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CL – Climate: Past, Present, Future

CL0.00 – Open Session on Climate: Past, Present and Future | PICO

EGU2019-8383 | PICOs | CL0.00

Climatic effects of mesoscale ocean–atmosphere interaction in an idealized coupled model

Ilijana Mastilovic and Sergey Kravtsov

EGU2019-10172 | PICOs | CL0.00

Rethinking Models of the Climate with Entropy Production in Mind

Goodwin Gibbins and Joanna Haigh

EGU2019-10816 | PICOs | CL0.00

Clustering from a simple model for convective cold pool interaction

Jan Haerter, Steven Boeing, Olga Henneberg, and Silas Nissen

EGU2019-14637 | PICOs | CL0.00

A Simple Climate System Model development based on BCC_CSM1.1 for Integrated Assessment Model

Xueli Shi, Guoquan Hu, Changyi Liu, Qiufeng Liu, Yunwei Dai, Wenyan Zhou, and Chao Wei

EGU2019-17113 | PICOs | CL0.00

Varying Atlantic meridional and Nordic Seas zonal temperature gradients through the Pliocene and how to understand this variability

Bjørg Risebrobakken, Stijn De Schepper, Erin L. McClymont, Ulrich Salzmann, Paul Bachem, and Sina Panitz

EGU2019-2459 | PICOs | CL0.00

A Preliminary Stable Isotope Record of Six Interglaciations from Whiterock Cave, Utah, USA

Jeffrey Munroe, Gabriela Serrato Marks, Kristin Kimble, David McGee, Christoph Spötl, and David Herron

EGU2019-7696 | PICOs | CL0.00

A catalogue of tropical cyclone landfalls and impacts for the Philippines 1945-2017

Ma. Rosario Concepcion O. Ang, Adam S. Lea, and Mark A. Saunders

EGU2019-9965 | PICOs | CL0.00 | Highlight

Reconstruction of the Southern Annular Mode from ships’ logbooks and other historical observations

Julie Jones, Nicolas Fauchereau, Andrew Lorrey, Petra Pearce, Ryan Fogt, Rob Allan, and Clive Wilkinson

EGU2019-9595 | PICOs | CL0.00 | Highlight

Assessment of the Earth Energy Budget within the CMIP5 Ensemble: Preliminary Results

Hugo Beltrami, Francisco José Cuesta-Valero, Almudena García-García, and Joel Finnis

EGU2019-8206 | PICOs | CL0.00

A minimal state-dependent impulse-response model of the atmospheric composition and surface temperature response to multi-gas emissions scenarios

Stuart Jenkins, Nicholas Leach, Bill Wu, Zebedee Nicholls, and Myles Allen

EGU2019-7406 | PICOs | CL0.00

Potential biological response to Artificial Ocean Alkalinisation

Sarah Gore, Phil Renforth, and Rupert Perkins

CL1.06.2 – Climate Change in the geological record: what can we learn from data and models? (co-organized)

EGU2019-10693 | Orals | CL1.06.2

Beyond the biogeochemical carbon cycle: Metabolic signatures in carbonate rock

Martin Schobben and Bas van de Schootbrugge

EGU2019-16795 | Posters | CL1.06.2

Reconstructing atmospheric CO2 during the Late Miocene Cooling Event

Thomas Tanner, José Guitián, Iván Hernández-Almeida, and Heather M. Stoll

EGU2019-592 | Posters | CL1.06.2

Variability in the palaeoenvironmental conditions of the bole beds (Intrabasaltic Palaeosols) from Upper Ratangarh and Diveghat formations of Deccan Traps: Implications for their genesis

Irfan Shaikh

EGU2019-1748 | Posters | CL1.06.2

Neogene seawater $\delta $7Li and 10Be/9Be indicate increasing land surface reactivity caused cooling since the middle Miocene

Jeremy Caves Rugenstein, Daniel Ibarra, and Friedhelm von Blanckenburg

EGU2019-15765 | Orals | CL1.06.2 | Highlight

Carbonate factory prediction through space and time: A spatial model based on environmental parameters

Marie Laugié, Alexandre Pohl, Jean Borgomano, Julien Michel, Cyprien Lanteaume, Christopher R. Scotese, Camille Frau, Emmanuelle Poli, and Yannick Donnadieu

EGU2019-1874 | Posters | CL1.06.2

Neogene evolution of paleoenvironments in the North American Great Plains from a stable isotope study

Livia Manser, Jeremy Caves Rugenstein, Tyler Kukla, and Sean Willett

EGU2019-17684 | Orals | CL1.06.2

The climatic effect of the uplift of the Tibetan and Mongolian Plateaus and the Tian Shan orogen to the East Asian monsoon.

Despina Zoura, Daniel Hill, Aisling Dolan, Zihua Tang, and Alan Haywood

EGU2019-5019 | Posters | CL1.06.2

Southern Ocean temperature change during the middle Miocene revisited with clumped isotopes

Thomas Leutert, Sevasti Modestou, and Nele Meckler

EGU2019-18193 | Orals | CL1.06.2

Clumped isotope thermometry on fossil corals from the Early Eocene Otway basin, Australia

Inigo Andreas Müller, Irene Waajen, David Wallis, Rein Nijhof, Joost Frieling, Peter K. Bijl, and Martin Ziegler

EGU2019-9380 | Orals | CL1.06.2

Reconciling Eocene Ice with Antarctic Warmth, Implications for the EOT

Michiel Baatsen, Anna Von der Heydt, Peter Bijl, Michael Kliphuis, Appy Sluijs, and Henk Dijkstra

EGU2019-6028 | Posters | CL1.06.2

Modelled abrupt climate change under persisted freshwater hosing

Xiaoxu Shi, Hu Yang, Gerrit Lohmann, and Gregor Knorr

EGU2019-9731 | Orals | CL1.06.2

Long-term evolution of terrestrial temperatures across the Eocene-Oligocene Transition from lignite deposits

Vittoria Lauretano, David Naafs, Vera A. Korasidis, Malcolm W. Wallace, and Richard D. Pancost

EGU2019-15139 | Orals | CL1.06.2

Cooling, vegetation shift and decline in monsoonal rainfall in NE Tibet through the greenhouse to icehouse transition

Guillaume Dupont-Nivet, Mara Page, Alexis Licht, Niels Meijer, Natasha Barbolini, Amber Woutersen, Carina Hoorn, Delphine Tardif, Guillaume LeHir, Frederic Fluteau, Agathe Toumoulin, Yannick Donnadieu, Andrew Schauer, Katharine Huntington, Jens Fiebig, Andreas Mulch, and Zhaojie Guo

EGU2019-6725 | Posters | CL1.06.2

Sensitivity of Mid-Pliocene climate to changes in boundary condition: lessons from COSMOS within PlioMIP

Eric Samakinwa, Christian Stepanek, and Gerrit Lohmann

EGU2019-10132 | Orals | CL1.06.2

A 30 million year history of South Atlantic carbonate deposition at unprecedented detail

Anna Joy Drury, Diederik Liebrand, Thomas Westerhold, Helen M. Beddow, David A. Hodell, and Lucas L. Lourens

EGU2019-6989 | Posters | CL1.06.2

Extremely low seasonality in the Late Cretaceous Arctic Ocean simulated by the Earth system model.

