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SM – Seismology

SM1.1 – General Contributions on Earthquakes, Earth Structure, Seismology (including SM Division Outstanding ECS Lecture by Piero Poli)

EGU2019-2891 | Posters | SM1.1

New insights on fault system of the Pollino swarm from relative location

Anna Gervasi, Ferdinando Napolitano, Danilo Galluzzo, Ignazio Guerra, Roberto Scarpa, and Mario La Rocca

EGU2019-9611 | Orals | SM1.1

The ISC Bulletin as a comprehensive source of earthquake source mechanisms

Konstantinos Lentas, Domenico Di Giacomo, James Harris, and Dmitry Storchak

EGU2019-2601 | Orals | SM1.1

Seismicity of the Erguna region (northeastern China)

Valentina Melnikova, Alena Seredkina, Yan Radziminovich, and Nadezhda Gileva

EGU2019-7629 | Posters | SM1.1

Monitoring earthquakes by seismic arrays methods in SeisComP3

Dirk Roessler, Jan Becker, and Bernd Weber

EGU2019-7693 | Orals | SM1.1

Focal mechanism analysis of earthquakes using CAP method for the Eastern Indian shield region

Prosanta Kumar Khan, Rashmi Singh, and Ajay Pratap Singh

EGU2019-8791 | Posters | SM1.1

Chemical and isotopic investigation in aquifers of the terrigenous “Flysch della Laga” Formation during the 2016-2017 seismic sequence in central Italy

Luca Pizzino, Gianfranco Galli, Lorenzo Brusca, Daniele Cinti, Anna Cipriani, Fausto Grassa, Francesco Italiano, Federico Lugli, and Alessandra Sciarra

EGU2019-1396 | Orals | SM1.1

First Results of a Large MERMAID Deployment into the Pacific Ocean

Joel D. Simon, Frederik J. Simons, and Guust Nolet

EGU2019-12827 | Posters | SM1.1

Attenuation characteristics of P and S waves in the crust of western Tibet

Rahul Biswas and Chandrani Singh

EGU2019-6457 | Orals | SM1.1

Earthquake swarms and reactivation of seismicity associated with the 2015 Mw 7.8 Gorkha earthquake in Nepal.

Lok Bijaya Adhikari, Laurent Bollinger, Jerome Vergne, Bharat Prasad Koirala, Mukunda Bhattarai, Chintan Timsina, Thakur Kandel, Sophie Lambotte, and Frederic Perrier

EGU2019-17079 | Orals | SM1.1

High-resolution automatic earthquake catalog of the 2016-17 Central Italy seismic sequence

Daniele Spallarossa, Davide Scafidi, Marco Cattaneo, Maddalena Michele, Lauro Chiaraluce, Margarita Segou, and Ian Main

EGU2019-16458 | Orals | SM1.1

Absolute and relative location errors in double-difference relative earthquake locations in Southwest Iceland

Ingi Th. Bjarnason and Bergthóra S. Thorbjarnardóttir

EGU2019-14224 | Posters | SM1.1

Understanding Low Magnitude Threshold for the Source Parameters Estimation for the Central Apennines.

Paola Morasca, Daniele Spallarossa, Dino Bindi, and Matteo Picozzi

EGU2019-14509 | Posters | SM1.1

An updated seismicity map of the Sicily Channel through improved seismic networks on the Maltese islands and Central Mediterranean.

Pauline Galea, Matthew Agius, George Bozionelos, and Sebastiano D'Amico

EGU2019-15195 | Posters | SM1.1

Seismic velocities from traveltime tomography at the iron ore mine Mt. Erzberg, Austria

Cornelia Tauchner, Franziska Reiner, Bernd Trabi, Josep de la Puente, and Florian Bleibinhaus

EGU2019-3870 | Orals | SM1.1

Strong Motion Simulations for the 2017 Mw6.6 Bodrum-Kos Earthquake

Gulum Tanircan and Seda Yelkenci-Necmioglu

EGU2019-4599 | Orals | SM1.1

A Study of Site Effect Using Borehole Seismic Network in Taiwan

Tz-Shin Lai, Yih-Min Wu, and Wei-An Chao

EGU2019-15286 | Posters | SM1.1

Elastic properties time variations of a medieval masonry structure: the Garisenda tower in Bologna

Lucia Zaccarelli, Mahdi Ebrahimian, Maria Todorovska, Riccardo M Azzara, and Andrea Morelli

EGU2019-14994 | Orals | SM1.1

Spatial Variation of Seismic Ground Motions from European Rock- and Soil-site Dense Arrays

Afifa Imtiaz, Cecile Cornou, and Eleni Koufoudi

EGU2019-13490 | Orals | SM1.1

The P-Alert Patras Array: Bridging School and Citizen Seismology through earthquake alerting

Nikolaos S. Melis, Konstantinos Konstantinou, Wen-Tzong Liang, Ioannis Kalogeras, Efthimios Sokos, and Konstantinos Boukouras

EGU2019-15708 | Posters | SM1.1

Synthetic ground motion scenarios for the urban area of the city of Catania (Italy)

Giuseppina Tusa, Salvatore Grasso, Carla Musumeci, and Domenico Patane

EGU2019-17657 | Orals | SM1.1

Source array configuration and applications in crustal structure studies

Nasim Karamzadeh, Torsten Dahm, Frank Krüger, and Sebastian Heimann

EGU2019-14664 * | Orals | SM1.1 | Highlight

Did You Feel It? The Ms 7.9 1969 San Vicente Earthquake, 50 Years Later

Susana Custódio, Carlos Sousa Oliveira, Célia Marreiros, Paulo Alves, Fernando Carrilho, Diogo Rodrigues, and Guilherme Weishar

EGU2019-3500 | Posters | SM1.1

D" Discontinuity and It's Lateral Heterogeneity Beneath South-East Asia

Anurima Mishra, William Mohanty, and Thorne Lay

EGU2019-6672 | Posters | SM1.1

Interaction of sinking slab debris with D" beneath South America

Justin Yen-Ting Ko, Donald Helmberger, Zhongwen Zhan, Michael Gurnis, and Jennifer Jackson

EGU2019-17821 | Posters | SM1.1

Analysis of microseismicity in the offshore Ulsan area, Korea

Tae-Seob Kang and Hyejin Park

EGU2019-12989 | Orals | SM1.1

Deploying a subsea network to monitor continental drift

Hubert Pelletier

EGU2019-16953 | Posters | SM1.1

Coda Attenuation Analysis in Western Iberia and its SW offshore area

Dina Vales, Jens Havskov, Luís Matias, and Sónia Silva

EGU2019-427 | Orals | SM1.1

How can gravimeters improve recordings of earthquakes?

