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TS – Tectonics & Structural Geology

TS1.1 – Open session on tectonics and structural geology

EGU2019-5539 | Posters | TS1.1

Origin of an extensive network of non-tectonic synclines in Eocene limestone of the Western Desert, Egypt

Barbara Tewksbury, Elhamy Tarabees, and Charlotte Mehrtens

EGU2019-8970 | Posters | TS1.1

Tectonic Evolution and Distribution of Mesozoic Strata in East China Sea Basin

xinyu xu and qinghua chen

EGU2019-12298 | Posters | TS1.1

Under the ice: new geological insights into the subglacial bedrock of interior East Antarctica

Alessandro Maritati, Jacqueline Halpin, Joanne Whittaker, and Nathan Daczko

EGU2019-13201 | Posters | TS1.1

The Raman spectroscopy of carbonaceous material geothermometer revised – A standardised approach

Nils Keno Lünsdorf, István Dunkl, Burkhard C. Schmidt, Gerd Rantitsch, and Hilmar von Eynatten

EGU2019-17210 | Posters | TS1.1

The Structural Localisation and Control of Porphyry-Related Alteration and Mineralisation: a Study of the Quellaveco District, Southern Peru

Rebecca Strachan, Thomas Mitchell, Jamie Wilkinson, and Victor Valdivia

TS2.1 – Fault evolution, dynamics and kinematics

EGU2019-12751 | Orals | TS2.1

The role of heterogeneous fault parallel normal stress in strike-slip dominated fault systems

Jakub Fedorik, Frank Zwaan, Guido Schreurs, Giovanni Toscani, Michele Cooke, Francesco E. Maesano, Roberto Basili, and Silvio Seno

EGU2019-13216 | Posters | TS2.1

Evidence for multiple reactivation of the Rennick Geodynamic Belt (northern Victoria Land, Antarctica) through inversion of fault slip data

Laura Federico, Paola Cianfarra, Laura Crispini, Giovanni Capponi, and Francesco Salvini

EGU2019-13422 | Orals | TS2.1

Outcrop-scale geometry and kinematics of a carbonate-hosted normal fault: The Tre Monti fault in Central Italy

Marco Mercuri, Ken McCaffrey, Luca Smeraglia, Paolo Mazzanti, Eugenio Carminati, and Cristiano Collettini

EGU2019-7895 | Posters | TS2.1

Determining sub-seismic strain in the hanging-walls of seismically-visible faults using 3-D kinematic retro-deformation

David C. Tanner, Jennifer Ziesch, and Charlotte M. Krawczyk

EGU2019-4816 | Orals | TS2.1

Broadhaven revisited: a new look at models of fault–fold interaction

Adam J. Cawood and Clare E. Bond

EGU2019-4980 | Orals | TS2.1

Massively dilatant faults in Iceland: Surface geometries derived from high-resolution UAV data

Christopher Weismüller, Michael Kettermann, Christoph von Hagke, Janos L. Urai, and Klaus Reicherter

EGU2019-6477 | Posters | TS2.1

The Fracture analysis in the Northeastern Coastal Area of Taiwan

Ming-Yu Wu, Ying-Ju Chang, and Wei Lo

EGU2019-15081 | Posters | TS2.1

Evolution of near surface structures at normal faults in columnar basalts – insights from discrete element method simulations

Michael Kettermann, Christop von Hagke, Christopher Weismüller, Steffen Abe, and Janos L. Urai

EGU2019-17841 | Orals | TS2.1

Fault Void Fills: Reactivation, frictional melting, and coseismic void formation and collapse during ancient earthquakes

Kit Hardman, Robert E Holdsworth, Edward D Dempsey, and Kenneth J McCaffrey

EGU2019-5058 | Orals | TS2.1

In situ dynamic X-ray microtomography reveals the evolving energy budget of faults within continental crust

Jessica McBeck, Benoit Cordonnier, Karen Mair, and Francois Renard

EGU2019-13800 | Posters | TS2.1

Development of chevron anticline and chevron syncline: Numerical modeling and implications for the Eastern Sichuan Fold-and-thrust Belt

Huai Zhang, Zhen Zhang, Liangshu Wang, Huihong Cheng, and Yaolin Shi

EGU2019-3855 | Posters | TS2.1

Crustal extension by slip-associated pore opening behind the Kyushu subduction zone, Southwestern Japan

Zhi Wang, Yoshio Fukao, Ayumu Miyakawa, Akira Hasegawa, and Yasuko Takei

EGU2019-4244 | Posters | TS2.1

Strike-slip tectonic characteristic in Jinhu Sag

Ming Chai, Qinghua Chen, and Xinyu Xu

EGU2019-2516 | Posters | TS2.1

Characteristics of concealed fault zone and its significance in hydrocarbon accumulation in Ordos Basin

xingyu xu

EGU2019-8712 | Posters | TS2.1

Temporal evolution of faults in the southern Bavarian Molasse Basin: a case study of Wolfratshausen, Germany

Vladimir Shipilin, David Colin Tanner, Inga Moeck, and Hartwig von Hartmann

EGU2019-12748 | Posters | TS2.1

Growth and interactions of overlapping faults: insights into strike-slip and dip-slip displacement relationships

Ioannis Zervas, Nicolas Waldmann, and Yizhaq Makovsky

EGU2019-12603 | Posters | TS2.1

∼ 15 Ma thrusting along the North Altyn Fault: implications for Mid-Miocene reorganization of the Altyn Tagh fault system, northeastern Tibetan Plateau.

Shibao Gao, Xiaogan Cheng, Xiubin Lin, Lei Wu, Rong Yang, Hanlin Chen, Shufeng Yang, and Xingtong Song

EGU2019-6890 | Posters | TS2.1

The Lærdal-Gjende Fault (southwestern Norway): A new, high-resolution, combined structural-geochronological study

Giulia Tartaglia, Giulio Viola, Roelant van der Lelij, Jasmin Schönenberger, and Thomas Scheiber

TS2.2 – Earthquakes: from slow to fast, from the field to the laboratory and models. (co-organized)

EGU2019-5781 | Orals | TS2.2

Fault zone heterogeneity, viscosity contrasts, and fault slip behaviour

Ake Fagereng, Adam Beall, and Susan Ellis

EGU2019-6850 | Posters | TS2.2

The complexity of laboratory analogues for earthquake rupture

Simon G. Marthe, Stefan B. Nielsen, Stefano Giani, Robert Bird, and Giulio Di Toro

EGU2019-1084 | Posters | TS2.2

Frictional behavior of sediment inputs to the Hikurangi subduction margin (New Zealand) at plate-rate and slow slip velocities.

