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ITS – Inter- and Transdisciplinary Sessions

ITS1.2/GD1.5/EOS3.4/GI1.7/GM1.8/GMPV1.9/SSP1.10/TS12.3 – Peak Geoscience? Uncertainty, unknowns and the future of geoscience (co-organized)

EGU2019-9751 * | Orals | ITS1.2/GD1.5/EOS3.4/GI1.7/GM1.8/GMPV1.9/SSP1.10/TS12.3 | Highlight

Palaeoclimate modelling: opportunities and challenges for the future

Alan Haywood, Stephen Hunter, Aisling Dolan, Julia Tindall, and Daniel Hill

EGU2019-15642 * | Posters | ITS1.2/GD1.5/EOS3.4/GI1.7/GM1.8/GMPV1.9/SSP1.10/TS12.3 | Highlight

Peak Geoscience or Crisis of Geoscience?

Kirsten v. Elverfeldt and Heike Egner

EGU2019-4043 | Orals | ITS1.2/GD1.5/EOS3.4/GI1.7/GM1.8/GMPV1.9/SSP1.10/TS12.3

Quantitative Ranking of Geological Conceptual Models using Multi-Point Geostatistics

Sangga Rima Roman Selia, Raimon Tolosana-Delgado, K. Gerald van den Boogaart, and Helmut Schaeben

EGU2019-1737 | Posters | ITS1.2/GD1.5/EOS3.4/GI1.7/GM1.8/GMPV1.9/SSP1.10/TS12.3

Stratigraphy Quo Vadis in 2084?

Felix Gradstein, Frits Agterberg, and Mike Simmons

EGU2019-17448 | Orals | ITS1.2/GD1.5/EOS3.4/GI1.7/GM1.8/GMPV1.9/SSP1.10/TS12.3

Is it possible to capture epistemic uncertainty in geological models?

Elisa Heim, Simon Virgo, Miguel de la Varga, and Florian Wellmann

EGU2019-17674 | Posters | ITS1.2/GD1.5/EOS3.4/GI1.7/GM1.8/GMPV1.9/SSP1.10/TS12.3

Uncertainty quantification of a groundwater salinity model based on Helicopter-borne Electromagnetic Measurements

Willem Dabekaussen, Esther van Baaren, Bernhard Siemon, Jan L. Gunnink, Joost R. Delsman, Marios Karaoulis, Pieter Pauw, and Tommer Vermaas

ITS2.2/ERE4.4 – The New Roadmap for Mineral Exploration: Challenges and Innovative approaches (co-organized)

EGU2019-292 | Posters | ITS2.2/ERE4.4

Neotectonics and landscape geochemistry in Australia: a proxy to assist mineral exploration

Ignacio Gonzalez-Alvarez, Carmen Krapf, Ryan Noble, David Fox, Nathan Reid, Clive Foss, Tania Ibrahimi, Rian Dutch, Liz Jagodzinski, Monica LeGras, Dave Cole, Ian Lau, Jess Robertson, and Tenten Pinchand

EGU2019-16216 | Posters | ITS2.2/ERE4.4

Chemical mapping and metal zonation in Ferromanganese Crusts from the North Atlantic Ocean and their economic potential

Ana Pereira, Mário Gonçalves, José Mirão, Patrícia Moita, Pedro Barrulas, Luísa Pinto Ribeiro, and Pedro Madureira

EGU2019-5086 | Posters | ITS2.2/ERE4.4

The Fe-Ti-V ore deposits - new insight from the geophysical-geological modelling of the Suwałki Anorthosite Massif (NE Poland)

Janina Wiszniewska, Zdzisław Petecki, Olga Rosowiecka, Ewa Krzemińska, Michał Ruszkowski, and Anna Grabarczyk

EGU2019-14562 | Orals | ITS2.2/ERE4.4

Laser-induced fluorescence mapping: a new spectroscopic technique for detection of Rare Earth Elements in rock samples

Peter Seidel, Sandra Lorenz, Margret Fuchs, Robert Zimmermann, René Booysen, Jan Beyer, Johannes Heitmann, and Richard Gloaguen

EGU2019-1875 | Posters | ITS2.2/ERE4.4

Landscape evolution mapping in the south of Western Australia: a proxy to assist mineral exploration under cover

Sabine Pernreiter, Ignacio González-Álvarez, Jens Klump, Greg Smith, and Tania Ibrahimi

EGU2019-106 | Posters | ITS2.2/ERE4.4

Fingerprinting isotopic signatures for metal enrichment in European trees: Developing vectors for mineral exploration

Danijela Mavric, John Ashton, Seán McClenaghan, and Balz Kamber

EGU2019-16422 | Orals | ITS2.2/ERE4.4

UNEXMIN: an innovative approach for mineral exploration in flooded mines

Luís Lopes, Norbert Zajzon, Balázs Bodo, Stephen Henley, Gorazd Zibret, José Almeida, Claudio Rossi, Tatjana Dizdarevic, and Janos Horvath

EGU2019-4468 | Posters | ITS2.2/ERE4.4

Geochemistry of iron-oxide ore and country rocks from the Takab region, North Western Iran

Beate Orberger, Christiane Wagner, Colette Derre, Omar Boudouma, Michel Fialin, Maryam Hornamand, Ghassem Nabatian, Iman Mousef, and Abdoullah Reza Ghods

EGU2019-17686 | Orals | ITS2.2/ERE4.4 | Highlight

Base metal exploration: the next challenges

Lluis Fontboté

EGU2019-9428 | Posters | ITS2.2/ERE4.4

Remote sensing and thematic mapping applied to mineral exploration in the Moura-Ficalho base metals mining region, Ossa-Morena Zone, Portugal

Pedro Gonçalves, João Xavier Matos, Lídia Quental, Maria João Batista, Fábio Marques, Pedro Sousa, Igor Morais, and Luís Albardeiro

EGU2019-14351 | Posters | ITS2.2/ERE4.4

Geological and geochemistry correlation mapping of the Barrancos copper (gold) vein mineralizations, Ossa-Morena Zone, Portugal

Rute Salgueiro, João Xavier Matos, Pedro Gonçalves, Maria João Batista, Igor Morais, Luís Albardeiro, Elsa Ramalho, and Lídia Quental

EGU2019-15568 | Posters | ITS2.2/ERE4.4

SIT4ME: seismic imaging for mining exploration in Sotiel-Elvira (Spain)

Juan Alcalde, Yesenia Martínez, David Martí, Puy Ayarza, Mario Ruiz, Ignacio Marzán, Fernando Tornos, Alireza Malehmir, Alba Gil, Stefan Buske, Dirk Orlowsky, and Ramon Carbonell

EGU2019-16920 | Posters | ITS2.2/ERE4.4

Supervised machine learning for the quantification of mineral phases in drill-core hyperspectral data

Laura Tusa, Mahdi Khodadadzadeh, Cecilia Contreras, Margret Fuchs, Richard Gloaguen, and Jens Gutzmer

EGU2019-7637 | Posters | ITS2.2/ERE4.4

A Decision Support Tool (DST) for evaluating the recovery of secondary and critical raw materials from extractive waste facilities

Giovanna Antonella Dino, Frederic Coulon, Piergiorgio Rossetti, and Stuart Wagland

EGU2019-11999 | Posters | ITS2.2/ERE4.4

Hydromechanical development of fault-controlled orogenic gold deposits: A numerical approach to constrain the spatial distribution of mineral reserve.

