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ST – Solar-Terrestrial Sciences

ST1.1 – Open Session on the Sun and Heliosphere (including Hannes Alfvén Medal Lecture by Daniel N. Baker)

EGU2019-11017 | Orals | ST1.1

Compositional Measurements within the Interstellar Focusing Cone made with the Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission Hot Plasma Composition Analyzer (MMS-HPCA)

Roman Gomez, Stephen Fuselier, Joey Mukherjee, Carrie Gonzalez, and James Burch

EGU2019-4894 | Posters | ST1.1

Non-axisymmetric features in the distributions of sunspots and photospheric magnetic fields

Elena Vernova, Marta Tyasto, Dmitrii Baranov, and Olga Danilova

EGU2019-7393 | Posters | ST1.1

Analysis of the solar wind at 1 AU from ACE data

Carlos Larrodera and Consuelo Cid

EGU2019-11449 | Orals | ST1.1

Surveying the edge of our solar system and the interstellar interaction with IBEX and preparing for IMAP

Nathan Schwadron, David McComas, Eric Christian, and Joe Westlake

EGU2019-18817 | Orals | ST1.1 | Highlight

Voyager 2 Crosses the Heliopause

John Richardson, John W. Belcher, Edward C. Stone, Alan C. Cummings, and the Voyager Team

EGU2019-8923 | Posters | ST1.1

Exploring the Middle Corona

Matthew West

EGU2019-9290 | Posters | ST1.1

Radial and Tangential Kinematics and Angular Extent of EUV Coronal Bright Fronts

Kamen Kozarev, Astrid Veronig, Manuela Temmer, Rositsa Miteva, Karin Dissauer, Kostadinka Koleva, Momchil Dechev, and Peter Duchlev

EGU2019-18299 | Orals | ST1.1

Local Interstellar Medium Observatory (LIMO): a mission to explore our galactic neighborhood

Stas Barabash, Ralf Srama, Martin Wieser, and Peter Wurz and the LIMO Team

EGU2019-4016 | Orals | ST1.1

Solar Wind Suprathermal Electrons

Linghua Wang, Liu Yang, Jiawei Tao, Gang Li, Robert Wimmer-­‐Schweingruber, and Stuart Bale

EGU2019-9726 | Posters | ST1.1

Determination of Large Scale Plasma Properties of Solar Corona Using the X-Ray Telescope onboard Hinode: II. Correction for the Scattered Lights

Junho Shin, Ryouhei Kano, Takashi Sakurai, Yeon-Han Kim, and Yong-Jae Moon

EGU2019-15190 | Posters | ST1.1

Analysis of SDO/EVE Flares in Relation to Solar Energetic Protons

Rositsa Miteva, Kostadinka Koleva, Momchil Dechev, Astrid Veronig, Karin Dissauer, Kamen Kozarev, and Manuela Temmer

EGU2019-172 | Orals | ST1.1

Investigating properties of Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) near the Sun using in-situ charge state distributions

Yeimy Rivera, Enrico Landi, Susan T. Lepri, and Jason Gilbert

EGU2019-3311 | Orals | ST1.1

Global coronal magnetic field modelling for Solar Orbiter

Thomas Wiegelmann, Bernd Inhester, and Iulia Chifu

EGU2019-16967 | Posters | ST1.1

Origin of the two shock waves associated with the September 27/28, 2012 event

Immanuel Christopher Jebaraj, Jasmina Magdalenic, Camilla Scolini, Luciano Rodriguez, Stefaan Poedts, Emilia Kilpua, Vratislav Krupar, Jens Pomoell, and Manuela Temmer

EGU2019-8085 | Posters | ST1.1

Reconstructing coronal holes with EUHFORIA

Eleanna Asvestari, Stephan Heinemann, Jens Pomoell, Manuela Temmer, Emilia Kilpua, Jasmina Magdalenic, and Stefaan Poedts

EGU2019-12081 | Orals | ST1.1

Why Are Solar Filaments Filamentary?

Gwang-Son Choe, Inhyeok Song, Sibaek Yi, and Jincheol No

EGU2019-6144 | Orals | ST1.1

ULF waves downstream of ICME driven shocks.

Xochitl Blanco-Cano, Luis Preisser, Primoz Kajdic, Lan Jian, Christopher Russell, and Janet Luhmann

EGU2019-9793 | Posters | ST1.1

Multiple EUV wave reflection from a coronal hole

Tatiana Podladchikova, Astrid M. Veronig, Olena Podladchikova, Karin Dissauer, Bojan Vršnak, Jonas Saqri, Isabell Piantschitsch, and Manuela Temmer

EGU2019-13003 | Orals | ST1.1

On the transport of solar energetic protons near and within a corotating interaction region

Nicolas Wijsen, Angels Aran, Jens Pomoell, and Stefaan Poedts

EGU2019-4447 | Posters | ST1.1

Reconnection signatures in solar magnetograms during the solar storms of 4-10 September 2017

Robert Loper

EGU2019-9243 | Posters | ST1.1

Genesis, magnetic morphology and impulsive evolution of the coronal mass ejection associated with the X8.2 flare on 2017 September 10

Astrid Veronig, Tatiana Podladchikova, Karin Dissauer, Manuela Temmer, Daniel Seaton, David Long, Jingnan Guo, Bojan Vrsnak, Louise Harra, and Bernhard Kliem

EGU2019-8981 | Posters | ST1.1

Effects of Coronal Density and Magnetic Field Distributions on the 2017 September 10 Global EUV Wave

Huidong Hu, Ying D. Liu, Bei Zhu, Wen He, Rui Wang, and Zhongwei Yang

EGU2019-1876 | Orals | ST1.1

Geoeffectiveness of the 12 X-class flares in 2002

Brigitte Schmieder, Rocksoon Kim, Benjamin Grison, Karine Bocchialini, and Young Kwon

EGU2019-12887 | Posters | ST1.1

Spatial power spectrum of the photospheric magnetic field during solar minimum

Kalevi Mursula, Bertalan Zieger, and Ilpo Virtanen

EGU2019-5853 | Orals | ST1.1

Coronal conditions during the onset of type-II radio bursts

Alexis Rouillard, Athanasios Kouloumvakos, Alexander Warmuth, Yihong Wu, Gottfried Mann, and Nicole Vilmer

EGU2019-17038 | Orals | ST1.1

Multipoint study of successive CMEs driving moderate disturbances at 1 AU

Erika Palmerio, Camilla Scolini, David Barnes, Jasmina Magdalenic, Matthew West, Andrei Zhukov, Luciano Rodriguez, Marilena Mierla, Simon Good, Diana Morosan, Emilia Kilpua, Jens Pomoell, and Stefaan Poedts

EGU2019-15632 | Posters | ST1.1

How much do we know about the magnetic field of Sun’s polar regions?

Nariaki Nitta

EGU2019-5824 | Orals | ST1.1

Forbush decreases associated with coronal mass ejections or coronal holes in various phases of solar activity

Anaid Melkumyan, Anatoly Belov, Maria Abunina, Artem Abunin, Evgeniya Eroshenko, Victor Yanke, and Victoriya Oleneva

EGU2019-5208 | Posters | ST1.1

Do the current sheets in the magnetic clouds contain elevated helium abundance?

