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ERE – Energy, Resources and the Environment

ERE1.1 – Energy, Resources & the Environment - Open session

EGU2019-502 | Posters | ERE1.1 | Highlight

Estimating global warming from anthropogenic heat emissions

Peter Steiglechner, Maria Martin, and Georg Feulner

EGU2019-1003 | Orals | ERE1.1 | Highlight

An assessment of UK conventional oil and gas well sites remediation practices

Sarah Clancy, Fred Worrall, Richard Davies, and Jon Gluyas

EGU2019-6080 | Orals | ERE1.1

The global sustainability of high-temperature aquifer thermal energy storage as indicated by LCA and CED analysis

Jasper Griffioen, Jacques Werner, and Joris Koornneef

EGU2019-12019 | Posters | ERE1.1

Measuring carbon emission performance of industrial sectors in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, China: A stochastic frontier approach

Chao Wang and Jinyan Zhan

EGU2019-14691 | Orals | ERE1.1

Potentials for Power-to-Gas based subsurface energy storage in China

Jianli Ma, Qi Li, Natalie Nakaten, and Michael Kühn

EGU2019-9678 | Posters | ERE1.1

Yearly monitoring of the fugitive CH4 and CO2 emissions from the Arico’s closed landfill, Tenerife, Canary Islands

Cecilia Morales, Doro Niang, Briana Jaeger, Laura Acosta, Violeta T. Albertos-Blanchard, María Asensio-Ramos, Eleazar Padrón, Pedro A. Hernández, and Nemesio M. Pérez

EGU2019-9829 | Posters | ERE1.1

Evaluating the estimated methane emission into the atmosphere by landfills in Spain

David Calvo, María Asensio-Ramos, Laura Acosta, Mar Alonso, Cecilia Morales, Violeta T. Albertos-Blanchard, Cecilia Amonte, Fátima Rodríguez, José Barrancos, Gladys V. Melián, Eleazar Padrón, Erica Pérez, Franco Tassi, Brunella Raco, Dina López, Pedro A. Hernández, and Nemesio M. Pérez

EGU2019-17924 | Orals | ERE1.1


Antonio Galgaro, Giorgia Dalla Santa, Michele De Carli, Giuseppe Emmi, David Bertermann, Johannes Mueller, Amaia Castelruiz, Rodolofo Perego, Sebastian Pera, Giulia Mezzasalma, and Adriana Bernardi

EGU2019-3473 | Posters | ERE1.1

Effects of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and ozone (O3) pollution exposure on public health

Huaxi Gao and Jieran Shi

EGU2019-16688 | Orals | ERE1.1

The stability of Cu-sulphides in on-land and submarine mine tailings: Case studies from the Røros and Repparfjord disposal sites, Norway

Yulia Mun, Sabina Strmic Palinkas, Matthias Forwick, Juho Junttila, Kristine Bondo Pedersen, Beata Sternal, Kai Neufeld, and Kare Kullerud

EGU2019-383 | Orals | ERE1.1

Updating the groundwater methane baseline for Great Britain

Fred Worrall, Miles Wilson, Richard Davies, and Alwyn Hart

EGU2019-18023 | Posters | ERE1.1

Estimation of Gross Calorific Value of Coal by using various coal properties and Reflectance Spectra

Nafisa Begum and Debashish Chakravarty

EGU2019-18475 | Posters | ERE1.1

The classification and analysis of space imagery of mines and mine wastes by Geographic Information Systems

Olena Pylypenko and Vsevolod Dimidov

EGU2019-11199 | Posters | ERE1.1

Active and passive-source seismic imaging for exploration of deep-seated massive sulphide mineralization in the Zinkgruvan mine, south-central Sweden

Alba Gil de la Iglesia, Alireza Malehmir, Björn Lund, Bojan Brodic, Stefan Buske, Ramon Carbonell, Juan Alcalde, Dirk Orlowsky, Louise Lindskog, Anja Hagerud, and Matthew Penney

EGU2019-935 | Posters | ERE1.1

Mine Geo-environment risk assessment and management of Heshan coal mine, southwest China

Bo Chai, Zhaohui Tang, Yuanyao Li, and Juan Du

EGU2019-10840 | Posters | ERE1.1

Solution underneath our feet - Germany’s geological subsurface provides heat and storage

Michael Kühn, Natalie Nakaten, Elena Chabab, Marco De Lucia, Thomas Kempka, and Sonja Martens

EGU2019-18161 | Posters | ERE1.1

New opportunities for electricity generation from low-temperature geothermal sources

Peter Lazor

EGU2019-10585 | Posters | ERE1.1

Campus solar roads: Stochastic modeling of passenger demand

Maria Eirini Asimomiti, Nikos Pelekanos, Panayiotis Dimitriadis, Theano Iliopoulou, Eleni Vlahogianni, and Demetris Koutsoyiannis

EGU2019-10832 | Posters | ERE1.1

Campus solar roads: Optimization of solar panel and electric charging station location for university bus route

Angeliki Petsou, Maria Eleni Merakou, Theano Iliopoulou, Christina Iliopoulou, Panayiotis Dimitriadis, Giannis Koudouris, Konstantinos Kepaptsoglou, and Demetris Koutsoyiannis

EGU2019-15648 | Posters | ERE1.1

Campus solar roads: a feasibility analysis

Magdalini Karataraki, Areti Thanasko, Kleopatra Printziou, Giannis Koudouris, Romanos Ioannidis, Theano Iliopoulou, Panayiotis Dimitriadis, Christina Plati, and Demetris Koutsoyiannis

EGU2019-3167 | Posters | ERE1.1

Comparative analysis on the application of artificial intelligence techniques to forecast solid waste generation in the city of Bogotá

Johanna Solano, David Orjuela Yepes, María Elena Rodrigo-Clavero, and Javier Rodrigo-Ilarri

EGU2019-16706 | Posters | ERE1.1

Sustainable Waste Management and Resource Tapping options for Distillery Wastewater

Sunil Yadav and Himanshu Joshi

EGU2019-16153 | Posters | ERE1.1

Remediation and recovery of potential valuable compounds from dredged sediments – Case of Malmfjärden bay, Sweden

Laura Ferrans, Yahya Jani, Ling Gao, Fabio Kaczala, and William Hogland

EGU2019-1662 | Posters | ERE1.1

Directed Synthesis, comprehensive characterization and exploration of dearsenification potential of β-Cyclodextrin fortified hydrous Iron-Zirconium hybrid oxide

Indranil Saha, Ayan Ghosh, Abir Ghosh, Kaushik Gupta, Rajendra Thakur, Swachchha Majumdar, Bibhutibhushan Show, Uday Chand Ghosh, and Debashis Chatterjee

