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NP – Nonlinear Processes in Geosciences

NP1.1 – Mathematics of Planet Earth - General Session (co-organized)

EGU2019-13100 | Posters | NP1.1

A combined orthogonal decomposition and polynomial chaos methodology for data-based analysis and prediction of coastal dynamics

Rem-Sophia Mouradi, Cédric Goeury, Olivier Thual, Fabrice Zaoui, and Pablo Tassi

EGU2019-4882 | Orals | NP1.1

Data Assimilation for Chaotic Geophysical Dynamics - An Overview

Alberto Carrassi, Colin Grudzien, and Marc Bocquet

EGU2019-2675 | Posters | NP1.1

Efficient and Practical Modulus-based Iteration Solvers for Second-Order Cone Linear Complementarity Systems in three-dimensional Contact Problem of Geodynamic Problems

Zhizhi Li, Yifen Ke, Risheng Chu, and Huai Zhang

EGU2019-430 | Orals | NP1.1

The poor man’s magnetohydrodynamic (PMMHD) equations: a discrete dynamical system

Tommaso Alberti, Giuseppe Consolini, and Vincenzo Carbone

EGU2019-5942 | Posters | NP1.1

Data assimilation for a quasi-geostrophic model with circulation-preserving stochastic transport noise

Igor Shevchenko, Colin Cotter, Dan Crisan, Darryl Holm, and Wei Pan

EGU2019-10033 | Posters | NP1.1

Well-Posedness for the Euler-Boussinesq equation with Stochastic Transport Noise

Dan Crisan, Darryl Holm, and Peter Korn

EGU2019-8510 | Orals | NP1.1

Stochastic modeling of oceanic dynamics for ensemble forecasting

Long Li, Werner Bauer, Georg Gottwald, and Etienne Mémin

EGU2019-7531 | Posters | NP1.1

Singular vortices as building blocks of atmospheric low-frequency variability

Sergey Kravtsov and Gregory Reznik

EGU2019-2393 | Orals | NP1.1

Heat waves and large deviations of spatially averaged temperature

Vera Melinda Galfi, Valerio Lucarini, and Jeroen Wouters

EGU2019-3969 | Orals | NP1.1

Systematic search of climate attractors in a coupled aquaplanet

Maura Brunetti, Jérôme Kasparian, and Christian Vérard

EGU2019-1994 | Posters | NP1.1

Modeling Dynamics of Complex Systems with Solutions of the Generalized Lotka-Volterra Equations

Lev Maslov

EGU2019-18857 | Posters | NP1.1

On atmospheric particle acceleration by lightning

Geert Dijkhuis

EGU2019-8080 | Orals | NP1.1

Organized ridge and valley patterns in detachment-limited conditions

Amilcare Porporato and Sara Bonetti

EGU2019-13107 | Posters | NP1.1

Wasserstein distance: a flexible tool for statistical analysis

Gabriele Vissio, Valerio Lembo, and Valerio Lucarini

EGU2019-9891 * | Orals | NP1.1 | Highlight

Perspectives for causal inference in Earth system sciences

Jakob Runge

EGU2019-15863 | Posters | NP1.1 | Highlight

Hydro-Meteorological Variability and Future Climate: Model Formulation and Numerical Implementation

Erik Chavez, Markus Kilian, Michael Ghil, and Valerio Lucarini

EGU2019-3547 | Orals | NP1.1

A Local Spectral Exterior Calculus for the Primitive Equations

Clauson Carvalho da Silva, Christian Lessig, Boyko Dodov, Dijkstra Hendrik A., and Themis Sapsis

EGU2019-4269 | Posters | NP1.1

Representing and understanding the carbon cycle using the theory of compartmental dynamical systems

Carlos Sierra, Verónika Ceballos-Núñez, Holger Metzler, and Markus Müller

EGU2019-10241 | Posters | NP1.1

Global random walk solutions for flow in porous media

Nicolae Suciu

EGU2019-5155 | Orals | NP1.1

Rapidly rotating Rayleigh-Bénard convection with a tilted axis

Lyuba Novi, Jost von Hardenberg, David W. Hughes, Antonello Provenzale, and Edward A. Spiegel

EGU2019-4640 | Orals | NP1.1

Multiscale Homogenization for Sea Ice

Kenneth Golden

EGU2019-3448 | Orals | NP1.1 | Highlight

Critical percolation threshold is an upper bound on Arctic sea ice melt pond coverage

Predrag Popovic, Mary Silber, and Dorian Abbot

NP1.2 – Climate response, networks in geosystems, emergent behavior and tipping points (co-organized)

EGU2019-18084 | Orals | NP1.2 | Highlight

Tipping Points in the Earth System: An introduction to the TiPES project

Bedartha Goswami, Niklas Boers, Peter Ditlevsen, Peter Ashwin, Michel Crucifix, Michael Ghil, Anna von der Heydt, Valerio Lucarini, Marisa Montoya, Nicola Botta, Denis-Didier Rousseau, Louis Sime, and Thomas Stocker

EGU2019-1496 | Posters | NP1.2

Global cooling: the Snowball Earth transition in a climate model with drifting parameters

Bálint Kaszás, Tímea Haszpra, and Mátyás Herein

EGU2019-11684 | Posters | NP1.2

The impact of dust on the Neoproterozoic climate

Peng Liu and Yonggang Liu

EGU2019-17466 | Orals | NP1.2

Cascading tipping points in dynamical systems and paleoclimate

Johannes Lohmann, Daniele Castellana, Peter Ditlevsen, and Henk Dijkstra

EGU2019-7353 | Posters | NP1.2

Tuning the Planet Simulator Earth system Model of Intermediate Complexity for climate sensitivity studies

Michela Angeloni, Elisa Palazzi, and Jost von Hardenberg

EGU2019-13409 | Orals | NP1.2

Interactions between ocean circulation and sea ice can explain Dansgaard-Oeschger events over 800 ka

Niklas Boers, Michael Ghil, and Denis-Didier Rousseau

EGU2019-945 | Orals | NP1.2

Data-driven Climate Models Based on Recurrent Neural Networks

Aleksei Seleznev, Dmitry Mukhin, Andrey Gavrilov, Evgeny Loskutov, and Alexander Feigin

EGU2019-16231 | Posters | NP1.2

Stochastic Dynamics of a Bistable Climate Model

Valerio Lucarini and Tamas Bodai

EGU2019-16545 | Posters | NP1.2

Is there a relation between climate sensitivity and unforced variability in global mean surface temperature?