Pablo Iturrieta, Ashley Stanton-Yonge, Pamela Pérez-Flores, Gerd Sielfeld, and José Cembrano

EGU2019-13432 | Posters | ITS2.2/ERE4.4 | Highlight

Certifying best practices in mineral exploration: a step towards an enhanced reputation

Leila Ajjabou, Moritz Kirsch, Richard Gloaguen, and Jon Russil and the INFACT Consortium

EGU2019-14384 | Posters | ITS2.2/ERE4.4

A spectral library for Smithsonian rare-earth element phosphate standards using laser-induced fluorescence

Margret C. Fuchs, Jan Beyer, Sandra Lorenz, Suchinder K. Sharma, Axel D. Renno, Johannes Heitmann, and Richard Gloaguen

EGU2019-17925 | Posters | ITS2.2/ERE4.4

Drill core scanning for Rare Earth Elements using Laser-induced Fluorescence spectroscopy

Titus Abend, Magret Fuchs, Jan Beyer, Suchinder Sharma, Johannes Heitmann, and Richard Gloaguen

ITS2.5/HS5.5.2/ERE8.3/GM8.6 – The nexus between water resources management and energy, land, society and climate change (co-organized)

EGU2019-6308 | Orals | ITS2.5/HS5.5.2/ERE8.3/GM8.6

Bridging the gap between coarse and fine resolution models to inform integrated water-energy-land planning at decision-relevant scales

Zarrar Khan, Leon Clarke, Thomas Wild, Mohamad Hejazi, Chris Vernon, and Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm

EGU2019-18721 | Posters | ITS2.5/HS5.5.2/ERE8.3/GM8.6

Sustainable small-scale water storage in remote sub-Saharan regions

Mario Franca, Bernadette Kawera, Amanda Yahaya, Roshan Paudel, Ângelo Matsinhe, Gretchen Gettel, Tibor Stigter, Berry Gersonius, Clemêncio Nhantumbo, and Miroslav Marence

EGU2019-6016 | Posters | ITS2.5/HS5.5.2/ERE8.3/GM8.6

Development of joint methodology for groundwater dependent terrestrial ecosystem identification and assessment in transboundary area (Estonia, Latvia)

Inga Retike, Agnese Priede, Jaanus Terasmaa, Siim Tarros, Andis Kalvāns, Kersti Türk, Jānis Bikše, and Rebeka Hansen-Vera

EGU2019-15297 | Posters | ITS2.5/HS5.5.2/ERE8.3/GM8.6

Optimizing the size of Hilarion dam with technical, economical and environmental parameters.

Maria Sako, Eleni Tsoli, Romanos Ioannidis, Evangelia Frangedaki, G.-Fivos Sargentis, and Demetris Koutsoyiannis

EGU2019-10770 | Posters | ITS2.5/HS5.5.2/ERE8.3/GM8.6

Small reservoirs: a contribution to a sustainable water resources management

Stefano Casadei, Silvia Di Francesco, Francesca Giannone, and Arnaldo Pierleoni

EGU2019-5026 | Orals | ITS2.5/HS5.5.2/ERE8.3/GM8.6 | Highlight

The Arctic wetland resource: a review of research and management application status

Samaneh Seifollahi-Aghmiuni, Zahra Kalantari, Magnus Land, and Georgia Destouni

EGU2019-19130 | Posters | ITS2.5/HS5.5.2/ERE8.3/GM8.6

Balancing hydropeaking mitigation and hydropower production

Sabine Chamoun, Mathieu Barnoud, Pedro Manso, and Giovanni De Cesare

EGU2019-1890 | Orals | ITS2.5/HS5.5.2/ERE8.3/GM8.6

Future Global Water Deficit: Allocation mechanisms within the nexus

Stefan Dekker, David Bijl, Hester Biemans, Patrick Bogaart, Jonathan Doelman, Elke Stehfest, and Detlef van Vuuren

EGU2019-10675 | Posters | ITS2.5/HS5.5.2/ERE8.3/GM8.6

Experimental study and numerical simulation of flow patterns in Detention Basin during flood

Marjan Parsmehr, Ablodol Reza Zahiri, and Mohammad Bijankhan

EGU2019-9135 | Orals | ITS2.5/HS5.5.2/ERE8.3/GM8.6

Effects of climate periodicity on hydropower production planning

Shuang Hao, Anders Wörman, Luigia Brandimarte, and Joakim Riml

EGU2019-10343 | Posters | ITS2.5/HS5.5.2/ERE8.3/GM8.6

Comparative research of holistic methodologies for the estimation of environmental flows in Colombia

Yesica Rodriguez, German Santos, Gerald Corzo, Hector Angarita, and Juliana Delgado

EGU2019-10466 | Posters | ITS2.5/HS5.5.2/ERE8.3/GM8.6

Complementarity between Combined Heat and Power systems, solar PV and hydropower at a district level: Application to the North Eastern Alps

Handriyanti Diah Puspitarini, Baptiste François, Mattia Zaramella, Casey Brown, and Marco Borga

EGU2019-17959 | Orals | ITS2.5/HS5.5.2/ERE8.3/GM8.6

Resilience of the Eastern African electricity sector to climate driven changes in hydropower generation

Vignesh Sridharan, Oliver Broad, Abhishek Shivakumar, Mark Howells, Brent Boehlert, David G. Groves, Holger Rogner, Constantinos Taliotis, James E. Neumann, Kenneth Strzepek, Robert Lempert, Brian Joyce, Annette Huber-Lee, and Raffaello Cervigni

EGU2019-15673 | Posters | ITS2.5/HS5.5.2/ERE8.3/GM8.6

Integrated water-energy modelling: a scenario-based analysis to support energy system transition policies in the EU.

Angelo Carlino, Patrizia Zamberletti, Francesca Recanati, Matteo Giuliani, Andrea Castelletti, Alessia De Vita, Maria Kannavou, and Alexandros Makrysopoulos

EGU2019-3302 | Orals | ITS2.5/HS5.5.2/ERE8.3/GM8.6

Impact of the Beles hydropower project on downstream rural livelihoods (northwest Ethiopia)

Sofie Annys, Enyew Adgo, Tesfaalem Ghebreyohannes, Steven Van Passel, Joost Dessein, and Jan Nyssen

EGU2019-16261 | Posters | ITS2.5/HS5.5.2/ERE8.3/GM8.6

An indicative Climate-Land-Energy-Water (CLEW) nexus analysis of Sierra Leone

Francesco Gardumi, Vignesh Sridharan, Eunice Ramos, Constantinos Taliotis, Ioannis Pappis, Linus Mofor, and Mark Howells

EGU2019-2625 | Posters | ITS2.5/HS5.5.2/ERE8.3/GM8.6

Potentials of land use/management strategies for climate change adaptation using SWAT

Nina Zarrineh, Karim C. Abbaspour, and Annelie Holzkämper

EGU2019-3379 | Orals | ITS2.5/HS5.5.2/ERE8.3/GM8.6 | Highlight

Protecting the Nastapoka River – A Multicultural Approach to Sustainability

Arielle Frenette and Najat Bhiry

EGU2019-18147 | Posters | ITS2.5/HS5.5.2/ERE8.3/GM8.6

A review of urban science literature of importance when developing integrated urban nexus assessments

Rebecka Ericsdotter Engström, Mark Howells, and Georgia Destouni

EGU2019-17522 | Orals | ITS2.5/HS5.5.2/ERE8.3/GM8.6 | Highlight

How water storage for energy and food production affects the Zambezi River’s water quality

Elisa Calamita, Martin Schmid, and Bernhard Wehrli

EGU2019-18452 | Posters | ITS2.5/HS5.5.2/ERE8.3/GM8.6

Integrated analysis of land-use, energy and water systems for large-scale biofuel production in Bolivia

Jenny Gabriela Peña Balderrama, Thomas Alfstad, Silvia Ulloa Jiménez, Abhishek Shivakumar, Gustavo Ayala Ticona, and Mark Howells

EGU2019-9113 | Orals | ITS2.5/HS5.5.2/ERE8.3/GM8.6 | Highlight

An integrated modeling framework for assessing water-energy-land nexus solutions: Application to the Zambezi transboundary river basin

Taher Kahil, Peter Burek, Ting Tang, Amanda Palazzo, Michiel Van Dijk, Barbara Willaarts, Piotr Magnuszewski, Simon Langan, Petr Havlik, and Yoshihide Wada

