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ESSI – Earth & Space Science Informatics

ESSI1.1 – Informatics in Oceanography and Ocean Science (co-organized)

EGU2019-15690 | Posters | ESSI1.1

Implementing a data management quality management framework at the Marine Institute, Ireland

Adam Leadbetter, Rob Thomas, Sarah Flynn, Will Meaney, Siobhan Moran, and Ramona Carr

EGU2019-4308 | Orals | ESSI1.1

The European High Frequency Radar Node

Lorenzo Corgnati, Carlo Mantovani, Jose Luis Asensio Igoa, Anna Rubio, Julien Mader, Emma Reyes, Antonio Novellino, Patrick Gorringe, and Annalisa Griffa

EGU2019-10586 | Orals | ESSI1.1

Delivering marine data from the cloud - Recent developments on the SeaDataCloud Discovery and Access service

Peter Thijsse, Dick M.A Schaap, and Michele Fichaut

EGU2019-4496 | Posters | ESSI1.1

Planet Microbe: Toward the integration of oceanographic ‘omics, environmental and physiochemical data layers

Alise Ponsero, Kai Blumberg, Matthew Bomhoff, Ken Youens-Clark, and Bonnie Hurwitz

EGU2019-11208 | Orals | ESSI1.1

From in situ observations to gridded fields using DIVAnd and the cloud

Charles Troupin, Alexander Barth, Sylvain Watelet, Jean-Marie Beckers, Merret Buurman, Yohann Legrand, Mikael Karlsson, Sebastian Mieruch, Giorgio Santinelli, and Peter Thijsse

EGU2019-14210 | Orals | ESSI1.1

Non-linear Quality Control of Historical Observations for the Global Climatology

Kanwal Shahzadi, Nadia Pinardi, Vladyslav Lyubartsev, Simona Simoncelli, and Marco Zavatarelli

EGU2019-3621 | Posters | ESSI1.1

EMODnet Black Sea Checkpoint Products

Atanas Palazov, Violeta Slabakova, Frederique Blanc, George Kallos, Violin Raykov, Robin Lardner, Elisaveta Peneva, Georgy Shapiro, Luminita Buga, Simion Nikolaev, Volodya Mihailov, Emanuela Mihailov, Luminita Lazar, Hristo Stanchev, Elitsa Stefanova, Magda Nenciu, Nadia Pinardi, Vladyslav Lyubartsev, and George Zodiatis

EGU2019-6756 | Orals | ESSI1.1 | Highlight

Facing to the future: Center for Ocean Mega-Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Fan Wang, Bin Zhang, and Jianing Wang

EGU2019-8339 | Posters | ESSI1.1

Providing metadata and visualization for 20 years of hydrodynamic model data for the German Bight

Romina Ihde, Janina Freund, Andreas Plüß, and Frank Kösters

EGU2019-9474 | Posters | ESSI1.1

Empirical reconstruction of river runoff time series

Giuseppe M.R. Manzella

EGU2019-15177 | Orals | ESSI1.1

Developing the first pan-European Marine Litter database within EMODnet Chemistry

Maria del Mar Chaves Montero, Matteo Vinci, Maria Eugenia Molina Jack, Alberto Brosich, Elena Partescano, Alessandro Altenburger, and Alessandra Giorgetti

EGU2019-13976 | Posters | ESSI1.1

SeaDataCloud: a pan-European infrastructure to improve the transition from data to knowledge

Elena Partescano, Matteo Vinci, and Alessandra Giorgetti

EGU2019-17328 | Orals | ESSI1.1 | Highlight

The European Atlas of the Seas powered by EMODnet

Pascal Derycke

EGU2019-18270 | Posters | ESSI1.1

SeaDataCloud temperature and salinity climatologies for the European marginal seas

Simona Simoncelli, Christine Coatanoan, Volodymyr Myroshnychenko, Örjan Bäck, Helge Sagen, Serge Scory, Alexander Barth, Nadia Pinardi, Dick Schaap, Reiner Schlitzer, and Michele Fichaut

EGU2019-17762 | Posters | ESSI1.1

Building capacities for 'omics' observations in the ocean at high spatiotemporal resolution

Felix Janssen, Pier Luigi Buttigieg, Katja Metfies, Matthew Mowlem, Julie Robidart, Ian Salter, and Matthias Wietz

EGU2019-17770 | Posters | ESSI1.1 | Highlight

CMA, an Operational Oceanograpy Downstream Service for Ports

Susana Pérez Rubio, Enrique Alvarez Fanjul, Luis Ripollés, Marcos García Sotillo, Begoña Pérez Gómez, Jose María García-Valdecasas, Marta de Alfonso-Alonso-Muñoyerro, Maria Isabel Ruiz-Gil de la Serna, Pablo Rodríguez Rubio, and Francisco De los Santos

EGU2019-14104 | Posters | ESSI1.1

Combining variational interpolation (DIVAnd) and neural networks to generate ocean climatologies from in situ observations

Alexander Barth, Peter Herman, Charles Troupin, Aida Alvera-Azcárate, and Jean-Marie Beckers,

EGU2019-6596 | Posters | ESSI1.1

Bringing the \textit{Ocean Data View} Software to the Web

Reiner Schlitzer and Sebastian Mieruch-Schnülle

EGU2019-13984 | Posters | ESSI1.1

The SeaDataCloud Sensor Web Approach

Christian Autermann, Simon Jirka, and Dick Schaap

EGU2019-6656 | Posters | ESSI1.1

Advances in quality control system of ocean thermohaline data

Bin Zhang and Fan Wang

EGU2019-6727 | Posters | ESSI1.1

How to harmonise data and metadata for Marine Spatial Planning

Wanda Holzhüter, Hanna Luhtala, and Kerstin Schiele

ESSI1.16 – Earth Observations for Sustainable Development

EGU2019-1765 | Orals | ESSI1.16

Hacking Global Forest Watch

Benjamin Laken

EGU2019-7380 | Posters | ESSI1.16

Estimating rice yield by integrating remotely-sensed data into a crop growth model

Nguyen-Thanh Son, Chi-Farn Chen, Cheng-Ru Chen, and Shih-Hsiang Chen

EGU2019-8404 | Orals | ESSI1.16

Eyes on the PRISE: Creating new partnerships to exploit EO data for sustainable development