Martin Rypdal, Hege-Beate Fredriksen, Eirik Myrvoll-Nilsen, Kristoffer Rypdal, and Sigrunn Sørbye

EGU2019-18138 | Posters | NP1.2

The impact of the Inter-model spread of climate mean state on climate sensitivity uncertainty

Xiaoming Hu, Sergio Sejas, Ming Cai, Song Yang, and Hanjie Fan

EGU2019-4112 | Posters | NP1.2

Detection of short- and long-range teleconnections in SST patterns on different time scales

Ankit Agarwal, Levke Caesar, Norbert Marwan, Rathinasamy Maheswaran, Bruno Merz, and Jürgen Kurths

EGU2019-5553 | Posters | NP1.2

Tracking frontal system rainfall during Baiu season using complex climate networks

Frederik Wolf, Ugur Ozturk, and Reik V. Donner

EGU2019-9410 | Posters | NP1.2

Recurrence Analysis of Flood Events

Abhirup Banerjee, Bedartha Goswami, Norbert Marwan, Bruno Merz, and Jürgen Kurths

EGU2019-9818 | Posters | NP1.2

Intraseasonal Precipitation Variability in South America and how it is connected to Rossby Waves

Maximilian Gelbrecht, Niklas Boers, and Jürgen Kurths

EGU2019-9847 | Posters | NP1.2

River discharge reveals anomalously dry spring seasons in western Nepal

Bedartha Goswami, Aljoscha Rheinwalt, and Bodo Bookhagen

EGU2019-11738 | Posters | NP1.2

Data-driven parameterization of transient features in a low-resolution double-gyre ocean flow

Dmitri Kondrashov, Evgenii Ryzhov, and Pavel Berloff

EGU2019-12326 | Posters | NP1.2

Spurious links in spatial networks and their implications for global rainfall synchronization patterns

Niklas Boers, Bedartha Goswami, Aljoscha Rheinwalt, Bodo Bookhagen, Brian Hoskins, and Jürgen Kurths

EGU2019-13475 | Posters | NP1.2

New dynamical variables for Empirical Model Reduction approach: application to ENSO prediction

Evgeny Loskutov, Andrey Gavrilov, Dmitri Kondrashov, Maria Buyanova, Dmitry Mukhin, and Alexander Feigin

EGU2019-15426 | Posters | NP1.2

Long-term variability of mid-latitude atmosphere: impact of interannual and decadal climate modes

Alexander Feigin, Dmitry Mukhin, Andrey Gavrilov, and Evgeny Loskutov

NP2.1 – Dynamical Extremes in Climate and Geophysical Sciences (co-organized)

EGU2019-3515 | Posters | NP2.1

Sampling hyperspheres via extreme value theory: implications for measuring attractor dimensions

Flavio Pons, Gabriele Messori, Carmen Alvarez-Castro, and Davide Faranda

EGU2019-6872 | Orals | NP2.1

Statistical investigations of flow structures in different regimes of the stable boundary layer

Nikki Vercauteren, Vyacheslav Boyko, Amandine Kaiser, and Danijel Belušić

EGU2019-3827 | Posters | NP2.1

Dynamic mechanisms for heat waves over the Korean Peninsula using a unforced long-term simulation model

Han-Kyoung Kim, Byung-Kwon Moon, and Jin-Ho Choi

EGU2019-8266 | Orals | NP2.1

A long term perspective on Monsoon variability and extreme dry or wet years

Pascale Braconnot, Julien Cretat, and Olivier Marti

EGU2019-4025 | Posters | NP2.1 | Highlight

Warming trends in summer heatwaves seen in the Central England Temperature timeseries

Sandra Chapman, Nicholas Watkins, and David Stainforth

EGU2019-9226 | Orals | NP2.1

Recent dynamical extremes in Europe

David Barriopedro

EGU2019-12934 | Orals | NP2.1

Sources of predictability on stratospheric dynamics

Miriam D'Errico and Alessio Bellucci

EGU2019-4105 | Posters | NP2.1

Attractor dimension of time-averaged climate observables: insights from a low-order ocean-atmosphere model

Stéphane Vannitsem, Davide Faranda, and Gabriele Messori

EGU2019-13379 | Orals | NP2.1 | Highlight

More persistent boreal summer weather in a 2°C world

Peter Pfleiderer, Carl-Friedrich Schleussner, Kai Kornhuber, and Dim Coumou

EGU2019-4951 | Posters | NP2.1

Cyclone activity over Baltic region and upper-air atmospheric circulation

Natalia Vyazilova and Alexandr Vyazilov

EGU2019-5300 | Posters | NP2.1

Recurrence spectra of European temperature in historical climate simulations

Pascal Yiou, M. Carmen Alvarez-Castro, Davide Faranda, and Thomas Noël

EGU2019-13643 | Orals | NP2.1

Identifying key driving processes of recent heatwaves and droughts

Kathrin Wehrli, Benoît P. Guillod, Mathias Hauser, Matthieu Leclair, and Sonia I. Seneviratne