EGU2019-12029 | Posters | ERE1.1

Research of Ecological Compensation Theory of Four-Level Compensation Standard Based on Pareto Optimality for the River Source Region, China

Mengjie Zhang

EGU2019-17218 | Posters | ERE1.1

Cost modelling of hyper-local food delivery in an urban area-A case study of Kolkata

Dipyaman Sinha and Debapratim Pandit

ERE2.1 – Energy Meteorology (co-organized)

EGU2019-6373 | Posters | ERE2.1

Environmental Policy for Korea's Photovoltaic Power Generation: Dilemma between Clean Energy and Nature Preservation

Young-Joon Lee, Jong-Yoon Park, Who Seung Lee, and Byung Kwon Lee

EGU2019-12642 | Orals | ERE2.1

Forecasting of solar irradiance at Reunion Island using numerical weather prediction models

Frederik Kurzrock, Hannah Nguyen, Jerome Sauer, Sylvain Cros, Fabrice Chane Ming, Laurent Linguet, and Gilles Lajoie

EGU2019-15136 | Orals | ERE2.1

Short frequency nowcasting of wind speed and gusts for wind turbines using Support Vector Machines

Irene Schicker, Elisabeth Hartel, Petrina Papazek, Claudia Plant, and Alexander Kann

EGU2019-1012 | Posters | ERE2.1

Evaluation and applicability of the spatio-temporal complementarity of the solar and wind resources for the optimized design of renewable energy scenarios

Sonia Jerez, Blas Lajarín, Raquel Lorente-Plazas, Pedro Jiménez-Guerrero, Juan Andrés García-Valero, and Juan Pedro Montávez

EGU2019-15988 | Posters | ERE2.1

Optimal wind-solar energy mix in Italy: Impact of climate variability

Alexis Tantet, Stéfanon Marc, Philippe Drobinski, Jordi Badosa, Silvia Concettini, Anna Creti, Claudia D'Ambrosio, Dimitri Thomopulos, and Peter Tankov

EGU2019-16557 | Posters | ERE2.1

IEA Wind Task 36 Forecasting - Phase II

Gregor Giebel, Will Shaw, Helmut Frank, Pierre Pinson, Caroline Draxl, George Kariniotakis, and Corinna Möhrlen

EGU2019-15532 | Orals | ERE2.1

The mesoscale production and ensemble simulations for the New European Wind Atlas

Andrea Hahmann, Tija Sile, Martin Dörenkämper, Yasemin Ezber, Elena Garcia Bustamante, Fidel González Rouco, Jorge Navarro, and Björn Witha

EGU2019-15062 | Posters | ERE2.1

Multivariate spatial post-processing for renewable energy forecasts

Eadaoin Doddy, Conor Sweeney, and Frank McDermott

EGU2019-506 | Orals | ERE2.1

Offshore wind farm wakes in global circulation model MPAS compared with WRF and measurements

Marc Imberger, Xiaoli Guo Larsén, and Neil Davis

EGU2019-10089 | Posters | ERE2.1

Impact of WRF PBL schemes for renewable energy forecasting in Ireland

Seanie Griffin, Conor Sweeney, and Frank McDermott

EGU2019-17324 | Posters | ERE2.1

Performance evaluation metrics for very short-term PV forecasting

Louis-Etienne Boudreault, Frederik Kurzrock, Olivier Liandrat, Guillaume Roussel, and Sylvain Cros

EGU2019-14306 | Orals | ERE2.1

In-situ evidence of offshore wind farms wakes

Andreas Platis, Simon Siedersleben, Astrid Lampert, Jens Bange, Konrad Bärfuss, Beatriz Canadillas, Tom Neumann, Johannes Schulz-Stellenfleth, Bughsin Djath, and Stefan Emeis

EGU2019-14784 | Posters | ERE2.1

Satellite-based cloud cover detection and tracking for solar irradiance forecasting

Sylvain Cros, Mathieu Turpin, Caroline Lallemand, Hugues Souchard de Lavoreille, and Frederik Kurzrock

EGU2019-14117 | Orals | ERE2.1

First Identification and Quantification of Detached Tip Vortices Behind a WEC Using Fixed Wing UAS

Moritz Mauz, Andreas Platis, and Jens Bange

EGU2019-8388 | Posters | ERE2.1

The effect of atmospheric aerosol particles on in-cloud icing

Sami Romakkaniemi, Antti Ruuskanen, Harri Kokkola, Juha Tonttila, Ari Leskinen, and Mika Komppula

EGU2019-14408 | Orals | ERE2.1

Importance of the ground-albedo inside an urban canyon and potential increase of irradiation on building walls

Michael Revesz, Sandro Michael Oswald, Heidelinde Trimmel, Philipp Weihs, and Shokufeh Zamini

EGU2019-7832 | Posters | ERE2.1

Towards coupling the WRF-model with a CFD model for wind power applications in complex terrain

Daniel Leukauf, Asmae El-Bahlouli, Hossein Torkashvand, Hermann Knaus, and Stefan Emeis

EGU2019-14424 | Orals | ERE2.1

Small Wind Power – challenges and ongoing activities

Sirma Stenzel, Baumann-Stanzer Kathrin, Lotteraner Christoph, and Leonhartsberger Kurt

EGU2019-14049 | Posters | ERE2.1

Mesoscale circulations for offshore windfarms surrounded by complex topography

Tanvi Gupta

EGU2019-2362 | Orals | ERE2.1

Global environmental impacts of wind power

Joyce Bosmans, Tine Dammeier, and Mark Huijbregts

EGU2019-8555 | Orals | ERE2.1

Wind droughts and winter cold threaten Europe's future energy security

Karin van der Wiel, Laurens Stoop, Bas van Zuijlen, Russell Blackport, Machteld van den Broek, and Frank Selten

EGU2019-9435 | Posters | ERE2.1

Impact of atmospheric parameters on the performance of photovoltaic systems - study of spectral effects

Anna Herman-Czezuch, Stefanie Meilinger, and Susanne Crewell

EGU2019-17908 | Orals | ERE2.1

A hybrid downscaling approach for short-term forecasting offshore surface atmospheric variables in coastal areas

Adrián Acevedo, Melisa Menéndez, Antonio Tomas, and Arantza Iturrioz

EGU2019-1899 | Orals | ERE2.1

Widening the view: the relevance of multi-decadal wind generation variability

Jan Wohland, Nour-Eddine Omrani, Noel S. Keenlyside, and Dirk Witthaut

EGU2019-16564 | Posters | ERE2.1

Improvement of Sonic Wind Measurements by Multi-Path Technology

Hans-Juergen Kirtzel and Gerhard Peters

EGU2019-17946 | Posters | ERE2.1

Evaluation of a new approach to measure the direct normal irradiance without a sun-tracker

