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GI – Geosciences Instrumentation & Data Systems

GI0.1 – Open Session on Geosciences Instrumentation and Methods (including Christiaan Huygens Medal Lecture)

EGU2016-3518 | Posters | GI0.1

Compact and lightweight VLF/LF magnetic antenna with femtotesla noise level
Andriy Marusenkov

EGU2016-4234 | Posters | GI0.1

A new device to mount portable energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometers (p-ED-XRF) for semi-continuous analyses of split (sediment) cores and solid samples
Philipp Hoelzmann, Torsten Klein, Frank Kutz, and Brigitta Schütt

EGU2016-17759 | Orals | GI0.1

Diverse Portfolio of Scientific Instrumentation Initiatives of the Deep Carbon Observatory
Craig Schiffries, Robert Hazen, Russell Hemley, and Andrea Mangum

EGU2016-15303 | Orals | GI0.1 | Media interest

Common Technologies for Environmental Research Infrastructures in ENVRIplus
Jean-Daniel Paris

EGU2016-3508 | Posters | GI0.1

Tom Whitaker, Scott Anderson, and Jonathan Levine

EGU2016-7769 | Posters | GI0.1

Demonstrating the detection and measurement of dissolved organic carbon in water using a new UV miniaturised Fourier Transform Spectrometer
Ali Hussain, Paul Scholefield, Hugh Mortimer, Ed Tipping, Jessica Adams, and Don Monteith

EGU2016-11099 | Orals | GI0.1

Multifunctional Web Enabled Ocean Sensor Systems for the Monitoring of a Changing Ocean
Jay Pearlman, Ayoze Castro, Luigi Corrandino, Joaquin del Rio, Eric Delory, Rene Garello, Rudinger Heuermann, Enoc Martinez, Francoise Pearlman, Jean-Francois Rolin, Daniel Toma, Christoph Waldmann, and Oliver Zielinski

EGU2016-17240 | Posters | GI0.1

An integrated multispectral video and environmental monitoring system for the study of coastal processes and the support of beach management operations
George Ghionis, Vassilis Trygonis, Antonis Karydis, Michalis Vousdoukas, George Alexandrakis, Panos Drakopoulos, Olympos Amdreadis, Fotis Psarros, Antonis Velegrakis, and Serafim Poulos

EGU2016-1621 | Posters | GI0.1

Application of ALD Images and Caliper Data for the breakout analysis from the wells which were drilled in the Caspian Sea of the Azerbaijan Republic
Elnur Amirov (Fikret & Sevda)

EGU2016-251 | Orals | GI0.1

Electromagnetic system for detection and localization of the miners caught by accident in mine
Vira Pronenko and Fedir Dudkin

EGU2016-2077 | Posters | GI0.1

Estimation of Land Surface Temperature from GCOM-W1 AMSR2 Data over the Chinese Landmass
Ji Zhou, Fengnan Dai, and Xiaodong Zhang

EGU2016-1080 | Orals | GI0.1

Identification of sewage leaks by active remote-sensing methods
Naftaly Goldshleger and Uri Basson

EGU2016-7877 | Posters | GI0.1

Comparison of three geometries of balances dedicated to the monitoring of gravitational interactions
Michel van Ruymbeke, françois wielant, and phillipe dumont

EGU2016-3476 | Orals | GI0.1

Novel determination of radon-222 velocity in deep subsurface rocks, and the feasibility to using radon as an earthquake precursor
Hovav Zafrir, Yochy Benhorin, Uri Malik, and Chaim Chemo

EGU2016-11492 | Posters | GI0.1

Particle shape variations within a Luvisol profile
Gergely Jakab, Klaudia Kiss, Zoltán Szalai, Marianna Ringer, Dóra Zacháry, Judit Szabó, and György Varga

EGU2016-14389 | Orals | GI0.1

A sub-pixel resolution enhancement model for multiple-resolution multispectral images
Nicolas Brodu, Dharmendra Singh, and Akanksha Garg

EGU2016-7114 | Posters | GI0.1

Adaptive Wireless Ad-hoc Sensor Networks for Long-term and Event-oriented Environmental Monitoring
Jan Bumberger, Hannes Mollenhauer, Paul Remmler, Andrei Marian Chirila, Olaf Mollenhauer, Tino Hutschenreuther, Hannes Toepfer, and Peter Dietrich

EGU2016-10628 | Orals | GI0.1

Methane Fingerprinting: Isotopic Methane and Ethane-to-Methane Ratio Analysis Using a Cavity Ring-Down Spectrometer
Nabil Saad, Derek Fleck, and John Hoffnagle

EGU2016-5125 | Posters | GI0.1

GLODAPv2 data exploration and extraction system
Misha Krassovski, Alex Kozyr, and Thomas Boden

EGU2016-1464 | Orals | GI0.1

What can High Resolution Inertial Rotation Sensing do for the Geosciences? (Christiaan Huygens Medal Lecture)
Karl Ulrich Schreiber

GI0.3 – Application of Open-Source Microcontroller-Based Kits in Geosciences and Education (co-organized)

EGU2016-4470 | Posters | GI0.3

Development of an Arduino-based electrical impedance tomography system with application to dam internal erosion detection
Matteo Masi, Farzad Ferdos, Gabriella Losito, and Luca Solari

EGU2016-8495 | Posters | GI0.3

Microcontrollers for data logging in Environmental Physics
R.Giles Harrison and Christopher.D Westbrook

EGU2016-10710 | Posters | GI0.3

Tracking Clouds with low cost GNSS chips aided by the Arduino platform
Saji Hameed, Eugenio Realini, and Shinya Ishida

EGU2016-10719 | Posters | GI0.3

Deployment of Low-Cost, Carbon Dioxide Sensors throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area – The Capital Climate Initiative
Kristen M. Caine, D. Michelle Bailey, and J. Houston Miller

EGU2016-17074 | Posters | GI0.3

Air Enquirer’s multi-sensor boxes as a tool for High School Education and Atmospheric Research
Josep-Anton Morguí, Anna Font, Lidia Cañas, Eusebi Vázquez-García, Andrea Gini, Ariadna Corominas, Alba Àgueda, Agustin Lobo, Carlos Ferraz, Manel Nofuentes, Delmir Ulldemolins, Alex Roca, Armand Kamnang, Claudia Grossi, Roger Curcoll, Oscar Batet, Silvia Borràs, Paola Occhipinti, and Xavier Rodó

GI1.1 – Applications of Data, Methods and Models in Geosciences (co-organized)

EGU2016-1094 | Posters | GI1.1

Advances in soil mapping: Mapping quartz content of soil surface using airborne hyperspectral remote sensing in the longwave-infrared region
Shahar Weksler, Gila Notesco, and Eyal Ben-Dor

EGU2016-8546 | Orals | GI1.1

Development of a wide band radiative transfer model based on a fast correlated k-distributions generation
Laurence Croize, Jean Pierro, Thierry Huet, and Luc Labarre

EGU2016-13263 | Orals | GI1.1

First results from experiment in South China Sea using marine controlled source electromagnetic
Yuan Li, Lipeng Wang, and Ming Deng

EGU2016-5304 | Posters | GI1.1

Differential results integrated with continuous and discrete gravity measurements between nearby stations
Weimin Xu, Shi Chen, and Hongyan Lu

EGU2016-16379 | Posters | GI1.1

The use of a GIS Red-Amber-Green (RAG) system to define search priorities for burials
Roberta Somma, Massimiliano Silvestro, Maria Cascio, Lorna Dawson, Laurance Donnelly, Mark Harrison, Jennifer McKinley, and Alastair Ruffell

EGU2016-6379 | Orals | GI1.1

On the Interpretation of Running Trends as Summary Statistics for Time Series Analysis
Isabel M. Vigo, Mario Trottini, and Santiago Belda

EGU2016-10245 | Orals | GI1.1

Reconstruction of 2D seismic wavefield from Long-Period Seismogram and Short-Period Seismogram Envelope by Seismic Gradiometry applied to the Hi-net Array
Takuto Maeda, Kiwamu Nishida, Ryota Takagi, and Kazushige Obara

EGU2016-9068 | Posters | GI1.1

Ismetpasa and Destek regions; Creeping or accumulating strain
Hakan Yavasoglu, M.Nurullah Alkan, Kayhan Aladogan, I.Murat Ozulu, Veli Ilci, Murat Sahin, F.Engin Tombus, and Ibrahim Tiryakioglu

EGU2016-5328 | Orals | GI1.1

3D Geological Model of Nihe ore deposit Constrained by Gravity and Magnetic Modeling
Guang Qi, Jiayong Yan, Qingtan Lv, and Jinhua Zhao

