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OEM – Outreach, education, and media

EOS3 – Science in tomorrow's classroom (poster only session)

EGU2016-4823 | Posters | EOS3

Geoscience Information for Teachers (GIFT) Workshops at the European Geoscience Union General Assembly
Eve Arnold, Friedrich Barnikel, Jean-Luc Berenguer, Francesca Cifelli, Francesca Funiciello, Carlo Laj, Stephen Macko, Annegret Schwarz, Phil Smith, and Herbert Summesberger

EGU2016-1538 | Posters | EOS3

A Mythological, Philosophical and Astronomical approach of our solar system
Sotirios Drivas and Sofia Kastanidou

EGU2016-2092 | Posters | EOS3

Classroom Planetarium
Octavian Horia Minda

EGU2016-2579 | Posters | EOS3

Space Guiding Us
Athina Primikiri

EGU2016-2691 | Posters | EOS3

Using Debate Skills to Engage Students in Astronomy
Anna Karsten

EGU2016-2707 | Posters | EOS3

Exploring Sustainability Using images from Space
Loris Chen, Jennifer Salmon, and Courtney Burns

EGU2016-3115 | Posters | EOS3

Interdisciplinary Astronomy Activities
Nikolaos Nerantzis, Aikaterini Mitrouda, Ioanna Reizopoulou, Eirini Sidiropoulou, and Antonios Hatzidimitriou

EGU2016-3510 | Posters | EOS3

Mission to Stars: a contextualized Project-Based Learning on Universe and Astronomic Research.
Jordi Domènech-Casal and Neus Ruiz

EGU2016-3567 | Posters | EOS3

Enthusiastic Little Astronomers
Ines Novak

EGU2016-3568 | Posters | EOS3

Numeric calculation of celestial bodies with spreadsheet analysis
Alexander Koch

EGU2016-4269 | Posters | EOS3

a week in space
christian collette

EGU2016-4518 | Posters | EOS3

School Astronomy Club: from Project to Knowledge
Alvaro Folhas

EGU2016-4755 | Posters | EOS3

Regiomontanus or learning how to play with science
Anca-Catalina Marian

EGU2016-4807 | Posters | EOS3

The man and the universe
Magdalena Kolodziejska

EGU2016-4955 | Posters | EOS3

Restoration of an old telescope: a pedagogic opportunity
Le Gall Christophe

EGU2016-4964 | Posters | EOS3

Space technology and robotics in school projects
Georgios Villias

EGU2016-4978 | Posters | EOS3

Astronomy in the classroom
Bárbara Moiteiro and Berta Rodrigues

EGU2016-5003 | Posters | EOS3

Inspiring pupils in STEM through Tim Peake’s Principia Mission
Stephanie Grant

EGU2016-5050 | Posters | EOS3

Solar system to scale
Susanne Gerwig López

EGU2016-5313 | Posters | EOS3

A single geophone to locate seismic events on Mars
Aurélien Roques, Jean-Luc Berenguer, and Ebru Bozdag

EGU2016-7546 | Posters | EOS3

Our Astounding Universe
Monika Mishra

EGU2016-8021 | Posters | EOS3

Earth Observation from the International Space Station -Remote Sensing in Schools-
Johannes Schultz, Andreas Rienow, Valerie Graw, Sascha Heinemann, Fabian Selg, and Gunter Menz

EGU2016-9646 | Posters | EOS3

Engaging Parents and Pupils in Astronomy
Rod Stevenson

EGU2016-10039 | Posters | EOS3

An historic discovery around the corner from school: Ceres, a solar system object with an uncertain identity.
Salvatore Stira

EGU2016-14880 | Posters | EOS3

Exploring Mars
Stéphanie Breuil

EGU2016-14916 | Posters | EOS3

Keep in touch with the Sky above us
Ilaria De Angelis and Francesca Paolucci

EGU2016-14921 | Posters | EOS3

Determine the Sun's Rotation Period using D.I.Y Sunspotter and Smartphone
JongHo Lim, Jihey Lim, Jungjoo Sohn, and Hoon Jo

EGU2016-17283 | Posters | EOS3

A look through the telescope. A different view of the sun
Antonella Sgaramella

EGU2016-18136 | Posters | EOS3

Before Copernico and after Copernico
Elena Dalmastri

EGU2016-3570 | Posters | EOS3

Destination: Geology?
Louise Price

EGU2016-3822 | Posters | EOS3

How to find gold and gems: Introduction to gemology in school
Gregory Bauer

EGU2016-5139 | Posters | EOS3

Mouvements tectoniques et ressources géologiques en Limousin
Myriam Verrez and Hubert Bril

EGU2016-5179 | Posters | EOS3

Making Fieldwork Valuable: Designing fieldwork programmes to meet the needs of young geologists
Michael Thorne

EGU2016-5470 | Posters | EOS3

The Lightbulb Moment – the importance of fieldwork as a link between the classroom and the real world
Helen Bambridge and Alison Barraclough

EGU2016-8533 | Posters | EOS3

Title: The minerals and the light: Mineralogy and astronomy in the history of the homo sapiens sapiens
Laura Giovanna Giovine

EGU2016-8644 | Posters | EOS3

Teaching science problem based learning (PBL) implementation of rocks and minerals
Carla Almeida, Fátima Ruas, Margarida Godinho, and Anabela Martins

EGU2016-9129 | Posters | EOS3

Gold and other mines – History, Chemistry and Environment
Carla Ribeiro and Amélia Moutinho

EGU2016-10348 | Posters | EOS3

Science is just around the corner: Outside and inside the classroom
Cristina Raposo, Elsa Florêncio, and Eduarda Roussado

EGU2016-10634 | Posters | EOS3

Understanding the shape of the Earth and measuring its size
Evangelos Baltatzis and Angeliki Galanaki

EGU2016-17908 | Posters | EOS3

Barrel organ of plate tectonics – a new tool for outreach and education
Petr Broz, Matěj Machek, and Zdar Šorm

EGU2016-2699 | Posters | EOS3

Earthquakes in the kindergarten educate for risk mitigation
Isabel Mata, Isabel Rodrigues, and Luis Matias