Andrew Shaw, Charlotte Day, Phil Abrahams, and Jon Styles

EGU2019-9141 | Orals | ESSI1.16

Automated Creation of Earth Observation Products for Water Resource Monitoring

Matthes Rieke, Sebastian Drost, Simon Jirka, and Arne Vogt

EGU2019-7974 | Posters | ESSI1.16

Rice crop mapping using time-series Sentinel-2 data

Chi-Farn Chen, Nguyen-Thanh Son, and Cheng-Ru Chen

EGU2019-8168 | Posters | ESSI1.16

Analysis and mapping of spatio-temporal land use dynamics in Andalusia, Spain using the Google Earth Engine cloud computing platform and the Landsat archive

Laura Bindereif, Tobias Rentschler, Martin Bartelheim, Marta Díaz-Zorita Bonilla, Philipp Gries, Karsten Schmidt, and Thomas Scholten

EGU2019-11256 | Orals | ESSI1.16

Urban Thematic Exploitation Platform (UTEP) for SDG monitoring

Felix Bachofer, Jakub Balhar, Martin Böttcher, Enguerran Boissier, Thomas Esch, Mattia Marconcini, Annekatrin Metz-Marconcini, Fabrizio Pacini, Hans Permana, Tomas Soukup, Vaclav Svaton, and Julian Zeidler

EGU2019-2113 | Orals | ESSI1.16

Minimising the risk of tailings dams failures through the use of remote sensing data

Marta Roca, Olalla Gimeno, Gregor Petkovsek, and Craig Goff

EGU2019-12684 | Posters | ESSI1.16

Using Satellite Images on Long-term Monitoring of the Pond Area in Taoyuan City

Yaocheng Kuo and Chifarn Chen

EGU2019-15243 | Orals | ESSI1.16

Seeing sustainability from space: Using Earth observation data to populate Sustainable Development Goal indicators

Ana Andries, Steve Morse, Richard Murphy, Jim Lynch, and Emma Wooliams

EGU2019-13382 | Posters | ESSI1.16

The Impact of Land Cover Changes on Housing Prices in Zhubei City (Northern Taiwan)

Youg-Sin Cheng, Chi-Farn Chen, and Teng-To Yu

EGU2019-15847 | Orals | ESSI1.16

Supporting the calculation of SDG indicators using GEO and EO data at the German Federal Agency of Cartography and Geodesy

Patrick Knoefel, Gopika Suresh, Jeanette Kretz, and Michael Hovenbitzer

EGU2019-6962 | Posters | ESSI1.16 | Highlight

D-MOSS: An integrated dengue early warning system in Vietnam driven by Earth Observations

Gina Tsarouchi and Darren Lumbroso

EGU2019-6841 | Posters | ESSI1.16

Predictive modelling of forest cover change in the Gerecse Hills, Hungary

Gáspár Albert and Tünde Takáts

EGU2019-10492 | Orals | ESSI1.16

Estimating Spectrally Resolved DNI for Solar Energy Applications from Earth Observations

Kelvin, Tsz Hei Choi, Helen Brindley, Ned Ekins-Daukes, and Rodrigo Escobar

EGU2019-5550 | Posters | ESSI1.16

Sentinel-2 images for the monitoring of dissolved contaminants on Sicily’s south-east coast

Anselme Muzirafuti, Giovanni Randazzo, Stefania Lanza, Antonio Crupi, Maria Cascio, Giovanni Barreca, and Francesco Gregorio

EGU2019-1938 | Orals | ESSI1.16

Application of satellite data as a tool for managing coastal risk and sustainable development in the South West Indian Ocean.

David Cotton, Amani Becker, Ellis Ash, Angela Hibbert, Val Byfield, and Christine Sams

EGU2019-10796 | Posters | ESSI1.16

Artificial reservoirs monitoring using all the available Landsat and Resourcesat archives in Central India: from the Green Revolution until now

Paul Passy and Adrien Selles

EGU2019-18257 | Orals | ESSI1.16

Using Earth Observation to mitigate the impacts of droughts and floods in Uganda

Hermen Westerbeeke and Joseph Epitu

EGU2019-18822 | Orals | ESSI1.16

New Web-Based services for Earth Observation applications

Marie-Francoise Voidrot-Martinez, Bente Lilja Bye, Bart De Lathouwer, Nuno Catarino, Pedro Concalves, Michelle Cortes, Julian Meyer-Arnek, Andreas Mueller, and Bram Jansen

EGU2019-17135 | Posters | ESSI1.16

Enhancing model-based predictions of chlorophyll-a, turbidity and temperature in surface water reservoirs through the assimilation of earth-observation-derived water quality parameters

Evangelos Romas, Kyriakos Kandris, Apostolos Tzimas, Ilias Pechlivanidis, Claudia Giardino, Mariano Bresciani, Karin Schenk, and Hendrik Bernert

EGU2019-16312 | Orals | ESSI1.16

Disaster Response: Leveraging Wide Area Earth Observation with Machine Learning

Olga Isupova, Danil Kuzin, Brooke Simmons, and Steven Reece

ESSI2.1 – Metadata, Data Models, Semantics, and Collaboration

EGU2019-2334 | Posters | ESSI2.1

Sustainable framework for public data integration and sharing - Australia and New Zealand

Irina Bastrakova, Nicholas Car, Graham Logan, and Aaron Sedgmen

EGU2019-15856 | Orals | ESSI2.1

ADOnIS: Managing Critical Zone Research Data Using Semantic Web Technologies

Alsayed Algergawy, Bernd Kampe, Hamdi Hamed, Birgitta König-Ries, and Udo Hahn

EGU2019-4181 | Posters | ESSI2.1

The AERIS data catalogue

Guillaume Brissebrat, Damien Boulanger, Cathy Boonne, and Nicolas Pascal

EGU2019-16666 | Orals | ESSI2.1

Enhancing discoverability of the European Directory of Marine Environmental Data (EDMED) with

Alexandra Kokkinaki, Justin Buck, Adam Leadbetter, Rob Thomas, and Mark Hebden

EGU2019-7630 | Posters | ESSI2.1

The BonaRes Data Portal: FAIR access to Soil and Agricultural Research Data

Carsten Hoffmann, Thomas Kühnert, Muqit Zoarder, Xenia Specka, Nikolai Svoboda, Einar Eberhardt, David Russell, and Uwe Heinrich

EGU2019-13458 | Orals | ESSI2.1

ONTOGEONOUS: an ontology for the geosciences and the geological mapping process

Alizia Mantovani, Vincenzo Lombardo, and Fabrizio Piana

EGU2019-11251 | Posters | ESSI2.1

The LASP HAPI Server

Chris Lindholm, Thomas Baltzer, and Doug Lindholm

EGU2019-17793 | Posters | ESSI2.1

Metadata Editor: a web graphical tool for the DCAT-AP extensions RDF metadata generation

