaling framework

Irena Kaspar-Ott, Elke Hertig, Severin Kaspar, Felix Pollinger, Christoph Ring, Heiko Paeth, and Jucundus Jacobeit

EGU2019-15198 | Posters | AS1.4

Timescale Decomposition of Climate and Correction of Variability Using Synthetic Samples of Stable Distributions

Martin Gomez-Garcia, Akiko Matsumura, Daikichi Ogawada, and Kiyoshi Takahashi

EGU2019-15080 | Posters | AS1.4

Model evaluation of high-resolution urban climate simulations: using WRF/Noah LSM/SLUCM model as a case study

Zhiqiang Li, Yulun Zhou, Bincheng Wan, Hopun Chung, Bo Huang, and Biao Liu

EGU2019-16514 | Posters | AS1.4

Toy models to analyze emergent constraint approaches

Xavier-Andoni Tibau, Christian Reimers, Veronika Eyring, Joachim Denzler, Markus Reichstein, and Jakob Runge

EGU2019-12198 | Posters | AS1.4

Impact of surface temperature biases on climate change projections of the South Pacific Convergence Zone and tropical cyclone activity.

Cyril Dutheil, Margot bador, Matthieu Lengaigne, Jérôme Vialard, Jérôme Lefèvre, Nicolas Jourdain, Swen Jullien, Alexandre Peltier, Benjamin Sultan, and Christophe Menkes

EGU2019-14144 | Posters | AS1.4

Investigating drivers of midlatitude circulation biases in a hierarchy of climate prediction ensembles

Stefan Sobolowski, Camille Li, Lilan Chen, and Fumiaki Ogawa

EGU2019-16922 | Posters | AS1.4

The dependence of Boreal winter teleconnections on atmospheric biases in a climate model.

Nicholas Tyrrell, Alexey Karpechko, and Sebastian Rast

EGU2019-16668 | Posters | AS1.4

Relationship between the future projections of Sahel rainfall and the simulation biases of present South Asian and western North Pacific rainfall in summer

yuhan yan, riyu lu, and chaofan li

AS1.5 – High resolution weather and climate models on large supercomputers (co-organized)

EGU2019-18779 | Orals | AS1.5 | Highlight

Modeling Systems in the post-Dennard era

Venkatramani Balaji

EGU2019-2430 | Posters | AS1.5

CMIP6 HighResMIP - Global High Resolution Climate Modelling

Malcolm Roberts, Pier Luigi Vidale, Helene Hewitt, Benoit Vanniere, Rein Haarsma, Torben Koenigk, Louis-Philippe Caron, Jin-Song von Storch, Christopher Roberts, Tido Semmler, Adrian New, Alessio Bellucci, and Laurent Terray

EGU2019-5958 | Orals | AS1.5

Performance Modeling and Scalability for Global High-Resolution Weather and Climate Predictions

Philipp Neumann, Julia Duras, Joachim Biercamp, and Panagiotis Adamidis

EGU2019-2934 | Posters | AS1.5

Extra-tropical transition of Atlantic hurricanes in PRIMAVERA HighResMIP simulations

Reindert Haarsma, Dimitris Kapetanakis, and Alex Baker

EGU2019-5802 | Orals | AS1.5

A Python-based approach to the physics-dynamics coupling in atmospheric models

Stefano Ubbiali, Christoph Schär, Linda Schlemmer, William Sawyer, and Thomas C. Schulthess

EGU2019-8371 | Orals | AS1.5

Performance portability on GPU and CPU with the ICON global climate model

Valentin Clément, Remo Dietlicher, Oliver Fuhrer, Philippe Marti, Carlos Osuna, Will Sawyer, and Tobias Wicky

EGU2019-5646 | Posters | AS1.5

esm-interfaces: Towards a Modular ESM Coupling Approach

Nadine Wieters and Dirk Barbi

EGU2019-6931 | Posters | AS1.5

Evaluation of snowfall in GCMs in the Arctic using CPR/CloudSat observations

Manu Thomas, Abhay Devasthale, Tristan L'Ecuyer, Shiyu Wang, Torben Koenigk, and Klaus Wyser

