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NH – Natural Hazards

NH1.1 – Extreme meteorological and hydrological events induced by severe weather and climate change (co-organized)

EGU2019-2748 | Posters | NH1.1

Weather extremes in Russia under Changing Climate

Galina Surkova, Aleksei Krylov, Victor Arkhipkin, and Natalia Sokolikhina

EGU2019-569 | Orals | NH1.1

Nowcasting locally developed convective cells

Solazzo Enrico, Barindelli Stefano, Biondi Riccardo, Zanini Francesca, Eugenio Realini, Nisi Luca, and Venuti Giovanna

EGU2019-1670 | Orals | NH1.1

Squalls in Russian and Indian cities

Mikhail A. Lokoshchenko, Alexander Yu. Mel'nichuk, and Krushna C. Gouda

EGU2019-3038 | Posters | NH1.1

Analysis on Causes of Extreme Heavy Rainfall in Tropical Cyclone Ewiniar (1804)

Shunan Yang

EGU2019-16831 | Orals | NH1.1

Assessment of different microphysics schemes in simulating the recent 2018 heavy rainfall event over Kerala, India using the WRF model

Mukesh Kumar, Sandeep Pattnaik, Radhika Kanase, Medha Deshpande, and Parthasarthi Mukhopadhyay

EGU2019-3703 | Posters | NH1.1

Impact of improved land state on localized thundershower simulation

Sandeep Pattnaik

EGU2019-16498 | Orals | NH1.1

The exceptional 2018 European water seesaw

Andrea Toreti, Alan Belward, Ignacio Perez-Dominguez, Gustavo Naumann, Giacinto Manfron, Juerg Luterbacher, Ottmar Cronie, Lorenzo Seguini, Raul Lopez Lozano, Bettina Baruth, Maurits van den Berg, Frank Dentener, Andrej Ceglar, Thomas Chatzopoulos, and Matteo Zampieri

EGU2019-3772 | Posters | NH1.1

Role of Arctic sea ice in the 2014-15 Eurasian warm winter

Jinbo Xie, Minghua Zhang, and Hailong Liu

EGU2019-17388 | Orals | NH1.1

Modelling the influence of the sea on “Rapid Cyclogenesis”: 2018 “VAIA” events.

Antonio Ricchi, Davide Bonaldo, Mario Marcello Miglietta, and Sandro Carniel

EGU2019-14723 | Posters | NH1.1

Covariate based Time-Varying Intensity-Duration-Frequency Curve for Changing Climate

Vinnarasi Rajendran, Chandrika Thulaseedharan Dhanya, and Shushobhit Chaudhary

EGU2019-17709 | Orals | NH1.1

Atmospheric dynamics associated with the occurrence of extreme rainfall over the southern coastal belt of West Africa

Marc Kpanou, Expédit Vissin, Pascal Roucou, and Pierre Camberlin

EGU2019-4631 | Posters | NH1.1

How to Resolve Emerging Issues Associated with Rapidly Aging Dams under Climate Change Projection?

Young-Il Moon, Ji-Hyeok Choi, Jung-Hwan Lee, and Ji-Yoon Mok

EGU2019-4846 | Posters | NH1.1

Numerical Simulation on the Southern Flood and Northern Drought in summer 2014 over Eastern China

Lianlian Xu, Shengping He, Fei Li, Jiehua Ma, and Huijun Wang

EGU2019-6098 | Posters | NH1.1

The effect of WRF nudging techniques on fine-scale variability of a Mediterranean cyclone event

Markos P Mylonas, Iliana D Polychroni, Nadia Politi, Kostas C Douvis, and Panagiotis T Nastos

EGU2019-4726 | Orals | NH1.1

Extreme rainfall characteristics during MJO phases over the Indian region using TRMM

Anandh P Chandrasekaran and Naresh Krishna Vissa

EGU2019-6316 | Posters | NH1.1

Rapid increase of wintertime regional cold events in western Eurasia since 1979: An anomaly-based perspective

Jian Shi, Kaijun Wu, and Weihong Qian

EGU2019-6565 | Posters | NH1.1

A Study on Modified Parameter Estimation Method for Multivariate Frequency Analysis of Skewed Hydro-meteorological Data

Kyungwon Joo, Hanbeen Kim, Sunghun Kim, and Jun-Haeng Heo

EGU2019-14708 | Orals | NH1.1

A Hail Storm Climatology for Switzerland

Katharina Schroeer, Simona Trefalt, Cornelia Schwierz, Urs Germann, Alessandro Hering, and Luca Nisi

EGU2019-16198 | Orals | NH1.1

Assimilation experiments of Sentinel-derived and GNSS-derived products to improve the WRF forecasts of extreme events: results of the STEAM project

Martina Lagasio, Antonio Parodi, Luca Pulvirenti, Giorgio Boni, Nazzareno Pierdicca, Giovanna Venuti, Eugenio Realini, Andrea Gatti, Stefano Barindelli, and Bjorn Rommen

EGU2019-9566 | Orals | NH1.1

The outstanding 2015-2018 Cape Town drought and the poleward migration of moisture corridors

Ricardo M Trigo, Pedro M Sousa, Ross C Blamey, Chris JC Reason, and Alexandre M Ramos

EGU2019-7585 | Posters | NH1.1

Increasing flood risk of Chinese railway infrastructures from future climate change

Weihua Zhu, Kai Liu, and Ming Wang

EGU2019-9100 | Posters | NH1.1

Study of the 29 October 2018 severe storm in Corsica

Dominique Lambert

EGU2019-9550 | Posters | NH1.1

Drought Libraries: a nationally consistent toolkit for improved resilience in the UK public water supply sector

Nikolaos Mastrantonas, Simon Parry, Luke Harrington, and Jamie Hannaford

EGU2019-16812 | Orals | NH1.1

Spatial Structure of (Super)-Clausius-Clapeyron Scaling in Austria

David Leidinger, Johannes Laimighofer, and Herbert Formayer

EGU2019-9652 | Posters | NH1.1

Trends in extreme precipitation for the alert areas of Calabria (southern Italy) using observation-validated satellite data

Roberto Coscarelli, Giulio Nils Caroletti, and Tommaso Caloiero

EGU2019-10633 | Posters | NH1.1

Observed and Projected Changes in Extreme Temperature and Precipitation of the Karkheh River Basin, Iran

Samaneh Ashraf

EGU2019-10746 | Orals | NH1.1

The El Niño event of 2015-16: Climate anomalies and their impact on groundwater resources in East and Southern Africa

Seshagirirao Kolusu, Mohammad Shamsudduha, Martin Todd, Richard Taylor, David Seddon, Japhet Kashaigili, Girma Ebrahim, Mark Cuthbert, James Sorensen, Karen Villholth, Alan MacDonald, and Dave MacLeod

EGU2019-10664 | Posters | NH1.1

Temporal Climatology and Anomalous Weather Forecasting

Weihong Qian

EGU2019-11318 | Posters | NH1.1

The Probability of Occurrence of Extreme Atlantic Hurricanes Estimated from the Metastatistical Extreme Value Distribution: Past, Present, and Future Projections

Seyedreza Hosseini, Marco Scaioni, and Marco Marani

EGU2019-11493 | Posters | NH1.1

Impact of heavy precipitation events and floods in the East of Spain: present and future scenarios

