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EOS – Education and Outreach Sessions

EOS1.3 – Science in tomorrow's classroom (poster only session)

EGU2019-7370 | Posters | EOS1.3

Geoscience Information for Teachers (GIFT) Workshops of the European Geoscience Union General Assembly

Eve Arnold, Friedrich Barnikel, Jean Luc Berenguer, Francesca Cifelli, Gordon Curry, Francesca Funiciello, Teresita Gravina, Christopher King, Konstantinos Kourtidis, Carlo Laj, Stephen Macko, Hélder Pereira, Annegret Schwarz, Phil Smith, and Herbert Summesberger

EGU2019-17561 | Posters | EOS1.3

Plate tectonics: an example of knowledge construction using different scales

Adão Mendes, João Oliveira, and José Fradique

EGU2019-6122 | Posters | EOS1.3

Sand Box - Tectonic plates in Your classroom

Miroslav Grujic and Danilo Borovnica

EGU2019-6067 | Posters | EOS1.3

Plate tectonics: escape games and trip to the center of Earth

Emmanuelle Jammart, Aurélie Sentex, Guillaume Blandre, Aurélie Ménard Parrod, Xavier Berthon, Nadine Nion, and Marlène Vilette

EGU2019-4289 | Posters | EOS1.3

Earth is shaking

Octavian Horia Minda

EGU2019-3699 | Posters | EOS1.3

How would it be to live on an Earth without EARTHQUAKES?

Elena Dalmastri

EGU2019-3519 | Posters | EOS1.3

A game about plate tectonics

Gabriella Salerno

EGU2019-1305 | Posters | EOS1.3

Seismic noise workshops for highschool students: improving Earth science literacy and regional understanding.

Germán Cervigón Tomico, Iván Cabrera Pérez, Asier Madarieta, Katarzyna Ślęzak, Fátima Rodríguez, Luca D'Auria, and Nemesio M. Pérez

EGU2019-6202 | Posters | EOS1.3

Superman and plate motion?

Karen Bodnar

EGU2019-3558 | Posters | EOS1.3

Good practice of approaching the geological science in class, in the non-formal education

Fülöp Birsan Eugenia and Fülöp Alice

EGU2019-10110 | Posters | EOS1.3

Geology in East Africa

ines freyssinel

EGU2019-6563 | Posters | EOS1.3

The Role of Interdisciplinary Scientific Activities

Narciza Topor

EGU2019-19209 | Posters | EOS1.3

Stories of Tomorrow: young students create their Mars missions

Jose Saraiva, Rosa Doran, and Steph Tyszka

EGU2019-3527 | Posters | EOS1.3

InSight / Explore the link between seismic records and weather phenomena

Jean Luc Berenguer and Fabrice Mourau

EGU2019-4751 | Posters | EOS1.3

InSight / Mars InSight blindtest challenge at school

Guillaume Coupechoux and Jean Luc Berenguer

EGU2019-6545 | Posters | EOS1.3

InSight / Schools Tuned In to Mars with InSight space mission

Jean Luc Berenguer, Julien Balestra, Anne Sauron-Sornette, and Fatima Moujdi Menauje

EGU2019-16815 | Posters | EOS1.3

I will not crumble: Earthquake among science, poetry, technology and music

Alessandra Beccaceci and Eleonora Paris

EGU2019-16914 | Posters | EOS1.3

Teaching landscape changes with problem-oriented methods using Hungarian examples

Andrea farsang, Péter Szilassi, Anett Kádár, Károly Teperics, Zsuzsanna M.Császár, and Viktor Pál

EGU2019-13898 | Posters | EOS1.3

Students as decisionmakers – The Erasmus+ project LiSE

Friedrich Barnikel, Hélder Pereira, Sirpa Anttila-Muilu, Diana Darelova, and Annemie van Cleemput

EGU2019-10846 | Posters | EOS1.3

Tools and approaches to introducing the marine litter problem in the classroom: first results of MALIA project

Costantina Cossu, Juan Diego Lopez Giraldo, Alberto Ruiz, Iolanda Borges, Christos Maratheftis, Markella Papanicolaou, Cristina Marisa Ribeiro de Almeida, Laura Guimarães, Alessandra Iero, and Teresita Gravina

EGU2019-3080 | Posters | EOS1.3

Promoting STEM learning: Interdisciplinary Activities @Primary Education

Marialena Christodoulidou

EGU2019-4041 | Posters | EOS1.3

First Steps to STEAM

Marin Dorina

EGU2019-5835 | Posters | EOS1.3

Mapping the world news

Miia Käär

EGU2019-5975 | Posters | EOS1.3

Teaching Them to Fish: Original Student Research in the Secondary Classroom

Russell Kohrs, Kara Bates, Katherine Klus, Michelle Crotteau, Susan Fream, and Trudy Stickley

EGU2019-6135 | Posters | EOS1.3

Hunting the stars to protect dark sky

Karolina Damjanoska

EGU2019-7500 | Posters | EOS1.3

New way of teaching geography

Marina Marjanovic

EGU2019-7590 | Posters | EOS1.3

Making Geology Come to Life in the Classroom

Sabrina Ewald

EGU2019-8312 | Posters | EOS1.3

Observing tectonic structures in the region of Valencia, Spain.

Simon Laplanche and Alice Ergün

EGU2019-10818 | Posters | EOS1.3

How can storytelling benefit the learning of science?

