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AS – Atmospheric Sciences

AS1.1 – Numerical weather prediction, data assimilation and ensemble forecasting

EGU2016-7391 | Orals | AS1.1

The DYMECS Project: A Statistical Approach for the Evaluation of Convective Storms in High-Resolution NWP Models
Thorwald Stein, Robin Hogan, Kirsty Hanley, Peter Clark, Carol Halliwell, Humphrey Lean, John Nicol, and Robert Plant

EGU2016-339 | Posters | AS1.1

Comparative study between ERA-20C and ERA INTERIM reanalysis datasets
Zita Krisztina Balázs and István Ihász

EGU2016-1480 | Posters | AS1.1

Mesoscale modelling methodology based on nudging to increase accuracy in WRA
Markos Mylonas Dirdiris, Sami Barbouchi, and Hugo Hermmann

EGU2016-9321 | Orals | AS1.1

2015-16 results from the FIM global model for medium-range to subseasonal forecast duration
Stan Benjamin, Shan Sun, Rainer Bleck, Georg Grell, Jian-Wen Bao, and John Brown

EGU2016-3846 | Orals | AS1.1

Challenges and Opportunities in Modeling of the Global Atmosphere
Zavisa Janjic, Vladimir Djurdjevic, and Ratko Vasic

EGU2016-1613 | Posters | AS1.1

scoringRules – A software package for probabilistic model evaluation
Sebastian Lerch, Alexander Jordan, and Fabian Krüger

EGU2016-1782 | Posters | AS1.1

Model error estimation and correction by solving a inverse problem
Haile Xue

EGU2016-11573 | Orals | AS1.1

Consistency among microphysics-convection-radiation processes in a numerical forecasting model
Soo Ya Bae, Raeseol Park, and Song-You Hong

EGU2016-5447 | Orals | AS1.1

Climatology and Impact of Polar Lows in the North Atlantic: Present and Future
Clio Michel, Magnus Haukeland, and Thomas Spengler

EGU2016-2530 | Posters | AS1.1

The Nonconservation of Potential Vorticity by a Dynamical Core
Leo Saffin, John Methven, and Sue Gray

EGU2016-5181 | Orals | AS1.1

Evaluation of high-resolution MetUM and AMPS forecasts of near-surface meteorological variables over Larsen C ice shelf and northern Antarctic Peninsula
Andrew Orr, Amelie Kirchgaessner, John King, Mark Weeks, Alan Gadian, Peter Kuipers Munneke, Michiel van den Broeke, and Konrad Steffen

EGU2016-3166 | Posters | AS1.1

Assimilation of satellite-retrieved data to improve forecasts of volcanic ash concentrations
Guangliang Fu, Haixiang Lin, Arnold Heemink, Arjo Segers, and Sha Lu

EGU2016-3636 | Posters | AS1.1

The Inverse Problem of Klein-Gordon Equation Boundary Value Problem and Its Application in Data Assimilation
Xiyu Mu, Hao Cheng, and Guoqing Liu

EGU2016-2626 | Orals | AS1.1

Soil Moisture Prediction in the Soil, Vegetation and Snow (SVS) Scheme
Nasim Alavi, Stéphane Bélair, Vincent Fortin, Shunli Zhang, Syed Husain, Marco Carrera, and Maria Abrahamowicz

EGU2016-4056 | Posters | AS1.1

An evaluation study of WRF-ARW model with observations during a usual low pressure system over eastern Mediterranean area (Greece) and comparison of the results with an extreme weather event
George Emmanouil, Diamanto Vlachogiannis, Athanasios Sfetsos, Stelios Karozis, and Antonia Tasopoulou

EGU2016-3074 | Orals | AS1.1

Evaluating the impact of AMDAR data quality control in China on the short-range convection forecasts using the WRF model
Xiaofeng Wang, Qin Jiang, and Lei Zhang

EGU2016-7723 | Orals | AS1.1

A weak-constraint 4DEnsembleVar
Javier Amezcua, Michael Goodliff, and Peter Jan van Leeuwen

EGU2016-5597 | Posters | AS1.1

Using LAPS/STMAS as a real time surface analysis tool
Jordi Moré, Àngel Farguell, and Vicent Altava

EGU2016-5694 | Posters | AS1.1

Very-short range forecasting system for 2018 Pyeonchang Winter Olympic and Paralympic games
Ji-Eun Nam, Kyungjeen Park, Minyou Kim, Changhwan Kim, and Sangwon Joo

EGU2016-13429 | Orals | AS1.1

Convective-scale data assimilation in the Weather Research and Forecasting model using a nonlinear ensemble filter
Jonathan Poterjoy, Jeffrey Anderson, and Ryan Sobash

EGU2016-6425 | Posters | AS1.1

Moisture balance over the Iberian Peninsula computed using a high resolution regional climate model. The impact of 3DVAR data assimilation.
Santos J. González-Rojí, Jon Sáenz, and Gabriel Ibarra-Berastegi

EGU2016-8884 | Orals | AS1.1

Diagnostic studies of ensemble forecast “jumps”
Linus Magnusson, Tim Hewson, Laura Ferranti, and Mark Rodwell

EGU2016-6320 | Orals | AS1.1

A global perspective of the limits of prediction skill based on the ECMWF ensemble
Nedjeljka Zagar

EGU2016-8394 | Posters | AS1.1

Numerical simulation study of polar low in Kara sea: developing mechanisms evaluation
Polina Verezemskaya and Victor Stepanenko

EGU2016-8909 | Posters | AS1.1

On the challenges of high resolution forecasting with the Global Environmental Multiscale (GEM) atmospheric model
Syed Zahid Husain and Claude Girard

EGU2016-10030 | Posters | AS1.1

Using a scale selective tendency filter and forward-backward time stepping to calculate consistent semi-Lagrangian trajectories
Emy Alerskans and Eigil Kaas

EGU2016-10130 | Posters | AS1.1

Post-Processing of NWP Models Forecasts: Case of Denmark and Greenland
Alexander Mahura, Claus Petersen, Bjarne Amstrup, Bjarne Stig Andersen, and Bent Hansen Sass

EGU2016-10432 | Posters | AS1.1

Impact of uncertainties in parameterized cloud-microphysical processes on the simulated development of an idealized 2-D squall line
Sara Michelson, Jian-Wen Bao, and Evelyn Grell

EGU2016-10442 | Posters | AS1.1

Development of a parameterization scheme for the scale-adaptive treatment of subgrid mixing in the WRF model
Jian-Wen Bao, Evelyn Grell, and Sara Michelson

EGU2016-10869 | Posters | AS1.1

Large eddy simulation for evaluating scale-aware subgrid cloud parameterizations
Wei Huang, Baode Chen, and Jian-Wen Bao

EGU2016-10895 | Posters | AS1.1

The impact of non-local buoyancy flux on the convective boundary layer development as simulated by a 3-D TKE-based subgrid mixing scheme in a mesoscale model
Xu Zhang, Jian-Wen Bao, and Baode Chen

EGU2016-11488 | Posters | AS1.1

Numerical Simulation and Analysis of the Localized Heavy Precipitation Event in South Korea based on diagnostic variables
Joon-Woo Roh and Young-Jean Choi

EGU2016-11706 | Posters | AS1.1

Verifications of the medium-range forecasts of KIAPS integrated model
Eun-Hee Lee, Juwon Lee, and In-Jin Choi

EGU2016-12061 | Posters | AS1.1

Verification and evaluation of the preliminary experimental Chinese reanalysis products
Liu Jingwei, Liu Zhiquan, Shi Chunxiang, Jiang Lipeng, Zhang Tao, Hu Kaixi, Wang Minyan, and Yao Shuang

EGU2016-12379 | Posters | AS1.1

A methodology to determine the optimum WRF-ARW configuration over Andalusia (Spain)
Ignasi Porras, Anna Domingo-Dalmau, Miquel Picanyol, Raúl Arasa, and Mª Ángeles González-Serrano