Yuri Yermolaev, Irina Lodkina, Michael Yermolaev, Maria Riazantseva, Liudmila Rakhmanova, Natalia Borodkova, Elena Grigorenko, Igor Veselovsky, Yulia Shugay, Vladimir Slemzin, and Denis Rodkin

EGU2019-16616 | Posters | ST1.1

Shock Magnetic Structure for a Type II Radio Burst

Wei Su, Tom Li, Xin Cheng, Peng-Fei Chen, Li Feng, Yang Guo, Ming-De Ding, Dong Li, and Yan Wang

EGU2019-2467 | Orals | ST1.1

Prediction of Solar Wind Parameters at 1AU using an Artificial Neural Network

Fang Shen, Yi Yang, and Xueshang Feng

EGU2019-17362 | Posters | ST1.1

Solar data, dataproducts, and tools at MEDOC

Eric Buchlin, Stéphane Caminade, Nicolas Dufourg, Frédéric Auchère, Frédéric Baudin, Karine Bocchialini, Patrick Boumier, Miho Janvier, Susanna Parenti, Pablo Alingery, Hervé Ballans, Martine Chane-Yook, Marc Dexet, Claude Mercier, and Gilles Poulleau

EGU2019-3126 | Posters | ST1.1

Blind deconvolution for information recovery in saturated EUV images of extreme flaring events

michele piana, sabrina guastavino, federico benvenuto, and anna maria massone

EGU2019-12479 | Posters | ST1.1

LASP Interactive Solar IRradiance Datacenter (LISIRD)

Hunter Leise, Tom Baltzer, Anne Wilson, Doug Lindholm, Martin Snow, Don Woodraska, Stéphane Béland, Odele Coddington, and Chris Pankratz

EGU2019-10765 | Posters | ST1.1

Pressure balance in the heliosheath and the heliopause crossing from Voyager 2

Konstantinos Dialynas, Stamatios Krimigis, Donald Mitchell, and Robert Decker

EGU2019-11285 | Posters | ST1.1

Investigating the Sources of Auroral Field Aligned Currents: A Comparison Between Data and Global Simulations

Robert J. Strangeway, James M. Weygand, Joachim Raeder, Andrei Runov, and Paul Tenfjord

EGU2019-10176 | Posters | ST1.1

Interstellar Probe: Our Heliosphere as a Habitable Astrosphere

Ralph McNutt, Pontus Brandt, Kathleen Mandt, Elena Provornikova, Carey Lisse, Kirby Runyon, Abigail Rymer, Michael Paul, and Steven Vernon

ST1.2 – Theory and Simulation of Solar System Plasmas: focus on the Sun and solar wind

EGU2019-18529 | Orals | ST1.2

Interplanetary Alfvénic Tubulence: The Need for Verification and Modeling

Bruce Tsurutani, Gurbax Lakhina, and Abhijit Sen

EGU2019-7140 | Posters | ST1.2

Solar radio emissions: from simulations to laser experiment

Carine Briand, Sylvie Depierreux, Pierre Henri, Jean-Raphael Marques, Livia Lancia, Caterina Riconda, Andrea Sgattoni, and François Amiranoff

EGU2019-16019 | Orals | ST1.2

Solar wind suprathermal particle populations

Marian Lazar, Shaaban Mohammed Shaaban, Rodrigo Lopez, Stefaan Poedts, and Horst Fichtner

EGU2019-18539 | Orals | ST1.2

Electromagnetic Polarization of Unstable Waves in the Solar Proton Temperature Anisotropy Instability

Jinsong Zhao, Heyu Sun, Huasheng Xie, and Dejin Wu

EGU2019-10039 | Posters | ST1.2

Parametric study of torus instability threshold

Jun Chen, Bernhard Kliem, and Rui Liu

EGU2019-15777 | Orals | ST1.2

Analytical 3D Magnetohydrostatic Equilibria for Modelling Solar Magnetic Fields

Thomas Neukirch and Thomas Wiegelmann

EGU2019-10742 | Orals | ST1.2

Role of current sheet instabilities in collisionless plasma turbulence

Neeraj Jain and Joerg Buechner

EGU2019-16550 | Posters | ST1.2

Towards a novel multifluid coronal model

Peter Leitner, Andrea Lani, and Stefaan Poedts

EGU2019-18943 | Orals | ST1.2

A New Method to Comprehensively Diagnose Shock Waves in the Solar Atmosphere Based on Simultaneous Spectroscopic and Imaging Observations

Jian-Sen He, Wenzhi Ruan, Limei Yan, Lei Zhang, Linghua Wang, and Yong Wei

EGU2019-1465 | Posters | ST1.2

Validating the Alfven Wave Solar Model (AWSoM) from the lower corona to 1 AU

Nishtha Sachdeva, Ward Manchester, Bart van der Holst, Gabor Toth, Alberto Vasquez, Bernard Jackson, Diego G Lloveras, Cecilia Mac Cormack, and Hsiu-Shan Yu

EGU2019-14911 | Posters | ST1.2

Suprathermal vs thermal spontaneous emissions in space plasmas

Rodrigo A. López, Marian Lazar, Sunjung Kim, Peter H. Yoon, Stefaan Poedts, and Reinhard Schlickeiser

EGU2019-9400 | Posters | ST1.2

On oblique decay of field-aligned Alfvén waves in low beta plasmas

Horia Comisel, Yasuhito Narita, and Uwe Motschmann

EGU2019-9854 | Posters | ST1.2

North-South Asymmetry of the Heliospheric Current Sheet

Peter Israelevich

EGU2019-3840 | Posters | ST1.2

Evolution of relative magnetic helicity in the data driven MHD simulations

Shangbin Yang, Joerg Buechner, Jan Skala, and Hongqi Zhang

ST1.3 – Blowing in the Solar Wind: Understanding Solar Transients and their Heliospheric Impact

EGU2019-17510 | Posters | ST1.3

A Catalogue of Coronal Mass Ejections Observed by the Heliospheric Imagers throughout the STEREO Mission

David Barnes, Jackie Davies, and Richard Harrison and the The HELCATS Team

EGU2019-7373 | Posters | ST1.3

Importance of heliospheric imager track quality for CME arrival prediction accuracy

Tanja Amerstorfer, Jürgen Hinterreiter, Christian Möstl, Jackie A. Davies, Ute V. Amerstorfer, Martin A. Reiss, Manuela Temmer, Rachel L. Bailey, and Richard A. Harrison

EGU2019-3535 | Posters | ST1.3

Stealth coronal mass ejections: identification of source regions and geophysical effects

Iuliia Zagainova, Victor Fainshtein, Ludmila Gromova, and Sergei Gromov

EGU2019-1337 | Orals | ST1.3

Investigating the evolution and interactions of the September 2017 CME events with EUHFORIA

Camilla Scolini, Luciano Rodriguez, Manuela Temmer, Jingnan Guo, Mateja Dumbovic, Jens Pomoell, and Stefaan Poedts

EGU2019-9840 | Orals | ST1.3

Simulating ion charge states in the solar wind using a multi-species coronal model

Michaël Lavarra, Alexis Rouillard, Mikel Indurain, Pierre-Louis Blelly, Rui Pinto, and Emeline Valette

EGU2019-9132 | Posters | ST1.3

ELEvoHI ensemble modeling: CME arrival prediction based on heliospheric imager observations

Jürgen Hinterreiter, Tanja Amerstorfer, Manuela Temmer, Christian Möstl, Martin Reiss, Ute Amerstorfer, and Rachel Bailey

EGU2019-6957 | Orals | ST1.3

Unusual plasma and particle signatures at Mars and STEREO-A related to inhibited expansion caused by CME-CME interaction

Mateja Dumbovic, Jingnan Guo, Manuela Temmer, Leila Mays, Astrid Veronig, Stefan Hofmeister, and Jasper Halekas

EGU2019-9366 | Posters | ST1.3

The in situ Solar Wind and Galactic Cosmic Ray correlation at Mars and its comparison with Earth observations

Jingnan Guo, Manuela Temmer, Astrid Veronig, Miho Janvier, Stefan Hofmeister, Robert Wimmer-Schweingruber, and Jasper Halekas