EGU2019-6090 | Orals | AS1.5

Tropical cyclone sensitivity to CO2 doubling: impact of resolution and forcing

Gabriel Vecchi, Hiroyuki Murakami, Tom Delworth, Seth Underwood, Andrew Wittenberg, Fanrong Zeng, Wei Zhang, Jane Baldwin, William Cooke, Jie He, Sarah Kapnick, Tom Knutson, Gabriele Villarini, Karin van der Wiel, Whit Anderson, Venkatramani Balaji, Jan-Huey Chen, Keith Dixon, Rich Gugel, and Lucas Harris and the Team Working on HiFLOR and FLOR

EGU2019-5265 | Orals | AS1.5

Scalability of the Finite-volumE Sea ice-Ocean Model, Version 2.0 (FESOM2)

Natalja Rakowsky, Nikolay Koldunov, Vadym Aizinger, Patrick Scholz, Dmitry Sidorenko, Sergey Danilov, and Thomas Jung

EGU2019-15982 | Orals | AS1.5

A preliminary analysis of atmosphere-only high-resolution climate simulations with IPSL-CM

Thomas Dubos, Yann Meurdesoif, Abdoul-Khadre Traoré, Josefine Ghattas, Laurent Fairhead, Ehouarn Millour, Frédéric Hourdin, Francois Lott, David Cugnet, Jan Polcher, Arnaud Caubel, Sébastien Fromang, Stella Bourdin, Marie Sicard, Masa Kageyama, Pascale Braconnot, Olivier Marti, and Marie-Alice Foujols

EGU2019-11501 | Posters | AS1.5

Numerical and dynamical assessment of a newly developed non-hydrostatic atmospheric dynamical core

Jorge R. Urrego-Blanco, Balu Nadiga, and Mark A. Taylor

EGU2019-14314 | Posters | AS1.5

Representation of blocking in a multi-model ensemble of high-resolution coupled global climate models

Reinhard Schiemann, Panos Athanasiadis, and Pier Luigi Vidale

EGU2019-16087 | Posters | AS1.5

Precision Reduction for Elliptic Solvers

Jan Ackmann, Peter Dueben, and Piotr Smolarkiewicz

EGU2019-17027 | Posters | AS1.5

Posit numbers as an alternative to floating point numbers for weather and climate models

Milan Klöwer, Peter Düben, and Tim Palmer

EGU2019-17740 | Posters | AS1.5

Water budget of tropical cyclones in GCMs and the role of horizontal resolution.

Benoit Vanniere, Malcolm Roberts, Kevin Hodges, Pier Luigi Vidale, and Marie-Estelle Demory

EGU2019-18772 | Posters | AS1.5

Effective resolution in high resolution global atmospheric models for climate studies

Remko Klaver, Rein Haarsma, Pier Luigi Vidale, and Wilco Hazeleger

AS1.6 – Machine learning for Earth System modelling (co-organized)

EGU2019-517 | Posters | AS1.6

Correcting air quality forecasts with machine learning algorithms

Hervé Petetin, Albert Soret, Alicia Sanchez-Lorente, Oriol Jorba Cassellas, Kim Serradell, and Carlos Pérez Garcia-Pando

EGU2019-13625 | Orals | AS1.6

DeepRain – Improved local-scale prediction of precipitation through deep learning

Martin Schultz, Felix Kleinert, Lukas Leufen, Jessica Ahring, Susanne Theis, Jan Keller, Gordon Pipa, Johannes Leugering, Pascal Nieters, Peter Baumann, Vlad Merticariu, Andreas Hense, and Rita Glowienka-Hense

EGU2019-3139 | Posters | AS1.6

Machine learning parameterizations for ozone in climate sensitivity simulations

Peer Nowack, Qing Yee Ellie Ong, Peter Braesicke, Joanna Haigh, Nathan Luke Abraham, John Pyle, and Apostolos Voulgarakis

EGU2019-15363 | Orals | AS1.6

Data assimilation schemes as a framework for learning dynamical model from partial and noisy observations

Said Ouala, Ronan Fablet, Van-Duong Nguyen, Lucas Drumetz, Bertrand Chapron, Ananda Pascual, Fabrice Collard, and Lucile Gaultier

EGU2019-3394 | Posters | AS1.6

Reconstructing 3D data from 2D observations with deep learning

Anastase Alexandre Charantonis

EGU2019-8028 | Orals | AS1.6

Approximating simple general circulation models with deep learning

Sebastian Scher and Gabriele Messori

EGU2019-3691 | Posters | AS1.6

Generic cloud mask algorithm based on machine learning techniques and radiative transfer simulations