EGU2016-12849 | Posters | AS1.1

Benefits of an ultra large and multiresolution ensemble for estimating available wind power
Jonas Berndt, Charlotte Hoppe, and Hendrik Elbern

EGU2016-14006 | Posters | AS1.1

On the combination of Stochastic Pertubation of Physical Tendencies and parameter perturbation for convection-permitting ensemble forecast
Chiara Marsigli, Andrea Montani, Tiziana Paccagnella, Lucio Torrisi, and Francesca Marcucci

EGU2016-15389 | Posters | AS1.1

Tracers of diabatic changes in potential temperature and potential vorticity: Integral interpretation in terms of net heating and circulation and applications to model consistency across resolutions
Oscar Martinez-Alvarado, Suzanne Gray, and John Methven

EGU2016-16370 | Posters | AS1.1

Usefulness of ECMWF system-4 ensemble seasonal climate forecasts for East Africa
Geoffrey Ogutu, Wietse Franssen, Iwan Supit, Philip Omondi, and Ronald Hutjes

EGU2016-16790 | Posters | AS1.1

Impacts of Increased Vertical Resolution in the Met Office UK Model
Anke Finnenkoetter, Kwinten Van Weverberg, and Cyril Morcrette

EGU2016-16979 | Posters | AS1.1

Constrained adaptive bias correction for satellite radiances assimilation in the ECMWF 4D-Var
Wei Han and Niels Bormann

EGU2016-17167 | Posters | AS1.1

A preliminary experiment for the long-term regional reanalysis over Japan assimilating conventional observations with NHM-LETKF
Shin Fukui, Toshiki Iwasaki, Kazuo Saito, Hiromu Seko, and Masaru Kunii

EGU2016-17949 | Posters | AS1.1

An operational high resolution ensemble kalman filter data assimilation cycle over South America
Camila Cossetin, Luis Goncalves, Bruna Silveira, Eder Vendrasco, Eduardo Khamis, and Luiz Sapucci

EGU2016-17968 | Posters | AS1.1

Assessement of the CPTEC/INPE operational Rapid Refresh data assimilation cycle over South America
Luis Goncalves, Bruna Silveira, Camila Cossetin, Luiz Sapucci, Eder Vendrasco, and Eduardo Khamis

EGU2016-18150 | Posters | AS1.1

Evaluation of Forecast Performance on Asian Summer Monsoon Low Level Wind Using TIGGE Dataset
Niu Ruoyun

AS1.5 – Aviation Meteorology: Observations, Modeling, and Operations

EGU2016-2385 | Orals | AS1.5

The lifecycle and climate-impact of contrail cirrus
Ulrich Schumann

EGU2016-1651 | Posters | AS1.5

Nowcasting system MeteoExpert at Irkutsk airport
Tatiana Bazlova, Nikolai Bocharnikov, and Alexander Solonin

EGU2016-17639 | Posters | AS1.5

Cb-LIKE – Thunderstorm forecasts up to six hours with fuzzy logic
Martin Köhler and Arnold Tafferner

EGU2016-9838 | Orals | AS1.5

Collaborative Aviation Weather Statement – An Impact-based Decision Support Tool
Debra Blondin

EGU2016-10671 | Orals | AS1.5

Turbulence sources in mountain terrain: results from MATERHORN program
Silvana Di Sabatino, Laura S Leo, Harindra J S Fernando, Eric R Pardyjak, and Chris M Hocut

EGU2016-481 | Posters | AS1.5

Mode S and ADS-B as a Source of Clear-Air Turbulence Measurements
Jacek Kopeć, Kamil Kwiatkowski, Siebren de Haan, and Szymon Malinowski

EGU2016-2187 | Posters | AS1.5

Transatlantic flight times and climate change
Paul Williams

EGU2016-12729 | Orals | AS1.5

Forecasting Low-Visibility Conditions at Vienna Airport with Tree-Based Statistical Models
Sebastian Dietz, Philipp Kneringer, Georg J. Mayr, and Achim Zeileis

EGU2016-5202 | Posters | AS1.5

UAV applications for thermodynamic profiling: Emphasis on ice fog research
Ismail Gultepe, Andrew J. Heymsfield, Harindra J.S. Fernando, Sebastian W. Hoch, and Randolph Ware

EGU2016-18321 | Orals | AS1.5

New Generation Meteorological Satellite Imager Aviation Decision Support Applications for Detection of Convection, Turbulence, and Volcanic Ash
Wayne Feltz

EGU2016-2593 | Orals | AS1.5

HAIC/HIWC field project: characterizing the high ice water content environment
Delphine Leroy, Pierre Coutris, Emmanuel Fontaine, Alfons Schwarzenboeck, J. Walter Strapp, Alexei Korolev, Greg McFarquhar, Christophe Gourbeyre, Regis Dupuy, Fabien Dezitter, and Alice Calmels

EGU2016-10333 | Posters | AS1.5

High-resolution simulations of turbulence events over the North Atlantic
Robert Sharman and Stanley Trier

EGU2016-17193 | Posters | AS1.5

The impact of climate change on persistent contrail occurrence
Emma Irvine, Keith Shine, and Marc Stringer

EGU2016-16785 | Posters | AS1.5

New insights into the properties of contrail cirrus and their impact on climate from airborne experiments
Christiane Voigt, Ulrich Schumann, Andreas Minikin, Hans Schlager, and Bruce Anderson

EGU2016-10626 | Posters | AS1.5

Climatology of fog in SW-Iceland
Aurelio Barranco and Haraldur Ólafsson

EGU2016-6229 | Posters | AS1.5

Ice fog and light snow measurements using a high resolution camera system
Thomas Kuhn and Ismail Gultepe

AS1.7 – Atmospheric applications in microwave radiometry (co-organized)

EGU2016-2832 | Posters | AS1.7

Statistical Retrieval of Thin Liquid Cloud Microphysical Properties Using Ground-Based Infrared and Microwave Observations
Tobias Marke, Ulrich Löhnert, Kerstin Ebell, and David D. Turner

EGU2016-9694 | Orals | AS1.7

NASA’s Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Mission for Science and Society
Gail Jackson

EGU2016-11622 | Orals | AS1.7

Temporal Experiment for Storms and Tropical Systems Technology Demonstration (TEMPEST-D): Risk Reduction for 6U-Class Nanosatellite Constellations
Steven C Reising, Todd C Gaier, Christian D Kummerow, Sharmila Padmanabhan, Boon H Lim, Shannon T Brown, Cate Heneghan, Chandrasekar V Chandra, Jon Olson, and Wesley Berg

EGU2016-3102 | Posters | AS1.7

Consistent radiative transfer modeling of active and passive observations of precipitation
Ian Adams

EGU2016-3826 | Orals | AS1.7

Variability of mesospheric water vapor above Bern in relation to the 27-day solar rotation cycle
Martin Lainer, Klemens Hocke, and Niklaus Kämpfer

EGU2016-4736 | Posters | AS1.7

Retrievals on Tropical small scale humidity variability from multi-channel microwave radiometer
Jianhao Zhang, Paquita Zuidema, and David Turner

EGU2016-5717 | Posters | AS1.7

Towards an operational assimilation of ground-based microwave radiometers into convective scale model: a 1D-Var study
Pauline Martinet, Alain Dabas, Francesco De Angelis, Domenico Cimini, James Hocking, and Peter Weston

EGU2016-16369 | Orals | AS1.7

The International SubMillimetre Airborne Radiometer (ISMAR) - First results from the STICCS and COSMIC campaigns
Jana Mendrok, Patrick Eriksson, Stuart Fox, Manfred Brath, and Stefan Buehler

EGU2016-6172 | Posters | AS1.7

RTTOV-gb - Adapting the fast radiative transfer model RTTOV for the assimilation of ground-based microwave radiometer observations
Francesco De Angelis, Domenico Cimini, James Hocking, Pauline Martinet, and Stefan Kneifel