EGU2019-6027 | Posters | NP2.1

How a warm ocean might make weather forecasting easier

Davide Faranda, M Carmen Alvarez-Castro, Gabriele Messori, David Rodrigues, and Pascal Yiou

EGU2019-16852 | Orals | NP2.1

Weather Extremes in a Hierarchy of Climate Model Resolutions

Joakim Kjellsson, Wonsun Park, Mojib Latif, and Glenn Carver

EGU2019-8933 | Posters | NP2.1

Transitions and irreversibility of weather regimes

Berengere Dubrulle, Carmen Alvarez-Castro, Pascal Yiou, and Davide Faranda

EGU2019-9675 | Posters | NP2.1

A Web Processing Service to compute dynamical properties of the atmospheric circulation

Nikolay Kadygrov, Davide Faranda, Soulivanh Thao, M. Carmen Alvarez-Castro, and Pascal Yiou

EGU2019-10370 | Posters | NP2.1

Comparison of rapid increases in surface wind speed between Iceland and Germany

Florian Ruff, Haraldur Ólafsson, and Stephan Pfahl

EGU2019-11124 | Posters | NP2.1

Minimal dynamical systems model of the northern hemisphere jet stream via embedding of climate data

Davide Faranda, Yuzuru Sato, Gabriele Messori, Nicholas Moloney, and Pascal You

EGU2019-12988 | Posters | NP2.1

Factors affecting cold waves over the Korean Peninsula using a long-term simulation

Jin-Ho Choi, Byung-Kwon Moon, and Han-Kyoung Kim

EGU2019-13789 | Posters | NP2.1

Persistent summer extremes: The role of atmospheric dynamics and soil moisture feedback

Fei Luo, Dim Coumou, Frank Selten, Sonia I. Seneviratne, and Kathrin Wehrli

EGU2019-15829 | Posters | NP2.1

Can we predict weather and climate extremes using machine learning techniques?

Adnane Hamid, Giulia Carella, Soulivanh Thao, Pascal Yiou, Mathieu Vrac, Valerie Gautard, and Davide Faranda

EGU2019-16272 | Posters | NP2.1

Dynamical-conditioned bias correction for seasonal forecasting in the Mediterranean region

M. Carmen Alvarez-Castro, Stefano Materia, Davide Faranda, Andrea Borrelli, and Silvio Gualdi

EGU2019-19164 | Posters | NP2.1

Application of Vortex-Tracking WRF in Forecasting Tropical Cyclones; Case of Tropical Cyclone Sagar 16-20th May 2018

Anthony Mwanthi, Abubakr Salih, Zewdu Segele, and Guleid Artan

NP2.3 – Nonlinear and Stochastic Dynamics of the Earth System (co-organized)

EGU2019-528 | Orals | NP2.3

On the Utility of Data Assimilation for Extremes in a Conceptual Atmospheric Model

Guannan Hu and Christian Franzke

EGU2019-3121 | Posters | NP2.3

Air Pollutant Prediction: Comparisons between LSTM, Light GBM and Random Forest

Peng Chen, Aichen Niu, Wei Jiang, and Duanyang Liu

EGU2019-10260 | Orals | NP2.3

The linear stochastic delayed oscillator revisited

Ilya Pavlyukevich and Michael Anton Hoegele

EGU2019-19082 | Orals | NP2.3

On the Skewed Nature of Ensemble Forecasts

Prashant Sardeshmukh and Cecile Penland

EGU2019-18950 | Orals | NP2.3

Precursors of high magnitude events based on multifractal properties of elapsed time and distance between consecutive earthquakes. An application to New Zealand, years 2000-2018

Marisol Monterrubio-Velasco, Maria Dolors Martínez, Xavier Lana, Francisco Ramón Zúñiga, and Josep de la Puente

EGU2019-96 | Orals | NP2.3

Markovian inhomogeneous closures for Rossby waves and turbulence over topography

Terence O'Kane and Jorgen Frederiksen

EGU2019-13855 | Posters | NP2.3

Stochastic Mode Reduction – a Parameterization Based on First Principles?

Martin Pieroth, Stamen Dolaptchiev, and Ulrich Achatz

EGU2019-15232 | Posters | NP2.3

Bi-spectral Analysis of the El-Niño index and its stochastic modeling

Carlos Pires and Abdel Hannachi

EGU2019-2013 | Orals | NP2.3

Stochastic transport to quantify errors in geophysical fluid dynamic simulations

Valentin Resseguier, Wei Pan, Baylor Fox-Kemper, and Darryl Holm

EGU2019-2668 | Orals | NP2.3

Energetically Consistent Stochastic and Deterministic Kinetic Energy Backscatter Schemes for Atmospheric Models

Suneet Dwivedi, Christian L. E. Franzke, and Frank Lunkeit

EGU2019-7102 | Orals | NP2.3

Effective subgrid-scale parameterization for shallow water dynamics using stochastic mode reduction

Matthias Zacharuk, Stamen Dolaptchiev, Ulrich Achatz, and Ilya Timofeyev

EGU2019-5989 | Orals | NP2.3

Generalized Langevin Dynamics for Modelling the Temperature of the Earth.