EGU2019-7260 | Orals | ST1.3

Statistics of the fluctuations in Sheaths preceding Magnetic Clouds

Clément Moissard, Dominique Fontaine, and Philippe Savoini

EGU2019-9578 | Posters | ST1.3

Observational assessment on CME mass pile up in interplanetary space

Manuela Temmer, Lukas Holzknecht, Mateja Dumbovic, and Bojan Vrsnak

EGU2019-11158 | Posters | ST1.3

ICME propagation analysis using STEREO/WAVES observations

Vratislav Krupar, Milan Maksimovic, Adam Szabo, Ondrej Santolik, and Oksana Kruparova

EGU2019-17238 | Orals | ST1.3

Homologous halo CMEs of a flower-like morphology

Jasmina Magdalenic and Immanuel Christopher Jebaraj

EGU2019-11217 | Posters | ST1.3

Superposed epoch analysis of the Dst index and interplanetary shocks observed at 1 au

Oksana Kruparova, Vratislav Krupar, Jana Safrankova, Zdenek Nemecek, and Ondrej Santolik

EGU2019-11873 | Posters | ST1.3

Constraining CME Mass in HI-1

Phillip Hess and Robin Colaninno

EGU2019-17133 | Posters | ST1.3

TRAcking interplanetary Coronal mass Ejections with foRbush decreases (TRACER)

Athanasios Papaioannou, Anatoly Belov, Angelos Vourlidas, and Anastasios Anastasiadis

EGU2019-6185 | Posters | ST1.3

Observations and Modeling of a High-Latitude Extended Filament Channel Eruption

Benjamin Lynch, Erika Palmerio, Jens Pomoell, C. Richard DeVore, Maria Kazachenko, and Emilia Kilpua

EGU2019-13712 | Posters | ST1.3

Forecasting the arrival of ICMEs throughout the heliosphere

Dario Del Moro, Francesco Berrilli, Alice Cristaldi, Roberta Forte, Luca Giovannelli, Gianluca Napoletano, and Ermanno Pietropaolo

EGU2019-17497 | Posters | ST1.3

Self-similarity of ICME flux ropes in the inner heliosphere

Simon Good, Emilia Kilpua, Adrian LaMoury, Robert Forsyth, Jonathan Eastwood, and Christian Möstl

EGU2019-1210 | Posters | ST1.3

Initiation of Stealth CMEs: Clues from Numerical Modelling and In-Situ Comparisons

Dana-Camelia Talpeanu, Francesco P. Zuccarello, Emmanuel Chané, Stefaan Poedts, Elke D'Huys, Marilena Mierla, and Ilia Roussev

EGU2019-3954 | Posters | ST1.3

Alfvén ion cyclotron waves in sheath regions driven by interplanetary coronal mass ejections

Matti Ala-Lahti, Emilia Kilpua, Jan Souček, Tuija Pulkkinen, and Andrew Dimmock

EGU2019-8305 | Posters | ST1.3

ICMEs Propagating Towards Mars Observed in Heliospheric Imagers and their Associated Forbush Decreases at MSL/RAD

Johan von Forstner, Jingnan Guo, Robert F. Wimmer-Schweingruber, Manuela Temmer, Mateja Dumbović, Astrid Veronig, Christian Möstl, Donald M. Hassler, Cary J. Zeitlin, and Bent Ehresmann

ST1.4 – Exploring the near-Sun environment and first observations of Parker Solar Probe

EGU2019-3529 | Posters | ST1.4

Predicted statistics of coronal mass ejections observed by Parker Solar Probe and forward modeling of their in situ magnetic field

Christian Möstl, Tanja Amerstorfer, Martin A. Reiss, Rachel L. Bailey, Jürgen Hinterreiter, Ute V. Amerstorfer, and Noe Lugaz

EGU2019-10704 | Orals | ST1.4 | Highlight

The Parker Solar Probe WISPR Instrument: Status and Observations

Russell Howard, Angelos Vourlidas, Robin Colaninno, Guillermo Stenborg, Phillip Hess, Paulett Liewer, Nathan Rich, and Hillary Dennison

EGU2019-18768 | Orals | ST1.4 | Highlight

Some first results from the FIELDS instrument suite on Parker Solar Probe

Stuart Bale, John Bonnell, Thierry Dudok de Wit, Keith Goetz, Peter R. Harvey, Robert J. MacDowall, David M. Malaspina, and Marc Pulupu and the PSP/FIELDS team

EGU2019-7591 | Posters | ST1.4

Evolution of the internal structure of CME flux ropes from the Sun to 1AU

Nicolas Poirier, Alexis Rouillard, Michael Lavarra, and Athanasios Kouloumvakos

EGU2019-16531 | Posters | ST1.4

The role of Coulomb collisions in the solar wind acceleration region: Kinetic simulations

Laura Bercic, Simone Landi, and Milan Maksimovic

EGU2019-18061 | Orals | ST1.4 | Highlight

Integrated Science Investigation of the Sun (IS⊙IS): Overview and Initial Results

Nathan Schwadron, David McComas, Eric Christian, Ralph McNutt, and Mark Wiedenbeck

EGU2019-10051 | Posters | ST1.4

Observational challenges imposed on PSP/WISPR, the white-light heliospheric imager onboard the fastest man-made moving platform

Russell Howard, Guillermo Stenborg, Arnaud Thernisien, and Phillip Hess

EGU2019-14202 | Posters | ST1.4

Raytracing simulations of Parker Solar Probe/WISPR images

Giuseppe Nisticò, Paulett Liewer, Angelos Vourlidas, Arnaud Thernisien, Russell Howard, and Volker Bothmer

EGU2019-8013 | Orals | ST1.4

Origins of density fluctuations in the solar corona explored with time-dependent MHD simulations

Léa Griton, Rui Pinto, Rouillard Alexis, and Michael Lavarra

EGU2019-14625 | Posters | ST1.4

Alfvénicity in the solar wind: high- and low-speed streams

Raffaella D'Amicis, Lorenzo Matteini, Roberto Bruno, Marco Velli, and Rossana De Marco

EGU2019-18427 | Orals | ST1.4

Cross helicity, spectral anisotropy and turbulent heating in fast and slow winds

Victor Montagud-Camps, Roland Grappin, and Andrea Verdi

EGU2019-15115 | Posters | ST1.4

Charting new solar territories: fair winds for Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter

Rui Pinto, Alexis Rouillard, Athanasios Kouloumvakos, Emeline Valette, Michael Lavarra, and Mikel Indurain

EGU2019-9712 | Orals | ST1.4

Origins and Properties of Active Region Solar Wind

Allan Macneil, Christopher Owen, Deborah Baker, Louise Harra, David Long, and Robert Wicks

EGU2019-15528 | Posters | ST1.4

Providing Global Context for Interpretation of the Corotating and Transient Disturbances Observed by the Parker Solar Probe

Dusan Odstrcil, Leila Mays, Angelos Vourlidas, Charles Arge, and Peter MacNeice

EGU2019-15570 | Posters | ST1.4

Energy spectra of carbon and oxygen with HELIOS E6 - Radial gradients of Anomalous Cosmic Ray oxygen within 1 AU

Bernd Heber, Johannes Marquardt, Patrick Kühl, Dutoit Strauss, and Marius Potgieter

EGU2019-18345 | Posters | ST1.4

Turbulent heating in the accelerating region using a multishell model

Roland Grappin, Andrea Verdini, and Victor Montagud-Camps

EGU2019-19210 | Posters | ST1.4 | Highlight

Parker Solar Probe: First two Solar Encounters

Nour Eddine Raouafi, Stuart D. Bale, Justin C. Kasper, David J. McComas, Russell A. Howard, Marco Velli, and Arik Posner

ST1.5 – Turbulence in Space Plasmas

EGU2019-938 | Posters | ST1.5

Modification of kinetic-scale plasma turbulence at the Earth's bow shock

Liudmila Rakhmanova, Maria Riazantseva, Georgy Zastenker, and Mihail Verigin

EGU2019-17036 | Orals | ST1.5

What is the link between low magnetic field compressibility and 1/f range of turbulent spectra in the fast solar wind?