EGU2016-9344 | Orals | AS1.7

Assimilation of humidity and temperature observations retrieved from ground-based microwave radiometers into a convective-scale NWP model
Olivier Caumont, Béatrice Vincendon, Domenico Cimini, Ulrich Löhnert, Lucas Alados-Arboledas, René Bleisch, Franco Buffa, Massimo Enrico Ferrario, Alexander Haefele, Thierry Huet, Fabio Madonna, and Giandomenico Pace

EGU2016-17750 | Orals | AS1.7

ESA's Ice Cloud Imager on Metop Second Generation
Ulf Klein, Marc Loiselet, Graeme Mason, Raquel Gonzalez, and Michael Brandt

EGU2016-6417 | Posters | AS1.7

A database of microwave and sub-millimetre ice particle single scattering properties
Robin Ekelund and Patrick Eriksson

EGU2016-8042 | Posters | AS1.7

Ice Water Path Retrieval Using Microwave and Submillimetre Wave Observations
Manfred Brath, Verena Grützun, Jana Mendrok, Stuart Fox, Patrick Eriksson, and Stefan A. Buehler

EGU2016-8287 | Posters | AS1.7

IAP RAS microwave radiometry complex: sounding atmospheric thermal structure from the ground up to 55km.
Mikhail Belikovich, Alexander Shvetsov, Vitaly Ryskin, Dmitry Mukhin, Mikhail Kulikov, and Alexander Feigin

EGU2016-8985 | Posters | AS1.7

Closure study between 183.31 GHz passive microwave and in-situ radiosonde measurements of water vapor in the atmosphere
Oleksandr Bobryshev, Manfred Brath, Viju John, and Stefan Buehler

EGU2016-11159 | Posters | AS1.7

Pre-Launch Characterization of the Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder (ATMS) on the Joint Polar Satellite System-1 Satellite (JPSS-1)
Edward Kim, Vince Leslie, Joseph Lyu, Craig Smith, Lisa McCormick, and Kent Anderson

EGU2016-12060 | Posters | AS1.7

Validation of stratospheric temperature profiles from a ground-based microwave radiometer with other techniques
Francisco Navas, Niklaus Kämpfer, Alexander Haefele, Philippe Keckhut, and Alain Hauchecorne

EGU2016-14670 | Posters | AS1.7

Seven years of middle-atmospheric CO in the Arctic by ground based radiometry
Niall Ryan, Mathias Palm, Uwe Raffalski, Richard Larsson, and Justus Notholt

EGU2016-14776 | Posters | AS1.7

Calibration of ground-based microwave radiometers - Accuracy assessment and recommendations for network users
Bernhard Pospichal, Nils Küchler, Ulrich Löhnert, Susanne Crewell, Harald Czekala, and Jürgen Güldner

EGU2016-14980 | Posters | AS1.7

Comparison between two ground-based millimeter wave radiometers at IRF Kiruna and Aura/MLS for the winter/spring season 2013
Uwe Raffalski, Niall J. Ryan, Kaley A. Walker, and Jochen Gross

EGU2016-15102 | Posters | AS1.7

Investigating the value of passive microwave observations for monitoring volcanic eruption source parameters
Mario Montopoli, Domenico Cimini, and Frank Marzano

EGU2016-16655 | Posters | AS1.7

Evaluation of Deep Space Ka-Band Data Transfer using Radiometeorological Forecasts and Radiometer Measurements
Mario Montopoli, Frank S. Marzano, Marianna Biscarini, Luca Milani, Domenico Cimini, Klaide De Sanctis, and Saverio Di Fabio

EGU2016-18402 | Posters | AS1.7

Simulation of polar atmospheric microwave and sub-millimetre spectra for characterizing potential new ground-based observations
David Newnham, Emma Turner, George Ford, Hugh Pumphrey, and Stafford Withington

AS1.8 – Precipitation: Measurement, Climatology, Remote Sensing, and Modeling (General Session)

EGU2016-1092 | Posters | AS1.8

Calibration of the Z-R equation for a polarimetric radar located in Sabancuy, Mexico.
Pedro Noe Paredes-Victoria, Miguel Angel Rico-Ramirez, and Adrian Pedrozo-Acuña

EGU2016-85 | Orals | AS1.8

Sea surface temperature and torrential rains in the Valencia region: modelling the role of recharge areas
Francisco J. Pastor

EGU2016-1378 | Posters | AS1.8

Using Moving North Pacific Index to Improve Rainy Season Rainfall Forecast over the Yangtze River Basin by Analog Error Correction
Rong Zhi, Qiguang Wang, Guolin Feng, and Aixia feng

EGU2016-611 | Orals | AS1.8

Assessment of Intensity-Duration-Frequency curves for the Eastern Mediterranean region derived from high-resolution satellite and radar rainfall estimates
Francesco Marra, Efrat Morin, Nadav Peleg, Yiwen Mei, and Emmanouil N. Anagnostou

EGU2016-2206 | Posters | AS1.8

A relationship between dissolved CO2 and the non-volatile chemistry of rainwater.
Brian Durham and Christian Pfrang

EGU2016-6088 | Orals | AS1.8

Recent advances in environmental monitoring using commercial microwave links
Pinhas Alpert, Oded Guez, Hagit Messer, Noam David, Oz Harel, Adam Eshel, and Ori Cohen

EGU2016-2539 | Posters | AS1.8

Future changes in precipitation patterns and extremes: a model-based approach
Evangelos Mitsakis, Iraklis Stamos, Kalliopi Anastassiadou, Harald Kammerer, Ingo Kaundinya, Bernhard Kohl, John Kapsomenakis, Christos Zerefos, and Georfia Aifadopoulou

EGU2016-3661 | Posters | AS1.8

A Field Study on the Raindrop Fall Velocity
Kalimur Rahman and Firat Testik

EGU2016-6373 | Orals | AS1.8

Rainfall estimation over-land using SMOS soil moisture observations: SM2RAIN, LMAA and SMART algorithms
Christian Massari, Luca Brocca, Thierry Pellarin, Yann Kerr, Wade Crow, Carlos Cascon, and Luca Ciabatta

EGU2016-8252 | Orals | AS1.8

Rainfall Erosivity Database on the European Scale (REDES): A product of a high temporal resolution rainfall data collection in Europe
Panos Panagos, Cristiano Ballabio, Pasquale Borrelli, Katrin Meusburger, and Christine Alewell

EGU2016-4477 | Posters | AS1.8

The microwave instruments onboard FY-3 and their application in tropical cyclone precipitation retrieval
Naimeng Lu, Songyan Gu, Yang Guo, and Miao Zhang

EGU2016-5218 | Posters | AS1.8

Verification of WRC-KMA nowcasting systems during summer: precipitation forecasting skill
Jong-Hoon Jeong, Kyung-Yeub Nam, Jeong-Seok Ko, and Dong-In Lee

EGU2016-10934 | Orals | AS1.8

Global Evaluation of Satellite Based Quantitative Precipitation Estimates (QPEs) from the Reference Environmental Data Records (REDRs)
Olivier Prat, Brian Nelson, Elsa Nickl, Robert Adler, Ralph Ferraro, Soroosh Sorooshian, and Pingping Xie

EGU2016-5224 | Posters | AS1.8

The new approach of polarimetric attenuation correction for improving radar quantitative precipitation estimation(QPE)
Ji-Young Gu, Mi-Kyung Suk, Kyung-Yeub Nam, Jeong-Seok Ko, and Alexander Ryzhkov

EGU2016-13439 | Orals | AS1.8

Analysis of long term trends of precipitation estimates acquired using radar network in Turkey
M. Tugrul Yilmaz, Ismail Yucel, and Koray Kamil Yilmaz

EGU2016-5381 | Posters | AS1.8

A Methodology for Estimating the Parameters of a Gamma Raindrop Size Distribution Model from Polarimetric Radar Measurements at Attenuating Frequency Based on the Self-Consistency Principle.
Ahoro Adachi, Takahisa Kobayashi, and Hiroshi Yamauchi

