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Plinius15-1 – Mediterranean storms: meteorological modelling, operational forecasting, global and climate change effects

Plinius15-11 | Posters | Plinius15-1

Identification of anomalous motion of thunderstorms using radar and satellite data: the splitting thunderstorm of the 10th July 2013 in Catalonia
Anna del Moral, Tomeu Rigo, and Maria Carmen Llasat

Plinius15-27 | Orals | Plinius15-1

Triggering of a deep convective system in the Mediterranean Sea: modelling and observations at a very fine scale.
Franco Siccardi, Antonio Parodi, Elisabetta Fiori, Luca Ferraris, and Luca Molini

Plinius15-16 | Posters | Plinius15-1

Large-scale surface wind extremes in the Mediterranean
Shira Raveh-Rubin and Heini Wernli

Plinius15-33 | Orals | Plinius15-1

Heavy Precipitation Events in the Mediterranean: A case study from HyMeX
Evelyne Richard, Nadia Fourrié, and Cyrille Flamant

Plinius15-34 | Orals | Plinius15-1

Best Member Selection: Combining Thunderstorm Tracking and Ensemble Prediction for Timely Flood Warning
Arnold Tafferner, Caroline Forster, and Olivier Nuissier

Plinius15-64 | Orals | Plinius15-1

The use of ground-based microwave radiometer observations to forecast heavy precipitation in the Mediterranean area
Olivier Caumont, Domenico Cimini, Ulrich Löhnert, Lucas Alados-Arboledas, René Bleisch, Franco Buffa, Massimo Enrico Ferrario, Alexander Haefele, Thierry Huet, Fabio Madonna, and Giandomenico Pace

Plinius15-36 | Orals | Plinius15-1

Simulation of electrified storms over Corsica and comparison with several lightning detection networks
Jean-Pierre Pinty, Christophe Bovalo, Sylvain Coquillat, Eric Defer, Dominique Lambert, Serge Prieur, Stéphane Pedeboy, and Evelyne Richard

Plinius15-78 | Orals | Plinius15-1

Nowcasting and Forecasting lightning activity over Europe: an overview of operational activities.
Kostas Lagouvardos, Vassiliki Kotroni, Theodore Giannaros, and Athanasios Karagiannidis

Plinius15-15 | Orals | Plinius15-1

The role of Mediterranean cyclones for producing large-scale precipitation extremes
Shira Raveh-Rubin and Heini Wernli

Plinius15-2 | Orals | Plinius15-1

Climate change and the future of medicanes: statistical-deterministic projections based on CMIP5 models
Romualdo Romero and Kerry Emanuel

Plinius15-57 | Orals | Plinius15-1

Extreme rainfall changes induced by future climate in Mediterranean area
Domenico Caracciolo, Angelo Forestieri, Francesco Lo Conti, Laura Bidera Miceli, and Leonardo V. Noto

Plinius15-14 | Orals | Plinius15-1

Dry air intrusions: climatology and their relevance for strong surface winds
Shira Raveh-Rubin and Heini Wernli

Plinius15-19 | Orals | Plinius15-1

Numerical modeling of a subtropical cyclone
Lara Quitián-Hernández, María Luisa Martín, Francisco Valero, Juan Jesús González-Alemán, and Daniel Santos-Muñoz

Plinius15-2 – Recent advancements in monitoring, observations and analysis of extreme events

Plinius15-31 | Orals | Plinius15-2

On the use of GPM constellation for monitoring heavy precipitation events over the Mediterranean region
Giulia Panegrossi, Daniele Casella, Stefano Dietrich, Anna Cinzia Marra, Paolo Sanò, Alberto Mugnai, Luca Baldini, Nicoletta Roberto, Elisa Adirosi, Roberto Cremonini, Renzo Bechini, Gianfranco Vulpiani, Marco Petracca, and Federico Porcù

Plinius15-5 | Posters | Plinius15-2

Detection of heat and cold waves in Montevergine time series (1884-2015)
Vincenzo Capozzi and Giorgio Budillon