EGU2019-17917 | Posters | ITS2.5/HS5.5.2/ERE8.3/GM8.6

The Climate Land Energy Water systems (CLEWs) Framework: From mapping to models to research agenda’s

Eunice Ramos, Mark Howells, Vignesh Sridharan, Youssef Almulla, Lucia De Strasser, Rebecka Engström, Dimitris Mentis, Contantinos Taliotis, Francesco Gardumi, Ioannis Pappis, Gabriela Pena Balderrama, Caroline Sundin, and Agnese Beltramo

EGU2019-18029 | Posters | ITS2.5/HS5.5.2/ERE8.3/GM8.6

Assessing infrastructure development pathways in areas with complex resource system interdependencies

Robel Geressu, Christian Siderius, Julien Harou, and Declan Conway

EGU2019-16647 | Posters | ITS2.5/HS5.5.2/ERE8.3/GM8.6

The impacts of agricultural and industrial developments to the water supply from Jatiluhur Reservoir, Indonesia

Aries Purwanto, Janez Sušnik, Franciscus Suryadi, and Charlotte de Fraiture

EGU2019-17918 | Posters | ITS2.5/HS5.5.2/ERE8.3/GM8.6

Opening access and using deep sea data to improve knowledge from observations through ocean models

Paolo Oliveri and Simona Simoncelli

ITS2.7/HS11.71/BG1.37/ERE6.8/GMPV3.6 – Geofluids as natural resources or sources of contamination: Research and Innovation (supported by RGFC-IAH and ENERAG) (co-sponsored by IAH-RGFC) (co-organized)

EGU2019-2200 | Posters | ITS2.7/HS11.71/BG1.37/ERE6.8/GMPV3.6

Arsenic contamination of fractured bedrock aquifers in the Palaeozoic units of South-East Ireland

Alex Russell, Frank McDermott, Tiernan Henry, and Liam Morrison

EGU2019-9401 | Orals | ITS2.7/HS11.71/BG1.37/ERE6.8/GMPV3.6

Intra-aquifer flow in the subsurface of Berlin (Germany) – new insights from 3D numerical modelling

Maximilian Frick, Mauro Cacace, Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth, and Michael Schneider

EGU2019-18778 | Posters | ITS2.7/HS11.71/BG1.37/ERE6.8/GMPV3.6

Inhibition of perchlorate-reducing bacteria by iron

Jincheng Han, Ilil Levakov, Zeev Ronen, and Ofer Dahan

EGU2019-10533 | Orals | ITS2.7/HS11.71/BG1.37/ERE6.8/GMPV3.6

Spatial data analysis of geogenic contamination in streamwater geochemistry

Jennifer McKinley, Ute Mueller, Peter Atkinson, Siobhan Cox, Ulrich Ofterdinger, Damian Fogarty, and Chloe Jackson

EGU2019-12420 | Orals | ITS2.7/HS11.71/BG1.37/ERE6.8/GMPV3.6

Understanding controls on mobility, toxicity and speciation of tungsten.

Nikolay Strigul, Philip Steenstra, and John Harrison

EGU2019-14373 | Orals | ITS2.7/HS11.71/BG1.37/ERE6.8/GMPV3.6

Using thermal springs to quantify deep fluid flow and its thermal footprint in the Alps

Elco Luijendijk, Christoph von Hagke, Saskia Köhler, Theis Winter, and Grant Ferguson

EGU2019-310 | Posters | ITS2.7/HS11.71/BG1.37/ERE6.8/GMPV3.6

Batch and flow-through leaching of different metallic rocks under geothermal reservoir circumstances

Máté Osvald, Andrew D. Kilpatrick, Christopher A. Rochelle, János Szanyi, Tamás Medgyes, and Balázs Kóbor

EGU2019-14481 | Orals | ITS2.7/HS11.71/BG1.37/ERE6.8/GMPV3.6

Assessing of arsenic controlling factors in the alluvial aquifer nearby Venice lagoon (NE, Italy)

Nico Dalla Libera, Daniele Pedretti, Paolo Fabbri, Fabio Tateo, Leonardo Mason, and Leonardo Piccinini

EGU2019-4503 | Posters | ITS2.7/HS11.71/BG1.37/ERE6.8/GMPV3.6

Geogenic chromium mobilization by agricultural activities in ultramafic environments: A case study of the Psachna basin, Central Euboea, Greece

Panagiotis Papazotos, Eleni Vasileiou, and Maria Perraki

EGU2019-16372 | Orals | ITS2.7/HS11.71/BG1.37/ERE6.8/GMPV3.6

Effects of predicted climate change on groundwater flow systems and its implications for future water management

Timea Havril, Ádám Tóth, John W. Molson, Attila Galsa, and Judit Mádl-Szőnyi

EGU2019-7789 | Posters | ITS2.7/HS11.71/BG1.37/ERE6.8/GMPV3.6

Rare earth element distribution in groundwater of Mount Vulture volcanic aquifer (southern Italy)

Ferdinando Deluca, Giovanni Mongelli, Michele Paternoster, Rosa Sinisi, and Yanbei Zhu

EGU2019-7768 | Posters | ITS2.7/HS11.71/BG1.37/ERE6.8/GMPV3.6

Arsenic – fluoride rich groundwaters in a volcanic-sedimentary aquifer in central Italy: background and anomalies

Daniele Parrone, Stefano Ghergo, Eleonora Frollini, David Rossi, and Elisabetta Preziosi

EGU2019-9960 | Posters | ITS2.7/HS11.71/BG1.37/ERE6.8/GMPV3.6

Interaction of topography- and salinity-driven groundwater flow in synthetic numerical models and a real geological situation

Attila Galsa, Márk Szijártó, Ádám Tóth, László Lenkey, and Judit Mádl-Szőnyi

EGU2019-9806 | Posters | ITS2.7/HS11.71/BG1.37/ERE6.8/GMPV3.6

Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) and Phosphorus Effects on Arsenic Mobilization from Iron Oxide Substrate

Adeleh aftabtalab, Mikaela A. Frame, Eduardo Moreno-Jiménez, and Klaus-Holger Knorr

EGU2019-2712 | Posters | ITS2.7/HS11.71/BG1.37/ERE6.8/GMPV3.6

Uranium sources in groundwaters within the Leinster Batholith, SE Ireland

Fani Papageorgiou, Frank McDermott, Liam Morrison, and Tiernan Henry

EGU2019-5072 | Posters | ITS2.7/HS11.71/BG1.37/ERE6.8/GMPV3.6

Low to medium enthalpy geothermal systems: Role of CO2. The study case of the Central Betic Cordillera

Claire Lix, Pierpaolo Zuddas, Xavier Guichet, José Benavente, Juan Antonio Luque-Espinar, and Mickael Barbier

EGU2019-15878 | Posters | ITS2.7/HS11.71/BG1.37/ERE6.8/GMPV3.6

Geothermal and water resources in Ethiopia

Nelly Montcoudiol, Neil Burnside, Habtamu Wagaw, Elias Lewi Teklemariam, and Adrian Boyce

EGU2019-542 | Posters | ITS2.7/HS11.71/BG1.37/ERE6.8/GMPV3.6

Hydrogeochemical processes controlling fluoride enrichment with reference to geomorphic features in Bharatpur district, Rajasthan, India

Vikas Rena, Pardeep Kumar, Priyadarshini Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad Vishwakarma, Vikas Kamal, Harshita Asthana, and Saumitra Mukherjee

EGU2019-14194 | Posters | ITS2.7/HS11.71/BG1.37/ERE6.8/GMPV3.6

Characterization of the regional groundwater flow system in South Transdanubia (Hungary)

Anita Erőss, Katalin Csondor, Lehel Csobaji, Brigitta Zentai-Czauner, and Orsolya Győri

EGU2019-17722 | Posters | ITS2.7/HS11.71/BG1.37/ERE6.8/GMPV3.6

Characterisation of the chemical composition in geothermal hot springs in Iceland and Serbia

Einar Jon Asbjornsson, Ivana Petković, Dragana Đorđević, Aleksandra Mihajlidi-Zelić, Sanja Sakan, Matylda Hermanska, and David C Finger

EGU2019-8240 | Posters | ITS2.7/HS11.71/BG1.37/ERE6.8/GMPV3.6

Temperature monitoring of the hot spring opposite Green Island on Saba, Caribbean Netherlands.