Nicholas Wynn Watkins, Sandra Chapman, Aleksei Chechkin, Ian Ford, Rainer Klages, and David Stainforth

NP3.2 – Scaling and nonlinear dynamics in the atmosphere, ocean and geosciences (including Lewis Fry Richardson Medal Lecture by Shaun Lovejoy)

EGU2019-18524 * | Orals | NP3.2 | Highlight

Weather, Macroweather, Climate: reuniting Richardson’s strands

Shaun Lovejoy

EGU2019-3589 | Posters | NP3.2

Anisotropic singularity index mapping method for characterizing nonliner geological processes

Jie Zhao, Wenlei Wang, and Qiuming Cheng

EGU2019-17483 | Orals | NP3.2

A statistical model for global surface temperature response to radiative forcing with long-range dependent noise

Eirik Myrvoll-Nilsen, Martin Rypdal, Hege-Beate Fredriksen, and Sigrunn Holbek Sørbye

EGU2019-3995 | Posters | NP3.2

On the intrinsic dynamics of Southern Ocean filamentary jets

Antonio Celeste, Paola de Ruggiero, and Stefano Pierini

EGU2019-8135 | Posters | NP3.2

Fourier power spectrum of ocean data with data missing or irregular sampling

Yang Gao, Yongxiang Huang, and Jianyu Hu

EGU2019-16460 | Orals | NP3.2

New insights in the scaling regimes of our atmosphere based on satellite radar imagery (InSAR)

Gert Mulder, Freek van Leijen, and Ramon Hanssen

EGU2019-9347 | Orals | NP3.2

Internal variability causes the most extreme climate events

Dirk Olonscheck and Dirk Notz

EGU2019-4807 | Orals | NP3.2

Interannual variability in palaeoclimate simulations

Chris Brierley and Kira Rehfeld

EGU2019-9562 | Posters | NP3.2

Numerical study of second-order chemical reaction in homogeneous isotropic turbulence

Wenwei Wu, Lipo Wang, Enrico Calzavarini, and Francois G. Schmitt

EGU2019-14872 | Orals | NP3.2

Observation of a phase transition in the multifractal spectra of turbulent temperature fluctuations at a forest canopy top

Sylvain Dupont, Evgeniya Gerasimova-Chechkina, Mark Irvine, and Alain Arneodo

EGU2019-13851 | Orals | NP3.2

Joint multifractal analysis : further developments and implementation on rainfall data

Auguste Gires, Ioulia Tchiguirinskaia, and Daniel Schertzer

EGU2019-15474 | Posters | NP3.2

Angular structure functions: a new tool to characterize the scaling anisotropy of 2D geophysical fields

Francois G Schmitt and Virginie Gaullier

EGU2019-4013 | Orals | NP3.2


Giusy Fedele, Alessio Bellucci, Simona Masina, Stefano Pierini, and Thierry Penduff

EGU2019-2880 | Posters | NP3.2

Turbulent lithosphere deformation in Tibetan Plateau

Yongxiang Huang, Xing Jian, Wei Zhang, and Qiang Deng

EGU2019-8953 | Orals | NP3.2

Planktonic Trait Scaling

Carlo Albert, Jenny Held, and Tom Lorimer

EGU2019-3586 | Posters | NP3.2

Interpretation on geochemical data based on theories of the iso-metric logratio transformation and mixture distributions

Wenlei Wang, Qiuming Cheng, Xiangchong Liu, and Jie Zhao

EGU2019-15501 | Orals | NP3.2

Multifractal predictability and a dynamical space-time cascade model: analytical results

Daniel Schertzer, Stéphane Vannitsem, and Ioulia Tchiguirinskaia

EGU2019-12413 | Posters | NP3.2

A Physical Interpretation for Peak Flow Scaling of Rainfall-Runoff Events in Nested River Networks with Implications on Peak Flow Regionalization

Ricardo Mantilla, Gabriel Perez, Felipe Quintero, and Witold Krajewski

EGU2019-16426 | Posters | NP3.2

Scaling and nonlinear dynamics in water systems

Roberta Sauro Graziano, Caterina Gozzi, Antonella Buccianti, Orlando Vaselli, Barbara Nisi, Brunella Raco, and Marco Doveri

NP4.1 – Time Series Analysis in the Geosciences - Concepts, Methods and Applications (co-organized)

EGU2019-4007 | Orals | NP4.1

Solar wind driving and the dynamical magnetospheric response – data analytics approaches to observations across space and time

Sandra Chapman, Lauren Orr, Jesper Gjerloev, and Nicholas Watkins

EGU2019-5363 | Orals | NP4.1

Areawise significance tests for recurrence network analysis

Jaqueline Lekscha and Reik V. Donner

EGU2019-4414 | Posters | NP4.1

An entropic analysis of the polar cap current systems

Giulia D'Angelo, Mirko Piersanti, Massimo Materassi, and Giuseppe Consolini

EGU2019-1744 | Posters | NP4.1

Path integrals in ionospheric science

Massimo Materassi

EGU2019-5509 | Orals | NP4.1

Nonlinear analysis of very long time series: opportunities and challenges

Holger Lange, Marlene Schramm, Sebastian Sippel, and Junbin Zhao

EGU2019-18183 | Orals | NP4.1

Copula-based Investigation of Dependency Structures of Wet refractivity in Central Europe

Roya Mousavian, Christof Lorenz, Benjamin Fersch, Harald Kunstmann, and Masoud Mashhadi Hossainali

EGU2019-10741 | Posters | NP4.1

Dynamical System Approaches to Study the Earth's Magnetospheric Dynamics

Giuseppe Consolini, Tommaso Alberti, Paola De Michelis, Monica Laurenza, and Maria Federica Marcucci

EGU2019-16624 | Posters | NP4.1

Investigating dynamical complexity in the topside ionosphere using information-theoretic measures

Constantinos Papadimitriou, Georgios Balasis, and Adamantia Zoe Boutsi

EGU2019-8533 | Orals | NP4.1

Wiener filter seismic timeseries prediction - site response application and connections to array processing