Rute Oliveira, Andreia Rodrigues, Rita Farrôpo, and Isabel Avó

EGU2019-17156 | Posters | EOS1.3

Teaching STEAM through urban "rock and fossil hunting" activities

Hélder Pereira and Francisco Lopes

EGU2019-9539 | Posters | EOS1.3

Flipclassroom and Geoscience

Carole Larose

EGU2019-3606 | Posters | EOS1.3

Making science education through laboratory teaching

Beatrice Moroni

EGU2019-10247 | Posters | EOS1.3

Hardboard Production With Pumpkin Shell

Candan Kafalı

EGU2019-8948 | Posters | EOS1.3

Exploring the Pannonian Sea island

Zeljka Jeramaz

EGU2019-8771 | Posters | EOS1.3

Teaching and Learning the Geosciences with Virtual Field Trips

Cheryl LB Manning

EGU2019-4535 | Posters | EOS1.3

Fieldwork activity in Serra of Sicó (Central Portugal): a innovative strategy in teaching and learning Geology

Estefânia Pires, João Pires, Nuno Santos, and Luís Costa

EGU2019-3549 | Posters | EOS1.3

Using Copernicus EO data and services in primary education

Panagiota Asimakopoulou, Panagiotis Nastos, and Emmanuel Vassilakis

EGU2019-3369 | Posters | EOS1.3

Water Conservation & Watershed Education Program

Aikaterini Mavrodi

EGU2019-5311 | Posters | EOS1.3

Enhancing experiential climate-change learning methods through debriefing

Pariphat Promduangsri, David Crookall, and Pimnutcha Promduangsri

EGU2019-8813 | Posters | EOS1.3

Virtual Reality Lecturing of Remote sensing concepts

Joris Timmermans, Jeanine Reutemann, Xu ben Zhang, Arjang tajbakhsh, Janna horjus, Jelger Kroese, Thomas Ginn, Donna Schipper, and Leontien Van Melle

EGU2019-8888 | Posters | EOS1.3

Ocean Literacy and Ocean Misconceptions in a sample of Italian students

Giulia Realdon, Sandra Fabris, Giuliana Candussio, Maria Chiara Invernizzi, and Elonora Paris

EGU2019-11233 | Posters | EOS1.3

The Cloud Chamber

Bengü Bozlar

EGU2019-12727 | Posters | EOS1.3

A table-top experiment on magma transport system: intermittent flow behavior in non-Newtonian fluids

Ichiro Kumagai, Nicolò Sgreva, Anne Davaille, and Kei Kurita

EGU2019-11842 | Posters | EOS1.3

How fuzzy is the data? Having student delineate drumlins and comparing the results.

Rebecca Lee and John Maclachlan

EOS2.2 – Teaching Structural Geology and Tectonics in the 21st Century (co-organized)

EGU2019-8223 | Posters | EOS2.2

Structural Geology in the 21st Century: The role of a modern Geological Survey

Richard Haslam and Graham Leslie

EGU2019-15425 | Posters | EOS2.2

Project-based learning: Preliminary investigation of potential sites for SAR corner reflectors at SAPOS stations of the state survey

Alexandra Heck, Malte Westerhaus, Bernhard Heck, and Hansjoerg Kutterer

EGU2019-6140 | Orals | EOS2.2

Analysis types as a basis for teaching structural geology

David Peacock, David Sanderson, Atle Rotevatn, and Mark Anderson

EGU2019-9727 | Orals | EOS2.2

How Real is Virtual? Using Virtual Landscapes in Fieldwork Teaching (and Research)

Jacqueline Houghton, Geoff Lloyd, Clare Gordon, Ben Craven, and Daniel Morgan

EGU2019-13067 | Posters | EOS2.2

My smartphone is now my teaching assistant – problem-based learning in the field

Hans de Bresser, João Trabucho Alexandre, and Gijs van Dijk

EGU2019-13697 | Orals | EOS2.2

Using 3D modeling to teach cartography : 3D models developped by students for students

Pauline Louis, Julien Duquennoy, and Lise Gransac

EGU2019-14369 | Orals | EOS2.2

VirtuaField : Virtual Fields for training students to field practice

Sophie Viseur, Juliette Lamarche, Lucilla Benedetti, Philippe Léonide, Jean Borgomano, Magali Rizza, Laurent Jorda, Olivier Groussin, Baptiste Suchéras-Marx, Jules Fleury, and Lionel Siame

EGU2019-14925 | Posters | EOS2.2

Open-AR-Sandbox: An open-source Augmented Reality platform for geoscience

Simon Virgo, Miguel De La Varga Hormazabal, and Florian Wellmann

EGU2019-16235 | Posters | EOS2.2

A new course concept to overcome linear teaching in Structural Geology and Tectonics

Florian Fusseis and Mikael Attal

EGU2019-15146 | Orals | EOS2.2

Learning by doing: Use of research based methods and novel laboratory experiments in teaching Earthquake and Volcanic Processes

Karen Mair, Håvard Bertelsen, Frank Guldstrand, and Olivier Galland

EGU2019-18888 | Posters | EOS2.2

Reconnecting the students and their environment with geological field work

Yves Mazabraud, Denise Orange Ravachol, and Alexandra Renouard

EOS2.4 – Games for Geoscience

EGU2019-6955 | Orals | EOS2.4

Cold Cooperation

Dirk Olonscheck, Clara Burgard, Sebastian Hettrich, and Nele-Charlotte Neddermann