Elske de Zeeuw - van Dalfsen, Reinoud Sleeman, and Läslo Evers

EGU2019-17527 | Posters | ITS2.7/HS11.71/BG1.37/ERE6.8/GMPV3.6

Assessment of shallow and deep aquifers susceptibility to point source contamination using the Weights of Evidence method

Licia Camilla Pollicino, Marco Masetti, Stefania Stevenazzi, Maurizio Gorla, Agata Cristaldi, and Chiara Righetti

ITS3.1/SSS1.4/EOS3.2/BG1.21/ESSI3.8/HS11.32/NH9.22 – Citizen Science and Open Science: bridging the science-society-gap by finding emerging environmental issues and empowering citizens (co-organized)

EGU2019-11702 | Posters | ITS3.1/SSS1.4/EOS3.2/BG1.21/ESSI3.8/HS11.32/NH9.22

Integrating citizen science into local water management in Costa Rica

Sara Blanco, Rafael Quesada, Edgar Espinoza, Javier Vasquez, Alicia Correa, and Christian Birkel

EGU2019-6072 | Posters | ITS3.1/SSS1.4/EOS3.2/BG1.21/ESSI3.8/HS11.32/NH9.22

Perception of climate change and its impact among Himalayan farmers

Roopam Shukla, Ankit Agarwal, Kamna Sachdeva, Juergen Kurths, and Pawan Kumar Joshi

EGU2019-18303 | Posters | ITS3.1/SSS1.4/EOS3.2/BG1.21/ESSI3.8/HS11.32/NH9.22

Quantification of vegetation stress on agriculture during Europe’s 2018 drought and legal implications for yield compensation schemes

Michael Schultz, Victoria Caillet, and Alexander Zipf

EGU2019-18480 | Posters | ITS3.1/SSS1.4/EOS3.2/BG1.21/ESSI3.8/HS11.32/NH9.22

Crowdsourced Street-Level Imagery as a Potential Source of In-Situ Data for Crop Monitoring

Raphaël d'Andrimont, Momchil Iordanov, Guido Lemoine, Janine Yoong, Kamil Nikel, and Marijn van der Velde

EGU2019-11307 | Orals | ITS3.1/SSS1.4/EOS3.2/BG1.21/ESSI3.8/HS11.32/NH9.22

The Joint ESA-NASA Multi-Mission Algorithm and Analysis Platform (MAAP): Enabling Open Science for the Global Aboveground Terrestrial Carbon Dynamics Research Community

Amanda Whitehurst, Kaylin Bugbee, Laura Jewell, Bjorn Fromnknecht, Clement Albinet, Rahul Ramachandran, Kevin Murphy, and Henri Laur

EGU2019-19029 | Orals | ITS3.1/SSS1.4/EOS3.2/BG1.21/ESSI3.8/HS11.32/NH9.22

Towards specifying and optimizing 3D point cloud quality based on UAV-borne image data acquired by citizen scientists

Christian Thiel, Jens Kersten, Sören Hese, Sina Truckenbrodt, Martin Kunz, Paul Debus, Volker Rodehorst, Norman Hallermann, Robert Eckardt, Andre Gräf, and Friederike Klan

EGU2019-8628 | Orals | ITS3.1/SSS1.4/EOS3.2/BG1.21/ESSI3.8/HS11.32/NH9.22

Implementation of the Open Science paradigm at INGV: a challenging experience in a big multidisciplinary research institute

Giuseppe Puglisi, Roberto Basili, Anna Grazia Chiodetti, Antonella Cianchi, Massimiliano Drudi, Lilli Freda, Mario Locati, Maurizio Pignone, and Agata Sangianantoni

EGU2019-18970 | Posters | ITS3.1/SSS1.4/EOS3.2/BG1.21/ESSI3.8/HS11.32/NH9.22

A Participant-Centred Model for Citizen Observatories at Scale

Mel Woods, Drew Hemment, and Raquel Ajates-Gonzalez

EGU2019-12906 | Orals | ITS3.1/SSS1.4/EOS3.2/BG1.21/ESSI3.8/HS11.32/NH9.22

Experiences with >50’000 crowd-sourced hail reports in Switzerland

Hélène Barras, Alessandro Hering, Andrey Martynov, Pascal-Andreas Noti, Urs Germann, and Olivia Martius

EGU2019-10395 | Posters | ITS3.1/SSS1.4/EOS3.2/BG1.21/ESSI3.8/HS11.32/NH9.22

Development of a web platform of knowledge exchange for optimal selection of building materials based on ecological criteria

George-Fivos Sargentis, Evangelia Frangedaki, Panayiotis Dimitriadis, and Demetris Koutsoyiannis

EGU2019-10514 | Orals | ITS3.1/SSS1.4/EOS3.2/BG1.21/ESSI3.8/HS11.32/NH9.22

From Mining to Agriculture: Citizen Science for Soil Re-cultivation on Bangka Island, Indonesia

Rosana Maria Kral, Axel Mentler, Sebstian Postl, Rizki Maftukhah, Ngadisih Ngadisih, Murtiningrum Murtiningrum, and Katharina Maria Keiblinger

EGU2019-14536 | Orals | ITS3.1/SSS1.4/EOS3.2/BG1.21/ESSI3.8/HS11.32/NH9.22

Citizen science using mobile phone technology in St Vincent & the Grenadines to facilitate near-real time multi-hazard observations

Melanie Duncan, Katy Mee, Anna Hicks, Steve Richardson, Richard E. A. Robertson, Michelle Forbes, Idelia Ferdinand, Colm Jordan, and Susan Loughlin

EGU2019-17583 | Posters | ITS3.1/SSS1.4/EOS3.2/BG1.21/ESSI3.8/HS11.32/NH9.22

Earth Observation and Contributing Citizen for Crisis and Disaster Resilience

Refiz Duro, Tanja Gasber, Kuo-Yu Chuang, Sebastian Sippl, Volodymyr Andriychenko, Peter Kutschera, Franziska Albrecht, Gerald Schimak, and Daniel Auferbauer

EGU2019-15478 | Posters | ITS3.1/SSS1.4/EOS3.2/BG1.21/ESSI3.8/HS11.32/NH9.22

SeismoCitizen : A project combining seismology and human science approaches based on a deployment of a dense low cost seismic network hosted by citizens.

Antoine Schlupp, Philippe Chavot, Marc Grunberg, Maxime Bes–De-Berc, Hélène Jund, Fanny Ajak, Jérôme Vergne, Frédéric Masson, and Jean Schmittbuhl

EGU2019-15704 | Posters | ITS3.1/SSS1.4/EOS3.2/BG1.21/ESSI3.8/HS11.32/NH9.22

Citizen Science for Traffic Management and Safety

Benedikt Gräler, Arne de Wall, and Albert Remke

EGU2019-16928 | Posters | ITS3.1/SSS1.4/EOS3.2/BG1.21/ESSI3.8/HS11.32/NH9.22

Crowdsourcing risk and measuring resilience: Insights from the Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance

Ian McCallum, Wei Liu, Adriana Keating, Finn Laurien, Michael Szoenyi, and Reinhard Mechler

EGU2019-8986 | Posters | ITS3.1/SSS1.4/EOS3.2/BG1.21/ESSI3.8/HS11.32/NH9.22

Integrated assessment of forest ecosystem services to support forest management strategies: an experience from the Italian Apennines

Isabella De Meo, Paolo Cantiani, Maurizio Marchi, and Alessandro Paletto

EGU2019-18809 | Posters | ITS3.1/SSS1.4/EOS3.2/BG1.21/ESSI3.8/HS11.32/NH9.22

Implementation of the citizen science part of the NanoEnvi project: monitoring indoor air particulate pollution with passive bio-captors

Sonia Rousse, Melina Macouin, Jean-Francois Leon, Sandrine Suchon, Fabrice Gangneron, Sinda Haoues-Jouve, Arua Leite, Marc Respaud, Sylvia Becerra, Loic Drigo, Anne-Sophie Firmin, and Eva Schreck

EGU2019-2303 | Posters | ITS3.1/SSS1.4/EOS3.2/BG1.21/ESSI3.8/HS11.32/NH9.22

An Earth scientist in the staff of every Colombian Town, South America.

