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SSS – Soil System Sciences

SSS2.1 – Degradation and rehabilitation: anthropogenic drivers of soil development and functionality

EGU2019-18551 | Orals | SSS2.1

Soil and vegetation recovery in reclaimed post-surface mine landscapes

Ryan Limb, Caley Gasch, and Pam Block

EGU2019-2613 | Posters | SSS2.1

Genetic characteristics and properties of soils in small watersheds of the Central Chernozem region (Russia)

Liliia Alaeva, Tatiana Deviatova, Svetlana Bozhko, and Yulia Gorbunova

EGU2019-7424 | Orals | SSS2.1

Advancing post-mining rehabilitation - geomorphic design and landscape evolution models

Greg Hancock, Jose Martin Duque, and Garry Willgoose

EGU2019-8554 | Posters | SSS2.1

Effect of very fine-powdered lime on soil properties – incubation experiment

Karolina Woźnica, Agnieszka Józefowska, and Tomasz Zaleski

EGU2019-222 | Posters | SSS2.1

Magnetic methods in assessing natural and anthropogenic soil degradation in Ukraine

Oleksandr Menshov, Paulo Pereira, Oleksandr Kruglov, and Anatoliy Sukhorada

EGU2019-3510 | Orals | SSS2.1

Application of the Land Degradation Neutrality Concept in Mediterranean watersheds, a case study of Nahr Ibrahim, Lebanon

Mario Al Sayah, Chadi Abdallah, Michel Khouri, Rachid Nedjai, and Talal Darwich

EGU2019-17253 | Posters | SSS2.1

Rush hour on arable soils - A spatial analysis of three-year traffic intensity on arable land.

Katja Augustin, Michael Kuhwald, and Rainer Duttmann

EGU2019-9661 | Orals | SSS2.1 | Highlight

Agropedogenesis: Humankind as the 6th soil-forming factor and attractors of agrogenic soil degradation

Yakov Kuzyakov and Kazem Zamanian

EGU2019-5844 | Orals | SSS2.1

Spatio-temporal detection of agricultural parcels affected by soil erosion

Markus Möller, Detlef Deumlich, Dominique Niessner, Juliane Kellner, Frühauf Cathleen, Jörn Strassemeyer, and Sandra Krengel

EGU2019-4146 | Orals | SSS2.1

Soil organic carbon mapping using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and deep neural networks in different climatic regions of Iran

Ruhollah Taghizadeh-Mehrjardi, Karsten Schmidt, Mojtaba Zeraatpisheh, Thorsten Behrens, Roozbeh Valavi, and Thomas Scholten

EGU2019-18028 | Posters | SSS2.1

Natural heterogeneity of industrially degraded soil

Cezary Polakowski, Anna Walkiewicz, Katarzyna Jaromin-Gleń, Wioleta Stelmach, Sylwia Duda, Małgorzata Brzezińska, and Andrzej Bieganowski

EGU2019-15175 | Posters | SSS2.1

Method of balanced identification in the inverse problem of transport and diffusion of atmospheric pollution

Alexander Sokolov, Anton Sokolov, and Hervé Delbarre

EGU2019-18738 | Posters | SSS2.1

Removal of potentially toxic elements contained in abandoned tailings by froth flotation

Arturo Reyes, Jose Delgado, Jacqueline Cuevas, Alejandro Rocco, and Madeleine Guerrero

EGU2019-15888 | Posters | SSS2.1

Nitrogen fertilization increased loss risk of inorganic carbon from the calcareous soil

Jianbin Zhou, Sajjad Raza, Na Miao, Weijia Yu, Xuesong Li, and Yan Meng

EGU2019-13405 | Posters | SSS2.1 | Highlight

Inorganic soil amendments increase plant establishment and soil quality in dryland rehabilitation but effectiveness is dependent on water availability

Amber Bateman, Todd E. Erickson, David J. Merritt, Erik Veneklaas, and Miriam Muñoz-Rojas

EGU2019-12441 | Posters | SSS2.1 | Highlight

Optimization of organic substrates of forest and urban wastes for the restoration of degraded lands

Agustin Merino, Beatriz Omil, Oscar Piñeiro, Juan Carlos Rodríguez-López, and Santiago Meizoso

EGU2019-1780 | Posters | SSS2.1

Effects of vegetation restoration on soil quality in degraded karst landscapes of southwest China

Yaohua Zhang, Xianli Xu, Zhenwei Li, Chaohao Xu, Rongfei Zhang, and Wei Luo

EGU2019-14758 | Posters | SSS2.1

Cyanobacteria pelletization: a biotechnological tool to restore arid degraded soils

Jose Raul Roman, Angela Chilton, Yolanda Canton, and Miriam Muñoz-Rojas

EGU2019-139 | Posters | SSS2.1

Predicting Salinity (ECe) and sodicity (SARe) of Saturated Paste from Soil-Water Extracts

Mamoun Gharaibeh and Ammar Albalasmeh

EGU2019-17555 | Posters | SSS2.1

Research of technical measures for artificial slopes stabilization and soil erosion prevention

Adam Tejkl, Tomas Laburda, Martin Neumann, Ondřej Marek, Martin Vaníček, David Zumr, and Petr Kavka

EGU2019-11724 | Posters | SSS2.1

The impact of soil water repellency upon runoff and erosion.

Mary-Anne Lowe, Gavan McGrath, and Matthias Leopold

EGU2019-435 | Posters | SSS2.1

Using airborne LiDAR to estimate vegetation’s influence on throughfall kinetic energy

Johannes Antenor Senn, Fabian Ewald Fassnacht, Jana Eichel, Steffen Seitz, and Sebastian Schmidtlein

EGU2019-10961 | Posters | SSS2.1

Soil particle size distribution in surface runoff under artificial rainfall

Martin Neumann, Tomáš Laburda, Adam Tejkl, Romana Kubínová, and Petr Kavka

EGU2019-14721 | Posters | SSS2.1

The mass proportions of ejected material during soil splash phenomenon

Michał Beczek, Magdalena Ryżak, Rafał Mazur, Agata Sochan, and Andrzej Bieganowski

EGU2019-4137 | Posters | SSS2.1

Splash erosion under simulated rainfall affected by different initial soil water content and surface conditions

Nives Balenovic, Lisbeth Lolk Johannsen, Peter Strauss, Tomas Dostal, David Zumr, Thomas Cochrane, and Andreas Klik

SSS2.2 – The role of soil erosion on carbon cycling in dynamic landscapes: modeling and experimental tools (poster-only)

EGU2019-1572 | Posters | SSS2.2 | Highlight

Patterns of soil organic Carbon, Nitrogen and 137Cs in the high wetlands at the foot of the Huayna-Potosí Glacier (La Paz, Bolivia)

Michele Nuñez, Leticia Gaspar, Ivan Lizaga, Edson Ramírez, Gerd Dercon, Johanna Slaets, and Ana Navas

EGU2019-5754 | Posters | SSS2.2

Combining $^{137}$Cs and soil organic carbon for assessing patterns of soil formation in the rapidly changing proglacial environment of the Grey Glacier (Torres del Paine, Chilean Patagonia)

Ana Navas, Alejandra Castillo, Paulina Schuller, Leticia Gaspar, Iván Lizaga, Laura Quijano, Johanna Slaets, and Gerd Dercon

EGU2019-10831 | Posters | SSS2.2

FRNs and SOC signatures to assess soil redistribution patterns in marine platforms and moraines of King George Island (Maritime Antarctica)

Alejandra Castillo, Valentin Golosov, Ana Navas, Paulina Schuller, Bulat Mavlyudov, Heitor Evangelista, Leticia Gaspar, and Gerd Dercon