EGU2019-2660 | Posters | EOS2.4

ESCAPE VOLCANO: a new game on volcanic hazards

Valeria Misiti

EGU2019-17711 | Posters | EOS2.4

The drift game

Elke Meyer and Ulrich Callies

EGU2019-17574 | Orals | EOS2.4 | Highlight

ENVRI Environmental Science serious game for High School students

Jacco Konijn, Savina Gioni, Magdalena Brus, and Alberto Basset

EGU2019-17667 | Orals | EOS2.4

‘Hazagora: Will you survive the next disaster?’ – Lessons learned from the use of a serious game on natural hazards risk in developing countries regularly facing disasters

Caroline Michellier, Yves Ngunzi Kahashi, Sophie Mossoux, Matthieu Kervyn, and François Kervyn

EGU2019-14604 | Posters | EOS2.4

Tackling complexity of pesticide persistence and transport at the catchment scale with multi-choice game

Sylvain Payraudeau, Pablo Alvarez-Zaldivar, Paul van Dijk, Jérémy Masbou, and Gwenaël Imfeld

EGU2019-4391 | Orals | EOS2.4

Common pool resource dilemma games: An overview

David Crookall, Pimnutcha Promduangsri, and Pariphat Promduangsri

EGU2019-10119 | Posters | EOS2.4

Taking a Breath of the Wild: Are gamers or geoscientists better in judging whether game-world landscapes are realistic?

Rolf Hut, Casper Albers, Sam Illingworth, and Chris Skinner

EGU2019-14537 | Orals | EOS2.4

Interdisciplinary participatory development of a sustainability game; by students - for students

Karin Rebel, Astrid Mangnus, Margien Bootsma, Niels Keetels, Liesbeth van de Grint, and Joost Vervoort

EGU2019-8120 | Posters | EOS2.4

HEAT – A game about decarbonisation

Paul Wake and Sam Illingworth

EGU2019-15666 | Posters | EOS2.4

The Earth Arcade – Games to save the world

Christopher Skinner

EGU2019-11765 | Orals | EOS2.4

Perspectives on a Pipeline for Geoscience Game Development, Play, and Evaluation

Lisa Gallagher and Reed Maxwell

EGU2019-17015 | Posters | EOS2.4

Rivers Top Trumps

Chris Hackney, Florence Halstead, and Daniel Parsons

EGU2019-2758 | Posters | EOS2.4

The SDGs Values Game: An Interactive Playable Poster

Pariphat Promduangsri, David Crookall, and Pimnutcha Promduangsri

EGU2019-7464 | Posters | EOS2.4

Staudamm – development of a serious game on reservoir management

Marc Vis, Ilja van Meerveld, and Jan Seibert

EGU2019-11128 | Posters | EOS2.4

Large maps and colourful squares: Teaching climate models through dialogue and play

Mathew Stiller-Reeve and Eamon O'Kane

EOS3.1 – Effective research management – What does that mean?

EGU2019-1970 | Posters | EOS3.1

Mobility Grant for Geoscience Collaboration? Our Opportunities and Burdens

Chenbo Guo and Nico Caltabiano

EGU2019-4971 | Posters | EOS3.1

Project management – an additional key for successful proposals

Sylvia Walter, Masja H. Kempen, Marjan J.J.G. Rossen, Tess F.J. van de Voorde, Mirjam van Kan-Parker, and Bas R. Leeflang

EGU2019-12531 * | Posters | EOS3.1 | Highlight

The voice of research administrators: BESTPRAC - a network of administrative excellence

Martina Pöll, Jan Andersen, Ellen Schenk-Braat, Diana Pustula, and Vanessa Ravagni

EGU2019-14378 | Posters | EOS3.1

Agile project management for software development in Earth sciences

Luisa Cristini, Nadine Wieters, and Dirk Barbi

EGU2019-17521 | Posters | EOS3.1

The EPOS success story: from a concept to a research infrastructure serving the need of the solid Earth science community

Giovanna Maracchia, Carmela Freda, Kauzar Saleh Contell, and Agata Sangianantoni

EOS4.1 – Communication and Education in Geoscience: Practice, Research and Reflection

EGU2019-3993 | Posters | EOS4.1

Comparison of experts’ and non-experts’ mental models of the subsurface and geological processes

Anthea Lacchia, Geertje Schuitema, Peter Haughton, and Patrick Shannon

EGU2019-446 | Posters | EOS4.1 | Highlight

Effective Communication of Air Pollution: Researching the Role of Gender

Maria Lorono-Leturiondo, Paul O'Hare, Simon Cook, Stephen R. Hoon, and Sam Illingworth

EGU2019-17463 | Orals | EOS4.1

What is the place of communication impacts in climate resilience assessment practices?

Rosa Vicari, Daniel Schertzer, and Ioulia Tchiguirinskaia

EGU2019-2422 | Orals | EOS4.1

Knowledge management across the environment-policy interface in China: what knowledge is exchanged, why, and how is this undertaken?

Ying Zheng, Larissa A. Naylor, Susan Waldron, and David M. Oliver

EGU2019-10038 | Posters | EOS4.1

Climate communication in practice: how are we engaging the UK public on climate change?