EGU2016-7891 | Posters | GI1.1

Generation of high-resolution wind fields from the dense meteorological station network WegenerNet in South-Eastern Austria
Christoph Schlager, Gottfried Kirchengast, and Jürgen Fuchsberger

EGU2016-9481 | Posters | GI1.1

GIS-based assessment of groundwater level on extensive karst areas
Zsanett Kopecskó and Edina Józsa

EGU2016-3340 | Orals | GI1.1

Alteration mineral mapping and metallogenic prediction using CASI/SASI airborne hyperspectral data in Mingshujing area of Gansu Province, NW China
Yu Sun, Yingjun Zhao, Kai Qin, and Feng Tian

EGU2016-11893 | Orals | GI1.1

Microzonation Mapping Of The Yanbu Industrial City, Western Saudi Arabia: A Multicriteria Decision Analysis Approach
Sayed SR Moustafa, Nassir S. Alarifi, and Aref A Lashin

EGU2016-7077 | Posters | GI1.1

Comparison of Static and Dynamic Elastic Modules of Different Strength Concretes
Osman Uyanık and Nevbahar Sabbağ

EGU2016-16420 | Orals | GI1.1

The Value of Information and Geospatial Technologies for the analysis of tidal current patterns in the Guanabara Bay (Rio de Janeiro)
Elena Isotta Cristofori, Alessandro Demarchi, Anna Facello, Walther Cámaro, Fernando Hermosilla, and Jaime López

EGU2016-10075 | Posters | GI1.1

A Combined SRTM Digital Elevation Model for Zanjan State of Iran Based on the Corrective Surface Idea
Ramin Kiamehr

EGU2016-9618 | Orals | GI1.1

A procedure for seiche analysis with Bayesian information criterion
Masaatsu Aichi

EGU2016-11000 | Posters | GI1.1

An overview on integrated data system for archiving and sharing marine geology and geophysical data in Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology (KIOST)
Sang-Hwa Choi, Sung Dae Kim, Hyuk Min Park, and SeungHa Lee

EGU2016-11242 | Posters | GI1.1

Development and assessment of road weather information in Seoul
Sanghoo Yoon, Jonghak Lee, Mingyu Kim, and Youngjean Choi

EGU2016-12052 | Orals | GI1.1

Analysis of the geophysical data using a posteriori algorithms
Gyulnara Voskoboynikova and Marat Khairetdinov

EGU2016-11678 | Posters | GI1.1

Spatial interpolation of monthly mean air temperature data for Latvia
Svetlana Aniskevich

EGU2016-13872 | Orals | GI1.1

Lithological mapping using ASTER data in the Moroccan Anti Atlas belt
Amine Jellouli, Abderrazak El Harti, Zakaria Adiri, Abderrahmene El Ghmari, and El Mostafa Bachaoui

EGU2016-6645 | Orals | GI1.1

Nuclear magnetic resonance as a method of fluid mobility detection in porous media
Sergey Zhakov and Valentin Loskutov

EGU2016-12213 | Posters | GI1.1

Finite elements analysis of an underground collector installed by pipe-jacking method
Luis María Díaz-Díaz, Joshua Omer, Daniel Arias, and Luis Pando

EGU2016-12355 | Posters | GI1.1

Distribution of surface deposits in the Gijón urban subsurface (NW Spain)
Carlos López-Fernández, Luis Pando, Luis María Díaz-Díaz, Daniel Arias, and Germán Flor-Blanco

EGU2016-12761 | Posters | GI1.1

An approach to identification and modelling of artificial grounds in urban area from multidisciplinary data (Oviedo, NW Spain)
Luis Pando, Germán Flor-Blanco, Luis María Díaz-Díaz, and Daniel Arias

EGU2016-13013 | Posters | GI1.1

Initial development of an NIR strain measurement technique in brittle geo-materials
Emily Butcher, Andrew Gibson, and Philip Benson

EGU2016-13940 | Posters | GI1.1

Identification of hydrothermal alterations associated with Copper (Cu) mineralization in Sidi flah-Bouskour inlier, Moroccon Anti Atlas
Zakaria Adiri, Abderrazak El Harti, Amine Jellouli, El Mostafa Bachaoui, and Abderrahmène El Ghmari

EGU2016-15864 | Posters | GI1.1

Timescape: a simple space-time interpolation geostatistical Algorithm
Marco Ciolfi, Francesca Chiocchini, Olga Gravichkova, Andrea Pisanelli, Silvia Portarena, Andrea Scartazza, Enrico Brugnoli, and Marco Lauteri

EGU2016-17568 | Posters | GI1.1

SCIAMACHY: The new Level 0-1 Processor
Günter Lichtenberg, Sander Slijkhuis, Bernd Aberle, Denis Sherbakov, Markus Meringer, Stefan Noel, Klaus Bramstedt, Patricia Liebing, Heinrich Bovensmann, Ralph Snel, Mathijs Krijger, Richard van Hees, Pieter van der Meer, Christophe Lerot, Angelika Dehn, and Thorsten Fehr

EGU2016-17861 | Posters | GI1.1

New Developments in the SCIAMACHY L2 Ground Processor
Sergei Gretschany, Günter Lichtenberg, Markus Meringer, Nicolas Theys, Christophe Lerot, Patricia Liebing, Stefan Noel, Angelika Dehn, and Thorsten Fehr

EGU2016-3560 | Posters | GI1.1

Seismic wave separation by the gray-scale Hough transform
Asma Hadjadj, Zahia Benaïssa, Abdelkader Benaissa, Amar Boudella, and Sid Ali Ouadfeul

GI1.4 – Geoscience processes related to Fukushima and Chernobyl nuclear accidents (co-organized)

EGU2016-2508 | Posters | GI1.4

Resuspension of deposited radioactive material from the Fukushima Daiichi NPP site
Georg Steinhauser, Tamon Niisoe, Kouji H. Harada, Katsumi Shozugawa, Stephanie Schneider, Hans-Arno Synal, Clemens Walther, Marcus Christl, Kenji Nanba, Hirohiko Ishikawa, and Akio Koizumi

EGU2016-17604 | Orals | GI1.4

A new perspective on the Fukushima releases brought by newly available air concentration observations (Tsuruta et al, 2014) and reliable meteorological fields
Olivier Saunier, Anne Mathieu, Thomas Sekiyama, Mizuo Kajino, Kouji Adachi, Marc Bocquet, Yasuhito Igarashi, and Damien Didier

EGU2016-11539 | Posters | GI1.4

Comprehensive Retrieval of Spatio-temporal Variations in Atmospheric Radionuclides just after the Fukushima Accident by Analyzing Filter-tapes of Operational Air Pollution Monitoring Stations in Eastern Japan
Haruo Tsuruta, Yasuji Oura, Mitsuru Ebihara, Toshimasa Ohara, Yuichi Moriguchi, and Teruyuki Nakajima

EGU2016-6034 | Orals | GI1.4

Atmospheric transport of radionuclides emitted due to wildfires near the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 2015
Nikolaos Evangeliou, Sergey Zibtsev, Viktor Myroniuk, Marina Zhurba, Thomas Hamburger, Andreas Stohl, Yves Balkanski, Ronan Paugam, Timothy A. Mousseau, Anders P. Møller, and Sergey I. Kireev

EGU2016-11774 | Posters | GI1.4

Correlation-study about the ambient dose rate and the weather conditions
Masato Furuya, Yuko Hatano, Tomoo Aoyama, Yasuhito Igarashi, Kazuyuki Kita, and Masahide Ishizuka

EGU2016-8148 | Posters | GI1.4

Long-term assessment of airborne radio-cesium after the Fukushima nuclear accident: re-suspension from soil and vegetation
Mizuo Kajino, Masahide Ishizuka, Yasuhito Igarashi, Kazuyuki Kita, Chisato Yoshikawa, and Masaru Inatsu

EGU2016-10650 | Orals | GI1.4

Three-dimensional modeling of oceanic dispersal of land-derived multi-class suspended radionuclides after the Fukushima Dai-ichi accident
Yusuke Uchiyama, Takafumi Yamanishi, Daisuke Tsumune, Kazuhiro Misumi, and Yuichi Onda

EGU2016-4426 | Posters | GI1.4

Using meteorological ensembles for atmospheric dispersion modelling of the Fukushima nuclear accident
Raphaël Périllat, Irène Korsakissok, Vivien Mallet, Anne Mathieu, Thomas Sekiyama, Damien Didier, Mizuo Kajino, Yasuhito Igarashi, and Kouji Adachi