Nan Chen, Yongzhen Fan, Wei Li, Jae-Hyun Ahn, Wonkook Kim, Young-Je Park, Charles Gatebe, and Knut Stamnes

EGU2019-6549 | Orals | AS1.6

Data-driven inference of the ordinary differential equation representation of a chaotic dynamical model using data assimilation

Marc Bocquet, Julien Brajard, Alberto Carrassi, and Laurent Bertino

EGU2019-4127 | Posters | AS1.6

Machine Learning based prediction of atmospheric zenith wet delay: A study using GNSS measurements in Wettzell and co-located VLBI observations

Chaiyaporn Kitpracha, Sadegh Modiri, Milad Asgarimchr, Robert Heinkelmann, and Harald Schuh

EGU2019-11211 | Orals | AS1.6

Machine Learning for Stochastic Parameterization: Generative Adversarial Networks in the Lorenz '96 Model

David Gagne, Hannah Christensen, Aneesh Subramanian, and Adam Monahan

EGU2019-5124 | Posters | AS1.6

Algorithmic tuning of spread-skill relationship in an ensemble forecasting system

Madeleine Ekblom, Lauri Tuppi, Vladimir Shemyakin, Marko Laine, Pirkka Ollinaho, Heikki Haario, and Heikki Järvinen

EGU2019-11503 | Orals | AS1.6

Atmospheric chemistry modeling using machine learning

Christoph Keller and Mat Evans

EGU2019-6564 | Posters | AS1.6

Estimating global ocean heat content from tidal magnetic signals in space

Christopher Irrgang, Jan Saynisch, and Maik Thomas

EGU2019-8075 | Posters | AS1.6

Spatio-Temporal LSTM Forecasting of Ozone Secondary Events

Luiz Angelo Steffenel, Gustavo Rasera, Nelson Begue, Damaris Kirsch Pinheiro, and Hassan Bencherif

EGU2019-9826 | Posters | AS1.6

Machine learning for predicting soil salinity using Time Domain Reflectometry data

Jose A Sanchez-Espigares and Basem Aljoumani

EGU2019-11443 | Posters | AS1.6

Deep learning for weather forecasting? A proof of principle.

Wim Wiegerinck, Dominik Thalmeier, and Frank Selten

EGU2019-13713 | Posters | AS1.6

Seasonal predictions of sea surface temperature anomalies in the North Atlantic using artificial neural networks

Julianna Carvalho Oliveira, Eduardo Zorita, Johanna Baehr, and Thomas Ludwig

EGU2019-14036 | Posters | AS1.6

Calculating the turbulent fluxes in the atmospheric surface layer using feedforward networks

Lukas Hubert Leufen and Gerd Schädler

EGU2019-14563 | Posters | AS1.6

Weather-type decomposition over the Grenoble valley using a convolutional neural network

Enzo Le Bouëdec, Mikhail Krinitskiy, Chantal Staquet, and Charles Chemel

EGU2019-15250 | Posters | AS1.6

Inferring hidden equations using Quasi-Geostrophic theory guided machine learning

Redouane Lguensat, Julien Le Sommer, Sammy Metref, Emmanuel Cosme, and Ronan Fablet

EGU2019-15646 | Posters | AS1.6

Unsupervised Learning Reveals Geography of Global Ocean Dynamical Regions

Maike Sonnewald, Carl Wunsch, and Patrick Heimbach

AS1.7 – Subseasonal-to-Seasonal (S2S) Prediction: meteorology and impacts (co-organized)

EGU2019-128 | Posters | AS1.7

Seasonal prediction of Indian summer monsoon precipitation using multiple models

Shipra Jain, Adam Arthur Scaife, and Ashis Mitra

EGU2019-2136 | Posters | AS1.7

Impacts of the Autumn Arctic Sea Ice on the Intraseasonal Reversal of the Winter Siberian High

Zhuozhuo Lv, Shengping He, Fei Li, and Huijun Wang

EGU2019-3626 | Posters | AS1.7

Predictability and Prediction Skill of the boreal summer intra-seasonal oscillation in BCC_CSM model

Yongjie Fang

EGU2019-4426 | Posters | AS1.7

Evaluations of Tropical Cyclone Formation and Activity Forecasts Using the NCEP 35-Day Global Ensemble

Hsiao-Chung Tsai, Tzu-Ting Lo, Meng-Shih Chen, Chia-I She, and Wei Bai

EGU2019-11259 | Orals | AS1.7

The relative skill of sea surface salinity and temperature for predicting precipitation on land