Mário Pó, Isamu Chiba, Afshin Andreas, Kees Hoogendijk, Will Beuttell, and Akihito Akiyama

ERE2.2 – Spatiotemporal modelling of distributed renewable energy systems

EGU2019-8979 | Posters | ERE2.2

Campus solar roads: A stochastic framework for modeling spatial solar radiation

Giannis Kountouris, Panayiotis Dimitriadis, Theano Iliopoulou, Romanos Ioannidis, Nikos Mamassis, and Demetris Koutsoyiannis

EGU2019-9024 | Posters | ERE2.2

Understanding the impact of meteorological variability on the European power system

Hannah Bloomfield, David Brayshaw, and Andrew Charlton-Perez

EGU2019-2299 | Orals | ERE2.2 | Highlight

The challenges of a transition to a fully renewable power system under climatic extreme events

Christian Mikovits, Johann Baumgartner, Johannes Schmidt, and Elisabeth Wetterlund

EGU2019-17320 | Posters | ERE2.2

Stochastic modelling of the energy output of a wind turbine

Marianna Daniil, Yiannis Kalogeris, Panayiotis Dimitriadis, and Vissarion Papadopoulos

EGU2019-14356 | Posters | ERE2.2

DES2iRES: A web-GIS platform to support public authorities and investors in strategic planning of desalination plants powered by renewable energy sources.

Achilles Tripolitsiotis, George Petrakis, Dionissios Hristopulos, Nabila Halouani, Eftichios Koutroulis, and Panagiotis Partsinevelos

EGU2019-10600 | Orals | ERE2.2

Global pattern of wind and solar power adoption and mechanisms of energy transitions

Vadim Vinichenko, Jessica Jewell, and Aleh Cherp

EGU2019-17723 | Posters | ERE2.2

Land cover patterns of wind generation infrastructure in Brazil

Olga Turkovska, Johannes Schmidt, Katharina Gruber, and Felix Nitsch

EGU2019-7252 | Orals | ERE2.2

Reducing variability and turbines, increasing output: the potential for repowering US wind turbines

Peter Regner, Katharina Gruber, Johannes Schmidt, and Claude Klöckl

EGU2019-17742 | Orals | ERE2.2

Designing renewable focused and weather resilient low carbon energy systems for Europe

Marianne Zeyringer and James Price

EGU2019-16492 | Posters | ERE2.2

Who bears the burden of inefficient policies? Incidence in the current and prospective German electricity system.

Sebastian Wehrle

EGU2019-8913 | Posters | ERE2.2

Liquefied bio-SNG for the Swedish steel industry – rivalry or synergy with biofuels for transport?

Elisabeth Wetterlund, Jonas Zetterholm, Johan Ahlström, Karin Pettersson, Chinedu M Nwachukwu, and Sylvain Leduc

EGU2019-10620 | Posters | ERE2.2

Potential of the paper industry as system flexibility provider for an electrical system with high renewable energy share in Chile

Javier Valdes, Luis Ramirez Camargo, Axel Poque, Yunesky Masip, and Wolfgang Dorner

EGU2019-17000 | Posters | ERE2.2

Model-based analysis of the provision of flexibility on the electricity and balancing power market in Germany

Ramiz Qussous, Thomas Künzel, and Anke Weidlich

EGU2019-8832 | Orals | ERE2.2

Spatial and temporal (co-)variability in European renewable energy systems

Laurens Stoop and Karin van der Wiel

EGU2019-11310 | Orals | ERE2.2

Correlation analysis of renewable resources in Ecuador based on meteorological data with high spatial and temporal resolution

Mariela Tapia, Detlev Heinemann, Samkeyat Shohan, Jon Chu, and Edwin Zondervan

ERE2.3 – Marine renewable energy; resource characterisation, interactions and impacts (co-organized)

EGU2019-80 | Posters | ERE2.3

Global resource-led optimisation of tidal-stream energy power curve

Matt Lewis, Alice Goward-Brown, Mike Ridgill, and Simon Neill

EGU2019-3179 | Orals | ERE2.3

Validating a New Marine Forecasting Tool for Tidal Energy in Grand Passage, Bay of Fundy

Richard Karsten, Greg Trowse, and Aidan Bharath

EGU2019-2089 | Posters | ERE2.3

Hydrokinetic resource assessment using remote sensing data

Mike Ridgill, Simon Neill, Matt Lewis, Peter Robins, Sopan Patil, and Frank Moloney

EGU2019-2167 | Posters | ERE2.3

Simulating the dispersal of non-native species within the context of ocean energy

Simon Neill, Peter Robins, Sophie Ward, and Alice Goward-Brown

EGU2019-17859 | Orals | ERE2.3

Modelling the interaction of tidal energy converter (TEC) farms with the natural coastal hydro-morphodynamic environment

Antonia Chatzirodou, Harshinie Karunarathna, and Dominic Reeve

EGU2019-4334 | Posters | ERE2.3

Waves and currents in the Pentland Firth and investigation into their interaction.

Clare MacDowall, Benjamin Williamson, Jason McIlvenny, Philippe Gleizon, and Rory O'Hara Murray

EGU2019-2160 | Orals | ERE2.3

Can wind farms impact mussel settlement in the Irish Sea?

Jonathan Demmer, Peter Robins, Simon Neill, and Shelagh Malham

EGU2019-4404 | Posters | ERE2.3

Challenges faced conducting fieldwork in tidal stream sites

Alice Goward Brown, Sophie Ward, Timothy Whitton, and Rory O'Hara Murray

EGU2019-10197 | Orals | ERE2.3

Modelling Tidal Flow Turbulence Characteristics and Tidal Power Plants using Large Eddy Simulations (LES) and Actuator Line Method (ALM)

Sam Fredriksson, Göran Broström, Håkan Nilsson, Björn Bergqvist, and Johan Lennblad

EGU2019-11377 | Posters | ERE2.3

Wind wave power simulated for the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea

Jose Antonio Salinas, María Eugenia Maya, and Constantina Hernández

EGU2019-13114 | Posters | ERE2.3

Fostering Marine Energy Exploitation in the Mediterranean Region: the PELAGOS project experience

Gianmaria Sannino, Andrea Bargagli, Adriana Carillo, Roberto Iacono, Ernesto Napolitano, Giovanna Pisacane, and Maria Vittoria Struglia

EGU2019-15144 | Posters | ERE2.3

Potential Water Quality Impacts of a Tidal Lagoon in Swansea Bay

Margaret Kadiri, Athanasios Angeloudis, Matthew Piggott, and Holly Zhang

EGU2019-19188 | Posters | ERE2.3

Review of the development and the spatial distribution of offshore wind power industry in China