Agathe Eijsink, Matt Ikari, Laura Wallace, Demian Saffer, Philip Barnes, Ingo Pecher, Katerina Petronotis, Leah LeVay, IODP Expedition 375 Scientists, and IODP Expedition 372 Scientists

EGU2019-15877 | Orals | TS2.2

The generation of slow slip in chemically active and geometrically complex fault zones

Telemaco Tesei, Robert Holdsworth, Cristiano Collettini, and Cecilia Viti

EGU2019-1275 | Posters | TS2.2

Frictional healing of the Nankai frontal thrust and megasplay fault - Bridging the gap between laboratory and in-situ data

Alexander Roesner, Matt Ikari, Katja S­ta­nis­low­ski, and Achim Kopf

EGU2019-1191 | Posters | TS2.2

Frictional behavior of Juan de Fuca sediments approaching the Cascadia subduction zone

Katja Stanislowski, Alexander Roesner, Agathe M. Eijsink, and Matt J. Ikari

EGU2019-11937 | Orals | TS2.2

Exploring the mechanical effects of fluid viscosity during earthquake slip

Kathryn Hayward, Stephen Cox, Alexandre Schubnel, Jérôme Aubry, and Samson Marty

EGU2019-5308 | Orals | TS2.2

In situ TEM nanomechanical testing of antigorite plasticity and faulting

Hosni Idrissi, Thomas van der Werf, Vahid Samaee, Gunnar Lumbeeck, Thomas Pardoen, Dominique Schryvers, and Patrick Cordier

EGU2019-7505 | Posters | TS2.2

Architecture of an exceptionally exposed seismogenic source: The Bolfin Fault Zone (Atacama Desert, Chile)

Rodrigo Gomila, Erik Jensen, Michele Fondriest, Giulio Di Toro, Thomas Mitchell, Andrea Bistacchi, Carlo Sommacampagna, Simone Masoch, Giulia Magnarini, and José Cembrano

EGU2019-9283 | Orals | TS2.2

An intraglacial viscous mechanism for periodic glacial earthquakes

Christine McCarthy, Peter Kelemen, Rob Skarbek, and David Goldsby

EGU2019-13377 | Posters | TS2.2

Megathrust kinematics along the Chilean Subduction Margin constrained by GNSS displacement time series

Jonathan Bedford, Marcos Moreno, Zhiguo Deng, Christian Sippl, Juan Carlos Baez, and Onno Oncken

EGU2019-17387 | Posters | TS2.2

Undrained shear behavior of saturated Ottawa Sand under anisotropic triaxial loading conditions to assess seismic strengthening

Ting-Wei Wu, Nabil Sultan, Sebastien Garziglia, Antonio Cattaneo, and Achim Kopf

EGU2019-237 | Posters | TS2.2

Cockade breccia: a geological marker of ancient seismic faulting

Simone Masoch, Michele Fondriest, and Giulio Di Toro

EGU2019-5993 | Posters | TS2.2

Laboratory earthquakes across the brittle-plastic transition

Jérôme Aubry, Alexandre Schubnel, François-Xavier Passelègue, Julien Gasc, Marine Page, Samson Marty, Damien Deldicque, and Javier Escartin

EGU2019-6862 | Posters | TS2.2

How hot is a lab-earthquake?

Stefano Aretusini, Arantzazu Nuñez Cascajero, Elena Spagnuolo, Alberto Tapetado, Carmen Vazquez, and Giulio Di Toro

EGU2019-8365 | Posters | TS2.2

The role of shear fabric in controlling slip velocity function and breakdown work during laboratory slow slip events

Elisa Tinti, Marco Maria Scuderi, Cristiano Collettini, and Massimo Cocco

EGU2019-2104 | Posters | TS2.2

Cockade structures as a paleo-earthquake proxy in hydrothermal systems

Alfons Berger and Marco Herwegh

EGU2019-5735 | Posters | TS2.2

Shallow rheological transition along the subduction plate interface and their impact on tremor and earthquake nucleation

Paola Vannucchi, Jason Morgan, Alexander P. Clarke, Audrey Ougier-Simonin, and Albert de Montserrat

EGU2019-15326 | Posters | TS2.2

Coseismic dehydration of gypsum: combination of experiments and numerical simulation.

Ricardo Tomás, Philip Benson, Giacomo Pozzi, John Wheeler, and Nicola De Paola

EGU2019-15495 | Posters | TS2.2

4D in-situ x-ray microtomography reveals that material heterogeneity influences microfracture network evolution in deforming rocks

Alexis Cartwright-Taylor, Ian B. Butler, Florian Fusseis, Ian Main, Andrew King, and Michael Flynn

EGU2019-18611 | Posters | TS2.2

Anatomy of dynamic slip in laboratory earthquakes at crustal condition

Stefan Nielsen, Chris Harbord, Nicola De paola, Daniel Faulkner, and Francois Passelegue

TS2.3 – Fluid Flows, Pore Pressure Prediction & Brittle Deformation

EGU2019-2994 | Posters | TS2.3

Geomechanical modelling and consequences for fluid-flow in complex rifted settings: A case study in the Otway Basin, Australia

Hugo Burgin, Khalid Amrouch, David Kulikowski, Simon Holford, and Philippe Robion

EGU2019-7826 | Posters | TS2.3

Anatomy of a dolomitization front

Stephen Centrella, Nicolas Beaudoin, Hannelore Derluyn, Geoffrey Motte, Pascale Sénéchal, Guilhem Hoareau, and Jean Paul Callot

EGU2019-8559 | Posters | TS2.3

Fault criticality of a natural fracture network during injection and production simulations

Nicole Scheidt, Gunnar Jansen, Stephen Miller, Benoit Valley, and Jon Mosar

EGU2019-10199 | Posters | TS2.3

The Amatrice Fault System (central Apennines, Italy): calcite-rich fluid-flow in intrabasinal extensional faulting

Gianluca Vignaroli, Marco Mancini, Mauro Brilli, Francesca Giustini, Massimiliano Moscatelli, Mario Voltaggio, Francesco Bucci, Mauro Cardinali, Tsai-Luen Yu, and Chuan-Chou Shen

EGU2019-12992 | Posters | TS2.3

Effects of Porosity on the Hydro-Mechanical Behaviour of Active Plate Boundary Faults

Matina Kirilova, Virginia Toy, Katrina Sauer, François Renard, Klaus Gessner, Richard Wirth, and Nick Timms

EGU2019-13611 | Posters | TS2.3 | Highlight

Effects of advection and reaction rates on pattern formation in replacement reactions

Daniel Koehn, Sandra Piazolo, Nicolas Beaudoin, and Ulrich Kelka

EGU2019-17052 | Posters | TS2.3

Recurrent fault-valve behaviour detected by strain measurements in N-Adria

Giuliana Rossi, Carla Braitenberg, and Ildikò Nagy

EGU2019-18923 | Posters | TS2.3

Geopressure characterization: Preliminary results on 1D/2D modeling associated with gravity tectonics in the Amazon Fan (southeast compartment), Foz do Amazonas Basin

Juliana Maria Gonçalves de Souza, Christian Gorini, Nadaya Cubas, Didier Granjeon, Jean letouzey, Claudio Rabe, Renaud Divies, and Cleverson Guizan Silva

TS3.1 – New views of "old" materials - modern approaches in microstructural and textural analysis and interpretation | PICO

EGU2019-3306 | PICOs | TS3.1

A practical method to determine the complete orientation of intragranular boundaries

Geoffrey Lloyd, Amicia Lee, Andrew Parsons, Anna Bidgood, Andrew Walker, and Richard Law

EGU2019-1279 | PICOs | TS3.1

New strategies for 2D and 3D microstructural analysis: Insight on trace element diffusion in naturally deformed pyrite

Renelle Dubosq, Anna Rogowitz, Kevin Schweinar, Baptiste Gault, and David Schneider

EGU2019-11274 | PICOs | TS3.1

How can we characterise graphite via electron microscopy?