Kamila Karkowska and Monika Wilde-Piórko

EGU2019-9761 | Posters | SM1.1

The seismic sequence of Arraiolos, Portugal, in January 2018

Luis Matias, Inês Rio, Piedade Waschilala, Dina Vales, José Borges, Nuno Dias, Fernando Carrilho, Bento Caldeira, Susana Custodio, João Fontiela, Mourad Bezzeghoud, Alexandre Araujo, and Carlos Corela

EGU2019-6819 | Orals | SM1.1

Inferring the Source of String Vibrations

Stefan Mauerberger and Matthias Holschneider

EGU2019-5742 | Posters | SM1.1

Magnitude and Interarrival Times Statistical Distributions of Aftershock Sequences

Rosastella Daminelli and Alberto Marcellini

EGU2019-2154 | Posters | SM1.1

MODULATE: ANR project for the modeling of long period ground motions and the assessment of their effects on large-scale infrastructures

Kristel Carolina Meza Fajardo, Apostolos Papageorgiou, Fernando Lopez-Caballero, Charisis Chatzigogos, Jean-François Semblat, and Hideo Aochi

EGU2019-14090 | Posters | SM1.1

Improvements of phase detection and identification using 3C array processing

Claire Labonne and Yoann Cano

EGU2019-7162 | Posters | SM1.1

Discrimination of microearthquakes and quarry blasts based on the observations of the PSZI infrasound array and seismic station PSZ in Piszkés-tető, Hungary

Márta Kiszely, Bálint Süle, Csenge Czanik, Péter Mónus, and István Bondár

EGU2019-6899 | Posters | SM1.1

Analysis of site characteristics and rupture directivity in 2016 Mw 6.5 Meinong, Taiwan, Earthquake

Yun-Yu Wang, Chun-Hsiang Kuo, and Kuo-Liang Wen

EGU2019-12546 | Posters | SM1.1

A study on a slight change of velocity structure using ambient noise before and after Pohang earthquake(Mw 5.4)

ChangSoo Cho, Francisco C. J. Jose Garcia, and Kwang Hee Kim

SM1.3 – Ground translation, rotation, strain, and gravity - from geosciences to fundamental physics: theory, instrumentation, and application (co-organized)

EGU2019-4354 | Posters | SM1.3

Strong 6-dof seismic ground motion records and their engineering interpretation

Zbigniew Zembaty and Piotr Bońkowski

EGU2019-9118 | Orals | SM1.3

Dynamic tilt correction with direct measurements of rotation

Felix Bernauer, Joachim Wassermann, and Heiner Igel

EGU2019-17804 | Posters | SM1.3

Toward a study of the effect of rotational motions on linear seismic measurements

Damien Ponceau, Frederic Guattari, Franck Larsonnier, Serge Olivier, Anne-Sophie Morlens, Olivier Sebe, and Theo Laudat

EGU2019-13954 | Posters | SM1.3

Rotational ground motion induced by mediterranean sea storm activity

Andreino Simonelli, Nicolò Beverini, Angela Di Virgilio, Umberto Giacomelli, and Enrico Maccioni

EGU2019-9414 | Orals | SM1.3

Relation between rotational seismic measurements and events’ source properties using the LSBB dense seismic array.

Roxanne Rusch, Olivier Sèbe, Stéphane Gaffet, Jean-Baptiste Décitre, Daniel Boyer, Alain Cavaillou, and François Schindelé

EGU2019-14802 | Posters | SM1.3

Six degrees of freedom analysis of point ground motions: application to G-ring and ROMY data

Shihao Yuan, Heiner Igel, Joachim Wassermann, Felix Bernauer, André Gebauer, and Ulrich Schreiber

EGU2019-18381 | Orals | SM1.3

Rotation in building including soil-structure interaction

Philippe Guéguen, Frédéric Guattari, and Thomas Laudat

EGU2019-6779 | Posters | SM1.3

Seismic point and kinematic source solutions from rotational ground motion

Stefanie Donner, Moritz Bernauer, Michael Reinwald, Céline Hadziioannou, Babak Hejrani, Marija Mustac, Hrvoje Tkalcic, and Heiner Igel

EGU2019-12315 | Orals | SM1.3

Passive laser gyroscopes for inertial rotation sensing of the Earth

Kui Liu, Fenglei Zhang, Zongyang Li, Xiaohua Feng, Ke Li, Zehuang Lu, Ulrich Schreiber, and Jie Zhang

EGU2019-7885 | Posters | SM1.3

Fracture characterization from walkaround VSP in the presence of 6C sensors

Taufiq Taufiqurrahman, Shihao Yuan, Lion Krischer, Alice-Agnes Gabriel, and Heiner Igel

EGU2019-11219 | Orals | SM1.3

Interleaved matter-wave gyroscope with 3×10−10 rad.s−1 stability

Arnaud Landragin, Matteo Altorio, Denis Savoie, Romain Gautier, Leonid Sidorenkov, Bess Fang, and Remi Geiger

EGU2019-17519 | Posters | SM1.3

Discriminating transient long period deformation signal from permanent rotation on a portable rotation sensor

Coralie Aubert, olivier coutant, frederic Guattari, and théo laudat

EGU2019-6731 | Posters | SM1.3

Wavefield divergence via hydrophone measurement on land

Pascal Edme, Everhard Muyzert, Nicolas Goujon, Nihed Allouche, and Ed Kragh

EGU2019-17445 | Orals | SM1.3

Testing gravitomagnetism by means of rings of terrestrial satellites

Angelo Tartaglia, David Lucchesi, and Matteo Luca Ruggiero

EGU2019-15963 | Posters | SM1.3

GiantFOG development leads to new commercially available sensor : blueSeis_1C

Frédéric Guattari, Theo Laudat, Elliot De Toldi, Camille Roudier, Olivier Mannessier, and Olivier Jolly

EGU2019-16400 | Posters | SM1.3

Positioning and rate table as a tool to characterize the broadband transfer function of rotational sensors

Theo Laudat, Felix Bernauer, Damien Ponceau, Frederic Guattari, Joachim Wassermann, and Heiner Igel

EGU2019-16588 | Posters | SM1.3

Demonstration of a robust hybrid classical/quantum accelerometer

Pierrick Cheiney, Brynle Barrett, Simon Templier, Baptiste Battelier, Philippe Bouyer, Henri Porte, and Fabien Napolitano

EGU2019-14515 | Posters | SM1.3

Multi-Components Large Ring Laser Gyroscopes for the Geosciences

Karl Ulrich Schreiber, Heiner Igel, André Gebauer, Jan Kodet, and Joachim Wassermann

EGU2019-15299 | Posters | SM1.3

First results from the perimeter stabilization of the large ROMY 4C ring laser structure for Seismology and Geodesy

André Gebauer, Ulrich Schreiber, Heiner Igel, Felix Bernauer, and Sven Egdorf

EGU2019-9314 | Posters | SM1.3

Simulation and analysis of geophysical phenomena in individually oriented ring lasers