EGU2019-5950 | Posters | SSS2.2

Effect of soil redistribution on soil aggregate stability and soil organic carbon in Mediterranean cultivated soils

Laura Quijano, Johan Six, Ana Navas, and Kristof Van Oost

EGU2019-18719 | Posters | SSS2.2 | Highlight

Soil Organic Carbon modeling in the Mediterranean Basin: an assessment of the existing international scientific research through a Systematic map

Calogero Schillaci, Sergio Saia, Alessia Perego, and Marco Acutis

EGU2019-17318 | Posters | SSS2.2 | Highlight

Soil deposition and weathering interactively controlling the stabilization of soil organic carbon

Pengzhi Zhao, Sebastian Doetterl, Zhengang Wang, Laura Quijano, Johan Six, and Kristof Van Oost

EGU2019-6734 | Posters | SSS2.2

Distribution of soil organic carbon and other soil properties across an eroding-deposition catena in an old olive orchard

Jose Alfonso Gomez, Gema Guzman, Arsenio Toloza, Christian Resch, and Lionel Mabit

EGU2019-10773 | Posters | SSS2.2

Effects of terraced vineyard abandonment on soil organic carbon in a mountainous Mediterranean environment

Hakan Djuma, Adriana Bruggeman, Andreas Zissioms, Irini Christoforou, Khalil Bazouni, and Marc Farhat

EGU2019-2548 | Posters | SSS2.2

Impact of vegetation dynamics on short and long-term erosion and carbon dynamics using COPLAS

Juan Quijano Baron, Patricia Saco, and Jose Rodriguez

EGU2019-18852 | Posters | SSS2.2

Development of Web-GIS based Surface Soil Erosion Prediction System

Dongjun Lee, Gwanjae Lee, Jae Eui Yang, Byeongchul Lee, Jonggun Kim, and Kyoung Jae Lim

SSS2.4 – Gully and rill erosion and badlands: recent advancements and novel approaches | PICO

EGU2019-1021 | PICOs | SSS2.4

The role of lithological properties on badland development

Milica Kasanin-Grubin, Aaron Yair, Estela Nadal Romero, Francesca Vergari, Francesco Troiani, Joe Desloges, Luobin Yan, Mariano Moreno de las Heras, Marta Della Seta, Ulrike Maria Hardenbicker, and Yen-Hua Chen

EGU2019-5450 | PICOs | SSS2.4

Badland erosion and deposition mapping using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in South African rangelands

Juliane Krenz, Brigitte Kuhn, Philip Greenwood, and Nikolaus Kuhn

EGU2019-14842 | PICOs | SSS2.4

Future research challenges in badlands studies in the context of global change

Juan F. Martinez-Murillo and Estela Nadal-Romero

EGU2019-15742 | PICOs | SSS2.4

Vegetation-modulated erosion in badland catchments

Alexandra Carriere, Caroline Le Bouteiller, Gregory Tucker, and Mohamed Naaim

EGU2019-1827 | PICOs | SSS2.4

Gullies’ characterization in Central Chile’s Coastal Range

Ianire Galilea and Edilia Jaque

EGU2019-16088 | PICOs | SSS2.4

Analyzing actual volumes of erosion rills from UAV data and close range photogrammetry

Josef Krasa, Marketa Bacova, and Tereza Kadlecova

EGU2019-18853 | PICOs | SSS2.4

Rill soil erosion mapping on arable land by UAV-borne remote sensing

Radek Malinowski and Goswin Heckrath

EGU2019-7231 | PICOs | SSS2.4

Modelling gully erosion rates across Africa: towards a data-driven and process-oriented model

Sofie De Geeter, Matthias Vanmaercke, Cuinera Isenborghs, and Jean Poesen

EGU2019-7475 | PICOs | SSS2.4

How to quantify and predict gully erosion and its contribution to catchment sediment yield at regional scales? A test-case for the Horn of Africa

Matthias Vanmaercke, Nigussie Haregeweyn, Benjamin Campforts, Sofie De Geeter, and Jean Poesen

EGU2019-7774 | PICOs | SSS2.4

Recent development of continuous gullies from Barlad Plateau, Romania

Lilian Niacsu and Ion Ionita

EGU2019-13793 | PICOs | SSS2.4

The role of soil piping in gully development: A dendrogeomorphological approach

Anita Bernatek-Jakiel and Dominika Wrońska-Wałach

EGU2019-14024 | PICOs | SSS2.4

Exploring frequency–size relationships of piping-related collapse sinkholes in different morphoclimatic environments

Anita Bernatek-Jakiel, Francisco Gutiérrez, Estela Nadal-Romero, and Michał Jakiel

EGU2019-14403 | PICOs | SSS2.4

The critical compound topographic index approach for locating ephemeral gullies in Iowa agricultural watersheds

Eduardo Luquin, Richard M. Cruse, Ronald L. Bingner, Mikel Goñi, Miguel A. Campo-Bescós, and Javier Casalí

EGU2019-16250 | PICOs | SSS2.4

Evaluation of the Revised Ephemeral Gully Erosion Model (REGEM)

Tom Vanwalleghem, Antonio Hayas, Alvaro Carmona, Giráldez Juan Vicente, and Peña Adolfo

SSS2.5 – Control works and soil conservation techniques for watershed management and forest protection: effect evaluation and novel design criteria (co-organized)

EGU2019-24 | Posters | SSS2.5

The unique hydrological functions of rock outcrops in karst areas

Zhimeng Zhao, Youxin Shen, and Yang Yu

EGU2019-2862 | Orals | SSS2.5

Past and present of the use of check dams for controlling soil erosion and runoff

Abbasi Naseer Ahmed, Xiangzhou Xu, Manuel Esteban Lucas-Borja, Weqin Dang, and Bin Liu

EGU2019-1852 | Posters | SSS2.5

Influence of Soils, Precipitation and Slope on the Composition of Species along a Forest Altitudinal Gradient in the Border of Pantanal Wetland

Geraldo Alves Damasceno Junior, João Semir, and José Carlos Casagrande

EGU2019-16286 | Orals | SSS2.5

Analysis of the influence of check dams on riparian vegetation cover through field measurements and remote sensing

Francesco Gentile, Giovanni Romano, and Giovanni Francesco Ricci

EGU2019-1957 | Posters | SSS2.5

Evaluation of grassed buffer strips to minimize nutrient leaching from arable land

Ararso Etana, Barbro Ulén, and Thomas Keller

EGU2019-2796 | Posters | SSS2.5

The effects of land-use changes and check dams on runoff and sediment yield on the Loess Plateau of China

Peng Shi, Peng Li, guoce Xu, Zongping Ren, Shengdong Cheng, Kexin Lu, and Yan Zhang

EGU2019-13973 | Orals | SSS2.5

Steel bar structures upholding open check dams for wood retention

Giulia Rossi and Aronne Armanini

EGU2019-13817 | Orals | SSS2.5

Estimation of the damage caused by different wood extraction systems to soil applying traditional and innovative methodologies.

Elena Marra, Andrea Laschi, Giovanni Mastrolonardo, Fabio Fabiano, Francesco Neri, Cristiano Foderi, Martina Cambi, Enrico Marchi, and Tomas Nordfjell

EGU2019-7149 | Orals | SSS2.5

Seasonal and spatial changes in sediment origin, indicated by the isotopic fatty acid fingerprint of suspended river sediments from South Korea and Switzerland.