EGU2016-5404 | Posters | AS1.8

Examination on accuracy of the radar rainfall estimated by using Korean dual-pol radar rainfall estimation algorithm
Jungsoo Yoon, Dayoung Choi, Mi-Kyung Suk, Kyung-Yeub Nam, Sangmi Lee, and Jeong-Seok Ko

EGU2016-11384 | Orals | AS1.8

Developments and applications of the Global Satellite Mapping of Precipitation (GSMaP) for the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM)
Misako Kachi, Kazumasa Aonashi, Takuji Kubota, Shoichi Shige, Tomoo Ushio, Tomoaki Mega, Munehisa Yamamoto, Atsushi Hamada, Shinta Seto, Yukari N. Takayabu, and Riko Oki

EGU2016-12594 | Orals | AS1.8

New and Updated Gridded Analysis Products provided by the Global Precipitation Climatology Centre (GPCC)
Markus Ziese, Udo Schneider, Anja Meyer-Christoffer, Peter Finger, Kirstin Schamm, Elke Rustemeier, and Andreas Becker

EGU2016-5523 | Posters | AS1.8

Application of Hydrometeorological Information for Short-term and Long-term Water Resources Management over Ungauged Basin in Korea
Ji-in Kim, Kyongsik Ryu, and Ae-sook Suh

EGU2016-5631 | Posters | AS1.8

Spatial and temporal variations of regional precipitation event in southern China
Yanjiao Wang, Feng Yan, and Fumin Ren

EGU2016-12851 | Orals | AS1.8

Precipitation top heights of orographic heavy rainfall in the Asian monsoon regions
Shoichi Shige and Christian Kummerow

EGU2016-5746 | Posters | AS1.8

Development of the Application techniques for KMA dual-pol. radar network in Korea
Mi-Kyung Suk, Kyung-Yeub Nam, Sung-A Jung, and Jeong-Seok Ko

EGU2016-13495 | Orals | AS1.8

A global ETCCDI based precipitation climatology from satellite and rain gauge measurements
Felix Dietzsch, Axel Andersson, Marc Schröder, Markus Ziese, and Andreas Becker

EGU2016-16683 | Orals | AS1.8

First-year evaluation of IMERG - Final Run in the Netherlands
Manuel Felipe Rios Gaona, Aart Overeem, Hidde Leijnse, and Remko Uijlenhoet

EGU2016-6001 | Posters | AS1.8

Hailstorm forecast from stability indexes in Southwestern France
Pablo Melcón, Andrés Merino, José Luis Sánchez, Jean Dessens, Estíbaliz Gascón, Claude Berthet, Laura López, and Eduardo García-Ortega

EGU2016-6499 | Posters | AS1.8

Global Energy and Water Balances in the Latest Reanalyses
Joong-Bae Ahn, Suchul Kang, and Hye-Jin Park

EGU2016-6514 | Posters | AS1.8

A Comparison of "at-launch" V03 GPM Data Products and V04 Reprocessed Products
Erich Franz Stocker, John Kwiatkowksi, Yimin Ji, Owen Kelley, John Stout, and Lawrence Woltz

EGU2016-9719 | Orals | AS1.8

The Status of NASA’s Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Mission 26 Months After Launch
Gail Jackson and George Huffman

EGU2016-6578 | Posters | AS1.8

Hyper Cold Systems follow up
Jean Claude Berges, Gerard Beltrando, and Philippe Cacault

EGU2016-12200 | Orals | AS1.8

Validation of GPM Ka-Radar Algorithm Using a Ground-based Ka-Radar System
Kenji Nakamura, Yuki Kaneko, Katsuhiro Nakagawa, Kinji Furukawa, and Kenji Suzuki

EGU2016-8814 | Posters | AS1.8

Comparison of the Radar Observables between NASA's S-band Polarimetric Radar (NPOL) and two-dimensional video disdrometer (2DVD)
Ali Tokay, Leo Pio D'Adderio, David A. Marks, David B. Wolff, Walter A. Petersen, and Federico Porcù

EGU2016-8992 | Orals | AS1.8

Performance of the GPM Dual-Frequency Precipitation Radar retrievals over Western Europe
Chris Kidd, William Olson, Robert Meneghini, and Gail Skofronick-Jackson

EGU2016-8848 | Posters | AS1.8

Estimation of rain and DSD variables using the Johnson-SB distribution
Leo Pio D'Adderio, Katia Cugerone, Federico Porcù, Carlo de Michele, and Ali Tokay

EGU2016-17304 | Orals | AS1.8

GPM observations of a tropical-like hailstorm over the Mediterranean Sea
Anna Cinzia Marra, Giulia Panegrossi, Daniele Casella, Paolo Sanò, Stefano Dietrich, Luca Baldini, Marco Petracca, and Federico Porcù

EGU2016-9022 | Posters | AS1.8

Formulation and validation of the day-2 GPROF cross-track precipitation retrieval scheme
Chris Kidd, David Randel, Sarah Ringerud, Christian Kummerow, and Gail Skofronick-Jackson

EGU2016-8219 | Orals | AS1.8

Improving User Access to the Integrated Multi-Satellite Retrievals for GPM (IMERG) Products
George Huffman, David Bolvin, Eric Nelkin, and Christopher Kidd

EGU2016-9685 | Posters | AS1.8

Inter-comparison and accuracy assessment of TRMM 3B42 products over Turkey
Muhammad Amjad and M.Tugrul Yilmaz

EGU2016-11581 | Orals | AS1.8

Performance of the Dual-frequency Precipitation Radar on the GPM core satellite
Toshio Iguchi, Shinta Seto, Jun Awaka, Robert Meneghini, Takuji Kubota, Riko Oki, Venkatchalam Chandra, and Nozomi Kawamoto

EGU2016-9808 | Posters | AS1.8

The Impact of Precipitation Types On Radar QPE Using Specific Attenuation for C-band Dual-Polarization Radar
Yadong Wang, Pengfei Zhang, Lin Tang, and Jian Zhang

EGU2016-9959 | Orals | AS1.8

Snowfall Rate Estimation Using X-band Dual-Polarization Radar
Lin Tang, David Jorgensen, Jian Zhang, Yadong Wang, Youcun Qi, Kenneth Howard, David Gochis, Joe Busto, and Jose Meitin

EGU2016-9902 | Posters | AS1.8

The precipitation forecast sensitivity to data assimilation on a very high resolution domain
Iuliia Palamarchuk, Sergiy Ivanov, and Igor Ruban

EGU2016-9963 | Posters | AS1.8

Data Analysis of GPM Constellation Satellites-IMERG and ERA-Interim precipitation products over West of Iran
Ehsan Sharifi, Reinhold Steinacker, and Bahram Saghafian

EGU2016-7991 | Orals | AS1.8

Recent Progress on the Second Generation CMORPH: A Prototype Operational Processing System
Pingping Xie, Robert Joyce, and Shaorong Wu

EGU2016-8573 | Orals | AS1.8

X-band radar field campaign data analysis for orographic/warm-rain precipitation processes
Leonardo Porcacchia, Pierre-Emmanuel Kirstetter, Jonathan J. Gourley, Marios N. Anagnostou, Emmanouil N. Anagnostou, Olivier Bousquet, Boon-Leng Cheong, Viviana Maggioni, and Yang Hong

EGU2016-10519 | Posters | AS1.8

The Thorbex precipitation experiment
Guðrún Nína Petersen, Hálfdán Ágústsson, Haraldur Ólafsson, and Þórður Arason

EGU2016-8755 | Orals | AS1.8

Simulations of Dual-Frequency Radar Rainfall Retrievals
Leo Pio D'Adderio, Ali Tokay, Robert Meneghini, Liang Liao, Walter A. Petersen, and Federico Porcù

EGU2016-10582 | Posters | AS1.8

The Brusi Experiment - Precipitation in the complex terrain of E-Iceland
Gabriel Sattig, Guðrún Nína Petersen, Haraldur Ólafsson, Þórður Arason, and Sveinn Bryjólfsson

