Presentation type:

GD – Geodynamics

GD1.1 – Models and observations of vertical plate motions, and the links between surface and deep mantle processes, in particular the plume mode of mantle convection: A tribute to Kevin Burke (co-organized)

EGU2019-1165 | Posters | GD1.1

Coupled/decoupled lithospheric drips and their surface expression with insights from analogue modelling

Julia Andersen, Tasca Santimano, Oguz Gogus, Russell Pysklywec, Nathan Stoikopoulos, and Erkan Gun

EGU2019-2044 | Posters | GD1.1

Fossil subduction zone origin for magmas in the Ferrar Large Igneous Province, Antarctica: Evidence from PGE and Os isotope systematics in the Basement Sill of the McMurdo Dry Valleys

Sung Hi Choi, Samuel B. Mukasa, Greg Ravizza, Thomas H. Fleming, Bruce D. Marsh, and Jean H. J. Bédard

EGU2019-11114 | Orals | GD1.1

Cenozoic palaeogeography of Africa: a record of mantle dynamic and isostatic rebounds

François Guillocheau, Cécile Robin, Guillaume Baby, and Simon Brendan

EGU2019-2469 | Posters | GD1.1

Global Paleomagnetic Database, global 2000-0 Ma paleogeographic animation and Large Igneous Provinces

Sergei Pisarevskiy, Zheng-Xiang Li, Lei Wu, and Richard Ernst

EGU2019-4460 | Posters | GD1.1

Correlations of oceanic spreading rates and hiatus surface area in the North Atlantic realm

Hans-Peter Bunge, Julia Vibe, Anke Friedrich, and Stuart Clark

EGU2019-6842 | Posters | GD1.1

Linking compositional properties and epeirogenic movement in mantle flow models

Siavash Ghelichkhan and Hans-Peter Bunge

EGU2019-4310 | Orals | GD1.1

On the nature of the Cimmerian Continent and the opening of the Neo-Tethys

A. M. Celâl Şengör, Nalan Lom, Cengiz Zabcı, Gürsel Sunal, and Taylan Sançar

EGU2019-4145 | Orals | GD1.1

Does Tibet represent a future-craton?

Nalan Lom, A. M. Celal Şengör, and Ali Polat

EGU2019-6781 | Posters | GD1.1

Investigating the characteristics of a potential West Antarctic mantle plume with geodynamic models

Eva Bredow, Jörg Ebbing, Folker Pappa, Rene Gassmöller, and Juliane Dannberg

EGU2019-12108 | Orals | GD1.1

Low-temperature thermochronometric insight into the long-term burial and erosional evolution of the Bundelkhand craton of central India

Cody L. Colleps, N. Ryan McKenzie, William R. Guenthner, Mukund Sharma, and Daniel F. Stockli

EGU2019-5699 | Orals | GD1.1 | Highlight

What drives tectonic plates?

Nicolas Coltice, Laurent Husson, Claudio Faccenna, and Maëlis Arnould

EGU2019-11750 | Orals | GD1.1

A new global full-plate reconstruction model for Phanerozoic time

Lei Wu, Zheng-Xiang Li, and Sergei Pisarevskiy

EGU2019-3295 | Orals | GD1.1

Episodes of Phanerozoic uplift in Greenland and Scandinavia: Correlation and lack of correlation across the North-East Atlantic

Peter Japsen, Paul F. Green, Johan M. Bonow, and James A. Chalmers

EGU2019-11804 | Posters | GD1.1

Decoding Earth's rhythms: modulation of supercontinent cycles by longer superocean cycles

Zheng-Xiang Li, Ross Mitchell, Christopher Spencer, Uwe Kirscher, Sergei Pisarevsky, Richard Ernst, and Brendan Murphy

EGU2019-12883 | Orals | GD1.1

Mesozoic-Cenozoic uplift and exhumation in Central Europe – data and concepts

Hilmar von Eynatten, Jonas Kley, and István Dunkl

EGU2019-16780 | Posters | GD1.1

Volcanic flux variations along the Hawaiian hotspot track: plume pulsations vs. plume-lithosphere interaction

Thomas Duvernay, Maxim Ballmer, John O'Connor, and Neil Ribe

EGU2019-15332 | Orals | GD1.1

The origin of Western Atlantic volcanic archipelagos by Interaction of Edge-Driven Convection and Mantle Plumes

Antonio Manjón-Cabeza Córdoba and Maxim D. Ballmer

EGU2019-7944 | Orals | GD1.1

A new tectonic model for the Lesser Antilles: Evidence for a buried arc in the eastern Caribbean

Robert Allen, Jenny Collier, Tim Henstock, Alex Stewart, and Saskia Goes

GD1.2 – Early Earth: Dynamics, Geology, Chemistry and Life in the Archean Earth (co-organized)

EGU2019-7412 | Posters | GD1.2

From magma oceans to solid mantle: insights from numerical simulations using a phase change boundary condition

Daniela Bolrão, Antoine Rozel, Maxim Ballmer, Adrien Morison, Stéphane Labrosse, and Paul Tackley

EGU2019-9256 | Orals | GD1.2

Onset of plate tectonics on Earth and implications for habitability

Camille François, Vinciane Debaille, Jean-Louis Paquette, Daniel Baudet, and Emmanuelle J. Javaux

EGU2019-1406 | Posters | GD1.2


Uğurcan Çetiner, Oğuz Göğüş, Antoine Rozel, Carl Guilmette, Jean H. Bédard, and Lyal Harris

EGU2019-5956 | Orals | GD1.2

Addressing subduction initiation: A key - but unresolved – feature of plate tectonics

Marzieh Baes, Stephan Sobolev, Taras Gerya, and Sascha Brune

EGU2019-6627 | Orals | GD1.2

Neoarchean tectonics: insight from the deformation of the Archean basement of North China Craton

Yongjiang Liu, Jing Li, Weimin Li, Sanzhong Li, and Limin Dai

EGU2019-7737 | Posters | GD1.2

Early Earth tectonics and the generation of continental TTG crust in global mantle convection models

Charitra Jain, Antoine Rozel, Paul Tackley, Patrick Sanan, and Taras Gerya

EGU2019-14647 | Posters | GD1.2

Control of mantle potential temperature on plume-lid interaction and implications for the earliest continental crust.