Daniel Bowden, Michael Coughlin, Jan Harms, Andreas Fichtner, Victor Tsai, Vuk Mandic, Gary Pavlis, Pat Meyers, Ross Caton, and Tanner Prestegard

EGU2019-14480 | Posters | NP4.1

Tracing human behavior in meteorological records: a case of personal exposure to solar UVR time series

Suzana Blesic, David Jean du Preez, Caradee Wright, Djordje Stratimirovic, Jelena Ajtic, and Martin Allen

EGU2019-16901 | Posters | NP4.1

Quantification of information exchange in idealized and climate system applications

Praveen Kumar Pothapakula, Cristina Primo, and Bodo Ahrens

EGU2019-2399 | Posters | NP4.1

Analysis of wind time series using network science and multifractal concept

Mohamed Laib, Fabian Guignard, Mikhail Kanevski, and Luciano Telesca

EGU2019-9974 | Posters | NP4.1

Analysis of environmental time series complexity

Mikhail Kanevski, Mohamed Laib, Fabian Guignard, and Federico Amato

EGU2019-2401 | Posters | NP4.1

Fisher-Shannon Complexity of High Frequency Wind Speed in Urban area

Fabian Guignard, Dasaraden Mauree, Michele Lovallo, Mikhail Kanevski, and Luciano Telesca

EGU2019-2817 | Posters | NP4.1

Recurrence based entropies

Norbert Marwan, Hauke Krämer, and Karoline Wiesner

EGU2019-4037 | Posters | NP4.1

Time series analysis of Groundwater Storage (GWS) variation for the Indo-Gangetic plain using GRACE data

Saurabh srivastava

EGU2019-5218 | Posters | NP4.1

Should the colored noise be introduced to the analysis of GPS campaign time series?

Huseyin Duman and Dogan Ugur Sanli

EGU2019-7215 | Posters | NP4.1

Analysing gravitational waves recordings with seismological signal processing tools

Duncan Edwards, Cedric Schmelzbach, Luigi Ferraioli, and Domenico Giardini

NP4.3 – Big data and machine learning in geosciences (co-organized)

EGU2019-1659 | Orals | NP4.3

Users of Big Earth Data in the spotlight - A user perspective on current and future cloud-based data systems

Julia Wagemann, Stephan Siemen, Jörg Bendix, and Bernhard Seeger

EGU2019-4886 | Posters | NP4.3

Feature selection using simple and efficient machine learning models. Case studies and software tools

Federico Amato, Fabian Guignard, and Mikhail Kanevski

EGU2019-11094 | Orals | NP4.3

Alternative Earth Science Datasets For Identifying Patterns and Events

Kaylin Bugbee, Robert Griffin, Brian Freitag, Jeffrey Miller, Rahul Ramachandran, and Jia Zhang

EGU2019-1430 | Posters | NP4.3

Tropical cyclone cloud coverage segmentation using convolutional neural networks with combined input parameters

Kien Nguyen, Elizabeth Ritchie, and Scott Tyo

EGU2019-2148 | Posters | NP4.3

Identifying soil degradation in Swiss alpine grasslands using different machine learning approaches

Lauren Zweifel, Maxim Samarin, Katrin Meusburger, and Christine Alewell

EGU2019-5649 | Posters | NP4.3

Extrapolation and interpolation of climate analogues using Gaussian Processes

Eduardo Zorita and Marlene Klockmann

EGU2019-10697 | Orals | NP4.3

Complexity and connectivity variability in the climate of the past

Fabrizio Falasca, Julien Cretat, Pascale Braconnot, and Annalisa Bracco

EGU2019-8842 | Orals | NP4.3

Atmospheric boundary layer classification with unsupervised learning from field campaign data

Thomas Rieutord, Alexandre Paci, and Alain Dabas

EGU2019-11238 | Orals | NP4.3

Classification of Atmospheric Meteorological Events by a supervised machine learning

Anton Sokolov, Egor Dmitriev, Hervé Delbarre, and Cyril Gengembre

EGU2019-7551 | Posters | NP4.3

Using Neural Networks to Predict Subsurface Reservoir Properties

David Taylor, David Hodgetts, and Ginny-Marie Bradley

EGU2019-8062 | Posters | NP4.3

Comparison of Diffraction Imaging Using Plane-Wave Destruction, Image Segmentation, and Multi-Domain Diffraction Identification by Deep Learning

Brydon Lowney, Ivan Lokmer, Christopher J Bean, Gareth Shane O'Brien, and Michael Igoe

EGU2019-4221 | Orals | NP4.3

Denoising Autoencoder and Anomaly Detection-Based Method to Automatically Looking for Changes on Martian Image Pairs

Alfiah Rizky Diana Putri, Panagiotis Sidiropoulos, and Jan-Peter Muller

EGU2019-9134 | Orals | NP4.3

Deep Learning of Geological Structures in 3-D Seismic Reflection Data

Thilo Wrona, Indranil Pan, Rebecca Bell, Haakon Fossen, and Rob Gawthorpe

EGU2019-16256 | Orals | NP4.3 | Highlight

Big data and machine learning in the bioeconomy sector: preliminary results from the Norwegian case

Jonathan Rizzi, Ingvild Nystuen, Misganu Debella-Gilo, Nils Egil Søvde, and Eva Solbjørg Flo Heggem

EGU2019-10640 | Posters | NP4.3

A big data approach to estimate available roof area for solar PV installation at national scale

Alina Walch, Roberto Castello, Nahid Mohajeri, and Jean-Louis Scartezzini

EGU2019-12541 | Orals | NP4.3

Near Surface Ozone Predictions Based on Multiple Artificial Neural Network Architectures