Clemencia Gomez Gonzalez and Laura Tatiana Florian Hernandez

EGU2019-5658 | Posters | ITS3.1/SSS1.4/EOS3.2/BG1.21/ESSI3.8/HS11.32/NH9.22

Linking data for geological mapping process and knowledge sharing

Fabrizio Piana, Vincenzo Lombardo, and Alizia Mantovani

EGU2019-2551 | Posters | ITS3.1/SSS1.4/EOS3.2/BG1.21/ESSI3.8/HS11.32/NH9.22

Thus are the Soils of my Nation

Laura Bertha Reyes Sánchez

EGU2019-9938 | Posters | ITS3.1/SSS1.4/EOS3.2/BG1.21/ESSI3.8/HS11.32/NH9.22 | Highlight

Developing a Knowledge Base to educate children on how to identify natural hazards – the case of Storm Force

Emiliano Renzi

EGU2019-16359 | Posters | ITS3.1/SSS1.4/EOS3.2/BG1.21/ESSI3.8/HS11.32/NH9.22

Exploring the role of soil in climate change at school level

Sigbert Huber, Barbara Birli, Cecilie Foldal, Sigrid Schwarz, Helene Berthold, and Michael Englisch

EGU2019-16480 | Posters | ITS3.1/SSS1.4/EOS3.2/BG1.21/ESSI3.8/HS11.32/NH9.22

Empowering Children: Using GIS framework to locate and allocate schools in Indian cities to increase active school transportation

Swechcha Roy, Saikat Kumar Paul, Richa Dhawale, Amarjeet Kumar, and Vivek Agnihotri

EGU2019-6255 | Posters | ITS3.1/SSS1.4/EOS3.2/BG1.21/ESSI3.8/HS11.32/NH9.22

Data Versioning Patterns and Principles

Jens Klump, Mingfang Wu, Gerry Ryder, Julia Martin, Lesley Wyborn, Robert Downs, and Ari Asmi

EGU2019-17806 | Posters | ITS3.1/SSS1.4/EOS3.2/BG1.21/ESSI3.8/HS11.32/NH9.22

EVER-EST: The platform allowing scientists to cross-fertilize and cross-validate data

Mirko Albani, Cristiano Silvagni, Rosemarie Leone, Simone Mantovani, Sergio Ferraresi, Fulvio Marelii, Sergio Albani, Michele Lazzarini, Anca Popescu, Federica Foglini, Francesco De Leo, Valentina Grande, Stefano Salvi, Elisa Trasatti, Hazel Napier, Tim Aldrdge, Steve Cole, Robert Moore, and Iolanda Maggio

ITS3.3/NH9.18/EOS4.4/HS11.20 – Geo-hazard and risk assessment and mitigation in economically developing countries: Challenges and opportunities for innovation (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2019-10909 | PICOs | ITS3.3/NH9.18/EOS4.4/HS11.20 | Highlight

Counting the exposure and potential disaster losses in the education sector globally: are we doing enough to protect our schools, teachers and students?

James Daniell, Rashmin Gunasekera, Antonios Pomonis, Oscar Ishizawa, Andreas Schaefer, Fernando Ramirez, Carina Fonseca, Laisa Daza, Johannes Brand, Jens de Bruijn, and Graeme Riddell

EGU2019-11324 | PICOs | ITS3.3/NH9.18/EOS4.4/HS11.20 | Highlight

Using expert elicitation to assess or forecast natural hazards: a systematic review

Shreyasi Choudhury, Bruce D. Malamud, and Amy Donovan

EGU2019-6956 | PICOs | ITS3.3/NH9.18/EOS4.4/HS11.20 | Highlight

An atlas on geo-information for urban spatial planning in the Dhaka Metropolitan Region, Bangladesh

Andreas Günther, Uta Philipp, Mohamed Ashraful Kamal, Atm Asaduzzaman, Rebecca Bahls, Rüdiger Ludwig, Nurun Nahar Faruqa, and Sarwat Jabeen

EGU2019-464 | PICOs | ITS3.3/NH9.18/EOS4.4/HS11.20

Landslide domains in data-poor regions: case study on East Sikkim, India

Renée Heijenk, Bruce Malamud, Claire Dashwood, Christian Arnhardt, Joanne Wood, and Helen Reeves

EGU2019-11584 | PICOs | ITS3.3/NH9.18/EOS4.4/HS11.20

Design of non-linear slope profiles to prevent road-related landslides

Stefano Utili, Ellen Robson, and David Milledge

EGU2019-8460 * | PICOs | ITS3.3/NH9.18/EOS4.4/HS11.20 | Highlight

Geoheritage for Resilience: a global network for managing natural risk

Benjamin van Wyk de Vries and Viktor Vereb

EGU2019-10524 | PICOs | ITS3.3/NH9.18/EOS4.4/HS11.20 | Highlight

Geohazard components of Strategic Environmental Assessments in South Africa: fracking, electricity grid infrastructure & gas pipeline networks

Raymond Durrheim, Brassnaavy Manzunzu, Vunganai Midzi, and Moctar Doucoure

EGU2019-7158 * | PICOs | ITS3.3/NH9.18/EOS4.4/HS11.20 | Highlight

How can we better understand the risk and impacts of consecutive disasters in developing countries?

Marleen de Ruiter, Anaïs Couasnon1, Marc van den Homberg, James Daniell, Joel Gill, and Philip Ward

EGU2019-13366 | PICOs | ITS3.3/NH9.18/EOS4.4/HS11.20 | Highlight

A qualitative evaluation of the glacial lake outburst flood (GLOF) risk management at Imja lake, Everest region, Nepal

Eva Posch, Rainer Bell, Monique Fort, Karl-Michael Höferl, and Robert Steiger

EGU2019-16396 | PICOs | ITS3.3/NH9.18/EOS4.4/HS11.20

Two case studies of compiling urban multi-hazard assessments for Africa in a data-poor environment

Bruce D. Malamud, Anna Turbelin, James Millington, and Faith Taylor

EGU2019-17520 * | PICOs | ITS3.3/NH9.18/EOS4.4/HS11.20 | Highlight

Natural hazards, risks and society in Africa: developing knowledge and capacities - the HARISSA project

Francois Kervyn, Mohamed Laghmouch, Caroline Michellier, Benoît Smets, Tine Huyse, and Olivier Dewitte

EGU2019-5460 * | PICOs | ITS3.3/NH9.18/EOS4.4/HS11.20 | Highlight

Geo-observers: participatory sensing of disasters in a remote setting

Liesbet Jacobs, Clovis Kabaseke, Bosco Bwambale, Rose Katutu, Olivier Dewitte, Kewan Mertens, Jan Maes, and Matthieu Kervyn

EGU2019-3533 | PICOs | ITS3.3/NH9.18/EOS4.4/HS11.20

Assessing agricultural risk in Lebanon combining retrospective and community-based approaches with temporal dimensions implementation

Chadi Abdallah, Rita Der Sarkissian, Talal Darwich, Ghaleb Faour, Solange Saade, and Muratebek Koshoev