Caroline Ummenhofer, Adwait Sahasrabhojanee, Laifang Li, and Raymond Schmitt

EGU2019-16943 | Orals | AS1.7

Dependence of the seasonal hindcast skill on different mechanisms influencing European summers during the 20th century

Nele-Charlotte Neddermann, Wolfgang A. Müller, André Düsterhus, Holger Pohlmann, and Johanna Baehr

EGU2019-4606 | Posters | AS1.7

The impact of ENSO on Submonthly Wave Patterns in the East Asian summer monsoon region

Ken-Chung Ko and Jyun-Hong Liu

EGU2019-7154 | Posters | AS1.7

Subseasonal-to-Seasonal Southeast Asia Predictions Training Workshop Series - Halfway Point

Wee Leng Tan, Thea Turkington, Ryan Kang, and Raizan Rahmat

EGU2019-6097 | Orals | AS1.7

Subseasonal Forecast Skill of the PNA and NAO in boreal winter by the Sub-seasonal Experiment (SubX) Models

Hai Lin and Emmanuel Poan

EGU2019-7083 | Orals | AS1.7

Prospects for subseasonal sea ice prediction at both poles

Lorenzo Zampieri, Helge F. Goessling, and Thomas Jung

EGU2019-243 | Orals | AS1.7

Forecasting heavy precipitation at subseasonal time scales: application to the southwest tropical Pacific

Damien Specq, Lauriane Batté, and Michel Déqué

EGU2019-10647 | Posters | AS1.7

Role of Soil moisture in the Predictability of Summer Rainfall over West Africa and South Asian Monsoon rainfall

Muhammad Ashfaqur Rahman, Muhammad Adnan Abid, Fred Kucharski, Erika Coppola, and Mansour Almazroui

EGU2019-10753 | Posters | AS1.7

Forest fire risk prediction on sub-seasonal and seasonal timescale in Finland

Cecilia Karlsson, Andrea Vajda, and Otto Hyvärinen

EGU2019-11521 | Posters | AS1.7

Weather Regime Diagnostics of Sub-seasonal Forecasts over North America

Andrew Robertson, Nicolas Vigaud, Jing Yuan, and Michael Tippett

EGU2019-515 | Orals | AS1.7

The S2S4E project, sub-seasonal to seasonal climate predictions for energy

Andrea Manrique-Suñén, Llorenç Lledó, Nube González-Reviriego, Verónica Torralba, Hannah Bloomfield, Paula González, Andrew Charlton-Pérez, David Brayshaw, Nicola Cortesi, Pierre-Antoine Bretonnière, Lluis Palma, Ilaria Vigo, Martí Badal, Isadora Christel, Albert Soret, and Francisco J. Doblas-Reyes

EGU2019-12656 | Posters | AS1.7

Predictability of the Stratosphere and Stratosphere-Troposphere coupling in the S2S models.

Andrew Charlton-Perez, Daniela Domeisen, and Amy Butler

EGU2019-589 | Orals | AS1.7

Predicting summer rainfall in coastal northeast Australia for improved farming practices

Kavina Dayal, Jaclyn Brown, Tom Beischer, Paul Gregory, and Peter Thorburn

EGU2019-13087 | Posters | AS1.7

Signal to noise ratio for the NAO in three different ensemble suites with MPI-ESM

Björn Mayer, André Düsterhus, Mikhail Dobrynin, and Johanna Baehr

EGU2019-13635 | Posters | AS1.7 | Highlight

Malaria early warning in Uganda using ECMWF S2S and seasonal climate forecasts

Adrian Tompkins, Felipe Colón-González, Francesca Di Giuseppe, and Didacus Namanya

EGU2019-18373 | Orals | AS1.7

Seamless hydrological predictions for Europe

Fredrik Wetterhall

EGU2019-14479 | Posters | AS1.7

Sub-seasonal precipitation prediction for Africa: Skill assessment and impacts of the MJO

Felipe Andrade, Elisabeth Thompson, Matthew Young, Caroline Dunning, Linda Hirons, Emily Black, and Steven Woolnough

EGU2019-16385 | Orals | AS1.7

Real-time simulation of runoff and prediction of compound meteo-hydrological extreme events

Karim Abbaspour, Seyed Saeid Ashraf Vaghefi,, and Anthony Lehmann

EGU2019-14684 | Posters | AS1.7

Addressing preconditions for cold air outbreaks with ensemble subsampling technique