EGU2016-11525 | Posters | AS1.8

Development of Radar-Satellite Blended QPF (Quantitative Precipitation Forecast) Technique for heavy rainfall
Sangmin Jang, Sunkwon Yoon, Jinyoung Rhee, and Kyungwon Park

EGU2016-12038 | Orals | AS1.8

Extreme rainfall in South East France: added value of a convection-permitting regional climate model
Antoinette Alias, Michel Déqué, and Samuel Somot

EGU2016-16496 | Orals | AS1.8

Forecasting and nowcasting process: A case study analysis of severe precipitation event in Athens, Greece
Ioannis Matsangouras, Panagiotis Nastos, Euripides Avgoustoglou, Flora Gofa, Ioannis Pytharoulis, and Nikolaos Kamberakis

EGU2016-12167 | Posters | AS1.8

On the use of Cloud Profiling Radar to detect solid precipitation over Antarctica at different scales
Lisa Milani, Mark S. Kulie, Daniele Casella, Leo Pio D'Adderio, Stefano Dietrich, Tristan S. L'Ecuyer, Giulia Panegrossi, Federico Porcù, Paolo Sanò, and Norman B. Wood

EGU2016-12756 | Posters | AS1.8

Assessment of probabilistic areal reduction factors of precipitations for the entire French territory with gridded rainfall data.
Catherine Fouchier, Alexis Maire, Patrick Arnaud, Philippe Cantet, and Jean Odry

EGU2016-13102 | Posters | AS1.8

Precipitation measurements with GNSS polarimetric Radio Occultations: Status of the ROHP-PAZ mission and anticipated retrievals
Ramon Padullés, Estel Cardellach, Manuel de la Torre Juárez, Sergio Tomás, F. Joseph Turk, Chi O. Ao, Toni Rius, and Santi Oliveras

EGU2016-13147 | Posters | AS1.8

Analysis of satellite precipitation over East Africa during last decades
Elsa Cattani, Claudine Wenhaji Ndomeni, Andrés Merino, and Vincenzo Levizzani

EGU2016-14906 | Posters | AS1.8

Using TRMM and GPM precipitation radar for calibration of weather radars in the Philippines
Irene Crisologo, Bodo Bookhagen, Taylor Smith, and Maik Heistermann

EGU2016-15021 | Posters | AS1.8

The Passive Microwave Neural Network Precipitation Retrieval (PNPR) for AMSU/MHS and ATMS cross-track scanning radiometers
Paolo Sano', Daniele Casella, Giulia Panegrossi, Anna Cinzia Marra, and Stefano Dietrich

EGU2016-15321 | Posters | AS1.8

Assessing rainfall intensity calculation algorithms for tipping-bucket rain gauges at a field test site.
Mattia Stagnaro, Matteo Colli, Luca Lanza, and Pak-Wai Chan

EGU2016-15329 | Posters | AS1.8

Potential vorticity patterns in Mediterranean hurricanes
Sante Laviola, M. Marcello Miglietta, Diego Cerrai, Elsa Cattani, and Vincenzo Levizzani

EGU2016-15374 | Posters | AS1.8

Temporal and spatial trends of chemical composition of wet deposition samples collected in Austria
Elisabeth Schreiner, Anne Kasper-Giebl, and Hans Lohninger

EGU2016-15901 | Posters | AS1.8

Scale-dependence of the Space-time Anisotropy of Tropical Rainfall
Ram Ratan, Venugopal Vuruputur, Jai Sukhatme, and Raghu Murtugudde

EGU2016-16349 | Posters | AS1.8

Precipitation in Madeira island and atmospheric rivers in the winter seasons
Flavio T. Couto, Rui Salgado, Maria João Costa, and Victor Prior

EGU2016-16456 | Posters | AS1.8

Spatially-based quality control for daily precipitation datasets
Roberto Serrano-Notivoli, Martín de Luis, Santiago Beguería, and Miguel Ángel Saz

EGU2016-16491 | Posters | AS1.8

A revised picture of the atmospheric moisture residence time
Alexander Läderach and Harald Sodemann

EGU2016-16796 | Posters | AS1.8

Relationship between Precipitation Components and Teleconnection Patterns in the Iberian Peninsula
Ana María Ruiz and Gregorio Maqueda

EGU2016-17569 | Posters | AS1.8

Classification of rainfall events for weather forecasting purposes in andean region of Colombia
Joan Nathalie Suárez Hincapié, Liliana Romo Melo, Jorge Julian Vélez Upegui, and Philippe Chang

EGU2016-17603 | Posters | AS1.8

Estimation of raindrop drop size distribution vertical profile from simultaneous micro rain radar and 2D video disdrometer measurements
Elisa Adirosi, Luca Baldini, Nicoletta Roberto, Mario Montopoli, Eugenio Gorgucci, Patrick Gatlin, and Ali Tokay

EGU2016-18080 | Posters | AS1.8

Estimation of daily rainfall over Italy by merging multiple microwave-based satellite products
Giulia Panegrossi, Daniele Casella, Anna Cinzia Marra, Paolo Sano, Stefano Dietrich, Luca Brocca, Luca Ciabatta, and Christian Massari

EGU2016-17665 | Posters | AS1.8

Increasing Accuracy in Environmental Measurements
Tracey Jacksier, Adelino Fernandes, Matt Matthew, and Horst Lehmann

EGU2016-8974 | Posters | AS1.8

Impact of the Climate Change on Cultural Heritage Sites in Cyprus
Branka Cuca, Athos Agapiou, Vasiliki Lysandrou, Kyriacos Themistocleous, Argyro Nisantzi, Silas Michaelides, and Diofantos G. Hadjimitsis

EGU2016-3301 | Posters | AS1.8

Increasing spatial resolution of CHIRPS rainfall datasets for Cyprus with Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)
Filippos Tymvios, Silas Michaelides, Adrianos Retalis, Dimitrios Katsanos, and Jos Lelieveld

EGU2016-18277 | Posters | AS1.8

A Possible Explanation for the Z −R Parameter Inconsistency when Comparing Stratiform and Convective Rainfall
John Lane, Takis Kasparis, and Silas Michaelides

EGU2016-9360 | Posters | AS1.8

The Protection of Cultural Heritage Sites from Geo-Hazards
Kyriacos Themistocleous, Athos Agapiou, Branka Cuca, Vasiliki Lysandrou, Marios Tzouvaras, Silas Michaelides, Diofantos Hadjimitsis, Claudio Margottini, Francesca Cigna, Giovanni Crosta, and Jose Fernandez

AS1.12 – Atmospheric processes over complex terrain

EGU2016-4189 | Orals | AS1.12

Turbulence generation by mountain wave breaking in flows with directional wind shear
Maria Vittoria Guarino and Miguel A.C. Teixeira

EGU2016-17778 | Orals | AS1.12

What flow conditions are conducive to banner cloud formation?
Volkmar Wirth and Isabelle Prestel

EGU2016-3162 | Posters | AS1.12

The Passy-2015 field experiment: wintertime atmospheric dynamics and air quality in a narrow alpine valley
Alexandre Paci and Chantal Staquet and the Passy-2015

EGU2016-6640 | Posters | AS1.12

Similarity scaling in a complex mountain valley boundary layer
Eleni Sfyri, Ivana Stiperski, and Mathias W Rotach

EGU2016-15213 | Orals | AS1.12

A lee-side eddy and its influence on snow accumulation
Franziska Gerber, Rebecca Mott, Sebastian W. Hoch, and Michael Lehning

EGU2016-12865 | Orals | AS1.12

Alpine North and South Foehn: Are They Different?
David Plavcan and Georg J. Mayr

EGU2016-695 | Posters | AS1.12

The influence of topographic setting and weather type on the correlation between elevation and daily temperature measures in mountainous terrain in the Canadian Rocky Mountains
Wendy Wood and Shawn Marshall

