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G – Geodesy

G1.1 – Recent Developments in Geodetic Theory

EGU2019-7609 | Posters | G1.1

Fully automatic along-track pre-processing of the GOCE gravity gradients in the gradiometer reference frame

Michal Kollár, Róbert Čunderlík, and Karol Mikula

EGU2019-18579 | Posters | G1.1 | Highlight

Geoid and MDT in the Mediterranean area: the GEOMED2 project

Riccardo Barzaghi and the Geomed 2 research team

EGU2019-547 | Posters | G1.1

Alternative Approach for the Determination of the Austrian Gravimetric Geoid

Hussein Abd-Elmotaal and Norbert Kühtreiber

EGU2019-1037 | Posters | G1.1

Assessment of Covariance Estimation through Least Squares Collocation over Iran

Sabah Ramouz, Yosra Afrasteh, Mirko Reguzzoni, and Abdoreza Safari

EGU2019-2839 | Posters | G1.1

BDS orbit determination with combined GNSS and SLR observations

Tianhe Xu, Honglei Yang, and Wenfeng Nie

EGU2019-14269 | Posters | G1.1

Application of Lagrange expansion formula in obtaining an analytical approximate solution of Cartesian to geodetic transformation

Alberto Escapa and Toshio Fukushima

G1.2 – Mathematical methods for the analysis of potential field data and geodetic time series (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2019-2032 | PICOs | G1.2

Advancements for gravity field modelling using learning techniques

Naomi Schneider and Volker Michel

EGU2019-8666 | PICOs | G1.2

Regional gravity field refinement for the determination of IHRF coordinates based on spherical basis functions

Qing Liu, Michael Schmidt, Martin Willberg, Roland Pail, and Laura Sánchez

EGU2019-7321 | PICOs | G1.2

Gravitational field of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko

Zhi Yin and Nico Sneeuw

EGU2019-10507 | PICOs | G1.2

High resolution 3D seafloor topography by Kalman filtering of gravity information

Lucia Seoane and Guillaume Ramillien

EGU2019-5235 | PICOs | G1.2

Regional Patterns of Sea Level Trends and Tidal Model in The Southwestern Coast of Turkey

Muharrem Hilmi Erkoç and Uğur Doğan

EGU2019-12386 | PICOs | G1.2

Temporal resolution of internal magnetic field modes from satellite data

M. Alexandra Pais, João Domingos, Dominique Jault, and Mioara Mandea

EGU2019-17221 | PICOs | G1.2

Sampling biases and external source contamination in virtual magnetic observatories

Grace Cox, Zdeněk Martinec, and Will Brown

EGU2019-5389 | PICOs | G1.2

The status of Chandler wobble

Guocheng Wang, Lintao Liu, Shiming Zhong, Yi Tu, Xinghui Liang, and Sida Li

EGU2019-15974 | PICOs | G1.2

GNSS time-series analysis: a three-dimensional approach for automated outlier rejection.

Luca Tavasci, Stefano Gandolfi, and Luca Poluzzi

G1.3 – High-precision GNSS: methods, open problems and Geoscience applications

EGU2019-9205 | Orals | G1.3

On the Future High-Precision European GNSS CORS Infrastructure

Carine Bruyninx, Eric Pottiaux, Rosa Pacione, Andras Fabian, and Juliette Legrand

EGU2019-1335 | Posters | G1.3

Determination of geocenter coordinates and Earth rotation parameters based on Galileo observations

Radosław Zajdel, Krzysztof Sośnica, Grzegorz Bury, Rolf Dach, and Lars Prange

EGU2019-5056 | Posters | G1.3

High precision GNSS in autonomous driving

István Elek, Béla Kovács, Márton Pál, and Fanni Vörös

EGU2019-8034 | Orals | G1.3 | Highlight

Signal, orbit, and clock analysis of GPS III SV01

Peter Steigenberger, Steffen Thoelert, and Oliver Montenbruck

EGU2019-5257 | Posters | G1.3

Solar Activity Effects on PPP Accuracy

Aziz Saracoglu and Dogan Ugur Sanli

EGU2019-356 | Orals | G1.3

Monitoring of GNSS satellite transmit power with small radio telescopes

Grzegorz Klopotek, Marcus Malmquist, Eskil Varenius, Peter Forkman, Rüdiger Haas, and Thomas Hobiger

EGU2019-5796 | Posters | G1.3

A case study on the accuracy of results from kinematic deformation models

Utkan Mustafa Durdag, Bahattin Erdogan, Taylan Ocalan, Serif Hekimoglu, and Ali Hasan Dogan

EGU2019-14173 | Orals | G1.3

Phase Center Corrections for new GNSS-Signals

Johannes Kröger, Yannick Breva, Tobias Kersten, and Steffen Schön

EGU2019-5806 | Posters | G1.3

3D Point Cloud Based Indoor Mobile Robot in 6-DoF Pose Localization Using Aid Wi-Fi Localization System

shu mingcong and chen guoliang

EGU2019-9088 | Orals | G1.3

GNSS scale determination using chamber calibrated ground and space antenna pattern

Arturo Villiger, Lars Prange, Rolf Dach, Florian Zimmermann, Heiner Kuhlmann, and Adrian Jäggi

EGU2019-13166 | Orals | G1.3 | Highlight

GNSS Reflectometry to Assess Wetland Inundation Dynamics and Freeze/Thaw Transitions

Erika Podest, Nereida Rodriguez Alvarez, Katherine Jensen, and Kyle McDonald

EGU2019-8932 | Orals | G1.3

Processing of multi-GNSS constellations based on raw observations

Sebastian Strasser and Torsten Mayer-Gürr

EGU2019-7533 | Posters | G1.3

Ionospheric modeling in GNSS positioning using deep learning models

Maria Kaselimi, Nikolaos Doulamis, and Demitris Delikaraoglou

EGU2019-1364 | Posters | G1.3

Study on usage of GNSS observations from Polish GBAS stations in seismological research

Paulina Wozniak and Dominik Prochniewicz

EGU2019-9868 | Orals | G1.3 | Highlight

The Canadian Spatial Reference System Precise Point Positioning Service: Today and Tomorrow

Calvin Klatt, Simon Banville, and Elyes Hassen

EGU2019-7866 | Orals | G1.3

Real-Time Geophysical Applications with Android GNSS Raw Measurements

Marco Fortunato, Michela Ravanelli, and Augusto Mazzoni

EGU2019-1940 | Posters | G1.3

Study on the dependence of polar patch enhancement on dayside VTEC.