Lorenzo Matteini, David Stansby, Timothy S. Horbury, and Christopher H.K. Chen

EGU2019-11645 | Orals | ST1.5

Turbulence within the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability at Earth’s magnetopause: MMS observations and comparisons with kinetic simulations

Julia E. Stawarz, Luca Franci, Emanuele Papini, Simone Landi, Petr Hellinger, Christopher H. K. Chen, Lorenzo Matteini, Andrea Verdini, David Burgess, James L. Burch, Daniel J. Gershman, Barbara L. Giles, Olivier Le Contel, Per-Arne Lindqvist, Robert E. Ergun, Christopher T. Russell, Robert J. Strangeway, and Roy B. Torbert

EGU2019-1784 | Posters | ST1.5

Magnetic Reconnection May Control the Ion-scale Spectral Break of Solar Wind Turbulence

Daniel Vech, Alfred Mallet, Kristopher Klein, and Justin Kasper

EGU2019-9688 | Posters | ST1.5

Faraday cup fast plasma instruments for ESA F-class mission proposals

Lubomir Prech, Jana Safrankova, Zdenek Nemecek, Tereza Durovcova, Ivo Cermak, and Maria Riazantseva

EGU2019-4355 | Orals | ST1.5

Solar wind fluctuations at the inertial and kinetic scales: Ion beta dependence

Jana Safrankova, Zdenek Nemecek, Frantisek Nemec, Daniel Verscharen, Christopher H. K. Chen, Tereza Durovcova, and Maria O. Riazantseva

EGU2019-14649 | Posters | ST1.5

Multidimentional Iterative Filtering: a new approach for investigating plasma turbulence in Hall-MHD and Hybrid-PIC simulations.

Emanuele Papini, Mirko Piersanti, Antonio Cicone, Luca Franci, and Simone Landi

EGU2019-12107 | Orals | ST1.5

Nonlinear firehose instability and constant magnetic field strength fluctuations

Anna Tenerani and Marco Velli

EGU2019-16316 | Orals | ST1.5

Local anisotropy of velocity fluctuations in the solar wind

Andrea Verdini, Roland Grappin, Olga Alexandrova, Luca Franci, Simone Landi, Lorenzo Matteini, and Emanuele Papini

EGU2019-5400 | Posters | ST1.5

Compressibility of solar wind fluctuations around ion scales

Alexander Pitna, Jana Safrankova, Zdenek Nemecek, and Luca Franci

EGU2019-9068 | Posters | ST1.5

Magnetospheric Multiscale Observation of Kinetic Effects in an Alfvén Vortex

Tieyan Wang, Olga Alexandrova, Denise Perrone, Malcolm Dunlop, Xiangcheng Dong, and Robert Bingham

EGU2019-18945 | Orals | ST1.5

Three-wave synthetic nature of turbulence from ion-scales down to sub-electron scales in the magnetosheath

Xingyu Zhu, Jiansen He, Daniel Verscharen, and Jinsong Zhao

EGU2019-3114 | Orals | ST1.5

Measuring electron-scale turbulence with Debye

Daniel Verscharen and Robert Wicks

EGU2019-18416 | Posters | ST1.5

MMS observations of thin current sheets in solar wind

Alexander Vinogradov, Ivan Vasko, Anton Artemyev, Egor Yushkov, and Anatoly Petrukovich

EGU2019-5294 | Posters | ST1.5

Plasma turbulence vs. fire hose instabilities: 3D hybrid expanding box simulations

Petr Hellinger, Lorenzo Matteini, Simone Landi, Luca Franci, Andrea Verdini, and Emanuele Papini

EGU2019-7381 | Posters | ST1.5

Evidence for Electron Landau Damping in Solar Wind Turbulence

Christopher Chen, Kris Klein, and Greg Howes

EGU2019-4319 | Posters | ST1.5

Evolution of alpha particle properties across stream interaction regions

Tereza Durovcova, Jana Safrankova, and Zdenek Nemecek

EGU2019-4349 | Posters | ST1.5

Solar wind in the de Hoffmann–Teller frame of reference

Zdenek Nemecek, Tereza Durovcova, Jana Safrankova, Frantisek Nemec, Lorenzo Matteini, David Stansby, Nils Janitzek, Lars Berger, and Robert F. Wimmer-Schweingruber

EGU2019-15563 | Posters | ST1.5

Reconstructing magnetic variance anisotropy, from fluid to kinetic scales, using a simple toy-model

Roberto Bruno, Rossana DeMarco, Raffaella D'Amicis, Daniele Telloni, Silvia Perri, and Luca Sorriso-Valvo

EGU2019-16096 | Posters | ST1.5

Understanding Electron-Scale Electric Field Fluctuations in Solar wind Kinetic Turbulence: Artemis Observations

Chadi Salem, John Bonnell, Elizabeth Hanson, Christopher Chaston, Kristopher Klein, Luca Franci, Daniel Verscharen, and David Sundkvist

EGU2019-17154 | Posters | ST1.5

Numerical simulations of kinetic turbulence in the low beta regime: interpreting MMS observations in the Earth’s magnetosheath and predicting PSP observations in the solar corona

Luca Franci, Emanuele Papini, Alfredo Micera, Giovanni Lapenta, Petr Hellinger, Christopher Chen, David Burgess, Julia Stawarz, and Simone Landi

EGU2019-17504 | Posters | ST1.5

MMS Measurements using Phase Differencing Method

Owain Walker

EGU2019-15716 | Posters | ST1.5

Local energy transfers in MHD turbulence: from numerical to spacecraft data

Denis Kuzzay, Olga Alexandrova, Lorenzo Matteini, and Luca Sorriso-Valvo

EGU2019-8706 | Posters | ST1.5

Three dimensional turbulent spectra in the Earth’s magnetosheath MMS-Observations

Owen Roberts, Yasuhito Narita, Rumi Nakamura, and Daniel Gershman

ST1.6 – Dynamical processes and particle acceleration associated with current sheets, magnetic islands and turbulence-borne structures in different plasmas

EGU2019-3690 | Posters | ST1.6

Space weather effects related to pre-storm turbulence-borne structures in the solar wind

Tatyana Kogaj, Olga Khabarova, and Oleg Mingalev

EGU2019-4018 | Posters | ST1.6

Twisted flux rope interactions in the solar wind

Zoltán Vörös and Emiliya Yordanova

EGU2019-4478 | Posters | ST1.6

Comparison of current sheets in solar wind and planetary magnetospheres

Helmi Malova, Victor Popov, Evgenyi Maiewski, Elena Grigorenko, Anatoly Petrukovich, Dominique Delcourt, and Lev Zelenyi

EGU2019-5194 | Posters | ST1.6

The Birth of a Coronal Mass Ejection

Rui Liu, Tingyu Gou, Bernhard Kliem, Yuming Wang, and Astrid Veronig

EGU2019-5823 | Posters | ST1.6

Non-Extensive Statistical Analysis of Energetic Particle Flux Enhancements Caused by the Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejection - Heliospheric Current Sheet Interaction

Evgenios Pavlos, Olga Malandraki, Olga Khabarova, Leonidas Karakatsanis, George Pavlos, and Goerge Livadiotis