Riccardo Rabissoni, Daniele Bailo, Rossana Paciello, and Valerio Vinciarelli

EGU2019-11679 | Orals | ESSI2.1

Semantic Challenges facing AI Applications in Earth Sciences

Stephen M. Richard, David A. Poole, Clinton P. Smyth, Christopher Ahern, and Victoria Wang

EGU2019-4733 | Posters | ESSI2.1

S-100 Universal Hydrographic Data Model: the limits and boundaries challenge

Nicola Marco Pizzeghello, Luigi Sinapi, and Marta Pratellesi

EGU2019-11552 | Orals | ESSI2.1

Ontology-based reasoning applications for mineral exploration and hazard mapping

Jake McGregor, Clinton Smyth, and David Poole

EGU2019-5744 | Posters | ESSI2.1

Building the common data portal of the OZCAR French Critical Zone Observatories network: principles and first prototype

Isabelle Braud, Charly Coussot, Véronique Chaffard, Patrick Juen, and Sylvie Galle

EGU2019-9749 | Posters | ESSI2.1

Comparison of Earth system models in large multi-model ensembles

Charlotte Pascoe, Bryan Lawrence, Eric Guilyardi, Mark Greenslade, David Hassell, and Chris Blanton

EGU2019-15933 | Posters | ESSI2.1

EPOS-DCAT-AP a representation for enabling cross-disciplinary collaboration in solid Earth sciences

Rossana Paciello, Luca Trani, Daniele Bailo, and Keith G Jeffery

ESSI2.2 – Data Cubes of Big Earth Data – a new paradigm for accessing and processing Earth Science Data

EGU2019-9737 | Posters | ESSI2.2

openEO analyses Earth Observation data based on user-defined raster and vector data cube views

Edzer Pebesma, Wolfgang Wagner, Pierre Soille, Miha Kadunc, Noel Gorelick, Matthias Schramm, Jan Verbesselt, Johannes Reiche, Matthias Mohr, Jeroen Dries, Alexander Jacob, Markus Neteler, Soeren Gebbert, Christian Briese, and Pieter Kempeneers

EGU2019-15736 | Posters | ESSI2.2

The LUE scientific data base for storing heterogeneous earth science data

Derek Karssenberg, Kor de Jong, and Oliver Schmitz

EGU2019-16149 | Posters | ESSI2.2

Virtual Research Environment for FAIR environmental data lifecycle management in the Cloud

Fernando Aguilar, Daniel García, María Castrillo, and Jesús Marco

EGU2019-17292 | Posters | ESSI2.2

The European Space Agency PDGS Data Cube service

Simone Mantovani, Damiano Barboni, Mario Cavicchi, Stefano Natali, Andrea Della Vecchia, Damiano Guerrucci, Giuseppe Troina, and Mirko Albani

ESSI2.6 – Communities, tools and policies for integrated Earth and Space Science (e)infrastructures (co-sponsored by AGU)

EGU2019-19201 | Posters | ESSI2.6

The contribution of the European Volcanology community to the implementation of the European Plate Observing System (EPOS) infrastructure

Letizia Spampinato, Patrick Bachelery, Adelina Geyer Traver, Jean-Christophe Komorowski, Giuseppe Puglisi, Kristín Vogfjörd, and Georges Vougioukalakis

EGU2019-13137 | Orals | ESSI2.6

The FAIRness horizon: from principles to practice, the EPOS experience in solid Earth science

Massimo Cocco, Daniele Bailo, Rossana Paciello, Carmela Freda, Keith Jeffery, and Kuvvet Atakan

EGU2019-6474 | Posters | ESSI2.6

WOVOdat: A Worldwide Volcano Unrest Database

Christina Widiwijayanti, Fidel Costa, Nang Thin Zar Win, Erickson Fajiculay, Christopher. G. Newhall, and Antonius Ratdomopurbo

EGU2019-15684 | Orals | ESSI2.6

ENVRI-FAIR - the next step towards FAIRer environmental research

Andreas Petzold and Helen Glaves

EGU2019-13620 | Orals | ESSI2.6

WMO Hydrological Observing System (WHOS): a collaborative implementation approach

Enrico Boldrini, Paolo Mazzetti, Stefano Nativi, Mattia Santoro, Fabrizio Papeschi, Roberto Roncella, Massimiliano Olivieri, Fabio Bordini, and Silvano Pecora

EGU2019-11920 | Posters | ESSI2.6

EUROVOLC – A European Network of Observatories and Research Infrastructures for Volcanology

Kristín S. Vogfjörd, Giuseppe Puglisi, and Freysteinn Sigmundsson and the EUROVOLC Team

EGU2019-10116 | Posters | ESSI2.6

ORFEUS Portfolio: the Gateway to High-Quality Seismic Data in Europe

Carlo Cauzzi, Susana Custódio, Christos Evangelidis, Philippe Guéguen, Florian Haslinger, Lucia Luzi, Thomas Meier, Helle Pedersen, Javier Quinteros, Reinoud Sleeman, and Frederik Tilmann

EGU2019-13762 | Orals | ESSI2.6

Copernicus: Taking the pulse of our planet

Simon L. G. Jutz and Alessandra Tassa

EGU2019-18798 | Orals | ESSI2.6

FIERI - Supporting International Cooperation of Environmental Research Infrastructures

Laura Beranzoli, Mairi Best, Francisco Javier Bonet García, Philippe Ciais, Tina Dohna, Ulpu Leijala, Nadia Lo Bue, Henry Loescher, Diarmuid O'Conchubhair, María Suárez Muñoz, Valentina Tegas, Anders Tjulin, and Ari Asmi

EGU2019-16742 | Orals | ESSI2.6

Applications of Latent Semantic Analysis to Track Trends in Geoscience Research

Siri Jodha Khalsa, Luis Lopez, and Allen Pope

EGU2019-15033 | Posters | ESSI2.6

Nordic format (SEISAN) to QuakeML converter

Christian Rønnevik, Jens Havskov, Terje Utheim, Lars Ottemöller, Kuvvet Atakan, and Jan Michalek

EGU2019-12156 | Posters | ESSI2.6

Update on The EarthCube Initiative

Kenneth Rubin and Mohan Ramamurthy

EGU2019-14640 | Posters | ESSI2.6

OneGeology; a global exemplar for interoperable subsurface data

Matthew Harrison, Francois Robida, Carina Kemp, Boyan Broderic, and Laurent Ailleres

