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EOS – Educational and Outreach Symposia

EOS3 – Science in tomorrow's classroom (poster only session)

EGU2015-15505 | Posters | EOS3

Geoscience Information for Teachers (GIFT) Workshops at the European Geoscience Union General Assembly
Eve Arnold, Friedrich Barnikel, Jean-Luc Berenguer, Angelo Camerlenghi, Francesca Cifelli, Francesca Funiciello, Carlo Laj, Stephen Macko, Annegret Schwarz, Phil Smith, and Herbert Summesberger

EGU2015-4689 | Posters | EOS3

The Teachers at Sea program during the CIRCEA cruise of the R/V Marion Dufresne
Carlo Laj, Ana Sanchez Morante, Catherine Kissel, and Hélène Leau

EGU2015-5095 | Posters | EOS3

Geosciences Information for Teachers (GIFT) Workshops held in Conjunction with Alexander von Humboldt (AvH) EGU Conferences
Carlo Laj and Francesca Cifelli

EGU2015-14177 | Posters | EOS3

Evaluation of students' perception of their learning environment and approaches to learning
Manousos Valyrakis and Ming Cheng

EGU2015-4073 | Posters | EOS3

Planning and implementing an honors degree in environmental science curricula: a case study from the University of Delaware, USA
Delphis Levia

EGU2015-4868 | Posters | EOS3

The enhancement of environmental literacy of High School students within the Sparkling Science project “Traisen w3”
Michaela Poppe, Andreas Zitek, Kerstin Böck, Sigrid Scheikl, Andrea Heidenreich, Roman Kurz-Aigner, Martin Schrittwieser, and Susanne Muhar

EGU2015-13874 | Posters | EOS3

A Captive Ocean: Evaluation of Aquaculture, Fisheries Sustainabilty and Aquaria as Arks in the Setting of a Field-based Class
Stephen Macko, Matthew O'Connell, and Heather Sullivan

EGU2015-10301 | Posters | EOS3

An Arduino project to record ground motion and to learn on earthquake hazard at high school
Angela Saraò, Carla Barnaba, Marco Clocchiatti, and David Zuliani

EGU2015-6889 | Posters | EOS3

Teaching high-school Geoscience through a group-based activity: the Geotrivia experiment
Athanasia Bakopoulou

EGU2015-4634 | Posters | EOS3

The wow effect
Riccardo Biondi, Paola Pagnotta, Gabriella Trentini, Tiziana Cirotti, and Cinzia Parrettini

EGU2015-15515 | Posters | EOS3

Research goes to School: understanding the content and the procedures of Science through a new dialogue among students, teachers and scientists
Alba L'Astorina and Irene Tomasoni

EGU2015-9629 | Posters | EOS3

GeoEd – Teaching teachers for a better GeoEducation in Germany
Andreas Bergner, Britta Bookhagen, Christoff Ellger, and Simon Schneider

EGU2015-7051 | Posters | EOS3

Pedagogical experimentations about participating science, in a european class, in France.
Marion Burgio

EGU2015-2753 | Posters | EOS3

Geoparks for understanding geodiversity
Sirpa Anttila-Muilu

EGU2015-14818 | Posters | EOS3

Exploring old caves
Maria Luana Belli

EGU2015-1430 | Posters | EOS3

Treasure hunt of mineral resources: a serious game in a virtual world
Annalisa Boniello

EGU2015-15519 | Posters | EOS3

Morocco, Kingdom of the young geologist!
Franck Bouttemy

EGU2015-13185 | Posters | EOS3

Learning about geological events in Vendée (west coast of France)
Florence Bretaudeau and Bruno Lavigne

EGU2015-2562 | Posters | EOS3

We Think Green
Sanja Bulat and Ivana Jokic

EGU2015-4435 | Posters | EOS3

Vosges, a long and rich geologic history
Carteaux Dominique, Delangle Cyrille, and Demangel Sophie

EGU2015-7084 | Posters | EOS3

Rare earth elements exploitation, geopolitical implications and raw materials trading
Marie-Charlotte CHEMIN

EGU2015-2200 | Posters | EOS3

Exploring Earth Systems Through STEM
Loris Chen, Jennifer Salmon, and Courtney Burns

EGU2015-4692 | Posters | EOS3

Marina Drndarski

EGU2015-4206 | Posters | EOS3

Simulators, Remote Labs and Robotic Telescopes
Alvaro Folhas

EGU2015-1743 | Posters | EOS3

Quarries as educational resources – a research with students of a secondary school of Portugal
Fernanda Filipe and Maria Helena Henriques