Rafał Sieradzki and Jacek Paziewski

EGU2019-5827 | Posters | G1.3

Comparison of stochastic methods in interpolation and extrapolation of sparse GNSS TEC observations

Wojciech Jarmołowski, Paweł Wielgosz, Anna Krypiak-Gregorczyk, and Xiaodong Ren

EGU2019-6535 | Orals | G1.3

The real-time tight integration of High-rate GNSS and strong motion records using IGS RTS products

Jianfei Zang, Caijun Xu, Guanxu Chen, and Shijie Fan

EGU2019-11892 | Orals | G1.3

Galileo PPP rapid ambiguity resolution with multiple frequency combinations

Gege Liu, Xin Li, Guolong Feng, Xinjuan Han, and Bo Wang

EGU2019-6318 | Posters | G1.3

Differential inter-system biases estimation and performance assessment of tightly combined RTK with BDS-3, GPS, and Galileo

Wanke Liu, Mingkui Wu, Wang Wang, Xiaohong Zhang, and Yongqiang Yuan

EGU2019-7405 | Posters | G1.3

Identification of seismogenic zones from GNSS data: an example of Kyushu Island, Japan

Xiangyi An, Sungshil Kim, and Jin-Han Ree

EGU2019-2853 | Orals | G1.3

Rapid convergence for multi-GNSS precise point positioning in the data-interrupted situation

Nan Zang, Bofeng Li, and Yunzhong Shen

EGU2019-12222 | Posters | G1.3

Further assessment of the UNB Neutral Atmosphere Process-Noise Model

Marcelo C. Santos, Marco Mendonça, and Emerson Cavalheri

EGU2019-12449 | Posters | G1.3

Using semi-parametric models to improve the accuracy of baseline solutions with multipath errors

Jiaqi Feng, Tingye Tao*, Han He, Xingbo Fang, Zhengguang Tao, and Rong He

EGU2019-12958 | Posters | G1.3

PPP with smartphone GNSS data

Matthias Aichinger-Rosenberger, Marcus Glaner, Mykhailo Lytvyn, and Robert Weber

EGU2019-13012 | Posters | G1.3

Correction of multipath effect for precise point positioning high-rate GNSS data processing in seismic phenomena analysis

Iwona Kudłacik, Jan Kapłon, Tomasz Hadaś, and Jarosław Bosy

EGU2019-14143 | Posters | G1.3

Validation of Phase Center Corrections for new GNSS-Signals obtained with absolute antenna calibration in the field

Yannick Breva, Johannes Kröger, Tobias Kersten, and Steffen Schön

EGU2019-16802 | Posters | G1.3

Spatial and Temporal Variations of Atmospheric Precipitable Water Vapor from GPS measurements in Jilin province, China

Dan Zhu

EGU2019-19172 | Posters | G1.3

The VARION algorithm for moving GNSS receivers: preliminary tests and results

Mattia Crespi, Michela Ravanelli, and Giorgio Savastano

EGU2019-17498 | Posters | G1.3

Galileo orbit and clock GRG solution and evaluation

Felix Perosanz, Sylvain Loyer, Flavien Mercier, Georgia Katsigianni, Mini Gupta, and Alvaro Santamaria

EGU2019-1349 | Posters | G1.3

goGPS Open Source GNSS Software for Quasi-Static Applications: Latest Developments and Performance Tests

Giulio Tagliaferro, Andrea Gatti, and Eugenio Realini

EGU2019-13130 | Posters | G1.3

Preliminary analysis of the ionosphere-corrected PPP-RTK user performance

Dimitrios Psychas, Sandra Verhagen, and Xianglin Liu

EGU2019-12118 | Posters | G1.3

Improving QZSS precise orbit determination by considering the solar radiation pressure of the L-band/communication antenna

Yiting Zhu, Yongqiang Yuan, Jiande Huang, Jiaqi Wu, and Yun Xiong

EGU2019-11792 | Posters | G1.3

Estimation of LEO Phase Center Variations using onboard GPS and BDS observations

Qian Zhang, Keke Zhang, Wei Zhang, Hongmin Zhang, and Yujie Qin

EGU2019-12009 | Posters | G1.3

Initial assessment of BDS-3 Signal-In-Space Range Errors

Lv Yifei, Tao Geng, Qile Zhao, and Xin Xie

EGU2019-9220 | Posters | G1.3

Detection of hazardous ground movements with instantaneous velocity estimates by GNSS

Roland Hohensinn, Alain Geiger, Daniel Willi, and Michael Meindl

EGU2019-18058 | Posters | G1.3

High rate GPS clock corrections supporting the PPP bridge monitoring

Xu Tang

EGU2019-339 | Posters | G1.3

Recent Precise Point Positining Performance of Galileo

Berkay Bahadur and Metin Nohutcu

EGU2019-6169 | Posters | G1.3

Verification of usefulness of Trimble RTX technology in archaeological research

Joachim Pawliński, Hubert Dec, Agnieszka Ochałek, Edyta Puniach, Paweł Ćwiąkała, and Jakub Broda

EGU2019-15946 | Posters | G1.3

Improving the performance of multi-GNSS ambiguity fixing for airborne kinematic positioning over Antarctica

Min Li

G2.1 – The Global Geodetic Observing System: Essential Variables for Geodesy

EGU2019-10798 | Posters | G2.1

GGOS Focus Area on Geodetic Space Weather Research – Essential Geodetic Variables

Michael Schmidt, Klaus Börger, and Ehsan Forootan

EGU2019-4385 | Posters | G2.1

Global Ionospheric and Thermospheric Responses to Solar and Magnetic Activity Derived from Models and Geodetic Observations

Ehsan Forootan, Michael Schmidt, Klaus Börger, Saeed Farazaneh, Christina Lück, Kristin Vielberg, and Mona Kosary

EGU2019-5984 | Posters | G2.1

Essential Earth Rotation Variables

Richard Gross

EGU2019-11599 | Posters | G2.1

GGOS Bearing Essential Fruit: Globally-Consistent Land Motion and Integrated Water Vapor from >17,000 Sites

Geoffrey Blewitt, Corné Kreemer, and William Hammond

EGU2019-6181 | Posters | G2.1

Current Activities and Plans of the GGOS Bureau of Networks and Observations

Michael R. Pearlman, Dirk Behrend, Allison Craddock, Carey E. Noll, Erricos C. Pavlis, Jérôme Saunier, Andrew Matthews, Riccardo Barzaghi, Daniela Thaller, Benjamin Maennel, Sten Bergstrand, and Jürgen Müller

EGU2019-6626 | Posters | G2.1

The GGOS Bureau of Products and Standards

Detlef Angermann, Thomas Gruber, Michael Gerstl, Urs Hugentobler, Laura Sanchez, Robert Heinkelmann, and Peter Steigenberger

EGU2019-18156 | Posters | G2.1

Contribution of the DORIS system to the observation and determination of essential variables for geodesy