EGU2016-17692 | Posters | GI1.4

Sensitivity study of the wet deposition schemes in the modelling of the Fukushima accident.
Arnaud Quérel, Denis Quélo, Yelva Roustan, Anne Mathieu, Mizuo Kajino, Thomas Sekiyama, Kouji Adachi, Damien Didier, and Yasuhito Igarashi

EGU2016-11072 | Posters | GI1.4

Cloud conditions for low atmospheric electricity during disturbed period after the Fukushima nuclear accident
Akiyo Yatagai, Masatoshi Yamauchi, Masahito Ishihara, Akira Watanabe, and Ken T. Murata

EGU2016-10453 | Posters | GI1.4

Quantifying Atmospheric Fallout of Fukushima-derived Radioactive Isotopes in the Hawaiian Islands
Trista McKenzie and Henrietta Dulai

EGU2016-5180 | Orals | GI1.4

Study of the radiocesium dynamics in the Fukushima forest ecosystems
Vasyl Yoschenko, Alexei Konoplev, Tsugiko Takase, Kenji Nanba, Yuichi Onda, Mark Zheleznyak, and Sergii Kivva

EGU2016-2770 | Posters | GI1.4

Trans Pacific Ocean in surface layer and subduction and re-circulation in the ocean interior of radiocaesium released from TEPCO FNPP1 accident through the end of 2015
Michio Aoyama, Daisuke Tsumune, Takaki Tsubono, Yasunori Hamajima, Yayoi Inomata, and Yuichiro Kumamoto

EGU2016-2232 | Orals | GI1.4

Differences and similarities between behavior of Fukushima-derived and Chernobyl-derived radiocesium in the environment
Alexei Konoplev, Kenji Nanba, Yuichi Onda, Valentin Golosov, Yoshifumi Wakiyama, Tsugiko Takase, Vasyl Yoschenko, and Mark Zheleznyak

EGU2016-2417 | Posters | GI1.4

Towards a unified modeling system of predicting the transport of radionuclides in coastal sea regions
Kyung Tae Jung, Igor Brovchenko, Vladimir Maderich, Kyeong Ok Kim, and Fangli Qiao

EGU2016-13256 | Orals | GI1.4

Radiocesium fluxes in rivers across the Fukushima fallout region to 2015 and their controlling factors
Yuichi Onda, Keisuke Taniguchi, Hugh Smith, William Blake, and Kazuya Yoshimura

EGU2016-17093 | Orals | GI1.4

Radiocesium distribution along the slope in the Iput river basin as a tracer of the contaminant secondary migration
Elena Korobova, Sergey Romanov, Victor Beriozkin, and Nikolay Dogadkin

EGU2016-13170 | Posters | GI1.4

Influence of radiocesium transfer and decontamination on ambient dose in Japanese forest environment
Hiroaki Kato and Yuichi Onda

EGU2016-6260 | Posters | GI1.4

Effect of tree thinning and litter removal on the radiocesium (Cs-134, 137) discharge rates in the Kawauchi forest plantation (Fukushima Prefecture, northern Japan)
Manuel López-Vicente, Yuichi Onda, Junko Takahashi, Hiroaki Kato, and Keigo Hisadome

EGU2016-10885 | Orals | GI1.4

Measurement of dissolved Cs-137 in stream water, soil water and groundwater at Headwater Forested Catchment in Fukushima after Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident
Sho Iwagami, Maki Tsujimura, Yuichi Onda, Koichi Sakakibara, Ryohei Konuma, and Yutaro Sato

EGU2016-14799 | Posters | GI1.4

Seasonal variability of iodine and selenium in surface and groundwater as a factor that may contribute to iodine isotope balance in the thyroid gland and its irradiation in case of radioiodine contamination during accidents at the NPP
Elena Korobova, Lyudmila Kolmykova, Boris Ryzhenko, Viktor Berezkin, and Anastasia Saraeva

EGU2016-2115 | Posters | GI1.4

A first attempt to derive soil erosion rates from 137Cs airborne gamma measurements in two Alpine valleys
Laura Arata, Katrin Meusburger, Benno Bucher, Lionel Mabit, and Christine Alewell

EGU2016-7398 | Posters | GI1.4

Long-term trends of plot-scale Cs-137 wash-off from various land uses in Fukushima
Yoshifumi Wakiyama, Yuichi Onda, Kazuya Yoshimura, Noriko Nakamura, and Ryo Manome

EGU2016-8029 | Posters | GI1.4

Quantifying sediment source contributions in coastal catchments impacted by the Fukushima nuclear accident with carbon and nitrogen elemental concentrations and stable isotope ratios
J. Patrick Laceby, Sylvain Huon Huon, Yuichi Onda, and Olivier Evrard

EGU2016-17428 | Posters | GI1.4

Radiocaesium distribution in the sediment of a Fukushima river estuary
Hiroki Hagiwara, Hiromi Konishi, Takahiro Nakanishi, Hisaya Harada, and Tadahiko Tsuruta

EGU2016-14002 | Posters | GI1.4

Transport Simulation of Radioactive Sediment around the Mouth of Ukedo River: Numerical Approach by 2-D River Simulation Code
Susumu Yamada, Masahiko Machida, Akihiro Kitamura, Takahiro Nakanishi, and Kazuyuki Sakuma

EGU2016-11698 | Posters | GI1.4

Stochastic modeling of the migration of Cs-137 in the soil considering a power law tailing in space
Hiroki Oka and Yuko Hatano

EGU2016-6205 | Posters | GI1.4

Gamma radiation monitoring at the Eastern North Atlantic (ENA), Graciosa Island ARM facility
Susana Barbosa, Pedro Miranda, Eduardo B. Azevedo, and Kim Nitschke

EGU2016-5283 | Posters | GI1.4

Terrestrial biomarker records in Seomjin Estuary in the South Sea of Korea: Implication for terrestrial flux and environmental changes
Songyi kim, Sangmin hyun, Wonnyon Kim, and Kiseong Hyeong

GI2.1 – Atmospheric and Meteorological Instrumentation (co-organized)

EGU2016-9687 | Orals | GI2.1

The ceilometer inter-comparison campaign CeiLinEx2015
Ina Mattis, Robert Begbie, Neda Boyouk, Juan Antonio Bravo-Aranda, Mike Brettle, Jan Cermak, Marc-Antoine Drouin, Alexander Geiß, Ulrich Görsdorf, Alexander Haefele, Martial Haeffelin, Maxime Hervo, Kateřina Komínková, Ronny Leinweber, Gerhard Müller, Christoph Münkel, Margit Pattantyús-Ábrahám, Kornelia Pönitz, Frank Wagner, and Matthias Wiegner

EGU2016-15539 | Posters | GI2.1

Effect of spatial averaging of Doppler LIDARs on turbulence statistics within the atmospheric boundary layer and validation of a correction procedure
Peter Brugger, Katja Träumner, and Christina Stawiarski

EGU2016-12223 | Posters | GI2.1

BOU: Development of a low-cost tethered balloon sensing system for monitoring the lower atmosphere
Rodrigo Picos, Alvaro Lopez-Grifol, Daniel Martinez-Villagrassa, Gemma Simó, Burkhard Wenger, Jens Dünnermann, Maria Antonia Jiménez, and Joan Cuxart

EGU2016-8355 | Orals | GI2.1

A new portable generator to dynamically produce SI-traceable reference gas mixtures for VOCs and water vapour at atmospheric concentration
Myriam Guillevic, Céline Pascale, Andreas Ackermann, Daiana Leuenberger, and Bernhard Niederhauser

EGU2016-10694 | Posters | GI2.1

Measurement of middle and upper atmospheric horizontal winds with a submillimeter/THz limb sounder: results from JEM/SMILES and simulation study for SMILES-2
Philippe Baron, Naohiro Manago, Hiroyuki Ozeki, Irimajiri Yoshihisa, Murtagh Donal, Uzawa Yoshinori, Ochiai Satoshi, Shiotani Masato, and Suzuki Makoto

EGU2016-2701 | Orals | GI2.1

Retrieval of Temperature and Water Vapour from Multiple Channel Lidar Systems Using an Optimal Estimation Method
Robert Sica and Alexander Haefele

EGU2016-4382 | Orals | GI2.1 | Media interest

Distributed Temperature Sensing in the Atmosphere
Nicolaas van de Giesen, John Selker, Chadi Sayde, Christoph K Thomas, Chad Higgins, Bart Schilperoort, Miriam Coenders-Gerrits, Wim Luxemburg, Koen Hilgersom, Tim van Emmerik, Anna Solcerova, and Wouter Berghuijs

EGU2016-10534 | Posters | GI2.1

Comparison of winds retrieved by radar and by radiosondes
Anne Vary, Haraldur Ólafsson, Guðrún Nína Petersen, Bolli Pálmason, and Richard Yeo