Maria-Carmen Llasat, Maria Cortés, Montserrat Llasat-Botija, Joan Gilabert, Anna Del Moral, Raul Marcos, Tomeu Rigo, Joan Rosselló, Marco Turco, Pere Quintana-Seguí, and Juan Pedro Martín Vide

EGU2019-4378 | Orals | NH1.1

Estimating losses potentially caused by pluvial floods

Annegret Thieken, Sarah Kienzler, and Philip Bubeck

EGU2019-11510 | Posters | NH1.1

Influence of storm profile on predicted peak of flood hydrographs from a small agricultural catchment

Jerzy Banasik, Leszek Hejduk, and Kazimierz Banasik

EGU2019-12203 | Posters | NH1.1

Effect of Periodic Eyewall Convection on the Intensification of Simulated Typhoon Hato (2017)

Rong Fang, Shumin Chen, Weibiao Li, and Yusi Wu

EGU2019-12858 | Posters | NH1.1

Drought Predictions in the mid-latitude regions during recent decades

Boksoon Myoung, Jinyoung Rhee, and Changhyun Yoo

EGU2019-14042 | Posters | NH1.1

Analyzing long-term trends and variability of extreme precipitation across Europe using a quasi-stochastic data set of regional climate simulations

Florian Ehmele, Lisa-Ann Kautz, Hilke S. Lentink, Martin Kadlec, Hendrik Feldmann, Patrick Ludwig, and Joaquim G. Pinto

EGU2019-14434 | Posters | NH1.1

Assessment of the bias related to climate variability over France in processing extreme wind hazards

Hugues Delattre, Nathalie Bertrand, Laurent Li, and Maeva Sabre

EGU2019-15590 | Posters | NH1.1

Drought Monitoring and Analysis in Mainland Portugal

Vanda Pires, Tânia Cota, Álvaro Silva, and Fátima Santo

EGU2019-16424 | Posters | NH1.1

Identification of hail environments by machine learning methods

Heinz Jürgen Punge and Michael Kunz

EGU2019-18464 | Posters | NH1.1

Simulation of a Hail Event Set for Central Europe

Christopher Castellano, Pieter Groenemeijer, Tomas Pucik, Anja Raedler, and Eberhard Faust

EGU2019-18858 | Posters | NH1.1

Increased spring frost risk under climate change in Switzerland

Ondrej Lhotka and Stefan Brönnimann

EGU2019-18986 | Posters | NH1.1

Storms of the Future: Untangling the known unknown in climate change attribution using high resolution modelling

Linda van Garderen, Gerard van der Schrier, Frauke Feser, and Theodore Shepherd

NH1.2 – Atmospheric Electricity, Thunderstorms, Lightning and their effects (co-sponsored by AGU-ASE) (co-organized)

EGU2019-3275 | Orals | NH1.2

Electric field at mounting peak during thunderstorms and gamma ray glows

Jaroslav Chum, Karel Kudela, Ronald Langer, Jiri Base, Marek Kollarik, and Igor Strharsky

EGU2019-1198 | Posters | NH1.2

Tracking thunderstorm movements in the UK using lightning data: early warning and preparedness

Leah Hayward, Nick Pepin, and Malcolm Whitworth

EGU2019-3860 | Orals | NH1.2

The influence of circulation weather types on the atmospheric DC electric environment near the ground

Konstantinos Kourtidis, Athanasios Karagioras, and Andrei Nita

EGU2019-3202 | Posters | NH1.2

Study on the Warning of Hail Clouds in Beijing Based on Lightning Jump Algorithm

Ye Tian, Xiushu Qie, Dongfang Wang, Shanfeng Yuan, Zhuling Sun, and Gaopeng Lu

EGU2019-18542 | Posters | NH1.2

Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts Produced Using Earth Networks Lightning Data

Jeff Lapierre, Michael Stock, Saiadithya Cumbulam Thangaraj, Mark Hoekzema, and Chad Merril

EGU2019-4172 | Orals | NH1.2

Reconstruction of global lightning activity based on multi-station Schumann Resonance measurements

Tamas Bozoki, Erno Pracser, Gabriella Satori, Earle Williams, Anirban Guha, Haiyan Yu, Mike Atkinson, Rollin McCraty, and Boris Fain

EGU2019-11961 * | Posters | NH1.2 | Highlight

Relation between Lightning and Typhoon Activities (Typhoon LAN) in the Western Pacific Region

Mitsuteru Sato, Yukihiro Takahashi, Hisayuki Kubota, Kozo Yamashita, Junichi Hamada, and Joel J. Marciano

EGU2019-6807 | Posters | NH1.2

Meter and nanosecond precision lightning imaging in 3D

Olaf Scholten, Brian Hare, Joseph Dwyer, and Lofar Cosmic Ray Group

EGU2019-7708 | Orals | NH1.2

An approach for long-term study of Schumann Resonances

Jesus Rodriguez-Camacho, Jesus Fornieles-Callejon, Juan Francisco Gomez-Lopera, Alfonso Salinas, Jorge Portí, David Blanco, and María del Carmen Carrión

EGU2019-13429 | Orals | NH1.2

Studying the climatological aspects of African storm centre activity using the Schumann resonance decomposition method.

Karol Martyński, Andrzej Kułak, and Janusz Młynarczyk

EGU2019-5280 | Posters | NH1.2

Detecting lightning infrasound using a large aperture micro-barometer array

Jan Rusz, Jaroslav Chum, Jiří Baše, and Tereza Šindelářová

EGU2019-2659 | Orals | NH1.2

Dynamics of ions in thunderclouds and lightning initiation

Dmitry Iudin, Vladimir Rakov, Artem Syssoev, and Alexey Bulatov

EGU2019-4116 | Orals | NH1.2

High-Precision Leader Observations by LOFAR

Brian Hare, Olaf Scholten, and Joeseph Dwyer and the LOFAR Cosmic Ray Key Science Project

EGU2019-5721 | Posters | NH1.2

Charge in the base of persistent extensive layer clouds and cosmic rays

R.Giles Harrison, Graeme Marlton, Keri Nicoll, and Karen Aplin

EGU2019-4611 | Orals | NH1.2

The Radio Emissions from Streamers

Ningyu Liu and Joseph Dwyer

EGU2019-1786 | Posters | NH1.2

First case of Thunderstorm Asthma in Israel

Yoav Yair, Yifat Yair, Baruch Rubin, Ronit Confino-Cohen, Yosef Rosman, Menachem Rottem, and Eduardo Shachar

EGU2019-8483 | Orals | NH1.2

What determines streamer speed and radius?

Nikolai Lehtinen

EGU2019-1417 | Posters | NH1.2

Monitoring of Saharan dust electrification using a ground-based electrometer in Crete & Antikythera, Greece

Vasiliki Daskalopoulou, Joseph Ulanowski, George Hloupis, and Vassilis Amiridis

EGU2019-15189 | Orals | NH1.2

Electric Discharges in Unsteady Air Flow

Mojtaba Niknezhad, Olivier Chanrion, Christoph Köhn, Joachim Holbøll, and Torsten Neubert

EGU2019-16756 | Posters | NH1.2

Atmospheric electric field variation during fair weather and thunderstorms at different altitudes.