Youzhou Wei, Qingping Zou, and Xianghong Lin

EGU2019-16512 | Posters | ERE2.3

Effects of Climate Change and Tidal Stream Energy Extraction on the Ecosystem of a Shelf Sea

Judith Wolf, Michela De Dominicis, and Beth Scott

EGU2019-5269 | Posters | ERE2.3

Experimental study on the hydrodynamic processes of wake attenuation of tidal turbine rotors

Yaling Chen, Binliang Lin, Jinxi Guo, and Jie Lin

ERE2.5 – Biomass in future energy and resource systems: impact on land use, climate and environmental services

EGU2019-9887 | Posters | ERE2.5

Assessment of opportunities and challenges of renewable bioenergy technologies and their environmental impacts in relation to the energy transition in Germany

Amarachi Kalu, Janja Vrzel, Sebastian Kolb, Juergen Karl, Philip Marzahn, and Ralf Ludwig

EGU2019-17481 | Posters | ERE2.5 | Highlight

Mapping Sustainable BECCS Potentials – A New Methodology Applied to the US

Florian Kraxner, Dmitry Schepaschenko, Piera Patrizio, Sylvain Leduc, Sabine Fuss, Linda See, Ping Yowargana, Bintang Yuwono, Kasparas Spokas, Anatoly Shvidenko, and Anders Lunnan

EGU2019-9969 | Posters | ERE2.5

Perennial Rhizomatous Grasses as a source of biomass for bioenergy - the ideal energy crops?

Michael Jones, Paul Rice, Barry McMullin, and Paul Price

EGU2019-7421 | Posters | ERE2.5

Sustainable whole system: Miscanthus, Willow and Poplar bioenergy crops for carbon stabilisation and erosion control in agricultural systems

Dagmar Henner, Pete Smith, Christian Davies, Niall McNamara, and Juraj Balkovic

EGU2019-14367 | Posters | ERE2.5

Explosion risks on biomass materials: how to work with particle size

Inger Marie Fanebust and Nieves Fernandez-Anez

EGU2019-17803 | Posters | ERE2.5

Modeling the comparative advantages of two lignocellulosic crops for biofuel production

Monia El Akkari, Fabien Ferchaud, Loïc strullu, Aurélie Perrin, Jean Louis Drouet, Pierre Alain Jayet, and Benoit Gabrielle

EGU2019-18716 | Posters | ERE2.5

The RECIRCULATE project – Circular Water Economy in Sub-Saharan Africa. Early insight into (waste) water for energy

Alfonso Jose Lag-Brotons, Alastair Martin, Lawrence Ezemonye, Christopher Emokaro, Isioma Tongo, and Kirk T. Semple

ERE2.6 – Conventional and unconventional geothermal resources: Advances in integrated approaches for exploration and monitoring (co-organized)

EGU2019-8983 | Posters | ERE2.6

Integrated geoscientific exploration for geothermal energy utilization in the Mongolian Hangai

Batmagnai Erdenechimeg, Friedemann Samrock, Alexander V. Grayver, Alexey Kuvshinov, Martin O. Saar, Demberel Sodnomsambuu, Tsegmed Battuulai, Tserendug Shoovdor, Purevsuren Dorj, and Oyuntsetseg Dolgorsuren

EGU2019-12165 | Orals | ERE2.6

The influence of intra-arc deformation along the Sumatra Fault System, Indonesia, on the volcanic geothermal systems

Lukman Sutrisno, Damien Bonte, Jeroen Smit, Yunus Daud, Fred Beekman, and Jan Diederik Van Wess

EGU2019-5370 | Posters | ERE2.6

Wellbore Stability and Scientific Basis for Geomechanical Modeling on the Example of the Los Humeros Geothermal Field, Mexico

Michal Kruszewski, Giordano Montegrossi, Miguel Ramirez, Volker Wittig, Adrian Gómez García, Marcela Sanchez, and Rolf Bracke

EGU2019-16098 | Orals | ERE2.6

Evolution of the volcanic arc on Flores Island, Indonesia, and its implication to geothermal resources

Ahmad Fauzi Purwandono, Damien Bonté, Pri Utami, Agung Harijoko, Fiorenza Deon, Fred Beekman, Subagyo Pramumijoyo, and Jan-diederik van Wees

EGU2019-16923 | Orals | ERE2.6

Noble Gas Release during Reservoir Stimulation

Clément Roques, Ulrich Wolfgang Weber, Hannes Krietsch, Nathan Dutler, Bernard Brixel, Linus Villiger, Joseph Doetsch, Mohammadreza Jalali, Valentin Gischig, Maria Klepikova, Florian Amann, Benoît Valley, and Rolf Kipfer

EGU2019-9971 | Posters | ERE2.6

Predictive Mechanical model for fracture stimulation in an enhanced geothermal system (EGS) context

Baptiste Lepillier, David Bruhn, Alexandros Daniilidis, Pierre-Olivier Bruna, Richard Bakker, Eivind Bastesen, Walter Wheeler, Anita Torabi, and Oscar Garcia

EGU2019-5725 | Posters | ERE2.6

Thermo-mechanical behavior of the granodiorite at the Liquiñe fractured geothermal system in the Southern Volcanic Zone of the Andes

Josefa Sepúlveda, Gloria Arancibia, Eduardo Molina, Jan Paul Gilbert, Mandy Duda, John Browning, Tomás Roquer, Diego Morata, Benedikt Ahrens, and Rolf Bracke

EGU2019-8102 | Posters | ERE2.6

Thermal properties of shales in the Upper Yangtze Area, South China

Xianglan Li, Shaowen Liu, and Xudong Li

EGU2019-18180 | Orals | ERE2.6

Thermo- and petrophysical rock properties of the Los Humeros geothermal field (Mexico): from outcrop analogue analysis to parametrization of a 3D geological-geothermal model

Leandra Weydt, Kristian Bär, Dominique Knapp, Paromita Deb, and Ingo Sass

EGU2019-15780 | Posters | ERE2.6

Geothermal, tectonic, and magmatic deformation processes in the Hengill area, Iceland

Halldór Geirsson, Cécile Ducrocq, Hanna Blanck, Thóra Árnadóttir, Kristín S. Vogfjörd, Bjarni Reyr Kristjánsson, Gunnar Gunnarsson, Vala Hjörleifsdóttir, Daniel Juncu, Freysteinn Sigmundsson, Benedikt G. Ófeigsson, and Vincent Drouin

EGU2019-15795 | Orals | ERE2.6

THM modeling of hydrothermal circulation at Soultz-sous-Forêts and Rittershoffen geothermal sites (France)

Bérénice Vallier, Vincent Magnenet, Jean Schmittbuhl, and Christophe Fond

EGU2019-1418 | Posters | ERE2.6

Surface geothermal exploration at Tenerife (Canary Islands) by means of soil gas He and H2 surveys