EGU2016-17223 | Posters | GI2.1

Trace gas distributions retrieved by SCIAMACHY on ENVISAT by a tomographic retrieval scheme in comparison with the general circulation model EMAC
Janis Pukite, Steffen Dörner, Patrick Jöckel, and Thomas Wagner

EGU2016-15229 | Orals | GI2.1 | Media interest

Development of Innovative Technology to Provide Low-Cost Surface Atmospheric Observations
Paul Kucera and Martin Steinson

EGU2016-9171 | Orals | GI2.1

Estimation of Droplet Size and Liquid Water Content Using Radar and Lidar: Marine Cumulus Clouds
J. (Vivek) Vivekanandan, Jorgen Jensen, Scott Ellis, Bruce Morley, Peisang Tsai, Scott Spuler, Virendra Ghate, and Christian Schwartz

EGU2016-7963 | Posters | GI2.1

Research at a European Planetary Simulation Facility
Jonathan Merrison, Stefano Alois, and Jens Jacob Iversen

EGU2016-1829 | Posters | GI2.1

Cloud cover retrieved from ground-base observation using Skyviewer : A validation with human observations
Bu-Yo Kim, Joon-Bum Jee, Il-Sung Zo, and Kyu-Tae Lee

EGU2016-15520 | Orals | GI2.1

Potential of the multispectral synergism for observing ozone pollution combining measurements of IASI-NG and UVNS onboard EPS-SG
Lorenzo Costantino, Juan Cuesta, Emanuele Emili, Gilles Foret, Gaëlle Dufour, Maxim Eremenko, Yohann Chailleux, Matthias Beekmann, and Jean-Marie Flaud

EGU2016-3252 | Orals | GI2.1

Performance of N2O and CO analyser for high-precision measurements of atmospheric mole fractions
Kieran Stanley and Simon O'Doherty

EGU2016-7999 | Posters | GI2.1

Experimental Study of Aerosol-Cloud Interactions using a 5-hole Probe with Remotly Piloted Aircraft
Radiance Calmer, Greg Roberts, Kevin Sanchez, Keri Nicoll, Jana Preissler, Jurgita Ovadnevaite, Jean Sciare, and Murat Bronz

EGU2016-8224 | Orals | GI2.1

A synthetic zero air standard
Ruth Pearce

EGU2016-4888 | Posters | GI2.1

Measuring centimeter-resolution air temperature profiles above land and water using fiber-optic Distributed Temperature Sensing
Armin Sigmund, Lena Pfister, Johannes Olesch, and Christoph K. Thomas

EGU2016-17653 | Orals | GI2.1

ALTIUS, a future small mission for O3 and other atmospheric trace species concentration profiles retrieval
Emmanuel Dekemper, Didier Fussen, Filip Vanhellemont, Didier Pieroux, Nina Mateshvili, Ghislain Franssens, Quentin Errera, Jurgen Vanhamel, Eddy Neefs, Lieve De Vos, and Ludovic Aballea

EGU2016-11499 | Posters | GI2.1

Adjusted Levenberg-Marquardt method application to methene retrieval from IASI/METOP spectra
Marina Khamatnurova and Konstantin Gribanov

EGU2016-18225 | Posters | GI2.1

Optical depth retrievals from Delta-T SPN1 measurements of broadband solar irradiance at ground
Victor Estelles, David Serrano, Sara Segura, John Wood, and Nick Webb

EGU2016-15053 | Orals | GI2.1

Digital L-band polarimeter and polarimetric measurements of Total Electron Content at mid-latitudes
Marko Vučković, Marko Zavrtanik, Samo Stanič, Leon Pavlovič, and Maruša Mole

EGU2016-18223 | Posters | GI2.1

Evaluation of the Delta-T SPN1 radiometer for the measurement of solar irradiance components
Victor Estelles, David Serrano, Sara Segura, John Wood, Nick Webb, and Maria Pilar Utrillas

EGU2016-17257 | Orals | GI2.1

Satellite-based retrieval of particulate matter concentrations over the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Jun Zhao, Marouane Temimi, Fahad Hareb, and Iyasu Eibedingil

EGU2016-13916 | Posters | GI2.1

Solar radiation measurements from coordinated radiosonde flights during the 20th March 2015 solar eclipse
R.Giles Harrison, Graeme Marlton, Paul Williams, and Keri Nicoll

EGU2016-10751 | Posters | GI2.1

Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy Lite: A Low Power Analyzer for measuring Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Water Vapor
Derek Fleck, John Hoffnagle, Sze Tan, and Yonggang He

EGU2016-16482 | Posters | GI2.1

Uveka: a UV exposure monitoring system using autonomous instruments network for Reunion Island citizens
Nicolas Sébastien, Sylvain Cros, Caroline Lallemand, Frederik Kurzrock, and Nicolas Schmutz

EGU2016-11907 | Posters | GI2.1

New SI-traceable reference gas mixtures for fluorinated gases at atmospheric concentration
Myriam Guillevic, Simon A. Wyss, Céline Pascale, Martin K. Vollmer, Bernhard Niederhauser, and Stefan Reimann

GI2.2 – Space Instrumentation, Planetary landers and Rovers (co-organized)

EGU2016-1798 | Posters | GI2.2

Magnetometer Data for the Ages: Achieving complete FGM instrument coverage of the multi-spacecraft Cluster mission (2000 to 2015+)
Leah-Nani Alconcel, Peter Fox, Cary Colgan, Tim Oddy, Patrick Brown, and Chris Carr

EGU2016-5455 | Posters | GI2.2

Titan Submarine : AUV Design for Cryogenic Extraterrestrial Seas of Hydrocarbons
Ralph D. Lorenz, Steven Oleson, Tony Colozza, Jason Hartwig, Paul Schmitz, Geoff Landis, Michael Paul, and Justin Walsh

EGU2016-6077 | Posters | GI2.2

New methods for the analysis of the temperature evolution in and around thermal dual probes for space applications
Wolfgang Macher, Norbert I. Kömle, Patrick Tiefenbacher, Günter Kargl, and Mark S. Bentley

EGU2016-6669 | Posters | GI2.2

Earth and Moon Observations by Thermal Infrared Imager TIR on Hayabusa2 and Applications to Asteroid 162173 Ryugu
Tatsuaki Okada and the Hayabusa2 TIR Team

EGU2016-7592 | Posters | GI2.2

Mars MetNet Mission - Martian Atmospheric Observational Post Network
Ari-Matti Harri, Sergey Aleksashkin, Ignacio Arruego, Walter Schmidt, Andrey Ponomarenko, Victor Apestigue, Maria Genzer, Luis Vazquez, Mikhail Uspensky, and Harri Haukka

EGU2016-8536 | Posters | GI2.2

Mass spectrometry of planetary exospheres at high relative velocity: direct comparison of open- and closed source measurements
Stefan Meyer, Marek Tulej, and Peter Wurz

EGU2016-11215 | Posters | GI2.2

SHERLOC: An investigation for Mars 2020
Luther Beegle and Rohit Bhartia and the SHERLOC Team

EGU2016-14689 | Posters | GI2.2

Laser-based mass spectrometry for in situ chemical composition analysis of planetary surfaces
Samira Frey, Maike B. Neuland, Valentine Grimaudo, Pavel Moreno-García, Andreas Riedo, Marek Tulej, Peter Broekmann, and Peter Wurz

EGU2016-16140 | Posters | GI2.2

Ionizing radiation test results for an automotive microcontroller on board the Schiaparelli Mars lander
Timo Tapani Nikkanen, Maria Hieta, Walter Schmidt, Maria Genzer, Harri Haukka, and Ari-Matti Harri

EGU2016-16568 | Posters | GI2.2

Using a scoop to derive soil mechanical parameters on the surface of Mars
Günter Kargl, Joshua Poganski, Norbert I. Kömle, Helmut Schweiger, and Wolfgang Macher

EGU2016-16887 | Posters | GI2.2 | Media interest

Akon - A Penetrator for Europa
Geraint Jones and the The Akon Penetrator Team

GI2.4 – Scientific Exploitation of Copernicus Sentinels

EGU2016-17824 | Orals | GI2.4 | Media interest

Evolution of the Copernicus Space Component: preparing for tomorrow
Josef Aschbacher

EGU2016-3610 | Posters | GI2.4

Bridging EO Research, Operations and Collaborative Learning
Peter Scarth

EGU2016-12348 | Orals | GI2.4

The ESA Scientific Exploitation of Operational Missions element, first results
Yves-Louis Desnos, Peter Regner, Steven Delwart, Jerome Benveniste, Marcus Engdahl, Pierre-Philippe Mathieu, Ferran Gascon, Craig Donlon, Malcolm Davidson, Simon Pinnock, Michael Foumelis, and Fabrizio Ramoino