EGU2016-2712 | Posters | EOS3

Building with Earthquakes in Mind
Nicholas Mangieri

EGU2016-3994 | Posters | EOS3

PRESS40: a project for involving students in active seismic risk mitigation
Carla Barnaba, Elisa Contessi, and Maria Rosa Girardi

EGU2016-7798 | Posters | EOS3

"Earth, from inside and outside - school activities based on seismology and astronomy”
Radu Chivarean

EGU2016-8748 | Posters | EOS3

Seismology@School - Nearly 20 years for the first experiences in Europe
Jean Luc Berenguer, Julien Balestra, and Françoise Courboulex

EGU2016-16619 | Posters | EOS3

Meteorite crater impact study: a new way to study seismology at school with exciting experiments, and an example of meteorite astroblema in France (Rochechouart)
Diane Carrer, Jean-Luc Berenguer, and Andrew MacMurray

EGU2016-1698 | Posters | EOS3

STEM@School: an engaging Serious Game!
annalisa terracina and massimo mecella

EGU2016-2051 | Posters | EOS3

ESD practice through global approach -7-year practices of developing science lessen modules and fostering integrated decision making ability-
Kosei Kajiyama

EGU2016-2595 | Posters | EOS3

Biodiversity in Science fiction world: Avatar and Middle earth linked to the geophysical conditions of their environment
Arnaud Lardé and Johan Lemore

EGU2016-3506 | Posters | EOS3

Less chalk more action
Bojana Mitriceski Andelkovic and Sladjana Jovic

EGU2016-3524 | Posters | EOS3

Global Collaborative STEM Education
Susan Meabh Kelly and Walter Smith

EGU2016-4500 | Posters | EOS3

Examples of learning activities for Earth and Space Sciences in the new Italian National curriculum
Maddalena Macario

EGU2016-4908 | Posters | EOS3

Could hands-on activities and smartphone in science CLIL teaching foster motivation and positive attitudes in students?
Immacolata Ercolino, Sabina Maraffi, and Francesco M. Sacerdoti

EGU2016-5021 | Posters | EOS3

Making Physics Matter in Primary Schools
Jackie Flaherty, Wendy Cox, Amanda Poole, Jenny Watson, and Kirstin Greygoose

EGU2016-5048 | Posters | EOS3

The Experiment
Floare Mariana Nicoara

EGU2016-5062 | Posters | EOS3

Bright Sparks of Our Future!
Naoimh Riordan

EGU2016-5116 | Posters | EOS3

Strengthening Mathematics And Science Education (SMASE) For Improving The Quality Of Teachers in Nigeria
Zainab Muhammad Shuaibu

EGU2016-12539 | Posters | EOS3

Yvonne Chasukwa Mwalwenje and Fidel Chasukwa

EGU2016-14801 | Posters | EOS3

Geographic Information Technologies as an outreach activity in geo-scientific education
Shimrit Maman, Sivan Isaacson, and Dan G. Blumberg

EGU2016-18179 | Posters | EOS3

To touch the science through the experiment!
Grzegorz Słowik

EGU2016-60 | Posters | EOS3

The role of ocean phenomenon in music compositions
Chi-Min Liu

EGU2016-1540 | Posters | EOS3

Attorneys for the Ocean - Graduate Training in the Transatlantic Helmholtz Research School for Ocean System Science and Technology (HOSST/TOSST)
Christel van den Bogaard, Christian Dullo, Colin Devey, Markus Kienast, and Douglas Wallace

EGU2016-1608 | Posters | EOS3

Applying “Climate” system to teaching basic climatology and raising public awareness of climate change issues
Yulia Gordova, Igor Okladnikov, Alexander Titov, and Evgeny Gordov

EGU2016-3199 | Posters | EOS3

Hybrid teaching method for undergraduate student in Marine Geology class in Indonesia
M Yusuf Awaluddin and Lintang Yuliadi

EGU2016-3438 | Posters | EOS3

Inspiring students through an authentic polar science expedition: the RESEt Project
Matteo Cattadori

EGU2016-6190 | Posters | EOS3

An analogue conceptual rainfall-runoff model for educational purposes
Mathew Herrnegger, Michael Riedl, and Karsten Schulz

EGU2016-10680 | Posters | EOS3

Teaching Scales in the Climate System: An example of interdisciplinary teaching and learning
Johanna Baehr, Jörn Behrens, Michael Brüggemann, Thomas Frisius, Mirjam S. Glessmer, Jens Hartmann, Inga Hense, Lars Kaleschke, Lars Kutzbach, Simone Rödder, and Jürgen Scheffran

EGU2016-10795 | Posters | EOS3

“A Future for Fisheries?” Setting of a Field-based Class for Evaluation of Aquaculture and Fisheries Sustainability
Stephen Macko and Matthew O'Connell

EGU2016-11029 | Posters | EOS3

Ocean Literacy After-School
Lisa Hlinka

EGU2016-11358 | Posters | EOS3

Update of ECTOM – European catalogue of training opportunities in meteorology
Tomas Halenka and Michal Belda

EGU2016-15000 | Posters | EOS3

Impacts and Feedbacks in a Warming Arctic: Engaging Diverse Learners in Geoscience Education and Research
Elena Sparrow, Katie Spellman, Cindy Fabbri, David Verbyla, Kenji Yoshikawa, Gilberto Fochesatto, Josefino Comiso, Malinda Chase, Debra Jones, and Mara Bacsujlaky

EGU2016-1633 | Posters | EOS3

Pollution! Find a STEM solution!
Danijela Takač and Marina Moćan

EGU2016-1885 | Posters | EOS3

Environmental test chamber
Li Qian

EGU2016-2285 | Posters | EOS3

Renewable energy and characteristics of the Earth
Valérie Léger

EGU2016-2389 | Posters | EOS3

Tagliamento, the king of Alpine rivers
Nadia Imbriani

EGU2016-2787 | Posters | EOS3

System understanding as a basis for sustainable decision-making. A science – school collaboration within the Sparkling Science project “Traisen w3”
Michaela Poppe, Kerstin Böck, Andreas Loach, Sigrid Scheikl, Andreas Zitek, Andrea Heidenreich, Roman Kurz-Aigner, Martin Schrittwieser, and Susanne Muhar