Igor Niezgodzki, Gregor Knorr, Jarosław Tyszka, and Gerrit Lohmann

EGU2019-7910 | Posters | CL1.06.2 | Highlight

Terrestrial temperature response to middle Miocene northern hemisphere climate change: Case studies from Central European and continental North American paleosols

Katharina Methner, C. Page Chamberlain, David Bajnai, Marion Campani, Jens Fiebig, Oliver Kempf, Emilija Krsnik, Niklas Löffler, and Andreas Mulch

EGU2019-8031 | Posters | CL1.06.2

Modeled difference between the Oligocene and Miocene Antarctic ice sheet

Lennert B. Stap, Gregor Knorr, Johannes Sutter, Igor Niezgodzki, and Gerrit Lohmann

EGU2019-16205 | Orals | CL1.06.2

Sensitivity of the Antarctic ice sheet to evolving bed topography

Edward Gasson, Guy Paxman, Rob DeConto, Yige Zhang, Stewart Jamieson, and David Pollard

EGU2019-11816 | Posters | CL1.06.2

Characterizing conodont biophosphate from the Early Triassic: an analytical and paleoclimatological approach

Zoneibe Luz, Marc Leu, Hugo Bucher, and Torsten Vennemann

EGU2019-2623 | Orals | CL1.06.2

Challenges in Stable Isotope Paleoaltimetry in the Alps

Svetlana Botsyun, Todd A. Ehlers, Sebastian G. Mutz, Emilija Krsnik, Andreas Mulch, and Katharina Methner

EGU2019-8398 | Orals | CL1.06.2

The Adams Event: Pleistocene Life, Death and (nearly) Everything

Christian Turney and Alan Cooper

EGU2019-13618 | Posters | CL1.06.2

Evaluate the grain size effect on geochemical composition and proxies of Miocene loess in China

Meiyan Liang, Zhengtang Guo, and Sophie Opfergelt

EGU2019-15058 | Posters | CL1.06.2

Influence of paleogeographies on Late Eocene Asian climate: a modelling perspective using the IPSL-CM5A2-VLR model

Frédéric Fluteau, Delphine Tardif, Yannick Donnadieu, Guillaume Le Hir, Jean-Baptiste Ladant, Fernando Poblete, and Guillaume Dupont-Nivet

EGU2019-15927 | Posters | CL1.06.2

Impact of global warming during the middle Miocene Climatic Optimum on terrestrial climate in the North Alpine Foreland Basin

Emilija Krsnik, Katharina Methner, Niklas Löffler, Oliver Kempf, Svetlana Botsyun, Jens Fiebig, and Andreas Mulch

EGU2019-16375 | Posters | CL1.06.2

Can clumped isotopes from coccolith calcite be used for sea surface temperature reconstructions?

Luz María Mejía, Alvaro Fernández, Hongrui Zhang, José Guitián, Alberto Pérez-Huerta, Stefano Bernasconi, and Heather Stoll

EGU2019-16686 | Posters | CL1.06.2

Revisiting the impact of the Drake Passage opening on ocean circulation and Eocene climate - A model study with paleo-friendly conditions

Agathe Toumoulin, Yannick Donnadieu, Jean-Baptiste Ladant, and Guillaume Dupont-Nivet

EGU2019-18775 | Posters | CL1.06.2

Moderate pCO2 concentrations during MMCO indicated by fossil plants

Margret Steinthorsdottir

EGU2019-4625 | Posters | CL1.06.2

Moist energy balance constraints on the sensitivity of the silicate weathering feedback over the Phanerozoic

Daniel Ibarra, Tyler Kukla, Kimberly Lau, and Jeremy Caves Rugenstein

EGU2019-15400 | Posters | CL1.06.2

Environmental Response to Paleoclimate Change and Sedimentary Records during the Early to Middle Jurassic in the Yili Basin, Northwest China

Hou Mingcai, Chao Hui, and Jiang Wenjian

EGU2019-194 | Posters | CL1.06.2

Past continental shelf evolution increased Antarctic ice sheet sensitivity to climatic conditions

Florence Colleoni, Laura De Santis, Enea Montoli, Elisabetta Olivo, Christopher C. Sorlien, Philip J. Bart, Edward G.W. Gasson, Andrea Bergamasco, and Stefano Prato

EGU2019-36 | Posters | CL1.06.2

Palaeoclimatic variability during Deccan Volcanic Episode: Insights from the intrabasaltic palaeosols (bole beds) occurring around Dhebewadi area of Satara district (Maharashtra, India)

Mohammed Rafi Sayyed

EGU2019-15822 | Posters | CL1.06.2

Pacific North American circulation pattern links external forcing and North American hydroclimatic change over the past millennium

Zhongfang Liu, Yanlin Tang, and Christopher Poulsen

EGU2019-7937 | Posters | CL1.06.2

Transport by ocean currents influences the sedimentary dinoflagellate cyst distributions: Implications for paleoceanographic reconstructions.

Peter Nooteboom, Peter Bijl, Erik van Sebille, Anna von der Heydt, and Henk Dijkstra

CL1.07 – Climate response to orbital forcing (including Milutin Milankovic Medal Lecture by Jacques Laskar) (co-organized)

EGU2019-14038 | Posters | CL1.07

An imprint of astronomical climate forcing in the Baltoscandian Middle Ordovician ‘orthoceratite limestone’?

Christian Rasmussen, Matthias Sinnesael, Nicolas Thibault, Svend Stouge, Marie-Louise Siggaard-Andersen, and Niels Schovsbo

EGU2019-1310 | Orals | CL1.07 | Highlight

Fingerprinting the climatic heartbeat of the late Miocene

Anna Joy Drury, Thomas Westerhold, David Hodell, Heiko Pälike, Fiona Rochholz, Diederik Liebrand, Ze Tao, Paul Minton, Bridget Wade, and Roy Wilkens

EGU2019-3284 | Posters | CL1.07

Borehole log cyclostratigraphy: towards systematic probing for Milankovic cycles in logging data

Christian Zeeden, Matthias Sinnesael, Mingsong Li, Arne Ulfers, and Thomas Wonik

EGU2019-5791 | Posters | CL1.07

Different response of the Northern and Southern Hemisphere climates to obliquity and precession

Zhipeng Wu, Qiuzhen Yin, Andre Berger, and Zhengtang Guo

EGU2019-1743 | Orals | CL1.07

Orbital control of productivity and of sea-ice production/drifting in the central Arctic Ocean during the late Quaternary

Claude Hillaire-Marcel, Anne de Vernal, Yanguang Liu, Jenny Maccali, Karl Purcell, Bassam Ghaleb, Allison Jacobel, Rüdiger Stein, Jerry McManus, and Michel Crucifix

EGU2019-5354 | Posters | CL1.07

Astronomical forcing of Pleistocene terrestrial record in the western Tarim Basin, NW China

Rui Zhang, Lin Li, Chunju Huang, and Yansheng Gu

EGU2019-6139 | Posters | CL1.07

Astronomical forcing on Eastern and Southern Asia interglacial climates based on modelling results

Anqi Lyu, Qiuzhen Yin, Michel Crucifix, and André Berger

EGU2019-11644 | Orals | CL1.07

Orbital- and millennial-scale environment changes in the western Japan Sea since the last glaciation

Jianjun Zou, Xuefa Shi, and Sergey Gorbarenko

EGU2019-6567 | Posters | CL1.07

History of vegetation, lake fluctuations and climate since the last interglacial recorded in the sediments from Stoneman Lake, Arizona, USA

Gonzalo Jiménez-Moreno, R. Scott Anderson, Peter J. Fawcett, Spencer E. Staley, Erik T. Brown, Michael S. Petronis, Mona Stockhecke, Josef P. Werne, Jaime L. Toney, and Nicholas P. McKay

EGU2019-12882 | Orals | CL1.07

Spatially inhomogeneous response of Asian monsoon rainfall to orbital forcing

Ji-Eun Kim, Axel Timmermann, Sun-Seon Lee, and Tobias Friedrich

EGU2019-16752 | Orals | CL1.07

Mid-Holocene climate change over China: model-data discrepancy

Yating Lin, Gilles Ramstein, Haibin Wu, Raj Rani, Pascale Braconnot, Masa Kageyama, Qin Li, Yunli Luo, and Zhengtang Guo

EGU2019-5520 | Orals | CL1.07

Litholog generation with the StratigrapheR package and signal decomposition for cyclostratigraphic purposes

Sébastien Wouters, Anne-Christine Da Silva, Michel Crucifix, Matthias Sinnesael, Miroslav Zivanovic, Frédéric Boulvain, and Xavier Devleeschouwer

CL1.09 – 40k to 100 k: climate before and after the MPT (co-sponsored by SCAR) (co-organized)