Axel Birkholz, Katrin Meusburger, Marlène Lavrieux, Ji-Hyung Park, and Christine Alewell

EGU2019-3862 | Posters | SSS2.5

Evaluation of the debris flow channels in Beijing mountainous area

Bingjin Qi

EGU2019-2250 | Orals | SSS2.5

Open check dams: field inventory overview and feedback from the French experience

Simon Carladous, Guillaume Piton, Mélanie Brachet, and Yann Quefféléan

EGU2019-7409 | Posters | SSS2.5

The influence of channel geomorphology and vegetation cover on check dam conditions and effectiveness in a large river of México

Demetrio Antonio Zema, Giuseppe Bombino, Manuel Esteban Lucas Borja, Bruno Gianmarco Carrà, Marco Daniel Hinojosa Guzmán, Alejandro Cruz Hernandez, and Antonino Labate

EGU2019-13167 | Posters | SSS2.5

Simple method to determine the temporary sediment deposition in a series of check dams

Johannes Bramberger and Johannes Hübl

EGU2019-15089 | Posters | SSS2.5

Improving the vitality and productivity of forests on poor sandy soils by introducing rich-litter species

Ellen Desie, Karen Vancampenhout, Bart Nyssen, Leon Van den Berg, and Bart Muys

EGU2019-16539 | Posters | SSS2.5

Prediction of riparian vegetation characteristics by statistical models in Mediterranean mountain torrents regulated by check dams

Giuseppe Bombino, Daniela D'Agostino, Pietro Denisi, Antonino Labate, Manuel Esteban Lucas-Borja, Demetrio Antonio Zema, and Santo Marcello Zimbone

EGU2019-18169 | Posters | SSS2.5

Water erosion modelling for mitigation planning in Denmark

Goswin Heckrath, Nils Onnen, Antoine Stevens, Preben Olsen, Johannes W.M. Pullens, Brian Kronvang, and Kristof Van Oost

EGU2019-11777 | Posters | SSS2.5

Research on Analytical Method for Risk Analysis of Reservoir Flood Control Forecast Operation

Yawei Ning, Guohua Liang, and Huicheng Zhou

SSS2.10 – Advancements in approaches and modelling hydrological and soil degradation processes - PICO session (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2019-18868 | PICOs | SSS2.10

The Daily Erosion Project: Soil erosion impacts of strategic switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) placement in row cropped watersheds

Richard Cruse, Daryl Herzmann, Bharat Sharma Acharya, Humberto Blanco-Canqui, and Brian Gelder

EGU2019-13646 | PICOs | SSS2.10

Modeling regional management scenarios for soil erosion control in a Mediterranean watershed

Giovanni Francesco Ricci, Jaehak Jeong, Anna Maria De Girolamo, and Francesco Gentile

EGU2019-7233 | PICOs | SSS2.10

Assessment of groundwater degradation and potential improvement using spatial analysis techniques

Emmanouil Varouchakis, Kalaitzaki Eleutheria, and George P Karatzas

EGU2019-10545 | PICOs | SSS2.10

Flows dynamics and its influence on process-based erosion modeling

Cláudia Alessandra Peixoto Barros, Jean Paolo Gomes Minella, Rafael Ramon, Alexandre Augusto Schlesner, Davi Elias Koefender, and Luciana da Silva Corrêa Lima

EGU2019-13589 | PICOs | SSS2.10

The geomorphological rainfall in the Mediterranean landscape modeling

José Antonio Sillero-Medina, Paloma Hueso-González, Juan Francisco Martínez-Murillo, and José Damián Ruiz-Sinoga

EGU2019-15859 | PICOs | SSS2.10

Testing a new and realistic approach to assess eroded channel geometry

Elena Zubieta, Javier Casalí, Carlos Castillo, Miguel Angel Campo-Bescós, and Rafael Giménez

EGU2019-16450 | PICOs | SSS2.10

Solving the erosion transport equation on three dimensional catchments

Michal Kuraz, Petr Mayer, and Linda Staponites

EGU2019-10433 | PICOs | SSS2.10

Multi-scale assessment of non-point source pollution in agricultural watersheds

Henrique Momm, Ronald Bingner, Robert Wells, and Racha ElKadiri

EGU2019-9861 | PICOs | SSS2.10

Soil degradation by soil compaction: a new integrative modelling approach

Michael Kuhwald, Katja Augustin, and Rainer Duttmann

EGU2019-13975 | PICOs | SSS2.10

Evaluation of the intensity and dynamics of soil erosion processes on the surface of forest skid trail using terrestrial laser scanning

Paweł Dąbek, Romuald Żmuda, Bartłomiej Ćmielewski, Jakub Szczepański, and Henryk Grzywna

SSS2.12 – Management and restoration tools for arid and semi-arid ecosystems: recent knowledge and future challenges for plant and soil conservation

EGU2019-55 | Posters | SSS2.12 | Highlight

The black market for mineral fertilisers in north Ethiopia

Jan Nyssen, Birhanu Biruk, Zbelo Tesfamariam, Amaury Frankl, Biadgilgn Demissie, Tesfaalem Ghebreyohannes, Hailemariam Meaza, Jean Poesen, Veerle Van Eetvelde, Amanuel Zenebe, Jozef Deckers, and Mitiku Haile

EGU2019-2447 | Posters | SSS2.12

Effects of Plant on Gravity Erosion on the Gully Sidewall under the Intense Rainfall

Xiangzhou Xu, Xingyang Zhao, Yunzhong Jiang, and Hang Gao

EGU2019-1843 | Orals | SSS2.12 | Highlight

Fog collection as a strategy to sequester carbon in drylands

Giacomo Certini, Giulio Castelli, Elena Bresci, Gianfranco Calamini, Alberto Pierguidi, Luis Norberto Villegas Paredes, and Fabio Salbitano

EGU2019-4973 | Posters | SSS2.12

Depletion-refilling course of water storage in stem may be diel routinely rather than only in drought condition

Jinchao Feng, Hongzhong Dang, Yiben Cheng, Hui Han, and Wenbin Yang

EGU2019-6682 | Posters | SSS2.12

Evaluation of the Effect of Artificial Water Supplement for Marsh in the Northeast, China

Jianwei Liu and Qiang Zhang

EGU2019-7714 | Orals | SSS2.12

Soil organic carbon stocks and stability in maritime pine forests under contrasted pedoclimates and management practices

Louise Galamez, Laure Soucémarianadin, François Baudin, Florence Savignac, Céline Meredieu, Jean Mathieu De Boisseson, Alain Berthelot, Dominique Merzeau, Pierre Barré, and Lauric Cécillon

EGU2019-6684 | Posters | SSS2.12

Study on the mutation law of hydrometeorological elements in the Dagu River Basin

Sufang Cui, Baoxiang Zhang, Xin Zhang, Qing Shi, Zhenting Wang, Junling Cui, and Shixia Sun

EGU2019-7331 | Posters | SSS2.12

An evaluation of the short-term effects of olive mill wastewater application on a loamy soil in a semi-arid climate

Demetrio Antonio Zema, Manuel Esteban Lucas Borja, Serafina Andiloro, and Santo Marcello Zimbone

EGU2019-1834 | Orals | SSS2.12

Gully afforestation as a historical land management choice: regional insights from SW Ethiopia using 1938-57 aerial photographs

Amaury Frankl, Alemayehu Wassie, Enyew Adgo, Jan Nyssen, and Peter Scull

EGU2019-8090 | Posters | SSS2.12

Methodological approaches to the assessment of ecological forest potential in Caucasian Mineralnye Vody region

Elena Chalaya, Natalia Efimenko, Victor Slepykh, Olga Slepykh, and Nina Povolotskaya

EGU2019-11911 | Orals | SSS2.12

Research on Parameter Uncertainty Analysis of Xin'anjiang Model Based on GLUE Method

Bin He, Jiaojiao Feng, GuoLi Wang, and Guohua Liang

EGU2019-10001 | Posters | SSS2.12

Compaction and ground cover as controls on runoff generation and soil erosion following post-fire logging