EGU2016-4227 | Posters | GI2.4

Broadview Radar Altimetry Toolbox
Roger Escolà, Albert Garcia-Mondejar, Gorka Moyano, Mònica Roca, Miguel Terra-Homem, Ana Friaças, Fernando Martinho, Ernst Schrama, Marc Naeije, Americo Ambrozio, Marco Restano, and Jérôme Benveniste

EGU2016-18031 | Orals | GI2.4

New Sentinel-2 radiometric validation approaches (SEOM program)
Véronique Bruniquel, Nicolas Lamquin, Stéphane Ferron, Yves Govaerts, Emma Woolliams, Arta Dilo, and Ferran Gascon

EGU2016-13084 | Posters | GI2.4

SAR Processing on Demand Service for CryoSat-2 and Sentinel-3 at ESA G-POD
Jérôme Benveniste, Américo Ambrózio, Marco Restano, and Salvatore Dinardo

EGU2016-7129 | Posters | GI2.4

SPICE: Sentinel-3 Performance Improvement for Ice Sheets
Malcolm McMillan, Andrew Shepherd, Monica Roca, Maria Jose Escorihuela, Pierre Thibaut, Frederique Remy, Roger Escola, Jerome Benveniste, Americo Ambrozio, and Marco Restano

EGU2016-9215 | Orals | GI2.4

SCOOP: Evaluating the performance of Sentinel-3 SRAL SAR Altimetry in the Coastal and Open Ocean, and developing improved retrieval methods.
David Cotton, Thomas Moreau, Eduard Makhoul-Verona, Paolo CIpollini, Mathilde Cancet, Francisco Martin, Luciana Fenoglio-Marc, Marc Naije, M Joana Fernandes, Jérôme Benveniste, Marco Restano, Américo Ambrósio, and Mònica Roca

EGU2016-14693 | Orals | GI2.4

A Sentinel-1 Flood map generation QGIS plugin
Joan Sala, Alex Lopez, Laia Romero, and Fifame Koudogbo

EGU2016-5077 | Posters | GI2.4

LOTUS— Preparing Sentinel-3 SAR Altimetry Processing for Ocean and Land.
Per Knudsen, Ole Andersen, Karina Nielsen, Lars Stenseng, Heidi Villadsen, Camille Pelloquin, Antonio Reppucci, Philippa Berry, Pierre Thibaut, Thomas Moreau, Peter Bauer-Gottwein, Raphael Schneider, Henrik Madsen, Ole Petersen, and Patrick Grode

EGU2016-6409 | Orals | GI2.4

SEOM’s Sentinel-3/OLCI’ project CAWA: advanced GRASP aerosol retrieval
Oleg Dubovik, Pavel litvinov, Xin Huang, Michael Aspetsberger, David Fuertes, Carsten Brockmann, Jürgen Fischer, and Bojan Bojkov

GI2.5 – Sentinel 1 for Science, INSAR results

EGU2016-13316 | Orals | GI2.5

The 2015 Gorkha earthquake investigated from radar satellites: slip and stress modeling along the MHT
Faqi Diao, Thomas R. Walter, Mahdi Motagh, Pau Prats, Rongjiang Wang, and Sergey Samsonov

EGU2016-828 | Posters | GI2.5

Interseismic accumulation across the Khoy fault from InSAR measurement
Mohammad Mohseni Aref, Ziyadin Çakir, and Sadra Karimzadeh

EGU2016-9763 | Orals | GI2.5 | Media interest

3D displacement field of the 2015 Mw8.3 Illapel earthquake (Chile) from across- and along-track Sentinel-1 TOPS interferometry
Raphaël Grandin

EGU2016-1987 | Posters | GI2.5

Preliminary Study of Ground Movement in Prone Landslide Area by Means of MAI InSAR A Case Study: Ciloto, West Java, Indonesia
Noorlaila Hayati, Björn Riedel, and Wolfgang Niemeier

EGU2016-15136 | Orals | GI2.5

Sentinel-1 DInSAR processing chain within Geohazard Exploitation Platform
Ivana Zinno, Manuela Bonano, Sabatino Buonanno, Francesco Casu, Claudio De Luca, Adele Fusco, Riccardo Lanari, Michele Manunta, Mariarosaria Manzo, Chandrakanta Ojha, and Antonio Pepe

EGU2016-2581 | Posters | GI2.5

TerraSAR-X time-series interferometry detects human-induce subsidence in the Historical Centre of Hanoi, Vietnam
Tuan Le, Chung-Pai Chang, and Xuan Nguyen

EGU2016-16037 | Orals | GI2.5 | Media interest

Sentinel-1 Constellation for nationwide deformation mapping with InSAR -- From science to operations
John Dehls, Yngvar Larsen, and Petar Marinkovic

EGU2016-13714 | Posters | GI2.5

2D Modelling of the Gorkha earthquake through the joint exploitation of Sentinel 1-A DInSAR measurements and geological, structural and seismological information
Vincenzo De Novellis, Raffaele Castaldo, Giuseppe Solaro, Claudio De Luca, Susi Pepe, Manuela Bonano, Francesco Casu, Ivana Zinno, Michele Manunta, Riccardo Lanari, and Pietro Tizzani

EGU2016-13875 | Posters | GI2.5

Groundwater storage variations in Madrid (Central Spain) from InSAR data
Marta Béjar-Pizarro, Pablo Ezquerro, Gerardo Herrera, Roberto Tomás, Carolina Guardiola-Albert, Jose M. Ruiz-Hernandez, Jose A. Fernandez-Merodo, Miguel Marchamalo, and Ruben Martinez

EGU2016-14756 | Orals | GI2.5

Sentinel-1 automatic processing chain for volcanic and seismic areas monitoring within the Geohazards Exploitation Platform (GEP)
Claudio De Luca, Ivana Zinno, Michele Manunta, Riccardo Lanari, and Francesco Casu

EGU2016-2920 | Orals | GI2.5

Persistent Scatterer Interferometry using Sentinel-1 Data
Oriol Monserrat, Michele Crosetto, Nuria Devanthery, Maria Cuevas-Gonzalez, Huang Qihuan, Anna Barra, and Bruno Crippa

EGU2016-13957 | Posters | GI2.5

A Copernicus downstream service for surface displacement monitoring in Germany
Andre Cahyadi Kalia, Michaela Frei, and Thomas Lege

EGU2016-14057 | Posters | GI2.5

Persistent Scatterer Interferometry based detection of strong subsidence in Semarang, Indonesia
Andre Cahyadi Kalia

EGU2016-14891 | Posters | GI2.5

Long-term and wide-area subsidence pattern from time series of Envisat Asar Data in Konya Basin, Turkey
Aydin Ustun

EGU2016-16523 | Posters | GI2.5

A NRT Sentinel-1 processing paradigm towards the implementation of a Persistent Scatterers Journal
Charalampos Kontoes, Ioannis Papoutsis, Themistocles Herekakis, Christina Psychogiou, Nikos Svigkas, and Maria Kaskara

EGU2016-16836 | Posters | GI2.5

Comparison of COSMO-SkyMed PSP SAR interferometry ground deformation analysis with field measurements and geological studies: the case study of Wuhan city
Mario Costantini, Jie Bai, Jianhua Xiao, Fabio Malvarosa, Federico Minati, Francesco Vecchioli, Qiong Hu, and Jiping Li

EGU2016-16974 | Posters | GI2.5

InSAR measurements for the 2014 Mw 6.0 Jinggu, Yunnan Earthquake
Jiajun Chen, Wanpeng Feng, Samsonov Sergey, Motagh Mahdi, Zhenhong Li, and Peter Clarke

GI2.6 – Sentinel 2 for Science, First results

EGU2016-15868 | Posters | GI2.6

Some Experience Using SEN2COR
Bringfried Pflug, Jakub Bieniarz, Vincent Debaecker, Jérôme Louis, and Uwe Müller-Wilms

EGU2016-3704 | Posters | GI2.6

The potential of Sentinel 2 and PROBA-V images for supporting early warnings of particulate matter pollution episodes in Ploiesti urban area
Daniel Dunea, Stefania Iordache, Alin Pohoata, Emil Lungu, Cornel Ianache, and Radu Ianache

EGU2016-5766 | Posters | GI2.6

Haze compensation and atmospheric correction for Sentinel-2 data
Aliaksei Makarau, Rudolf Richter, Viktoria Zekoll, and Peter Reinartz

EGU2016-7364 | Posters | GI2.6

Sentinel-2 Mission status
Bianca Hoersch, Olivier Colin, Ferran Gascon, Olivier Arino, Francois Spoto, Franco Marchese, Mike Krassenburg, and Benjamin Koetz