EGU2015-14798 | Posters | EOS3

Teaching Science with Technology
Svetlana Gornostaeva

EGU2015-9471 | Posters | EOS3

Make pupils young researchers!
Armelle Gouhier

EGU2015-2182 | Posters | EOS3

From Sand to Rock: a teaching activity to introduce beach dynamics.
Teresita Gravina

EGU2015-2437 | Posters | EOS3

Teaching of the subject “density difference caused by salinity", one of the reasons that plays role in the occurrence of currents in straits, seas and oceans by the use of a teaching material
Verim Gumussoy

EGU2015-15520 | Posters | EOS3

Development of the consumption behavior that promotes sustainable society: Focusing on recycling of small waste home appliances
Takae Ichinose

EGU2015-15083 | Posters | EOS3

Applications of Remote Sensing
Charlene Jacha

EGU2015-4699 | Posters | EOS3

Why Devil's town has Devil's water
Sladjana Jovic and Bojana Mitriceski

EGU2015-6823 | Posters | EOS3

A field day of soil regulation methods
Axel Kempter and Carmen Kempter

EGU2015-6493 | Posters | EOS3

Jungle in the heart of the city
Magdalena Kolodziejska and Marta Czerniak-Czyzniak

EGU2015-6377 | Posters | EOS3

Hidden treasures – 50 km points of interests
Matias Lommi and Jaana Kortelainen

EGU2015-1621 | Posters | EOS3

Teaching with iPads
Hubert Maj

EGU2015-14720 | Posters | EOS3

GeoQuest an Interactive Role Playing game
Sabina Maraffi, Francesco Sacerdoti, and Alessandra Scamardella

EGU2015-15086 | Posters | EOS3

Thematic trip: “Save Roşia MontanÄă”
Marcu Eugenia

EGU2015-2945 | Posters | EOS3

Medicine organizer
Ricardo Martins and Ismael Belchior

EGU2015-10325 | Posters | EOS3

Let s make progress together!
Mazare Adriana and Gheorghian Liliana

EGU2015-15510 | Posters | EOS3

School, Earth and Imagination
Anna Merlini, Giovanni Grieco, and Cristina Oneta

EGU2015-8342 | Posters | EOS3

ROLE OF GRASSROOTS ENVIRONMENTAL LITERACY: The case of water security at Bwaila Secondary School in Malawi
Yvonne Chasukwa Mwalwenje and Steria Chasukwa

EGU2015-6690 | Posters | EOS3

Using BYOD (bring your own device) in lesson.
Tiina Naissoo

EGU2015-2709 | Posters | EOS3

Minerals and rocks, what a passion! A CLIL unit in an Italian lower secondary class
Piera Papini and Beatrice Fiorineschi

EGU2015-13868 | Posters | EOS3

“Let's take back our roots through Science”. The Sicilian Sulfur: a mineralogical treasure to rediscover.
Bianca Parisi

EGU2015-2131 | Posters | EOS3

Exemplary Programs Supporting Teacher Professional Development in the U.S.A.
Michael J Passow

EGU2015-3815 | Posters | EOS3

“On the gate of Arctic”: Doors open to foreign schools
Irene Pecchiar

EGU2015-4988 | Posters | EOS3

“DEAR ROCK, WHAT'S YOUR DESTINY? Ancient and modern uses of rocks in industry, building and art.”
Daniela Pennesi

EGU2015-6916 | Posters | EOS3

Discover, touch, remember. Teacher's role in forming student's sensitivity for nature.
Kornelia Piątkowska and Katarzyna Dacy-Ignatiuk

EGU2015-6632 | Posters | EOS3

Oil prospection using the tectonic plate model

EGU2015-15512 | Posters | EOS3

Teaching Science IBL, a shared experience between schools
Fatima Ruas and Paula Carneiro

EGU2015-7490 | Posters | EOS3

Learning Science in the 21st century - a shared experience between schools
Tânia Pinto, Rosa Soares, and Fátima Ruas

EGU2015-2816 | Posters | EOS3

Inquiry Teaching in Science - Problem Based Learning (PBL) in Astronomy
Rosa Soares, Daniel Teixeira, Áurea Roxo, and Fátima Ruas

EGU2015-6322 | Posters | EOS3

PBL, Hands-On/ Digital resources in Geology, (Teaching/ Learning)
Rosa Soares, Cátia Santos, and Sara Carvalho