EGU2019-6099 | Posters | CL1.09

Evolution of terrestrial climate and vegetation through the Mid Pleistocene Transition: A ~1.5 Ma record from Stoneman Lake, Arizona, USA

R Scott Anderson, Peter Fawcett, Spencer Staley, Erik Brown, Michael Petronis, Gonzalo Jiménez-Moreno, Mona Stockhecke, Josef Werne, and Jaime Toney

EGU2019-16407 | Orals | CL1.09

Three million year climate history of the terrestrial Arctic inferred from biomarkers at Lake El’gygytgyn

William Daniels, Isla Castañeda, and Julie Brigham-Grette

EGU2019-7187 | Posters | CL1.09

Subglacial geology and tectonics of the Dome F, Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica: preliminary results

Alexandra Guy, Graeme Eagles, Tobias Binder, Nanna Karlsson, and Olaf Eisen

EGU2019-14984 | Orals | CL1.09

A low-latitude driver for Northern Hemispheric ice-sheet build up during the Mid-Pleistocene Transition

Maria Carolina Amorim Catunda, André Bahr, and Oliver Friedrich

EGU2019-11242 | Posters | CL1.09

Temperature and Productivity variability on the southwestern Portuguese Margin during the initial phase of the Mid-Pleistocene Transition

Emília Salgueiro, Antje Voelker, Francisco Sierro, David Hodell, Teresa Rodrigues, Montserrat Alonso-Garcia, and Fátima Abrantes

EGU2019-11032 | Orals | CL1.09

Considerations for drilling site of an oldest ice core around Dome Fuji, Antarctica, based on radar sounding, shallow coring and ice-flow modeling

Kenji Kawamura, Ayako Abe-Ouchi, Shuji Fujita, Takashi Obase, Fuyuki Saito, Ralf Greve, Shun Tsutaki, Fumio Nakazawa, Ikumi Oyabu, Hiroshi Ohno, Konosuke Sugiura, Kenichi Matsuoka, Kumiko Goto-Azuma, and Hideaki Motoyama

EGU2019-14772 | Posters | CL1.09

The evolution of the Leeuwin Current and its Undercurrent during the Middle Pleistocene Transition – Insights from multiproxy productivity records.

Gerald Auer, Benjamin Petrick, Alfredo Martinez-Garcia, Briony Mamo, Lars Reuning, David De Vleeschouwer, and Beth Christensen

EGU2019-18255 | Posters | CL1.09

Southwest Pacific deep-water carbonate chemistry during the Mid-Pleistocene Transition

Patrizia Ferretti, Simon J. Crowhurst, Mervyn Greaves, and I. Nicholas McCave

EGU2019-11315 | Orals | CL1.09

On the availability of old meteoric ice in the vicinity of Dome B, East Antarctica

Aleksandra Skakun, Vladimir Lipenkov, Frederic Parrenin, Catherine Ritz, and Sergey Popov

EGU2019-10694 | Posters | CL1.09

Multiple Scenarios of Mid-Pleistocene Transition

Michel Crucifix and Mikhail Verbitsky

EGU2019-18165 | Orals | CL1.09

Modelling the glacial cycles with 40 kyr cycle before MPT: Why and how different were the ice sheet and climate from the recent 100 kyr cycle world?

Ayako Abe-Ouchi, Wing-Le Chan, Yasuto Watanabe, Sam Sherriff-Tadano, Takashi Obase, Kanon Kino, Fuyuki Saito, Kenji Kawamura, and Takahito Mitsui

EGU2019-11036 | Posters | CL1.09

Data-driven modeling of the Middle Pleistocene transition

Dmitry Mukhin, Andrey Gavrilov, Evgeny Loskutov, Juergen Kurths, and Alexander Feigin

EGU2019-11635 | Posters | CL1.09

Revealing old ice with 81Kr

Florian Ritterbusch, Yan-qing Chu, Ilaria Crotti, Xi-ze Dong, Shui-ming Hu, Ji-qiang Gu, Wei Jiang, Amaelle Landais, Volodya Lipenkov, Zheng-tian Lu, Guitao Shi, Barbara Stenni, Taldice team, Lide Tian, A-min Tong, Wen-hao Wang, Baiqing Xu, Guo-min Yang, and Lei Zhao

EGU2019-19 | Posters | CL1.09

Synthetic ice core records of the past 1.5 million years

Eric Wolff, Hubertus Fischer, Tas van Ommen, and David Hodell

EGU2019-11263 | Posters | CL1.09

Bed diagnosis in the Dome Fuji region, East Antarctica, using airborne radar data and englacial attenuation estimates

Kenichi Matsuoka, Brice van Liefferinge, Tobias Binder, Olaf Eisen, Veit Helm, Nanna Karlsson, Frank Pattyn, and Daniel Steinhage

EGU2019-8486 | Posters | CL1.09

International studies of ice sheet and bedrock at Dome Fuji, East Antarctica

Shuji Fujita, Kenji Kawamura, Prasad Gogineni, Ayako Abe-Ouchi, David Braaten, Jean-Charle Gallet, Elisabeth Isaksson, Brice van Liefferinge, Kenichi Matsuoka, Charles O'Neil, John Paden, Fernando Rodriguez-Morales, Ryan A. Taylor, Shun Tsutaki, and Jie-Bang Yan and the Japan-Norway-USA radar collaboration team at Dome Fuji

EGU2019-8505 | Posters | CL1.09

New ice dating tools reveal 1.2 Ma old meteoric ice near the base of the Vostok ice core

Vladimir Ya. Lipenkov, Andrey N. Salamatin, Wei Jiang, Florian Ritterbusch, Michael L. Bender, Anais Orsi, Amaelle Landais, Tsutomu Uchida, Alexey A. Ekaykin, Dominique Raynaud, Guo-Min Yang, Zheng-Tian Lu, and Jerome Chappellaz

EGU2019-9076 | Posters | CL1.09

deepSLice: A novel multi-species and high-resolution method for trace gas analytics in extremely thinned ice

Bernhard Bereiter, Lars Mächler, Béla Tuzson, Philipp Scheidegger, Jochen Schmitt, Lukas Emmenegger, and Hubertus Fischer

CL1.11 – The state-of-the-art in ice coring sciences (StatICS) (co-organized)

EGU2019-234 | Posters | CL1.11

New proxy to identify past volcanic eruptions in ice cores

Francois Burgay, Tobias Erhardt, Damiano Della Lunga, Camilla Marie Jensen, Andrea Spolaor, Paul Vallelonga, Hubertus Fischer, and Carlo Barbante

EGU2019-306 | Posters | CL1.11

Pre-industrial to industrial changes of fossil and non-fossil contributions to dissolved organic carbon from an Alpine ice core

Ling Fang, Theo Jenk, Alexander Vogel, Sönke Szidat, and Margit Schwikowski

EGU2019-6341 | Posters | CL1.11

Characteristics of Styx glacier firn cores from northern Victoria Land, Antarctica

Yalalt Nyamgerel, Yeongcheol Han, Songyi Kim, Sang-Bum Hong, Jeonghoon Lee, and Soon Do Hur

EGU2019-9176 | Orals | CL1.11 | Highlight

Modern Antarctic ozone hole destruction unprecedented over last millennium: Isotopic constraints from the ISOL-ICE ice core

Holly Winton, Markus Frey, Alison Ming, Joël Savarino, Nicolas Caillon, Lisa Hauge, Xin Yang, and Robert Mulvaney

EGU2019-8289 | Orals | CL1.11

Volcanic synchronization of abrupt climate change in Greenland and Antarctic ice cores during the last glacial period

Anders Svensson, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, Thomas Blunier, Sune Olander Rasmussen, Bo Møllesøe Vinther, Paul Vallelonga, Emilie Capron, Vasileios Gkinis, Eliza Cook, Raimund Muscheler, Sepp Kipfstuhl, Frank Wilhelms, Thomas Stocker, Hubertus Fischer, Florian Adolphi, Tobias Erhardt, Michael Sigl, Amaelle Landais, Frédéric Parrenin, and Christo Buizert