Sam Illingworth, Alice Bell, Adam Corner, Stuart Capstick, Niall McLoughlin, Catherine Muller, and Harriet Richardson

EGU2019-8611 | Orals | EOS4.1

How media influences the perception and knowledge about climate change among students

Xavier Fonseca, Gonzalo Míguez, and Antonio Vaamonde

EGU2019-9112 | Posters | EOS4.1

Improve awareness to flood risk trough LEGO bricks and role playing games at Firenze (Italy)

Matteo Pampaloni, Tiziana Pileggi, Marco Vigelini, and Enrica Caporali

EGU2019-18846 | Orals | EOS4.1

The use of social media in volcano science communication - challenges and opportunities

Rebecca Williams and Janine Krippner

EGU2019-10482 | Posters | EOS4.1

How and why to communicate atmospheric composition – 30 years of WMO’s Global Atmosphere Watch Programme

Claudia Volosciuk, Oksana Tarasova, Geir Braathen, Alexander Baklanov, and Lorenzo Labrador

EGU2019-9987 | Orals | EOS4.1

Flooded by jargon: how the interpretation of water-related terms differs between hydrology experts and the general audience

Gemma Venhuizen, Rolf Hut, Casper Albers, Cathelijne Stoof, and Ionica Smeets

EGU2019-9336 | Posters | EOS4.1

Girls on Ice Switzerland – field-based science short courses

Marlene Kronenberg, Anja Fridrich, Marijke Habermann, Lena Hellmann, Kathrin Naegeli, and Margit Schwikowski

EGU2019-17235 | Orals | EOS4.1

Transforming the world’s perception of rapid global climate change: A 12-year deadline posed here and now

Irina Rogozhina, Jan Ketil Rød, Chantel Nixon, Pepijn Bakker, Arjen Stroeven, Matthias Prange, Maria Azucena Gutierrez Gonzalez, Ana Moreno, Isabel Christina Urrutia Ulloa, Liv Inger Grefstad, Ekaterina Prasolova-Førland, and Andres Tassara

EGU2019-12701 | Posters | EOS4.1

Virtual Planetarium - Space Physics in Virtual Reality

Markku Alho, Esa Kallio, and Riku Järvinen

EGU2019-13425 | Posters | EOS4.1

The Native Scientist Project: Promoting STEM and multilingualism through outreach

Stephanie G. Zihms, Joana A. Moscoso, Patrick Rebuschat, Ana Catarino, and Tatiana Correia

EGU2019-16113 | Posters | EOS4.1

How do volcanoes communicate? PIIISA Project: approaching research in volcanoes to Secondary School Science Education.

Araceli García Yeguas, Luz García Martínez, Sonia Mota Fernández, Janire Prudencio, Luciano Zuccarello, Mercedes Vázquez Vílchez, Susana Rams Sánchez, David Aguilera Morales, and Jesús M. Ibáñez

EGU2019-3452 | Orals | EOS4.1

Topi da laboratorio: performing the science communication through theatre.

Rita Nogherotto, Daniele Tenze, Riccardo Cucini, Thomas Gasparetto, Luca Grisanti, Ilaria Persico, Lorenzo Pizzutti, and Sofia Rossi

EGU2019-8471 | Orals | EOS4.1

Modern visualization techniques in remote sensing -Integration of “Geostops” in augmented reality-

Julian Taleb, Henryk Hodam, Carsten Jürgens, Claudia Lindner, Annette Ortwein, Johannes Schultz, Fabian Selg, and Andreas Rienow

EGU2019-18093 | Posters | EOS4.1

“Nautici in Blu” project: educating for a blue future!

Marina Locritani, Silvia Merlino, Maria Rapini, and Marisa Ceccarelli

EGU2019-17550 | Orals | EOS4.1 | Highlight

Ocean Plastics: The Children's Voice

Katie Parsons and Lucie Parsons

EGU2019-3340 | Posters | EOS4.1

Including scientific writing training as a criteria for quality in PhD education

Anniken R. Birkelund and Stephanie C. Werner

EGU2019-2010 | Orals | EOS4.1

“So we can’t bring a volcano into the classroom…” Communicating geosciences through digital media

Laura Hobbs, Carly Stevens, Ruth Larbey, David Marshall, and Carla Smith

EGU2019-5421 | Posters | EOS4.1

Lithospheric Research Infrastructure Centre as a part of the European Plate Observing System (EPOS-PL)

Dariusz Wójcik, Wojciech Czuba, Tomasz Janik, Piotr Środa, Monika Bociarska, and Edward Gaczyński

EGU2019-10610 | Posters | EOS4.1

Cryo Connect - a global platform bringing together cryosphere scientists and information seekers

Dirk van As, Inka Koch, William Colgan, and Faezeh M. Nick

EGU2019-16057 | Posters | EOS4.1

Modernisation of curricular education towards digital enironments

Dirk Fleischer, Emanuel Söding, Swantje Piotrowski, Axel Dennert, Mirl Trösch, Stella Thoben, and Franziska Weng

EGU2019-1432 | Orals | EOS4.1

Bridging the gap: Experts to non-experts

Nabanita Borah and Binoy Vv

EGU2019-16825 | Posters | EOS4.1

Collaborative workshops of ICTs (Information and Communications Technologies) for promoting student responsibility

Encarnación V. Taguas, Víctor Marín-Moreno, M. Castillo Amaro-Ventura, Natalia Borrego, Francisco Esquinas, and Victoria Pérez