Andrea Piccolo, Richard M. Palin, Boris J.P. Kaus, and Richard W. White

EGU2019-6665 | Posters | GD1.2

The evolution of trench rollback

Jeroen van Hunen, Roberto Agrusta, Saskia Goes, and Phil Heron

EGU2019-18783 | Orals | GD1.2

Sedimentology and geochemistry of Earth’s oldest carbonate platform (2.94 Ga Red Lake Greenstone Belt, Ontario, Canada)

Stefan Lalonde, Pierre Sansjofre, Martin Homann, and Philip Fralick and the EARTHBLOOM team

EGU2019-16715 | Posters | GD1.2

The influence of geodynamic processes on the formation of TTG rocks in a plume-lid tectonics setting

Ria Fischer, Taras Gerya, and Lars Rüpke

EGU2019-15810 | Posters | GD1.2

Impact of water- and composition-dependent melting parameterisation on crust production and the geodynamic regime in the Archean

Antoine Rozel, Antonio Manjón Cabeza Córdoba, Maxim Ballmer, and Paul Tackley

EGU2019-13923 | Orals | GD1.2

The rise and fall of Archean bedded barite: a record of emergent crustal weathering and biosphere development

Desiree Roerdink, Cédric Hamelin, Yuval Ronen, Helen King, and Paul Mason

EGU2019-4454 | Posters | GD1.2

Mantle mixing efficiency during Archean Earth

Alexander Balduin and Lena Noack

EGU2019-14710 | Posters | GD1.2

The Great Thermal Divergence explained by the high-temperature slope break of the 660 transition

Thorsten Nagel and Kenni Dinesen Petersen

EGU2019-4647 | Posters | GD1.2

Structural characterization of the Nemiscau subprovince, Superior Province, Canada: tectonic implications for the development of Archean sedimentary basins

Rocío Pedreira Pérez, Alain Tremblay, Yannick Daoudene, and Daniel Bandyayera

EGU2019-2944 | Posters | GD1.2

Constraints on the formation of Earth's early continental crust from B isotopes

Matthijs Smit, Anders Scherstén, Tomas Næraa, Robert Emo, Erik Scherer, Peter Sprung, Wouter Bleeker, Klaus Mezger, Alessandro Maltese, Merry Cai, Troy Rasbury, and Martin Whitehouse

EGU2019-11173 | Posters | GD1.2

New insights into the Acasta Gneiss Complex using detrital zircon in Pleistocene esker systems

Grayson Bilak, Alberto Reyes, Thomas Chacko, Jesse Reimink, Michael Belosevic, Kaylyn Niemetz, John Ketchum, and Andrew Dufrane

EGU2019-969 | Posters | GD1.2

Geochemical investigation of mafic rocks from the Archean Olondo greenstone belt on the Aldan Shield, Siberian Craton

Thi-Duyen Tran, Kuo-Lung Wang, Victor P. Kovach, Alexander B. Kotov, Sergey Velikoslavinsky, Hao-Yang Lee, and Li-Wei Kuo

EGU2019-17563 | Posters | GD1.2

Earth’s earliest chemofossils? The importance of getting the geology and geochronology right!

Martin Whitehouse, Daniel Dunkley, Monika Kusiak, and Simon Wilde

GD2.3 – Crust-Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Interplay, Deformation and Dynamics (co-organized)

EGU2019-3009 | Orals | GD2.3

Some Features of Continental Lithospheric Deformation

Gregory Houseman

EGU2019-13907 | Posters | GD2.3

The Application of Teleseismic P-wave Receiver Functions to the Eastern Alps

Maria Theresa Joy Rocamora, Irene Bianchi, Götz Bokelmann, and AlpArray Working Group

EGU2019-15730 | Orals | GD2.3

The Global Consequences of a Weaker Asthenospheric Sub-Layer on Plate and Trench Motions at Subduction Zones.

Roberta Carluccio, Louis Moresi, Fabio Capitanio, Boris Kaus, and Ting Yang

EGU2019-10430 | Posters | GD2.3

Upper crustal structure at the KTB drilling site from ambient noise tomography

Ehsan Qorbani, Irene Bianchi, Dimitri Zigone, Petr Kolínský, and Götz Bokelmann

EGU2019-1872 | Orals | GD2.3

Subduction zones interaction in the Central Mediterranean: focusing on Adria

Ágnes Király, Claudio Faccenna, and Francesca Funiciello

EGU2019-16432 | Orals | GD2.3

Strain localization for subduction initiation: Inference from lithospheric scale modelling

Antoine Auzemery, Enst Willingshofer, and Dimitrios Sokoutis

EGU2019-14130 | Posters | GD2.3

Gravimetric study of the Khemis Miliana plain (Upper Cheliff basin): Structure of the transition zone between the Cheliff and Mitidja basin (North of Algeria)

Boualem Bouyahiaoui, Mohamed Bendali, Hassina Boukerbout, Billel Neche, and Abdeslam Abtout

EGU2019-10759 | Posters | GD2.3

Electrical lithosphere of the Iberian Peninsula: integrating existing magnetotelluric databases and models.

Juanjo Ledo, Pilar Queralt, Alex Marcuello, Anna Martí, Jaume Pous, Fernando Santos, Joan Campanyà, Perla Piña-Varas, and Gemma Mitjanas

EGU2019-15851 | Orals | GD2.3

The Pannon LitH2Oscope project: a large scale interdisciplinary endaevour in the Pannonian Basin to test the 'pargasosphere' concept

István Kovács, Gyöngyvér Szanyi, Zoltán Gráczer, Zoltán Wéber, Bálint Süle, Máté Timkó, Tibor Czifra, Nóra Liptai, Márta Berkesi, Thomas Lange, Attila Novák, Csaba Molnár, Eszter Szűcs, Csaba Szabó, and Viktor Wesztergom

EGU2019-5129 | Posters | GD2.3

Thermomechanical 2D model for a lithosphere transect of North Iberia: reconciling theories of its Cenozoic geodynamic evolution.