Joe Wagenbrenner, Sergio Prats, Maruxa Malvar, and Celeste Coelho

EGU2019-11921 | Posters | SSS2.12

Groundwater contamination risk assessment considering parameter uncertainty

Xuan Li, Guoli Wang, Guohua Liang, and Bin He

EGU2019-15458 | Posters | SSS2.12

Estimation of total phosphorus load in the Lancang River

Bingyao Zhang, Wei Ding, Yu Li, and Bo Xu

EGU2019-17652 | Posters | SSS2.12

Innovative topography-based techniques of soil and water retention for intensive and hedgerow olive orchards: a preliminary experimental study

Víctor Javier Marín Moreno, Luciano Mateos, Agustín Bermejo Fernández, Diego Barranco, Concepción Muñoz, Rafael Pérez, Enrique Albert Belda, and Encarnación Victoria Taguas

SSS3.7 – Pedogenic processes of soils and palaeosols across scales - influence of various factors, including imprints of human activities

EGU2019-1837 | Orals | SSS3.7

Ground-making research: the first UK arable soil formation rates

Dan Evans, John Quinton, Andrew Tye, Jessica Davies, Simon Mudd, and Angel Rodes

EGU2019-3291 | Posters | SSS3.7

Effects of slope aspect on soil development in the Canadian prairies: a digital approach

Henrik Distel, Florian Hirsch, Thomas Raab, and M. Anne Naeth

EGU2019-2302 | Posters | SSS3.7

Dynamics of pedogenic carbonates and their relation to slope aspects in the Rumsey area (Alberta, Canada)

Florian Hirsch, Thomas Raab, Henrik Distel, and M. Anne Naeth

EGU2019-11316 | Posters | SSS3.7

Contribution of carbonates to soil CO2 emissions from calcareous soils

Paul Voroney and Ravindra Ramnarine

EGU2019-13853 | Orals | SSS3.7

Spatial and temporal dynamics of soil moisture in benchmark soils of the Guinea savannah zone of Ghana - is there an unused potential for food-crop production?

Kwabena Abrefa Nketia, Stephen Boahen Asabere, Joscha Becker, Stefan Erasmi, and Daniela Sauer

EGU2019-6974 | Orals | SSS3.7

Soil erosion rates’ assessment of a forested catchment using 239+240Pu and relation to landscape evolution

Francesca Calitri, Markus Egli, and Michael Sommer

EGU2019-10745 | Posters | SSS3.7

Soil evolution and related erosion rates derived from a carbonate moraine chronosequence of the Swiss Alps

Alessandra Musso, Michael E. Ketterer, and Markus Egli

EGU2019-9617 | Posters | SSS3.7

Clay minerals and micromorphological features of soils developed from carbonate-rich slope sediments in the Western Carpathians, South Poland

Joanna Kowalska, Michał Skiba, Tomasz Zaleski, Katarzyna Maj-Szeliga, and Ryszard Mazurek

EGU2019-1770 | Orals | SSS3.7

The effect of particle size on weathering and salt release from coal mine spoils

Mandana Shaygan, Melinda Hilton, Neil McIntyre, and Mansour Edraki

EGU2019-17068 | Posters | SSS3.7

Chemical weathering of volcanic tephra and their impact on pedogenesis in Icelandic soils

Theresa Bonatotzky, Franz Ottner, Egill Erlendsson, and Guðrún Gísladóttir

EGU2019-9790 | Orals | SSS3.7

Tree species and recovery time drives soil restoration after mining: A chronosequence study

Lingling Shi, Jianchu Xu, and Ostermann Anne

EGU2019-5657 | Orals | SSS3.7

Enrichment of heavy metals in surface layers of urban soils

Marco Peli, Stefano Barontini, Benjamin C. Bostick, Roberto G. Lucchini, and Roberto Ranzi

EGU2019-17771 | Posters | SSS3.7

Taxonomic and functional pedodiversity of forest and semidesert zones of the European part of Russia at different hierarchical levels of soil cover formation

Dmitry Golovanov, Maria Konyushkova, Pavel Krasilnikov, Alexey Sorokin, Nelly Agadzhanova, Zarema Gasanova, and Yulia Golovleva

EGU2019-19099 | Posters | SSS3.7

Pedogenetic processes in the young soils of Caspian Lowland

Nelli Agadzhanova, Maria Konyushkova, and Pavel Krasilnikov

EGU2019-12124 | Posters | SSS3.7

Varnish desert developed on granitic rocks in Sonora, Mexico

Elizabeth Solleiro-Rebolledo, Sergey Sedov, Marina Lebedeva-Verba, Cesar Villalobos, and Rocio Alcantara

EGU2019-5417 | Orals | SSS3.7

Spatial variability of soil organic carbon at different scales in West Greenland

Philipp Gries, Karsten Schmidt, Thomas Scholten, and Peter Kühn

EGU2019-16787 | Orals | SSS3.7

Functional diversity and dynamics of microbial communities in soil profiles along a 2000-year paddy soil chronosequence

Qingfang Bi, Andreas Richter, Xianyong Lin, and Yong-Guan Zhu

EGU2019-10658 | Posters | SSS3.7

Can grain size distribution and soil color be used to determine loess proportions in soils?

Fei Yang, Volker Karius, and Daniela Sauer

EGU2019-7852 | Posters | SSS3.7

The Ebergoetzen Measurement Site: Linking Biogeochemical Cycles and Soil Development in a Central European Beech Forest

Joscha N. Becker, Harold Hughes, Jürgen Grotheer, Thorsten Zeppenfeld, and Daniela Sauer

EGU2019-13053 | Orals | SSS3.7

Unravelling processes and timescales of tropical pedogenesis using luminescence dating

Tobias Sprafke, Heinz Veit, Christine Thiel, Andre O. Sawakutchi, Felix Lauer, Annette Kadereit, Leonor Rodrigues, Marcia R. Calegari, Beatriz M. Rodrigues, Paul Tchawa, Paul-Desire Ndjigui, Phillipe Tchomga, and Pablo Vidal-Torrado

EGU2019-16268 | Posters | SSS3.7

Microbial mobilization of various P species depends on weathering history of soils

Moritz Köster, Yue Hu, Francisco Nájera, Francisco Matus, Michaela Dippold, and Sandra Spielvogel

EGU2019-9365 | Orals | SSS3.7

Gaps in the World Reference Base for Soil Resources (WRB) for classifying charcoal hearth soils

Giovanni Mastrolonardo and Giacomo Certini

EGU2019-8084 | Orals | SSS3.7

The burnt subsurface of a mega archaeological site in the Jerusalem Highlands, Israel

Oren Ackermann, Joel Roskin, Hamoudi khalaily, Dimirty Yegorov, and Jacob Vardi

EGU2019-16640 | Posters | SSS3.7

Urbanization enhances stocks of P fractions in strongly weathered arable soils of Kumasi (Ghana), West Africa

Stephen Boahen Asabere, Jiangyun Li, Harold James Hughes, and Daniela Sauer

EGU2019-1486 | Orals | SSS3.7

Palaeoclimatic Reconstructions From Micromorphological Studies Of Late Cretaceous Dinosaur Egg And Eggshells Bearing Palaeosols In Central India

Anjali Kumari, Seema Singh, and Ashu Khosla

EGU2019-10209 | Posters | SSS3.7

Loess-palaeosol sequences along the Rhône Graben (SE France): the potentially missing link between loess archives in central Europe and the Mediterranean region?