EGU2019-12030 | Orals | ESSI2.6

Building Australia’s ‘downward looking telescope’ – an opportunity to develop international collaboration through strategic integration of observational and data infrastructures

Tim Rawling, Erin Robinson, Matthew Harrison, Francois Robida, Helen Glaves, Ben Evans, and Andrew Treloar

EGU2019-13265 | Orals | ESSI2.6

20 years of U.S. interagency and cross-disciplinary research coordination on carbon: SOCCR2, current and future networks

Gyami Shrestha, Zhiliang Zhu, Nancy Cavallaro, James Butler, Elisabeth Larson, and Kathy Tedesco

EGU2019-14297 | Posters | ESSI2.6

European e-Infrastructures for geological data – an integrated approach

Jørgen Tulstrup, Mikael Pedersen, Henry Vallius, Jasna Šinigoj, and Dana Čápová

EGU2019-11236 | Posters | ESSI2.6

The Python in Heliophysics Community

Alexandria Ware and D. Aaron Roberts

EGU2019-19039 | Orals | ESSI2.6

Defragmentation of the European Earth observation ecosystem: The NexGEOSS data hub and platform serving science communities that create Earth observation based applications and services

Bente Bye, Marie-Francoise Voidrot, Bart De Lathouwer, Nuno Catarino, Pedro Goncalves, Michelle Cortes, Nuno Grosso, Julian Meyer-Arnek, and Bram Janssen

EGU2019-15582 | Orals | ESSI2.6

OGC working groups, standards and activities for geoscience

Mickael Beaufils, Boyan Brodaric, Eric Boisvert, Matthew Harrison, David Blodgett, Carina Kemp, and Sylvain Grellet

EGU2019-10964 | Orals | ESSI2.6

Towards a Dynamic Spatio-Temporal Map and Information Library for the Planetary Sciences: Lessons learned from Earth-based approaches

Andrea Naß, Kristine Asch, Stephan van Gasselt, Jay Laura, Trent Hare, Jim Skinner, Angelo Pio Rossi, Sebastien Besse, Stéphane Erard, Thomas Roatsch, and Ralf Jaumann

EGU2019-11090 | Orals | ESSI2.6

Networks of digital commons as enablers of Open Science

Christopher Atherton, Peter Löwe, and Léonie Schäfer

EGU2019-17743 | Posters | ESSI2.6

The Geohazards Lab initiative in support of the geohazards community

Floriane Provost, Philippe Bally, Michael Foumelis, Theodora Papadopoulou, Fabrizio Pacini, Fabrice Brito, Jolanda Patruno, and Marco Leonardi

EGU2019-11615 | Posters | ESSI2.6

Solving Real-World Interoperability Problems with Sustainable Semantic Web Technologies

Alex Ip, William Francis, Nicholas Car, and David Lescinsky

EGU2019-12117 | Posters | ESSI2.6

Automated Attribution and Credit for Data: Connecting Publication to Data – and Data to Data Creators

Shelley Stall, Alison Specht, David Mouillot, and Nicolas Mouquet

EGU2019-3683 | Posters | ESSI2.6

Optimizing environmental data services on federated Cloud and e-Infrastructures

Zhiming Zhao, Paul Martin, and Spiros Koulouzis

EGU2019-14951 | Posters | ESSI2.6

EPOS-IP – DDSS Master Table and Granularity Database

Xiaoliang Wang, Jan Michalek, Christian Rønnevik, and Kuvvet Atakan and the EPOS ICS Team

EGU2019-15717 | Posters | ESSI2.6

EPOS: a FAIR Research Infrastructure for data, data products, software and service integration in the solid Earth domain

Daniele Bailo, Keith Jeffery, Rossana Paciell, Riccardo Rabissoni, Valerio Vinciarelli, Jan Michalek, and Kuvvet Atakan

EGU2019-15142 | Posters | ESSI2.6

EPOS: from the conceptual phase to a new ERIC with an integrated legal, governance and financial framework

Kauzar Saleh, Pierre-Louis Bazin, Helle Pedersen, Kuvvet Atakan, Massimo Cocco, Carmela Freda, Domenico Giardini, Thomas Hoffmann, Elisabeth Kohler, Pirjo Kontkanen, Jörn Lauterjung, and Agata Sangianantoni

EGU2019-17646 | Posters | ESSI2.6

EPOS-Norway – Integration of Norwegian geoscientific data into a common e-infrastucture

Jan Michalek, Kuvvet Atakan, Christian Rønnevik, Øyvind Natvik, Terje Utheim, Lars Ottemöller, Tor Langeland, Ove Daae Lampe, Gro Fonnes, Svein Mykkeltveit, Jon Magnus Christensen, Ulf Baadshaug, Halfdan Pascal Kierulf, and Bjørn-Ove Grøtan

EGU2019-13293 | Posters | ESSI2.6

EPOS-Norway Portal

Tor Langeland, Ove Daae Lampe, Gro Fonnes, Kuvvet Atakan, Jan Michalek, Xiaoliang Wang, Christian Rønnevik, Terje Utheim, and Karen Tellefsen

ESSI2.7 – Establishing a comprehensive Open and FAIR ecosystem for Solid Earth and Environmental researchers, repositories, publishers, policy makers and funders

EGU2019-7653 | Posters | ESSI2.7

Icelandic Analog Seismogram Archive

Sigurdur Jakobsson and Pall Einarsson

EGU2019-14401 | Orals | ESSI2.7

A Web Portal to access Solida Earth Science heterogeneous data

Patrick Bell, Chris Card, Matthew Harrison, Jon Stuteley, Phil Atkinson, Daniele Bailo, Valerio Vinciarelli, Riccardo Rabissoni, and Rossana Paciello

EGU2019-8209 | Posters | ESSI2.7

How to curate and exhibit various types of physical samples using FAIR principles

Doris Maicher, Felix Mittermayer, Pina Springer, and Jörg Süling

EGU2019-8910 | Posters | ESSI2.7

ICDP’s Drilling Information System goes Mobile (mDIS)

Knut Behrends, Ronald Conze, Tanja Hörner, Odai Alali, Ralph Reckert, and Henning Lorenz