Monika Tercjak, André Gebauer, Ulrich Schreiber, and Aleksander Brzeziński

EGU2019-5114 | Posters | SM1.3

High sensitivity dual-polarization fiber optic gyroscope for seismology rotation sensing

Dong He, Yulin Li, Yangjun Wu, Yuwen Cao, Chao Peng, and Zhengbin Li

EGU2019-18395 | Posters | SM1.3

Improved data analysis for ring laser gyroscope

Angela D. V. Di Virgilio

EGU2019-14184 | Posters | SM1.3

Atom interferometry for earth observation

Christian Schubert, Sven Abend, Waldemar Herr, Dennis Schlippert, Wolfgang Ertmer, and Ernst Rasel

EGU2019-12529 | Posters | SM1.3

A Large-Area Atom Interferometer based on a Parabolic Trajectory for High Sensitive Rotation Measurement

Wenjie Xu, Minkang Zhou, Ling Cheng, Jie Liu, and Zhongkun Hu

SM2.1 – Numerical modeling of earthquake physics (co-organized)

EGU2019-14546 | Posters | SM2.1

Towards dynamic rupture models compatible with ground motion prediction equations

Lubica Valentova and Frantisek Gallovic

EGU2019-15214 | Posters | SM2.1

Dynamic rupture and ground motion modeling of the 2016 Mw 6.2 Amatrice, Italy, earthquake constrained by Bayesian dynamic finite-fault inversion

Frantisek Gallovic, Taufiqurrahman Taufiqurrahman, Alice-Agnes Gabriel, and Lubica Valentova

EGU2019-4847 | Posters | SM2.1

Dynamic rupture simulations performed on the Xiaojiang fault system, Yunnan, China

Houyun Yu, Zhenguo Zhang, and Xiaofei Chen

EGU2019-3308 | Posters | SM2.1

Representation of micro-earthquake sources with plastic strain tensor

Viktoriya Yarushina and Alexander Minakov

EGU2019-11291 | Orals | SM2.1

Dynamic earthquake ruptures with coseismic off-fault damage on finite faults and fault kinks

Kurama Okubo, Harsha S. Bhat, and Esteban Rougier

EGU2019-18074 | Orals | SM2.1

The Dynamics of Elongated Earthquake Ruptures

Huihui Weng and Jean-Paul Ampuero

EGU2019-3349 | Posters | SM2.1

Effect of Wear Process on Earthquake Recurrence

Jeen-Hwa Wang

EGU2019-17255 | Orals | SM2.1

Panoramic View of Fault failure Modes from Laboratory and Numerical Experiments

Deepa Mele Veedu, Carolina Giorgetti, Marco Scuderi, Sylvain Barbot, Chris Marone, and Cristiano Collettini

EGU2019-5641 | Orals | SM2.1

Omori's Law and Fluid-driven Aftershocks

Stephen A. Miller

EGU2019-6823 | Posters | SM2.1

Quantitative relationship between aseismic slip propagation speed and frictional properties

Keisuke Ariyoshi, Jean-Paul Ampuero, Roland Burgmann, Toru Matsuzawa, Akira Hasegawa, Ryota Hino, and Takane Hori

EGU2019-9197 | Posters | SM2.1

Dynamic viability of the 2016 Mw7.8 Kaikōura earthquake: a cascading rupture on weak crustal faults

Thomas Ulrich, Alice Gabriel, Jean-Paul Ampuero, Wenbin Xu, and Tomy Gunawan

EGU2019-11205 | Posters | SM2.1

Numerical modeling of earthquake rupture on thrust faults with dynamically activated off-fault fracture network

Lucile Bruhat, Esteban Rougier, Kurama Okubo, and Harsha S. Bhat

EGU2019-15319 | Posters | SM2.1

Modelling earthquake cycles using a continuum based poro-visco-elasto-plastic two-phase flow approach

Claudio Petrini, Taras Gerya, Ylona van Dinther, James Connolly, Claudio Madonna, and Viktoriya Yarushina

SM2.2 – Earthquake Source Processes: Recent Advances in Observation, Imaging, and Modeling (co-organized)

EGU2019-133 | Posters | SM2.2 | Highlight

High-Frequency Radiation and Earthquake Rupture Complexities: From Back Projection to a Machine Learning Approach

Marina Corradini, Ian McBrearty, Bertrand P. G. Rouet-Leduc, Claudia Hulbert, Claudio Satriano, Paul A. Johnson, and Pascal Bernard

EGU2019-1321 | Orals | SM2.2

A new kinematic finite-fault inversion method based on neuro-fuzzy model estimation

Navid Kheirdast, Anooshiravan Ansari, and Susana Custodio

EGU2019-7924 | Posters | SM2.2

Rupture Imaging and Directivity of the 2014 M5.5 Earthquake Below a Gold Mine in Orkney, South Africa

Carsten Dinske, Marcel Müller, Maximilian Voigt, Jonas Folesky, Jörn Kummerow, Serge Shapiro, and Hiroshi Ogasawara

EGU2019-11301 | Orals | SM2.2

Observing earthquakes complexity in their source function

Marine Denolle, Jiuxun Yin, Philippe Danré, and Zefeng Li

EGU2019-5701 | Orals | SM2.2

Rupture Directivity in the Northern Chilean Subduction Zone

Jonas Folesky, Joern Kummerow, and Serge A. Shapiro

EGU2019-1537 | Posters | SM2.2

Stress Perturbations along Sumatra Island due to Mega-Earthquake Occurrences

Muhammad Taufiq Rafie, David Prambudi Sahara, Sri Widiyantoro, Andri Dian Nugraha, and Wahyu Triyoso

EGU2019-1883 | Posters | SM2.2

Geodetic models of the 2018 Lombok Earthquake sequence from inversion of InSAR measurements

Chisheng Wang

EGU2019-16493 | Orals | SM2.2

Rupture Tracking with Rotational Ground Motion 0bservations

Kilian Gessele, Shihao Yuan, Alice-Agnes Gabriel, Dave A. May, and Heiner Igel

EGU2019-4652 | Posters | SM2.2

Source rupture process of the 2017 Mw 6.5 Jiuzhaigou, China, earthquake derived from an modified-strategy joint inversion of seismological and geodetic data

Wenbo Zhang, Ao Zheng, and Xiangwei Yu

EGU2019-9271 | Orals | SM2.2

Estimation of radiated energy for deep earthquakes

Carolina López-Sánchez, Elisa Buforn, Maurizio Mattesini, and Agustín Udías

EGU2019-7982 | Posters | SM2.2

Rapid Finite-Fault Models for Three Large Earthquakes in Sichuan, China

Jiawei Li, Maren Böse, Alexandra Hutchison, John Clinton, Zhongliang Wu, and Shiyong Zhou