EGU2019-7326 | Posters | ST1.6

Magnetospheric Drift-Alfven waves reflected in auroral substorm arcs

Olga Tsareva, Gabriel Fruit, Philippe Louarn, and Anatoly Tour

EGU2019-7604 | Posters | ST1.6

Current sheets and coherent structures in Ulysses dataset at 5 AU

Antonella Greco and Gang Li

EGU2019-8330 | Posters | ST1.6

Magnetic Reconnection and Particles Acceleration

Francesco Pecora, Antonella Greco, Qiang Hu, and Sergio Servidio

EGU2019-10391 | Posters | ST1.6

Acceleration of plasma in current sheet during substorm dipolarizations in the Earth’s magnetotail: comparison of different mechanisms

Elena Parkhomenko, Helmi Malova, Victor Popov, Elena Grigorenko, Dominique Delcourt, Patrick Daly, Elena Kronberg, Anatoly Petrukovich, and Lev Zelenyi

EGU2019-11837 | Posters | ST1.6

A Predicted Small and Round Heliosphere

Merav Opher, Abraham Loeb, James Drake, and Gabor Toth

EGU2019-12933 | Posters | ST1.6

The turbulent properties of solar wind streams associated with magnetic clouds

Maria Riazantseva, Liudmila Rakhmanova, Gerogy Zastenker, Yuri Yermolaev, Irina Lodkina, Jana Safrankova, Zdenek Nemecek, and Lubomir Prech

ST2.1 – Open Session on the Magnetosphere (including Julius Bartels Medal Lecture by Masatoshi Yamauchi)

EGU2019-1328 | Posters | ST2.1

Characterization of turbulent plasma fluctuations inside dipolarizing flux bundles in the Earth’s magnetotail

Bohdan Petrenko, Liudmyla Kozak, and Elena Kronberg

EGU2019-8564 | Orals | ST2.1 | Highlight

Disruption of the Earth’s foreshock wave field during magnetic clouds

Lucile Turc, Owen Roberts, Martin Archer, Minna Palmroth, Markus Battarbee, Thiago Brito, Urs Ganse, Maxime Grandin, Yann Pfau-Kempf, and Philippe Escoubet

EGU2019-2019 | Posters | ST2.1

The SMILE mission: science and technical status

C.-Philippe Escoubet, Chi Wang, Graziella Branduardi-Raymont, Steve Sembay, Lei Day, Lei Li, Eric Donovan, Andrew Dimmock, Emma Spanswick, David Sibeck, Harri Laakso, Andy Read, David Agnolon, Walfried Raab, Chris Runciman, Fabio Giannini, Jing Li, Jian-Hua Zheng, and Arnaud Masson

EGU2019-2284 | Orals | ST2.1

Monitoring of dayside magnetopause position using soft X-ray images

Graziella Branduardi-Raymont and Andrey Samsonov

EGU2019-3489 | Posters | ST2.1

Interhemispheric observations of transpolar arcs for long-duration radial IMF events

Jong-Sun Park, Quanqi Shi, Motoharu Nowada, Jih-Hong Shue, Khan-Hyuk Kim, and Dong-Hun Lee

EGU2019-8908 | Orals | ST2.1 | Highlight

Ion phenomena in space

Masatoshi Yamauchi

EGU2019-3664 | Posters | ST2.1

Night-side magnetopause: simultaneous observations of ARTEMIS and MMS

Alexander Lukin, Anton Artemyev, Evgeny Panov, Anatoly Petrukovich, and Egor Yushkov

EGU2019-7450 | Orals | ST2.1

An artificial neural network model of the terrestrial bow shock

Giuseppe Pallocchia

EGU2019-3837 | Posters | ST2.1

Finding of non-adiabatic electron acceleration in kinetic-size magnetic holes.

Ji Liu, Shutao Yao, Quanqi Shi, Xiaogang Wang, Yongyong Feng, Ruilong Guo, Zhonghua Yao, Jonathan Iain Rae, Degeling Alexander William, and Anmin Tian

EGU2019-14873 | Orals | ST2.1

Investigation of why certain flux transfer events appear as isolated events

Anita Kullen, Simon Thor, Tomas Karlsson, and Lei Cai

EGU2019-3852 | Posters | ST2.1

Carriers of the Field-Aligned Currents in the Plasma Sheet Boundary Layer: An MMS Multi-case Study

Yuanqiang Chen, Mingyu Wu, Guoqiang Wang, Daniel Schmid, Tielong Zhang, Wolfgang Baumjohann, Rumi Nakamura, Christopher T. Russell, Barbara J. Giles, and James L. Burch

EGU2019-3854 | Posters | ST2.1

Solar wind directional change triggering flapping motions of the current sheet: MMS observations

Guoqiang Wang, Tielong Zhang, Mingyu Wu, Daniel Schmid, Geng Wang, and Martin Volwerk

EGU2019-8334 | Orals | ST2.1

The Variation of Magnetospheric Resonance with Changing Geomagnetic Conditions

Samuel Wharton, Darren Wright, Timothy Yeoman, Jasmine Sandhu, and Matthew James

EGU2019-3867 | Posters | ST2.1

Field-Aligned Current Signature under Different Data Time Resolution

Tielong Zhang, Yuanqiang Chen, Mingyu Wu, Guoqiang Wang, Daniel Schmid, Wolfgang Baumjohann, Rumi Nakamura, Christopher T. Russell, Barbara J. Giles, and James L. Burch

EGU2019-10291 | Orals | ST2.1

Electromagnetic drift waves in the magnetotail - electron bouncing and ion cyclotron effects

Gabriel Fruit, Philippe Louran, and Tsareva Olga

EGU2019-3907 | Posters | ST2.1

On the Origin of the Dips ahead of Dipolarization Fronts: A MMS multi-case study

Daniel Schmid, Martin Volwerk, Ferdinand Plaschke, Rumi Nakamura, Wolfgang Baumjohann, Guoqiang Wang, Mingyu Wu, and Tielong Zhang

EGU2019-17766 | Orals | ST2.1

Cluster EDI Observations of the Asymmetric Plasma Convection in the Magnetotail Lobes During Different Levels of Tail Reconnection Rate

Anders Ohma, Nikolai Østgaard, Jone Peter Reistad, Paul Tenfjord, Karl M. Laundal, Therese Moretto Jørgensen, and Stein Haaland

EGU2019-8234 | Posters | ST2.1

Inverse gradient of the magnetic field at the flank magnetopause

Jiri Simunek, Zdenek Nemecek, Jana Safrankova, Gilbert Pi, and Kostiantyn Grygorov

EGU2019-6455 | Orals | ST2.1

IMF By influence on magnetospheric convection in the Earth’s magnetotail

Timo Pitkänen, Anita Kullen, Quanqi Shi, Karl M. Laundal, Paul Tenfjord, Jong-Sun Park, Anmin Tian, Maria Hamrin, and Alexandre De Spiegeleer

EGU2019-11254 | Posters | ST2.1

More about the influence of the total pressure on the MHD stability of two-dimensional magnetotail-like configurations

Daniil Korovinskiy, Vladimir Semenov, Nikolai Erkaev, Ivan Ivanov, and Stefan Kiehas

EGU2019-9630 | Orals | ST2.1

Acceleration of ions in Jovian plasmoids: does turbulence play a role?

