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PL1 – Heavy rainfall: dynamical and statistical modelling, climate change impacts

Plinius16-83 | Orals | PL1

The paradox of the Mediterranean water cycle: a review from a climate perspective
Philippe Drobinski

Plinius16-4 | Posters | PL1

Analysis of instant rainfall in the Bouregreg and Chaouia regions of Morocco
Khalid Barkouki, Ilias Kacimi, Najat Serhir, and Aimane Ezzahoum

Plinius16-77 | Orals | PL1

Modelling heavy precipitation in the Mediterranean
Kristian Horvath

Plinius16-22 | Posters | PL1

Precipitations changes in the central and eastern region of Algeria towards the end of 21th century
Nacira Chourghal, Jean-paul Lhomme, and Frederic Huard

Plinius16-19 | Posters | PL1

Climate change and new atmospheric circulation causing extreme precipitation and floods in Western Mediterranean: the case of Morocco
Mohammed-Said Karrouk

Plinius16-28 | Orals | PL1

Synoptic-scale control over heavy rainfall and flash floods in the drylands of the Eastern Mediterranean
Moshe Armon, Elad Dente, James, A. Smith, Yehouda Enzel, and Efrat Morin

Plinius16-9 | Orals | PL1

Climatological analysis of extreme precipitation in five European countries: Results from the TRIBUTE project
Konstantinos V. Varotsos, Christos Giannakopoulos, Myrto Gratsea, Vasilis Tenentes, Iphigenia Keramitsoglou, and Chris T. Kiranoudis

Plinius16-32 | Posters | PL1

Building a stochastic rainfall generator model with Self-Organizing Maps
Meynadier Remi, Hugo Rakotoarimanga, and Madeleine-Sophie Deroche

Plinius16-66 | Orals | PL1

Climate change impacts on precipitation, soil moisture and floods over a mediterranean catchment
Antoine Colmet-Daage, Emilia Sanchez-Gomez, Sophie Ricci, Valérie Borrell-Estupina, Cécile Llovel, and Eric Servat

Plinius16-36 | Orals | PL1

Assessment of the future effects of temperature and precipitation regimes over Europe using a combination of downscaling approaches and quantitative impact models
Maria Francisca Cardell, Arnau Amengual, and Romualdo Romero

Plinius16-21 | Orals | PL1

Interpolation approaches based on auxiliary data to extend climatic series in space and in time for water stress retrieval in central Tunisia
Nesrine Farhani, Julie Carreau, Gilles Boulet, Zined Kassouk, Bernard Mougenot, Michel Le Page, Zohra Lili Chabaane, and Rim Zitouna

Plinius16-55 | Orals | PL1

Evaluation of gridded precipitation products on a semi-arid region
Haifa Feki, Yves Tramblay, Julie Carreau, Paolo Filipucci, Luca Brocca, and Bilel Fathalli

Plinius16-33 | Orals | PL1

Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Rainfall Concentration over the Mediterranean according to two different indices
Shifa Mathbout, Joan Albert Lopez Bustins, Dominic Royé, and Javier Martín -Vide

Plinius16-35 | Orals | PL1

A scale-invariant extreme value model of rainfall Intensity-Duration-Area-Frequency relationships in the Cévennes-Vivarais region
Victor Mélèse and Juliette Blanchet

PL2 – Floods and flash floods modelling and forecasting

Plinius16-88 | Posters | PL2

A distributed parsimonious event-based model for Mediterranean floods: efficiency of the model and spatial variability of the parameters in Real Collobrier catchments
Son Nguyen and Christophe Bouvier

Plinius16-60 | Orals | PL2

Hydrometeorological processes and characteristics of flash floods in arid climate
Efrat Morin, Idit Belachsen, Davide Zocatelli, Francesco Marra, and Moshe Armon