EGU2016-5686 | Orals | AS1.12

Comprehensive Measurements of Wind Systems at the Dead Sea
Jutta Metzger, Ulrich Corsmeier, Norbert Kalthoff, Andreas Wieser, Pinhas Alpert, and Joseph Lati

EGU2016-3167 | Posters | AS1.12

Boundary Layer Observations at Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii
John Barnes and Nimmi Sharma

EGU2016-11929 | Orals | AS1.12

Thermally-driven advections of aerosol-rich air masses to an Alpine valley: Theoretical considerations and experimental evidences
Henri Diémoz, Tiziana Magri, Giordano Pession, Manuela Zublena, Monica Campanelli, Gian Paolo Gobbi, Francesca Barnaba, Luca Di Liberto, and Davide Dionisi

EGU2016-4315 | Posters | AS1.12

Field observations of vertical temperature/humidity structure in the Cerdanya Basin –Spanish Pyrenees: Preliminary results and comparison with model forecasts
Josep Ramon Miró and Nick Pepin

EGU2016-11766 | Posters | AS1.12

Observations and numerical simulations of downslope flow separation at a valley inversion
Lukas Strauss, Stefano Serafin, and Vanda Grubišić

EGU2016-6715 | Posters | AS1.12

Idealised Modelling of Orographic Rainbands
Carly Wright, Sue Gray, Daniel Kirshbaum, and David Schultz

EGU2016-14990 | Posters | AS1.12

The daytime boundary layer in the Inn Valley – A model evaluation study with high-quality turbulence measurements
Brigitta Goger, Mathias W. Rotach, Alexander Gohm, Oliver Fuhrer, and Ivana Stiperski

EGU2016-12063 | Posters | AS1.12

The impact of embedded valleys on daytime pollution transport over a mountain range
Moritz N. Lang, Alexander Gohm, and Johannes S. Wagner

EGU2016-12553 | Posters | AS1.12

The horizontal transport of pollutants from a slope wind layer into the valley core as a function of atmospheric stability
Daniel Leukauf, Alexander Gohm, Mathias W. Rotach, and Christian Posch

EGU2016-3752 | Posters | AS1.12

Assessing potential reasons for different precipitation patterns on Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro
Federico Covi, Alexander Gohm, and Georg Kaser

EGU2016-15973 | Posters | AS1.12

An analytical model for the amplitude of lee waves forming on the boundary layer inversion
Johannes Sachsperger, Stefano Serafin, Ivana Stiperski, and Vanda Grubišić

EGU2016-10566 | Posters | AS1.12

An orographic flow diagramme
Marius Opsanger Jonassen, Haraldur Ólafsson, and Hálfdán Ágústsson

EGU2016-16638 | Posters | AS1.12

Evaluation of the atmospheric model WRF on the Qatar peninsula for a converging sea-breeze event
Sandeepan Balan Sobhana, Sashikant Nayak, and Vijay Panchang

EGU2016-10088 | Posters | AS1.12

Combining numerical simulations and field campaigns to support the design of a permanent network of air quality stations for monitoring the impact of emissions from an incinerator in Bolzano (Italy).
Marco Falocchi, Elena Tomasi, Lorenzo Giovannini, Gianluca Antonacci, and Dino Zardi

EGU2016-17259 | Posters | AS1.12

Short-term Wind Forecasting at Wind Farms located on Mountainous Terrains
Gokhan Kirkil

EGU2016-14101 | Posters | AS1.12

CLEAN-ROADS project: air quality considerations after the application of a novel MDSS on winter road maintenance activities
Ilaria Pretto, Elisa Malloci, Gabriele Tonidandel, Guido Benedetti, Claudia Di Napoli, Andrea Piazza, Roberto Apolloni, and Roberto Cavaliere

EGU2016-563 | Posters | AS1.12

A combined road weather forecast system to prevent road ice formation in the Adige Valley (Italy)
Claudia Di Napoli, Andrea Piazza, Gianluca Antonacci, Ilaria Todeschini, Roberto Apolloni, and Ilaria Pretto

EGU2016-1787 | Posters | AS1.12

The Climate Analysis Seoul (CAS) simulation for thermal characteristics in different urban locations in Seoul, Korea
Young-Gon Lee, Jisu Lee, and Baek-Jo Kim

EGU2016-10877 | Posters | AS1.12

Using WRF to understand how topographically-driven mesoscale features influence rainfall variability in Tigris-Euphrates System
Amin Dezfuli and Benjamin Zaitchik

EGU2016-11228 | Posters | AS1.12

Climatological characteristics of deep and shallow precipitation clouds in summer over the Tibetan Plateau
Xiao Pan and Yunfei Fu

EGU2016-3203 | Posters | AS1.12

Quality control of climatological time series in the province of macerata (adriatic side of central italy)
Matteo Gentilucci, Carlo Bisci, Massimiliano Fazzini, and Danilo Tognetti

EGU2016-7681 | Posters | AS1.12

Recent variations of the nivo - thermic parameters in the territory of the Dolomites and venetian Prealps Recent variations of the nivo - thermic parameters in the territory of the Dolomites and venetian Prealps
Massimiliano Fazzini, Anselmo Cagnati, and Serena Camattari

AS1.15 – Tropical Meteorology

EGU2016-1341 | Orals | AS1.15 | Media interest

An Assessment of Multi-model Simulations on the Variability of Western North Pacific Tropical Cyclones and Its Association with ENSO
Rongqing Han, Hui Wang, Zeng-Zhen Hu, Arun Kumar, Weijing Li, Lindsey N. Long, Jae-Kyung E. Schemm, Peitao Peng, Wanqiu Wang, Dong Si, Xiaolong Jia, Ming Zhao, Gabriel A. Vecchi, Timothy E. Larow, Young-Kwon Lim, Siegfried D. Schubert, Suzana J. Camargo, Naomi Henderson, Jeffrey A. Jonas, and Kevin J. E. Walsh

EGU2016-2931 | Posters | AS1.15

Contribution of tropical cyclones to global rainfall
Abdou Khouakhi, Gabriele Villarini, Gabriel Vecchi, and James Smith

EGU2016-11438 | Posters | AS1.15

Mutisatellite Tropical Cyclone Formation Forecast Models with Machine Learning Approaches
Myung-Sook Park, Myong-In Lee, Jungho Im, Minsang Kim, Seonyoung Park, and Seongmun Sim

EGU2016-1183 | Orals | AS1.15

Response of Tropical Cyclone Tracks to Sea Surface Temperature in the Western North Pacific
Masaru Inatsu and Kotaro Katsube

EGU2016-14244 | Posters | AS1.15

Role of Tropical Waves in Tropical Cyclone Genesis over the Western North Pacific
Liang Wu and Masaaki Takahashi

EGU2016-1386 | Orals | AS1.15

Tropical Cyclone Signatures in Atmospheric Convective Available Potential Energy
Joshua Studholme and Sergey Gulev

EGU2016-10997 | Orals | AS1.15

Strong-wind and heavy-rainfall extents induced by tropical cyclones over South Korea
Dasol Kim, Chang-Hoi Ho, and Doo-Sun R. Park

EGU2016-5634 | Posters | AS1.15

Modelling Tropical Cyclones-Ocean interactions: the role of the Atmophere – Ocean coupling frequency
Enrico Scoccimarro, Pier Giuseppe Fogli, Silvio Gualdi, Simona Masina, and Antonio Navarra

EGU2016-13654 | Orals | AS1.15

An analysis of Super typhoon Rammasun's(2014) peak intensity
Qinbo Cai and Yinglong Xu

EGU2016-15096 | Posters | AS1.15

A comparison study between two long-lasting synoptic-scale wave trains and associated tropical cyclogeneses
Tao Feng, Ronghui Huang, Xiuqun Yang, Liang Wu, and Wen Zhou

EGU2016-10496 | Posters | AS1.15

Characteristics of Tropical Cyclone Extreme Rainstorm and Its Preliminary Causes over the Hainan Island
Xianling Jiang, Fumin Ren, Zhuguo Ma, and Qinbo Cai

