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GM – Geomorphology

GM1.2 – Landform mapping - recent advances in data collection and mapping approaches | PICO

EGU2019-2187 | PICOs | GM1.2 | Highlight

Global glacial geomorphology

Jeremy Ely, Chris Clark, Chris Stokes, and Matteo Spagnolo

EGU2019-1538 | PICOs | GM1.2

Developing methodology for scoria cone morphometry processing

Fanni Vörös and Balázs Székely

EGU2019-2022 | PICOs | GM1.2

Airborne LiDAR and UAV-derived data for mapping Roman gold mining infrastructure: New insights into the anthropogenic landscape evolution in NW Spain

Javier Fernández-Lozano, Rosa María Casrrasco, Javier Pedraza, Jacinta García-Talegón, and Gabriel Gutiérrez-Alonso

EGU2019-6265 | PICOs | GM1.2

Agricultural terrace ridge delineation from remote sensing images by using an integrated approach of edge detection and terrain analysis

Wen Dai, Xin Yang, Liyang Xiong, Guoan Tang, Huang Nan, Jiaming Na, and Yumeng Zhou

EGU2019-8241 | PICOs | GM1.2

Semi-automated geomorphological map through multiple-point geostatistics

Elisa Giaccone, Grégoire Mariéthoz, and Christophe Lambiel

EGU2019-9902 | PICOs | GM1.2

Geomorphological mapping of the environmental protection area of the Machado River, Brazil

Marta Marujo Ferreira, Beatriz Liara da Cruz, Débora Haller da Silva Gregório, Deivison Samuel Pereira de Alfenas, Guilherme Silva Pinto, and Gustavo Sousa Marinho

EGU2019-11954 | PICOs | GM1.2

Object-oriented geomorphological mapping model for landslide systems analysis.

Mario Valiante, Francesca Bozzano, Marta Della Seta, and Domenico Guida

EGU2019-14716 | PICOs | GM1.2

Assessing the bedrock surface of overdeepened valleys by 3D gravity modelling

Dimitri Bandou, Patrick Schläfli, Michael Schwenk, Guilhem A. Douillet, Edi Kissling, and Fritz Schlunegger

EGU2019-6148 | PICOs | GM1.2

Mapping of proglacial areas using low-cost unmanned aerial vehicles and structure-from-motion – operational framework

Marek Ewertowski, Aleksandra Tomczyk, David Evans, David Roberts, and Wojciech Ewertowski

EGU2019-18136 | PICOs | GM1.2

New insights of large-scale landscape development from mapping of the Palaeic Relief in southern Norway

Johan Bonow, Peter Japsen, and James Chalmers

GM1.3 – Integration of seismic geomorphology, stratigraphy and borehole data in palaeo-environmental reconstruction (co-organized)

EGU2019-965 | Posters | GM1.3

Triassic rift sedimentation in Eastern Moesia, Romania

Alexandra Stoica, Roxana-Mirela Duduș, Csaba Krézsek, and Evelina Burghelea

EGU2019-15009 | Orals | GM1.3

Seismic imaging and preserving ancient landscapes

Christopher Jackson

EGU2019-10128 | Orals | GM1.3

Putting the Pieces Back Together: Landslide Reconstruction of MTD Mega-blocks, Offshore NW Greenland

David Cox, Mads Huuse, Andrew Newton, Paul Gannon, and John Clayburn

EGU2019-14338 | Posters | GM1.3

Problematic rock complexes on the planned FinEst tunnel route

Sten Suuroja, Kalle Suuroja, and Siim Tarros

EGU2019-523 | Orals | GM1.3

Role of cold, dense water in the development of submarine canyon morphology

Jenny Gales, Michele Rebesco, Laura De Santis, Fabrizio Zgur, Andrea Bergamasco, Sookwan Kim, Elisabetta Olivo, Florence Colleoni, Daniela Accettella, Vedrana Kovacevic, Yanguang Liu, Christian Florindo-Lopez, Rob McKay, Denise Kulhanek, and Maxine King and the IODP Expedition 374 Scientists

EGU2019-4115 | Orals | GM1.3

Seismic geomorphological mapping of buried glacial landforms at Dogger Bank, North Sea: implications for ice-sheet retreat

Andy Emery, David Hodgson, Natasha Barlow, Jonathan Carrivick, Carol Cotterill, and Emrys Phillips

EGU2019-16892 | Posters | GM1.3

Integrated Stratigraphy of the Tertiary Upper Austrian Molasse Basin – dating basin wide events and correlation to the global stratigraphic framework

Gero Fischer, Julian Hülscher, Patrick Grunert, Gerald Auer, and Anne Bernhardt1

EGU2019-18208 | Posters | GM1.3

Assessing past environmental conditions in Northern Eurasian Lakes by the means of high-resolution, multichannel seismic reflection data: Key observations from lakes Ladoga (NW Russia) and Levinson-Lessing (Taymyr Peninsula)

Elodie Lebas, Sebastian Krastel, Raphael Gromig, Tanita Averes, Charlotte Görtz, Bernd Wagner, Grigory Fedorov, Marlene Baumer, Haflidi Haflidason, and Martin Melles

EGU2019-13269 | Orals | GM1.3

Dewatering systems of the deglacial North Sea palaeolandscape in the German Bight

Daniel Hepp, Hanno Keil, Katrine Andresen, Tobias Mörz, and Volkhard Spieß

EGU2019-3949 | Posters | GM1.3

Lost Frontiers: Mapping the archaeological potential of submerged Holocene landscapes using multi-scale geophysical and borehole data

Rachel Harding, Simon Fitch, Vince Gaffney, Richard Bates, Martin Bates, and James Bonsall

EGU2019-2036 | Orals | GM1.3

Coupling seismic geomorphology and clumped isotope analysis in the Danian Ekofisk Formation of the Danish Central Graben – evidence for giant pockmark formation

Florian W.H. Smit, Peter K. Swart, Megan Smith, Philip T. Staudigel, Mikael Lüthje, Frans van Buchem, and Lars Stemmerik

EGU2019-7971 | Posters | GM1.3

Full-scale integration of geological, geophysical and geotechnical methods for characterization of marine and coastal environments

Sif Bandholtz Jørgensen, Trine Andreasen, Lasse Tésik Prins, and Katrine Juul Andresen

EGU2019-13211 | Posters | GM1.3

Paleolandscapes in the eastern North Sea Basin – applications for marine geo-archaeology

Katrine Juul Andresen, Daniel Hepp, Tobias Mörz, Hanno Keil, and Volkhard Spiess

EGU2019-9425 | Posters | GM1.3

Stratigraphic architecture of the Plio-Pleistocene sedimentary record, offshore western Niger Delta: A record of eustatic and autocyclic forcing.