Anette von der Handt, John Fournelle, Martina Kirilova, Oliver Plümper, Virginia G. Toy, and Richard Wirth

EGU2019-10780 | PICOs | TS3.1

3D representation of biominerals integrating microscopy and photogrammetry: implications in geoarchaeology

Nafsika C. Andriopoulou, Dimitrios Michailidis, Georgios E. Christidis, and Panagiotis Partsinevelos

EGU2019-6790 | PICOs | TS3.1

3D rock fabric analysis with X-ray computed microtomography and application to the Ivrea mafic complex (N Italy)

Benoît Petri, Bjarne S.G. Almqvist, Mattia Pistone, and Othmar Müntener

EGU2019-6772 | PICOs | TS3.1

Effect of water-rock interaction on particle shapes in sandstone samples (Pannonian Basin, Hungary)

Csilla Király, György Varga, György Falus, and Zoltán Szalai

EGU2019-10088 | PICOs | TS3.1

My piezometer is stronger than yours ...

Renée Heilbronner

EGU2019-7377 | PICOs | TS3.1

Using wavelet analysis to quantify deformation microstructures

James Gilgannon, Vénice Akker, Alfons Berger, and Marco Herwegh

EGU2019-8207 | PICOs | TS3.1

Exploring orientation relationships – the need for proper normalisation

Rüdiger Kilian and Sina Marti

TS3.2 – Shear zones in the ductile realm - rheological evolution, seismicity and coupled processes

EGU2019-4791 | Orals | TS3.2 | Highlight

Does strain progressively localize in small-scale ductile shear zones?

Neil Mancktelow and Giorgio Pennacchioni

EGU2019-16904 | Posters | TS3.2

Grain size reduction as a weakening mechanism in 3D-numerical models: Is it sufficient to initiate and stabilise transform faults?

Jana Schierjott, Marcel Thielmann, Gregor Golabek, Antoine Rozel, and Taras Gerya

EGU2019-5275 | Orals | TS3.2

Viscous creep drives brittle failure at the base of the seismogenic zone

Luca Menegon and Ake Fagereng

EGU2019-1143 | Orals | TS3.2

High pressure abiotic methanogenesis and strain localization in metamorphosed carbonate rocks

Francesco Giuntoli, Alberto Vitale Brovarone, and Luca Menegon

EGU2019-4825 | Posters | TS3.2

Coupling of reactions and deformation at high pressure and temperature: experiments on plagioclase-pyroxene assemblages

Nicolas Mansard, Holger Stünitz, Hugues Raimbourg, and Jacques Précigout

EGU2019-12652 | Orals | TS3.2

Narrow shear zones within broad transpression zones

Alexander Cruden and Pierre-Yves Robin

EGU2019-13844 | Orals | TS3.2 | Highlight

High Pressure Lab-Quakes Used as Analogues to Help Unravel the Mechanics of Deep-Focus Earthquakes

Julien Gasc, Julien Fauconnier, Clemence Daigre, Arefeh Moarefvand, Damien Deldicque, Blandine Gardonio, Pamela Burnley, and Alexandre Schubnel

EGU2019-5112 | Posters | TS3.2

Weakening Processes and Strain Localization in Viscously Deforming Rocks: Numerical Modeling based on Laboratory Torsion Experiments

Maximilian Döhmann, Sascha Brune, Livia Nardini, Erik Rybacki, and Georg Dresen

EGU2019-8112 | Orals | TS3.2

Deformation, porosity, and fluid migration within subduction interfaces

Bruno Reynard, Anne-Céline Ganzhorn, and Hélène Pilorgé

EGU2019-11157 | Posters | TS3.2

Mechanisms of Strain Localization during Dynamic Recrystallization of Olivine

Pamela Speciale, Whitney Behr, and Greg Hirth

EGU2019-14211 | Posters | TS3.2

High temperature shear zone formation around material heterogeneities: effect of boundary conditions during nucleation and transient evolution

Livia Nardini, Erik Rybacki, Maximilian Döhmann, Luiz Morales, Sascha Brune, and Georg Dresen

EGU2019-9444 | Orals | TS3.2

Brittle/ductile deformation of eclogites: insights from numerical models

Philippe Yamato, Thibault Duretz, and Samuel Angiboust

EGU2019-16239 | Posters | TS3.2

Numerical Experiments on Boundary Localisation of Shear Strain in Two-Phase Aggregates

Giulia Fedrizzi, Manuele Faccenda, and Giorgio Pennacchioni

EGU2019-3327 | Posters | TS3.2

Nano-analytics of natural quartz deformation microstructures at the brittle-viscous transition

Michel Bestmann, Giorgio Pennacchioni, and Bernhard Grasemann

EGU2019-1 | Posters | TS3.2

A note to a land-surface trace of diagonal strain tensor after an earthquake shock

Shigehisa Nakamura

TS3.4 – Impacts of partial melting on the evolution of the continental crust: different views, one topic | PICO

EGU2019-12196 | PICOs | TS3.4

Where do migmatites in metamorphic core complexes really come from?

Christian Teyssier, Megan Korchinski, Donna L. Whitney, and Patrice F. Rey

EGU2019-11534 | PICOs | TS3.4

Deformation and dilatancy in granular magma mushes

Nick Petford and John Clemens

EGU2019-972 | PICOs | TS3.4

Partial melt and reversed shear zone microstructural evolution

Amicia Lee, Geoffrey Lloyd, Taija Torvela, and Andrew Walker

EGU2019-7277 | PICOs | TS3.4

Anatectic origin of albite-spodumene pegmatites: a geochemical model

Ralf Schuster, Benjamin Huet, Tanja Knoll, and Holger Paulick

EGU2019-15935 | PICOs | TS3.4 | Highlight

Pegmatite fields of French Variscan Massifs : proximal markers of a partial melting front

Eric Gloaguen, Charles Gumiaux, Romain Millot, Catherine Guerrot, Floriane Leopold dit Offite, Melanie Lete, Julie Michaud, Sarah Deveaud, Jérémie Melleton, Blandine Gourcerol, and Laurent Guillou-Frottier

EGU2019-11736 | PICOs | TS3.4

Magmatic foliation of the Neoproterozoic Deokjeongri granodiorite, Korea

Hee Jae Koh

EGU2019-17357 | PICOs | TS3.4 | Highlight

The Triassic of the Antarctic Peninsula

Joaquin Bastias, Richard Spikings, Alexey Ulianov, Teil Riley, Alex Burton-Johnson, and Massimo Chiaradia

EGU2019-3842 | PICOs | TS3.4

Late magmatic strain localization: An experimental approach

Laurent Arbaret, Mickael Laumonier, and Laurent Jolivet

EGU2019-18610 | PICOs | TS3.4

The escape of melt in the crust: insight from two phase flow modelling.