Laurent Soudarin, Jean-Michel Lemoine, Frank Lemoine, Alexandre Couhert, Christian Jayles, Jérôme Saunier, Guilhem Moreaux, Hugues Capdeville, Petr Štěpánek, and Pascale Ferrage

EGU2019-12018 | Posters | G2.1

Recent Achievements and Activities of the International GNSS Service

Allison Craddock, Gary Johnston, Rolf Dach, Charles Meertens, Chris Rizos, and Michael Moore

EGU2019-15513 | Posters | G2.1

New Features and Future Plans of the International Centre for Global Earth Models (ICGEM)

Elmas Sinem Ince, Franz Barthelmes, Sven Reissland, Kirsten Elger, Christoph Förste, and Frank Flechtner

EGU2019-5029 | Posters | G2.1

Assessing the IGS tracking network: definition of a repro3 station selection

Benjamin Männel, Markus Bradke, Andre Brandt, Thomas Nischan, Pierre Sakic, and Andreas Brack

EGU2019-5205 | Posters | G2.1

The 1 cm geoid experiment with Least Squares Collocation

Martin Willberg, Philipp Zingerle, Qing Liu, Michael Schmidt, and Roland Pail

EGU2019-7749 | Posters | G2.1

Satellite Scheduling with VieSched++

Helene Wolf, Matthias Schartner, Johannes Böhm, and Andreas Hellerschmied

EGU2019-7765 | Posters | G2.1

Testing a low-cost methodology for 3D documentation of long-term GNSS sites

Elizabeth Petrie and Chima Iheaturu

G2.2 – The International Terrestrial Reference Frame: Elaboration, Usage and Applications

EGU2019-4786 | Posters | G2.2

Comparison of global seasonal deformation induced by GPS and loading models

Yujiao Niu, Min Li, Na Wei, and Chuang Shi

EGU2019-7014 | Posters | G2.2

Geocenter Motion from a Combination of GRACE Data and JTRF-like Solutions

Claudio Abbondanza, Toshio M Chin, Richard S Gross, Michael B Heflin, Jay W Parker, Benedikt S Soja, and Xiaoping Wu

EGU2019-16521 | Posters | G2.2

The use of a GNSS surface velocity field in testing GIA models

Katarina Vardić, Peter Clarke, Pippa Whitehouse, and Ciprian Spatar

EGU2019-9234 | Posters | G2.2

Arabian Plate Motion Using KACST’s GNSS Network; A first results

Abdulaziz Alothman, Fahri Kartal, and Coşkun Demir

EGU2019-13176 | Posters | G2.2

Innovations in the DORIS data processing at IDS analysis centre GOP

Petr Stepanek and Vratislav Filler

EGU2019-6449 | Posters | G2.2

Analysis of the ITRF2014 tie vector discrepancies at the DORIS sites

Guilhem Moreaux, Frank G Lemoine, Hugues Capdeville, Petr Štěpánek, and Pascale Ferrage

EGU2019-14234 | Posters | G2.2

Optimizing VLBI scheduling with VieSched++

Matthias Schartner, Johannes Böhm, Arno Müskens, and Axel Nothnagel

EGU2019-8891 | Posters | G2.2

Current status of VMF3o

Janina Boisits, Daniel Landskron, and Johannes Böhm

EGU2019-15826 | Posters | G2.2

Systematic Error Mitigation in SLR Products for ITRF2020

Vincenza Luceri, Erricos C. Pavlis, Mauro Pirri, Magdalena Kuzmicz-Cieslak, Keith Evans, and Giuseppe Bianco

EGU2019-10674 | Posters | G2.2

Analysis of Single- and Double-Differenced SLR Observations at the Wettzell Observatory

Iván Darío Herrera Pinzón and Markus Rothacher

EGU2019-7329 | Posters | G2.2

The current situation and directions of development of the geodetic provision in Russia

Elena Mazurova

EGU2019-17746 | Posters | G2.2

The importance of using ITRF in global positioning applications

Francesco Matonti, Nejc Krasovec, and Adam Miller

G2.3 – Applications and future of European reference frames – (more than) 30 years of EUREF

EGU2019-7847 | Orals | G2.3

Towards Operational Data Quality Monitoring of EPN Stations

Carine Bruyninx, Juliette Legrand, Andras Fabian, and Eric Pottiaux

EGU2019-10612 | Posters | G2.3 | Highlight

Present and future of European reference frames

Markku Poutanen, Zuheir Altamimi, Elmar Brockmann, Carine Bruyninx, Alessandro Caporali, Rolf Dach, Jan Dousa, Rui Fernandes, Ambrus Kenyeres, Juliette Legrand, Martin Lidberg, Tomasz Liwosz, Rosa Pacione, Martina Sacher, Wolfgang Söhne, Joao Torres, and Christof Völksen

EGU2019-15310 | Posters | G2.3

EUREF’s pan-European Geodetic Infrastructures in Support of Geosciences

Ambrus Kenyeres, Carine Bruyninx, Martina Sacher, Heiner Denker, and Rui Fernandes

EGU2019-12673 | Orals | G2.3

ETRS89 or ITRS and what are the user needs?

Zuheir Altamimi

EGU2019-12629 | Posters | G2.3

EUREF GNSS Campaigns: the Recent Years

Wolfgang Soehne and Joao Agria Torres

EGU2019-8387 | Orals | G2.3

Dynamic reference frame on Iceland

Halfdan Pascal Kierulf, Guðmundur Valsson, Kristian Evers, Martin Lidberg, Pasi Häkli, Dalia Prizginiene, Geir Arne Hjelle, Olav Vestøl Vestøl, Martin Håkansson, Per Knutsen, Markku Poutanen, and Þórarinn Sigurðsson

EGU2019-1907 | Posters | G2.3

The Geodetic contribution of Auth at HELPOS project

Ion-Anastasios Karolos, Christos Pikridas, Aristeidis Fotiou, and Stylianos Bitharis

EGU2019-5543 | Orals | G2.3

Deformation model for Europe: Application of the least-square collocation

Rebekka Steffen, Juliette Legrand, Holger Steffen, Martin Lidberg, Ambrus Kenyeres, Elmar Brockmann, and Simon Lutz

EGU2019-7211 | Posters | G2.3

Maintenance of the National Realisation of ETRS89 in Sweden: re-analysis of 20-years GPS data for SWEREF stations

Faramarz Nilfouroushan, Lotti Jivall, Naim Al Munaizel, Christina Lilje, and Christina Kempe

EGU2019-10317 | Posters | G2.3

Stability of velocity estimations and quality assessment of the EPN stations

Juliette Legrand and Carine Bruyninx

EGU2019-15931 | Orals | G2.3

Updated tide gauge records for specifying mean sea level estimates along the Estonian coast