Angel Valverde-Perez, Daniel Garcia-Castellanos, Ivone Jimenez-Munt, Manel Fernandez, Jaume Verges, Louis Moresi, and Rebecca Farrington

EGU2019-16800 | Posters | GD2.3

Vertical tectonics in the Precambrian orogenic belts: 
A numerical perspective and application to the Canadian Hearne Craton

Jonathan Poh, Philippe Yamato, Thibault Duretz, Denis Gapais, and Patrick Ledru

EGU2019-6041 | Posters | GD2.3

3D Thermomechanical models with surface processes: state of the art and current challenges

Romain Beucher, Louis Moresi, Claire Mallard, Neng Lu, Patrice Rey, Julian Giordani, John Mansour, and Rebecca Farrington

EGU2019-1394 | Posters | GD2.3

Melt Production And Types In Mantle Drip Mechanism

Barış Şen, Oguz Gogus, and Kosuke Ueda

EGU2019-13237 | Posters | GD2.3

Dependence of lithospheric slab buoyancy on composition and convergence rate: insights from a thermally-coupled kinematic model

Kittiphon Boonma, Ajay Kumar, Daniel Garcia-Castellanos, Ivone Jiménez-Munt, and Manel Fernàndez

EGU2019-9052 | Posters | GD2.3

Paleo-stress modelling of Africa from plate kinematic reconstructions

Marius Wouters, Amy Tuck-Martin, Jürgen Adam, Graeme Eagles, and Rob Govers

EGU2019-3741 | Posters | GD2.3

Billion-year stability of cratonic edges controls location of global sediment-hosted metals

Karol Czarnota, Mark Hoggard, Fred Richards, David Huston, and Lynton Jaques

GD2.4 – Geodynamics of continental crust and upper mantle, and the nature of mantle discontinuities (co-organized)

EGU2019-18603 | Posters | GD2.4

Upper mantle structure beneath the central North China from surface wave tomography

Zhixiang Yao and Chunyong Wang

EGU2019-7567 | Orals | GD2.4

Seismic observations of upper mantle discontinuities, and their petrological and dynamical interpretation

Arwen Deuss, Sanne Cottaar, Jennifer Jenkins, and Annemijn van Stiphout

EGU2019-17183 | Orals | GD2.4

Revised geodynamic and seismological implications of mantle transition zone phase transitions

Kenni Dinesen Petersen, Thorsten Nagel, and Christian Schiffer

EGU2019-4695 | Posters | GD2.4

Different patterns of northward advancing Indian plate beneath western Tibet revealed by anisotropy tomography

Heng Zhang, Dapeng Zhao, Yunyue Li, Junmeng Zhao, and Hongbing Liu

EGU2019-14287 | Orals | GD2.4

The temperature-dependent visibility of the 660-km discontinuity

Benoit Tauzin, Lauren Waszek, Nickolas C. Schmerr, Maxim Ballmer, and Juan Carlos Afonso

EGU2019-11609 | Orals | GD2.4 | Highlight

Erosion of cratons by plumes: A seismological perspective

Sergei Lebedev, Nicolas Luca Celli, Andrew J. Schaeffer, Bernhard Steinberger, and Thomas Meier

EGU2019-4706 | Posters | GD2.4

Moho Doublet in Southern Tibet and Its Tectonic Implication

Junmeng Zhao, Rainer Kind, Qiang Xu, Gong Deng, Shuze Chen, and Heng Zhang

EGU2019-4701 | Posters | GD2.4

Seismic anisotropy of the crust and upper mantle beneath the northeastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau

Changhui Ju, Qiang Xu, Hongbing Liu, and Lin Ding

EGU2019-8275 | Orals | GD2.4

Scandinavian Lithosphere Structure derived from Ambient Noise and Surface Waves

Alexandra Mauerberger, Hamzeh Sadeghisorkhani, Frederik Tilmann, Olafur Gudmundsson, and Valerie Maupin

EGU2019-9586 | Posters | GD2.4

Receiver Function Imaging of the Mantle Transition Zone beneath Central Myanmar

Yiming Bai, Yumei He, Xiaohui Yuan, Myo Thant, Kyaing Sein, Shun Yang, and Yinshuang Ai

EGU2019-7572 | Orals | GD2.4

Lithosphere structure of the North China Craton from geophysical studies

Bing Xia, Irina Artemieva, and Hans Thybo

EGU2019-14622 | Posters | GD2.4

Lithospheric structure beneath Fennoscandia based on P- and S-wave receiver functions

Anna Makushkina, Benoit Tauzin, Meghan Miller, Hans Thybo, and Hrvoje Tkalčić

EGU2019-10812 | Posters | GD2.4

Gravity data application to crustal thickness determination of Latvia

Viesturs Zandersons and Jānis Karušs

EGU2019-5241 | Posters | GD2.4

Making and altering the crust: A global perspective on crustal structure and evolution

Alexey Shulgin and Irina Artemieva

EGU2019-15158 | Posters | GD2.4

Imaging subducted sediments in the mantle using geoneutrino measurements

Ondřej Šrámek, Bedřich Roskovec, and William F McDonough

GD2.6 – Geochemical and geodynamic perspectives on the origin and evolution of deep-seated mantle melts and their interaction with the lithosphere | PICO

EGU2019-2549 | PICOs | GD2.6

Ultramafic-alkaline-carbonatite complexes as bimodal intrusions: Evidence from the Tiksheozero complex, Northern Karelia, Russia

Evgenii Sharkov, Maria Bogina, Alexei Chistyakov, and Boris Belyatsky

EGU2019-6363 | PICOs | GD2.6

Refractory Magma Synergies in Propagating ‘BAF’ (Backarc-Arc-Forearc) Systems

Martin F. J. Flower, Deng Jinfu, Mo Xuanxue, Su Shangguo, and Zhao Zhidan

EGU2019-103 | PICOs | GD2.6

Variations of Nd-Sr over the “critical horizon” sections of Mt. Nyud (Monchegorsk mafic-ultramafic pluton, Kola Peninsula)

Pavel Serov, Tamara Bayanova, Eugenii Kunakkuzin, Ekaterina Steshenko, Elena Borisenko, and Nadezhda Ekimova

EGU2019-227 | PICOs | GD2.6

The Paleoproterozoic Kolvitsa anorthosite massif: New Data on the U–Pb Age and Geochemical Features of Zircon

Ekaterina Steshenko, Tamara Bayanova, Svetlana Drogobuzhskaya, Pavel Serov, and Andrey Novikov

EGU2019-1153 | PICOs | GD2.6

Synthesis of yimengite and K-Cr-priderite as the indicators of modal mantle metasomatos.

Valentina Butvina, Sofia Vorobey, and Oleg Safonov

EGU2019-1027 | PICOs | GD2.6

Experimental study of paragenesis of ultramafic lamprophyres: aillikites from Southwestern Siberia.