Nora Pfaffner, Daniela Sauer, Annette Kadereit, Sophie Cornu, Barbara von der Lühe, Pascal Bertran, Mathieu Bosq, and Sebastian Kreutzer

EGU2019-17553 | Posters | SSS3.7

Modelling of interglacial paleosol development in the Chinese Loess Plateau

Keerthika Nirmani Ranathunga Arachchige, Peter Finke, and Qiuzhen Yin

EGU2019-13919 | Posters | SSS3.7

The traces of past agricultural practices in hilly regions of the Czech Republic

Jitka Elznicova, Johana Vardarman, Iva Machova, Stepanka Tumova, Martin Famera, J. Michael Daniels, and Tomas Matys Grygar

EGU2019-2811 | Posters | SSS3.7

Geoecological legacies of pre-industrial charcoal burning – Research questions and approaches

Thomas Raab, Florian Hirsch, Anna Schneider, Alexander Bonhage, and Alexandra Raab

EGU2019-3115 | Posters | SSS3.7

Effects of historical charcoal burning on soil landscapes in West Connecticut - Quantifying pyrogenic and organic soil carbon content of Technosols by FTIR analysis

Alexander Bonhage, Larysa Mykhailova, Florian Hirsch, Anna Schneider, Thomas Raab, Thomas Fischer, Alexandra Raab, Sally Donovan, and Will Ouimet

EGU2019-5983 | Posters | SSS3.7

Thermal conductivity of charcoal-rich soils – preliminary results from a study on relict charcoal hearth (RCH) sites from Germany and the USA

Sally Donovan, Anna Schneider, Florian Hirsch, Alexander Bonhage, Alexandra Raab, and Thomas Raab

EGU2019-11626 | Posters | SSS3.7

Secondary carbonates (calcretes) in coastal outcrops as archives for paleoenvironmental reconstruction- a case study from Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Daisy Valera Fernández, Héctor Cabadas Báez, Elizabeth Solleiro Rebolledo, and Sergey Sedov

SSS4.2 – The rhizosphere and plant-soil-microbial interactions (including SSS Division Outstanding ECS Lecture by Bahar S. Razavi)

EGU2019-5929 | Posters | SSS4.2

Towards soil micro-zymography: linking enzymes activity at mezo- and micro-scales

Negar Ghaderi and Evgeniya Blagodatskaya

EGU2019-1146 | Posters | SSS4.2

Biological control of rice growth by weeds antagonistic bacteria

Zeeshan Ibrahim

EGU2019-4684 | Posters | SSS4.2

Spatio-temporal distribution of rhizosphere enzyme activities in heavy metal-contaminated soil as affected by manure and its biochar application

Shibin Liu, Daili Deng, Hongyan Huang, Chun Yan, Bahar Razavi, Yakov Kuzyakov, and Shengyan Pu*

EGU2019-6172 | Orals | SSS4.2 | Highlight

Life at the extreme: shaping the rhizosphere in the Atacama desert

Davey Jones, Roland Bol, Bárbara Fuentes, Franko Arenas-Díaz, and Sacha Mooney

EGU2019-1411 | Posters | SSS4.2

Relationships between plant diversity and microbial properties of mountainous soils in Northwestern Caucasus: intra- and inter-ecosystem context

Alexandra Seleznyova, Kristina Ivashchenko, Sofia Sushko, Anna Zhuravleva, Kristina Radchenko, Alexandr Tronin, Lilit Ovsepyan, Nadezhda Ananyeva, and Valery Kudeyarov

EGU2019-1031 | Orals | SSS4.2

Effect of water supply on the tree biodiversity - soil nutrient availability relationship in forests along the soil profile

Tania Maxwell, Laurent Augusto, Adèle Courbineau, Andreas Altinalmazis-Kondylis, Mark R. Bakker, Hervé Jactel, Alison Munson, and Nicolas Fanin

EGU2019-2526 | Posters | SSS4.2


Suleiman Suleiman, Lesley Batty, and Iseult Lynch

EGU2019-10373 | Orals | SSS4.2

How mucilage may affect nutrient diffusion in the drying rhizosphere

Mohsen Zarebanadkouki, Theresa Fink, Pascal Benard, and Callum Banfield

EGU2019-7379 | Posters | SSS4.2

Application of planar optodes to measure CO2 gradients in the rhizosphere of unsaturated soils

Maire Holz, Joscha N. Becker, Eva Oburger, and Gabrielle Daudin

EGU2019-13777 | Orals | SSS4.2

A new Helium soil core incubation system with transparent chambers to directly quantify soil denitrification in presence of active plants

Francois Malique, Klaus Butterbach-Bahl, Michael Dannenmann, and Georg Willibald

EGU2019-10582 | Posters | SSS4.2

Hotspot localization but not the duration of hot moments in the rhizosphere is affected by root hair length

Xiaona Song, Xuechen Zhang, Kazem Zamanian, Michaela A. Dippold, Yakov Kuzyakov, and Bahar S. Razavi

EGU2019-13359 | Posters | SSS4.2

Temporal dynamics of soil metabolites during rhizosphere priming in the vicinity of a root exudation hotspot

Julia Wiesenbauer, Alexander König, Lilian Marchand, Stefan Gorka, Erich Inselsbacher, Barbara Kitzler, and Christina Kaiser

EGU2019-17988 | Orals | SSS4.2

Deciphering plant soil microbe interaction in the rhizosphere - insights and challenges

doreen babin, bunlong yim, nina bziuk, adam schikora, rita grosch, and Kornelia Smalla

EGU2019-13542 | Posters | SSS4.2

Simulating root exudation by reverse microdialysis

Alexander Koenig, Lilian Marchand, Julia Wiesenbauer, Stefan Gorka, Barbara Kitzler, Christina Kaiser, and Erich Inselbacher

EGU2019-13756 | Posters | SSS4.2

The Significance of the Regional Approach in Energy Poverty for Small Scale Member States in Europe

Ιoanna Kyprianou and Despina Serghides

EGU2019-16419 | Orals | SSS4.2

The Development of the Rhizosphere during the Growth of a 3D Root Architecture-Simulating and Characterizing Spatio-temporal Patterns of Rhizodeposits around Growing Root Systems

Cheng Sheng, Jan Vanderborght, Doris Vetterlein, Harry Vereecken, Roland Bol, and Andrea Schnepf

EGU2019-6510 | Orals | SSS4.2

Phosphatase activity and phosphorus depletion in the rhizosphere of blue lupin (Lupinus angustifolius) assessed with 2D imaging

Christina Roschitz, Gustavo Boitt, Jakob Santner, Walter Wenzel, Niklas Lehto, and Leo Condron

EGU2019-16423 | Posters | SSS4.2

The role of Common Mycorrhizal Networks for nutrient allocation in Fagus sylvatica (European beech) trees

Bruna Yuri Pinheiro Imai, Stefan Gorka, Julia Wiesenbauer, Werner Mayerhofer, and Christina Kaiser

EGU2019-14495 | Orals | SSS4.2

The role of root hairs in rhizosphere acidification and mobilization of P from alkaline soils

Sara Halicki, Frederick Dadzie, Bahar Razavi, Mutez Ahmed, and Michaela Dippold

EGU2019-16785 | Posters | SSS4.2

Effect of carbon limitation on ectomycorrhizal fungal enzyme activities under different phosphorus availability

Bin Song, Simon Clausing, Karin Pritsch, and Rodica Pena

EGU2019-13036 | Orals | SSS4.2

Effect of different spatial P distributions on soil microbial P uptake, microbial community structure and plant nutrition

Sandra Spielvogel, Thomas Zilla, Sebastian Loeppmann, Klaus Jarosch, Yakov Kuzyakov, and Michaela Dippold

EGU2019-18916 | Posters | SSS4.2

Effect of the Cover Crop cultivation on the Maize soil and root bacterial microbiomes