Alba Martín Lorenzo, Travis Broadhurst, Heather K. Clyne, Danica A. Davis, Marta García-Merino, Fátima Rodríguez, Víctor Ortega, Gladys V. Melián, Cecilia Amonte, María Asensio-Ramos, María Cordero, Violeta T. Albertos, Silvia Rayo-Mato, and Pedro A. Hernández

EGU2019-12249 | Posters | ERE2.6

The temperature evaluation of the buried hill geothermal reservoirs in the Jizhong Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, China

Yuyang Dong, Jianhui Zeng, Yongchao Zhang, and Sen Feng

EGU2019-12927 | Posters | ERE2.6

Evaluation of the glacial impact on the shallow heat-flow density in the North German Basin

Esther Heckenbach, Ben Norden, and Sven Fuchs

EGU2019-12027 | Posters | ERE2.6

Understanding the geologic structure of superhot geothermal systems, case study of Los Humeros caldera complex, Mexico

Gerardo Carrasco, Gianluca Norini, Federico Lucci, Javier Hernández, Pablo Dávila, Jaime Cavazos, Héctor Cid, Francisco Fernández, and Guido Giordano

EGU2019-9941 | Posters | ERE2.6

The Springhill Formation (Jurassic-Cretaceous) as a potential low enthalpy geothermal reservoir in the Cerro Sombrero area, Magellan Basin, Chile.

Sofia Lagarrigue, Sara Elgueta, Gloria Arancibia, Jesus Sanchez, Diego Morata, and Lisandro Rojas

EGU2019-16472 | Posters | ERE2.6

Continuous high resolution gravity measurements at a geothermal field in Northern Iceland

Florian Schäfer, Philippe Jousset, Jacques Hinderer, Maren Brehme, Kemal Erbas, Arthur Jolly, Benjamin Männel, Nolwenn Portier, Séverine Rosat, Tilo Schöne, Stefan Schröder, Christian Voigt, Richard Warburton, and Andreas Güntner

EGU2019-527 | Posters | ERE2.6

Magnetotelluric data acquisition and processing on the volcanic island of La Palma (Canary Islands, Spain)

David Martínez van Dorth, Ziqi Emily Niu, Kay R. Royo, Rajbir S. Sandhu, Kate M. Nelson, Federico Di Paolo, Katarzyna Slezak, Iván Cabrera Pérez, Alba Martín Lorenzo, Juanjo Ledo, and Nemesio M. Pérez

EGU2019-16791 | Posters | ERE2.6

Ambient-noise tomography of the Geneva basin in a geothermal exploration context

Thomas Planès, Anne Obermann, Verónica Antunes, and Matteo Lupi

EGU2019-1423 | Posters | ERE2.6

Soil gas CO2 concentration, isotopic ratio and efflux measurements for geothermal exploration at Tenerife, Canary Islands

Marta García-Merino, Gurpreet Grewal, Eleanor Mestel, Hannah Spero, Alba Martín-Lorenzo, Gladys V. Melián, Cecilia Amonte, Fátima Rodríguez, María Asensio-Ramos, María Cordero, Jesica Jesica Hopson, Raquel Domínguez, William Hernández, and Silvia Rayo

EGU2019-17495 | Posters | ERE2.6

Dissolved gas geochemistry for geothermal exploration in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

Nemesio M. Pérez, Marta García-Merino, Eleazar Padrón, Gladys V. Melián, María Asensio-Ramos, and Pedro A. Hernández

ERE2.7 – Numerical modeling in geothermics

EGU2019-1850 | Posters | ERE2.7

Feasibility study of integrated sewage pipe with ground heat exchanger for efficiency estimation

Connor Dacquay, Hartmut Holländer, Miroslava Kavgic, and Graham Fuga

EGU2019-3859 | Posters | ERE2.7

Quantifying of natural convection cells in sedimentary rift using TIGER code

Maziar Gholami Korzani, Sebastian Held, and Thomas Kohl

EGU2019-5078 | Posters | ERE2.7

Modelling low-enthalpy deep geothermal reservoirs in the Cheshire Basin, UK as a future renewable energy source

Christopher Brown, Nigel Cassidy, Stuart Egan, and Dan Griffiths

EGU2019-5242 | Posters | ERE2.7

Decorrelation of poroelastic data

Bianca Kretz, Willi Freeden, and Volker Michel

EGU2019-6930 | Posters | ERE2.7

Modeling the effects of regional groundwater flow on deep temperatures in Hesse (Germany)

Nora Koltzer, Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth, Judith Bott, Mauro Cacace, Kristian Bär, and Ingo Sass

EGU2019-8894 | Posters | ERE2.7

On the geothermal potential of crustal fault zones: a case study from the Pontgibaud fault zone (French Massif Central, France)

Hugo Duwiquet, Laurent Guillou-Frottier, Laurent Arbaret, Mathieu Bellanger, and Michael Heap

EGU2019-9975 | Posters | ERE2.7

Three-dimensional lithosphere-scale density and thermal model of Germany

Denis Anikiev, Adrian Lechel, Judith Bott, and Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth

EGU2019-15910 | Posters | ERE2.7

Uncertainty Quantification for Basin Scale Heat Flow Models with a Physics-Based Machine Learning Approach

Denise Degen, Karen Veroy, Florian Wellmann, and Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth

EGU2019-16888 | Posters | ERE2.7

Studying the effects of magma chamber emplacement depth, groundwater flux, and local advection on the regional thermal structure of the Los Humeros Volcanic Complex, Mexico

Jon Limberger, Damien Bonté, Eszter Békési, Fred Beekman, Thomas Kretzschmar, and Jan-Diederik van Wees

EGU2019-17953 | Posters | ERE2.7

Thermal structure of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt, Mexico

Damien Bonté, Rosa Maria Prol-Ledesma, Jon Limberger, and Jan-Diederik van Wees

EGU2019-18847 | Posters | ERE2.7

Numerical Simulation of coupled THC-processes with oops!®

Manfred W. Wuttke

ERE3.1 – Gas hydrates in marine sediments: a potential resource and its influences on slope stability (co-organized)

EGU2019-18230 | Posters | ERE3.1

Submarine Landslide: A Case Study from Palm Ridge, Southwestern Taiwan Offshore

Jia-Jyun Dong, Trong-Van Nguyen, Huai-Houh Hsu, Win-Bin Cheng, Chih-Chieh Su, Yi-Ching Yeh, Jing-Yi Lin, and Shu-Kun Hsu

EGU2019-481 | Posters | ERE3.1

Development of shear stress in hydrate-bearing sand during direct shear tests

Jenny Friedrich, Katja Heeschen, Erik Spangenberg, and Judith M. Schicks

EGU2019-17102 | Posters | ERE3.1

Changes of permeabilties as a result of Hydrate Dissociation in Sand-Clay Sediment from Qilian Mountain Permafrost, China