EGU2016-3409 | Posters | EOS3

Science in and out of the classroom: A look at Water Resource at Gammams Water Care Works, Namibia
Leena Iileka-Shinavene

EGU2016-3501 | Posters | EOS3

Outdoors classes
Barbara Szymanska-Markowska

EGU2016-5027 | Posters | EOS3

Education for sustainable development using indoor and outdoor activities
Lenka Žigon

EGU2016-5676 | Posters | EOS3

G.I.F.K. project: Geosciences Information For Kids
Anna Elisabetta Merlini, Giovanni Grieco, Mara Evardi, Cristina Oneta, Nicoletta Invernizzi, and Caterina Aiello

EGU2016-11232 | Posters | EOS3

ELWIRA “Plants, wood, steel, concrete - a lifecycle as construction materials”: University meets school - science meets high school education
Alexandra Strauss-Sieberth, Alfred Strauss, Gerda Kalny, Hans Peter Rauch, and Willibald Loiskandl

EOS4 – Communication and Education in Geoscience: Practice, Research and Reflection

EGU2016-2039 | Posters | EOS4

The Classification Ability with Naked Eyes According to the Understanding Level about Rocks of Pre-service Science Teachers
Cho Kyu Seong, Chung Duk Ho, Hong Deok Pyo, and Park Kyeong Jin

EGU2016-2279 | Posters | EOS4

Exploring of Geosite for Geopark in the Gochang-gun Area, Korea
Kyu Seong Cho, Cheong Bin Kim, Sung Wook Cho, Duk Ho Chung, Chang Woo Kwon, Kyeong Jin Park, and Deok Pyo Hong

EGU2016-17885 | Orals | EOS4

Assessing communication as one of the drivers of urban resilience to weather extremes.
Rosa Vicari and Daniel Schertzer

EGU2016-2286 | Posters | EOS4

Geological Value for Geopark in the Byeonsanbando National Park, Korea
Kyu Seong Cho and Deok Pyo Hong

EGU2016-760 | Orals | EOS4

Exploring risk communication – results of a research project focussed on effectiveness evaluation
Marie Charrière, Thom Bogaard, Sandra Junier, and Erik Mostert

EGU2016-12772 | Orals | EOS4

Geoscience on television: a review of science communication literature in the context of geosciences
Rolf Hut, Anne Land-Zandstra, Ionica Smeets, and Cathelijne Stoof

EGU2016-2420 | Posters | EOS4

The Characteristics of Earth System Thinking of Science Gifted Students in relation to Climate Changes
Duk Ho Chung, Kyu Seong Cho, Deok Pyo Hong, and Kyeong Jin Park

EGU2016-2423 | Posters | EOS4

Characteristics of High School Students’ and Science Teachers’ Cognitive Frame about Effective Teaching Method for High School Science Subject
Duk Ho Chung, Kyeong-Jin Park, and Kyu Seong Cho

EGU2016-2853 | Orals | EOS4

Are Scientific Abstracts Written in Poetic Verse an Effective Representation of the Underlying Research?
Samuel Illingworth

EGU2016-587 | Orals | EOS4 | Media interest

Video Games in Volcanic Hazard Communications: Methods & Issues
Lara Mani, Paul Cole, and Iain Stewart

EGU2016-2425 | Posters | EOS4

Semantic Network Analysis on Terms related Mantle in Earth Science 2 Textbooks of Korea
Duk Ho Chung, Ah reum Cho, and Seon Ok Park

EGU2016-805 | Orals | EOS4

Using Sentiment Analysis to Observe How Science is Communicated
David Topping and Sam Illingworth

EGU2016-2424 | Posters | EOS4

Comparison of Freshmen's Cognitive Frame about 'Crisis of the Earth' upon Taking the Earth Science 1 in High School
Duk Ho Chung and Seon Ok Park

EGU2016-6069 | Posters | EOS4

Analysis on the effectiveness of gifted education by studying perceptions of science gifted education recipients
Hyun-Chul Jung, Chun-Ryol Ryu, Jinsu Choi, and Kyeong-Jin Park

EGU2016-9474 | Orals | EOS4

Stories from the Arctic field
Michelle Cain

EGU2016-6098 | Posters | EOS4

International Science Olympiad participants’ experiences and perceptions on private education
Kyeong jin Park, Chun-Ryol Ryu, and Jinsu Choi

EGU2016-3028 | Orals | EOS4

Making better scientific figures
Ed Hawkins and Doug McNeall

EGU2016-1356 | Posters | EOS4

SAR-EDU Education initiative for applied radar remote sensing
Robert Eckardt, Thiel Christian, and Schmullius Christiane

EGU2016-12390 | Orals | EOS4 | Media interest

Development of Geography and Geology Terminology in British Sign Language
Rhian Meara, Audrey Cameron, Gary Quinn, and Rachel O'Neill

EGU2016-2886 | Posters | EOS4

The EGU Blogs: an online platform for science communication
Laura Roberts Artal

EGU2016-4922 | Posters | EOS4

Inspiring our future citizens and scientists: follow the Blue Paths (Percorsi nel Blu)!
Erika Mioni, Mascha Stroobant, Silvia Merlino, and Roberto Traverso

EGU2016-2157 | Orals | EOS4

Planet Press: an EGU initiative to bring geoscientific research to children
Bárbara Ferreira

EGU2016-16304 | Orals | EOS4

SimBasin: serious gaming for integrated decision-making in the Magdalena-Cauca basin
Joanne Craven, Hector Angarita, and Gerald Corzo

EGU2016-5131 | Posters | EOS4

“Curso de Vulcanología General”: Web-education efforts on volcanic hazards for the Latin American region from Mexico.
Hugo Delgado

EGU2016-13149 | Orals | EOS4

Science on Stage: Engaging and teaching scientific content through performance art
Esther Posner