Felix Kleinert, Bing Gong, Markus Götz, and Martin Georg Schultz

EGU2019-9643 | Posters | NP4.3

Cloud masking with Deep Learning applied to Landsat-8

Alistair Francis, Panagiotis Sidiropoulos, and Jan-Peter Muller

EGU2019-9889 | Posters | NP4.3 | Highlight

Geospatial big data analytics for agriculture using IBM-PAIRS

Anne Jones, Blair Edwards, Katharina Reusch, and Paolo Fraccaro

EGU2019-17539 | Orals | NP4.3

Clustering of the Polar Vortex states using deep convolutional neural networks

Natalia Tilinina, Mikhail Krinitskiy, Yulia Zyulyaeva, and Sergey Gulev

EGU2019-12111 | Posters | NP4.3

Well log lithology classification using supervised and unsupervised machine learning

Nadima Dwihusna, Mohamed Mohamed, and Xiaoyu Zhu

EGU2019-15318 | Orals | NP4.3

Causal inference in Geosciences with multidimensional kernel deviance measures

Emiliano Diaz Salas Porras, Adrian Perez Suay, Valero Laparra, and Gustau Camps Valls

EGU2019-18467 | Posters | NP4.3

DATALAKES - data platform and stochastic Bayesian forecasting for Swiss lakes using supercomputers

Artur Safin, Damien Bouffard, Fotis Georgatos, Eric Bouillet, Fernando Perez Cruz, Alfred Wüest, Siddhartha Mishra, and Jonas Sukys

EGU2019-12085 | Orals | NP4.3

Detecting geophysical signals and sources with large-scale network data

Catherine de Groot-Hedlin and Michael Hedlin

EGU2019-11555 | Posters | NP4.3

UAV image classification of a riverine landscape by using machine learning with image processing techniques

Hitoshi Miyamoto, Akito Momose, Shuji Iwami, Takuya Sato, and Takayuki Nagaya

EGU2019-12522 | Posters | NP4.3

Associating Blizzards with Corresponding Extratropical Cyclones as an Example of Phenomenon Hierarchies

Kwo-Sen Kuo, Mike Bauer, Michael Rilee, and Amidu Oloso

EGU2019-10411 | Orals | NP4.3

Data-assisted reduced-order modeling of climate dynamics

Themis Sapsis, Zhong Yi Wan, Boyko Dodov, Henk Dijkstra, and Christian Lessig

EGU2019-6226 | Posters | NP4.3

A Random Forest Approach for Cloud Base Analysis

Chao Li

EGU2019-2215 | Posters | NP4.3

Random Forest Algorithm for Wetland Inundation Prediction in a Semi-arid Floodplain

Sara Shaeri Karimi, Neil Saintilan, and Li Wen

EGU2019-3424 | Orals | NP4.3

Automated point cloud classification and analysis of rock slope processes using machine learning

Luke Weidner, Gabriel Walton, and Ryan Kromer

EGU2019-17274 | Posters | NP4.3

A subspace clustering algorithm with spatial regularization for mineral mapping

Kasra Rafiezadeh Shahi, Mahdi Khodadadzadeh, Raimon Tolosana-Delgado, and Richard Gloaguen

EGU2019-14074 | Orals | NP4.3 | Highlight

A Topography of Climate Change Research

Max Callagan

EGU2019-14204 | Posters | NP4.3

Managing Earth Observation datasets as multidimensional arrays using SciDB and open standards

Maurin Radtke, Benedikt Graeler, Eike Hinderk Jürrens, and Simon Jirka

EGU2019-14358 | Posters | NP4.3

Artificial Neural Networks to interpret CPTs for geological modelling

Jan Gunnink, Denise Maljers, Mattijs Borst, and Bert de Doelder

EGU2019-507 | Posters | NP4.3

Dimensionality reduction techniques for simulations of the spectral radiance in the Hartley-Huggins band

Ana del Águila, Dmitry S. Efremenko, Víctor Molina García, and Jian Xu

EGU2019-3367 | Posters | NP4.3

Using SOM neural network to improve land use and cover training samples from satellite image time series

Karine Reis Ferreira, Lorena Alves Santos, Gilberto Camara, and Michelle Cristina Araujo Picoli

NP5.1 – Data Assimilation, Predictability, Error Identification and Uncertainty Quantification in Geosciences (co-organized)

EGU2019-2477 | Posters | NP5.1

Seasonal predictability barrier for two types of El Niño events

Meiyi Hou, Wansuo Duan, and Xiefei Zhi

EGU2019-2455 | Orals | NP5.1

Parametric Kalman filter : toward an alternative to the EnKF ?

Olivier Pannekoucke, Sophie Ricci, Richard Ménard, Marc Bocquet, and Olivier Thual

EGU2019-2479 | Posters | NP5.1

Two ENSO modes in the forced tropical coupled model

Lingjiang Tao and Wansuo Duan

EGU2019-2502 | Posters | NP5.1

Errors in Current Velocity in the Low-latitude North Pacific: Results from the Regional Ocean Modeling System

Wansuo Duan and Xixi Wen

EGU2019-6843 | Orals | NP5.1

Combining Data Assimilation and Machine Learning to emulate a numerical model from noisy and sparse observations.