Iuliia Polkova, Mikhail Dobrynin, Erik Kolstad, Daniela Domeisen, Hilla Afargan, and Johanna Baehr

EGU2019-6773 | Orals | AS1.7

Evaluation and quality control for seasonal forecasts of the Copernicus Climate Change Service

Stephan Hemri, Jonas Bhend, Rodrigo Manzanas, Jose Manuel Gutiérrez, Nicolau Manubens, Alasdair Hunter, Marta Bruno Soares, Joaquín Bedia, Daniel San Martín, Stefan Siegert, David Stephenson, Eduardo Penabad, Anca Brookshaw, Mark Liniger, and Francisco J. Doblas-Reyes

EGU2019-13679 | Orals | AS1.7

Potential of combined statistical-dynamical sub-sampling approach.

Mikhail Dobrynin, Kristina Fröhlich, Wolfgang A. Müller, André Düsterhus, Tim Stockdale, Adam Scaife, Panos Athanasiadis, Paolo Ruggieri, and Johanna Baehr

EGU2019-14869 | Posters | AS1.7

The skill of fire prediction at the sub-seasonal time scale

Francesca Di Giuseppe

EGU2019-16091 | Posters | AS1.7

The lagged connection of the positive NAO with the MJO phase 3 in a simplified atmospheric model

Xiaolu Shao, Jie Song, and Shuanglin Li

EGU2019-17930 | Posters | AS1.7

Analysing the uncertainty of reanalyses to assess the predictability at S2S time-scales of key climate and energy variables for the energy sector

Irene Cionni, Matteo De Felice, Alessandro Dell'Aquila, Jaume Ramon, and Llorenç Lledó

EGU2019-18132 | Posters | AS1.7

Effects of freeze-thaw process on seasonal persistence of soil moisture anomalies and relationship with summer precipitation

Chenghai Wang, Kai Yang, Kechen Li, Jiamin Li, and Feimin Zhang

EGU2019-18228 | Posters | AS1.7

Model climatology of the intraseasonal oscillations in the S2S models

Masuo Nakano, Frederic Vitart, and Kazuyoshi Kikuchi

EGU2019-18681 | Posters | AS1.7

Addressing the Challenge of S2S Climate Prediction at the US NOAA Climate Prediction Center: Multi-Model Ensembles and Forecasts of Opportunity

Dan C. Collins, Sarah Strazzo, Emerson LaJoie, and Jon Gottschalck

AS1.16 – Polar meteorology and climatology and their link to changes in the cryosphere (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2019-16320 | PICOs | AS1.16

Atmospheric River Climatology of Antarctica

Jonathan Wille, Vincent Favier, Ambroise Dufour, Irina Gorodetskaya, John Turner, Cécile Agosta, and Francis Codron

EGU2019-950 | PICOs | AS1.16 | Highlight

Clouds influence melting on Antarctic Peninsula ice shelves

Ella Gilbert, Andrew Orr, Tom Lachlan-Cope, John C. King, and Ian A. Renfrew

EGU2019-3178 | PICOs | AS1.16

Impact of Foehn and radiative warming across McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica during austral summers

Rajasweta Datta, Marwan Katurji, and Peyman Zawar-Reza

EGU2019-4154 | PICOs | AS1.16

On the fine vertical structure of the low troposphere over the coastal margins of East Antarctica

Étienne Vignon, Olivier Traullé, and Alexis Berne

EGU2019-2298 | PICOs | AS1.16

Evaluation of atmospheric models using radio sounding observations on the Antarctic plateau

Gerit Birnbaum, Konstantin Krüger, Christof Lüpkes, Michael Schäfer, Jan Melchior Van Wessem, and Bernd Loose

EGU2019-9874 | PICOs | AS1.16

Using Model Sensitivity Studies to Improve Understanding of Ice Formation in Antarctic Clouds

Keith Bower, Victoria Trost, Paul Connolly, Tom Choularton, and Sebastian O'Shea

EGU2019-15066 | PICOs | AS1.16

High Heat Flux events and the role of sea ice in the Iceland Greenland Seas

James Pope, Tom Bracegirdle, Ian Renfrew, and Andy Elvidge

EGU2019-2416 | PICOs | AS1.16

Importance of tropopause polar vortices for generating the most intense cold air outbreaks from Fram Strait