Alexis Plunder, Laetitia Le Pourhiet, Ludovic Raess, Charles Gumiaux, and Michel Pichavant

TS3.5 – ‘Date to rate’ and ‘age to stage’: rates and timescales of geologic processes (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2019-2008 | PICOs | TS3.5

High-angle normal faulting at the Tangra Yumco graben (southern Tibet) since ~15 Ma

Reinhard Wolff, Ralf Hetzel, István Dunkl, Qiang Xu, Michael Bröcker, and Aneta A. Anczkiewicz

EGU2019-11026 | PICOs | TS3.5

Dating brittle deformation of the Söderström Fault, Stockholm, central Sweden

Bjarne Almqvist, Roelant van der Lelij, Susanne Grigull, Karin Högdahl, Stefan Luth, Jasmin Schönenberger, and Giulio Viola

EGU2019-12803 | PICOs | TS3.5

Directly dating deformation with calcite U-Pb; the good, the bad and the ugly!

Catherine Mottram, Isabelle Coutand, Djordje Grujic, and Dawn Kellett

EGU2019-15184 | PICOs | TS3.5

Timescale of deformation and fluid circulation in the external crystalline massifs of the Western Alps: Insights from hydrothermal monazite

Emilie Janots, Alexis Grand’Homme, Matthias Bernet, Damien Guillaume, Edwin Gnos, Valérie Bosse, Marie-Christine Boiron, Anne-Magali Seydoux-Guillaume, and Magali Rossi

EGU2019-5407 | PICOs | TS3.5

Linking timing of deformation across multiple exposures of an orogen-scale shear-zone: the case of the Himalayan Main Central thrust

Zoe Braden, Laurent Godin, Dawn Kellett, Chris Yakymchuck, and John Cottle

EGU2019-15550 | PICOs | TS3.5

Effect of deformation on 40Ar/39Ar dating in granitic rocks: an experimental approach

Alexane Legeay, Stéphane Scaillet, Jacques Précigout, Romain Augier, Holger Stünitz, and Florian Duval

EGU2019-7340 | PICOs | TS3.5

Garnet dating of Caledonian metamorphism in the Grampian Highlands and Shetland Islands, Scotland

Stephanie Walker, Anna Bird, Rob Strachan, Matthew Thirlwall, and Ethan Baxter

EGU2019-13714 | PICOs | TS3.5

Geochemistry, zircon U‒Pb and Hf isotopic compositions of lower crustal rocks from the Góry Sowie Massif (Central Sudetes, SW Poland): New insights on the sedimentary origin and tectono-thermal evolution

Anne-Sophie Tabaud, Carmen Aguilar, Pavla Štípská, Karel Schulmann, Jean Wong, Min Sun, Jitka Míková, and Stanislaw Mazur

EGU2019-7964 | PICOs | TS3.5

Ordovician orogeny in the Saxothuringian Domain of the European Variscides

Stephen Collett, Karel Schulmann, Pavla Štípská, and Jitka Míková

EGU2019-14335 | PICOs | TS3.5

Active Devonian continental margin in the Variscan Bohemian Massif (the Mariánské Lázně Complex and Čistá pluton).

Piérig Deiller, Pavla Štípská, Marc Ulrich, Karel Schulmann, Eric Pelt, Stephen Collett, Jitka Míková, Bradley Hacker, Andrew Kylander-Clark, Yingde Jiang, Vít Peřestý, and Ondrej Lexa

EGU2019-1682 | PICOs | TS3.5

New data on the structure and age of the crystalline basement of the Fore Range of the Greater Caucasus

Ekaterina Kulakova, Vladimir Kamzolkin, Anton Latyshev, Yuri Vidyapin, Mark Somin, and Stanislav Ivanov

EGU2019-15428 | PICOs | TS3.5

Recording time: what starts and stops the metamorphic clock in deep orogenic crust?

Eleni Wood, Clare J. Warren, Tom W. Argles, Nick M.W. Roberts, Ian Millar, Samantha J. Hammond, and Alison M. Halton

TS4.1 – Tectonics, erosion, and climate in orogenic settings: evolution and interactions determined from sediment records (co-organized)

EGU2019-3746 | Posters | TS4.1

Study on the Thermal Evolution History of Mesozoic Strata in Guxi Area, Jiyang Depression

Shuangshuang Qu, Jianwei Feng, and Huijian Liu

EGU2019-14627 * | Orals | TS4.1 | Highlight

Neogene Himalayan erosion regime and climate recorded in the Bengal Fan at 8°N (IODP Exp. 354)

Christian France-Lanord, Albert Galy, Pascale Huyghe, and Thomas Rigaudier

EGU2019-7386 | Orals | TS4.1

Provenance of Indus Fan turbidites (IODP Expedition 355)

Sergio Andò, Giovanni Vezzoli, and Eduardo Garzanti

EGU2019-18920 | Orals | TS4.1 | Highlight

Insights into the tectonic and climatic evolution of West Antarctica from the Amundsen Sea sediment record

Maximilian Zundel, Cornelia Spiegel, Chris Mark, David Chew, Yani Najman, Claus-Dieter Hillenbrand, Werner Ehrmann, Ulrich Salzmann, Johann Klages, Gerhard Kuhn, and Karsten Gohl

EGU2019-17607 | Posters | TS4.1

Neogene Himalayan tectonics inferred from changes in the sources of sediment to the Bengal fan from IODP Expedition 353-354

Albert Galy, Christian France-Lanord, Pascale Huyghe, and Valier Galy

EGU2019-16575 | Orals | TS4.1

Sediment routing system in the syn-orogenic series of the Corbières zone (Aquitaine Basin, France)

Mustafa Al Reda, Jocelyn Barbarand, Eric Lasseur, Justine Briais, Cécile Gautheron, and Nicolas Loget

EGU2019-8296 | Orals | TS4.1

Do apatite fission-track peaks witness local or orogen-wide processes?

Alberto Resentini, Marco G. Malusà, Jiangang Wang, and Eduardo Garzanti

EGU2019-18374 | Posters | TS4.1

Persistent fast Himalayan exhumation since 12 Ma recorded by Apatite and Zircon Fission Track Dating from the Bengal Fan (IODP 354)

Pascale Huyghe, Ruben Rosenkranz, Matthias Bernet, Raphaël Pik, Albert Galy, Mark Naylor, Christian France-Lanord, and Jean-Louis Mugnier

EGU2019-14648 | Orals | TS4.1

Alternatives to zircon: Case studies in foreland basin detrital provenance analysis employing under-utilised proxies

Chris Mark, Gary O'Sullivan, Claire Ansberque, David Chew, and J. Stephen Daly

EGU2019-348 | Posters | TS4.1

Constraining timing of Late Cretaceous-Early Cenozoic deformation of the Qiangtang terrane (Eastern Tibet) by magnetostratigraphy of the Gonjo Basin

Shihu Li, Yani Najman, Jing Liu-Zeng, Douwe van Hinsbergen, Lisa Tauxe, Chenglong Deng, and Rixiang Zhu

EGU2019-7764 | Posters | TS4.1

Neoproterozoic clastic rocks of the Karatau and Talas ranges (western Northern Tianshan): Provenance and paleogeographic implications