EGU2019-6918 * | PICOs | ITS3.3/NH9.18/EOS4.4/HS11.20 | Highlight

Improving communal resilience using a personal seismic-risk and readiness self-evaluation and mapping tool

Yaron Finzi, Ariel Meroz, Shaked Avni, and Sebastian Langer

ITS3.5/PS1.6/BG1.47/CL3.11/ERE1.3/HS11.25 – How can Earth, Planetary and Space Scientists contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goals ? (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2019-18648 | PICOs | ITS3.5/PS1.6/BG1.47/CL3.11/ERE1.3/HS11.25 | Highlight

UNISPACE+50 and the Sustainable Development Goals

Simonetta Di Pippo, Jorge Del Rio Vera, and Hui Du

EGU2019-17198 | PICOs | ITS3.5/PS1.6/BG1.47/CL3.11/ERE1.3/HS11.25

MiKlip – how a decadal climate forecasting system can contribute to the sustainable development goals

Sebastian Hettrich, Bente Tiedje, Andreas Paxian, Holger Pohlmann, Wolfgang A. Müller, Christopher Kadow, Jens Grieger, Katja Reinhardt, and Jochem Marotzke

EGU2019-8663 | PICOs | ITS3.5/PS1.6/BG1.47/CL3.11/ERE1.3/HS11.25

The potential of Earth-Observation for assessing personal exposures to heat

Jiong Wang, Meng Lu, Ilonca Vaartjes, and Derek Karssenberg

EGU2019-8845 | PICOs | ITS3.5/PS1.6/BG1.47/CL3.11/ERE1.3/HS11.25

Security applications using satellite EO data to support the achievement of the UN SDGs

Sergio Albani, Michele Lazzarini, Adrian Luna, and Paula Saameno

EGU2019-11944 | PICOs | ITS3.5/PS1.6/BG1.47/CL3.11/ERE1.3/HS11.25

Ontology of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, Targets, and Indicators

Armita Davarpanah and Hassan Babaie

EGU2019-12380 | PICOs | ITS3.5/PS1.6/BG1.47/CL3.11/ERE1.3/HS11.25

Implementing the Sendai Framework through Disaster Diplomacy Efforts to Foster the Sustainable Development Goals 2030

Yekaterina Kontar, Tom Beer, Paul Berkman, Fernando Echavarria, John Eichelberger, David Green, Lucile Jones, Ilan Kelman, John LaBrecque, Gordon McBean, Ester Sztein, and Yulia Zaika

ITS3.6/NH9.17 – Open Loss Data, Databases and data-driven Risk Transfer: Connecting insurance, academia and governments (co-organized)

EGU2019-15502 | Posters | ITS3.6/NH9.17

A review of Open Access Software Packages for Risk and Open Loss Data globally - what software packages and loss data are available for my peril?

Rashmin Gunasekera, James Daniell, Andreas Schaefer, Joaquin Toro, Oscar Ishizawa, Alanna Simpson, Graeme Riddell, Philip Ward, Antonios Pomonis, Marleen de Ruiter, Hing-Ho Tsang, Anais Couasnon, Michael Kunz, and Susanna Mohr

EGU2019-18564 | Orals | ITS3.6/NH9.17

Open loss data interconnectivity for earthquake disaster risk management

Alexander Ugarov, Nina Frolova, Jean Bonnin, Li Guoqing, and Bapon Fakhruddin

EGU2019-2777 | Posters | ITS3.6/NH9.17

The link between crime and disasters: case studies from an ongoing study of open global crime statistics and disaster modelling

Johannes Brand, James Daniell, Andreas Schaefer, Isabel Arnst, and Rashmin Gunasekera

EGU2019-17044 | Orals | ITS3.6/NH9.17

China Historical Flood Loss Database: Development and use for Insurance applications

Steffi Uhlemann-Elmer, Florian Elmer, James Daniell, and Richard Scales

EGU2019-13584 | Posters | ITS3.6/NH9.17

Closing the Protection Gap Using Risk Data in a Changing Climate

Gero Michel and James Daniell

EGU2019-13390 | Posters | ITS3.6/NH9.17

The completeness of global loss databases for earthquakes: the case of 2018

Jens-Udo Skapski, James Daniell, Armand Vervaeck, Carlos Robles, Roberth Romero, Jamie Gurney, Lukas Rentz, Andreas Schaefer, Antonios Pomonis, Konstantinos Dafloukas, and Isabel Arnst

EGU2019-5639 | Orals | ITS3.6/NH9.17

Post-disaster loss analysis as a basis for vulnerability assessment for multiple end-users

Maria Papathoma-Koehle, Matthias Schlögl, and Sven Fuchs

EGU2019-11387 | Posters | ITS3.6/NH9.17

The loss database behind WineRisk: global infrastructure and agricultural event losses in the wine industry historically

Isabel Arnst, James Daniell, Andreas Schaefer, Michael Kunz, Trevor Daniell, Johannes Brand, Graeme Riddell, Timea Barta, and Susanna Mohr

EGU2019-10806 | Posters | ITS3.6/NH9.17

A European-scale Multi-Hazard Screening Process for the selection of decommissioned Nuclear Power Plants

Ann-Kathrin Edrich, James Daniell, Eric Haecker, Andreas Schaefer, and Friedemann Wenzel

EGU2019-13989 * | Orals | ITS3.6/NH9.17 | Highlight

Using Online Media to Create A Real-time and Historic Database of Global Flood Events

Jens de Bruijn, Hans de Moel, Brenden Jongman, Marleen de Ruiter, Jurjen Wagemaker, and Jeroen Aerts

EGU2019-9244 | Posters | ITS3.6/NH9.17

Real-time analysis of natural catastrophic events: loss assessment, GIS visualization and communication

Aurelien Boiselet, Quentin Henaff, Robin Locatelli, and Vincent Feraud

EGU2019-6354 | Posters | ITS3.6/NH9.17

Performance of dependent random variable simulation methodologies for crop insurance pricing: Comparing copula and empirical orthogonal function approaches

Qingyang Mu, Yu Gao, Haijiao Yu, Yifeng Chen, and Tao Ye

EGU2019-16277 | Posters | ITS3.6/NH9.17

Toward near real-time flood impact estimation in developing countries: damage index definition

Annibale Vecere, Mario Martina, Ricardo Monteiro, and Carmine Galasso

EGU2019-16965 | Posters | ITS3.6/NH9.17

The spatial dependence of flood hazard and risk at continental scales

Niall Quinn, Paul Bates, Oliver Wing, Janet Heffernan, Andrew Smith, Christopher Sampson, Jeffrey Neal, and James Smith

EGU2019-18578 | Posters | ITS3.6/NH9.17

Towards a global estimate of compounded risk for dams from earthquakes: historical losses and learning from past studies

Nicolas Humbert, James Daniell, Andreas Schaefer, Friedemann Wenzel, Jens-Udo Skapski, and Konstantinos Dafloukas

EGU2019-11492 | Posters | ITS3.6/NH9.17

Aggregating loss databases for 14 African nations for natural perils: a lesson in what we do and don’t know about past events

Oscar Ishizawa, Joaquin Munoz-Diaz, James Daniell, Timea Barta, Jan Becker, Andreas Schaefer, Antonios Pomonis, and Rashmin Gunasekera

EGU2019-18566 | Posters | ITS3.6/NH9.17

The 2018 Lombok and Palu, Indonesia, earthquakes: Loss data uncertainties, cascades and implications

Antonios Pomonis, James Daniell, Rashmin Gunasekera, Andreas Schaefer, and Jens-Udo Skapski

EGU2019-6008 | Posters | ITS3.6/NH9.17

Why focus on climate hazards if we need to understand impacts? Mobile technologies could put humans back into the equation