Plinius16-13 | Posters | PL2

Spatialization of flood indicators on Mediterranean catchments (Southern France) - Implication for prediction
Martin Le Mesnil, Jean-Baptiste Charlier, Roger Moussa, Yvan Caballero, and Nathalie Dörfliger

Plinius16-34 | Orals | PL2

The forgetted role of groundwaters on flash flood understanding and modelling in Mediterranean karstic catchments – the example of the Gapeau river (South France)
Jean-Baptiste Charlier, Laurent Goulet, Didier Narbaïs, and Jean-François Desprats

Plinius16-37 | Posters | PL2

Nowcasting hydrological chain: how to extend the forecast horizon?
Maria Laura Poletti, Francesco Silvestro, Silvio Davolio, Flavio Pignone, and Nicola Rebora

Plinius16-78 | Posters | PL2

Taking profit of statistical modelling by neural networks: how to deal with vigilance levels prediction for flash flooding. Case study on Lez Basin (Southeastern France)
Thomas Darras, Anne Johannet, and Séverin Pistre

Plinius16-44 | Orals | PL2

Impacts of the resolution of initial soil moisture conditions for flash flood modeling in the Mediterranean region
Judith Eeckman, Béatrice Vincendon, Alexane Lovat, and Veronique Ducrocq

Plinius16-8 | Orals | PL2

Determinants of modeling choices for Mediterranean floods
Bruno Cheviron and Roger Moussa

Plinius16-20 | Orals | PL2

Modelling floods in urban areas using spatially distributed hydrological models: A case study on the Oued Fez catchment
Ismail Bouizrou, Nanée Chahinian, Naoual Rais, Jean-Louis Perrin, and Remy Müller

Plinius16-1 | Orals | PL2

Quantifying uncertainties in hydrological models applied on Lebanese Mediterranean catchments
Cynthia Andraos and Wajdi Najem

Plinius16-71 | Orals | PL2

Integrating hydrological modelling, post-event surveys and morphometric analyses for flash flood investigation
Stefano Crema, Francesco Marra, Andrea Andreoli, Vittoria Scorpio, Christian Kofler, Marco Cavalli, Lorenzo Marchi, Marco Borga, and Francesco Comiti

Plinius16-61 | Orals | PL2

The ANYWHERE operational flash flood early warning system based on meteorological radars and flood risk maps. Comparison with a continuous distributed hydrological model in the flash flood cases of autumn 2014 in Liguria (Italy)
Daniel Sempere-Torres, Carles Corral, Marc Berenguer, Maria Laura Poletti, Francesco Silvestro, and Nicola Rebora

Plinius16-23 | Orals | PL2

Flood modelling and forecasting in the High-Atlas of Morocco
El Mahdi El Khalki, Yves Tramblay, Mohammed El Mehdi Saidi, and Meriem Alaouri

Plinius16-67 | Orals | PL2

Analysis of the 12 September 2015 flash flood in Lodève (France): influence of karsts on flood characteristics
Pascal Brunet

Plinius16-25 | Orals | PL2

Modeling flood occourrences: test and validation of two hydrological stress indices over Italy.
Annalina Lombardi, Barbara Tomassetti, Valentina Colaiuda, and Marco Verdecchia

Plinius16-42 | Orals | PL2

Hydrological nowcasting: application and comparison of two probabilistic nowcasting technique
Maria Laura Poletti, Marc Berenguer, Carles Corral, Francesco Silvestro, Nicola Rebora, and Daniel Sempere-Torres

Plinius16-38 | Orals | PL2

Achievements and challenges for flash flood warnings: the French experience with the Vigicrues Flash system and the AIGA method
Pierre Javelle, Patrick Arnaud, Julie Demargne, Jean-Alain Fine, Catherine Fouchier, Lea Garandeau, Bruno Janet, Maxime Jay-Allemand, Didier Organde, Clotilde Saint-Martin, and Mathieu Tolsa