Gayane Karapetyan and Hripsime Mkrtchyan

EGU2019-8632 | Posters | NH1.2

Characteristics of Surface Atmospheric Electric Field Under Atmospheric Pollution Conditions in Beijing Urban Area

Yao Lyu, Fengjie Zheng, Ren Ren, and Yongheng Bi

EGU2019-18829 | Orals | NH1.2

Development of leader conductivity during the initial breakdown stage in two CG flashes

Nilmini Karunarathne, Sumedhe Karunarathne, Thomas Marshall, and Maribeth Stolzenburg

EGU2019-16526 | Orals | NH1.2

Lateral streamer emergence from space stem precursor

Alejandro Malagón-Romero, Jannis Teunissen, Alejandro Luque, and Ute Ebert

EGU2019-7625 | Posters | NH1.2

ASIM - Fermi simultaneous observation of Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes

Martino Marisaldi, Nikolai Østgaard, Torsten Neubert, and Victor Reglero and the ASIM Team and collaborators

EGU2019-7874 | Posters | NH1.2

Ultrahigh speed spectroscopy with GALIUS: A new lightning spectrograph

Ny Kieu, Maria Passas, Justo Sánchez, and Francisco Gordillo-Vázquez

EGU2019-18393 | Orals | NH1.2

On the origin of thunder infrasound: Reconstruction of lightning flashes, statistical analysis, and modeling

Thomas Farges, Arthur Lacroix, Régis Marchiano, François Coulouvrat, and Jean-François Ripoll

EGU2019-18804 | Orals | NH1.2

Thunderstorm Charge Structures as Revealed by Hybrid Lightning Flashes

Maribeth Stolzenburg, Thomas Marshall, and Sumedhe Karunarathne

EGU2019-7555 | Posters | NH1.2

Using a short-range quasi-electrostatic thunderstorm detector for lightning safety and research

Andrea Pizzuti, Alec Bennett, and Martin Fullekrug

EGU2019-9168 | Posters | NH1.2

Atmospheric electricity in Hessdalen valley, Norway

Bjørn Gitle Hauge and Anna-Lena Kjøniksen

EGU2019-10570 | Orals | NH1.2

Thunderstorm Rain Yields in South America

Carlos Morales

EGU2019-16827 | Posters | NH1.2

Lightning occurrence related to various atmospheric circulation types in Europe

Andrei Nita, Kostas Lagouvardos, Vasiliki Kotroni, Elissavet Galanaki, and Marius-Victor Birsan

EGU2019-9266 | Posters | NH1.2

Relationship between atmospheric blocking and thunderstorm activity over western and central Europe

Susanna Mohr, Jan Wandel, Michael Kunz, Sina Lenggenhager, and Olivia Martius

EGU2019-16333 | Posters | NH1.2

Utilizing Q-bursts to estimate the attenuation of ELF-band radio waves in the Earth’s crust at Matra Gravitational and Geophysical Laboratory

József Bór, Karolina Szabóné André, Péter Steinbach, István Lemperger, Ernő Dávid, Géza Huba, Péter Lévai, Péter Ván, and Mátyás Vasúth

EGU2019-5273 | Orals | NH1.2

Global chemical influence of lightning with CAM5: Comparison of lightning schemes with observations

Francisco J. Gordillo-Vázquez, Francisco J. Pérez-Invernón, Heidi Huntrieser, and Anne K. Smith

EGU2019-4513 | Orals | NH1.2

Charge particle and neutral cosmic ray component variations during the surface electric field disturbances connected with thunderclouds as observed at CASLEO in 2016-2017

Vladimir S. Makhmutov, Jean-Pierre Raulin, Maxim V. Philippov, Sergio Szpigel, Yuri I. Stozhkov, Galina A. Bazilevskaya, Guilherme Guimarães, José Tacza, Alexander Kvashnin, and Eugeniy V. Kalinin

EGU2019-12794 | Posters | NH1.2

Electromagnetic model of M-component processes in Lightning

Petr Kaspar, Maribeth Stolzenburg, Thomas Marshall, Ivana Kolmasova, and Ondrej Santolik

EGU2019-13346 | Posters | NH1.2

Recoil leader properties estimated from X-ray emission in aircraft triggered discharges.

Chris Alexander Skeie, Nikolai Østgaard, Pavlo Kochkin, David Sarria, Nikolai Lehtinen, Alte de Boer, Michiel Bardet, Cedric Allasia, Fanck Flourens, and Alexander P. J. van Deursen

EGU2019-14806 | Posters | NH1.2

High-speed TLE observation systems complementing the ASIM and TARANIS missions

Maja Tomicic, Olivier Chanrion, Michael Hassel Avngaard, Christoph Köhn, and Torsten Neubert

EGU2019-11042 | Orals | NH1.2

Ground-based climatology of lightning and transient luminous events above Europe

Enrico Arnone, Jòzsef Bòr, Olivier Chanrion, Veronika Barta, Stefano Dietrich, Carl-Fredrik Enell, Thomas Farges, Martin Fullekrug, Antti Kero, Roberto Labanti, Antti Makela, Keren Mezuman, Anna Odzimek, Martin Popek, Marco Ridolfi, Serge Soula, Oscar van der Velde, Yoav Yair, and Torsten Neubert

EGU2019-16629 | Posters | NH1.2

Analysis of spectral emissions associated with thunderstorm activity detected by ASIM

Sergio Soler, Francisco J. Perez-Invernon, Francisco J. Gordillo-Vazquez, Alejandro Malagon-Romero, Alejandro Luque, Javier Navarro-Gonzalez, Victor Reglero, Torsten Neubert, Nikolai Ostgaard, Olivier Chanrion, Krystallia Dimitriadou, Chiara Zuccotti, and Matthias Heumesser

EGU2019-11809 | Orals | NH1.2

High speed camera campaign at Lulin observatory in Taiwan

Cheng Ling Kuo

EGU2019-12020 * | Orals | NH1.2 | Highlight

High-speed video observations of Gigantic Jets and negative sprites in Colombia

Oscar van der Velde, Joan Montanyà, and Jesús López

EGU2019-17226 | Posters | NH1.2

Characteristics of Central European Transient Luminous Events and Their Parent Lightning Discharges

Hana Spackova, Ivana Kolmasova, Ondrej Santolik, Martin Popek, Radek Lan, and Ludek Uhlir

EGU2019-13993 | Posters | NH1.2

Analysis of TGF-associated thunderstorms with the Meteosat geostationary satellites

Alessandro Ursi, Martino Marisaldi, Stefano Dietrich, Marco Tavani, Federico Porcù, and Alessandra Tiberia

EGU2019-11833 | Orals | NH1.2

Low frequency radio pulses produced by terrestrial gamma-ray flashes

Yunjiao Pu, Steven Cummer, Michael Briggs, Gerard Fitzpatrick, Sheila McBreen, and Oliver Roberts

EGU2019-10449 | Posters | NH1.2

In-cloud gamma-ray glow termination mechanism

Andrew Mezentsev, Pavlo Kochkin, Nikolai Østgaard, David Sarria, Hugh Christian, Eric Grove, Mason Quick, Samer Al-Nussirat, Eric Wulf, Georgi Genov, Kjetil Ullaland, Martino Marisaldi, and Nikolai Lehtinen

EGU2019-16478 | Posters | NH1.2

On the conditions for winter lightning occurrence at the Eagle Nest Tower (2,537 m asl, eastern Pyrenees) during the Cerdanya-2017 field experiment

Serge Soula, Nicolau Pineda, Joan Bech, Enric Casellas, Antoine Leroy, Jean-François Georgis, and Joan Montanya

EGU2019-7858 | Orals | NH1.2

High-Energy Atmospheric Phenomena observed in “lightning hole” proximity.