EGU2016-11216 | Orals | AS1.15

Multi-day convective-environmental evolution prior to tropical cyclone formation from geostationary satellite measurements
Minhee Chang, Chang-Hoi Ho, and Myung-Sook Park

EGU2016-17381 | Posters | AS1.15

Role of the Convective Scheme in Modeling Initiation and Intensification of Tropical Depressions over the North Atlantic
Jean Philippe Duvel, Suzana Camargo, and Adam Sobel

EGU2016-5320 | Orals | AS1.15

Overview of the Pre-YMC2015 campaign over the southwestern coastal land and adjacent sea of Sumatera Island, Indonesia
Shuichi Mori, Masaki Katsumata, Kunio Yoneyama, Kenji Suzuki, Noer Hayati, and Fadli Syamsudin

EGU2016-12247 | Orals | AS1.15

A Momentum Budget Analysis of Westerly Wind Events Associated with the Madden–Julian Oscillation during DYNAMO
Ji-Hyun Oh, Xianan Jiang, Duane Waliser, Mitchell Moncrieff, Richard Johnson, and Paul Ciesielski

EGU2016-16136 | Posters | AS1.15

Improvements made to simulated tropical variability in climate models by stochastic physics
Peter Watson and Tim Palmer

EGU2016-1310 | Posters | AS1.15

Impact of the Madden-Jullian oscillation on Rainfall over the South Pacific Convergence Zone
Sunil Kumar Pariyar, Noel Keenlyside, Bhuwan Chandra Bhatt, Shunya Koseki, and Thomas Spengler

EGU2016-3586 | Orals | AS1.15

The importance of the covariation of the geographical distribution of SSTs and deep convection for tropical tropospheric temperature trends 1980-present
Stephan Fueglistaler, Thomas Flannaghan, Stephen Po-Chedley, Isaac Held, Claire Radley, Ming Zhao, and Bruce Wyman

EGU2016-4385 | Posters | AS1.15

On the Relationship between Tropical Moisture Exports and Extratropical Cyclones
Peter Knippertz, Heini Wernli, Gregor Gläser, Eirini Boleti, Hanna Joos, and Hanin Binder

EGU2016-17452 | Orals | AS1.15

Role of entrainment in convectively-coupled equatorial waves in an aquaplanet model
Simon Peatman, John Methven, and Steve Woolnough

EGU2016-6845 | Posters | AS1.15

Variation of the Tropical Upper-tropospheric Trough and Its Linkage to the Asian-Pacific-North American Summer Climate
Kaiqiang Deng and Song Yang

EGU2016-4889 | Orals | AS1.15

The representation of low-level clouds during the West African monsoon in weather and climate models
Anke Kniffka, Lisa Hannak, Peter Knippertz, and Andreas Fink

EGU2016-11918 | Orals | AS1.15

Energetic constraints on the width of the ITCZ: theory and simulations
Michael Byrne and Tapio Schneider

EGU2016-18302 | Posters | AS1.15

Representation of the tropical free tropospheric humidity and its variability in large scale models
Peter Sinigoj, Laurence Picon, Helene Brogniez, and Rémy Roca

EGU2016-4457 | Posters | AS1.15

Convective Cold Pools over the Atlas Mountains and their Influence on the Saharan Heat Low
Robert Redl, Peter Knippertz, and Andreas H. Fink

EGU2016-5932 | Posters | AS1.15

Regional Differences of Summer Warm Rain over Tropical and Subtropical Pacific Ocean
Fang Qin and Yunfei Fu

EGU2016-6711 | Posters | AS1.15

Winds driven by the Saharan heat low
Giovanni Dalu, Marina Baldi, and Marco Gaetani

EGU2016-14497 | Posters | AS1.15

Simulation of African Easterly Waves and its Projection in Response to Anthropogenic Greenhouse Forcing in a High Resolution AGCM
Hamza Kunhu Bangalth, Jerry Raj, Udaya Bhaskar Gunturu, and Georgiy Stenchikov

EGU2016-17664 | Posters | AS1.15

Fog in an aerodrome in the Colombian Amazon Region
Astrid Baquero-Bernal and Rafael Martínez-Mancera

AS1.16 – The global monsoon system: variability, dynamics and prediction (co-organized)

EGU2016-15146 | Orals | AS1.16

East Asian summer monsoon precipitation variability since the last deglaciation
Fahu Chen, Qinghai Xu, Jianhui Chen, H. John B. Birks, Jianbao Liu, Xiaojian Zhang, and Liya Jin

EGU2016-126 | Posters | AS1.16

Different impacts of mega-ENSO and conventional ENSO on the Indian summer rainfall: developing phase
Lei Zhang, Zhiwei Wu, and Yefan Zhou

EGU2016-399 | Posters | AS1.16

Influence of decadal sea surface temperature variability on northern Brazil rainfall in CMIP5 simulations.
Julián Villamayor, Tércio Ambrizzi, and Elsa Mohino

EGU2016-13222 | Orals | AS1.16

Factors Affecting the Inter-annual to Centennial Time Scale Variability of All Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall
Abdul Malik and Stefan Brönnimann

EGU2016-1560 | Posters | AS1.16

Distinguishing interannual variations of the northern and southern components of the East Asian winter monsoon
Zhang Chen, Renguang Wu, and Wen Chen

EGU2016-17286 | Orals | AS1.16

Evolution of dynamic and thermodynamic fields during the Indian summer monsoon onset in the initialised atmosphere-ocean seasonal forecasting model of the UK Met Office
Arathy Menon, Andrew Turner, and Gill Martin

EGU2016-1607 | Posters | AS1.16

Direct and Indirect ENSO Influences on Regional Climate
Renguang Wu

EGU2016-17447 | Orals | AS1.16

Interannual variability and predictability over the Arabian Penuinsula Winter monsoon region
Muhammad Adnan Abid, Fred Kucharski, Mansour Almazroui, and In-Sik Kang

EGU2016-18334 | Posters | AS1.16

Rainfall Trends over the Indo-Pak Summer Monsoon and Related Large-Scale Dynamics
Muhammad Latif, Faisal Syed, and Abdel Hannachi

EGU2016-3243 | Orals | AS1.16

Changes in Climate over the South China Sea and Adjacent Regions: Response to and Feedback on Global Climate Change
Song Yang

EGU2016-9504 | Orals | AS1.16

Instrumental evidence of an unusually strong West African Monsoon in the 19th century
David Gallego, Paulina Ordoñez, Pedro Ribera, Cristina Peña-Ortiz, Ricardo Garcia-Herrera, Inmaculada Vega, and Francisco de Paula Gomez

EGU2016-17099 | Posters | AS1.16

Local and remote impacts of aerosol species on Indian summer monsoon rainfall in a GCM
Liang Guo, Andrew Turner, and Eleanor Highwood

EGU2016-1236 | Orals | AS1.16

TRAC-MIP: Tropical Rain bands with an Annual cycle and Continent - Model Intercomparison Project.
Michela Biasutti, Aiko Voigt, Jack Scheff, and Lucas Randall Zeppetello

EGU2016-16975 | Posters | AS1.16

On the Structure and Dynamics of Indian Monsoon Depressions
Kieran Hunt, Andrew Turner, Peter Inness, David Parker, and Richard Levine

EGU2016-15623 | Orals | AS1.16

Mechanism of spatio-temporal transition to monsoon and prospects for prediction
Veronika Stolbova, Elena Surovyatkina, Bodo Bookhagen, and Juergen Kurths

EGU2016-16741 | Posters | AS1.16

A solar variability driven monsoon see–saw: switching relationships of the Holocene East Asian-Australian summer monsoons
Deniz Eroglu, Ibrahim Ozken, Fiona McRobie, Thomas Stemler, Norbert Marwan, Karl-Heinz Wyrwoll, and Juergen Kurths

EGU2016-15 | Orals | AS1.16

Potential Influence of Arctic Sea Ice to the Inter-annual Variations of East Asian Spring Precipitation
Xinxin Li, Zhiwei Wu, and Yanjie Li