Plinius15-68 | Orals | Plinius15-2

Multisensor analysis of an impressive hail storm: observations by GPM of extremely rare features over the Mediterranean region
Anna Cinzia Marra, Giulia Panegrossi, Daniele Casella, Paolo Sanò, Stefano Dietrich, Alberto Mugnai, Luca Baldini, Marco Petracca, Gianfranco Vulpiani, and Federico Porcù

Plinius15-39 | Posters | Plinius15-2

Observing relationships between lightning and ice water content profiles by means of a satellite cloud radar
Martina Buiat, Federico Porcu', and Stefano Dietrich

Plinius15-69 | Orals | Plinius15-2

The Italian radar QPE: description, performance analysis and perspectives
Gianfranco Vulpiani, Emilio Guerriero, Pietro Giordano, Mario Negri, and Paola Pagliara

Plinius15-44 | Posters | Plinius15-2

High-resolution analysis of 1 day extreme precipitation in a wet area centred over eastern Liguria
Andrea Bertolini, Michele Brunetti, and Maurizio Maugeri

Plinius15-70 | Orals | Plinius15-2

Retrieval of extreme Mediterranean storms using dual-polarization radar observations at X- and C-band
Gianfranco Vulpiani

Plinius15-54 | Posters | Plinius15-2

Performance of the H-SAF rainfall products on the Mediterranean basin: a quality-controlled validation with radar and rain gauges
Marco Petracca, Silvia Puca, Gianfranco Vulpiani, Daniele Casella, Stefano Dietrich, Anna Cinzia Marra, Giulia Panegrossi, Paolo Sanò, and Federico Porcù

Plinius15-55 | Posters | Plinius15-2

The water vapour tomography on Mount Etna through the GPS technique
Massimo Aranzulla, Claudia Spinetti, Flavio Cannavo, Francesco Guglielmino, Vito Romaniello, Pierre Briole, and Giuseppe Puglisi

Plinius15-10 | Orals | Plinius15-2

X-band weather radar monitoring products in Naples urban area: raingauge-based calibration, hail detection and lightning nowcasting
Vincenzo Capozzi, Errico Picciotti, Vincenzo Mazzarella, Giorgio Budillon, and Frank Silvio Marzano

Plinius15-13 | Orals | Plinius15-2

Severe convection in the Mediterranean from microwave observations
Jean François Rysman, Chantal Claud, Jean Pierre Chaboureau, Julien Delanoe, and Beatriz M Funatsu

Plinius15-61 | Posters | Plinius15-2

Application of the entropic approach to estimate the mean velocity: analysis in laboratory flumes for different planimetric configurations
Donatella Termini and Tommaso Moramarco

Plinius15-63 | Posters | Plinius15-2

Development of hydrometeorological networks for early flood warning and drought monitoring.
Georgina Cazenave, Raúl Rivas, Christian Mancino, Mauro Holzman, Martín Bayala, Dora Ocampo, and Luis Vives

Plinius15-37 | Orals | Plinius15-2

A revised event synchronization method. Hydro-meteorological extreme events analysis and associated risk evaluation in Lazio Region in Italy.
Federico Rosario Conticello, Francesco Cioffi, Vincenzo Scotti, Upmanu Lall, and Bruno Merz

Plinius15-29 | Orals | Plinius15-2

The Extreme Climate Index: a novel and multi-hazard index for extreme weather events.
Marco Cucchi, Marcello Petitta, and Sandro Calmanti

Plinius15-22 | Orals | Plinius15-2

Trend analysis of observed and simulated rainfall extremes in Sardinia
Francesco Viola, Monica Piras, and Roberto Deidda

Plinius15-72 | Orals | Plinius15-2

Heavy precipitation events in the Cevennes-Vivarais region, France: analysis of precipitation maxima and of the within-catchment rainfall variability over a range of spatial and temporal scales.
Guy Delrieu, Annette Wijbrans, Claudio Duran Alarcon, Juliette Blanchet, Guillaume Nord, and Brice Boudevillain

Plinius15-7 | Orals | Plinius15-2

Convective modes associated with Lighning Jumps
Carme Farnell, Nicolau Pineda, and Tomeu Rigo