Pavlo Kochkin, Chris Skeie, Alte I. de Boer, Michiel Bardet, Allasia Cedric, Franck Flourens, Hugh Christian, Eric Grove, Mason Quick, Samer Nussirat, Eric Wulf, Shiming Yang, Georgi Genov, Kjetil Ullaland, Martino Marisaldi, Nikolai Lehtinen, Andrey Mezentsev, David Sarria, Lex van Deursen, and Nikolai Østgaard

EGU2019-11797 | Posters | NH1.2

A Gigantic Jet Observed Over an Mesoscale Convective System in Midlatitude Region

Jing Yang, Mitsuteru Sato, Ningyu Liu, Gaopeng Lu, Yu Wang, and Zhichao Wang

EGU2019-3828 | Posters | NH1.2

Thunderstorm Electrification and Renewable Energy?

Judi (Yehudit) Lax and Colin Price

EGU2019-5182 * | Orals | NH1.2 | Highlight

Highlights and new science from first year of TGF observations by ASIM

Nikolai Ostgaard, Torsten Neubert, and Victor Reglero and the ASIM team and collaborators

EGU2019-17082 | Orals | NH1.2

The first half year of ASIM TGF Imaging

Víctor Reglero and the The ASIM Team

EGU2019-14660 | Posters | NH1.2

Parameterization of Blue Jets in Global Circulation Models: Global occurrence rate and chemical influence in the stratosphere

Francisco J. Perez-Invernon, Francisco J. Gordillo-Vazquez, Anne K. Smith, Enrico Arnone, and Holger Winkler

EGU2019-6805 | Posters | NH1.2

Observation of intense lightning whistlers associated with the hurricane Harvey

Ivana Kolmasova, Ondrej Santolik, Jan Zahlava, Frantisek Nemec, William S. Kurth, and Craig A. Kletzing

EGU2019-5080 | Orals | NH1.2

The First Terrestrial Electron Beam Observed by The Atmosphere-Space Interactions Monitor (ASIM)

David Sarria, Pavlo Kochkin, Nikolai Østgaard, Brant Carlson, Andrey Mezentsev, Nikolai Lehtinen, Martino Marisaldi, Carolina Maiorana, Kjetill Albrechtsen, Neubert Torsten, Victor Reglero, Kjetill Ullaland, Shiming Yang, Georgi Genov, Bilal Hasan Qureshi, Carl Budtz-Jørgensen, Irfan Kuvvetli, Freddy Christiansen, Olivier Chanrion, and Matthias Heumesser and the Atmosphere-Space Interactions Monitor collaboration

EGU2019-10252 | Orals | NH1.2

Modelling the production of gamma-ray flashes from encountering leaders

Christoph Köhn, Olivier Chanrion, Matthias Heumesser, Nikolai Østgaard, and Torsten Neubert

EGU2019-8042 | Posters | NH1.2

Atmospheric Gamma-Ray Variations During Thunderstorms at Sea Level and in Mountains

Vitaly Bogomolov, Anatoly Iyudin, Ivan Maximov, Mikhail Panasyuk, and Sergey Svertilov

EGU2019-14322 | Posters | NH1.2

The 3rd AGILE TGF Catalogue: New Selection Criteria and Characteristics of the Sample

Carolina Maiorana, Martino Marisaldi, Anders Lindanger, Nikolai Østgaard, Alessandro Ursi, and Marco Tavani

EGU2019-12066 | Orals | NH1.2

Lightning charge transfer before and after terrestrial gamma ray flash generation

Steven Cummer, Yunjiao Pu, Michael Briggs, Matthew Stanbro, Bagrat Mailyan, and Oliver Roberts

EGU2019-8518 | Posters | NH1.2

The 3rd AGILE TGF catalog: simultaneous lightning associations

Anders Lindanger, Martino Marisaldi, Carolina Maiorana, Nikolai Østgaard, Alessandro Ursi, and Marco Tavani

EGU2019-3382 | Orals | NH1.2

Modeling multi-pulsed terrestrial gamma-ray flashes

Joseph Dwyer and Ningyu Liu

EGU2019-9344 | Posters | NH1.2

Estimated Number of Avalanche Electrons in a Downward TGF during Winter Thunderstorms

Yuuki Wada, Teruaki Enoto, Kazuhiro Nakazawa, Yoshihiro Furuta, Takayuki Yuasa, Yoshitaka Nakamura, Takeshi Morimoto, Takahiro Matsumoto, Kazuo Makishima, and Harufumi Tsuchiya

EGU2019-11494 | Posters | NH1.2

Properties of Lightning Associated with TGFs as Observed by ASIM

Matthias Heumesser, Torsten Neubert, Olivier Chanrion, Krystallia Dimitriadou, Nikolai Østgaard, Victor Reglero, Richard Blakeslee, Katrina Virts, and Hugh Christian and the ASIM Team

EGU2019-15135 | Posters | NH1.2

Using nadir-viewing photometric observations of sprites to infer properties of sprite streamers

Matthieu B Garnung, Sebastien Celestin, and Thomas Farges

NH1.3 – Understanding and modelling compound climate and weather events and their impacts (co-organized)

EGU2019-17681 * | Orals | NH1.3 | Highlight

Water interactions leading to high-impact compound events: multiple stakeholder perspectives

Georgia Destouni, Samaneh Seifollahi-Aghmiuni, Zahra Kalantari, Carmen Prieto, and Yuanying Chen

EGU2019-1151 | Posters | NH1.3

Anomalies of hydrological cycle components during the 2007 heat wave in Bulgaria

Bilyana Mircheva, Milen Tsekov, Ulrich Mayer, and Guergana Guerova

EGU2019-7649 | Orals | NH1.3

Changing compound flood probability at the global scale under anthropogenic climate change

Emanuele Bevacqua, Douglas Maraun, Michalis I. Vousdoukas, Lorenzo Mentaschi, Evangelos Voukouvalas, Giuseppe Zappa, and Mathieu Vrac

EGU2019-2080 | Posters | NH1.3

Cascading effects of extreme precipitation for three illustrative case studies

Simone Schauwecker, Gascón Estíbaliz, Park Shinju, Ruiz-Villanueva Virginia, Schwarb Manfred, Sempere-Torres Daniel, Stoffel Markus, Vitolo Claudia, and Rohrer Mario

EGU2019-2372 | Posters | NH1.3

Forecasting the snowfall limit for pre-alpine areas – Towards a better preparedness to extreme flood events

Michael Fehlmann, Estíbaliz Gascón, Mario Rohrer, Manfred Schwarb, and Markus Stoffel

EGU2019-7447 | Orals | NH1.3

A centennial catalogue of hydro-geomorphological compound events and corresponding atmospheric forcing

Alexandre M. Ramos, Susana Pereira, Ricardo M. Trigo, and José L. Zêzere

EGU2019-8964 | Orals | NH1.3

Predicting compound dry-hot events over global land areas based on large-scale climate indices

Zengchao Hao, Xinying Wu, Sifang Feng, Vijay Singh, Fanghua Hao, and Xuan Zhang

EGU2019-4069 * | Posters | NH1.3 | Highlight

Coastal flood risk in England: Present levels and uncertainties

Jose Pinto Rascon, Robert Nicholls, Ivan Haigh, and Gustavo de Almeida

EGU2019-4387 | Posters | NH1.3

Mapping combined wildfire and heat stress hazards to improve evidence-based decision making

Claudia Vitolo, Claudia Di Napoli, Francesca Di Giuseppe, Hannah Cloke, and Florian Pappenberger