Mengdi Pan, Yi Wang, Sathish Mayanna, Anja Schleicher, Erik Spangenberg, Judith Schicks, and Xiao-Sen Li

EGU2019-18016 | Posters | ERE3.1

Complex gas hydrate systems on the north slope of South China Sea

Xiujuan Wang, Jiapeng Jin, and Yiqun Guo

EGU2019-13051 | Posters | ERE3.1

Gas hydrates and gas charged sediments in the Romanian part of the Black Sea

Gabriel Ion, Sorin Balan, Florin Duțu, and Adrian Popa

EGU2019-3348 | Posters | ERE3.1

Dynamic Properties of Submarine Sediments off SW Taiwan

Huai-Houh Hsu, Win-Bin Cheng, and Jia-Jyun Dong

EGU2019-8720 | Posters | ERE3.1

Thermodynamic characteristics of mud volcano fluid and its influence on gas hydrates occurrence

Zhifeng Wan

EGU2019-9340 | Posters | ERE3.1

Kinetics of methane hydrate formation and dissociation in sand sediment

Thi Xiu Le, Stéphane Rodts, David Hautemayou, Patrick Aimedieu, Michel Bornert, Baptiste Chabot, and Anh Minh Tang

ERE3.2 – Petroleum exploration and production and their impact on the environment

EGU2019-12006 | Orals | ERE3.2 | Highlight

Development of NOx Emission Factors from Lab-Scale Flare Measurements

Melina Jefferson, Darcy Corbin, and Matthew Johnson

EGU2019-9346 | Posters | ERE3.2

Analysis on Difference of Oil and Gas Accumulation in Gentle Slope and Steep Slope Zone of Jinhu Sag

zijing Xu

EGU2019-18335 | Orals | ERE3.2

Application of the Generalized Finite Element Method to the acoustic wave simulation in exploration seismology

Edith Sotelo Gamboa and Richard L. Gibson Jr.

EGU2019-6458 | Posters | ERE3.2

Quantitative Analysis on the Origin of Overpressure in the Qikou Sag of the Bohai Bay Basin, China

Sen Feng, Jianhui Zeng, and Yongchao Zhang

EGU2019-15431 | Posters | ERE3.2

Measurements of Black Carbon Yield from Gas Flaring and Development of a Predictive Emission Factor Model

Matthew Johnson, Parvin Mehr, Darcy Corbin, Melina Jefferson, and Bradley Conrad

EGU2019-9785 | Posters | ERE3.2

Geological and numerical modeling of the Santa Maria Mare hydrocarbon field in central Adriatic Sea (Italy)

Francesca Colucci, Giordano Agate, and Fabio Moia

EGU2019-6350 | Posters | ERE3.2

A Novel Diamond Hybrid Bit Improved Performance in Hard and Abrasive Formations

Jinping Yu, Deyong Zou, and Xiaoao Liu

ERE3.3 – Unconventional hydrocarbon resources: Advances and new technologies

EGU2019-18684 | Posters | ERE3.3

Contribution of conventional well-logs in shale gas reservoirs characterization with an example from the Lower Barnett shale (USA)

Leila Aliouane and Sid-Ali Ouadfeul

EGU2019-69 | Orals | ERE3.3

Petroleum Generation into law Physic

Yuri Galant

EGU2019-18632 | Posters | ERE3.3

Geochemical parameters prediction in shale gas reservoirs using artificial neural network.

Sid-Ali Ouadfeul and Leila Aliouane

EGU2019-295 | Orals | ERE3.3

Petrophysical Characterization and Oil Potentialities of Unconventional Resources Development by Utilizing Well Log Analysis Workflow and Delta Log R Technique, Gulf of Suez, Egypt

Ahmed Rashed and Mohamed Hassan

EGU2019-2070 | Posters | ERE3.3

Applications of Pore Network Modeling in Tight Oil Migration

Yongchao Zhang, Jianhui Zeng, Xiao Feng, and Yong Ma

EGU2019-1446 | Orals | ERE3.3

A Method for Automatic Shale Porosity Quantification Using New Advanced Edge Threshold Technique

Shansi Tian, Leon Brown, Fang Zeng, Haitao Xue, Shuangfang Lu, Valentina Erastova, and Chris Greenwell

EGU2019-17606 | Posters | ERE3.3

Rapid and non-destructive technique for characterisation of unconventional petroleum reservoirs

Oleksandr Ivakhnenko, Ingkar Askarova, Rashida Salimova, and Kazim Nadirov

EGU2019-3556 | Orals | ERE3.3

Organic petrography of the Upper Cretaceous Mancos Shale in the San Juan Basin, New Mexico, USA

Ahmed H. Moghazi, Maria Hamor-Vido, and Mohamed K. Zobaa

EGU2019-2621 | Posters | ERE3.3

Creep behavior of Bowland and Posidonia shale at In Situ pc, T - conditions

Johannes Herrmann, Erik Rybacki, Hiroki Sone, and Georg Dresen

EGU2019-3141 | Posters | ERE3.3

Raman spectroscopy: a novel method for determining the thermal maturity of organic matter in sedimentary rocks

Delano Henry, Ian Jarvis, Gavin Gillmore, Michael Stephenson, and Christopher Vane

EGU2019-15832 | Orals | ERE3.3

Conceptual design and life cycle assessment of a new utilization technology of seafloor methane gas venting

Hiroaki Watanabe, Chiharu Aoyama, Daiki Aoyama, and Yasushi Kawagishi

EGU2019-4877 | Posters | ERE3.3

Flow behaviors characterization of CO2 flow through a 3D rough fracture based on Lattice Boltzmann simulations

Jiawei Li, Claudia Cherubini, Alexander Scheuermann, Sergio Andres Galindo Torres, and Ling Li

EGU2019-5559 | Posters | ERE3.3

Raman spectroscopy of kerogen in diagenesis. A promising thermal maturity tool for conventional and unconventional resources

Andrea Schito, Sveva Corrado, Domenico Grigo, Amalia Spina, Simonetta Cirilli, and Claudia Romano

EGU2019-6759 | Posters | ERE3.3

Experimental study of water-shale interaction during chemical oxidation of shale

Sen Yang, Yilian Li, and Danqing Liu

EGU2019-10918 | Posters | ERE3.3

Unconventional collectors of the Domanic formation in the Kama-Kinel through system and main characteristics

Vitaliya Chupahina, Anna Zavyalova, Antonina Stupakova, and Georgiy Kalmykov

EGU2019-13260 | Posters | ERE3.3

Paleoreconstruction and formation condition of upper Devonian-lower Carboniferous Domanic formation in the Volga-Ural basin

Anna Zavialova, Vitalia Chupahina, Antonina Stupakova, and Georgiy Kalmykov

EGU2019-13895 | Posters | ERE3.3

Petrographic controls on shale surface area and the novel characterisation of pore structures.