EGU2016-9182 | Posters | GI2.6

A comparison of glacier classification with Sentinel 2 MSI and Landsat 8 OLI
Frank Paul

EGU2016-14036 | Posters | GI2.6

The potential of Sentinel-2 for investigating glaciers and related natural hazards
Solveig H. Winsvold, Bas Altena, and Andreas Kääb

EGU2016-15488 | Posters | GI2.6

Processing Sentinel-2 data with ATCOR
Bringfried Pflug, Aliaksei Makarau, and Rudolf Richter

GI3.1 – Civil Engineering Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar

EGU2016-18517 | Orals | GI3.1 | Media interest

COST Action TU1208 “Civil Engineering Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar”: ongoing research activities and third-year results
Lara Pajewski, Andrea Benedetto, Andreas Loizos, and Fabio Tosti

EGU2016-18111 | Posters | GI3.1

Overview and comparative study of GPR international standards and guidelines – COST Action TU1208
Lara Pajewski, Marian Marciniak, Andrea Benedetto, and Fabio Tosti

EGU2016-17169 | Orals | GI3.1

Recent advances in the evaluation of the strength and deformation properties of flexible pavements using GPR
Fabio Tosti, Luca Bianchini Ciampoli, Andrea Benedetto, Amir M. Alani, Andreas Loizos, and Fabrizio D'Amico

EGU2016-16178 | Posters | GI3.1

A guidelines handbook for GPR surveys in tunnels: a COST Action TU1208 contribution
Luca Bianchini Ciampoli, Amir M. Alani, Lara Pajewski, Andrea Benedetto, Andreas Loizos, and Fabio Tosti

EGU2016-16652 | Posters | GI3.1

A semi-empirical model for the prediction of fouling in railway ballast using GPR
Luca Bianchini Ciampoli, Fabio Tosti, Andrea Benedetto, Amir M. Alani, Andreas Loizos, Fabrizio D'Amico, and Alessandro Calvi

EGU2016-12787 | Orals | GI3.1

O' Connell bridge inspection by means of Ground Penetrating Radar
Dr Sonia Santos Assuncao

EGU2016-17213 | Orals | GI3.1

Detectability of underground electrical cables junction with a ground penetrating radar: electromagnetic simulation and experimental measurements
Xiang Liu, mohammed serhir, abelin kameni, marc lambert, and lionel pichon

EGU2016-18496 | Posters | GI3.1

Calibration Methods for Air Coupled Antennas - COST Action TU1208
Vânia Marecos, Mercedes Solla, Simona Fontul, and Lara Pajewski

EGU2016-18490 | Orals | GI3.1

Determining change of bathymetry with GPR method in Ordu-Giresun, a sea-filled airport in the Black Sea, Turkey
Selma Kadioglu and Yusuf Kagan Kadioglu

EGU2016-18416 | Posters | GI3.1

Non-destructive tests for railway evaluation: Detection of fouling and joint interpretation of GPR and track geometric parameters - COST Action TU1208
Mercedes Solla, Simona Fontul, Vânia Marecos, and Andreas Loizos

EGU2016-14884 | Orals | GI3.1

Observing of tree trunks and other cylindrical objects using GPR
Jana Jezova and Sebastien Lambot

EGU2016-18417 | Posters | GI3.1

Nondestructive tests for railway monitoring. European Experience in COST Action TU1208
Simona Fontul, Mercedes Solla, and Andreas Loizos

EGU2016-17258 | Posters | GI3.1

A GPR-based simulation approach for the analysis of railway ballast
Andrea Benedetto, Luca Bianchini Ciampoli, Fabio Tosti, Lara Pajewski, Amir M. Alani, Andreas Loizos, Andrea Umiliaco, Maria Giulia Brancadoro, and Daniele Pirrone

EGU2016-18513 | Orals | GI3.1

Safety in GPR prospecting: a rarely-considered issue
Raffaele Persico, Lara Pajewski, Christiane Trela, and Erica Carrick Utsi

EGU2016-18427 | Posters | GI3.1

Assessment of waterfront location in hardened concrete by GPR within COST Action TU1208
Isabel Rodríguez-Abad, Gilles Klysz, Jean Paul Balayssac, and Lara Pajewski

EGU2016-18414 | Posters | GI3.1

Moisture evaluation of wood material using GPR with WARR method - COST Action TU1208
Hamza Reci, Zoubir Mehdi Sbartӓi, Lara Pajewski, and Marian Marciniak

EGU2016-16258 | Orals | GI3.1

Reconstruction of Vertical Profile of Permittivity of Layered Media which is Probed Using Vertical Differential Antenna
Gennadiy P. Pochanin, Anatoliy Y. Poyedinchuk, Liudmyla A. Varianytsia-Roshchupkina, and Iryna Ye. Pochanina

EGU2016-18097 | Orals | GI3.1

State-of-the-art and trends of Ground-Penetrating Radar antenna arrays
Roberto Vescovo, Lara Pajewski, and Fabio Tosti

EGU2016-17965 | Posters | GI3.1

Ground-penetrating radar investigation of St. Leonard's Crypt under the Wawel Cathedral (Cracow, Poland) - COST Action TU1208
Andrea Benedetto, Lara Pajewski, Klisthenis Dimitriadis, Pepi Avlonitou, Yannis Konstantakis, Małgorzata Musiela, Bartosz Mitka, Sébastien Lambot, and Lidia Żakowska

EGU2016-18503 | Posters | GI3.1

Use of GPR and standard geophysical methods to explore the subsurface: Example from the Maltese Archipelago
Raffaele Persico, Sebastiano D'Amico, and Loredana Matera

EGU2016-18494 | Posters | GI3.1

Investigation of the Sultan Alp Arslan tomb with geophysical methods, in the historical Merv city (Turkestan)
Selma Kadioglu and Yusuf Kagan Kadioglu

EGU2016-6072 | Orals | GI3.1

Procedure for detecting underground utilities with specific shape
Aleksandar Ristic, Milan Vrtunski, Miro Govedarica, and Zeljko Bugarinovic

EGU2016-18409 | Orals | GI3.1

Enhancement of the migrated results with the deblurring filter
Li Yi, Kazunori Takahashi, and Motoyuki Sato

EGU2016-18507 | Posters | GI3.1

Numerical modelling of GPR ground-matching enhancement by a chirped multilayer structure - output of cooperation within COST Action TU1208
Hovik V. Baghdasaryan, Tamara M. Knyazyan, Tamara. T. Hovhannisyan, Marian Marciniak, and Lara Pajewski

EGU2016-18428 | Posters | GI3.1

Two-way WKB Approximation Applied to GPR - COST Action TU1208
Igor Prokopovich, Alexei Popov, Marian Marciniak, and Lara Pajewski

EGU2016-4277 | Orals | GI3.1

Analysis of Human’s Motions Based on Local Mean Decomposition in Through-wall Radar Detection
Qi Lu, Cai Liu, Zhaofa Zeng, Jing Li, and Xuebing Zhang

EGU2016-18501 | Posters | GI3.1

Detection of a Misaligned Broken Pipe by Electromagnetic Interaction
Pietro Paolo Di Gregorio, Fabrizio Frezza, Fabio Mangini, and Vincenzo Ferrara

EGU2016-12565 | Posters | GI3.1

Development of SAP-DoA techniques for GPR data processing within COST Action TU1208
Simone Meschino, Lara Pajewski, and Marian Marciniak

EGU2016-18505 | Posters | GI3.1

Improving GPR Surveys Productivity by Array Technology and Fully Automated Processing
Marco Morello, Emanuele Ercoli, Paolo Mazzucchelli, and Edoardo Cottino

GI3.2 – Sensing techniques, geophysical methods, sensor network architectures and data analysis methods for critical and transport infrastructures monitoring and diagnostics (co-organized)

EGU2016-18196 | Posters | GI3.2

Damage evaluation on a multi-story framed structures: comparison of results retrieved from algorithms based on modal and non-modal parameters
Gianluca Auletta, Rocco Ditommaso, Chiara Iacovino, Felice Carlo Ponzo, and Maria Pina Limongelli

EGU2016-16416 | Posters | GI3.2

Experimental evaluation of natural period of masonry and reinforced concrete structures during operative conditions
Felice Carlo Ponzo, Rocco Ditommaso, Gianluca Auletta, Antonella Nigro, Chiara Iacovino, and Domenico Salvatore Nigro

EGU2016-11516 | Orals | GI3.2

Evaluation of stress and saturation effects on seismic velocity and electrical resistivity – laboratory testing of rock samples
Jan Vilhelm, Jaroslav Jirků, Lubomír Slavík, and Jaroslav Bárta