EGU2019-17381 | Posters | EOS4.1

Access to Emissions Distributions and Related Ancillary Data through the ECCAD database

Sabine Darras, Claire Granier, Catherine Liousse, Damien Boulanger, Le Hung Vu, and Pierre Vert

EGU2019-17394 | Posters | EOS4.1

TRack Your ATmosphere: Open Learning Materials for Vocational Education and Training

Boris Reusch, Christian Hoffman, Laurent Verdier, William Metref, Dominique Joly, Amelio Incollingo, Pasquale Longo, Fadwa Alshawaf, Galina Dick, Umberto Riccardi, Giuseppe Brandi, Mario Dolce, Diana Duilio, Claudio Martino, and Umberto Tammaro

EGU2019-3863 | Orals | EOS4.1

Making Earth science concepts (in)visible : an enquiry into academic teaching of modelling

Lucie Babel, Dominique Vinck, and Derek Karssenberg

EGU2019-18845 | Posters | EOS4.1

Where to get visual climate data that suit education and outreach?

Benoit Tournade and Melodie Trolliet

EGU2019-12983 | Orals | EOS4.1

Lessons learned from 30 years engaging next-generation geoscientists

Elisabeth Rushworth, Maggie Williams, and Janine Kavanagh

EGU2019-14193 | Orals | EOS4.1

Community handbook for research infrastructure communications

Ari Asmi and Päivi Haapanala

EGU2019-12489 | Orals | EOS4.1

Overcoming challenges in earthquake education: A case study from Tajikistan

Solmaz Mohadjer, Sebastian G. Mutz, Anatoly Ischuk, and Todd A. Ehlers

EGU2019-11433 | Orals | EOS4.1

Teaching Real Science: A Novel Approach to Engaging Students in the Scientific Process

Lev Horodyskyj, Chris Mead, Carol Oliver, and Ariel Anbar

EGU2019-11445 | Orals | EOS4.1

National-scale engagement of school students using an active research project: the SEA-SEIS North Atlantic Expedition’s outreach programme

Sergei Lebedev, Raffaele Bonadio, Laura Bérdi, Janneke de Laat, Clara Gómez Garcia, Bruna Chagas de Melo, Louise Collins, Sadhbh McCarthy, Daniel Farrell, David Stalling, Arne Schwenk, and Chris Bean and the SEA-SEIS Team

EGU2019-15072 | Orals | EOS4.1

Geology every day! – an example of educational workshop to teach the geology

Petra Zvab Rozic, Mojca Bedjanic, Branka Bracic Zeleznik, Rok Brajkovic, Katarina Fuchs, Barbara Karnicnik, Darja Komar, Katja Koren, Matija Kriznar, Samanta Makovac, Neza Malensek Andolsek, Matevz Novak, Jerca Praprotnik Kastelic, Nina Rman, and Lan Zupancic

EOS4.2 – Outreach in Geoscience: what does it mean to you

EGU2019-2642 * | Posters | EOS4.2 | Highlight

Education and Outreach in the U.S. International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) community: a review and looking forward

Sharon Cooper

EGU2019-4200 | Posters | EOS4.2 | Highlight

Outreach in the International Research Training Group "ArcTrain - Processes and impacts of climate change in the North Atlantic Ocean and the Canadian Arctic“

Maren Walter, Lina Madaj, Michal Kucera, Rüdiger Stein, and Anne de Vernal

EGU2019-5533 * | Posters | EOS4.2 | Highlight

How to make mud interesting: engaging a range of audiences with marine sediment laboratory based research.

Millie Watts, Suzanne MacLachlan, David Tappin, Sue Dawson, and Lucy Cox

EGU2019-5692 * | Posters | EOS4.2 | Highlight

What I’ve learned from teaching geoscience in prisons

Philip Heron

EGU2019-13819 * | Posters | EOS4.2 | Highlight

Educational and outreach activities in Romania in order to promote Geosciences

Antoneta Seghedi

EGU2019-14263 | Posters | EOS4.2 | Highlight

The diversity of outreach activities for communicating biogeochemical research

Valentin Klaus, Sabina Keller, Anna Gilgen, Susanne Burri, Lukas Hörtnagl, and Nina Buchmann

EGU2019-17528 * | Posters | EOS4.2 | Highlight

“Excuse me, where can I find an audience?” Science through storytelling - targeting your audience

Hadar Elyashiv, Sandy Boehnert, Chelsea Korpanty, Valeriia Kirillova, Gema Martínez Méndez, Andrea Orfanoz Cheuquelaf, Rebecca Borges, and Dharma Reyes Macaya and the OUAT team of 2016/2017 and 2018 (contact first author for full names of team members and affiliations )

EGU2019-17777 * | Posters | EOS4.2 | Highlight

Bringing air quality data to societal applications through a hackathon: experiences from Copernicus AtmosHack

Hannakaisa Lindqvist, Neil Fletcher, Gorana Jerkovic, Laura Riuttanen, and Johanna Tamminen

EOS4.3 – Communicating geoscience in the face of modern geocontroversy

EGU2019-11009 | Posters | EOS4.3 | Highlight

Exploring attitudes toward social acceptance of the first deep geothermal technology in the UK: a qualitative study

Francesca Tirotto, Sabine Pahl, Hazel Gibson, and Iain Stewart

EGU2019-17877 | Posters | EOS4.3

Towards a regulatory framework for geothermal energy utilization in Finland

Kaiu Piipponen, Marja Uski, and Kati Oinonen

EGU2019-14595 | Posters | EOS4.3 | Highlight

Headlines and Hashtags: The role of media framing in shaping public acceptance of geothermal power

Nicola Langdon and Alison Anderson

EGU2019-12421 | Posters | EOS4.3

Accelerating Science Diplomacy Research through International Network-to-Networks Collaboration to Reduce Disaster Risk and Advance Resilience

Yekaterina Kontar and Paul Berkman

EGU2019-13997 | Posters | EOS4.3 | Highlight

Beyond communicating risks: Findings from a field experiment testing the effectiveness of theory-driven interventions to promote response to environmental risks.