Karin Kollo, Artu Ellmann, Tarmo Kõuts, and Kaimo Vahter

EGU2019-14122 | Posters | G2.3

Discrete GNSS velocity field filtering: an OCSVM based approach

Balint Magyar and Ambrus Kenyeres

EGU2019-18819 | Posters | G2.3

Status report of the Working Group “European Dense Velocities”

Simon Lutz and Elmar Brockmann

EGU2019-16401 | Posters | G2.3

Multi-epoch re-measurements of the EUREF densification network in Estonia

Jaanus Metsar, Karin Kollo, Artu Ellmann, Priit Pihlak, and Andres Rüdja

EGU2019-9735 | Posters | G2.3

Cross-border precise levelling measurements for realization of state levelling network in EVRS

Slaveyko Gospodinov, Elena Peneva, Tatyana Lambeva, and Sasho Dimeski

EGU2019-10153 | Posters | G2.3

Deficiencies of Phase Centre Models: Assessing the impact on geodetic parameters

Tobias Kersten, Johannes Kröger, Yannick Breva, and Steffen Schön

EGU2019-17744 | Posters | G2.3

Tectonic Strain distribution over Europe from EPN data

Dimitris Anastasiou, Athanassios Ganas, Juliette Legrand, Carine Bruyninx, Xanthos Papanikolaou, Varvara Tsironi, and Vasilis Kapetanidis

G2.4 – Precise Orbit Determination for Geodesy and Earth Science

EGU2019-15218 | Orals | G2.4

Improved determination of the three first-degree Earth gravity coefficients using SLR, DORIS and GPS observations

Alexandre Couhert, Flavien Mercier, Christian Bizouard, and Richard Biancale

EGU2019-12587 | Posters | G2.4

Orbit determination of BDS-3 satellites using inter-satellite link measurements

Xin Xie, Tao Geng, Qile Zhao, and Rongxin Fang

EGU2019-8946 | Orals | G2.4

Copernicus POD Service: Reprocessing of the Copernicus Sentinel-1,-2,-3 orbits

Jaime Fernandez Sanchez, Emilio José Calero, Heike Peter, and Pierre Féménias

EGU2019-4597 | Posters | G2.4

Validation of Metadata of GNSS Satellites

Bingbing Duan, Urs Hugentobler, Max Hofacker, and Inga Selmke

EGU2019-205 | Orals | G2.4

Consistent radiation pressure modelling for LEOs

Kristin Vielberg and Jürgen Kusche

EGU2019-4717 | Posters | G2.4

Impact of empirical parameters on precise orbit determination and prediction of GNSS satellites

Thomas Papanikolaou, Tzu-Pang Tseng, and Michael Moore

EGU2019-4809 | Orals | G2.4

Single-receiver ambiguity fixing for GPS-based precise orbit determination of low Earth orbiters using CODE’s new clock and phase bias products

Daniel Arnold, Stefan Schaer, Arturo Villiger, Rolf Dach, and Adrian Jäggi

EGU2019-14492 | Orals | G2.4

ESA Multi-GNSS Products

Volker Mayer, Tim Springer, Erik Schönemann, and Werner Enderle

EGU2019-9369 | Posters | G2.4

A refined non-gravitational force modelling for GPS and Galileo satellites with a focus on orbit prediction

Dmitry Sidorov, Bernard Polle, Rolf Dach, Marie Sachot, and Francisco Gonzalez

EGU2019-3926 | Orals | G2.4

Precise orbit determination of Galileo satellites based on hybrid empirical-physical models

Krzysztof Sośnica, Grzegorz Bury, and Radosław Zajdel

EGU2019-9662 | Orals | G2.4

Empirical Solar Radiation Pressure Modelling of Satellites with Orbit Normal Attitude

Lars Prange, Rolf Dach, Gerhard Beutler, Arturo Villiger, Daniel Arnold, Stefan Schaer, and Adrian Jäggi

EGU2019-12875 | Posters | G2.4

SRP modelling for improved orbit determination of GNSS satellites

Lauren McNair, Arturo Villiger, Rolf Dach, and Adrian Jäggi

EGU2019-5036 | Posters | G2.4

Multi-constellation GNSS orbit combination based on MGEX products: preliminary results

Gustavo Mansur, Pierre Sakic, Benjamin Männel, and Harald Schuh

EGU2019-3054 | Posters | G2.4

Combination of Precise Orbit Solutions for Sentinel-3A using Variance Component Estimation

Cyril Kobel, Daniel Arnold, and Adrian Jäggi

EGU2019-6285 | Posters | G2.4

Laser Retro-reflector Array designed for the mission of Tiangong2 spacecraft and SLR measurements

Zhi'en Cheng, Pu Li, Kai Tang, Zhongping Zhang, and Haifeng Zhang

EGU2019-5458 | Posters | G2.4

Integer ambiguity resolved orbits for Sentinel and the benefits of combined Sentinel and GPS processing

Francesco Gini, Michiel Otten, Claudia Flohrer, Volker Mayer, Estefania Ortiz Geist, and Werner Enderle

EGU2019-9070 | Posters | G2.4

Single-Receiver Ambiguity Resolution for Precise Orbit Determination of the Copernicus Sentinel Satellites at the Copernicus POD Service

Emilio Calero Rodriguez, Jaime Fernández, Heike Peter, and Pierre Féménias

EGU2019-14891 | Posters | G2.4

Precise Orbit Determination of Low Earth Orbiters with Phase Ambiguity Fixing

Qiang Zhang

EGU2019-12835 | Posters | G2.4

Copernicus Sentinel-1 satellites: Sensitivity of antenna offset estimation to orbit and observation modelling

Heike Peter, Jaime Fernández, and Pierre Féménias

EGU2019-17898 | Posters | G2.4

Validation of SENTINEL 3A and 3B modeling for precise orbit determination

Anton Reinhold, Rolf Koenig, and Hans Karl Neumayer

EGU2019-8020 | Posters | G2.4

Mapping of a priori gravity field information into LEO orbit determination

Rolf Dach, Daniel Arnold, Ulrich Meyer, and Adrian Jaeggi

EGU2019-13992 | Posters | G2.4

Stochastic noise modelling of kinematic orbit positions in the celestial mechanics approach (CMA)

Martin Lasser, Ulrich Meyer, Daniel Arnold, and Adrian Jäggi

EGU2019-14402 | Posters | G2.4

Precise Orbit Determination of Low Earth Orbiting Satellites Including Uncertainty Estimation

Josef Innerkofler, Christian Pock, Gottfried Kirchengast, Marc Schwärz, Adrian Jäggi, Yago Andres, Christian Marquardt, and Jakob Schwarz