Kelvin Ikenna Chima, Nicholas Hoggmascall, Damien Do Couto, Estelle Leroux, Marina Rabineau, Didier Granjeon, and Christian Gorini

EGU2019-16635 | Posters | GM1.3

Subsurface gas hydrate plugs: evidence for a new type of hydrate deposit

Benedict Campbell and Mads Huuse

EGU2019-10749 | Posters | GM1.3

The litho-stratigraphy and seismo-stratigraphy investigations along the Jurassic evaporites of the Tanzanian continental margin

Maria Isabel Freitas da Silva Vucinic and Christopher John Nicholas

EGU2019-12609 | Posters | GM1.3

Stratigraphic reconstruction of Plio–Quaternary transgressive/regressive deposits on the southeastern continental shelf, Korea

Dong-Geun Yoo, Gwang-Soo Lee, Seok-Hwi Hong, Gil-Young Kim, and Yun-Soo Choi

EGU2019-7659 | Posters | GM1.3

The history and dynamics of the northwest Greenland Ice Sheet over the last 2.7 million years

Andrew Newton, Paul Knutz, Mads Huuse, and John Hopper

GM1.4 – Environmental Seismology: Deciphering Earth’s surface processes with seismic methods (co-organized)

EGU2019-6733 | Orals | GM1.4

Thermal fracturing on a Himalayan debris-covered glacier

Evgeny A. Podolskiy, Koji Fujita, Sojiro Sunako, Yota Sato, Akane Tsushima, and Rijan Kayastha

EGU2019-14446 | Posters | GM1.4

Using dense array seismology to observe glacier dynamics: the RESOLVE-Argentière project

Philippe Roux, Florent Gimbert, Ugo Nanni, Agnès Helmstetter, Benoit Urruty, Stéphane Garambois, Andrea Walpersdorf, Christian Vincent, Albanne Lecointre, and Mickael Langlais

EGU2019-11515 | Orals | GM1.4

Tracking Multiple Subglacial Floods in Iceland Using Seismic Arrays

Eva P. S. Eibl, Christopher J. Bean, Kristin S. Vogfjörd, Bergur Einarsson, Tómas Jóhannesson, and Finnur Pálsson

EGU2019-2798 | Posters | GM1.4

Monitoring the reinforcement and slow-dynamics response of a rock column in the limestone Vercors massif, western pre-alps, France

Eric Larose, Pierre Bottelin, Laurent Baillet, Denis Jongmans, Didier Hantz, Ombeline Brenguier, Eloise Cadet, and Agnes Helmstetter

EGU2019-3046 | Posters | GM1.4

Seismic observations of the disastrous water–stone flow in the Kyngarga river on June 27–29, 2014 (Russia)

Anna Dobrynina, Vladimir Chechelnitsky, and Stanislav Makarov

EGU2019-14486 | Orals | GM1.4

From diurnal to seasonal dynamics of the subglacial hydrology revealed by cryoseismology

Ugo Nanni, Florent Gimbert, Christian Vincent, Fabian Walter, Luc Piard, Luc Moreau, and Dominik Graeff

EGU2019-3988 | Posters | GM1.4

Hierarchical classification of snowmelt episodes in the Pyrenees using seismic data spectra.

Jordi Diaz, Pilar Sánchez-Pastor, and Mario Ruiz

EGU2019-9074 | Orals | GM1.4

Geophysical characterisation of landslide deposits using active and passive seismics

Anne-Sophie Mreyen, Léna Cauchie, Mihai Micu, Philippe Cerfontaine, and Hans-Balder Havenith

EGU2019-6996 | Orals | GM1.4

Analysis of large rock slope instabilities using frequency domain decomposition modal analysis

Mauro Häusler, Clotaire Michel, Jan Burjánek, and Donat Fäh

EGU2019-5927 | Posters | GM1.4

Land-Atmosphere Interaction in the low-frequency seismic band (0.001-0.05 Hz)

Toshiro Tanimoto and Jiong Wang

EGU2019-6383 | Posters | GM1.4

Stability analysis on hillslope by using site-reference-spectral ratio

Tung Yang and Wei-An Chao

EGU2019-14711 | Orals | GM1.4

Topography induced amplification of high frequency seismic waves generated by landslides: from simulation to observation at Piton de la Fournaise volcano, La Réunion

Julian Kuehnert, Anne Mangeney, Yann Capdeville, Virginie Durand, Shipra Sethi, and Eleonore Stutzmann

EGU2019-6384 | Posters | GM1.4

Using the seismic signals to study the coseismic landslide

Yi-Han Wu, Wei-An Chao, and Zheng-Yi Feng

EGU2019-11330 | Orals | GM1.4

Monitoring seismic velocity changes in the coastal and sinking sedimentary basin of Jakarta, Indonesia

Marine Denolle, Tim Clements, and Phil Cummins

EGU2019-6398 | Posters | GM1.4

Seismic constraint on bedload movement and water flow for the low-gradient-to-steep river channel

Cheng-Ta Liu, Wei-An Chao, and Tung-Chou Hsieh

EGU2019-6421 | Posters | GM1.4

Seismic source identification with machine learning

Chen Yuan Huang and Wei An Chao

EGU2019-7767 * | Posters | GM1.4 | Highlight

Seismic monitoring of the Gugla rock glacier: observations and perspectives

Agnès Helmstetter, Antoine Guillemot, Laurent Baillet, and Raphaël Mayoraz

EGU2019-8125 | Posters | GM1.4

Locating a harmonic tremor beneath Gornergletscher (Switzerland)

Josefine Umlauft, Fabian Lindner, Fabian Walter, Philippe Roux, and Michael Korn

EGU2019-10983 | Posters | GM1.4

Seismo-acoustic energy partitioning of snow avalanches

Emanuele Marchetti, Alec Van Herwijnen, Marc Christen, Maria Cristina Silengo, and Giulia Barfucci

EGU2019-12278 | Posters | GM1.4

Characterizing wave height in La Réunion Island from microseismic signature of cyclones and austral swells

Rindraharisaona Elisa, Cordier Emmanuel, Barruol Guilhem, Fontaine Fabrice R., Singh Manvendra, Gonzalez Alicia, and Delcher Eric

EGU2019-13608 | Posters | GM1.4

Cross-sectional characterization of seismic response and bedload transport in an Alpine braided river

Maarten Bakker, Florent Gimbert, Thomas Geay, Clément Misset, Sébastien Zanker, and Alain Recking

EGU2019-14828 * | Posters | GM1.4 | Highlight

Investigating hydrological forcing of fast glacier flow in Greenland using passive seismology

Charlotte Schoonman, Poul Christoffersen, Coen Hofstede, Tun Jan Young, Rickard Pettersson, Adrian McCallum, Sam Doyle, and Bryn Hubbard