Andrey Khudoley, Dmitriy Alexeiev, S. Andrew DuFrane, and Sergey Semiletkin

EGU2019-3629 | Posters | TS4.1

Monsoon Weakening and Lesser Himalayan Exhumation since the Late Miocene: Evidence from the Indus Submarine Fan

Peng Zhou, Peter Clift, Daniel Stockli, Andrew Carter, and Jerzy Bluszyajn

EGU2019-2959 | Posters | TS4.1

The uplift of the Indo-Burman Ranges, Myanmar

Yani Najman, Edward Sobel, Ian Millar, Dan Stockli, Gwladys Govin, Frank Lisker, Eduardo Garzanti, Mara Limonta, Giovanni Vezzoli, Eugene Szymanski, and Alicia Kahn

TS4.2 – From earthquake rupture to landscape building - Deformation of the Earth’s surface over multiple timescales (co-organized)

EGU2019-90 | Orals | TS4.2

Role of subducted sediments in plate interface dynamics and forearc topography: Observations and modelling constraints for the Andes

Nicolas Cosentino, Jason Morgan, Felipe Aron, Jorge Crempien, and Teresa Jordan

EGU2019-14799 | Orals | TS4.2

Seafloor rupture of a normal fault: geometry, displacement, and links between erosion/sedimentation and seismicity

Javier Escartin, Jeremy Billant, Frederique Leclerc, Jean-Arthur Olive, Klemen Istenic, Nuno Gracias, Aurelien Arnaubec, Rafel Garcia, Christine Deplus, Nathalie Feuillet, and Subsaintes Team

EGU2019-6570 | Orals | TS4.2

Relating spatial and temporal fault complexity to landscape development: comparing the Mw 7.8 Kaikoura Earthquake of 2016 to past behaviour of the Marlborough Fault System, New Zealand

Ed Rhodes, John Elliott, James Moore, Max Wilkinson, James Dolan, Rob Zinke, Alex Hatem, and Russ Van Dissen

EGU2019-16409 | Posters | TS4.2

Morphotectonic analysis of the Chomache and Salar Grande Fault Zones (northern Chilean Atacama Desert) with focus on local fluvial adaptation to faulting

Karin Niemann, Steven Binnie, Pia Victor, Gabriel Gonzalez, Ariane Binnie, Jorien van der Wal, Christopher Weismüller, Peter Biermanns, Dirk Hoffmeister, and Klaus Reicherter

EGU2019-8038 | Orals | TS4.2

Fault activity, tectonic segmentation, and deformation patterns in the western Himalaya on geological timescales inferred from landscape morphology and thermochronology – a summary

Rasmus Thiede, Bodo Bookhagen, Dirk Scherler, Saptarshi Dey, Eugster Patricia, Markus Nennewitz, Edward Sobel, Konstanze Stübner, Ramon Arrowsmith, Vikrant Jain, and Manfred Strecker

EGU2019-8808 | Orals | TS4.2

Constraining the impact of earthquakes on mountainous landscapes

Oliver Francis, Tristram Hales, Daniel Hobley, Alexander Horton, Xuanmei Fan, and Gianvito Scaringi

EGU2019-11272 | Posters | TS4.2

New thermochronological constraints on the structural evolution of the Ecuadorian Andes

Audrey Margirier, Ismaël Casado-Ferrer, Peter Reiners, Manfred Strecker, Heiko Pingel, and Alexandra Alvarado

EGU2019-10478 | Orals | TS4.2

Temporal changes in rock uplift rates of folds in the foreland of the Tian Shan and the Pamir from geodetic and geologic data

Aaron Bufe, Douglas W. Burbank, Bodo Bookhagen, Jessica A. Thompson Jobe, David P.S. Bekaert, Ekbal Hussain, Jie Chen, and Tao Li

EGU2019-4534 | Posters | TS4.2

GPS velocity field of the Southern Andes revisited: New insights from scaled analogue experiments

Jan Oliver Eisermann, Paul Leon Göllner, and Ulrich Riller

EGU2019-12307 | Posters | TS4.2

Preliminary Tectonic Geomorphology of the Opak Fault System, Java (Indonesia)

Sara Pena-Castellnou, Gayatri Indah Marliyani, and Klaus Reicherter

EGU2019-7058 | Posters | TS4.2

Holocene along-arc extension in the Himalayas: the Yadong Cross Structure

Matthieu Ferry, Thomas Roth, Jean-François Ritz, and Rodolphe Cattin

EGU2019-9664 | Posters | TS4.2

Linking surface deformation and lake level changes in the Dead Sea

Julius Jara Muñoz, Amotz Agnon, Daniel Melnick, Yannick Garcin, Yaniv Darvasi, and Manfred R. Strecker

EGU2019-11886 | Posters | TS4.2

3D co-seismic offsets during the 2016 MW 7.8 Kaikōura earthquake (New Zealand) from aerial photogrammetry

Andrew Howell, Ed Nissen, Kate Clark, Jesse Kearse, Pilar Villamor, Tim Stahl, and Katie Jones

TS5.1 – Paleoseismicity, active faulting, surface deformation, and the implications on seismic hazard assessment (Fault2SHA) (co-organized)

EGU2019-8324 | Posters | TS5.1

Core Penetrating Test to reveal past earthquakes along the Imperial Fault, California and inferred plate-boundary slip rate

Yann Klinger, Thomas Rockwell, Andrew Jarrett, Kaitlin Wessel, Drake Singleton, Yuval Levy, Petra Stepancikova, Neta Wechsler, and Koji Okomura

EGU2019-10019 | Orals | TS5.1

Evidence for large Holocene earthquakes along the Denali fault in southwest Yukon Territory

Andrée Blais-Stevens, John J. Clague, Janice Brahney, Panya Lipovksy, Peter J. Haeussler, and Brian Menounos

EGU2019-13550 | Posters | TS5.1

Structural analysis and tectonic activity of the Húsavík-Flatey Fault in north Iceland, from aerial images and multibeam bathymetry

Rémi Matrau, Sigurjón Jónsson, Daniele Trippanera, Bryndís Brandsdóttir, and Yann Klinger

EGU2019-7006 | Orals | TS5.1

Paleoseismological investigation of northern Germany

Katharina Müller, Jutta Winsemann, Ulrich Polom, Jan Igel, Sumiko Tsukamoto, Holger Steffen, Thomas Spies, Thomas Lege, Manfred Frechen, and Christian Brandes

EGU2019-16418 | Orals | TS5.1

Himalayan Main Boundary Thrust reactivation as a normal fault: constraints and implications for the seismic cycle in western Nepal

Magali Riesner, Laurent Bollinger, Judith Hubbard, Cyrielle Guérin, Amaury Vallage, Marthe Lefevre, Chanda Basnet, Thakur Prasad Kandel, Soma Nath Sapkota, Rafael Almeida, Kyle Bradley, and Paul Tapponnier

EGU2019-8531 | Posters | TS5.1

Active fault mapping of the Malawi territory in the framework of the GEMMAP project