EGU2019-14108 | Orals | NH1.3

Joint probability of hot and dry meteorological extremes

Ana Russo, Andreia Ribeiro, and Célia M. Gouveia

EGU2019-4869 | Posters | NH1.3

Droughts, heatwaves, and wildfires: exploring compound and cascading events of dry hazards at the pan-European scale

Samuel Sutanto, Claudia Vitolo, Claudia Di Napoli, Mirko D’Andrea, and Henny Van Lanen

EGU2019-6941 | Orals | NH1.3

Vulnerability of hop production due to compound climate events over Europe

Vera Potopová, Martin Možny, Luboš Türkott, Josef Soukup, Javier J Cancela, Paula Paredes, Martin Pavlovič Martin Pavlovič, Deniz Bilge, Francis Heitz, Siniša Srečec, Martin Steinhaus Martin Steinhaus, and Florian Weihrauch

EGU2019-16637 | Orals | NH1.3

Involvement of Stochastic Weather Generators within the DAMOCLES project

Martin Dubrovsky, Ondrej Lhotka, Petr Stepanek, Jiri Miksovsky, and Jan Meitner

EGU2019-5905 * | Posters | NH1.3 | Highlight

A Novel Approach to understand the role Tropical Cyclone Characteristics play in coastal damage

Cindy Bruyere

EGU2019-8688 | Posters | NH1.3

Subseasonal forecasting for fault rate management in the telecommunication network

David Brayshaw, Alan Halford, Stefan Smith, and Kjeld Jensen

EGU2019-8698 | Posters | NH1.3

Mapping the impact of hurricane-induced storm surge and river flooding in the US

Luke Farmer, Helen Smith, and Simon Waller

EGU2019-9775 | Posters | NH1.3

A pan-European multi-hazard early warning system: ANYWHERE MH-EWS

Henny A.J. Van Lanen, Claudia Vitolo, Claudia Di Napoli, Samuel Sutanto, Mirko D’Andrea, Tuomo Bergman, Enrico Duo, Tomás Fernandez Montblanc, Estibaliz Gascón, Francesca Di Giuseppe, Ilona Láng, Annakaisa von Lerber, Shinju Park, Flavio Pignonen, Jordi Roca-Sancho, Simone Schauwecker, Paolo Ciavola, Marc Berenguer, Jarmo Koistinen, and Xavi Llort and the ANYWHERE MH-EWS team

EGU2019-10622 | Posters | NH1.3

An impact-based assessment of riverine flooding from compound events at the global scale

Dirk Eilander, Hiroaki Ikeuchi, Sanne Muis, Anaïs Couasnon, Dai Yamazaki, Hessel C. Winsemius, and Philip J. Ward

EGU2019-14910 | Posters | NH1.3

Catalogue of weather compound events for Portugal

Margarida L. R. Liberato, Riccardo Hénin, and Alexandre M. Ramos

EGU2019-16245 | Posters | NH1.3

Application of a large climate model ensemble to study compound flood events: four case studies for regional water systems in the Netherlands.

Dorien Lugt, Emma Aalbers, Corine ten Velden, Eskedar Gebremedhin, Rudolf Versteeg, Hans Hakvoort, Durk Klopstra, Erik van Meijgaard, Bart van den Hurk, Femke Davids, and Sonu Khanal

NH1.4 – Field and modelling approaches for the assessment of hydrogeological and engineering problems in the complex karst environment (co-organized)

EGU2019-2236 | Orals | NH1.4

Hydrogeological setting of a footcave system in Guilin tower karst

Fang Guo and Guanghui Jiang

EGU2019-2237 | Posters | NH1.4

Hydrological interactions of flow systems in the boundary zone between karst plain and mountains

Guanghui Jiang

EGU2019-19027 * | Orals | NH1.4 | Highlight

Role of man-made construction and works on karst sinkhole occurrence

Jérôme Perrin, Gildas Noury, and Emmanuelle Rzycka

EGU2019-3554 | Orals | NH1.4

Karst and trains: The challenge of railway tunneling

Georg Kaufmann and Douchko Romanov

EGU2019-10137 | Orals | NH1.4

A Sulfuric Acid Speleogenesis in the northern Pyrenees? Example of the Arbailles karstic region (West Pyrenees, France)

Dimitri Laurent, Eric C. Gaucher, Christophe Durlet, Cédric Carpentier, Guillaume Barré, Pauline Collon, Guillaume Paris, and Jacques Pironon

EGU2019-3899 | Posters | NH1.4

Caves intercepting groundwater: special sites to investigate underground water resources

Mario Parise, Isabella Serena Liso, Luca Pisano, and Veronica Zumpano

EGU2019-5685 | Posters | NH1.4

Fractal and multifractal analyses on modelling and real karst spring discharges

Matthieu Fournier, Adeline Dufoyer, Nicolas Lecoq, and Nicolas Massei

EGU2019-8744 | Orals | NH1.4

Modelling engineering solutions to groundwater flooding in a lowland karst catchment

Patrick Morrissey, Laurence Gill, Ted McCormack, and Owen Naughton

EGU2019-9707 | Orals | NH1.4

Hydrological connectivity from causal analysis of time series in the Lhomme Karst System, Belgium.

Damien Delforge, Michel Van Camp, Marnik Vanclooster, Vincent Hallet, Olivier Kaufmann, Amaël Poulain, and Arnaud Watlet

EGU2019-8185 | Posters | NH1.4

OM-MADE: a new open-source program to simulate multi-peaked skewed breakthrough curves observed in karstic systems.

Pauline Collon, Anne-Julie Tinet, Lorraine Dewaide, and Vincent Hallet

EGU2019-8708 | Posters | NH1.4

Influence of stress on incipient karst generation in natural fracture networks

Xiaoguang Wang, Mohammed Aliouache, Lei Qinghua, and Hervé Jourde

EGU2019-3921 | Orals | NH1.4

Karst system response to climatic events: the case of Vora Bosco (Salento, Southern Italy)

Isabella Serena Liso and Mario Parise

EGU2019-19024 | Orals | NH1.4

KaRaMel: a semi-distributed Rainfall-Recharge-Discharge model to assess the spatial variability of flows in karst aquifers

Chloé Ollivier, Albert Olioso, Naomi Mazzilli, Konstantinos Chalikakis, Christophe Emblanch, and Charles Danquigny

EGU2019-4520 | Orals | NH1.4

Conceptual modelling to predict groundwater flooding in Chalk regions

Andreas Hartmann and Andrew Ireson

EGU2019-9278 | Posters | NH1.4

Geophysical imaging of subsurface groundwater conduits controlling sinkhole and stream channel evolution at the regressing Dead Sea shoreline

Robert A. Watson, Djamil Al-Halbouni, Hussam Alrshdan, Rena Meyer, Eoghan P. Holohan, Fernando M. Dos Santos, Charlotte Krawczyk, and Torsten Dahm

EGU2019-4458 | Orals | NH1.4

Parameter dimension reduction using the active subspace method for a lumped karst aquifer model

Daniel Bittner, Mario Teixeira Parente, Steven Mattis, Barbara Wohlmuth, and Gabriele Chiogna

EGU2019-9540 | Posters | NH1.4

Relations between discontinuities in rocks and concentration of Radon gas in some caves of Dinaric karst in Croatia and caves on Cyprus