EGU2019-7151 | Posters | CL1.11

Total Air Content measurements from RECAP core

Thomas Blunier, Sindhu Vudayagiri, Todd Sowers, Bo Vinther, Tetsuro Taranczewski, Johannes Freitag, Peter Lang Langen, and Iben Koldtoft

EGU2019-18723 | Orals | CL1.11

A recurrent pattern of Antarctic temperature change

Brad Markle, Eric Steig, Gerard Roe, and Qinghua Ding

EGU2019-7198 | Posters | CL1.11

Preferential loss of trace elements from melting Alpine snow and glacier ice

Anja Eichler, Jürg Trachsel, Jacinta Edebeli, Sabina Brütsch, Thorsten Barthels-Rausch, Martin Schneebeli, Margit Schwikowski, and Sven Avak

EGU2019-9167 | Orals | CL1.11

Exploring centennial-scale CO2 reconstruction in the last interglacial

Lucas Silva, Christoph Nehrbass-Ahles, Loïc Schmidely, Jochen Schmitt, Hubertus Fischer, and Thomas Stocker

EGU2019-9636 | Posters | CL1.11

Investigating the deep part of the TALDICE ice core

Ilaria Crotti, Carlo Barbante, Massimo Frezzotti, Wei Jiang, Amaelle Landais, Zheng-Tian Lu, Florian Ritterbusch, Barbara Stenni, Clara Turetta, and Guo-Min Yang

EGU2019-9665 | Posters | CL1.11

Post depositional processes in deep ice cores: a preliminary study on the Talos Dome ice core

Elena Di Stefano, Giovanni Baccolo, Barbara Delmonte, Giannantonio Cibin, Augusto Marcelli, and Valter Maggi

EGU2019-13423 | Orals | CL1.11

Biomarkers reveal that high-latitude Southern Ocean carbon sink enhanced by seasonal sea-ice feedbacks during the Antarctic Cold Reversal

Christopher Fogwill, Chris Turney, Laurie Menviel, Andy Baker, Mike Weber, Bethany Ellis, Zoë Thomas, Nick Golledge, David Etheridge, Mauro Rubino, Siwan Davies, Tas van Ommen, Eleanor Rainsley, Neils Munksgaard, Michael Bird, Jenifer Pike, John Love, Ann Power, Laura Weyrich, and Alan Cooper and the The Patriot Hills Blue Ice Team

EGU2019-9876 | Posters | CL1.11

Satellite calibration of bromine enrichment records in Arctic ice cores: a novel method for sea ice reconstructions.

Federico Scoto, Carlo Barbante, Niccolo Maffezzoli, Alfonso Saiz-López, Carlos A. Cuevas, Paul Vallelonga, and Andrea Spolaor

EGU2019-120 | Orals | CL1.11

Novel organic compounds in ice cores for use in paleoclimate reconstruction

Amy King, Eric Wolff, Elizabeth Thomas, Markus Kalberer, Chiara Giorio, and Margit Schwikowski

EGU2019-10226 | Posters | CL1.11

Deformation Features and Disturbances in the Stratigraphy of the EastGRIP Ice Core

Julien Westhoff, Ilka Weikusat, Sepp Kipfstuhl, Daniela Jansen, Anders Svensson, and Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

EGU2019-11353 | Posters | CL1.11

Composition of trace elements in Elbrus ice core

Aleksandra Khairedinova, Stanislav Kutuzov, and Vladimir Michalenko

EGU2019-11525 | Posters | CL1.11

The Mount Brown South ice core: initial results from a new, millennial length East Antarctic climate record.

Tessa Vance, Nerilie Abram, Thomas Blunier, Alison Criscititello, Mark Curran, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, Vincent Favier, Ailie Gallant, Lenneke Jong, Helle Kjær, Andrew Moy, Chris Plummer, Jason Roberts, Anders Svensson, Paul Vallelonga, Tas van Ommen, and Danielle Udy

EGU2019-12387 | Posters | CL1.11

Maximizing information extraction from high-resolution water isotope records in polar ice cores

Tyler R. Jones, James W. C. White, Eric J. Steig, Bradley R. Markle, William H. G. Roberts, Valerie Morris, Bruce H. Vaughn, Bo Vinther, Sylvia Englund Michel, Kurt M. Cuffey, Emma C. Kahle, and Abigail G. Thayer

EGU2019-13092 | Posters | CL1.11

Greenland spatial variability of impurity deposition and accumulation: the NEEM to EastGRIP 2015 traverse

Helle Kjær, Patrick Zens, Sam Black, Paul Vallelonga, and Anders Svensson

EGU2019-15753 | Posters | CL1.11

Decadal climate variability in the sub-Antarctic islands

Elizabeth Thomas, Amy King, Paul Vallelonga, Bradley Markle, Joel Pedro, Mariusz Potocki, and Ross Edwards

EGU2019-16233 | Posters | CL1.11

Absolute dating of ice cores with argon isotopes

Anais Orsi and Amaelle Landais

CL1.12 – The role of ocean circulation in glacial-interglacial climates (co-organized)

EGU2019-6217 | Posters | CL1.12

Pacific Ocean Respired Carbon Storage: Reconciling proxies and interpretations

Allison Jacobel, Robert Anderson, Tim Herbert, Jerry McManus, and Gisela Winckler

EGU2019-2042 | Orals | CL1.12

Glacial sea-ice control of Southern Ocean CO2 leak

Axel Timmermann, Karl Stein, and Tobias Friedrich

EGU2019-16669 | Orals | CL1.12

Constraining ocean circulation at the Last Glacial Maximum: a model-data comparison study

Bo Liu, Tatiana Ilyina, Katharina Six, and Irene Stemmler

EGU2019-5738 | Orals | CL1.12

Ocean carbon inventory under warmer climate conditions – the case of the Last Interglacial

Augustin Kessler, Eirik Vinje Galaasen, Ulysses Silas Ninnemann, and Jerry Tjiputra

EGU2019-11062 | Posters | CL1.12

Stable carbon isotopes in the glacial ocean investigated with the marine ecosystem model RECOM

Martin Butzin, Peter Köhler, Christoph Völker, and Ying Ye

EGU2019-7238 | Posters | CL1.12

Spatial patterns of ocean circulation and their uncertainty: Combining Bayesian statistics and climate networks

Jasper G. Franke and Reik V. Donner

EGU2019-11753 | Posters | CL1.12

Abrupt Bolling-Allerod warming under continuous meltwater during the last deglaciation

Takashi Obase and Ayako Abe-Ouchi

EGU2019-11460 | Posters | CL1.12

The Influence of the Deep Western Boundary Current on 231Pa and 230Th in the Northwest Atlantic

Paul Lerner, Olivier Marchal, Phoebe Lam, Wilford Gardner, Mary-Jo Richardson, and Alexey Mishonov

EGU2019-12699 | Orals | CL1.12

Glacial-interglacial changes of foraminiferal oxygen isotopes in the Atlantic Ocean due to water-mass and sea-level effects

André Paul, Rike Völpel, Stefan Mulitza, Charlotte Breitkreuz, Jean Lynch-Stieglitz, and Michael Schulz

EGU2019-2342 | Orals | CL1.12

Assessing the Ability of Zonal d18O Contrast in Benthic Foraminifera to Reconstruct Deglacial Evolution of Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation

Sifan Gu, Jean Lynch-Stieglitz, Zhengyu Liu, Alexandra Jahn, Jiaxu Zhang, Keith Lindsay, and Lixin Wu

EGU2019-5672 | Posters | CL1.12

Last Interglacial δ13C variability in the North Atlantic - a model study

Jerry Tjiputra, Augustin Kessler, Nathaelle Bouttes, and Didier Roche

EGU2019-15884 | Orals | CL1.12

OC3 regional North Atlantic compilation of benthic δ13C and δ18O data reveal glacial and deglacial endmember composition changes in northern sourced deepwater

Janne Repschläger, Ning Zhao, Olivier Cartapanis, Stefan Mulitza, Lorraine Lisiecki, Juan Muglia, Andreas Schmittner, and Ralf Schiebel and the Pages OC3 working group members

EGU2019-13507 | Posters | CL1.12

What causes the mid-brunhes transition in benthic d18O stack?