EGU2016-5725 | Posters | EOS4

Geotube: a network based framework for Goescience dissemination
Giovanni Grieco, Marina Porta, Anna Elisabetta Merlini, Valeria Caironi, and Donatella Reggiori

EGU2016-2392 | Posters | EOS4

Primary school children and teachers discover the nature and science of planet Earth and Mars
Maarten Kleinhans, Alex Verkade, Mirjam Bastings, and Maarten Reichwein

EGU2016-6842 | Posters | EOS4

Information design to enhance disaster preparedness; an analysis of global communication examples
Saskia van Manen, Claudine Jaenichen, and Tingyi Lin

EGU2016-7587 | Posters | EOS4

To be or not to be: How do we speak about uncertainty in public?
Micol Todesco, Barbara Lolli, Tom Sheldrake, and Henry Odbert

EGU2016-8265 | Posters | EOS4

Experience real-time climate change: Environmental education at Jamtal glacier.
Andrea Fischer, Bernd Seiser, Lea Hartl, and Gebhard Bendler

EGU2016-8457 | Posters | EOS4

COMUNICA Project: a commitment for strategic communication on Earth Sciences
Jordi Cortes-Picas, Jordi Diaz, and Jose-Luis Fernandez-Turiel

EGU2016-9983 | Posters | EOS4

An interactive modelling tool for understanding hydrological processes in lowland catchments
Claudia Brauer, Paul Torfs, and Remko Uijlenhoet

EGU2016-10276 | Posters | EOS4

The Earth is our lab: Ten years of geoscience school lab in Potsdam
Andreas Nikolaus Küppers

EGU2016-10289 | Posters | EOS4

"Canary Islands, a volcanic window in the Atlantic Ocean”: a 7 year effort of public awareness on volcano hazards and risk management
Fátima Rodríguez, David Calvo, Nemesio M. Pérez, Eleazar Padrón, Gladys Melián, Germán Padilla, José Barrancos, Pedro A. Hernández, María Asensio-Ramos, and Mar Alonso

EGU2016-11770 | Posters | EOS4

Visualizing landscape hydrology as a means of education - The water cycle in a box
Christian Lehr, Philipp Rauneker, Marcus Fahle, Tobias Hohenbrink, Steven Böttcher, Marco Natkhin, Björn Thomas, Ralf Dannowski, Bernd Schwien, and Gunnar Lischeid

EGU2016-13270 | Posters | EOS4

Bringing climate sciences to the general public with the Climanosco initiative
Michel Bourqui, Cassandra Bolduc, Paul Charbonneau, Marie Charrière, Daniel Hill, Angélica Lòpez Gladko, Enrique Loubet, Philippe Roy, and Barbara Winter

EGU2016-13681 | Posters | EOS4

A new way of telling earthquake stories: MOBEE - the MOBile Earthquake Exhibition
Dragos Tataru, Dragos Toma-Danila, and Eduard Nastase

EGU2016-14392 | Posters | EOS4

Communicating polar science to the general public: sharing the social media experience of @OceanSeaIceNPI
Anja Rösel, Alexey K. Pavlov, Mats A. Granskog, Sebastian Gerland, Amelie Meyer, Stephen R. Hudson, Jennifer King, Polona Itkin, Lana Cohen, Paul Dodd, and Laura de Steur

EGU2016-14913 | Posters | EOS4

PLANETarium Pilot: visualizing PLANET Earth inside-out on the planetarium’s full-dome
Maxim Ballmer and Tobias Wiethoff

EGU2016-15058 | Posters | EOS4

Engaging science communication that are time-saving for scientists using new online technology
Bente Lilja Bye

EGU2016-15352 | Posters | EOS4

Effectiveness and sustainability of remedial actions for land restoration in Abeokuta urban communities, Ogun State, Nigeria
Okanlade Lawal-Adebowale

EGU2016-15830 | Posters | EOS4

The science of science outreach: methods to maximise audience engagement
Kathryn Adamson and Timothy Lane

EGU2016-16820 | Posters | EOS4

GeoBus: sharing science research with schools
Kathryn Roper, Ruth Robinson, and Ben Moorhouse

EGU2016-17280 | Posters | EOS4

Jason-3, climate and outreach
Vinca Rosmorduc, Emilie Bronner, and Danielle De Staerke

EGU2016-17324 | Posters | EOS4

Enhancing learning in geosciences and water engineering via lab activities
Manousos Valyrakis and Ming Cheng

EGU2016-17708 | Posters | EOS4

#megamap on tour during the International Year of Soil
Jacqueline Hannam

EOS5 – Geoethics: theoretical and practical aspects from research integrity to relationships between geosciences and society

EGU2016-705 | Posters | EOS5

Impact of Geoethics in Egypt
kholoud Mohamed AbdelMakosud and Nada Ezzat

EGU2016-2183 | Posters | EOS5

The ethical duty to preserve the quality of scientific information
Massimo Arattano, Albertina Gatti, and Elisa Eusebio

EGU2016-1235 | Orals | EOS5

Engineering paradigms and anthropogenic global change
Martin Bohle

EGU2016-2688 | Orals | EOS5

Injecting learning experience into geoethics for human and natural sustainability
David Crookall

EGU2016-3488 | Posters | EOS5

Geosciences at the service of society in the experience of one of the fathers of Geoethics, Antonio Stoppani
Stefania Lucchesi

EGU2016-9621 | Orals | EOS5

What can I say? Geoscientists as participants in debating our energy needs
Nic Bilham

EGU2016-4512 | Posters | EOS5

Seismic Risk Perception compared with seismic Risk Factors
Massimo Crescimbene, Federica La Longa, Vera Pessina, Nicola Alessandro Pino, and Laura Peruzza

EGU2016-7485 | Orals | EOS5 | Media interest

Geoethical and socio-political aspects of seismic and tsunami hazard assessment, quantification and mapping
Stefano Tinti and Alberto Armigliato

EGU2016-6973 | Posters | EOS5

ENVRI PLUS project: Developing an ethical framework for Environmental and Earth System Research Infrastructures
Silvia Peppoloni, Giuseppe Di Capua, and Florian Haslinger