EGU2019-11617 | Orals | ESSI2.7

IGSN: Trustworthy and Sustainable Services for FAIR Samples

Kerstin Lehnert, Jens Klump, Lesley Wyborn, and Sarah Ramdeen

EGU2019-11703 | Posters | ESSI2.7

Lessons learned from operating a heliophysics mission Science Data Center

Kristopher Larsen, Chris Pankratz, James Craft, Kim Kokkonen, and Julie Barnum

EGU2019-12731 | Posters | ESSI2.7

The CDGP, Data Center for Deep Geothermal Energy

Marc Schaming, Alice Fremand, Nicolas Cuenot, Eléonore Dalmais, Jean-François Girard, Clément Grellier, Marc Grunberg, and Jean Schmittbuhl

EGU2019-12754 | Posters | ESSI2.7

Linking Environmental Data, Samples and Publications – examples from GFZ Data Services

Damian Ulbricht, Kirsten Elger, and Boris Radosavljevic

EGU2019-13968 | Posters | ESSI2.7

EPOS PL - Polish national contribution towards EPOS infrastructure

Tomasz Werner, Dorota Olszewska, Beata Górka-Kostrubiec, Grzegorz Lizurek, Waldemar Jóźwiak, Jan Kryński, Wojciech Czuba, Witold Rohm, Andrzej Araszkiewicz, Grzegorz Mutke, Mariusz Sterzel, Tomasz Szepieniec, and Dariusz Wójcik

EGU2019-11367 | Orals | ESSI2.7

Sharing Infrastructure Among Data Facilities: An Initiative of the EarthCube Council of Data Facilities

Kerstin Lehnert, Timothy Ahern, and Danie Kinkade

EGU2019-15253 | Posters | ESSI2.7

GLASS, a tool for quality-controlled GNSS data and product dissemination.

Jean-Luc Menut, Paul Crocker, Jan Douša, Carine Bruyninx, Machiel Bos, Mathilde Vergnolle, Rui Fernandes, Benedikt Ófeigsson, Petr Bezděka, Rui Cardoso, Rafael Couto, Andras Fabian, Juliette Legrand, Khai-Minh Ngo, Tim Sonneman, and Pavel Vaclavovic and the EPOS-GNSS Team

EGU2019-15449 | Posters | ESSI2.7

Populating the SEISMOFAULTS.EU repository: recent developments in the making of the European Fault-Source Model 2020 (EFSM20)

Roberto Vallone, Roberto Basili, Michele Matteo Cosimo Carafa, Vanja Kastelic, Francesco Emanuele Maesano, Gabriele Tarabusi, and Mara Monica Tiberti

EGU2019-5669 | Orals | ESSI2.7

Github and Open Research Data; an example using the Eurasian Modern Pollen Database

Philipp S. Sommer, Basil A. S. Davis, and Manuel Chevalier

EGU2019-14795 | Orals | ESSI2.7

ENVRIplus Community Efforts on Data Identification & Citation and Their Applications in Research Infrastructures

Alex Vermeulen, Margareta Hellström, Maria Johnsson, Frank Toussaint, Stephan Kindermann, Dan Lear, Robert Huber, Markus Stocker, Ingemar Häggström, Carl-Fredrik Enell, and Zhiming Zhao

EGU2019-15638 | Posters | ESSI2.7

StationTool – Managing and Archiving Station Metadata of Finnish Seismological Network

Ilmo Salmenperä, Tommi Vuorinen, and Jari Kortström

EGU2019-4389 | Orals | ESSI2.7

FAIRfication of PANGAEA datasets: Recent Developments and Lessons Learned

Anusuriya Devaraju, Uwe Schindler, Tina Dohna, Robert huber, Michael Diepenbroek, and Ketil Koop-Jakobsen

EGU2019-15782 | Posters | ESSI2.7

The EPOS GNSS Data Gateway: concept and access to data and metadata

Mathilde Vergnolle, Jean-Luc Menut, Khai-Minh Ngo, Maurin Vidal, and Lucie Rolland and the EPOS GNSS team

EGU2019-16013 | Posters | ESSI2.7

Building the EPOS-ORFEUS Competence Center in EOSC-hub

Luca Trani, Massimo Fares, João Paulo Pereira Zanetti, Javier Quinteros, and Nikolaos Triantafyllis

EGU2019-15213 | Orals | ESSI2.7

Working towards a cross-disciplinary National FAIR Research Data Infrastructure

Carina Kemp, Guido Aben, Alex Ip, and Ingrid Mason

EGU2019-12304 | Orals | ESSI2.7

IRIS efforts to open access to a global network of seismological data centers

Jerry Carter, Chad Trabant, Tim Ahern, Mick Van Fossen, Rob Casey, Nick Falco, and Adam Clark

EGU2019-1944 | Orals | ESSI2.7

FAIR data within the large international research project CMIP6 and the IPCC AR6

Martina Stockhause and Michael Lautenschlager

ESSI2.9 – Establishing Trustworthiness and Suitability of Data Products and Services with Content-Rich, Interoperable and Findable Quality Descriptive Information

EGU2019-5842 | Posters | ESSI2.9

Trends in Standards for Digital Repositories - The Quest for Data Usefulness

John S. Hughes and Robert Downs

EGU2019-16513 | Posters | ESSI2.9

Long-term Archive Challenges: Enhancing Data Discovery via Multilevel Metadata Aggregations At Scale

Graham Parton, Ag Stephens, Richard Smith, and Joe Singleton

EGU2019-10985 | Posters | ESSI2.9

Eliminating Science Friction: A Metadata Quality Framework for the Earth Sciences

Jeanne le Roux, Kaylin Bugbee, Adam Sisco, Rahul Ramachandran, Patrick Staton, Ingrid Garcia-Solera, Camille Woods, Aaron Kaulfus, Jeffrey Miller, Brian Freitag, and Peiyang Cheng

EGU2019-12918 | Posters | ESSI2.9

Strategy of quality assessment of satellite data from atmospheric sensors in the ESA’s Earthnet Data Assessment Pilot Project

Alessandro Piro, Stefano Casadio, Clement Albinet, Angelika Dehn, Philippe Goryl, and Rubinder Mannan

EGU2019-18024 | Posters | ESSI2.9

ESA’s Earthnet Data Assessment Pilot: Paving the way for New Space Players

Rubinder Mannan, Kevin Halsall, Clement Albinet, Giuseppe Ottavianelli, Philippe Goryl, Valentina Boccia, Andrea Melchiorre, Alessandro Piro, Davide Giudici, Nigel Fox, and Samuel Hunt

EGU2019-18891 | Posters | ESSI2.9

Evaluation and Quality Control for the Copernicus Seasonal Forecasts and Products