Plinius16-6 | Orals | PL2

A decision support system to calculate design flood peaks. Study area: Tensift Basin in Morocco
Jihane Ahattab and Najat Serhir

PL3 – Societal impacts of Mediterranean storms and integrated approaches

Plinius16-57 | Orals | PL3

Validation of an integrated flash-flood impacts modeling chain based on insurance claim data
Olivier Payrastre, Eric Gaume, Guillaume Le Bihan, David Moncoulon, and Frédéric Pons

Plinius16-27 | Posters | PL3

Integrated Disaster Management system based on geographical information and mobile communication networks
Carlo Tansi, Luigi D’Angelo, Roberta Maletta, Mariano Maraniello, Giuseppe Mendicino, Piero Perrotta, Olga Petrucci, and Pasquale Versace

Plinius16-12 | Orals | PL3

Contribution to the elaboration of the concept of gravity index on Mediterranean area
Sylvain Chave and Guillaume Ferry

Plinius16-79 | Posters | PL3

Using citizen science for improving a database of severe weather in Catalonia
Carme Farnell and Tomeu Rigo

Plinius16-41 | Orals | PL3

Socioeconomical impact of flood events in Spanish Mediterranean basins
Maria Cortès, Marco Turco, Montserrat Llasat, Joan Rosselló, and Maria Carmen Llasat

Plinius16-45 | Orals | PL3

Estimating people’s vulnerability to floods: the evil model
Giovanna Capparelli, Pasquale Versace, Daniela Biondi, Francesco Cruscomagno, Davide L. De Luca, and Luciano Galasso

Plinius16-56 | Orals | PL3

Available databases on the impact of Damaging Hydrogeological Events in Mediterranean regions
Olga Petrucci, Luigi Aceto, and Angela Aurora Pasqua

Plinius16-46 | Orals | PL3

Integrated physical approach for the study of the effects of heavy rain on the mudflow
Giovanna Capparelli, Gennaro Spolverino, and Pasquale Versace

Plinius16-48 | Orals | PL3

Magnitude and impacts of flash floods around the Mediterranean Sea
Eric Gaume, Marco Borga, Maria Carmen Llassat, Said Maouche, Michel Lang, and Michalis Diakakis

Plinius16-49 | Orals | PL3

Evaluation of weather-related indicators in the prediction of wildfire risk in a Mediterranean region, in the frame of DISARM project
Katerina Papagiannaki, Theodoros Giannaros, Kostas Lagouvardos, Vassiliki Kotroni, Antonis Bezes, and Athanasios Karagiannidis

Plinius16-54 | Orals | PL3

A flood-related mortality index in the Mediterranean countries
Freddy Vinet, olga Petrucci, Katarina papagiannaki, Carmen LLasat, vassiliki kotroni, Laurent Boissier, luigi aceto, Miquel Grimalt, Montserrat llasat-Botija, angela aurora pasqua, and Juan Rosselo

Plinius16-69 | Orals | PL3

Evolution of the Coastal Risks: a very long time perspective in Languedoc region
Benoit Devillers, Jean-Philippe Degeai, and Léa Tavenne

Plinius16-75 | Orals | PL3

The U.S. and Hurricanes--the true societal impacts
Susan Durden and Michael Sarahan

PL4 – Advances in remote sensing methods for hydro-meteorological risk monitoring

Plinius16-58 | Orals | PL4

Current methods and future opportunities for remote sensing data within flood forecasting at ECMWF
Calum Baugh, Florian Pappenberger, and Christel Prudhomme

Plinius16-85 | Posters | PL4

Assessment of soil erosion vulnerability using GIS and multicriterion analysis: case of the Fergoug river catchment in the western Algeria
Abderrahmane Hamimed, Mansour Zaagane, Mourad Sadeg, and Habib Azzaz

Plinius16-15 | Orals | PL4

Advances in flood monitoring using commercial microwave links
Pinhas Alpert, Yonatan Laron, Hagit Messer, Noam David, and Adam Eshel