EGU2016-13258 | Orals | EOS5

Ethical Implications of Seismic Risk Communication in Istanbul – Insights from a Transdisciplinary, Film-based Science Communication Workshop
Johanna Ickert and Iain S. Stewart

EGU2016-8367 | Posters | EOS5

Ethical tools for communicating hazard education in Arunachal Pradesh, India.
Swapna Acharjee

EGU2016-4849 | Orals | EOS5

Cross-border data exchange - a case study on international collaboration gone wrong
Valentina Yanko-Hombach

EGU2016-6723 | Posters | EOS5

International Association for Promoting Geoethics (IAPG): an update on activities
Giuseppe Di Capua, Peter Bobrowsky, Susan Kieffer, Silvia Peppoloni, and Stefano Tinti

EGU2016-8967 | Posters | EOS5

The environmental education in the Italian Renaissance: the geoethical model of Machiavelli
Battista Liserre and Francesco De Pascale

EGU2016-9457 | Posters | EOS5

The 1980 Irpinia-Basilicata earthquake: the environmental phenomena and the choices of reconstruction.
Sabina Porfido, Giuliana Alessio, Paola Avallone, Germana Gaudiosi, Giovanni Lombardi, Rosa Nappi, Raffaella Salvemini, and Efisio Spiga

EGU2016-9442 | Orals | EOS5 | Media interest

Developing an Ethical Framework for All Geoscientists: AGI Guidelines for Ethical Professional Conduct
Maeve A. Boland, P. Patrick Leahy, and Christopher M. Keane

EGU2016-7301 | Orals | EOS5 | Media interest

Scientific Integrity and Professional Ethics at AGU – The Establishment and Evolution of an Ethics Program at a Large Scientific Society
Michael McPhaden, Margaret Leinen, Christine McEntee, Randy Townsend, and Billy Williams

EGU2016-10298 | Posters | EOS5

MATER - Pianeta Terra-Mare: an interactive and multidisciplinary approach to Geosphere sciences
Giovanna Lucia Piangiamore, Emanuela Fanelli, Stefania Furia, Daniela Garau, Silvia Merlino, Gemma Musacchio, and Maria Carla Centineo

EGU2016-9693 | Posters | EOS5

The 40 anniversary of the 1976 Friuli earthquake: a look back for empowering the next generation to the reduction of seismic risk
Angela Saraò, Carla Barnaba, and Laura Peruzza

EGU2016-14583 | Orals | EOS5 | Media interest

The challenge of developing ethical guidelines for a research infrastructure
Werner Leo Kutsch

EGU2016-9973 | Posters | EOS5

The semiosis of the Anthropocene geological era. Reflections between geoethics and semiotics starting from Peirce’s triangle
Francesco De Pascale and Valeria Dattilo

EGU2016-3333 | Orals | EOS5 | Media interest

Ethics issues in scientific data and service provision: evidence and challenges for the European Plate Observing System (EPOS)
Massimo Cocco, Carmela Freda, Florian Haslinger, and Epos Consortium

EGU2016-10379 | Posters | EOS5

Science development on volcanology flawed by the Spanish IGN
Nemesio M. Pérez and Hans-Ulrich Schmincke

EGU2016-585 | Orals | EOS5

Towards Increased Engagement of Geoscientists in Global Development Frameworks
Joel Gill

EGU2016-9699 | Orals | EOS5

Ethical dilemmas in geosciences. We can ask, but, can we ans?
Eduardo Marone

EGU2016-17398 | Posters | EOS5

FUTURO REMOTO 2015: researchers meet people.
Maddalena De Lucia, Alessandro Fedele, Roberta Esposito, Vincenzo Torello, Rosella Nave, Nicola Alessandro Pino, Massimo Russo, Giuliana Alessio, Germana Gaudiosi, Rosa Nappi, Pasquale Belviso, Antonio Carandente, Walter De Cesare, Fabio Sansivero, Valeria Siniscalchi, Sven Borgstrom, Girolamo Milano, Giovanni Pasquale Ricciardi, and Giuseppe De Natale and the Futuro Remoto 2015 Administrative

EGU2016-17181 | Posters | EOS5

The project RUSSADE: geoethic education to face environmental problems in the Sahel
Elena Ferrero and Carlo Semita

EGU2016-2013 | Posters | EOS5

The Public Communication of Geoscience
Photini Papatheodorou and Fivos Spathopoulos

EGU2016-2018 | Posters | EOS5

Do we Need a Sociology of Energy Development?
Photini Papatheodorou and Fivos Spathopoulos

EGU2016-10069 | Posters | EOS5

Geosciences help to protect human health: estimation of the adsorbed radiation doses while flight journeys, as important step to radiation risk assessment
Anatolii Chernov and Olexandr Shabatura

EGU2016-17870 | Posters | EOS5

Geoethical Issues in Landslides Hazard Zonation
Surya Parkash Gupta

EGU2016-16480 | Posters | EOS5

“Urban Fossils”: a project enabling reflections concerning human impact on planet Earth.
Francesca Lozar, Massimo Delfino, Alessandra Magagna, Elena Ferrero, Francesca Cirilli, Massimo Bernardi, and Marco Giardino

EGU2016-15571 | Posters | EOS5

The role of ethics and deontology is essential must be reinforced in geosciences. Focus natural hazards and catastrophic risk.
Marga Zango-Pascual

EGU2016-14896 | Posters | EOS5

On the geoethical implications of wind erosion
Tatárvári Károly

EGU2016-12629 | Posters | EOS5

Geo-ethical dimension of community’s safety: rural and urban population vulnerability analysis methodology
Yuriy Kostyuchenko, Dmytro Movchan, Ivan Kopachevsky, and Maxim Yuschenko

EGU2016-9829 | Posters | EOS5

Geoethic and Geoheritage
Francesca Lugeri, Piero Farabollini, and Vittorio Amadio

EGU2016-5066 | Posters | EOS5

Lake Bracciano of Montese (Modena Apennines, Italy) from 4th century BCE to 21th century CE: Geosciences for the reconstruction and enhancement of a rediscovered landscape
Federica Badiali and Sandra Piacente