EGU2019-8843 | Posters | SM2.2

Source process of the Mw=8.7, 1950 Assam earthquake, Eastern Himalayas, inferred from field observations and relocated aftershocks

Aurelie Coudurier Curveur, Emile Okal, Paul Tapponnier, Elise Kali, Jérôme van der Woerd, Swapnamita Choudhury, Saurabh Baruah, Marie Etchebes, and Çağıl Karakaş

EGU2019-10403 | Posters | SM2.2

2016 Italy seismic sequence: seismic source analysis from SAR-GPS and seimological data

Giuseppe Pezzo, Cristiano Tolomei, Pasquale De Gori, Claudio Chiarabba, Simone Atzori, and Stefano Salvi

EGU2019-11098 | Posters | SM2.2

Uncertainty Estimations for Moment Tensor Source Parameters of 2016 Central Italy Mainshocks

Laura Scognamiglio, Federica Magnoni, Elisa Tinti, and Emanuele Casarotti

EGU2019-12094 | Posters | SM2.2

Large Stress Release during Normal Faulting Earthquakes in Western Turkey supported by Broadband Ground Motion Simulations

Hiroe Miyake, Gulum Tanircan, Hiroaki Yamanaka, and Oguz Ozel

EGU2019-12369 | Posters | SM2.2

Estimation of rupture directivity of the 2016 Gyeongju, Korea, earthquake sequence using peak ground velocity

DongHyeop Seol, Tae-Seob Kang, and Hyun Jae Yoo

EGU2019-12503 | Posters | SM2.2

Source Characteristics of Destructive Earthquakes with Mw ≥ 7.5 Occurred During 2017-2018

Seda Yolsal-Çevikbilen and Tuncay Taymaz

EGU2019-7915 | Posters | SM2.2

Generating stochastic fractal surface rupture on non-planar faults

Shane Murphy and Andrè Herrero

SM2.3 – Earthquake foreshocks: identification, observation, modeling, and lessons to be learned (co-organized)

EGU2019-4908 | Posters | SM2.3

Spatiotemporal evolution of foreshock-mainshock-aftershock sequence in northern Taiwan

Lun-Kai Kang, Ruey-Juin Rau, and Ling-Hua Wang

EGU2019-8245 * | Posters | SM2.3 | Highlight

Foreshocks occurence and their links to nucleation during experimental earthquakes

Samson Marty, Alexandre Schubnel, Blandine Gardonio, Harsha Bhat, Jérôme Aubry, Eiichi Fukuyama, and Raul Madariaga

EGU2019-9875 | Posters | SM2.3

Using Multiplets to Examine the Nucleation Processes of Different Catastrophic Failure Events

Roseanne Clement, Ian Main, and Andrew Bell

EGU2019-10218 | Posters | SM2.3

Systematic classification of seismicity patterns in microearthquake sequences of Switzerland

Verena Simon, Toni Kraft, Tobias Diehl, and Stefan Wiemer

EGU2019-11531 | Posters | SM2.3

Migrating foreshock prior to a shallow crustal earthquake in Japan

Aitaro Kato and Toshihiro Igarashi

EGU2019-12175 | Posters | SM2.3

Accelerated creep and inverse Omori law: interplay of randomness and instability

Takahiro Hatano and Subhadeep Roy

EGU2019-17020 * | Posters | SM2.3 | Highlight

Worn fault surfaces and foreshocks: Modelling observed precursory seismicity in the laboratory with rate and state friction

Percy Eliel Gálvez Barrón, Paul Selvadurai, Ben Edwards, Thessa Tormann, Stefan Wiemer, and Steven Glaser

EGU2019-18090 | Posters | SM2.3

The 2018 seismic activity of West Bohemia – from swarm to mainshock-aftershock sequence

Tomáš Fischer, Martin Bachura, Jana Doubravová, and Josef Horálek

SM2.4 – Understanding large subduction earthquakes and tsunamigenesis by integrating geological and geophysical observations, laboratory results, and numerical modeling (co-organized)

EGU2019-11710 | Posters | SM2.4

Coupled 3D Earthquake Dynamic Rupture - Tsunami Models & the ASCETE framework

Elizabeth Madden, Joern Behrens, Michael Bader, Ylona van Dinther, Alice-Agnes Gabriel, Leonhard Rannabauer, Sebastian Rettenberger, Thomas Ulrich, Carston Uphoff, Stefan Vater, Stephanie Wollherr, and Iris van Zelst

EGU2019-2761 | Orals | SM2.4

Stable forearc stressed by a weak megathrust: Geodynamic implications of a stress reversal caused by the M=9 Tohoku-oki earthquake

Kelin Wang, Lonn Brown, Yan Hu, Keisuki Yoshida, Jiangheng He, and Tianhaozhe Sun

EGU2019-16031 | Orals | SM2.4

The self-similar nature of low-frequency earthquakes in Nankai subduction zone

Mariano Supino, Natalia Poiata, Gaetano Festa, Jean-Pierre Vilotte, and Claudio Satriano

EGU2019-17648 | Posters | SM2.4

Constructing a 3D geomechanical model of an active subduction zone: a case study from the Nankai Trough, SW Japan.

Yasuhiro Yamada, Adam Wspanialy, Hung-Yu Wu, and Moe Kyaw

EGU2019-15419 | Orals | SM2.4

The Great 2004 Sumatra-Andaman Earthquake: Insights from dynamic rupture modeling

Alice-Agnes Gabriel, Thomas Ulrich, Elizabeth H. Madden, and Stephanie Wollherr

EGU2019-13953 | Posters | SM2.4

Temperature distribution of the toe of Nankai Trough off Muroto revealed from IODP Exp370 borehole observatory

Masataka Kinoshita, Verena Heuer, Yuki Morono, and Fumio Inagaki

EGU2019-164 | Orals | SM2.4

How subduction interface roughness influences megathrust earthquakes: insights from analogue models

Elenora van Rijsingen, Francesca Funiciello, Fabio Corbi, and Serge Lallemand

EGU2019-10312 | Posters | SM2.4

Seismic slip propagation at shallow depth in subduction zones earthquakes: an experimental study on Costa Rica and north Sumatran subduction zone input materials

Elena Spagnuolo, Stefano Aretusini, Paola Vannucchi, Giulio Di Toro, and Stefan Nielsen

EGU2019-3880 | Orals | SM2.4

Reassessing Mediterranean tectonics and earthquake hazard from the 365 AD earthquake

Richard Ott, Sean Gallen, Kosuke Ueda, Karl Wegmann, and Sean Willett

EGU2019-16263 | Posters | SM2.4

Complex splay fault rupture and its effect on seafloor displacements

Iris van Zelst, Stephanie Wollherr, Alice-Agnes Gabriel, and Ylona van Dinther

EGU2019-6127 | Posters | SM2.4

The structure of the 2014 Mw 8.1 Iquique earthquake revealed by offshore observations