EGU2019-16940 | Posters | GM1.4

Event-triggered Geophone Platform for Co-Detection of Seismic Events

Matthias Meyer, Timo Farei-Campagna, Akos Pasztor, Reto Da Forno, Tonio Gsell, Samuel Weber, Jerome Failletaz, Andreas Vieli, Jan Beutel, and Lothar Thiele

EGU2019-18521 | Posters | GM1.4

Effect of channel morphology on the seismic signals produced by hurricane-induced lahars at Volcán de Colima, Mexico

Victor H. Márquez-Ramírez, Velio Coviello, Lucia Capra, and Raúl Arámbula-Mendoza

EGU2019-7560 | Posters | GM1.4

Investigating the Antarctic subglacial liquid water layer using the ellipticity of Rayleigh waves from polarization analysis of seismic noise

Andrea Berbellini, Martin Schimmel, Ana M. G. Ferreira, and Andrea Morelli

EGU2019-10862 | Posters | GM1.4

Insights into fluvial seismology and bedload transport in a Himalayan river

Kristen Cook, Michael Dietze, Florent Gimbert, Christoff Andermann, Niels Hovius, and Basanta Raj Adhikari

EGU2019-15370 | Posters | GM1.4

Seismic signature of a Réunion Island river flooding during the tropical cyclone Dumazile (March 2018)

Alicia Gonzalez, Fabrice R. Fontaine, Guilhem Barruol, Arnaud Burtin, Alain Recking, Jean-Lambert Join, Eric Delcher, and Elisa Rindraharisaona

GM1.5 – Planetary Geomorphology (co-organized)

EGU2019-3966 | Posters | GM1.5

Remote sensing and field observations of wind streaks

Aviv Lee Cohen-Zada, Shimrit Maman, and Dan Blumberg

EGU2019-3194 | Orals | GM1.5

Extent and timing of hydrologic activity in the Gale Crater region of Mars

Marisa Palucis, Frances Rivera-Hernandez, and Melanie Kanine

EGU2019-2635 | Posters | GM1.5

Geomorphological mapping of the southwestern margin of Xanadu, Titan: Insights on tectonics

Pietro Matteoni, Giuseppe Mitri, and Gian Gabriele Ori

EGU2019-11409 | Orals | GM1.5

Modeling of the Jezero Crater Delta, Mars

Francesco Salese, Nicolas Mangold, Maarten Kleinhans, Tjalling de Haas, Veronique Ansan, and Gilles Dromart

EGU2019-19135 | Orals | GM1.5

Late Lava Flows and Hydrothermal Alteration in Ladon Basin (Mars)

Matteo Massironi, Barbara De Toffoli, Riccardo Pozzobon, Daniel Mege, Lucia Marinangeli, Joanna Gurgurewicz, Loredana Pompilio, Angelo Pio Rossi, Francesco Sauro, Maurizio Pajola, Alice Lucchetti, Livio Tornabene, Gabriele Cremonese, and Nicolas Thomas

EGU2019-7805 | Posters | GM1.5

The Origin and Distribution of Icy Material in the Nereidum Montes; Mars

Jake Collins-May, Rachel Carr, Matthew Balme, Stephen Brough, Colman Gallagher, Neil Ross, and Andrew Russell

EGU2019-2681 | Posters | GM1.5

Morphological analysis of an interior layered deposit in northern Coprates Chasma, Mars.

Davide Baioni and Olivia Nesci

EGU2019-16620 | Orals | GM1.5

How huge lava tubes form?

Ilaria Tomasi, Matteo Massironi, Christine Meyzen, Riccardo Pozzobon, Luca Penasa, Francesco Sauro, Tommaso Santagata, Matteo Tonello, Jesús Martínez-Frías, and Elena Mateo Medero

EGU2019-9795 | Orals | GM1.5

Polygonal Patterned Ground in Northern Victoria Land, Continental Antarctica: A Mars Analogue

Ernst Hauber, Cynthia Sassenroth, Jean-Pierre De Vera, and Nicole Schmitz

EGU2019-4352 | Posters | GM1.5

Geomorphic evidence of lobate deposits in gullies on Mars – global survey using HiRISE images

Rishitosh K. Sinha, Dwijesh Ray, Susan Conway, and Tjalling de Haas

EGU2019-1035 | Orals | GM1.5 | Highlight

Comparative study of molards on the Mount Meager debris avalanche, Canada, and on Hale crater ejecta, Mars

Costanza Morino, Gioachino Roberti, and Susan J. Conway

EGU2019-11452 | Posters | GM1.5

Meteoritic Nickel Contamination of soils

Katarzyna Gajewska, Anna Losiak, Lidia Pittarello, and Christian Koeberl

EGU2019-12533 | Posters | GM1.5

Initiation and flow conditions of contemporary flows in Martian gullies

Tjalling de Haas, Brian McArdell, Susan Conway, James McElwaine, Maarten Kleinhans, Francesco Salese, and Peter Grindrod

EGU2019-15104 | Orals | GM1.5

Fragmentation of blocks: Possible relationship with exposure time on the lunar surface

Ottaviano Ruesc, Elliot Sefton-Nash, Jorge L. Vago, Michael Kueppers, Katrin Krohn, and Katharina Otto

EGU2019-5383 | Posters | GM1.5

Close-up imaging simulation in the Marslabor of the University of Basel

Nikolaus J. Kuhn, Jean-Luc Josset, Tomaso Bontognali, and Beda Hofmann

EGU2019-14540 | Posters | GM1.5

A Topographic Study of Gullies and Recurring Slope Lineae in Hale Crater, Mars

Susan J. Conway, Richard J. Soare, David Stillman, Sylvain Douté, Joel Davis, and Axel Noblet

EGU2019-11425 | Posters | GM1.5

Hydrae Cavus: A pull-apart basin that provides new insights into Valles Marineris region tectonic history

Pierre-Antoine Tesson, Daniel Mège, Joanna Gurgurewicz, Jakub Ciazela, and Marta Ciazela

EGU2019-10426 | Posters | GM1.5

Reconstructing palaeo-meander fluvial deposits on the Western delta fan in Jezero crater, Mars

Kartikeya S. Sangwan and Sanjeev Gupta

EGU2019-11485 | Posters | GM1.5

Confined channels and collapse features in Arsinoes and Pyrrhae Chaos (Mars): hints for a volcano-tectonic origin

Erica Luzzi, Angelo Pio Rossi, and Riccardo Pozzobon

GM1.6 – #FlumeFriday: Sharing insights and expertise from physical modelling experiments (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2019-2088 | PICOs | GM1.6 | Highlight

WireWall – measuring wave overtopping distribution

Jenny Brown, Margaret Yelland, Tim Pullen, Robin Pascal, Dave Jones, Craig Corbett, Andy Lane, Craig Herron, Damian Cook, Susan Bouffler, and Tom Prime