EGU2016-13645 | Posters | EOS5

Scientific aspects of the Tohoku earthquake and Fukushima nuclear accident
Kazuki Koketsu

EGU2016-13408 | Posters | EOS5

Geoethics implications in volcanic hazards in Argentina: 24 years of uninterrupted ash-fall
Elizabeth I. Rovere, Roberto A. Violante, Silvia M. Uber, and Marcelo Vázquez Herrera

EGU2016-13070 | Posters | EOS5

Identification of good practices for teachers and students training activity in the ENVRIPLUS project
Giuliana D'Addezio, Antonella Marsili, and Laura Beranzoli

EGU2016-15432 | Posters | EOS5

Towards a well-connected, global, interdisciplinary research community for rational decision making in the Anthropocene
Florian Rauser and the YESS Council

EGU2016-16958 | Posters | EOS5

Responsibilities of the active participation of geoscientists in public funded projects
Victor Correia and Isabel Fernandez

EGU2016-18413 | Posters | EOS5

Geoethical issues involved in Tsunami Warning System concepts and operations
Marinos Charalampakis, Gerassimos A. Papadopoulos, and Stefano Tinti

EGU2016-1300 | Posters | EOS5

Why Geo-Humanities
Robert Casals i Graells, Anna Sibilla, and Martin Bohle

EGU2016-4567 | Posters | EOS5 | Media interest

The Young Scientist Club of the International Association for Promoting Geoethics – Promoting geoethics among the young geoscientists community
Marie Charrière, Francesco De Pascale, Jonathan Gomez Cantero, Tharwat Hassan, Ndivhuwo Cecilia Mukosi, and Craig O’Brien

EOS14 – Learning geosciences in the digital era: Apps, videos and digital mapping

EGU2016-5111 | Orals | EOS14

Addressing key concepts in physical geography through interactive learning activities in an online geo-ICT environment
Gert Verstraeten, An Steegen, and Lotte Martens

EGU2016-14669 | Posters | EOS14

Virtual Petrography (ViP) – A virtual microscope for the geosciences
Simon Virgo, Torsten Heup, Janos L. Urai, and Thomas Berlage

EGU2016-3852 | Orals | EOS14

Implementing virtual field trips in the curriculum of geography students
An Steegen, Gert Verstraeten, and Lotte Martens

EGU2016-16705 | Posters | EOS14

Using videos, apps and hands-on experience in undergraduate hydrology teaching
Anne Van Loon

EGU2016-7033 | Orals | EOS14

Improving fieldwork by using GIS for quantitative exploration, data management and digital mapping
Wouter Marra, Koko Alberti, Liesbeth van de Grint, and Derek Karssenberg

EGU2016-8278 | Posters | EOS14

Barcelona Rocks, a mobile app to learn geology in your city
Adelina Geyer, Lluis Cabrera, Gemma Alias, Meritxell Aulinas, Margarita Becerra, Jordi Casadellà, Roger Clotet, Xavier Delclós, José-Luis Fernández-Turiel, Marta Tarragó, and Anna Travé

EGU2016-13716 | Posters | EOS14

LACO-Wiki: A land cover validation tool and a new, innovative teaching resource for remote sensing and the geosciences
Linda See, Christoph Perger, Christopher Dresel, Martin Hofer, Juergen Weichselbaum, Thomas Mondel, and Fritz Steffen

EGU2016-10114 | Orals | EOS14

Teaching Thousands with Cloud-based GIS
Michael Gould, David DiBiase, and Linda Beale

EGU2016-3390 | Orals | EOS14

Sensing Planet Earth - Chalmers' MOOCs on Earth observation
Thomas Hobiger, Christian Stöhr, Donal Murtagh, Peter Forkman, Bo Galle, Johan Mellquist, Maciej Soja, Anders Berg, Gisela Carvajal, Leif Eriksson, and Rüdiger Haas

EGU2016-14818 | Posters | EOS14

CLIMANDES climate science e-learning course
Stefan Hunziker, Alena Giesche, Martín Jacques-Coper, and Stefan Brönnimann

EGU2016-15887 | Posters | EOS14

Virtual strategies to improve transversal competences, using wikis in a collaborative work
Marta Guinau and Elisabet Playa

EGU2016-3566 | Orals | EOS14

Using a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for Earth Science Education: Who Did We Teach and What Did We Learn?
Anne Gold and Eric Gordon

EGU2016-5584 | Posters | EOS14

Design and application of complementary educational resources for self-learning methodology
Carlos Andrés Gilarranz Casado and Leonor Rodriguez-Sinobas

EGU2016-11648 | Posters | EOS14

Fieldwork online: a GIS-based electronic learning environment for supervising fieldwork
Koko Alberti, Wouter Marra, Rein Baarsma, and Derek Karssenberg

EGU2016-5872 | Posters | EOS14

Videos for Science Communication and Nature Interpretation: The TIB|AV-Portal as Resource.
Paloma Marín Arraiza, Margret Plank, and Peter Löwe

EGU2016-11575 | Posters | EOS14

Leveraging Earth and Planetary Datasets to Support Student Investigations in an Introductory Geoscience Course
Jeffrey Ryan and Declan De Paor

EOS18 – Earth Sciences and Art: a fruitful co-operation for the benefit of the planet and its inhabitants

EGU2016-3069 | Posters | EOS18

On the seasonal transition from winter to spring in Europe and the “seasonal feeling” relating to “Fasnacht” in comparison with those in East Asia (Toward an interdisciplinary activity on climate and cultural understanding education)
Kuranoshin Kato, Haruko Kato, and Tatsuya Hamaki

EGU2016-17848 | Orals | EOS18

Using Animation to Convey Natural Hazards and Anthropogenic Change
Isaac Kerlow

EGU2016-15308 | Orals | EOS18 | Media interest

World Climate Conference – a play re-enacting the COPs
Freja S.E. Vamborg, Marlene Klockmann, Boris P. Koch, Juliane Otto, Florian Rauser, Vera Schemann, Sebastian Sonntag, Helgard Haug, Stefan Kaegi, Daniel Wetzel, Imanuel Schipper, and Jörg Bochow