Xu Zhang, Steve Barker, Gregor Knorr, Martin Werner, Alexandre Cauquoin, Gerrit Lohmann, and Yuchen Sun

EGU2019-15025 | Posters | CL1.12

Hydro-climatic changes in the Japan Sea since the last glacial period: Evidence from radiolarian assemblages

Zhi Dong, Xuefa Shi, Jianjun Zou, and Yanguang Liu

EGU2019-13692 | Posters | CL1.12

Core-top calibration and first application of the dinoflagellate cyst based pCO2 barometer

Joost Frieling, Karlijn van den Broek, Iris Kleij, Linda van Roij, Gert-Jan Reichart, and Appy Sluijs

EGU2019-2141 | Posters | CL1.12

Last deglacial pCO2 reconstruction in the western equatorial Pacific: new findings and issues of boron isotope proxy

Kaoru Kubota, Yusuke Yokoyama, Tsuyoshi Ishikawa, Takuya Sagawa, Minoru Ikehara, and Toshitsugu Yamazaki

CL1.15 – On the dynamics of Dansgaard-Oeschger events; perspectives from paleoclimate data and modeling (including Hans Oeschger Medal Lecture by Edward J. Brook) (co-organized)

EGU2019-14252 | Orals | CL1.15

An energetic view of millennial climate variability

Bradley Markle

EGU2019-8671 | Posters | CL1.15

Dramatic changes in atmospheric circulation connected to the disappearance of sea ice

Martin Stendel, Shuting Yang, Peter Langen, Christian Rodehacke, Ruth Mottram, and Jens Hesselbjerg Christensen

EGU2019-10893 | Posters | CL1.15

Barents-Kara sea ice and European winters as simulated in EC-Earth

Ida Margrethe Ringgaard, Eigil Kaas, Jens Hesselbjerg Christensen, and Shuting Yang

EGU2019-12852 | Orals | CL1.15

Unforced oscillations in sea ice

Mari F. Jensen and Kerim H. Nisancioglu

EGU2019-12207 | Posters | CL1.15

Two-timescale carbon cycle response to an AMOC collapse

Søren Borg Nielsen, Markus Jochum, Joel B Pedro, Carsten Eden, and Roman Nuterman

EGU2019-38 | Orals | CL1.15

The Salt Fingering Trigger of Rapid Climate Change in the Nonlinear Dansgaard-Oeschger Oscillation

Richard Peltier, Yuchen Ma, and Guido Vettoretti

EGU2019-11463 | Orals | CL1.15

Bipolar Synchronicity: Global Atmosphere and Ocean Teleconnections during Dansgaard-Oeschger Oscillations

Guido Vettoretti, Joel Pedro, Sune Rasmussen, Søren Nielsen, Markus Jochum, and Kerim Nisancioglu

EGU2019-5799 | Posters | CL1.15

Dynamical sequence of ocean, atmosphere, and sea ice changes during an abrupt stadial-to-interstadial climate transition

Chuncheng Guo, Kerim Nisancioglu, Henrik Sadatzki, Trond Dokken, and Eystein Jansen

EGU2019-9164 | Posters | CL1.15

Leading role of ocean mixing in the Norwegian Sea for Dansgaard-Oeschger events

Henrik Sadatzki, Margit H. Simon, Francesco Muschitiello, Sarah M. P. Berben, Tobias Friedrich, Eystein Jansen, Irka Hajdas, Lukas Wacker, and Trond M. Dokken

EGU2019-10157 | Orals | CL1.15

Simulated inter-hemispheric phasing for an abrupt Northern Hemisphere warming

Eduardo Moreno-Chamarro, David Ferreira, and John Marshall

EGU2019-12104 | Posters | CL1.15

Identification of abrupt climate change with a focus on terrestrial vegetation linked to the last Dansgaard-Oeschger and Heinrich event 1

Irina Delusina and Kenneth Lee Verosub

EGU2019-6910 | Orals | CL1.15

Dansgaard-Oeschger millennial oscillations are not restricted to the last climate cycle

Denis-Didier Rousseau, Pierre Antoine, Niklas Boers, France Lagroix, Michael Ghil, Johanna Lomax, Markus Fuchs, Maxime Debret, Christine Hatté, and Olivier Moine

EGU2019-7068 | Orals | CL1.15

The interaction of the North Atlantic subpolar gyre and the AMOC during DO-like climate variability

Marlene Klockmann, Uwe Mikolajewicz, Hannah Kleppin, and Jochem Marotzke

EGU2019-17815 | Posters | CL1.15

Investigating mechanisms connected to the warming signal in Greenland ice cores using model simulations

Anne-Katrine Faber, Camille Li, Chuncheng Guo, and Kerim Nisancioglu

EGU2019-8496 | Orals | CL1.15

Absence of interstadials at times of maximum ice volume during the penultimate glacial

Jens Fohlmeister, Marc Luetscher, Christoph Spötl, Andrea Schröder-Ritzrau, Birgit Plessen, Norbert Frank, René Eichstädter, and Martin Trüssel

CL1.17 – Studying the climate of the last two millennia (co-sponsored by PAGES 2k)

EGU2019-1219 | Posters | CL1.17 | Highlight

Harsh winters over the last two millennium in the eastern part of Europe

Gheorghe Badaluta, Carmen - Andreea Badaluta, and Monica Ionita

EGU2019-1073 | Orals | CL1.17

Northern North Atlantic oceanic conditions as an important driving factor for forest fire activity in northern Scandinavia

Tine Nilsen, Dmitry Divine, Igor Drobyshev, Johann H. Jungclaus, and Annika Hofgaard

EGU2019-1340 | Posters | CL1.17

Tracking hydroclimate trends throughout the last millennium in Eastern Carpathians (Romania)

Andrei Cosmin Diaconu, Ioan Tanţău, Klaus-Holgern Knorr, Werner Borken, Andrei Panait, Angelica Feurdean, and Mariusz Gałka

EGU2019-3268 | Orals | CL1.17

Droughts derived from documentary data: a worldwide overview

Rudolf Brázdil, Andrea Kiss, Jürg Luterbacher, David J. Nash, and Ladislava Řezníčková

EGU2019-1502 | Posters | CL1.17

The Late Holocene Climate Changes from Lake Gölcük (SW Anatolia): Evidence from Multi-proxy Results

Iliya Bauchi Danladi, Sena Akçer-Ön, Z.Bora Ön, and Dursun Acar

EGU2019-10301 | Orals | CL1.17

Ranking of tree-ring based hydroclimate reconstructions of the past millennium

Fredrik Charpentier Ljungqvist, Alma Piermattei, Andrea Seim, Paul J. Krusic, Ulf Büntgen, Minhui He, Jürg Luterbacher, Lea Schneider, Kristina Seftigen, David W. Stahle, Ricardo Villalba, and Jan Esper

EGU2019-1642 | Posters | CL1.17

X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) scanning can characterize resistant phases in coral skeletons: A 20th century record of climate and environmental history from four coral sites near Belize

Atreyee Bhattacharya, Conner Kingsley, Lauren Goldfarb, Christopher Stolpmann, Alexandra Hangsterfer, and Jessica Carilli

EGU2019-4702 | Posters | CL1.17

A 500-year multi-proxy drought reconstruction for the Czech Lands

Petr Dobrovolný, Rudolf Brázdil, Miroslav Trnka, Michal Rybníček, Tomáš Kolář, Martin Možný, Tomáš Kyncl, and Ulf Büntgen

EGU2019-11038 | Orals | CL1.17

Late-Holocene record of environmental changes in the Ross Sea: from seasonal to centennial time scales

Tommaso Tesi, Leonardo Langone, Karen Gariboldi, Simon Belt, Lukas Smik, Francesco Muschitiello, Ester Colizza, Federico Giglio, Patrizia Giordano, Furio Finocchiaro, Caterina Morigi, Lucilla Capotondi, Fiorenza Corticella, and Andrea Gallerani