Pierre-Antoine Bretonnière, Stephan Hemri, Joaquín Bedia, Jonas Bhend, Alasdair Hunter, Daniel San-Martín, Nicolau Manubens, Marta Bruno Soares, and Francisco Javier Doblas-Reyes

EGU2019-18481 | Posters | ESSI2.9

Self-maintaining online geo-data documentation platform based on standardized metadata and reusable learning objects

Nico Schrage, Dejan Antanaskovic, Edgar Nehlsen, and Peter Fröhle

EGU2019-10994 | Posters | ESSI2.9

The WMO High-Quality Global Data Management Framework for Climate

Christina Lief, William Wright, and Omar Baddour

EGU2019-19009 | Posters | ESSI2.9

Data Management and Stewardship Maturity Matrix Supporting Data Curator

iolanda maggio, Mirko Albani, Razvan Cosac, Sergio Folco, and Ceos Wgiss

EGU2019-18997 | Posters | ESSI2.9

Five Year Performance of Global Change Research Data Publishing & Repository by Data Impact Score Methodology

Chuang Liu, Ruixiang Shi, Yinghua Zhang, and Yan Shen

ESSI2.10 – Recent advances in remote sensing and artificial intelligence in geosciences

EGU2019-41 | Posters | ESSI2.10 | Highlight

Lithological classification using multi-sensor data and Convolutional Neural Networks

Melanie Brandmeier and Yuanze Chen

EGU2019-42 | Posters | ESSI2.10 | Highlight

Coupling Deep Learning and GIS for forest damage assessment based on high-resolution remote sensing data

Zayd Hamdi, Melanie Brandmeier, and Christoph Straub

EGU2019-1865 | Posters | ESSI2.10 | Highlight

Generalised classification of hyperspatial resolution airborne imagery of fluvial scenes with deep convolutional neural networks.

Patrice Carbonneau, Toby Breckon, James Dietrich, Stephen Dugdale, Mark Fonstad, Hitoshi Miyamoto, and Amy Woodget

EGU2019-10644 | Posters | ESSI2.10 | Highlight

Characterization of low frequency seismicity at Etna Volcano during 2010 eruption, using advanced automatic analysis algorithms

Luciano Zuccarello, Luz García Martínez, Isaac Alvarez, María Carmen Benitez, Manuel Titos, Angel Bueno, Janire Prudencio, and Jesus Ibanez

EGU2019-11386 | Posters | ESSI2.10 | Highlight

Volcano-Independent Seismic Recognition: detecting and classifying events of a given volcano using data from others

Guillermo Cortés, Roberto Carniel, Philippe Lesage, M. Ángeles Mendoza, and Ivo Della Lucia

EGU2019-13759 | Posters | ESSI2.10 | Highlight

Automatic detection and characterization of low frequency seismicity: Long Period events detection and clusterization into families. An example case for Mt. Etna.

Luz García, Luciano Zucarello, Isaac Álvarez, Carmen Benítez, Arianna Cuius, Manuel Titos, Angel Bueno, Sonia Mota, Janire Prudencio, and Jesús Ibáñez

EGU2019-14560 | Posters | ESSI2.10 | Highlight

Satsense: an open source Python library for land-use and land-cover classification using earth observation data

Bouwe Andela, Berend Weel, Elena Ranguelova, Niels Drost, Maximilian Filtenborg, Derk Barten, Debraj Roy, and Mike Lees

EGU2019-15461 | Posters | ESSI2.10 | Highlight

Using RNN for automatic detection and classification of volcano seismic signals at Deception Island Volcano

Manuel Titos, Ángel Bueno, Luz García, Luciano Zuccarello, Isaac Álvarez, Jesús Ibañez, and Carmen Benítez

EGU2019-15770 | Posters | ESSI2.10 | Highlight

Can citizens train Artificial Intelligence algorithms to process volcano-seismic signals?

Araceli García Yeguas, Luz García, Carmen Benítez, Sonia Mota, and Jesús M. Ibáñez

EGU2019-16873 | Posters | ESSI2.10 | Highlight

Automatic lineament extraction from radar and optical imagery for geological mapping in the Pamir Mountains: a comparative study

Javhar Aminov, Chen Xi, Bao Anming, Jovid Aminov, Yunus Mamadjanov, and Latipa Tuerhanjiang

EGU2019-17897 | Posters | ESSI2.10 | Highlight

Improving Volcanic Data Storage and Management by means of a SQL Database

Antonio Mora, Gustavo Romero, Carmen Benítez, Manuel Titos, Sonia Mota, and Isaac Álvarez

EGU2019-18882 | Posters | ESSI2.10 | Highlight

Multifractal analysis of the optical remote sensing imagery

Anna Wawrzaszek, Małgorzata Jenerowicz, Wojciech Drzewiecki, Michał Krupiński, and Sebastian Aleksandrowicz

ESSI3.1 – Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) for Earth and Space Science Informatics

EGU2019-11014 | Posters | ESSI3.1

Bridging the gap between web interfaces and notebooks in the eWaterCycle II project

Niels Drost, Rolf Hut, Nick van de Giesen, Ben van Werkhoven, Jerom Aerts, Inti Pelupessy, Berend Weel, Yifat Dzigan, Martine de Vos, Stefan Verhoeven, Gijs van den Oord, Ronald van Haren, Janneke van der Zwaan, and Maarten van Meersbergen

EGU2019-13263 | Posters | ESSI3.1

GeoWeb: The meteorological tool for improved collaborations between R&D and operations

John van de Vegte, Rutger Boonstra, Marco van den Berge, John Kambeel, Wim van Moosel, Ernst de Vreede, Maarten Plieger, Jan Koerts, Marcel Molendijk, and Wim Som de Cerff

EGU2019-18210 | Posters | ESSI3.1

MOSES Data Management Platform – Concept and status of implementation

Dorit Kerschke, Hannes Fuchs, Angela Schäfer, Philipp Fischer, Gisbert Breitbach, Ralf Kunkel, Claas Faber, Frank Neidl, Martin Kohler, Thomas Schnicke, and Jan Bumberger and the MOSES Data Management Team

EGU2019-11430 | Posters | ESSI3.1

ODYN - Open-source software analysis tool to investigate space plasma turbulence and nonlinear DYNamics

Eliza Teodorescu, Marius Echim, and Catalin Negrea

EGU2019-18602 | Posters | ESSI3.1

Apache Science Data Analytics Platform (SDAP)

Thomas Huang

EGU2019-13897 | Posters | ESSI3.1

An open source land biosphere extended for use with EO data for deriving spatiotemporally key biophysical parameters