EGU2016-4740 | Posters | EOS18

Re-evaluating Science and Technology trough the lens of Arts and Graphic Design. A case study in La Spezia.
Marina Locritani, Mascha Stroobant, Roberta Talamoni, Silvia Merlino, Giacomo Guccinelli, Lucrezia Benvenuti, Consuelo Zatta, Federica Stricker, Franco Zappa, and Matteo Sgherri

EGU2016-4484 | Orals | EOS18

A Carboniferous Cabinet of Wonders: an example of how the collaboration of art and Earth Sciences can inspire conservation
Melissa Grey and Janine Rogers

EGU2016-9585 | Posters | EOS18

STEAMakers- a global initiative to connect STEM career professionals with the public to inspire the next generation and nurture a creative approach to science, technology, maths & engineering
Niamh Shaw, Elburz Sorkhabi, Oriol Gasquez, and Saho Yajima

EGU2016-17215 | Orals | EOS18

Communicating Science; a collaborative approach through Art, Dance, Music and Science
Sarah-Jane Smart and Hugh Mortimer and the RAL Space Dance Collaboration

EGU2016-3911 | Posters | EOS18

Landscapes of Central Italy through Science, Poetry and Music. A perspective for educating to the planet sustainability
Olivia Nesci and Laura Valentini

EGU2016-18093 | Orals | EOS18

Environmental intervisuality in a Brazilian protected area in the Atlantic Rainforest Biome
Artur Matuck and Eunice Silva

EGU2016-16851 | Posters | EOS18

Using immersive media and digital technology to communicate Earth Science
Ravi Kapur

EGU2016-17000 | Orals | EOS18

Change Ringing - communicating climate change through contemporary classical music
Ravi Kapur, Laurence Osborn, and Peter Shenai

EGU2016-9876 | Posters | EOS18

Science, Learning and the Arts as different facets of knowledge building
Paolo Diviacco

EGU2016-7514 | Posters | EOS18

Acoustic comunication systems and sounds in three species of crickets from central Italy: musical instruments for a three-voices composition
David Monacchi and Laura Valentini

EGU2016-10138 | Posters | EOS18 | Media interest

The Arctic Circle
Siobhan McDonald

EGU2016-10472 | Posters | EOS18

Acting Antarctica: science on stage
Piera Ciceri, Paola Tizzoni, and Luigia Pierro

EGU2016-1262 | Posters | EOS18

Italy: An Open Air Museum
Ann Pizzorusso

EGU2016-17864 | Posters | EOS18

The Gold of Naples: the volcanic landscape throught photography
Alessandro Fedele, Claudio Serio, and Giuseppe De Natale

EGU2016-13354 | Posters | EOS18

The Importance of Cultural Heritage in Earth Science
Gala Avvisati, Mauro Di Vito, Enrica Marotta, Agata Sangianantoni, Rosario Peluso, Sandro de Vita, Rosella Nave, Enrico Vertechi, Giuseppe De Natale, and Massimo Ghilardi

EGU2016-18239 | Posters | EOS18

“Focus on glaciers”: an exposition of geo-photos to attract interest on a vanishing beauty
Giuliana Rossi, Gualtiero Bohm, and Angela Saraò

EGU2016-1768 | Posters | EOS18

Pictures at an exhibition: a look through the eyes of a geologist
Vanda Santos, Guadalupe Jácome, and Davide Gamboa

EGU2016-6951 | Posters | EOS18

10 years with Planet Earth essence in the primary school children drawings
Giuliana D'Addezio

EGU2016-7183 | Posters | EOS18

Graphic design and scientific research: the experience of the INGV Laboratorio Grafica e Immagini
Daniela Riposati, Giuliana D'Addezio, Angela Chesi, Francesca Di Laura, and Sabrina Palone

EGU2016-13794 | Posters | EOS18

How to rediscover Nature in the Digital Era: Earth sciences, Art and Technology
Tiziana Lanza

EOS20 – Promoting and supporting equality of opportunities in geosciences

EGU2016-7444 | Orals | EOS20

Gender diversity in Geophysics
Arwen Deuss

EGU2016-1958 | Posters | EOS20

From zero to the ERC starting grant and what is next?
Lucie Tajcmanova

EGU2016-14722 | Posters | EOS20

Growing up as a feminine team through a European project
Nicolas Coltice and Marie Bocher

EGU2016-7987 | Orals | EOS20

The Evolution of Building a Diverse Geosciences in the United States
Christopher Keane, Heather Houlton, and P. Patrick Leahy

EGU2016-7521 | Orals | EOS20

Observations on gender equality in a UK Earth Sciences department
Jonathan Imber, Mark Allen, Katy Chamberlain, Gillian Foulger, Emma Gregory, Jill Hoult, Colin Macpherson, and Sarah Winship

EGU2016-14023 | Posters | EOS20

A personal perspective on challenges that face women scientists
Katharine Cashman

EGU2016-8143 | Orals | EOS20

Equal Opportunities for Women in Marine Sciences in Kiel: Activities and Measures
Ruth Kamm

EGU2016-12347 | Posters | EOS20

The link between inequalities in science and the scientific evaluation process
Ilan Koren

EGU2016-15365 | Orals | EOS20

Equality of opportunities for next generation researchers: bridging the gap between theory and practice in Eastern Europe
Nedjeljka Žagar, Audrius Alkauskas, György Gyürky, Oliver Heiri, Nathaniel D. Robinson, and Thomas Schäfer

EGU2016-3576 | Posters | EOS20

Lens on Climate Change (LOCC) – Engaging Diverse Secondary Students in Climate Science through Videography
Anne Gold, Lesley Smith, Erin Leckey, David Oonk, and Melanie Woods

EGU2016-3459 | Orals | EOS20

Balance in scientific impact assessment: the EGU Awards Committe experience
Alberto Montanari

EGU2016-4541 | Orals | EOS20

Unconscious bias when experts are invited – and the results of conscious action
Johanna Stadmark and Daniel J. Conley