Markus Enenkel, Molly Brown, Jürgen Vogt, Jessica McCarty, Andrew Reid Bell, Debarati Guha-Sapir, Wouter Dorigo, Katya Vasilaky, Mark Svoboda, Rogerio Bonifacio, Martha Anderson, Chris Funk, Daniel Osgood, Christopher Hain, and Patrick Vinck

ITS3.7/CL5.10/EOS7.2 – Climate Services - Underpinning Science (co-organized)

EGU2019-499 | Posters | ITS3.7/CL5.10/EOS7.2

Characterization of European wind speed variability using weather regimes

Nicola Cortesi, Veronica Torralba, Nube González-Reviriego, Albert Soret, and Francisco J.Doblas-Reyes

EGU2019-13217 | Orals | ITS3.7/CL5.10/EOS7.2 | Highlight

THE COPERNICUS CLIMATE CHANGE SERVICE: From a Proof-of-Concept to a Fully Operational Service

Jean-Noël Thépaut, Dick Dee, Carlo Buontempo, Freja Vamborg, Anca Brookshaw, and Hans Hersbach

EGU2019-2223 | Posters | ITS3.7/CL5.10/EOS7.2

The IBS Paleoclimate Data Center

Elke Zeller and Axel Timmermann

EGU2019-2426 | Posters | ITS3.7/CL5.10/EOS7.2

Recent mega-drought in Chile as a harbinger of a challenging adaptation for the energy-water nexus in South America

Mario Rohrer, Daniela Lorenzi, Manfred Schwarb, Simone Schauwecker, Thomas Bosshard, Clara Oria, Jorge Luis Ceballos, and Martín Jacques-Coper

EGU2019-11000 * | Orals | ITS3.7/CL5.10/EOS7.2 | Highlight

Global users in the Copernicus Climate Change Service

Katharina Klehmet, Emilie Breviere, Frida Gyllensvärd, Lorna Little, Christiana Photiadou, and Berit Arheimer

EGU2019-6944 | Orals | ITS3.7/CL5.10/EOS7.2

The data and climate indicators suite within the INDECIS project

Rebeca Álvarez Alonso, Marcelino Nuñez Corchero, and Yolanda Luna Rico

EGU2019-13192 | Posters | ITS3.7/CL5.10/EOS7.2

Development process and main features of CLIMAP: a climate web portal for agriculture in Senegal

Philippe Roudier, Ibrahima Sy, Benjamin Sultan, and Laurent Braud

EGU2019-13688 | Posters | ITS3.7/CL5.10/EOS7.2

ProWaS – Climate Projection service for Waterways and Navigation in Germany (Pilot study)

Enno Nilson, Birte-Marie Ehlers, Janna Abalichin, Ahmad Bilal, Jennifer Brauch, Manuel Dröse, Dörte Eichler, Helmut Fischer, Frank Janssen, Gerrit-Mathis Keller, Matthias Rothe, Hauke Stachel, Michael Schröder, Christoph Stegert, Trang van Pham, Andreas Walter, and Norbert Winkel

EGU2019-8978 | Orals | ITS3.7/CL5.10/EOS7.2

The CLARITY Climate Services Information System – providing hazard characterisation on European scale

Claudia Hahn, Robert Goler, Maja Zuvela-Aloise, Astrid Kainz, Rosmarie de Wit, Giulio Zuccaro, Mattia Leone, Alessandra Capolupo, Denis Havlik, and Bernhard Skarbal

EGU2019-12770 | Orals | ITS3.7/CL5.10/EOS7.2

Development of Climate-Based Dengue Early Warning System in Jakarta, Indonesia

Ardhasena Sopaheluwakan, Ratna Satyaningsih, Kurnia Endah Komalasari, Urip Haryoko, Utoyo Ajie Linarka, Mamenun Mamenun, Agung Fauzi, Sumiati Sumiati, Nuning Nuraini, and Edy Soewono

EGU2019-13027 | Orals | ITS3.7/CL5.10/EOS7.2

Current need for climate services in West Africa: Results from the ISIpedia and CLIMAP stakeholder surveys

Quentin Lejeune, Benjamin Sultan, Philippe Roudier, Inga Menke, Ibrahima Sy, Gina Maskell, and Kaylin Lee

EGU2019-17967 | Posters | ITS3.7/CL5.10/EOS7.2

Developing climate services for sensitive cities within C3S

Pau Gallés i Raventós, Dana Micu, Guillermo Grau, Lyudmila Lebedeva, David Gustafsson, Laia Romero, and Marta Bertran Garcia

EGU2019-3271 | Orals | ITS3.7/CL5.10/EOS7.2

Evaluating agricultural weather and climate services in Africa: Evidence, methods, and a learning agenda

Philippe Roudier, Catherine Vaughan, James Hansen, Edward Carr, and Paul Watkiss

EGU2019-16909 | Posters | ITS3.7/CL5.10/EOS7.2

Co-Developing a Knowledge Portal for the Presentation and Analysis of Uncertain Global Multi-Model Based Information on Freshwater-Related Hazards of Climate Change

Fabian Kneier, Carina Zang, Dirk Schwanenberg, Stephan Dietrich, Harald Köthe, and Petra Döll

EGU2019-9669 | Posters | ITS3.7/CL5.10/EOS7.2

The new Swiss climate change scenarios CH2018

Andreas Fischer, Sven Kotlarski, Kuno Strassmann, Christoph Schär, Mischa Croci-Maspoli, Reto Knutti, and Cornelia Schwierz

EGU2019-6701 | Posters | ITS3.7/CL5.10/EOS7.2

Climate change scenarios in use: Heat stress in Switzerland

Ana Casanueva, Sven Kotlarski, Andreas M. Fischer, Cornelia Schwierz, and Mark A. Liniger

EGU2019-7823 | Posters | ITS3.7/CL5.10/EOS7.2

A tool for "Improving bias-corrected Climate Change scenarios with local OBServational data" (ICC-OBS)

Maria Wind, Barbara König, Igor Skoric, and Herbert Formayer

EGU2019-15145 | Posters | ITS3.7/CL5.10/EOS7.2

Integrated approach for the development across Europe of user oriented climate indicators for GFCS high-priority sectors: agriculture, disaster risk reduction, energy, health, water and tourism (INDECIS)

Joan Ramon Coll, Enric Aguilar, Gerard van der Schrier, Roberto Coscarelli, Erik Engström, Yolanda Luna, Sergio Vicente-Serrano, Petr Stepanek, Liliana Velea, Richard Allan, Ricardo Trigo, Ali Nadir Arslan, Manuel del Jesús, Yvan Caballero, Patrick Fournet, Albert Soret, and Hans van de Vijver

EGU2019-17134 | Posters | ITS3.7/CL5.10/EOS7.2

When the most ambitious climate data base in Europe meets the needs of the users: The Copernicus Climate Data Store

Miguel Segura, Wilma Jans, Judith Klostermann, Dragana Bojovic, Isadora Christel Jimenez, and Francisco J. Doblas-Reyes

ITS3.8/BG3.23/AS4.32/OS1.33 – The 2018 European drought - scientific observations and societal implications (co-sponsored by ICOS) (co-organized)

EGU2019-6806 | Posters | ITS3.8/BG3.23/AS4.32/OS1.33

Contrasting long-term influence of energy and water on global gross primary productivity

Zhiyong Liu, Lei Chen, Wenping Yuan, Nicholas G. Smith, and Syed Ashraful Alam

EGU2019-5500 | Orals | ITS3.8/BG3.23/AS4.32/OS1.33 | Highlight

The impact of the 2018 summer drought on Europe’s terrestrial biospheric carbon exchange from combined remote sensing, crop and forest modeling, and atmospheric inversions

Naomi Smith, Erik van Schaik, Gerbrand Koren, Linda Kooijmans, Ingrid van der Laan-Luijkx, and Wouter Peters

EGU2019-8151 | Posters | ITS3.8/BG3.23/AS4.32/OS1.33

Analysis of floodplain forest sensitivity to drought

Natalia Kowalska, Justyna Szatniewska, Marko Stojanović, Ladislav Šigut, and Marian Pavelka