Monique Terrier and Felix Mphepo

EGU2019-16104 | Posters | TS5.1

Interdisciplinary Earthquake Hazard Research in Gulf of Aqaba

Sigurjón Jónsson, Ulas Avsar, Zeynep Bektas, Nicolas Castro-Perdomo, Alice Gabriel, Sherif Hanafy, Yann Klinger, Marthe Lefevre, P. Martin Mai, Frédéric Masson, Rémi Matrau, Luca Passone, Edwige Pons-Branchu, Matthieu Ribot, Thomas Ulrich, Renier Viltres, Stephanie Wollherr, and Mohammad Youssof

EGU2019-342 | Orals | TS5.1

A high-resolution, satellite-derived DEM to constrain the slip distribution along the Hebron Fault, Namibia

Guy Salomon, Alastair Sloan, Victoria Stevens, Richard Kahle, Beth Kahle, and Julian Smit

EGU2019-15045 | Orals | TS5.1

The role of fault pre-stress and geometry in earthquake triggering and seismic hazard

Zoe Mildon, Joanna Faure Walker, Gerald Roberts, and Shinji Toda

EGU2019-15578 | Posters | TS5.1

Update of the tectonic map of the Gulf of Cadiz area

Alcinoe Calahorrano B. and César R. Ranero

EGU2019-16195 | Orals | TS5.1

Physics-based earthquake simulators as a tool in Fault-PSHA: example for the Marmara region, Turkey.

Thomas Chartier, Oona Scotti, Keith Richards-Dinger, James Dieterich, and Hélène Lyon-Caen

EGU2019-264 | Posters | TS5.1

The 1908 Mw 7.1 Messina Earthquake Italy revealed: 5 m slip of an offshore 70 degrees east-dipping normal fault mapped in the geology

Marco Meschis, Gerald Roberts, Zoe Mildon, Jennifer Robertson, Alessandro Maria Michetti, and Joanna Faure Walker

EGU2019-4364 | Posters | TS5.1

The GPR ULTRADEEP “LOZA 2N”: study of the buried active system of faults in the plain "Il Lago" (Isernia, Southern Apennines).

Rosa Nappi, Valeria Paoletti, Germana Gaudiosi, Donato D'Antonio, Eleonora Di Marzo, and Sabina Porfido

EGU2019-14254 | Posters | TS5.1

Complex deformation at shallow depth during the 30 October 2016 Mw6.5 Norcia earthquake: interference between tectonic and gravity processes?

Arthur Delorme, Raphaël Grandin, Yann Klinger, Nathalie Feuillet, Marc Pierrot-Deseilligny, Ewelina Rupnik, Éric Jacques, and Yu Morishita

EGU2019-3065 | Posters | TS5.1

A time dependent model of elastic stress in the Central Apennines, Italy

Alessandro Caporali, Joaquin Zurutuza, and Mauro Bertocco

EGU2019-15489 | Posters | TS5.1

3D geometry of NE-Friuli Quaternary faults (NE Italy)

Giulia Patricelli and Maria Eliana Poli

EGU2019-7867 | Posters | TS5.1

Towards a new seismotectonic characterization of Switzerland (SeismoTeCH)

Marco Herwegh, Samuel Mock, Tobias Diehl, Andreas Moeri, Edi Kissling, and Stefan Wiemer

EGU2019-10256 | Posters | TS5.1

Pleistocene reactivation of a major Miocene fault system within the city of Vienna: Evidence from offset Danube terraces

Bernhard Salcher, Jan-Christoph Otto, Stephanie Neuhuber, Christopher Lüthgens, Sabine Grupe, Thomas Payer, and Markus Fiebig

EGU2019-14681 | Posters | TS5.1

Seismoturbidites in the Gulf of Aqaba during the past 500 years

Zeynep Bektaş, Ulaş Avşar, Sigurjón Jónsson, and Yann Klinger

EGU2019-9373 | Posters | TS5.1

3D high-resolution displacement field of a complex rupture zone (Baluchistan earthquake, Pakistan, 2013)

Solène Antoine, Yann Klinger, Arthur Delorme, Ryan Gold, Marc Pierrot-Deseilligny, Ewelina Rupnik, and Amaury Vallage

EGU2019-17245 | Posters | TS5.1

Seismological Update in the Alai Valley: New Data on the Seismic and Slip History of the Pamir Frontal Thrust in the Alai Valley, Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia.

Magda Patyniak, Angela Landgraf, Atyrgul Dzhumabaeva, Alana Williams, Sultan Baikulov, J Ramón Arrowsmith, Kanatbek Abdrakhmatov, and Manfred Strecker

EGU2019-6710 | Posters | TS5.1

Paleoseismic recurrence on the geometrically simple section of the Altyn Tagh Fault, Northern Tibet

Jing Liu, Zhaode Yuan, Wei Wang, Ray Weldon II, Michael E. Oskin, and Yanxiu Shao

EGU2019-4593 | Posters | TS5.1

InSAR Observations on Interseismic Deformation of the Maqin-Maqu Segment of the East Kunlun Fault zone and the Estimation of Potential Seismogenic Asperities

Lingyun Ji

EGU2019-3216 | Posters | TS5.1

Crustal Shortening in the Southern Zhangye Basin and Its Implications for the Deformation Distribution of the Qilian Shan, NE Tibetan Plateau

Jianguo Xiong, Yuezhi Zhong, Youli Li, Wenjun Zheng, Peizhen Zhang, and Honghua Lu

EGU2019-2843 | Posters | TS5.1

Seismogenic conjugate strike-slip fault underlying the Songliao basin, NE China

Zhe Su, Er-Chie Wang, and Shan-Shan Liang

EGU2019-12074 | Posters | TS5.1

Paleoseismic study of Milun fault activated by the 2018 Mw 6.4 Hualien earthquake rupture in Eastern Taiwan

Ya-Chu Tseng, Wen-Jeng Huang, I-Chin Yen, Wen-Shan Chen, Shao-Yi Huang, and Jiun-Yee Yen

EGU2019-4728 | Posters | TS5.1

Paleoseismic evidences of historical earthquakes from the southern segment of the Ulsan Fault in SE Korean

Sambit Prasanajit Naik, Jeong Su-Ho, and Young-Seog Kim

TS5.2 – Understanding fault growth and structural inheritance across spatial and temporal scales

EGU2019-1849 | Posters | TS5.2

Structural Inheritance Controls Strain Distribution During Early Continental Rifting, Rukwa Rift

Folarin Kolawole, Thomas Phillips, Estella Atekwana, and Christopher Jackson

EGU2019-5814 | Orals | TS5.2 | Highlight

The impact of structural inheritance in the Malawi Rift, East Africa

Ake Fagereng, Michael Hodge, Jack Williams, Juliet Biggs, Luke Wedmore, Hassan Mdala, Felix Mphepo, Zuze Dulanya, and Thomas Blenkinsop

EGU2019-5575 | Posters | TS5.2

Large-scale tectonic inheritance in the North Atlantic region

Christian Schiffer, Anthony G. Doré, Gillian Foulger, Dieter Franke, Laurent Geoffroy, Laurent Gernigon, Bob Holdsworth, Nick Kusznir, Erik Lundin, Ken McCaffrey, Alex Peace, Kenni D. Petersen, Thomas Phillips, Randell Stephenson, Martyn S. Stoker, and Kim Welford