EGU2015-15087 | Posters | EOS3

Brand Awareness towards Sustaining Earth's Resources
Seema Sharma

EGU2015-7405 | Posters | EOS3

Sun light European Project
Marie-Laure Soubielle

EGU2015-6917 | Posters | EOS3

20% Research & Design Science Project
Beth A. Spear

EGU2015-2500 | Posters | EOS3

WaterBotics: Pooling Students to STEM
Beverly Stambaugh

EGU2015-3730 | Posters | EOS3

Natural hazards on video clips
Eva Teimel

EGU2015-7088 | Posters | EOS3

The use of meteorological station in Science Park during May floods
Tatjana Marković-Topalović, Mirjana Božić, and Goran Stojićević

EGU2015-2167 | Posters | EOS3

KML (Keyhole Markup Language) : a key tool in the education of geo-resources.
Isabelle Veltz

EGU2015-2335 | Posters | EOS3

Hooking tomorrow's geoscientists: Authentic field inquiry as a compelling pedagogy
Erica Wallstrom

EOS6 – Communication and Education in Geoscience: Practice, Research and Reflection

EGU2015-960 | Posters | EOS6

Know your audience: public perception of geology from anecdote to evidence
Hazel Gibson

EGU2015-1467 | Orals | EOS6 | Media interest

Why Communicate
Samuel Illingworth

EGU2015-1676 | Posters | EOS6

SUstaiNability: a science communication website on environmental research
Teresita Gravina and Flora Angela Rutigliano

EGU2015-7093 | Orals | EOS6 | Media interest

Geoscience in the news - sharing stories
Simon Redfern

EGU2015-4686 | Posters | EOS6

A bottom-up, scientist-based initiative for the communication of climate sciences with the general public
Michel Bourqui, Cassandra Bolduc, Charbonneau Paul, Charrière Marie, Hill Daniel, Lopez Angelica, Loubet Enrique, Roy Philippe, and Winter Barbara

EGU2015-13805 | Orals | EOS6

Open Science: a first step towards Science Communication
Ivo Grigorov and Peter Tuddenham

EGU2015-11020 | Posters | EOS6

The AIRInforma experiment: peer-reviewed public dissemination of science in Italy
Federico Forneris, Luca Cassetta, and Teresita Gravina

EGU2015-13762 | Orals | EOS6

Improving together: collaborative learning in science communication
Mathew Stiller-Reeve

EGU2015-11847 | Posters | EOS6

Personifying space: how the public learned to care for Rosetta and Philae
Claudia Mignone, Emily Baldwin, Karen O'Flaherty, Anne-Mareike Homfeld, Markus Bauer, and Mark McCaughrean

EGU2015-10450 | Orals | EOS6

From the language of science to the languages of the public
Sandra Zicus

EGU2015-13774 | Posters | EOS6

The INGV photos on Flickr
Marco Anzidei, Concetta Felli, and Giuliana D'Addezio

EGU2015-14322 | Posters | EOS6

Earth Observations: Experiences from Various Communication Strategies
Bente Lilja Bye

EGU2015-8838 | Orals | EOS6

Quality and impact assessment in new geoscience communication : future perspectives through digital communication and Big Data exploration techniques
Rosa Vicari, Daniel Schertzer, Jean-Claude Deutsch, and Regis Moilleron

EGU2015-15843 | Posters | EOS6

A participative model for undertaking and evaluating scientific communication in Earth Observation
Alba L'Astorina and Irene Tomasoni

EGU2015-12062 | Orals | EOS6

Popularization activities for young children of the scientific activity in the field of environment
Auguste Gires, Marie-Agathe Le Gueut, and Daniel Schertzer

EGU2015-14652 | Posters | EOS6

Student and Community Engagement in Earth, Space, and Environmental Sciences Through Experiential Learning and Citizen Science as Part of Research Broader Impact
Alaa Ibrahim and Yasmin Ahmed

EGU2015-6230 | Posters | EOS6

Inspiring the undergraduate soil students for a future effective public outreach role: Success strategies and approaches.
Said Al-Ismaily, Ali Al-Maktoumi, and Anvar Kacimov

EGU2015-14847 | Orals | EOS6

GeoBus: bringing Earth science learning to secondary schools in the UK
Ruth Robinson, Kathryn Roper, and Charlotte Pike

EGU2015-3426 | Posters | EOS6

Evaluating the co-production of a near real time Earthquake Aftershock forecasting tool for humanitarian risk assessment and emergency planning
Keira Quinn, Max Hope, John McCloskey, Mairead NicBhloscaidh, Abigail Jimenez, and Paul Dunlop