Maria Smirnova, Valentina Butvina, and Oleg Safonov

EGU2019-18978 | PICOs | GD2.6 | Highlight

Sound velocities measurements on natural single crystal majoritic garnets from diamond inclusions

Ekaterina Kiseeva, Iuliia Koemets, Niccolò Satta, Hauke Marquardt, Alexander Kurnosov, Thomas Stachel, Jeff Harris, and Leonid Dubrovinsky

EGU2019-6900 | PICOs | GD2.6

The latest geodynamic stage in Asia: Pb-isotope signatures and temporal change of sources for volcanic rocks of primary and secondary melting anomalies

Sergei Rasskazov, Irina Cuvashova, Yi-min Sun, Elena Saranina, Nikolay Gerasimov, and Tatiana Vladimirova

EGU2019-5084 | PICOs | GD2.6

Mantle terrains of the Siberian craton and their interaction with plume melts: reconstructions with the thermobarometry and geochemistry of mantle xenocrysts.

Igor Ashchepkov, Alexander Ivanov, Svetlana Babushkina, Sergey Kostrovitsky, Nikolai Vladykin, Zdislav Spetsius, Alexander Smelov, Nikolai Tychkov, Mikhail Vavilov, and Nikolai Medvedev

EGU2019-5248 | PICOs | GD2.6

Deep mantle roots of Zarnitsa kimberlite group, Yakutia comparison of small and large pipes: focused flow through the group center .

Igor Ashchepkov, Alexander Ivanov, Nikolai Medvedev, Anatoly Saprykin, Nikolai Vladykin, Sergey Kuligin, Theodoros Ntaflos, and Kate Kiseeva

EGU2019-14528 | PICOs | GD2.6

Evolution of the mantle beneath the Udzha basin, nothern Anabar region near kimberlite Tomtor field, Yakutia

Valentin Afanasiev, Mikhail Vavilov, Igor Ashchepkov, Leonid Baranov, and Ekaterina Egorova

EGU2019-16338 | PICOs | GD2.6

Criteria to separate kimberlite macrocrist olivines to the main genetic types

Nikolay Tychkov, Elena Malygina, and Vladimir Tsykh

EGU2019-7580 | PICOs | GD2.6

U-Pb and Lu-Hf isotopes and geochemistry of zircons from Siberian kimberlites

Aleksey Agashev, Marya Chervyakovskaya, Ilya Serov, and Aleksander Tolstov

EGU2019-1078 | PICOs | GD2.6

Partial melting of mantle metasomatized ultrabasites under the Avachinsky volcano of Kamchatka

Konstantin Sorokin, Grigory Kuznetsov, Yury Perepechko, Viktor Sharapov, and Yurii Semenov

EGU2019-951 | PICOs | GD2.6

Modeling the dynamics of introduction of ore-bearing trappean intrusions into the cover of the Siberian platform

Georgy Vasiliev, Sherzad Imomnazarov, Konstantin Sorokin, Yury Perepechko, and Viktor Sharapov

GD3.1 – Dynamics of the mantle in the Earth and planetary bodies: from magma oceans to the present day (including Augustus Love Medal lecture by Anne Davaille) (co-organized)

EGU2019-13738 | Orals | GD3.1

Interpreting seismic tomographic images in terms of marble cake geodynamically plausible models

Thomas Bodin, Gaspard Larrouturou, Chloé Alder, and Yann Capdeville

EGU2019-6126 | Orals | GD3.1

Heat transfer and stirring efficiency of 3D stagnant-lid convection

Nicola Tosi and Henri Samuel

EGU2019-9169 | Orals | GD3.1

Thermo-solutal convection in magma oceans

Thibaut Clarté, Nathanaël Schaeffer, Stéphane Labrosse, and Mathieu Bouffard

GD3.2 – Dynamics of the mantle in the Earth and planetary bodies: from magma oceans to the present day (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2019-13711 | PICOs | GD3.2

Linking the timescales of solidification, crystal sedimentation and cumulate compaction in magma oceans

Charles-Edouard Boukaré, Marc Parmentier, and Stephen Parman

EGU2019-19126 | PICOs | GD3.2

Constraining Grain Boundary Diffusion within the Earth's Lower Mantle

Jac van Driel, John Brodholt, and David Dobson

EGU2019-2063 | PICOs | GD3.2

Causes for polarity reversals of PP precursor waves reflecting off the 410 km discontinuity beneath the Atlantic

Morvarid Saki, Christine Thomas, Laura Cobden, Rafael Abreu, and Johannes Buchen

EGU2019-4931 | PICOs | GD3.2

Detecting structures in the mid mantle using out-of-plane signals

Federica Rochira and Christine Thomas

EGU2019-18961 | PICOs | GD3.2

Investigating the visibility of mantle plumes with seismic arrays

Laura Cobden, Fabienne Stockmann, Frederic Deschamps, Andreas Fichtner, Michael Afanasiev, and Christine Thomas

EGU2019-18690 | PICOs | GD3.2

Kinetics and detectability of the bridgmanite to post-perovskite transformation in the Earth's D'' layer

Sébastien Merkel, Christopher Langrand, Stéphanie Durand, Denis Andrault, Zuzana Konôpková, Nadège Hilairet, and Christine Thomas

EGU2019-18765 | PICOs | GD3.2

Discriminating between causes for D" anisotropy using reflections and splitting measurements for a single path

Angelo Pisconti, Christine Thomas, and James Wookey

EGU2019-12268 | PICOs | GD3.2

Fe2O3 post-perovskite as a candidate phase for ultralow-velocity zones

Liang Yuan, Eiji Ohtani, Xiang Wu, Shengxuan Huang, Daijo Ikuta, Tatsuya Sakamaki, Seiji Kamada, Hiroshi Fukui, Satoshi Tsutsui, Hiroshi Uchiyama, Daisuke Ishikawa, Naohisa Hirao, and Alfred Baron

GD3.4 – Hotspots, LIPs, LLSVPs, ...: an inter-disciplinary perspective on the causes and consequences of mantle upwellings (co-organized)

EGU2019-10230 | Orals | GD3.4

Predictions of the morphology and origin of plumes and LLSVPs from combined geodynamical and seismological modeling

Peter E. van Keken, Ross Maguire, Jeroen Ritsema, Tim Jones, Nathan Sime, and Miki Nakajima