Heini Wernli, Emmanuel Rouges, Franziska Aemisegger, and Lukas Papritz

AS1.18 – Mid-latitude Dynamics, Cyclones and Storms: Diagnostics, Trends, and Impacts (AS Division Outstanding ECS Lecture by Gabriele Messori)

EGU2019-344 | Posters | AS1.18

General Features of Squall Lines with Disastrous Gale in the Jianghuai

Zhou Kun, Tao Wei, and Wu Ruijiao

EGU2019-9013 | Orals | AS1.18

Extratropical Cyclone Precipitation Life Cycles and Cloud Vertical Structure in Observations and Climate Models

James Booth, Catherine Naud, and Jeyavinoth Jeyaratnam

EGU2019-19218 | Posters | AS1.18

Assessing the impact of SSTs on a simulated medicane using ensemble simulations

Nico Becker, Robin Noyelle, Uwe Ulbrich, and Edmund P. Meredith

EGU2019-994 | Orals | AS1.18

Mediterranean hurricane activity potentially become more hazardous with global warming

Juan Jesús González-Alemán, Salvatore Pascale, Jesús Gutiérrez-Fernández, Hiroyuki Murakami, Miguel Ángel Gaertner, and Gabriel Vecchi

EGU2019-15165 | Orals | AS1.18

Structure, lifecycle and environmental conditions of Tibetan Plateau Vortices

Julia Curio, Reinhard Schiemann, Kevin Hodges, Andrew Turner, and Nicholas Klingaman

EGU2019-1034 | Posters | AS1.18

Impact of ocean-atmosphere coupling in horizotal resolution on future projection of Medicanes in the Mediterranean Sea

Jesús Gutierrez-Fernandez, Juan Jesús Gonzalez-Aleman, Miguel Angel Gaernet, and Alba De la Vara

EGU2019-1276 | Orals | AS1.18

Objective assignment of precipitation and fronts to cyclones: application to extreme events on the Iberian Peninsula

Riccardo Hénin, Margarida L. R. Liberato, and Alexandre M. Ramos

EGU2019-2425 | Orals | AS1.18

Medicane Zorbas: Origin and effects of an uncertain upper-level PV streamer

Raphael Portmann, Juan Jesús Gonzáles-Alemán, Michael Sprenger, and Heini Wernli

EGU2019-5343 | Posters | AS1.18

Steps towards a classification scheme of European windstorm events

Christian Passow and Uwe Ulbrich

EGU2019-12837 | Posters | AS1.18 | Highlight

How much flavour can climate model data add to benchmarking a 200-year return period European winter storm event?

Michael Walz, Michael Gloor, and Dominik Renggli

EGU2019-2935 | Orals | AS1.18

Climatology and dynamics of the link between dry intrusions and cold fronts

Shira Raveh-Rubin and Jennifer Catto

EGU2019-16906 | Orals | AS1.18

The role of upper vs. lower tropospheric baroclinicity for the development of severe storms over the North Atlantic in climate scenarios

Lisa Degenhardt, Thomas Moran, Jens Grieger, Haraldur Ólafsson, and Uwe Ulbrich

EGU2019-4373 | Orals | AS1.18

Variability and extremes of meridional atmospheric heat transport

Gabriele Messori, Arnaud Czaja, Ruth Geen, Valerio Lembo, Valerio Lucarini, and Rune Graversen

EGU2019-6937 | Orals | AS1.18

Anatomy of a windstorm in the light of Doppler lidar measurements and large-eddy simulations

Florian Pantillon, Bianca Adler, Ulrich Corsmeier, Akio Hansen, Peter Knippertz, and Andreas Wieser

EGU2019-15301 | Posters | AS1.18

On the Dynamics of the Mesoscale Energy Spectra in the Moist Non-hydrostatic Atmosphere

Jun Peng and Jun Zhao

EGU2019-8988 | Orals | AS1.18 | Highlight

Meteorological forecast meets the insurance industry: The role of storm forecasting in loss response for European storms

Michal Lörinc, Alexandros Georgiadis, Lukáš Braun, and Aidan Brocklehurst

EGU2019-13361 | Posters | AS1.18

Ensemble Sensitivity Analysis of the Blocking System over Russia in Summer 2010

Lisa-Ann Kautz, Julia H. Keller, Olivia Martius, Joaquim G. Pinto, and Sarah C. Jones