Michal Oskiera, Lars Riedel, Julia Grosse, Thomas Hurek, and Barbara Reinhold-Hurek

EGU2019-12740 | Orals | SSS4.2

Statistical characterization of the root system architecture model CRootBox

Andrea Schnepf, Katrin Huber, Magdalena Landl, Felicien Meunier, Lukas Petrich, and Volker Schmidt

EGU2019-19033 | Posters | SSS4.2

Root exudation and rhizosphere processes involved in iron mobilisation by Arabidopsis thaliana

Theresa Rosenkranz, Matthias Baune, Eva Oburger, Günther Weber, and Markus Puschenreiter

EGU2019-1825 | Posters | SSS4.2

Identification of spatial biochemical pattern in the rhizosphere by linkage between rhizodeposition and enzyme activities

Nataliya Bilyera, Xuechen Zhang, Lichao Fan, Michaela Dippold, Yakov Kuzyakov, Sandra Spielvogel, and Bahar S. Razavi

EGU2019-4568 | Posters | SSS4.2

Enzyme distribution within rhizosphere: The pattern of life

Duyen Hoang Thi Thu, Yakov Kuzyakov, and Bahar S. Razavi

EGU2019-18383 | Posters | SSS4.2

Microbial Dynamics of Soybean Rhizosphere at different Growth Stages in the Field

Nicholas Ozede Igiehon and Olubukola Oluranti Babalola

SSS4.6 – Distribution and functions of soil organisms in terrestrial ecosystems

EGU2019-53 | Posters | SSS4.6

The Structure of Prokaryotic Complexes of the Podzol Soil Chronosequence on Coastal Bars of Ladoga Lake, Russian Federation

Ekaterina Ivanova, Elizaveta Pershina, Vasilii Shapkin, Kimeklis Anastasia, Kichko Arina, Aksenova Tatiana, Zverev Alexey, Andronov Evgeny, and Abakumov Evgeny

EGU2019-4993 | Orals | SSS4.6

Influence of low 2-methyl-4-chloro-phenoxyacetic acid (MCPA) concentrations on degradation dynamics

Johannes Wirsching, Franziska Ditterich, Martina Werneburg, Marie Uksa, Luciana Chavez Rodriguez, Michael Lesch, Ellen Kandeler, and Christian Poll

EGU2019-93 | Posters | SSS4.6

Metagenomic studies of soil chronosequences in various regions of Russia

Elizaveta Pershina, Ekaterina Ivanova, Anastasiya Kimeklis, Alexey Zverev, Evgeny Andronov, and Evgeny Abakumov

EGU2019-94 | Posters | SSS4.6

Microbiome of postpyrogenic soils: insights from metageonomic study

Grigory Gladkov, Ekaterina Maksimova, Elizaveta Pershina, Ekaterina Ivanova, Anastasiia Kimeklis, Evgeny Andronov, and Evgeny Abakumov

EGU2019-2093 | Orals | SSS4.6 | Highlight

Natural bioregulators - suppression of plant pathogens and detoxification by soil biota

Christine van Capelle, Friederike Meyer-Wolfarth, Torsten Meiners, Mignon Sandor, and Stefan Schrader

EGU2019-1341 | Posters | SSS4.6

Hydrocarbon degrading genes monitoring to assess potential of soils to self-restoration after oil pollution

Liliya Biktasheva, Polina Galitskaya, Valentin Fomin, and Svetlana Selivanovskaya

EGU2019-1356 | Posters | SSS4.6 | Highlight

The spread of antibiotic-resistant genes in the soil when it is fertilized with compost

Natasha Danilova, Ilsina Gilmutdinova, and Polina Galitskaya

EGU2019-1353 | Orals | SSS4.6

The occurrence of undergrazed areas within large farms with problems of overgrazing and their effects on soil functions

Carlos Lozano Fondón, Jesús Barrena González, Manuel Pulido Fernández, Javier Lozano Parra, and Cristina Menta

EGU2019-1318 | Posters | SSS4.6

The effects of nitrate and chloride-containing fertilizers on the prokaryotic community structure of chernozem

Anastasia Vlasova and Natalia Manucharova

EGU2019-7732 | Orals | SSS4.6

The quest for active microbial players of Biological Nitrogen Fixation in rice cultivation

Hannes Schmidt, David Seki, Dania Randi, Louis Dufour, Arno Schintlmeister, and Dagmar Woebken

EGU2019-7193 | Posters | SSS4.6

Microbiome structure at different stages of soil formation in tundra

Timofey Chernov, Alena Zhelezova, Natalia Bgazhba, and Azida Tkhakakhova

EGU2019-7005 | Orals | SSS4.6

Fungal and bacterial predator-prey systems influence soil aggregate formation and stabilisation

Amandine Erktan, Matthias Rillig, Andrea Carminati, Alexandre Jousset, and Stefan Scheu

EGU2019-1972 | Orals | SSS4.6

Dark CO2 fixation by soil microbes contributes to soil organic matter formation in soils from an old growth deciduous forest.

Rachael Akinyede, Martin Taubert, Marion Schrumpf, Susan Trumbore, and Kirsten Küsel

EGU2019-8451 | Posters | SSS4.6

The diversity of the microbial properties along natural forest succession in the soils of Bieszczady National Park (Poland)

Justyna Sokołowska, Agnieszka Józefowska, and Tomasz Zaleski

EGU2019-15311 | Posters | SSS4.6

Changes of soil functional microbial diversity in organic and mineral fertilized soils

Mignon Sandor, Roxana Vidican, Dumitrița Dascălu, and Bogdan-Mihai Onica

EGU2019-9455 | Orals | SSS4.6

Patterns in C:N:P stoichiometry and relations to soil microbial function as affected by climate, bedrock, and land use across a continental transect in Europe

Wolfgang Wanek, Theresa Böckle, Yuntao Hu, Lisa Noll, Daniel Wasner, Shasha Zhang, and Qing Zheng

EGU2019-14620 | Posters | SSS4.6

Community level physiological profile of soil microbial community in arable Romanian soils under minimum and conventional tillage

Dumitrița Dascălu, Roxana Vidican, Bogdan-Mihai Onica, and Mignon Sandor

EGU2019-11085 | Posters | SSS4.6

Soil suppressiveness in arable fields under different managements across Europe

Gema Guzmán, Juan Carlos Rivas-Romero, José Luis Trapero-Casas, Cristina Estudillo, Miguel Montes-Borrego, Miguel Román-Écija, Carmen M. Haro, Concepción Olivares, Ignacio F. Girón, Engracia Madejón, Deborah Linsler, José A. Gómez, Carlos Camino, Juan A. Navas-Cortés, and Blanca B. Landa

EGU2019-4323 | Orals | SSS4.6

Stoichiometric controls of soil carbon and nitrogen cycling after long-term nitrogen and phosphorus addition in a mesic grassland in South Africa

Per-Marten Schleuss, Meike Widdig, Anna Heintz-Buschart, Alexander Guhr, Sarah Martin, Kevin Kirkman, and Marie Spohn

EGU2019-14334 | Posters | SSS4.6

Influence of annelids and the location of organic material on water-stable aggregate distribution

Deborah Linsler, Sarah Bender, Ilka Schmoock, and Martin Potthoff

EGU2019-12151 | Orals | SSS4.6

The effects of climate change on inorganic nitrogen cycling communities in grasslands

Joana Séneca, Petra Pjevac, Christos Zioutis, Craig Herbold, Judith Prommer, Alberto Canarini, Wolfgang Wanek, Michael Bahn, Erich Pötsch, Michael Wagner, and Andreas Richter

EGU2019-16842 | Posters | SSS4.6

Soil functional impacts of annelids affected by different vertical placement of crop litter due to tillage