Eleanor Pitcher, Sean Rigby, and David Large

ERE5.1 – Salt deposits as reservoir and storage space: research and development in subsurface and solution mining activities

EGU2019-3075 | Posters | ERE5.1

Geochemical investigation of fluid-rock interactions in the transition zone of lab-scale salt caverns

Bettina Strauch, Rik Tjallingii, Friederike Klos, Friederike Koerting, Nicole Koellner, Agnieszka Kuras, Martin Zimmer, and Axel Zirkler

EGU2019-3086 | Posters | ERE5.1

Composition and isotopic characterization of free and trapped gas in salt beds of a potash mine

Martin Zimmer, Bettina Strauch, Samuel Niedermann, and Axel Zirkler

EGU2019-3259 | Posters | ERE5.1

MESHFREE simulations for solution mining processes

Isabel Michel, Jörg Kuhnert, and Tobias Seifarth

EGU2019-4205 | Posters | ERE5.1 | Highlight

Estimating Potential for CAES (Compressed Air Energy Storage) in the bedded halites of the UK.

Daniel Parkes, Dave Evans, Mark Dooner, Wei He, Jonathon Busby, and Seamus Garvey

EGU2019-5468 | Posters | ERE5.1

Mineral assemblages as indicator for geological fault zones in salt bodies – mapping results compared with numerical modelling

Axel Zirkler, Svenja Steding, Michael Horn, and Silvio Zeibig

EGU2019-7889 | Posters | ERE5.1

Potash salt composition governs the formation of geogenic caverns

Svenja Steding, Axel Zirkler, and Michael Kühn

EGU2019-8257 | Posters | ERE5.1

Seismic surveying to explore the transition zone around caverns in salt rocks

Heike Richter, Rüdiger Giese, Axel Zirkler, and Bettina Strauch

EGU2019-9299 | Posters | ERE5.1

Forensics in a salt mine: using isotopes to reveal the origin of CO2 and its interactions with saline water

Julia Arndt, Anssi Myrttinen, Axel Zirkler, Martin Zimmer, Johannes A.C. Barth, and Bettina Strauch

EGU2019-13797 | Posters | ERE5.1

In-situ mineralogical-geochemical analysis of salt, sedimentary and crystalline rocks using a portable X-ray fluorescence analyzer

Ralf Kloke, Michael Mertineit, Michael Schramm, and Jörg Hammer

EGU2019-16684 | Posters | ERE5.1

Impact of Impurities in Salt Rock for Underground Gas Storage in Salt Caverns

Carla Martin- Clave, Audrey Ougier- Simonin, Alec M. Marshall, and Veerle Vandeginste

EGU2019-18750 | Posters | ERE5.1

Modeling Episodic Fluid Migration in Salt Basins

Preston Fussee-Durham and Marc Hesse

ERE5.2 – Field studies on geological CO2 storage as a part of future energy systems

EGU2019-1885 | Posters | ERE5.2

Impact of geological structure on CO2 geological storage safety of Ordos CO2 geological storage demonstration site

Jing Jing, Zhonghua Tang, Yanlin Yang, and Liangzhe Ma

EGU2019-2604 | Posters | ERE5.2

Determination of environmental change point in time-series data: implication of CO2 leakage monitoring in groundwater

Seung-Wook Ha, Hyun-Kwon Do, Seongsun Lee, Byeong-Hak Park, Dugin Kaown, and Kang-Kun Lee

EGU2019-4079 | Posters | ERE5.2

CO2-brine-rock interaction: Dissolution / Precipitation of carbonate minerals during geological sequestration

Shachi Shachi, Brijesh Kumar Yadav, Aziz Rahman, and Mayur Pal

EGU2019-10178 | Posters | ERE5.2

A Stochastic Model for Interpreting the Partitioning Tracer Recovery from Residual Trapping Experiment at Heletz, Israel, Pilot Injection Site

Ramin Moghadasi, Saba Joodaki, Farzad Basirat, Fritjof Fagerlund, Jacob Bensabat, and Auli Niemi

EGU2019-13038 | Posters | ERE5.2

The Mihályi-Répcelak natural CO2 occurrence ¬ main lessons from a well-studied storage complex

György Falus, Csilla Király, Cseresznyés Dóra, Szabó Zsuzsana, Czuppon György, and Szabó Csaba

EGU2019-14150 | Posters | ERE5.2

A coupled wellbore-reservoir model of self-producing fluids during a push-pull experiment at Heletz (Israel) pilot CO2 injection site

Farzad Basirat, Zhibing Yang, Stanislav Levchenko, Jacob Bensabat, Lehua Pan, and Auli Niemi

EGU2019-16850 | Posters | ERE5.2

Carbon dioxide storage possinilities in ROMANIA

Sorin Anghel

EGU2019-17366 | Posters | ERE5.2

Mont Terri CS-D experiment: an in-situ experiment to monitor for caprock and fault sealing

Alba Zappone, Antonio Pio Rinaldi, Melchior Grab, Claudio Madonna, Anne Obermann, Quinn Wenning, Nima Gholizadeh Doonechaly, Rolf Kipfer, Clément Roques, Christophe Nussbaum, Yves Guglielmi, and Stefan Wiemer

EGU2019-18319 | Posters | ERE5.2

Uncertainty analysis of mineral precipitation potentials in carbon capture and storage (CCS)

Uli Maier, Alexandru Tatomir, and Martin Sauter

ERE5.4 – Merged Session: "Assessment of barrier integrity in geological repositories for nuclear waste disposal and contaminant isolation" and "Towards a safe nuclear waste repository – geoscientific, technological, social and regulatory challenges and approaches

EGU2019-6834 | Posters | ERE5.4

Pressure Driven Percolation and Sealing of Pathways for Gases and Liquids in Rock Salt and Clay

Mathias Nest and Wolfgang Minkley

EGU2019-5953 | Orals | ERE5.4 | Highlight

The International DECOVALEX Model Comparison Project - 25 Years of Coupled Processes Research

Jens Birkholzer and Alex Bond

EGU2019-8527 | Orals | ERE5.4

National Geological Screening for a deep radioactive waste repository: A UK perspective

Richard Haslam, Fiona McEvoy, and David Schofield

EGU2019-18120 | Posters | ERE5.4

State of the scientific and technical knowledge about limiting temperatures in the Repository Site Selection process of Germany with simultaneous consideration to Europe and other European repository concepts