EGU2015-6100 | Orals | EOS6

Angalasut, an education and outreach project to create a bridge between scientists, local population in Greenland and the general public
Pascaline Bourgain

EGU2015-10996 | Orals | EOS6

Engaging students in research learning experiences through hydrology field excursions and short films
Tracy Ewen and Jan Seibert

EGU2015-4069 | Posters | EOS6

From science to decision-making: taking the risk to communicate on risks
Eric Leroi

EGU2015-8906 | Orals | EOS6

Communicating polar sciences to school children through a scientific expedition
Maite Lacarra, Gaelle Lamarque, Zoé Koenig, Pascaline Bourgain, and Anne Mathilde Thierry

EGU2015-14002 | Posters | EOS6

Approaches to communication in response to geo-hydrological risk: POLARIS an Italian web initiative.
Paola Salvati, Umberto Pernice, Cinzia Bianchi, Federica Fiorucci, Ivan Marchesini, and Fausto Guzzetti

EGU2015-15188 | Orals | EOS6

Strategy for implementing research in hydrology to promote space science among school children in Nigeria
Omowumi O. Alabi

EGU2015-9843 | Posters | EOS6

One exhibition, many goals. Combining scientific research and risk communication
Marie Charrière, Thom Bogaard, Sandra Junier, Jean-Philippe Malet, and Erik Mostert

EGU2015-3989 | Posters | EOS6

Measuring interdisciplinary research and education outcomes in the Vienna Doctoral Programme on Water Resource Systems
Gemma Carr, Daniel Pete Loucks, Alfred Paul Blaschke, Christian Bucher, Andreas Farnleitner, Alexia Fürnkranz-Prskawetz, Juraj Parajka, Norbert Pfeifer, Helmut Rechberger, Wolfgang Wagner, Matthias Zessner, and Günter Blöschl

EGU2015-14160 | Orals | EOS6

Unveiling the secrets of geology, from the Earth to your daily life
Claudia Delfini

EGU2015-12705 | Posters | EOS6

Scientists' Views about Attribution of Global Warming
Bart Verheggen, Bart Strengers, John Cook, Rob van Dorland, Kees Vringer, Jeroen Peters, Hans Visser, and Leo Meyer

EGU2015-14132 | Orals | EOS6

Spelling out the fear. Thoughts on science communication from a dangerous country
Micol Todesco

EGU2015-14971 | Posters | EOS6

Training hydrologists to be ecohydrologists: A 'how-you-can-do-it' example leveraging an active learning environment
Steve W. Lyon, M. Todd Walter, Elin J. Jantze, and Josephine A. Archibald

EGU2015-15294 | Posters | EOS6

Outdoor learning in hydrology
Jan Seibert

EGU2015-8797 | Orals | EOS6

Lessons learnt from the Climate Dialogue initiative
Marcel Crok, Bart Strengers, and Eleftheria Vasileiadou

EGU2015-13359 | Posters | EOS6

The Sun: the Earth light source
Francesco Berrilli, Luca Giovannelli, Dario Del Moro, Roberto Piazzesi, Liu` Maria Catena, Giordano Amicucci, and Nicola Vittorio

EGU2015-99 | Orals | EOS6

Case studies identify savings of up to $40,000 for academic research laboratories with the use of video journals
Moshe Pritsker

EGU2015-11062 | Orals | EOS6

Engaging the public via competitions – lessons learnt from Rosetta
Karen S. O'Flaherty, Emily Baldwin, Claudia Mignone, Anne-Mareike Homfeld, Markus Bauer, and Mark J. McCaughrean

EGU2015-11075 | Orals | EOS6

Hello, world: Harnessing social media for the Rosetta mission
Emily Baldwin, Claudia Mignone, Karen O'Flaherty, Anne-Mareike Homfeld, Markus Bauer, and Mark McCaughrean

EOS7 – The use of Art in Earth education for a better planet sustainability

EGU2015-6974 | Posters | EOS7 | Media interest

Creative Conservation Communication
Jason Houston

EGU2015-2923 | Posters | EOS7

Walking The Solar System
John Reid

EGU2015-9076 | Orals | EOS7 | Media interest

EOS ART: Six Artistic Projects Inspired by Earth Science
Isaac Kerlow

EGU2015-9938 | Orals | EOS7 | Media interest

Communicating meteorology through popular music
Sally Brown, Karen Aplin, Katie Jenkins, Sarah Mander, Claire Walsh, and Paul Williams