G2.6 – Simulation studies to improve Earth system parameters and identification of new strategies for consistent geodetic products (including G Division Outstanding ECS Lecture by Benedikt Soja)

EGU2019-13135 | Orals | G2.6 | Highlight

Important aspects of a rigorous combination of space geodetic techniques

Markus Rothacher

EGU2019-1155 | Posters | G2.6

Combination of GNSS and geodetic VLBI on the observation level using Kalman filter: a study case for CONT17

Periklis-Konstantinos Diamantidis, Thomas Hobiger, Grzegorz Klopotek, and Rüdiger Haas

EGU2019-6158 | Orals | G2.6

GEOCON: Geodetic System Ties Using a CubeSat Constellation

Erricos C. Pavlis, Stephen M. Merkowitz, Christopher J. Beaudoin, Magda Kuzmicz-Cieslak, Dave D. Rowlands, and Frank G. Lemoine

EGU2019-1697 | Posters | G2.6

Enhanced troposphere delay model for SLR

Mateusz Drożdżewski, Krzysztof Sośnica, Florian Zus, and Kyriakos Balidakis

EGU2019-4059 | Posters | G2.6

Earth Orientation Parameters by GNSS & VLBI COMBINATION at Normal Equation Level

Jean-Yves Richard, Olivier Becker, Sebastien Lambert, and Christian Bizouard

EGU2019-1509 | Orals | G2.6

Combination of space geodetic techniques with atmospheric and local ties. A simulation study

Kyriakos Balidakis, Susanne Glaser, Florian Zus, Tobias Nilsson, and Harald Schuh

EGU2019-18288 | Orals | G2.6

The effect of SLR tracking scenarios to GNSS satellites in a combined GNSS/SLR solution

Florian Andritsch, Ulrich Meyer, Rolf Dach, Thomas Schildknecht, and Adrian Jäggi

EGU2019-8071 | Posters | G2.6

Future TRFs and GGOS – Where to put the next SLR station?

Florian Seitz, Alexander Kehm, Peter König, and Mathis Bloßfeld

EGU2019-10771 | Posters | G2.6

Improving Polar Motion Predictions Using AAM χ1 and χ2 Forecasts

James T. Ratcliff and Richard Gross

EGU2019-7951 | Orals | G2.6

Combination strategies for the realization of an Epoch Reference Frame for South America

Alexander Kehm, Laura Sánchez, Mathis Bloßfeld, Detlef Angermann, Hermann Drewes, and Florian Seitz

EGU2019-12424 | Posters | G2.6

VLBI/GNSS Rapid combination for generating Earth Orientation Parameters

Hendrik Hellmers, Daniela Thaller, Mathis Bloßfeld, Alexander Kehm, and Anastasiia Girdiuk

EGU2019-7581 | Orals | G2.6

Combination of SLR, GRACE and SWARM monthly gravity fields at normal equation level

Ulrich Meyer, Krzysztof Sosnica, Florian Andritsch, Daniel König, Rolf Dach, Daniela Thaller, and Adrian Jäggi

EGU2019-10211 | Orals | G2.6

Chasing consistency: joint determination of terrestrial and celestial reference frames

Benedikt Soja, Richard Gross, Claudio Abbondanza, T. Mike Chin, Michael Heflin, Jay Parker, and Xiaoping Wu

EGU2019-12855 | Posters | G2.6

Effect of elongated radio source structure on the estimated geodetic VLBI parameters

Nataliya Zubko, Niko Kareinen, Tuomas Savolainen, and Markku Poutanen

EGU2019-15486 | Posters | G2.6

Geocenter estimation with a future GNSS constellation

Susanne Glaser, Grzegorz Michalak, Rolf Koenig, Karl Hans Neumayer, Benjamin Maennel, and Harald Schuh

EGU2019-17185 | Posters | G2.6

Pierre Exertier, Dung Luong Ngoc, and Alexandre Belli

EGU2019-17802 | Posters | G2.6

On the effects of single-satellite space ties on the Terrestrial Reference Frame

Patrick Alexander Schreiner, Nicat Mammadaliyev, Susanne Glaser, Rolf Koenig, Karl Hans Neumayer, and Harald Schuh

G3.1 – Earth Rotation: Theoretical aspects, observation of temporal variations and physical interpretation

EGU2019-1594 | Posters | G3.1

Estimation of Earth Rotation Parameters for Enhancing the Precise Realization of ITRF

Sujata Dhar, Bala Nagarajan, and Onkar Dikshit

EGU2019-13689 | Orals | G3.1

Improving the description of non-tidal ocean signals in rapid polar motion

Alexander Harker and Michael Schindelegger

EGU2019-4035 | Orals | G3.1

Mass-related excitation of polar motion: An assessment of the new RL06 GRACE gravity field models

Franziska Göttl, Michael Schmidt, and Florian Seitz

EGU2019-5405 | Posters | G3.1

From ICRF2 to ICRF3: the influence on EOP determined from VLBI observations

Niu Liu, Ibnu Nurul Huda, Sébastie Lambert, and Zi Zhu

EGU2019-7410 | Orals | G3.1

On the consistent realization of CRF, TRF, and EOP

Robert Heinkelmann, Susanne Lunz, Tobias Nilsson, and Harald Schuh

EGU2019-15466 | Posters | G3.1

Earth rotation variations observed by VLBI and the Wettzell “G” ring laser during the CONT17 campaign

Sigrid Böhm, Matthias Schartner, Johannes Böhm, André Gebauer, Thomas Klügel, Ulrich Schreiber, and Torben Schüler

EGU2019-5493 | Posters | G3.1

Influence of the abnormal QBO feature during 2015-2016 on the Earth rotation rate

Laura Isabel Fernandez and Sigrid Böhm

EGU2019-8199 | Orals | G3.1

Estimation of Earth rotation resonance parameters through VLBI analysis

Ibnu Nurul Huda, Christian Bizouard, Yann Ziegler, and Sébastien Lambert

EGU2019-8384 | Posters | G3.1

Seasonal variations in global mean sea-level and consequences for the excitation of length-of-day changes

Robert Dill, Henryk Dobslaw, and Meike Bagge

EGU2019-8397 | Orals | G3.1

A new hybrid method to improve EOP prediction

Sadegh Modiri, Santiago Belda, Mostafa Hoseini, Robert Heinkelmann, Jose M. Ferrandiz, and Harald Schuh

EGU2019-13372 | Posters | G3.1

Geodetic - hydrological residual time series: characterization of their noise level