Elena Kronberg, Elena Grigorenko, Andrey Malykhin, Liudmyla Kozak, Bogdan Petrenko, Marissa Vogt, Elias Roussos, Peter Kollmann, Caitriona Jackman, Satoshi Kasahara, Khelmi Malova, Chihiro Tao, Aikaterini Radioti, and Adam Masters

EGU2019-11931 | Posters | ST2.1

Kinetic Scale Magnetic Structures in Geospace

Shutao Yao, Quanqi Shi, Xiaogang Wang, Zhonghua Yao, Ruilong Guo, Degeling Alexander William, Anmin Tian, Ji Liu, and Qiugang Zong

EGU2019-13005 | Posters | ST2.1

Energy expansion of a localized broad-band disturbance in an ion-electron two-fluid plasma

Yu-Chun Huang and Ling-Hsiao Lyu

EGU2019-15353 | Posters | ST2.1

Thermal electron population in the magnetotail: convection heating and scattering induced losses

Pavel Shustov, Anton Artemyev, Xiaojia Zhang, Egor Yushkov, and Anatoly Petrukovich

ST2.2 – Solar wind, foreshock, bow shock, and magnetosheath transient phenomena and their effects

EGU2019-5385 | Posters | ST2.2

Statistical study of influence of ULF waves and their compressibility on the solar wind velocity in the Earth's foreshock

Jaroslav Urbar, Zdenek Nemecek, Jana Safrankova, and Lubomir Prech

EGU2019-9610 | Orals | ST2.2

Sheath-like solar wind deflection in the foreshock during radial IMF: Comparison with Hybrid–Vlasov Simulations

Olga Gutynska, Lucile Turc, Yann Pfau-Kempf, Jana Safrankova, Zdenek Nemecek, and Minna Palmroth

EGU2019-4326 | Posters | ST2.2

Favorable upstream solar wind conditions for hot flow anomalies

Gilbert Pi, Jana Safrankova, and Zdenek Nemecek

EGU2019-2149 | Orals | ST2.2

Downstream structures and ion dynamics at a rippled quasi-parallel shock: 2-D hybrid simulations

Yufei Hao, Quanming Lu, Dejin Wu, Xinliang Gao, and Shui Wang

EGU2019-373 | Orals | ST2.2

Investigation of Quasi-parallel & Quasi-perpendicular Magnetosheath Jets Using Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS)

Savvas Raptis, Tomas Karlsson, and Per-Arne Lindqvist

EGU2019-16020 | Posters | ST2.2

Electron acceleration and plasma frequency waves at the bow shock and electron foreshock

Daniel Graham, Yuri Khotyaintsev, Andris Vaivads, Mats Andre, Per-Arne Lindqvist, Barbara Giles, Christopher Russell, James Burch, Robert Ergun, and Roy Torbert

EGU2019-1732 | Orals | ST2.2

First Direct Observations of a Surface Eigenmode of the Dayside Magnetopause: Excitation by a Magnetosheath Jet

Martin Archer, Heli Hietala, Michael Hartinger, Ferdinand Plaschke, and Vassilis Angelopoulos

EGU2019-17710 | Posters | ST2.2

Porosity and non-locality of injection at the Earth’s bow shock: Global simulation results

Markus Battarbee, Yann Pfau-Kempf, Urs Ganse, Lucile Turc, Thiago Brito, Maxime Grandin, Tuomas Koskela, Maxime Dubart, and Minna Palmroth

EGU2019-3782 | Orals | ST2.2

MMS/FEEPS Observations of Electron Microinjections Due to Kelvin‐Helmholtz Waves and Flux Transfer Events

Shiva Kavosi, Harlan Spence, Joseph Fennell, Drew Turner, and Joachim Raeder

EGU2019-8781 | Posters | ST2.2

Generation of Suprathermal Ions During Variable Upstream Plasma Conditions and its Effect on the Shock Structure

Harald Kucharek, Antoinette Galvin, Noe Lugaz, and Charles Farrugia

EGU2019-15161 | Orals | ST2.2

Event detection from multiple spacecraft in-situ measurement using Deep Learning

Gautier Nguyen, Dominique Fontaine, Nicolas Aunai, Alexis Jeandet, and Vianney Choimet

EGU2019-10581 | Posters | ST2.2

A Fast-Fermi acceleration at Mars bow shock

Karim Meziane, Christian Mazelle, Abdelhaq Hamza, David L. Mitchell, Jared R. Espley, Jasper S. Halekas, Emmanuel Penou, and Bruce Jakosky

EGU2019-11962 | Posters | ST2.2

Large-amplitude Electromagnetic Ion Cyclotron Wave in the Flank of the Earth’s Magnetosheath

Jinsong Zhao, Tieyan Wang, Malcolm Dunlop, Jiansen He, Xiangcheng Dong, Chen Shi, Dejin Wu, Christopher Russell, and Barbara Giles

EGU2019-13863 | Posters | ST2.2

Investigation of ion-scale waves within a global hybrid-Vlasov simulation

Maxime Dubart, Urs Ganse, Adnane Osmane, Verscharen Daniel, Klein Kristopher, Grandin Maxime, Brito Thiago, Battarbee Markus, Pfau-Kempf Yann, Turc Lucile, and Palmroth Minna

EGU2019-4562 | Posters | ST2.2

Simultaneous Observations from Multiple Spacecraft of Transient Pressure Pulses in the Magnetosheath

Hairong Lai, Christopher Russell, and Yingdong Jia

EGU2019-3062 | Posters | ST2.2

Evolution and properties of the high-speed plasmoids in the magnetosheath near Bow shock

Oleksandr Goncharov, Herbert Gunell, Maria Hamrin, and Tomas Karlsson

EGU2019-9628 | Posters | ST2.2

Statistical characteristics of magnetosheath jets: MMS observations compared to global hybrid-Vlasov simulations

Minna Palmroth, Tomas Karlsson, Lucile Turc, Savvas Raptis, Jonas Suni, Markus Battarbee, Thiago Brito, Maxime Dubart, Urs Ganse, Maxime Grandin, and Yann Pfau-Kempf

EGU2019-9501 | Posters | ST2.2

Variations of magnetopause locations during ICMEs and MCs

Anna Salohub, Jana Safrankova, Zdenek Nemecek, Gilbert Pi, Kostiantyn Grygorov, and Jiri Simunek

EGU2019-9564 | Posters | ST2.2

Inverse magnetic field gradient across the magnetopause: Multipoint study

Kostiantyn Grygorov, Zdenek Nemecek, Jana Safrankova, and Jiri Simunek

EGU2019-16676 | Posters | ST2.2

Magnetopause current sheet model with strong plasma flow gradients

Egor Yushkov, Anton Artemyev, and Anatoli Petrukovich

ST2.3 – Magnetic reconnection and associated multi-scale coupling in the collisionless environments

EGU2019-5737 | Posters | ST2.3

Magnetic Reconnection at the Dayside Magnetopause Observed during Continuous IMF Rotation

Karlheinz Trattner, Stephen Fuselier, Steven Petrinec, James Burch, Paul Cassak, Robert Ergun, Barbara Giles, Roy Torbert, and Frederick Wilder

EGU2019-3384 | Orals | ST2.3

Similarities and differences between symmetric and asymmetric magnetic reconnection

Michael Hesse, Paul Tenfjord, Cecilia Norgren, Yi-Hsin Liu, Li-Jen Chen, Naoki Bessho, Shan Wang, and James Burch

EGU2019-16799 | Posters | ST2.3

Finite-time Lyapunov exponents in zones of magnetic reconnection in Earth’s magneto-tail

Christoph Lhotka, Philippe Bourdin, and Elke Pilat-Lohinger

EGU2019-3456 | Orals | ST2.3

Magnetic Curvature Identification of the Reconnection Line on the Earth’s Magnetopause

Yi Qi, Robert Strangeway, Christopher Russell, Cong Zhao, Roy Torbert, William Paterson, Barbara Giles, and Jim Burch