Florian Petersen, Dietrich Lange, Ingo Grevemeyer, Heidrun Kopp, Eduardo Contreras-Reyes, Sergio Barrientos, and Anne M. Tréhu

EGU2019-16887 | Posters | SM2.4

How dynamic deformation of the vertical sea floor affects the tsunami generation and propagation: a numerical sensitivity analysis

Antonio Scala, Stefano Lorito, Fabrizio Romano, Manuela Volpe, José Manuel Gonzalez Vida, Cipriano Escalante Sànchez, Manuel J. Castro, Gaetano Festa, Shane Murphy, and Alessio Piatanesi

EGU2019-14651 | Posters | SM2.4

Plastic deformation and seafloor uplift in geomechanically constrained dynamic rupture models of subduction zone earthquakes

Stephanie Wollherr, Iris van Zelst, Alice-Agnes Gabriel, Elizabeth Madden, and Ylona van Dinther

EGU2019-7857 | Posters | SM2.4

A swarm of outer-rise normal earthquakes more energetic than the Mw6.8 thrust event that triggered it

Luigi Passarelli, Simone Cesca, Nima Nooshiri, and Sigurjón Jónsson

EGU2019-18377 | Posters | SM2.4

The Analog Subduction Earthquake Cycle: Capturing Maximum Information with Minimum Measurement

Francesca Funiciello, Fabio Corbi, Fabrizio Romano, Jonathan Bedford, Stefano Lorito, Alessio Piatanesi, and Manuela Volpe

EGU2019-11863 | Posters | SM2.4

Real time monitoring of the Guerrero seismic gap deploying a real time seismo geodetic network

Gerardo Suárez, Vladimir Kostoglodov, José Antonio Santiago, Xyoli Pérez-Campos, and Shri Krishna Singh

EGU2019-16237 | Posters | SM2.4

Tsunamigenic risk associated to vertical offset in transcurrent fault termination (Westernmost Mediterranean)

Ferran Estrada, José Manuel González-Vida, José Antonio Peláez, Jesús Galindo-Zaldívar, and Gemma Ercilla

EGU2019-6007 | Posters | SM2.4

Numerical Investigation of a Novel Rheology-linked Origin for Seismic Tremor and Low-Frequency Earthquakes

Albert de Montserrat, Jason Morgan, Alexander P. Clarke, and Paola Vannucchi

EGU2019-14701 | Posters | SM2.4

Cyclical stress drop and stress switching during brittle faulting on a shallow megathrust field analogue (Northern Apennines, Italy).

Anna Cerchiari, Francesca Remitti, Anna Cipriani, Andrea Festa, Silvia Mittempergher, Federico Lugli, and Stefano Lugli

SM2.5 – The Mechanics of Faulting from shallow to deep earthquakes: Interplay between multiple length scales. (co-organized)

EGU2019-15725 | Orals | SM2.5

Lower crustal seismicity facilitates strain compatibility between coeval viscous shear zones

Lucy Campbell, Luca Menegon, Åke Fagereng, and Giorgio Pennacchioni

EGU2019-5817 | Posters | SM2.5

New insights in thrust mechanics within carbonatic rocks: cataclastic flow, veining and localised sliding deformation inside the Belluno Thrust, eastern Southern Alps, Italy

Gianluca Vignaroli, Giulio Viola, Luigi Selli, Fabio Gamberini, Renato Diamanti, Selina Bonini, and Valentina D'Oronzo

EGU2019-3962 | Posters | SM2.5

Frictional melting in fluid-rich faults (Bolfin Fault Zone, Chile)

Giulio Di Toro, Michele Fondriest, Thomas Mitchell, Rodrigo Gomila, Erik Jensen, Carlo Sommacampagna, Simone Masoch, Andrea Bistacchi, Giulia Magnarini, Dan Faulkner, José Cembrano, and Silvia Mittempergher

EGU2019-3304 * | Orals | SM2.5 | Highlight

Dynamic earthquake rupture in the lower crust

Arianne Petley-Ragan, Yehuda Ben-Zion, Francois Renard, Håkon Austrheim, and Bjørn Jamtveit

EGU2019-17645 | Posters | SM2.5

Frictional silica gel and cataclasite microstructures from shallow earthquakes on El Hierro, Canary Islands

Ivanka Mitrovic-Woodell, Jan Blahůt, Miloš René, Ivo Baron, Matthew Rowberry, and Filip Hartvich

EGU2019-13850 | Orals | SM2.5

Dynamic earthquake rupture preserved in a creeping serpentinite shear zone

Matthew S. Tarling, Steven A.F. Smith, Cecilia Viti, and James M. Scott

EGU2019-15786 | Posters | SM2.5

The ubiquitous viscous nature of coseismic fault lubrication

Giacomo Pozzi, Nicola De Paola, Stefan B. Nielsen, Robert E. Holdsworth, and Telemaco Tesei

EGU2019-13680 | Orals | SM2.5

Roughness, off-fault damage and frictional melt distribution in an exhumed seismogenic fault: quantitative high resolution data from a Digital Outcrop Model study

Silvia Mittempergher, Andrea Bistacchi, Giulio Di Toro, Stefan B. Nielsen, and Konstantin Gukov

EGU2019-6980 | Posters | SM2.5

Effects of illite content on frictional properties of experimental carbonate faults

Roberta Ruggieri, Marco Maria Scuderi, Elisa Tinti, Fabio Trippetta, Cristiano Collettini, Marco Brignoli, Stefano Mantica, Stefania Petroselli, Lorenzo Osculati, and Giorgio Volenté

EGU2019-13470 | Orals | SM2.5

Load-strengthening versus load-weakening faulting in gouge-bearing faults: insights from triaxial saw-cut experiments

Carolina Giorgetti, Iskander Louhichi, and Marie Violay

EGU2019-10787 | Posters | SM2.5

A new module designed to study seismic attenuation in large displacement experimental faults

Christopher Harbord, Elena Spagnuolo, Nicola Tisato, Giuseppe Di Stefano, and Giulio Di Toro

EGU2019-7279 | Orals | SM2.5

Beyond Byerlee Friction, Weak Faults and Implications for Slip Behaviour

Cristiano Collettini, Telemaco Tesei, Marco Scuderi, Brett Carpenter, and Cecilia Viti

EGU2019-3686 | Posters | SM2.5

Seismicity, aftershocks and source behavior along Double Benioff Zones

German Prieto and Manuel Florez

EGU2019-5162 | Posters | SM2.5

Subsurface seismogenic fault geometry estimated based on faulting mechanics

Jiyeon Kim, Inho Soh, and Chandong Chang

EGU2019-465 | Posters | SM2.5

Geophysical characterization of a fault zone and its correlation with seismicity in the Talala region, Northwest India

Thanushika Gunatilake, Andreas Kemna, Thomas Heinze, Gösta Hoffmann, Siddharth Prizomwala, and Pavankumar Gayatri