Plinius15-21 | Orals | Plinius15-2

SAETTA: high resolution 3D mapping of the lightning activity in the Mediterranean basin around Corsica
Sylvain Coquillat, Mathilde Chabasset, Eric Defer, Didier Gazen, Dominique Lambert, Jean-Michel Martin, Jean-Pierre Pinty, Véronique Pont, Serge Prieur, and Jean-François Ribaud

Plinius15-66 | Orals | Plinius15-2

Evaluating the catching performance of aerodynamic rain gauges by means of field comparisons and CFD modelling
Matteo Colli, Michael Pollock, Mattia Stagnaro, Luca Giovanni Lanza, Paul Quinn, Mark Dutton, Greg O'Donnell, Mark Wilkinson, Andrew Black, and Enda O'Connell

Plinius15-67 | Orals | Plinius15-2

On the wind-induced undercatch in rainfall measurement using CFD-based simulations
Arianna Cauteruccio, Matteo Colli, and Luca Giovanni Lanza

Plinius15-3 – Floods, flash floods and related hydrological processes: modelling, forecasting, risks and global and climate change effects

Plinius15-24 | Orals | Plinius15-3

Turbulence locality and granular-like fluid shear viscosity in collisional suspensions
Luigi Fraccarollo and Diego Berzi

Plinius15-6 | Posters | Plinius15-3

Probabilistic hydrological nowcasting using radar based nowcasting techniques and distributed hydrological models
Maria Laura Poletti, Francesco Silvestro, and Nicola Rebora

Plinius15-9 | Posters | Plinius15-3

The role of spatial and temporal scales in defining the magnitude of flash flood events: analysis of the 9th October 2014 event in Genoa.
Maria Laura Poletti, Francesco Silvestro, Nicola Rebora, Francesca Giannoni, Andrea Cavallo, and Luca Ferraris

Plinius15-25 | Orals | Plinius15-3

Oasis Dynamics Change and its Influence on Landscape Pattern Using MultiSource Data on a Regional Scale – A Case Study in the Tafilalet Plain, Morocco
Sofia Hakdaoui, Hajar Aatabou, and Anas Emran

Plinius15-45 | Posters | Plinius15-3

Rainfall-runoff and erosion processes triggered by extreme rainfall event in a forested headwater catchment
Nejc Bezak, Mitja Brilly, Simon Rusjan, Matej Sečnik, and Matjaž Mikoš

Plinius15-28 | Orals | Plinius15-3

Floodplain mapping uncertainty framework for ungauged streams
George Papaioannou, Athanasios Loukas, Lampros Vasiliades, and Giuseppe T. Aronica

Plinius15-49 | Orals | Plinius15-3

A multi-hazard approach to flash flood in rocky coastal area: the case of the Dragone catchment, Atrani, Amalfi Coast (southern Italy)
Crescenzo Violante, Giovanni Braca, Eliana Esposito, and Giuseppe Tranfaglia

Plinius15-65 | Posters | Plinius15-3

Flood and Landslide Warning based on rainfall thresholds and soil moisture indexes: the SySAlert model for Sicily
Giuseppina Brigandì, Brunella Bonaccorso, Giuseppe Tito Aronica, Roberto Gueli, and Giuseppe Basile

Plinius15-52 | Orals | Plinius15-3

Assessing the hydrological changes due to land use alterations
Elisa Arnone, Dario Pumo, Antonio Francipane, Domenico Caracciolo, and Leonardo Noto

Plinius15-58 | Orals | Plinius15-3

Climatic and dynamic variability of the vegetation in the Ziz- Rhésis watershed: Region of Tafilalet-Morocco
Hajar Aatabou, Sofia Hakdaoui, and Anas Emran

Plinius15-73 | Orals | Plinius15-3

Combining regional rainfall frequency analysis and rainfall-runoff modelling to derive frequency distributions of peak flows at regional scale: a proposal for Sicily
Brunella Bonaccorso, Giuseppina Brigandi, and Giuseppe Tito Aronica