EGU2019-5617 | Orals | ST2.3

Stationarity of the Reconnection X-Line at the Dayside Magnetopause

Stephen Fuselier, Karlheinz Trattner, Steven Petrinec, Kristina Pritchard, James Burch, Paul Cassak, Barbara Giles, and Robert Strangeway

EGU2019-7047 | Posters | ST2.3

Characteristics of energy dispersion of ions and electrons in the PSBL flows during substorms

Simon Wellenzohn, Rumi Nakamura, Victor Sergeev, Ali Varsani, Sergey Apatenkov, James L. Burch, Barbara L. Giles, and Roy B. Torbert

EGU2019-11313 | Orals | ST2.3

A Survey of Plasma Waves in the Dayside Reconnection Layer

Frederick Wilder, Robert Ergun, Stefan Eriksson, Matthew Argall, Narges Ahmadi, Karlheinz Trattner, Sanni Hoilijoki, James Webster, James Burch, Roy Torbert, Barbara Giles, Olivier Le Contel, and Robert Strangeway

EGU2019-14550 | Orals | ST2.3

Dipole Tilt Effect on the Reconnection X-Line and its Impact on the Ionosphere in Global Magnetospheric Simulations

Joseph W. B. Eggington, Jonathan P. Eastwood, Lars Mejnertsen, Ravindra T. Desai, and Jeremy P. Chittenden

EGU2019-3820 | Posters | ST2.3

MMS observations of the dense high speed flow in the magnetotail

Mingyu Wu, Yuanqiang Chen, Guoqiang Wang, Daniel Schmid, and Tielong Zhang

EGU2019-17754 | Orals | ST2.3

Electron heating and thermalization in asymmetric reconnection: laminar and turbulent mechanisms

Andrey Divin, Yuri Khotyaintsev, Andris Vaivads, Mats André, Vyacheslav Olshevsky, and Stefano Markidis

EGU2019-4997 | Posters | ST2.3

MMS-Cluster conjugate observations of fast flows and dipolarization in the near-Earth magnetotail

Rumi Nakamura, Diana Rojas-Castillo, Takuma Nakamura, Wolfgang Baumjohann, Joachim Birn, Jim Burch, Chris Carr, Iannis Dandouras, Andrew Fazakerley, Barbara Giles, Philippe Escoubet, Marina Kubyshkina, Olivier Le Contel, Tsugunobu Nagai, Victor Sergeev, and Roy Torbert

EGU2019-5474 | Orals | ST2.3

EDR structure for symmetric and asymmetric reconnection: MMS results

Kevin Genestreti, Roy Torbert, Jim Burch, Takuma Nakamura, and Ali Varsani

EGU2019-7928 | Posters | ST2.3

What is the effect of mantle-reconnection interaction?

Paul Tenfjord, Michael Hesse, Cecilia Norgren, Håkon Kolstø, and Susanne Spinnangr

EGU2019-11677 | Orals | ST2.3

Magnetotail reconnection events observed by MMS

Kyoung-Joo Hwang, Eunjin Choi, kyunghwan Dokgo, James Burch, David Sibeck, Barbara Giles, Craig Pollock, Philippe Escoubet, Andrei Runov, Rumi Nakamura, Huishan Fu, Hiroshi Hasegawa, Quanqi Shi, Melvyn Goldstein, Daniel Gershman, Yuri Khotyaintsev, Cecilia Norgren, Daniel Graham, Robert Ergun, and Roy Torbert and the MMS FPI and Fields teams

EGU2019-8480 | Posters | ST2.3

Study on the stability of the reconnection jet fronts

Takuma Nakamura, Takayuki Umeda, Rumi Nakamura, and Huishan Fu

EGU2019-13070 | Orals | ST2.3

Modeling electron-scale plasma mixing in narrow shear flows along the magnetic reconnection separatrix

Justin Holmes, Rumi Nakamura, Robert Ergun, and David Newman

EGU2019-12230 | Orals | ST2.3

Agyrotropic beam-plasma interactions near the electron diffusion region

Kyunghwan Dokgo, Kyoung-Joo Hwang, James L. Burch, Eunjin Choi, Peter H. Yoon, and David G. Sibeck

EGU2019-8701 | Posters | ST2.3

Electron acceleration in the reconnection outflow region using MMS data

Andris Vaivads, Elin Eriksson, Love Alm, Daniel B. Graham, Yuri V. Khotyaintsev, Mats André, Barbara L. Giles, Christopher T. Russell, Roy B. Torbert, Robert E. Ergun, Per-Arne Lindqvist, and James L. Burch

EGU2019-10734 | Orals | ST2.3

FTE Growth Mechanisms: A Comparative Analysis

Mojtaba Akhavan-Tafti, Minna Palmroth, James Slavin, Markus Battarbee, Urs Ganse, Yann Kempf, Maxime Grandin, Guan Le, and Daniel Gershman

EGU2019-9441 | Posters | ST2.3

MMS observations of MHD discontinuities and expansion waves in dayside magnetopause

Boryau Hsupeng and Lou-Chuang Lee

EGU2019-13177 | Posters | ST2.3

Observations of Circularly Polarized Magnetic Fields Associated with Electron Holes

Konrad Steinvall, Daniel B. Graham, Yuri V. Khotyaintsev, Andris Vaivads, Per-Arne Lindqvist, Robert E. Ergun, Olivier Le Contel, Christopher T. Russell, Roy B. Torbert, and James L. Burch

EGU2019-5270 | Orals | ST2.3

Continent-wide R1/R2 Current System and Ohmic Losses by Broad Dipolarization-Injection Fronts

Evgeny V. Panov, Wolfgang Baumjohann, Rumi Nakamura, James M. Weygand, Barbara L. Giles, Christopher T. Russel, Geoff Reeves, and Marina V. Kubyshkina

EGU2019-5947 | Orals | ST2.3

Substorm-related near-Earth reconnection surge: Combining telescopic and microscopic views.

Victor A. Sergeev, Rumi Nakamura, Wolfgang Baumjohann, Yuri Khotyaintsev, Kirsti Kauristie, Jim Burch, Robert Ergun, Per-Arne Lindqvist, Roy Torbert, Christopher Russell, and Barbara Giles

EGU2019-13959 | Posters | ST2.3

Kinetic aspects of ion jets in the near-Earth magnetotail

Diana Rojas-Castillo, Rumi Nakamura, Takuma Nakamura, Jim Burch, Barbara Giles, and Roy Torbert

EGU2019-14922 | Posters | ST2.3

MMS-Cluster joint observations of plasma sheet boundary layer crossings

Olivier Le Contel, Alessandro Retino, Alexandra Alexandrova, Thomas Chust, Patrick Canu, Dominique Fontaine, Sergio Toledo, Christian Jacquey, Benoit Lavraud, Stefan Kiehas, Rumi Nakamura, Yuri Khotyaintsev, Frederick D. Wilder, Daniel J. Gershman, Robert J. Strangeway, Ferdinand Plaschke, Matthew R. Argall, Drew L. Turner, Ian J. Cohen, and James L. Burch and the MMS-Cluster PSBL team

EGU2019-17224 | Posters | ST2.3

Energetic electron injection observed at the plasma sheet boundary in the inner magnetosphere

Iku Shinohara, Tsugunobu Nagai, Takefumi Mitani, Satoshi Kasahara, Yoichi Kazama, Shiang-Yu Wang, Sunny Tam, Nana Higashio, Ayako Matsuoka, Kazushi Asamura, Shoichiro Yokota, Takeshi Takashima, and Yoshizumi Miyoshi