EGU2019-11579 | Posters | GD3.4

True Polar Wander and the Origin of the Hawaiian-Emperor Bend: New Evidence

Richard Gordon, Daniel Woodworth, Kevin Gaastra, and Lily Seidman

EGU2019-3143 | Orals | GD3.4 | Highlight

Hotspot and LLSVP Wander

John Tarduno and Richard Bono

EGU2019-18674 | Posters | GD3.4

Age and Significance of the Great Escarpments

Megan Holdt, Nicky White, and Simon Stephenson

EGU2019-4005 | Orals | GD3.4

Lowermost mantle anisotropy beneath Africa imaged by SKS-SKKS differential splitting

Miriam Christina Reiss and Maureen Long

EGU2019-9447 | Posters | GD3.4 | Highlight

Deep mantle upwelling under Réunion hotspot and the western Indian Ocean from P- and S-wave tomography

Maria Tsekhmistrenko, Kasra Hosseini, Karin Sigloch, and Guilhem Barruol

EGU2019-9759 | Orals | GD3.4 | Highlight

Sources of mantle plume lateral motions in whole-mantle convection models with plate-like tectonics

Maelis Arnould, Nicolas Coltice, and Nicolas Flament

EGU2019-6214 | Orals | GD3.4 | Highlight

Ancient Origin of LLSVPs from the Contrasted distribution of Primitive Helium and recycled Lead in the Lowermost Mantle

Curtis Williams, Sujoy Mukhopadhyay, Maxwell Rudolph, and Barbara Romanowicz

EGU2019-18703 | Posters | GD3.4

New parameterization of peridotite melting and the geochemistry of mantle magmas for applications in geodynamic models

Maxim Ballmer, Antonio Manjón Cabeza Córdoba, and Esteban Gazel

EGU2019-3648 | Orals | GD3.4 | Highlight

Linking chemical trends in ocean islands to the complex interaction between starting plumes and the core-mantle boundary

Juliane Dannberg, Rene Gassmöller, and Charles E Lesher

EGU2019-18664 | Posters | GD3.4

Radial Miscible Viscous Fingering within Mantle Plumes

Patricia Hannah Galbraith-Olive, Nicky White, Andy Woods, and Charlotte Schoonman

EGU2019-18751 | Posters | GD3.4

Mantle melting and intraplate volcanism due to hydrous upwellings from the stagnant slab

Xiaogang Long, Maxim Ballmer, Antonio Manjón Cabeza Córdoba, and Chun-Feng Li

EGU2019-10523 | Posters | GD3.4 | Highlight

Thermochemical Evolution of Mantle Plumes Observed Spatially

Elizabeth Thompson, Eva Bredow, Neala Creasy, Karen Godfrey, James Muller, Man Xu, Chengzu Wang, Maxim Ballmer, Shichun Huang, Gabriele Morra, and Sujoy Mukhopadhyay

EGU2019-14975 | Posters | GD3.4

Episodic formation of oceanic plateaus during plume-ridge interaction: insights from St-Paul-Amsterdam, Azores, Easter and Galapagos.

Aurore Sibrant, Marcia Maia, Eric Mittelstaedt, Anne Davaille, and Neil Ribe

EGU2019-10669 | Posters | GD3.4

Formation of Thermochemical Piles by Convection-Assisted Diffusion

Claudia Stein and Ulrich Hansen

EGU2019-4530 | Posters | GD3.4

Plume-ridge interaction with nonlinear rheology: Formation of narrow(er) plume-ridge channels

Neil Ribe, Paul Tackley, and Patrick Sanan

EGU2019-14057 | Posters | GD3.4

Compositional heterogeneity near the base of the mantle transition zone beneath Hawaii

Chunquan Yu, Elizabeth Day, Maarten de Hoop, Michel Campillo, Saskia Goes, Rachel Blythe, and Robert van der Hilst

EGU2019-5682 | Posters | GD3.4 | Highlight

The interaction between oceanic subduction and deep mantle structures in the positioning of mantle plumes

Philip Heron, Juliane Dannberg, Rene Gassmoller, Grace Shephard, Jeroen van Hunen, and Russell Pysklywec

GD3.6 – Mantle Structure and Evolution: Combining Seismological and Geodynamical Constraints Across Scales (including Arne Richter Award for Outstanding ECS Lecture by Mathew Domeier) (co-organized)

EGU2019-9443 | Posters | GD3.6

Seismic evidence for melting within the oceanic asthenosphere

Eric Debayle, Thomas Bodin, and Yanick Ricard

EGU2019-11859 | Posters | GD3.6

The thermochemical structure of central and southern Africa from multi-observable probabilistic inversion

Walid Ben Mansour, Juan Carlos Afonso, Andrew Macdonald, and Nicole Januszczak

EGU2019-10774 | Orals | GD3.6

Seismological investigation of melt retention in the upper mantle underneath La Réunion

John Armitage, Thijs Franken, Nobuaki Fuji, and Alexandre Fournier

EGU2019-12753 | Orals | GD3.6

Seismological evidence for lithosphere - asthenosphere decoupling beneath the southwestern Indian Ocean

Guilhem Barruol, Karin Sigloch, Eléonore Stutzmann, and Jean-Paul Montagner

EGU2019-11027 | Orals | GD3.6

Transient subducting slab superflux and enhanced mantle activity – a general feature of supercontinent dispersal?

Madison East, Dietmar Müller, Sabin Zahirovic, Simon Williams, and Christian Heine

EGU2019-5439 | Posters | GD3.6

Thermal, chemical and partial melting: origin of the low-velocity layer atop the mantle transition zone

Jie Xiao, Saswata Hier-Majumder, Dave Waltham, and Benoit Tauzin

EGU2019-10320 | Orals | GD3.6

On the stability of Earth’s degree 2 mantle structure

Mathew Domeier, Trond H. Torsvik, Clinton P. Conrad, Bernhard Steinberger, Pavel V. Doubrovine, Reidar G. Trønnes, Stephanie C. Werner, Grace E. Shephard, and Boris Robert

EGU2019-8606 | Posters | GD3.6

Detection of a low-velocity layer atop the mantle transition zone beneath the northeastern South China Sea from triplicated waveform modeling

Guohui Li, Yunyue Elita Li, Heng Zhang, Wenlan Li, Qinghui Cui, Ling Bai, and Yuanze Zhou

EGU2019-10276 | Posters | GD3.6

Mantle composition and thermal structure from joint inversion of P-to-S converted waves and Rayleigh wave dispersion curves