Mladen Garasic and Davor Garasic

EGU2019-12674 | Posters | NH1.4

Karst processes in Latvia

Peteris Dzerins, Sandra Karusa, and Janis Karuss

EGU2019-86 | Orals | NH1.4

Modelling solute transport in a fractured carbonate aquifer-type based on hydro-geophysical data

Giacomo Medici, Jared West, and Steven Banwart

EGU2019-15288 | Posters | NH1.4

Gypsum karst in Lower Austria - distribution, features, and hazards

Irene Winkler, Lukas Plan, and Martin Mergili

EGU2019-16327 | Posters | NH1.4

Karst springs typified by upwelling flux in southern Apennines

Francesco Fiorillo, Libera Esposito, Guido Leone, Mauro Pagnozzi, and Giovanni Testa

EGU2019-2567 | Orals | NH1.4

A multi-method approach to resolve the dynamics of groundwater flow components in a low-lying karstified limestone aquifer

Philip Schuler, Lea Duran, Paul Johnston, and Laurence Gill

EGU2019-18038 | Posters | NH1.4

Multi-sampling points dye tracing in karstic rivers as a tool for hydrodynamic characterization

Romain Deleu, Vincent Hallet, and Amaël Poulain

EGU2019-8567 | Orals | NH1.4

Influences of fracture network topology on incipient karst formation in carbonate rocks

Mohammed Aliouache, Xiaoguang Wang, and Hervé Jourde

EGU2019-5554 | Posters | NH1.4

Hydraulic Tomography Applications for the Characterization of Karst Structures and their Properties (‘Terrieu’ Field, SNO Karst, France)

Pierre Fischer, Abderrahim Jardani, Hervé Jourde, and Xiaoguang Wang

EGU2019-5967 | Posters | NH1.4

Evaporite dissolution rate through an on-site experiment into piezometric tubes applied to the real case-study of Quinis (NE Italy)

Chiara Calligaris, Franco Cucchi, Davide Lenaz, Riccardo Petrini, Paolo Forti, and Luca Zini

EGU2019-5812 | Posters | NH1.4

Karst geomorphology of the “Canale di Pirro” polje, Apulia (Southern Italy)

Fabio Barnaba, Luca Pisano, Veronica Zumpano, Isabella Serena Liso, and Mario Parise

EGU2019-5822 | Posters | NH1.4

Integrated mapping method of sinkholes, through an application in the Apulian karst (Southern Italy)

Luca Pisano, Veronica Zumpano, and Mario Parise

EGU2019-8877 | Posters | NH1.4

Sinkholes inclusion in a geodatabase about geo-hydrological hazards in Apulia, southern Italy

Carmela Vennari, Mario Parise, Ivan Marchesini, and Piernicola Lollino

EGU2019-17789 | Posters | NH1.4

Limits of engineering software for performing rocky cliff stability analysis in karst environment: a case study from several caverns in Eastern Pennsylvania

Gioacchino Francesco Andriani, Michael Tarullo, and Katie Jaeckel

EGU2019-9927 | Posters | NH1.4

Contaminant transport modelling on an Irish karst system

Lea Duran, Philip Schuler, and Laurence Gill

NH1.5 – Flood Risk Assessment and Management (co-organized)

EGU2019-111 | Posters | NH1.5

A flood risk attenuation model based on sustainable detention basins: Application to critical zones in Portugal

Daniela Terêncio, Luís Sanches Fernandes, Rui Cortes, and Fernando Pacheco

EGU2019-9185 * | Orals | NH1.5 | Highlight

Probabilistic, multi-variable flood loss modelling

Heidi Kreibich, Kai Schröter, Stefan Lüdtke, Patric Kellermann, Fabio Brill, Viktor Rözer, Nivedita Sairam, Lukas Schoppa, Tobias Sieg, and Max Steinhausen

EGU2019-5837 * | Orals | NH1.5 | Highlight

Automatic design of flood-resilient urban layouts

Benjamin Dewals, Ahmed Mustafa, Martin Bruwier, Xiao Wei Zhang, Daniel G Aliaga, Gen Nishida, Sébastien Erpicum, Pierre Archambeau, Michel Pirotton, and Jacques Teller

EGU2019-7960 | Posters | NH1.5

The Upper Garonne flood series from discharge gauging data (Bossost, Val d'Aran, Spain) and reconstruction of historical floods (Saint-Béat, France)

Josep Carles Balasch Solanes, Jordi Tuset, Gloria Furdada, Leonel Porras, Xavier Castelltort, Mariano Barriendos, and David Pino

EGU2019-9559 | Posters | NH1.5

Assessing Glacial Lake Outburst Flood Risk in the Upper Teesta River Basin of Eastern Himalaya, India

Nazimul Islam and Duncan Quincey

EGU2019-1360 | Orals | NH1.5

Comparison of flood delineation between morphological features/indices and hydraulic models in Dar Es Salaam

Hadi Mohammadzadeh Khani, Manuel Andrés Díaz Loaiza, Allen Bateman Pinzón, Vicente Medina, and Md Feroz Islam

EGU2019-2556 | Posters | NH1.5

Flood Risk and Adaption to Climate Change in Taipei City, Taiwan

Ming-hsi Hsu, Chen-jia Huang, and Jin-cheng Fu

EGU2019-308 | Orals | NH1.5

Catchment scale flood management using SCIMAP-Flood: Spatial targeting of flood hazard reduction measures in the East Rapti catchment, Nepal

Callum Pearson, Sim M. Reaney, Nick J. Rosser, Andrew R.G. Large, Matthew T. Perks, and Borbála Hortobágyi

EGU2019-3494 | Posters | NH1.5

Risk Assessment of Mountain Torrents Disaster Based On Nonlinear Algorithms

Xiuqin Fang, Chao Zhou, Xiaojun Wu, Xiaotong Du, Wei Wang, and Yuchen Wang

EGU2019-5104 | Posters | NH1.5

Simulation of heavy precipitation in urban areas: a multi-level approach

Sebastian Gürke, Jens Bender, and Jürgen Jensen

EGU2019-2939 | Orals | NH1.5

Temporary flood intervention planning under uncertainty

Mengke Ni and Tohid Erfani

EGU2019-6248 | Posters | NH1.5

Determination of the risk of vehicles instability exposed to flooding

Ricardo Andres Bocanegra Vinasco and Félix Ramón Francés García

EGU2019-6699 | Posters | NH1.5

Flood Hazard Analysis of Major Infrastructure with Local Intensive Precipitation

Beom Jin Kim, Ho Jun Keum, Jae Yeong Lee, and Kun Yeun Han

EGU2019-6794 | Posters | NH1.5

Flood Risk Analysis in Underground Spaces by Using Inundation Information in Urban Area

Kun Yeun Han, Ho Jun Keum, and Beom Jin Kim

EGU2019-7655 * | Posters | NH1.5 | Highlight

Flood Vernability Mapping Using Field Observation and Q GIS Techique - A Case Study of Dhanera City, Gujarat, India

Vishal Asnani, Bhaghirath Chaudhary, Ajay Barad, Dhruvesh Patel, Cristina Prieto, and Dawei Han

EGU2019-7769 * | Posters | NH1.5 | Highlight

Integrated Climate Change Adaptation to Manage the Risks of Extreme Hydrological and Weather Events in Data-scarce Nile Delta

Otto Chen, Dawei Han, Miguel Rico-Ramirez, Khaled Kheireldin, and Mahmoud Roushdi

EGU2019-11947 | Posters | NH1.5

Parameter sensitivity analysis and land surface model calibration of a flood prone river basin in India

Shaini Naha, Miguel Rico-Ramirez, Rafael Rosolem, and Dawei Han

EGU2019-14661 | Posters | NH1.5

An optimized OpenLISEM model for flash floods in Emilia-Romagna ,Italy

Yuexiao Liu, Dawei Han, and Maria Pregnolato

EGU2019-15710 | Posters | NH1.5

Evaluation of increased complexity flood inundation mapping methods in flash flood prone areas.