EGU2019-8604 | Posters | ITS3.8/BG3.23/AS4.32/OS1.33

Hemiboreal forests under the 2018 Europe heat wave

Alisa Krasnova, Kaido Soosaar, Veiko Uri, Ülo Mander, Dmitrii Krasnov, and Steffen Noe

EGU2019-6847 | Orals | ITS3.8/BG3.23/AS4.32/OS1.33

Seasonal hydro-ecological feedbacks during the 2018 drought in Europe

Ana Bastos, Tammas Loughran, Naomi Smith, Erik van Schaik, Taraka Davies-Barnard, Ryan Padrón Flasher, Pierre Friedlingstein, Stephen Sitch, Julia Pongratz, and Philippe Ciais

EGU2019-9478 | Orals | ITS3.8/BG3.23/AS4.32/OS1.33

Effect of the extreme summer 2018 on the carbon and water budgets of a subalpine coniferous forest in Switzerland

Mana Gharun, Lukas Hörtnagl, Philip Meier, Susanne Burri, Werner Eugster, and Nina Buchmann

EGU2019-10549 | Posters | ITS3.8/BG3.23/AS4.32/OS1.33 | Highlight

Linking multi-sectorial impacts to hydrometeorological extremes during the drought of 2018 in Germany

Kerstin Stahl, Veit Blauhut, Michael Stoelzle, Erik Tijdeman, Lucas Menzel, and Jens Lange

EGU2019-5834 | Orals | ITS3.8/BG3.23/AS4.32/OS1.33

Energy partitioning and water use efficiency anomalies 2018 at Eddy-Covariance sites across ecosystems

Alexander Graf, Anne Klosterhalfen, Christian Bernhofer, Christian Brümmer, Clemens Drüe, Pia Gottschalk, Thomas Grünwald, Günther Heinemann, Bernard Heinesch, Janina Klatt, Jan Konopka, Anne De Ligne, Bernard Longdoz, Matthias Mauder, Patrizia Ney, Inken Rabbel, Corinna Rebmann, Torsten Sachs, Marius Schmidt, Frederik Schrader, Caroline Vincke, Ingo Völksch, Stephan Weber, Christian Wille, and Harry Vereecken

EGU2019-15242 | Posters | ITS3.8/BG3.23/AS4.32/OS1.33

Investigating the causes of heather die-off during summer 2018: an ecotron study

Francois Rineau, Natalie Beenaerts, Jan Clerinx, Thomas Puetz, Jan Vanderborght, Wim Thiery, Inne Vanderkelen, and Jaco Vangronsveld

EGU2019-11262 | Posters | ITS3.8/BG3.23/AS4.32/OS1.33

Extreme Drought of 2018 in the Czech Republic

Petr Skalak, Petr Stepanek, Pavel Zahradnicek, and Miroslav Trnka

EGU2019-15163 | Posters | ITS3.8/BG3.23/AS4.32/OS1.33

A culture of proactive drought management? Unraveling the perception and management of droughts in Swedish municipalities.

Claudia Teutschbein, Elin Lundkvist, Frederike Albrecht, and Malgorzata Blicharska

EGU2019-17409 | Orals | ITS3.8/BG3.23/AS4.32/OS1.33

Spring-summer variation analysis in OCO-2’s Solar Induced Fluorescence during the European heatwave in 2018

Ankit Shekhar, Shrutilipi Bhattacharjee, Jia Chen, and Anja Rammig

EGU2019-10714 | Posters | ITS3.8/BG3.23/AS4.32/OS1.33

Response of net community production to extreme meteorological conditions in spring/summer 2018

Gregor Rehder, Jens D. Müller, Henry C. Bittig, Johannes Johansson, Seppo Kaitala, Bengt Karlson, Frank Kaspar, Anna Rutgersson, Bernd Schneider, Herbert Siegel, Simo-Matti Siiriä, Laura Tuomi, and Norbert Wasmund

ITS3.9/GM6.1/ERE7.4/GMPV7.15/SSS13.29 – Geodiversity and Geoheritage (co-sponsored by JpGU) (co-organized)

EGU2019-11960 | Posters | ITS3.9/GM6.1/ERE7.4/GMPV7.15/SSS13.29

The concept of a monograph on the geodiversity of morphological landscapes in the world

Zbigniew Zwoliński, Marco Giardino, Alicja Najwer, and Luigi Perotti

EGU2019-3565 | Posters | ITS3.9/GM6.1/ERE7.4/GMPV7.15/SSS13.29

Italy's GeoHeritage

Ann Pizzorusso

EGU2019-5339 | Orals | ITS3.9/GM6.1/ERE7.4/GMPV7.15/SSS13.29

Geomorphosites assessment methods: comparative analysis and typology

Vanessa Costa Mucivuna, Emmanuel Reynard, and Maria da Glória Motta Garcia

EGU2019-1286 | Posters | ITS3.9/GM6.1/ERE7.4/GMPV7.15/SSS13.29

Soil as a natural art object.

Anna Sefilian, Goncharova Olga, Matyshak George, Tarkhov Matvey, and Petrzhik Nataliia

EGU2019-7814 | Posters | ITS3.9/GM6.1/ERE7.4/GMPV7.15/SSS13.29

Metaxa Mine (Santorini, Greece), a unique geosite presented via interactive Story Maps approach

Varvara Antoniou, Paraskevi Nomikou, Pavlina Bardouli, Pantelia Sorotou, Fabio Luca Bonali, Lemonia Ragia, and Andreas Metaxas

EGU2019-1374 | Orals | ITS3.9/GM6.1/ERE7.4/GMPV7.15/SSS13.29

Valorization of geosites of Valbona National Park for geotourism development

Merita Dollma

EGU2019-10637 | Orals | ITS3.9/GM6.1/ERE7.4/GMPV7.15/SSS13.29 | Highlight

Rephrasing the geodiversity concept under the Ecosystem Services approach and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Paulo Pereira, José Brilha, Murray Gray, and Diamantino Insua Pereira

EGU2019-11533 | Posters | ITS3.9/GM6.1/ERE7.4/GMPV7.15/SSS13.29

Geotourism in the oceanic active volcanic island of Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

William Hernández, Monika Przeor, and Javier Dóniz-Paéz

EGU2019-7617 | Posters | ITS3.9/GM6.1/ERE7.4/GMPV7.15/SSS13.29

Geodiversity and environmental services in developing-world cities: examples of Johannesburg and São Paulo

Jasper Knight, Maria da Glória Motta Garcia, and Christine Bourotte

EGU2019-10220 | Orals | ITS3.9/GM6.1/ERE7.4/GMPV7.15/SSS13.29

Mainstreaming geodiversity in Norwegian nature management

Lars Erikstad, Berit Husteli, Rolv Dahl, and Tom Heldal

EGU2019-16174 | Orals | ITS3.9/GM6.1/ERE7.4/GMPV7.15/SSS13.29 | Highlight

Global geodiversity mapping

Harry Seijmonsbergen, Hannes Versteegh, and Kenneth Rijsdijk

EGU2019-531 | Posters | ITS3.9/GM6.1/ERE7.4/GMPV7.15/SSS13.29 | Highlight

Scientific Assessments, Management strategies and Technological Solutions for UNESCO Global Geoparks territories.

Sara Gentilini, Marco Giardino, Patrick Mc Keever, Zbigniew Zwolinski, and Rolv Magne Dahl

EGU2019-5787 | Posters | ITS3.9/GM6.1/ERE7.4/GMPV7.15/SSS13.29

Assessment of the geosites and mining sites present in the Zaruma-Portovelo mining district (Ecuador)

Pablo Caldevilla, Paúl Carrión-Mero, Josue Briones, Gricelda Herrero-Franco, María José Domínguez-Cuesta, and Edgar Berrezueta