Małgorzata Wińska, Karolina Szafranek, and Agnieszka Zwirowicz-Rutkowska

EGU2019-8235 | Posters | G3.1

Frequency dependence of the polar motion resonance

Christian Bizouard, Ibnu Nurul Huda, Yann Ziegler, and Sébastien Lambert

EGU2019-2561 | Posters | G3.1

Seismic Effects on the Secular Drift of the Earth’s Rotational Pole

Changyi Xu and Benjamin Fong Chao

EGU2019-10515 | Posters | G3.1

Present and future of Earth rotation models according to the findings of the IAU/IAG Joint Working Group on Theory of Earth rotation and validation

José M. Ferrándiz, Richard S. Gross, Alberto Escapa, Juan Getino, Aleksander Brzezinski, and Robert Heinkelmann

EGU2019-13735 | Posters | G3.1

Poisson terms of the rotation of the non-rigid Earth at the second order

Juan Getino, Alberto Escapa, José Manuel Ferrándiz, and Tomás Baenas

G3.3 – Observing and Separation of geophysical signals in the Climate and Earth System through Geodesy (co-organized)

EGU2019-11607 | Orals | G3.3

The imprints of contemporary mass redistribution on regional sea level and vertical land motion observations

Thomas Frederikse, Felix Landerer, and Lambert Caron

EGU2019-14617 | Posters | G3.3

Tectonic and climate induced mass changes- competing signals in long term gravity signals

Carla Braitenberg and Tommaso Pivetta

EGU2019-1189 | Orals | G3.3

Comparing Global Hydrological Models and Combining them with GRACE Data by Dynamic Bayesian Averaging (DBA)

Nooshin Mehrnegar, Owen Jones, Michael B. Singer, Maike Shumacher, Paul Bates, and Ehsan Forootan

EGU2019-9128 | Posters | G3.3

Inverse GIA estimates from satellite gravimetry and altimetry over Antarctica

Matthias Oskar Willen, Bernd Uebbing, Martin Horwath, Jürgen Kusche, Roelof Rietbroek, and Ludwig Schröder

EGU2019-10444 | Orals | G3.3

A global inverse solution for GIA

Maike Schumacher, Zhe Sha, Matt King, Jonathan Rougier, Shfaqat Abbas Khan, and Jonathan Bamber

EGU2019-6654 | Posters | G3.3

Joint assimilation of Total Water Storage Anomalies (TWSA) and discharge observations into a hydrological model

Kerstin Schulze, Jürgen Kusche, and Olga Engels

EGU2019-7297 | Posters | G3.3

How large is the added value of Swarm time-variable gravity if assimilated into WGHM?

Olga Engels, Jürgen Kusche, Kerstin Schulze, Helena Gerdener, Christina Lück, and Petra Döll

EGU2019-9459 | Orals | G3.3

A first observation driven estimate of Ocean Bottom Deformation: updating the Sea Level Budget

Richard Westaway, Bramha Dutt Vishwakarma, Samantha Royston, and Jonathan L. Bamber

EGU2019-19001 | Posters | G3.3

How does regional terrestrial water storage change affect polar motion?

Shanshan Deng, Suxia Liu, Xingguo Mo, Liguang Jiang, and Peter Bauer-Gottwein

EGU2019-17120 | Orals | G3.3

Southern Ocean Circulation and Frontal Dynamics from Cryosat-2 Along-track Radar Altimetry

Erik Mackie, Rory Bingham, Paul Holland, and Michael Meredith

EGU2019-1478 | Posters | G3.3

Delineating the impact of climate change on the Himalayan Glaciers by segregating snow and water loading from GPS and GRACE observations: Validation using a global climate model

M. Sithartha Muthu Vijayan, Jagat Dwipendra Ray, and Kavirajan Rajendran

EGU2019-10651 | Posters | G3.3

Investigating Surface Mass Loading Effects on Geodetic GPS Observations Using Loading Models

Zhen Li, Henryk Dobslaw, and Jianping Yue

EGU2019-1985 | Posters | G3.3

Investigation of the noise properties at low frequencies in long GNSS time series

Rui Fernandes, Machiel Bos, Jean-Philippe Montillet, and Xiaoxing He

EGU2019-11343 | Posters | G3.3

Improvements of GNSS solutions by applying environmental loading corrections at the observation level

Lin Wang, Daniela Thaller, Andreja Susnik, and Rolf Dach

EGU2019-14182 | Posters | G3.3

SARI: interactive GNSS position time series analysis software

Alvaro Santamaría-Gómez

EGU2019-18238 | Posters | G3.3

Estimating the Deep Overturning Transport Variability at 26∘N Using Bottom Pressure Recorders

Emma Worthington, Eleanor Frajka-Williams, and Gerard McCarthy

EGU2019-17945 | Posters | G3.3

River discharge monitoring with multi-mission satellite sensor

Angelica Tarpanelli, Paolo Filippucci, Luca Brocca, and Tommaso Moramarco

EGU2019-19116 | Posters | G3.3

What does sea-level change tell us about ocean heat uptake?

Maria Z. Hakuba, Thomas Frederikse, and Felix Landerer

EGU2019-8019 | Posters | G3.3

Climate-driven accelerated sea level rise since 2011

Bingshi Liu and Xiancai Zou

G3.4 – Monitoring and modelling of geodynamics and crustal deformation: progress during 38 years of the WEGENER initiative (co-organized)

EGU2019-3502 | Orals | G3.4

New insights into present-day deformation of the Makran subduction zone, Iran, from continuous GPS: Impact of the Saravan intra-slab earthquake in 2013 and first evidence of silent earthquakes.

Andrea Walpersdorf, Fatemeh Khorrami, Zahra Mousavi, Farokh Tavakoli, Mathilde Radiguet, Seied Abolreza Saadat, Hamid Reza Nankali, Yahya Djamour, and James Hollingsworth

EGU2019-2375 | Posters | G3.4

Crustal movement and strain distribution in East Asia revealed by GPS observations

Ming Hao, Yuhang Li, Qingliang Wang, Duxin Cui, and Wenquan Zhuang

EGU2019-3350 | Orals | G3.4

Westward decelerating failure of the North Anatolian Fault

Fatih Bulut, Aslı Doğru, Tülay Kaya Eken, and Haluk Ozener

EGU2019-9069 | Posters | G3.4

Gravity variations at Medicina: mass movements or vertical displacements?

Susanna Zerbini, Sara Bruni, Hartmut Wziontek, Matteo Berti, and Maddalena Errico

EGU2019-9710 | Posters | G3.4

3D GPS velocity field of the Iberian Peninsula

Giorgi Khazaradze, Sara Pena-Castellnou, Alvaro Santamaría-Gómez, and Philippe Vernant

EGU2019-9804 | Orals | G3.4

The IGCP-659 project: Seismotectonic background for a realistic seismic hazard assessment in Africa

Vunganai Midzi and Mustapha Meghraoui and the IGCP-659 Working Group

EGU2019-1835 | Orals | G3.4

Active deformation in Algeria from Continuous GPS measurements

Amina Bougrine, Eric Calais, and AbdelKarim Yelles-Chaouche

EGU2019-13981 | Posters | G3.4

The Gibraltar arc: can various (near)surface observations be explained through lithospheric-scale forces?