Nabil Hocini, Eric Gaume, François Bourgin, Olivier Payrastre, Stan Nomis, Frédéric Pons, Dimitri Lague, and Philippe Davy

EGU2019-3255 | Posters | NH1.5

Full hydrodynamic modeling of flood routing with significant infiltration loss

Yufang Ni, Qing Liu, Chunchen Xia, Wei Huang, and Zhixian Cao

EGU2019-8288 | Posters | NH1.5

Intelligent Identification Model of Flood Risk Based on GBDT Algorithm: A Case Study of Huaihe River Basin

minzhi yang

EGU2019-16433 | Posters | NH1.5

Flood hazard evaluation in urban and suburban area of the Benevento Province, Southern Italy

Luigi Guerriero, Mariano Focareta, Francesco Maria Guadagno, and Paola Revellino

EGU2019-17073 | Posters | NH1.5

Development of a stream flood susceptibility index at the municipal level in mainland Portugal

Pedro Pinto Santos, Eusébio Reis, Susana Pereira, and Mónica Santos

EGU2019-17456 | Posters | NH1.5

Evaluating a novel 2D hydro-morphological modelling approach for a rapid estimation of flood extent and water depth: the REFLEX model.

Mauro Arcorace, Alessandro Masoero, Simone Gabellani, Giorgio Boni, and Valerio Basso

NH1.7 – Coupled atmosphere-hydrological modeling for improved hydro-meteorological prediction (co-organized)

EGU2019-14578 * | Orals | NH1.7 | Highlight

Hydro-JULES: Next Generation Land-surface and Hydrological Predictions

Simon Dadson, Eleanor Blyth, Douglas Clark, Andrew Hughes, Jamie Hannaford, Bryan Lawrence, Jan Polcher, and Nick Reynard

EGU2019-8751 | Posters | NH1.7

Raganello Creek (Calabria, Italy) flash flood on August 20, 2018: Preliminary results

Luca Furnari, Elenio Avolio, Alfonso Senatore, Claudia R. Calidonna, and Giuseppe Mendicino

EGU2019-1979 | Orals | NH1.7

Effects of Horizontal Redistribution of Surface Fluxes in the Coupled WRF-Hydro Atmospheric and Hydrologic Model

Timothy Lahmers, Christopher Castro, and Pieter Hazenberg

EGU2019-11910 | Posters | NH1.7

Coupling WRF and grid SWAT for ultra-high resolution hydrologic modelling

Ying Zhang, Jinliang Hou, Chunlin Huang, and Yuanhong You

EGU2019-5816 | Orals | NH1.7

Contribution of lateral terrestrial water flow to the hydrological cycle at regional scale: A joint soil-atmospheric moisture tagging procedure with WRF-Hydro

Joel Arnault, Jianhui Wei, Thomas Rummler, Benjamin Fersch, Zhenyu Zhang, Gerlinde Jung, Sven Wagner, and Harald Kunstmann

EGU2019-13473 | Posters | NH1.7

Applying WRF-openLISEM model coupling system to simulate flash flood hazard in Kampala, Uganda

Yakob Umer, Victor Jetten, and Janneke Ettema

EGU2019-2252 | Orals | NH1.7

Testing the performance of a one-way coupled atmospheric-hydrologic model for the simulation of past extreme events over Cyprus

Corrado Camera, Georgios Zittis, Adriana Bruggeman, and Ioannis Sofokleous

EGU2019-18596 | Posters | NH1.7

Multi-model evaluation of the benefit provided by the new ERA5 reanalysis in reproducing high impact weather events in a Mediterranean domain

Alfonso Senatore, Silvio Davolio, Luca Furnari, and Giuseppe Mendicino

EGU2019-17148 | Orals | NH1.7

Role of land-use-land-cover changes in the 2018 Mega-floods over Kerala (India)

Ankur Dixit, Sandeep Sahany, and Sweta Choubey

EGU2019-18789 | Posters | NH1.7

Coupled catchment and storm surge modelling for risk assessments in the coastal zone

Morten Andreas Dahl Larsen, Martin Drews, and Kirsten Halsnæs

EGU2019-15117 | Orals | NH1.7

An original statistico-dynamical modeling chain integrating convection-permitting atmospheric models with process-based hydrological modeling for Africa

Théo Vischel, Catherine Wilcox, Gérémy Panthou, Guillaume Quantin, Phil Harris, Juliette Blanchet, Claire Aly, Chris Taylor, Ségolène Berthou, Jean-Pierre Vandervaere, Thierry Lebel, and Rachel Stratton

EGU2019-18790 | Posters | NH1.7

Hydrological benchmarking improves local-scale streamflow estimates in a large-scale hydrological model

Alessandro Todaro, Bibi S. Naz, Stefan Kollet, Alberto Bellin, and Bruno Majone

EGU2019-18799 | Posters | NH1.7

Assessment of the potential of the coupled WRF-Hydro modeling system for flood forecasting in the Ouémé-river basin, Benin, West Africa

Gandome Mayeul L.D. Quenum, Joel Arnault, Nana A.B. Klutse, Philip G. Oguntunde, and Harald Kunstmann

EGU2019-18851 | Posters | NH1.7

Modeling Soil Moisture – Atmospheric Boundary Layer Coupling: Enhanced by Cosmic-Ray Soil Moisture Sensing

Benjamin Fersch, Amol Patil, Harrie-Jan Hendricks-Franssen, and Harald Kunstmann

NH1.9 – Extreme heat events: processes, impacts and adaptation (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2019-57 | PICOs | NH1.9

ECOSTRESS thermal data reveals fine scale spatio-temporal variations of urban heat for improving future sustainability of cities

Glynn Hulley and Sarah Shivers

EGU2019-1832 | PICOs | NH1.9

Extreme temperature forecast and warning system in the Valencia region (Spain)

Francisco Pastor, Elisabeth K. Larsen, and Jose Luis Palau

EGU2019-2072 | PICOs | NH1.9

Evaluating the Contribution of Land-Atmosphere Coupling to Heat Extremes in CMIP5 Models

Anna Ukkola, Andy Pitman, Markus Donat, Martin De Kauwe, and Oliver Angelil

EGU2019-6092 | PICOs | NH1.9

Heat stress indices in Switzerland: examining heat warnings

Annkatrin Burgstall, Ana Casanueva, Sven Kotlarski, Regula Gehrig, and Cornelia Schwierz

EGU2019-7729 | PICOs | NH1.9

Mega-heatwave temperatures driven by local and upwind soil desiccation

Diego G. Miralles, Dominik Schumacher, Jessica Keune, Chiel van Heerwaarden, Jordi Vilà-Guerau de Arellano, Pierre Gentine, Sonia I. Seneviratne, and Adriaan Teuling

EGU2019-9505 | PICOs | NH1.9

Mortality Incidence levels associated with extremely high temperatures for the Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