EGU2016-16671 | Posters | AS1.16

Impacts of East Asian aerosols on the Asian monsoon
Rachel Bartlett, Massimo Bollasina, Ben Booth, Nick Dunstone, and Franco Marenco

EGU2016-16303 | Posters | AS1.16

Astronomical forcing of an exceptionally long Sahel wet phase during Marine Isotope Stage 11c
Matthias Prange, Rima Rachmayani, and Michael Schulz

EGU2016-7476 | Orals | AS1.16

Role of the South Asian High in Connecting the Summer Rainfall over Asian Monsoon Regions and the Mid-latitude Arid Region
Wei Wei, Renhe Zhang, Min Wen, and Song Yang

EGU2016-1450 | Orals | AS1.16

Tropospheric Biennial Oscillation (TBO) indistinguishable from white noise
Malte F. Stuecker, Axel Timmermann, Jinhee Yoon, and Fei-Fei Jin

EGU2016-15551 | Posters | AS1.16

Holocene East Asian summer monsoon records in northern China and their inconsistency with Chinese stalagmite δ18O records
Jianbao Liu, Jianhui Chen, Xiaojian Zhang, and Fahu Chen

EGU2016-3757 | Orals | AS1.16

Two distinct mechanisms on East Asian surface temperature variability during summer
Sang-Wook Yeh, Yujin Won, Sae-Rim Yeo, and Bo Young Yim

EGU2016-15428 | Posters | AS1.16

Future of West African Monsoon in A Warming Climate
Jerry Raj, Hamza Kunhu Bangalath, and Georgiy Stenchikov

EGU2016-15157 | Posters | AS1.16

Extreme Events in China under Climate Change: Uncertainty and related impacts (CSSP-FOREX)
Gregor C. Leckebusch, Daniel J. Befort, and Kevin I. Hodges

EGU2016-11771 | Posters | AS1.16

The South Asian Monsoon Circulation in Moist Isentropic coordinates
Sabin Thazhe Purayil and Olivier Pauluis

EGU2016-11735 | Posters | AS1.16

Future projections of Indian Ocean SSTs and its impact on monsoon
Cherumadanakadan Thelliyil Sabeerali and Ajayamohan Ravindran

EGU2016-11642 | Posters | AS1.16

High Resolution Projections of Indian Summer Monsoon Synoptic Activity in a Warming Climate
Sandeep Sukumaran, Ajayamohan Ravindran, Sabin Thazhe Purayil, and Praveen Veluthedathekuzhiyil

EGU2016-10843 | Posters | AS1.16

Wetting and greening Tibetan Plateau in early summer since the late 1970s due to advanced Asian summer monsoon onset
Wenxia Zhang, Tianjun Zhou, and Lixia Zhang

EGU2016-10689 | Posters | AS1.16

Tracking moisture pathways to Asia since the late Cretaceous: The competing influences of westerly and monsoonal dynamics
Jeremy Caves, Bolat Bayshashov, Aizhan Zhamangara, Andrea Ritch, Daniel Ibarra, Yuan Gao, Derek Sjostrom, and C. Page Chamberlain

EGU2016-8668 | Posters | AS1.16

Sahelian precipitation projections and selection of a sub-ensemble of CMIP5 models.
Paul-Arthur Monerie, Emilia Sanchez-Gomez, and Julien Boé

EGU2016-8120 | Posters | AS1.16

Disagreements in low-level moisture between (re)analyses over summertime West Africa
Alexander Roberts, John Marsham, and Peter Knippertz

EGU2016-7323 | Posters | AS1.16

The early (pre-11 Ma) existence and disparate response of C4 plant in the Indian sub-continent: Evidences from n-alkane isotopic ratios of NW Indian Siwalik paleosol
Sambit Ghosh, Prasanta Sanyal, and Rohtash Kumar

EGU2016-7290 | Posters | AS1.16

Interannual variability of South American monsoon circulation
Manoel Alonso Gan and Jeane Rafaele Araújo Lima

EGU2016-7041 | Posters | AS1.16

Feedback Attributions to the Interannual Variation of the Dominant Modes of the East Asian Winter Monsoon
Yana Li and Song Yang

EGU2016-6752 | Posters | AS1.16

A new centennial index to study the Western North Pacific Monsoon decadal variability
Inmaculada Vega, F. de Paula Gómez-Delgado, David Gallego, Pedro Ribera, Cristina Peña-Ortiz, and Ricardo García-Herrera

EGU2016-6302 | Posters | AS1.16

Variability of Moisture Sources and Moisture Transport in the East Asian Monsoon System
Astrid Fremme and Harald Sodemann

EGU2016-5943 | Posters | AS1.16

Statistical analysis of shear line and torrential rain over Yangtze-Huaihe river region in China during June-July 1981-2013
xiuping yao and jiali ma

EGU2016-4932 | Posters | AS1.16

Resilience of the Asian atmospheric circulation to paleogeographic and climatic changes
Alexis Licht, Guillaume Dupont-Nivet, Alex Pullen, Paul Kapp, Hemmo Abels, Jordan Abell, and Dominique Giesler

EGU2016-4393 | Posters | AS1.16

Understanding the mechanisms behind the West African Monsoon northward extension during Mid-Holocene
Marco Gaetani, Gabriele Messori, Qiong Zhang, Cyrille Flamant, Amato T. Evan, and Francesco S.R. Pausata

EGU2016-3985 | Posters | AS1.16

Indian monsoon variations during three contrasting climatic periods: the Holocene, Heinrich Stadial 2 and the last interglacial-glacial transition
Coralie Zorzi, Maria Fernanda Sanchez Goñi, Krishnamurthy Anupama, Srinivasan Prasad, Vincent Hanquiez, Joel Johnson, and Liviu Giosan

EGU2016-3925 | Posters | AS1.16

Role of intraseasonal oscillation in the persistent extreme precipitation over Yangtze River Basin during June 1998
Guixiang Jiang, Xuguang Sun, Xuejuan Ren, and Xiuqun Yang

EGU2016-3470 | Posters | AS1.16

On the robustness of relationship between ENSO and East Asian Summer Monsoon
Xuguang Sun, Xiuqun Yang, Richard Greatbatch, and Wonsun Park

EGU2016-3179 | Posters | AS1.16

Possible impacts of mega-El Niño/Southern Oscillation and Atlantic multidecadal oscillation on Eurasian heat wave frequency variability
Yefan Zhou and Zhiwei Wu

EGU2016-2667 | Posters | AS1.16

Relationships between interdecadal variability and extreme precipitation events in South America during the monsoon season
Alice Grimm, Nicole Laureanti, and Rodrigo Rodakoviski

EGU2016-2340 | Posters | AS1.16

Effect of the early and late onset of summer monsoon over the Bay of Bengal on Asian precipitation in May
Nan Xing, Jianping Li, and Lanning Wang

EGU2016-2269 | Posters | AS1.16

Recent Progresses in Impacts of Indo-Western Pacific Ocean on East Asian Monsoon
Jianping Li

EGU2016-2212 | Posters | AS1.16

Features of snow cover changes over the Tibetan Plateau and their factors
Zhibiao Wang, Renguang Wu, and Gang Huang

EGU2016-2056 | Posters | AS1.16

Low-frequency Intensity Variation of the South Asian High and its relationship to Boreal Summer Intraseasonal Oscillation
Wei Shang and Xuejuan Ren

AS1.17 – Mid-latitude Cyclones and Storms: Diagnostics of Observed and Future Trends, and related Impacts (co-organized)

EGU2016-6709 | Orals | AS1.17

The contribution of sting-jet windstorms to extreme wind risk in the North Atlantic
Neil C. Hart, Suzanne L. Gray, and Peter A. Clark

EGU2016-2276 | Posters | AS1.17

Intercomparison of mid latitude storm diagnostics (IMILAST) – overview of project results
Urs Neu and the IMILAST team