EGU2019-16363 | Posters | AS1.18

Building a simplified model for windstorm losses in Europe

Matthew Priestley, Helen Dacre, Len Shaffrey, Joaquim Pinto, Alexandros Georgiadis, and Aidan Brocklehurst

EGU2019-9196 | Orals | AS1.18

Rossby wave packets dynamics from a Local Wave Activity perspective

Paolo Ghinassi, Volkmar Wirth, Marlene Baumgart, and Michael Riemer

EGU2019-10109 | Orals | AS1.18

Dynamics of sting-jet storm "Egon" over continental Europe using convection-permitting simulations

Lea Eisenstein, Florian Pantillon, Peter Knippertz, and Joaquim G. Pinto

EGU2019-16345 | Posters | AS1.18

Application of a Frontal Tracking Scheme (FTS) in the Mediterranean region

Evangelia Bitsa, Helena A. Flocas, John Kouroutzoglou, Maria Hatzaki, Irina Rudeva, Ian Simmonds, and Panagiotis T. Nastos

EGU2019-19174 | Orals | AS1.18

Vb cyclones synchronized with the North Atlantic-/Arctic Oscillation

Michael Hofstätter and Günter Blöschl

EGU2019-6644 | Posters | AS1.18

Global warming enhances the mid-latitude meridional heat imbalance within the atmosphere

Hu Yang, Gerrit Lohmann, Xiaoxu Shi, and Chao Li

EGU2019-12224 | Posters | AS1.18

Explosive cyclones over Northeast Asia: Synoptic structure and surface impacts around the Korean Peninsula

Joonsuk Kang, Jaeyeon Lee, Seok-Woo Son, Joowan Kim, and Deliang Chen

EGU2019-14348 | Posters | AS1.18

Factors controlling the footprint of European winter windstorms

Thomas Moran, Uwe Ulbrich, and Henning Rust

EGU2019-8991 | Posters | AS1.18

Extreme precipitation events over Northern Italy: the role of Rossby wave packets as dynamical precursors

Federico Grazzini, Georgios Fragkoulidis, Volkmar Wirth, and George C. Craig

AS1.21 – Northern Hemisphere winter dynamics: remote drivers and predictability

EGU2019-2029 | Posters | AS1.21

Arctic cyclone activities and cold wave events in East China

Wei Tao and Yuman Ni

EGU2019-3479 | Posters | AS1.21

Potential impacts of Arctic warming on Northern Hemisphere mid-latitude aerosol optical depth

Yuyang Chen, Chuanfeng Zhao, and Yi Ming

EGU2019-8848 | Posters | AS1.21

Planetary-scale teleconnections on European winter weather

Adrian Champion, Michelle McCrystall, James Warner, and Russell Blackport

EGU2019-13116 | Posters | AS1.21

HTE or no HTE? Investigating the QBO-Northern Hemisphere teleconnection with causal effect networks

Verena Schenzinger, Jakob Runge, Lesley Gray, and Scott Osprey

EGU2019-16859 | Posters | AS1.21

Analysing Northern Hemisphere teleconnections in the SPARC-QBOi dataset using Causal Effect Networks

Scott M. Osprey, Nick Tyrrell, Yvonne Garcia-Martinez, Li Haiyan, and Peer Nowack and the The QBOi Collaboration

AS1.24 – Stratospheric dynamics

EGU2019-6166 | Posters | AS1.24

Going Beyond Sudden Stratospheric Warmings

Thomas Reichler and Martin Jucker

EGU2019-12105 | Posters | AS1.24

Extratropical prediction skill of the subseasonal-to-seasonal (S2S) prediction models

Seok-Woo Son, Kanghyun Song, Hera Kim, Sang-Wook Kim, and Patrick Martinaeu

EGU2019-5857 | Orals | AS1.24

Post-peak trend of upper stratospheric hydrogen chloride derived from ground-based FTIR solar spectra and model simulations

Emmanuel Mahieu, Maxime Prignon, Christian Servais, Simon Chabrillat, Quentin Errera, Marina Friedrich, Stephan Smeekes, Lucien Froidevaux, Ross J. Salawitch, Pamela Wales, Justus Notholt, and Martyn P. Chipperfield

EGU2019-9104 | Orals | AS1.24

In situ trace gas and isotopic composition observations of wildfire smoke in the arctic stratosphere

Joram Hooghiem, Elena Popa, Thomas Röckmann, Jens-Uwe Grooß, Rolf Müller, Ines Tritscher, and Huilin Chen