EGU2019-8834 | PICOs | GM1.6

Large-scale wave flume experiments with mixed sand

Franziska Staudt, Daniel Posanski, and Stefan Schimmels

EGU2019-8958 | PICOs | GM1.6

Maximum power as Threshold between Matrix Flow and Boil Formation

Martijn Westhoff, Erwin Zehe, and Florian Ruediger

EGU2019-12396 | PICOs | GM1.6

The dynamics of bi-directional exchange flows: implication for morphodynamic change within estuaries and sea straits

Maria Chiara De Falco, Claudia Adduce, Alan Cuthbertson, Janek Laanearu, Daniela Malcangio, Katrin Kaur, Eletta Negretti, Joel Sommeria, Thomas Valran, and Samuel Viboud

EGU2019-13259 | PICOs | GM1.6

The use of connectivity on #flumefriday: Results from a large-scale erosion experiment in the Total Environmental Simulator

Martine van der Ploeg, Hannah Williams, Stuart McLelland, Brendan Murphy, Daniel Parsons, and Jantiene Baartman

EGU2019-14014 | PICOs | GM1.6

Turbulence characteristics in combined wave-current flows

Xuan Zhang

EGU2019-14682 | PICOs | GM1.6

Sediment size effects on ripple formation in a large scale wave flume

Ivan Caceres, Agustín Sánchez-Arcilla, David Hurther, Peter D. Thorne, Richard Cooke, and Guillaume Fromant

EGU2019-16415 | PICOs | GM1.6

Assessing spatiotemporal uniformity in rainfall simulator experiments

Daniel Green, Ian Pattison, and Jorge Isidoro

EGU2019-10386 | PICOs | GM1.6

Gravity currents interacting with a bottom triangular obstacle

Claudia Adduce, Maria Chiara De Falco, and Maria Rita Maggi

EGU2019-16427 | PICOs | GM1.6

Jets interacting with vegetation in the rotating LEGI platform

Francesca De Serio, Elvira Armenio, Gualtiero Badin, Alice Di Leonardo, Roni Hilel, Dan Liberzon, Michele Mossa, Maria Eletta Negretti, Giuseppe Roberto Pisaturo, Maurizio Righetti, Joel Sommeria, Donatella Termini, Thomas Valran, Bart Vermeulen, and Samuel Viboud

EGU2019-16733 | PICOs | GM1.6

What is moving where? Mapping bedload transport and surface texture in flumes

Marco Redolfi, Matilde Welber, and Walter Bertoldi

EGU2019-16751 | PICOs | GM1.6

Ferrofluidic sensor for the experimental estimate of wall shear stresses

Laura Maria Stancanelli, Rosaria Ester Musumeci, Martina Stagnitti, and Enrico Foti

EGU2019-17100 | PICOs | GM1.6

Effective Representation of Vegetation in Flume Experiments Using Surrogates

Robert C. Houseago, Bas Bodewes, Stuart J. McLelland, and Daniel R. Parsons

GM2.1 – Frontiers in Geomorphometry and Earth Surface Dynamics: Possibilities, Limitations and Perspectives (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2019-3328 | PICOs | GM2.1

A Deep Neural Network for Automated Detection and Mapping of lunar Rockfalls

Valentin Bickel, Charis Lanaras, Andrea Manconi, Simon Loew, and Urs Mall

EGU2019-14845 | PICOs | GM2.1

A morphometric approach to reveal the effects of ground-ice thaw on rapid mass movements in northern Iceland

Costanza Morino, Susan J. Conway, Matthew R. Balme, Þorsteinn Sæmundsson, Jón Kristinn Helgason, Colm Jordan, John Hillier, and Tom Argles

EGU2019-4117 | PICOs | GM2.1

New applications of synthetic aperture radar coherence to map erosional transitions

Stephanie Olen and Bodo Bookhagen

EGU2019-4272 | PICOs | GM2.1

The morphometry of scoria cones as an indicator of their relative age – Results from the Cameroon Volcanic Line

Christoph Schmidt, Christian Laag, Jörn Profe, Tom Richter, and Jean Pierre Tchouankoue

EGU2019-14979 | PICOs | GM2.1

Identification and ordering of drainage divides in digital elevation models

Dirk Scherler and Wolfgang Schwanghart

EGU2019-18489 | PICOs | GM2.1

Analyzing point patterns on river networks -- tools and applications in tectonic geomorphology

Wolfgang Schwanghart, Christian Molkenthin, and Dirk Scherler

EGU2019-4977 | PICOs | GM2.1

Clustering river networks in heterogeneous landscapes

Fiona Clubb, Bodo Bookhagen, and Aljoscha Rheinwalt

EGU2019-5477 | PICOs | GM2.1

Spatial and temporal scales in fluvially conditioned mountain ranges

Stefan Hergarten and Jörg Robl

EGU2019-7962 | PICOs | GM2.1

Scaling laws for glacial valley networks derived from a global analysis of glacier polygons and terrain data

Günther Prasicek, Kimberly Huppert, Jörg Robl, and Frédéric Herman

EGU2019-6575 | PICOs | GM2.1

Determining the Optimal Grid Resolution for Topographic Analysis on an Airborne Lidar Dataset

Taylor Smith, Aljoscha Rheinwalt, and Bodo Bookhagen

EGU2019-8553 | PICOs | GM2.1

Accuracy analysis of digital elevation models on different scales for Northern Chile

Dirk Hoffmeister, Tanja Kramm, and Michèle Keller

EGU2019-12273 | PICOs | GM2.1 | Highlight

The impact of open access to high-resolution topographic data

Christopher Crosby, Chelsea Scott, J Ramon Arrowsmith, Viswanath Nandigam, Minh Phan, and Matthew Beckley

GM2.2 – High Resolution Topography in the Geosciences: Methods and Applications (including Arne Richter Award for Outstanding ECS Lecture by Giulia Sofia) (co-sponsored by JpGU) (co-organized)

EGU2019-15523 | Posters | GM2.2

Impact of image compression on Structure from Motion photogrammetry

James O'Connor, Mike Smith, and Mike R. James

EGU2019-5321 | Orals | GM2.2

UAS LiDAR data processing, quality assessment and geosciences prospects

Kuo-Jen Chang, Yu-Chung Hsieh, Yu-Chang Chan, and Mei-Jen Huang

EGU2019-2194 | Posters | GM2.2

Optimizing data acquisition and processing of UAV surveys in high mountain environments: Lessons learned from the study of talus slope geomorphology in large study areas

Hanne Hendrickx, Lars De Sloover, Alain De Wulf, Reynald Delaloye, Jan Nyssen, and Amaury Frankl

EGU2019-3165 | Orals | GM2.2

Lower cost fixed installation photogrammetry rockfall monitoring

Ryan Kromer, Gabriel Walton, Brian Gray, Jean Hutchinson, and Robert Group

EGU2019-7384 | Posters | GM2.2

Building a Precise Surface Data for Slope Hazard Map

Eun-Kyeong Choi, Sung-Wook Kim, Seung-Hyun Kim, and Kyu-Hwan Lee

EGU2019-15124 | Posters | GM2.2

A low-cost method to orient small-scale landslide scars photogrammetric models

Marc Peruzzetto, Thomas Dewez, Clara Levy, Yannick Thiery, Gilles Grandjean, and Anne Mangeney