George P. Petropoulos, Vasileios Anagnostopoulos, Dionissios Hristopulos, and Panagiotis Partsinevelos

EGU2019-16869 | Posters | ESSI3.1

Development workflows of the open-source porous media simulator OpenGeoSys

Lars Bilke, Dmitri Naumov, and Olaf Kolditz

EGU2019-16952 | Posters | ESSI3.1

LACO-Wiki Mobile: An Open Source Application for In situ Data Collection and Land Cover Validation

Linda See, Christoph Perger, Christopher Dresel, Moemen Saad, Anto Subash, Brice Mora, Mathieu Pascaud, Frédéric Ligeard, Neha Joshi, and Steffen Fritz

EGU2019-17533 | Posters | ESSI3.1

ADAGUC Open source visualization for atmospheric data

Ernst de Vreede, Maarten Plieger, Saskia Wagenaar, and Ian van der Neut

EGU2019-18064 | Posters | ESSI3.1

ALBIS: integrated system for risk-based surveillance of invasive mosquito Aedes albopictus

Massimiliano Cannata, Damiana Ravasi, Milan Antonovic, Daniele Strigaro, Andrea Danani, Mauro Tonolla, and Laura Azzimonti

EGU2019-18111 | Posters | ESSI3.1

4onse: open data, software, hardware and standard to cope with climate data

Daniele Strigaro, Massimiliano Cannata, and Milan Antonovic

EGU2019-18601 | Posters | ESSI3.1

Engaging community development in an established earth sciences visualization tool: VAPOR3

John Clyne, Stanislaw Jaroszynski, Shaomeng Li, and Scott Pearse

ESSI3.2 – Earth/Environmental Science Applications on Cloud and HPC Infrastructures

EGU2019-3416 | Orals | ESSI3.2

Development of a combined cloud-HPC computing infrastructure for mapping seismic noise sources at the continental scale

Alexey Gokhberg, Laura Ermert, Jonas Igel, and Andreas Fichtner

EGU2019-3901 | Posters | ESSI3.2

A Center of Excellence for Exascale in Solid Earth

Arnau Folch and the ChEESE Partners

EGU2019-4416 | Orals | ESSI3.2

Development of Process-oriented Diagnostics through NOAA’s Model Development Task Force

Eric Maloney, J. David Neelin, Daniel Barrie, Andrew Gettelman, John Krasting, Yi Ming, and Allison Wing

EGU2019-6113 | Posters | ESSI3.2

A community framework for consensus climate model evaluation

Eric Guilyardi and Peter Gleckler

EGU2019-8350 | Posters | ESSI3.2

CMIP6 compliant processing and climate extremes indices with CDO’s

Fabian Wachsmann and Martin Schupfner

EGU2019-9385 | Orals | ESSI3.2 | Highlight

Commercial Cloud and EO services usage: opening the gates to the research community Open Clouds for Research Environments (OCRE)

Antonio Romeo, Andres Steijaert, Joao Fernandes, Sara Pittonet, Marc-Elian Bégin, Geoff Sawyer, Lefteris Mamais, and José Manuel Delgado Blasco

EGU2019-8641 | Posters | ESSI3.2

Web-based post processing workflow composition for CMIP6

Martin Schupfner, Fabian Wachsmann, and Stephanie Legutke

EGU2019-9476 | Orals | ESSI3.2

An Cloud-native Architecture for Near-Real-Time Monitoring of Floods

Arne de Wall, Albert Remke, and Benedikt Gräler

EGU2019-11369 | Posters | ESSI3.2

GRPC4BMI: Running Earth System Models as Remote Services

Gijs van den Oord, Stefan Verhoeven, Inti Pelupessy, Jerom Aerts, Martine de Vos, Berend Weel, Maarten van Meersbergen, Ronald van Haren, Yifat Dzigan, Ben van Werkhoven, Niels Drost, and Rolf Hut

EGU2019-11077 | Orals | ESSI3.2

Climate4impact: Enhance usage of research data and support researchers with climate analysis.

Maarten Plieger, Wim Som de Cerff, Alessandro Spinuso, Ernst de Vreede, Christian Pagé, and Niels Drost

EGU2019-18192 | Orals | ESSI3.2

Delivering resilient access to global climate projections data for the Copernicus Climate Data Store using a distributed data infrastructure and hybrid cloud model

Philip Kershaw, Matt Pryor, Alan Iwi, Ag Stephens, Martin Juckes, Ruth Petrie, Stephan Kindermann, Carsten Ehbrecht, Sébastien Denvil, Sébastien Gardoll, and Bryan Lawrence

EGU2019-12360 | Posters | ESSI3.2

The VLab: a cloud-based platform to share and execute scientific models

Mattia Santoro, Paolo Mazzetti, and Stefano Nativi

EGU2019-12910 | Posters | ESSI3.2

ESM-TOOLS: A common infrastructure for modular coupled Earth system modelling

Dirk Barbi, Nadine Wieters, Luisa Cristini, Paul Gierz, Sara Khosravi, Joakim Kjellson, Sebastian Wahl, and Volker Klemann

EGU2019-19121 | Orals | ESSI3.2

CliMAF : status and upcoming challenges

Stéphane Sénési, Jérôme Servonnat, Ludivine Vignon, Olivier Marti, Patrick Brockmann, and Sébastien Denvil

EGU2019-15746 | Posters | ESSI3.2

Soil classification based on Sentinel-2 Products using HorusApp application

Victor Bacu, Teodor Stefanut, Constantin Nandra, Teodor Rusu, and Dorian Gorgan

EGU2019-16654 | Posters | ESSI3.2 | Highlight

Using Cloud Native Amazon Web Services for the implementation of the EUNADIC-AV data portal

Saskia Wagenaar, Wim Som de Cerff, Ian van der Neut, Hans Verhoef, Jonas Matser, Joris de Lathouder, John Segers, and Sidney Borrego y Diaz

EGU2019-17446 | Posters | ESSI3.2

Open Clouds for Research Environments

Jakob Tendel, Chris Atherton, and Andres Steijaert

EGU2019-19045 | Posters | ESSI3.2

CMIP6 Evaluation with the ESMValTool

Axel Lauer, Birgit Hassler, and Veronika Eyring and the ESMValTool development team

ESSI3.5 – RSEs: Researchers who Code

EGU2019-4457 | Posters | ESSI3.5

From Science to Software: My first year in Research Software Development

Chris Dearden and Mark Richardson

EGU2019-8994 | Posters | ESSI3.5

Sustainable scientific software: experiences of the PCRaster research and development team