EGU2016-9582 | Orals | EOS20

The impact of gender and nationality on winning a professional society award
Mary Anne Holmes and Judith McKenzie

EGU2016-11619 | Orals | EOS20

Women and men in science: creating equal opportunities
Caroline P. Slomp

EGU2016-18478 | Orals | EOS20

How to harvest brainpower for a brighter future on Earth – bypassing stereotypes in practice
Emma U. Hammarlund

EGU2016-15041 | Orals | EOS20

Gender equality observations and actions by the European Research Council
Claudia Alves de Jesus Rydin, Luis Farina Busto, and Martin Penny

EOS21 – Geoscience for Society: Collaborative research management and Communications Strategy

EGU2016-2372 | Posters | EOS21

INFOMAR - Ireland’s National Seabed Mapping Programme: An Evolving Project
Fergal McGrath

EGU2016-14900 | Orals | EOS21

The Anthropocene – Conceptual Implications for Science Projects and Networks
Jan Stefan Fritz

EGU2016-5783 | Posters | EOS21

Cultural differences in Research project management
Michele Barbier

EGU2016-12652 | Orals | EOS21

ENES the European Network for Earth System modelling and its infrastructure projects IS-ENES
Francesca Guglielmo, Sylvie Joussaume, and Marie Parinet

EGU2016-8939 | Orals | EOS21

Homogenisation in project management for large German research projects in the Earth system sciences: overcoming the institutional coordination bias
Florian Rauser and Freja Vamborg

EGU2016-5804 | Posters | EOS21

Research project management 101: insiders’ tips from Early Career Scientists
Luisa Cristini, Katsiaryna Pabortsava, and Torben Stichel

EGU2016-6402 | Posters | EOS21

Towards a joint approach for access to environmental research infrastructures
Ingrid Mann, Anders Tjulin, Gelsomina Pappalardo, Simone Gagliardi, Sabine Philippin, Karine Sellegri, and Abad Chabbi

EGU2016-3073 | Orals | EOS21

How to handle multidisciplinary, multi-national and multi-sectoral projects
Anja Reitz, Klaus Wallmann, and Martin Visbeck

EGU2016-6854 | Posters | EOS21

Integrated School of Ocean Sciences: Doctoral Education in Marine Sciences in Kiel
Nina Bergmann, Wiebke Basse, Enno Prigge, Christiane Schelten, and Avan Antia

EGU2016-15941 | Orals | EOS21

Global Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Coordination
Maciej Telszewski, Toste Tanhua, and Artur Palacz

EGU2016-13992 | Orals | EOS21

SFB 754 - Managing a large interdisciplinary collaborative research centre: what matters?
Christiane Schelten, Avan Antia, Gesche Braker, Ruth Kamm, and Hela Mehrtens

EGU2016-8095 | Posters | EOS21

SFB 754 - Enhancing Gender Equality within a large interdisciplinary project: the example of the SFB 754
Ruth Kamm and Christiane K. Schelten

EGU2016-8781 | Posters | EOS21

How an impact plan can build on the success of your project – from proposal to legacy
Sofia Alexiou, Ivo Grigorov, Eleanor Ashton, Georgia Bayliss-Brown, and Cliona NiCheallachain

EGU2016-8793 | Posters | EOS21

Key Tips and Advice on Engaging and Collaborating with Potential Stakeholders for Your Projects
Eleanor Ashton and Sofia Alexiou

EGU2016-9859 | Posters | EOS21

Communication Strategy of a successful Frack Campaign in the Netherlands
Eilard Hoogerduijn Strating, Chiel Seinen, Henk Heeringa, and Bart Pestman

EGU2016-11919 | Posters | EOS21

Learning from experts on public engagement with CCS
Dimitrios Xenias and Lorraine Whitmarsh

EGU2016-12460 | Posters | EOS21

The whole story: rumours and science communication in the aftermath of seismic events
Massimo Crescimbene, Micol Todesco, and Romano Camassi

EGU2016-14728 | Posters | EOS21

"You can’t believe a word they say": the presence, problems and risks of employing deficit models of understanding in geoscience and energy policy.
Prof. Martin P. Phillips, Hazel J. Napier, and Dr. Jennifer A. Dickie

EGU2016-11666 | Posters | EOS21

Project deliverables – a waste of time or a chance for knowledge transfer and dissemination?
Sylvia Walter

EGU2016-12164 | Posters | EOS21

Project management – challenges in dealing with academic and non-academic partners
Daniela Henkel, Anton Eisenhauer, and Alexandra Drossou-Berendes

EGU2016-13065 | Posters | EOS21

Stakeholders’ expectations on connectivity research for water and land management addressed by a survey in the collaborative EU-COST Connecteur network
Anna Smetanova, Eva N Paton, and Saskia Keesstra

EGU2016-14029 | Posters | EOS21

Special features in managing European Training Networks (ETN)
Daniela Henkel, Anton Eisenhauer, and Alexandra Drossou-Berendes

EGU2016-14868 | Posters | EOS21

SFB754 - data management in large interdisciplinary collaborative research projects: what matters?
Hela Mehrtens, Pina Springer, Carsten Schirnick, and Christiane K. Schelten

EGU2016-15376 | Posters | EOS21

The Integrated Marine Postdoc Network: Support for postdoctoral researchers in marine sciences in Kiel, Germany
Gesche Braker and Christiane K. Schelten

EGU2016-17075 | Posters | EOS21

How to Teach High-School Students “How Science Really Works?”
Anna Losiak, High-School Students, Anna Winiarska, and Magdalena Parys - Wasylkiewicz

EGU2016-14505 | Posters | EOS21

Knowledge transfer within EU-funded marine science research – a viewpoint
Georgia Bayliss-Brown and Cliona Ní Cheallachaín

EGU2016-16775 | Posters | EOS21

Informing, reminding, nagging
Iris Ehlert

EGU2016-13942 | Posters | EOS21

Project management in two large German national research projects - HD(CP)2 and MiKlip
Freja S.E. Vamborg and Florian Rauser
CC BY 4.0