Max Friedrich, Hans-Joachim Mosler, Andreas Kappler, and Jennifer Inauen

EGU2019-14518 | Posters | EOS4.3

What have food and climate metrics got in common?

Michelle Cain

EOS5.2 – Geoethics: ethical, social and cultural implications of geoscience knowledge, education, communication, research and practice (co-sponsored by IAPG and AGI)

EGU2019-2026 | Posters | EOS5.2

Ethical Guidelines for the European Research Infrastructures

Silvia Peppoloni, Giuseppe Di Capua, Florian Haslinger, and Michèle Marti

EGU2019-2028 | Posters | EOS5.2

The Ethical Label: a tool to identify ethical and social aspects of research products

Giuseppe Di Capua, Silvia Peppoloni, Florian Haslinger, and Michèle Marti

EGU2019-2322 | Posters | EOS5.2

New advances on geoethics: the activities of the IAPG - International Association for Promoting Geoethics

Silvia Peppoloni, Giuseppe Di Capua, Peter Bobrowsky, Susan Kieffer, and Stefano Tinti

EGU2019-3498 | Posters | EOS5.2


Franco Foresta Martin, Silvia Peppoloni, Patrizia Tosi, Valerio De Rubeis, Paola Sbarra, and Sonia Topazio

EGU2019-12097 | Orals | EOS5.2

Involving Local Communities in Geothermal Development – Opportunities and Challenges – A case from Geopower Africa

Nicholas Mariita

EGU2019-7040 | Posters | EOS5.2

Improving mutual understanding in Geosciences with the help of terminological tools.

Sabina Di Franco and Elena Rapisardi

EGU2019-2728 | Posters | EOS5.2

On the necessity of making geo-edu-ethics a central component throughout education

David Crookall, Pariphat Promduangsri, and Pimnutcha Promduangsri

EGU2019-174 | Orals | EOS5.2

On the application of communication models in approaches to socio-environmental risks minimization

Yuriy Kostyuchenko, Maxim Yuschenko, and Ilya Kravchuk

EGU2019-5079 | Posters | EOS5.2

Geo-edu-ethics: Drafting a charter for learning geoethics around the world

Pimnutcha Promduangsri, Pariphat Promduangsri, and David Crookall

EGU2019-19136 | Orals | EOS5.2

Establishing a Geological Service for Europe

Jelena Vidovic, Teresa Ponce de Leão, Yvonne Schavemaker, Jørgen Tulstrup, Serge van Gessel, Kris Piessens, Jan Høst, Lisbeth Hildebrand, Asko Käpyaho, Birgit Kuhns, Pierre Nehlig, Ivana Svojtkova, Luís Plácido Martins, Tessa Witteman, Patrick Wall, and Slavko Šolar

EGU2019-12712 | Posters | EOS5.2

The emergence of a Geoethics’ Syllabus for Teaching in Higher Education and Citizen Awareness

Clara Vasconcelos, Alexandre Lima, Nir Orion, and Tiago Ribeiro

EGU2019-14037 | Posters | EOS5.2

Values: discuss, reflect upon, live

Susanne Schneider-voss, Markus Fiebig, Günter Langergraber, and Sebastian Handl

EGU2019-14519 | Posters | EOS5.2

The role of the Confidential Counsellor in the Geosciences Workplace Environment

Agata Sangianantoni, Valeria De Paola, and Ingrid Hunstad

EGU2019-11989 | Orals | EOS5.2

Approaching Geoethics through Community Science

Raj Pandya, Chris McEntee, Brooks Hanson, Natasha Udu-gama, Sarah Wilkins, Melissa Goodwin, and Billy Williams

EGU2019-1882 | Posters | EOS5.2

Exploring the Homo Semioticus Paradigm for Sense-making in the Human Niche

Martin Bohle and Sergio Salvatore

EGU2019-7415 | Orals | EOS5.2

Gender in EWS and CIS: implications for knowledge, education, communication, research and practice

Alison Sneddon, Sarah Brown, Mirianna Budimir, David Lau, and Puja Shakya

EGU2019-1887 | Posters | EOS5.2

Handling GeoEndowments Geoethically

Martin Bohle, Rika Preiser, and Eduardo Marone

EGU2019-13448 | Orals | EOS5.2

Geoethics in environment - water-protection perspective in the GOAL Project framework

Sebastian Handl, Cristina Calheiros, Ernest Mayr, Susanne Schneider-Voß, Markus Fiebig, and Günter Langergraber

EGU2019-14856 | Posters | EOS5.2

Culture, Traditions and Water Consumption of the Wayuu Community (Colombia): Sustainable Water Management Strategies