Ilka Schmoock, Deborah Linsler, Stefan Schrader, Astrid Taylor, and Martin Potthoff

EGU2019-18867 | Orals | SSS4.6

Insights into the nitrogen cycling shifts with the conversion from pasture to sugarcane fields in Brazil

Leonardo M. Pitombo, Bruna C. R. Silva, Izaias P. Lisboa, Janaina B. do Carmo, and Luiz A. Martinelli

EGU2019-18088 | Orals | SSS4.6

\textbf{Nitrification by archaea fuels high nitrous oxide emissions from arctic peatlands}

Henri Siljanen, Ricardo Alves, Jussi Ronkainen, Richard Lamprecht, HemRaj Bhattarai, Alexandre Bagnoud, Maija Maruschak, Pertti Martikainen, Christa Schleper, and Christina Biasi

EGU2019-5949 | Posters | SSS4.6

Additive biodiversity partitioning of soil testate amoeba communities

Natalia Mazei, Andrey Tsyganov, and Yuri Mazei

EGU2019-8161 | Posters | SSS4.6

Soil microarthropod community and soil structure under different soil management in olive orchard

Sauro Simoni, Elena Gagnarli, Donatella Goggioli, Stefano Mocali, Giuseppe Valboa, Sergio Pellegrini, and Nadia Vignozzi

EGU2019-496 | Posters | SSS4.6

Tree species identity surpasses richness in affecting soil microbial richness and community composition in subtropical forests

Liang Chen, Wenhua Xiang, Shuai Ouyang, Huili Wu, and Yongliang Chen

EGU2019-11706 | Posters | SSS4.6

Can we manage for sustaining nitrogen cyclers in agricultural soils?

Lily Pereg

SSS4.8 – Life and death in soils – Impacts of changes in soil conditions, climate and land use on soil biota

EGU2019-13747 | Orals | SSS4.8

Towards a top-down framework to make microbial ecology predictive

Johannes Rousk and Lettice Hicks

EGU2019-2611 | Posters | SSS4.8

Community Internal Fluctuation Strengthen Fungal Resistance to Water Stress

Changhui Wang, Nannan Wang, and Kuanhu Dong

EGU2019-8704 | Orals | SSS4.8

How does moisture regulate microbial life in soils?

Ainara Leizeaga, Lettice C. Hicks, and Johannes Rousk

EGU2019-1891 | Posters | SSS4.8

Effect of dry-rewetting stress on functional response of soil prokaryotic communities in alpine meadow soil

Petr Hedenec, David Singer, Tomas Cajthaml, Qiang Lin, Jaroslav Kukla, Jan Frouz, and Xiangzhen Li

EGU2019-16987 | Orals | SSS4.8

Long-term effects of short-term perturbations of microbial conditions in soil

Stefan Gorka, Shasha Zhang, Christian Ranits, Bruna Imai, and Christina Kaiser

EGU2019-15205 | Posters | SSS4.8

Drought legacy effects on plant-soil interactions: from individuals to communities

Kelly Ramirez, Dean de Haas, and Wim van der Putten

EGU2019-18220 | Posters | SSS4.8

Warming and drought effects on C turnover and microbial activities in a semiarid agricultural soil amended with biochar

Juan Carlos García-Gil, Iria Benavente, Pedro Soler-Rovira, Federico Navarro-García, María del Mar Delgado, and César Plaza

EGU2019-12216 | Orals | SSS4.8

Changed by fire: Linking C and energy fluxes by microbial decomposition of soil organic matter after frequent forest burning events

Anna Gunina, Olga Ogneva, Chengrong Chen, Maryam Esfandbod, Mehran Rezaei Rashti, and Yakov Kuzyakov

EGU2019-12572 | Orals | SSS4.8

Time series of enzyme activities during microbial growth in contrasting soils under beech

Sebastian Loeppmann, Peng Tian, Andreas Breidenbach, Sandra Spielvogel, Michaela Dippold, and Evgenia Blagodatskaya

EGU2019-14715 | Posters | SSS4.8

Hostile to the hosts: non-bacteriophage viruses shorten bacterial life span but could not prevent their ecosystem services

Bahar S. Razavi, Ali Feizi, and Mohammad Reza Jouybari

EGU2019-13565 | Posters | SSS4.8

The effects of climate change on microbial community composition of a montane grassland

Ivana Bogdanovic, Alberto Canarini, Joana Séneca, Eva Simon, Erich M. Pötsch, Michael Bahn, Wolfgang Wanek, Christina Kaiser, and Andreas Richter

EGU2019-11107 | Orals | SSS4.8

The “Who” and “How” of Microbial Control over Soil Carbon Dynamics: The Genomic Basis of Soil Microbial Efficiency

Serita Frey, Kristen DeAngelis, Kevin Geyer, Stuart Grandy, Emily Kyker-Snowman, Eric Morrison, Grace Pold, and Shana Whitney

EGU2019-15899 | Posters | SSS4.8

New types of soil amendments increase numbers of soil microbiota in arable soil

Jiří Holátko, Tereza Dokulilová, Oldřich Látal, Veronika Janáčová, Marie Grulichová, Jan Zloch, Václav Pecina, and Martin Brtnický

EGU2019-10934 | Orals | SSS4.8

Carbon use efficiency of 13C-glucose under oxic and anoxic conditions in forest soils

Hana Santruckova, Jolanta Niedzwiecka, Roey Angel, Travis B. Meador, and Tomas Picek

EGU2019-7912 | Posters | SSS4.8

Enhanced microbial growth and turnover drive increases in soil organic carbon storage at higher plant diversity.

Judith Prommer, Wolfgang Wanek, Tom Walker, Judith Braun, David Zezula, Yuntao Hu, Florian Hofhansl, and Andreas Richter

EGU2019-1405 | Orals | SSS4.8

Growth efficiency of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and archaea in forest soil

Jolanta Niedzwiecka, Roey Angel, Travis Meador, Tomas Picek, and Hana Santruckova

EGU2019-19190 | Posters | SSS4.8

Three different fractions of soil microbial biomass activated by glucose input

Sergey Blagodatskiy, Aliia Gilmullina, Polina Galitskaya, Svetlana Selivanovskaya, and Evgenia Blagodatskaya

EGU2019-4732 | Orals | SSS4.8

Microbial growth rather than respiration drives seasonal dynamics of soil microbial carbon use efficiency

Jörg Schnecker, Eva Simon, Philipp Gündler, Taru Sandén, Heide Spiegel, and Andreas Richter

EGU2019-13715 | Posters | SSS4.8

Data-informed trait-based modelling of microbial carbon cycling in soil

Holger Pagel, Marie Uksa, Christian Poll, Ellen Kandeler, and Thilo Streck

EGU2019-4815 | Orals | SSS4.8

Microbial carbon use efficiency in grassland soils on three continents as dependent on nitrogen and phosphorus addition

Meike Widdig, Per-Marten Schleuss, Lori A. Biederman, Elizabeth T. Borer, Mick J. Crawley, Kevin P. Kirkman, Eric W. Seabloom, Peter D. Wragg, and Marie Spohn

EGU2019-6686 | Orals | SSS4.8

Microbial community and soil properties modify microbial carbon use efficiency response to N and P addition

Kendalynn Morris, Kirsten Küsel, Marion Schrumpf, Mirco Migliavacca, and Andreas Richter

EGU2019-521 | Posters | SSS4.8

Biochemical quality of plant residues and soil pH control on microbial metabolism and CUE in the soil

Birhanu Endalew, Sergey Blagodatsky, Isaac Balume, and Frank Rasche

EGU2019-13370 | Posters | SSS4.8

Effects of climate change on microbial growth, turnover and carbon use efficiency