EGU2019-9596 | Orals | GM2.2

Channel head representation using point-cloud elevation data

Aljoscha Rheinwalt, Bedartha Goswami, Fiona Clubb, and Bodo Bookhagen

EGU2019-4648 | Posters | GM2.2

Developing high-resolution geological maps by using LiDAR data in 3D environments: Case study of the Shuanghsi quadrangle map, Taiwan

Yu-Chang Chan, Nai-Cih Shih, Chih-Hsiang Yeh, and Yu-Chung Hsieh

EGU2019-14792 | Posters | GM2.2

Creation, curation and delivery of high resolution spatial datasets ensuring reliability for product development

Chris Williams, Andrew Hulbert, and Russell Lawley

EGU2019-15246 | Posters | GM2.2

Close-range photogrammetric measurement of the splash and rill soil erosion

Tomas Laburda, Petr Kavka, David Zumr, Josef Krasa, Adam Tejkl, Nives Balenovic, Lisbeth Lolk Johannsen, Peter Strauss, Andreas Klik, Jan Devaty, and Michal Vrana

EGU2019-4397 | Posters | GM2.2

Assessing the representation of human-made structures and dominant geomorphological features in high- and medium-resolution digital terrain models for hydro-sedimentological modelling in small Mediterranean catchments

Lukas Graf, Mariano Moreno-de-las-Heras, Maurici Ruiz, Aleix Calsamiglia, Julián García-Comendador, Josep Fortesa, José A. López-Tarazón, and Joan Estrany

EGU2019-16367 | Posters | GM2.2

A new hierarchical geomorphometric map of Ethiopia: preliminary results

Paolo Paron, Albina Cuomo, Francesco Dramis, Domenico Guida, and Vincenzo Palmieri

EGU2019-13350 | Posters | GM2.2

Classification of stone reefs in coastal environments using topo-bathymetric LiDAR data

Signe Schilling Hansen, Verner Brandbyge Ernstsen, Zyad Al-Hamdani, Ramona Baran, Manfred Niederwieser, Frank Steinbacher, and Aart Kroon

EGU2019-13094 | Posters | GM2.2

A new correction procedure for submerged topographic surfaces obtained by stereo-photogrammetry

Thomas Lelandais, Pierre Strzerzynski, Régis Mourgues, and David Peigné

EGU2019-10990 | Posters | GM2.2

In-situ measurement of riverbed sediment porosity using Structure-from-Motion image analysis

Mina Tabesh, Thomas Hoffmann, Stefan Vollmer, Holger Schüttrumpf, and Roy Frings

EGU2019-16194 | Posters | GM2.2

Automatic positional Correction of River Axes based on High Resolution Digital Terrain Models

Michael Wimmer, Markus Hollaus, Norbert Pfeifer, and Jürgen Komma

EGU2019-19068 | Posters | GM2.2

Detection of temporary surface water bodies in Niger using high resolution imagery

Elena Belcore, Marco Piras, Alessandro Pezzoli, Giovanni Massazza, and Maurizio Rosso

EGU2019-7636 | Posters | GM2.2

Drainage response to neotectonics movements in the Sabarmati River basin, Gujarat State, Western India

Nisarg bhatt, Vasu pancholi, Girish kothyari, Rajesh shah, and Raj Sunil Kandregula

EGU2019-6948 | Posters | GM2.2

Investigation of deformation front in Miaoli offshore area, Taiwan

Sz-Jie Chen and Gwo-Shyh Song

GM2.5 – Bridging the gap: combining numerical models of surface processes with Earth observations (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2019-10517 | PICOs | GM2.5

On the complexity of model complexity: how geoscientists see it

Jantiene Baartman, Lieke Melsen, Demie Moore, and Martine van der Ploeg

EGU2019-5183 | PICOs | GM2.5

A new method combining Priority-Flood and Advanced D8 algorithms to extract drainage networks based on DEMs

Yumeng Zhou, Qinghui Lu, Guoan Tang, Liyang Xiong, and Wen Dai

EGU2019-8002 | PICOs | GM2.5

CASCADE: a toolbox for network-scale sediment connectivity assessment

Marco Tangi, Rafael Schmitt, Simone Bizzi, and Andrea Castelletti

EGU2019-13362 | PICOs | GM2.5

Modelling hydraulic and stratigraphic responses to rainfall variability in threshold landscapes

Sam Brooke, Alexander Whittaker, John Armitage, and Stephen Watkins

EGU2019-8360 | PICOs | GM2.5

Modelling Late Holocene Evolution of the Rio Bergantes, Spain

Marco Van De Wiel and Thomas Coulthard

EGU2019-5472 | PICOs | GM2.5

Tectonic versus lithologic controls on river channel gradients

Boris Gailleton, Hugh Sinclair, Simon Mudd, and Liviu Matenco

EGU2019-8534 | PICOs | GM2.5

Exhumation rate and tectonic histories of the Central Andes (18-36°S)

Nadja Franziska Stalder, Frédéric Herman, Maria Giuditta Fellin, Isabelle Coutand, Peter W. Reiners, and German Aguilar

EGU2019-13435 | PICOs | GM2.5

Modelling the reorganization of drainage patterns forced by mantle processes

Georg Trost, Jörg Robl, Franz Neubauer, Stefan Hergarten, and Fritz Schlunegger

EGU2019-14964 | PICOs | GM2.5

The controlling variables in landscape evolution: numerical modelling of the Australian Great Artesian Basin since the Jurassic

Carmen Braz, Gregory Smith, Ritu Gupta, Sabin Zahirovic, and Dietmar Müller

GM2.8 – Novel Approaches in Geochronology: Quantifying Geomorphological Processes and Landscape Dynamics (co-organized)

EGU2019-15223 | Orals | GM2.8

Trends and Aberrations in the Measured Fluvial Erosion Response to Global Paleoclimate Change

Todd A. Ehlers, Alex L. Densmore, Mirjam Schaller, Byron A. Adams, Mohammadreza Ershadi, and Sebastian G. Mutz

EGU2019-482 | Posters | GM2.8

Going beyond average rates – Identifying responsible drivers for temporal and spatial denudation variations using in-situ 10Be on a variety of granitic landscape features.

Gerald Raab, Fabio Scarciglia, Kevin Norton, Dennis Dahms, Dagmar Brandová, Marcus Christl, and Markus Egli

EGU2019-2281 | Posters | GM2.8

Quantifying river incision into low-relief surfaces using local and catchment-wide 10Be denudation rates

Ralf Hetzel, Reinhard Wolff, and Marcus Strobl

EGU2019-4753 | Posters | GM2.8

Tracing sedimentary processes with paired in-situ 14C and 10Be measurements in rapidly eroding settings: constraining landslide inputs and sediment transfer times.