EGU2019-1912 | Posters | SM2.5

In-situ stress around earthquake source faults in and beneath South African deep gold mines

Yasuo Yabe, Shuhei Abe, Takatoshi Ito, Akimasa Ishida, Kosuke Sugimura, Makoto Kanematsu, Mitsuya Higashi, Ryogo Tadokoro, Hiroshi Ogasawara, Akio Funato, Harumi Kato, Bryan Watson, Siyanda Mngadi, Raymond Durrheim, Gerhard Hofmann, and Lourens Sheepers

EGU2019-3461 | Posters | SM2.5

Tomographic imaging of a seismic cluster in northern Taiwan and its implications for crustal fluid migration

Win-Bin Cheng

EGU2019-17814 | Posters | SM2.5

Space geodetic investigation of the coseismic and postseismic deformation associated with 1 and 12 December 2017 Mw 6.2 Hojedk Iran earthquakes

Sanaz Vajedian, Mahdi motagh, and Zahra mousavi

SM3.1 – Advancing Probabilistic Models in Earthquake Forecasting and Seismic Hazard (co-organized)

EGU2019-15403 | Orals | SM3.1

RichterX: a generalized earthquake prediction platform

Guy Ouillon, Yavor Kamer, Stefan Hiemer, and Shyam Nandan

EGU2019-3959 | Posters | SM3.1

Coulomb Failure Stress and triggered seismicity: The consequences of fault zone damage

David Healy, Tom Mitchell, Philip Meredith, Teng-fong Wong, and Roberto Rizzo

EGU2019-4856 | Orals | SM3.1

Features of seismic sequences are similar in different crustal tectonic regions

Angela Stallone and Warner Marzocchi

EGU2019-3709 | Posters | SM3.1

Energy-dependent magnitude-frequency distribution for seismic events

Ilaria Spassiani and Warner Marzocchi

EGU2019-13499 | Orals | SM3.1

Simultaneous dependence of the earthquake-size distribution on faulting style and depth

Paolo Gasperini, Antonio Petruccelli, Thessa Tormann, Danijel Schorlemmer, Antonio Pio Rinaldi, and Stefan Wiemer

EGU2019-12445 | Posters | SM3.1

The Collaboratory for the Study of Earthquake Predictability Version 2 (CSEP2): Testing Forecasts that Generate Synthetic Earthquake Catalogs

William Savran, Philip Maechling, Maximilian Werner, Danijel Schorlemmer, David Rhoades, Warner Marzocchi, John Yu, and Thomas Jordan

EGU2019-13126 | Posters | SM3.1

Using likelihood tests to derive space-time windows for catalog declustering: Application to the 2020 European Seismic Hazard Model (ESHM20)

Stefan Hiemer, Shyam Nandan, Laurentiu Danciu, Stefan Wiemer, and Domenico Giardini

EGU2019-16006 | Orals | SM3.1

Retrospective short-term forecasting experiment in Italy based on strong foreshocks

Gianfranco Vannucci, Paolo Gasperini, Barbara Lolli, Emanuele Biondini, and Antonio Petruccelli

EGU2019-11608 | Orals | SM3.1

Chaos and Slow Earthquakes Predictability

Adriano Gualandi, Jean-Philippe Avouac, Sylvain Michel, and Davide Faranda

EGU2019-17733 | Posters | SM3.1

Evaluating Simulation-Based Earthquake Forecasts

Maximilian Werner, Warner Marzocchi, David Rhoades, and William Savran

EGU2019-19161 | Orals | SM3.1

The seismicity models for the 2019 National Italian Seismic Hazard Model

Francesco Visini, Bruno Pace, Carlo Meletti, and Warner Marzocchi and the MPS-T3 Working Group

EGU2019-7372 | Orals | SM3.1

MPS19: the updated Italian Seismic Hazard model

Carlo Meletti, Warner Marzocchi, Vera D'amico, Lucia Luzi, Francesco Martinelli, Bruno Pace, Andrea Rovida, Francesco Visini, and Mps16 Working Group

EGU2019-6693 | Posters | SM3.1

The effect of a mainshock on the size distribution of the aftershocks

Laura Gulia, Thessa Tormann, Antonio Pio Rinaldi, Gianfranco Vannucci, Bogdan Enescu, and Stefan Wiemer

EGU2019-15503 | Posters | SM3.1

A robust, flexible and automatic framework for joint estimation of magnitude of completeness, b-value, magnitude binning and their time variation

Shyam Nandan, Stefan Hiemer, Yavor Kamer, Laurentiu Danciu, Stefan Wiemer, and Domenico Giardini

EGU2019-8317 | Orals | SM3.1

Status, Milestones and Next Activities on the Development of the 2020 European Seismic Hazard Model (ESHM20)

Laurentiu Danciu, Stefan Hiemer, Shyam Nandan, Graeme Weatherill, Steffi Lammers, Andrea Rovida, Andrea Antonucci, Roberto Basili, Michele M.C. Carafa, Vanja Kastelic, Francesco E. Maesano, Mara M. Tiberti, Karin Sesetyan, Susana Vilanova, Céline Beauval, Pierre-Yves Bard, Fabrice Cotton, Stefan Wiemer, and Domenico Giardini

EGU2019-6812 | Orals | SM3.1

A New Ground Motion Logic Tree and Site Response Model for Earthquake Hazard and Risk Assessment in Europe

Graeme Weatherill, Sreeram Reddy Kotha, Fabrice Cotton, and Laurentiu Danciu

EGU2019-16939 | Posters | SM3.1

An ETAS model that accounts for spatially anisotropic aftershock distribution

Stefanie Seif, Shyam Nandan, Guy Ouillon, and Stefan Wiemer

EGU2019-10538 | Orals | SM3.1

Insights from Residual Analyses for an Improved Parametrization of Ground-Motion Models

Sreeram Reddy Kotha, Graeme Weatherill, Dino Bindi, and Fabrice Cotton

EGU2019-16181 | Posters | SM3.1

HOmogenized instRUmental Seismic catalog (HORUS) of Italy from 1960 to present

Barbara Lolli, Daniele Randazzo, Gianfranco Vannucci, and Paolo Gasperini

EGU2019-11166 | Orals | SM3.1

A Non-ergodic GMPE for Europe and the Middle East with Spatially Varying Coefficients

Nicolas Kuehn, Sreeram Kotha, and Niels Landwehr

EGU2019-16082 | Posters | SM3.1

Improving Physics-based Earthquake Forecasting During the 2016-2017 Central Italy Earthquake Sequence

Simone Mancini, Margarita Segou, Maximilian Werner, and Camilla Cattania

EGU2019-15432 | Orals | SM3.1

Ground-motion intensity measure correlations observed in Italian data

Chen Huang and Carmine Galasso

EGU2019-15626 | Orals | SM3.1

Probabilistic seismic hazard levels in France: influence of the source model choices