Plinius15-1 | Orals | Plinius15-3

Ensemble strategies better targeted to relevant sources of uncertainty for flash-flood forecasting: the 12 October 2007 case study over the Serpis river basin, eastern Spain.
Arnau Amengual, Giovanni Ravazzani, Diego Carrió, and Víctor Homar

Plinius15-12 | Orals | Plinius15-3

A Gis-Based, Rapid And Holistic Flash Flood Risk Assessment For Emergency Management Services
Luca Cenci, Giuseppe Squicciarino, Laura Rossello, Silvia De Angeli, Eva Trasforini, Roberto Rudari, and Giorgio Boni

Plinius15-26 | Orals | Plinius15-3

Evaluation of two flash-flood forecasting approaches in mountainous catchments
Alessandro Seoni, Roberto Deidda, and Giuseppe Mascaro

Plinius15-41 | Orals | Plinius15-3

Understanding the Impact of Spatio-Temporal Resolution in Soil Moisture-Data Assimilation Systems for Flash Flood Early Warning
Luca Cenci, Luca Pulvirenti, Giorgio Boni, Marco Chini, Patrick Matgen, Simone Gabellani, Lorenzo Campo, Francesco Silvestro, and Fabio Delogu

Plinius15-4 – Rainfall-triggered landslide

Plinius15-30 | Posters | Plinius15-4

Identifying hydrological pre-conditions and rainfall triggers of slope failures at catchment scale for 2014 storm events in the Ialomita Subcarpathians, Romania
Zenaida Chitu, Thom Bogaard, Aristita Busuioc, Sorin Burcea, Ionut Sandric, and Mary-Jeanne Adler

Plinius15-40 | Orals | Plinius15-4

Real-time stochastic prediction of rainfall for early warning of shallow landslides in a pyroclastic-covered slope
Roberto Greco, Luca Comegna, Emilia Damiano, Massimiliano Giorgio, Andrea Guida, Lucio Olivares, and Luciano Picarelli

Plinius15-48 | Posters | Plinius15-4

A regional early warning system for shallow landslides based on rainfall thresholds and soil moisture indexes
Giuseppe Tito Aronica, Stefano Luigi Gariano, Giuseppina Brigandì, Maria Teresa Brunetti, Massimo Melillo, Silvia Peruccacci, and Fausto Guzzetti

Plinius15-46 | Orals | Plinius15-4

An analysis of including hydrology in rainfall intensity-duration thresholds to improve regional landslide hazard assessment
Thom Bogaard and Roberto Greco

Plinius15-50 | Orals | Plinius15-4

On the use of rainfall intensity-duration-frequency curves for estimating the return period of landslide triggering
David Johnny Peres and Antonino Cancelliere

Plinius15-56 | Orals | Plinius15-4

Derivation of critical rainfall thresholds for landslide in Sicily
Domenico Caracciolo, Elisa Arnone, and Leonardo V. Noto

Plinius15-74 | Orals | Plinius15-4

Diversity of rainfall thresholds
Davide Luciano De Luca and Pasquale Versace

Plinius15-77 | Orals | Plinius15-4

Conceptual modeling with variable shear strength for Ca’Lita landslide
Xiang Li, Federico Cervi, Lisa Borgatti, and Tom Schanz

Plinius15-5 – Coastal dynamics and tsunamis

Plinius15-38 | Posters | Plinius15-5

Statistics for long wave run-up on a slopping beach: theoretical predictions and experimental data
Ira Didenkulova, Denys Dutykh, and Dmitry Senichev

Plinius15-79 | Orals | Plinius15-5

On the modelling of freak waves
Wojciech Sulisz

Plinius15-4 | Orals | Plinius15-5

Real-Time Detection of Tsunami Ionospheric Disturbances Using a VARION Approach: Results for the 2011 Tohoku-Oki and 2012 Queen Charlotte Island Events
Giorgio Savastano, Attila Komjathy, Oscar Yang, Olga Verkhoglyadova, Augusto Mazzoni, and Mattia Crespi