EGU2019-11693 | Orals | CL1.17

A data assimilation approach to reconstructing atmospheric circulation around Antarctica

Gemma O'Connor, Eric Steig, and Gregory Hakim

EGU2019-7727 | Posters | CL1.17

Svalbard ice cores studies threatened by rapid climate warming

Elisabeth Isaksson, Dmitry Divine, Jean-Charles Gallet, Jack Kohler, Tõnu Martma, Sergey Marchenko, Veijo Pohjola, Margit Schwikowski, and Isabel Wendl

EGU2019-12678 | Orals | CL1.17

ENSO variability, Southern Hemisphere teleconnection changes and the relationship with SAM during the past millennium

Christoph Dätwyler, Nerilie J. Abram, Martin Grosjean, Nathan J. Steiger, Eugene R. Wahl, and Raphael Neukom

EGU2019-8481 | Posters | CL1.17

Climate change at the Caucasus highlands over the past 200 years derived from the ice cores’ isotopic composition

Anna Kozachek, Vladimir Mikhalenko, Stanislav Kutuzov, and Alexey Ekaykin

EGU2019-9481 | Posters | CL1.17

Long-term Surface Temperature (LoST) Database as a Complement for GCM Preindustrial Simulations

Francisco José Cuesta-Valero, Almudena García-García, Hugo Beltrami, Eduardo Zorita, and Fernando Jaume-Santero

EGU2019-14081 | Orals | CL1.17

Detailed hydroclimatic varve record (2017-1909 CE) from Northern Finland

Eeva Haltia, Timo Saarinen, Saija Saarni, and Yu Fukumoto

EGU2019-12103 | Posters | CL1.17

Holocene variability in sea surface temperature from the southeast Yellow Sea

Si Woong Bae, Kyung Eun Lee, and Tae Soo Chang

EGU2019-12868 | Orals | CL1.17

Experiments on the reconstruction methods and calibration of the climate series derived from REACHES historical database of China in 1644-1911

Kuan-Hui Elaine Lin, Pao K. Wang, Yu-Shiuan Lin, Chih-Wei Wan, and Ching-Tzu Hsu

EGU2019-13203 | Posters | CL1.17

A 2,000-year tree-ring record of Austral summer temperatures from New Zealand.

Jonathan Palmer, Ed Cook, and Chris Turney

EGU2019-14548 | Posters | CL1.17

Study on proxy data assimilation aimed at climate reconstruction for the last millennium

Satoru Shoji, Atsushi Okazaki, and Kei Yoshimura

EGU2019-15885 | Posters | CL1.17

Garabashi lake as a paleoarchive (Elbrus area, Caucasus)

Vasily Shishkov, Tatiana Kuderina, Vladimir Mikhalenko, Natalia Kuzmenkova, Elya Zazovskaya, and Olga Solomina

EGU2019-16206 | Orals | CL1.17

Enriching the historical meteorological information using newspaper reports

Aritina Haliuc, Bogdan Antonescu, Adrian Tișcovschi, Mihaela Dobre, Florin Tătui, Alexandru Dumitrescu, Ancuța Manea, George Tudorache, Anișoara Irimescu, Marius-Victor Birsan, and Sorin Cheval

EGU2019-16671 | Posters | CL1.17

Recent Plant Growth Conditions in the Antarctic Peninsula in Context of the Last 2000 Years

David Beilman, Zicheng Yu, Ivan Parnikoza, and Julie Loisel

EGU2019-16976 | Posters | CL1.17

The PAGES 2k Network: Understanding the climate of the Common Era (past 2000 years)

Belen Martrat, Sarah Eggleston, Nerilie Abram, Oliver Bothe, Hans Linderholm, Helen McGregor, Raphael Neukom, Steven Phipps, and Scott St George

EGU2019-17022 | Posters | CL1.17

Vegetation and climate evolution over the last two millennia in the westernmost Mediterranean region: The Alboran Sea record

Jose Manuel Mesa Fernández, Francisca Martínez Ruiz, Gonzalo Jiménez Moreno, and Marta Rodrigo Gámiz

EGU2019-18037 | Posters | CL1.17

Updates from the PALEOLINK working project: The missing link in the Past – Downscaling paleoclimatic Earth System Models

Patrick Ludwig, Juan José Gómez-Navarro, and Eduardo Zorita

CL1.18 – Challenges, potential and results from large-scale compilations of palaeoclimate data (co-sponsored by SISAL) (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2019-17848 | PICOs | CL1.18 | Highlight

Open-paleo-data implementation: PAGES 2k and SISAL databases and others

Belen Martrat, Darrell Kaufman, and Marie France Loutre

EGU2019-1640 | PICOs | CL1.18

Patterns of spatial and temporal variability of speleothem δ18O records in Western Europe: an initial assessment of SISAL database

Sahar Amirnezhad Mozhdehi, Franziska A. Lechleitner, Andrea Columbu, Laia Comas-Bru, Inga Labuhn, Carlos Pérez-Mejías, and Kira Rehfeld

EGU2019-2694 | PICOs | CL1.18

Speleothem stable isotope records from Eastern Europe & Turkey

Zoltán Kern, Attila Demény, Aurel Perşoiu, and István Hatvani

EGU2019-13476 | PICOs | CL1.18

Speleothems from the Eastern Mediterranean, Arabian Peninsula and Fertile Crescent: Water Limited Environments in the SISAL Database

Yuval Burstyn, Belen Martrat, Michael Deininger, Jordi F. Lopez, Eneko Iriarte, Matthew Jacobson, Mahjoor Ahmad Lone, Sahar Amirnezhad-Mozhdehi, and Laia Comas-Bru

EGU2019-9663 | PICOs | CL1.18

The speleothem perspective on past African hydroclimates: a SISAL contribution

Nick Scroxton, Mike Rogerson, Robyn Pickering, Carole Nehme, and Kerstin Braun

EGU2019-3812 | PICOs | CL1.18

The Indian Summer Monsoon from a Speleothem \delta$^{18}$O Perspective -- A Review

Nikita Kaushal, Sebastian F.M. Breitenbach, Franziska A. Lechleitner, Ashish Sinha, Vinod C. Tewari, Syed M. Ahmad, Max Berkelhammer, Shraddha Band, Madhusudan Yadava, Rengaswamy Ramesh, and Gideon M. Henderson

EGU2019-3138 | PICOs | CL1.18

Speleothem paleoclimatology for the Caribbean, Central America, and North America

Jessica Oster, Sophie Warken, Natasha Sekhon, Monica Arienzo, and Matthew Lachniet

EGU2019-5910 | PICOs | CL1.18

Construction and evaluation of age-depth models for large numbers of speleothems

Kira Rehfeld, Sahar Amirnezhad-Mozhdehi, Sebastian Breitenbach, Carla Roesch, Dennis Rupprecht, Denis Scholz, and Laia Comas-Bru

EGU2019-10355 | PICOs | CL1.18

From local processes to global controls: Disentangling the complexity of carbon isotopes in speleothems using the SISAL database

Susanne Brandstätter, Jens Fohlmeister, Ny Riavo Voarintsoa, Franziska Lechleitner, Meighan Boyd, Matthew J. Jacobson, and Jessica Oster

EGU2019-11507 | PICOs | CL1.18

A coherency analysis of Asian speleothems

Jun Hu, Julien Emie-Geay, and Laia Comas Bru and the SISAL Working group members

EGU2019-17295 | PICOs | CL1.18

Challenges and potential in the interpretation of global temperature proxy data compilations

Thomas Laepple, Sze Ling Ho, Thomas Münch, Maria Reschke, Kira Rehfeld, and Andrew Dolman

EGU2019-14764 | PICOs | CL1.18

The HORNET project: A gridded pollen-based Holocene climate record for the Northern Hemisphere extra-tropics

Basil Davis, Manuel Chevalier, Jian Ni, Philipp Sommer, and John Tipton

EGU2019-13058 | PICOs | CL1.18

Inception of the World Atlas of Last Interglacial Shorelines (WALIS) – advancing knowledge of sea level changes in past warmer worlds.