Céline Beauval, Pierre-Yves Bard, and Laurentiu Danciu

EGU2019-17434 | Orals | SM3.1

Selection and weighing of ground motion prediction equations for the new seismic hazard model of Italy (MPS19)

Vera D’Amico, Lucia Luzi, Giovanni Lanzano, Francesca Pacor, Rodolfo Puglia, Warner Marzocchi, Carlo Meletti, Renata Rotondi, and Elisa Varini

EGU2019-7923 | Posters | SM3.1

Integration of geological, geophysical and seismological data to justify the seismic source zone model

Metodi Metodiev, Petya Trifonova, Petar Stavrev, Stela Simeonova, and Dimcho Solakov

EGU2019-9962 | Posters | SM3.1

Attenuation relationships for the peak ground acceleration and velocity for the central Mediterranean area

Sharon Pace, Sebastiano D'Amico, Pauline Galea, Gianluca Valentino, Reuben Farrugia, and Aybige Akinci

EGU2019-12977 | Posters | SM3.1

Incorporating Complex Fault Geometry into PSHA

Natanya Black Porto

EGU2019-13581 | Posters | SM3.1

A Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Model for the Palestine Territories: data harmonisation, model building and ground motion estimates

Valerio Poggi, Laurentiu Danciu, Iason Grigoratos, Graciela Rojo Limon, Ricardo Monteiro, and Paola Ceresa

EGU2019-17279 | Posters | SM3.1

Assimilating Stress and Strain in an Energy-Based PSHA Workflow

Malte J. Ziebarth, Oliver Heidbach, Fabrice Cotton, John G. Anderson, Graeme Weatherill, and Sebastian von Specht

EGU2019-17085 | Posters | SM3.1

Assessing the Nature of Stochastic Uncertainties for Ground Motion Predictions: The Apennines, Italy

Aybige Akinci, Luca Malagnini, Irene Munafò, and Giovanni Sebastiani

SM4.1 – Seismic tomography from crust to core (co-organized)

EGU2019-13123 | Posters | SM4.1

Improving the efficiency of seismic vibrators for global sensing of the Earth

Vladislav Makeev and Ruslan Zhostkov

EGU2019-8053 | Orals | SM4.1

Hamiltonian Tomography

Andreas Fichtner, Andrea Zunino, and Lars Gebraad

EGU2019-6981 | Posters | SM4.1

Investigating the probable sources of Geoid Lows by cluster analysis of Global Tomographic Models

Himangshu Paul and Ravi Kumar Mangalampally

EGU2019-8221 * | Orals | SM4.1 | Highlight

Neutrino Tomography of Earth

Andrea Donini, Sergio Palomares-Ruiz, and Jordi Salvado

EGU2019-13929 | Posters | SM4.1

Evolutionary full waveform inversion

Dirk-Philip van Herwaarden, Michael Afanasiev, Christian Boehm, Martin van Driel, Lion Krischer, Solvi Thrastarson, Jeannot Trampert, and Andreas Fichtner

EGU2019-16341 | Orals | SM4.1

Unbiased Tomographic Filtering and Robust Model Estimates -- Including uncertainties in linking geodynamic models to seismic observations

Bernhard S.A. Schuberth, Roman Freissler, Christophe Zaroli, and Sophie Lambotte

EGU2019-12690 | Orals | SM4.1

Global-scale full-waveform ambient noise inversion applied to Earth’s Hum

Korbinian Sager, Christian Boehm, Laura Ermert, Lion Krischer, and Andreas Fichtner

EGU2019-9815 | Orals | SM4.1

Crustal scale imaging of the Arabia-Eurasia collision zone from transdimensional trees inversion of seismic noise

Simone Pilia, Rhys Hawkins, Mohammed Ali, and Ayoub Kaviani

EGU2019-11111 | Posters | SM4.1

A global Bayesian radially anisotropic mantle model from transdimensional inversion.

Rhys Hawkins, Thomas Bodin, Eric Debayle, and Malcolm Sambridge

EGU2019-15347 | Posters | SM4.1

Regional body waves: a multifrequency measurement approach

Eoghan Joseph Totten, Kasra Hosseini-Zad, Tarje Nissen-Meyer, and Karin Sigloch

EGU2019-15217 | Orals | SM4.1

Ambient Noise Tomography across the Oman Ophiolite

Lars Wiesenberg, Christian Weidle, Amr El-Sharkawy, Thomas Meier, and Sergei Lebedev

EGU2019-6711 | Posters | SM4.1

Global finite-frequency S-wave delay-times: how much crust matters

Frédéric Dubois, Sophie Lambotte, Christophe Zaroli, and Luis Rivera

EGU2019-9740 | Orals | SM4.1

The deep architecture of the Pyrenees: An overview of the results coming from a decade of passive imaging studies

Sébastien Chevrot, Matthieu Sylvander, Jordi Diaz, Antonio Villaseñor, Sylvain Calassou, Emmanuel Masini, Magali Collin, and Nikos Martakis

EGU2019-10965 | Posters | SM4.1

Regional Tomography targetting mantle plumes by waveform inversion: the case of la Réunion Island

Mathurin dongmo wamba, Jean-paul montagner, Barbara romanowicz, Haydar karaoglu, Guilhem barruol, Gaël burgos, and Satish maurya

EGU2019-9581 | Posters | SM4.1

Upper mantle imaging with AlpArray surface wave diffraction: The Cameroon Volcanic Line

Petr Kolínský, Götz Bokelmann, and AlpArray Working Group

EGU2019-15086 | Posters | SM4.1

3D seismic velocity model of the Taurus-Zagros region of Iran and Turkey using full-waveform inversion

Neda Masouminia, Dirk-Philip van Herwaarden, Lion Krischer, Habib Rahimi, Sölvi Thrastarson, Michael Afanasiev, and Andreas Fichtner

EGU2019-2204 | Posters | SM4.1

Inhomogeneous structure of the southern Aegean revealed by using peak delay times of S-waves

Pratul Ranjan, Konstantinos I. Konstantinou, and Ratri Andinisari

EGU2019-16595 | Posters | SM4.1

Use of Double Difference seismic tomography to reveal seismicity and crustal structure patterns across the Eastern Carpathians, Romania

Felix Borleanu, Laura Petrescu, Bogdan Enescu, Mihaela Popa, and Mircea Radulian

EGU2019-8556 | Posters | SM4.1

3D-shear wave velocity anomalies underneath Fennoscandia deduced from global travel time tomography

Michael Grund, Franz Lutz, Joachim Ritter, and Christian Weidle

EGU2019-11641 | Posters | SM4.1

Surface-Wave Tomography of Ireland and Surroundings

Raffaele Bonadio, Sergei Lebedev, Thomas Meier, Pierre Arroucau, Andrew Schaeffer, Andrea Licciardi, and Nicola Piana Agostinetti