Plinius15-8 | Orals | Plinius15-5

High Resolution Tsunami Flood Maps for the Portuguese Mainland
João Ribeiro, Adélio Silva, Patrícia Pires, Giuseppe Cornaglia, Paulo Leitão, Carlos Mendes, and Elsa Costa

Plinius15-18 | Orals | Plinius15-5

Earthquake-triggered landslides along the Hyblean-Malta Escarpment (off eastern Sicily, Italy). Assessment of the related tsunamigenic potential.
Maria Ausilia Paparo, Gianluca Pagnoni, Filippo Zaniboni, and Stefano Tinti

Plinius15-35 | Orals | Plinius15-5

Tsunami hazard related to tectonic sources in the Augusta-Siracusa coastal area (eastern Sicily, Italy): a “credible worst-case” scenario approach
Stefano Tinti, Alberto Armigliato, Gianluca Pagnoni, and Filippo Zaniboni

Plinius15-59 | Orals | Plinius15-5

Tsunami at Sicilian coast from numerical simulation of two historical Mediterranean earthquakes
Raissa Mazova and Serguey Tyuntyaev

Plinius15-6 – Hydrological Risks: Socio-economic Impact, Human Response and Adaptation to storms, landslides and floods

Plinius15-23 | Posters | Plinius15-6

Levels of risk and of alarm in the phenomena of slope instability
Giulio Ciaravino

Plinius15-60 | Orals | Plinius15-6

Working Together--Engineers and Economists
Susan Durden

Plinius15-43 | Posters | Plinius15-6

Epistemic and aleatory uncertainty in the study of flood risk dynamics
Giuliano Di Baldassarre, Luigia Brandimarte, and Keith Beven

Plinius15-32 | Orals | Plinius15-6

Holistic analysis of the impact of heavy precipitation events and floods in a Mediterranean Region. The Spanish project HOPE
Maria-Carmen Llasat, Maria Cortés, Montserrat Llasat Botija, Joan Gilabert, Anna del Moral, Raul Marcos, Amelia Díaz, Tomeu Rigo, Marco Turco, Juan Pedro Martín-Vide, Jordi Cunillera, José Gibergans, and Pere Quintana-Seguí

Plinius15-47 | Posters | Plinius15-6

How do we best estimate the socio-economic impact of fluvial floods in urbanized environments?
Elisa Longo, Giuseppe Tito Aronica, Giuliano Di Baldassarre, and Micah Mukolwe

Plinius15-42 | Orals | Plinius15-6

Multi-level information based rainfall estimation for hydrological applications
Salvatore Gabriele, Raffaele Niccoli, Antonio Procopio, Pietro Sabatino, and Francesco Chiaravalloti

Plinius15-51 | Orals | Plinius15-6

Landslide and flood hazard assessment in a climate change environment
Stefania Camici, Luca Ciabatta, Luca Brocca, and Tommaso Moramarco

Plinius15-53 | Posters | Plinius15-6

Civil protection and damaging hydrogeological events: comparative analysis of the management of the September 2000 and November 2015 events
Olga Petrucci, Tommaso Caloiero, A.Aurora Pasqua, Piero Perrotta, Luigi Russo, and Carlo Tansi

Plinius15-71 | Posters | Plinius15-6

Flood risk assessment using a novel exposure-vulnerability matrices approach
Susanna Naso, Albert S. Chen, Giuseppe Tito Aronica, and Slobodan Djordjević

Plinius15-20 | Orals | Plinius15-6

Effects of damaging hydrogeological events on people: victims, injured and involved people throughout 24 years in a Mediterranean region
Luigi Aceto, A.Aurora Pasqua, and Olga Petrucci

Plinius15-75 | Posters | Plinius15-6

Landslides Early Warning Systems. Risk Scenarios and intervention model
Giovanna Capparelli and Pasquale Versace

Plinius15-62 | Orals | Plinius15-6

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Socio-Economc Impacts and Were Afraid to Ask
Susan Durden and Martin Harm

Plinius15-76 | Posters | Plinius15-6

Leveraging social media for hydrogeological risk management: an experience in Campania region (southern Italy)
Mauro Biafore, Italo Giulivo, and Giovanni Battista Chirico
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