Alessio Rovere, Deirdre Ryan, Thomas Lorscheid, Evan Gowan, and Matteo Vacchi

EGU2019-11117 | PICOs | CL1.18

Regions Associated with Global Interdecadal Temperature Variability in CMIP5 Simulations and the Last Millennium Reanalysis

Luke Parsons and Greg Hakim

CL1.20 – From climate process to proxy record: modern environmental monitoring and speleothem palaeoclimatology

EGU2019-8464 | Posters | CL1.20

Millennial-scale Asian monsoon variability during the late Marine Isotope Stage 6 from Hulu Cave, China

Quan Wang, Yongjin Wang, Qingfeng Shao, Yijia Liang, Zhenqiu Zhang, and Xinggong Kong

EGU2019-2096 | Orals | CL1.20

Introduction of magnetic methods in environmental research in Croatian karst and its implications for paleoenvironmental reconstructions

Stanislav Frančišković-Bilinski, Dalibor Paar, Nenad Buzjak, and Ana Kamenski

EGU2019-6157 | Orals | CL1.20

Fast high-resolution synchrotron micro-XRF mapping of annually laminated stalagmites

Andrea Borsato, Silvia Frisia, John Hellstrom, Pauline Treble, Kathleen Johnson, Daryl Howard, and Alan Greig

EGU2019-2546 | Posters | CL1.20

The Holocene climate change in South Siberia and its linkage to the Siberia High

You-Syuan Chen, Hong-Chun Li, Jian-Jun Yin, Horng-Sheng Mii, Tatiana Blyakharchuk, and Chuan-Chou Shen

EGU2019-5861 | Orals | CL1.20

Annually laminated stalagmites from Zoolithencave (southern Germany) and their potential for high-resolution climate studies

Dana F. C. Riechelmann, Klaus Peter Jochum, Bernd R. Schöne, Sylvia Riechelmann, Detlev K. Richter, and Denis Scholz

EGU2019-3656 | Posters | CL1.20

Palaeoenvironmental records in a stalagmite from a limestone cave in the Northwest Pacific subtropical region: proxy indexes using annual layer thickness, fluorescent intensity, and stable isotope ratio

Yoshiro Ishihara, Hana Sasaki, Chiaki Katagiri, Ayano Shimabukuro, Shinji Sugihara, Masami Noto, and Kazuhisa Yoshimura

EGU2019-599 | Orals | CL1.20

Evaluation of the climate significance of chemical signals in Tropical speleothems by using fabrics criteria: a case study from the Cook Islands

Mohammadali Faraji, Andrea Borsato, Silvia Frisia, John Hellstrom, Russell Drysdale, Alan Greig, Adam Hartland, Dave Mattey, and Jian-xin Zhao

EGU2019-7347 | Orals | CL1.20

Reconstruction of autumn/winter precipitation variability from a high-resolution speleothem trace element record (SW Romania)

Sophie Warken, Dana Riechelmann, Jens Fohlmeister, Andrea Schröder-Ritzrau, Christoph Spötl, Norbert Frank, Axel Gerdes, Jan Esper, Silviu Constantin, Jennifer Arps, Mihai Terente, Augusto Mangini, and Denis Scholz

EGU2019-4618 | Posters | CL1.20

Investigation of Cryogenic Cave Carbonates from Winter Wonderland Cave, Uinta Mountains, Utah, USA

Kristin Kimble, Jeffrey Munroe, Caleb Walcott, and David Herron

EGU2019-12516 | Orals | CL1.20

Using speleothem SO4 isotopes to elucidate S cycling in a fire prone region

Katie Coleborn, Andy Baker, Pauline C. Treble, and Peter M. Wynn

EGU2019-6904 | Posters | CL1.20

High resolution climate record during MIS3 from a stalagmite in the south Altai Mountain area

Ye Yi-Shin, Li Hong-Chun, Mii Horng-Sheng, Tatiana A. Blyakharchuk, Shen Chuan-Chou, and Tsai Hsien-Chen

EGU2019-6604 | Posters | CL1.20

High-resolution paleo-precipitation records of late MIS3 inferred by isotopic analyses of stalagmites from Northwestern Vietnam

Yue-Gau Chen, Chi-Dung Nguyen, Yin Lin, Hong-Wei Chiang, Doan Dinh Lam, Xianfeng Wang, Shufang Yuan, Mahjoor Ahmad Lone, Tsai-Luen Yu, and Chuan-Chou Shen

EGU2019-8493 | Orals | CL1.20

Local temperature calibration of carbonate-water oxygen isotope fractionation and clumped isotopes (Δ₄₇) in a karstic freshwater limestone environment

László Palcsu, Marianna Túri, István Futó, János Kovács, Péter Szabó, Judit Orsovszki, Marjan Temovski, and László Rinyu

EGU2019-9044 | Posters | CL1.20

Millennial-scale Asian monsoon variability during MIS9 revealed by a high-resolution stalagmite δ18O record in Luoshui Cave, central China

Shaohua Yang

EGU2019-10269 | Posters | CL1.20

A long, discontinuous speleothem record of Pleistocene hydroclimate variability in Central Europe

Michael Deininger, Wolfgang Ufrecht, Christoph Spötl, Norbert Nowaczyk, Klaus Peter Jochum, and Denis Scholz

EGU2019-14383 | Orals | CL1.20

Moisture sources of precipitation over a site in central Europe and implication of its oxygen isotope composition

Kristina Krklec, David Domínguez-Villar, and Sonja Lojen

EGU2019-12500 | Posters | CL1.20

\begin{center} Dating a thick Neogene flowstone (Conturines cave, Dolomites, Italy): a multi-method approach \end{center}

Gabriella Koltai, Robert Scholger, Maria Knipping, Andrea Borsato, Hai Cheng, Jon Woodhead, and Christoph Spötl

EGU2019-12984 | Orals | CL1.20

\begin{center} High-resolution dripwater sampling and ion microprobe $\delta ^{18}$O analysis -- Relationship between modern surface climate signals and speleothem records \end{center}

Philipp Holz, Arno Hartmann, Elisabeth Eiche, Thomas Neumann, Tobias Kluge, Norbert Frank, and Axel Schmitt

EGU2019-15732 | Orals | CL1.20

Hydrological model of drip water d18O isotope values adjusted to 5-year drip water monitoring at Eagle Cave (Spain)

David Domínguez-Villar, Kristina Krklec, Ian Boomer, and Ian J. Fairchild

EGU2019-13160 | Posters | CL1.20

Climate variability during the Holocene deduced from several speleothems from Hüttenbläserschachthöhle

Michael Weber, Yvonne Kocot, Bernd R. Schöne, Klaus Peter Jochum, and Denis Scholz

EGU2019-15798 | Orals | CL1.20

Constraints from monitoring on reconstruction of Gibraltar palaeoclimate in a speleothem record covering the last glacial period

Meighan Boyd, Dirk Hoffmann, Tim Atkinson, Wolfgang Muller, and David Mattey

EGU2019-18572 | Orals | CL1.20

Cave monitoring in Gibraltar and reconstruction of δ18O in Last Glacial precipitation

Tim Atkinson, Meighan Boyd, Dave Mattey, Dirk Hoffmann, Wolfgang Muller, and Natalie Grassineau

EGU2019-17420 | Posters | CL1.20

Stalagmite water content as a proxy for drip water supply in Switzerland

Elaheh Ghadiri and Rolf Kipfer

EGU2019-18743 | Posters | CL1.20

Cave monitoring of the stable isotope signals transmitted to speleothems in Gibraltar

Tim Atkinson, Meighan Boyd, Dirk Hoffmann, and Nathalie Grassineau

EGU2019-16840 | Posters | CL1.20

600,000 years of water table fluctuations recorded in Devils Hole 2 cave from southwestern Nevada, USA

Kathleen Wendt, Gina Moseley, Yuri Dublyansky, Christoph Spötl, and R. Lawrence Edwards

CL1.21 – Isotopic and multi-proxy continental, atmospheric and marine records (co-organized)