EGU2015-1823 | Posters | EOS7

new scientist - singing in the name of climate change
Marcel Peragine

EGU2015-4905 | Orals | EOS7 | Media interest

Making the invisible visible – blending data with film, CGI and intuitive apps in environmental education and public engagement
Ravi Kapur

EGU2015-9401 | Posters | EOS7

Seismic Symphonies
Elisa Strinna and Graziano Ferrari

EGU2015-4077 | Orals | EOS7 | Media interest

My Space- a collaboration between Arts & Science to create a suite of informal interactive public engagement initiatives.
Dr. Niamh Shaw, Clair McSweeney, Dr. Niall Smith, Stephanie O'Neill, Cathy Foley, Joanna Crawley, Ronan Phelan, Dan Colley, Clare Henderson, and Lorraine Conroy

EGU2015-4292 | Posters | EOS7

Boundary|Time|Surface: Art and Geology Meet in Gros Morne National Park, NL, Canada
Sydney Lancaster and John Waldron

EGU2015-5193 | Posters | EOS7

From Churches to Pavements: Urban Geology and Paleontology in Algarve
Luis Azevedo Rodrigues

EGU2015-13191 | Orals | EOS7 | Media interest

Mount Etna, heart of the Mediterranean, in science, narrative, and images
Boris Behncke, Domenico Patanè, Turco Mirella, Caggegi Turi, Aliotta Marco, Amantia Alfio, Cantarero Massimo, and Ciancitto Francesco

EGU2015-13718 | Posters | EOS7 | Media interest

The Earth Education by the traces of cartoons and comics: a vision of what was published in newspapers, available online, on five continents
carlos teixeira, gallo paulo, and maria inês nogueira

EGU2015-3888 | Orals | EOS7

THE USE OF NARRATIVES IN SCIENCE COMMUNICATION: An example of the use of comic strips (narratives) in communicating scientific information about sustainable development.
Aquiles Negrete

EGU2015-13903 | Posters | EOS7

Serious games for Geophysics
Valerio Lombardo and Giuliana Rubbia

EGU2015-2667 | Posters | EOS7

Interdisciplinary class on the asymmetric seasonal march from autumn to the next spring around Japan at Okayama University (Joint activity with art and music expressions on the seasonal feeling)
Kuranoshin Kato, Haruko Kato, Rikako Akagi, and Yuichi Haga

EGU2015-5545 | Posters | EOS7

Active volcanoes observed through Art: the contribution offered by the social networks
Marco Neri and Emilia Neri

EGU2015-13615 | Posters | EOS7

The fantastic four.. elements
Antonella Marsili, Giuliana D'Addezio, Giuliana Rubbia, Caterina Ramieri, Riccardo Todaro, Francesca Scipilliti, and Eleonora Tosto

EGU2015-12795 | Posters | EOS7

The role-playing: the art to catch the eye
Massimo Crescimbene, Federica La Longa, and Tiziana Lanza

EGU2015-2025 | Posters | EOS7

An experience of science theatre: Earth Science for children
Gemma Musacchio, Tiziana Lanza, and Giuliana D'Addezio

EOS8 – Geoethics for society: General aspects and case studies in geosciences

EGU2015-151 | Posters | EOS8

Local communities a neglected partner in exploration and mining ventures
Dyson Moses

EGU2015-155 | Posters | EOS8

The definitive analysis of the Bendandi's methodology performed with a specific software
Adriano Ballabene, Paola Pescerelli Lagorio, and Teodoro Georgiadis

EGU2015-7464 | Orals | EOS8 | Media interest

Teaching Geoethics Across the Geoscience Curriculum
David Mogk, Monica Bruckner, Susan Kieffer, John Geissman, Michael Reidy, Shaun Taylor, and Daniel Vallero

EGU2015-577 | Posters | EOS8

Variation of the anthropic vulnerability in Ribeirão das Pedras watershed in Campinas/SP - Brazil.
Desirée Damame, Regina Longo, Admilson Ribeiro, and Felipe Fengler

EGU2015-5529 | Orals | EOS8

Professionalism, scientific freedom and dissent: individual and institutional roles and responsibilities in geoethics
Nic Bilham

EGU2015-1281 | Posters | EOS8

Promoting research integrity in the geosciences
Tony Mayer

EGU2015-5561 | Orals | EOS8 | Media interest

Institutional initiatives in professional scientific ethics: three case studies
Edmund Nickless and Nic Bilham

EGU2015-1934 | Posters | EOS8

Discourses and values underpin public debate on fracking in Spain: A case study at the crossroad
Emilia Hermelinda Lopera Pareja, Ana García Laso, and Domingo Alfonso Martín Sánchez