Federico Daniel Munch, Amir Khan, Benoit Tauzin, Martin van Driel, and Domenico Giardini

EGU2019-6998 | Posters | GD3.6

Detection of the lower mantle iron spin transition in ferropericlase through vote maps of seismic tomography

Grace E. Shephard, Christine Houser, John Hernlund, Renata Wentzcovitch, and Reidar Tronnes

EGU2019-16487 | Posters | GD3.6

Upper Mantle structure in the Central Mediterranean region from P and S receiver functions

Stephen Monna, Caterina Montuori, and Lev Vinnik

EGU2019-15244 | Posters | GD3.6

Next-generation surface kinematic constraints for geodynamic models

Sabin Zahirovic, R Dietmar Müller, Simon E Williams, John Cannon, Maria Seton, Dan J Bower, Michael Tetley, Christian Heine, Eline Le Breton, Shaofeng Liu, Samuel H J Russell, Ting Yang, Jonathon Leonard, and Michael Gurnis

EGU2019-7970 | Posters | GD3.6

Mapping middle mantle heterogeneity beneath the Okhotsk Sea with S-P conversion phase

Ye Yuan, Daoyuan Sun, and Zhongqing Wu

EGU2019-8584 | Posters | GD3.6

Seismic observations of deep eclogitic ponds beneath Hawaii and other Pacific hotspots

Sanne Cottaar, Matthew Kemp, Stephen Pugh, John Maclennan, and Jennifer Jenkins

GD4.1 – Earth's core structure, dynamics and evolution: observations, models, experiments (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2019-15141 | PICOs | GD4.1

Phase relations in the system Fe-Ni-Si to 200 GPa and 3900 K and implications for Earth’s core

Tetsuya Komabayashi, Giacomo Pesce, Ryosuke Sinmyo, Takaaki Kawazoe, Helene Breton, Yuta Shimoyama, Glazyrin Konstantin, Zuzana Konôpková, and Mohamed Mezouar

EGU2019-11554 | PICOs | GD4.1

Stratification of the Earth’s core by SiO2 crystallisation

George Helffrich, Satoshi Kaneshima, and Kei Hirose

EGU2019-8819 | PICOs | GD4.1

The signal of outer-core stratification in synthetic body-wave and normal-mode data

Rûna van Tent, Christine Thomas, Arwen Deuss, Satoshi Kaneshima, Jennifer Jackson, and Rafael Abreu

EGU2019-14055 | PICOs | GD4.1

Properties of the Earth’s inner – outer core transition by characteristics of seismic waves of PKIIKP and PKPc-diff

Dmitry Krasnoshchekov, Vladimir Ovtchinnikov, and Olga Usoltseva

EGU2019-12458 | PICOs | GD4.1

Dynamo generated by the precession of a planet with an inner core.

Raphael Laguerre, David Cébron, Jérôme Noir, and Nathanaël Schaeffer

EGU2019-3976 | PICOs | GD4.1

A laboratory model for thermal core--mantle interaction

Swarandeep Sahoo and Binod Sreenivasan

EGU2019-11359 | PICOs | GD4.1

An experimental approach on effects of topography in planetary fluid dynamics

Fabian Burmann and Jerome Noir

EGU2019-6508 | PICOs | GD4.1

Large scale vortices and zonal flows in spherical rotating convection

Yufeng Lin

EGU2019-7809 | PICOs | GD4.1

Angular momentum of magnetohydrodynamic modes in a rotating triaxial ellipsoid

Felix Gerick, Dominique Jault, and Jerome Noir

EGU2019-8173 | PICOs | GD4.1

Planetary core flows and dissipation driven by precession.

Jerome Noir, David Cebron, Nathanael Schaeffer, and Raphael Laguerre

EGU2019-7815 | PICOs | GD4.1

Determining the simplest and most efficient axisymmetric kinematic dynamos in a sphere

Daria Holdenried-Chernoff and Andrew Jackson

EGU2019-17317 | PICOs | GD4.1

Anisotropic diffusivities effects in Rotating Magnetoconvection study

Enrico Filippi, Jozef Brestenský, and Tomáš Šoltis

EGU2019-8699 | PICOs | GD4.1

Examples of viscosity and inertia-free mean-field dynamos

Andrew Jackson, Kuan Li, Philip Livermore, and Jiawen Luo

GD5.1 – Subduction dynamics from surface to deep mantle (co-organized)

EGU2019-13686 | Posters | GD5.1

The Integrated Analysis of Upper-Mantle Induced Anomalies Topography in Anatolia

Ebru Şengül Uluocak, Russell N. Pysklywec, and Oğuz H. Göğüş

EGU2019-6001 | Orals | GD5.1

Delamination of oceanic lithosphere in SW Iberia: a key for subduction initiation?

Joao Duarte, Nicolas Riel, Chiara Civiero, Filipe Rosas, Wouter Schellart, Jaime Almeida, Sonia Silva, and Pedro Terrinha

EGU2019-14458 | Orals | GD5.1

Plates boundary migration via STEP faults propagation dynamics

Jessica Munch, Taras Gerya, and Kosuke Ueda

EGU2019-6757 | Posters | GD5.1

The Kefalonia Transform Fault: a STEP in the making

Ali Değer Özbakır, Rob Govers, Andreas Fichtner, and Rinus Wortel

EGU2019-8741 | Posters | GD5.1

From subduction- to strike slip-related volcanism: Miocene to Pliocene activity in Sivas-Malatya region, Central-Eastern Anatolia

Paolo Di Giuseppe, Samuele Agostini, Gianfranco Di Vincenzo, Piero Manetti, Mehmet Yilmaz Savascin, and Sandro Conticelli

EGU2019-9281 | Posters | GD5.1

The influence of obliquity on subduction zones and related topography: inferences from 3D numerical and analogue modelling

Attila Balázs, Kosuke Ueda, Claudio Faccenna, Francesca Funiciello, Eric J.-P. Blanc, and Taras Gerya

EGU2019-14257 | Orals | GD5.1

Subduction Zone Initiation Database 1.0

Kiran Chotalia, George Cooper, Fabio Crameri, Mathew Domeier, Caroline Eakin, Antoniette Greta Grima, Derya Gürer, Ágnés Király, Valentina Magni, Elvira Mulyukova, Kalijn Peters, Boris Robert, Grace Shephard, and Marcel Thielmann