Plinius16-5 | Posters | PL4

Flood hazard mapping using high-resolution Pleiades digital elevation model in the Ourika catchment (Morocco)
Oumaima Bennani, Yves Tramblay, Mohammed El Mehdi Saidi, Simon Gascoin, and Frédéric Leone

Plinius16-39 | Orals | PL4

RainSat : satellite transmissions face to heavy rain and rain rate evaluation via TV Sat Signal Attenuation Measurement
Laurent Tocqueville, Renaud Adnet, and Yann Lefebvre

Plinius16-29 | Posters | PL4

Real-time mapping and forecasting of hydro-meteorological risks in South-Eastern France
Catherine Fouchier, Frédéric Atger, Frédéric Liebault, Coraline Bel, Dominique Batista, Pierre Azemard, Pierre Javelle, and Bertrand Mélanie

Plinius16-62 | Posters | PL4

Toward and assessment of climate change impact of landslide occurrence in Central Italy through physically-based approaches.
Roberta Massini, Stefania Camici, Luca Ciabatta, Diana Salciarini, Massimiliano Alvioli, and Luca Brocca

Plinius16-43 | Orals | PL4

The precipitation structure of the Mediterranean tropical-like cyclone Numa: analysis of GPM-CO observations and NWP simulations
Giulia Panegrossi, Anna Cinzia Marra, Paolo Sanò, Leo Pio D'Adderio, Stefano Dietrich, Luca Baldini, Mario Montopoli, and Stefano Federico

Plinius16-70 | Posters | PL4

On the feasibility of using satellite-based soil moisture data for rainfall-induced landslide prediction
Luca Ciabatta, Stefano Luigi Gariano, Massimo Melillo, Maria Teresa Brunetti, Silvia Peruccacci, and Luca Brocca

Plinius16-52 | Orals | PL4

ESA-CCI soil moisture for agricultural drought: validation by using crop data
Sara Modanesi, Christian Massari, Stefania Camici, Luca Brocca, and Giriraj Amarnath

Plinius16-53 | Orals | PL4

Analysis and predictability of drought in North Africa using optical, thermal and microwave remote sensing time series
Michel Le Page and Mehrez Zribi

Plinius16-68 | Orals | PL4

Performance of satellite-based products in forecasting landslides triggered by heavy rainfall events in Italy
Maria Teresa Brunetti, Massimo Melillo, Silvia Peruccacci, Luca Ciabatta, Luca Brocca, and Stefano Luigi Gariano

Plinius16-72 | Orals | PL4

A merged precipitation data field aimed to improve the performances of an operational early warning system for landslide forecasting.
Francesco Ponziani

Plinius16-14 | Orals | PL4

Use of satellite microwave observations for Hail detection in the Mediterranean
Stavros Dafis, Chantal Claud, Vassiliki Kotroni, Konstantinos Lagouvardos, Jean-François Rysman, and Beatriz M. Funatsu

Plinius16-86 | Orals | PL4

Application of spatial logistic multiple regression for landslide susceptibility analysis in the Beni-Chougrane Mountains, Western Algeria
Mansour Zaagane, Abderahmane Hamimed, and Soraya Refas

PL5 – Mediterranean storms: diagnostic, meteorological modelling and forecasting

Plinius16-16 | Orals | PL5

Barrier winds in the Italian area: synoptic climatology, dynamics and meteorological impact
Andrea Buzzi

Plinius16-31 | Posters | PL5

Forecast sensitivity analysis of the November 7th 2014 medicane
Aina Maimó and Víctor Homar

Plinius16-30 | Orals | PL5

The breeding method for ensemble forecasting: application to Western Mediterranean
Alejandro Hermoso and Victor Homar

Plinius16-59 | Posters | PL5

Use of a meso-scale disdrometer network to evaluate radar rainfall estimation errors caused by Z-R relationship variability
Brice Boudevillain and Guy Delrieu