EGU2019-1203 | Posters | CL1.21

A calibration study of Sr/Ca ratios and δ18O to sea surface temperature and salinity in the West Pacific Warm Pool

Iulia-Madalina Streanga, Konrad Hughen, and Simon Jung

EGU2019-11150 | Orals | CL1.21

Paleoceanographic and paleogeodynamic reconstruction of the Mozambique Channel – contribution of Nd isotopes in ferromanganese crusts

Claire Charles, Ewan Pelleter, Sidonie Révillon, Philippe Nonnotte, Arnaud Agranier, Bleuenn Guéguen, and Olivier Chailan

EGU2019-16152 | Orals | CL1.21

On upper ocean density reconstructions using planktic foraminiferal calcite δ18O

Didier Roche, Thibaut Caley, and Claire Waelbroeck

EGU2019-4431 | Orals | CL1.21

Multi-trace element sea surface temperature coral reconstruction for the southern Mozambique Channel reveals teleconnections with the tropical Atlantic

Christoph Johannes Gey, Jens Zinke, Juan P. D'Olivo, Malcom T. McCulloch, J. Henrich Bruggemann, Janice M. Lough, and Mireille M. M. Guillaume

EGU2019-18103 | Posters | CL1.21 | Highlight

The 13C-18O clumped isotopic composition of Cephalopods: when vital effects turn up the heat

Amelia Jane Davies, Simon Davis, and Cedric M. John

EGU2019-17025 | Posters | CL1.21

Carbon reservoir perturbations in Indian subcontinent induced by Deccan volcanism in the marine and terrestrial realm

Sohom Roy, Prasanta Sanyal, and Sambit Ghosh

EGU2019-1270 | Orals | CL1.21 | Highlight

Summer temperature reconstructions based on cave ice deposit from the Carpathian Mountains, Central Europe

Carmen-Andreea Badaluta, Aurel Persoiu, Monica Ionita, and Natalia Piotrowska

EGU2019-8017 | Posters | CL1.21 | Highlight

Preliminary studies of stable sulphur isotope composition in SO$_{2}$ gas using negative ionization mass spectrometry.

Andrzej Pelc, Karolina Marciszuk, and Tomasz Pieńkos

EGU2019-17170 | Posters | CL1.21

Investigations of 87Sr / 86Sr ratio in carbonate rocks by the MC-ICP-MS methodology

Bulat Gareev, Georgii Batalin, and Andrey Chugaev

EGU2019-1266 | Orals | CL1.21

Reconstructing central Vietnam’s hydroclimate and its forcing mechanisms during the Holocene

Annabel Wolf, Vasile Ersek, David McGee, Jack Longman, William Henry Gordon Roberts, and Duc Anh Trinh

EGU2019-486 | Orals | CL1.21

Palaeoenvironmental conditions during MIS3 using Himalayan relict lake sediment succession

Abdur Rahman and Sanjeev Kumar

EGU2019-8260 | Posters | CL1.21

Identification and expression of the hyperthermal "U" in continental settings of the early Eocene Pyrenean foreland basin, Spain

Louis Honegger, Thierry Adatte, Jorge Spangenberg, Jeremy K. Caves Rugenstein, Miquel Poyatos-Moré, Cai Puigdefabregas, Emmanuelle Chanvry, Julian Clark, Andrea Fildani, Eric Verrechia, and Sébastien Castelltort

EGU2019-10410 | Posters | CL1.21

Interaction between precipitation and river water in the Northern Carpathian Mountains, Romania

Viorica Nagavciuc, Carmen-Andreea Bădăluță, and Aurel Perșoiu

EGU2019-10978 | Posters | CL1.21

Spring water supply in a plateau area, southward South Carpathians, Mehedinti district, Romania: isotopic composition, major-ion chemistry and radiocarbon dating

Ana-Voica Bojar, Stanislaw Chmiel, Carmen Varlam, Hans-Peter Bojar, Octavian Duliu, and Andrzej Pelc

EGU2019-1476 | Posters | CL1.21

Geochemistry of Holocene sediments from Chilika lagoon, India: inferences on the source of organic matter and paleoclimatic conditions

Mohd Amir, Debajyoti Paul, and Javed N Malik

EGU2019-567 | Posters | CL1.21

Holocene palaeoclimatic and environmental reconstructions on Southern Karelia (NW Russia) based on multy-proxy records of lake sediments

Ludmila Syrykh, Larisa Nazarova, Ivan Grekov, Dmitry Subetto, and Natalia Belkina

CL1.22 – Novel and quantitative methods for reconstructing continental palaeoenvironments and palaeohydrology (co-organized)

EGU2019-10863 | Orals | CL1.22

From peaks and patterns to proxy and palaeo: towards a reliable palaeoenvironmental record (Chew Bahir, southern Ethiopia)

Verena E. Foerster, Asfawossen Asrat, Andrew S. Cohen, Daniel M. Deocampo, Walter Duesing, Christina Guenter, Annett Junginger, Henry F. Lamb, Stephan Opitz, Frank Schaebitz, and Martin H. Trauth

EGU2019-17729 | Posters | CL1.22

Testate amoebae as proxy for floodplain palaeohydrology

Renske Hoevers, Ellen Jennen, Nils Broothaerts, and Gert Verstraeten

EGU2019-946 | Posters | CL1.22

Quantitative reconstruction of hydroclimatic conditions between 12700 and 6200 cal yr BP in NW Romania: a multi-proxy approach

Agnes Ruskal, Andrei Cosmin Diaconu, Roxana Grindean, Panait Andrei, and Ioan Tanțău

EGU2019-1227 * | Orals | CL1.22 | Highlight

Seasonal reconstructions of Brahmaputra River discharge and applications for monsoon flooding risk

Mukund Palat Rao, Edward R Cook, Benjamin Cook, Maria Uriarte, Jonathan G Palmer, Upmanu Lall, Naresh Devineni, Rosanne D D'Arrigo, Connie A Woodhouse, Jun Jian, and Peter Webster

EGU2019-11215 | Posters | CL1.22

Application of \delta$^{18}$O of land snail shells in environmental reconstruction -- theory and praxis

Ola Kwiecien, Alessandra Negri, V. Caputo Barucchi, and Keith Prufer

EGU2019-14621 | Orals | CL1.22

Spatial-temporal variability of Monsoon Asia streamflow over the past four centuries

Hung Nguyen, Sean Turner, and Stefano Galelli

EGU2019-8626 | Posters | CL1.22

Oxygen isotope ratio measurements on bioapatite samples prepared from mammal tissues: method development at ICER Centre

Gabriella Kiss, Marianna Túri, István Futó, János Kovács, Péter Szabó, and László Palcsu

EGU2019-16121 | Orals | CL1.22

A MIS 5-6 stalagmite from Pentadactylos cave, Cyprus: a new high-resolution paleoclimate record for the East-Mediterranean region

Carole Nehme, Fadi Nader, Sophie Verheyden, Salih Gucel, Iris Charalambidou, Hai Cheng, Tobias Kluge, and Lauren Satterfield

EGU2019-6196 | Posters | CL1.22

Closing in on the oxygen isotopic fractionation factor between calcite and water using natural carbonates

Sebastian F.M. Breitenbach, Adam Hartland, Niels S. Brall, Warren D. Sharp, Fernando Gazquez Sanchez, James Rolfe, Stefano M. Bernasconi, and David A. Hodell

EGU2019-247 | Orals | CL1.22

Reconciling South American Monsoon and paleo-environmental reconstructions from the last deglaciation

Valdir Novello, Francisco Cruz, Michael McGlue, Corinne Wong, Brittany Ward, Mathias Vuille, Rudney Santos, Plinio Jaqueto, Luiz Pessenda, Tiago Atorre, Ligia Ribeiro, Ivo Karmann, Eline Barreto, Hai Cheng, R. Lawrence Edwards, and Marcos Paula

EGU2019-9351 | Posters | CL1.22

Reconciling local and regional trends in stalagmite carbon isotopes - results from a case study at El Pindal cave, Spain

Franziska A. Lechleitner, Heather Stoll, Negar Haghipour, and Gideon M. Henderson