EGU2016-6833 | Posters | GI3.2

Change Of Electrical Resistivity Depending On Water Saturation Of The Concrete Samples
Nevbahar Sabbağ and Osman Uyanık

EGU2016-17110 | Orals | GI3.2

A simplified procedure for mass and stiffness estimation of existing structures
Antonella Nigro, Rocco Ditommaso, Felice Carlo Ponzo, and Domenico Salvatore Nigro

EGU2016-8959 | Posters | GI3.2

Measurement of Dam Deformations: Case Study of Obruk Dam (Turkey)
V.Engin Gulal, R.Metin Alkan, M.Nurullah Alkan, Veli İlci, I.Murat Ozulu, F.Engin Tombus, Zafer Kose, Kayhan Aladogan, Murat Sahin, Hakan Yavasoglu, and Guldane Oku

EGU2016-15931 | Orals | GI3.2

An automatic damage detection algorithm based on the Short Time Impulse Response Function
Gianluca Auletta, Felice Carlo Ponzo, Rocco Ditommaso, and Chiara Iacovino

EGU2016-10501 | Posters | GI3.2

Radio frequency tomography for the investigation of cracks in reinforced concrete structures
Tadahiro Negishi, Gianluca Gennarelli, Francesco Soldovieri, and Danilo Erricolo

EGU2016-18199 | Orals | GI3.2

Data analysis methods for infrastructure permanent monitoring
Danilo Gargaro, Carlo Rainieri, and Giovanni Fabbrocino

EGU2016-12941 | Posters | GI3.2

Ground Penetrating Radar for SMART CITIES
Francesco Soldovieri, Ilaria Catapano, and Gianluca Gennarelli

EGU2016-14114 | Orals | GI3.2

Robust uncertainty evaluation for system identification on distributed wireless platforms
Antoine Crinière, Michael Döhler, Vincent Le Cam, and Laurent Mevel

EGU2016-16781 | Orals | GI3.2

Sensor technologies and non-destructive monitoring for dampness diagnosis in cultural heritage
María Inmaculada Martínez Garrido, Miguel Gómez Heras, Rafael Fort González, Javier Valles Iriso, and María José Varas Muriel

EGU2016-8173 | Posters | GI3.2

Parametric pipe detection on the urban site Sense-City using GPR
Florence Sagnard, Christophe Norgeot, Xavier Derobert, Vincent Baltazart, Erick Merliot, Francois Derkx, and Berengere Lebental

EGU2016-10653 | Posters | GI3.2

Identification of thermal properties distribution in building wall using infrared thermography
Jordan Brouns and Jean Dumoulin

EGU2016-2351 | Orals | GI3.2

Using Internet of Things (IoT) technology to study environmental processes
Kirk Martinez, Jane Hart, Andrew Black, and Olivia Blagg

EGU2016-11231 | Orals | GI3.2

A Developed Spectral Identification Tree for Mineral Mapping using Hyperspectral Data
Fuping Gan, Runsheng Wang, Bokun Yan, and Kun Shang

EGU2016-12978 | Posters | GI3.2

Cloud2IR: Infrared thermography and environmental sensors integrated in an autonomoussystem for long term monitoring of structures
Antoine Crinière, Jean Dumoulin, Laurent Mevel, and Guillermo Andrade-Barroso

EGU2016-16643 | Posters | GI3.2

Landfills as critical infrastructures: analysis of observational datasets after 12 years of non-invasive monitoring
Andrea Scozzari, Brunella Raco, and Raffaele Battaglini

EGU2016-5293 | Orals | GI3.2

Quantitative extraction of bedrock exposed rate based on unmanned aerial vehicle data and TM image in Karst Environment
hongyan wang, qiangzi li, xin du, and longcai zhao

EGU2016-7558 | Orals | GI3.2

Monitoring Ecological and Environmental Changes in Coastal Wetlands in the Yellow River Delta from 1987 to 2010 Using Remote Sensing Techniques
Kun Shang, Dong Zhao, Fuping Gan, and Chenchao Xiao

EGU2016-5009 | Posters | GI3.2

Circulation of Surface Water And Groundwater. Geophysical approach (electrical tomography). Western Haouz plain. Western Morocco
Chouikri ibtissam, El Mandour Abdennabi, Jeffal Mohammed, Himi Mahjoub, Samia Rochdane, Morad Karroum, Mohammed Elgettafi, and Albert Casas

EGU2016-79 | Posters | GI3.2

Investigating Remediation Reagents Injection and Rainfall Effect by using Self-Potential Method in a Soil and Groundwater Contamination Site located in Yung Kang, Taiwan
Chuang Yung-Chieh, Chen Chien-Chih, Wang Tzu-Pin, Dong Tien-Hsing, Chen Yao-Tsung, Lin Su-Tien, and Ho Ching-Jen

EGU2016-17244 | Orals | GI3.2

Reconstruction of the sea surface elevation from the analysis of the data collected by a wave radar system
Giovanni Ludeno, Francesco Soldovieri, Francesco Serafino, Claudio Lugni, Fabio Fucile, and Gabriele Bulian

EGU2016-17710 | Posters | GI3.2

Citizen science land cover classification based on ground and satellite imagery: Case study Day River in Vietnam
Son Tung Nguyen, Ellen Minkman, and Martine Rutten

EGU2016-10685 | Orals | GI3.2

Numerical study of the coupling of two identification methods - thermal and electromagnetic - for the reconstruction of inclusions in thick walls
Nicolas Le Touz, Jean Dumoulin, and Francesco Soldovieri

EGU2016-13964 | Posters | GI3.2

Interconnecting sensors and people to improve the knowledge and sustainable management in rural and alpine environment: the CIRCE project
Eugenio Cavallo, Marcella Biddoccu, Giorgia Bagagiolo, Massimo De Marziis, Emanuela Gaia Forni, Laura Alemanno, Stefano Ferraris, Davide Canone, Maurizio Previati, Laura Turconi, Massimo Arattano, and Velio Coviello

EGU2016-6634 | Posters | GI3.2

Ground Control Point - Wireless System Network for UAV-based environmental monitoring applications
Abraham Mejia-Aguilar

EGU2016-2373 | Posters | GI3.2

Field Study of all GSM and WiFi Networks in Amman City from Geospatial Perspective
Mosab Hawarey, Mustafa Alibrahim, Hamza Jetto, and Firas Salah Mahmoud

GI3.3 – From Artefact to Historical Site : Geoscience and Non-Invasive Methods for the Study and Conservation of Cultural Heritage (co-organized)

EGU2016-18255 | Orals | GI3.3

A new application of hyperspectral radiometry: the characterization of painted surfaces
Cong Wang, Teresa Salvatici, Mara Camaiti, Chiara Del Ventisette, and Sandro Moretti

EGU2016-6296 | Posters | GI3.3

Analysing deterioration of marble stones exposed to underwater conditions
Beatriz Cámara, Mónica Álvarez de Buergo, Manuel Bethencourt, David Freire-Lista, and Rafael Fort

EGU2016-18540 | Posters | GI3.3

Multispectral thermal airborne TASI-600 data to study the Pompeii (IT) archaeological area
Angelo Palombo, Simone Pascucci, Nicola Pergola, Stefano Pignatti, Federico Santini, and Francesco Soldovieri

EGU2016-18168 | Orals | GI3.3

Archaeological field survey automation: concurrent multisensor site mapping and automated analysis
Mateusz Józefowicz, Oleksandr Sokolov, Sebastian Meszyński, Dominika Siemińska, and Przemysław Kołosowski

EGU2016-6342 | Posters | GI3.3

Enhancement of archaeological heritage. El Risco de las Cuevas at Perales de Tajuña, Madrid (Spain)
David Martin Freire-Lista, Mónica Alvarez de Buergo, and Rafael Fort

EGU2016-13051 | Orals | GI3.3

Magnetic measurements with fluxgate 3-components magnetometers in archaeology. Multi-sensor device and associated potential field operators for large scale to centimetre investigations on the 1st millennium BC site of Qasr ʿAllam in the western desert of
Bruno Gavazzi, Rozan Alkhatib-Alkontar, Marc Munschy, Frédéric Colin, and Catherine Duvette

EGU2016-10762 | Orals | GI3.3

Electrical Resistivity Tomography in the characterisation of wetting patterns of historical masonry
Laura López-González, Miguel Gomez-Heras, Raquel Otero Ortiz de Cosca, and Soledad García-Morales