Eva Simon, Alberto Canarini, Ivana Bogdanovic, Joana Séneca, Erich M. Pötsch, Michael Bahn, Wolfgang Wanek, and Andreas Richter

EGU2019-6776 | Orals | SSS4.8

Modeling the effects of litter stoichiometry and soil mineral N availability on soil organic matter formation

Haicheng Zhang, Daniel S. Goll, Philippe Ciais, Stefano Manzoni, Ying-Ping Wang, Bertrand Guenet, Yuanyuan Huang, and Rose Abramoff

EGU2019-15231 | Posters | SSS4.8

Calorespirometry combined with bacterial diversity dynamics shed light on microbial carbon and energy use efficiency

Evgenia Blagodatskaya, Ruirui Chen, and Sergey Blagodatsky

EGU2019-10802 | Orals | SSS4.8

Upscaling CUE adaptation with the SESAM model

Thomas Wutzler, Sönke Zaehle, and Marion Schrumpf

EGU2019-11253 | Posters | SSS4.8

Assessing substrate C-use efficiency with direct measurements of soil microbial biomass C coupled with 14C tracer techniques

Jeewan Gamage and Paul Voroney

EGU2019-4607 | Posters | SSS4.8

Nitrogen availability regulates topsoil carbon dynamics after permafrost thaw by altering microbial metabolic efficiency

Leiyi Chen, Li Liu, Chao Mao, Shuqi Qin, Sergey Blagodatsky, and Yuanhe Yang

EGU2019-1452 | Posters | SSS4.8

Response of microbial carbon use efficiency and biomass turnover to crop rotational diversity

Maria Mooshammer, Stuart Grandy, Kevin Geyer, Francisco Calderón, Steve Culman, Bill Deen, Kari Dunfield, Serita Frey, Virginia L. Jin, Michael Lehman, Shannon Osborne, Marty Schmer, and Timothy Bowles

SSS4.10 – Survive together: soil biodiversity, functional processes, and EPS as key substances (co-organized)

EGU2019-166 | Posters | SSS4.10

From water to land – mutual succession of microbial mats and soils at a freshwater lake in maritime Antarctica

Isabel Prater, Christine Heim, Gerrit Angst, and Carsten W. Mueller

EGU2019-8883 | Posters | SSS4.10

On the Influence of Biological Soil Crusts on Soil Erosion under Forest

Corinna Gall, Martin Nebel, Dietmar Quandt, Thomas Scholten, and Steffen Seitz

EGU2019-9952 | Orals | SSS4.10

Characterization of the polysaccharidic matrix of induced biocrusts in different soil types

Sonia Chamizo, Alessandra Adessi, Gianmarco Mugnai, and Roberto De Philippis

EGU2019-17112 | Posters | SSS4.10

Biological soil crust characteristics and their response to global change \newline

Jens Weber, Alexandra Tamm, Stefanie Maier, Emilio Rodriguez-Caballero, Dianming Wu, Martin Grube, Jayne Belnap, Burkhard Büdel, Paul J. Crutzen, Yafang Cheng, Hang Su, Meinrat O. Andreae, Ulrich Pöschl, and Bettina Weber

EGU2019-12464 | Orals | SSS4.10

Harnessing biocrust cyanobacteria for dryland restoration: effects on recruitment of native plants and soil function

Miriam Muñoz-Rojas, Jose R. Roman, Angela Chilton, Melissa Chua, Todd E. Erickson, David J. Merritt, Mark K.J. Ooi, Beatriz Roncero-Ramos, and Yolanda Canton

EGU2019-15320 | Orals | SSS4.10

Using 3-dimensional soil sensor networks to trace biomat growth in soil treatment units

Jan Knappe, Celia Somlai, Andrew C. Fowler, and Laurence W. Gill

EGU2019-18834 | Posters | SSS4.10

The origin and role of biological rock crusts in rocky desert weathering

Nimrod Wieler, Osnat Gillor, and Roey Angel

EGU2019-15968 | Posters | SSS4.10

Clay mineral contents shape the bacterial community composition and the production of extracellular polymeric substances

Antje Bettermann, Doreen Babin, Karsten Kalbitz, Kornelia Smalla, and Cordula Vogel

EGU2019-1144 | Orals | SSS4.10

Global distribution of earthworm diversity

Helen Phillips, Erin Cameron, and Nico Eisenhauer

EGU2019-510 | Orals | SSS4.10

Divergent trends in belowground microbial and animal biodiversity revealed across heterogeneous landscapes in a national-level metabarcoding survey

Paul George, Delphine Lallias, Simon Creer, Fiona Seaton, John Kenny, Richard Eccles, Robert Griffiths, Inma Lebron, Bridget Emmett, David Robinson, and Davey Jones

EGU2019-17383 | Posters | SSS4.10

Extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) production in semiarid resource islands: Link to microbial community composition and effects on soil aggregation

Jeroen Zethof, Antje Bettermann, Cordula Vogel, Doreen Babin, Erik Cammeraat, Albert Solé-Benet, Roberto Lázaro-Suau, Lourdes Luna-Ramos, Susanne Woche, Kornelia Smalla, and Karsten Kalbitz

EGU2019-12826 | Posters | SSS4.10

The role of extracellular polymeric earthworm mucus for the formation of organo-mineral associations in soil

Tom Guhra, Katharina Stolze, and Kai Uwe Totsche

SSS4.13 – Interactions between biota, soil structure and function across scales: physics, imaging and ecology (co-organized)

EGU2019-14502 | Posters | SSS4.13

A prototype model linking soil structure dynamics with soil processes

Katharina Meurer, Elsa Coucheney, Anke Herrmann, Thomas Keller, and Nicholas Jarvis

EGU2019-7837 | Posters | SSS4.13

Link between soil aggregate system and bedrock weathering

Michaela Aehnelt and Kai U. Totsche

EGU2019-7687 | Orals | SSS4.13

Discrete-continuum multiscale model for microaggregates in soils

Nadja Ray, Andreas Rupp, Alexander Prechtel, and Kai-Uwe Totsche

EGU2019-2186 | Orals | SSS4.13

The mineralosphere - Abundance and carbon partitioning of bacteria and fungi colonizing mineral surfaces in grassland soils

Ellen Kandeler, Aurelia Gebala, Runa S. Boeddinghaus, Karolin Müller, Thilo Rennert, Margarida Soares, Johannes Rousk, and Sven Marhan

EGU2019-6065 | Posters | SSS4.13

Correlative imaging reveals holistic view of soil microenvironments

Steffen Schlüter, Thilo Eickhorst, and Carsten Müller

EGU2019-11191 | Posters | SSS4.13

Soil microaggregates: Effects of clay content on their 3D structure and pore architecture

Vincent Felde, Daniel Uteau, and Stephan Peth

EGU2019-12317 | Orals | SSS4.13

Study of soil pore space influence on organic matter turnover using microfluidics

Carlos Gustavo Arellano Caicedo, Pelle Ohlsson, and Edith Hammer

EGU2019-19097 | Posters | SSS4.13

Soil microaggregates reveal different physical structure, microbial diversity, and organic matter composition depending on clay content and isolation method

Daniel Uteau Puschmann, Vincent J.M.N.L. Felde, Steffen A. Schweizer, Danh Biesgen, Angela Ulbrich, Claudia Knief, Markus Graf-Rosenfellner, and Ingrid Kögel-Knabner

EGU2019-14000 | Orals | SSS4.13

Element patterns and carbon turnover in soil microaggregates

Eva Lehndorff, Andrei Rodionov, Ciprian Stremtan, Willi Brand, Lutz Plümer, Peter Rottmann, Beate Spiering, and Wulf Amelung