Ute Maurer-Rurack and Axel Liebscher

EGU2019-12569 | Posters | ERE5.4

Influence of temperature pulse on a cementitious near field

Georg Kosakowski and Barbara Lothenbach

EGU2019-11131 | Orals | ERE5.4

Update on the APM Site Selection Process – Canada's Plan for the Long-Term Management of Used Nuclear Fuel

Andrew Parmenter, Alexander Blyth, Aaron DesRoches, Maria Sanchez-Rico Castejon, Eric Sykes, Martin Sykes, Andre Vorauer, and Sarah Hirschorn

EGU2019-6788 | Posters | ERE5.4

In-situ Experiment on the Influence of Humidity on the Cyclic and Long-Term Deformation Behavior (CD-A) of the Opalinus Clay at the Mont Terri Underground Research Laboratory, Switzerland: Measurement Program and Pre-Simulations

Jobst Maßmann, Gesa Ziefle, Stephan Costabel, Markus Furche, Bastian Graupner, Jürgen Hesser, David Jaeggi, Franz Königer, Karsten Rink, Rainer Schuhmann, and Klaus Wieczorek

EGU2019-7473 | Orals | ERE5.4

Public outreach for the EC Carbon-14 Source Term project

Erika Neeft and Simon Norris

EGU2019-11654 | Orals | ERE5.4

Geophysical monitoring of brine migration in rock salt: results from an in situ heater and tracer experiment at WIPP

Yuxin Wu, Michael Commer, Luca Peruzzo, Shawn Otto, Brian Dozier, Douglas Weaver, Jiannan Wang, Jonny Rutqvist, and Jens Birkholzer

EGU2019-6983 | Posters | ERE5.4

Numerical Analysis of Coupled Hydraulic-Mechanical Effects on the Barrier Integrity of Opalinus Clay Considering Shrinkage and Fracturing

Bernhard Vowinckel, Jobst Maßmann, Gesa Ziefle, Thomas Nagel, Keita Yoshioka, Dmitri Naumov, and Carlos Guevara Morel

EGU2019-16832 | Orals | ERE5.4

Understanding the evolution of nuclear waste repositories by performing appropriate in-situ experiments – examples from the Mont Terri Rock Laboratory

Kristof Schuster, Markus Furche, Hua Shao, Jürgen Hesser, Jan-Martin Hertzsch, Werner Gräsle, and Dorothee Rebscher

EGU2019-8253 | Posters | ERE5.4

Coupled Hydro-Mechanical Processes in Bentonite: Numerical Simulation of Lab-Scale Re-Saturation Experiments in an Expansive Clay-Based Geotechnical Barrier

Vinay Kumar, Jobst Maßmann, Thomas Nagel, Dimitri Naumov, Jan Thiedau, Wenqing Wang, and Hua Shao

EGU2019-9146 | Orals | ERE5.4

Transport behavior in deep groundwater systems considering variations in salinity

Torben Weyand and Jürgen Larue

EGU2019-8849 | Orals | ERE5.4

Radionuclide migration in granitic rock environment: in-situ tracer test with radionuclide tracers

Václava Havlová, Milan Zuna, Libor Gvoždík, Karel Sosna, Jiri Svoboda, and Lubomir Stas

EGU2019-16360 | Posters | ERE5.4

Characterization of the spatial distribution of clogging in fracture networks from core-log data, and impact on network connectivity from DFN modeling

Diane Doolaeghe, Philippe Davy, Caroline Darcel, Romain Le Goc, and Jan Olof Selroos

EGU2019-9882 | Orals | ERE5.4

Pressure-Driven Percolation in Rock Salt and Barrier Integrity in the High-p-T Regime — the PeTroS project

Christoph Lüdeling, Wolfgang Minkley, and Dirk Naumann

EGU2019-10928 | Posters | ERE5.4

Development of radionuclide tracer tools describing contaminant migration in the geosphere

Milan Zuna, David Dobrev, Václava Havlová, Pavel Kus, and Daniela Doubravova

EGU2019-6972 | Orals | ERE5.4

Self-Sealing of Fractures in Clay Rock

Chun-Liang Zhang

EGU2019-13965 | Posters | ERE5.4

Improving fracture-flow models by experimental evidence from process tomography

Cornelius Fischer, Johannes Kulenkampff, Lotfollah Karimzadeh, Filip Jankovsky, Milan Zuna, and Vaclava Havlova

EGU2019-301 | Orals | ERE5.4

Healing of compacted bentonite block joints permeated by synthetic underground water

Yu Tan, Huyuan Zhang, Fei Zhu, and Zhen Liang

EGU2019-17205 | Posters | ERE5.4

Spectroscopic insights into U(IV) speciation in aqueous solution

Susanne Lehmann, Robin Steudtner, Ulrike Gerber, Thomas Zimmermann, and Vinzenz Brendler

EGU2019-12383 | Posters | ERE5.4

Sorption and solidification of iodide

Toshihiko Ohnuki, Naofumi Kozai, Kazuya Tanaka, Kohei Tokunaga, Satoshi Utsunomiya, Ryohei Ikehara, Tatsuki Komiya, Ayaka Takeda, Daniel Kaplan, and Peter Santschi

EGU2019-9800 | Orals | ERE5.4

Swelling behaviour of pellet-based bentonite materials: grain-level experimental characterisation and DEM simulations

Benjamin Darde, Anh Minh Tang, Jean-Noël Roux, Jean-Michel Pereira, Patrick Dangla, Jean Talandier, and Minh Ngoc Vu

EGU2019-11349 | Posters | ERE5.4

Cesium Entrapment in Zeolites within Engineered Barrier Systems

Marlena Rock, Florie Caporuscio, Kirsten Sauer, Katherine Norskog, and James Maner

EGU2019-5838 | Orals | ERE5.4

How to define a temperature limit for the outer surface of a container in a disposal facility?

Guido Bracke, Eva Hartwig-Thurat, Jürgen Larue, Artur Meleshyn, and Torben Weyand

EGU2019-10839 | Posters | ERE5.4

Contaminant migration in fractured rocks: insights from tracer tests in core scale

Filip Jankovský, Milan Zuna, Václava Havlová, Cornelius Fisher, Johannes Kulenkampff, Jaroslav Kotowski, Michal Polak, Milan Hokr, and Miroslav Cernik

EGU2019-8786 | Posters | ERE5.4

Non-linear hydro-mechanics of fluid-filled deformable fractures

Patrick Schmidt and Holger Steeb

EGU2019-19175 | Orals | ERE5.4

Comparative erosion of raw and purified smectites in artificial fractures: accessory minerals vs equilibrium chemistry

Ursula Alonso, Tiziana Missana, Miguel García-Gutiérrez, Ana M. Fernández, Jesús Morejón, Manuel Mingarro, Magnus Kronberg, and Patrik Sellin