Nicolai Nijholt, Rob Govers, and Rinus Wortel

EGU2019-13083 | Posters | G3.4

Earthquake Potential of East Anatolian Fault

Kaan Alper Ucan, Fatih Bulut, Asli Dogru, and Haluk Ozener

EGU2019-1787 | Orals | G3.4

Using gravity for monitoring an active geodynamic area: Vrancea intermediate-depth seismic zone

Lucian Besutiu, Mihai Pomeran, and Luminita Zlagnean

EGU2019-14341 | Orals | G3.4

Observations of Backstops in the Overriding Plate During the Megathrust Earthquake Cycle

Rob Govers, Taco Broerse, and Matthew W. Herman

EGU2019-11372 | Posters | G3.4

Brittle-ductile transition zone along the North Anatolian Fault from GPS and Magnetotellurics

Tülay Kaya Eken, Fatih Bulut, Aslı Doğru, and Haluk Özener

EGU2019-12636 | Posters | G3.4

Present Day Slip Deficit of the Tuzla (Izmir) Fault based on GPS measurements

Bengisu Gelin, Fatih Bulut, Asli Dogru, and Haluk Ozener

EGU2019-4100 | Posters | G3.4

Structural analysis of Earth`s crust GPS horizontal velocities in Azerbaijan

Rafig Safarov and Elnare Ahmedova

EGU2019-5783 | Posters | G3.4

Crustal Deformation and Seismicity Modulated by Groundwater Recharge of Karst Aquifers

Nicola D'Agostino, Francesca Silverii, Ortensia Amoroso, Vincenzo Convertito, Francesco Fiorillo, Gerardo Ventafridda, and Aldo Zollo

EGU2019-12614 | Posters | G3.4

Slow deformation in the Briançon area (South-Western Alps, France) : can we localize it on active fault(s) ?

Marguerite Mathey, Andrea Walpersdorf, Stéphane Baize, Marie-Pierre Doin, and Christian Sue

EGU2019-18996 | Posters | G3.4

Seismotomographic studies in Azerbaijan

Gurban J. Yetirmishli and Sabina Kazimova

EGU2019-31 | Posters | G3.4

Results of 2010-2016 Azerbaijan seismicity data analysis using seismological and topological statistical methods

Fakhraddin Gadirov (Kadirov), Luciano Telesca, Gurban Yetirmishli, Rafig Safarov, and Sabina Kazimova

EGU2019-17207 | Posters | G3.4

Characterizing Deformation of Istanbul Wall by Geodetic Terrestrial Laser Scanning

Maryna Batur, Asli Dogru, Fatih Bulut, Asli Sabuncu, and Haluk Ozener

EGU2019-17399 | Posters | G3.4

Assembly areas for expected Istanbul Earthquake

Asli Sabuncu, Asli Dogru, Fatih Bulut, and Haluk Ozener

EGU2019-17619 | Posters | G3.4 | Highlight

History of Earthquake Awareness in Turkish Society over the last 20 years

Asli Dogru, Fatih Bulut, Yavuz Gunes, Alev Berberoglu, and Haluk Ozener

G3.5 – Hydrological signals in geodetic data: New observations, models and techniques (co-organized)

EGU2019-7022 | Orals | G3.5

Improving hydrological loading by relocation of modeled surface water to geo-referenced river channels

Robert Dill, Volker Klemann, and Henryk Dobslaw

EGU2019-6176 | Posters | G3.5

Hydro-mechanical perturbation of groundwater by rivers: evidence from Bangladesh

Sarmin Sultana, K. Matin Ahmed, Anwar Zahid, Nicholas Woodman, Atikul Islam, and William Burgess

EGU2019-14086 | Orals | G3.5

A comprehensive assessment of GRACE decorrelating filters for hydrological applications

Peyman Saemian, Hassan Hashemi Farahani, and Nico Sneeuw

EGU2019-7249 | Posters | G3.5

Areal Distribution of Strong Earthquakes Related Groundwater-level Changes in Taiwan

Ching-Yi Liu, Yung-Chia Chiu, and Yeeping Chia

EGU2019-4239 | Orals | G3.5

A new multi-methodological and multi-disciplinary procedure for identifying hydrology-driven ground deformations in delta areas from geodetic datasets

Eleonora Vitagliano, Rosa Di Maio, Ester Piegari, Umberto Riccardi, and Jean-Paul Boy

EGU2019-8682 | Posters | G3.5

Modeling the poro-elastic signature of two medium-large earthquakes, tips from GPS and InSAR data

Maria Elina Belardinelli, Massimo Nespoli, Adriano Gualandi, Enrico Serpelloni, and Maurizio Bonafede

EGU2019-12177 | Orals | G3.5

An interdisciplinary investigation of the Central Valley's aquifer response during recent droughts

Susanna Werth, Manoochehr Shirzaei, Chandrakanta Ojha, and Grace Carlson

EGU2019-9136 | Posters | G3.5

Geological control of hydrological transient deformation in the Venetian Southern Alps (Italy)

Francesco Pintori, Enrico Serpelloni, Laurent Longuevergne, Maria Elina Belardinelli, Adriano Gualandi, and Enrico Scoccimarro

EGU2019-14972 | Orals | G3.5

Patterns of reversible ground surface deformations in crystalline rock slopes

Nicolas Oestreicher, Simon Loew, Clément Roques, Jordan Aaron, Andrea Manconi, and Franziska Glüer

EGU2019-10316 | Posters | G3.5

Hydrologically-induced deformation in Long Valley Caldera and the adjacent Sierra Nevada range

Francesca Silverii, Emily Montgomery-Brown, and Adrian Antal Borsa

EGU2019-12900 | Posters | G3.5

Seasonal groundwater dynamics in California’s Central Valley indicated by GPS-enhanced InSAR

Wesley Neely, Adrian Borsa, and Francesca Silverii

EGU2019-16814 | Posters | G3.5

GPS Time Series Analysis in the New Madrid Seismic Zone

Barbara Höwer, Brigitte Gundlich, Makan Karegar, and Jürgen Kusche

EGU2019-1645 | Posters | G3.5

Characteristics of crustal motion in response to the seasonal hydrological loading in Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna basin inferred from GPS and GRACE

Jagat Dwipendra Ray, M. Sithartha Muthu Vijayan, and Ashok Kumar

EGU2019-9006 | Posters | G3.5

Mapping global water stress from GRACE satellite data

Bramha Dutt Vishwakarma, Paul Bates, Nico Sneeuw, and Jonathan Bamber

EGU2019-15399 | Posters | G3.5

Time-lapse relative gravity measurements in an underground structure provide a model of local hydrology