EGU2016-9191 | Posters | GI3.3

ATHENA: Remote Sensing Science Center for Cultural Heritage in Cyprus
Diofantos G. Hadjimitsis, Athos Agapiou, Vasiliki Lysandrou, Kyriakos Themistocleous, Branka Cuca, Rosa Lasaponara, Nicola Masini, Thomas Krauss, Daniele Cerra, Ursula Gessner, and Gunter Schreier

EGU2016-10398 | Posters | GI3.3

Archaeogeophysical tests in water saturated and under water scenarios at the Hydrogeosite Laboratory
Luigi Capozzoli, Gregory De Martino, Valeria Giampaolo, Felice Perciante, and Enzo Rizzo

EGU2016-5716 | Orals | GI3.3

Semi-automatic mapping of cultural heritage from airborne laser scanning using deep learning
Øivind Due Trier, Arnt-Børre Salberg, Lars Holger Pilø, Christer Tonning, Hans Marius Johansen, and Dagrun Aarsten

EGU2016-17424 | Posters | GI3.3

Archaeology, historical site risk assessment and monitoring by UAV: approaches and case studies
Antonio Pecci and Nicola Masini

EGU2016-10013 | Orals | GI3.3

A case history of using high-resolution LiDAR data to support archaeological prediction models in a low-relief area
Vivien Pacskó, Balázs Székely, Máté Stibrányi, and Zsófia Koma

EGU2016-18166 | Posters | GI3.3

Use of the SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar ) P band for detection of the Moche and Lambayeque canal networks in the Apurlec region, Perù
Maria Ilaria Pannaccione Apa, Maria Rosaria Santovito, Giulia Pica, Ilaria Catapano, Gianfranco Fornaro, Riccardo Lanari, Francesco Soldovieri, Carlos Wester La Torre, Marco Antonio Fernandez Manayalle, Francesco Longo, Claudia Facchinetti, and Roberto Formaro

EGU2016-10055 | Posters | GI3.3

Remote Operated Vehicle geophysical surveys on land (underground), air and submarine archaeology: General peculiarities of processing and interpretation
Lev Eppelbaum

EGU2016-13079 | Posters | GI3.3

Non invasive sensing technologies for cultural heritage management and fruition
Francesco Soldovieri and Nicola Masini

EGU2016-15207 | Posters | GI3.3

THz imaging of majolica tiles and biological attached marble fragments
Ilaria Catapano and Francesco Soldovieri

EGU2016-15757 | Posters | GI3.3

Aqueducts and geoglyphs : the response of Ancient Nasca to water shortages in the desert of Atacama (Peru)
Nicola Masini and Rosa Lasaponara

EGU2016-17122 | Posters | GI3.3

Predictive models and spatial analysis for the study of deserted medieval villages in Basilicata Region (Italy)
Marilisa Biscione, Maria Danese, Nicola Masini, and Canio Sabia

EGU2016-15448 | Posters | GI3.3

A multi-analytical approach for the chemical composition investigation of Byzantine and Mediaeval glazed pottery
Lighea Pappalardo, Claudia Caliri, Hellen Cristine Santos, Roberto Catalano, Maria Teresa Giannotta, Marco Leo Imperiale, Francesca Rizzo, and Francesco Paolo Romano

EGU2016-12968 | Posters | GI3.3

A S.M.A.R.T. system for the seismic vulnerability mitigation of Cultural Heritages
Antonio Montuori, Antonio Costanzo, Iolanda Gaudiosi, Antonio Vecchio, Mario Minasi, Sergio Falcone, Carmelo La Piana, Salvatore Stramondo, Giuseppe Casula, Maria Giovanna Bianchi, Maria Fabrizia Buongiorno, Massimo Musacchio, Fawzi Doumaz, and Maria Ilaria Pannaccione Apa

GI3.4 – Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar in Geosciences

EGU2016-1085 | Posters | GI3.4 | Media interest

Identification of sewage leaks by active remote-sensing methods
Naftaly Goldshleger and Uri Basson

EGU2016-1372 | Posters | GI3.4

Petrological and geochemistrical constrains on the newly discovery Neoproterozoic Diamictite and Cap Dolomite (DCC) in the Middle Helan Mountain, North China
jie yang and zuoxun zeng

EGU2016-9817 | Posters | GI3.4

GPR survey, as one of the best geophysical methods for social and industrial needs
Anatolii Chernov

GI3.5 – Innovative instrumentation and data processing methods in near surface geophysics (co-organized)

EGU2016-3616 | Orals | GI3.5

Research and Development for Multi-stage and Integrated Approach for Seafloor Massive Sulfides (SMSs) Exploration.
Eiichi Asakawa, Tomonori Sumi, Kazuyuki Kadoshima, Masami Kose, Sangkyun Lee, Fumitoshi Murakami, Hitoshi Tsukahara, Akira Koizumi, Yukiko Koizumi, Makoto Ikeda, and Michio Higashi

EGU2016-2128 | Posters | GI3.5

Different integrated geophysical approaches to investigate archaeological sites in urban and suburban area.
Salvatore Piro, Enrico Papale, and Daniela Zamuner

EGU2016-2804 | Posters | GI3.5

Test site experiments with a reconfigurable stepped frequency GPR
Raffaele Persico, Loredana Matera, Salvatore Piro, Enzo Rizzo, and Luigi Capozzoli

EGU2016-7635 | Orals | GI3.5

The Potential for Quantum Technology Gravity Sensors
Daniel Boddice, Nicole Metje, and George Tuckwell

EGU2016-8694 | Orals | GI3.5

Portable cosmic particle detectors for subsurface density mapping
László Oláh, Gergely Gábor Barnaföldi, Gergő Hamar, Gergely Surányi, and Dezső Varga

EGU2016-2517 | Posters | GI3.5

Preliminary experiments about the measure of the magnetic properties of a material by means of TDR probes
Raffaele Persico

EGU2016-4217 | Posters | GI3.5

Recent results from a continuous wave stepped frequency GPR system using a new ground-coupled multi-element antenna array
Neil Linford, Paul Linford, and Andy Payne

EGU2016-8980 | Orals | GI3.5

Inversion and Application of Muon Tomography Data for Cave Exploration in Budapest, Hungary
Gábor Molnár, Gergely Surányi, Gergely Gábor Barnaföldi, László Oláh, Gergő Hamar, and Dezső Varga

EGU2016-4404 | Posters | GI3.5

Resistivity imaging during electrokinetic remediation of sediments: practical challenges in the field
Matteo Masi, Alessio Ceccarini, and Renato Iannelli

EGU2016-16681 | Orals | GI3.5

Density Imaging of Puy de Dôme Volcano with Atmospheric Muons in French Massif Central as a Case Study for Volcano Muography
Cristina Carloganu and Eve Le Ménédeu and the TOMUVOL

EGU2016-17667 | Orals | GI3.5

GNSSProbe, penetrating GNSS signals for measuring soil moisture
Francisco Martin, Victor Navarro, Antonio Reppucci, Antonio Mollfulleda, Heiko Balzter, Virginia Nicolas-Perea, and Lucy Kissick

EGU2016-4756 | Posters | GI3.5

Modified ERT instrumentation for geo-scientific surveys in the historical centre of Mesagne (Brindisi, Southern Italy)
Giovanni Leucci, Lara De Giorgi, Fabrizio Terenzio Gizzi, and Raffaele Persico

EGU2016-8140 | Posters | GI3.5

Integrated Geophysycal Prospecting in Late Antiquity and Early Medieval Sites in Italy
Maria Teresa Giannotta, Giovanni Leucci, Lara De Giorgi, Loredana Matera, Raffaele Persico, and Giuseppe Muci

EGU2016-9425 | Posters | GI3.5

Non-destructive in situ mapping of macroholes, cracks and inhomogeneities of stalagmites in cave environments
Erika Hegymegi, Miklós Gyöngy, Tamás Bodolai, Ferenc Divós, Edit Barta, Katalin Gribovszki, Götz Bokelmann, Csaba Hegymegi, Markéta Lednická, and Károly Kovács

EGU2016-14096 | Posters | GI3.5

3D density imaging with muons flux measurements from underground galleries
Nolwenn Lesparre, Justo Cabrera, and Jacques Marteau

EGU2016-15994 | Posters | GI3.5

The use of the Electrical Resistivity Tomography to image deep volcanic structures: a methodological study applied to Mt. Vesuvius (Italy).
Antonio Troiano, Maria Giulia Di Giuseppe, Renato Somma, Giuseppe Brandi, Claudia Troise, and Giuseppe De Natale

EGU2016-17898 | Posters | GI3.5

Magnetic Gradient Horizontal Operator (MHGO) useful for detecting objects buried at shallow depth: cultural heritage (Villa degli Antonini, Rota Rio)
Di Filippo Michele and Di Nezza Maria
CC BY 4.0