EGU2015-15528 | Orals | EOS8

Abiding by codes of ethics and codes of conduct imposed on members of learned and professional geoscience institutions and – a tiresome formality or a win-win for scientific and professional integrity and protection of the public?
Ruth Allington and Isabel Fernandez

EGU2015-2800 | Posters | EOS8

Geoethics. The risk and the rite
Valeria Dattilo and Francesco De Pascale

EGU2015-1597 | Orals | EOS8

The role of geoethics in the framework of a sustainable development of georesources supply
Mauro Buttinelli, Salvatore Barba, Giuseppe Di Capua, and Silvia Peppoloni

EGU2015-3238 | Posters | EOS8

Biogeosystem technique as a way to implement the principals of Geoethics in technologies of Biosphere
Valery Kalinichenko

EGU2015-1453 | Orals | EOS8

Story-telling, Earth-Sciences and Geoethics
Martin Bohle, Anna Sibilla, and Robert Casals i Graells

EGU2015-3343 | Posters | EOS8 | Media interest

Bringing Geoethics into Society
Giuseppe Di Capua, Peter Bobrowsky, Susan Kieffer, Silvia Peppoloni, and Stefano Tinti

EGU2015-3814 | Posters | EOS8

Two cultures are better than one: Earth sciences and Art for a better planet sustainability
Tiziana Lanza, Giuliana Rubbia, and Aquiles Negrete

EGU2015-8302 | Orals | EOS8

(Geo)Ethics. Step 1: Preparedness.
Eduardo Marone

EGU2015-4072 | Posters | EOS8

A collaborative effort to build a modular course on Geoethics
Vincent Cronin, Giuseppe Di Capua, Cindy Palinkas, Catherine Pappas Maenz, Silvia Peppoloni, and Anne-Marie Ryan

EGU2015-6244 | Orals | EOS8

Geoethical issues in long-term assessment of geohazards and related mitigation policies
Stefano Tinti and Alberto Armigliato

EGU2015-13735 | Orals | EOS8

Probabilistic vs deterministic views in facing natural hazards
Massimo Arattano and Velio Coviello

EGU2015-4098 | Posters | EOS8

Geoethics in communication of science: the relationship between media and geoscientists
Franco Foresta Martin and Silvia Peppoloni

EGU2015-13371 | Orals | EOS8

Social and ethical perspectives of landslide risk mitigation measures
Bjørn Kalsnes and Bjørn V. Vangelsten

EGU2015-4400 | Posters | EOS8

Archipelago Tidal Flats in Korea: Sedimentological and Geoheritage Significance
Kyung Sik Woo, SeungSoo Chun, and Kyong O Moon

EGU2015-5045 | Posters | EOS8

Ethical implications of probabilistic event attribution for policy discussions about loss and damage
Allen Thompson, Friederike Otto, and Dann Mitchell

EGU2015-9744 | Orals | EOS8 | Media interest

Conducting research in risk communication that is both beneficial for stakeholders and scientists
Marie Charrière, Thom Bogaard, Sandra Junier, Jean-Philippe Malet, and Erik Mostert

EGU2015-5937 | Posters | EOS8

The Seismic risk perception in Italy deduced by a statistical sample
Massimo Crescimbene, Federica La Longa, Romano Camassi, Nicola Alessandro Pino, Vera Pessina, Laura Peruzza, Loredana Cerbara, and Cristiana Crescimbene

EGU2015-15609 | Orals | EOS8

Geoethics and decision science issues in Japan's disaster management system: case study in the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami
Megumi Sugimoto

EGU2015-6600 | Posters | EOS8

Enhancing youth potential through Civic Service: ethical reflections arising from a geo-educational project
Giuliana Rubbia

EGU2015-8141 | Posters | EOS8

Incertitude in disaster sciences and scientists' responsibilities: A case study of the L'Aquila earthquake trial
Kazuki Koketsu and Satoko Oki

EGU2015-8232 | Posters | EOS8

The relevance of geoethics to under-developed and developing Nations wth special reference to India.i
Vasudevan Desikachari

EGU2015-9298 | Posters | EOS8

The growing impact of satellite data in daily life
Salvatore Stramondo

EGU2015-9792 | Posters | EOS8

A lesson from science in polar extreme environments: ethics and social values for primary school
Federica La Longa, Massimo Crescimbene, Lucilla Alfonsi, Vincenzo Romano, and Claudio Cesaroni