Maarten Lupker, Kristina Hippe, Lukas Wacker, Negar Haghipour, Pierre-Henri Blard, and Jérôme Lavé

EGU2019-2404 | Orals | GM2.8 | Highlight

Cosmogenic in-situ 14C reveals rapid soil erosion with the onset of agro-pastoralism on the Andean Altiplano

Kristina Hippe, John D. Jansen, Daniel S. Skov, Maarten Lupker, Susan Ivy-Ochs, Florian Kober, Gerold Zeilinger, José M. Capriles, Marcus Christl, Colin Maden, Christof Vockenhuber, and David L. Egholm

EGU2019-4843 | Orals | GM2.8

Denudation rates from meteoric 10Be/9Be ratios in quartz-poor lithologies

Hella Wittmann, Friedhelm von Blanckenburg, Kai Deng, Nadine Dannhaus, Pavel Krám, Shouye Yang, and Marcus Christl

EGU2019-2395 | Posters | GM2.8

Performance of the new in-situ cosmogenic 14C extraction system at ETH Zürich

Kristina Hippe, Maarten Lupker, Lukas Wacker, Colin Maden, Olivia Steinemann, Dmitry Tikhomirov, Negar Haghipour, and Hans-Arno Synal

EGU2019-1222 | Orals | GM2.8

Combined quantification of post-glacial bedrock erosion and surface exposure duration by coupling in-situ OSL and 10Be dating

Benjamin Lehmann, Frederic Herman, Pierre G. Valla, Georgina E. King, and Rabiul H. Biswas

EGU2019-6177 | Posters | GM2.8

Low-level 10Be measurements with phenakite carrier

Atsunori Nakamura, Takashi Okai, Atsuyuki Ohta, and Hiroyuki Matsuzaki

EGU2019-16307 | Posters | GM2.8

10Be and 36Cl surface exposure dating of man-made excavations in northern Lebanon: Phoenician structures or not?

Gilles Rixhon, Clément Flaux, Nicolas Carayon, and Lucy Semaan

EGU2019-5661 | Orals | GM2.8

Determination of the Quaternary evolution of Nepalese-Himalayan faults inferred from luminescence thermochronometry

Chloe Bouscary, Georgina E. King, Frédéric Herman, Jérôme Lavé, Ananta Gajurel, Rabiul H. Biswas, Rafael Almeida, and György Hetényi

EGU2019-5544 | Posters | GM2.8

Novel erosion rate estimations from a steep alpine headwall through cosmogenic 36Cl depth profiles

David Mair, Alessandro Lechmann, Serdar Yesilyurt, Dmitry Tikhomirov, Romain Delunel, Christof Vockenhuber, Naki Akçar, and Fritz Schlunegger

EGU2019-13985 | Posters | GM2.8

Quantifying interaction between fluvial and marine terraces using cosmogenic nuclide dating in Calabria, Italy

Jennifer Quye-Sawyer, Alexander Whittaker, Dylan Rood, and Gareth Roberts

EGU2019-10108 | Posters | GM2.8

New age constraints of Swiss Deckenschotter constrained by cosmogenic isochron burial dating

Reto Grischott, Florian Kober, Susan Ivy-Ochs, Kristina Hippe, Maarten Lupker, Marcus Christl, Christof Vockenhuber, Colin Maden, Mads Faurschou Knudsen, and John Jansen

EGU2019-10244 | Posters | GM2.8

Early Cenozoic denudation of the Namibian passive margin: new thermochronological constraints from the Brandberg Inselberg

Audrey Margirier, Cécile Gautheron, Jean Braun, Julien Carcaillet, Stéphane Schwartz, Rosella Pinna-Jamme, and Jessica Stanley

EGU2019-15775 | Posters | GM2.8

Meso-Cenozoic thermal evolution of the western European plate: conclusions from the Variscan French Massif Central

Thomas François, Jocelyn Barbarand, and Robert Wyns

EGU2019-12618 | Posters | GM2.8

Optically Stimulated Luminescence dating and Terrestrial Cosmogenic Nuclides in Active Tectonics : comparing apples to oranges ?

Brice Lebrun, Magali Rizza, and Lionel Siame

EGU2019-16770 | Posters | GM2.8

Spatially Resolved IR-RF: Deciphering Middle Pleistocene Transport Processes on a Single Grain Level?

Sebastian Kreutzer, Dirk Mittelstraß, and Norbert Mercier

GM3.1 – Erosion, chemical weathering and sedimentation in mountain landscapes (co-organized)

EGU2019-8585 | Orals | GM3.1

Landslide mobilization: global patterns and rates

Jente Broeckx, Mauro Rossi, Kobe Lijnen, Benjamin Campforts, Jean Poesen, and Matthias Vanmaercke

EGU2019-1555 | Posters | GM3.1

Dissolved inorganic carbon export by tropical mountainous rivers of the Western Ghats, India

Kiran Kumar Reddy Shiligireddy, Harish Gupta, and Venkat Reddy Donti Reddy

EGU2019-8839 | Orals | GM3.1

The Geomorphic Impact of Rock Avalanches on Landscape Evolution

Lisa Harrison, Stuart Dunning, John Woodward, and Tim Davies

EGU2019-15325 | Orals | GM3.1

Landslide dynamics and debris export in the central Himalaya, as documented by a multi-methods approach

Jerome Lave, Florian Gallo, Christian France Lanord, Guillaume Morin, and Ananta Gajurel

EGU2019-9446 * | Posters | GM3.1 | Highlight

Evacuation of earthquake-triggered landslide sediment in the Nepalese Himalaya

Emma Graf, Mikael Attal, and Hugh Sinclair

EGU2019-8821 | Orals | GM3.1

Long-term erosion of the Nepal Himalayas by bedrock landsliding: the role of monsoons, earthquakes and giant landslides

Odin Marc, Robert Behling, Christoff Andermann, Jens Turowski, Luc Illien, Sigrid Roessner, and Niels Hovius

EGU2019-1563 | Orals | GM3.1 | Highlight

Earthquake induced sediment supply in Himalayan rivers

David Puhl, Jens Turowski, Christoff Andermann, Michael Dietze, Kristen Cook, and Odin Marc

EGU2019-10540 | Posters | GM3.1 | Highlight

Contrasting sediment yield patterns before and after typhoon disturbance of a tropical fire-climax grassland and a ‘reforest’

L. Adrian Bruijnzeel, Jun Zhang, and H.J. (Ilja) van Meerveld

EGU2019-10850 | Posters | GM3.1

Changing hydrological and suspended sediment dynamics in high-alpine areas – how do different environmental variables influence sediment dynamics?