EGU2019-1008 | Orals | TS5.2

Structural inheritance without reactivation: Insights from analogue modelling

Anindita Samsu, Alexander Cruden, Nicolas Molnar, and Steven Micklethwaite

EGU2019-16530 | Posters | TS5.2

Influence of crustal-scale structural lineaments on Mesozoic basin development offshore Ireland: insights from the Slyne & Erris basins

Conor O'Sullivan, Muhammad Mudasar Saqab, Efstratios Delogkos, Conrad Childs, John Walsh, and Patrick Shannon

EGU2019-6170 | Orals | TS5.2

Earthquakes and fault growth over a range of timescales

Andy Nicol, John Walsh, Vasiliki Mouslopoulou, and Conrad Childs

EGU2019-14387 | Posters | TS5.2

Progressive evolution of bedrock fracture patterns: A case study from coastal western Norway

Thomas Scheiber, Giulio Viola, Roelant van der Lelij, Morgan Ganerød, and Annina Margreth

EGU2019-10527 | Posters | TS5.2

Inheritance in Fold and Thrust Belts: A Case Study from The Italian Western Southern Alps

Emanuele Scaramuzzo, Franz Livio, Andrea Di Capua, Pablo Granado, Pablo Santolaria, and Marco Snidero

EGU2019-10814 | Posters | TS5.2

Long-lived reactivation in a multi-rift system: the example of the Utsira High (Northern North Sea - Norway)

Nico D'Intino, Vittorio Scisciani, and Paolo Esestime

EGU2019-6527 | Orals | TS5.2

Transient fault-slip accumulation on continental fault systems and active subduction margins

Vasiliki Mouslopoulou, Andrew Nicol, Onno Oncken, and John Walsh

EGU2019-11527 | Posters | TS5.2

The effect of former Caledonian orogenic structures on the rift decay of the Porcupine Basin (Ireland) during the Jurassic-Cretaceous interval - comparison with other rift propagators

Cédric Bulois, Louise Watremez, Manuel Pubellier, Patrick Shannon, Nicolas Chamot-Rooke, and Jacques Deverchère

EGU2019-13285 | Posters | TS5.2

Active buried faults in Southern Alps: insights from seismic reflection data

Anna Del Ben, Lorenzo Bonini, Valentina Brunati, Mattia Di Giusto, Matteo Tedesco, Giulia Areggi, Gian Andrea Pini, and Maurizio Ponton

EGU2019-14868 | Posters | TS5.2

Characterizing the mode of growth in crustal normal faults

David Fernández-Blanco, Gino de Gelder, Robin Lacassin, and Rolando Armijo

EGU2019-4848 | Posters | TS5.2

Modeling non-Andersonian fault growth following the energetic criterion: the creation of detachments and listric faults

Massimo Nespoli, Maurizio Bonafede, and Maria Elina Belardinelli

EGU2019-18079 | Posters | TS5.2

Geological evidence for changes in the propagation directions of slip increments on growing normal faults

Conrad Childs, Efstratios Delogkos, Tom Manzocchi, and John Walsh

EGU2019-18757 | Posters | TS5.2

How do normal faults grow over a range of spatial (experiment to full-rift) and temporal (seconds to 100s Myr) scales?

Atle Rotevatn, Christopher A.-L. Jackson, Anette B.M. Tvedt, Rebecca Bell, Ingvild Blaekkan, Thomas Berg Kristensen, Anna Ksienzyk, Klaus Wemmer, Gijs Henstra, Ivar Midtkandal, Sten-Andreas Grundvag, and Arild Andresen

TS5.3 – Integrated approaches to bridge Long-term Tectonics and Earthquake cycles: Observations, Experiments, and Models (co-organized)

EGU2019-3724 | Posters | TS5.3

Superposition of Earthquake Cycle and Long-term Tectonic Deformation Signals in Plate Boundary Transition Zones

Kevin P. Furlong, Kirsty A. McKenzie, and Matthew W. Herman

EGU2019-18869 | Orals | TS5.3 | Highlight

Modeling of Transient Slip Events in The Lithosphere Over Short and Secular Time Scales

Luc Lavier and Xinyue Tong

EGU2019-11981 | Orals | TS5.3

Ductile deformation explains the physics of friction and genesis of earthquakes

James Moore, Stefan Nielsen, and Lars Hansen

EGU2019-5971 | Posters | TS5.3

Long- and short-term tectono-magmatic role of transverse fault systems in the Andes: A combined geological and numerical approach

Jose Cembrano, Ashley Stanton-Yonge, Pablo Iturrieta, and W Ashley Griffith

EGU2019-8349 | Posters | TS5.3

Analysis of surface deformations related to the 2010 Maule earthquake based on GPS data

Yurii Gabsatarov, Irina Vladimirova, and Leopold Lobkovsky

EGU2019-8281 | Orals | TS5.3

Tectonic deformations related to the 2011 Tohoku earthquake at different stages of the seismic cycle

Irina Vladimirova, Yurii Gabsatarov, and Leopold Lobkovsky

EGU2019-9923 | Posters | TS5.3

Spatio-temporal variability of locking along the southern Hellenic subduction margin

Vasso Saltogianni, Vasiliki Mouslopoulou, Onno Oncken, Andrew Nicol, Michael Gianniou, and Stelios Mertikas

EGU2019-2031 | Orals | TS5.3

Interseismic transient deformations along southern Peru and Northern Chile subduction zone

Jorge Jara, Anne Socquet, Baptiste Rousset, Walpersdorf Andrea, and Nathalie Cotte

EGU2019-11130 | Posters | TS5.3

Frictional structure of the Chilean megathrust combining seismicity, geodesy, gravity-bathymetry anomalies, morphology and geology.

Diego Molina, Andres Tassara, Rodrigo Abarca, and Daniel Melnick

EGU2019-10465 | Orals | TS5.3

Post-large earthquake seismic activities mediated by aseismic deformation processes

Zhen Liu, Adriano Gualandi, and Chris Rollins

EGU2019-10874 | Orals | TS5.3

A quantitative relationship between interseismic strain and long term uplift in northern Chile

Romain Jolivet, Mark Simons, Zacharie Duputel, Jean-Arthur Olive, Harsha S. Bhat, Junle Jiang, Bryan Riel, Susan Owen, and Angelyn Moore

EGU2019-13220 | Posters | TS5.3

Do subduction earthquakes influence slip rates on nearby major transform faults? The Sulawesi case.