EGU2015-10457 | Posters | EOS8

Geoethics and hazard education. A comparison between Calabria (Southern Italy) and Malta
Francesco De Pascale, Marcello Bernardo, Francesco Muto, Sebastiano D'Amico, and Rosarianna Zumbo

EGU2015-11670 | Posters | EOS8

Experiential learning for education on Earth Sciences
Antonella Marsili, Giuliana D'Addezio, Riccardo Todaro, and Francesca Scipilliti

EGU2015-11732 | Posters | EOS8

The ESI scale, an ethical approach to the evaluation of seismic hazards
Sabina Porfido, Rosa Nappi, Maddalena De Lucia, Germana Gaudiosi, Giuliana Alessio, and Luca Guerrieri

EGU2015-12300 | Posters | EOS8

Geoethics and pedagogy of mountain and risk: the case of transhumance in Sila (Southern Italy)
Marcello Bernardo, Francesco Muto, and Francesco De Pascale

EGU2015-12883 | Posters | EOS8

Analysis of recent changes of rainfall in the foothill of the Isonzo basin and effects on the safety of urbanized areas
Massimiliano Fazzini and Carmela Vaccaro

EGU2015-13298 | Posters | EOS8

On the importance of a correct divulgation of monitoring results for an efficient management of landslide emergencies
Daniele Giordan, Andrea Manconi, and Paolo Allasia

EGU2015-14524 | Posters | EOS8

Ethical Responsibility of Governance for Integrating Disaster Risk Reduction with Development
Surya Parkash Gupta

EGU2015-15098 | Posters | EOS8

The silent buzz of geosciences: the challenge of geosciences communication in the Italian framework
Elena Rapisardi, Sabina Di Franco, and Marco Giardino

EGU2015-15183 | Posters | EOS8

The ethical implications of geosciences in the art
Stefano Solarino

EGU2015-15275 | Posters | EOS8

Geohazards storytelling between reality and representation
Gemma Musacchio, Andrea Candela, Samanta Canel, and Cinzia Roi

EGU2015-15327 | Posters | EOS8

How fair are we? Italian students rate the ethics of geoscientists
Elena Eva, Gemma Musacchio, Giovanna Piangiamore, and Stefano Solarino

EGU2015-15395 | Posters | EOS8

Geoethical considerations in early warning of flooding and landslides: Case study from Norway
Graziella Devoli, Ingeborg Kleivane Krøgli, Mads Peter Dahl, Hervé Colleuille, Søren Nykjær Boje, and Monica Sund

EGU2015-15547 | Posters | EOS8

Research and dissemination: an ethical way to prevention
Francesca Lugeri and Piero Farabollini

EOS9 – Public Interest & Research Management - Earth Sciences for Society

EGU2015-3322 | Orals | EOS9

Reflections on science and the communication sector
frank raes

EGU2015-9521 | Posters | EOS9

Engaging wider publics with studying and protecting the ocean
Cornelia E. Nauen

EGU2015-9436 | Orals | EOS9

The Knowledge Capsules: Very Short Films on Earth Science for Mainstream Audiences
Isaac Kerlow

EGU2015-1019 | Posters | EOS9

Field trips along the Geological Transpyrenean Road
Marion Burgio, Dominique Dekeyser, Jean Paul Richert, Pierre Gruneisen, Diego Vazquez-Prada, and Annie Lacazedieu

EGU2015-7105 | Posters | EOS9

Landscape, Geology and Wines in the Jurançon vineyard
Bertrand Fasentieux, Marion Burgio, and Jean Delfaud

EGU2015-12590 | Orals | EOS9

Open Science as a Knowledge Transfer strategy
Ivo Grigorov and Suenje Dalmeier-Thiessen

EGU2015-15597 | Orals | EOS9

Uniting and networking the magnetic community in the northern Indian Ocean region - MAGNIO - a new initiative
Kusumita Arora

EGU2015-10315 | Posters | EOS9

What research project management in Earth sciences really means
Luisa Cristini, Richard Lampitt, and Sofia Alexiou

EGU2015-15714 | Orals | EOS9

Beyond the management and dissemination of projects' results: stakeholders involvement and project co-design
Alba L'Astorina, Irene Tomasoni, Anna Basoni, and Paola Carrara

EGU2015-3810 | Posters | EOS9

Reality check in the project management of EU funding
Chenbo Guo

EGU2015-2438 | Orals | EOS9

Weather, knowledge base and life-style
Martin Bohle

EGU2015-2410 | Posters | EOS9

New geoscience techniques for Earth and planetary studies developed in Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography (MIIGAiK)
Andrey Mayorov, Irina Karachevtseva, and Jürgen Oberst