Lena Katharina Schmidt, Till Francke, Stefan Achleitner, Johannes Schöber, Daniel Pfurtscheller, Matthias Siebers, Theresa Blume, and Axel Bronstert

EGU2019-15999 | Orals | GM3.1

Topographic and ground-ice controls on shallow landslides in Arctic permafrost

Huw Mithan, Tristram Hales, and Peter Cleall

EGU2019-15883 | Posters | GM3.1

Large plot erosion simulations on Alpine area

Davide Danilo Chiarelli, Andrea Soncini, Corrado Passera, Maria Cristina Rulli, Daniele Bocchiola, Marco Gianinetto, Martina Aiello, Renata Vezzoli, Francesco Rota Nodari, Francesco Polinelli, and Federico Frassy

EGU2019-16211 | Posters | GM3.1

Short and long term sediment dynamics in an alpine headwater catchment

Joachim Götz, Bernhard Salcher, and Lothar Schrott

EGU2019-15609 | Posters | GM3.1

Using Cosmogenic Nuclides to Evaluate the Role of Coseismic Landsliding on Measured Erosion Rates Following the Mw 7.8 Gorkha Earthquake, Nepal.

Katherine Schide, Sean Gallen, Maarten Lupker, Lena Märki, Negar Haghipour, Marcus Christl, and Sean Willett

EGU2019-1544 | Orals | GM3.1

Quantification of floodplain sediment storage for an upland river catchment in the Lake Tana Basin, Ethiopia

Girma Worku Awoke, Jef Brees, Pascal Boeckx, Karen Vancampenhout, Enyew Adgo, Jan Nyssen, Mengiste Abate, Alemayehu Wassie, Amaury Frankl, and Gert Verstraeten

EGU2019-5578 | Posters | GM3.1

10Be dynamics of fine sediments: impact of mixing, grain size and annual variability in the Alps.

Julien Charreau, Apolline Mariotti, Pierre-Henri Blard, Carole Petit, Stéphane Molliex, Samuel Toucanne, Stephan Jorry, and Aster ASTER Team

EGU2019-11647 | Orals | GM3.1 | Highlight

Lithologic, tectonic, and climatic controls on chemical weathering, soil production, and erosion in New Zealand

Claire E Lukens, Kevin P Norton, Dennis E Dahms, and Eron R Raines

EGU2019-15696 | Posters | GM3.1

Quaternary denudation rates of volcanic islands through cosmogenic nuclides 3He (San Antao island - Cabo Verde)

Camille Litty, Julien Charreau, Pierre Henri Blard, and Raphael Pik

EGU2019-1142 | Orals | GM3.1

Seasonal fluctuations in organic carbon export and stable isotopic signatures in a lowland migrating river of the Andean Foreland

Nina Golombek, Joel Scheingross, Marisa Repasch, Niels Hovius, Dirk Sachse, Maarten Lupker, Timothy Eglinton, and Darren Gröcke

EGU2019-17672 | Posters | GM3.1

What’s the gravel not telling you? Insights from the Iglesia basin, Argentine Andes

Linda Kirstein, Rebekah Harries, Mikael Attal, and Alex Whittaker

EGU2019-15934 | Orals | GM3.1

A new Alpine Geo-Lithological Map (Alpine Geo-LiM) and global carbon cycle implications

Marco Donnini, Ivan Marchesini, and Azzurra Zucchini

EGU2019-19138 | Posters | GM3.1

Analysis of Sediment Deposition in Irrigation Pond in Southern Taiwan

Ji-Shang Wang, Yu-Chao Hsu, Yu-Wen Su, Chyan-Deng Jan, Guei-Lin Fu, Huan-Hsi Tsai, and Yen-Chun Fang

EGU2019-3953 | Orals | GM3.1

Constraining erosion and sediment flux from the upper Indus River, NW Himalaya

Tara Jonell, Lewis Owen, Andrew Carter, and Peter Clift

EGU2019-11450 | Posters | GM3.1

Modeling debris flow processes in river-ravine confluences by coupling mudflows and sediment transport models.

Alex Garces, Gerardo Zegers, Albert Cabré, German Aguilar, and Santiago Montserrat

EGU2019-8570 | Orals | GM3.1

Hydroclimate controls alluvial fan aggradation and incision in the southwestern United States

Mitch D'Arcy, Taylor Schildgen, and Pedro DiNezio

EGU2019-5748 | Posters | GM3.1

Modelling of sediment yield in torrent catchments in the French Western Alps using the Sediment Contributing Area (SCA) approach

Moritz Altmann, Florian Haas, Tobias Heckmann, Frédéric Liébault, and Michael Becht

EGU2019-6103 | Orals | GM3.1

Hysteresis in sediment export from an Alpine catchment using continuous bedload transport measurement

François Mettra, Gilles Antoniazza, Dieter Rickenmann, and Stuart N. Lane

EGU2019-19145 | Posters | GM3.1

Application of a model for point-wise prediction of stream flow statistics using climatic and geomorphologic data to Taiwan

Igor Lisac, Jean Braun, Gianluca Botter, Eric Deal, Bodo Bookhagen, and Renee van Dongen

EGU2019-6505 | Posters | GM3.1

Optimized calculations for Rayleigh fractionation of lithium isotopes

Jeonghoon Lee, Hye-Bin Choi, Seung-Gu Lee, and Jong-Sik Ryu

EGU2019-7247 | Orals | GM3.1

Erosion and sedimentation in the Var aerial catchment and submarine basin (Southern French Alps - Mediterranean) using Badlands

Carole Petit, Tristan Salles, Yann Rolland, Guillaume Duclaux, and Apolline Mariotti

EGU2019-11202 | Posters | GM3.1

Weathering controls in the four largest rivers in China

Antoine Cogez, Julien Bouchez, Jiubin Chen, Benjamin Chetelat, and Jérôme Gaillardet

EGU2019-5042 | Orals | GM3.1

Fill-terrace formation and sediment-signal disruption in response to environmental perturbations

Stefanie Tofelde, Sara Savi, Andrew Wickert, Aaron Bufe, and Taylor Schildgen

EGU2019-11878 | Posters | GM3.1

A decision-making framework for the design of check dam systems in erosion-prone areas

Debasish Pal, Nejc Bezak, and Stefano Galelli

EGU2019-17336 | Orals | GM3.1

State and fate of a proglacial lake – insights on sediment deposition at Lake Sulz, Eastern Alps, Austria.