Plinius16-76 | Posters | PL5

Analysis of one of the deadliest flood events in Attica, Greece: the case of Mandra flood on 15 November 2017
Kostas Lagouvardos, Theodore Giannaros, Vasiliki Kotroni, Athanasios Karagiannidis, Stavros Dafis, and Katerina Papagiannaki

Plinius16-2 | Orals | PL5

The second AROME-WMED reanalysis of HyMeX SOP1
Mathieu Nuret

Plinius16-7 | Orals | PL5

The Role of the Mediterranean Cyclones on Dust Storms in Southwest of Iran
Mehry Akbary

Plinius16-81 | Posters | PL5

Thundertstorms with anomalous motion in consecutive days over the same trajectory
Tomeu Rigo, Anna Del Moral, and Maria Carmen Llasat

Plinius16-17 | Orals | PL5

TRAM: A New Nonhydrostatic Fully Compressible Numerical Model
Romualdo Romero

Plinius16-26 | Orals | PL5

Can we predict changes in the trajectories of thunderstorms bearing severe-weather?
Anna del Moral, Tomeu Rigo, and Maria Carmen Llasat

Plinius16-50 | Orals | PL5

A High-Resolution Ensemble Data Assimilation System (EnKF): Impact of RS-AMVs observations over complex orography and large data-avoid regions in the Western Mediterranean.
Diego Saúl Carrió Carrió, Víctor Homar, and Louis Wicker

Plinius16-51 | Orals | PL5

Assessing the impact of improved lateral and boundary conditions resolution on high impact weather events reproduction in a Mediterranean domain with WRF and MOLOCH models
Luca Furnari, Silvio Davolio, Alfonso Senatore, and Giuseppe Mendicino

Plinius16-74 | Orals | PL5

Characterization of French heavy precipitating events systematic rainfall error patterns and link with typical synoptic environments with a 30 years ensemble hindcast dataset
Matteo Ponzano, Bruno Joly, Philippe Arbogast, and Laurent Descamps

Plinius16-40 | Orals | PL5

Performance Assessment of two Land Surface Models in WRF during Convective Summer Storms over the Túria River Basin (Eastern Spain)
Pau Benetó-Vallés, Jose Luis Palau, and Francisco Pastor

Plinius16-65 | Orals | PL5

Advances in the understanding of heavy precipitation in the western Mediterranean region
Samiro Khodayar, Alberto Caldas-Alvarez, and Sebastian Helgert

Plinius16-82 | Orals | PL5

Mesoscale convective systems producing severe weather in Catalonia
Tomeu Rigo, Maria Carmen Llasat, Carme Farnell, and Anna Del Moral

PL6 – Forecasting of Mediterranean Storms: optimization of information content, dissemination to the public, acceptance and response

Plinius16-87 | Orals | PL6

Evolution of flood forecasting in France
Joël Hoffman

Plinius16-47 | Orals | PL6

Estimation and communication of flood forecasting uncertainties: what is going on in France?
Lionel Berthet, Eric Gaume, and olivier Piotte

Plinius16-10 | Orals | PL6

Return of experience (ROE) on operational Early Warning System (EWS) applied to Mediterranean events
Sylvain Chave and Guillaume Ferry

Plinius16-84 | Orals | PL6

Flood vulnerability diagnosis as an opportunity for improving flood risk culture
Line Kong A Siou, Alexia Lopez, and Emma Haziza

Plinius16-73 | Orals | PL6

Meteorological conditions conducive to the rapid spread of the deadly wildfire in eastern Attica, Greece
Vassiliki Kotroni, Konstantinos Lagouvardos, Theodore Giannaros, and Stavros Dafis

Plinius16-80 | Orals | PL6

Relationship between severe weather and diurnal cycle and seasonality in Catalonia: the generation of warnings for civil protection
Tomeu Rigo
CC BY 4.0