Riccardo Riva, Nicolai Nijholt, and Wim Simons

EGU2019-15127 | Posters | TS5.3

Random occurrence of large collisional earthquakes in the Himalaya

Ghazoui Zakaria, Grasso Jean-Robert, Watlet Arnaud, Caudron Corentin, Karimov Abror, Bertrand Sebastien, Yokoyama Yusuke, and van der Beek Peter

EGU2019-15965 | Posters | TS5.3

A Power-law Rheology Model for the Postseismic Deformation of the 2010 Maule Earthquake, Chile

Carlos Peña, Oliver Heidbach, Marcos Moreno, Jonathan Bedford, Moritz Ziegler, Andrés Tassara, and Onno Oncken

EGU2019-16954 | Posters | TS5.3

Improving models of seismic hazard assessment: Insights from a simple, seismotectonic analogue model

Michael Rudolf, Matthias Rosenau, and Onno Oncken

TS5.4 – Earthquakes, active tectonics, and seismic hazard in regions of slow lithospheric deformation (co-organized)

EGU2019-4096 | Orals | TS5.4

From lake sediments to prehistoric earthquake scenarios: limitations and possibilities from a Swiss perspective

Katrina Kremer, Remo Grolimund, Gabriela Gassner-Stamm, Stefanie B. Wirth, Michael Strasser, and Donat Fäh

EGU2019-9016 | Posters | TS5.4

Double-difference relocation of earthquakes in central-western Mongolia, 1964-2017

Ganzorig Davaasuren, Klinger Yann, Bernard Pascal, Lyon-Caen Hélène, Demberel Sodnomsambuu, and Ulziibat Munkhuu

EGU2019-11270 | Posters | TS5.4

The 2017 Mw6.5 Mainling earthquake in Tibet and its seismogenic structure

Jiansi Yang and Weiping Wang

EGU2019-14088 | Orals | TS5.4

Slow slip rate and long return period of large earthquakes in the trace of the 1967 M7 Mogod earthquake (Mongolia)

Laurent Bollinger, Yann Klinger, Steven L. Forman, Odonbaatar Chimed, Amgalan Bayasgalan, Ulziibat Munkhuu, Ganzorig Davaasuren, Tulga Dolgosuren, Bayarsaikhan Enkhee, and Demberel Sodnomsambuu

EGU2019-944 | Posters | TS5.4

Strike-Slip Faulting in the Eastern Himalaya and Indo-Burman Plate Boundary Systems

Avigyan Chatterjee, Supriyo Mitra, Riddhi Mandal, Shubham Sharma, and Ajay Kumar

EGU2019-13109 | Orals | TS5.4

Assessing seismic hazard: the case of the Western Kunlun range and southwestern Tarim basin region (Xinjiang, China)

Christelle Guilbaud, Martine Simoes, Laurie Barrier, Jérôme Van Der Woerd, Haibing Li, and Jiawei Pan

EGU2019-2848 | Orals | TS5.4

Characterization of a Potential Seismic Source: a field based study from Peninsular India

Yogendra Singh, Biju John, and Sivakumar Cherukuri

EGU2019-7830 | Posters | TS5.4

Estimation of earthquake hazard in the source zones along Indian plate boundary from GPS velocity derived strain rate and moment deficit

Federica Riguzzi, Basab Mukhopadhyay, Mallika Mullick, and Diptansu Sengupta

EGU2019-8320 | Posters | TS5.4

Active blind wedge thrust system at the eastern Achara-Trialeti fold-and-thrust belt (Kumisi-Teletei area), Georgia

Aleksandre Gventsadze, Victor Alania, Onise Enukidze, and Nino Kvavadze

EGU2019-8790 | Orals | TS5.4

The study of the Laptev Sea region seismicity and neotectonics

Artem Krylov, Aline Plotz, Wolfram Geissler, Boris Baranov, Sergey Shibaev, Frank Krueger, Christian Haberland, and Nikolay Tsukanov

EGU2019-5020 | Posters | TS5.4

Chasing evidence of recent tectonic activity in a foreland region: the South Apulia Fault System

Francesco Emanuele Maesano, Valentina Volpi, Dario Civile, Alessia Conti, Mara Monica Tiberti, Rudy Conte, Fabrizio Zgur, Alessandro Rebez, Roberto Basili, and Giuliana Rossi

EGU2019-2608 | Posters | TS5.4

Seismic scattering and absorption mapping of fluid-filled connected fault networks at Pollino range, Italy

Ferdinando Napolitano, Luca De Siena, Anna Gervasi, Ignazio Guerra, Roberto Scarpa, and Mario La Rocca

EGU2019-12543 | Posters | TS5.4

Evidence for active tectonics in the South-West Carpathians Bend Zone

Mihaela Popa, Raluca Dinescu, Corneliu Dinu, Ioan Munteanu, and Mircea Radulian

EGU2019-13477 | Posters | TS5.4

Regional seismic hazard map of Austria – first results

Stefan Weginger, Yan Jia, Maria Papi-Isaba, and Wolfgang Lenhardt

EGU2019-16201 | Posters | TS5.4

“La Chapelle” seismic swarm, a newly active zone in the Maurienne Valley, French Alps.

Mickael Langlais, Olivier Coutant, Agnes Helmstetter, Philippe Gueguen, Emelyne Maufroy, Stéphane Schwartz, and Thierry Dumont

EGU2019-14600 | Posters | TS5.4

The Saint Paul en Forêt seismic swarm: an unusual activity in the seismically quiet Maures massif (South-Eastern France)

Maxime Godano, Anne Deschamps, Bertrand Delouis, Etienne Bertrand, Jérôme Chèze, Philippe Langlaude, Xavier Martin, and Michel Pernoud

EGU2019-15043 | Posters | TS5.4

Seismic activity along a Cretaceous magmatic intrusion in Monchique, SW Iberia

Analdyne Soares, Susana Custodio, Marta Neres, Dina Vales, and Luis Matias

EGU2019-9419 | Posters | TS5.4

Identifying the activation of an inland fault for the first time in Malta

George Bozionelos, Sebastiano D' Amico, Pauline Galea, and Matthew Agius

EGU2019-10442 | Posters | TS5.4

Seismic Discrimination between Earthquakes and Quarry Blasts in Ireland

James Grannell, Pierre Arroucau, Sergei Lebedev, Martin Moellhoff, and Christopher Bean

EGU2019-13090 | Posters | TS5.4

Integrated GNSS and seismotectonic study of the slow lithospheric deformation in NW Galati seismogenic area

Eduard Ilie Nastase, Victor Mocanu, Alexandra Muntean, Boudewijn Ambrosius, Corne Kreemer, William Hammond, Geoffrey Blewitt, Sorin Nistor, and Dragos Tataru

EGU2019-7155 | Posters | TS5.4

Active faults in the middle of the Pannonian Basin?

Dalma Trosits, László Tóth, Ferenc Horváth, Tamás János Katona, and Tamás Tóth

EGU2019-2443 | Posters | TS5.4

Sackungen record four major Holocene earthquakes on the Reelfoot fault, New Madrid seismic zone, U.S.A.

Ryan Gold, Christopher DuRoss, Jaime Delano, Randall Jibson, Richard Briggs, Shannon Mahan, Robert Williams, and D. Reide Corbett

TS5.6 – Active Tectonics and Geodynamics of Anatolia

EGU2019-1521 | Posters | TS5.6

An Integrated Study for the Seismotectonics of Eastern Mediterranean Region

Sezim Ezgi Güvercin, Doğan Aksarı, Ali Özgün Konca, Hayrullah Karabulut, Ali Değer Özbakır, and Semih Ergintav