Jan-Christoph Otto, Markus Keuschnig, Erwin Heine, and Roberto Guidici

GM3.2 – Detrital Records of Erosion and Sedimentation (co-organized)

EGU2019-3107 | Orals | GM3.2 | Highlight

Coupled erosion-deposition numerical models as a strong tool to unravel sedimentary archives

Laure Guerit, Delphine Rouby, Xiaoping Yuan, Jean Braun, Brendan Simon, Cécile Robin, and François Guillocheau

EGU2019-11059 | Orals | GM3.2 | Highlight

Alluvial system records of climate forcing and their impact on depositional sinks

Taylor Schildgen, Stefanie Tofelde, Mitch D'Arcy, and Andrew Wickert

EGU2019-16431 | Posters | GM3.2

New U-Pb zircon-dating constraints on the age and origin of allochthonous bauxite deposits of Languedoc (Southern France): geodynamic consequences.

Michel Seranne, Emilie Marchand, Olivier Bruguier, Eglantine Husson, and Marc Vinches

EGU2019-2656 | Orals | GM3.2 | Highlight

Disentangling surface and deep crustal signals from the c. 20 Ma-old Burdigalian shallow marine Molasse sequences

Philippos Garefalakis and Fritz Schlunegger

EGU2019-1921 | Posters | GM3.2

Detrital zircon age constraints on the deposition of the Topolovgrad Group, Sakar-Strandzha Zone, SE Bulgaria

Nikolay Bonev, Petyo Filipov, Raya Raicheva, and Robert Moritz

EGU2019-2956 | Orals | GM3.2

The evolution of the Irrawaddy River as recorded in the detrital record of the Central Myanmar Basin: Implications for the use of palaeodrainage network reconstructions to document Tibetan tectonics

Peng Zhang, Yani Najman, Lianfu Mei, Ian Milar, Edward Sobel, Andrew Carter, Dan Barfod, Bruno Dhuime, Eduardo Garzanti, Gwladys Govin, Giovanni Vezzoli, and Xiaolin Hu

EGU2019-4782 | Posters | GM3.2

Quartz-zircon de-coupling in sandstone: petrography and quartz cathodoluminescence of Triassic continental Buntsandstein Group in Germany

Carita Augustsson, Michaela Aehnelt, Thomas Voigt, Cindy Kunkel, Marcus Meyer, and Florian Schellhorn

EGU2019-7981 | Orals | GM3.2

Diagenetic bias and misled provenance reconstructions: mineralogy of Cenozoic Nile Delta sediments and the origin of the Nile

Eduardo Garzanti, Sergio Andò, Mara Limonta, Laura Fielding, and Yani Najman

EGU2019-16727 | Posters | GM3.2

Sedimentological, geochemical and biogeochemical facies, and sediment provenance in Central and Southern Adriatic Sea

Elisa Droghini, Enrico Dinelli, Federico Spagnoli, Mario Tramontana, Rocco De Marco, and Giulio Pappafico

EGU2019-3112 | Posters | GM3.2

Uniform grain-size distribution in the active layer of a braided stream: implications for paleo-hydrology

Laure Guerit, Laurie Barrier, Youcun Liu, Clément Narteau, Eric Lajeunesse, Eric Gayer, and François Métivier

EGU2019-7407 | Posters | GM3.2

Particle size and shape results from a landslide area in Kulcs, Hungary

Fruzsina Gresina, Mariann Páles, Gergely Jakab, Beatrix Udvardi, György Varga, György Falus, Zoltán Szalai, and Csilla Király

EGU2019-4806 | Posters | GM3.2

Study on Lithofacies and Sedimentary Environments of the Donggou Formation in the Late Cretaceous of the Southern Margin of the Junggar Basin, Xinjiang, China

Qichen Sun and Junsheng Yang

EGU2019-6238 | Posters | GM3.2

Application of formation element logging in identifying weathered clay layer of unconformity

Yulei Liu, Kongyou Wu, and Ping Liu

EGU2019-13474 | Posters | GM3.2

Resilience of a Subarctic catchment to climate change

Sarah Mosser, Kai Hartmann, and Bernhard Diekmann

EGU2019-15864 | Posters | GM3.2

Evidences for progressive autochthonous bauxite cover dismantling and trapping in a karst during mid-Cretaceous. Example of in the Villeveyrac basin (Southern France)

Emilie Marchand, Emmanuelle Chanvry, Gwenn Le-Saout, Michel Lopez, Michel Séranne, and Marc Vinches

EGU2019-3300 | Posters | GM3.2

Mica hydraulic sorting in the Yangtze River: implications for detrital mica 40Ar/39Ar analysis

Xilin Sun, Klaudia Kuiper, Yuntao Tian, and Jan Wijbrans

GM3.3 – Connectivity in geomorphology (IAG-working group), hydrological and soil system sciences: concepts, methods and societal implications (co-organized)

EGU2019-1574 | Orals | GM3.3

Sediment dynamics in a small peri-urban catchment

Carla Ferreira, Adélcia Veiga, Rory Walsh, William Blake, and António Ferreira

EGU2019-1582 | Posters | GM3.3

Linking hydrology and sediment connectivity in a large Himalayan river basin

Kanchan Mishra, Rajiv Sinha, and Santosh Nepal

EGU2019-13551 | Orals | GM3.3

Application of the Index of Connectivity in a Chilean catchment affected by volcanic eruption

Lorenzo Martini, Lorenzo Picco, Andrés Iroumé, and Marco Cavalli

EGU2019-2153 | Posters | GM3.3

Using multi-agent simulation to understand the role of landscape spatial organization in hydro-sedimentary connectivity in small low-energy agricultural hydrosystems

Romain Reulier, Daniel Delahaye, and Vincent Viel

EGU2019-11978 | Orals | GM3.3

Runoff, Erosion, and Channel Changes from Fires and Floods: Comparisons Over Time and Across Spatial Scales

Lee MacDonald, Daniel Brogan, Peter Nelson, and Stephanie Kampf

EGU2019-3569 | Posters | GM3.3

Clarifying the role of vegetation in sediment transport processes on sparsely-vegetated semi-arid landscapes with Structure from Motion

Kossi Nouwakpo, Mark Weltz, Kenneth McGwire, Jason Williams, Osama Al-Hamdan, and Awadis Arslan

EGU2019-4023 | Orals | GM3.3

Connectivity as a dynamic modelling variable

Mike Kirkby

EGU2019-7760 | Posters | GM3.3

Investigating the role of sediment type, rainfall event sequence and vegetation cover on surface water flow and erosion patterns using a physical model.

Hannah Williams, Jantiene Baartman, Stuart McLelland, Brendan Murphy, Daniel Parsons, and Martine van der Ploeg

EGU2019-8714 | Posters | GM3.3

The role of lavaka in the landscape of Madagascar: A process-based approach

Liesa Brosens, Vao Fenotiana Razanamahandry, Benjamin Campforts, Liesbet Jacobs, Steven Bouillon, Tantely Razafimbelo, Tovonarivo Rafolisy, and Gerard Govers

EGU2019-9883 | Orals | GM3.3

Applications of graph theory to assess and compare sediment connectivity in three complex catchments

Etienne Cossart, Mathieu Fressard, and Romain Reulier