Oliver Schmitz, Kor de Jong, and Derek Karssenberg

EGU2019-12597 | Posters | ESSI3.5

RSEs at Academic Conferences

Daniel Nüst and David Topping

EGU2019-15375 | Posters | ESSI3.5

Sustainable Development of Research Software - Case Study of an Open Source Approach

Simon Jirka, Matthes Rieke, Albert Remke, and Andreas Wytzisk

EGU2019-19203 | Posters | ESSI3.5

Building expertise at the Netherlands eScience Center

Romulo Goncalves, Jason Maassen, Rob van Nieuwpoort, and Niels Drost

ESSI4.1 – Data science, Analytics and Visualization: The challenges and opportunities for Earth and Space Science

EGU2019-3119 | Posters | ESSI4.1

Digital Heihe River System

Adan Wu

EGU2019-6441 | Posters | ESSI4.1 | Highlight

In-situ Visual Analysis of Geochemistry through Augmented Reality

Ulrich Engelke, Casey Rogers, and Jens Klump

EGU2019-8204 | Posters | ESSI4.1

BasinVis 2.0, estimation and application of the compaction trend for basin modelling

Johannes Novotny, Eun Young Lee, and Michael Wagreich

EGU2019-8343 | Posters | ESSI4.1

webODV - a tool for the online analysis of environmental data

Sebastian Mieruch and Reiner Schlitzer

EGU2019-8942 | Posters | ESSI4.1

Comparison of imaging capability of quasi-null and traditional arrays

Mohammad Zubair, Mohammad Israil, Ernő Prácser, and Szalai Sándor

EGU2019-12075 | Posters | ESSI4.1

The development of an Earth science cloud analytics reference architecture – lessons learned from Giovanni.

David Meyer, Chris Lynnes, Mahabaleshwa Hegde, Kwo-sen Kuo, Christine Smit, Angela Li, and Hailiang Zhang

EGU2019-12455 | Posters | ESSI4.1

Serpentinization and hydrocarbon formation from experiments: a machine learning approach

Fang Huang, Samuel Barbier, Muriel Andreani, Renbiao Tao, Jihua Hao, Osama Minhas, Kathleen Fontaine, Peter Fox, and Isabelle Daniel

EGU2019-14917 | Posters | ESSI4.1

Italian NODC, from the ingestion to the publication of the European marine environmental data

Matteo Vinci, Alessandra Giorgetti, Alberto Brosich, Maria Eugenia Molina Jack, Maria del Mar Chaves Montero, Elena Partescano, and Alessandro Altenburger

EGU2019-15196 | Posters | ESSI4.1

Investigating the relationship between earthquakes and online news

Stephen Camilleri, Joel Azzopardi, and Matthew Agius

EGU2019-17286 | Posters | ESSI4.1

Visualization of global Argo metadata - A comprehensive view of contributions by Data Assembly Centers

Pavan Kumar Jonnakuti and Udaya Bhaskar Tata V S

ESSI4.2 – Virtual reality in earth sciences for research and teaching

EGU2019-1159 | Posters | ESSI4.2 | Highlight

Immersive virtual reality for studying volcano-tectonic features: A case study from the northern active rift zone of Iceland

Fabio Luca Bonali, Alessandro Tibaldi, Elena Russo, Federico Pasquaré Mariotto, Fabio Marchese, Luca Fallati, Alessandra Savini, Fabio Vitello, Ugo Becciani, and Eva Sciacca

EGU2019-3877 | Posters | ESSI4.2 | Highlight

Digital outcrop model reconstruction and virtual reality integration of the Kimberley outcrop (Gale Crater, Mars) for geological “in situ” analysis

Gwénaël Caravaca, Stéphane Le Mouélic, Nicolas Mangold, Jonas L'Haridon, Laetitia Le Deit, and Marion Massé

EGU2019-8118 | Posters | ESSI4.2

Learning outcomes from the EGU 2018 Public Engagement grant “Shaping geological 3D virtual field-surveys for overcoming motor disabilities”

Fabio Luca Bonali, Elena Russo, Alessandra Savini, Fabio Marchese, Luca Fallati, Nomikou Paraskevi, Varvara Antoniou, Kyriaki Drymoni, Biagio Di Mauro, Roberto Colombo, Roberto Garzonio, and Fabio Vitello

EGU2019-8673 | Posters | ESSI4.2

Using virtual reality to visualize extreme rainfall events derived from climate simulations

Daniel Kolb, Wolfgang Kurtz, Jens Weismüller, Alexander von Ramm, Ralf Ludwig, and Dieter Kranzlmüller

EGU2019-10638 | Posters | ESSI4.2

VirtualDIVER: An innovative platform for virtual underwater experiences targeting the cultural and tourism industries

Paraskevi Nomikou, Konstantinos Karantzalos, Giotis Ioannidis, Michalis Sarantinos, Andreas Saer, Christos Stentoumis, Ilias Kalisperakis, Varvara Antoniou, George Pehlivanides, Panagiotis Tsoris, George Katopodis, Katerina Plessa, Anna Dura, Konstantina Bejelou, and Othonas Vlassopoulos

EGU2019-12749 | Posters | ESSI4.2

Virtual Reality Visualization in the Deep Carbon Observatory

Oliver Kreylos, Darlene Crist, Juliane Dannberg, Peter Fox, Louise Kellogg, Shaunna Morrison, Anirudh Prabhu, Katie Pratt, and Josh Wood

EGU2019-13363 | Posters | ESSI4.2

Going digital: opportunities for tropical soil science education?

Karen Vancampenhout and Annelies Calmeyn

EGU2019-13639 | Posters | ESSI4.2

Development of a Unity package allowing GIS-like mapping in a Virtual Reality environment.

Jérémy Billant, Frédérique Leclerc, Javier Escartin, Nuno Gracias, Klemen Istenic, Rafael Garcia, Aurélien Arnaubec, Alexandre Dano, and Claire Marchand and the SUBSAINTES science party

EGU2019-15649 | Posters | ESSI4.2

Layer orientation measurements on virtual outcrops build from drone: techniques, accuracy and precision

Sophie Passot, Philippe Hervé Leloup, Alex Bisch, and Philippe Grandjean

EGU2019-16334 | Posters | ESSI4.2

On the use of stereo-video data for 3D sea surface reconstruction measurements in shoaling and surf zones

Charles Caulet, Pedro Veras Guimarães, France Floc'h, Mickael Accensi, and Fabrice Ardhuin
CC BY 4.0