Ruggero Ermini, Salvatore Manfreda, Mauro Fiorentino, and Willington Gonzales

EGU2019-9011 | Posters | EOS5.2

A second life of waste products for a responsible and ethical use of natural resources: evaluations of the use of ashes produced by waste-to-energy plants as aggregated materials

Enrico Destefanis, Caterina Caviglia, Giorgia Confalonieri, Ingrid Corazzari, Giuseppe Mandrone, Linda Pastero, and Alessandro Pavese

EGU2019-18531 | Posters | EOS5.2

A multi-stakeholder approach to secure sustainable partnerships in the mining sector

Helio Alexandre Lazarim, Carlos Henrique Xavier Araujo, and Giorgio de Tomi

EGU2019-6822 | Posters | EOS5.2

Social skills: the cornerstone of the 21st Century mining sector. The International Network of Raw Materials Training Centers project (Intermin)

Jelena Vidovic, Vitor Correa, Luis Jorda, Manuel Regueiro, Boris Malyuk, and Philipp Hartlieb

EGU2019-7027 | Posters | EOS5.2

Reframing Geoscientists’ Communication: back to 2.0

Elena Rapisardi and Sabina Di Franco

EGU2019-18215 | Posters | EOS5.2

Use of the European Geological Data Infrastructure for safeguarding Europe’s groundwater resources and dependent ecosystems

Klaus Hinsby, Laurence Gourcy, Hans Peter Broers, Anker Lajer Højberg, and Sian Loveless

EGU2019-16948 | Posters | EOS5.2

ReFINE: A case study for geoethics

Rachel Brown, Sarah Clancy, Richard Davies, and Fred Worrall

EGU2019-6840 | Posters | EOS5.2

Perspectives and hidden lessons from a geoscientist on energy provision: Namibia as case study.

Nortin Titus

EOS6.1 – Diversity and Equality in the Geosciences (co-sponsored by AGU, JpGU, and EAG)

EGU2019-10606 | Posters | EOS6.1 | Highlight

Reclaiming the memory of pioneer female geologists – digging deeper

Aude Vincent

EGU2019-5638 | Orals | EOS6.1 | Highlight

Gender and ethnic inequity in speaking opportunities at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting

Heather L. Ford, Cameron Brick, Karine Blaufuss, and Petra Dekens

EGU2019-8917 | Posters | EOS6.1

Examples of recommendations in the hiring process of professors

Frédéric Herman

EGU2019-13408 | Posters | EOS6.1

European Research Council demographics through time

Claudia Alves de Jesus Rydin, Luis Farina Busto, Alexis-Michel Mugabushaka, and Barbara Romanowicz

EGU2019-6703 | Orals | EOS6.1 | Highlight

Perceptions and impacts of gender inequality in the geosciences

Stefanie Lutz, Andrea Popp, Sina Khatami, and Wouter Knoben

EGU2019-8844 | Orals | EOS6.1

Implicit Bias in the Earth and Space Sciences--The Effect and Importance of Networks

Brooks Hanson, Jory Lerback, Paige Wooden, and Karine Blaufuss

EGU2019-15200 | Posters | EOS6.1

Historical trend of participation of women scientists in ESA solar system missions

Arianna Piccialli, Julie A. Rathbun, Anni Määttänen, Anny-Chantal Levasseur-Regourd, Ann Carine Vandaele, Francesca Altieri, Anna Milillo, Alessandra Rotundi, Miriam Rengel, and Pierre Drossart

EGU2019-11500 | Orals | EOS6.1 | Highlight

Experiences when trying to manage two ambitious careers and a family

Ylona van Dinther

EGU2019-15659 | Posters | EOS6.1

Using Equality and Diversity as a Façade for Control

Holly Stein, Judith Hannah, and Aaron Zimmerman

EGU2019-10857 | Orals | EOS6.1 | Highlight

Stepping Up: Advancing Ethics and Equity Practices and Impact in the Geosciences – Perspectives from a Large Scientific Society

Christine McEntee, Robin Bell, Brooks Hanson, and Billy Williams

EGU2019-18007 | Posters | EOS6.1 | Highlight

She-Space: A multi-disciplinary educational space project for high school girls

Sivan Isaacson, Shimrit Maman, Chen Meged, Shiran Havivi, Aviv Lee Cohen–Zada, Lonia Friedlander, Inbal Ronay, and Dan G. Blumberg

EGU2019-15230 | Posters | EOS6.1 | Highlight

Being a mother and a scientist: the experience of a senior scientist

Catherine Chauvel

EGU2019-17065 | Posters | EOS6.1 | Highlight

The Green and Black Ambassadors: Opening up a dialogue

Richard Pancost, Roger Griffith, Zakiya Mckenzie, Jasmine Ketibuah-Foley, Ian Townsend, Vicki Woolley, and Hayley Shaw

EGU2019-14051 | Posters | EOS6.1

Grass-root level equality and work wellbeing activities in atmospheric sciences in Finland

Anniina Lauri, Timo Vesala, Stephany Buenrostro Mazon, Leena Järvi, and Hanna Vehkamäki

EGU2019-14644 | Posters | EOS6.1 | Highlight Promoting gender equality in academia through comic strips

Martina Ulvrova, Alice Adenis, Maëlis Arnould, Marie Bocher, Nicolas Coltice, Mélanie Gérault, and Claire Mallard