EGU2019-17258 | Posters | ST2.3

Identifying 3-D Vortex using Magnetospheric Multiscale mission

Yao Jiang, Dongsheng Cai, Hiroshi Hasegawa, and Bertrand Lembege

EGU2019-17943 | Posters | ST2.3

Acceleration of cold ions at separatrices during magnetic reconnection

Ivan Zaytsev, Andrey Divin, Vladimir Semenov, Yuri Khotyaintsev, Andris Vaivads, Mats André, and Stefano Markidis

ST2.4 – Wave-particle interactions in the Earth's inner magnetosphere and radiation belt dynamics

EGU2019-4672 | Orals | ST2.4 | Highlight

Pulsating aurora from electron scattering by chorus waves

Satoshi Kasahara, Yoshizumi Miyoshi, Shoichiro Yokota, Takefumi Mitani, Yoshiya Kasahara, Shoya Matsuda, Atsushi Kumamoto, Ayako Matsuoka, Yoichi Kazama, Harald Frey, Vassilis Angelopoulos, Satoshi Kurita, Kunihiro Keika, Kanako Seki, and Iku Shinohara

EGU2019-3490 | Posters | ST2.4

Study on the radial diffusion of protons in the inner magnetosphere

Wenlong Liu and Xingzhi Lyu

EGU2019-8736 | Posters | ST2.4

The system identification development of local time dependent electron flux models for geostationary orbit

Richard Boynton, Olga Amariutei, and Michael Balikhin

EGU2019-11373 | Orals | ST2.4

Properties of intense field-aligned lower-band chorus waves: Implications for nonlinear wave-particle interaction

Xiao-Jia Zhang, Richard Thorne, Anton Artemyev, Didier Mourenas, Dmitrii Vainchtein, Vassilis Angelopoulos, and Jacob Bortnik

EGU2019-1297 | Posters | ST2.4

On the cause of electron acceleration and loss in the outer Van Allen belt

Christos Katsavrias, Ioannis A. Daglis, Wen Li, and Eleftheria Mitsakou

EGU2019-10718 | Orals | ST2.4

Non-linear EMIC-driven electron scattering at sub-MeV energies: validation through observation and simulation

Aaron Hendry, Ondrej Santolik, Craig Kletzing, Craig Rodger, Kazuo Shiokawa, and Dimitri Baishev

EGU2019-15282 | Orals | ST2.4

The effect of VLF transmitter waves on the inner belt and slot region

John Ross, Nigel Meredith, Sarah Glauert, Richard Horne, and Mark Clilverd

EGU2019-17883 | Posters | ST2.4

3D mapping of the Earth’s trapped radiation particles using µASC: from the inner zone to the magnetosphere

Matija Herceg, John L. Jørgensen, Peter S. Jørgensen, and Troelz Denver

EGU2019-3341 | Orals | ST2.4

Electron pitch angle anisotropy in corotating interaction region-driven storms – implications for radiation belt loss and electron precipitation

Hilde Nesse Tyssøy, Linn-Kristine Glesnes Ødegaard, Johan Stadsnes, Marit Sandanger, Finn Søraas, and Kristian Snekvik

EGU2019-11418 | Posters | ST2.4

Electron Intensity Measurements by Cluster Mission in Radiation Belts of the Earth

Artem Smirnov, Elena Kronberg, Franck Latallerie, Patrick Daly, Nikita Aseev, Yuri Shprits, Adam Kellerman, Satoshi Kasahara, Drew Turner, and Matthew Taylor

EGU2019-6857 | Posters | ST2.4

Statistical Analysis of the Outer Radiation Belt and Inner Magnetospheric Response to Sheath Regions of Coronal Mass Ejections

Milla Kalliokoski, Emilia Kilpua, Drew Turner, Allison Jaynes, Adnane Osmane, Lucile Turc, and Minna Palmroth

EGU2019-349 | Orals | ST2.4

Electron diffusion in self-consistent numerical experiments due to whistler-mode wave-particle interactions

Oliver Allanson, Clare Watt, Heather Ratcliffe, Nigel Meredith, and Teo Bloch

EGU2019-1410 | Posters | ST2.4

2D Simulations of Magnetospheric Chorus Wave Generation with TRISTAN-MP PIC Code

Ilya Kuzichev, Angel Rualdo Soto-Chavez, and Andrew Gerrard

EGU2019-11768 | Orals | ST2.4

Modeling the Penetration of the Barrier to Ultra-relativistic Electrons in the Outer Van Allen Belt during Extreme Magnetic Storms

Ian Mann, Louis Ozeke, Kyle Murphy, Leonid Olifer, Alexander Degeling, Seth Claudepierre, and Harlan Spence

EGU2019-3774 | Posters | ST2.4

A Systematic Study of Lasting Time and Sweep Rate for Lower Band Rising Tone Chorus Elements

Jih-Hong Shue, Yasuhiro Nariyuki, Shinji Saito, Yoshiya Kasahara, Yi-Kai Hsieh, Shoya Matsuda, Yoshitaka Goto, and Yuto Katoh

EGU2019-10011 | Orals | ST2.4

On the effect of the seed population in Earth's Electron Radiation Belts

Hayley Allison, Richard Horne, Sarah Glauert, and Giulio Del Zanna

EGU2019-10723 | Posters | ST2.4

Wave Polarization and Propagation Parameters for the THEMIS mission

Ulrich Taubenschuss, David Píša, Ondřej Santolík, and Jan Souček

EGU2019-5561 | Posters | ST2.4

Optimal Use of Time Lags Between MMS Spacecraft : Application to the Estimation of Wave-Vectors

Gérard M. Chanteur, Olivier Le Contel, Alessandro Retino, and Drew L. Turner

EGU2019-498 | Orals | ST2.4

A solar wind coupled, probabilistic model of the ULF waves driving radial diffusion in Earth’s radiation belts

Sarah Bentley, Clare E. J. Watt, I. Jonathan Rae, Mathew J. Owens, Kyle Murphy, Michael Lockwood, and Jasmine K. Sandhu

EGU2019-10535 | Orals | ST2.4

MMS Observations of Magnetospheric Field Line Resonances

Guan Le, Peter Chi, Robert Strangeway, Christopher Russell, James Slavin, Brian Anderson, Rumi Nakamura, Ferdinand Plaschke, and Roy Torbert

EGU2019-572 | Posters | ST2.4

Banded VLF emissions occurring in the frequency range 16 - 39 kHz observed on the ground

Edith Macotela, Frantisek Nemec, Ondrej Santolik, Ivana Kolmasova, Jyrki Manninen, and Tauno Turunen

EGU2019-4152 | Posters | ST2.4

Conjugate observations of quasiperiodic emissions by the Kannuslehto station and Van Allen Probes spacecraft

Barbora Bezdekova, Frantisek Nemec, Jyrki Manninen, George B. Hospodarsky, Ondrej Santolik, William S. Kurth, and David P. Hartley

EGU2019-10469 | Orals | ST2.4

Automatic identification of coherent EMIC rising tones

Benjamin Grison, Ondrej Santolik, Nicole Cornilleau-Wehrlin, and Christopher Carr

EGU2019-4166 | Posters | ST2.4

Doppler shifted Alpha transmitter signals in the conjugate hemisphere: DEMETER spacecraft observations and modeling

Frantisek Nemec, Ondrej Santolik, and Michel Parrot

EGU2019-5035 | Orals | ST2.4

Cluster observations of equatorial magnetosonic waves: the Chirikov resonance overlap criteria

Homayon Aryan, Michael Balikhin, and Simon Walker

EGU2019-5264 | Posters | ST2.4

Enhanced whistler occurrence rates close to VLF transmitters

Jan Zahlava, Frantisek Nemec, Ondrej Santolik, Michel Parrot, Ivana Kolmasova, and Jean Luis Pincon