EGU2019-4586 | Posters | GD5.1

2D Numerical models for oppositely dipping subduction zones

Anouk Beniest, Wouter P. Schellart, and Vincent Strak

EGU2019-4887 | Orals | GD5.1

The rock record of deep sediment underplating: Implications for crustal recycling and delivery of volatiles to the mantle

Carolyn Tewksbury-Christle, Whitney Behr, and Mark Helper

EGU2019-10953 | Orals | GD5.1

Ce/Mo and Molybdenum isotopes as tracers of sediment recycling into the mantle

Martina Casalini, Riccardo Avanzinelli, Simone Tommasini, Tim Elliott, and Sandro Conticelli

EGU2019-9716 | Posters | GD5.1

How back-arc spreading affects the arc magmatic activity

Valentina Magni

EGU2019-3264 | Posters | GD5.1

Effects of multi-seamount subduction on accretionary wedge deformation: insights from analogue modelling

Chunyang Wang, Weiwei Ding, Jiabiao Li, Chongzhi Dong, and Yinxia Fang

EGU2019-15813 | Orals | GD5.1

The variation of petrophysical properties during eclogitization of lower continental crust and their influence on geophysical imaging

Sascha Zertani, Timm John, Johannes C. Vrijmoed, Frederik Tilmann, Loic Labrousse, and Torgeir B. Andersen

EGU2019-6360 | Posters | GD5.1

Pre-collisional Extension of Microcontinents

Erkan Gün, Russell Pysklywec, Oğuz Hakan Göğüş, Gültekin Topuz, and Ömer Faruk Bodur

EGU2019-9312 | Posters | GD5.1

A numerical model of the Western Mediterranean

Mireia Peral, Sergio Zlotnik, Manel Fernàndez, Jaume Vergés, Ajay Kumar, and Jonas Ruh

EGU2019-5943 | Orals | GD5.1

The Transient Rheology of Accretionary Prisms: Evidence from the Makran Subduction Zone of Iran and Pakistan

William Barnhart, Katherine Peterson, and Shaoyang Li

EGU2019-11925 | Posters | GD5.1

Structural hallmarks in the evolution of the Northandean Cretaceous subduction cycle

Andreas Kammer and Alejandro Piraquive

EGU2019-4179 | Orals | GD5.1

Pacific subduction control on continental deformation in East Asia and east-west extension in Tibet

Wouter P. Schellart, Zhihao Chen, Vincent Strak, João Duarte, and Filipe Rosas

EGU2019-13222 | Posters | GD5.1

Intermediate depth seismicity: reconciling contrasts between east and west Pacific slabs

Dan Sandiford, Louis Moresi, Mike Sandiford, Rebecca Farrington, and Ting Yang

EGU2019-17141 | Orals | GD5.1

Geologically-recent uplift of the central Apennines through slab breakoff: Stable isotope and thermochronology evidence

Malwina San-José, Jeremy Caves Rugenstein, Giuditta Fellin, Domenico Cosentino, Massimiliano Ghinassi, Ivan Martini, and Claudio Faccenna

EGU2019-1399 | Orals | GD5.1

What caused the development of low angle detachment faults in western Anatolia?

Omer Bodur, Oğuz Hakan Göğüş, Sascha Brune, Hasan Sözbilir, Anne Glerum, and Deniz Ural

EGU2019-15657 | Posters | GD5.1

Slab dragging

Wim Spakman and Douwe J.J. van Hinsbergen

EGU2019-6858 | Orals | GD5.1

Lithospheric tearing at STEPs and associated upper plate deformation: an analogue model approach

Taco Broerse, Ernst Willingshofer, Dimitrios Sokoutis, and Rob Govers

EGU2019-16916 | Posters | GD5.1

2-D thermo-mechanical numerical modelling of the South American subduction zone

Vincent Strak and Wouter P. Schellart

EGU2019-3891 | Orals | GD5.1

The role of rheology and of subducting sediments on the formation of back arc basins

Zoltán Erdős, Ritske S. Huismans, and Claudio Faccenna

EGU2019-8886 | Orals | GD5.1

How slab dynamics and structural inheritance control microcontinent formation at subduction zones

Joost van den Broek, Valentina Magni, Carmen Gaina, and Susanne Buiter

EGU2019-2682 | Orals | GD5.1

Plume-induced micro-continent formation without cessation of subduction

Alexander Koptev, Anouk Beniest, Taras Gerya, Todd Ehlers, Laurent Jolivet, and Sylvie Leroy

EGU2019-11143 | Orals | GD5.1

Subduction-transition zone interaction: a perspective from dynamic models

Saskia Goes, Roberto Agrusta, Jeroen van Hunen, and Fanny Garel

EGU2019-9251 | Orals | GD5.1

Deep subduction modes and mid-mantle slab mobility

Antoniette Greta Grima, Carolina Lithgow-Bertelloni, and Fabio Crameri

EGU2019-2178 | Orals | GD5.1

A Giant Kink in the Subducted Nazca Plate

Fangqin Chen, Wim Spakman, and Gordon Lister

GD5.2 – From Oceanic to Continental Subductions: tectonics and earthquakes (co-organized)

EGU2019-14854 | Posters | GD5.2

Active tectonics of the Hengchun Peninsula from UAS and PS-INSAR Interferometric datasets

Benoit Deffontaines, Kuo-Jen Chang, Ho-Han Hsu, Ya-Ju Hsu, Samuel Magalhaes, Gregory Serries, Char-Shine Liu, and Chyi-Tyi Lee

EGU2019-4582 | Posters | GD5.2

Transitional tectonics of the westernmost Okinawa Trough revealed by high-resolution seismic reflection data

Shiou-Ya Wang, Shu-Kun Hsu, Ching-Hui Tsai, and Yi-Ching Yeh

EGU2019-2722 | Posters | GD5.2

Mechanism of earthquake clustering in the southernmost Ryukyu seismogenic zone

Shu-Kun Hsu, Shiou-Ya Wang, and Yi-Ching Yeh

EGU2019-3655 | Posters | GD5.2

Crustal stress field in the Ilan Plain and its offshore area, NE Taiwan from seismic stress inversion

Chung-Liang Lo, Wen-Nan Wu, Shiou-Ya Wang, Wen-Bin Doo, Yin-Sheng Huang, and Shu-Kun Hsu

GD5.3 – Subduction zones: volatiles, dynamics, and melts (co-organized)