João L. Geirinhas, Ricardo M. Trigo, Renata Libonati, Pedro M. Sousa, Lucas C.O Castro, Ana Russo, Caio A.S Coelho, Leonardo F. Peres, and Mônica de Avelar F.M. Magalhães

EGU2019-11203 * | PICOs | NH1.9 | Highlight

Under-appreciated heatwave risk in colder countries? A case study for Scotland

Sabine Undorf, Kathleen Allen, Joseph Hagg, Marc J. Metzger, and Simon F. B. Tett

EGU2019-12415 | PICOs | NH1.9

Urban interactions with heatwaves in India

Rahul Kumar and Vimal Mishra

EGU2019-14288 * | PICOs | NH1.9 | Highlight

Deadly Heat Waves and the Urban Poor

Steffen Lohrey, Camilo Mora, and Felix Creutzig

EGU2019-15997 | PICOs | NH1.9

Variability in heat stress and heat wave over the Indian subcontinent

Shashi Gaurav Kumar, Ajanta Goswami, and Rohit Kumar

EGU2019-18135 | PICOs | NH1.9

Heat Stress exposure in South Asia at 1.5ºC and 2ºC warmer worlds

Fahad Saeed and Carl-friedrich Schleussner

NH1.10 – Flood risk and uncertainty

EGU2019-354 | Posters | NH1.10

Testing a new levee breaching feature of LISFLOOD-FP

Iuliia Shustikova, Jeffrey Neal, Alessio Domeneghetti, Paul Bates, and Attilio Castellarin

EGU2019-6814 | Orals | NH1.10

To what extent does the spatial dependence affect the regional flood risk estimation?

Ayse Duha Metin, Nguyen Viet Dung, Kai Schröter, Björn Guse, Heidi Kreibich, Sergiy Vorogushyn, and Bruno Merz

EGU2019-505 | Posters | NH1.10

A virtual experiment to compare statistical vs. process-based methods for design flood estimation

Kenechukwu Okoli, Korbinian Breinl, Maurizio Mazzoleni, and Giuliano Di Baldassarre

EGU2019-7145 | Orals | NH1.10

A dynamic adaptive flood risk management model to identify optimal defence policies in coastal areas under climate change uncertainties: Pontina Plain case study.

Alessandro De Bonis Trapella, Francesco Cioffi, Federico Rosario Conticello, and Upmanu Lall

EGU2019-2739 | Posters | NH1.10

Flooding Risk Maps of Different Land Uses in Subsidence Area

Yong-Jun Lin, Hsiang-Kuan Chang, and Jihn-Sung Lai

EGU2019-8458 | Orals | NH1.10

Flood risk evaluation from an insurance perspective – A case study of India

Bharath Raja, Dronamraju Santhosh, and Petr Punčochář

EGU2019-9311 | Orals | NH1.10

Validation of broad-scale hydrodynamic flood models, using both extent and discharge

Fergus McClean, Richard Dawson, and Chris Kilsby

EGU2019-4811 | Posters | NH1.10

Exploring the effects of uncertainties on the choice of structural flood risk reduction measures along the lower stretch of the Po River

Alessio Ciullo, Alessio Domeneghetti, Jan Kwakkel, Karin de Bruijn, Attilio Castellarin, and Frans Klijn

EGU2019-7672 | Posters | NH1.10

3D simulations of impulsive free surface flows using the Lattice Boltzmann Method

Stefano Miliani, Pietro Prestininzi, Michele La Rocca, and Andrea Montessori

EGU2019-9638 | Orals | NH1.10

Importance of rainfall events on levee stability

Stephan Rikkert and Matthijs Kok

EGU2019-7839 | Posters | NH1.10

Estimation of flood wave travel times by using multilinear Muskingum method with variable parameters

Michaela Danáčová, Ján Szolgay, and Anita Keszeliová

EGU2019-11234 | Orals | NH1.10

Uncertainty propagation in flood and dam break flows using stochastic intrusive and non-intrusive methods

Azzeddine Soulaïmani, Azzedine Abdedou, Jean-Marie Zokagoa, Georges Tchamen, and Pierre Dupuis

EGU2019-12663 | Orals | NH1.10

Projections of pluvial flood risk in urban areas calls for a black box in flood risk management

Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen, Bruno Merz, and Roland Löwe

EGU2019-9640 | Posters | NH1.10

Uncertainties in laboratory modelling of urban flooding

Xuefang Li, Sébastien Erpicum, Emmanuel Mignot, Martin Bruwier, Pascal Finaud-Guyot, Pierre Archambeau, Michel Pirotton, and Benjamin Dewals

EGU2019-15016 | Posters | NH1.10

Forecasting of overflow in riverside social infrastructures: Case study for Hangang River, Korea

Hyungju Yoo, Donghyun Kim, Kyunghee Lim, and Seung Oh Lee

EGU2019-16097 | Posters | NH1.10

Evaluation of distributions of quasi-stochastic discharges in Rhine catchment

Martin Kadlec, Yi He, Desmond Manful, Florian Ehmele, Lisa-Ann Kautz, and Joaquim G. Pinto

EGU2019-16583 | Posters | NH1.10

Thinking globally, acting locally: Monte Carlo evaluation of a global flood hazard model applied to the Po river basin

Cain Moylan, Alberto Montanari, Jeffrey Neal, and Jim Freer

EGU2019-18289 | Posters | NH1.10


Michele Del Vecchio, Daniele Bignami, Carlo De Michele, Irene Diozzi, and Giovanni Menduni

EGU2019-19104 | Posters | NH1.10

Group on Earth Observations (GEO) Global Flood Risk Monitoring (GFRM) Community Activity

Helen Greatrex, David Borges, Andrew Kruczkiewicz, Zachary Flamig, and Guy Schumann

EGU2019-19191 | Posters | NH1.10

The propagation of the Local Inertia Equations on dry bed

Luca Cozzolino, Giada Varra, Veronica Pepe, Luigi Cimorelli, Renata Della Morte, and Domenico Pianese

EGU2019-17492 | Posters | NH1.10

Coping with uncertainty in flood risk assessment by coupling hydraulic models and vulnerability analysis

Giuseppe Tito Aronica and Susanna Naso

NH2.1 – Submarine Volcanic Activity and Associated Hazards: Recent and ancient perspectives (co-organized)

EGU2019-19140 | Posters | NH2.1

The Lithology of the 2017 Surtsey Volcano Drill Cores

Carolyn Gorny, James D.L. White, Magnús T. Gudmundsson, Jocelyn McPhie, Barbara I. Kleine, Tobias B. Weisenberger, and Marie Dolores Jackson

EGU2019-7612 | Posters | NH2.1

A multidisciplinary approach applied to a shallow hydrothermal field of the Panarea Volcanic Complex for a responsible management

Teresa Romeo, Valentina Esposito, Simonepietro Canese, Federico Spagnoli, Giovanni Bortoluzzi, Cinzia De Vittor, and Franco Andaloro

EGU2019-2354 | Orals | NH2.1

Soluble salt concentrations in volcanic ash aggregates from subaqueous eruptions and related hazards

Mathieu Colombier, Mueller Sebastian, Bettina Scheu, Ulrich Kueppers, Shane Cronin, Pierre Delmelle, Corrado Cimarelli, Richard Brown, Manuela Tost, and Donald Dingwell

EGU2019-11496 | Orals | NH2.1

Ash generation in the 2012 deep subaqueous Havre eruption: implications from particle water content and quench pressure

Arran Murch, Tobias Dürig, James White, and Alex Nichols