Julien Brajard, Marc Bocquet, Alberto Carrassi, and Laurent Bertino

EGU2019-4366 | Orals | NP5.1

Routes to long-term atmospheric predictability in coupled ocean-atmosphere systems

Lesley De Cruz, Roman Solé-Pomies, and Stéphane Vannitsem

EGU2019-13438 | Posters | NP5.1

Study on influence of the prior source term to linear inverse problem for atmospheric source term determination

Ondřej Tichý, Václav Šmídl, Lukáš Ulrych, and Radek Hofman

EGU2019-2435 | Posters | NP5.1

Ensemble Sensitivity-Based Subsetting Overview and Evaluation Activities at the 2018 NOAA HWT

Brian Ancell, Austin Coleman, and Aaron Hill

EGU2019-5012 | Orals | NP5.1

Scale-dependent Error Growths in Multi-hierarchical Systems

Jonathan Brisch and Holger Kantz

EGU2019-3035 | Posters | NP5.1

A novel boundary–type mesh–free approach for modeling the two–dimensional inverse Cauchy problems in a multiply connected domain

Jing En Xiao and Cheng Yu Ku

EGU2019-11899 | Orals | NP5.1

Adjoint problem ensemble algorithms for inverse modeling of advection-diffusion-reaction processes

Alexey Penenko, Zhadyra Mukatova, and Akzhan Salimova

EGU2019-5230 | Posters | NP5.1

Estimating Model Error Covariances using Particle Filters

Maria Magdalena Lucini, Peter Jan van Leeuwen, Tadeo Javier Cocucci, and Manuel Arturo Pulido

EGU2019-2775 | Orals | NP5.1

Ensemble Kalman smoothing of algal bloom events

Tuomo Kauranne, Martin Gunia, Kari Kallio, Olli Malve, Juhani Kettunen, Marko Laine, and Heikki Haario

EGU2019-8318 | Orals | NP5.1

Idealised forecast-assimilation experiments and their relevance for convective-scale Numerical Weather Prediction

Tom Kent, Gordon Inverarity, Luca Cantarello, Steven Tobias, and Onno Bokhove

EGU2019-5890 | Posters | NP5.1

Data assimilation using Bayesian inference with efficient polynomial surrogates

Qinzhuo Liao, Gang Lei, and Shirish Patil

EGU2019-12389 | Orals | NP5.1

Bayesian inference of grain growth prediction via multi-phase-field models

Hiromichi Nagao, Shin-ichi Ito, Takashi Kurokawa, Tadashi Kasuya, and Junya Inoue

EGU2019-11224 | Posters | NP5.1

Detection of Lognormal Signals in Different Atmospheric Flows

Michael Goodliff, Steven Fletcher, Anton Kliewer, John Forsythe, and Andrew Jones

EGU2019-17781 | Orals | NP5.1

Bayesian Seismic Waveform Inversion with A Multilevel Markov Chain Monte Carlo approach

Anamika Pandey, Juan Pablo Madrigal Cianci, Fabio Nobile, and Raúl F. Tempone

EGU2019-12334 | Posters | NP5.1

Regional difference in Performance between EnKF and EnOI in the North Pacific

Seung-tae Lee, Yang-Ki Cho, Jihun Jung, Byoung-Ju Choi, Young Ho Kim, and Sangil Kim

EGU2019-16260 | Posters | NP5.1

Assimilate Red-noise or Incomplete Observations via PDA

Hailiang Du and Leonard Smith

EGU2019-6433 | Posters | NP5.1

Mixed Gaussian-Lognormal Variational Data Assimilation

Steven Fletcher, Michael Goodliff, Anton Kliewer, Andrew Jones, and John Forsthye

EGU2019-380 | Posters | NP5.1

Modifications to an idealised data assimilation scheme for research in convective-scale satellite data assimilation

Luca Cantarello, Onno Bokhove, Steve Tobias, Gordon Inverarity, and Stefano Migliorini

EGU2019-9992 | Posters | NP5.1

Uncertainty quantification in satellite retrieval of aerosol - model selection and imperfect forward modelling

Anu Kauppi, Pekka Kolmonen, Marko Laine, and Johanna Tamminen

EGU2019-16746 | Posters | NP5.1

Using nonlinear variable transformations to assimilate land surface albedo observations

Gernot Geppert, Tristan Quaife, and Natalie Douglas

EGU2019-9823 | Posters | NP5.1

Data assimilation for the time-dependent reconstruction of continents.

Marie Bocher and Michael G. Tetley

NP5.3 – Advances in statistical post-processing for deterministic and ensemble forecasts (co-organized)

EGU2019-4765 | Orals | NP5.3

Statistical post-processing of dual-resolution ensemble forecasts

Sándor Baran, Martin Leutbecher, Marianna Szabó, and Zied Ben Bouallègue

EGU2019-3707 | Posters | NP5.3

Limitations of univariate downscaling techniques and its implication on hydrologic modeling

Rajarshi Das Bhowmik, Seung Beom Seo, and Sankar Arumugam

EGU2019-8903 | Orals | NP5.3

Rapid Adjustment of Forecast Trajectories: Improving short-term forecast skill through statistical post-processing

Nina Schuhen, Thordis L. Thorarinsdottir, and Alex Lenkoski

EGU2019-14985 | Orals | NP5.3

Private Observations Improve MET Norway’s Operational Weather Forecasts

Thomas N. Nipen, Ivar A. Seierstad, Cristian Lussana, and Jørn Kristiansen

EGU2019-8581 | Posters | NP5.3

Probabilistic flood forecasting considering heterogeneity of error distributions

Zhongmin Liang, Xiaolei Jiang, Yiming Hu, Jun Wang, and Binquan Li

EGU2019-4873 | Posters | NP5.3

Statistical post-processing of hydrological forecasts using Bayesian model averaging

Mehrez El Ayari, Stephan Hemri, and Sándor Baran

EGU2019-18948 | Orals | NP5.3

Vine copula based post-processing of ensemble forecasts for temperature

Annette Möller, Ludovica Spazzini, Daniel Kraus, Thomas Nagler, and Claudia Czado