EGU2019-5868 | Orals | GD5.3

Subduction, serpentinization at deep-sea trenches and the Earth’s water cycle

Ingo Grevemeyer, Lars Ruepke, and Cesar R. Ranero

EGU2019-7646 | Posters | GD5.3

Volumetric estimates of subducted carbon for pre-Pangea times

Suzanne Atkins, Andrew Merdith, and Michael Tetley

EGU2019-6722 | Orals | GD5.3

Subduction water recycling

Jörg Hermann and Shayne Lakey

EGU2019-1303 | Posters | GD5.3

δ11B of post-collisional volcanic rocks in Armenia and the longevity of slab signatures

Patrick Sugden, Ivan P. Savov, Samuele Agostini, Marjorie Wilson, Khachatur Meliksetian, and Ralf Halama

EGU2019-8428 | Orals | GD5.3

An Open-System Model for Coupled H2O and CO2 Transport in Subducting Slabs

Meng Tian, Richard Katz, David Rees Jones, and Dave May

EGU2019-2588 | Orals | GD5.3

Lateral Variation in Crustal Structure along the Lesser Antilles Arc from Petrology of Crustal Xenoliths and Seismic Receiver Functions

Elena Melekhova, David Schlaphorst, Jon Blundy, Michael Kendall, Clare Connolly, Anders McCarthy, and Richard Arculus

EGU2019-16065 | Posters | GD5.3

High CO2 content in magmas at an arc volcano: the andesitic Enco eruption of Mocho-Choshuenco volcano (Chile)

Jean-Guillaume Feignon, Olivier Roche, Séverine Moune, Nicolas Cluzel, Federica Schiavi, Jorge Clavero, Pierre Schiano, and Marion Auxerre

EGU2019-8695 | Orals | GD5.3

Magma dynamics of subduction zones: models of production and transport of volatile-enriched melts

David Rees Jones, David May, and Richard Katz

EGU2019-11428 | Orals | GD5.3

The mantle driving force behind Earth’s most productive silicic volcanic system

Finnigan Illsley-Kemp, Simon J. Barker, Colin J. N. Wilson, Martha K. Savage, Michael C. Rowe, and Stephen Bannister

EGU2019-6721 | Posters | GD5.3

Deserpentinized peridotite: a key to understand exhumation process of (possibly high-P) Ray-Iz peridotite massif

Satoko Ishimaru, Rie Sonoda, Makoto Miura, Vladimir Shmelev, and Shoji Arai

EGU2019-17227 | Posters | GD5.3

Rayleigh Wave Imaging of the Lesser Antilles

Nicholas Harmon, Catherine Rychert, Stephen Hicks, David Schlaphorst, Lidong Bie, Ben Maunder, Jenny Collier, Andreas Rietbrock, Frank Krüger, Saskia Goes, J Michael Kendall, and Jeroen Van Hunen

EGU2019-10930 | Posters | GD5.3

Geodynamic constraints on the initiation of mélange diapirs from subducting slabs

Nicolas Berlie, Boris Kaus, and Horst R. Marschall

EGU2019-7061 | Posters | GD5.3

Mantle wedge character associated with slow-spread lithosphere subduction beneath the Lesser Antilles arc from P- and S-wave seismic attenuation tomography

Stephen Hicks, Lidong Bie, Catherine Rychert, Nicholas Harmon, Andreas Rietbrock, Songqiao Shawn Wei, Saskia Goes, Benjamin Maunder, and George Cooper and the the rest of the VoiLA group

EGU2019-13867 | Posters | GD5.3

Sulfur cycling within subduction zones: Insights from exhumed mafic and ultramafic slab

Esther Schwarzenbach, Jilei Li, Timm John, Mark Caddick, Matthew Petroff, and Benjamin Gill

EGU2019-4763 | Posters | GD5.3

Shallow seismic activity containing both low-frequency events and normal earthquakes observed by a local seismic network

Shinako Noguchi, Shutaro Sekine, Yoshihiro Sawada, Keiji Kasahara, Shunji Sasaki, Yoshihiro Tazawa, Hiroshi Yajima, Kimiko Ishida, and Shintaro Abe

GD5.4 – Lithosphere and Upper Mantle Heterogeneities Shaping Surface Deformation and Subduction Dynamics. (co-organized)

EGU2019-10696 | Posters | GD5.4

Dynamic topography of a gravity-constrained crustal model across the Caribbean Region

Yi-Wei Chen, Lorenzo Colli, Dale Bird, and Jonny Wu

EGU2019-3744 | Posters | GD5.4

Reconciling Observations and Predictions of Earth’s Dynamic Topography

Fred Richards, Mark Hoggard, Sia Ghelichkhani, Harriet Lau, and Jacqueline Austermann

EGU2019-4306 | Posters | GD5.4

Coupling between surface deformation and mantle dynamics in the Gibraltar Arc System

Chiara Civiero, Susana Custódio, João Duarte, Claudio Faccenna, Thorsten Becker, and Virgílio de Brito Mendes

EGU2019-6489 | Posters | GD5.4

Sediment control on subduction plate speeds: insights from 2D dynamic models

Whitney Behr, Adam Holt, Thorsten Becker, and Carolyn Tewksbury-Christle

EGU2019-14751 | Posters | GD5.4

Role of Strain-Dependent Weakening Memory on the Style of Mantle Convection and Plate Boundary Stability

Lukas Fuchs, Zel Hurewitz, and Thorsten W. Becker

EGU2019-12776 | Posters | GD5.4

Spatial Variation and Anisotropy in the Morphology and Structure of Oceanic Lithosphere

Lara Kalnins and Frederik Simons

EGU2019-16218 | Posters | GD5.4

First-order surface topography of subduction zones in numerical models: the roles of subducting slab age and dip

Ritabrata Dasgupta, Changyeol Lee, and Nibir Mandal

EGU2019-17470 | Posters | GD5.4

High-frequency oceanic seismic waves observations in Juan de Fuca and Gorda plates

Maria-Jose Vera and Teh-Ru Alex Song

GD6.2 – The Arctic connection - plate tectonics, mantle dynamics and paleogeography serving paleo-climate models and modern jurisdiction (co-organized)

EGU2019-4430 | Posters | GD6.2

P-T conditions of the transformation of the sedimentary rocks during fold-thrust deformation in Chukotka and Wrangel Island

Marianna Tuchkova, Elena Shcherbakova, Sergey Sokolov, Vladimir Verzhbitsky, and Artem Moiseev