Jaakko Mäkinen, Ivars Liepiņš, Viesturs Sprogis, Jānis Sakne, Kalvis Salmiņš, Jānis Kaminskis, and Reinhard Falk

EGU2019-17817 | Posters | G3.5

Geodetic Observation and Analysis of Land Deformation in Northwest of Iran

Mohammad Mohseni Aref and Ergin Tari

G4.1 – Satellite Gravimetry: Data Analysis, Results and Future Mission Concepts

EGU2019-10455 | Posters | G4.1

Access to GRACE/GRACE-FO Mass Anomaly Time Series: The GFZ Web Portal GravIS

Christoph Dahle, Henryk Dobslaw, Ingo Sasgen, Andreas Groh, Volker Klemann, Michael Murböck, Rolf König, Liangjing Zhang, Robert Dill, Sven Reißland, and Frank Flechtner

EGU2019-9645 | Orals | G4.1 | Highlight

GRACE Follow-On: mission status and first mass change observations

Frank Flechtner, Frank Webb, Felix Landerer, Christoph Dahle, Michael Watkins, Phil Morton, and Himanshu Save

EGU2019-12596 | Orals | G4.1

Assessment of the first gravity and mass change fields from the GRACE Follow-On Science Data System

Felix Landerer, Christoph Dahle, Frank Webb, Frank Flechtner, Himanshu Save, David Wiese, Chris McCullough, Dah-Ning Yuan, Srinivas Bettadpur, and Michael Murboeck

EGU2019-11963 | Posters | G4.1

Mascon Estimation Strategies for CSR GRACE RL06 and GRACE-FO Gravity Fields

Himanshu Save, Srinivas Bettadpur, Peter Nagel, Nadege Pie, Steve Poole, and Zhigui Kang

EGU2019-7298 | Posters | G4.1

Combination Service for Time-variable Gravity Field Solutions (COST-G) – current status

Adrian Jäggi, Barbara Jenny, Ulrich Meyer, Frank Flechtner, Himanshu Save, Carmen Boening, Torsten Mayer-Gürr, and Jean-Michel Lemoine

EGU2019-6188 | Orals | G4.1

Further Plans for the GRACE Mission

Byron Tapley, Frank Flecthner, Srinivas Bettadpur, Himanshu Save, Carmen Boening, and Michael Watkins

EGU2019-9498 | Orals | G4.1

Assessment of GRACE L1B RL03 Data Products for Temporal Gravity Field Solutions through Improved Energy Balance Approach

Metehan Uz, Kun Shang, Orhan Akyilmaz, Ck Shum, Junyi Guo, Aydin Ustun, and Yu Zhang

EGU2019-12016 | Posters | G4.1

Investigation on the performance of temporal gravity retrieval based on GRACE Follow-On and Chinese GRACE-like missions.

Changqing Wang, Wei Feng, Min Zhong, and Houtze Hsu

EGU2019-16932 | Orals | G4.1

Assessment of Release-6 monthly gravity field solutions based on GRACE satellite data

Pavel Ditmar and Marenka Brussee

EGU2019-17704 | Posters | G4.1

Impact of accelerometer parametrizations on GRACE post-fit residuals

Igor Koch, Akbar Shabanloui, and Jakob Flury

EGU2019-14703 | Posters | G4.1

On recovering transplanted GRACE/GFO accelerometer data

Saniya Behzadpour and Torsten Mayer-Gürr

EGU2019-3021 | Orals | G4.1

Towards validation of GRACE/-FO gravity fields and background models using GNSS position time series

Anna Klos, Jürgen Kusche, Janusz Bogusz, Anne Springer, Roelof Rietbroek, Christina Lück, and Makan Karegar

EGU2019-14247 | Orals | G4.1

Demystifying the origin of stripes in GRACE mission gravity field models

Spiros Pagiatakis and Athina Peidou

EGU2019-18606 | Posters | G4.1

Separating surface water body mass changes from GRACE water storage estimates

Simon Deggim and Annette Eicker

EGU2019-4384 | Orals | G4.1

GPS-based gravity field recovery from reprocessed GOCE precise science orbits

Thomas Grombein, Daniel Arnold, and Adrian Jäggi

EGU2019-12998 | Posters | G4.1

Data mining of spherical harmonic (SH) coefficients using artificial neural networks (ANN)

Muhammad Athar Javaid and Wolfgang Keller

EGU2019-5704 | Orals | G4.1

ESA’s new satellite-only gravity field model via the direct approach (DIR-R6)

Christoph Förste, Oleg Abrykosov, Sean Bruinsma, Christoph Dahle, Rolf König, and Jean-Michel Lemoine

EGU2019-5425 | Posters | G4.1

High-resolution combined global gravity field modelling – Towards a combined d/o 10800 model

Philipp Zingerle, Roland Pail, and Thomas Gruber

EGU2019-14250 | Orals | G4.1

An improved global gravity field model from the GOCE mission: the time-wise release 6 model

Jan Martin Brockmann, Till Schubert, Torsten Mayer-Gürr, and Wolf-Dieter Schuh

EGU2019-14265 | Posters | G4.1

Bridging the GRACE/GRACE-FO gap with time-variable gravity from the Swarm satellites using PCA

Maja Richter, Michael G. Sideris, Elena Rangelova, Jürgen Kusche, and Christina Lück

EGU2019-17241 | Orals | G4.1

The combined satellite gravity field model GOCO06s

Andreas Kvas, Torsten Mayer-Gürr, Jan Martin Brockmann, Till Schubert, Wolf-Dieter Schuh, Roland Pail, Thomas Gruber, Adrian Jäggi, Ulrich Meyer, and Sandro Krauss

EGU2019-13183 | Orals | G4.1

Combined SLR gravity field time series for continuous Earth System Monitoring

Mathis Bloßfeld, Ulrich Meyer, Krzysztof Sosnica, and Adrian Jäggi

EGU2019-8726 | Posters | G4.1

Using Swarm to derive global sea level budgets

Christina Lück, Bernd Uebbing, Roelof Rietbroek, and Jürgen Kusche

EGU2019-13412 | Orals | G4.1

Complete 5-years time series of combined monthly gravity field models derived from Swarm GPS data

Pieter Visser, Joao Teixeira da Encarnacao, Eelco Doornbos, Jose van den IJssel, Xinyuan Mao, Elisabetta Iorfida, Daniel Arnold, Adrian Jaeggi, Ulrich Meyer, Ales Bezdek, Josef Sebera, Jaroslav Klokocnik, Matthias Ellmer, Torsten Mayer-Guerr, Junyi Guo, Ck Shum, and Yu Zhang