EGU2019-2272 | Orals | NP5.3

Neural networks for post-processing ensemble weather forecasts

Stephan Rasp and Sebastian Lerch

EGU2019-9805 | Posters | NP5.3 | Highlight

Operational machine learning post-processed ensemble forecast system in France

Maxime Taillardat and Olivier Mestre

EGU2019-10595 | Posters | NP5.3

Comparison of bivariate copula-based bias correction of regional climate model (RCM) precipitation and temperature

Faranak Tootoonchi, Jan Haerter, and Claudia Teutschbein

EGU2019-7139 | Orals | NP5.3

Constrained quantile regression splines for ensemble postprocessing

John Bjørnar Bremnes

EGU2019-11461 | Orals | NP5.3 | Highlight

Bias Correction for Decadal Predictions

Balasubramanya Nadiga, Tarun Verma, Wilbert Weijer, and Nathan Urban

EGU2019-12937 | Posters | NP5.3

Development of an operational postprocessing suite at MeteoSwiss

Christoph Spirig, Stephan Hemri, Jonas Bhend, Jan Rajczak, and Mark Liniger

EGU2019-17012 | Posters | NP5.3

Post-processing of probabilistic storm forecasts for wind farms in the North Sea

Joris Van den Bergh, Geert Smet, and Piet Termonia

EGU2019-14443 | Posters | NP5.3

Bivariate Gaussian Models for Wind Vectors in a Distributional Regression Framework

Moritz N. Lang, Georg J. Mayr, Reto Stauffer, and Achim Zeileis

EGU2019-11381 | Posters | NP5.3

Comparing approaches to effectively use super ensemble experiments for hydrological projections under climate change

Satoshi Watanabe

EGU2019-13604 | Posters | NP5.3

A statistical-dynamical seasonal prediction of the North Atlantic Oscillation

André Düsterhus, Mikhail Dobrynin, and Johanna Baehr

EGU2019-18862 | Posters | NP5.3

Post-processing of seasonal predictions: case studies using the EUROSIP hindcast data base.

Emmanuel Roulin and Stéphane Vannitsem

EGU2019-17108 | Posters | NP5.3

Multivariate bias correction of meteorological variables for hydrological applications in a data-scarce Alpine catchment

Manuel Lorenz, Patrick Laux, Mathieu Vrac, and Harald Kunstmann

NP6.1 – Recent developments in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics: Waves, Turbulence, and Transport (co-organized)

EGU2019-2061 | Posters | NP6.1

Internal Tidal Waves on the Continental Shelf of the Northwestern Arabian Gulf

Fahad Al Senafi and Ayal Anis

EGU2019-15453 | Orals | NP6.1

Momentum transport and mixing by internal lee waves and a vortical wake: laboratory and numerical experiments

Chantal Staquet, Cruz Garcia Molina, Joel Sommeria, Adekunle Ajayi, and Bruno Voisin

EGU2019-4199 | Posters | NP6.1

Experiments on tidal bores in a circular channel

Uwe Harlander, Ion Dan Borcia, Rodica Borcia, Michael Bestehorn, and Wenchao Xu

EGU2019-5116 | Orals | NP6.1

Inertial modes in a rotating tilted cylindrical annulus with free surface

Wenchao Xu and Uwe Harlander

EGU2019-3301 | Orals | NP6.1

Non-self-similar collapse of surface quasigeostrophic point vortices

Gualtiero Badin and Anna Barry

EGU2019-1500 | Posters | NP6.1

Effects of mixing in stratified fluid

Jose Manuel Redondo, Natalia Dimitrieva, Yuli Chashechkin, and Diana Strebkova

EGU2019-11453 | Posters | NP6.1

Temporal variability of Diapycnal Mixing in the Cape Ghir upwelling region.

Renata Victoriano-Rojas, Angel Rodriguez-Santana, and Angeles Marrero-Diaz

EGU2019-8109 | Orals | NP6.1

On the influence of initial conditions on spatially developing gravity currents

Maria Eletta Negretti, Antoine Martin, and Emil Hopfinger

EGU2019-13071 | Orals | NP6.1

In-situ sensing of atmospheric turbulence

Jens Söder, Dale A. Lawrence, Michael Gerding, and Franz-Josef Lübken

EGU2019-15074 | Posters | NP6.1

Characterization and evolution of thermohaline intrusions in Cape Verde Frontal Zone

Ángel Rodríguez-Santana, Nadia Burgoa, Antonio Martínez-Marrero, Luis Valencia, Angeles Marrero-Díaz, and Francisco Machín

EGU2019-2220 | Orals | NP6.1

Stochastic modeling of temperature and velocity statistics in spherical-shell convection

Marten Klein, David O. Lignell, and Heiko Schmidt

EGU2019-17570 | Posters | NP6.1

On the Very-Large-Scale Motions in Smooth-Bed Open-Channel Flows

Cosimo Peruzzi, Davide Poggi, Luca Ridolfi, and Costantino Manes

EGU2019-17624 | Posters | NP6.1 | Highlight

Turbulent fluxes in the Arctic Ocean: spring and late summer from the margin to the interior

Benjamin Rabe, Markus Janout, and Achim Randelhoff

EGU2019-3908 | Posters | NP6.1

Hydrodynamic instability of vertical motions initiated by spatially periodic heat sources in the atmosphere

Michael Kurgansky, Maxim Kalashnik, and Aleksey Khapaev

EGU2019-8441 | Posters | NP6.1

AtmoFlow - Investigation of atmospheric-like fluid flows under micro-gravity conditions

Florian Zaussinger, Peter Canfield, Andreas Froitzheim, Vadim Travnikov, Peter Haun, Martin Meier, Antoine Meyer, Pascal Heintzmann, Thomas Driebe, and Christoph Egbers