EGU2019-6351 | Posters | EOS6.1

A new international mentoring forum for deaf and hard-of-hearing academics

Ana Caicedo and Michele Cooke

EGU2019-3261 | Posters | EOS6.1 | Highlight

Fraunhofer TALENTA - support and development program for female scientists

Isabel Michel

EGU2019-9776 | Posters | EOS6.1 | Highlight

“Access Anglesey”: Delivering and Evaluating an Accessible and Inclusive Field Class

Jacqueline Houghton, Daniel Morgan, Christopher Atchison, Alison Stokes, and Trevor Collins

EGU2019-10331 | Posters | EOS6.1

Quality through equality – outcomes of a workshop on gender issues in hydrology

Elisa Coraggio, Sebastian Gnann, Melike Kiraz, Valentina Noacco, Francesca Pianosi, Maria Pregnolato, Lina Stein, and Lina Wang

EOS6.3 – Inter- and transdiciplinary research, education and practice in mountain regions: field experiences, challenges and opportunities (co-organized)

EGU2019-54 | Posters | EOS6.3

A research-based geoguide of an Ethiopian mountain range

Jan Nyssen, Miro Jacob, and Amaury Frankl

EGU2019-7611 | Posters | EOS6.3

Flood risk management in mountain regions: a policy coordination perspective

Lukas Löschner, Mathew Herrnegger, Severin Hohensinner, Julia Niedermayr, Ralf Nordbeck, Walter Seher, Klaus Wagner, and Johannes Wesemann

EGU2019-11374 * | Posters | EOS6.3 | Highlight

Developing geosciences near the high mountain range next to Santiago, Chile: From Giant Volcanoes to Giant Ore Deposits

Valentina Hanna, Francisco Gutierrez, and Cristobal Bayer

EGU2019-14934 | Posters | EOS6.3

Take it or escape it: Flood control and responsibility sharing between public stakeholders and the affected community

Magdalena Rauter, Maria Kaufmann, Thomas Thaler, and Sven Fuchs

EGU2019-18658 * | Posters | EOS6.3 | Highlight

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Mountain Research of the University of Lausanne: exploring the challenges of inter- and transdisciplinarity in mountains

Iago Otero and Emmanuel Reynard

EOS7.1 – Climate Change Education (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2019-7833 | PICOs | EOS7.1 | Highlight

To what extent can disappearing glaciers help to change our behavior?

Wolfgang Gurgiser and Kristin Richter

EGU2019-12554 | PICOs | EOS7.1 | Highlight

Strong wind events, traditional building solutions, adaptation to climate change: learning from the past to educate for the future

Sergio Nordio, Federica Flapp, and Simonetta Fumich

EGU2019-16820 | PICOs | EOS7.1 | Highlight

Climate Change and Children in Vietnam: Influencers, Understandings and Perceptions

Florence Halstead and Daniel Parsons

EGU2019-11178 | PICOs | EOS7.1 | Highlight

“Saving Our Planet” introduces “The Climate School” : a climate change awareness and solutions program

Stephan Savarese and Hans J. Rasmussen

EGU2019-2780 | PICOs | EOS7.1 | Highlight

Our personal journey of learning about climate change

Pimnutcha Promduangsri, Pariphat Promduangsri, and David Crookall

EGU2019-18734 | PICOs | EOS7.1 | Highlight

Disentangling challenges and needs for an effective climate education

Ines Blumenthal and Jürgen Peter Kropp

EGU2019-17956 | PICOs | EOS7.1 | Highlight

IGLO: Build your own teaching on Arctic climate change

Anne-Katrine Faber and Helle Astrid Kjær

EGU2019-13097 | PICOs | EOS7.1 | Highlight

Misconceptions about climate change: Opportunities or obstacles?

Anett Kádár and Andrea Farsang

EGU2019-8114 | PICOs | EOS7.1 | Highlight

Making a fundamental climate model accessible.

Sally Dacie

EGU2019-2977 | PICOs | EOS7.1 | Highlight

Teaching Weather, Ocean, and Climate Science through American Meteorological Society Online Resources

Michael Passow, Wendy Abshire, Chad Kauffman, Elizabeth Mills, and Abigail Stimach

EGU2019-15769 | PICOs | EOS7.1

The Office for Climate Education: an international initiative

Lydie Lescarmontier, David Wilgenbus, Eric Guilyardi, Pierre Léna, Robin Matthews, Jenny Schlüpmann, Cliona Murphy, Anwar Bhai Rumjaun, and Maria A. Martin

EOS10.1 – Monitoring, assessing and increasing the impact of environmental and the Earth system Research Infrastructures (co-organized)

EGU2019-6500 | Posters | EOS10.1 | Highlight

ICOS Norway – a carbon cycle infrastructure

Siv K Lauvset, Cathrine Lund Myhre, Holger Lange, Are Olsen, and Andreas Stohl

EGU2019-5595 | Posters | EOS10.1

Challenges in establishing an ICOS Ecosystem Station

Marlene Schramm, Holger Lange, and Junbin Zhao

EGU2019-12842 | Posters | EOS10.1

Carbon, energy and water fluxes at the forest site ‘Hohes Holz’ and the grassland ‘Am Grossen Bruch’

Corinna Rebmann, Claudia Schütze, Laura Dienstbach, Inma Garcia Quiros, Sebastian Gimper, and Patrick Schmidt