EGU2019-17477 | Posters | SM4.1

A preliminary seismic velocity model of Ireland's crust from controlled source body wave tomography

Senad Subašić, Meysam Rezaeifar, Nicola Piana Agostinetti, Chris Bean, Sergei Lebedev, Pierre Arroucau, James Grannell, and Clare Horan

EGU2019-9979 | Posters | SM4.1

Seismic Anisotropy in Mid-Plate South America: an Updated Model Using Shear Wave Splitting Measurements and Waveform Tomography

Bruna Chagas de Melo, Marcelo Assumpcao, Nicolas Celli, and Sergei Lebedev

EGU2019-4142 | Posters | SM4.1

P and S wave travel-time tomography of SE Asia-Australia collision zone

Aristides Zenonos, Luca De Siena, and Nicholas Rawlinson

EGU2019-3542 | Posters | SM4.1

Ambient noise tomography of Peninsular Malaysia: New insight to regional geological characterization

Abdul Halim Abdul Latiff and Amin Esmail Khalil

EGU2019-15827 | Posters | SM4.1

Lateral variations of crustal seismic attenuation across the Thailand region

Harshit Agrawal and Kajaljyoti Borah

EGU2019-7186 | Posters | SM4.1

Imaging the lithospheric structure across NW Himalaya, India utilizing local seismic tomography

Shubhasmita Biswal, Sushil Kumar, William Mohanty, and Mahesh Prasad Parija

SM4.2 – Imaging, modelling and inversion to explore the Earth’s crust and upper mantle (co-organized)

EGU2019-16861 | Orals | SM4.2

Three-dimensional P-wave velocity structure of the Deep Galicia rifted margin

Gaye Bayrakci, Timothy A. Minshull, Jonathan M. Bull, Richard G. Davy, Dirk Klaeschen, Cord Pappenberg, Dale Sawyer, Timothy J. Reston, Gaël Lymer, Derren Cresswell, César Ranero, and Adrià Meléndez

EGU2019-3460 | Posters | SM4.2

3D OBS array imaging an extremely magmatic accretion and crustal variation along the ultraslow spreading Southwest Indian Ridge

Jiabiao Li, Hanchao Jian, Yongshun John Chen, Satish C. Singh, Aiguo Ruan, Xuelin Qiu, and Minghui Zhao

EGU2019-18033 | Orals | SM4.2

Interrogation Theory

Andrew Curtis, Richard Arnold, and Xin Zhang

EGU2019-11080 | Orals | SM4.2

3-D Hamiltonian Monte Carlo Traveltime Tomography

Andrea Zunino, Andreas Fichtner, and Klaus Mosegaard

EGU2019-10196 | Posters | SM4.2

Crustal structure across the Sao Miguel Island – Azores

Luis Batista, Christian Hübscher, Pedro Terrinha, Luis Matias, and Alexandra Afilhado

EGU2019-7268 | Orals | SM4.2

Green's theorem in seismic imaging across the scales

Kees Wapenaar, Joeri Brackenhoff, Myrna Staring, and Jan Thorbecke

EGU2019-12055 | Posters | SM4.2

Structure of upper oceanic crust in the western South Atlantic from full-waveform velocity modeling

Dominik Kardell, Gail Christeson, Justin Estep, and Bobby Reece

EGU2019-10115 | Posters | SM4.2

Using ocean bottom ambient seismoacoustic noise data for crust and upper mantle characterization

Dmitriy Presnov, Alexei Sobisevich, Andrei Shurup, and Andrei Kotov

EGU2019-1632 | Orals | SM4.2

Crustal fault systems and geothermal fluid flow in the Andean Southern Volcanic Zone: New magnetotelluric and seismic evidence

Rebecca Pearce, Almudena Sanches de la Muela, Max Moorkamp, Tom Mitchell, Jose Cembrano-Perasso, Jaime Araya, James Hammond, Philip Meredith, and Gonzalo Yanez

EGU2019-17569 | Orals | SM4.2

A dynamic plate base at the slow spreading Mid-Atlantic Ridge from the PI-LAB Experiment

Catherine A. Rychert, Nicholas Harmon, Mike Kendall, Steve Constable, Saikiran Tharimena, Matthew Agius, Petros Bogiatzis, David Schlaphorst, and Shunguo Wang

EGU2019-476 | Posters | SM4.2

Tomographic Image of S-Wave Structure of NE India Using Rayleigh Wave Group Velocity

Amit Kumar, Sagarika Mukhopadhyay, Naresh Kumar, and Simon Klemperer

EGU2019-16537 | Orals | SM4.2

Three-dimensional electrical structure of the Hangai and Gobi-Altai Mountains in Mongolia recovered with a FEM code and adaptive meshes

Johannes Käufl, Alexander V. Grayver, Matthew J. Comeau, Alexey V. Kuvshinov, Michael Becken, Jochen Kamm, Erdenechimeg Batmagnai, and Sodnomsambu Demberel

EGU2019-2883 | Posters | SM4.2

Seismological evidence of Hales discontinuity in northeastern India

Aakash Anand, Dipok K. Bora, Kajaljyoti Borah, and Jayanta Madhab Borgohain

EGU2019-977 | Orals | SM4.2

Estimating depths to subsurface discontinuities using receiver function velocity analysis

Mohit Agrawal, Jay Pulliam, and Mrinal Sen

EGU2019-474 | Posters | SM4.2

Radial anisotropy across Northeastern and Northwestern Himalaya

Shubham Sharma, Supriyo Mitra, Siddharth Dey, Monumoy Ghosh, and Sankar N Bhattacharya

EGU2019-1506 | Orals | SM4.2

Thermal characterization of the Italian crust from thermodynamics and joint-inversion of receiver functions and Rayleigh wave phase velocities.

Giovanni Diaferia, Fabio Cammarano, Nicola Piana Agostinetti, Chao Gao, and Claudio Faccenna

EGU2019-9159 | Posters | SM4.2

Constraining the Moho depth below Bhutan with global-phase seismic interferometry

Anne Obermann, Elmer Ruigrok, Irene Bianchi, György Hetenyi, and Edi Kissling

EGU2019-16191 | Posters | SM4.2

Joint Inversion of Surface Wave Dispersion and Receiver Functions for Crustal and Uppermost Mantle Structure in Eastern Tibetan Plateau

Chen Zheng

EGU2019-1373 | Orals | SM4.2

Sensitivity of Ambient Noise Autocorrelations to Noise Sources

Laura Ermert, Korbinian Sager, and Andreas Fichtner

EGU2019-7690 | Orals | SM4.2

Imaging the lithospheric structure of the Central Iberian Zone

Juvenal Andrés, Deyan Draganov, Puy Ayarza, Martin Schimmel, Imma Palomeras, Mario Ruiz, and Ramon Carbonell