EGU2015-4937 | Posters | EOS9

Outreaching a space technique through its climate applications: altimetry and COP21 meeting example
Vinca Rosmorduc, Emilie Bronner, and Danielle De Staerke

EOS11 – Supporting Master and Ph.D. students. Concepts of graduate and postgraduate education

EGU2015-30 | Posters | EOS11

Educational Strategies for Building Diverse Seismology Workforce
Gordana Vlahovic and Rakesh Malhotra

EGU2015-14805 | Orals | EOS11

The whole is more than the sum of its parts: Added value from a Graduate School as a structuring element within the wider field of early and pre-career support
Claudia Hanfland and Claudia Sprengel

EGU2015-1122 | Posters | EOS11

Present Status of Geophysics Departments at Universities in Turkey from Perspectives of their Students
Savas Karabulut, Ozan Baris Aygordu, and Aral Benli

EGU2015-6308 | Orals | EOS11

Lessons learnt on implementing an interdisciplinary doctoral programme in water sciences
Gemma Carr, Daniel Pete Loucks, Alfred Paul Blaschke, Christian Bucher, Andreas Farnleitner, Alexia Fürnkranz-Prskawetz, Juraj Parajka, Norbert Pfeifer, Helmut Rechberger, Wolfgang Wagner, Matthias Zessner, and Günter Blöschl

EGU2015-13698 | Orals | EOS11

Soft Skills for Hard Impact
Ivo Grigorov, Joy Davidson, Petr Knoth, Iryna Kuchma, Birgit Schmidt, Najla Rettberg, and Eloy Rogrigues

EGU2015-4993 | Posters | EOS11

Past missions - the best way to train future planetary researchers
Natalia Kozlova, Anastasiya Solodovnikova, Anatoly Zubarev, Andrey Garov, Vyacheslav Patraty, Alexander Kokhanov, Irina Karachevtseva, Irina Nadezhdina, Anatoly Konopikhin, and Juergen Oberst

EGU2015-13503 | Orals | EOS11

Geoscience communication in Namibia: YES Network Namibia spreading the message to young scientists
Kombada Mhopjeni

EGU2015-14361 | Posters | EOS11

Earth System Science – Bridging the gaps between disciplines; Perspectives from a multi-disciplinary Helmholtz Research School
Helge Meggers, Klaus Grosfeld, Gerrit Lohmann, Astrid Bracher, Dieter Wolf-Gladrow, Vikram Unnithan, Matthias Buschmann, Annette Ladstätter-Weißenmayer, and Justus Notholt

EGU2015-123 | Orals | EOS11

MOOCs to internationalize Masters. A case study at the University of Salamanca
Dolores Pereira, Marian Recio, Ana Victoria Perez, Santiago López, and Esther Palacios

EGU2015-100 | Posters | EOS11

Case studies identify savings of up to $40,000 for academic research laboratories with the use of video journals
Moshe Pritsker

EGU2015-15569 | Posters | EOS11

Graduate training in Earth science across borders and disciplines: ArcTrain -“Processes and impacts of climate change in the North Atlantic Ocean and the Canadian Arctic“
Rüdiger Stein, Michal Kucera, Maren Walter, and Anne de Vernal

EGU2015-10387 | Orals | EOS11

Self-imposed evaluation of the Helmholtz Research School MICMoR as a tool for quality assurance and advancement of a structured graduate programme
Bärbel Elija Bleher, Hans Peter Schmid, and Beate Scholz

EGU2015-13066 | Posters | EOS11

Benefits from “getting closer” — regular high school education anlongside doctoral education
Susanne Gatti

EGU2015-8997 | Posters | EOS11

Academic and non-academic career options for marine scientists. - Support measures for early career scientists offered at MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences, University of Bremen, Germany
Dierk Hebbeln and Christina Klose

EOS16 – Communicating Contested Geoscience

EGU2015-11277 | Posters | EOS16

Seismic hazard communication in Istanbul
Johanna Ickert

EGU2015-14096 | Posters | EOS16

Improving geoscience decision-making
John Rees

EGU2015-9585 | Posters | EOS16

Drowning out the Science? Contested knowledges following 2013/14 flooding in the UK
Tom Coulthard and Graham Haughton

EGU2015-12559 | Posters | EOS16

Communicating the invisible: public perceptions of subsurface Britain.
Hazel Gibson, Iain Stewart, Sabine Pahl, and Alison Stokes
CC BY 4.0